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Izuku didn't remember touching the ground.

He did remember all the air being chased out his lungs. He remembered the impact which had threatened to cave in his chest. But mostly, he remembered activating the quirk he had stolen during the brief skin to skin contact with the noumu. Something that had allowed him to withstand the impact. Shock absorption or shock cancelling.

It saved his life.

He quickly came to regret it.

The noumu grabbed his arm and picked him up as if he weighted nothing, and Izuku, too stunned to do anything else than laboriously trying to breathe, let him. At least, until he felt his own quirk calling his attention, making him focus on something he should have noticed earlier, but who couldn't be ignored now that there was a physical contact.

Several quirks. At least fifteen. All laying inside the noumu. Transfer awakened, reaching out for them, curiosity devouring Izuku.

Until his quirk was drowned under a sea of pain, as his arm cracked like a toothpick under the noumu's finger. Izuku screamed, suffering spreading into his whole limb.

Away from him, Aizawa struggled, trying to move and failing as he fell back into the puddle of his own blood. The angle was wrong and Izuku couldn't see his face, but his powerlessness and despair were tangible.

No one is coming to save you.

Izuku's arm was one mass of white-hot pain, and every time the noumu's fingers dug deeper, a horrible noise escaped his lips. No Shock Absorption could protect him from the raw strength applied to his forearm.

Further away, Shigaraki got out of the water, holding his ribs. Izuku hoped it hurt. It would prevent him to run that fast again.

''How violent,'' he drawled. ''I could have broken my neck.''

If only.

''Heroes are such hypocrites. You forbid violence but you don't hesitate to use it.''

Izuku grabbed the noumu's arm but his hand was gloved, cancelling his quirk.

Which was the point. He was afraid to answer to uncomfortable questions, so those measures were taken to prevent that. Brilliant idea, dumbhead.

He bent his wrist, the patch of bare skin touching the noumu at an awkward angle. He couldn't force him to let go. Not when they had the same strength and speed. But he could take more from him.

Another quirk transferred from the noumu to him, and Izuku used it immediately. Shock absorption again. How many of the same quirk does he have ?

More. I need more.

Shock absorption. Strength. Resistance. Speed.

Pain started echoing inside his skull, no more than a headache but he recognized it as the sign he was starting to overuse his quirk. He didn't care. He had no choices right now.

''Kid, do you want to be a hero ?'' Shigaraki continued, something vicious barely hidden in the quiet words. ''What about a hero death ?''

Izuku stopped holding the noumu for a second and he threw another Air Blast at Shigaraki before he stopped monologuing and started ordering the noumu to rip off his head.

A spot of ink appeared in front of the villain, a warp gate, and another started to form next to Izuku, ready to redirect the blast... before disappearing as if they had never existed. The Air Blast followed its path and hit Shigaraki who went airborne. Back into the water he went.

The warper looked around, trying to see what was happening, why his quirk had stopped working, and he realized what it was at the same time as Izuku. Aizawa-Sensei was still on the ground, but he had managed to raise his head, and even though the angle was wrong for Izuku to see his crimson eyes, he could feel his quirk.

And another.

A spear of ice stabbed the noumu, almost severing his elbow and making him drop Izuku who crashed on the ground and his mind almost went white because of the pain of his arm. He didn't look. But he could feel warm blood on his cold skin.

Ice kept growing on the noumu, encasing him into one beautiful coffin, but also keeping all those quirks away from Izuku.

I need more. Something to dull the pain pulsing in his arm. Something to make his hoard better, and to allow him to protect everyone.

An explosion brought him back to his senses, Bakugou screaming, and he crashed into the warper, quickly threatening him if he ever thought about moving his little finger. As if Todoroki was tired of waiting for him, a wall of ice rised between the noumu and the injured teenager, who got the message.

Acceleration. He was next to Todoroki and Kirishima the next instant, tears in his eyes, the price to pay for moving with such injuries. It was alright. He would heal. Right ?

Todoroki was still watching the noumu, ice starting to form on his own right side, as if he was starting to mirror his target. He barely glanced at Izuku but his eyes widened for a brief moment. Kirishima wasn't so stoic.

''Midoriya,'' he called and there was fear in his voice, ''Are you ok ?''

It might be time to judge how hurt I am. Izuku looked at his arm.

He felt himself starting to blank, gravity calling his name, and he looked away, deciding that he didn't need to pay too much attention.

