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Snow Day!

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"Snow Day!" - an I Love Mummy fanfic!
Written by Djehuti

James was abruptly awakened one brisk December morning by someone
rapidly shaking him. He came to consciousness in sleep-induced
confusion, not registering the panicked cries assaulting his ears.

"Hrn? Wuzzat?" He mumbled, voice thick with sleep.

"Royal Protector! Royal Protector get up! Oh Ra in Heaven, the world
is coming to an end!"

James groaned in recognition -- that British accented voice was
unmistakeable. "Aw Nuff!" He protested, not wanting to open his eyes
and aknowledge the mummy's problem yet. "You thought that the world
was going to end when there wasn't any more pickles left in the

"This is worse than that!" Nuff persisted. "Besides, there's more
pickles in the fridge. Slave Mother must have gotten some more..."

James grumbled slightly and opened his eyes, shoving Nuff away so that
he could get out of bed. As soon as he left the warmth of his bed and
put his feet on the floor he shivered. "It's freezing in here!"

Nuff nodded rapidly and pointed a shaking finger towards James'
bedroom window. It was then that James noticed how hunched the mummy
was standing and realised that there must not be any heat in the

The young thirteen year old headed to the window, noticing that Nuff
avoided the frosty panes like the plague. He was almost acting as
freaked out as that solar eclipse a couple of months ago.

When James peered out the window all he could see at first was white.
Squinting as his eyes focused, James grinned as he watched the white
fluffy snowflakes come down to pile in drifts in the backyard. "Nuff
it's snowing!" He said happily. "It's nothing to be scared of!"

Nuff walked slowly over to the window to peer out apprehensively.
"What is this snow? Why is it so cold?" The mummy held his arms
tightly around himself and shuddered visibly.

"It's like rain except its frozen." James said in explanation. He
figured that Nuff was freaking out like he was because Egyptians were
used to desert weather, not this cooler climate.

Nuff frowned as he looked out the window. "I do not think I like this
snow..." He muttered.

James in contrast, seemed to be in bright spirits. "It's real fun! I
should take you sledding...or even skating!"

