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In My Arms, You'll Find Comfort

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It was a beautiful sunny day outside. There wasn’t a cloud in sight and it was neither too hot or too chilly. Despite the forecast for outside, Kara didn’t feel that great. She was convinced that Cat wanted her to have a heart attack. She really wanted her to keel over and cease to exist. Kara was used to small tasks: small journalism jobs, errand running, research, even the occasional coffee run. But this? This was too much on her nerves. Cat wanted her to do an investigative piece on Lena Luthor, a mysterious CEO who established L-Corp in National City. No one knew anything about her and Cat being Cat, she wanted to get the story first. Kara could feel her blood thundering through her veins. She was very apprehensive about this job. She hadn’t met a Luthor before and, truth be told, she really wanted to keep that way. Any information she had on a Luthor was provided to her by Kal-El and his rivalry with Lex. The last thing she wanted was to deal with another psychotic Luthor with too much time and too much money on their hands. The city had just finished cleaning up the fallout from Astra and her Myriad plan.

Kara stood outside of L-Corp, the sunshine beaming down on her and invigorating her with strength. L-Corp was a pretty impressive building if Kara had to admit. It was perhaps 60 stories high and seemed to be made of glass. The sun’s rays reflected heavily off the reflective surfaces and Kara found herself wishing for lead-rimmed sun glasses. Kara lowered her glasses and used her x-ray vision to examine the building.

"Good infrastructure," she said to herself, impressed by the ostentatious yet minimalist appearance of the building.

Other than the striking appearance of L-Corp, there were no other signs to tell Kara that she was at the right place. If it weren't for the address given to her, she would have thought that she was at the wrong location. Kara marveled how such a building could go unnoticed if one wasn’t really paying attention to it. At first glance, it looked like every other skyscraper that was built in the city.

She could see people bustling from within, all of them scrambling to do things quickly and efficiently. A frown settled on Kara's face as she put her glasses back on. Admittedly, Kara was nervous because she didn't know what to expect. She had heard so much bad come from the Luthor name and she already was bracing herself for the worst possible outcome. She took a few deep breaths, smoothed her hair, and retrieved her notepad and pen from her purse. With her back straight, and what she hoped feigned confidence, Kara walked inside.

"Um hi, I'm Kara Danvers and I'm with Catco. I'm here to do an interview with Lena Luthor," Kara said as she talked to the woman at the front desk. The woman smiled warmly at her as she pressed a button on her office phone.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor. There is a Kara Danvers here to see you."

There wasn’t an answer, only a single solitary beep. The receptionist looked at Kara and gestured to the elevator.

"She's expecting you. Take that elevator to the top floor."

"Thank you," Kara said as she followed her directions.

When Kara got to the top floor and found the office, she noted on how expensive everything was, it borderline being ostentatious. Everything is an immaculate white; the chairs, the tables, the couch, and the carpet. The only thing that wasn't, were the curtains, which were black. Sunlight spilled into the office from the partially drawn material and it highlighted everything in its path. Even the dust seem to sparkle from the sun's effects.

"Please come in," a soft voice said.

Kara turned and saw the woman sitting at a glass desk and her heart almost stopped beating. The woman was beautiful. Beautiful actually didn't seem like the right adjective, more like ethereal and exquisite. Kara was having a hard time racking her brain for the right description since all her thought processes came to an abrupt halt. The woman's dark brown hair fell in loose curls around her shoulders. Her skin was perfect and free of any blemishes, with exception of the single freckle on her neck. Her lips were curled into a warm and inviting smile. When Kara looked into her eyes, she held her breath. Oh god, her eyes. There were no words but if Kara had to describe them she was say that they were the most incredible and vibrant green she had every seen. It was like her eyes were somehow made from both jade and diamond, and then seemed to hold a piece of the sun within them. They were bright but also seem to hint at something else Kara couldn't describe. Was it mysteriousness? Maybe something else?

"Welcome Ms. Danvers," she said as she stood up in one graceful movement and opened the curtains all the way. Kara almost had to stop the urge from snickering in incredulousness. In the sunlight, she looked like a goddess. The black business suit that she wore accentuated her form and her curves. She also wore black stockings and modest high heels. Kara couldn’t help but feel slightly undressed in her jeans and camisole.

"Sorry for how dark it is in here. Too much light hurts my eyes and the white furniture doesn’t help much."

Kara ran sweaty palms through her hair. She could feel awkwardness bubbling from within her and it manifested in the one way that was sure to embarrass her.

"A-actually, uh, it's not really a problem. I don't mean like a problem problem. I meant that it's completely fine. This isn't my office or anything. I meant to say that this is your office and all and it's your decision on how much light is in here. I don't have an opinion on it."

As Kara rambled on, Lena's smile grew wider and she shifted in her seat. She found her adorable and she wondered how much she could get her to blush. Her movement grabbed Kara's attention and she stopped talking. She took a deep breath and licked her chapped lips.

"Hi I'm Kara Danvers," Kara said in an attempt to introduce herself and to distract from her increasing mortification. “I-I’m sorry. I’m not use to these kinds of things. I’m not really a reporter.” 

"You could have fooled me," Lena replied between chuckles. "Shall we get to business then?" She motioned to a chair in front of her desk.

Kara's cheeks grew hot from embarrassment and she took the seat. She placed the notepad and pen on her lap as she tried to get comfortable. 

"Thank you for your time," Kara says lamely as she offers her hand for a handshake. Lena shakes her hand and sits back down, smoothing her black dress as she does so. As they shook hands, Kara noticed that Lena felt…different. Maybe she was cold or sick or something? She didn’t feel as warm as other people but then again, she, herself was nervous. She was sweating a bit and her skin probably felt clammy as well. She could feel the telltale signs of a blush coloring her cheeks and ears.  

"Of course, Ms. Danvers."

Kara looked at her and smiled. "Please, call me Kara."

"Then you must call me Lena," Lena said back, her eyes shining warmly."Okay, right to it then. What inspired you to establish L-Corp?"

Lena leaned on desk and rested her chin on her hands.

“When you hear the word Luthor, what do you think of? Most people think of Lex and automatically assume the worst. I want people to know that there is a good Luthor. I want to show them that we are capable of more than just destruction. With this building, I want to accomplish much more and luckily for me, there's so much to be done."

Kara wrote down notes in her pad. "What are some of the things you would like to accomplish?"

"Hmmmmm, it's not something I've decided on just yet. Perhaps discovering new technology to help those that are disabled? Maybe finding cures to diseases? Finding solutions to environmental matters? The sky's the limit."

"So are you going to focus mainly on humanitarian and environmental services?"

Lena smiled, her teeth glittered in the light. "My only focus is to provide help wherever it is needed. If you wish to categorize it as humanitarian and environmental, so be it."

Kara began to relax as she conducted her interview on Lena. She got the sense that Lena was sincere in her endeavors. She wanted to help and she wanted to make a difference. She wanted to become more than just the tarnished Luthor name. Kara hoped that she would be true to what she said. She would hate it if she were to become another villain. 

Kara asked her about her life, where she came from, and what inspired her to come to National City. Her answers surprised her.

"I came to National City after I learned about what happened with Myriad. Well, that's not the only reason. While I want to rebuild the Luthor name, starting at Metropolis would be suicide. People would judge me before they even knew me. I figured, why not here? Also I hope Supergirl won't see me as a threat. If anything, I hope to get a chance to work with her."

Kara stopped writing and looked at Lena. Kara could feel her heartbeat start to accelerate again , but this time it wasn't from nervousness. Something else entirely was blossoming inside her and if Kara wasn't mistaken, it almost felt like attraction. Attraction to this beautiful woman sitting in front of her. Kara cleared her throat.

"Well Lena, there's always something going on here. I'm certain you will get the chance." Lena chuckled at her comment. Kara began to pack up her things.

"Out of time already? Where did the time go?" Lena said as she looked at the setting sun.

"Time flies when you're having fun," Kara said in an attempt to be funny. Surprising her, Lena laughed and Kara wished that the sound would never stop but, of course, it did. Lena got up and escorted Kara to the door.

"If you need anything else, don't be afraid to come back and ask," she offered to Kara.

"Thank you, Lena. It has truly been a pleasure."

Kara left and walked down the hallway to the elevator in a daze. All things considered, she thought that the interview went well. There was a rough start to it but she found Lena very easy to be around. There was something about her that exuded calm vibes. As far as she could tell, she couldn’t sense anything malicious about her at all. Kara sighed and shook the thoughts from her head. What was she saying? She was a Luthor! She needed to keep her guard up until she knew for sure that Lena wasn’t a threat.

"Um Kara? Would you mind accompanying me to a business gala? It's something I have to attend and I know it will be boring. I could use some of your company."

Kara stopped walking, turned around, and raised her eyebrows in shock. "You want me to go with you???"

Lena smiled. "If you say yes, then that would be the goal."

Kara faltered and her thoughts became a jumbled mess. Did Lena just ask me out? But it's not a date, right? Unless maybe it is? What if she wants it to be? Oh my god, what if Lena Luthor is asking me out on a date? What do I do? What do I say?

In the midst of her disordered thoughts, Lena cleared her throat. It was then that Kara realized that she still hadn't given her a response. Kara took a deep breath and threw caution to the wind.

"Yes I would like that very much," she said quietly, partly from nervousness.

"It's a date then." With that, Lena walked back into her office and gently closed the door. Kara spent her walk out of the building in a state of disbelief. As a matter of fact, she spent the rest of the day in a daze. She doesn't even remember answering any of Cat's questions. She walked in, told Cat that she would right the article, and then left. She would fly home but opted to take the taxi instead. She wanted to use the time to digest the events for today. She would be in denial if she said that she wasn't attracted to Lena. There was something about her, and it wasn't just her looks. She had a beautiful personality. Maybe there was no harm in getting to know her?

When Kara got home, she took a shower and scarfed down pizza and pot stickers. She was actually surprised that there was nothing happening in the city. Could today possibly be a day off? She hasn’t had one of those in a while. There was a knock at the door and with a quick glance with her X-ray vision, Kara saw that it was Alex.

"Come in!"

Alex walked in and hands her a box of donuts, and Kara can't help but jump up and down in excitement.

"So how was your day?" Alex asked.

"It was weird," Kara said with her mouth full. "I met Lena Luthor today. At first, I wasn't sure, but as we talked, she was a really down to earth. She seemed really genuine and determined to be more than Lex and his actions. She told me that she has plans to help out National City and that she also would like to meet Supergirl."

As Kara talked about Lena, Alex's smile grew wider and wider.

"Okay what's with the smile??" Kara asked tentatively.

"Just listening to you describe her, it almost sounds like you have a crush."

Kara scoffed. "Me a crush??? No way!!!!"


"Seriously I do not have a crush."

"Yeah, mmhm, okay. So…what are your plans for tomorrow?"

Kara looked at her donut, afraid to see Alex's expression. "I have a function to go to...with Lena."

Alex started laughing and Kara threw the couch pillow at her.

"It's not a date!!!"

"I never said it was," Alex said between bouts of laughter.

"Well anyway you have to help me choose a dress."

"Oh god, we’ll be here all night," Alex said, teasingly. That earned her a playful punch.

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Alex had convinced Kara to wear an immaculate, ruby red dress. One side had a long sleeve while the other side was a shoulder strap, showing off Kara's flawless skin. The dress was floor length with two layers: a red slip and a red sheer. The sheer was decorated with dark, red glitter and red, velvet roses. Alex curled Kara's hair and let it hang down. Kara did her own make up, opting for something moderate since her dress already filled the fancy department. The dress hugged her like a second skin and she prayed that she didn't look as ridiculous as she felt in it. She was more of the "behind the scenes" kind of gal and this dress would make her stick out like a sore thumb.

She ran her hands down the dress for what felt like the millionth time. "How do I look??"

By this time, Alex had her head resting in her hand. Her other hand was drumming on the table in mild annoyance. "For the last time Kara, you look fine." Alex sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "If you 'smooth' that dress anymore, you'll take the roses right off."

Kara frowned in displeasure and ignored her. She didn't know why she really cared so much. The dress was okay if she had to admit. She felt like it showed off more skin than she was comfortable with but it was way too late to find replacement attire. For now, her make up was perfect but she was sure she would find some way to smudge it. Honestly, she needed to thank Alex. She hadn’t looked this well put together in a while. There’s only so much she can do with with her wardrobe.

This wasn’t a date, was it? Though when she left Lena's office, Lena had said it was. Kara just passed it off as her trying to be funny. Kara sighed and grabbed her things.

"Okay I'm out of here," she said as she left.


The gala was absolutely stunning. She had never been to one before and now, she could see why. This was definitely a 'suit and tie' kind of occasion and she thanked Rao that Alex had been the one to dress her instead of making the decision herself. The building was decorated with crystal chandeliers and artwork. Kara was sure that the floor was marble and the columns that reached from the ceiling to the floor were alabaster. Televisions lined the wall and showcased different channels.

"What did I just sign myself up for?" Kara muttered incredulously to herself as she stared at her surroundings in awe.

"Hopefully nothing you can't handle," a voice behind her said. Kara instantly knew who that voice belonged to and when she turned around, she was relieved and happy to see Lena. Kara's mouth gaped open when she saw what she was wearing.

Lena also wore dress, however, this one was black and had sin written all over it. The neckline was plunged to her cleavage, which put her chest on modest display and Kara couldn't help but stare at them amorously. The dress hugged her shoulders before hanging loosely around her mid section. It came to an end above her knees, where the dress clung to her skin and showed off her shapely legs. Kara could feel giddiness swirling from within her and almost spill out in giggles, but instead she took a deep breath and smiled. So much of her smooth, flawless skin was on display and Kara would have paid good money to touch it, if just once. Kara caught a glance of Lena eyeing her up and down and when she looked into her eyes, she saw an almost seductive, and if Kara wasn't mistaken, a predatory look grace Lena's face. Kara instantly felt heat blossom her cheeks and kiss her neck.

"Well don't you look good enough to eat," Lena said flirtatiously to her and Kara couldn't help but look down shyly and smile. She had to admit though, the look in her eyes unnerved her. Lena looked at her the way Kara looked at pot stickers.

Lena walked to her and stood by her side. "Thank you for attending this today."

Kara smiled. "I'll have to admit, I was surprised when you asked. Why me?"

"Despite how they look, these events can be boring. It's nothing but bureaucrats, philanthropists, and scientists bragging about how their idea will change the world more than the others. On top of that, I would like to get to know you."

Kara's smile grew. "I would like that--"

"Lena!!!!" a voice boomed jubilantly, cutting Kara off. A man in an expensive tuxedo walked up to Lena, a glass of champagne in his hand.

Lena looked Kara in her eyes. "Excuse me for one second. This won't take too long," Lena whispered as she stepped from Kara's side to entertain the man.

Their chatter eventually blended in with the hundreds of other voices in the gala and Kara used the time to look at Lena. Kara actually couldn't believe that Lena wanted her to be here with her. She knew that Lena had access to other people but she couldn't help but feel flattered that it was her that Lena chose. Curiosity won over better judgment and Kara used her heightened senses to get a feel for the atmosphere. Everyone here was having a good time. The smell of perspiration, mixed in with cologne and perfume, saturated the air. Body heat seemed to cover Kara like a second skin but she couldn't help but feel a draft. Her eyebrows rose in confusion and she turned around to see where it was coming from. When she saw Lena's form, a frown formed on her face. Kara inconspicuously moved closer to her and closed her eyes to focused.

It wasn't a draft that she felt, it was a complete lack of heat emanating from Lena. It was almost like walking in an area where the heat didn't reach. Kara may have noticed before, but even she will admit that she wasn’t in her right mind. With being in such close proximity to Lena, she was super distracted and she was so nervous about the job that it occupied all of her attention. It never even occurred to her that something would be off. She found it more work to focus her powers if anything, thanks to the years of practice pretending to be human.

Kara was deep in thought, and was contemplating taking her glasses off to get a closer look at Lena, when a cool hand touched her shoulder. She flinched and whirled around. Lena was standing right behind her, concern on her face. When Kara looked at her hand, Lena tentatively lowered it back to her side and cleared her throat. No it wasn't Kara's imagination. There was something off about Lena Luthor.

"Are you okay? You seemed worried about something."

Kara nodded her head and smiled, though it wasn't quite genuine. "Yeah, no I'm fine. I promise." Lena gave her a skeptical look but dropped the subject. Kara made a mental note to investigate the matter further.

 The evening trudged along without anymore interruptions. Lena introduced Kara to various people, some of which Kara wouldn't remember. For the most part, Kara smiled and talked to Lena all night. As the evening started to wrap up and people were going home, Lena turned towards Kara and smiled.

"Well it looks like the night is almost over," she says. Kara nodded and rubbed her own exposed shoulder. Exhaustion settled heavily on her but she had a great time.

"Thank you for inviting me," she said sincerely. "I had fun."

“Really? I seriously doubt that. I had a hard enough time pretending to enjoy this," Lena said. Kara laughed and Lena smiled at her. Lena was about to say something else when a noise interrupted her. The sound of static filled the air as it was projected from the televisions. People's raucous conversations dimmed to confused murmurs. The static grew deafening before being replaced by an eerie silence. On the screens, a floating computer generated mask appeared. A disembodied voice, most likely distorted using a voice modulator, spoke from the mask.

"Strife. War. Disease. These are the things that have plagued human history, and yet we are complacent about the effects that they have on our future. Most of us are mindless to the influence of greedy diplomats that seek to serve themselves instead of the people," the disembodied voice states.

"What's going on?" Lena whispered to Kara. Kara just shrugged her shoulders.

"When will we have the right to think for ourselves? When will we make the decisions that are right for not only our future, but for the future of our children. Some of you have already taken to the streets to worship an alien in the guise of a super hero. And now, on this very night, you celebrate the success of greedy scientists, one of which is a monster ready to leech from you the moment you let your guard down."

Beside her, Kara saw Lena stiffen and was about to comfort her when the voice spoke again.

"These may look like people, but rest assured, they are not human. Trust in us to filter these blights of nature from within our society. Trust us to defend you from any threat, whether domestic or international. Trust in us to protect the people. We. Are. CADMUS!"

It's final words echoed throughout the building. Kara looked around and saw that everyone looked as confused as as she did, with the exception of Lena. Lena's eyes were wide in terror. Her breaths came out in shallow pants and her fists were balled into tight fists.

"I think we all should leave-" her words were interrupted by an explosion. Screams filled the air as TVs and chandeliers plunged to the ground and shattered on the floors.

In an instant, people were on the ground, covering their heads with their hands. Sounds of popping were mixed with their screams and it wasn't until someone fell to the ground in pain, that Kara realized that they were being shot. Lena and Kara looked at each other, anger replacing terror on Lena's face, and determination showing on Kara's face. Lena was about to reach for Kara so they could escape, when bullets were sprayed in their direction. Lena cried out in pain as one bullet hit her shoulder, imbedding deep into her flesh, while another hit her square in the neck. Lena’s knees buckled and she fell to the floor. She clutched her neck as blood started to pool on the marble floor, staining it crimson. Kara's eyes grew wide and in an instant she was next to her. She ripped the sleeve off of her dress and used it to apply pressure to her wound. Lena gasped in pain.

"This will staunch the bleeding. I can go and get help," Kara yelled over the sounds of mayhem happening around them. Lena coughed hard and blood seeped from her mouth and down her cheeks. It stained her lips a sickly red. Even with all the mayhem around them, Kara could hear Lena choking on her own blood. Kara helped her to her side and smoothed Lena’s hair back as she coughed up more blood to clear her airways.

"Okay," Lena choked out through gritted teeth, the movement causing her to hyperventilate in pain. Kara was gone in a flash and instantly took to the skies. She shedded her dress and put on her suit before flying back into the building.

"It's Supergirl!" an on looker says. Kara used her x-ray vision to find the source of the gun fire. She discovered that gun turrets were positioned in neighboring buildings, all pointed at the gala. Kara used her heat vision to dispatch them. Next she focused on the explosions, using her x-ray vision to find improvised devices exploding in the basement. Kara flew there in an instant and used her freeze breath to render them all broken. Now she focused on the building, using her heat vision to meld and support the damaged beams, and to keep the foundation of the building from crumbling.

She flew back inside to try to find Lena, but she was nowhere in sight. Kara didn’t have time to look however. There were other people that needed help. She got to work on digging people from the rubble. She could hear that the paramedics and law enforcement on their way. By the time she was done, police had shut down several city blocks and paramedics were escorting injured people away on medical stretchers and gurneys. Kara took a deep breath and tried again to find Lena once more. She was standing further away from the other people. The police were talking to her but Kara could see that she still hadn't received medical attention.

Kara flew to her. "Are you alright?" she asked her. "Kara Danvers told me what happened. I think you should see someone about you wounds."

"I'm okay," Lena murmured quietly. "Honest."

Kara took another step towards her and Lena took a step back of her own. The movement made Kara stop and she held her hands up in surrender. "May I please look at them? They could be serious."

Lena opened her mouth to protest but closed it when she realized that it would be futile. Kara examined her shoulder, only to find there was no wound. There was a bullet hole in her dress and the area was surrounded by dried blood, but the was no wound. There was no evidence that she had been hurt at all. There was nothing but smooth, perfect skin. Kara swallowed hard and gently removed the sleeve from Lena’s neck.

"That's not possible," Kara whispered. Lena flinched from her touch, refusing to meet her gaze.

"See? It wasn't necessary."

Kara clenched her jaw as she struggled to comprehend what was happening. She saw Lena get shot. She heard her cries of pain. Her blood pooled on the floor. She had been hurt, and yet here she stood, unaffected, in front of her.

"Sorry to waste your time," Kara said meekly. She turned around and flew away. Kara knew what she saw. Her ripped, blood soaked dress sleeve in her hand was evidence of it. She didn't imagine the whole thing. Something was not right with Lena Luthor and Kara was going to get to the bottom of it.

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Busy. That's all Lena was these days. She was busy with paperwork, busy with L-Corp, busy with all of her projects, busy trying to leave her old life behind...

No, she wouldn’t think about that now. That was all behind her and like everything else, it would all fade in time. This was now. She needed to rebuild her life now. Lena had just inherited Luther Corp, which she changed to L-Corp so it would lose some of its affiliation with Lex. Unfortunately, because of her last name, getting away from Lex was easier said than done. Getting away from her mother? Well that was another story. She sighed and shook her head in an attempt to clear her thoughts. She hoped things here in National City would be better.

She was trying to tidy up, which was a mild nuisance, because of today of all days, Catco wanted to send someone to interview her. She literally just moved into her new office a couple of weeks ago and she hadn’t had a chance to clean up. On her list of priorities, this was on the way bottom. It was okay though because given how fast she could move, she would have it taken care of in just a few minutes.

In the middle of her cleaning, there was a beep on her office phone. "Yes, Ms. Luthor. There is a Kara Danvers here to see you."

She sighed and sat down. Her office was more or less put together and she would have to settle with minimum progress until she could devote more time to it. Lena stretched in her chair. Might as well get it over with.

Lena's breath hitched when she saw her. If she were capable of blushing, she definitely would have. This woman was magnificent. Beautiful. As though the sun was personified and it graced her with its presence. Her dirty blonde hair was pulled into a messy bun. She wore a pink shirt over a white camisole with lace on the trim. Her jeans did well to accentuate her perfect hips and muscular legs. She looked very disheveled, as though she were running late for something, but somehow the look complimented her.

She looked around Lena's office, taking in her surroundings and getting a feel for the environment. She hadn't noticed her. Lena took a deep, slow breath.

"Please come in," Lena said.

Lena could hear Kara's heart flutter when she finally saw her. The beginnings of a blush started to creep on her cheeks, and from the way Kara was looking at her, she appreciated what she saw which amazed Lena. She literally threw something on her body before leaving her house this morning. Kara seemed especially interested in her eyes and she stared deep into them unabashedly like she was trying to solve a mystery.

"Welcome Ms. Danvers," Lena said as she stood up and opened the curtains all the way. "Sorry for how dark it is in here. Too much light hurts my eyes and the white furniture doesn't help."

It wasn't a lie, but it also wasn't the complete truth, not that Lena would ever tell her. Kara must have been more nervous than she thought. Lena could hear her rambling. At this point, her heart was racing and the blush only got darker and stronger. Lena couldn't help herself when Kara's scent started to permeate the air. She took a deep breath. Kara's scent was sweet, fragrant, but also soft. It wasn't too strong nor to light. To humans, it would smell as if she was wearing perfume, but Lena could discern between perfume and someone's natural scent. She almost smelled like a flower but Lena couldn't quite put her finger on which flower she reminded her of.

Lena could tell that Kara was embarrassed, especially since she re-introduced herself. Lena couldn't help but smile, she was endearing.

“I-I’m sorry,” Kara said as she fidgeted. “I’m not use to these kinds of things. I’m not really a reporter.”

Lena eyed her up and down. Maybe her glances could be passed off as innocent but the way Kara cocked her eyebrow told her that she wasn’t fooled. Lena even noticed her pad and pen. “You could have fooled me,” she replied to her.

That compliment earned her another round of blushing and Lena was bombarded with another wave of her scent. Her jaw was starting to ache and the familiar sensation of her teeth burning had Lena tensing in her seat. She needed reset the mood and quick before something bad happened. Kara was reacting to Lena positively, if her heart rate and blushing were anything to go by.

"Shall we get to business then?" Lena suggested. Kara took the seat by her desk.

The rest of the evening was pleasant. Kara asked Lena a lot of insightful questions. It was an interview that Lena really enjoyed and she hoped that she would see more of Kara. She told herself that she wanted to see her mainly for curiosity. Lena could tell that Kara was different. Her heart beat was stronger than any other she had heard before. She also noticed that Kara was near perfection. There were no blemishes on her skin and her skin had a faint pearlescent effect to it. With the sun shining on her, there was a beautiful luster to her.There was more to Kara than what met the eye, quite literally  and Lena felt her suspicions swirling in her mind. Was Kara human? The question seemed ironic though, considering she was the one asking it.

Kara was a beautiful and intelligent woman. As the interview went on, she found her intelligence captivating and attractive. She also found her scent mouthwatering and she could feel it getting harder and harder to control herself. She wanted to sigh in relief when Kara started to pack her things and get up. When Lena escorted Kara from her office, a sudden thought occurred to her and she blurted the question before she could think better of it.

"Um Kara? Would you mind accompanying me to a business gala? It's something I have to attend and I know it will be boring. I could use some of your company." What the hell was she thinking??? Was she trying to set herself up for failure or should she lie to herself and say that she was just curious? Whatever her motives, this was a bad idea.

”You want me to go with you?” she asked her. Lena could tell that she was more shocked at the fact that she had asked her than someone else. Honestly, she was surprised too but she was already knee deep in the mess she gotten herself into. She straightened her shoulders and smiled.

“If you say yes, then that would be the goal.”

Kara's heart had sped while she considered her question. Lena raised her eyebrows interestedly at her response. Had she overstepped her boundaries? Or maybe she was being to forward? Lena almost felt herself spiral into what ifs when she got a strong whiff of her scent. Fuck! It took everything in her to keep her distance but she could feel something rising within her. She needed an answer now. Part of her hoped that Kara would say no, that she would be the one with common sense, unlike Lena who was being drawn in more and more. She cleared her throat when Kara didn’t respond immediately. Kara looked up and she took a deep, steadying breath.

“Yes I would like that very much.”

Lena smiled when giddiness blossomed in her despite what her mind was saying. "It's a date then."

She retreated to her office and immediately bee lined to the window. When she opened it, she took deep breaths of fresh air and she felt her mind clear. She knew that she was in deep trouble. After the gala, she would wish Kara the best in life and keep her distance from her. Lena shook her head at herself.

“Way to go, Luthor,” she chastised herself. In the midst of her thoughts, she realized something: Kara smelled like sweet alyssum.


Lena's mouth watered when she saw Kara in that red dress and her thoughts turned erotic as she stared at her from across the room. She could only think of what she would do to her. How would it feel to undress her? Would she be cordial and unzip it from the back? Or would she let instinct take over and rip the garment from her body? She would play with her, make her moan and make her shake with pleasure. Lena could only imagine what Kara's skin felt like, as she would slowly peel the dress off her body. What it would feel like to have Kara's legs wrapped around her waist as she held her against a wall, with her hands gripping her strong thighs tightly. Lena could imagine Kara's glossy hair, tousled; her lipstick smudged...her fingers sliding in and out of her wet core. What she wouldn't give for just a taste.

Lena had to stop herself from biting her lip. Her fangs extended in the midst of her thoughts. She swallowed and breathed deeply. She let the scents of alcohol, sweat, cigar smoke, perfume and cologne distract her mind. Slowly, they started to retract and when Lena felt that she was in control of herself, she approached Kara.

"What have I gotten myself into?" Lena heard her say.

"Hopefully nothing you can't handle," Lena said to her, and secretly to herself, hoping she didn’t do anything she would regret around her.

The night went splendidly and Lena was enjoying herself more than she probably should. She could tell that Kara had never been to a gala before. She seemed overwhelmed and whenever someone would approach them, Lena could hear her heart thundering in her chest. She was content to stay at her side and introduce her to other scientists and associates. They engaged in what little small talk they could get in before they were approached by someone. Kara did surprise her by asking a question that had been plaguing her for the past several hours.

Kara smiled. "I'll have to admit, I was surprised when you asked. Why me?"

Why did she ask? Maybe it was time she was honest with herself. There was no harm in making a potential friend.

"Despite how they look, these events can be boring. It's nothing but bureaucrats, philanthropists, and scientists bragging about how their idea will change the world more than the others. On top of that, I would like to get to know you."

Kara's smile grew. "I would like that--" she started to say before she was interrupted. Lena wanted to role her eyes when she heard her name. When she turned around, she saw it was an acquaintance she had back in Metropolis. Why was he here? Lena didn’t know but she made it her mission to be as polite as she could and get rid of him. She leaned in close to Kara’s ear.

"Excuse me for one second. This won't take too long.”

She stepped from Kara’s side and entertained the man. What was his name? Lena was fairly sure that it started with a ‘M’. Matthew? Matt? Michael? Maybe Mark? Hell, it could’ve been Moses for all she cared. He reeked of champagne and cigar smoke and Lena counted the minutes it took before he was finally bored of her and sauntered to someone else. She didn’t even know what he was droning on about. She was more focused on getting back to Kara.

It took seven minutes, thirty-eight seconds, and a fraction of her last nerve before he stopped talking and left. When she turned around, she saw Kara deep in concentration with her eyes closed. She tried to call her name a few times but she didn’t answer. Instead, she approached her and gently placed her hand on her shoulder. Kara’s eyes flew open and she flinched from her touch. She also eyed her hand like something was wrong with it. Lena clenched her jaw as apprehension crawled up her spine.

"Are you okay? You seemed worried about something."

Kara tried to deflect and tell her that she was alright but Lena could hear her heart. She could hear the way it fluttered. Even with all the noise that surrounded them she could hear that she was lying. She wouldn’t press the issue. Eventually she’ll talk herself out of whatever she thought she experienced.

They pressed on with their night. Kara and Lena were having a great time and as the gala came to a close and people were starting to leave. Lena turned to thank Kara for accompanying her, however, the moment never came. She was interrupted by the broadcast from Cadmus. Crippling fear seized her in a vice grip and she felt like she was going to vomit. This couldn’t be happening. She moved to National City to get away! She thought she escaped them, and that they were gone, a distant memory in her past, but here they were. When they referred to her, fear seeped into Lena's core. Her mind ran wild with questions. What were they going to do and why were they here now? What were they going to do to her? Flashbacks raced through her mind like a speeding car with no brakes. Needles. Pain. Her own cries of pain echoed in her brain. She needed to get away. She needed to run and now!

"I think we should leave-" Lena began to say before an explosion interrupted her. Chaos surrounded her and Kara in seconds. The building was crumbling before her very eyes and people were frantic in their efforts to find an escape. The sounds of popping were her only warning before Lena felt an explosive pain that took her breath away. She heard someone cry out in pain and she slowly realized that it was her own voice. Her blood poured from her neck and her shoulder. An intense burning sensation engulfed her body and Lena could feel her fangs extend. She quickly covered her neck and clenched her teeth. She needed to get out of here before she hurt someone. Kara was by her side in an instant, using her dress sleeve to apply pressure to her neck.

"This will staunch the bleeding. I can go get help," Kara yelled. Lena tried to talk but warm liquid filled her lungs and she found herself vomiting her own blood. Every time her chest clenched, more pain racked over her body. Tears filled her eyes as more blood dribbled down her cheeks. Distantly, she felt sure, strong hands, turn her on her side. She coughed up some more fluid but it got a bit easier to breathe again.

"Okay," she gasped. Kara was gone and Lena took the opportunity to slip away from the scene unnoticed. Lena slowly crawled away on her hands and knees. She willed herself to not stop moving. If she stopped, well, she didn’t want to think about that just yet. She just needed to keeping moving, no matter what. A trail of dirt and blood was left behind her but she didn’t care. Right now, she could feel herself starting to lose control. The blood lust was increasing, intensifying, and slowly it started to engulf the pain of being shot all together. Lena gasped and collapsed on her stomach. She felt like she was suffocating. No matter how hard she tried to breathe, no matter how much air she tried to fill her lungs, her body burned and ached as the air was leeched from her body.

"Hey are you okay?" someone asked, as he rushed to her side. "Oh god you've been shot."

Lena wanted to tell him to run away, to hide, but she couldn't talk. She couldn't produce the words and as she turned to look at the man, she could see it, the arteries lining the man's throat. They seemed to glow red and show through his skin. Lena had tears running down her face, conflict and guilt warred within her. If she did nothing, she would blackout and wake up surrounded by dead bodies. If she continued on this course of action, someone would still die. What would she do?

I’m sorry Lena wanted to whisper to him. She grabbed his head, tilted it to the side, and sank her fangs into his skin. Blood squirted into her mouth and her eyes rolled as she drank it all down. His screams turned into gurgles before going completely silent. Lena could hear his heart beat falter and then stop. The burning sensation in Lena began to dissipate before stopping and she could feel her wounds heal. When she felt like she was going to be okay, Lena stopped drinking and gently laid the man on the floor, her silent cries devolving into shaky wails of anguish. Tears mixed with the blood on her mouth and Lena wrapped her arms around her stomach to keep her broken pieces from shattering completely on the ground.

What had she done? She wrapped a pale hand around her mouth to muffle the worst of her cries. Lena grew angry, her fury seething as more tears dropped onto the still body below. She was angry and she was sorry. She was sorry for the life she took, sorry that it was her fault, sorry that he wouldn't be able to continue living his life, sorry that she was this monster. Lena cleaned herself with his clothes and stumbled from the building, time almost slowing to a complete halt. She moved in a dream-like state to the officer that was helping people escape. Lena knew she was slipping into a weird state of denial but she welcomed it. It was easier to separate herself from the pain than continue to feel like this. The guilt weighed heavily on her shoulders and she wasn’t sure if she would be able to carry it. Outside, she approached an officer to tell him what happened and to tell him about the man. He and his family deserved closure. Suddenly, she felt the air stir behind her and saw Supergirl approaching her.

"Are you alright? Kara Danvers told me what happened. I think you should see someone about your wounds," she said.

So this was the help Kara called in Lena thought. She wished that they didn't have to meet like this. If only she came a little sooner...maybe that man would still be alive, and hopefully, Supergirl would have stopped her.

"I'm okay. Honestly."

Supergirl was adamant about seeing her wounds so Lena just stayed quiet and let her do her inspection. As she got closer though, Lena couldn't help but feel like she knew her. Though it was night, her skin was beautiful and shown with minute luster. It wasn't until she examined Lena's neck that Lena was able to focus on her smell.

She smelled like sweet alyssum.

"That's not possible," Lena heard her whisper and she couldn't help but flinch away from her. Oh god, it was Kara Danvers. She was Supergirl and Lena felt scared and anxious. It was one thing to be an alien from a different planet and to use your abilities to help people, but it was something different entirely to be what Lena was.

"See it wasn't necessary," Lena whispered. Kara whispered something in response and flew away, but Lena didn't pay attention. Her mind was a whirlwind of thoughts. Lena knew that Kara was suspicious of her, and that things weren't adding up. Everything at the gala was starting to click together. The way she reacted to her touch, and the way she lied about how she felt. Lena watched her disappear into the night, knowing that she would have to keep her distance from her.

Chapter Text

It had been weeks since Kara last talked to Lena. Questions bombarded her head. What happened to Lena’s wound? Why did she not radiate any heat? Initially Kara thought that Lena may have been an alien, but it was just a fleeting thought that was quickly dismissed. Like humans, aliens also radiated heat to some degree. Kara gave Alex the sleeve covered in Lena’s dried blood and asked her to analyze it for her in secret. The conversation kept replaying in her mind.

“I looked at the blood,” Alex said when she called her.

“Was there anything weird about it?”

Alex scoffed. “Yeah to say the least. Kara, I have NEVER seen blood like this before. First thing, the blood cell has a nucleus.”

Kara paused. “Well isn’t that supposed to be normal? Cells are supposed to have nuclei.”

All cells for the most part have nuclei except for blood cells. They’re one of the exceptions to that rule. They evolved above having nuclei so that they can carry more hemoglobin and oxygen within our system. Also, this blood doesn’t have any hemoglobin. No hemoglobin, no oxygen.”

“Wait, what?? How is the blood red if it can’t carry oxygen?”

Alex sighed. “I have no clue. I’ve conducted every test possible for both human and alien physiology. All the tests are inconclusive.”

Kara got quiet, the next question stuck in her throat, but she needed to know. “So the blood has nuclei and no hemoglobin. What am I dealing with here?”

“In theory I would say that it would make the cell more specialized. I mean, more capable of replicating instead of being synthesized in bone marrow. It’s capable of everything instead of carrying oxygen. Kara.”

There was a pause and Alex sighed deeply. “Whoever has this blood shouldn’t be alive.”

Kara grew quiet as her last sentence echoed in her mind.

“Where did you get this blood from anyway? Was it at the gala? This looks like the sleeve from the dress you wore.”

“Um, no. Don’t worry about it,” Kara said hastily, hanging up on Alex before she could protest.

That conversation happened days ago, and Kara did everything in her power to not obsess over what it could mean. But, obsess she did. So many things weren’t adding up. The blood, Lena’s wound or lack thereof, or the rest of it. Part of her wanted to, and probably should, confront Lena about it but she would give herself away as Supergirl.

Kara huffed and shook her head as she tried to expel the thoughts from her mind. She was flying around, making her routine inspection of National City. She thwarted some crimes, nothing major, and just wanted to coast the skies to help her think more clearly. The smell of crisp air and ozone soothed her. She loved it when she could feel the wind through her hair. She felt like she was floating.

Her thoughts were just becoming serene when the sound of static and feedback made her come to a screeching halt in mid air. The static got louder and more deafening before it was replaced with silence.

“Oh no,” Kara whispered in unease. The last time that happened…

“We tried to warn you,” a disembodied voice boomed. Kara flew to the nearest TV display on a building and saw the eerie and unnerving floating mask. She tried to swallow the lump that was in her throat, but her mouth was too dry. She was too nervous, too energized, and waited impatiently for what was going to be said.

“We informed that masses about the impending danger, but no one heeded our warning. There are threats, in the guise as human, walking among you, but you still glorify them. We are forced to take matters into our own hands. We will release a cure, a remedy, that will cleanse this city of its corruption. It will eradicate the threats and those that adore it.”

In the distance, Kara heard a soft boom. She saw something fly up towards the atmosphere and she took off after it. She quickly called the DEO.

“Hey, I was about to call you,” Alex yelled, the sound of bustling voices and people filled the background.

“What is that???”

“It looks like a missile,” Alex said. Kara could here her typing on a keyboard and knew that she was viewing the missile from a radar.

“How far away is it?”

“Um, it looks like it’s about 50 klicks away. Can you get to it in time?”

Kara gritted her teeth and balled her fists. “I’m going to try!”

She willed herself to fly faster. The sound of a boom in her ears signified her breaking the sound barrier. She got closer and closer.

“40 klicks. 30 klicks. 20. 10. Almost there Kara.” Alex said as she counted down the distance.

Kara was so close to the missile, she could feel the heat from the propulsion system on her finger tips. Just as she was going to grab it, it exploded.

“Kara are you okay?????” Alex’s worried voice rang in her ear.

Kara coughed and flew a distance away from the cloud. The mist the missile released was red and it rained down over National City in small droplets.

“I’m fine,” Kara replied in a hoarse voice, intermittent coughing causing her to pause.

There was a different voice. “Come back to the DEO now,” J’onn ordered.

“Understood.” Kara flew back to the DEO where she was stopped by agents in hazmat suits. Alex was among them.

“Kara, we need you to change into different clothes so we can analyze the suit. We need to know what they released.”

“You know it’s Cadmus?”

“Yes, they even intercepted our equipment. We’re working on identifying them right now.”

“What about the first time,” Kara asked.

“We weren’t able to trace them. We didn’t have enough time.”

Kara changed into normal clothes while Alex and Hank ran tests on her. They tested her skin, hair, and even her blood.

“How are you able to get my blood,” Kara asked as Alex removed the needle. The puncture wound closed instantly.

Alex smiled. “Kryptonite tipped needle.” She placed the blood on the slide and examined it under a microscope.

“Everything looks normal,” Alex said to J’onn who nodded. He smiled and put a comforting hand on Kara’s shoulder.

“It looks like you are clean and free to go,” he said to her and Kara gave him a bright smile.

“It looks like whatever it was, it can’t affect your Kryptonian DNA.”

Kara chuckled and flexed her arms. Even in civilian clothes, her muscles were prominent. She winked at them.

Alex smiled and shook her head. “I’ll see you later?”

Kara nodded and walked out the building, opting to walk home instead of flying. She observed the people around her and saw that everything seemed okay. People were frazzled by the events that happened, but no one seemed hurt or seriously affected. Kara looked back at the area where the missile detonated. There was no evidence of red mist, just the endless beautiful blue of the sky stretched across the horizon. She took a deep breath and headed home.

A few minutes into her walk, Kara was passing an alley way and heard skittering. She paused and glanced around.

“Hello?” she called out. There was more skittering and shuffling. Kara was about to take her glasses off and use her x-ray vision when she felt a sharp pain in her right thigh.

Kara winced and looked down. A dart was embedded in to her. She ripped the dart out and saw a drop of green fluid secrete out.

“What…?” she tried to say but a wave of dizziness swept over her and she fell to her knees. Three people dressed in SWAT gear surrounded her, guns pointed and ready.

“HEY!!!!” Kara turned towards the voice in time to see the butt of a gun being driven into her face. Pain burst from Kara’s head as her vision faded to black.