The wall of ice that had encased the noumu exploded, shards of ice flying everywhere and Kirishima threw himself in front of Todoroki and Izuku, shielding them. The villain revealed himself, half of what he used to be, the frost having destroyed two of his limbs, but not for long.

The noumu screamed, maybe from pain, maybe from rage, and the dead flesh fell from him, another red and healthy layer reforming under their eyes, until he was whole again. As if anything they did to him had never mattered.

Todoroki and Kirishima braced themselves.

Izuku just stared.

All those quirks I've stolen and I couldn't get Regeneration ?

The Noumu charged.

Todoroki tried to grab Izuku and to get him out of the way but he was already gone.




Ten minutes.

An eternity and nothing at the same time.

It was all he had left with One for All for the day.

Toshinori rushed towards the Unforeseen Simulation Joint as soon as Young Iida confirmed that the students were in danger, while Nedzu was assembling the rest of the teachers. In ten minutes, three quarters of the UA teachers, all licensed heroes, would be on the site. It would only take two minutes to All Might.

Please, stay safe. Hide. Don't engage.

Everything would be fine. Thirteen and Aizawa-kun would never let anything happen to the kids.

They would die first.

Toshinori accelerated.




Eijirou finally managed to reach his teacher, laid on the ground and not moving anymore. There was so much blood, but he couldn't think too much about that.

An air blast threatened to make him stumble on the ground and into the red liquid but he managed to anchor himself. Every time Midoriya moved, the strength of iT created an air pressure. He had jumped at the noumu, as if his arm wasn't horribly broken. Red lines gleamed on his skin, as if raw power was circulating in his veins, and when he moved, he was a blur.

And when he hit, he was thunder. With every hit, everytime he managed to cancel the noumu's insane speed, Todoroki was right here, ice reaching the villain but never Midoriya, encasing him, trapping him. But only for a moment.

And then, they did it again, with no hesitation whatsoever.

They didn't even talk about it. They just did it, while Kirishima was scrambling for safety.

Further away, Bakugou was still holding the misty villain, fuming. He obviously wanted to join the fight, but was stuck as he was the one keeping the warper from putting a definitive end to their heroic stand.

''It's going to be all right, Aizawa-Sensei,'' Eijirou lied, not because he thought it wouldn't, but because he had no idea.

He took hold of him in the fireman carry, unable to use his quirk because his teacher didn't need any more lacerations. He seriously regretted his costume choice right now.

''It's going to be alright,'' he repeated even if the man didn't seem like he could hear him, and this time, he almost managed to convince himself.

Bakugou and Eijirou has seen the others near the gates, trying to help Thirteen-Sensei, and they had told them about Iida. It meant that the heroes were on their way and alll they had to do was to hold on. Eijirou might not be like Midoriya, but he could still help.

He was climbing the stairs when, from the corner of his eye, he saw something lunging at him. Something wet and bony hit him, with enough strength to make him crash on the floor. Eijirou barely managed to cushion the impact and to protect Aizawa-Sensei when the most horrible pain he had ever lived through burnt his shoulder.

''Get up,'' the villain growled between his clenched teeth, so angry is breathing was erratic.

And Eijirou obeyed, blind panic taking hold of him, anything to avoid the same pain again. All his skin was starting to harden, except for one aching spot where the villain had put his hand on. And he suspected it was because there wasn't skin there anymore.

The villain's hand, though not all fingers, grabbed the back of his neck.

''Don't move,'' the villain ordered to everyone, even though the place had gone deadly quiet as soon as Eijirou had screamed. ''You,'' he called Bakugou who was still kneeling on the black mist, ''Release Kurogiri ! I need a way out of this mess !''

Water was dripping on Eijirou's back. The villain must have waited in the water until someone separated from the group, and the teenager had done just that, serving himself on a platter.

''How do I know you will let him go ?'' Bakugou shouted back. ''I am supposed to fucking take your word for it ?''

Was Eijirou going to die today ?

''You don't know that,'' the villain admitted, fury and venom saturating his every word. ''What you do know if that he is going to die if you don't do what I say. I won't hesitate. And I won't regret it. A pitiful consolation prize is still a consolation prize.''

''If he dies, you will follow him,'' Todoroki coldly promised.

A true man would have done something. He would have attempted something heroic to gain some time, to give an advantage to his comrades, anything. But Eijirou's mind was desperately empty. He was only conscious of three things. The fingers on his throat would could cause some excruciating damage. How the fact he was a hostage just screwed everyone over and not just him. And how he had failed to protect his teacher.

