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Snow Day!

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"Snow Day!" - an I Love Mummy Fanfic!
Written by Djehuti

Nuff felt awkward and just plain stupid as he peered at himself in
the full length mirror in the back of the closet. He had on a navy
blue winter jacket that used to belong to Ed, as well as a dark grey
woolen hat. James had insisted he put on water resistant wind pants
to protect his linen wrappings and an extra pair of Ed's winter boots
found in a box.

In fact, Nuff thought he looked as common as the rest of the family
wearing all this - well except for the kohl outlined eyes peering out
from above the green scarf wrapped around his neck and the lower half
of his face. "MMmpph mmmph eerrrmph!"

James tugged on a winter hat and looked up as he zipped up his
jacket. "What?"

Nuff tugged down the scarf. "I said I feel like I am wrapped well
enough to go back in my sarcophagus for another 3000 years!" He

James snickered and handed over a pair of gloves. "Well it's cold -
we got to stay warm you know..." He grabbed a scarf and his own pair
of gloves and clumped out of the closet. Nuff followed him and watched
as his young friend went to open the door.

"Have fun you two!" Nancy said, coming in from the kitchen to sit
and take a break from all the decorating.

"Sure Mom...I won't be out too late." James reassured as he tugged
the door open. The cold wind blew in causing Nuff to cringe. The
Egyptian paused at the threshold and stared outside.

"Move it Nuff! The cold air is coming in!" James urged, pushing his
friend from behind.

Caught by surprise, and feeling off balance from the heavy clothing
he was wearing Nuff, stumbled forward and fell off the veranda to
fall face first into a snowbank.

James closed the door behind him and stared at his friend spread
eagled in the snow, then burst into loud laughter. "AAAHAHAHAHA!!!
You look SO FUNNY HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" He had to lean on the rail of
the porch so that he wouldn't fall off from laughing so hard.

Nuff raised his head from the snow, his face completely covered with
it, and caking his eyelashes. "RA IN HEAVEN IT'S COOOOOOOOLD!" He
shouted loudly.

"'s rain frozen into crystals remember?" James said between
giggles as he hopped down the steps and bent down to assist Nuff in
getting out of the snowbank. The mummy lurched to his feet, muttering
in what was distinctly not English. James decided not to bother asking
for a translation as he looked around the snow covered front yard.

The snow had stopped falling mostly, except for a couple of flakes
here and there. The wind had calmed too, and it wasn't as biting as
before. It was still cold enough to cause James' breath to cloud in
the air, and make his face turn rosy.

Nuff was wandering around and watching in fascination as his
footprints stayed in the snow behind him. Sand most certianly didn't
do that. This was much more interesting than sand. His fear from
earlier was forgotten as he stared around himself wide-eyed like a
curious child. Squatting down and pulling off a glove he grabbed a
handful of snow and discovered it was cold and wet as it melted in his

"Hey Nuff!"

Nuff looked up in response to James' call and was hit in the face an
instant later with a large wad of cold white snow. Reeling back in
surprise, Nuff fell back onto his butt hearing James erupt into laughs

"That was NOT funny Royal Protector!" Nuff protested, wiping his face.

"It was so!" James said, bending down to scoop up another handful with
a playful glint in his eyes. Nuff watched him a moment, than pulled
on his glove with a mischeviously evil face of his own. He gathered
up a handful of snow, falling back again as another ball of it thrown
by James hit him on the shoulder.

"WOOHOO! James scores again!"

"That does it.." Nuff muttered, making a snowball. Without warning,
he lobbed it in James direction, smiling in satisfaction as it hit
James' laughing face squarely with a splat.

"Bwaahahahaaaa!" Nuff laughed, pointing. "Now that is perfect aim fit
for a Pharaoh!"

James wiped the snow off and quickly dove for another handful. "Hah
that's nothing!" He boasted getting ready to throw again. The snowball
fight that followed was quick yet brutal -- ending when they tried
to shove each other into the snow. The two rolled around for a moment -
each trying to pin each other and shove their faces into the snow,
until finally they collapsed onto their backs in fits of laughter.