The first thing Kara noticed as she was coming to was that she was restrained. She tried to move her arms and legs, but they wouldn’t budge. When she opened her eyes, she immediately had to squint to keep from being blinded by the bright, fluorescent light that was positioned above her. Her wrists and legs were encased in green hand cuffs. She groaned and let her head drop onto the metal gurney.

“Like the cuffs?” a female voice asked her. Kara looked toward the voice and found an older woman in an expensive suit. Her hair was in a tight bun. She had green eyes that seem familiar but foreign at the same.

“What is this,” Kara demanded. The woman ignored her question and circled around her to stand next to a computer monitor.

“So let’s skip the pretense, right? I already know who and what you are Supergirl.” Cunning and satisfaction shone in her eyes.

“Alright,” Kara grumbled. “So who are you?”

The woman smiled. “Hmm I’m surprised that you, of all ‘people’, haven’t figured it out. I am the head of Cadmus. You may call me Lillian Luthor.”

Kara’s eyes got big. “Luthor?”

“Mmhm.” Lillian paused. “You actually may know my daughter, Lena.”

Oh crap, Kara thought. But this information only raised more questions than answers. “What was in that missile that detonated over the city?” she demanded.

“Oh you’ll find out,” Lillian jibed. “But first things first.” Lillian held a transparent sheet of glass over her face. Realization slowly dawned on Kara.

“You want me to solar flare?” It happened only one other time when Kara fought the Red Tornado. Her powers had taken days to return.

“This will absorb all the heat and kinetic energy from your heat vision.”

Kara pursed her lips. “And if I don’t?”

A wicked smile spread on Lillian’s lips. “I was hoping you’d say that.” She snapped her fingers.

Two guys dragged in a body and dropped it brusquely on the ground. The body was covered in dirt, grime, and blood. The skin that wasn’t covered in filth was pallid and sweaty. Heavy breaths emanated from its form and when the person looked up, Kara found herself staring into beautiful green eyes.


“Whatever she wants you to do, don’t do it Kara!” she yelled at her. One of the men kicked her in the stomach and she crumpled to the ground. Kara watched her cough up blood.

“What have you done to her?” Kara demanded.

“Oh we’ll do worse if you don’t do as I asked,” Lillian retorted.

“Don’t do it!” Lena yelled again after she wiped her mouth. Lillian looked at one of the men and nodded her head. The man removed a tactical knife from a sheath on his thigh and proceeded to plunge the knife into Lena’s stomach. Lena grunted in pain and collapsed on the filthy floor.

Kara gasped and started to struggle against her bonds. Lillian rolled her eyes.

“Oh don’t bother. That won’t kill her. Only subdue her,” she said matter of factly.

“Okay! Okay,” Kara exclaimed in defeat as she watched Lena’s blood pool on the ground around her, her blood making her sickly skin stand out more.

“Very good,” Lillian replied smugly. Kara could hear Lena hyperventilate weakly.

“Kara please don’t”, she whispered in a broken voice. Kara looked at her.

“It’s going to be okay Lena.” She focused all her power behind her eyes and shot her heat vision as hard as she could. It took a few minutes before Kara cried out, her heat vision faltering to a halt, and she slumped back on the gurney completely depleted of energy.

“And just to make sure,” Lillian said as she grabbed the tactical knife. She watched Kara as she plunged the knife straight through her hand. Kara screamed as tears fell down her cheeks and blood dripped on the filthy floor below.

“Oh you stop that sniveling,” Lillian chided her. “This is only the beginning.”

One man picked Lena up and threw her over his shoulder while the other unshackled Kara. Kara tried to fight against him, but her efforts proved useless. She was weakest right after a solar flare, since her body was completely depleted of solar radiation. He was easily able to lead her to a cell and force her to sit down. Next to her, Lena was haphazardly dumped on the ground. The cell slammed shut and was locked. Kara scrambled to Lena and began putting pressure on her wound. She ripped off a piece of her shirt and tied it around Lena’s core to try and slow the bleeding. At that point, Lena was shaking, and she kept clenching and unclenching her jaw. Kara gently laid Lena across her lap and wiped hair from ashen face with her undamaged hand.

“I don’t understand,” Kara said in exasperation. “You healed before. You were okay before!” Lena turned away from her and laughed humorlessly.

“I should have known that you were Supergirl. No one this beautiful is never human.”

Kara was taken aback by the compliment, given the situation they were in. “And you? What would you be?” she asked quietly. Lena grew quiet. Kara didn’t think she would answer before she turned her head back around and stared deep into Kara’s eyes. Kara saw a mixture of emotions. She saw fear, beseeching, anxiety, pain, and she also saw a glimmer of hope.

“Promise me you won’t tell anybody,” Lena whispered.

“Only if you don’t tell anybody I’m Supergirl,” she replied, giving Lena a comforting smile. Lena took a deep breath before she opened her mouth. Kara watched as fangs extended from inside her mouth and her green eyes glow a vibrant green. They glowed so brightly it almost reminded her of kryptonite, but on Lena, it was a mixture of both stunning and chilling.

“I’m a vampire Kara,” she whispered, not meeting her eyes. “It was why I was able to heal so quickly after the events at the gala.”

“And why you don’t have any heat,” Kara whispered, everything piecing together in her mind.

“Am I cold?”

Kara shook her head and smoothed Lena’s hair back absentmindedly. “No you match the temperature of your surroundings.”

Lena just nodded her head. “How do you know Lillian Luthor? How did you even get like this?” Kara asked her.

Lena grimaced. “That’s a story for another time, love.” She swallowed thickly, and her breathing started to get shallower and faster. She winced and started to convulse.

“What’s wrong?” Kara asked as she started to panic.

“Need…. blood…,” she grunted between pants. Kara looked around, finding anything to help her, but then she stopped.

“I have blood,” Kara stated to herself, but Lena was already shaking her head. “Lena, I have blood.”

“I c-can kill y-you,” she choked out but Kara looked at her steadily.

“Better one of us dies than the both of us,” she replied with resolve. Kara clenched her jaw as she lifted her hand. The knife was still plunged all the way through. Blood was dripping from the tip and it’s dark, rich color only made the blade glint in the low light. She took a deep breath and gripped the handle. Slowly, Kara pulled it out. Searing pain exploded in her hand and blossomed up her arm. It was enough to make tears spring in her eyes and she almost stopped, but Kara’s determination drove her through it. The sound of wetness mixed in with the distinct friction of flesh, tendons, and muscles was enough to make her dizzy and feel faint. Lena’s attention was focused on the blood that was still seeping from the wound. Her glowing, green eyes hungrily followed the stream of red that trailed down her skin and dripped on to the ground. Kara hissed in pain when the blade was finally removed. She held her hand above Lena’s mouth and coaxed her to open it. When she did, Kara balled her hand into a fist and squeezed hard. More blood dropped into her mouth and Lena couldn’t help herself. She lapped it up like she was in a desert for days and was just given water. She couldn’t stop the moans that left her.

Lena could feel the drops of blood working inside of her, but it wasn’t enough. When she could feel some of her strength return, she grabbed Kara’s hand and brought it down to her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the wound and sucked hard. Kara cried out in pain and she couldn’t stop the tears from spilling down her cheeks. Lena wanted to apologize. She knew she was being too rough with her but the blood. The blood had her full attention and the more she drank, the more she could feel herself slip into a feeding frenzy. She found it hard to stop drinking. She could still feel the stab wound and it throbbed painfully. Lena had been close to passing out or worse.

The blood from Kara’s hand had helped her but it still wasn’t enough. Even Kara knew it wasn’t enough. Lena was still gasping and she was still fighting for control in her own body. She released Kara’s hand and sagged heavily back into her lap.

“You need more,” was all Kara said.  

She moved her dirty and matted hair from the left side of her neck and helped Lena up. Lena was crying as she gripped Kara’s shoulders tightly. She didn’t want to do this. She was taking so much from her and they both knew it.

“Whatever happens Lena, I trust you to stop. I know you can stop.”

Lena closed her eyes in a silent prayer before moving forward. Saying no to Kara was no longer an option. It was either do it while she still had some shred of control or kill her when she completely lost it. Kara could feel Lena’s shallow breaths on her skin and she closed her eyes, bracing herself. Lena bared her teeth before sinking her fangs into Kara’s soft skin.

Oh Rao, Kara thought. The pain. It was like someone was stabbing her in the neck with a kryptonite pencil. Kara whimpered in pain and swallowed. She felt Lena shift gently and hold her hand while messaging gentle circles into it using her thumb. Her other hand tangled into Kara’s hair, holding her steadily. A few seconds went by before the pain ebbed away and was replaced by something else, something that Kara was surprised to feel: pleasure. It was seldom felt, but it was so strong and so delicious, it could seduce a nun into sin. She could feel Lena sucking on her neck and she could feel the tug of pleasure in her lower stomach. Arousal began to collect and her clit throbbed.

“Oh Rao,” she moaned as she wrapped her arms around Lena to pull her closer, but Lena released her hold on Kara to pin her hands by her sides. That didn’t stop Kara from bucking her hips. Logically, she knew what she was doing but her body had a mind of its own. Every suck sent electricity down her spine and pulled heavily at her core. She needed to be touched, she needed some sort of friction before she combusted. Kara bit her lip in confusion and fear. She was scared of what she was feeling and she couldn’t make sense of it. Gradually, dizziness settled in Kara and she swayed in Lena’s hold. Lena released her and licked the wound, watching it as her saliva healed it. Kara giggled.

“That kind of tickled,” she whispered. Her eyelids were so heavy and she couldn’t stop the yawn that escaped her. “I’m so tired,” she murmured and Lena smiled down at her as Kara settled into her arms.

“Let me be your hero today, love.”  

Kara raised her hand and caressed Lena’s cheek. The color had returned to her skin and there was a healthy glow. Her green eyes glowed more vibrantly than before, and Kara couldn’t help but think that it was because Lena had blood.

“I’m sleepy,” Kara mumbled again between a yawn.

“That’s to be expected. Take a nap sweetheart, I’ll take care of you.” Kara nodded and closed her eyes. A few moments later, Lena heard her breathing evenly and knew she was in a deep sleep. She gently placed Kara on the ground.

“Let’s get out of here.” Lena stood beside the bars of the cell and focused her powers. Her body morphed into a flock of bats before passing through the bars and morphing back into her body. She used her hearing and counted three different voices outside of the cell. Lena rolled her shoulders and used her super speed to break through the door. Lena grabbed and threw the first man against the concrete wall hard enough to crack it. She broke the second man’s neck and as his body crumpled to the ground, she grabbed his tactical knife and launched it at the third man’s throat. The knife sank into its target, and the man fell. Lena settled into the seat at the computer and began to hack it. When she heard the dead bolt from the cell slide open, she went back for Kara. She gently picked her up and cradled her close to her chest. Lena worked to find an exit. The hallways seemed to twist and turn and whenever Lena saw Lillian’s minions, she stayed in the shadows. She didn’t want to put Kara in any more harm.

Lena finally found the exit, and  she was about to leave, when she heard several guns cocking behind her. She froze in her tracks and tucked Kara more closely to her in case they fired.

“You didn’t think I would just let you walk out of here, did you?” Lillian asked from behind her.

“You and I both know what will happen if any one of those men shoot me. It’s happened before, and it will happen again,” she said as she partially turned around and eyed her. Lillian smiled humorlessly before looking at Kara’s sleeping form in her arms.

“I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting Supergirl to offer herself as a juice box to you. I hoped she would have more common sense than to trust you.”

Lena bared her teeth and snarled harshly. The inhuman noise made the men take a couple of steps toward her and aim the barrel of their guns towards her head. “Don’t ever speak her name ever again! To me, you’ve lost the right.”

Lillian crossed her arms and smiled at her threat. “Don’t forget about our little ‘science experiments’ daughter,” she sneered. “You’re not as unstoppable as you think you are.”

Lena felt apprehension creep up her spine but didn’t let it show.

“Anyway I’m done with the both of you. There should more than enough damage done out there.” She dismissed them with a wave of her hand and Lena took the opportunity to leave, before Lillian changed her mind and before Lena lost her temper.

Lena didn’t know where they were, and it seemed that Cadmus was holed up beneath the ground. She sighed and started walking. Eventually they were going to have to run into a familiar road or something. Kara sighed and buried her face into Lena’s neck. Somehow, Lena felt safer with her there and knew that everything was going to be okay.

Chapter Text

Beep. Beep. Beep. Rhythmic beeping from a machine coaxed her out of her unconsciousness. Even though she hadn’t moved just yet, she could feel that her body was stiff and her muscles were sore. She could also feel pleasant warmth radiate down on her. She welcomed it and let it chase the cold that had settled deep in her bones. It had to be the solar lamp because she felt energetic and invigorated. Beside her, someone was holding her hand and she smiled.

“Thank Rao,” Kara whispered, her eyes still closed. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

Kara heard a soft chuckle. “I didn’t think you’d appreciate my presence this much,” a beautiful voice said beside her.

Kara’s eyes snapped opened and she found herself staring into stunning green ones.

“Lena? I’m so sorry, I thought you were-”

“Alex?” Lena said, finishing her sentence. She smiled and rubbed soft circles into the back of her hand. In a flash, memories bombarded Kara. The missile, her kidnapping, Lillian Luthor, her solar flare…and Lena.

Kara looked into Lena’s eyes and saw softness, patience, and concern.

“Where are we?” Kara asked as she started to get up. She winced as her muscles protested, a soft, dull pain shooting through her, and Lena put a soft hand on her shoulder to gently eased her back down.

“Don’t worry, we’re at the DEO. You’ve been unconscious for about a week now.”

Kara gaped as she tried to wrap her mind around so much lost time. She also noticed that she was in fresh, clean clothes. “Where’s Alex?”

“She went home to get some rest.” Lena paused. “Let me rephrase. Director J’onn forced her to go home and rest or he threatened to do something unspeakably embarrassing to her in front all of the agents.”

Kara chuckled at that. “That sounds about right.”

Lena reached for her phone. “I promised I’d text her once you awoke.” Kara watched as she opened her messages on her phone and sent a quick text. Kara tried her luck at sitting up again. Her muscles protested again but she fought through the pain. When she was able to sit up and cross her legs, she rolled her shoulders and neck and winced. She took a deep breath and leaned back against the pillow. Another flashback of Lena’s mouth at her neck caused her to freeze suddenly. The memory was hazy like a television with a defective antenna, but could remember small tidbits and pieces. She was staring at the ceiling before she closed her eyes and Lena was all around her. She could smell her, feel her, and the exact moment she remember Lena’s teeth sinking into her skin, Kara’s hand reached to touch her neck. She was surprised when there was no wound or even tenderness. Lena watched her silently.

“You may still be weak. They’ve had you under a solar lamp for a week, but it looks like your recovery has been slow. How do you feel?”

Kara took a couple of seconds to really consider her question.

“I’m tired and I feel worn, but truthfully, I have questions about what happened….and about you.”

Lena smiled and offered her hand to Kara. “Then let me answer them.” Kara smiled sheepishly and took it.

“And where do you think you’re going?” a voice asked, interrupting them. Kara turned around and saw J’onn with his arms folded standing at the door.

“With your permission, I would like to take Kara to get food and take her back to L-Corp,” Lena said. “Just to get her out and get fresh air.”

J’onn smiled and looked at Kara. Kara blushed and looked down. She knew he was suspicious but he couldn’t quite tell just yet what was going on. That means she would be subjected to an interrogation. Oh sweet, baby Rao…

“Of course,” he said. “Take it easy out there.” Lena smiled and took Kara’s hand once again to escort her out.


Lena took Kara to a Chinese restaurant and got her all the potstickers she could ever want. She also took her to a bakery and got her a dozen donuts. They went back to L-Corp where they sat at Lena’s desk and enjoyed the food.

Lena sat back and smiled as she watched Kara scarf down a potsticker.

“Where do you want us to start?” Lena asked. Kara looked at her.

“Maybe from the beginning? How did you get like this?”

Lena leaned back in her chair and ran a hand through her hair. The loose curls fell in waves over her shoulder. Kara looked into her eyes and saw that she was staring, her eyes unfocused, almost glazed. She got the feeling that Lena was thinking and that her mind was being transported to a far away era, one where Kara wasn’t a part of. After a couple of minutes, Lena began to speak.

“I can’t remember my original name in Gaelic. The name ‘Lena’ was given to me after I came to the states. I was born in Ireland in 1817.”

Kara’s eyes got big. “Really?”

Lena chuckled and smiled sweetly at her. “Why are you so surprised? You were born on Krypton and technically you’re older than you look. You were kept in stasis for almost two decades.”

“That was two decades. I mean, what you’re saying is closer to two centuries.” Kara paused and chuckled lightly. “You look very good for your age though,” she said as she finger gunned Lena. Lena had to stop herself from roaring with laughter. She shook her head and tucked some stray hair behind her own ear.

“You are such a dork, but thank you.”

Kara winked at her which caused another round of laughter. When they both were able to compose themselves, Lena continued.

“I was born to poor farmers and had two younger siblings. Life was hard for us, especially when the Great Famine happened, but it wasn’t all bad. As I was growing up, I met my best friend. Her name was Rory. She was like the bigger sister I never had.” Lena took a deep breath and Kara felt her grow somber.

“My younger sisters died within the first year of the famine. My father followed shortly after when he couldn’t stand the heartache of losing them. It was just me and my mom, and I did everything I could to keep her in good health, but I was only a young woman, I had no money, and I was getting sick myself.”

Lena closed her eyes as a wave of pain washed over her face. Kara watched as her skin blanched and it was then that she wanted to hold her hand. She wanted to do something to comfort her.

“I died before she did. I just remember slowly wasting away and feeling the pain of my body eating itself. I knew what was happening to me but I couldn’t…wouldn’t… accept it. My only thought was my mom and keeping her safe and just being there for her. I would give her any food I could find. I never took care of myself. Rory begged me to eat but I didn’t listen to her. Even if she gave me food, I always gave it to my mom. Then just one day, I died and I was buried with my father and sisters.”

Kara put a comforting hand on Lena’s and sat quietly as she listened. “I don’t know how long I was dead, I just remember waking up in Rory’s arms. I remember taking a deep breath, gasping as my lungs filled with air again. My body was in so much pain, from being dead for so long, that I couldn’t bare it. I didn’t know what to make of everything. My senses were overloaded, waves of pain threatened to engulf me…It was too much to handle in too little time. Rory told me that she brought me back to life and that I was a vampire.”

Lena clenched her teeth, the muscles in her cheeks flexed from the tension. “I started crying when she told me. I was dead, and my suffering was over. Why did she bring me back and not the others? I still ask myself that question sometimes.”

Kara clutched her hand even harder. “I always asked myself why my parents never saved themselves the way they saved me. Some questions, I guess, were never meant to be answered.”

Lena nodded at her and offered a small smile. She kept going. “I stayed with Rory for a couple of months. More than anything, I wanted to see my mom but Rory kept telling me that it was too soon. There was a chance that, given my state, I would accidentally kill her. I needed to control the bloodlust and I told myself that I would do it for my mom. So I waited, and waited, and waited.”

Kara watched as Lena grew visibly angry. Her beautiful green eyes glowed maliciously and feral. The muscles in her hand grew taut and Kara could feel waves of supernatural power rippling under her skin.

“While I waited, scared villagers killed Rory. They tried to kill me, and I almost let them, but I wanted to see if my mom was still alive. When I went back to our small farm, she was already gone. Apparently, she died a couple of days after I did.”

Lena’s voice tapered to a whisper when she spoke the last sentence. Kara took the silence as her opportunity to wrap her mind around the fact that Lena could be killed. So far, she’s been shot and stabbed and she’s survived both. It made her wonder what it would take to kill a vampire.

Lena took a deep breath and continued on. “I was alone, with no more family, and no reason to hang around, so I left. I had to learn about what I was and how to control it myself. I….” Lena trailed off, grimacing. “I was a monster, and I wouldn’t stop killing people. Now that I think back, there was a part of me that enjoyed it. When I sleep, sometimes I still see the faces of the people I murdered from years ago.” She sighed.

“Part of me didn’t want to control myself. I wanted someone to kill me, like how those villagers killed Rory. I tried to kill myself, but it doesn’t work that way. As you’ve seen, I’m very hard to kill. I tried to make the murders as obvious and as gruesome as possible, but people were too scared of me though. No one wanted to even try. Eventually I moved on. I coasted through Europe before jumping ship and sailing to the American colonies. In the 1900s, I stuck mostly to the shadows, making myself as unknown as possible.”

“Why???” Kara blurted before she could think better of it. Lena raised her eyebrows inquisitively but her face remained soft and open. Kara blush vibrantly.

“Sorry, I meant after everything that happened, why did you decide that you wanted to be by yourself?”

“You’re fine darling,” she said sweetly to her. She paused again and after a while, she just shrugged.

“I don’t know,” she admitted. “Being homicidal wasn’t really my thing. I mean, it never was, and I know that you probably think me a hypocrite after hearing everything I just said, but I didn’t want to spend all of eternity with that kind a guilt on my conscious. It’s so hard to carry what I’ve done now.”

Kara nodded her head in understanding. “I won’t pretend to know what you’ve been through but you don’t have to explain anything to me.”

Lena nodded. “I don’t think it was until then I practiced self-control and mimicked what it was like to be human. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 21st century, that I found Lionel Luthor.”

Lena started to smile again and it was so genuine that Kara smiled too. “Actually it’s more like he found me. I was living on the streets and he took me in. He raised me like I was his own daughter. I also met my mom.” She laughed softly as memories of them replayed in her head.

“She reminded me of my mom from Ireland. That’s why I loved her so much. They accepted me for who and what I am.”

“They knew you were a vampire?” Kara asked incredulously. Lena nodded.

“Yes,” she said with a smile on her face. “They helped me to control it. Lionel had many research laboratories and they offered me cloned human blood to satiate my thirst.”

Kara couldn’t help but think about her first years on earth and how hard it was for her to control her powers. She was so scared to touch anything and if it wasn’t for Alex, she never would have adapted.

“Honestly, those years with Lionel and Lex were perfect. I needed something like that. They were better than my years of being human. But of course, all good things must come to an end.”

“What happened?” Kara asked her, eager to learn more.

“Mom died, and then Lionel. I went to live with Lillian.”

Kara’s eyes grew big. “You mean???”

“Yeah that woman you met is my step mom. For years, I was subjected to torture and experimentation. Good thing I can heal from anything. My body would be covered in scars.”

Kara frowned at the possibility that anyone would want to hurt her, especially if that someone who was supposed to be a mother figure.

“The experiments gave me a chance to learn about my physiology.”

“What all can you do?” Kara asked curiously.

“I have enhanced speed, strength, and senses. I can fly, but I turn into a flock of bats in the process. I can heal from anything, well at least that was the conclusion Lillian drew after a couple days of trying to get an injury to stick. I can go a couple of months without drinking any blood, I just can’t use my powers or be injured.”

“What happens if you’re injured?”

“Depending on the severity, I could go into a feeding frenzy.”

Kara’s eyebrows scrunched together as a thought occurred to her. At the gala, Lena had been shot but when Kara came to check on her, there was no evidence that she had been hurt. Lena watched as the emotions played on Kara’s face.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked.

“The gala,” Kara murmured. “You were hurt, but when I saw you, it was like nothing ever happened to you.”

Lena looked down, removing her hand from Kara’s and folding them both into her lap. She couldn’t bare to look at her.

“I’m really sorry, Kara. I tried to leave the gala during the attack but I collapsed. The bloodlust, it’s nothing I’ve ever felt. It’s like I’m suffocating. I can’t breathe and my whole body burns. Then, it’s the slow descent into a nightmare. It’s like I’m falling asleep but I’m also still awake. I can feel myself lose control, but I can’t stop myself. My body hyper focuses onto the one thing that will get the pain to stop." Lena paused for a second, her next words suspended heavily in the air.

"A man saw me collapse and he tried to help me. I tried to warn him to leave, to run away, but I couldn’t talk.”

Kara remembered when Lena could barely talk to her after she was stabbed. She choked on the words that she wanted to say. It was like she had cotton lodged in her throat.

“He was there and I had to make a choice. It was either him or half of the gala. I would have killed in plain sight. And honestly, that’s what Lillian had betted on.”

“That’s right, she’s the head of Cadmus,” Kara said, nodding slowly.

“I killed him Kara, but you have to believe me, I didn’t want to,” Lena whispered as her voice broke. Kara looked up to see tears running down her cheeks. She was up and by her side in an instant. She wiped her tears away with her thumbs and cupped her cheeks.

“Lena, you need to know that I don’t judge you for what happened. This is something that you can’t control no more than I can control being Kryptonian. We live with what we have and what we are. We all have crosses to bear.”

Lena looked into Kara’s blue eyes and Kara offered a smile in return. She covered Kara’s hands with her own and bit her lip.

“Thank you.”

“I do have one question though.”

Lena looked at her patiently.

“When you bit me, it really hurt. I mean it REALLY hurt, but after a while the pain was replaced by……something else.” Kara blushed as she rushed the rest of her sentence in one gush of air.

“That’s my fault. My saliva carries neurotransmitters that are capable of inhibiting pain and well, uhmm.” Lena paused and took another deep breath.

“They can cause arousal or pleasure depending on the person,” she finished. Kara’s blushed deepened when she remembered the way she had responded to her bite. She had been so licentious.

“Oh Rao, so you mean? I can’t believe that I would… I mean it’s not like I haven’t felt that way before because I have…But still… Given the situation we were in…”

Kara struggled to complete a sentence, let alone, a thought. Mortification had her face turning a beet red. She couldn’t help the wave of embarrassment that overtook her when she thought about how she tried to grind into Lena. She wanted to do it, and if it wasn’t for Lena, she would have shamelessly rubbed herself on her until she got what she wanted. Kara groaned and covered her face in her hands. Lena smiled softly at her. “Kara look at me,” Lena said in a soothing tone.

Kara met her eyes between her fingers. “You can’t control the emotions and feelings your brain makes you feel. Also, I need you to control your blushing. You smell too good.”

Kara’s mouth hung open as she tried to process what Lena told her. Lena gave her a toothy grin.

“I hope I’m not out of line when I ask this, but Kara may I kiss you?”

Kara froze, and then nodded slowly in a daze. Lena walked to her side of the desk and reached for her hand. Kara stood up slowly and gazed deep into Lena’s eyes. They were soft and beautiful but they were also cautious and nervous. Lena gently placed her hands on Kara’s cheeks and leaned in slowly. Kara’s breath hitched when their lips met. Oh Rao, she was kissing Lena Luthor and her lips were blazing against hers. Kara’s lips were warm and soft and right, and Lena wished that she could freeze this moment forever. They felt perfect against her mouth, like they were a missing puzzle piece she had been trying to find during her long life.

Eventually, Lena noticed that Kara hadn’t moved. Alarmed and puzzled she moved away from her to see if she was okay. Kara’s face was beet red. Anymore blood would cause her head to explode from the pressure. Kara slowly opened her eyes and removed her glasses. Lena was about to ask if Kara was okay when she smelled it. It was a musky and delicious fragrance that permeated the air and made her mouth water. It was the smell of Kara’s arousal pooling between her legs. Kara got up from the chair and push Lena into the vacated seat. Then, she kneeled in between Lena’s legs. Kara grabbed the back of Lena’s neck and kissed her with bruising force. She didn’t know why she felt like she needed to kiss her like this, but something inside her was urging her on. Maybe she had finally lost her mind? Or maybe she wasn’t lying to herself anymore. Whatever this was, Kara kissed her like it would be the last time she had the chance.

Lena was surprised at first but began to kiss her with fervor. Lena’s hands trailed up her back before tangling into Kara’s golden hair. She wrapped her legs tightly around Kara, anything to move their two bodies closer together. Teeth scraped together and the sounds of soft moans filled the air. Kara lightly plunged her tongue into Lena’s mouth and Lena welcomed it. Kara hands began to reach for the hem of Lena’s shirt when her tongue scraped against Lena’s extended fangs. Kara squealed but didn’t stop her kissing.

The moment felt too surreal to Lena. Someone was kissing her for one, and for two, Kara touched her fangs and wasn’t disgusted. She wasn’t even the least bit scared. Lena felt euphoria, happiness, and pleasure course through her. She wanted more of Kara. She wanted to taste her, all of her. Lena moved her lips to her cheek and down the side of her neck. She placed sloppy, open mouth kisses onto her perfect skin. Kara urged her on by wrapping her fingers in her hair and pulling her closer. Lena’s kisses slowly devolved into her sucking at her skin. Kara was right here and the opportunity presented itself. A little nibble wouldn’t hurt.

Lena’s eyes flew open. She was poised and ready to sink her fangs into Kara’s skin. The reality of what she was about to do was like a bucket of ice cold water. Instantly, she sat back into her seat and kept Kara at arms length.

“Lena..?” Kara began to ask until she saw her eyes. They were glowing so bright. It was the brightest she had ever seen them and for a heartbeat, she was worried that she did something wrong.

“Kara, we shouldn’t.” She clenched her teeth and took a few deep breaths. “I can’t.”

Kara smiled and nodded in understanding though she was breathing hard as well.

“A deep part of me feels pleasure from blood and my body reacts without conscious thought sometimes. When I feel any kind of pleasure, my fangs will extend. I won’t be able to stop myself if we keep doing this.”

“I understand Lena, but I’m Supergirl. I can’t easily be broken.”

Lena swallowed thickly. “Oh god,” she whispered before she kissed Kara again. Her hands slipped under Kara’s shirt and caressed her perfect and silky skin. She instantly felt goosebumps bloom beneath her touch. Kara grabbed Lena's thighs and nestled closer to her body.

Minutes stretched on as Kara and Lena breathed each other in, the sounds of their kisses and breathing created a melodious tune in Lena's office, until suddenly, there was a crash against Lena’s office door.

In a flash, Lena and Kara were away from each other and fixing themselves up.

“I can’t believe someone is still here,” Lena grumbled. “I should have heard them coming. Please come in.”

The person Kara recognized as Lena’s receptionist from down stairs stumbled into the room. She almost seemed drunk, except her skin was pallid and sweat. Deep shadows formed beneath her eyes and she was breathing heavily.

“Sorry to disturb you, Ms. Luthor,” she said weakly. “But I don’t feel so good.”

Kara and Lena watched as blood began to pour from her eyes, nostrils, and ears. She collapsed on the floor and began to convulse. Lena was by her side in an instant. She began coughing up blood and gasping for air.

“We have to get her to a hospital!” Kara exclaimed.

Chapter Text

Kara tapped her foot restlessly on the linoleum floor. She was at the hospital and was sitting in the hallway. Doctors and nurses bustled through the hallway. The bright LED lights were starting to give Kara a headache and the overwhelming odor of cleaning products and bodily fluids didn’t help her situation. Lena and Kara had been at the hospital for hours now. Lena’s receptionist barged into her office, in the middle of Kara and Lena making out, and started to leak blood from her face before collapsing to the floor. Lena was the one to take her to the hospital. It was past midnight and Kara was still waiting for her to exit the room.

The sound of footsteps and the door knob beginning to turn captured her attention and she was on her feet in an instant.

“Will she be okay?” Lena asked the doctor. “I don’t want to leave her here by herself.”

The doctor absentmindedly tucked her pen behind her ear as she flipped through her notes.

“Honestly Ms. Luthor, this is something that I’m not familiar with. This was a severe case of hemorrhaging. There was blood coming out of  every one of her external body orifices. Honestly, if you didn’t get her here in time she either would have bled out or possibly choked on her own blood.”

Lena’s jaw clenched and Kara moved to stand closer to her.

“We will assign a couple of nurses to monitor her around the clock. I’ll also keep administering medication and continue to run tests on her,” the doctor said.

“Thank you so much,” Lena said as she took a deep breath and faced Kara. “I can’t believe that happened,” she said to her.

“I heard the doctor,” Kara said as they both walked towards the exit. Lena was stressed. Her hair was tousled, she seemed paler than usual, and the look of utter exhaustion was clear on her face.

“It doesn’t sound like the doctors know what’s going on.”

Though it wasn’t a question, Lena still shook her head. “They think that she may have caught something from outside the states but I told them that she hasn’t been over seas since she’s worked for me.”

Kara remained silent as the turbulent thoughts spiraled in her head. What happened was weird, she thought. Everything that happened today wasn’t a typical day from her. Waking from her coma, learning that a Luthor was a vampire, and then making out with said vampire hadn’t been on her to do list. Hell, it wasn’t even on a bucket list. And if she were being honest, if anybody else had done what she did today, she would have judged them for lack of self-preservation and common sense. Normal people don’t knowingly kiss someone capable of killing them, but then again, Kara was no ordinary person.

  Lena turned to face her and that’s when Kara realized that they were outside. The parking lot was quiet and given what transpired in the last couple of hours, the silence was ominous and foreboding. Few street lights illuminated the parking lot. Kara gazed up and saw the stars decorating the night sky with their beauty. The moon casted its ethereal glow on them. When Kara met Lena’s soft green eyes, Lena smiled back at her.

“Ms. Luthor, may I have the pleasure of walking you home?” Kara asked politely, pretending to be a posh gentleman.

 Lena giggled a bit, her unbelievably straight, white teeth glinted in the moonlight. “Why Ms. Danvers I’m flattered but I must decline. There’s still things that need to be done, including cleaning the blood from my carpet.”

“The cleaning I understand, but why do you have so much work to do still?”

Lena bit her lip as she met Kara’s eyes. “I wasn’t planning on spending an amazing day with a certain Super.”

Immediately, Kara blushed as she remembered the way Lena’s lips felt against hers, how it felt to have Lena holding her so tightly, and how far she would of went with her if Lena’s receptionist hadn’t collapsed right in front of them. Kara knew without a doubt that Lena’s clothes would have been the next items to hit the floor.

Lena raised her eyebrow. “What are you thinking about?” she asked.

“Nothing!” Kara blurted out, causing Lena to laugh.

 “Your heart rate is betraying you, darling.” She gently laid her hand on Kara’s cheek and kissed the other one.

“Have a good night,” she said softly. Kara smiled in her hand before taking her hand and kissing the back of it.

“You have the same Lena.” Lena turned around and walked into the shadows of the parking lot. Kara watched as her body morphed into a flock of bats and ascended into the night sky.

Kara flew home as well. She immediately shed her clothes and took a hot shower. Several minutes later she was in her bed, her hair slightly damp, with a warm tank top and underwear clothing her body. Her mind instantly filled with thoughts of the way Lena had kissed her. She remembered the way Lena’s hand tangled in her hair and the way her legs wrapped around her body. She also remembered the way her hand had caressed Kara’s skin. Goosebumps appeared on Kara’s skin and she couldn’t help but imagine what would have happened if they continued. She could imagine gently removing Lena’s shirt and lightly kissing her breasts. She could imagine her nipples and what color they would be, and what Lena would sound like when she sucked on them. She could imagine moving her mouth lower to her stomach as she dipped her tongue into her belly button, hoping it would tickle her a little bit. Kara would lift those shapely legs to her shoulders as she moved lower to her hip bones, peppering her with kisses that Lena was long overdue for. Then she would move lower, knowing that Lena would taste as good as she smelled, knowing that Lena would grip her hair tighter as Kara sucked on her clit. Kara wondered if she would tease her or give her exactly what she wanted. Lena was the type of person who wanted to get straight to business, so she knew that teasing her would be pure torture. Kara would want to add her fingers to her tongue, knowing that Lena would be gasping for air, and if she were lucky, begging for more.

Kara smiled as the fantasy played through her mind. Her own arousal dampened her underwear. She felt her phone vibrate and when she opened the message that appeared on the screen, she bit her lip.


Sweet dreams Supergirl 😉


Kara put her phone down before closing her eyes. At what point did she give Lena her phone number?



The sound of Kara’s phone buzzing profusely woke her up. Sunlight spilled into her apartment through the curtains. Her hair was tangled and a small puddle of drool had soaked into her pillow. When she looked at the screen, she saw ten messages from Alex. Kara groaned and dialed her number before collapsing back on her bed. Alex answered immediately.

“Hey, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you,” Alex said, impatiently.

“Some of us do sleep,” Kara grumbled. “What do you want?”

“Kara, I need you to turn on the TV.”

Kara sat up as she heard the urgency in her voice. “Um, okay? Why what’s going on?” She turned on the TV. The channel was on the news and she watched as people were being wheeled away on gurneys and dead bodies were zipped into body bags. The words ‘quarantine’ played across the screen.

“Alex what the hell is going on?” Kara demanded as panic rose within her.

“National City is under quarantine. There’s some sort of plague spreading, and it’s spreading fast. We need you at the DEO.”

“On my way,” she said before  hanging up and changing into her suit. Within minutes, she was at the DEO. Agents were running up and down the corridors.

“Hey Kara!” a voice called to her. She turned around and saw Winn.

“Hey Winn, what’s going on?”

“Some agents collapsed on the floor, their blood was leaking everywhere. We found out that it’s not just us that being affected, it’s the whole city.”

As Kara listened to him, her eyes grew big as she thought about Lena’s receptionist.

“Kara are you okay?” Winn asked her. “You look really scared and it’s making me nervous.”

Kara swallowed hard, her throat was bone dry. “Winn, where’s Alex?”

“She’s at the lab, analyzing blood samples that she took from the agents that got sick. Why what’s going on???”

“Thanks Winn,” she mumbled distractedly. She left him there and found Alex on her microscope. Alex looked up to see her entering the lab and fumbled for a remote on the desk.

“Alex what’s happening??”

Alex brought up two pictures on the projector. Both pictures contained blood cells but Kara didn’t know what else to look for.

“The picture on the left is a sample we took from off of your suit when the missile detonated over the city.”

Kara looked at it and saw that the blood cells had nuclei and they were slightly different, almost misshapen and warped.

“The picture on the right is a blood sample taken from an agent a couple of hours after he collapsed.”

Kara noticed that there were two different shapes of blood platelets on this picture. There were normal blood cells, the blood cells she was used to seeing, and then there were the weird nucleated blood cells. The nucleated blood cells were attached to normal platelets.

Kara clenched her jaw as Alex took the remote again and switched the input on the projector. A video appeared on the screen. They watched as the misshapen blood cells attached themselves to the healthy cells. The healthy cells shriveled and turned black before the misshapen blood cells attached themselves to another healthy cell. The cycle repeated itself again and again until the nucleated cells were the only who remained.

Kara looked at Alex. “That’s what is attacking the city?” she asked incredulously, anger mixed into her voice. “I can’t fight that…”

“That’s not all,” Alex paused as she considered her next words. “The blood from your suit matched the blood from your sleeve the night that the gala was attacked. So I will ask you this again. Where did you get that blood from?” she demanded.

Kara clamped her lips closed as she met Alex’s eyes. It wasn’t like her to be dishonest towards her, but it wasn’t her secret to tell.

“Alex,” she began to say and Alex scoffed while rolling her eyes. “No, seriously Alex listen to me. It isn’t my secret to tell. Just let me go get some answers. Please,” she beseeched.

Alex looked down as she shook her head. “Kara, whatever is going on, it needs to be fixed but we can’t do anything if we don’t know what’s going on.”

Kara nodded and left the DEO. Soon she was landing on the balcony of Lena’s office. Lena was at her desk, organizing papers and typing onto her computer. When Kara knocked, she got up to let her in. Kara noted how tired she was. Shadows formed beneath her eyes and she didn’t look as vibrant as she usually did.

“Lena are you okay?” Kara asked her.

She shook her head. “My receptionist died earlier this morning. She bled to death. The medicines that they were giving her didn’t work.” She took a deep breath. “I was in the process of informing her family about her passing and paying for funeral costs.”

Kara placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Lena, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way because I am genuinely happy to see you, but why are you here?”

Kara held her breath for a second. “Lena there’s something that I need to confess. I did something that was a huge invasion of your privacy and I want to apologize for it now.”

“Well let me know what you did so I can at least forgive you,” Lena said with a slight smile on her face.

“Do you remember when we were attacked at the gala and I used my dress sleeve to try and stop your wound from bleeding?” Kara asked her. Lena nodded.

“Well when I saw you again, and your wound was gone, I had my sister analyze your blood.” As Kara was talking, Lena lost her smile and it was replaced with trepid fear.

“And?” Lena prompted.

“And then there was that missile that detonated over the city.”

“Wait, what? What missile?” Lena demanded. Kara looked at her incredulously.

“The missile that Cadmus detonated over the city? It kinda exploded in my face. How didn’t you hear about this? It was all over the news.”

Lena scoffed. “Well I was a little occupied by my mother’s torture sessions. You’ll have to forgive me.”

Kara panned her eyes down. “I’m sorry.”

“What does any of this have to do with me?” Lena asked with slight impatience.

“Whatever Cadmus released into the air, it’s affecting people. They’re sick, most are dying. When Alex analyzed the sample from my suit, and the blood sample from an agent that collapsed….”

Lena clenched her jaw as Kara struggled to complete her sentence. The atmosphere seemed to descend around them and the air was thick with guilt and fear.

“Kara, please. Just say it,” Lena whispered.

“Alex noticed how similar it looked to your blood. We both watched….as your blood destroyed the human blood cells.”

Lena froze in place. Kara watched as she somehow got paler and reached a shaky hand to her hair. Kara began to walk over to place a comforting hand on her shoulder but Lena raised her hands and moved away.

“I can’t believe that she would do this,” she spat. “I mean to do it against me was one thing, but she tormented the whole city….and she used me to do it.”

“Lena I am so sorry.”

Lena took a deep breath and steadied herself. “Don’t be Kara. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have found out what caused this. We know and that’s a battle half won. Next step is to fix this mess.”

She began to gather her things.

“What are you doing?” Kara asked.

“You’re going to take me to where your sister is so I can help,” she said. Kara just nodded as they left L-Corp.



When Kara entered the lab once again with Lena close behind her, Alex got up from her microscope to protest.

“Lena’s here to help,” Kara said before she could say anything.

“How can she help?”

“I’m the reason this is happening,” Lena said bluntly. “Please tell me what you’ve found.”

Alex looked at Kara, who just signaled for her to start explaining things. Alex shook her head and gathered the notes that she made.

“We’ve been collecting reports from the hospitals around National City. It seems like this disease is following a certain pattern. It lies dormant for about 2 or 3 days and then people start feeling lethargic and they get headaches, chills, and hot flashes. Then the symptoms worsen to bursting blood cells which leads to cell and tissue death. Ultimately people die from extreme hemorrhaging and blood loss.”

Lena’s eyebrows seem to furrow. “That sounds like symptoms of malaria. Well not the last bit but the first few symptoms you mentioned sound like malaria.”

Alex paused and started to scribble notes down on paper. “I’ve been observing your blood for a couple of hours now,” Alex said. “And it seems like they’re leeching something from health blood vessels. Any idea what it could be?”

Lena shook her head. “No, not without running molecular tests. I can’t say for sure.”

Alex nodded. “Okay I’ll be right back,” she said as she left.