''You want to be a hero, don't you ?'' the villain asked Bakugou. ''Well, time to make hard decisions. Will you let this brat die to arrest the villains ? Will you prove how warped all the system is, a system that cares more about beating people up than rescuing ?''

Bakugou hesitated. Looked at Eijirou.

And did nothing. He just stood still.

Next to Todoroki, Midoriya, still deathly pale and his arm a litteral bloody mess, was oddly calm. He wasn't looking at the noumu still encased in Todoroki's ice tomb like Eijirou had first assumed, but seemed absorbed in his thoughts, or lost in his own world. His gaze was passing though Eijirou and his captor.

Does he know something I don't ?

The pro heroes, he realized. The longer they did nothing, the more time the pro heroes had to arrive. That was why Bakugou was so still. That was why Midoriya who hadn't hesitate to jump at a villain and throw him like a ragdoll was so calm. The best course of action was to wait.

It was nerve-breaking.

''NOW !'' the villain screamed, having realized it too.

Bakugou hesitated. He knew freeing the villain didn't mean Eijirou would be saved.

Still, he rose slowly.

The metallic doors of the USI exploded as someone crashed into them, his booming voice echoing through the whole USJ.


For all Might was here, and this time, he wasn't smiling.

For a second, the villain froze like a scared rabbit.

Eijirou had read manga about people with so much power that the sheer force of their anger could paralyze someone. He had always loved those scenes. But as he watched All Might, he realized it had nothing to do with spiritual pressure or something like that.

It was something deeper, raw, where someone was confronted to a being who could kill them, and there was nothing they could do about it. Inevitable. Without his smile, without knowing he was the Symbol of peace, All Might was just a force of nature, and the villain behind Eijirou was confronted to the very real possibility of being flattened without mercy.

''FOR I AM HERE !'' All Might finished and it sent chills through Eijirou because this time, he knew that everything would be fine.

And he was right. The villain's grip disappeared and suddenly, Eijirou's feet weren't touching the ground anymore. In a blink, he was transported to the other side of the field, just as Izuku was arriving, holding Todoroki by his harness. All Might gently deposed Kirishima, Bakugou, and Aizawa on the ground, the three of them more fortunate than the wide eyed Todoroki who made the trip being dragged by the back of his costume.

The noumu chose this moment to break free again.




Izuku let go of Todoroki, eyeing the villains. Following All Might's movements was a challenge and he had realized he had punched Kurogiri only when he saw the sharp dressed villain flying through the air and landing like a potatoe bag.

Now that the warper was free, things were about to be far more complicated. He would have to make do.

At least until All Might's hand appeared in front of his face, stopping him to take another step.

''Stop right here. It's the adults' role to fight for the children.''

What ?

''It's a little late for that,'' Todoroki said mercilessly.

Bakugou didn't even say anything, he just eyed the villain with the firm intention of exploding them. Izuku could feel his quirk charging.

''I know, and I am sorry,'' All Might apologized. ''But now, your job is to stay safe. Get Aizawa-kun away.''

Some part of Izuku understood. All Might was a lone fighter, so having someone else around could limit him, especially since they weren't properly trained. While fighting with Todoroki, Izuku had been hindered by his ice because he at first had tried to steal more quirks from the noumu but Todoroki attacked as the same time he tried to leave his hand on the feverish skin, so any attempts to use Transfer resulted in him pitifully jumping out of the way.


''The noumu is a tough one. And you don't have much time...'' Do not reveal his secret, you buffoon ! ''You might need help,'' he concluded, still looking at the noumu.

The last attack seemed to have stunned him a little.

''Young Midoriya,'' All Might called.

Something in his tone made Izuku hesitate. Maybe the warmth. Maybe the utter confidence.

''Everything will be fine,'' his idol assured him with a smile.

Izuku had never been naive enough to think things would go smoothly. Or at least, he hadn't been since it was only his mother and him, when his world had drastically changed. Safety was a child notion.

But when All Might said it, he felt a sense of safety he hadn't known since his father had left their lives. The certainty that someone would protect him and that nothing bad would happen as long as he was here.

He nodded.

I trust you.

That didn't mean he left as All Might had asked him. He didn't know how long he had with his quirk. If he ran out of time, he would intervene. He wouldn't let them kill All Might.

Izuku looked at Shigaraki who was at the other side of the field. He couldn't see his eyes because of the cut off hand on his face, but he could feel his hatred.

