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Back To The Beginning

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Hayley ran through the woods; branches snagging in her short hair and tearing her shirt. Prior to this very moment, she had been held captive in some old farm house on the outskirts of Mystic Falls where she hadn't been given any food, very little water, and no blood. It had weakened her but she had lived through it and had killed Greta for being tortured...and because the vampire bitch had threatened to kill her daughter Hope.

Now she ran through the woods, going northeast but yet still not entirely sure where she was headed. She kept on running until she was in someplace that she didn't recognize. She came to a halt, noticing that she had come to a bridge that started from the road she was on and went across to an island of some sort.

Glancing over her shoulder, she was relieved when she didn't see any vampires. Looking forward again, she curiously made her way across the bridge. Once she got onto the other side, she noticed it was a small town with a donut shop, a small coffee shop with a sign on the window that said Perko's Koffee Kup, and a few other stores along the sidewalk. She walked down the sidewalk, looking around at the town until she came to a road that lead away from it. There was a sign that read Crowhaven Road.

She stopped again and stared at the sign for a moment before she began walking down the road. It didn't take her long before she came to a row of old looking houses; one was a Victorian style, but each one was different she noticed as she walked past them causally. At the very end of it, she stopped and stood by the large rocks, staring at the vast expanse of water. Where in the hell had she come to and why did it feel as though she wasn't alone here?

She cast a quick glance over her shoulder and saw one of the curtains in one of the houses move. Narrowing her eyes, she vamp sped away and waited at the edge of the treeline, waiting to see whoever it was that had been watching her show themselves.

"So, what are you supposed to be?",a throaty voice said behind her.

Hayley turned around to see she was staring at some young girl with golden eyes and a mane of black hair. She crossed her arms and said, "I would ask you but I know a witch when I see one. Anyway, I'm a hybrid. Now tell me something witch, where am I?"

"Wouldn't you like to know...well you might if you agree to do something for me.",the girl said, her golden eyes glinting in the darkness.

"Really? Blackmail? Look girl I'm not someone that you should get upset so do yourself a favor and just answer my question. Where I am?",Hayley said to her, slightly annoyed.

The girl rolled her eyes and rested her hands on her hips as she replied in a bored tone as if she had answered this question often, "New Salem Massachusetts. It's an island that outsiders stay away from."

Hayley looked around at the woods and the water and then back at the girl...but she wasn't there anymore. What in the hell? She looked around but still didn't see the girl anywhere. That's strange. How could someone who's not a hybrid or vampire move so fast? She hadn't any clues but she just sighed as she walked back down the road that was Crowhaven and to the end of it again, wondering where she could go.

"I have an extra room in my house...but I still need a favor done.",she heard that throaty voice say again to her right.

Turning her head, she saw the girl once more in a black kind of dress. But something about her seemed to call out to Hayley. She had this raw feeling of power but not like was something much more ancient.

"Alright little witch. What do you need?",she said.

"The name's Faye and I need a silver diadem and a silver bracelet. You get those for me and I will answer any questions you have hybrid.",Faye said.

Hayley raised her chin up some and then glanced at the houses behind them, trying to figure out which ones had those things in them.

As if reading her mind, Faye said in that same bored tone of voice, "The diadem is in Diana's house, the first one that's yellow in the sunlight, and the bracelet is in the last house. Number twelve."

"What do you need with them? Why are they important to you?", Hayley asked her.

Faye glared and said bitterly, "It doesn't matter why I need them. Just go get them and bring them to me."

Hayley glared back and in a matter of seconds had her hand around Faye's neck before the young witch could even register what had taken place.

"Don't tell me what to do little witch. Answer my question and I won't kill you.", she said, her husky voice lowered and threatening.

"I need them for a spell....", Faye said through gritted teeth, not liking how this person had her held by the throat. She brought up a hand to cast a spell on Hayley but before she could Hayley let her go and she stepped away.

"What kind of spell?", Hayley questioned her with narrowed eyes as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Just a spell that will give me what I want.", Faye replied as she narrowed her own golden eyes at Hayley.

Hayley hated nothing more than witches, the only exceptions being Davina and Freya who were her daughter Hope's two aunts. Davina had married Kol Mikaelson, Hope's uncle, while Freya turned out to be the long lost sister of the Mikaelson family. They both were very powerful witches but she guessed that they weren't nearly as powerful as this girl in front of her. She looked away from Faye and gazed at the different set of woodland that surrounded them on either side of the road known as Crowhaven.

"Fine...I'll help you get these items for you. But, if you even try to attack me or betray me at all, I will not hesitate to make sure you regret it.", she said as she looked back at Faye then.

Faye simply gave her a sideways smile while her eyes gleamed in the darkness of the morning sky.

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Running. That was the only thing that had kept her alive for this long. Running as fast as she could, weaving and dodging through the woods that weren't familiar to her but she had heard enough about it from other students at her school. Massachusetts. Malia glanced at a few of the tall trees, picking out the ones that were hardwood oak, birch, beech, maple. She slowed down, stopping in her tracks. Her brown eyes scanned the coniferous forest all around wildly and frantic, looking for the hunters but to her relief she saw none of them. She took this time to calm down, slowing her breathing first and then her heartbeat.

When she had finally calmed down enough, she walked on through the woods still on edge though. Half a mile or so, she heard the sound of roaring waves hitting against rocks. Curiously, she picked up the pace and walked faster until she was practically running toward the loud noise. She saw a break in the trees up ahead and ran even faster, her shoes kicking up bits of leaves, small twigs and branches as well as small loose rocks until she ran out into an open area.