Lena walked to the microscope to observe the slide. Her jaw clenched as she shook her head.

“Lena everything is going to be okay. Don’t worry, okay?” Kara whispered.

Suddenly, Lena slammed her hands down hard enough on the metal table to leave permanent imprints in it.

“Stop telling me everything is going to be okay!” she screamed in exasperation. When she looked up, Kara saw that she was crying. Her eyes were red and tears fell down her cheeks.

“God! For once I thought I could be good. For once I thought I would be able to make amends for the years of pain and death I caused,” she said as her voice broke. She paused as she sniffled. “Kara, I tried so hard. I really did. But all I do is cause more pain no matter where I go. It seems my entire existence is wrapped around causing people pain. Now here I am, doing it again.”

Her sniffles turned into to sobs as she closed her eyes. In an instant, Kara held her in a fierce hug. She hugged her so tight, she wished her strength was enough to push Lena’s broken pieces back together.

“Lena you are not to blame for this. Your mother did this, not you. Lena look at me.” Kara used her finger to tilt her chin up to meet her gaze. When she saw her eyes, she began to wipe away her tears with her thumbs.

“We will fix this,” Kara said with so much conviction, that Lena wanted to believe her.

There was a knock at the door, and when they both looked up, they saw Alex standing at the entrance.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to interrupt,” she said as she took a tentative step forward.

“You’re not interrupting anything,” Kara said as Lena turned around to discreetly wipe her face.

“When I tested your blood, I went about it the wrong way. I used physiological tests instead of molecular ones. I believe what you said is a good step in the right direction,” Alex said to Lena. “We need to know where to start.”

Lena nodded slowly as determination began to shine bright in her eyes. “I know exactly where to start. First things first, I’m a vampire.”

Alex’s eyebrows practically rose to her hairline. “Okay I haven’t heard that one before.” When she was met with silence she continued.

“Okay I’ll bite, you’re being serious?”

“Yep she’s super serious. Watch this,” Kara said as she grabbed a scalpel from a dissection kit. She looked at Lena.

“May I?”

Lena nodded and held out her arm. Slowly, Kara made a single gash on her forearm. Alex watched as blood welled from the wound for a second, before it was sucked back in and the skin fused back together.

“Well damn,” Alex said as she cocked her head to the side. Lena let her arm drop to her side.

“The next thing we need to do is break back in to Cadmus. Kara I’m going to need your help for this,” Lena said.

“Wait, you’ve been to Cadmus’ secret base?” Alex asked.

Kara awkwardly nodded her head. “Well yeah, it was the reason for why I was out for a week.”

Alex looked at her in disbelief. “Jesus, Kara. What did they do to you in there that you were unconscious for that length of time?”

Lena looked at Kara, who only looked back at her. “Well we were both trapped, and Lilian forced me to solar flare. I didn’t have any powers to break us out, so we both had to improvise.”

Alex looked at their facial expressions and realization dawned on her face. “Kara tell me didn’t do what I think you did.”

“Time’s wasting Alex,” Kara said hastily to avoid telling her what happened. “We’ll be right back.” She grabbed Lena’s hand and pulled her from the lab.

“You’re not going to tell her?” Lena asked.

“Nope I think that’s enough for her today. Maybe another time,” she suggests, knowing that she would never tell her.

When they both were outside, Kara looked at her. “I’ll follow you?”

Lena shook her head. “My powers are much weaker during the day. If I try to fly, not only would a flock of bats during the day would be supremely suspicious, I won’t last too long before I morph back and plummet to the ground.”

In one fluid motion, Kara picked her up and held her close to her chest.

“Ms. Luthor, if you needed a ride, you could have just asked.”

Lena smiled at her as they took to the skies.

Chapter Text

Kara decided to wait until night fall to ambush Cadmus. They were out in the literal middle of nowhere. It was a desert, complete with sand, cacti, and the stereotypical tumbleweed. Carrion birds flew above them, circling around them, waiting patiently for a meal that would never come.

 She spent the remainder of the day camping with Lena, waiting for the sun to descend below the horizon. They took turns trying to do reconnaissance on the massive underground bunker but the immense building was lined with copious amounts of lead, making Kara’s x-ray vision useless. When Lena tried to use her hearing, she would sigh and say that she kept getting interference from her surroundings. She couldn’t pinpoint exactly where the noises were coming from. Different noises would echo from each other and she was having a hard time trying to discern between them, so they had to wait until nightfall.

Kara lit a fire, even though they both technically didn’t need it and they sat side by side, staring at the lively flame that seemed the jump towards the heavens.

“May I ask you a question?” Lena asked to break the silence. Kara looked at her with her eyebrows raised.

“How do you cope with failure and feelings of being a failure?”

Kara took a deep breath, the question sort of catching her off guard.

“Well I always try tell myself that to make mistakes is human.”

Lena chuckled. “You were never human. And I’m…well I was but…”

“What we are doesn’t define who we are though. I may be an alien with these powers, but it doesn’t make me any less human. The decisions I make determine my character.”

Lena was quiet as she thought about what she said. “And me?”

Kara regarded her carefully. “You want to know what I see? I see a beautiful soul who tries so hard, and does so much, but never gives herself any credit. You seem to dwell in the past and surround yourself with ‘what could have been’ and ‘what I should have done different’. I used to live like that.” Kara paused as she remembered her past mistakes and all the events that led to her being who she is now. She looked at Lena.

“Either we can let our mistakes break us or we can grow from them.”

Lena smiled. “That’s very wise of you Kara. When did you come to realize this?”

“I did a lot of growing the years following me becoming Supergirl.”

Kara wrapped her arms around her legs as they both sat in the dirt. Insects flew in erratic patterns across the air. Reptiles skittered across the sand.

“They did a splendid job choosing an area like this,” Kara said after a while. “You know how many times I flew over this area? I never knew.”

“Mother is good like that.”

As the sun began to descend, Kara cleared her throat and looked at Lena.

“Lena, I want you to drink from me again.”

“W-what?” Lena said in surprise, looking at her as though she had grown a second head.

“When you drank from me the first time, I saw what it did to you. You’re eyes glowed so bright.”

Lena had to concede to that. “You’re blood is very powerful. It was like someone injected nitrous straight into my body. I’ve never felt that before. It felt good and I felt invincible.”

“I want to give you that boost again. We both need to be top notch if we’re going to face your mom and her forces.”

“I don’t know Kara. The fact that it’s night is more than enough.”

“What if she hurts you again? What if she tries to use your one weakness against you?” she asked to get Lena to understand.

Lena was quiet as she considered what she said. “Okay,” she replied. “But we do this on my terms.”

Kara’s eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. “What do you mean?”

Lena shuffled closer to her and swung a leg over her body, straddling her. She cupped her face with her hands and stared deep into her eyes.

“Just trust me,” Lena whispered as Kara immediately started to blush.

Lena brought their lips together in a soft kiss. Kara stroked Lena’s back while she used her other hand to hold herself up. Lena tilted Kara’s head back to deepen the kiss and she pulled their two bodies together, enjoying the warmth of Kara’s body. Lena’s soft hands tangled into Kara’s hair and Kara let out a breathy moan. Right now in this moment, they forgot about the world, about the disease, and about every horrible thing that had happened in the last few days. All Kara could focus on was the feeling of Lena’s soft lips and the weight of Lena’s body on her own. Lena was languidly grinding into her lap. Her hands slowly raised to tangled in the hair at the nape of Kara’s neck. Kara’s hand shifted from Lena’s back to cup her bottom, and she helped her grind into her lap harder. She desperately wanted to forget that everything around them was falling apart but the nagging feeling that they couldn’t just leave their responsibilities behind pulled at her brain. There was too much going on and Kara shouldn’t be enjoying this. People were dying, and here she was kissing the most wonderful woman alive.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this,” Kara said between kisses, logic manifesting itself through the fog in her brain.

“Clear your mind darling. Right now it’s just you and me,” Lena purred sultrily against her lips.

She kissed her softly again. Within a few minutes, Lena could smell Kara’s arousal and hear her heart thundering within her chest. Kara’s lips felt like fire as she kissed Lena back with earnest. Slowly, Lena trailed her hand down the length of Kara’s body, stroking everything her body had to offer. She glided her hands over her breasts, wishing that she wasn’t wearing her suit. Kara responded to Lena’s touch, her body shivering and her breaths coming out in shudders. Her hands trailed down her chiseled stomach and then to her hips before hitching up her skirt. She looked into her lustful blue eyes and saw the universe housed within them. Maybe it was Lena’s own imagination but beneath the arousal, lust, and longing, there was wisdom and pain deep within her eyes. Someday, Lena wanted to ask her about it but when Kara offered her a beautiful but small smile, all thoughts of questioning her past were abandoned.

“Spread your legs for me,” she whispered.

Kara complied and Lena reached under her skirt and past the elastic of her underwear. She could feel the wet folds of Kara’s sex, and Kara started to breathe heavier. Lena traced a finger up and down her saturated slit as she continued to kiss her passionately. She knew Kara wanted more, and that she was incredibly turned on. She also knew that she wasn’t going to let her tease her for long. She used her finger to spread her arousal. When her finger was thoroughly coated in her juices, she removed it and began to suck on it. Kara’s mouth hung slightly open as she watched Lena, mesmerized. Lena returned her finger to Kara’s core and leaned down to her ear.

“You taste so good,” she growled softly into her ear. Kara sighed, the smallest of whimpers leaving her mouth, as Lena continued to tease her. She began to kiss Kara again and Kara could taste her own arousal as their tongues gently slid together. However, Kara was starting to get impatient. Lena’s teasing was increasing her arousal but she wasn’t touching her where she really needed it. It was only a couple of minutes before Kara broke their kisses and looked at her.

“Lena please,” she begged breathlessly. Lena smiled salaciously before gently starting to rub her clit. Kara moaned and sagged to the ground as Lena pleasured her. Her legs began to shake as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body and lit it on fire. Kara dug one hand into the earth and Lena heard the ground crack beneath the force of her grip. Her arousal flowed in copious amounts and drenched her underwear. Lena rubbed her sensitive bundle of nerves faster.

Soft moans were falling from Kara’s lips, and when Lena stopped rubbing her, her eyes flew open and she about to protest. She was only silenced when Lena slipped a finger into her dripping hole and began to pump in and out of her. Lena twisted and angled her hand in different ways to find the right position to make Kara’s toes curl. She listened to her breathing and her moans, and when she found the right place, she began to stimulate that spot with her fingers.

A feminine moan erupted deep from Kara’s chest and Lena smiled as Kara began to move her hips with her, keeping pace with her pumps. Pleasure coursed through her veins as the pressure built within her.

“One of these days, I’m going to have to make you moan my name,” Lena whispered into her ear, and then began to nibble on it.

“Lena I’m so close,” Kara whispered in a shaky voice. Her body was tense, her muscles were shaking, her body and especially her face were red. Lena could feel Kara’s muscles spasming around her finger. Her arousal seemed to flow like a river. Her moans were like a lullaby in her ear. Kara could feel the pressure gathering from within her body and she knew that she was at the precipice of an orgasm that was sure to rock her world. She just wasn’t sure if she was ready for it. Lena stopped nibbling her ear to whisper into it.

“Come for me Kara,” she said as she began kissing her neck.

Electric shocks radiated throughout her body as an orgasm overtook her. Kara cried out from the force of it and her body was taut as waves of pleasure crashed into her. Then, she felt Lena sink her fangs into her neck. Her breath hitched, but it wasn’t from the pain, it was from the indescribable amount of pleasure that seemed to hold her body with a strength that rivaled her own. She could feel Lena sucking from her and a smaller orgasm followed at the heels of her previous one. Kara’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she began to space out. Lena’s continuous thrusting made Kara ride out the orgasm longer and she couldn’t help but cry out as she felt the strength leave her body. She suddenly felt dizzy from the force of it. It felt like it was too much but also not enough. Whatever it was, Kara never wanted it to stop. Her raspy breaths were the only thing she was hearing and she felt Lena remove her finger. When she opened her eyes, Lena was smiling down at her. She looked as composed as ever, except for the radiant glow of her skin, her beautiful smile, and the intense glow of her green eyes.

“How was that?” she asked with a smirk playing at her lips.

Kara propped herself to her elbows. “Out of this world,” she said, laughing lightly.

“Good because that’s not all I plan on doing to you,” Lena teased, the innuendo going noticeably to Kara. Kara reached up to touch her neck, but again there were no bite marks or signs of pain.

“How do you feel?” Kara asked her. Lena’s smile widened and her eyes glowed even brighter.

“I feel divine darling. Are you ready to do this?”

Kara stood up next to her and balled her fists. Surprisingly, she didn’t feel any of the things she felt when Lena had blood from her the first time. It had to be because she had her powers this time.

“Yeah let’s get this done,” she said.



About an hour later, Kara and Lena were roaming the halls of the underground base.

“My x-ray vision is still no good,” Kara whispered. “Every wall is lined with lead.”

Lena nodded. “Follow me.”

Kara was on her heels as they snuck past Lillian’s guards. Hallways turned into a labyrinth as Lena led them deeper into the base. Suddenly Lena halted and raised her hand. Kara looked at questioningly.

Lena put her finger to her lips, signaling her to be quiet, and then she pointed to her ears. Kara closed her eyes as she focused. Right next door, Kara could hear voices through the wall. Among those voices, she could hear Lillian’s.

“This is all going according to plan,” she said in a business-like manner. “The city is sure to turn against Lena once me make the broadcast.”

“Yes ma’am,” a gruff voice said.

“Using Lena’s blood as the pathogen to infect the city was ingenious,” another voice was heard saying.

Both Kara and Lena could hear Lillian chuckle. “Flattery will get you nowhere.” There was a pause and some shuffling. “We have the only cure. And Lena will be the reason why no one gets it,” she continued.

Kara watched as Lena bared her fangs, her eyes glowing a ghastly green that was equal parts beautiful and dangerous. Without warning, she curled her hand into a fist and smashed it through the wall. Rubble and dust flew everywhere as the foundation of the wall began to crumble. Kara actually had to cover her face from getting sprayed with debris. In the next instant, Lena curled her other fist and drove it through the wall. More rubble flew outwards, in the direction of her punches, and the wall caved in. Kara could hear Lena snarling. It was low and guttural, and it reminded her of an angry tiger.

“FIRE!!!!!!!” someone screamed.

Shots were fired in Lena’s direction. Kara could hear the clanging of bullet shells littering the floor over the sounds of gunfire. Bullets peppered the walls and Lena. More dust flew into the air, and if it wasn’t for Kara’s powers, she wouldn’t be able to see anything. However she could see, and what she saw made her stop short. Any bullets that pelted Lena’s body passed right through her. Blood oozed from her before the wounds immediately sealed before Kara’s eyes. If any bullets imbedded themselves within Lena’s body, they were slowly expelled from her and the bullets fell to the floor as the wounds sealed again. Kara had never seen anything like it, and she had never seen Lena like this. Unlike any of the previous times, the bullets weren’t slowing her down. Every time a bullet landed a hit, Lena only snarled louder as she forced herself through the hole in the wall.

 Only a handful of men surrounded Lillian and they formed a protective semicircle around her. Lena stalked to the first man, smashed her head against his, and he fell to the ground instantly. She grabbed the next man and threw him at another like he was a rag doll. Lena continued on, heading straight for Lillian, who backed away from her in fear. She back handed another man in her way and he went flying. Just as she closed in on Lillian, the last man jumped in front of Lena and fired his gun straight at her stomach.

“LENA!” Kara screamed.

She watched as bullets sprayed through Lena’s stomach, blood dripping on the floor as the metal pellets ripped her flesh apart. She could feel the same bullets that ripped through Lena, ricochet off her own body as she attempted to move closer to her. Fear coiled in her stomach as the possibility of Lena being seriously hurt raced through her mind. Kara could hear clicks coming from the gun as he emptied the whole clip into her stomach. Kara stopped as Lena looked up slowly, and the man started to tremble. They both watched as the bloodied mess within Lena healed instantaneously. Muscle sinew fused together as her skin grew back blemish free. She grabbed the gun from his hand and Kara heard the groaning and cracking of metal as she crushed the gun with her tremendous strength. The man whimpered and ran away. Lena threw the crushed gun on the ground and focused her attention on Lillian. Lillian was backed against the wall and her breaths were ragged. Lena grabbed her by the neck and lifted her into the air.

“How dare you!” she snarled in an inhuman voice. Kara slowly approached Lena. She could literally see Lillian’s face turn red. The veins in her neck were bulging from the force of Lena’s hold. When Kara got closer to Lena, she could see tears dripping off of Lena’s cheeks.

“You were supposed to be my mom! You were supposed to love me and be there for me! Instead you vilified me and made me to be the monster you always thought I was!”

Lillian was trying to talk but she choked on her words. Her eyes started to roll to the back of her head. Kara put a soft hand on her arm, and Lena looked at her in surprise, like she forgot she was there.

“I understand,” Kara whispered, her eyes filling with tears as she saw how much Lena was hurting. “I understand what it’s like to have the memory of your parents betrayed by the truth of their actions. I’m not here to tell you that you should spare her, because if I were in your shoes, I would definitely falter.” She paused as she took a deep breath. “We’re here to find the cure and unfortunately, we can’t do it without her.”

Lena clenched her teeth. More tears ran down her face as she looked between Kara and Lillian. Kara could tell that she was torn. She was torn between wanting retribution and doing what she knew was right. After a couple of seconds, Lena squeezed her eyes shut and let go of Lillian. Lillian fell to the ground unceremoniously and starting coughing and gasping. Lena was breathing hard and her hands were clenched. Kara put her hands on her cheeks and caressed them soothingly. She watched as the brilliant glowing green dulled into Lena’s normal lovely eyes. She was shaking her head.

“Kara I can’t do this,” Lena said in a broken voice. “She did this to me. I don’t understand….I can’t….” she stopped as she struggled to complete a sentence. Kara wrapped her arms around Lena’s trembling body and Lena rested her face on Kara’s shoulder.

“You don’t have to do this,” Kara replied as she smoothed Lena’s hair. “Let me do the rest.”

Lena nodded and wiped her cheeks. “By the way, what I just witnessed was so badass,” Kara said as she chuckled. Lena offered a small smile. “Remind me to never piss you off.”

Lena smiled and nodded. “I’ll see you on the surface.” She turned and left.

Kara turned and approached Lillian, who was still gasping on the floor. She hoisted her up by the arm and held her against the wall.

“You never deserved her,” she said to her in a low voice. “And to do this to her after all she’s been through.” Kara scoffed. “You’re pathetic and personally, I hope to watch you rot in jail.”

Kara watched as Lillian closed her eyes and her head lulled to the side. She felt her body go slack in her hold. Kara threw Lillian over her shoulder and headed for the exit. When she met Lena on the surface, the two shared a look. Kara could tell how emotionally drain Lena was. Her eyes were still red from crying but she held her head high and she nodded at her, while also regarding Lillian with a neutral expression. With it being night, Lena flew herself back to the DEO and Kara followed closely behind her.

When they were back, Kara placed Lillian in a jail cell and went back to Lena to check on her. Lena was on the balcony, watching the city. The sounds of sirens echoed around them and the city lights were brighter than the stars. Her arms were wrapped around her stomach and she stared blankly at nothing.

“Are you okay?”

Lena laughed humorlessly. “You want to know something? Up until the gala, I haven't killed anybody in a long time. But ever since I killed that man, I've felt like I'm spiraling. I wanted to kill those men and I wanted to murder the woman I once thought was my mother.”

Kara listened silently as Lena voiced the words that were heavy on her heart. “I was so angry,” she whispered. “I was so angry that I would have ripped her throat out without a second thought.”

“Lena, that doesn’t make you monstrous.”

Lena shook her head. “I agree with you. That was the most human emotion I’ve ever felt in years.”

Kara was quiet as she considered her words. After a couple of seconds, Lena took a deep breath. “We should get back to work.”

She walked back inside and Kara watched as she left. She wished that she could do more, help her somehow, but it wasn’t the right time. It seemed like it would never be the right time.

When Kara entered the lab, Lena had removed Lillian from the jail and had her tied to an office chair. Alex came and stood next to Kara’s side.

“For the record, I didn’t tell her she could do this,” Alex whispered to her. Kara just nodded and approached Lena, who was shaking Lillian roughly. When Lillian came to, Lena kneeled to her level to look her in her eyes.

“Mother.” Lena spat the word as though saying it left a foul taste in her mouth. “Where is the antidote?”

Lillian was groggy and confused, but when she looked into Lena’s eyes, she smiled instantly, the smile showing no humor but was rather twisted and disturbed.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” When she saw Kara she scoffed. “I’m being interrogated by a freak of nature and an alien. Highlight of my life.”

In an instant, Lena had Lillian in the air. Her grip was wrapped tight into the collar of Lillian’s shirt as both Lillian and the chair dangled.

“Don’t try me Lillian,” Lena warned. “If it wasn’t for Supergirl, nature would have taken its course by now. Where is the antidote?”

“Well the antidote I had was destroyed by our little fight. Congratulations for making a mess by the way, but, there is no more.”

Lena was visibly getting angry. “But you can make more?” she demanded.

“Why? Do you need it right now?” Lillian asked sarcastically. Lena was about to hurl her against the wall, property damage be damned, when an audible sniffle captured everyone’s attention. Kara, Lena, and Lillian looked at Alex, who was wiping blood from her face. Copious amounts of it were dripping from her nose.

“I don’t feel so good,” she gasped before collapsing to the floor.  


Chapter Text

Alex was on the floor, a shaky hand covering her mouth as violent coughs ripped from her. She heaved before coughing up blood, the smell of it permeating the air immediately. Its crimson color stained the floor, dark red against stark white. Kara was next to Alex and wrapped her in her arms. Using her super speed, she took Alex to the infirmary room.

“Please help me!” Kara cried out to one of the nurses. The nurse ushered Kara to a vacant bed, where Kara gently laid Alex down. Bloody tears were streaming down Alex’s cheeks. Kara panicked as she wiped the tears away with a cloth.

“You’re going to be okay,” Kara said, dismay slightly masked by frantic concern. Tears welled within her eyes as the reality of the situation became more and more a reality: Alex was sick with the disease. She was going to die. She was going to bleed to death and there was nothing more she could do, not without a vaccine. Alex grabbed her hand to stop her wiping.

“Kara, listen to me,” she said weakly. Forceful shudders caused her body to convulse. When the shudders subsided, she continued.

“I love you so much and you’re my favorite sister.”

Sobs mixed into Kara’s laughter. “I’m your only sister silly.”

“You get what I mean. Don’t worry about me. We’re so close to finding that vaccine, don’t let me sway you. Consider all possible options to beating this thing.”

Kara shook her head. It was completely like Alex to talk about the fate of the world while something was happening to her. Alex was always like that. Kind, loving, and compassionate. She didn’t deserve this.  

“And if anything were to happen to me…” she began to say.

“No!” Kara interrupted vehemently. “We’re not doing this. You’re going to be okay.”

Alex closed her mouth and just nodded her head. She coughed again and more blood stained her pale, chapped lips. A nurse came to Alex’s side and ushered Kara out of the door.

“We will do everything we can,” the nurse said but Kara could tell that she was saying it to be comforting. Kara knew better and she knew that the clock was ticking fast.

Lena met her outside of the room. When she saw her face, Lena wrapped Kara in a hug. Being surrounded by Lena made her want break and she couldn’t stop the tears that escaped from her eyes. She was Supergirl for Rao’s sakes! She was strong enough to lift an alien space prison from off of earth and into space. She was bullet proof and except for kryptonite and solar flaring, she was completely invincible. But…she wasn’t impervious to this. She would rather be stabbed a million times with kryptonite than witness another moment of this. Kara’s tears were soaking through Lena’s shirt. Lena was silent as she smoothed her hair and rubbed her back.

“I have an idea,” Lena said. “We should have those affected anesthetized. It’s the stress and shock to the disease that’s killing them faster than the blood loss.”

Kara nodded as she sniffled. She told the nurses of Lena’s plan and went back to Alex. She took Alex’s hand in her own. Her skin was pallid and clammy. Her hair was disheveled and it clung to the sweat on her neck. Shadows had developed beneath her eyes and Kara knew that they were a result of Alex working day and night when the city was placed under quarantine, but as she lay there, Kara was bombarded with images of Alex being dead, her pale body being the only evidence that she had been alive. She shook her head as she tried to erase the thoughts from her mind. She had to remain strong. She couldn’t let this get to her. She had to be strong for Alex.

“Alex they’re going to administer anesthesia. I want you to know that when you wake up, you’re going to feel better.”

Alex smiled. One of the nurses approached them and inserted a needle into Alex’s IV.

“I love you,” she whispered before closing her eyes. Her breathing evened out as the drug took effect and Kara felt slightly better when she could see the tension leave her body.

Kara smoothed her hair back as she leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“I’m going to make this right,” she whispered, wanting more to reassure herself than Alex. She had to make this right. She had to.

Kara squared her shoulders and walked out of the infirmary. When she was in the hallway again, she sped back to the laboratory. When Lena saw her, she matched her gait.

“Kara what are you going to do?” Lena asked.

“I’m getting that vaccine, even if I have to beat it out of your mother,” she said sternly.

Lena raised her eyebrows before grabbing Kara’s arm to get her to stop. Kara clenched her jaw as she stared at Lena.

“Kara, I get it okay? You’re angry.”

“Oh I’m not angry,” Kara said as she interrupted Lena. “I’m seething!”

“And I get that,” Lena continued in a soothing voice. “You had to stop me from killing her remember? We NEED her. After we get what we need, we can decide what our next move is.”

Kara curled her hands into fists so hard, her knuckles cracked. She nodded in affirmation and took a few deep breaths to steady her rage. They both returned to the lab to find Lillian still tied to the chair. She was looking around the room in curiosity. She exuded calmness, as though she didn’t think that she was in any real danger. Her nonchalant attitude only increased Kara’s incensed mood. When Lillian saw them, she smiled.

“Ah I see you two are back. I hope there’s no one important dying.”

Lena grabbed Kara’s hand before she did something rash, like break her body in two. Lillian was really starting to piss them both off.

“Okay let’s be done with the pretenses Lillian,” Kara said as she crossed her arms. “What do you want?”

“What makes you think that I want something?” Lillian asked, a picture of innocence painted on her face.

“We know that the vaccine was destroyed at the Cadmus bunker. We also know that another one can be synthesized. So, what is it that you want from us?”

“I got exactly what I wanted,” Lillian said smugly. “Besides, I don’t want anything from the likes of you.”

Kara shook her head at her. “How did you get to be like this?” she asked before her better judgment could stop her. “You realize that you’re killing thousands of innocent people, right? Perhaps more if this epidemic escapes National City.”

Lena stood beside Kara. She looked Lillian in her eyes and saw nothing but cunning, loathing, and resentment.

“It’s because of me,” Lena blurted out. Both Kara and Lillian turned to face her. Kara looked at her in surprise, as though the very idea behind that statement would be unconscionable, but Lillian just smiled and raised her eyebrows.

“How astute of you Lena,” she retorted. “And what led you to that decision?”

Lena chuckled humorlessly. “Don’t give me that. You’ve always hated me, even when Lionel was alive. You hated the fact that he would take me in after learning what I was. You hated that he spent more time with Lex and I more than he spent time with you. You hated that you couldn’t take that frustration out on your own husband or child, so when the moment presented itself, you used me as an emotional stress ball. Years of resentment repressed within that husk of a body, aging in the dark like a fine wine.”

As Lena spoke, Lillian’s smile was replaced with acute infuriation. Her eyes became daggers as she stared at Lena.

“You used me as a science experiment, hoping to exploit some sort of weakness,” Lena continued to say. “So many failed attempts to break me only increased your animosity towards me. You knew how I felt about my past, about all the regret I harbored through the ages. You knew that the way to hurt me, was to hurt people at my expense. So you stole my blood and weaponized it, molded it, and mutated it into something people have never seen and into something only you can cure. That attack at the gala was only a distraction. You kidnapping me and Supergirl and torturing us was only a distraction. This was your great climatic event. You murdering thousands of innocent people and in your twisted mind, somehow rationalizing it to being my fault.”

“If it weren’t for Lena, this would have never happened,” Lena said, mocking Lillian’s voice. Lillian’s anger grew and Kara studied her reactions. Something Lena was saying was getting to her.

“Lena is to blame for every bad thing happening in the city. Her and the aliens have ruined this city. Blah blah blah.”

Lillian clenched her teeth as she regarded them both. “You think your so smart huh? You have me all figured out? Meanwhile, people are dying while you rambled on. That agent Supergirl seemed so fond of, is on her death bed right now! You two are no closer to a cure and you know you’re running out of time.”

Kara’s mind swam with images of her beating the life out of Lillian. She was so mad that she could have a stroke. She was right, they were running out of time and if anything happened to Alex, Lillian would be the first person that she came after.

Lena signaled for Kara to meet her outside the door. She ran a hand through her hair.

“We don’t have all day for this. Can’t you just hypnotize her into telling you the components of the vaccine?” Kara asked her.

Lena just looked at her. “I don’t have that power, you know that right? I’m not Dracula.”

A thought occurred to Kara and she grabbed Lena’s arm in excitement. Lena looked at her in shock, not at all prepared for what was going to happen next. A smile slowly formed on Kara’s face as her eyes shined with hope.

“You don’t have that power, but I know someone who does. I need to find J’onn!”

Kara used her hearing to pinpoint where J’onn was and when she got a lock on his location, she sped to him. J’onn was in a conference room with several other agents. J’onn stood in the middle of the room while the other agents worked hectically on their computers. On a screen that covered the entire wall of the room, there was a map of North America. A portion of it was covered in red dots. Other red dots were sprinkled on other parts of the map but the concentration of red was what caught Kara’s attention. She knew, instinctively, that the red area was National City and that the other dots were signs of the plague spreading. She heard J’onn barking out orders left and right. When she approached him, he glanced at her quickly before returning his attention to the screen.

“Kara I’m busy,” he said softly enough to where only she could hear.

“J’onn, Lena and I need you for something.”

“It’s going to have to wait. We need to monitor this plague. It’s affecting the whole city and we’re working on grounding any transportation into and out of this place.”

Kara grabbed his arm and forced him to turn around and look at her. “J’onn it’s Alex. She’s sick and we need your help.”


“Yeah, we found someone who knows how to make the cure but she isn’t talking. We need for you to read her mind.”

J’onn didn’t bother with questions. He just nodded and followed her. Kara escorted him back into the laboratory. When Lena saw her approaching with J’onn, she cocked her head to the side in confusion.

“Okay so long story short, J’onn is an alien from Mars named J’onn J’onzz. He has super cool abilities even I wish I had. He can help us,” she said to Lena to quickly to fill her in.

J’onn looked at Lillian before he turned around and faced Kara and Lena.

“Kara you know it’s been a while since I’ve read someone’s mind. I can render her brain dead.”

Lena and Kara looked at each other before they looked at J’onn.

“We’re actually okay with that,” Lena said as Kara nodded. J’onn raised his eyebrows but opted to not ask any questions. The less he knew, the better. 

He grabbed a seat and sat directly in front of Lillian. Lillian looked him up and down before scoffing.

“And what is he going to do?” she asked facetiously. “Is he going to slap my wrist and tell me that I’m being bad?”

J’onn smiled before his eyes began to glow red. Lillian immediately lost her smile as she was transfixed on his unearthly gaze. Seconds turned to minutes as they were all silent. Nothing seemed to be happening and Kara was losing her patience. Lena sensed a change in her mood and held her hand. She massaged small circles into her skin and offered a small smile. Kara smiled back at her and took a deep breath. She needed to keep her head and she needed to remain calm for Alex.

 Suddenly, Lillian began to groan in pain and J’onn bared his teeth.

“Just a little bit more,” J’onn said, his voice strained.

Kara prayed to Rao that this was going to work. This was their only option and their last hope. Lillian wasn’t so forthcoming with the cure when she was conscious, Kara doubt she would be even more willing to talk if she were brain dead. This needed to work or else.

Jonn’s eyes stopped glowing and Lillian gasped before she fell unconscious.

“God, she has problems,” he said as he massaged his temples.

“What did you find out?” Kara asked him.

“The cure is made from genetically engineered horseshoe crab blood and Kara’s blood.”

Kara’s eyebrows scrunched together in confusion but Lena only looked mildly impressed.

“I hate the woman but that’s smart. Horseshoe crab blood contains amoebocytes that act very similarly to white blood cells. I can only assume that due to your healing properties, you’re blood reinforces the amoebocytes and ensures their ability to find and destroy anything seriously harmful in a human body without any nasty side effects.”

Kara’s head swam with all the new information but she was happy. They finally had the cure.

“Okay we need to get to work,” she said. She grabbed a couple of needles. “Where are we going to find horseshoe crabs?”

“Well they can be found in Asia. They’re usually somewhere near a large body of water,” Lena said.

“Okay I’ll be right back,” Kara said as she flew out of the laboratory and into the open air.

Lena looked at J’onn. “Is there anything else? That can’t be all, that seemed way too easy.”

J’onn just shook his head. “Every thing that she has ever said or thought within the past several odd years were about you and she did not have anything nice to say.”

“Yeah well our relationship is…complicated.”

“Well there is something else. It seems that this vaccine was made out if a genetic mixture of both blood types. Lillian had access to Kara’s blood after she solar flared. She then took the genetic material of her blood, inserted it into the horseshoe crab blood, and then eventually re-exposed that cell to solar radiation.”

Lena nodded her head. “She made some sort of super Limulus amebocyte lysate powered by Kryptonian genetics. But instead of just detecting pathogens, it destroys them as well.”

J’onn shook his head and left the laboratory. Lena grabbed her phone and called Kara.


“You only need to grab one crab,” Lena told her. She was actually concerned that Kara would fish the entire ocean to the brink of extinction in her haste.

“Well we need enough to cure the whole city right?”

“I still have access to Lionel’s cloning labs remember? We need just one okay? Also when you get back…”

“I know you need my blood,” Kara said, interrupting her.

“Well yeah, I also need you to solar flare.”

There was a sigh. “Great,” Kara grumbled.


J’onn rubbed his temples. Reading Lillian’s mind made his head throb. And the things he saw….he didn’t think any human was capable of such acts. If he had known better, he would think that Lillian was a White Martian. That was the only possible explanation for her barbaric acts. Flashes of disjointed memories echoed through his brain, each one fading into another memory. Whispering echoes of past conversations filled his ears and colors started to blur together. J’onn winced and braced the wall. A cold sweat broke over his skin as he struggled to take deep breaths and will the images away. He needed to clear his mind. In time, all of this will fade, just like the rest he tried to tell himself. There was a hand on his shoulder.

“Are you okay Director J’onzz?” an agent asked, their voice breaking through the fog that threatened to overtake his mind.

He swallowed thickly and nodded his head. “Yes thank you.”

He stood up and straightened his appearance. He needed to get a grip. J’onn willed himself to be okay and made his way to the infirmary. He needed to check on Alex. She was like a daughter to him and ever since Kara told him that she was sick, he just wanted to make sure that she was okay. While in the infirmary room, he asked a nurse to point him in the right direction. When he found Alex, he grabbed a chair and sat next to her bed. To him, she looked so fragile. Too fragile compared to the strength she exudes and the air of confidence that surrounds her like a second skin. He gently picked up her hand and held it.

“Hang in there Danvers,” he whispered to her. “Kara just needs more time. She’s almost done.”

There were a variety of machines surrounding Alex, the sensors sticking to her body. Hank saw the heart rate and EEG machines showing normal signs and he relaxed a bit. J’onn shook his head absentmindedly as he thought about the mess Lillian was making and all the people she killed because she hated Lena. All of this because one human hated another. J’onn supposed that he shouldn’t be surprised. Wars were waged for things far less than petty hatred.

In the midst of his thoughts, he felt the muscles in Alex’s hand spasm. He looked at her in concern, but when it didn’t happen again immediately, he went back to thinking. Alex’s hand spasmed again, only this time, it stayed flexed and taut. Blood leeched from her skin as her whole body went rigid. Her muscles were pulled tight, her tendons protruding from her skin. The heart monitor and EEG machines started to beep erratically. J’onn was on his feet immediately. His eyes glowed red as he observed her body using his infrared vision. That’s when he saw it. He could see Alex’s blood vessels highlighted beneath her skin and in those vessels, he saw small bursts. Individually, these bursts would have gone unnoticed but they were happening on a large scale and were simultaneous. He saw blood cells rupturing from within Alex’s body. Hank pursed his lips as blood started to seep from her nose, mouth, and ears. She was seizing. She was starting to die. The nurses heard the loud beeping coming from the machines and rushed to stabilize her. J’onn took a couple of steps back and reached for his phone. He dialed Kara’s number.


Lena was in the middle of making the vaccine. She took blood from both the crab and Kara after she had solar flared. Lena and Kara watched the vaccine shine as it was exposed to solar radiation. It had a slight purple hue and it swirled in the glass vial as Lena deposited it.

“Okay,” Lena said as she wiped her hands on her thighs. “We just need to test it.”

“Maybe we can get a blood sample from someone in the infirmary?” Kara suggested.

“Yeah that will work for sure.”

Kara’s phone started buzzing and she answered it.


There was talking and Lena watched as the color left Kara’s face. She jumped from her seat and ran from the room. Lena followed closely behind her. When Kara got to the door, she dropped her phone, and her heart stopped dead in her chest. Alex’s heart monitor was beeping erratically. Her body was taut and almost contorted in an irregular posture. J’onn was in the room and Kara’s eyes filled with tears.

“She’s seizing!” a nurse yelled. Kara tried to run to Alex but she was stopped by J’onn, who wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up, subduing her.

“Let me go!” Kara screamed. “That’s my sister! Let me go!”

Time seemed to move slowly as Lena watched the nurses injected more medicine into her IV line. Slowly, Alex’s body relaxed and the beeping slowed and returned to normal. Lena could hear Kara’s sobs and she clenched her teeth. Kara was holding on tightly to J’onn and he was smoothing her hair. Kara’s face was red and her cheeks were drenched in tears. That was it. Lena had had enough and couldn’t stand to see Kara like this. She walked right to one of the nurses and grabbed a needle tipped syringe from their hands. They started to protest before they saw the look in Lena’s eyes and they clamped their mouth shut. She gently grabbed Alex’s arm, located a vein, and proceeded to draw blood from her. When she was done she took the blood back to the lab and mixed it in with the vaccine.

“What are you doing?” Kara asked a couple seconds later when she was able to catch up to her. 

“Putting an end to this.”

Through a microscope, Lena watched as the vaccine destroyed her mutated blood cells. The other healthy blood cells were left alone and slowly, the vaccine dissipated, leaving no trace of any side effects.

Lena looked from the microscope and smiled at Kara.

“Kara, the vaccine…it works.”


Chapter Text

Kara checked in on Alex multiple times a day. She couldn’t help it. After witnessing her almost die, she wanted an update every second. Speaking of, Kara dialed Alex’s number. She answered on the first ring.

“Yes I’m okay. No I’m not dying anymore. Yes I’m sure. And yes I’ll text you with updates,” she said in a rush of breath.

Kara hadn’t realized she was holding hers until she released it in relief.

“Okay I just wanted to make sure.”

There was a sigh. “Kara this is bordering on the obsessive. I told you I’m fine, okay?”

“Yeah I know, but I need to know you’re okay. It’s bad enough that I haven’t heard from Lena.”

“Kara, she’s fine. Like me, and you, and everybody else in National City, she’s busy.”

Lena had been gone for weeks now. She stayed busy at Lionel’s cloning labs, ensuring that vaccines were being synthesized and packaged so that she could get them to all of National City’s hospitals. The next step was to send the vaccine all over America, to make sure everyone had it on hand.

“I know, I know,” Kara mumbled. “But still.”

“Mmhm,” was all Alex said.


“Oh nothing,” but her tone, in fact, said that there was definitely something. Kara knew that tone. She also knew Alex. Kara rolled her eyes and put a hand on her hip.

“Are you making fun of me?”

“What? What makes you think I’m doing that?” Alex said facetiously. Kara was about to say something else when a text came through her phone. She didn’t have to see who it was to know that it was important.

“I have to go. J’onn just texted me and I need to take Lillian to jail.”

“Hey, do us all a favor and make sure she stays there.”

“Will do.” Kara hung up.

Instead of letting the guards take care of it, Kara saw to it herself that Lillian was locked up. If it was up to her, she would have buried the woman in the deepest pit and left her to rot, but the justice system was in place for a reason. Lillian gave her a snarky smile as Kara closed the cell door behind her.

“I’ll be seeing you again real soon,” Lillian said to her, cockiness clear in her voice. Kara ignored her but she couldn’t help the shiver that went down her spine. When the guards were out of listening distance, she stared her down.

“For your sake, you better hope not,” Kara whispered angrily. Lillian scoffed before turning her back on her. Kara left and returned to the DEO.

“Is she locked up?” Alex asked her. Kara nodded her head.

“What’s the next step?”

“Next is that we all get the day off. J’onn wanted us to take a breather after what happened in the past couple of days. Even you get the day off.”

“Well what about crime?” Kara asked.

“Well if anything happens, J’onn and I will take care of it.”

“Wow, a day off? What should I do?” Kara asked to herself. As if on cue, her phone vibrated. When she checked the screen, she saw that she had a text from Lena and Kara immediately smiled.

I would like to take you out tonight. May I?

Kara looked up to see Alex smiling.

“I may or may not have told Lena that you got the day off,” she said as she shrugged nonchalantly.

Kara smiled and typed her reply.

I would like that. When and where?

It was only a few seconds before she got a reply.

I’ll pick you up from home. Wear something nice okay?

Kara’s eyebrows furrowed. “She knows where I live?”

“Yep that’s my fault,” Alex said again. Kara smiled at her.

“You really planned all of this?” she asked.

“Well no. Lena planned all of it. I just helped her.”

“Okay well I guess I have a hot date. I’ll see you later.”

Kara flew home and took a hot shower. She needed a wash, but she also wanted a space to clear her mind and calm her nerves. Oh Rao, how long has it been since she’s been on a date? Months? Years? Her life was basically Catco and Supergirl. Then it occurred to her that she called this a date, because she knew for sure that’s what it was . There was no mistake about it. She knew how she felt about Lena and she had an idea about how Lena felt about her. This was going to be a date. Kara Danvers was actually going out on a date.

Honestly, the hardest part about this date was finding something to wear. Kara was taking clothes off as fast as she was trying them on, but none of them seemed right enough for the occasion. She had a crazy amount of sweats and flowery sundresses, plus her clothes for Catco. Kara ran a hand through her damp hair as she huffed in exasperation. Her phone vibrated and she answered it.


“You rushed out before I got the chance to say this, but there’s a dress for you behind your bedroom door.”