But he didn't need to worry. Not only did All Might managed to fight the Noumu, but teachers finally arrived, securing the students, and chasing any remaining villains with an ease that was just insulting. Izuku tensed when he saw they were leaving All Might on his own, but his worries were dissipated when the number one hero punched him so hard he disappeared into the sky, so far that even Zoom wasn't enough to follow his course.

It was only when he sensed a familiar quirk get activated that he realized he had forgotten about the warper, and he saw a spot of black mist near the limp form of Shigaraki, who had just been shot repeatedly by Snipe-Sensei. The latter shot again, but portals appeared, redirecting the bullets as Kurogiri grabbed Shigaraki.

No. They don't get to run away.


Kurogiri startled and yanked Shigaraki Tomura into the portal and they both disappeared without leaving any chance to Izuku, who stopped, dejected. Why didn't I notice what he was doing sooner ?

All Might chuckled, not far away from him. The sound lightened the weight Izuku didn't know he carried.

''You did it. You won,'' he sighed just as he saw All Might's bulk form starting to crumble.

''I did. I guess you tenderized it for me.''

Izuku smiled, still feeling the comforting weight of his new quirks. If you knew.

He slowly realized the danger had passed, and his legs almost betrayed him. He had troubles deactivating his quirks, his brain just refusing to acknowledge he didn't need all of them anymore, and as he did, several things, masked by adrenaline and a state of panic so intense it had made him almost zen, appeared. Like the blinding headache and the fact his nose had started bleeding at some point.

Quirk overuse, and usually the sign that he should lay down and stop moving for a while.

He was seriously thinking about doing just that, until he saw Kirishima rushing towards him, no doubt to see if he was alright and to give him support or whatever good people did when faced to someone that had been hurt. Izuku usually would have been hurt, but All Might wasn't far.

Skinny All Might Kirishima absolutely couldn't see.

Izuku tried to tell him to stay where he was, but Kirishima didn't even slow down. From the corner of eye, Izuku saw All Might trying to turn, as if showing his back would hide the fact he was about to lose a hundred pounds.

Never fear, for I am here, Izuku's stomach reminded since he had almost been killed, almost had his arm ripped off, and Tsuyu and Kirishima had almost died in the hands of villains.

Cold sweat run down his back while the content of his stomach went up and Izuku threw up on the ground.

This at least had the advantage of making Kirishima stop next to him, giving the time to Cementos to build a wall to safeguard All Might's secret.




After Recovery Girl had used her quirk on Izuku, he was near comatose, and it did nothing for his massive headache and how any source of light was hurting his eyes. He wasn't lucky enough to see his physical wounds be healed and to walk out like Kirishima, since his real problem was how exhaused his whole organism was. Quirk overuse, because he had used all his quirks at once for too long, and stealing more had worsened it.

I stole quirks.

He should have been disturbed by it. Until now, all the quirks he had were given to him. It was a proof of love or trust. For him, taking a quirk without the permission of the owner was unthinkable. But he didn't hesitate to take them when his life was in danger, which revealed a part of him he didn't know.

And what was especially disturbing was that Izuku wasn't troubled about it. He knew he would be dead if he hadn't stolen Shock Absorption. He had left a crater in the ground. There was no doubt his chest would have caved in.

Stealing quirks was wrong. But it was a life or death situation, and ultimately, he wasn't brave enough not to use any means to survive.

But there had to be a limit. Because it was how bad things started. How many times did Izuku see a quirk and thought 'I could do better with it ?'?

It had to be only against villains. Only when Izuku or someone else was in danger.

He could live with that.

His fingers started trembling again. Shivers had kept spreading through him once the adrenaline had worn off and when he had realized he would be fine. Now, his brain was finally realizing people had entered his school with the intention to kill them. And like every time it had happened, he focused on the thing that never failed to calm him.

Slowly, he reached for his quirks one by one. Never more than one at a time. Just enough to feel the quirk, to have something beautiful to focus on. There was a story behind each of them. Some were tokens of love, anonymous but filled with warmth because they were brought to him just to spoil him. Others were shows of faith. People had listened to his dream of becoming a hero, and had entrusted him a part of them. And now, five of them were the proof he survived.

The residual panic and fear disappeared, gently washed away by the golden warmth of his quirks. His treasures.

The shiver disappeared as fast as it had appeared.

See ? You're fine.

''Young Midoriya ?''

Izuku immediately removed the pillow that was resting on his face, light stabbing his eyes as soon as he did, and sat. His bed was next to All Might, in his thin form. Even without activating his quirk, he was so tall that his feet were sticking out the blanket AND the bed.

''Yes ?''