Nuff looked confused but James grabbed his arm and tugged the mummy
towards the door and down the stairs. "Let's eat breakfast..then I'll
show you how much fun snow is..."

~~~ LATER ~~~

Nancy was standing on a chair in the livingroom putting up some kind
of holly garland along the wall, humming Christmas carols to herself.
Ed was working but she had the day off. Later on when he got back from
work they were going to go out and get a tree. She couldn't wait since
one thing she really liked was decorating for Christmas. She had all
ready helped decorate at the old folks home she worked at and made it
nice and festive to the delight of the people who lived there.

James came in from the kitchen heading straight for the closet. "Hey
Mom", he greeted as he opened the door and stepped in, rummaging
around through the winter clothes.

"Good morning dear", Nancy said cheerfully. She stepped down from the
chair she had been balancing on. "Sleep well?"

James slid a box full of mits and scarves outside the closet door and
poked his head out. "Yeah..until Nuff practically jumped on me.."

Nancy dug around in a box of Christmas decorations and came up with a
sprig of Mistletoe. "Why would he do that?" She wondered as she hung
it from the ceiling.

"He's afraid of the snow.." James said as he sifted through the
winter gear. "He's never seen it before."

The kitchen door burst open at that and Nuff stood there haughty and
indignant. "I object to that! I? Prince Nuff of Abu Simbel afraid?
I think NOT!"

James snickered. "You weren't saying that earlier..." Nuff strode
across the livingroom and peered at all the strange decorations in
that area that wasn't there before.

"What is all this?"

Nancy pulled out a small Santa Claus doll holding candles. She
placed it on a shelf. "It's Christmas decorations's a
festive time of year so people decorate their houses all..festive!"
She chuckled a little as she pulled out an angel doll to put next to
the Santa one.

Nuff still looked confused until James enlightened him.

"It's almost like a harvest festival with presents and a big dinner
and stuff -- except there isn't anybody symbolically cutting corn-
stalks down..oh and the holiday has a different meaning too.."

Nuff's eyes went wide in delight at that. "Lots of food? In that
case I can't wait!"

At that moment, Steph came down from upstairs all ready showered,
dressed and looking like she was going to head out somewhere. Nuff
went up to her with a wide smile, holding up a sparkly piece of
garland. "I never knew about this 'Christmas' sounds wonderful
with all the food and presents I am hearing about..Did you sleep
well Stephy?"

Steph looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Yah sure..if waking up
to your screaming is what you would call pleasant.."

Nancy happened to glance up as she took the tree stand out of it's
box. "Oh how cute!" She said looking up at Nuff and Stephanie.

Steph looked up at her Mother oddly. "Huh?"

Nancy stood up and pointed. "You two are standing under the Mistletoe!"

Steph turned white..than turned red. "Mom!"

Nuff just looked confused. "And this means..." He said as he turned
his eyes upwards to the little plant.

James tried to hold back his laugh at his sister's expression. "It
means that the two people underneath it have to kiss or it will be
bad luck."

Nuff's eyes went huge and he stared at James, Nancy and then Stephy.
"I...I uh...have to...." He said looking suddenly shy and embarassed.

Stephy stared back at Nuff and shook her head. This was way too much.
Not now like this! Especially in front of James and her Mother. "No
way.." She said, suddenly grabbing her jacket, hat, mits and bag --
making a dash for the door and slamming it on the way out.

"Don't worry about her dear...that whole Mistletoe thing is just
a tale..nothing true about it at all.." Nancy soothed, not wanting a
war starting between the kids at Christmas.

Nuff stood there with a suprised look on his face..than he sighed a
little and lowered his head. James watched with hidden shock. He was
_disappointed_? Well, he did look all embarassed about it..then again,
so did Stephanie. He decided to change the subject to be safe. He
grinned as he held up a winter jacket that used to belong to Ed.

"Here try this want to be warm when you go outside!"

Nuff stared at the bulky thing and shook his head. "Who says I'm
going outside?"

James slowly backed towards the front door. "I thought you said you
weren't afraid.."

Nuff shook his head and drew himself up to his full height. "I am
not afraid!"

Quickly James whipped open the door, a cold blast of air and some
snow blew in. Nuff recoiled like a cat in water and bolted up the
stairs yelling in terror. The attic door could be heard being slammed
shut as James shut the front door.

Nancy shook her head with an amused smile. "I'm sure he'll like the
snow once he gets out there dear..."

James nodded with determination in his eyes, than headed up to the
attic. As he opened the door Nuff could be heard talking with someone
in panicked tones. As he stepped in, he saw a tall man wearing blue
robes and recognised him as Master Set - Nuff's advisor.

"Master Set, you wouldn't believe what's happening!" The Mummy was
saying in a rush.

Set looked over and saw James, nodding in greeting. "Is what Nuff
says true?" He _did_ notice that it was quite cold in the attic and
was glad his robes went to the floor today to keep his sandaled feet

"About the snow? Yeah.." James said going over to one of the curtained
attic windows and tugging the thick material back. Set turned toward
it and jerked back in shock. There was a couple of inches of strange
white stuff against the windowpane! Nuff pointed at it with emphasis.
"See? I wasn't lying!"

Set's eyebrows rose in amazement as he stepped towards the window,
peering out. "Ra..." He murmured in shock. "It covers the ground like
sand is not.."

"I explained to Nuff earlier that it's like rain except it's frozen."
James said, stepping up to the window to look out on the winter

"Fascinating.." Set said impressed. Nuff joined the both of them at
the window and looked out quietly, figuring that if Set wasn't alarmed
than it was all right. Indeed, as he watched the small flecks of white
drift down, he had to admit it was quite beautiful. Peaceful even.

James noticed that Nuff didn't seem afraid anymore and grinned. "So
you wanna go outside?"

Nuff paused to consider, watching the snow outside. He reached out
and touched the cold glass of the window. "All right." He said finally.

Set grinned at his charge, noting the change. " remember one
of your previous tasks to conquer your fears. Very good."

Nuff turned from the window. "Well now that I've really looked at it,
I am kind of curious about what it's like..."

James grinned and tugged Nuff towards the door. "Thanks Master Set!
See you later."

Set smiled and waved before disappearing in a shower of golden