Kara scrunched her eyebrows in confusion as she walked to the door and looked behind it. Sure enough, there was a garment bag hanging on the door.

“What would I do without you!” Kara squeaked in excitement.

Alex chuckled. “Don’t get me started.”

Kara rolled her eyes as she hung up the phone and proceeded to get dressed. An hour later, Kara was fully clothed and ready for Lena. The dress that Alex picked was perfect. It was a floor length gown that, much to Kara’s embarrassment, fit exactly as tight as the red dress did at the gala. It was an azure and iridescent blue and the iridescence shone colorfully in the light. A slit reached up to her right thigh and it displayed ample skin. The gown was tapered around her torso and chest, and her cleavage was on modest display. The sleeves were tight and ended on her wrists. Kara curled her hair again and let it hang down. She put on a light amount of makeup and silver heels. The way she was dressed, you’d think she was affected by red kryptonite again, but she chose to dress like this all on her own.

There was a knock at her door and when Kara opened it, her mouth fell. Lena was dressed in an immaculate purple tuxedo. It fit her well and Kara couldn’t help but think that she looked really good in it. Like Kara, Lena’s hair fell in waves around her shoulders and in her hands, she had some sort of flower that Kara didn’t recognize. Kara’s eyes travelled up and down her body, before finally landing on Lena’s brilliantly white smile.

“Get you a girl who can do both,” Kara said to herself.

Lena’s eyebrows furled together in confusion. “What?”

Kara shook her head. “Never mind, ignore me,” she said while chuckling. “You look really good Ms. Luthor.”

“Likewise Ms. Danvers,” she replied as she presented Kara with the flowers.

“Kara smiled as she took them. Their sweet aroma filled the air between them and Kara gazed into Lena’s eyes as she inhaled.

“These smell so good. What are they?”

“They’re sweet alyssum. It’s what you smell like. Even right now,” Lena purred as she bit her lip. Kara blushed as she set the flowers on her kitchen counter.

Lena held the door open for her as Kara left her apartment and she held the door open for her on an expensive looking car.

“What’s the agenda for today?” Kara asked her.

“My goal is to take you out to eat tonight. I would really like for you to have a relaxing evening.”

Kara smiled. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She was going out on a date with a Luthor, that was orchestrated by Alex, J’onn, and Lena. She felt nervous and shy, but at the same time she was also comfortable with Lena.

“How is it going with the vaccine production?”

“Really well,” Lena replied. She smiled at Kara. “Without you it never would have happened, so thank you.”

Kara blushed again and the night was still young. If she kept it up, she was sure her head was going to explode from the pressure.

“Don’t thank me. It was between you and Alex and how crazy smart you two are, plus J’onn for helping us with Lillian. It was all a group effort.”

Lena lightly brushed her fingertips over Kara’s hand before gently taking her hand. Goosebumps blossomed over Kara’s skin followed shortly by warmth.

“Don’t sell yourself short darling. You were level headed and calm throughout the whole situation. It was some of your quick thinking that helped us out of really dangerous circumstances. If I had life, I would say that I owe you it, but let’s just settle for a personal debt?”

As Kara listened to her, she felt her body temperature rise by several degrees. The blush that started in her cheeks, spread throughout her face and to her neck. She could feel arousal tug within her stomach and she was fairly sure it didn’t go unnoticed when Lena smiled mischievously. Kara cleared her throat and willed her body to calm down. This was just a date, no more no less.

When they approached the restaurant, Kara’s eyes grew big in wonder. The building was a modest size but was decorated with glass walls and chandeliers. At the front of the restaurant was a stage with a piano and a drum set. At the side was a bar area, complete with expensive alcohol and a television. People were outrageously well dressed and much like the gala, Kara couldn’t help but feel as though she didn’t belong. Lena pulled the car into valet before getting out and opening Kara’s door. When Kara stood outside, Lena offered her arm.

“May I escort you inside?”

Kara smiled and wrapped her arm around hers before they walked in.

“Good evening Ms. Luthor. Your table is ready for you,” the host said to them as they got close. They followed him before taking their seats.

“May I get you something to drink?” a waiter asked them a few seconds later.

“Water,” they both said at the same time. They looked at each other and smiled.

“Right away ma’am,” he said as he departed.

Kara gawked as she looked around in wonder. This was the second fanciest place she had ever been to, the first being the gala of course. She couldn’t help but feel a little out of place. Between the glass walls, the chandeliers, and the glossy granite floors, it was hard to feel a little comfortable. Lena watched her quietly.

“I hope this place is okay,” she said as Kara looked at her. “If it’s too much we can go somewhere else.”

Kara was shaking her head even before Lena finished her sentence. “Oh no, you don’t have to do that. My idea of dinner is usually pizza on my couch,” she said with a chuckle. “I just need some time to get a feel for this.”

“Please take all the time you need.”

A comfortable silence engulfed them as they both perused the menu. A couple of people walked onto the stage, which got Kara’s attention, and they began to set up their instruments. Within minutes, they were playing smooth jazz. Kara watched them mesmerized, as the notes seem to fill the air around them. She could almost see the vibrations bounce around in the restaurant. Unbeknownst to her, Lena watched her as she smiled. The almost child-like wonder on her, was endearing and cute. She’s made this woman orgasm and she would never cease to amaze her.

“This place is really nice Lena,” Kara said to her. “Thank you for taking me out tonight.”

“Of course.”

Some time later, Kara and Lena received their food and were eating. The musicians were still playing on stage. At the corner of her eye, Kara saw an explosion on the television screen. The words “Explosion at National City Bank” played across the screen. Lena noticed a shift in Kara’s attention and turned to look at the news as well.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Kara grumbled. “Lena I think I have to go-”

The sound of her phone going off cut her short. She gave Lena an apologetic look and checked it. It was from Alex.

Don’t you dare leave. Like I said, J’onn and I have this covered. Enjoy yourself.

Kara smiled at the message, and just as she was about to tell Lena the good news, her phone vibrated again.

Put your phone on silent. I know you checked it. That’s rude.

Kara laughed before she showed her phone to Lena. Lena chuckled before turning back around to look at the TV. On the screen was Alex and the Martian Manhunter as they began to apprehend the bank robbers.

“Well it seems as though they have this covered,” Lena said, grateful that their date didn’t get cut short. She owed them a favor in the future.

After their meal, they stayed at the table to watch the band. Lena took the opportunity to move closer to Kara and when Kara realized how close she was, she leaned against her. Lena wrapped her arm around her shoulder and they stayed there comfortably until the song was over. Lena got up and walked with Kara back to the car.

“Thank you for tonight,” Kara said with a dopey smile on her face.

“My pleasure.”

“What’s next?”

“Next, is that I take you home.”

Kara frowned at the thought of their time together coming to an end. Sure, they’ve spent a lot of time together, but to be fair, it wasn’t under the most romantic or even normal circumstances.

“What’s wrong?” Lena asked suddenly.

“Wrong? Nothing’s wrong,” Kara said quickly as she flashed a smile.

“You’re heart is betraying you darling,” she replied quietly with a smile playing at her lips.

Kara huffed. “Damn that hearing of yours. It’s just…I don’t know. I didn’t expect the night to go by so fast.”

Lena rubbed small circles into her hand as she drove. “There will be plenty of opportunities in the future,” she promised.

When they got to Kara’s apartment complex, Lena walked her to the door.

“Well it has been a pleasure Ms. Danvers. Hopefully we can do this again.”

Kara blushed when Lena called her that. Her hand rested tentatively on the door knob.

“I would really like that,” she said. She hesitated before planting a chaste kiss on Lena’s lips. When she pulled back, she gazed into Lena’s eyes. Have they always been that green? They were like emeralds, lustrous and sparkling. It was then that Kara noticed that Lena’s pupils were blown and she was nibbling on her lip. Kara licked her own lips and she could feel her heart beating in her chest. The air had changed between them suddenly and it was getting harder for Kara to breathe. So many emotions and feelings were running rampant through her body. Attraction, giddiness, lust, arousal. There was something that she wanted, no needed, from Lena but she wasn’t sure how she was to proceed or even ask. It seemed Lena knew what she wanted because she wanted it too. Lena caressed Kara’s face before kissing her passionately. Her other hand trailed a slow path down her back before resting at her hip. Kara wrapped her arms around Lena’s neck. One kiss turned into another and then another. Lena backed Kara into her front door and Kara wrapped a leg around her hip. Kara’s hand tangled into Lena’s hair as Lena moved her hand from her hip to grip her thigh. Kara was moaning as lust flowed through her veins and arousal stirred low in her stomach. Lena was growling softly before she pulled her lips away. Her eyes were glowing brightly and she had her lips pursed together.

“Kara, I-”

“Lena,” Kara said softly, but interrupting her next sentence. “Any other time I would humor you and hear you out but right now, there’s no immediate danger, no one’s dying, and I have seen what you’re capable of.”

She blushed violently as she said her next words. “I’ve felt what you’re capable of.”

Kara could see Lena’s jaw muscles tense as she closed her eyes. “Oh, god,” she whispered. She was losing control of herself. For once it wasn’t blood lust. It was a different feeling entirely and just thinking about it unnerved her.”

“No more words, at least not tonight.”

“Just one more question. Are you sure?” Lena asked, her glowing green eyes seemed to swirl hypnotically.

“Yes Ms. Luthor,” Kara whispered before kissing her lips with bruising force.

Kara wasn’t sure how, but somehow they made it inside of her apartment. The door swung open unceremoniously before loudly hitting the wall. Kara couldn’t have cared less, especially at the moment Lena hoisted her up, her soft hands holding her thighs. Kara wrapped her legs around her hips, the kisses never stopping at any point during the moment.

Kara was so incredibly turned on, she knew her underwear was ruined. She began to grind her center against Lena, loving how the pressure felt against her clit. Lightning sparks of pleasure zipped up her spine on every grind.  Lena pinned Kara against the wall and started to shrug off her tuxedo jacket. Kara was helping her up until the point she briefly forgot how strong she was. The distinct sound of tearing fabric made her break their kiss. She winced.

“Lena I am so sorry! I can pay for that.”

Lena only grinned salaciously before taking a handful of Kara’s dress and giving it a tug. Fabric tore and Kara could feel how loose the dress was on her body.

“I’ll pay for that,” she chuckled playfully. Kara laughed.

Lena wanted to be somewhat civil, so she unzipped the back of the gown and let the garment fall to Kara’s waist. What she saw made her mouth water. Delicious, sun kissed skin was displayed and she moved her mouth to place wet, sloppy kisses against her neck before moving downwards. Kara sighed as she felt Lena’s tongue glide across her skin. The feeling of silky wetness made Kara want to grab Lena and pull her closer. She could only imagine what her tongue felt like in other places.

She broke away from Kara long enough to utter one word. “Bed?”

Kara pointed Lena in the direction. When they got there, she placed Kara on the bed and then removed the rest of her dress. Kara opted to remove her bra and underwear herself. Lena stared at her, mesmerized. She began to crawl towards her slowly, the motion fluid and graceful.

“You’re so beautiful,” she whispered right as she reached Kara’s lips. Kara looked like a goddess. Her soft blonde hair was splayed out around her, her blue eyes were dark with the promise of pleasure, and her skin was so smooth. Lena could stare at her all night but when Kara looked at her, she smiled. Kara smiled back as she unhooked Lena’s bra and discarded the item to the side of the room. Lena started kissing her again, except this time it was nice and slow. When Kara opened her legs, Lena fit her body between them and settled there. Kara’s arousal was abundant, and she could feel it smearing on her skin. The smell of it was intoxicating. It was heady and it was all Kara. Lena descended down from her lips, to her neck, and then dipped to her chest. She smiled at Kara before taking a nipple in her mouth. Kara moaned as Lena swirled her tongue around her nipple. Pleasure pulled at Kara’s sex and she ground her core into Lena’s body. After a few seconds, Lena alternated to the next one, teasing her, and making her squeal every time her teeth scraped against her sensitive flesh. Kara was trying to grind into her, and was about to pull her closer, but Lena moved away, instead kissing down her waist to her hips and moving to line her mouth with her core. Lena took a deep, slow breath to inhale the musky scent of her arousal. Kara squirmed when she felt Lena’s breath against her mound, her breath cooling the hot arousal flowing from her. Kara was so on edge that she couldn’t wait anymore.

“Please Lena,” she pleaded. Lena smiled as she held Kara’s hand with one hand and held her down with the other. She took a slow lick and Kara breathed out. Kara could feel Lena’s soft tongue part the folds of her sex. It dipped lightly into her core and swirled around her clit. Electricity seized her muscles and she clenched her thighs. She couldn’t remember the last time she experienced something so heavenly. Lena’s tongue plunged into her core again, and when Lena took her clit between her lips and sucked gently on it, Kara swore her soul left her body. It was indescribable, it was incredible, and it felt so good. Lena moaned at the taste of Kara. She had no words to describe her flavor, but she couldn’t get enough of it. Kara’s arousal flowed in copious amounts and with even a lick, it coated Lena’s tongue. Kara took her free hand and wrapped her fingers through Lena’s hair, pulling her closer. Waves of pleasure swept over her and if it wasn’t for Lena, she would be arching off the bed.

“Oh Rao,” Kara moaned. When she said that, Lena stopped what she was doing and licked her lips. Her eyes glowed devilishly. Kara looked at her in confusion and was about to ask why she stopped, when Lena moved back up her body and gazed deep into her eyes.

“I do remember saying that one day I was going to make you moan my name,” she purred. Kara could smell her own arousal on Lena’s lips, and the thought of her performing oral on her just seconds ago, made her head swim.

Lena trailed her hand down Kara’s smooth, toned stomach. When she got to her center, she rubbed a finger up and down her slit, coating her finger in her juices.

“I’m not going to let you come until you moan my name,” Lena whispered into her ear. When her finger was well lubricated, she gently pushed her finger past the wet folds of her sex. Kara moaned again as she fisted the sheets on her bed. She was already so close, so close to release. Lena was fingering her in just the way she liked. She moved her finger to stimulate the one spot that had Kara drowning in liquid heat. Kara’s arousal mixed with Lena’s movements made obscene noises that filled the bedroom. Kara was gasping and moaning.

“Lena I’m so close,” she groaned. When she said that, Lena stilled her movements. Kara wanted to cry out and went to grab Lena, but Lena pinned her hands.

“I told you,” Lena growled low in her ear. She started to nibble on her lobe. “I won’t let you come until you moan my name.”

Kara huffed at her. “Let’s try again.”

Lena continued her movements and a couple minutes in, Kara was already moaning. When she never said Lena’s name, Lena stopped again. She chuckled low when she felt Kara’s hands ball together beneath her grip.

“Lena, please” Kara cried in exasperation.

“Moan. My. Name.”

After those three words, Lena started thrusting harder. She added one more finger and Kara knew that even if she stopped again, that wasn’t going to stop her from coming. The bed was creaking and Kara closed her eyes. She could feel something building within her and the pleasure that had been building inside her was dangerously close to reaching a climax. Her orgasm was fast approaching and when pleasure exploded within her, she gasped.

“Fuck, Lena!” she moaned, her name falling from her lips. Lena moved her fingers gently against Kara to help her ride out her orgasm. She could feel her muscles spasming against her digits and she purred happily into her ear. Kara was gasping. She was blushing hard and a thin sheen of sweat hard formed on her skin. Lena bite gently into Kara’s neck. It was hard enough for her to feel it but not hard enough to break skin. Slowly, Kara came from her high. Her descent was gradual and Kara had a hard time telling up from down or even left from right but when Lena kissed her, she knew that all she wanted to be was in her arms. They kissed each other again and again until the sun peaked over the horizon.

Chapter Text

Kara awoke to sunlight streaming through her curtains. It took a minute for her groggy mind to remember what happened, but when she did, a smile spread across her face. She had the most amazing sex with Lena last night and if truth be told, she was actually sore. Her muscles protested as she stretched. When she opened her eyes and looked around, she realized that Lena was nowhere in sight. She was about to panic when she heard sounds coming from the kitchen. The most delicious smells were suspended in the air and it smelled like breakfast. Kara’s mouth watered as she smelled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and various other foods. She got up from the bed and put on a shirt. When she made it to the kitchen, she was greeted with a beautiful smile.

“Good morning Kara,” Lena greeted her as she flipped an omelet in a skillet. “How are you?”

Kara smiled as she looked at Lena. Post coital bliss suited her well. Her skin was glowing more than usual. Her hair, tousled and wavy from last night, hung over her shoulder. Her green eyes sparkled lightly. She was wearing one of Kara’s flannels. It was partially unbuttoned and it display some of Lena’s soft skin. It was one of the most beautiful sights Kara had ever seen. Seeing her like that reminded her of how she felt when she saw the stars for the first time when she was younger and first came to this planet. She was in awe and she couldn’t stop staring at her. The sound of Lena’s laughter got her attention. It was then she realized that Lena asked her a question. Kara shook her head as she tried to focus. She smiled and blushed.

“I’m good. Great actually. How are you?”

Lena leaned over the counter and gave Kara a quick kiss on her lips.

“I’m fantastic darling. Are you hungry? I’d imagine that you are, with all the calories you burned last night,” Lena said with a titillating smile.

“Hey! You burned calories too!” Kara exclaimed.

“I’m technically dead Kara. I haven’t burned anything in a long while.”

Lena placed two plates of food in front of Kara. One plate had various breakfast meats and fruit while the other held three buttermilk pancakes with blueberries on top. Lena grabbed some canned whipped cream from the refrigerator and she motioned to it. Kara nodded her head excitedly and Lena put whipped cream on her pancakes. When Lena gazed at her she stopped and tilted her head to the side.

“What’s wrong?” Kara asked as she forked a big bite of pancakes into her mouth.

“You have something on your nose.”

Kara went to wipe her nose but in the blink of an eye, Lena took whipped cream from Kara’s pancakes and wiped it on her nose. Lena giggled as Kara tried to grab her but she moved away.

“This is war Luthor,” Kara said jokingly. Using her super speed, she zipped around the counter and into the kitchen. Lena, able to see what she was about to do, ducked under her out reached hands and fled into the living room.

“You got to be faster than that darling,” Lena said as she propped her feet on the coffee table. Kara smiled slyly as a plan hatched in her head. She took a balled up piece of paper towel and held it close to her mouth. She took a deep breath and blew into it. Using her freeze breath, Kara froze the balled paper towel until it formed a small ball of ice. Lena watched her with unblinking eyes, anticipation and excitement thrummed from her as she waited to see what Kara was going to do. When the ball was done, Kara hurled the ball at her, which Lena dodged but she saw movement at the corner of her eyes and she knew that it had been a distraction. A weight crashed into her and they both fell on the ground. Kara was on top of her, straddling her and pinning her arms to the floor. Lena smiled up at her as Kara laughed triumphantly.

“I have to say, I think I like you being on top,” Lena said as she wiggled her eyebrows.

“Well if you had let me have my way last night, maybe I would have been,” Kara replied as she leaned down to kiss Lena. The moment their lips met, Kara sighed. Her body melted into the kiss and it wasn’t long before she was aroused. Lena inhaled deeply and hummed her approval.

“Smells like you’re not too tired from last night. If I had the time I would indulge you.”

Kara pouted before getting off Lena so she could stand up. They both walked back to the kitchen and Kara sat down to resume eating her food.

“Sorry love. I have a lot to do today. I need to make sure everything is going well at the labs. It seems though the disease is still affecting people.”

Kara’s eyes got big.

“Oh no not like that. It’s not to the degree that it was. It’s just a few people here and there, I promise.”

Kara sighed in relief, but something else was nagging at her and she started to drum her fingers on the counter. Lena stared at her movements before looking at her.

“What’s wrong?”

“I noticed that you didn’t bite me last night when we were….you know,” she said as she blushed again. She felt like a teenager, tripping up on her words and too embarrassed to say the word ‘sex’. “Is there something wrong with me?”

Lena chuckled. “Why on earth would you assume that something would be wrong with you?”

Kara shrugged as she kept eating.

Lena smiled and leaned in very close to her. She bit her lip and her voice got husky. “I tasted you in more ways than one if I recalled what happened last night correctly.”

Kara shuddered and had to stop herself from choking on her food. Lena leaned back and continued talking, unaffected.

“Besides, drinking your blood frequently will began to wear on you. On top of that, I’m on a diet. It took me a couple of decades to curb my thirst and as good as you taste darling, I don’t want to revert to my murderous ways.”

While she talked, Lena got dressed and headed towards the door.

“I’ll see you soon?”

Kara nodded and smiled. “For sure.”

Lena left and Kara took the opportunity to turn on the tv and open her laptop. As she ate, the news played in the background and she used the white noise to focus on getting caught up on her assignments from Catco. Reports needed to be fixed, references needed to be check, and after all that happened, Kara was relieved for busy work like this. She worked for about an hour before something on screen caught her ear. There was an explosion (there always seemed to be an explosion around here) and the reporter was shielding her face as debris rained from the sky. Kara turned up the volume.

“Again, it has been reported that Lillian Luthor has escaped from prison. She disappeared thirty minutes before this robot appeared in National City. It has made no demands and has been destroying city property. The near radius has been evacuated and the city is in a state of emergency.”

Kara was in her super suit in an instant and took to the skies. She called Alex.

“Why is Lillian out of jail???” she demanded the moment she answered.

“We’re trying to figure that out ourselves. The officials at the prison just now told us that she was gone.”

Kara rolled her eyes. Maybe a little communication sooner and this wouldn’t have happened. It was a coincidence that Lillian escaped from jail and then someone else appeared and started to blow everything sky high.

“How far away is this thing?”

“Take the next right, it should be right there.”

When Kara rounded the corner, she saw the robot, right as it blew up the foundation of a building. Immediately, the concrete began to crack and the building teetered to the side. People who were trapped inside, began to scream. Instantly, Kara flew to the building and held her arms out. When it fell over, she caught it. Dust and pebbles sprinkled on her.

“It’s okay everyone! I got you,” Kara said to the civilians.

“Look its Supergirl!” an onlooker exclaimed. People began to cheer. Kara braced herself as she began to push the building back up. Hopefully she could steady it long enough for the authorities to evacuate everyone inside. However, something suddenly knocked her from the air and she began to plummet to the ground. The building teetered to the side and was falling again. Everyone inside cried out in terror. Kara was irritated that whatever this was, was keeping her from saving people. She looked at her captor and realized that it was either a robot or someone in a mechanized suit. In midair, she twisted her body and grabbed her captor, using the momentum her body had gained to throw them off her. They crashed into the street hard enough to tear up asphalt. Kara flew back to the building and leaned against it. She pushed with all her might and forced the building upright, steadying it in the process.

“Thank you, Supergirl!” a little girl said to her through the window. She nodded her head and then went to find the robot.

“Hey Kara,” Winn said through her ear piece.

“Yeah what’s up?”

“While you were fighting, I analyzed the robot. It’s actually not a robot but someone in a suit. It looks like to be a version of the Lex suit that Superman fought back in Metropolis. It’s…been enhanced somehow. The original Lex suit was made of metal plates that are made to absorb kinetic and radiation energy. This suit seems to be made of nanotechnology. Maybe bots or drones of some kind?”

“So someone is in there?” Kara asked to clarify.

“Yes but also be careful. This suit is loaded with kryptonite,” he said. There was typing in the background.

“Noted,” she said.  

The person turned around and faced her. The suit was seriously high tech. It was a metallic green and purple. Yellow light, in the shape of the eyes on the mask and a circle on the chest, glowed brightly. Green light emanated from vent structures on the thighs. Kara didn’t know if she was seeing things, but the suit seemed to move, almost swirl. It looked almost alive. It was moving but at the same time it wasn’t moving. Kara watched as the mask opened in the middle and it began to fold in on itself, revealing a face in the process. Kara groaned in frustration.

“I told you that you’ll be seeing me again,” Lillian sneered at her. “You and I have a score to settle.”

Kara cracked her knuckles, her eyes glowing a brilliant red as she readied her laser eye vision. Lillian’s mask wrapped over her face again, the eyes of the mask glowing yellow as the mask sealed close.

“Yes we do.”

Lillian rushed at her first and Kara shot her lasers at her. She realized too late that her laser vision had no effect on the mechanized suit. Lillian punched her hard in the chest and she stumbled a bit. Kara was ready for her next jab and side stepped as Lillian launched an uppercut. Kara punched her hard in her side and went to bring her fist away when she realized she was stuck. When she looked down, the suit seemed to have liquified and wrapped itself around her fist. Lillian chuckled.

“Like it? It’s my very own design.”

Kara punched her again with her other fist to free herself, but that fist got trapped as well. She was trapped and even with her strength, she couldn’t break free.

“Winn what do I do?!”

There was furious typing in the background. “Um, go for the core. The piece that’s glowing the brightest.”

When Kara focused on the chest piece of the suit, Lillian slammed her head into Kara’s. Kara grunted and fell to the ground. In doing so, Kara’s fists were freed. Kara grunted as ragged breaths sawed in and out of her. Lillian kicked her in her side. She laughed as she extended her arm. A green and glowing sword, humming with kryptonite radiation, grew from the mechanized suit. Kara’s eyes grew wide. She felt woozy instantly as she felt the radiation pierce and infect her body. Just as Lillian was about to stab her, Kara rolled out of the way. The sword embedded itself into the street.

Kara was gasping as she stayed on her hands and knees. She felt like she was going to throw up, but she needed to get a grip. She could hear Lillian charging at her again. Kara looked up in time to see the sword coming at her again and she jumped to the side, shuffling on her hands and knees.

“It’s amazing how something as small as this could have such an effect on you,” Lillian said to her.

Lillian lifted the sword again and pointed the tip of it at Kara. Her smile was malicious and crazed. Just as she was about to deliver her final blow, a voice interrupted her.

“Don’t you dare mother!”

Kara turned around to see Lena standing behind Lillian. Lillian rolled her eyes and eyed her disdainfully.

“Wait your turn. I promise, you’re next.”

Lena crossed her arms. “You couldn’t have just stayed in jail could you? You had to come make all this hell?”

Lillian scoffed. “I’ll do just about anything to rid the world of you.”

“Obviously,” Lena said sarcastically. Lillian smiled at her.

“What’s obvious is that you want my attention. Now, you have it.”

Lillian rushed at Lena, but Lena didn’t bat an eye. She easily dodged all of Lillian’s attacks. This bought Kara some time. Slowly, the wooziness subsided and when she was able to get her bearings, she stood up. She watched Lena as she held her own against Lillian. Lena never used her powers outright but she did just enough to avoid Lillian’s advances. Kara squared her shoulders and joined Lena. As it turned out, Lena and Kara fought really well together. If Lena zigged, Kara zagged. If Lena went up, Kara went down. Soon, Lillian was on the defensive, their punches forcing her to back up. Kara used her powers to jump up and deliver a final punch. This caused Lillian to fall to the ground. Lena smiled and smoothed her clothes. When the mask retracted again to reveal Lillian’s face, Kara saw a trickle of blood fall down her chin.

“You lose,” Lena told her. She turned around and proceeded to walk away. Kara was about to do the same when she heard Lillian mutter.

“That’s what you think.” The sound of a sword unsheathing made Kara turn around. She reacted without thinking and by the time Lena realized what was going on, it was too late. Pain blossomed in Kara’ stomach as Lillian impaled her with the kryptonite sword.

“NO!” Lena screamed.

It felt as though the air was sucked from Kara’s lungs. She wanted to scream, to cry out, but she couldn’t. Lillian laughed as Kara’s knees buckled and she slowly fell to the ground. The kryptonite from the sword highlighted Kara’s veins. Lena could literally hear the radiation destroy her from the inside out. Lillian removed the sword with a wet schlick sound and Lena could only watch as Kara’s blood poured from her wound. Kara wrapped shaky hands around her stomach in a feeble attempt to stop the bleeding.

Lena’s anger rose and it took everything in her not to snarl. She was about to grab Lillian’s throat when she heard a gun shot and felt pain blossom in her chest. She looked down to see a dart imbedded within her.

“My parting gift to you, dear daughter,” Lillian said. Lena’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as the world went black.

Lena didn’t know what was happening. Had it been days? Months? Years? She felt as though her whole world was suspended in darkness. It was just her and the vast nothingness. She could hear indiscernible voices and wondered what it meant. What happened to Kara? Oh god she was stabbed. She needed help. But when Lena tried to move, it felt as though her limbs were anchored down with stones. She was confused and scared.

That’s when she felt it. It was a slight stinging pain that slowly blossomed into a burning agony. She wanted to claw her chest open and remove whatever was causing it. Lena cried out but it seemed as though no one heard her. The indistinguishable voices continued talking, unaware that Lena was in suffering. Then through the darkness, she heard a voice.

“Lena get a grip! Calm down and let us help you!”

Lena was confused. She needed help and would gladly accept it. She tried to use her voice, but no sound would produce. What was happening to her?

“Someone take a blood sample!”

Lena realized that the voice belonged to Alex. That comforted Lena minutely. If Alex was here than that meant that Kara was here as well. But a sound broke her train of thought. It sounded animalistic and realization dawned on her when she discovered that the sound was coming from her. Lena gathered her will power and forced her eyes open. Bright white lights blinded her but she was snarling and baring her teeth. Lena was confused but she couldn’t control herself. Something was wrong. When she looked over, she saw Alex. But the moment Alex got close to her, she would growl and snap her teeth at her. No! That was the complete opposite of what she wanted. The burning in her chest brought her back to reality. She turned her head and looked down. Her chest was completely black. Her once smooth and perfect flesh, marred by vast blackness. It was as though someone smudged soot on her skin.

Lena put two and two together: she was dying and her body needed blood. Tears started streaming down her cheeks. It looks like Lillian finally done it. She figured out how to kill her. Lena looked at Alex.

“Kill me,” She choked out in an inhuman voice. “Please.”

Alex started shaking her head.

“Lena I know you’re still in there. We can save you.”

Lena squeezed her eyes shut and struggled to take a breath. She was choking, she was dying. When a wave of pain washed over her, she welcomed the darkness that came with it. It felt as though she were no more.


When Lena woke up again, all traces of pain were gone. She blinked in the bright light and saw that Alex was standing over her.

“Welcome back to the world of the living,” she whispered.

“Still here huh?”

Alex chuckled a bit. Lena looked down and saw that her whole torso was wrapped in bandages. She also saw an I.V. line hooked up into her arm but instead of fluids, it was blood.

“What happened?”

“We had to cut you up from the inside out. Whatever you were shot with, necrotized your cells. They were literally eating each other so we had to do away with whatever was affected. We weren’t too sure if you were dead, with no pulse and all. We gave you blood just in case.”

Lena groaned. “What about Kara?”

There was no answer. Lena opened her eyes and looked at Alex. Alex was looking down. Her face was red and she was trying to fight tears.

“Alex, what about Kara???” she demanded.

“She’s not here. Lillian took her.”  

Chapter Text

How long had Kara been gone? It was weeks now. Lena and the DEO worked day and night to find Kara but there was no luck. There was no trace of her. At this point, Lena wanted to find any part of her, even if it was a dead body.

“Are you sure that you haven’t thought of something?” Alex asked her for the millionth time. Lena put her head in her hands. She wished she may have forgotten about something, but she combed over all safehouses, warehouses, and hideouts. Kara was nowhere to be found.

“Maybe Kara is alive,” Alex said. “She could hold her own.”

Lena shook her head. “If she’s trapped with my mother, she’s better off dead.”

Alex whirled around and looked at her. Lena stared back at her with unblinking eyes.

“That’s how I felt when I was trapped with her. I could only imagine what she’s putting her through.”

“Oh god, we’ve got to find her.”

Lena was deep in thought when an idea suddenly occurred to her. She checked every place in National City. She even searched the radius around the city but she never bothered to check the one building that was right under her nose. Lena left the DEO and flew to L-Corp. When she entered the building, she could faintly smell sweet alyssum. The building was permeated with it. Since Kara disappeared, she hadn't come to work. She devoted all her time to finding her, and because of this, Lena wanted to slap herself. She made it so easy for her mother to take Kara hostage, keeping her in the one place Lena would least suspect. She was quiet as she stuck to the shadows. As she followed her nose, she realized that she was going deeper and deeper into the basement, and the smell of alyssum was mixed with the growing smell of copper. Blood. Lena felt her stomach drop. In the distance she heard the rattling of chains and groaning. Lena sped towards the sound and when she found the source of it, she stopped dead in her tracks.

Kara was chained and left to hang from the ceiling. She was covered in her own blood. Fresh and dried blood was smeared across her skin and was tangled in her matted hair. She was still wearing her super suit, well, what was left of it. It hung in tatters around her body. She had a black eye and was covered in various other bruises, welts, and gashes. Lena ran to her and began to fumble with the chains. Kara raised her head and stared at her. Her eyes seemed blank, as though the emotion was taken from her. They were a hardened, icy blue. Lena wedged her fingers into the cuffs and used her strength to break the shackles around Kara’s wrists. Kara fell to the floor and spat blood at Lena’s feet. Lena could smell that something was off with Kara's blood. The smell was wrong and foreign, and Lena knew that it was her mother's doing. Lena bent down and picked Kara up and Kara groaned at the pain the movement caused. She was cold, clammy, and shaking profusely. Lena clenched her jaw as she felt tears collect in her eyes

“We have to get you out of here.”

Kara didn't say anything. Instead she laid her head on Lena's shoulder and closed her eyes, her breathing shallow and pained. Lena carried her back to the DEO.


Healing Kara had proven to be an arduous task. The DEO found insane levels of kryptonite radiation in her system, which explained how Lillian was able to hurt her. Kara was so badly hurt, that they couldn't even touch her without her crying out in pain. Her voice was hoarse and wispy, as though she was going to lose it, and Lena's eyes flashed bright green in enmity as she thought about Kara screaming in pain for all the time she was down there. They decided to put her to sleep. Once they were able to flush her body of all the radiation, Kara had healed in less than a week under the solar lamp. Even though she was physically healed, she didn’t feel the same. Lena and everyone at the DEO could tell that she wasn’t quite right. But Kara didn’t care. She didn’t owe anyone a damn thing. Lena wanted to spend more time with her but all she wanted was space. She just wanted to stay home. Kara was irritated when her phone vibrated. She grabbed her phone with such force that she cracked the screen.


There was a pause. “Kara its Alex.”

Kara remained quiet.

“Okay, well you’re needed at the DEO. Now.”

“Fine,” Kara mumbled. She hung up the phone before Alex could say anything else.

Kara flew to the DEO and when she got there she was regarded with stern expressions.

“You flew to the DEO in your civilian clothes? What were you thinking?” J’onn demanded.

Kara crossed her arms and stared him down. “Well if you hadn’t noticed, my suit is in rags. Just be glad that I came at all.”

Winn looked around nervously. “I just finished it today.”

She sat down on a nearby chair and propped her feet on a desk. Alex shook her head and turned her attention towards J’onn and the screen.

“There has been an up surge of criminal activity following Kara’s disappearance. I guess these criminals got brave when you never showed up to apprehend them,” J’onn explained. “Kara we’re going to give you a series of coordinates. You need to go to each of these locations and apprehend anyone doing illegal activity.”

When J’onn turned around, Kara was examining her nails, not at all paying attention. He crossed his arms and frowned.

“I’m sorry Ms. Danvers. Are we boring you?”

Kara scoffed. “I don’t need to do anything, so let’s get that straight. Besides there are other agents here that are more than capable of getting these criminals. Must I do all the work?”

Alex whirled around at her. “What the hell is your problem Kara?!”

Kara jumped out of her seat so fast, that the chair went flying. Her anger skyrocketed.

“Who do you think you’re talking to?” she demanded. Alex scowled at her.

“Whatever you’re problem is Supergirl,” J’onn said, interjecting. “I suggest you get over it and fast.”

“Noted,” she spat at him. She turned around and stomped from the room. On her way out, she snatched her suit from Winn.

“Jeez,” he said as he stumbled back a bit.

Kara changed and took to the skies. She got a call on her ear piece.


“Kara do you need to talk?” Alex asked with concern. “You’ve come back changed and we’re all worried.”

Kara rolled her eyes. “I don’t want to talk Alex. I want to get this done.” She hung up the call.

When she got to the first set of coordinates, it was a couple of guys participating in a drug deal. She landed next to the first man so hard, that she put a crater in the earth. The man stumbled back, running into the others in the process.

“Supergirl y-you’re back!”

Kara clenched her teeth and folded her arms. “I can’t believe they made me come all the way out here for you low lives. You’re a complete waste of my time.”

She focused her attention on the drugs and used her laser eye vision to set them on fire. Kara even destroyed the drugs that were in the hands of one of the men. He yelped as he threw the fireball on the ground and slapped his hands on his thighs. When Kara looked at the guys, they whimpered and ran away, all except for one. He pulled a gun from his jacket pocket and pointed it at her. Kara shook her head in disdain.

“You know that doesn’t work on me. So why bother?”

He laughed at her. “Word on the street is that you’re slipping Supergirl. You’re not as powerful as you use to be, not since a Luthor kidnapped you.”

Kara clenched her fists. “I suggest you shut up right now.”

He kept talking. “I thought you were as powerful as Superman but turns out, you’re a joke. You may have stopped us, but others will find a way to stop you just like Lillian Luthor did.”

Kara snapped. One second, she was standing there and the next, she had the man in a choke hold. He struggled to breathe as he shot the gun multiple times into Kara’s stomach, but the bullets ricocheted off her.

“I don’t think you realize how easy it is for me to break your neck,” she growled. “It’s the equivalent of you humans snapping a tooth pick in half.”

The man’s eyes began to bulge out of his sockets as he dropped the gun. It clattered noisily on the ground. Kara smiled twistedly as she squeezed harder. She could hear his windpipes struggling for air. Kara couldn’t decide if she wanted to stop there, but before she could make a decision, someone shot her in the back.

She turned her head, surprised when it was Alex that fired the shot.

“You shot me,” Kara stated in surprised.

“Drop him now!” she ordered.

Kara laughed humorlessly before releasing her grip. The man dropped to the ground, gasping and coughing as he struggled to get oxygen into his lungs.

“There. Happy?”

Alex looked at the man. “Get out of here now.”

The man nodded and scrambled away.

“Kara what do you think you’re doing?” Alex demanded.

“Evidently I’m cleaning up your mess. What? You couldn’t have done all of this yourself?”

Alex holstered her gun. “No Kara. We were looking for you.”

Kara shook her head and turned around.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going home.”

Kara flew home and got in the shower. What did Alex know? She had no idea what Lillian put her through. The hot water cascaded down Kara’s skin and ran down the drain. Kara looked at her hands and arms. Of course there were no scars, but she could still feel Lillian cutting her open, toying with her, laughing at her cries of pain. Kara took a deep breath and calmed herself. She was fine, she was Supergirl. Nothing affected her. When she closed her eyes to let the water fall on her face, she flashed. Lillian was standing above her with a needle full of green fluid. She could see Lillian’s demented smile.

“I heard that they used this same mixture against Astra when she wouldn’t talk. Let’s see how you fare against it.”

Kara’s eyes flew open. Suddenly she was too hot and her skin was crawling. She also felt like she was going to throw up. She jumped out of the shower seconds before emptying her stomach into her toilet. When she was done, she wiped her mouth and flushed. Kara was frustrated. When will she get over this? This was nothing and it wasn’t worth her time. She dried her body, got dressed, and walked out to the living room. She stopped short when she saw Lena sitting on her couch.

“Why are you here?” she asked as she threw her towel on the floor.

“I’ve been trying to get a hold of you,” she said softly. “I wanted to see how you were doing.”

“How sweet,” Kara said sarcastically. There was a moment of silence and Kara shrugged her shoulders.

“So is that all? If so, the door is that way.”

Kara began to walk to her room but Lena’s voice stopped her.

“Kara I know what you’re going through. You shouldn’t isolate yourself.”

“Don’t tell me what to do! Most of all I don’t want to be anywhere near a Luthor right now.”

Lena winced at Kara’s harsh words and stood up. She walked to Kara’s open balcony.

“If you need me, I’m only a phone call away.” She transformed into a flock of bats and flew into the night sky.

“I don’t need anyone, least of all you.”


Kara awoke to her phone vibrating furiously. She groaned before throwing her phone against the wall, effectively shattering it. She didn’t sleep last night. As of late, it was no different from any other night when she was found chained to the ceiling. Nightmares plagued her and they were all about Lillian. She dragged her body from the bed, grabbing some clothes that probably needed to be washed weeks ago, but put them on anyway. Kara knew of a way to get rid of the dreams.

She flew to Al’s Dive Bar and knocked on the door. A slide door opened, revealing a pair of eyes that were most likely alien.

“Password,” the gruff voice said.

“Let me in?” Kara asked. The eyes squinted at her and she huffed.

“Please?” she added to try and be nice. The slide door closed and she frowned.

“Okay, have it your way,” she said to him. She kicked the door open and the alien behind it was sent flying to the wall. When Kara walked inside, everyone stared at her. She ignored their looks and closed the door behind her. Then she walked to the bar and sat on the stool.

“What will it be?” the bartender asked.

“Whatever gets me drunk faster,” she said. The bartender set a shot glass in front of her and began pouring alcohol. She downed the drink in one gulp. The bartender looked at her in surprise as he topped her off again. Several drinks later, Kara was drunk. She was worse than drunk, she was absolutely wasted. She put her head on the counter as the world spun furiously around her.

“Kara?” a voice asked. She turned her head around and saw Alex standing at the entrance. Alex came to her immediately and smoothed her hair back.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere,” she said.

“Well it looks like you found me,” Kara slurred. Alex took the cup that Kara was drinking out of and smelled it. She dry-heaved as she set the cup down and pinched her nose.

“My god, how many of these did you have??”

When Kara didn’t answer, Alex looked at the bartender who only gave her a worried expression. Alex gave the bartender some money and scooped Kara up, placing an arm around her waist and wrapping Kara’s arm around her neck.

“Alright lets go.”

When Alex brought Kara back to her apartment, she laid Kara down on her couch. Alex wiped hair and sweat from her own forehead.

“Kara what were you thinking?”

“I was thinking that alcohol can clean anything that it touches.”

“What does that have to do with you?” Alex asked.

“I was hoping that it would clean me from the inside out so that I never have to feel Lillian’s hands on me ever again.”

Alex slowly sat down next to Kara and Kara hiccupped. She laughed at her own drunken stupor.

“Kara. What did Lillian do to you?”

Alex watched as tears formed in Kara’s eyes. They fell down her cheeks and dripped onto the couch.

“Alex please. Just leave me alone,” Kara begged. Alex sighed and she got up and left. For what felt like the millionth time, Kara cried herself to sleep.