It might be the hellish headache raging inside his head but All Might seemed surprised by the brusque movement.

''Nothing, I just wanted to be sure you were still breathing.''

''Don't worry, I am just tired. A little,'' Izuku added before All Might worried. ''I will be fine.''

And he laid back before putting the pillow back on his eyes. Light was his enemy for now. So were sounds.

''I see,'' All Might said blankly.

Izuku had the sneaking suspicion the number 1 hero didn't believe him.

He was saved from the torment of awkward conversations by the arrival of a police officer, Detective Tsukauchi, who seemed to know All Might, though Izuku wasn't sure if he knew him as the number 1 hero, the symbol of peace, the strongest hero, or his civil identity. So Izuku kept his mouth shut.

Detective Tsukauchi glanced at Izuku, then at All Might, who slightly shook his head.

The movement was discreet but not only did Izuku saw it but the fact All Might had been trying to hide the exchange in front of him sent a burst of anxiety right through him.

''What's happening?''

''Nothing,'' All Might reassured him. ''He is just wondering what he can say in front of you, but since you already know about my time limit, it's fine.''

''Are you sure ?'' the detective asked in a lightheartedly voice.

All Might didn't hesitate : ''Of course.''

''Well, All Might,'' he called him for the first time. ''I would like you to give me your statement of facts.''

''Of course. But first, how is everyone ? The students ! Aizawa-kun and Thirteen ?''

Izuku immediately calmed down and smiled, because of course, that would be All Might's first priority.

Aizawa-Sensei and Thirteen were hurt, Aizawa more than Thirteen. He was still sleeping, but Recovery Girl was optimistic. Kirishima and Izuku were the only student injured, probably because the others had the good idea not to approach psychotic villains with annoying quirks.

The Noumu had been retrieved, and Detective Tsukauchi's colleagues were making him ready for transport. He didn't say a word, didn't try to escape. He just waited, and though he wasn't quite cooperating, he was extremely docile, which was a good thing because they were trying not keep him away from the journalists.

A chill ran on Izuku's skin as he realized he had forgotten one hell of a detail.

''Do the journalists know ?'' he asked.

Tsukauchi looked at All Might before answering him. He was probably still dealing with the fact All Might had told his secret to a high school boy.

''They don't know about the attack yet but since they were posted in front of the school and they saw almost all the staff running to rescue you, they might be suspecting something.''

Izuku jumped from the bed, which was a very bad idea as colors exploded in front of his eyes, and he reached blindly for his bag to find his phone.

''Young Midoriya ?'' All Might called, concerned.

''My mom can't know about what happened from TV,'' Izuku explained.

This was the worse case scenario. Since they had fled the United States, his mother had always been worried about bad people finding them and hurting them, and now, it happened. She had to know it has nothing to do with his father's former associates or he might find his bag packed once he came home.

He paused, uncomfortable. He didn't know much about what happened when he was little. Just that his father had known people who had the same disdain for regulation, and that some of them had started being threatening after he was gone.

The shivering came back.

He didn't think about those things. Ever.

Izuku counted his quirks again, leaning on the wall, and he calmed himself. As he unlocked his screen, he saw seventeen missed calls from Nagisa, and was absolutely not surprised to see she already knew. But moms took priorities over hackers.

His mother didn't answer her phone, which wasn't rare when she was at work, so he left a message.

''Hi Mom. There was an little incident at school.''

''Little ?''Detective Tsukauchi repeated in disbelief.

Izuku ignored him.

''You will probably hear about it in the news,'' Izuku continued. ''What is important is that I am OK and I am safe.''

I am safe was their code for No need to panic and to run for the hills.

''I won't lie to you, I was a little injured, nothing grave...''

''Wasn't his arm broken ?'' the police officer asked.

''Not only was his arm broken but he apparently kept fighting so it worsened the wound. Recovery Girl was livid.''

Izuku closed the door behind him.

''… But Recovery Girl patched me up and I don't even have a scratch anymore...''




After getting back to bed, closing his eyes for a second, and waking up an hour later as All Might poked his chest to make sure he was still breathing, curiously an on-going concern since their return from the USJ, Midoriya was allowed to leave the infirmary, which meant braving the sea of journalists.

But to his surprise, he didn't need to as someone was waiting in front of UA gates, her arms crossed on her chest and wearing what looked like an expensive crimson outfit inspired by a kimono. The journalists were staying at distance from this person, not everyone enlightened enough to be comfortable with someone who looked like a giant spider with a semi-human body. The fact she was glaring at anyone who dared to approach her with all her eyes must have also explained the circle of void around her.

