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when i hold these, i'm holding my world.

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From what Hoseok sees, his boyfriend appreciates the little things in his life. Very well, too, in fact.

Namjoon appreciates little discounts on clothes that fit his aesthetics, especially those loose cotton shirts that would just drape over his torso.

Namjoon appreciates little walks at the park on summer mornings that aren’t too hot, even though the sky isn’t a completely clear blue. It’ll probably rain soon.

Namjoon appreciates a lot of things, but then it rained. And oh boy, it rained.

The both of them find themselves coming home soaked. It’s still raining when they shuffle inside and kick off their shoes. Their bodies are starting to shiver as the rain water that had their clothes clinging to them has come into contact with dry air.

Hoseok flings himself onto the couch and flips around until he’s comfortable. Throughout the one year they’ve been together, Namjoon has probably seen all of Hoseok’s unusual sleeping habits. This is fascinating too, since Hoseok himself doesn’t even realize he’s been doing these things his whole life until his boyfriend pointed it out. He unconsciously caresses himself to sleep and has the ability to be tucked in bed with the blanket touching his nose just to wake up with everything pooled at his feet.

There’s one in particular that beats all the other ones Namjoon has pointed out though.

Hoseok positions himself so that his head rests on the cushions and his feet pushes on the wall the couch is pushed against - he’s sleeping upside down.

He can hear a distant snort before some shuffling sound followed by a loud fake camera flash. The patting sounds of the rain from outside doing little to no help in muffling it.

Hoseok’s eyes crack open almost instantly at the sound, still a little sleepy and half-functioning before suddenly shooting open after he’s realized what had just happened.

“Joon…? Oh no you didn’t!

Namjoon backs away from the couch and jumps to his feet as soon as Hoseok flips around and pushes himself off the couch, running backwards with the smuggest grin across his face just to see the half-awake and flustered state Hoseok is in.

“You looked just like that L block in tetris!” His boyfriend cackles.

Kim Namjoon! You better delete that or you’re never gonna see my sleeping face again!” Hoseok chases him through the apartment as Namjoon shuffles backwards into their bedroom, leaving a trail of evil laughter for Hoseok to follow.

Hoseok latches himself onto the door frame, “I’ve trapped you! Now delete that abomination of a photo before I-”

Namjoon hops backwards until his back hits their closet, his glasses slowly sliding off the bridge of his nose, his right hand still clutching onto his phone and his chest still heaving from all the running.


That’s where Hoseok’s eyes stop.


His chest.


There was an unusual movement that Hoseok noticed when Namjoon was hopping back, like a weight of something following his momentum, and then Hoseok comes to a very unusual suspicion:


Namjoon’s chest just jiggled.


It really doesn’t help that his loose cotton shirt is wet and clinging to his whole torso now, outlining the smooth protruding curve of his chest that pushes out further every time he breathes in. The bedroom lights shine from above, hitting them at the right spot and dragging a long shadow under, highlighting them further.

How has Hoseok not notice this before? His eyes will probably be fixed on these forever now.

The abrupt pause catches Namjoon’s attention, of course. Hoseok is still standing in the doorway, staring at that pair of… of breasts like a eureka moment.

“You alright?” Namjoon asks after a while. He takes a deep breathe to slow down his breathing, pushing his chest out further and Hoseok swears his eyes are so wide open that they can pop off, because holy shit, they can get even bigger.

His eyes dart back up to see a very confused Namjoon looking right at him. This is a really weird infatuation to have, so he shakes that heaving chest out of his head (for now) and clears his throat. “Joonie-yah,” He whines, “delete that photo please ? It’s embarrassing.”

“It’s cute. You’re cute.” Namjoon coos, pulling out his phone to look at the picture again. “I won’t share it with anyone. Please?”

His boyfriend holds up the phone near his chest and Hoseok’s eyes instinctively shifts its focus back to that wet slope again. Is that... a cleavage?