Lena sat at her desk as she worked, but her mind kept wondering back to Kara. The night she found Kara, she wanted to cry. It took everything in her to not find her mother and rip her head off with her bare hands. She tried to distract herself but she couldn’t help but think about her. Kara was hardened and cruel. She acted out and did things she would never do otherwise. She acted just like Lena did when she was finally free of her mother. Lena could only imagine what she was going through. The anger, fear, and hurt had to be eating her alive.

Lena stopped typing and sighed. Suddenly, there was a tentative knock at her office door. She knew automatically that it was Alex.

“Come in,” she said softly.

Alex came in and closed the door behind her. She sat at Lena’s desk and ran a hand through her hair.

“I don’t know what to do anymore,” she whispered. Lena listened to her.

“Kara is acting so strangely. I’ve never seen her act like this. I mean there was that one time with the red kryptonite but….”

Alex sighed as she looked at Lena and started shaking her head in frustration.

“I don’t know how to help her. I found her today at a bar. She was drunk Lena.”

Lena leaned forward and rested her arms on her desk. She thought of her next words carefully.

“Alex, have you ever been tortured?”

Alex shook her head.

“Have you ever had to live with the fact that someone could have easily killed you, but chose to let you suffer instead?”

Again, Alex shook her head.

“Have you ever had someone take control from you? I mean control over your mind and your body? To make you feel things that you’ve never thought possible? To make you feel things that no person should have to experience?”

Alex looked at her hands and said nothing.

“She’s hurting Alex, but she’s in denial about it. Up until now, she has been unstoppable. She survived the demise of Krypton, she grew up on Earth to be an exceptional woman, she has grown in her abilities as a hero, she thwarted Myriad and put a stop to it. But I’m afraid that this was too much for her to handle.”

Alex listened to her closely. She couldn’t help but think that Lena was talking from personal experience. She seemed to be far away, her eyes unfocused and glazed.

“This will take her time to work through,” Lena finished saying.

Alex swallowed. “Is there anything that we can do to help her?”

Lena nodded slowly. “Text me and let me know where she’ll be tomorrow. I have an idea.”

“What Lillian did to Kara, did she do that to you too?”

Lena offered a smile but it was sad.

“Go home and try to get some sleep,” she said instead. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Alex nodded and got up, glad she didn’t get an answer to her question.

“Thanks Lena.”


It was morning and Kara was at the DEO. Another night of bad dreams kept her up. She was angry, so she decided to take her frustrations out in the gym. People stared at her as she walked past them, not even bothering to say anything to them. She dressed in her workout clothes and went straight to the punching bag. She enjoyed the feeling of her fists connecting with the bag and it slowly put her at ease. Eventually she got into a rhythm and unfocused her thoughts. Several minutes in, Kara flashed. Lillian’s face appeared in her mind. She lost her focused and her next punch contained too much strength. She punched the bag right in half. Kara was breathing hard and she groaned as she went to the storage closet to grab another punching bag. She replaced the destroyed one and went back to punching.

No matter how hard Kara tried, flashes kept interjecting into her mind. Images of Lillian, the pain she was forced to feel, begging and crying, laughing….all the blood. Flash, punch, flash, punch. Five destroyed punching bags later, Kara was gasping. She didn’t want to stop though so she changed the bag again and kept going.

Alex was standing next to one of the windows and watched her. She gripped her arms tightly as she saw how much Kara was struggling. Several minutes later, Lena walked to her side.

“How is she?” she asked Alex.

“See for yourself.”

 Lena looked inside and saw that Kara was surrounded by destroyed punching bags.

“What are you going to do?” Alex asked her.

Lena took a deep breath. “What ever happens in there, don’t stop her, okay?”

Alex appeared confused but she nodded. Lena walked in and closed the door behind her.

“What are you doing here?” Kara asked her without stopping or turning around.

“I came here to spar with you.”

Kara stopped and started laughing. “You’re kidding right? Just go home.”

Lena straightened her shoulders. “I’m not going anywhere until you fight me.”

Kara turned around. Her icy blue eyes stared her down. “I’m in no mood Lena.”

“Neither am I.”

Kara clenched her teeth. “Fine have it your way.”

Kara and Lena stood at the center of the gym and faced each other.

“Don’t hold back,” Lena said.

Kara said nothing. She threw the first punch, which Lena easily blocked. Lena returned a punch of her own and it barely missed Kara. Kara tried to focus her mind but the moment she looked into Lena’s green eyes, her face morphed into Lillian’s. Lena punched her in the face when Kara lost focus and she stumbled back a little. Kara wiped her mouth and shook off the pain. They got back to sparring. Lena had the upper hand in this fight. She kept landing punches whereas Kara wasn’t hitting her at all.

“Are you even trying?” Lena chided her. “Or should I have to make you hurt?”

Whether it was Lena’s voice or the threat, Kara grew angry. She was so angry that for a minute she forgot who she was fighting. Kara caught the next punch that Lena threw her way and flipped her on her back. Kara straddled her and started punching her face. Lena never defended herself and it was then that Alex understood what Lena was doing. The sound of Kara grunting and skin contacting skin filled the air. Lena felt bursts of pain with every contact but she knew that Kara needed this. Kara started crying. With every punch, tears dripped onto Lena.

“You ruined me! You ruined me! YOU. RUINED. ME!” she screamed over and over again. Eventually Kara stopped punching and sobbed in Lena’s lap. Lena had a busted, bloody nose and a swollen lip, but she could feel it healing.

“It’s okay,” Lena whispered as she sat up slowly. “It’s okay.”

She wrapped her arms around Kara and Kara leaned into her embrace. She fisted Lena’s shirt as she pulled her closer. Lena rubbed her back soothingly and smoothed her hair.

“I don’t know what to do. Every time I close my eyes, I see her face! How am I supposed to be okay?” Kara choked out between sobs.

“It will never be okay, but it will get better,” Lena whispered. She held her close as Kara cried out the hurt and pain that had twisted her for so long.

Chapter Text

Kara sat at home and took a deep breath. It had been a couple days since the incident at the gym, but since then, she has felt better. She was sleeping again and she didn’t feel so angry all the time. Kara used her newfound energy to clean her apartment. In her depression, it got cluttered and messy. She threw away old alcohol bottles that she bought from Al’s Dive Bar. Then she did laundry and wiped down every surface that she could see. It felt good to be productive again. When she was done, she went to the DEO. She apologized to everyone, including J’onn and Alex, for how she acted. Alex reassured her that she understood and that Kara was going through so much, but Kara still wanted her to know that she loved her and it didn’t necessarily excuse her for acting like a jerk. Kara decided to take a sabbatical from both jobs. The world saving was left to J’onn and Alex while her reporting jobs were given to James at Catco.

Kara came home and sat on her couch. She fidgeted with her phone as thoughts tumbled chaotically in her head. She ended up buying a new phone since she destroyed her last one. She was nervous because she needed to apologize to the one person that deserved it the most. She said and did some harsh things to Lena, and Kara felt like a ‘I’m sorry’ wasn’t going to cover it. She opened the messages on her phone and read the most recent message Lena sent her.

I’m here if you ever need to talk.  

Lena sent that to her a couple days ago and Kara couldn’t help but think that she didn’t deserve her. She didn’t deserve her kindness or her empathy. Kara would much rather have Lena be mad at her. That’s what she deserved, especially for beating her as bad as she did at the gym. But even then, all Lena did was hold her as she fell apart. Kara closed her eyes and inhaled, holding it in for a couple of seconds, before exhaling. She closed her messages and instead, opted to call Lena. Lena answered it on the second ring.


“Hey Lena, it’s Kara,” Kara said nervously.

“Hey, how are you darling?”

Kara smiled when Lena used her nickname. It settled her stomach and her heart slowed its rampant beating in her chest. She licked her lips and swallowed the lump forming in her throat.

“I really need to talk to you,” Kara said. “It’s important.”

“Can you come to my house? I’m working from home today.”

Kara nodded. “Sure. Text me your address?”

Her phone vibrated immediately and when she checked the message, it was Lena’s address.

“I’ll see you soon,” Lena said softly.

Kara nodded. “Yeah.”

Kara hung up and held the phone against her mouth as she replayed the conversation in her head. She wasn’t even entirely sure what she was going to say to her. To organize her thoughts, she took a shower. She tried to calm her nervousness as she washed her body, but nothing was working. Kara took a couple of deep breaths. She can do this, she must. She got out, dried herself, and got dressed. The best way to approach this, was to not overthink it. Whatever happens, will happen. Kara was scared that Lena would never want to talk to her again after what happened. If she had been on the receiving end of how Kara treated her, Kara would  have been less understanding. She flew to Lena’s address and landed by the front door.

For someone who had a lot of money, Lena’s house was very modest. It was a simple one story house with a garage. The outside was kept fantastically clean. The outside was a brilliant white that reminded Kara of Lena’s perfect smile. Her lawn was covered in lush green grass and vibrant yellow dandelions. The neighborhood seemed very quiet and was the complete opposite to Kara’s lively and cramped apartment. Kara took a deep breath and prepared to knock but the door swung open. Before her stood Lena in a green tank top and jeans.

“Oh hi,” Kara said awkwardly as she put her hand down. Lena smiled.

“Sorry love, I didn’t mean to throw you off. I heard you coming.” She stood to the side and ushered for her to come in. Kara nodded and stepped inside. She didn’t know what to expect when she saw Lena’s house, but it wasn’t what she saw. It was as if someone barely lived here but at the same time it was still homey. Kara couldn’t explain it. Lena had two black couches that were positioned at opposite ends of each other, but both were seated against the wall. In the middle was a glass coffee table that held a tv remote and car keys. Much like everything else that Kara has seen, the carpet was spotless and Kara took off her shoes before walking on it. Not much decorated the walls except for some paintings but that was it. Lena watched as Kara looked around.

“Please make yourself at home,” she said. “Would like anything to drink?”

Kara shook her head. “No thank you. I’ll make this fast. I don’t want to waste any of your time.”

Lena tilted her head to the side and she took Kara’s hand. She led her to the couch where they both took a seat. Kara couldn’t help but think that Lena’s hands felt especially warm. She reveled in the feeling, enclosing her hands around hers.

“Kara you will never be a waste of time. Not to me. Not ever,” Lena said sternly. Kara nodded as she looked at their entwined hands. Lena started to massage small circles into the back of Kara’s hand, and when Kara looked up, she offered her a small smile.

“Lena I came over here to say…” Kara trailed off, the words seemed to lodge themselves in her throat. Lena looked her in the eyes. She exuded patience and understanding. Kara knew what Lena must be hearing. She could feel her heart thundering in her chest. She was almost light headed and her hand was beginning to sweat.

“Kara?” Lena asked with concern. Kara swallowed and cleared her throat.

“I’m sorry Lena.”

Lena looked confused before scrunching her eyebrows in confusion. “What for?”

Kara looked at her incredulously. “What for? For being a jerk to you! You were trying to help me and I threw it back in your face, quite literally. I hurt you in more ways than one and I apologize for everything that I did.”

Lena chuckled when Kara finished and she squeezed Kara’s hand softly.

“Kara, darling, I know exactly what you’re going through. I went through it too. You don’t have to apologize at all. I’m just happy that you’re doing better.”

Kara nodded. “I do feel better. Thank you for that.”

Lena smiled as she rubbed her chin. She could still feel phantom pain from Kara’s punches.

“How’d you know that would help me?”

“I didn’t,” Lena said truthfully. “I hoped it would. Sometimes through violence and anger, the truth of how we really feel can come out.”

“What about Lillian?” Kara whispered. Lena shook her head.

“With everything that happened, she got away but she won’t stay gone for too long. It’s not her style.”

There was a moment of silence as Kara digested what happened. Lena wasn’t mad at her. She forgave her for everything that she did. Kara could feel her lip trembling and tears formed in her eyes.


Kara sniffled and wrapped Lena in a tight hug. Her tears dripped onto Lena’s skin and Lena hugged her back.

“Kara what’s wrong?”

“I thought you were going to hate me,” Kara said through the tears. “I was so scared that you were going to hate me after everything I did to you.”

Lena smiled and smoothed her hair. “I could never hate you.”

They stayed like that for what seemed like forever. A knock at the door grabbed Lena’s attention. Kara sat back and wiped her face. When Lena opened the door, she was greeted by a pizza delivery man. She handed him some cash and took a box of pizza from him. She closed the door behind her and went to the kitchen. Kara was puzzled.

“What’s that for?” she asked.

“I knew you would be hungry, so I got us some food.”

As Kara came closer to the kitchen, Lena handed her a slice of pizza.

“Help yourself,” she said. Kara took the slice of pizza but instead, put it back in the box. Lena watched her, curious and puzzled, as Kara approached her while also tracing her fingertips up her arm. They both closed their eyes as Kara moved closer, the tips of their noses touching lightly, and their breaths intermingling together. Kara leaned in first, her lips grazing Lena’s softly. When Lena didn’t stop her, Kara kissed her again a little harder. Lena moaned a bit and Kara held Lena’s hips against her own. Kara kissed her again and again, loving how warm and soft her lips were. When Lena put her slice of pizza down, Kara thought she was going to tangle her hands in her hair, but instead Lena used her hand to push Kara back a bit.

“Kara, I’m not too sure we should be doing this. It’s too soon,” she said quietly. Kara closed her eyes and mentally slapped herself. She was acting like an idiot again. How could she let her emotions get the better of her?

“Yeah, no. You’re right, I’m sorry,” she said.

“Don’t be,” Lena said as she used her finger to tilt Kara’s chin up. Kara looked at her. “I know you’re still trying to heal and come to terms with what happened.”

Kara nodded and took a step back. She and Lena grabbed their slices of pizza and walked back to the couch. They spent the next few hours talking about anything and everything. As the sun went down, Kara stood up and helped Lena clean. When she stood outside the door, she gave Lena a shy smile.

“I hope you don’t think this is rash Lena, but may I take you out on a date?” she asked her. Lena smiled as she leaned against the door.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Kara nodded. “Yes please.”

“When and where?”

“Tomorrow at 8, okay? And wear something a bit more casual, I’ll pick you up here.”

“It’s a date.”


Kara spent the next day preparing for her date. She opted to make food instead of spending money she really didn’t have. She had the perfect location picked out and everything. Kara wore a pink dress shirt and some jeans. She tied her hair into a bun and left her glasses at home. Tonight, she wanted Lena to see her for everything that she was, the good and the bad. Besides, she doubt anyone would recognize her. At 8 o’clock, Kara rang Lena’s door bell. When Lena opened the door, she smiled. Lena was dressed in a pressed flannel shirt, some jeans, and tennis shoes. She was still beautiful. Kara was beginning to learn that no matter what Lena wore, she would always be flawless.

“Are you ready?” Kara asked her.

Lena nodded but looked around in confusion. “How are we getting there?”

“I’m your ride,” Kara replied as she picked Lena up. Lena giggled and wrapped her arms around her neck. Kara was gentle as she took off into the night sky. Tonight was clear, the moon and stars shining brightly on them. Their white light bathed Kara and Lena both, as the air gently caressed them. As they got higher and higher, Lena looked down in awe. She had never really paid attention to the city like this. Kara smiled as she watched Lena’s facial expressions.

“Have you never flown just to get a look at the city?” she asked as she giggled.

“Not really,” Lena admitted. “I can’t fly during the day and I try hard to limit my flying at night. A huge flock of bats is kind of conspicuous. I’ve had someone call animal control on me before while I was in Metropolis.”

Kara snorted before devolving into a fit of laughter. “I am so sorry! I shouldn’t laugh at that!”

Lena laughed along with her. “It’s totally okay. Looking back, it is funny. The news did a segment on SARS and what someone should do if they ever got bit.”

Kara started laughing harder. She was laughing so hard that she was wheezing. Lena loved the way her laughter carried. It was light and infectious. It also eased the stress that seemed to age her. Kara almost looked like her normal self. When Kara noticed that Lena was studying her, she looked down and met her eyes. Her green eyes seem to swallow the moonlight like it belonged there. Kara bit her lip and blushed.

Lena returned her attention to the city lights. She could see people walking below. Everything was clear to her as though she was standing in the middle of it.

“What’s it like to fly as a bunch of bats?” Kara asked.

“Hmmm, how to explain it,” Lena said as she scratched her chin. “It’s hard to describe but it’s like this. Even though there are multiple bats, I am still each individual bat.”

Kara looked bewildered. “I’m not sure I understand.”

“Each bat that makes the flock holds a piece of my consciousness. I am the bats and the bats are me. When I’m flying, I am able to see out of each bat. The bats work together to help me get to where I need to go.”

Kara thought about what she said. “Wouldn’t it be hard to concentrate?”

She nodded. “Sometimes it can be, but with practice, I learned how to make the bats work together to compile all that they see and hear into my consciousness.”

“Holy cow,” Kara whispered.

They were quiet as Kara flew them to L-Corp. When they landed at the top, Lena walked to the edge of the building to admire the sky view of the city.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Kara asked her as she stood next to her side.

“Almost,” she murmured.


“I can think of someone who looks better than this.”

Kara smiled at the compliment. She gently took Lena’s hand and escorted her to a table. Candles and a vase full of roses adorned the top of it. Lena gasped as she realized that Kara had set up a candle light dinner just for the two of them. Several metal dish covers were set all around the table. Kara went to a chair and pulled it out for Lena.

“Why thank you Ms. Danvers,” she said sultrily as sat down in one graceful movement. Kara smiled and began to remove the plate covers. Breakfast foods, like the ones Lena made for her all those weeks ago, were presented before her. Kara made pancakes, fruits, breakfast meats, and fruit juices. Lena giggled as Kara took her seat.

“I owe you a breakfast,” Kara said.

“Well it looks delicious. Thank you.”

They were quiet as they ate. Lena loved the food that Kara made. The pancakes were light and fluffy. The fruit was juicy and sweet. Everything was scrumptious and Lena moaned in satisfaction as she devoured it. It surprised her how much of a good cook Kara was, considering she ate out a lot. But now that Lena thought about it, she probably had to eat on the go constantly because she was always saving National City. When the wind blew softly, Lena got a good whiff of the candles and roses.

“Mmmm,” she hummed as the smell of salted caramel engulfed her. That, mixed in with the roses, made her mouth water.

“This smells so good,” she said.

“The food?” Kara asked.

Lena shook her head. “Everything out here smells good, including you.” She winked her eye. Kara smiled and blushed.

When they ate their fill, Lena sat back in the chair and rubbed her stomach.

“I can’t eat another bite!”

“I’m glad you liked it. I do have something else for us planned though.”

“What is it?” Lena inquired.

Kara took her phone out of her pocket. Unknowingly to Lena, Kara set up a speaker underneath the table and it was connected to her phone via Bluetooth. She played a song and held her hand out to Lena.

“May I have this dance?”

Lena took her hand and got up from the table. When she stepped closer to Kara, Kara lightly placed one hand on her side. Lena put a hand on Kara’s shoulder and then gently held her hand. They assumed the waltz pose and started to dance. The music had more of a rock tone to it than Lena expected, but she loved the way the guitars sound as the band members played their cords. Their voices were in perfect harmony as the music surrounded them and echoed faintly into the night air.

Don’t let this end now. Slow this dance down. I can stay here all night…forever.

Were those the lyrics? Lena actually liked that. Kara swayed with her and danced with a grace Lena didn’t know she had. It almost felt like she was at a ball. She was a princess dancing with her prince except in this case, Lena’s prince was a badass alien from Krypton. Kara twirled her and dipped her effortlessly.

I hope time would stop, it’s hard for me to breathe. She’s really falling in love with me. What should I say? What should I do?

1-2-3. 1-2-3. Step, step, turn. Step, step, turn. Suddenly, Kara wrapped her arm around Lena’s hips and spun her around. Lena was breathless. Was there something Kara couldn’t do?

Teach me every step, every dip, and every turn. Your arms around my neck, you make me want to learn.

Lena looked into Kara’s blue eyes. She saw a beauty that couldn’t be described with just words. The power of the sun seemed to be housed in those beautiful blue orbs and Lena thought she was the most beautiful thing on earth. Years of pain and isolation. Have they led to this moment?

When the song ended, they didn’t stop dancing. Instead, they continued to swirl slowly.

“What are you thinking about?” Kara whispered. Lena swallowed thickly.

“I’m thinking about how lucky I am. To have met you I mean. To have gotten to know you. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”

“That’s funny,” Kara murmured. She brought their faces closer together. Soon, their breaths were intermixed with each other.

“I feel the same about you,” she finished. Lena smiled. Her heart was full, she could almost feel it. Lena softly brushed her lips against Kara’s. Her lips were soft, and warm, and full. It wasn’t long until Lena tangled her hands in Kara’s hair. Kara moaned as she wrapped her arms around Lena’s waist. When they broke away, Kara was out of breath.

“Thank you for tonight,” Lena said. “The breakfast for dinner and the moonlit dance was very romantic. It surprised me.”

“I can be romantic. I just have to find the time for it.”

Lena smiled and kissed Kara again and Kara took the opportunity to smooth Lena’s soft hair.

“Shall I take you home?”

“I would like that very much,” Lena whispered. Kara picked her up gently and flew them back home.

When they got to her house, Lena hesitated at the door as she opened it. She turned to look at Kara.

“A part of me wants to invite you in,” she whispered.

“What’s stopping you?”

“I don’t know.”

Lena let go of the door knob and kissed Kara passionately. Kara moaned and held her close. Kara needed this right now. After everything she went through, she needed the good to outweigh the bad. She needed Lena, she was very sure of that. She gripped Lena so tightly, she thought that she was going to rip her clothes again. Kara’s heart thundered against her chest as Lena’s hands reached under her shirt and stroked her skin. Kara probed her tongue against Lena’s lips and she opened her mouth. Their tongues glided against each other softly. Kara could feel Lena’s fangs with the tip of her tongue. They scraped gently against her and it only served to turn Kara on more. She loved Lena’s fangs. They were a part of her and she accepted that about her. Lena lightly bit Kara’s tongue and Kara squealed in delight. Kara broke their kisses and leaned down to kiss Lena’s neck. She pushed her gently inside the house and kicked the door closed behind them. Surprisingly, Lena was out of breath.

“This is different,” she said. “Usually I’m the one going for the neck.”

Kara smiled as she peppered Lena’s neck in open mouthed kisses. Lena closed her eyes and sighed. Every kiss she felt tugged at her core. She could feel her arousal pooling in her jeans. It took everything in her to not throw Kara down and have her way with her. Instead, she continued to stroke Kara’s skin. She reached up and unclasped Kara’s bra from under her shirt, throwing the garment aside. Kara picked her up, her strong hands wrapped firmly around Lena’s bottom. Lena wrapped her legs around Kara’s waist. Lena continued to kiss Kara. In her zealousness, one of her fangs pierced Kara’s lip lightly and it drew a small bead of blood. Lena licked it, moaning at the taste. Kara moaned as well when she felt the small amount of pleasure pull at her lower stomach. Her clit throbbed deliciously.

“God you smell so good,” Lena moaned as she got a whiff of Kara’s arousal.

“Lena where’s your bed?”

Lena dropped from Kara’s waist and led her to her bedroom. Her bed was humongous. It was infinitely bigger than her own. Black sheets, two pillows, and a red floral comforter were all that were on the bed. Kara and Lena were undressing each other, clothes thrown on the floor without care. Lena picked Kara up and laid her down on the bed. Her green eyes grew dark with lust and she bit her lip. Kara gasped at Lena’s sexy smile. It was her only warning, her only prelude, to what Lena was going to do to her.

Kara laid down and Lena settled on top of her, and in between her legs, as their lips met each other. Kara loved kissing Lena. The act itself was so simple but with her, it was erotic and mind blowing. She could feel Lena’s tongue in her mouth and Kara couldn’t stop herself as she dragged her fingernails down Lena’s back. Kara wanted to keep enjoying this but she didn’t want tonight to be all about her. She flipped them over so that she was on top and was straddling Lena. Lena laughed breathlessly, the action taking her by surprised. Kara started to kiss at her neck before making her way down. Every so often, she nibbled her as she descended down Lena’s body. Lena’s eyes were squeezed closed, her hands fisted the sheets, and her teeth clenched as she braced herself for the indescribable pleasure Kara was going to bestow on her. When Kara got to her thighs, she kissed and licked the inside of them, tickling the soft skin there, teasing her the way Lena teased her the first time they had sex. But Lena seemed to be in no rush.  In the end, it was Kara, who again, lost patience. Kara licked Lena’s saturated slit and sighed. Lena didn’t taste good or bad, however, her flavor was distinct and it was a flavor that Kara would love soon enough. Kara licked her harder, her tongue plunging in and out of her hole. Lena wrapped her hand into Kara’s hair, her fingers pulling at the strands. Kara could care less that it hurt a little, she just wanted to pleasure Lena the same way Lena pleasured her. She swirled her tongue around Lena’s clit, playing with it between her lips, before releasing her to finger her core. Lena moaned and arched her back. It wasn’t long before Kara took Lena’s clit back in her mouth and started to suck on it. Lena’s thighs clenched and she gasped.

“Oh god Kara, I’m about to come,” she choked out. Lena came hard, her thighs clasping around Kara’s head. Kara could have cared less if she drowned in her. Watching Lena come, making Lena come would have been worth it. Kara could feel her muscles spasming around her finger. Her arousal flowed into her mouth and she lapped it up as though her life depended on it. When Lena came down from her high, she pulled Kara up and kissed her deeply. She moaned as she tasted her own arousal on Kara’s lips.

“I have a surprise for you,” she whispered against her. She got up from the bed and went to her closet. Kara’s eyes grew big as she pulled out a dildo and a harness. Kara had never used a dildo before. Even though she didn’t want to admit it, she had been using her fingers for a long time now, so she wasn’t even sure if she would be able to take that. But Kara wasn’t going to back down from a challenge. She squared her shoulders and watched as Lena put the harness on. She also grabbed some lube from her night stand drawer. She approached Kara slowly, each step was measured, calculated, as she came closer to Kara with fluid grace. She settled between Kara’s legs again and leaned towards her ear.

“Lie down,” she commanded. Kara did as she was told. She could feel the toy poking her inner thigh. Lena kissed her again, and again, and again. Soon, Kara was embarrassingly wet. She could feel her arousal drip down her thighs. Lena grabbed some lube and applied it to the toy, doing all of this without breaking their kisses. When she touched Kara’s slit and felt how wet she was, she lined her hips with Kara’s core and started to rub the lubricated toy on Kara’s clit. Kara shuddered as ecstasy lit her nerve endings. With each stroke of the toy, pleasure coursed through her veins.

“Yes darling,” Lena whispered into her ear before moving her mouth to Kara’s neck. When the smell of Kara’s arousal filled Lena’s senses, she positioned the toy at Kara’s entrance. Gently, she worked the toy inside of her. Kara wrapped her arms around Lena’s back. She felt so full. Lena moved gently at first and when Kara adjusted, she started to move faster and harder. Unintelligible sentences and moans fell from Kara’s mouth. It felt so good that she was seeing stars. Lena never slowed her pounding, instead, she lifted Kara’s legs up and above her shoulders. Kara swore, the toy now making wet noises as it slipped in and out of her. After a few minutes, Lena pulled the toy out.

“Get on your knees darling,” she coaxed. Kara’s legs were shaking so hard she struggled a bit, but when she finally did so, Lena smiled. She positioned herself behind her, slipping the toy back inside of her. Kara cried out and arched her back. Lena gently wrapped a hand around her neck and forced her head back. She sawed in and out of her so fast and so hard, the bed was creaking. Lena moved her mouth back to her neck and sucked on Kara’s sweat soaked skin. She used her other hand to reach around and rub Kara’s clit.

“Oh god Lena!” Kara screamed. Something was building within her. Her heart was pounding, her muscles were clenched, and a thin layer of sweat was forming on her skin. She couldn’t take much more of this but at the same time she didn’t want it to stop. Lena knew the exact moment when Kara came. She sank her fangs into her neck and she could feel Kara stop breathing all together. The amount of pleasure that Kara felt would have killed a regular human, she was convinced of that. Electric shocks spread throughout her body. Her core spasmed erratically around the toy. But Lena never stopped rubbing her clit, nor did she stop thrusting the toy inside of her. She urged her orgasm on and Kara could feel tears forming in her eyes. When she came down from her high, her body slumped forward, her muscles and bones feeling like goo. She fell onto the bed, her eyes closing as exhaustion over took her body.  



Chapter Text

Kara awoke to sunlight spilling on her face. She groaned as she fluttered her eyelids and tried to will the grogginess away. Kara had fallen asleep on her back and when she stretched her muscles, they protested deliciously. The previous night replayed in her head and she smiled as she thought about all the different ways in which Lena took her. It was indescribable, Kara literally didn’t have any words. She was about to roll over when a weight on her body stopped her. Kara looked down the length of her body to see Lena’s head nuzzled on top of her stomach. Her dark hair was splayed wildly around her as she breathed softly against Kara’s skin. Her hands cupped the sides of Kara’s butt gently and the rest of her body fit perfectly between her legs. Kara smiled at her. She gently smoothed her hand through Lena’s hair, finger-combing it in the process. Lena sighed and a sleepy smiled spread across her lips. Kara chuckled and laid her head back down on the pillow. It wasn’t long before she drifted back to sleep with her hand still in Lena’s hair.


A sensation was stirring Kara from her sleep. At first she was annoyed because she didn’t want to wake up but when she focused on the sensation, she realized what was going on. Something was pleasuring her. She opened her eyes to see Lena’s mouth embedded in her core. She took one slow lick up her slit before she smiled. Her eyes glowed a devilish green.

Kara blurted the first question that came to mind. “Is it still morning?”

Lena shook her head. “Nope, but don’t mind me, I was just hungry.”

Lena attached her lips to Kara’s clit and sucked hard. Kara had no idea how wet she actually was until she could hear Lena slurping. An orgasm washed over Kara and she moaned her release. Lena smiled as she wiped her lips.

“I know you’re hungry too. I heard your stomach growl a couple of times while you slept.”

Kara couldn’t talk just yet. She could feel her heart beating against her rib cage as breaths sawed in and out of her. She only nodded as she willed her body to come down from her high.

“Get dressed love. I’ll take you out to eat,” Lena purred as she elegantly rolled off the bed and proceeded to get dressed. Kara took a few more breaths to steady herself and then got up to do the same.

Lena took Kara to a buffet style restaurant. Kara was super appreciative of her decision because she could feel that she burned more calories than usual. The pain associated with hunger was starting to settle in her stomach. Sometimes she hated having an alien metabolism. Kara piled as much food as she could onto her plate before she went back to the table and scarfed it down. When Kara looked over at the seat next to her and saw the looks of the other people, she was suddenly reminded that she was out in public. She took smaller, more calculated bites. Lena took her seat across from her and chuckled.

“Don’t let what other people think slow you down,” she whispered to her.

Kara shrugged before continuing to eat. Kara and Lena fell into a comfortable silence as they ate. An hour and four plates later, Kara sat back in satisfaction. The waitress eyed her but kept her mouth closed as she removed the used plates from their tables. Kara didn’t meet her eyes. Instead she kept her gaze on Lena. When the waitress was out of earshot, Lena looked at Kara.

“What do you think she was thinking?” she asked her.

“Probably how I was able to eat all that food and still be skinny.”

Lena and Kara chuckled. Suddenly an explosion rocked the foundation of the restaurant. People screamed as they fell from their seats and onto the ground. Plates shattered noisily on the floor. The only two people unaffected were Kara and Lena. Kara looked outside the windows before finding the source of the explosion. Smoke rose in the atmosphere, marring the blue vastness of the sky with its ashy gray color. Kara used her x-ray vision. Miles into the city, she saw a robot destroying city property and attacking people. Kara wanted to groan in exasperation but instead, she took a deep sigh. Lena smiled sympathetically before taking her hand and giving her a reassuring squeeze.

“A hero’s work is never done,” she whispered so that Kara would be the only one to hear her. Kara nodded and smiled but the smile didn’t reach her eyes.

“After everything that’s happened, I wish this city would just chill out. I’m just one person.”

Lena listened to her and when Kara was done talking, she took the hand that she held and softly kissed her knuckles.

“You can do it, darling. I believe in you.”

Kara smiled before leaning over the table to give Lena a chaste kiss. Then she was on her feet and ran outside. With all the commotion, she was sure that no one would realize what she was doing, so she took to the skies, changed into her suit, and called Alex.

Alex answered immediately and the sounds of her on the computer filled the background.

“Real life robot or mechanized suit?” Kara asked her.

There was a brief silence and then came Alex’s voice.

“Real robot this time. There’s not a trace of kryptonite on it either. Winn is studying the radiation satellites now.”

Kara could here Winn talking incoherently in the background.

“He’s telling me that you have the all clear to engage.”

When Kara smiled, it was a genuinely excited smile that brightened her skin. She shone with exhilaration.

“Finally,” she said. “I don’t have to hold back?”

“Well at least make sure that you leave us something to analyze,” Alex said with a chuckle.

“Absolutely no promises.”

Kara disconnected the call before she took a sharp turn and headed towards the robot. The robot was massive and destructive. It stood close to ten feet tall and every step it took left a crater in the asphalt. Kara curled her hands into fists. Pure, unadulterated adrenaline pumped through her veins. She forced herself to fly as fast as she could. She broke the sound barrier, hurtling at the robot in a speed she didn’t even know she had. When she slammed into its body, the force of it took her breath away. She wanted to laugh. It was quite possible that she hurt herself. The robot buckled and crashed into the street. When Kara was able to dislodge herself from the metal body, she looked around in confusion. She was surrounded by dirt and gravel. She looked up and saw that she was beneath the ground. Her impact was so powerful that she put a hole in the earth. A curious onlooker creeped to the edge of the crater and peered inside.

“Are you okay, Supergirl?” he asked tentatively.

Kara shook the metal shrapnel from her body and flew to the top of the hole. She landed next to the man.

“Yes, thank you.”

Kara was met with raucous cheers. People surrounded her as they chanted her name in elation.

“Supergirl! Supergirl! Supergirl!”

She smiled and blushed.  She raised her arms and the crowd quieted after a couple of moments.

“My job isn’t finished yet. Everyone please stand back!”

They did as they were told. Kara jumped into the crater again. She grabbed the robot and hoisted it over her head. She flew the remains back to the DEO where she placed it a couple of feet by the door. Alex and Winn met her outside.

“Do you two have everything you need?” Kara asked them. They both nodded. Alex kneeled and poked the robot with her pen.

“Geez Kara, I did say to leave us something to analyze,” she said.

Kara shrugged. “And I said that there were absolutely no promises.”

She turned to leave.

“Where are you going?” Winn asked.

“I’d like to fix the hole I put in the street.”

Kara didn’t give Winn a chance to respond. Instead she took off again, but this time, she flew in fast circles. The speed generated from her created a tornado that effectively began to pick up dirt and rocks. Kara carried the dirt back to the city and when she got back to the crater, she stopped flying. The dirt and rocks were just enough to fill the hole and people clapped and cheered.

“Thank you Supergirl,” an officer said. “We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Kara smiled and flew back to the DEO. She took the opportunity to enjoy the late afternoon sun. The whole ordeal had taken a couple of hours, so it wasn’t the longest fight Kara had ever been in, but this did take time nonetheless. She reveled in the way she felt when the sun beamed on her skin. Kara felt all glowy and weightless. She could feel power coursing through her.

The declining sun reminded her of Lena and before she could forget, Kara called her.

“Hello?” Lena said.

“Can you meet me at the DEO? We need a game plan to catch Lillian.”

“Sure, love. I’m on my way.”

Kara hung up and proceeded back to the DEO.

Lena was already there when Kara showed up. She stood beside J’onn as Alex and Winn worked on the robot.

“Is this another one of my mother’s distractions?” Lena asked as she crossed her arms.

“It may be, but so far this isn’t pointing to Luthor work,” Winn said. His words caught up to him and he turned around to face Lena. “No offense.” 

“None taken.”

“So are you saying that it’s not Lillian?” J’onn asked.

“Yes, but we also have to keep the possibility open that Lillian could have hired someone to work on the robot on her behalf,” Alex replied.

“Could be another distraction,” Lena suggested. “She’s known for those.”

Everybody conceded to that. Alex and Winn were surrounded in robot parts. Lena was about to ask a question before her cell phone rang.

“Hello?” she said when she answered it.

Kara could hear the frantic talking and she turned to look at Lena in confusion.

“Wait, slow down!” Lena put the call on speaker so that everyone could hear.  A woman was talking rapidly. The sound of distress was evident in her voice. Everyone gathered closer to Lena.

“Ms. Luthor, L-Corp is in a state of lock down! Everyone is trapped inside and men have surrounded us! They’re all armed!!”

Lena clenched her jaw. “Is there a woman there that looks vaguely like me?” she demanded.

There was silence followed by the sounds of gun shots. The woman screamed before she talked again. “Ms. Luthor, please do something!”

“I will,” she said before hanging up.

“What are the odds that it’s Lillian?” Alex asked.

Lena didn’t answer, instead her eyes flashed a dangerous green color. She pocketed her phone and started back to her car.

“Lena what are you doing?” Kara asked.

“She escaped last time. She’s not escaping me again.”

Kara ran to catch up to her. She put a hand on her shoulder to stop her. “Lena you don’t even have your powers.”

“Powers or not, I’m stopping her today.”

“Let us help you,” J’onn said. “We can divide and conquer. Kara and Alex can accompany you to apprehend Lillian, and I can rescue everybody inside.”

Lena looked at him incredulously. “You can rescue a  building full of people by yourself??”

J’onn chuckled before he shifted into his martian form. His eyes glowed red with the promise of power.

“Trust me on this,” he said to her.

Lena looked at Kara, Alex, and J’onn and she smiled. “Two aliens, a human, and a vampire against a psychotic human and her own personal army. What could go wrong?” she said lightheartedly.  

“Famous last words,” Alex said with a smile.


An hour later, everybody was assembled in the basement of L-Corp. There had been a few guards but Kara and J’onn dispatched of them.

“Everyone remembers the plan, right?” Kara asked. They all nodded.

“I’m starting here and working my way up,” J’onn said. He looked up and seemed to be inspecting something.

“There’s only a few guards on each floor. At least her army isn’t that big.”

It occurred to Kara that J’onn was using his infrared vision to see above them.

“I’ll get a head start,” he said before flying up and phasing through the ceiling. Lena looked at Kara.

“Can you take Alex and myself to my office?” she asked.

“How do you know Lillian’s there?”

Lena scoffed. “It’s my mother. Not only is she supremely cocky, she’s getting desperate.”

Kara sighed. “Okay,” she said. She wrapped one arm around Alex and another arm around Lena. She flew out the basement to the top floor.

“How am I getting inside?” Kara asked Lena.

“Go through the window.”

Kara stared at her like she was crazy. “What?!”

“At this point it’s collateral. I have money to replace windows.”

Kara huffed before focusing on her laser eye vision. She shot the beam at Lena’s office window and melted a hole for them to enter. Once inside, Kara landed on the carpet and put Lena and Alex down. The sound of cocking guns got their attention and they all turned around. Lillian was sitting in Lena’s chair, her legs resting on her desk as she smiled at them. Four armed men surrounded Lillian. When Lena saw Lillian, she crossed her arms.

“No, please make yourself comfortable,” Lena said facetiously. Lillian smirked but didn’t say anything. Kara looked between Alex and Lena nervously. Neither of them were bullet proof and unless something miraculous happened right now, that wasn’t going to change. She was about to form a game plan when Alex unsheathed her gun and pointed it at Lillian. The armed men pointed their guns at Alex. Kara tensed and she turned to stare at Alex with wide, angry eyes. She shrugged.

“What?” Alex said as she cocked her gun. Kara shook her head. For once she wished that Alex would listen to that tiny voice in her head that told her when something was a bad idea. Lillian laughed as she examined her nails.

“Humor me Lena. What was your plan here? You have no powers and neither does that agent.” She paused as she looked at Alex. “Aren’t you supposed to be dead?”

Alex began to curl her index finger around the trigger. Kara grabbed the gun and pushed it down. “Alex don’t,” she whispered. “Not yet.”

Alex nodded minutely but remained quiet. Lillian smiled and waved her off. She turned her attention to Lena, who just raised her eyebrow at her.

“What do you want?’ Lena asked brusquely.

“You’re going to let me leave National City,” she said matter of factly. Lena scoffed but Lillian continued talking. “It’s either that, or I give the word to have everyone in L-Corp executed.”

“You’ve already lost and you don’t know it,” Lena said as a smile spread across her face. She looked menacing and Kara had to stop herself from shivering. “Just give up mother, I won’t let you walk away.”

Lillian was about to talk when a yell interrupted her. She turned around in time to see a guard crash through the doors and fly into the room. Time seem to slow down. The guards turned around to face Lena, and Kara could see that they were about to pull the trigger. She reacted and rushed towards them. At the same time, Lillian was moving around the desk towards Lena as Lena lunged towards her. Kara broke all the guns with her hands and slammed the guards against the wall, rendering them unconscious. Kara turned around in time to see a syringe in Lillian’s hands and Lena holding her in a choke hold.

“Fine. Plan B,” she rasped. She took the syringe and jammed it into the side of Lena’s neck. Lena cried out in pain and released Lillian. Lillian stumbled a bit before turning and running towards the door. Alex pointed her gun at Lillian and pulled the trigger. The bullet went through Lillian’s shoulder and Kara could hear Lillian gasp in pain but she kept running.

Kara turned to look at Lena. Her hand was on her neck and the syringe was discarded beside her.

“Lena are you okay?” she asked as she approached her. Lena held up her hand and Kara stopped in her tracks. When she looked up, her eyes were glowing bright and her  fangs had extended.

“I need to get out of here,” she choked out. Kara nodded and looked at Alex.

“I’m taking her back to the DEO. Let J’onn know,” she said. Alex nodded as she holstered her gun. She disappeared from the room. Kara picked Lena up and flew her to the DEO.

A couple of hours later, J’onn and Alex were at the DEO with Kara and Lena. Lena was shaking hard in a seat, her eyes still glowing green and her fangs still extended.

“What’s going on?” J’onn asked. Alex grabbed the syringe from Lena’s office. She swabbed the inside of it using a cotton swab and smudged the contents on a microscope slide. She examined it in her microscope.

“I don’t know,” Kara said in exasperation. “Lillian injected Lena with something and it’s affecting her.”

Alex approached Lena tentatively. “Lena, can I take a blood sample?” she asked.

Lena looked at her in confusion as though she didn’t quite recognize her, but after a few moments, she nodded her head. Alex took some of her blood and mixed it in with the contents of the syringe. She examined the mixture under the microscope.

“Oh, god,” she whispered after a minute. Kara and J’onn looked at her just as Lena stood up. Instantly, her knees buckled and she fell to the floor.

“Lena!” Kara cried as she ran to her but Lena stopped her.

“Lock me up!” she shouted. Kara was taken aback and she hesitated.

“Lena, I don’t understand.”