Nagisa grabbed him by the hand, her touch strangely comforting, and she snatched Izuku from the journalists before he was harassed.

''What are you doing here ?'' he smiled as he followed her, still holding her hand.

Touching someone was always intense for him, not only because he wasn't used to it anymore, but because he could feel their quirk though the contact. But Izuku noticed that he made him feel better. So much better.

''Making sure you aren't dead,'' Nagisa declared as if it was obvious. ''Someone saw a villain almost getting ejected out of the stratosphere at the USJ, and I know this is a UA base. You're in one piece ?''

Izuku nodded.

''You're hurt anywhere ?''

Izuku shook his head.

''THEN WHY DIDN'T YOU ANSWER YOUR PHONE ?'' she roared, her mandibles furiously moving, and in the meantime, she made him stop in a ridiculously futuristic-looking vehicle.

''That's your car ?'' he blurted out.

''A gift for my birthday. I'm driving you to my home. Don't change the subject.''

Izuku crawled into the car that could probably land on the Moon if the driver asked it, and since she asked so nicely, he told her. As he recounted the events, he had the dubious pleasure of experimenting for the first time the driving of someone who could see at 360 degres, and decided he had been safer with the villains.

''So,'' Nagisa said when he was finished, ''You single handily stopped a villain designed to fight All Might, with a broken arm, saved a teacher, and was about to ask for more when the pro heroes made the villains flee ?''

Izuku knew better than to answer that but it didn't stop here.

''You're insane. That's not a figure of speech. You must be legally insane.''

''That's not the point. Did you hear the part when I said one of the villains had several quirks ?''

She immediately caught the source of his curiosity : ''A parent ?''

''I doubt it.''

What made him say that was the fact the Noumu had not reacted when Izuku had grabbed some of his quirks, and if he had something similar to Transfer, he would have noticed it in a second, while Izuku had noticed that most people didn't notice the disappearance of their quirks until they tried to use it. And they all had the same expression. Like there was suddenly a void.

That was why he always asked if they wanted the quirk back immediately after taking it, and why he left a number so they could reach out to him and ask to have their quirk back. Even though he hated it.

He passed a hand in his hair.

''As far as I can tell, he only had several quirks,'' he added.

''People can inherint both quirks of their parents,'' Nagisa remarked.

Right before her car made a turn that made Izuku grip his siege while activating Resistance and Shock Absorption.

''That only happens in movies,'' he said as soon as he got his breath back. ''People can inherit a mix of both of their parents' quirk, not two of them.''

Nagisa nodded, trusting his judgement in quirks the same way he trusted her judgement with anything electronic.

''Several years ago, there was a drug called Trigger that mutated people. Not only did it change their appearances, but it enhanced their already existing quirks and made them stronger and faster. It's possible he was a remnant from this time.''


A drug that could awakened others quirks, probably picking them up in the person's DNA. Despite having the same appearance, at least for the majority of the population, humans nowadays didn't have much in common with human beings from the past. Invisible mutations had made them more resistant and slightly stronger, probably an evolutionary response to protect them from their own quirks. Bakugou, for example, was remarkably resistant or his quirk would destroy his wrists.

Izuku was very interested in the subject because he wasn't gifted in this domain. Where science had observed that people grew more resistant as new generation were born, Izuku was actually quite frail for a boy from the fifth generation.

Well, he compensated it with the perfect quirk.

He nodded, his mind going in a dozen of direction at the same time.

''Talking of drugs, I met this really nice girl who loves Ryukyu, but I think she was a drug dealer because she offered me something called Nectar. Do you know anything about it ?''


Nagisa stared at him with all the judgement she could muster, but it wasn't what gave an almost heart attack to Izuku.

''ROAD ! ROAD !'' he screamed while pointing at it in case she had trouble finding it.

''I can see the road no matter how my head is turned,'' she reminded him.

''I don't care !''

Nagisa listened to him, only to pacify him.

''Tell me you didn't take a sample or something.''

Izuku laughed at the idea.

''I'm serious. You could not only get kicked out of school, but even if it's not cut with some poison, you could be damaged by it forever. I'm not joking, Midoriya.''

''My quirk can give me brain damages if I push it too far, Nagisa. Taking those drugs would be suicidal.''

Nagisa sighed, and went on a rant about him being too reckless and how he was mistaken if he thought she couldn't leave him stuck to one of her webs for a few days.

Izuku grinned.

Under this tough exterior, she did care.