Hoseok quickly snaps out of it and his eyes flicker up to meet Namjoon’s before he sputters. He doesn’t even care about some stupid photo anymore. “You- ugh fine!” He cups his own cheeks with his hands, feeling the faintest red brushing across his face. “Go take a shower before you catch a cold, idiot.” He walks away from the door frame. “I can’t take anymore days off to take care of you.”

As soon as he disappears from Namjoon’s peripheral vision, he throws his back against the wall and slides down to his knees as if he’s had all of his energy sucked out of him.

It’s like those - those sponges just absorbed all his remaining life energy, leaving him an exhausted mess on the floor, like the downfall after the euphoria.

He buries his face in his hands and rubs his eyes. Damn those evil , fascinating things.

Little did Hoseok know that this infatuation would only get stronger


Once you notice something you haven’t noticed before, it seems to become the only thing you notice. Hoseok agrees with this wholeheartedly.


Yep, that’s definitely a cleavage .


The thought comes to him one summer morning where Namjoon wakes up without his shirt, stretching his arms up to get rid of those sleep bugs and pushing them together in the process.

Hoseok glances down at himself and sneakily pushes his chest together, but they don’t even measure up to Namjoon’s intensity.

That’s when Hoseok has come to realize that Namjoon’s chest - his boobs - are something else.

The thought comes back to Hoseok’s mind during one of the movie nights where everyone would gather in one place on a friday evening just for the hell of it.

The kids all gather at the floor with a blanket distributed through them while Hoseok drapes himself over the other three, his legs rests over Yoongi and Seokjin’s lap while his head is pillowed on Namjoon’s, who’s combing a lazy hand over his hair.

“Woah” Taehyung whispers, but loud enough for everyone to hear.

“What?” Jimin asks.

“Thor’s chest is...really big .” The younger boy resonates, gesturing the remark with his hands hovering over the front of his chest, causing a loud cackle to sound from Seokjin who’s slapping Hoseok’s knee and hiccupy laughs from Yoongi. Hoseok is laughing too, but a tired little one because of the hand carding through his hair.

He stares at a shirtless Chris Hemsworth on the TV screen, and yeah, they are big, but Namjoon's...

“He’s really fit overall, why’d you only point out his pecs?” Namjoon stills his hand and moves it away from Hoseok’s hair as he starts debating with Seokjin about Chris Hemsworth’s body.

Hoseok whines at the loss of contact and nudges his head into his boyfriend’s hand like a puppy, turning to face him when it wouldn’t budge, “Namjoon-ah...”

Namjoon turns down to face him but something seems to be in the way from where Hoseok is lying down, and- oh.

Two large adjacent mountains sit in between them.

They’re right there, Hoseok thinks. Even better than Chris Hemsworth’s. They’re so close he could just… He reaches out his hand.

Namjoon notices the hand but probably got the wrong message as he grabs it and laces their fingers while his free hands moves back to play with Hoseok’s hair again.

Maybe next time. Hoseok snuggles into their intertwined hands.


So Hoseok is really infatuated by this protruding organ of Namjoon’s, so much so that he’s hyper aware of them at almost every occasion.

He feels them press up against him when Namjoon hugs him from behind when he’s cooking, the sudden contact making him yelp and drop a pan (Namjoon gives him little kisses as an apology but Hoseok isn’t even mad, the thought of his chest pressing against his back is clouding his mind).

He feels them when they hug properly after a whole week of their schedules colliding so that they hardly get to see each other at home. Hoseok practically running into his arms and climbing his boyfriend’s body - ‘climbing’ as in trying to push himself up until Namjoon lifts him up with his arms.

“Wow yes, manhandle me.” Namjoon laughs and smacks Hoseok on the butt as he carries him into the bedroom.


He does get to touch them, eventually.

It’s another late night when Hoseok hears the front door swing open as he melts further into the bed.

With his eyes closed, he can hear Namjoon’s heavy footsteps down the hallway, and soon enough a hand is brushing through his hair and he purrs into the touch.