Lena looked at her and Kara gasped. She had the same look in her eyes as when they were locked in Cadmus and she was bleeding out. She looked as though as she was in pain but something else was off. She looked feral and dangerous. Lena started gasping as she doubled over. They all watched as Lena’s veins started to get more and more visible under her skin. Slowly, they turned black and it looked as though Lena was covered in a thick, black spider web. Lena had her hands on the ground with her fingers outstretched. Kara watched as claws grew from them.

“LOCK ME UP!” Lena screamed. J’onn was the first to move. He picked Lena up and flew her to their jail cells. He closed and locked the door just as Lena snarled and coiled for an attack. He returned to Kara and Alex.

“What is going on?” he demanded again.

“Whatever is in that syringe is affecting Lena’s blood,” Alex explained. When she was met with confused looks, she kept talking. “Think of the plague. Remember how Lena’s blood was reacting to human blood cells? Well multiply that reaction times a thousand. They’re attacking each other, killing each other.”

“She’s blacking out,” Kara chimed in. “She needs blood.”

“How much blood are we talking?” J’onn asked.

“It’s hard to say for sure,” Alex said apprehensively.

“Ball park it.”

Alex shrugged in frustration. The stress of the situation was making her panic. “Maybe a couple of liters?”

J’onn scoffed in exasperation. “Where are we going to get a couple of liters of blood??”

Kara paused and scrunched her eyebrows in concentration. “Wait! Lena did say that she has access to cloning labs that replicate human blood.”

“Can you find them?” Alex asked. Kara nodded and walked out of the room. Several minutes later, she returned with an arm full of blood bags.

“I flew as fast as I could,” she said as she tried to catch her breath. “Let’s give them to her.”

They all walked to the cell where Lena was being kept. When they entered, they found Lena gasping for air and snarling. Her eyes flickered between Alex and J’onn before landing on Kara. Kara gulped as she threw a blood bag inside the cell. Lena scooped up the bag and sank her fangs into it. Blood squirted everywhere from the force of her grip and she swallowed the contents. Lena dropped the empty bag and took a deep breath.

“I think I feel better,” she said in a raspy voice. A second after she finished her sentence she gasped and vomited the blood she drank. She fell to her hands and knees before crying out in pain.

“What’s happening to me?!”

“Why isn’t it working?” Kara demanded. Alex took a blood bag and went back to the lab. She mixed the blood in with Lena’s tainted blood and examined it in the microscope.

“This blood isn’t doing anything,” she said as she still examined the slide. “Her blood cells show no signs of stopping. If this blood won’t work, then we have to assume the others won’t work as well.”

“Oh Rao,” Kara whispered as she ran a hand through her hair. She could hear Lena’s cries of pain from here. Tears were forming in her eyes. She didn’t know what to do. The panic that she had been feeling for a while was starting to spill over when a thought occurred to her.

“What about my blood?” she asked. Alex shrugged.

“It’s worth a try.” She grabbed a kryptonite tipped needle and withdrew blood from Kara. Then she mixed her blood with Lena’s blood and examined it. After a few tense minutes, which felt like days to Kara, Alex started nodding her head.

“It works,” Alex said with a hopeful smile on her face.

“Too bad Kara doesn’t have a couple liters to spare,” J’onn said, reminding them of their next dilemma.

“There has to be a way to work around this,” Kara said. “What if we reverse engineer the vaccine and isolate my blood from it?”

Alex was shaking her head before Kara finished. “It won’t work,” she said somberly. “You’re blood has bonded with the crab blood. There’s no way to completely isolate your blood without it being slightly contaminated.

“What if we cloned Kara’s blood?” J’onn asked. Again, Alex shook her head.

“That could take days, even weeks to make liters of her blood. We would have to withdraw her blood, filter it, centrifuge it to separate the  blood cells and plasma, and then finally work on actually replicating it. It’s a time consuming process.”

“She doesn’t have that long,” Kara whispered in realization. Kara grew quiet as Alex and J’onn argued about finding a solution. Lena had a couple of hours at the most, and Alex and J’onn didn’t say the one solution that was glaringly obvious. As they argued, Kara silently backed out of the room and headed towards the cells.

Kara watched Lena as she snarled in an animalistic nature. Any trace of softness and human within Lena was gone. Kara gazed into her eyes. They were glowing brightly, too brightly. They shone with a hunger and ferocity that Kara had never seen before. To reverse engineer blood for Lena using the vaccine would prove useless. Kara’s blood had already bonded successfully with the crab blood. There was no going back. Taking a sample of Kara’s blood and cloning it would take too long, and giving other blood to Lena wasn’t working. They were running out of time. Lena was running out of time. Kara had to save her. She was the sweetest, most loving person that she knew. She couldn’t let her die, and she wasn’t going to. Kara took a deep breath and squared her shoulders. Whatever happens, will happen. She approached the bars to Lena’s cell steadily. Lena snarled and tried to grab her with a clawed hand. Her fangs glinted brightly in the light and Kara could feel her bravery declining at a rapid rate. She stopped and took a deep breath.

“Lena, I don’t know if you can hear me or if you’re even still in there, but I want you to drink from me,” Kara said as soothingly as she could muster. Her voice seemed to register in Lena, if only briefly. In inhuman speed, she backed from the bars and sat in the corner, as far away from Kara as the space allowed. She wrapped her arms around her legs and pressed her mouth to her knees.

“Kara, please I beg of you,” Lena said in a strained voice that didn’t sound like her own. “Don’t come in here. Please, Kara. Please.”

Kara’s heart broke when she heard how much Lena was in pain and how even now, with her life on the line, she was still trying to protect her.

“It’s going to be okay,” she whispered to her as she opened the cell door. Lena flinched as the metal bars banged together and she whimpered.

“God, please Kara, please!!” she begged, her voice suddenly sounding normal. She buried her face in her knees. Kara swallowed and kept approaching her. She kneeled in front of Lena and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. Lena flinched but didn’t move away.

“It’s going to be okay,” Kara whispered. “I need you to listen to me though. I want you to drink my blood.”

Lena snapped her head up and stared at her. “Have you lost your mind?? Kara, I’ll kill you. Whatever mother injected me with is killing me, and I keep blacking out. Even now it’s so hard!”

Tears streamed down her cheeks and she put her head in her hands.

“I don’t know how much longer I can hold on.” As she said the last few words, her voice grew deeper and more guttural. She clenched her teeth and took several gasping breaths.

“Lena I’m not going to sit here and watch you die.”

“And I can’t live with myself if I kill you!”

Kara smoothed Lena’s hair. She used her finger to gently tilt Lena’s head up so she could meet her eyes.

“I trust you to stop. Trust yourself to do the same.”

Lena was shaking as she looked into Kara’s eyes. Kara seemed so sure about her when she wasn’t even sure of herself. She said the same thing to her when they were at Cadmus. She stopped then, maybe she can stop now. Lena didn’t say anything for several seconds as she searched Kara’s eyes. She saw a strength in them and she willed that strength to herself. She could use it right now.

“Okay,” she acquiesced. She got on her knees and took Kara by the shoulders. She brought her mouth down to her neck but hesitated. Kara placed a hand behind Lena’s head and urged her all the way down.

“Trust yourself to stop,” she whispered. Lena nodded before sinking her fangs into Kara’s skin. Kara winced but still held her close. She could feel Lena sucking on her skin but the usual feelings of pleasure didn’t come. This wasn’t about sex, this was about saving Lena’s life. With each gulp of blood, Lena moaned. She could feel the pain stopping. She could feel her murderous rages ebb away little by little. With each swallow, the burning pain was replaced with an alleviating coolness. This is what she needed. The other blood made her feel worse but Kara’s blood was the cure. She held her closer and continued to drink deeply from her. After a couple of minutes, Kara was feeling dizzy and she didn’t have the strength to keep herself up anymore. She fell on her back with Lena going with her. Lena was on top of Kara, her body fitting between her legs. Kara fisted her hand and she felt herself break the concrete on the cell floor. The truth was that she knew Lena was going to kill her. She already accepted that fact, she just wanted to save her. Minute by minute passed and Kara’s breathing became shallow and her vision became blurry before going completely black. She couldn’t even feel Lena on top of her anymore. All she could hear was the sound of her own heartbeat in her ears.

Thump, thump

Thump, thump


Chapter Text

Burning pain. That’s all Lena could remember. She wanted to scream when Lillian stabbed her with the syringe, but she choked on air as she felt her neck spasm. Instead, what came out was a strangled cry of pain. The pain was so intense, it felt as though her neck was pressed against a searing hot oven. The stinging and burning pain transcended beyond her skin, it assaulted her muscles and ate away at her bones. Lena wanted to collapse but she willed herself to stay on her feet. The world around her swirled and her vision grew blurry. Sounds of bedlam erupted around her. Kara was suddenly behind her, Alex was firing her gun, and she could hear screams coming from the hallway.

She could feel the burning pain spread throughout her body. Liquid fire was eating away at her veins, burning her from the inside out. Lena gripped her neck hard enough for the already pale skin around her knuckles to turn white. She had to stop herself from inadvertently strangling herself. She could hear Kara approaching her, and that’s when she felt something dark and insidious rising within her. Her fangs were growing and she could feel her eyes changing. Suddenly, everything around her grew too focused and the sounds were growing louder around her.

“Are you okay?” Kara asked her. The question rang loud in her ears and echoed chaotically in her brain

Lena could smell her approaching and her first instinct was to stop her. The smell of her blood hit her before she could even register that Kara asked her a question. Her immediate instinct was to grab Kara, tear open her neck, and drown herself in her life’s blood. The feeling felt foreign and it made Lena want to throw up. She was back in the 1900s, tearing into soft flesh and gorging herself in blood, killing without care, being the monster she always feared she was.

“I need to get out of here,” Lena choked out.

She was faintly aware that Kara had scooped her up without a second thought and taken her back to the DEO.

Lena drifted in and out of consciousness. She only remembered tidbits of the events that happened, but she did remember people talking around her and Alex taking some of her blood.

“Oh god,” she heard Alex whisper. Lena was about to get up and ask what’s wrong, when pure agony seized her body and held it tighter than a vice grip. Lena collapsed on her hands and knees. She heard someone yell her name but that didn’t matter. Wave after wave of pure torment washed over her body like an ocean wave would wash over a rock. She had never felt anything like this. She was surrounded by the smell of blood and her brain kept chanting the same word over and over again like a mantra: kill, kill, kill.

“Lock me up!” Lena cried out, hoping someone would do what she asked. Her control was slipping rapidly and she feared what would happen or worse, who got hurt.

“Lena I don’t understand.”

Lena looked at her and it was then that everybody understood what was going on. Someone picked her up and took her to a jail cell. The sounds of the metal doors closing and locking where the last thing she heard before the world went black.

Lena struggled in her own mind, the blackness more daunting and secure than the jail she was placed in. She could feel herself snarling but she couldn’t stop herself. She wanted to cry. Her mother had poisoned her! She was vaguely aware of people entering and leaving the room but she couldn’t bring herself to care. The feelings of guilt and self-doubt ate her alive and they were like a cage of darkness that cocooned her inside. Then in the midst of darkness, Kara’s voice registered to her. Her question was like a beacon, something that Lena could grab on to drag herself back.

“Lena, I don’t know if you can hear me or if you’re even still in there, but I want you to drink from me,” Kara said softly.

Lena’s mind latched to the thought of her drinking blood and it almost consumed her. No! Lena wanted to scream. Not Kara! I’d rather die! Instead she retreated from Kara and tucked herself into the corner. She clenched her teeth and gathered the strength to talk.

“Kara, please I beg of you,” she heard herself beg in a voice that did not sound like her own. It sound foreign, as though sharp rocks were scraped against the soft tissue of her trachea. It was too deep and too guttural.

“It’s going to be okay,” Kara whispered to her as she opened the cell door. Lena flinched as the metal bars banged together and she whimpered.

“God, please Kara, please!!” she begged, her voice suddenly sounding normal, as more of her broke through the monster that threatened to consume her very being. She buried her face in her knees. Kara swallowed and kept approaching her. She kneeled in front of Lena and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. Lena flinched but didn’t move away.

“It’s going to be okay,” Kara whispered. “I need you to listen to me though. I want you to drink my blood.”

Lena snapped her head up and stared at her. “Have you lost your mind?? Kara, I’ll kill you. Whatever mother injected me with is killing me, and I keep blacking out. Even now it’s so hard!”

Tears streamed down her cheeks and she put her head in her hands. “I don’t know how much longer I can hold on,” Lena admitted. She could feel her control wavering.

“Lena I’m not going to sit here and watch you die.”

“And I can’t live with myself if I kill you!”

Kara smoothed Lena’s hair. She used her finger to gently tilt Lena’s head up so she could meet her eyes.

“I trust you to stop. Trust yourself to do the same.”

Lena was shaking as she looked into Kara’s eyes. Kara seemed so sure about her when she wasn’t even sure of herself. She said the same thing to her when they were at Cadmus. She stopped then, maybe she can stop now. Lena didn’t say anything for several seconds as she searched Kara’s eyes. She saw a strength in them and she willed that strength to herself. She could use it right now.

“Okay,” she acquiesced. She got on her knees and took Kara by the shoulders. She brought her mouth down to her neck but hesitated. Kara placed a hand behind Lena’s head and urged her all the way down.

“Trust yourself to stop,” she said quietly. Lena nodded before sinking her fangs into Kara’s skin. As soon as Kara’s blood graced her tongue, Lena wanted to moan. She couldn’t control herself as she drank deeply from Kara. Slowly, the searing pain began to dissipate and it was replaced by an assuaging coolness. Lena held her closer as she continued to drink form her. Her mind became hazy with fog as the bloodlust grew and grew. The thought of quitting didn’t register in Lena’s mind, her only thought was to make the pain stop. She could feel the pain leaving her slowly. Kara's blood was like an extinguisher, smothering her pain until there was none left alive in her. Lena's eyes rolled to the back of her head when the pain finally stopped in her neck. More she kept thinking. I need more!

Then in the midst of the haze, she heard a sound that made her freeze.

Thump, thump

Thump, thump


Lena’s eyes flew open and she released Kara instantly. Kara sagged to the floor, unmoving. Lena’s eyes grew wide as she heard Kara breathe out once more before she went completely still. Lena wiped her mouth and stared at her hands. Kara’s blood stood stark against her pale skin, staining her with the reality of what just happened: she killed Kara. Lena reached for Kara with shaky hands. She picked her up and rested her head in her lap.

“Kara?” she said as she smoothed her hair back, the blood on her hands smudging into Kara’s hair. When Kara didn’t answer, Lena caressed her cheek and shook her gently.

“Kara?” she said a little vehemently. Kara remained unresponsive. Tears sprung to Lena’s eyes and she buried her face into Kara’s neck.

“Someone help me!!!” she screamed. Panic engulfed her. Kara couldn’t be dead. She just couldn’t.
Lena heard pounding footsteps approach the room before the door burst open. Alex entered the room followed shortly by J’onn. Alex looked at Lena before she saw Kara unconscious in Lena’s arms.

“What happened,” she demanded as she ran to Lena’s side and dropped to her knees.

“I’m so sorry!” Lena cried over and over again. Alex put two fingers on Kara’s neck to locate her pulse, but when she couldn’t find one, her eyes widened in fear.

“What did you do?” Alex whispered, a mixture of fear and anger clear in her voice.

“I couldn’t stop,” Lena cried. “She trusted me and I couldn’t stop.”
Alex was on her feet in an instant. She grabbed her gun from her holster and pointed it at Lena. Lena stared at her in fear.

“Stand down, Danvers,” J’onn said quietly but with authority in his voice. Alex was shaking hard, the gun wavering erratically in her hold. Her face was red and her eyes were glossy with tears that threatened to spill. J’onn walked past Alex and took Kara from Lena. He took her to the infirmary room.

“I swear to god, Luthor. If anything happens to my sister, I’ll find a way to kill you myself,” she growled through clenched teeth. She turned on her heel and stalked from the room. Lena was still on the ground, all alone. She wrapped her arms around her legs and cried.
Alex followed J’onn to the infirmary and started to bark orders to the other nurses. As she did that, J’onn gently put Kara on a bed.

“You! Get an IV line prepped and ready! I need someone to grab fluids and steroids!”

“What kind of steroids?” a nurse asked.

“I need a corticosteroid. Cortisone will work the best,” Alex replied hastily.

The nurse nodded and then left. Alex turned to J’onn.

“J’onn I need some kryptonite, low dosage though. None of this will work on her without it.”

He nodded before also leaving. Alex turned to a heart monitor and turned it on. Then, she prepared the defibrillator and oxygen machines. She paused, took a deep breath, and looked at Kara. The tears she had been holding spilled. She smoothed her hair back and placed a shaky kiss on her forehead. The nurses came back and started to set up the supplies that Alex needed.

“Hang in there Kara,” she whispered. J’onn came back and placed the small chunk of kryptonite above Kara’s bed. Alex waited a couple of seconds before taking a needle and inserting it into the crook of Kara’s arm, the needle bypassing her skin with ease. She let the IV drip and watched as the fluids flowed down the line and into Kara. Next, Alex cut open Kara’s suit and placed the heart monitor sensors on her chest. Then she turned on the defibrillator, gelled the pads, and adjusted the voltage.

“Clear!” she yelled before activating the machine on Kara. Kara’s body lifted as the surge of electricity spread through her body. Alex turned and looked at the heart monitor. The line remained flat. Alex turned around and faced one of the nurses.

“Start doing mouth to mouth,” she ordered him. He nodded and did as she said. After a couple of seconds the nurse stood back, and Alex rubbed the defibrillator pads together again.


She turned to face the monitor again but there was still no change. The nurse resumed doing mouth to mouth. Alex upped the voltage on the machine a little and rubbed the pads together. The nurse stood back again.


The monitor still gave a flat reading and Alex started to panic.

“No, no, no, no! Goddamn it, Kara! Come on!” She placed the pads on her chest again.


Kara’s body lifted again and fell back on to the bed. She was still unmoving.

“We have to call it,” a nurse said softly. Alex turned rage filled eyes to the nurse.

“No! She is not dead! We have to keep trying!” she yelled at them. J’onn put a hand on Alex’s shoulder. She whirled around, ready to slap his hand away, but she saw the look in his eyes. His eyes were red from crying. He took a deep breath.

“Alex, you’re going to have to stop,” he said softly. Alex was already shaking her head defiantly. J’onn wrapped his arms around her in a hug and she broke. She clutched his shirt as tears fell profusely down her cheeks. Her cries, his sniffles, and the monotone sound of the heart monitor filled the atmosphere.

When Alex opened her eyes, she noticed that Lena was standing by the door, a hand covering her mouth as tears dripped off her chin and onto the floor. Rage burned within her. Rage at Lena, rage at Lillian, and rage that the whole situation was unfair. Kara risked her life every day. Kara risked her life for people all the time, and the moment she did it for a Luthor, it got her killed. J’onn could feel Alex stiffen and he didn’t have to turn around to know that Lena was standing right behind him.

“Alex, don’t,” he whispered in her ear. “Kara did this for her and you know as well as I do that she wouldn’t want you fighting with her.”

Alex nodded and wiped her cheeks. J’onn let her go and eyed Lena warily. Lena’s attention was focused on Kara. She took one tentative step inside of the room. When no one moved to stop her, she kept moving until she was standing by Kara’s side. A part of her broke as she realized that she was to blame for this. She clenched her teeth before bending over to whisper in Kara’s ear.

“Kara, you can’t leave us. There’s people here that need you. I need you. Please come back.” She placed a kiss on her cheek before turning around to leave.
A beep on the heart monitor stopped her in her tracks. Everyone turned to face the machine. It beeped again as the line raised and then dipped. Alex moved to the other side of Kara and held her hand.

“That’s right, Kara. Come back to us.”

The machine beeped again before the line started to rise and dip in a steady pace, reading a stable heartbeat. Kara’s chest lifted as she started to breathe once more. Lena stood there flabbergasted as the room started to cheer. Kara’s eyes fluttered before opening.

“What happened?” she asked weakly. Alex smiled and rubbed her cheek.

“Everything is going to be okay,” she said with a smile on her face. “Just rest now.”

Kara nodded before her eyes drifted close. Alex slipped the oxygen mask on her face. She turned to look at J’onn.

“We need to call Superman to get a blood transfusion for her.”


A couple of weeks passed and Kara was doing better. The blood transfusion from Superman helped her immensely in addition to spending some time under the solar lamp. She hadn’t seen or heard from Lena since she woke up in the hospital but according to Alex, she called daily to check on her. Alex was doing the last check up on her before she smiled brightly.

“Everything looks great! How do you feel?”

Kara nodded. “I feel really good. Better than I did a couple of weeks ago, that’s for sure.”

That earned her a chuckle but Alex turned somber. Kara waited patiently for Alex to voice whatever was on her mind.

“Why did you do it?” Alex finally asked her. Kara looked into her eyes.

“Why would you ask that?” she countered. Alex shrugged before scratching her head uncomfortably. She chose her next words carefully.

“You realized that you could have died, right? Hell, you were dead! For minutes, you were dead. I was faced with the possibility of living life without you. Why would you risk it all for a Luthor?”

Kara’s eyebrows furrowed together as she grew irritated. “Alex, she’s not just a Luthor. She’s Lena. She’s a person who was forced into a situation that she had no control over. She can’t control what she is, no more than I can control what I am. She’s not Lillian and she’s not Lex. The sooner you realize that she’s more than just that last name, the better.”

Alex raised her hands, palms out, to show that she was surrendering. “Look I didn’t mean to-”

“Whatever,” Kara said, cutting her off. “Lena has tried to make things right since she’s been here. Without her, we never would have found the vaccine. Without her, we never would have known that Lillian was the head of Cadmus. She’s done nothing but good, but you still choose to vilify her.”

Alex didn’t say anything. Instead, she looked at her feet, her cheeks coloring red in embarrassment.

“I've got to go,” Kara said. She left the room and took out her phone. She dialed Lena’s number but it went to voicemail. She tried again to call her but the results were the same. Kara opted to call L-Corp instead.

“Thank you for calling L-Corp,” a cheerful voice said when Kara’s call was answered. “How may I direct your call?”

“I was wondering if Lena was in the office.”

There was a brief silence before the receptionist responded.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Luthor is currently unavailable to take your call. Can I take a message?”

Kara sighed. “Can you let her know that Kara Danvers called her, please?”

“Right away ma’am. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“No, thank you,” Kara mumbled. “Have a good day.” She ended the call.

Throughout the day, Kara called Lena various times but no matter what number she called, she kept getting either her voicemail or her receptionist. At that point, Kara knew that Lena was avoiding her, so she decided to see her personally. She flew to L-Corp first, knowing that Lena liked to keep herself busy.
It was late at night. Thick clouds covered the moon, making the sky darker than what it really was. Everyone was gone for the day so Kara entered through one of the doors before making her way to the top floor. At Lena’s office door, she paused and listened inside. She could hear someone typing profusely. Kara squared her shoulders, took a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Lena said. Kara entered the room and when Lena saw her, she froze.

“Oh Kara, I didn’t know it was you,” she said. Kara tilted her head, confusion swam in her brain.

“You always know when it’s me though.”

Lena nodded though she looked distracted. Kara came closer and inspected her. Lena looked horrible. Her hair was frizzy and in disarray. Kara could tell that she hadn’t combed it in a couple of days. Her skin was pallid and pale as though she was running a fever even though it was physically impossible for her. Her once vibrant green eyes where now dimmed and dulled. They lost some of their luster. Lena was dressed in a shirt and sweatpants, which Kara knew was very unusual for her. She folded her arms.

“Are you okay?” Kara asked her.

Lena nodded. “Yeah I’ve been busy though.”

“So busy that you couldn’t take my calls?”

Lena looked uncomfortable, her eyes flitting between Kara and her own lap. Kara took a seat at the opposite side of Lena’s desk. She folded her arms and crossed her legs.

“So, why have you been avoiding me?” she demanded.

Lena didn’t meet her gaze. “No reason,” she murmured.


Lena’s head flew up at Kara’s expletive. She met her eyes and saw anger in them. The blue of her irises was growing darker and darker by the second as she clenched her jaw.

“Lena, spit it out! Why have you been avoiding me?”

Lena didn’t say anything. Her mind was a jumbled mess and she found it hard to form a coherent thought. She was torn between telling her the truth or lying. Either option was going to be hard to work through. Tell her the truth and cause her more pain? Or, form a lie and try to keep up with it? As long as she’s been alive, she was never a convincing liar. The sound of Kara slamming her hand on Lena’s desk jolted her from her thoughts. Her computer swayed from side to side as extraneous pens, pencils, and loose paper fell from the desk to the floor.


“I don’t want to hurt you ever again!” Lena blurted. Kara’s eyebrows furrowed at her words and Lena sighed.

“Kara, you died in my arms, okay? I heard you take your last breath. When I realized what had happened, that your blood was on my mouth and hands, I broke. I couldn’t live with the fact that I killed you.”

“I’m not dead though.”

“You were!” Lena yelled. Tears sprung in her eyes as she wrapped her arms around her chest. She was shaking and Kara could hear her trying not to sniffle.

“Why didn’t you just talk to me about it?”

Lena scoffed. “How could I? What would I have said? ‘Sorry that I killed you Kara but thanks for saving my life at the expense of your own’ seems rather callous.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Then what do you mean?”

“I don’t blame you for what happened. In the end, it worked out,” Kara whispered.

“So just because it worked out this time, you think it’ll work out every time?” Lena shot at her. “What part of I’m a monster don’t you get? It would be better if you and I never met.”

Kara grew silent when she said that. “Is that how you really feel?”

“Of course! If I never came here, none of this would have happened with Lillian and I wouldn’t have literally put you on your death bed!”

Kara was quiet as she considered her next words. “Lena, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m sorry, I don’t feel the same about you.”

Lena shook her head. “There’s someone better for you out there besides me. Trust me, it’s better this way.”

“And how do you know what’s better for me?” Kara demanded.

“I’m a Luthor and a vampire. Luthors bring nothing but pain and destruction. We take and take and take until we can’t anymore. Then, we move on to someone else who will give us what we want. I’m no different from Lillian.”

Kara was grinding her teeth at what she was hearing. She balled her fists to keep from striking at something in anger.

“Don’t ever compare yourself to Lillian. You’re nothing like her. Why are you saying all of this? This can’t be how you really feel.”

“You have no idea how I feel,” Lena whispered. She looked suddenly drained, like she was tired, but Kara wasn’t going to just end things like this.

“Tell me how you feel then!” Kara yelled. Her anger was bubbling and growing and she couldn’t stop the surge of fury that consumed her. “Enlighten me! What about you don’t I understand?!”

“That I love you!!!” Lena screamed. “Okay?! I love you Kara Danvers.”

Kara was shocked into a temporary silence. “Y-you love me?”

“More than you know. More than I can bare,” she whispered. “When you died, the pain I felt hurt more than the poison mother injected into me. Again, I was faced with the reality of what I am and that no matter what I do, it will never go away. Kara, I can’t hurt you again. I won’t survive it.”

Lena looked into her eyes. She willed Kara to understand what she was saying, but Kara only looked confused. She was massaging her temples in an attempt to assuage an oncoming headache.

“So you think that you can confess your love for me, and then expect me to just what? Walk away?” she demanded.

“No,” Lena said. “That has never been your style.”

“So what do you want me to do then?”

Lena took a deep breath, held it for a few seconds, and exhaled. “I don’t know,” she confessed. “I don’t know how to make this better or even what to do next.”

Kara stood up and walked to the other side of Lena’s desk to stand in front of her. “Lena, I want you to trust me, like I’ve trusted in you after all this time. Don’t leave me now. Not after everything that has happened.”

Lena leaned back in her chair, her eyes falling to her hands as they twisted nervously in her lap. “What if I hurt you?”

Kara rested her hand on Lena’s. She held one of her hands. “Then we’ll deal. I’m not saying that you won’t hurt me again. I will say that it will take more than death to keep me from you. Besides, you’re the reason I’m still alive.”

“What do you mean?”

“When I died, I was surrounded in darkness. I could feel myself plummeting into a nothingness so thick, it was tangible. I couldn't see, I couldn't hear, there was nothing. But in that void, I heard your voice. I heard you say that people needed me and that you needed me. Your voice was like a light, breaking the darkness and chasing it away. I came back because of you.”

Tears were falling down Lena’s cheeks. She was nibbling her lip lightly as she listened to Kara.

“Don’t run away from me,” Kara said. “I need you too.”

She leaned closer to Lena and kissed her softly on her damp cheek. For the first time in weeks, the ball of pain in Lena’s chest hurt slightly less and she knew that she was going to be okay.

Chapter Text

“So, are we going to talk?” Kara asked Lena. Lena nodded solemnly, her eyes averted to her fingers twisting nervously in her lap as she avoided looking Kara in the eyes. 

Kara pursed her lips, unsure of how to start. She said the first thing on her mind. 

“Lena, I need you to know that I’m not mad at you for what happened. I half expected it to play out that way.” 

Lena’s eyebrows flew up when Kara said that and Kara stammered a little, the words getting caught in her throat that was becoming rapidly dry. Kara knew what she must be thinking. 

“That’s not to say that I knew that was going to happen,” she added quickly. She took a deep breath. “What I meant to say is that I don’t blame you. I blame Lillian. She was the one who hurt you and it seems that she engineered that fluid, that she injected you with, so that my blood would be the only cure. We tried the other blood, don’t you remember?” 

Lena shook her head. She was still staring at her fingers. Her nervous fidgeting had stopped but now, she was completely still. Kara couldn’t even hear her breathing. 

After a moment of silence, Kara put her hand on Lena’s again. “Please say something,” she said to her. 

Lena sighed and looked her in her blue eyes. Her gaze was so steady and unwavering, it unnerved Kara and she wanted to look away, but instead, she gazed deep in Lena’s green eyes, which were dark with sadness. 

“I know it was my mother who poisoned me, but it was me who wasn’t strong enough to fight it. I knew I was going to kill you. I remember saying that to you when you even suggested to let me drink from you. I knew deep down what was going to happen, but instead I let myself get caught up in you. I should have trusted my instincts.” 

As Lena talked, Kara could feel Lena pull further and further away from her. She was blaming herself when in fact, there was nothing she could have done. Kara could see it in her eyes, the guilt that swam in her beautiful green orbs. Her conviction was so resolute that Kara was afraid that there was nothing she could say to convince her otherwise. But she didn’t want to give up. Kara didn’t want her to go another night thinking that everything was her fault. 

“Lena, please don’t do this to yourself,” Kara begged her. She squeezed her hand, hoping that what she said would resonate with her. “This is not your fault. This was never your fault. Don’t take responsibility for something that you didn’t do.” 

Lena clenched her jaw, her eyebrows furrowing together and for a moment, Kara thought that she might cry. “But I killed you,” she whispered in a broken voice. She said that one sentence with all the agony and conviction and guilt and remorse that she harbored for weeks, that Kara closed her eyes and took a breath to steady herself. “I am responsible for that,” Lena finished saying. 

Lena broke eye contact with her and looked at Kara’s hand on top of her own. “It’s so easy to forget that even with all that you can do, and how powerful you are, you’re still human,” she whispered. Kara wanted to object, to say that she was anything but human, but Lena kept talking. 

“Every time I close my eyes, I see you dead in my arms. I can feel how lifeless you were.” Lena squeezed her eyes closed and shook her head rapidly as though she was trying to erase the memory from her mind. 

Kara kneeled down to her knees in front of Lena where she sat in her chair. She took her hand and slipped it under her shirt and placed her hand over her heart. 

“I want you to open your eyes,” she said sternly. When Lena complied, she took a deep breath. “Do you feel that? It’s my heart beating hard against my chest. I know you can feel the blood in my veins. You can hear every breath I take and feel the warmth of my skin. I. Am. Alive,” Kara said, punctuating the last three words and putting emphasis on them. 

Lena’s hand flattened gently over Kara’s chest. Her chin quivered as she felt her heartbeat. 

“You know, until I met you, there wasn’t anything I was scared of. After surviving the worse of the worse, I felt there was nothing the world could surprise me with. But after I met you, I realized that there was one more thing I was scared of.” 

“What’s that?” Kara asked after a second. 

“Myself,” Lena whispered. “I was scared of myself. I was scared that I was going to hurt you. I was scared that I would put you through the same pain that my mother put me through, but that’s not what happened.” 

“What happened then?” 

“I put myself through a pain worse than anything mother put me through. I always thought that it would be her to find the one thing that could break me. Turns out, I found it all on my own.”  

Kara was shaking her head. She couldn’t believe she was hearing all of this. “What can I say?” she asked in exasperation. “What can I do to help you feel better?” 

“I need some space,” Lena told her. “I just need to clear my head and I can’t do that with you here. Seeing you reminds me of what I did and I just can’t deal with that right now.” 

Kara gripped Lena’s hand and held it tighter to her chest. She tried to not let the hurt and pain show on her face, but she knew she was failing when Lena looked down. So she decided that she would do what Lena asked. She would do it for her because Lena needed it. Kara couldn’t make her see that this wasn’t her fault. She would have to see it all on her own. 

Slowly, Kara released her hand and stood up. Lena’s hand fell limply to her lap. Kara walked to her office door and opened it. Before leaving, she risked glancing back and looking at Lena. She wanted to say something, to say anything, but what could she say that hasn’t already been said before? Instead of trying to come up with something to say, she closed the door behind her. She was down the hall before her held her arms close to her chest and cried as she went home.




Kara sat on her couch. For the past couple of days, National City was in a state of peace, which surprised Kara because she expected something to happen, even if it was Lillian again. Something was always happening in this city. She knew she should be grateful to have the time off but she wasn’t in a sunshine and rainbows kind of mood. The one time she wanted to fight someone to blow off some steam, of course it would be quiet.   

Kara hadn’t heard from Lena. She sent her multiple texts but Lena never texted her back. She willed herself to not send another text, knowing that she was only a few gestures away from bordering on the obsessive. 

Since National City didn’t need immediate saving, Kara didn’t feel the need to leave her apartment. Her couch sported a dent mark from where she sat from the last couple of days. She was even sleeping on the couch. Her bed reminded her too much of Lena. There was a knock on the door and using her x-ray vision, she saw that it was Alex. 

“Come in” she called to her. As Alex came in, she held a box of pizza and a bag of potstickers but Kara wasn’t hungry. She eyed it in disinterest and turned her attention back to the tv. 

“You’re not hungry?” Alex asked her. Kara shook her head. Alex frowned as she placed the food at the kitchen table and sat next to Kara. She yelped a little when seat cushion gave way under her but she simply readjusted herself and leaned against the couch, resting her head in her hand. 

“Come on. Talk to me,” she said gently. “I know it’s about Lena.” 

She wrapped her hand around Kara’s and gave it a comforting squeeze. Kara sighed. 

“I haven’t heard from her,” she said meekly. “I’m nervous about the way we left things that day and I’m scared she doesn’t want to be with me anymore.” 

“Kara, I don’t think it’s possible for her to feel that way about you,” Alex said. “I’ve seen the way she looks at you. She adores you.” 

“Actually she said she loved me,” Kara confessed. Alex removed her hand from hers and draped an arm around her shoulders to pull her close. 

“I know it’s hard, sweetie. And I know this is hard for you to hear, but it’s really not about you right now.” 

She could feel Kara tense but she didn’t move away from her. 

“You died in her arms, remember? When we found you, you were in her lap and she was screaming for help. I can’t even begin to imagine what that was like but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that was traumatic. Hell, that would have been traumatic for anyone,” Alex said to her. She took a deep breath and held Kara closer. 

“Sometimes it’s hard to remember what Lena has been through. Obviously you know more than I do, but I’m assuming that with Lena being a vampire and all, she’s been around for a while.” 

“She’s 201 years old,” Kara said simply. Alex’s eyes grew big as she tried to wrap her mind around being alive for so long. 

“Wow,” Alex whispered. “She looks good for her age.” That made Kara laugh. 

“You know, I said the same thing!” 

Alex smiled. “Give her some time,” she said encouragingly. “It also doesn’t help that her mom is behind all this.” 

“She blames herself,” Kara whispered. “She thinks me dying is her fault.” 

“Look, I’m not a specialist or anything,” Alex began. “But maybe you should help her. Give her some space and don’t rush anything but at the same time, maybe reintegrating yourself can help her come to terms with what happened.” 

“She said that I remind her too much of what happened. Maybe I shouldn’t,” Kara said nervously. 

“How you handle this is completely up to you. The only opinions that matter is yours and hers.” 

Alex stood up and walked to the door to leave. She opened the door and was about to walk out when she turned around and eyed Kara curiously. 

“Do you love her too?” 

Kara didn’t say anything. Instead she met Alex with unwavering eyes. Alex nodded and shut the door softly behind her.




Kara made up her mind. She was going to see Lena and she knew exactly where to find her. Knowing Lena, she was probably at work. To make things more comfortable for her, Kara decided to visit her in the middle of the day where there would be more people. 

When she approached the receptionist, she was met with a bright smile. 

“Good Afternoon, Ms. Danvers. Ms. Luthor is expecting you,” she said brightly. Kara paused as her eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. 

“She is?” 

“Ms. Luthor asked that you have free access to her office at any time, day or night.” 

“She did?” 

The receptionist nodded and looked at Kara expectantly, but instead she stood there, taking it all in and wondering what it could mean. 

“Okay thanks,” Kara said to her as she proceeded to Lena’s office. When she got to the office door, she knocked.

“Come in Kara,” her voice greeted her. Kara smiled when she heard her voice. She could tell that Lena was doing better and truth be told,  she really wanted to hear her voice. She walked in to see Lena cleaning her new window. The curtains were open and sunlight spilled into her office, highlighting her and the white décor. Lena turned around and greeted her with a slight smile. 

“Hello, darling. How are you?” she asked as she turned around to resume her task. Kara couldn’t help but admire what Lena was wearing. It wasn’t sexual ogling, she was just appreciating what Lena wore. It was infinitely better than seeing her in sweats. She was wearing a blue dress suit, complete with a button down jacket and a skirt. She had on black heels that accentuated her calves and Kara smiled, happy that everything seemed to be normal again. Her dark hair fell in waves down her shoulders. 

“I’m doing good,” Kara said. She remained standing at the door, unsure of what to do. After a brief second, Lena chuckled. 

“You can sit down, you know,” she said and Kara took a seat at Lena’s desk. When Lena was done, she threw the towel to the corner of the room and sat down at her desk as well. She gave Kara a bright smile. 

“I finally got around to replacing that window. I just wanted to wipe it down.”

 “Sorry,” Kara said, unsure if that’s what Lena wanted to hear, but Lena was shaking her head. 

“Don’t apologize,” she said. “I asked you to do it, considering what the alternative could have been.” 

They were both quiet and after awhile, Kara thought that the silence was suffocating. She wanted to voice the real reason for why she wanted to see Lena, but she was scared. Kara didn’t want to scare her away or force her to do something she didn’t want to do. Lena cleared her throat before speaking. 

“You’ll be happy to know that I’m using my time to find my mother. I haven’t given up on any of my other projects, I’ve just delegated the work to people I trust and know will get the job done.” 

“That’s good,” Kara said meekly. Lena nodded before they fell into silence again. Kara’s heart was thundering in her chest, her mouth was dry, and she could swear that she could see dark spots swimming in her vision. She was so nervous. 

“What’s wrong?” Lena asked abruptly. “And don’t bother saying ‘nothing’. I can hear your heart.” 

Kara swallowed thickly before she sighed and gathered the courage to voice her mind. 

“The reason why I’m here is to ask how you’re doing. Truly, how are you?” 

Lena offered a small smile. “I’m doing much better. Truly.” 

Kara smiled and looked down. Slowly, the knot in her stomach began to loosen and her heartbeat started to slow. 

“Is that what was stressing you out?” she asked, her tone more curious than biting. All Kara could do was nod. 

Lena started to lean over her desk, to place her hand on top of Kara’s as a sign of comfort, but she hesitated before she could finish the movement. Fear graced Lena’s face and it happened so fast, Kara wasn’t too sure if she actually saw it, but when Lena started to withdraw her hand and lean back in her chair, Kara was sure: Lena was still scared to touch her. 

She wanted to scream, she wanted to beg, she wanted to somehow convince Lena that she wouldn’t break, that she wasn’t fragile. She wanted to take her by the shoulders and shake her until she understood, but instead, Kara did nothing. She tried to keep the disappointed look off her face. 

Kara could see Lena’s jaw clench and for a moment, they were at an impasse. Neither one didn’t know what to say. Kara shook her head sadly. 

“Sorry to waste your time,” she said as she began to stand up. 

“I’m sorry” Lena blurted. Kara nibbled her lip and sank back into the chair. 

“I’m sorry,” she said again. “I know how hard this must be for you. I should have said this a long time ago, but I lied about how I really felt that night. You are the best thing that ever happened to me Kara Danvers. I said what I said because I was scared, but I used this time to really think about what it is I want. I really do want you, I’m just terrified.” 

As she talked, her voice was getting more and more quiet. When she got to the last sentence, her voice tapered to a whisper. 

“Lena, I get it. Honestly. What happened to us was scary and I know you’re doubting yourself right now, but I’m not going to leave you. I can give you space but I’m not going anywhere, that I can promise,” Kara said to her sincerely.

Lena smiled softly as she folded her arms on her desk and leaned forward. Kara, encouraged by how Lena was acting towards her, kept talking. 

“Lena you will never be Lillian. You have been through so much. You’ve been through things I could never understand, but being with you these past few months, I know for sure that you’re nothing like Lillian. You’re beautiful, brave, smart, enduring, compassionate, and you try really really hard to not hurt other people. I mean look at you. You created L-Corp for Rao sakes! You’ve dedicated your time to helping people. Who wouldn’t be more proud of you than me right now?” 

Lena chuckled as Kara complimented her. She actually started to squirm. 

“If I could blush, I definitely would be right now,” she said. 

“You deserve to know the truth,” Kara told her. “The truth is that I want to be with you too. And it’s times like this I really do wish we were human, you know? That maybe not being different would solve our problems.”

“If we were normal, or human as you put it, I would have died back in Ireland and you probably wouldn’t have survived the destruction of Krypton. We never would have met.” 

“Yeah you’re right,” Kara admitted. 

Lena’s smile faltered  a bit and she grew more and more worried. “Where do we begin? How do we start over?”   

Kara stood up and walked to her side of the desk with her arms outstretched. “How about we start with a hug?”