She wasn't sure what she had come to, her eyes looking at the high cliffs, large boulders and the huge expanse of water that greeted her. Movement on the corner of her eye caused her to look up at one of the cliffs and there she saw someone stood looking at the water with narrowed eyes. The person, whoever they were, turned to her then and their eyes turned yellow before they turned around and walked off.

From where she stood, Malia heard them say to someone else above, "I don't have the diadem and the bracelet because I don't think you need them."

Then she heard someone reply back to the mysterious person, their voice angry, "I told you I needed them for a spell! And you refused to help me!"

The person who Malia had seen on the rocks suddenly screamed in agony. She blinked and ran along the sand toward the large rocks. She climbed up them without much effort and when she reached the top of the cliff, she growled low in her throat as she saw some young girl glaring at a woman who was holding her head as she screamed in pain while kneeling on the ground.

The girl looked up at her when she heard the growl and she smirked saying, "Another hybrid like lovely." That was all the woman on the ground, who Malia guessed was Hayley, needed for a distraction. She rose up and surged forward, faster than Malia could blink, and knocked the girl unconscious.

"Who are you and what are you?", Hayley said to her as she glanced over to look at her.

"Malia, werecoyote.", Malia said then as she stared at Hayley and then turned her gaze to the girl who was unconscious. What did she mean by hybrid? She blinked and walked to Hayley.

Hayley said nothing and just picked up the girl, putting her over one shoulder as she started walking across the grass toward a two-story house that appeared to be really old-looking but was somehow still standing.

Malia jogged after Hayley and slowed down to walk next to her saying, "What did the girl mean when she said hybrid? Is it like a chimera?"

Hayley glanced at her and looked forward again replying with a smooth but yet husky voice, "No it's nothing like a chimera. A hybrid is someone who's either changed because they want to or they're created without having a choice. However, they do have a choice when it comes to how they live. They have more control over their transformations and with guidance they can learn how to control their thirst to feed."

"Feed? What do they feed off?", Malia asked again, not understanding at all what Hayley was telling her.

"Blood. Human blood because they're half vampire and half werewolf.", Hayley answered simply.

"But vampires don't exist though. Stiles told me a lot about them and he always said that they're fake.", Malia said.

Hayley looked at her and said, "Well whoever Stiles is, he was wrong. Vampires and witches both are as real as you being a werecoyote."

Malia was silent then which Hayley saw as an opportunity of carrying Faye's body back to where the young witch lived before she woke up. She returned to the young werecoyote's side then and crossed her arms over her chest as she stood there.

Malia blinked and asked, "So how did you become a hybrid? Was it....did you have a choice or not?"

Hayley avoided her eyes then, staring out at the ocean that separated the island of New Salem from the mainland, and said, "'s complicated. I didn't have a choice but now I couldn't be more grateful...I guess...for being a hybrid."

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Malia looked confused as she walked beside Hayley across the grassy bluff and then down the dirt road that, as Hayley talked a bit more, was called Crowhaven Road. How could it have been complicated becoming a hybrid?

Hayley stopped walking which made Malia stop as well and look around at the woods.

"What did you hear? Is it hunters?", she asked the woman.

Hayley remained quiet for a very long time which Malia didn't mind since she was usually quiet herself anyway.The hybrid woman's eyes carefully and slowly scanned the area until she turned quickly to the right and caught two long arrows that had been about to pierce her body in her hands. She glared and threw the arrows to the ground before vamp speeding away, leaving Malia by herself. Seconds later though, she returned and found Malia fighting off more hunters.

The were-coyote jumped into the air and flipped over a group of them before she turned around and swiped her claws across their backs, causing the men to scream out in pain. She growled and then looked over to see Hayley snapping their necks, which silenced them. The woman moved to the next ones and did the same before they had a chance to even breathe. Turning back to Malia quickly, Hayley vamp sped up behind a man who had managed to get behind the girl and shoved her hand through his back, her fingers gripping his beating heart which she literally ripped out of his chest.

Malia turned around in time to see the man fell onto the ground as Hayley still held his heart in her hand. She looked at the woman but said nothing.

Hayley dropped the heart next to the man and moved a strand of hair away from her face, breathing heavily.

Malia moved her own hair away from her neck, exposing her pulse point, "Here. You probably need this."

Hayley looked at her skin which appeared to be really soft and could hear the girl's heartbeat through the vein in her neck. Instantly, her eyes turned yellow and her fangs came out while dark veins appeared under them. She glanced at Malia's face once and then moved closer before she lowered her head and sank her fangs into Malia's neck.

Malia growled in response and also so that she didn't cry out at the pain of this. She kept her body there, even though she wanted to run. The fangs disappeared not long after and then she felt Hayley's lips on her neck, sucking the skin and drinking her blood. Finally it was done.

Hayley moved back and stared at Malia before she lowered her head again and licked the remaining blood off of Malia's neck.

Malia gasped as she felt the woman's tongue on her hot skin and her eyes glanced up at the tree branches high above their heads.

Hayley moved away then and said, breaking the silence between them, "We should hide these bodies and then find someplace to sleep."

Malia looked back at her and silently agreed though she now felt a very different sensation coursing through her.


An hour later, they walked back through the forest until they came upon a cabin. Entering it they only seen one bedroom and there was a bathroom as well as a kitchen. Hayley looked at Malia and said, "You should get the bed, I can sleep on the couch."

Malia looked at her and replied, "I actually don't like sleeping alone."