“Long day?” His boyfriend whispers, his tone nothing short of concern.

Hoseok creaks his eyes open and there they are, a little hazy in his sight but close enough just to reach for them.


He can just…


“Hoseok-” Namjoon says after a long pause. Hoseok looks up just in time to see his boyfriend’s flustered face as his hand has somehow unconsciously reached to grope his chest.

And holy shit.

He’s reached an epiphany.

They feel way better than they look. Softer, somehow, yet firm.

It’s different from a girl’s, yet it feels so full in his hand. It’s even better.

Is this what he’s been missing out on the past year that they’ve been together? What an absolute fool.

Discovering this is like discovering fucking gravity.


“Get in here.” He whines, letting go of the thing equivalent to Newton’s apple in favor of pulling his boyfriend into the bed.

Namjoon lands with a not-so graceful thud and Hoseok immediately rolls on top of him just to slump back down, his weight punching out a wheeze from Namjoon’s throat.

He rests his head on his boyfriend’s cushions and this has got to be the best fucking thing ever. They hold just the right softness and firmness and they’re so warm . He can feel Namjoon’s constant heartbeat drumming against his ear and the rise and fall of the surface from his breathing.

“Much better.” He murmurs into the soft dip of his boyfriend’s chest.

“Wha… my chest?” Namjoon asks, resting his hand on Hoseok’s hip.

Hoseok nods against the warmth his cheek is squished against. “They’re so big. And soft. ”He reaches up to squeeze them in his hand. “I can’t believe I haven’t discovered this sooner.”

Namjoon squawks and pushes Hoseok’s hand off. “Wh-What are you doing? That’s weird!”

Hoseok makes a sad noise, “You don’t like it?” His hand resorts to resting awkwardly on the bed.

His boyfriend seems to be at a lost for words, sputtering a little before he answers, “I don’t hate it, essentially. It just feels weird for you to squeeze it like that. I guess I’m just not used to it.”

Hoseok smiles and places a little kiss on Namjoon’s chest, “You will be, soon.”

That night, he snuggled what he can call his most favorite thing in the world to sleep.


Guys, I think Jin-hyung’s just messing with us” Jimin whines as they wander around an open field in a park Seokjin has driven them to. “There’s nothing here.”

“Yeah it’s probably his scheme to make Kook and Yoongi-hyung go outside more, but it would seem suspicious if he only took the two of them, so he dragged all of us out.” Taehyung adds, staring at his phone and dragging his feet around in the grass to follow Jungkook to the far end of the field.

“I’m starting to believe you. I don’t think there are any pokemons here.” Namjoon groans moving the map around in his pokemon go app.

Jungkook is already across the field, far from everyone with a camera in one hand and his phone in the other. He glances at it every now and then.

“I think the biggest joke here is that we’re all still playing pokemon go.” Yoongi murmurs from the bench he’s been sitting on as soon as they arrive.

“Even if Jin-hyung is messing with us, it’s nice to get to walk around like this.” Hoseok hums, squatting down to look at a small little flower on the field.

“I always ask if you wanna come and take a stroll around with me in the morning but you’d just whine and go back to sleep.” Namjoon speaks from a few feet away. He stretches his arms back, arching his back, and that particular pair of - of sacks(?) juts out again, the sunlight hitting it perfectly.

“Hey, Joon-ah!” Hoseok shouts, cupping his mouth with his hand, “I found a jigglypuff!”

His boyfriend’s eyes light up at the name and he comes jogging over, that same bouncing movement on his chest returning every step of the way.

“Where?” Namjoon asks as soon as he’s just a reach away from Hoseok.

Hoseok snickers before grabbing a handful of chest and squeezing, “Right here !”

In the distance, a flock of pigeons fly out from behind the trees a few meters away from the field after the yelp Namjoon made that can only be described as blaring, followed by a choir of laughters and fits of giggles from six other grown men.