“I think I can manage that,” Lena said as she stood and leaned into Kara’s embrace. Kara sighed as she wrapped her in a tight hug. She couldn’t help herself when she inhaled her scent. Dear Rao, she missed that smell. Lena smelled like a crisp fall night, complete with the distinctive, but somehow inexplicable, scent of snow. She was neither warm nor cold. She felt the same. Lena tangled her hair into Kara’s hair and sighed. Her heat seeped into Lena’s bones and seem to warm her from the inside out. She loved the way she felt when she was with Kara. It felt as though the world didn’t exist, and that they’ve created a universe inside their own bubble of space. When she was with her, she didn’t feel like a vampire with a tragic past, she felt normal and being without her the last couple of days, made her appreciate that feeling.

“I’ve missed you,” Kara whispered to her. “So much.” 

“I missed you too. Thanks for not giving up me,” Lena replied. 



Chapter Text

Kara was reluctant to let Lena go. For the first time in what seemed like several lifetimes, Kara was able to embrace her without there being some sort of crisis. But she knew this bubble of space that was created for them wasn’t going to last forever. Lena only confirmed what she was thinking. She stepped from Kara’s hold but she didn’t let go of her. Instead she trailed her hands slowly down the length of Kara’s arms, caressing her soft skin and leaving goosebumps in their wake. Their eyes met, green and blue, and Kara couldn’t help herself. She didn’t want to think about what would happen next. She didn’t want to think about the danger that they were in, or what was at stake. Kara just wanted to feel her. She gently kissed Lena’s lips and reveled in the way they felt against her. Lena hummed and licked her lips when Kara pulled back.

“You still taste the same,” she said quietly as she nibbled her lip. Kara offered a small smile as Lena gently caressed her cheek.

“I don’t deserve you,” she murmured as she gazed deeply into Kara’s eyes. Lena saw warmth and light and hope. She saw all the things that had been missing from the majority of her life, and the overwhelming feeling to cry consumed her. She wasn’t sad though. It was because of Kara. Kara made her feel something. She hadn’t been in tune with her emotions in a while and she almost forgot what it was like to be truly happy. She even forgot what it was like to be scared, or nervous, or excited, or to feel like you wanted to protect someone with your very being. She forgot what it was like to truly love someone.

Lena didn’t realize she was crying until Kara wiped away her tears with her thumbs.

“Let me be the judge of that, okay?” Kara said. Lena nodded before initiating a kiss of her own. Her arms wrapped around Kara’s neck as she leaned against her. Lena could feel Kara through her clothes, she could feel Kara’s hands on her waist, and she could also feel Kara leaning against her desk. Every one of Kara’s kisses felt like a breath of air after being under water for so long. In one kiss, she could feel warmth return to her body. In the next kiss, she felt her worries melt away and clarity blanket her mind. With the next kiss came the realization that she never wanted to be away from Kara again. Lena knew, deep in her heart, that Kara was her happily ever after, and that even after everything that they’ve been through, even after everything that Kara was put through between herself and Lillian, Kara still wanted to be with her.

Lena fisted Kara’s shirt and pulled her closer. Kara uttered a soft moan and her hands began to unbutton Lena’s blue dress jacket. The sound of Lena’s desk phone beeping caused her to jump and back away from Kara’s hold.

“Excuse me Ms. Luthor, but your meeting with the clientele is about to start,” her receptionist said through the speaker. Lena took a deep breath and pressed a button.

“Thank you,” she said back to her. She looked at Kara and Kara met her gaze. Suddenly, they both started laughing. They almost felt like teenagers, separating from each other like they’ve been caught in the act by an adult. When they were able to settle themselves, Kara took Lena’s hands.

“Oh Rao, that smile,” Kara said in wonder. “That smile is a beauty all in its own.”

Lena smiled before biting her lip and ducking her head sheepishly. Her chest felt full, it was swelling with an emotion Lena couldn’t place. Was it love? Happiness? Elation? She couldn’t tell.

“Can I come over to your place?” Kara asked. “Dinner? My treat?”

At first Lena looked apprehensive, but in the second it took her to take a deep breath, her nervousness was replaced with a smile.  

“Sure, love,” she replied. “I’ll see you later tonight. That’ll also give us some time to talk.”

Kara’s eyebrows furrowed together. “What about?”

“I want to work out a game plan for getting my mother. She has this annoying habit of being a couple steps ahead of us. I want to end this, once and for all.”

Kara nodded in understanding, but deep down, she was shocked at Lena’s intensity. While she was talking, Kara could have sworn her eyes flashed green, the act ominous as it promised danger.

“Okay love, I have a ton of work to do. Meet me at home at around 7-ish?” Lena asked her.

Kara smiled, a light blush graced her cheeks as she gently kissed Lena’s cheek.

“It’s a date.”


Kara waited outside of Lena’s front door. After a few minutes, she watched as Lena’s expensive SUV pulled into her driveway. Kara sat down her bag of ingredients and opened Lena’s driver side door.

“My lady,” Kara said with a posh accent. Lena giggled as she grabbed her bag and a huge stack of paperwork.

“Here, let me take that,” Kara said as she held out her hands. Lena smiled.

“Darling, you know this isn’t heavy to me, right?”

That didn’t stop Kara from lifting the paperwork from her hold anyway. “I know. But I’d still like to help you.”

Kara stepped away so that Lena could get out her car. She closed the door with her hip and walked with Kara to her front door. Kara made sure to grab the bag again as Lena walked inside.

“You don’t keep your front door locked?” Kara asked her incredulously.

“No?” Lena said when she heard the tone in her voice. “What’s the point?”

“Someone could break in and steal your stuff. What if someone wanted to hurt you?”

“Kara, darling, I can easily replace whatever is stolen. Also, someone is always trying to hurt me,” she answered.

Though she said it lightheartedly, Kara felt a pang in her chest and she couldn’t help the frown that spread across her face. Luckily for her, Lena was walking ahead of her and she couldn’t see her expression.

Lena placed her belongings next to the couch and shrugged off her coat. Kara watched as she disappeared into her room. Kara took the bag and the paperwork to the kitchen and started to unpack the bag.

“What’s for dinner?” she heard Lena call out.

“Fettuccine alfredo with chicken and broccoli,” Kara replied. She could hear Lena changing her clothes. When she reappeared in the living room, she was dressed in a shirt and some sweats. She sighed and ran a hand through her hair.

“Long day?” Kara asked as she began to chop chicken and season it. Lena sat down at her kitchen counter and reached for the stack of paperwork.

“Yeah, I had a lot to catch up on,” Lena began to explain. “With everything that’s been happening, it’s hard to juggle L-Corp and my mother.” She sighed wearily and Kara can sense the stress that surrounded her.

“No one expects you to be a god or anything. You’re still vaguely human,” Kara said with a smile on her lips. That earned her a giggle and Kara reveled in the sound. It was light and musical, and it was a sound she wished she could hear more often.

“I know, love, but I need to keep it together. Mother has made being a Luthor unbearable and I want the world to see that not all Luthors are bad.”

Kara could tell that she was tired. The weariness in her voice was palpable. Kara stopped what she was doing, washed her hands, and walked to Lena. She put her hands on her shoulders and massaged them. Lena closed her eyes and sighed.

“That feels great,” she moaned as her head tilted back a little. Kara smiled as she worked her muscles, applying enough pressure so that she could feel it but not enough that it would hurt. Lena’s muscles were stiff and for the briefest of seconds, Kara wondered if Lena could feel the physical manifestations of stress. The way Lena was responding though, told her that she could.

Kara massaged her for ten more minutes before Lena purred her approval.

“Thank you,” she said gratefully. As Kara walked away, she swore that caught a whiff of Lena’s arousal but she dismissed the thought. When she turned around, she saw that Lena looked a bit mischievous.

Kara resumed cooking. She took out various pots and skillets from Lena’s cabinets. She sautéed the chicken in one skillet and poured heavy cream in the other skillet. 

“Okay I don’t know if I said this before, but I had no idea that you could cook,” Lena said, her full attention drawn to her work.

Kara chuckled softly. “Yeah I can, I just never have the time for it.”

There was a pause before Kara spoke again.

“What did you want to talk about?” she asked. “Is it okay if I cook while we talk?”

“Yeah sure,” Lena replied. “I wanted to talk about my mother. What are we going to do about her?”

“Well, we got to find her first.”

There was another sigh. “I’ve been trying to triangulate her location using the previous locations that we found her. I set up an algorithm in my computer to calculate the most likely place we can find her based on the locations of L-Corp, the Cadmus bunker, even the DEO. I’ve also tasked Winn with pulling apart the robot that attacked the city a couple of weeks ago. I’m hoping he can find some tech that can help me point in my mother’s direction.”

Kara’s eyebrows raised as she listened. “It sounds like you have everything covered.”

“That’s not it, I also wanted to talk about what I can do to protect you.”

“What do you mean?” Kara asked as she stirred cheese and butter into the heavy cream.

“I don’t know if you noticed, Kara, but every time we try to stop her, she always finds a way to hurt you. The first time, she made you solar flare.”

As Lena talked, her voice rose as need and slight panic overtook her. Kara stopped what she was doing and turned around. She made sure to turn off the stove and put the unfinished food in the oven.

“When we tried again, she impaled you and tortured you for weeks!”

“Lena-” Kara tried but Lena kept talking, her voice still rising as she talked in short gasps.

“And then this most recent time, I killed you! I still can’t believe I did that!”


“It’s like no matter what we do, we aren’t prepared!” Lena tangled her hands into her hair and Kara could see her eyes were getting watery.


“I can’t stand to see you hurt Kara! And I don’t want to be the reason for why you end up dead permanently!”

Kara abandoned the stove. In an instant, she was standing on the opposite side of the counter and caressing Lena’s cheek, her thumb was over her lips to stop her talking. She moved so fast that she accidentally blew some stray papers off the counter.

“Lena, honey, I need you to take a breath, okay? You’re psyching yourself out.”

When Kara removed her hand, Lena closed her eyes and took a couple deep, steadying breaths. When she opened her eyes, Kara offered a small smile.

“I’m sorry,” Lena said. She rubbed her hands against her thighs. “I just can’t stand to see you hurt.”

“Don’t apologize, babe. I understand how hard it is, for you and for us. Just don’t panic. We’ll tackle everything with a clear head. Remember, you’re not alone, not as long as I’m here.” She held Lena’s hand.

Lena was nodding. “You’re absolutely right.”

Kara rubbed her hand. “Is there anything I can do to help you?”

Lena shrugged. “I just don’t want to think about anything for the next couple of hours. I wish I can turn my brain off.”

Kara had an idea but she didn’t want to push Lena to do anything that she didn’t want to do. She walked to Lena’s side of the counter, while still holding her hand, and stood next to her.

“Do you trust me?” she asked simply. Lena gazed deep into her eyes and searched. Kara let her. She wanted her to. She wanted her to know that she would be gentle, that she was respected, and that no matter what, she would do her best not to hurt her.

Kara could see her resolve solidify before she even gave an answer.

“Yes,” she said confidently. Kara gently tugged her hand to get her to stand up. When Lena complied, Kara caressed her cheeks. Lena reached up and wrapped soft, tentative hands around Kara’s wrists and glided them up and down her skin. The caress caused goosebumps to appear on Kara’s skin and she couldn’t help the shiver that traveled down her spine.

Kara wanted to know that what she was about to do was okay with her. Above all else, she wanted Lena to be comfortable. The look in Lena’s eyes never changed but Kara wanted her to voice her affirmation. She wanted to hear say, confidently, that she was okay.

“Are you sure?” she asked her.

Lena nodded her head. “Yes.”

Kara leaned in close to her and kissed her deeply and softly. Tentatively, Lena wrapped her arms around Kara’s neck and pulled her closer. Kara deepened the kiss as she held her hips and pushed her gently against the counter. One kiss became another, and another, and another, and soon, their kisses turned breathy and hot.Kara didn’t want to dominate her, she wanted closeness, intimacy. She wanted to imprint this moment into Lena’s mind, her soul, and her skin. She wanted this moment to be timeless and passionate. She wanted this moment to be theirs. Kara was blushing furiously as heat, delicious and intoxicating, washed over her and lit her skin. Lena was inhaling deeply and she purred softly in her throat. She turned them around, so that Kara was against the counter, and brought her hand under her shirt. She palmed her breasts before gently stroking her abs. Kara couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her.

“That tickles,” she murmured against Lena’s lips.

Lena offered a salacious grin before her hand drifted downward and breached past her jeans. Lena knew Kara was severely turned on before she could even feel her arousal. Her wetness coated her in copious amounts. Lena spread the wet folds of her sex. She coated her fingers in her arousal before swiping gently against her clit. Kara shuddered as she braced a hand on the counter. Lena could hear her heartbeat pick up in pace, she could feel her blood beneath her skin, racing just under the surface of her soft skin. It’s scent was heady and intoxicating, sweet and sinful, and Lena wanted nothing more than to taste her. Lena’s smile widened and she nibbled her own lip.

“Tell me what you want,” she growled into Kara’s ear.

“You. I just want you,” came her breathy reply.

Lena complied as she moved her fingers against her sensitive bundle of nerves. Kara’s blush grew deeper and spread to her shoulders, the tendons in her neck grew taut as her head fell back a little.

White hot pleasure shot through Kara’s nerve endings and lit them aflame. Lena increased the pressure minutely as she continued to kiss her lips. Kara was breathing hard, her moans muffled by Lena’s kisses. Lena dipped her hand lower, plunging two fingers into her wet center while her palm rubbed against her clit.

Kara couldn’t stop the moan that escaped her lips and Lena swallowed it in a kiss. With every rub and every plunge, electric heat ran up and down Kara’s body until she felt like she was going to combust. Lena moved her lips to her neck, where her kisses became more heated, more sloppy. She didn’t want to bite her, but she wanted to taste her. She needed a taste.

Kara reached down to still her hand, her harsh pants filling the space between them as Lena looked at her in confusion.

“Tonight isn’t about me.”

She brought Lena’s fingers to her mouth and sucked them clean. Lena watched her mesmerized, swallowing thickly has she felt Kara’s tongue lave her digits.

“What is tonight about?” she asked as Kara removed her fingers with a wet popping sound.

“I think you know,” she whispered as she hoisted her up. Lena instinctively wrapped her legs around her waist and kissed her with bruising force. Kara couldn’t stop herself when she opened her mouth and her tongue met Lena’s. Their tongues caressed each other, slow and languid, unhurried and delicious. Energy cycled through them and they both chased it, eager to seek the liquid lightning that swirled through them both. Lena groaned when she tasted Kara’s arousal on her tongue.

Kara remembered all too well where Lena’s bed was. She carried Lena to her room. When Kara eyed the bed, she looked at Lena.

“Are you sure?” she asked her again.

Lena reached around and tugged her own shirt off. She discarded it somewhere in the corner of the room. To Kara’s surprise, she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were on ample display. The urge to take a nipple into her mouth was overwhelming but she controlled herself.

“Yes,” Lena said quietly but intensely as she pulled Kara’s hair out of her ponytail. It fell in golden waves down her shoulders and Lena tangled her fingers in it. Kara smiled as she ducked her head and sucked a nipple into her mouth. Lena gasped and held her head closer to her as white hot pleasure surged in her body and pooled low in her stomach.

Kara inched them to the edge of Lena’s massive bed, but before she could lower her, Lena grabbed her shirt and bra in one handful. She tugged hard. Buttons went flying and fabric tore. Kara laughed as she sat Lena down and watched her scoot closer to her pillows. Kara followed her, discarding her glasses on the nightstand. Lena tugged off her sweats and her underwear. Only Kara was partially dressed, her jeans riding low in her hips and her abs and v-lines visible in the moonlight.

Kara settled herself between Lena’s hips and kissed her again, but she didn’t stay there for long. She kissed her way down Lena’s body, nipping and biting playfully down her body. Lena laughed breathlessly before it turned into a moan when Kara began to place sloppy, open-mouthed kisses between her thighs. She looked at Lena, asking silently if she could proceed. All Lena could do was nod. Kara gave a slow, sensual lick up Lena’s slit, her arousal coating her tongue and her heady scent filling her senses. She licked her again, taking her time and teasing Lena all at once. Eventually Lena began to buck her lips lightly. She wanted Kara to lick her in the one place she wanted the most. Kara chuckled as Lena’s grip in her hair grew tighter.

“Please, Kara,” she begged. Kara licked her lips before wrapping them around her clit and sucking hard. Lena’s back arched off the mattress and Kara winced when she felt Lena tug at her hair. Her arousal flowed in copious amounts and Kara couldn’t help but drink it all in. She released her clit and offered slow long licks on it instead. Lena was moaning, her hips moving in time with Kara’s tongue. Lena was already cantering at the edge of an orgasm but when Kara started plunging her tongue in her hole and rubbed her clit with her fingers, release raced towards her faster than she was prepared for. Kara could feel nails digging into her scalp and Lena’s moans were becoming louder and louder. Kara was slurping loudly as she pleasured Lena. Her jaw was getting a cramp, but she couldn’t stop watching Lena. She didn’t want to stop. She wanted to keep her like this forever. Lena’s free hand was teasing her nipple, her eyes were squeezed shut, and the skin and tendons were taut in her neck as her head dug into the pillow. Kara was beginning to feel her muscles spasm around her tongue when she stopped. Breaths sawed in and out of Lena. Her thighs shook as the beginnings of an orgasm threatened to overwhelm her.

“Not yet,” Kara purred as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “Remember the last time I spent the night?”

“Yeah,” Lena said. Liquid electricity washed over her and she breathed heavily as she fought off the telltale signs of an intense orgasm.

“Where’s that strap-on?”

“Its in the nightstand. I already cleaned it.”

In a blur, Kara was off the bed. She took her jeans off and fit the harness around her hips. After she made sure it was secured, she gave Lena a devilish grin.

“On your hands and knees,” she commanded her. Lena struggled to comply, but once she was in position, Kara got back on the bed and covered the dildo in lube.  

She lined the dildo and held her hips.

“Are you ready, babe?”


Kara gently pushed inside. Even with Lena’s arousal and the lube, the dildo didn’t slip all the way in one go. She worked the toy inside her, giving short thrusts with her hips. The moment Kara’s hips touched her skin, the moment she felt Kara flush against her, Lena moaned. Kara bit her lip and she pulled all the way back out and eased back in. Lena couldn’t control the squeal that left her, nor could she control the fact that her fangs had extended. Kara began to move faster. Her strong hands wrapped around Lena’s hips and held her steady as she buried herself into her sex. The sounds of skin slapping, Lena’s moans, and the toy plunging in and out of Lena’s hole filled the air.

Delicious heat, hot and heady, threatened to drown Lena and she squeezed her eyes closed, helpless to the pleasure that Kara bestowed upon her. Kara filled her senses and it wasn’t long before her essence was all she could register, all she could think about. Her touch was scorching and it felt like a brand against her skin. Her muscles gripped the silicon dildo as Kara messaged the spot inside her that sent orgasmic pleasure up and down her spine. The pleasure was overwhelming, it was building, and it threatened to flip Lena’s world upside down. Gradually, she lost the ability to keep herself upright and she slumped to the pillow.

“Harder,” she growled. Kara complied, her hips slapping against her furiously as the bed started to creak. Arousal coated the toy and the inside of Lena’s thighs, and wet noises reverberated against the walls.

Kara grabbed the lube and coated her fingers in it. She began to spread that lube around Lena’s ass. Lena gasped as she held the pillow in a death grip. She squeezed her eyes shut as her hips mindlessly bucked against Kara.  

When Kara felt it was safe, she gently slid her finger inside her opening and Lena’s eyes to rolled. She was moaning and talking gibberish but Kara could distinctly hear her say that she wanted more. She slid a second finger in and Lena buried her face in her pillow. Kara smiled as she moved her hips and fingers in unison. When Kara bottomed out inside her, a filthy moan escaped Lena and it was loud enough to be heard through her pillow.

“Fuck, Kara” she moaned. Colors burst behind closed eyelids as her muscles seized. She felt incredibly hot, which surprised her because she never felt anything. But she could feel Kara fuck her like her very life depended on it.

Kara kept moving but a thought occurred to her. Lena hadn’t orgasmed even though she had been really close when she went down on her. Was Lena holding back?

She pulled out and Lena slumped bonelessly to the bed. She was breathing raggedly into the pillow and it was then that Kara realized that she had bit it. Stuffing protruded from the holes her fangs had left behind. Kara swallowed and sighed.

“Get on your back, love,” she said softly. She helped Lena flip over and Kara nuzzled herself between her legs. She slid the toy back in and Lena wrapped her arms around her back, her nails digging into skin. She moved inside her and placed soft, sweet kisses on her neck. Kara didn’t want her to be afraid, but she knew deep down, that’s what Lena was. She wrapped her hands into the pillow that Lena lay on. She moved her lips closer to Lena’s ear and nipped lightly at it.

“You don’t have to be afraid. Please don’t be afraid,” she said to her. Lena knew what she was trying to say.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” she said between breaths. Kara slowed her movements to a deep and slow grind and looked into Lena’s eyes. Lena gasped in ecstasy at the change of pace, her hand drifting down Kara’s back, softly caressing her perfect skin, to grip the top of her ass and help her grind into her. Lena’s eyes were growing bright and luminous from pleasure and bloodlust. The glow from her eyes cast a faint light around the room. She was fighting it, and Kara knew that she was fighting herself. Even in the dark, Kara could see her jaw muscles flexing as she clamped her mouth shut.

“Baby,” Kara said sweetly to her as she caressed her cheek softly. She offered her a small smile and wished she could kiss the fear that shone in her eyes. “Things only happened the way they did because of Lillian. Lillian was the one who poisoned you. Before that, you always stopped yourself. I promise, you’re not going to hurt me.”

Lena gaped at the nickname Kara used on her, her fangs glinting faintly in her mouth. Her heart felt so full of love, she thought it might burst. Lena held back the tears she wanted to cry when she saw that Kara had the upmost faith in her. After everything that happened, she still trusted her. Lena smiled and wrapped her hand around Kara’s neck to gently pull her close. She kissed Kara tenderly, deeply, as Kara started to move her hips faster. Kara took her hand that was on Lena’s cheek and slipped it between them to rub her clit. Lena opened her legs wider and couldn’t stop herself as she dragged her nails down Kara’s back. Kara couldn’t stop the hiss that escaped her lips as the pain and pleasure blurred together.

“I’m so close,” she whispered after a few minutes. Kara kissed her jaw. A sheen of sweat was forming on her body as her whole upper body sported a deep blush. Kara was breathing hard as she edged Lena closer to her release. Her muscles burned and ached from exertion. Kara felt as though she were on fire.

Lena felt waves of pleasure wash throughout her body. Between the toy and Kara’s fingers, she knew she wasn’t going to last any longer. She hugged Kara close to her when she reached her climax. Pleasure, scorching and heart stoppingly delicious, seized her whole body like a vice. Lena couldn’t stop the feminine moan that sprung deep from her chest. She found herself burying her fangs into Kara’s neck  before she could think better of it. Her blood coated her tongue and she sucked hard. Kara moaned, the pleasure she was feeling brought her own release. Their bodies moved together, slowly and languidly. Every time Lena sucked, Kara could feel arousal tug hard at her and she breathed raggedly.

Lena’s teeth were buried deep into the crook of Kara’s neck. Her fingers were curled into claws that buried deep into her back, as she drank all that Kara offered to her. She could feel it though. Her control never waived, never faltered, and the more she swallowed, the more confident she felt. Happiness and relief swirled in her. She took a few more gulps before licking the wound close. When they met each other eyes, Kara smiled and touched her forehead to hers.

“See I told you,” she whispered. Lena laughed lightly as she raised her arms around wrapped them around her neck. Kara had successfully gotten her to stop thinking for a while. Kara could feel own her heart fluttering against her rib cage and she knew it was beating like that for a totally different reason. She felt right when she was with her. Lena kept her grounded and completed her world. She wasn’t whole without her.

Kara kissed her lips. “I love you.”

Lena smiled as the tears she was holding back spilled. “Really?” she asked, the emotion making her voice break and she swallowed thickly. Kara smiled as she gingerly peppered her damp cheeks with kisses.

“Rao, yes. I love you with all that I am, Lena Luthor.”

Lena's breathless laughed morphed into shaky cries as she held her close. Kara was hers and she accepted her, demons and all. She let the heat of Kara's love and the strength of her acceptance chase away the centuries of bitter coldness that had settled deep into her bones.

Chapter Text

Kara awoke to feather light caresses trailing up and down the sensitive skin close to her spine. Her eyes fluttered open as goosebumps flowered on exposed skin. Kara was sore in the most delicious of ways, the abs in her lower stomach and her thighs ached as she tried to stir her slumbering limbs from unconsciousness. She remembered falling asleep with Lena in her arms and safely tucked into her chest.

The night before had been a breakthrough for them both. Lena had realized that despite everything they went through, no matter what Lillian threw their way, Kara supported her one hundred percent. She loved her irrevocably and she knew that deep in her heart. She would protect her with all that she had, with all that she was, and with all she could give her. Kara realized that Lena had been the missing piece of her life. She was something that she always wanted but knew, deep down, she shouldn’t have because of her status as a Super. Kal-El had Lois Lane and they managed to make it work. They worked through the ups and downs, the good times and the bad, and now, she had the opportunity to experience that with Lena Luthor. She could wake up next to her, make breakfast for her, talk about things she couldn’t talk to anybody else about. She wanted to love her. Lena was her happily ever after and she couldn’t help the possessive tug that pulled deep in her heart. She never wanted to see Lena hurt ever again.

She felt soft lips kiss the skin below the nape of her neck and she smiled. Kara felt her heart flip in her chest and contentment swelled within her. Speaking of waking next to her…

“Good morning ,” Lena murmured behind her. She snuggled closer to Kara and gently rest her chin between the groove of her neck and shoulder. She wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer. “How did you sleep?” She kissed her again and Kara chuckled as she entwined her fingers in hers.

“Like a rock,” she confessed. Her body was heavy and stiff from lingering fatigue. Admittedly, she hadn’t slept that well for quite some time. It was hard putting her mind to rest at night with all that’s happened, but when she was with Lena, she felt at peace. All the fears and anxieties she felt were silenced, and she felt like she could close her eyes guilt free. She felt Lena comb her hair from her face and she purred softly against her ear.

“I can imagine. If it wasn’t for your heartbeat, I would have thought you died.” There was another kiss, this time on the side of her neck. Kara’s amused snort turned into a breathy sigh and her eyes drifted close as heat and blood rushed to her face.

“If I didn’t know any better, I would think that you were trying to turn me on,” she whispered salaciously. Lena didn’t answer, instead, she pulled her closer, the skin of Kara’s back pressing against the swell of Lena’s breasts. Lena’s kisses, which were soft and sweet at first, turned hot and passionate. It wasn’t long before she was placing open mouthed kisses on her neck and Kara was breathing deeply while slightly turning her body into hers. Lena chuckled as her fingers, which were still entwines with Kara’s, inched closer to her nipples. She kissed her neck as she spoke.

“I have-”


“No idea-”


“What you’re talking about, darling.”


Lena teased her nipple between skilled fingers and Kara released a shaky breath. Each tug sent electric sparks of pleasure through her body. Lena felt her body temperature rise slowly and the sweet scent of her growing arousal started to permeate the space around them. Kara rested her hand on top of Lena’s, who was still tweaking and teasing her nipples. She wrapped her fingers tight around her hand and nibbled her lip, the sensitive flesh on her lips turning a light pink.

“Are you going to- AH,” Kara moaned as Lena gently pinched her nipple again. Her nipples were pert, and at attention, and it took everything in Lena not to suck one into her mouth. The pinks of her areola enticed Lena and she wanted nothing more than to lave them with her tongue until Kara begged her to stop. Or begged her for more, she didn’t care. Lena felt Kara swallow and rub her hand up and down on Lena’s arm.

“What was that darling?” Lena coaxed her before kissing her again.

“Are you going to bite me?”

Lena smiled and sucked on her pulse point. Kara gasped and her back arched. Lena laughed softly when she released her. Kara’s heartbeat was strong. It danced within her chest, sending blood everywhere in her body, and especially to her core. Her blood smelled so good, it smelled so appetizing, that it made Lena’s mouth water. Sweet alyssum. That’s what she smelled like and Lena loved it whenever she spent the night. Her bed was covered in that scent and every time she slept in it, she instantly felt happy. Lena hummed low in her throat as she trailed the tip of her nose up and down the side of her neck, inhaling softly. On the way back up she paused and nibbled her ear.

“Not unless you asked me to,” she whispered, the heat of her breath sending shivers down Kara’s spine. She didn’t answer, instead, she released a shuddering breath. With her hand still on top of Lena’s, she guided her down past her breasts, past the chiseled muscle of her abs, and over the mound of her sex. Even just trailing over the soft curls of her pubic hair, Lena could feel how wet Kara was. Her arousal coated her thickly and abundantly.

Lena was back to kissing her neck and Kara’s shaky breaths devolved into heavy gasping as Lena gently inserted her finger into the wet folds of her hot core. Kara opened her legs a bit as Lena offered soft and gentle swipes over her clit.

“Rao….” Kara moaned out in a long breath. Lena smiled against the skin of her neck and increased the pressure on her sensitive bundle of nerves. Kara guided Lena’s hand to circle around her faster. More and more electric shocks and liquid heat engulfed her as her arousal continue to build and build. They both could hear the soft wet noises her finger was making inside her and Lena’s mouth water for a taste, for the feeling of plunging her tongue into her and lapping her juices, to be so deep inside her that her core would clamp on her tongue.

Blood thundered heavily in Kara’s veins and her face and chest began to blush a vibrant red. Her clit was throbbing against Lena’s finger and she happily gave it as much attention as Kara wanted. Kara’s once soft moans, were gaining in volume as Lena rubbed her closer and closer to release. She could feel Kara’s muscles flexing in her hold as waves of pleasure overtook her. Lena rubbed her nose against the skin of her neck again and kissed it.

“Aren’t you going to ask me?” she purred against the skin of her neck. “I know you want to.” Kara giggled and then gasped as Lena teased her. “I can smell how wet you are, darling.”

“Ms. Luthor, can you do me the honors of biting me,” she said in joking tone that was slightly masked by her breathlessness. Lena smiled and sucked the skin on her throat again. Kara moaned, and when Lena gently sank her teeth into her, she stopped breathing altogether. Her legs flexed as pleasure burst inside her, sending waves of concentrated energy through her and igniting an orgasm. Liquid heat ran up and down her spine and a low moan exploded deep from within her chest. Kara felt her heart stop, her lungs seize, and electricity spark her nerve endings. She could feel Lena’s mouth sucking on her skin, drinking down her blood in small sips. Ever pull of her lips, and every swipe of her tongue, caused small aftershocks of lightning to ravage her body. Arousal pooled low within her and she could feel it coat Lena’s fingers. Kara couldn’t stop the feminine moans that fell from her lips. She felt weightless and floaty, and then she realized that she was close to floating off the mattress. If it wasn’t for Lena’s strong grip keeping her anchored to her body, she would have drifted off the bed. When she was finally able to breathe, she sucked in air by the lungful and clutched hard to Lena as her fingers still circled her clit. Kara’s come down from her high was agonizingly slow, and small little bursts of aftershocks swept over her body.

Lena was licking her neck, which Kara welcomed because it tickled and also, it was keeping her from spacing out. It was grounding her, keeping her focused. Eventually Kara’s pants evened and her body slumped bonelessly in Lena’s hold.

Lens caressed her arm and kissed her cheek and Kara smiled dreamily.

“Good morning, Supergirl.”

“Good morning Ms. Luthor,” she responded back lightheartedly.

Lena sat up in bed, the sheets sliding down the length of her body, and put on a discarded shirt from the carpet.

“What do you have planned for today?” she asked Kara. Kara sighed and sat up too. She wrapped the sheets around her torso and smiled brightly. When Lena turned around, her breath caught in her throat. Her blond hair, still minutely tousled from last night’s sex, hung in thick waves over her shoulder. Her blue eyes were bright and they reminded Lena of comets that traversed the night sky, blessing the people and the heavens with its beauty. Her skin glowed beautifully. More and more of its luster peaked through the sheets the longer she looked. No matter how many times she saw Kara, she wouldn’t ever get use to how beautiful she was. She was always amazing. Kara blushed and looked down sheepishly when she caught Lena staring.

“I actually didn’t have too much planned for today. I could use a shower and I probably should finish cooking from last night.”

Lena nodded. “Sure, darling. After, can we go to L-Corp? There’s something I’d like to show you.”

“Of course. I’ll get up now.”


It was cloudy in National City. Big, fluffy clouds decorated the sky and muted the sun’s rays. A couple of hours after Lena had made Kara come in the most exquisite of ways, they were both at L- Corp in Lena’s office. Because Kara didn’t think to pack extra clothes, she wore a flannel and jeans given to her by Lena, who threw her clothes in the wash until they got back.

If Kara was being honest, her intentions were just to cook her dinner and spend some time with her outside of immediate crises and the looming threat of death, or even near death, no matter who it was that was dying or almost dying. Last night had not been intentional, but at the same time, she didn’t regret that it happened. They both knew where they stood with each other. They both loved each other and it only took for the gala to be attacked, for them both to be kidnapped by Cadmus, for National City to be placed under quarantine, for a lot of people to die, for Kara to be kidnapped again and tortured, for Lillian to attack and harm Lena, for Lena to go on a feeding frenzy, for her to accidentally kill Kara, for Kara to be brought back, and for Lena to be traumatized at the end of it all.

It had been one hell of a journey. They weren’t walking away from it without any physical or mental damage, and while they still weren’t done with it, Kara was eager to see where it would take her. She felt like she could do anything as long as she had Lena by her side. Even now, she could smell her. Her scent cocooned her, the smell of night and musk was intoxicating, and it calmed her nerves and silenced her fears.

Kara watched as Lena bustled inside her office in search for something, and she noticed that her office was in slight disarray. She knew that Lena liked to keep things organized but to see her office like this, surprised her. Papers and writing utensils were haphazardly throw on the desk. Folders were hanging out of drawers. Clothes were thrown over couch cushions and Kara knew what that meant: that she was spending the night here sometimes. It took a lot for Lena to let her office get like this and Kara knew that either she was incredibly busy or incredibly stressed. It was probably an unhealthy mixture of both.

The overwhelming urge to help her clean it was overpowering, but before she could do anything, Lena was ushering her out of the room. She only stopped long enough to find and grab a keycard. Kara followed Lena as they descended L-Corp and followed a hallway that looked unfamiliar to her.

“Where are we going?” she asked her.

“I have a secret lab that I used to keep certain projects off the books.”

They approached a very thick and very secured looking door. Kara didn’t even need to use her X-ray vision to know that the door was lined with lead, while a sturdier metal filled its foundation. Lena walked to the card reader and swiped her card. The door hissed and slowly opened, revealing a massive room inside. Kara’s jaw dropped, the look of shock and awe very apparent on her face. It was an impressive laboratory that had rows of television monitors and other high tech equipment. Beakers, test tubes, and various other chemical equipment rested on top of massive tables. Papers and writing utensils were strewn everywhere. Various tools, some of which she had never seen, lie on the ground. Kara felt like she had walked into an episode of Dexter’s Laboratory.

“Holy cow,” Kara whispered in awe as she looked around. “Is this want you wanted to show me?”

Lena chuckled. “The face you’re making is adorable, but no, this isn’t it. What I want to show you is over here.”

Kara followed Lena to the corner of the immense lab. She watched as Lena walked up to a wall. The wall was ordinary and unspectacular, until she lifted a panel and inputted a numerical password onto the hidden keypad. This door was better hidden, and even with Kara’s vision, she didn’t know the door was there until it hissed and the doors swung out like a closet.  Kara took a step back and watched as a green and black suit appeared in the space.

“What’s that?”

“It’s something I’ve been working on. It’s a suit that repels all versions of kryptonite that I know about, so just red and green. It’s for you.”

Kara’s eyes widened. “You did this for me?”

“Of course,” Lena said, like it should be obvious to her by now. “I would do almost anything for you.”

Kara was silent for a few seconds before she spoke again. “How does it work?”

Lena smiled. “Here, let me show you.” She removed the suit from its post and took it to the opposite side of the lab.

On the opposite side, Lena led Kara through a door and they walked into much smaller, but in no less impressive, chamber. It looked like someone went to war in there. There was shrapnel, bullet shells, debris, scorch marks, and other signs of destruction all around the space and on the walls. Kara noticed, however, that the mayhem had been localized to one specific area of the chamber, encased in glass by the look of it, while the remaining space was clean and pristine.

“What happened in here?”

“It’s a test chamber of my own design. I assess the things that I make in here. I just want to be sure that they’ll operate the way that I like.” Lena rapped her knuckles against a wall of translucent glass that encased the destruction within.  

“What else have you made?” Kara asked her curiously. Lena shrugged.

“Sometimes chemicals for some government agency, other times I try out alien weapons I happen to get my hands on. Recently, I’ve been looking for a cure.”

“For the plague?” Kara turned to look at her. “I thought you already found that?”

“Not for the plague. It’s for me.” Lena was silent as Kara searched her eyes.

“Is it because you’re a vampire?” Kara asked, knowing that it was a question with an obvious answer, but she wanted to hear Lena herself.


Kara was quiet. She wanted to say that Lena was perfect the way she was. She loved her the way she was. In this case, her opinion didn’t matter. She didn’t know what it was like to be a vampire, to have seen what she saw, to experience what she had to endure. She didn’t know what it was like to walk a fine line between vampire and human, nor could she comprehend what it felt like to drink blood to survive. She didn’t know, and instead of telling Lena what she wanted to say, she said something else.

“If you need anything, I’m here.”

Lena smiled and ran a hand through her hair sheepishly. “Thank you.”

There was a brief moment of silence before Lena spoke again.

“I made this myself. It’s a glass that can withstand any ballistic or concussive force. It can even withstand you.”

Kara’s eyebrows raised and she smiled. “Ms. Luthor, is that a challenge?”

She didn’t say anything, instead she used her hand to usher her into the glass box. Kara stepped inside and crackled her knuckles. She curled her hand into a fist, and with as much force and muscle she could muster, she punched the glass. Kara was surprised when her punch made contact but nothing happened, except for the thwack that occurred when her skin contacted the solid surface. The glass wasn’t even scratched. She could hear Lena chuckling from behind her.

“Wait, that was just a warmup punch,” she said quickly as she shook out her limbs and rolled her neck.

“Whatever you say, darling.”

Kara threw her body into her next punch so that it had some momentum. She felt strength course through her as her flesh contacted the glass again. She grunted softly from exertion and bared her teeth in determination. Again, nothing happened and Kara stood there flabbergasted. She watched as the glass wall shook minutely from the force of her punch before remaining fixed in its position. When she turned around, she noticed that Lena was trying her best not to laugh. Her eyes were to her shoes and she stared at them like they were the most interesting things ever. Kara raised her eyebrow and was removing her glasses before Lena could say anything. She shot her laser vision, full force, at the glass. She grew increasingly frustrated as she watched the glass absorb her lasers. Her hands balled into fists as she forced more energy through her eyes.

“Uh, Kara? You’re going to solar flare if you keep doing that,” she heard Lena say behind her. Kara sighed and stopped. She was right.

“Ms. Luthor, I have to say, you really out did yourself,” she said as she put her glasses back on.

Lena smiled. “And it was very interesting seeing that competitive streak of yours.”

Kara smiled her adorkable smile and shrugged her shoulders.

Lena placed the suit inside the chamber and closed the door behind her.

“Why are you staying inside?” Kara asked just as Lena picked up a handgun that was left on the floor. “You know I’m bulletproof, right?”

Lena ejected the mag and showed her what was inside. Kara saw the bullets, but she also noticed that they were glowing a familiar, bright green. Kryptonite.

“I don’t want you to get hurt,” Lena said as he re-inserted the mag and cocked the gun. She aimed for the suit and fired several shots. Kara watched as the bullets imbedded themselves into the chest, but they didn’t breach it. She also fired shots in various other parts of the suit: the stomach, legs, and arms. The results were the same. The suit was impenetrable to kryptonite.

“I’ve been testing this for a couple months now. With your permission, I want to see if it will work on you.”

“Are you sure it will work?”

“I won’t know until we try.”


Several minutes later, Kara had the suit on. If she were honest, she liked the way it fit. It was like her blue and red suit except it was black and green, and it had pants! Both Kara and Lena stood inside the chamber. Lena reloaded the gun and pointed it at Kara. She could tell that she was worried because she had a first aid kit and a solar lamp ready in case something went wrong. Kara watched as the gun waivered in Lena’s hold, the muscles in her arm shaking sporadically as adrenaline and nervousness coursed through her veins.

“Everything in me is screaming to not pull this trigger,” she confessed. The unease in her voice was palpable and she looked on the verge of tears. Kara walked to her and smoothed her hands down her cheeks.

“Everything is going to be okay,” she said to her comfortingly. She kissed her cheek and looked her in her green eyes. “We are going to be okay. Lena Luthor, you are the smartest person I know. If anyone can do this, it’s you.”

Lena nodded her head and took several deep, steadying breaths. Kara resumed her position a couple feet away.

“I’m going to count to three, okay? Pull the trigger,” she said to her. Lena nodded, her focus trained to the gun in her hand.


Lena swallowed and looked Kara in her blue eyes.


Kara gazed back and gave her 1000 watt smile, the one she reserved for just Lena and Alex. Kara prayed to Rao that this was going to work. Not because she didn’t want to get hurt, but because she knew that if she got hurt, Lena would never forgive herself.

“Three.” Lena pulled the trigger and the sound of a gunshot reverberated in the room.

Both held their breaths. Kara held hers because she waited to feel some sort of pain, Lena because she closed her eyes and was waiting for Kara to react in pain. After a few seconds, Kara exhaled and looked down. The bullet was imbedded in the chest of her armor, but because it didn’t go through, she didn’t feel anything.

“Oh!” she said in surprise, and she went to dislodge it.

“Don’t touch it,” Lena said hastily and Kara’s hand dropped to her side. They both watched for another minute, scared that maybe it was too early to celebrate, that Kara would collapse in pain any second now, scared that Lena would see her veins light green through her skin. But none of those happened. Kara was the first to look up and smile.

“Lena. Your suit works.”

“It works,” she repeated slowly, like she couldn’t quite believe it just yet. Kara couldn’t contain her excitement and she scooped Lena up in a bear hug.

“Lena, your suit really works!”

Lena broke out in laughter as Kara twirled her around and planted kisses on her cheeks and forehead. Lena wanted this to last forever. Finally, something was going her way and she wanted to ride the high she was feeling.

“What happens now?” Kara asked between giggles.

“Next is that I modify the suit so that you will have access to it whenever you need it.”

“How will you do that?” Kara set Lena down gently and took her hands. Lena shrugged.

“I guess that depends on you. I could modify the suit to morph around your body using nanotechnology. Maybe a watch? I could even modify it to be a part of you normal suit if you want.”

“You’re so amazing,” Kara blurted, and she blushed when Lena looked at her, her mouth dropping open slightly at her compliment.

