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Chapter 1

It was a typical cold January night and Carol was sitting in her chair going over exams she needed to grade by Wednesday.
Even though she was a teacher for almost twelve years now it still equally confuses and amuses her the mistakes her students made.
While in the middle of what was now more daydreaming about her 40th birthday coming up then grading the tests
a small silhouette appeared in the doorway.

"Rindy, baby is everything alright?"

The small child held her bunny and sleepily answered: "I had a bad dream".
"Oh, sweet pea what was the dream about".
The little girl didn't answer but instead gazed sadly towards the floor.
When Carol realized getting rindy to tell her about her dream won't be so easy
she rose from the chair and sat before her so that she was now in eye-level with her and hugged her closely.
The girl let her emotions go when she felt safe in her mother arms.

"I had a dream that I came home from kindergarten and all my toys were gone and we... and we.."
she tried to finish the sentence but the tears got the better of her.
"Oh baby it was just a dream all your toys are here safe with us" and with that, she carried rindy back to her room to show her the toys and reassure her.
When little girl finally calmed down and fell asleep after a couple of stories from Grimm brothers factory her mother always read to her before sleep a phone rang.

Careful not to wake rindy carol got to the phone and smiled.
"Abby your timing has never let you down".
The woman on the phone assumed Carol is referring to something her goddaughter did and laughed.

"What's the little monster up to now" "oh you know the usual toys went missing and all"
Abby chuckled and went on about how Carol absolutely has to join her and her redhead,
as they referred to her long-term girlfriend Julie in some kind of artshow next Saturday.

Even before Carol could come up with a "Rindy excuse" as Abby liked to call it she said
"Don't even try you nitwit you know my parents adore spending time with rindy"
"I know Abby but yo-"
"Carol I love but shut up we are going. You need a fun night out with no responsibilities"
"Abby I'm a mother I always have responsibilities"

Abby sighed on the line and there was a short silence and Carol thought her friend has ended the call.

"I'm here"
"Well don't go all radio silence on me"
"I just.. after all the shit you went through with Harge.. I just think you deserve something-"
"You mean someone"
"Well what's the harm in that Carol"
"Abby, the last date I've been to the woman practically choked on her shrimp when I said I have a five-year-old daughter"
"Well who orders shrimps in the middle of December, trust me, Carol, dodged a bullet there"
Carol chuckled.
"Well I see I won't win this one so okay Saturday it is"
"Fucking finally"

After the call ended Carol went to check up on rindy once again.
The girl was now peacefully sleeping hugging her toys and slightly snoring in her sleep.
Carol sat at the edge of the bed watching her daughter sleep and prayed that the love she has for her daughter
will be enough and that Rindy will grow up to be a happy person.
She then went to the bathroom for her usual routine.
After she took a shower she examined every possible physical flaw she was convinced she possessed.

She always started from her biggest insecurity, her C-section scar which Harge never spoke of but she knew secretly wished it wasn't there.
That's why in a pointless attempt at saving their marriage, during sex Carol always wore a t-shirt and he never bothered to ask.
Carol flinched at the thought of Harge inside her and stared at the mirror applying creme into her wrinkles trying to forget.