Namjoon gets mad but not for long. Not until Hoseok peppers him with little kisses at random times throughout the rest of the day. By then, he’s no longer mad, and will probably gloss over the fact that Hoseok called his bigger-than-average chest jigglypuff.


Hoseok may have started his ‘joonboob’ agenda as a solo movement, but he’s been gaining followers of the same belief.

Everyone’s a bit worn out from a whole day of helping Seokjin and Yoongi move into their new apartment and all wordlessly threw themselves onto the couches they moved into the living room.

Hoseok snuggles up to Namjoon’s side, head resting on his shoulder and a hand on his stomach. Namjoon tips his head over the top of the couch, eyes already closed, waiting for sleep to knock him out.

An opening. Hoseok smiles, mischievous. He lifts his hand from his boyfriend’s stomach to give one of the jugs a quick squeeze. “For good luck!” He chirps.

Namjoon groans, too tired to fight him off.

Jungkook giggles from the far end of the couch, console in his hand and socked toes wiggling. “Is it like an amulet or something?”

Hoseok nods against Namjoon’s shoulder, “The best one there is.”

The younger boy laughs and reaches forward to give one of the said amulet a firm smack . Hoseok swears that at the impact of Jungkook’s hands, there were waves rippling across Namjoon’s chest. He turns to muffle his giggles into the poor guy’s neck and Seokjin’s tired squeaking laughter cues from the floor near them.

Namjoon groans again and lifts a hand to rub at the spot Jungkook had slapped him, soothing the pain. Hoseok places a kiss on his shoulder before reaching up to help him with the task (also another excuse to touch those boys again but that’s obvious enough).

“My finals are coming up, I need every luck I can get.” Jungkook says.

“Well you didn’t ask me for permission, so don’t expect another luck.” Hoseok says.

“Ask you for permission? Why not Namjoon?” Yoongi has been witnessing the whole thing from the floor where Seokjin is lying on his lap.

“Because, hyung,” Hoseok gives those water balloons a final pat each before moving his hand down to rest at Namjoon’s stomach again. “They’re mine.


Maybe Namjoon loves Hoseok a bit too much to ever condemn him for anything. Even after that incident where everyone witnessed Hoseok grabbing his boyfriend’s “jigglypuffs” in public, it only encouraged Hoseok to fluster him more, spoiling him.

He grabs them whenever he has the chance now; when he wakes up, when they eat (Namjoon chokes), when they clean the apartment, when they brush their teeth (Namjoon chokes again), when they go out. Even when he’s nervous, his hand would unconsciously start sauntering for that thing that just seems to be crafted to fit his hand too perfectly.

Hoseok isn’t the only one who has developed a habit though, Namjoon has also learned to whack his boyfriend’s hand away whenever it hovers near his chest.

Hoseok only comes to realize how much self-defense his boyfriend has learned. Once, he accidentally drops his phone and in the process of bending down to pick it up, exposes those little bags of wonder as his low collar drops down to let them see a few glimpsese of sunlight. Before Hoseok can even attack, the prey quickly lifts a hand to push his shirt collar up, his head turning up to give Hoseok a look of a mix between a glare and a smirk. Hoseok sits back down on the floor, defeated.

Other than that, Namjoon has even been going as far as using his arms to shield his chest when he walks past Hoseok, which is definitely a sight to see; a flustered Namjoon suddenly lifting his arms to protect his boys, oblivious to the fact that it pushes them together into that familiar cleavage and Hoseok’s satisfied either way.


Another incident to note. A short, yet very, very memorable one, is the short race down the stairs.

“Seems like the elevator’s broken” Namjoon scratches the back of his head. “That’s fine, I usually walk down the stairs anyway. Exercise.” He turns on his heels towards the staircase.

It’s about 7 in the morning when Hoseok decides to join Namjoon on his little morning walk. It does feel different to a later morning, he thinks. There is something about the air that feels fresher even though it shouldn’t be any different.