Nuff was the first to get under control and he enjoyed watching James
for a moment. He never saw the boy so happy before. James sat up after
he got his breath back and started clumping snow together in his
gloved hands again. "Hey Nuff..I got an idea..let's make a snowman!"

Nuff tilted his head. "A what?" His hat had fallen off during the
snowball fight and his short dark hair was damp and spiked up a little.

"A roll the snow in large balls and pile them on top of
each other to make it look like a's like a sculpture made
out of snow! I never really made one sounds fun!"

Nuff shrugged as he tugged on his hat again and helped James roll the
snow. It took a while, but they succeeded in making three to balance
one on top of the other. Looking over their handiwork, James brightened
as he got an idea. "Oh, be right back!" He ran into the house for a
moment, coming out with a box full of old winter things. "Mom was
planning on giving this stuff away anyway..I figured we could use
these for the snowman.."

Nuff thought of something as he looked through the box. "Let's make
this one look like my father Ramses the Second! I can start another
to be Queen Nefertari.."

"Cool!" James agreed as he picked out a scarf to drape around the
'neck' of the snowman to look like an Egyptian collar.

Since he now knew what he was doing, it didn't take Nuff long before
he had another slightly smaller pile of snow next to the one James
was dressing. With the stuff in the box as well as some extra pieces
of the Egyptian costumes in the closet, they made a passable Ramses II
and Nefertari. Nuff's parents.

"Wow, wait until Dad sees these when he gets home from work!" James
said as he looked over their efforts. "They look great!"

Nuff made a sound of agreement as he made a small bundle of snow
wrapped in a scarf to place where Nefertari's arms would be. James
watched this curiously. "What are you doing?"

"It's Menkaure the Youngest...he was not even a year old when
I...died." Nuff said softly.

"Oh.." James said with silent understanding. Figuring Nuff wanted
some quiet for a moment, he picked up the stray pieces of clothing
that they didn't use and placed them back in the box. He put it next
to the door on the veranda, than stepped down to walk over to Nuff,
who was standing with his back to him and his head lowered.

As James walked up to him, he watched for a moment as Nuff drew
absently into the snow with his finger, drawing sleeping features on
the bundle of snow that he called Menkaure. A muffled sniffle caused
him to look up -- and somehow it didn't surprise him to see tears
trickling down Nuff's face.

"Nuff?" James asked quietly, causing the mummy to jerk with a start.
"Are you okay?"

Nuff turned sorrowful dark eyes to him and nodded a little. "I'm
fine..." He murmured sadly. "I guess.."

"I thought you said your tear ducts were embalmed.." James said with
a knowing look. He figured that Nuff didn't like people knowing he
could cry and made that bit about the embalming up.

Nuff shrugged and attempted to wipe at his eyes. "It's this snow...the
cold is getting to my eyes.." He mumbled.

"Yeah.." James said, trying to think of some way to cheer Nuff up.
"Hey, how about I take you sledding..that should make you feel better."

Nuff wiped his face again and looked down at James with mild
curiosity. James could tell he was attempting to smile but it wasn't
working. "What is that?"

"That is for me to know and for you to find out", James said
mysteriously as he headed towards the garage. James glanced back
at Nuff and sighed as he turned to open the garage door. 'He must
really love and miss his family...'
James thought to himself as he
pulled out a crazy carpet and a large round and black disk sled. He
couldn't imagine what it was like for Nuff -- away from his loved
ones for over 3000 years and on top of that, stuck in a whole new
and strange time period!

James mulled that over and headed back outside with the round sled
draped over his back and the crazy carpet rolled up in his hands.
"There's a hill just down a couple of streets." He said with a
beckoning motion at Nuff as he headed to the sidewalk.

Nuff followed, gazing around at the snow covered neighborhood.
Everything looked different -- almost like a new world. When they
were at the end of the street, he noticed James grimacing as he
attempted to adjust the cumbersome sled on his back.

"Here, let me take that Royal Protector", Nuff said suddenly. "The
thing is almost as big as you!" James couldn't have been more
suprised as the mummy took the sled and balanced it on his own back.
James smiled up greatfully - feeling proud of his friend. If only
Set could have seen that.

"Gee thanks Nuff.."