Namjoon takes the first step down before an idea strikes Hoseok. He runs up to him and down the stairs. “Loser is paying for coffee!” he shouts and Namjoon curses before shuffling down behind him.

“This isn’t fair!” Namjoon shouts between breaths. His voice choppy because of the movement. “You didn’t say go!”

Hoseok laughs and stops on a turn, panting as he waits for Namjoon to reach him.

“Okay, now go!” He springs down the stairs and Namjoon whines.

Hoseok throws his hands into the air and whoops as he hops down the final step, turning to look for his boyfriend whose only current presence is his panting and complaining.

“This isn’t how I start my morning! I’m already tired!.” Hoseok see’s a long noodly figure hopping down the steps. Namjoon does look tired, but he also seems a bit flustered. The way he’s jogging down the stairs is also weirdly unbalanced, Hoseok notices. One of his hands is holding onto the rail and the other is -

“Oh my god” Hoseok exclaims. “Oh my god, you have to hold them back when you run down the stairs- babe .”

“Shut up!” Namjoon barks, clearly embarrassed now as the morning sun hits his blazed cheeks. “Do you want that coffee or not?”

Hoseok giggles and clings to his boyfriend’s arm as he arrives and presses a kiss to his cheek. “Caramel macchiato please and thank you.”


“Hoseokie~” Namjoon calls from across the room in a sing-song voice.

“Yes~?” Hoseok replies just as chirpy from where he’s sitting on the couch, eyes still staring down at his phone screen as he scrolls through his feed.

“Can I have a kiss please?” Namjoon chirps again.

Hoseok chuckles to himself and closes his eyes, “Come get it~” he puckers his lips and waits until the usual warm pair of lips press against his.

“Thank you~” Namjoon slumps down to the floor, resting his chin on Hoseok's thigh, arms looped around his waist.

It's funny how cheesy they get sometimes for no reason in particular. The others would pretend to gag (or actually gag) when they do so much as holding hands. They're pretty reserved, Hoseok thinks, but that means he gets this sweet little side of Namjoon all to himself.

He smiles, “Namjoonie~”

“Yes~” his boyfriend sings.

“Can I touch your beautiful bosoms~?”

“No way~” Namjoon's tone is now mocking. “You creep~”

Hoseok pouts and crosses his chest “This isn't a fair trade.”

“Welcome to the real world.” Namjoon replies flatly, “Now gimme another kiss.”

Hoseok rolls his lips inwards and shakes his head. Namjoon laughs at the gesture but leans in to kiss the corner of his mouth anyway.

“Nuh-uh.” Hoseok says. “I don’t want to live in this world. Terrible politics.”

Namjoon laughs harder and chases for Hoseok’s face. They tackle until Hoseok ends up lying on his back fully on the couch and Namjoon is hovering above him.

Hoseok shields his mouth with his hands, “No chest, no kiss.” He says, muffled through his hands, beating another laugh out of Namjoon.

“What is it with you and my chest these days?” He asks.

“What, your boobs?” Hoseok laughs as Namjoon slaps him lightly on the shoulder. It’s nice to look up at his laughing face like this. “I don’t even know where to begin, it just happened.” Namjoon makes an uneasy face and Hoseok panics. “If you’re uncomfortable with it I’ll drop it of course, Joonie.”

Namjoon’s eyes wander from Hoseok’s face to somewhere else far away, or nowhere. He eventually drops them down as he ducks his head, looking away from Hoseok. “Once.” He murmurs. “You can touch them once.”

Hoseok’s eyes light up at the permission and his hands shoot up to cup those melons before his brain could even catch up. Namjoon makes a little noise but he makes no gesture to stop him.


Hoseok hooks his legs over Namjoon’s waist, sliding his hands up to cup the back of Namjoon’s neck to pull him down for a kiss.

“Thank you.” He whispers into his mouth.


Hoseok arrives home a bit later than he had wished, but it’s fine as the usual greeting chimes from the bathroom as soon as he opens the door. He shuffles further inside to the sound of the tap running in the open bathroom door. He pokes his head in.

“I got you meat even though I wanted seafood because I lov- are you checking yourself out?

That’s what it looks like. Namjoon is standing shirtless, staring into the sink mirror, the bath running behind him. There are faint goosebumps forming on his skin, up to the curve of his chest, lit by the bright bathroom light. Hoseok holds back the urge to just reach out and grab them bare after seeing how the way Namjoon is spacing out warns for something serious. He snaps his head to see Hoseok and jumps. “I- well, not really. I was just thinking.”

Hoseok grabs the door frame to hold himself back from doing anything he shouldn’t. “About what?”

One of Namjoon’s hands reaches over to brush Hoseok’s chest before fully groping it. His expression is blank, “I don’t really get the hype.”

“Oh darling,” Hoseok laughs, “You underestimate your own powers far too much.”

“I mean,” Namjoon laughs dryly. He glances down to his chest and back up at Hoseok, before he turns back to the mirror again. “I don’t really see what’s so special about them.” Before Hoseok can state the obvious, he continues, “I know you like them, like, clearly, but I don’t know, I just…” Namjoon sighs, “I guess I just don’t see me the way you see me.”

Hoseok feels a painful throb in his chest as he looks at Namjoon standing there. His hair is sticking up in random directions like a satellite and his glasses are folded neatly next to the sink. He’s chewing on his bottom lip and jutting his chin out, a sign that he’s thinking, most of the time too hard. His neck elongates to his broad shoulders that stretches to his tanned arms and then his slightly paler torso. He’s been eating well, with a small bit of his belly sticking out from his pants. Hoseok likes to slap them from time to time or use it as a warm pillow. His full chest sits all too elegantly on his body that Hoseok can’t help but just gawk.

Namjoon appreciates the little things, and Hoseok does too. He appreciates all these little things that make up Namjoon and it truly is such a wonder how beauty can’t seem to recognize itself - that statuesque body stands there with little confidence but radiating unfazed artistry, allure, all the other words there are for beautiful.

Hoseok swings himself from the door and to what he’s certain is the most beautiful man in the world and kisses him, hands still glued to his side.

“Take your bath, prince.” He whispers. “We can talk about this later.”

The rain pangs roughly against the windows, loud enough that they can barely hear the TV’s chatter. Hoseok hasn’t been paying attention anyway and neither was Namjoon, probably.

“We should turn it off since we can’t hear it anyway. The electric bill’s gonna go crazy.” Namjoon murmurs before he reaches for the remote and switches it off. Part of the room’s colors disappear along with the bright screen and everything seems a bit more dull, accompanied by the too loud rain.

He jumps when he feels Hoseok poke his cold toes at his bare back, riding up the hem of his shirt.

“It’s cold.” Hoseok whines, fastening the throw blanket tighter around him.

“What’s on your mind?” Namjoon asks, concern in his tone. It’s fascinating how much Namjoon can tell just from looking.

“A lot. Nothing major, though.” To Hoseok, it’s one of those nights where everything seems to cloud his mind, though none that he can particularly make sense of. It’s as if this is the obligatory ‘bad day’ after a long streak of ‘good days’, even if there’s nothing to be sad about. “Mostly, I’m just cold.”

They talked about Namjoon’s worries a few days ago. It was his obligatory ‘bad day too’, Hoseok thinks. The issue wasn’t resolved entirely, either because it’s impossible to resolve or there was nothing to resolve in the first place. Namjoon seems happier though.

“Why are you wearing shorts if you’re cold?” Namjoon asks, teasing.

“Because I know you like my legs.” Hoseok winks, “Besides, you’re wearing shorts too.”

“Yeah, we’re both dumb.” Namjoon laughs. “It is kinda cold. I’m not sleepy though. Give me some of that blanket.”

Hoseok clutches onto it a little before he grins, “What are you trading?”

Namjoon’s probably humming as he thinks, but it’s muffled by the rain. “Kisses,” He speaks up, “and…” He pauses before he lays back on the couch arm, feet brushing Hoseok’s side. He pats his chest, “This.”

Hoseok pauses to blink and process the gesture, “Wait, really?”

“You want to, right?” Hoseok nods a little too violently at the question. Namjoon laughs, “Well come here then, you pervert.”

Now, Hoseok would’ve objectively been a damn fool to reject that good of a trade. Call him a pervert or whatever, that’s his official title as the advocate for the ‘joonboob’ agenda - pervert. He crawls into his boyfriend’s lap.

It’s much warmer like this in Namjoon’s arms under a shared blanket. The world seems to regain some of its colors from earlier, miraculously enough. The rain sings an undiscovered melody as it pangs and rings on the pipes and the ends of the roof, chiming the metal poles; a little orchestra for them.

“Hi.” He can hear Namjoon loud and clear now that they’re so close.

“Hey.” Hoseok smiles before he leans in for a soft little kiss, chaste and warm. He rests his head on Namjoon’s shoulder as his hands creep up to rest on nature’s best creation. “I should name them.”

“Please don’t.”

“Tit 1 and tit 2. Maybe Nam and Joon?”


Hoseok giggles into Nam and Joon (still a temporary name, a horrible one at that) before placing a kiss there. He can feel Namjoon’s breath blowing the top of his head and his hands begin to squeeze.

Namjoon doesn’t say anything or react, just continues to rub little circles on Hoseok’s back, a hand moving up to play with his hair, making Hoseok’s eyes flutter a little.

“Why’re you letting me do this?” Hoseok asks, “You usually swat my hand away. Hell, you have a reflex to cup them whenever I go near them. Did you go through an epiphany like me or something?”

Namjoon laughs, “No.” He scratches behind Hoseok’s ear. “You just seem happy whenever you uh...touch them, so I’ll allow it. Only for you, though. Don’t let kook slap my boob again.”

Hoseok sputters, “You just called them boobs! You!” His cackle is loud enough to be heard through the thick sounds of the rain.

Shut up!” Namjoon whines. Hoseok cackles into his boyfriend’s boobs - titties, before he pokes his nose into the middle and shakes his head so that his cheeks brush both sides. Namjoon’s whining comes to a halt, “...Did you just motorboat me?” Hoseok tries to hide his smirk but fails miserably, “Jung Hoseok!”

Their laughter fills the little room and their bodies are shaking not because of the cold but from all the laughing they make eachother do.

“That was amazing!” Hoseok guffaws before squeezing again. It’s like he’s half-expecting there to be a sound, like that of a squeezy toy. “I feel better already. These are like, my stress-relief balls. They work wonders.”

“Good to see that you’re having fun.” Namjoon chuckles.

“Oh I’m having an amazing time.”

“I’m really losing to my ch- oh sh-” Namjoon winces and Hoseok immediately removes his hand.

“Are you okay?”

“It hurts if you squeeze it too hard.” He mumbles.

“Oh dear,” Hoseok brings his hand back up to rub at the damage. “I’m sorry, they’re so fragile.” He places a kiss, maybe two or three, five or six spreading across Namjoon’s chest.

Namjoon makes a soft noise before bringing Hoseok back up for another kiss, deeper and longer as Hoseok’s hand returns to rubbing Namjoon’s damaged pecs gently in little circles.

Sometimes Hoseok did wonder if Namjoon truly hated having his chest touched, and that he’s only been letting Hoseok do so because it makes him happy. It’s nice - lovely, to know that he would do these little things for him, with Hoseok being the only one enjoying it.

That soon proves to not be the case though, the fact that Hoseok’s the only one who’s enjoying this.


“Joon...are you hard?”


Oh, that’s definitely not the case.