“I mean it, seriously. You’re such an amazing and talented woman and to have you in my life…wow,” she finished, the last word stretched out in a breath.

Lena felt love swell in her chest. It was so full, she thought she would burst. She couldn’t control herself. She couldn’t stop the blazen kiss that she placed on Kara’s soft lips. She couldn’t stop the tears that trailed down her cheeks. She knew she wouldn’t be able to stop loving Kara Zor-El.

Kara wiped away her tears and smiled. “Why are you crying?”

Lena swallowed hard, sniffled, and then laughed as she wiped her eyes. “I don’t know. I think its because I’m happy. After everything that’s happened, I’m so happy that it almost hurts.”

Kara smiled and touched foreheads with her. “Good,” she murmured. “It’s about time Lena Luthor was happy.”


Chapter Text

Kara and Lena stayed close, embracing one another, their breaths intermingling with each other, and the proximity of their bodies both bringing them mutual comfort.

“Rao, Lena. You are the sweetest person I know.”

Lena sighed contentedly, her fingers tangling into Kara’s hair at the nape of her neck to pull her closer into a compassionate kiss. Their kiss was slow, unhurried, and they both poured all that they could into it. Love, intimacy, and happiness flowed between them; they’re heated lips meeting like two long lost lovers. Lena opened her mouth and Kara took the opportunity to slip her tongue inside and gently taste her. The motion tickled Lena and she giggled into the kiss, her lips curving into a wide smile. Kara could stay with her like this forever. Actually, now that she thought about it, forever didn’t seem long enough. Not anymore. There was no amount of time that would satisfy her. Kara just wanted Lena irrevocably. She wrapped her arms around her and pulled her in closer, deepening the kiss. They only stopped when Kara’s phone rang. She pulled back slowly, breathing hard, and fished for her phone in her pocket.


“Hey, Kara,” Winn said pleasantly, then he paused when he heard her heavy breathing. “Did I catch you at a bad time?”

Kara chuckled in embarrassment, her cheeks flushing a bright pink, and Lena winked at her before going back to her computer to make notes on her experiment.

“Nope, I’m good. What’s up?”

“Can you come to the DEO?” he asked her. “I think Alex and I have discovered something.”

Kara’s eyebrows furrowed in concern. “Is everything okay?”

“Oh, yeah. It’s just that we have found something that’s…inexplicable.”

Kara sighed. What a way for Winn to be vague now. “You mind if Lena tags along?”

“Please do! If anything, she could help us figure out what’s going on.”

“Yeah, alright. We’ll be there.” Kara ended the call and turned to look at Lena who was still on her computer.

“It seems as though we’ve been summoned.”

“I heard,” Lena replied with a chuckle. “I’m about to take all my work to go. Just give me a second.”

“May I, at least, have the honors of carrying you to the DEO Ms. Luthor?” Kara asked with a mischievous glint in her eye. Her flirty undertones didn’t go unnoticed and Lena smiled as she nibbled her lip.

“Nothing would make me happier.”


Several minutes later, both Kara and Lena walked into the lab where they found Alex and Winn. They were in a separate room, sectioned off completely from the rest of the lab. Both were dressed in lab coats, goggles, full biohazard facial masks, and other heavy-duty protective gear. Kara knocked on the door to get their attention, in which Alex turned around and signaled for her to wait. Ten minutes later, she walked to them wiping her hands and face profusely with a paper towel. Kara furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

“Alex, is everything okay?”

“You are not going to believe what we found,” she responded in a gush of air. Several minutes later, Winn joined them, cleaning his hands and face as profusely as Alex had. Lena set her items down on a nearby table and crossed her arms.

“Alright, well don’t leave us in suspense. Why does it look like you’re dressed to fight another plague?” she asked. As soon as she said the words, she tensed. The look of absolute fear crossed her face and surprisingly, she paled.

Winn shook his head profusely. “God, no. Nothing like that.” Lena visibly relaxed.

“Remember that robot Kara fought? It demolished some city blocks?”

Kara looked at Lena in confusion. So much happened in the past several weeks it was hard to keep up with it all. Kara shook her head, her hand rubbing her temples as she struggled to work out a timeline.

“I’m assuming this happened after Lillian caused the plague, right?”

“Maybe it was before she kidnapped you?” Lena chimed in, equally as confused by the correct order of events.

Alex sighed. “It happened before Lillian tried to take control of L-Corp and use innocent lives as a barter to let her go. It also happened right before Lillian injected you with a fluid, and Kara died saving your life.”

The room got uncomfortably silent. The tension and awkwardness was so thick, someone could cut it with a knife. Alex said her last sentence with clear irritation in her voice. Winn rubbed the back of his neck and stared at the ceiling like it was the most interesting thing on earth. Lena sighed dejectedly and stared at her feet, shuffling to rid herself of her nervous energy. Kara, however, was staring daggers at Alex. Alex returned her gaze unaffected, daring her to say she was wrong.

“Look, Kara, I get it, okay? You love her and all but-”

“But?” Kara interrupted her, the single word spitting between her teeth with force. Lena held her hand and rubbed soothing circles into her skin.

“Kara, we shouldn’t do this,” Lena was saying but Kara was shaking her head.

“No, it’s obvious that she has something to say. So, let’s hear it.”

Alex shook her head and ran her hand through her hair in aggravation. “I just don’t understand how she killed you, and all is forgiven! I don’t understand! I had to be the one to bring you back to life! Remember that? And yet, here she is. I’d be willing to bet that you haven’t left her side in 24 hours!”

“If this is how you really felt, why did you encourage me to try and fix things with her?” Kara asked after a tense second.

“Because you were sad for days. I wanted to support you and I knew that you were in too deep with Luthor. Even if I told you to stay away, you wouldn’t have listened.”

Lena,” Kara growled.

“What?” Alex asked.

“Her name is Lena, goddamn it!” The hand that wasn’t holding Lena’s was clenched into a fist so hard, her knuckles cracked.

“The way you keep saying her last name like it’s a curse…” she paused, her breaths coming fast as her face turned red in anger. “You don’t know the half of the hell she’s been through. You’re acting like she had a choice! Like she chose to become a vampire! She spent centuries alone! Decades learning to control her thirst! Years being a science experiment to Lillian! Do you know how hard she tried to escape Lillian and Lex? Do you know how hard she’s tried to make amends?”

Alex was silent as Kara ranted. Tears came to Lena’s eyes. She tugged on Kara’s arm to get her to stop, but Kara wasn’t having it.

“Alex, how about one day, going to L-Corp and asking about the projects Lena has going? Maybe have a conversation with her outside all this mess? How about giving her a damn chance!!!”

Alex clenched her jaw repeatedly, the vein near her temple throbbing as she tried to control herself. “Is it wrong for me to be concerned for you? To not want anything bad to happen to you. Ever? I get it okay? Both you and Lena went through a traumatic event that put stress on your relationship, but did you ever stop to think what it was like for me?”

Tears sprang to her eyes, which she desperately tried to fight. “Holding you, and you weren’t responding, not breathing, not doing anything. I was going to throw up. I was scared that you were going to stay that way. Stay dead.”

Her voice tapered to a whisper, the tears spilling but Alex’s face went stoic. Her hands hung limply by her side. Kara’s anger drained as fast as it came. She left Lena’s side and approached Alex. She grabbed her hand and held it in a gentle but strong grip. With her other hand, she softly grabbed Alex’s chin and tilted her face up until she met her eyes.

“Alex, I understand where you’re coming from. I should have asked about you and I didn’t. I’m sorry. But Lena is not your enemy. She’s as much as a victim as you and I and everybody else who’s been affected. Lillian has been trying to make her the bad guy. She wants us to blame her for everything. She wants us to think that if Lena never came here, if she never existed, then none of this would ever happen. But Lillian is to blame, okay? She caused the plague, she’s the one that kidnapped me, she’s the one that poisoned Lena, and she’s the one that needs to be stopped. Place blame where blame is due. Lena doesn’t deserve this.”

There was a brief moment of silence before Alex encompassed her in a hug. More tears streamed down her cheek and she tucked her face into the crook of Kara’s neck.

“I’m so, so sorry Lena. I’m sorry for how I’ve been treating you.”

Lena smiled and sniffled. She took her hand in her own as Kara continued to hug her. “When this whole thing is over, how about I treat you to lunch?”

Alex chuckled and nodded her head. “I would like that very much.”

Winn smiled, giving them a second to reconcile before clearing his throat and grabbing all of their attention. “We still need to tell you about the robot.”

Everyone nodded, Lena and Alex drying their faces, and Kara smiling between the two. “Yes Winn. What did you find out?”

“Alex and I were analyzing the robot when we noticed that Alex was getting sick.”

“At first, I thought it was remnants of the plague still lingering in my body, but when I noticed that Winn was getting sick as well, I knew that there was something more going on,” Alex chimed in.

“Are you alright?” Lena asked them, genuine concern morphing her face into a worried look.

“Yeah we’re fine now. Winn scraped a sample from the robot and put it through the mass spectrometer. We found that the robot was radiated. Hence all the protective equipment.” Alex gestured to both herself and Winn, and the equipment they were wearing. 

“So, are you saying that Lillian put something with radiation in the robot?” Kara asked them.

“We thought the same,” Winn continued. “But the readings from the spectrometer gave us interesting results.”

He handed the readings to Kara. Kara shook her head in confusion, but Lena looked at it with rapt attention. Before Kara could say anything, Lena grabbed the paper from her hands.


“Wow,” Lena breathed. Winn smiled, his eyes shining in excitement.


“Okay can someone please explain to me what’s going on?” Kara demanded.

Lena looked at her, her face one of awe. “The robot, what is it made out of?”

“Steel,” both Alex and Winn answered at the same time.

Lena swallowed. “Steel isn’t something that can be found naturally in an environment. It’s an alloy, a combination of iron and carbon.”

“Okay, that part I get. What I don’t understand is what the mass spectrometer is saying.”

“Basically, it detected both carbon and iron in the sample that was collected, but the confusing part is that the atoms that were found are radiated isotopes.”

“Radiated isotopes?” Kara repeated and Lena nodded.

“So, how do we know that this was not something that was created in a lab? How do we know that Lillian didn’t create radiated atoms herself?”

Winn nodded. “We thought the same, so we tested their half-lives. Half-lives of isotopes created in a lab are considerably shorter than isotopes found naturally in nature. But both carbon and iron atoms have very, very, long half-lives.”

“So, this steel was created by radiated isotopes of both carbon and iron that occur naturally on earth? How is that possible?” Kara asked.

“Well it’s not possible. Not on this earth at least.”

Kara furrowed her eyebrows, more questions coming up than answers but the look on Lena’s face was enough to silence the next question on her lips. Lena folded her arms, her hand flexing before wrapping around her bicep. Kara noticed that was something Lena did when she was upset or irritated. Her expression could only be described as begrudging respect.

“She actually did it,” Lena whispered to herself.

It was Alex’s turn to be confused. “What did she do?”

“Mother believed that parallel universes existed. She believed that more than one version of earth existed in infinite different planes. I think that she found a way to access one. One where isotopes such as these are found in nature.”

Kara’s mind swam with all the new information. “Do you really think it’s possible?”

Alex and Winn shared a look before looking at Lena. “It is plausible. It’s not like we’ve been able to find her. After her attack on L-Corp, we haven’t seen her.”

“Can we actually go after her?” Alex asked.

Lena shrugged. “I would need to read her research. Notes, files, anything that could be found. I don’t understand it myself. I dismissed it as ravings of a mad woman.”

“If you want, we can visit that Cadmus base again? Maybe something was left,” Kara suggested. Lena nodded, deep in her own thoughts.

“Hey guys this is great,” Kara said smiling at them. “Thank you so much for finding this out.”

Alex just smiled while Winn blushed. Lena’s head snapped up and she turned to look at Winn. 

“Can I borrow you for a second?”

“Uhhhhhh, sure?” he replied, not at all sounding confident.

“Kara, sweetheart, give me until sundown to finish my project and then we can leave for the Cadmus base.”

Kara nodded before placing a kiss on her cheek. “Of course. Whatever you need.”

With that, Lena grabbed her stuff from the desk and ushered for Winn to follow her.

“I need to pick your brain about a suit,” she said to him.

As she said, Lena found Kara right as it approached dusk. Both her and Winn smiled vibrantly before pulling her to the lab with Alex following closely behind.

“Okay, I think the suit is finished,” Lena began to say but Winn interrupted her.

“The suit is amazing! Awesome! Amazingly awesome!” he blurted in a gush of air, his face red from excitement, and his fingers wiggling from happy energy.

“Alright, let’s see it,” Kara said with a smile on her face. Lena handed her a black bracelet. In the middle of it was Kara’s family crest, glowing a brilliant iridescent blue. Kara eyed it, then looked

at Lena, who smiled excitedly. Tentatively, she pushed the crest. The suit seemed to unfurl from the bracelet and Kara watched as it grew around her wrist, fully encompassing it, and then traveled up her body. Within the minute, she was fully encased in her new suit. It was mainly colored a metallic black with metallic, iridescent blue trimming. The crest also glowed a vibrant blue. The suit itself was metal and it swirled hypnotically, still settling on Kara’s body. The helmet traveled up the back of Kara’s head before engulfing her face. Different screens and scans appeared before her and Kara took a step back, overwhelmed.

“Hello Supergirl, I am MAVIS, your automatic system interface,” an automatic voice replied.

“Nanobots?” Alex asked and Winn nodded happily.

“Lena had this great idea of making her suit out of them so that she would have it wherever she went without having to change suits multiple times.”

Alex nodded, impressed by the complexity of the suit that Kara was in.  

“So, I’m going to sync the suit to you okay? Just give me a couple of minutes and don’t move.”

Kara nodded as the suit hissed. She could hear Lena typing on her laptop.

“Systems check activated,” MAVIS began to say. “Height and body weight, recorded. Oxygen levels, recorded. Atmospheric conditions, recorded.”

The suit synced with Kara’s muscle index, blood content, and various other things before it was finally done. Kara watched it happen from the inside as the suit scanned her body. Several scans of her body would appear and then flash as the interface continued down the check list.

“Okay, that should just about do it. The only thing I need to do is expose the suit to kryptonite.”

As Lena talked, the suit retracted back into the bracelet. Kara smiled as she studied it further, wondering how something so high tech could fit in such a small package.

“Yeah follow me,” Alex said as she escorted the group to the training room. “What percentage would you like?”

“Five percent. As soon as it detects kryptonite, I need for it to activate.” Lena continued typing furiously on her laptop.

“Why did you get rid of the green color?” Kara asked her curiously.

“It looked too much like Lex’s kryptonite suit and I automatically hated it. Besides, you’re beautiful in blue.”

Luckily no one was staring at Kara because Lena’s compliment made her blush. Her physical reactions, however, did not go unnoticed and a knowing smile spread across Lena’s lips.

“Okay Alex, turn it on.”

Alex flipped the switch and Kara immediately groaned as the room was bathed in green light. Her veins highlighted green beneath her skin and she doubled over, gasping.

“I know, darling. I know. Just a couple of more seconds,” she said in a comforting voice, her fingers working furiously on the keys.

“Kryptonite detected,” MAVIS said suddenly. Kara watched through squinted eyes as the bracelet glowed blue before releasing the suit once again. It spread throughout her whole body, her helmet covering her face completely before the pain Kara was feeling was eased. Slowly she straightened back up before sighing in relief.

“What kind of kryptonite can this suit handle?” Alex asked her.

“For now, just green. I would like to make it so that it can withstand all forms of kryptonite, but I don’t have access to it, nor do I know where to find any.”

Alex powered down the room. “How do I get out of this?” Kara asked Lena.

“Press the button again and it should retract.”

Kara followed her directions and soon, the suit was gone and what was left was just the bracelet.

“This is really amazing guys,” Kara said as she looked at Winn and Lena. She scooped them both in a hug and twirled them happily.

“What’s the next step for you two?” Alex asked.

Kara set Lena and Winn down. “We’re going to raid mother’s Cadmus base. If it hasn’t been destroyed just yet.”

“And there, you’re hoping to find information on Lillian?”

Lena nodded and took Kara’s hand. “Are you ready, love?”

Kara nodded. “Let’s go.”  

Chapter Text

Later that night, Kara and Lena were again sneaking through the hallways of Cadmus. They stuck to shadows for a while, only for them to soon discover that it was abandoned.

“Where is everybody?” Kara asked.

“I can only assume mother deserted this place as soon as we broke out. There’s no sense in staying somewhere that has been compromised.”

Kara nodded. As they traveled further into the base, they stopped being stealthy. There was no need. Lena would have heard something and so would Kara. Lena looked around every corner and paid special attention to where she was stepping, though no one was there.  

“Is everything alright?”

Lena paused before turning to look at Kara. “I know she rigged this place. I’m just waiting to trip a wire or run into a bomb or get sedated or something.”

“Has this happened before?”

Lena nodded. “I almost bled out once because of a trap. Luckily, mother had zero respect for the people that work for her. Some bodies got caught in the crossfire.”

Kara nodded, understanding. Lena didn’t need to elaborate. She did what she had to do in order to survive and drinking from dead bodies qualifies as something that needed to be done so that she lived.

They traveled deeper and deeper into the base, the halls twisting and turning to form a labyrinth, and soon, Kara was having a hard time keeping herself oriented. There was no way she was going to remember how to get out. She would have to rely on Lena, who seemed to know where she was going but kept taking tentative steps, her back crushed against the far wall, and her lips pursed in concentration. Kara considered taking the lead in case they did run into a trap, knowing she would fare better against it, but something else caught her attention. She froze mid-step as she saw the gaping hole in the wall. Memories came flooding back of them being here before, breaking in to get information like they were doing now, but the results of their mission had ended entirely different. Kara remembered how angry Lena was. How the mention of Lillian pinning the plague on her was enough to send her snarling, punching holes through a reinforced concrete wall. The whole ordeal had scared her as Lillian’s men fired at her, but the bullets didn’t slow her down. She flung them out of the way as though they weighed nothing. Then her hand ended up around Lillian’s throat. The scariest part about the whole thing was that she knew how powerful Lena was that night. Kara remembered her drinking her blood before they entered, at Kara’s behest. She could have easily killed Lillian right there, but she hesitated, angry at either herself or Lillian, Kara couldn’t really tell, and she was crying. The whole situation had been heartbreaking because there was nothing Kara could do to make that go away. She wanted to hug and comfort her and tell her everything was going to be okay. Kara wanted to kiss her sorrows away and tell her that her insecurities paled in comparison to the inner strength she harbored. Kara remembered feeling the overwhelming desire to do something. But the moment never came and soon, there was no going back. Kara hated how things ended for her that night and she became that much more passionate to give Lena a life she deserved outside of this mess.

Lena felt Kara hesitate and she turned to ask what was wrong. Her eyes followed where Kara was looking, and she stopped as well as she took in the destruction she left all those weeks ago. Lena frowned, the crinkle between her eyebrows becoming more pronounced, and she began to tell Kara that they had to keep going, but the expression on Kara’s face made her pause. She was sad but at the same time, fiercely determined. She wanted to ask what caused the sudden change in her mood, but another room adjacent to them got her attention. She moved forward, her body slinking around the doorframe as she came face to face with a computer monitor that size of the wall it was mounted on.

“Kara, I think this is it.”

Lena approached the chair, she tapped on the wireless keyboard and the monitor screen came to life. Immediately, the screen prompted her for a password. Lena smiled and cracked her knuckles. Her fingers worked furiously on the keys. Kara stared in awe as Lena hacked the computer with ease. Within seconds, she was in the mainframe combing through endless files of data.

“It’s kind of weird that this place still has electricity,” Kara pointed out. Lena nodded, the thought occurring to her as well. Everything that has happened wasn’t a mere coincidence. Lillian definitely has something planned for them.

Lena opened several files and rifled through the data. She saw notes, schematics and blueprints, and other various information. She smiled triumphantly.

“This is great!” she said in excitement as she grabbed a jump drive from her pocket. She shoved it into the USB port and started downloading multiple files.

Kara came beside her with her arms on her hips. “So, what does all of this say?”

Lena shook her head in mild annoyance. Kara could tell that it wasn’t because of her, but because of Lillian’s ability to solve what she couldn’t. Her eyebrows furrowed together as the look of utter begrudging respect morphed her face into one of anger. She laced her fingers together and rested her chin on them.

“Mother actually figured out how to travel to different earths. And she discovered so much!” Lena growled through clenched teeth.

Kara sighed and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. She rubbed it, noticing the tension that had her back coiled tighter than a spring.

“You will figure it out, sweetheart. I promise and then we will get her.”

Lena released a stressed breath and nodded. “All of this basically explains how every earth has a different energy signature,” she began to explain to try and distract herself from her mounting frustrations.

“Think of it like a radio and using the knobs to match the frequency and amplitude of a wavelength. Each earth has a wavelength and if you can find it, then you can use it to get to that earth,” Lena paused and pulled up the blueprints of what looked like to be a portal. “Here, mother made a portal that can not only access the wavelengths but use the energy within them to create artificial doors, allowing safe passage between the two earths.”

Kara nodded as she followed along. “This whole time she had a way out. What was the whole point of her using L-Corp against you when she could have fled to another earth?”

Lena shrugged. “I have no clue, but it says in here that so far, she was only able to find one earth out of the seemingly endless amount of them. There must be something about the earth she found that made her think that staying here with both a Super and a vampire that she simultaneously managed to piss off would be better.”

“Maybe it’s related to the robot and the isotopes that Alex and Winn discovered.” Lena nodded as she thought about how everything that was learned could all be related. 

Several minutes later, the data that Lena needed was done downloading and she took the drive from its port. The moment she did, an alarm blared. Immediately, Lena jumped to her feet and stood beside Kara. They looked around in apprehension as the room was a washed in red light and a loud siren sounded off. Lena’s shoulders sagged.

“Yep, there it is.”

A prerecorded video of Lillian appeared on the screen. She looked the same: all business attire, hair pulled back into a neat and tight bun, and the look of sheer smugness lit up her face.

“I abandoned this place weeks ago, so I can only assume that it’s you Lena,” Lillian said with clear cockiness and satisfaction in her voice. Lena’s tired expression shifted to one of hardened anger. Her hands curled into fists as her eyes glowed dangerously.

“I usually destroy any base that I abandon but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this. Somehow, I knew you would be back. So, what attempt is this? One of many? I, no doubt, know that you will survive this attempt like you’ve survived every other, especially with Supergirl at your side.”

Lillian said Kara’s name with so much venom, that it was enough for her to feel the sting of her hatred. With a dismissive wave of her hand, Lillian smirked.

“But it won’t stop me from trying. Have fun!”

With that, the monitor went black and the base began to shake. Kara and Lena swayed from side to side as they felt the foundation of the building began to crumble. Lena felt Kara grab her wrist.

“Come on! Let’s-” but Kara never finished her sentence. The red light suddenly turned off, and in its place, came a blinding green light. Kara didn’t even get a chance to react. Her knees buckled and she was on her back before she could register what happened. An intense, searing pain exploded in her body and she lost the ability to breathe.


Lena knelt beside her and she didn’t need to be told what was happening to her. She’s felt this before. The pain was the telltale signs of kryptonite exposure.

Lena looked blurry until she realized that there were tears in her eyes. Her veins showed green beneath her skin prominently and they throbbed painfully in time with her heartbeat.

“Kryptonite detected,” MAVIS said from her wrist. Immediately, her suit wrapped around her body. It was a couple more seconds before the pain eased and then stopped completely. Lena hauled her to her feet right as an automated voice declared ‘ten seconds remaining’.

“Baby, we have to go,” Lena pleaded as she pulled her behind. Kara was still disoriented and her wobblily steps costed them precious time.

“Fuck!” Lena growled before sweeping Kara into her arms. Lena willed herself to move faster but she knew that even with her vampire speed, there was no way they were going to make it out in time. They were in there too deep. Lena sped around every corner, but the ominous countdown had her holding her breath.


The last thing Lena remembered was the force of the blast. It was so strong that it caused her to drop Kara and be thrown from her in the opposite direction. 


Kara was on her back, that much she could tell, but she couldn’t really remember anything else, like how she got there. The ringing in her ears made her groan as she sat up slowly. It was then that she remembered that she was in her suit. On the screen, a highlighted picture of her body flashed urgently in front of her line of sight.

“Suit integrity at 43 percent,” MAVIS informed her before the imaged was shoved to the side of her helmet, where her peripherals were.

Disjointed memories came to Kara and she sighed as she got her bearings. Her and Lena were inside of Cadmus, downloading files from Lillian’s computer when an alarm went off. The next thing Kara remembered was the green light. Her suit deployed without her doing, so it had to be kryptonite. Then she was being yanked up…and then she was floating…she thought. The memories were murky. She just vaguely remembered hearing an explosion so strong, that her hand rattled repeatedly inside her helmet. Well, that would explain the growing headache and ringing noises. She took a deep breath and looked around. Somehow, she was lying in the sand. The concussive force must have thrown them up and out. Kara paused. Them? Where was Lena?

Kara jumped to her feet in panic which immediately caused her to swoon dizzily. She took several deep breaths before straightening up.

“Lena?” she called out, but she was met with silence. Fire and debris surrounded her but, in the distance, she could make out the silhouette of a body lying still in the dirt. Kara rushed to it and as she got closer, a cry of alarm escaped her lips.

Before her lay Lena. Parts of her were covered in fire and Kara wasted no time using her hands to put them out but that isn’t what made her heart plummet. Completely impaled through her chest was a metal pole while smaller shards of shrapnel were imbedded in various parts of her body. A growing pool of her blood soaked the sand beneath her. Chunks of her exposed skin were burned to a black crisp. The black patches stood stark against her and even as the air blew around them, her charred skin swayed sickeningly in the breeze. Kara dropped to her knees beside her and hoisted her gently to her lap.

“Lena, I need for you to wake up,” Kara said rather sternly, the distress she was trying to keep at bay was almost boiling over but the moment she saw Lena’s eyes fluttered, she swallowed it back down forcefully.

“Lena, can you hear me?” Kara asked and Lena nodded. She was awake but she wasn’t aware of the physical state she was in just yet. Kara was sure that she was in a state of shock. She eyed the metal pole and then looked back down at her.

“Baby, I need to remove this pole. It’s going to hurt, a lot, but I’m sure you’ll heal.”

Lena’s eyes fluttered again, and she took a wheezing breath and winced. Her glazed eyes shown with some clarity as pain contorted her face.

“I can barely breathe,” she choked out. Kara nodded and gently placed her down. Lena gasped again as the movement jarred the pole in her. Kara took the pole in one hand and braced herself.

“Just breathe okay?”

Lena didn’t respond in time before Kara began to pull the pole out. The sounds of metal sliding against muscles and bones could barely be heard over Lena’s screams of pain. Blood seeped from the wound at an alarming rate as Lena arched off the ground, her cries echoing in the distance.

“I know! I know!” Kara said as she tried to comfort her. Removing the pipe was agonizingly slow and when Kara inspected the damage it did to her using her x-ray vision, she was glad that she moved as slow as she did. The pipe pushed some of Lena’s bones out of the way, barely missing her heart but piercing straight through her lung. The fact that Lena was able to scream at all… Small pieces of her organs clung to the metal and Kara had to stop herself from crying out. She knew that Lena would heal. She healed from just about everything else.

The pole pulled from her chest with a repulsively wet pop before Kara discarded it to the side. Lena sagged back to the ground, the whole ordeal sapping what was left of her energy, and her head rolled to the side. A trail of blood seeped down her open mouth and on to the dirt below. Kara gathered her again and placed her in her lap. She looked at the cavity in her chest and paused. Why wasn’t she healing?

“Lena, you’re not healing!” Kara yelled in frustration. Lena had blood before they left. Before they left to test the suit to be more specific. That occurred just earlier this morning! Kara tried hard to keep herself under control, but Lena was becoming more unresponsive by the minute.

“Lena. Why aren’t you healing? You had blood earlier today.”

There was a weak shake of her head before she was barely able to open her eyes. More blood dripped from her lips as she spoke.

“Not…much….” she gasped weakly. “Didn’t…want…to hurt you.”

Kara sighed. “For Rao’s sakes.” She pressed the button on her wrist and the suit retracted back into the bracelet.

She held an arm to her mouth. “Drink,” she ordered. “It’s either this or you lose control.”

Lena wasn’t in any position to fight her. Her fangs had grown and she knew that Kara could see them jutting from behind her lips. Her pain was morphing into something more crazed and desperate and she knew her survival instincts were kicking in. Lena squeezed her eyes closed before gently holding Kara’s forearm. She sank her teeth into it. They both moaned simultaneously. Kara because the pain was something she was growing more accustomed to and easily welcomed it before the pull of arousal took over and she was growing wet by the second. Lena because the taste of Kara’s blood was something that she would never get use to. She felt addicted to it even before her first swallow. Kara held her mouth there by anchoring her head with her leg. Her other hand was soothingly smoothing her hair back.

“Take as much as you need,” Kara said, her words sounding both breathless and aroused. As Lena sucked down more of her, Kara moaned again and fisted her hand through Lena’s silky locks.

The more Lena drank, the more she was aware that she became precariously close to passing out, her subsequent bloodlust would have taken her over and dictated her every move thereafter. More awareness slammed into her and the throbbing in her chest increased exponentially until she almost gasped from the intensity of it. But Kara wouldn’t let her stop. She held her head there, encouraging her to keep drinking.

“I know it hurts but don’t stop.”

Lena complied by taking deeper swallows and she could feel her body piecing itself back together rather quickly. When the worst of the damage was healed, Lena released her before she took too much. Kara’s arm landed limply on Lena’s chest and they both stayed there, gasping.

“Are you okay?” Kara asked as she continued to smooth her hair back.

Lena nodded as she licked the remnants of Kara’s blood from her lips. She relished in the feeling of Kara comforting her.

“Good because you had me scared for a second there.”

Lena released a shaky chuckle.”I have to stop doing that to you, darling.”

“Yeah. I might get high blood pressure or anxiety or something.”

Lena laughed as they both stood up and brushed the dirt and debris from their bodies. She took the jump drive from her pocket and it emerged relatively unscathed.

“Are you ready to get started?” Lena asked her as she tossed the device into the air, and swiftly caught it with one hand.

Kara smiled and nodded. They both made their way back to the DEO.

Lena was in fact, not ready. Pages and pages of her own notes surrounded her. Crumpled balls of papers littered the floor as experiment after experiment failed. Her face turned red from frustration and her hair was tangled and frizzled from her constantly running her hands through it. Kara stayed there with her the whole time, occasionally helping her, but for the most part staying out of the way. She decided to intervene when Lena threw a socket wrench so hard at the wall that it cut the through the concrete, burrowing itself deep into the foundation of it. Dust and debris rained down from the point of impact.

“Fuck!” she groaned as the portal short circuited again and Kara had to reset the breaker box. She slammed her hands on the table hard, her pens and tools rattling as the metal groaned from the force of her strength. Hand indents were left in her wake. Lena huffed and and leaned over the table, her eyes fiercely combing over her own notes as well as Lillian’s. She couldn’t figure out what she was missing. She couldn’t figure out the missing link. Kara came over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. She could feel how jittery Lena was. Her shoulders were bunched close to her ears, her jaw clenched, and every muscle in her arms were flexed.

“Lena, you need to relax. I know you’re an all-powerful vampire but even you are susceptible to stress.”

“I can’t relax until my mother is behind bars and for that to happen, I need to get to her. In order for me to reach her, I need to get this portal up and running.”

As Lena spoke, her voice which was quiet and controlled at first, began to get louder and rushed. She ended with a growl; her teeth clenched as unbridled frustration rippled through her. Kara sighed as she turned Lena around and caressed her cheeks.

“Now Ms. Luthor. Don’t force me to make you relax because I’ll do it,” Kara whispered as she kissed Lena. Immediately, the tension bled from her body and she slumped bonelessly against the table as she kissed Kara back in earnest. When they pulled away from each other, Lena’s green eyes glowed brightly with excitement and lust.

“Oh, you’re teasing me now? What did you have in mind?”

Kara didn’t answer. Instead, her hand snaked down Lena’s body, past the waistline of her jeans, which she changed into after they got back from the Cadmus base, and straight to Lena’s core which was surprisingly wet. Kara’s eyebrows flew up in surprise.

“No underwear? How scandalous,” Kara purred into Lena’s ear. Her finger swirled in her wetness, gathering her juices, before pulling her finger out and popping it into her mouth. Lena’s flavor bursted on her tongue, slightly salty but not so salty it was bitter. Kara always loved the way she tasted, and this time was no different from the last. She pulled her finger out of her mouth and smiled seductively at Lena.

“You taste so damn good,” she purred, her breath coming fast. Lena could smell herself on Kara’s breath and she groaned as she squeezed her eyes closed, her breathing coming out in pants. When she opened her eyes, they were glowing green in lust.

“You’re going to make me beg, aren’t you?” she said gruffly but Kara shook her head.

“No, I think you’ve been through more than enough.”

Kara wasted no time unbuttoning her pants and pulling them down to her knees. Her tongue buried deep inside Lena’s core with zero warning, the silky wetness of Kara’s tongue stretching her opening deliciously. Lena couldn’t stop the moan that tore through her. Her fingers tangled themselves into Kara’s golden locks to pull her closer, her chin dripping in her arousal while her nose tickled her clit. Lena hissed as fire licked up and down her spine. Electricity had the fine hairs on her body standing on end and Lena moaned.

“God, just like that. Don’t stop, just like that.” Lena bucked her hips into Kara’s eager face, seeking deep connection to the tongue that threatened to devour her from the inside out. Kara smiled as she licked her deeply again, slurping down her juices as it flowed freely from her.

“Spread your legs for me,” Kara whispered to her and Lena was more than happy to comply. She supported the majority of her weight on the metal table behind her, her fingers gripping the edges of it tightly, and the metal, once again, groaned under the force of her strength. Kara wrapped her lips around her clit while inserting two fingers inside of her and curling them up, caressing the portion of muscle she knew would make Lena wild. Lena’s head fell back as she moaned again, her voice on the verge of becoming pornographic, her muscles clenching her fingers, as her hips bucked in time to Kara’s movements.

“Fuuuuuuck” Lena moaned; the word stretched out impossibly as Kara worked inside of her. Her arousal came faster, and Kara knew that she was close. Her fingers were soaked, and her clit throbbed in her mouth every time she sucked on it. Kara had never heard Lena be so vocal before. Usually she would moan her way through her orgasm, but she was showing a whole other side of her. The way her hips bucked into her face and the way her hand was curled into her hair made Lena seem so dominate. Kara loved it.

In hindsight, maybe Kara would have known she was coming if she paid attention. Maybe they shouldn’t have done this at all, but Kara knew that she wouldn’t have wanted anything different and honestly, the look on Alex’s face was priceless. Alex made a digital copy of Lillian’s work and went over it herself. She just wanted to share what she found when she opened the door, Lena’s moans stopping her dead in her tracks. She surveyed the scene before her: Kara on her knees with her face buried deep into Lena’s core and Lena with her head thrown back in ecstasy, her hand urging Kara impossibly closer to her. Alex blushed vibrantly, the whole situation taking her half a millisecond for her to digest before she turned on her heel and left the room swiftly. Lena laughed breathlessly and Kara didn’t even bother to stop.

“Do you think we scarred her?” Lena asked. Kara just shrugged.

“I’m sure with therapy, she would get over it.” And with that, Kara started pounding Lena’s core with her fingers harder, her tongue swiping repeated over her sensitive bundle of nerves before sucking it between her lips. The pressure behind her muscles increased until Lena came with a yelp, her arousal gushing from her and dripping down Kara’s wrist and onto the floor. She rode her orgasm, her hips bucking unsteadily as pure energy washed from the toes of her feet up to the roots of her hair. As she was coming down from her high, Lena pulled Kara up to her feet, kissing her passionately, her tongue diving into her mouth to taste her own arousal. Kara giggled as Lena wrapped her legs around her body to pull her closer. She wanted their bodies pressed flushed against each other. She wanted to feel all of her. Eventually, Kara had to pull back to breathe, her lips red and swollen from Lena’s kisses.

“Do you feel better?” she asked between soft pants. Lena smiled as she caressed her cheek, her fingers softly touching the curve of her jaw.

“You can consider me very relaxed now.” Lena smiled as she kissed Kara again, her love for the woman in her hold as endless as the sky above them.

Chapter Text

Alex made sure to knock on the door when she decided it was safe enough to come back. When Kara answered it, Alex stared at her as she seem unphased by the fact that she was caught in between Lena with her pants down. Both of them were composed so at least they had enough time to pull themselves together. Alec walked in, not bothering to look either of them in the eye. Kara smiled.

“Look, Alex. About what you saw,” Kara began, but Alex held her hand up, interrupting her as she squeezed her eyes closed and pursed her lips.

“I didn’t see anything,” Alex said, finally looking at Lena and Kara. She willed them to understand what she was getting at. “I just walked in and I was about to ask you what you discovered about the portal.”

Lena nodded as Kara looked down, trying unsuccessfully to hide the grin on her face. Lena gestured to the portal that sat momentarily forgotten.

“I’m having some problems getting it to stay on. The moment I power it on, it short circuits. I’ve tried everything from checking the circuitry to throttling the power source. Nothing’s worked so far.”

Alex nodded as she flipped through her notes and took a screwdriver from the table next to her. She unscrewed the panel and looked at it.

“It seems that what we need is a surge protector. Giving it too much voltage is what’s make it short circuit. If you keep throttling the electricity, given the circuity that you have in there, then it will keep short circuiting. If you add the surge protector, excess power will be grounded while the portal will take what it needs without the wires and other components burning out.”

Alex got up and walked over to a bench. She took a hold of some metal oxide and other various materials. She got to work, fashioning a surge protector of her own.

“I’m creating a metal oxide conductor. It’s simple and easy to fashion. Also, because the portal isn’t that big it will be perfect to ground voltage spikes approximately 3 times the normal circuit voltage the portal needs. But I have to warn you, this is only temporary. The more voltage spikes it grounds, the less affective it will become until it short circuits itself.”

Kara and Lena looked at each other in concern. “How long do we have until that happens?”

Alex shrugged. “I don’t know,” she admitted. She took her surge protector and installed it inside the portal.

“I’m not familiar with how this all works so for now, its touch and go.”

When she was done, she screwed the panel back onto the portal and nodded at Lena. Lena took a deep breath and turned it on. This time, it stayed on. Lena smiled as the portal hummed, the blue energy emitted from the portal’s gate crackled with unknown energy. Kara laughed as she grabbed Alex happily and twirled her around in a hug. She planted a kiss on her cheek and Alex froze.

“Now that I know where those lips have been, please don’t do that again,” she begged but it only caused Kara to laugh harder. She put Alex down and swung an arm around her shoulders.

“What’s next?” Kara asked Lena. Right as Lena was about to answer, an electrical zap sounded from the portal right as it shut down again. Well, they had their answer. They had about a minute or two to get through the portal. It didn’t leave them with enough time admittedly and they would have to come up with some sort of system to let the others know when they wanted to come back, but that was a bridge they would cross once they got there.

“Alex, can you show me how to make those surge protectors?” Lena asked her.


Lena made several surge protectors in bulk in case anything were to happen. She wished that she could come up with another option but given the time they had and the limited materials they had access to, she worked with what she had. Progress with the portal was slow and she found out the true meaning with patience being a virtue. She could only work with the portal two minutes at a time before it would short circuit and she had to replace the surge protector. She was so close to throwing the whole damn thing out the window, regardless if it fit through it or not, but Kara served as her voice or reason. Every time she sighed, she was there to tell her to keep going. Every time she ground her teeth, she was there to tell her to breathe. Kara really helped her and a couple of days later, she was able to find the same earth Lillian found.

“So,” Lena said as everyone gathered in the room. Besides, Kara and Alex, Winn and J’onn were in there as well. “Who should be the first to see what’s beyond the gate?”

J’onn looked between Kara and Lena. “It should be either of you since you two are less susceptible to damage.”

Kara wanted to correct him. She was less susceptible to damage. Lena could easily be hurt, she just couldn’t be killed allegedly and whether in this earth or the next, sending her somewhere where the danger was unknown was a horrible, horrible idea. Lena must have shared her same line of thinking because she looked at J’onn and crossed her arms.

“Kara should go, except for kryptonite she is impervious to just about anything.”

“How do I tell you guys that I want to come back?” Kara asked.

“Maybe call us?” Winn suggested but Kara frowned.

“I don’t think my cell service covers calls between different earths.” Winn had to concede to that as he rubbed his chin in thought.

“Press the button on your bracelet,” Lena said to her. “When it activates the suit, it’ll send an alert to me informing me that the suit was activated. It works no matter where you are.”

Kara nodded and she powered the portal. “Wish me luck,” she said as she stepped through.


Kara felt the energy from the portal pass through her and it was like being gently hugged by a bolt of lightning. It didn’t hurt but at the same time, it was foreign, and the energy sent a shiver down her spine. When she completely crossed through, she stepped into a dark alley. Kara looked around and noticed how much similar this earth was to her earth. She recognized National City with its skyscrapers and endless blue skies. She walked through the city, doing her best to blend in and call attention to herself as she fixed her glasses closer to her face. The poster of someone familiar got her attention though. Plastered on it was the face of Lillian, her smile happy and warm as the words “Hero of National City” were emblazoned across the bottom of it. A sinking feeling settled in Kara chest as she saw a billboard of Lillian spouting the same positive message and a statue erected in her honor.

“People actually think she’s a hero,” Kara whispered to herself in horror.

Ironic enough, Lillian’s base was housed where L-Corp use to be and Kara’s shoulders sagged. Where was this earth’s Lena? Kara looked around. Where was the DEO? The building wasn’t in sight. Instead, an office building and a small restaurant sat in its place. She looked around a little more closely to the passing people and realized that’s all they were: just people. There were no aliens among them. With herself being one, Kara could easily spot an alien from miles away, but there was a single one. It was just her. The more she looked around, the more she started to notice more signs and banners everywhere. They spout the same rhetoric about Lillian being a hero but there was one banner that caught her attention. It read “See an alien? Call the authorities. Remember, Cadmus is on your side.” Kara winced as she stopped the nearest person to her.

“Excuse me? What does that sign mean?” She asked as she pointed towards it.

The person smiled, a look of admiration and awe passed across their face as they beamed. “That’s Lillian Luthor. She’s the savior of National City.”

“How so?” Kara asked and she was met with a confused expression.

“How could you not have heard? Lillian was the one that discovered aliens living among us. She led the hunt against them, finding them, and killing every last one. The ones that we didn’t kill got away.” There was a pause as they rolled their eyes. “Good riddance too. I got tired of looking over my shoulder.”

Kara froze as she tried her best to maintain a neutral expression, but her fear bubbled below the surface. Several robotic drones flew overhead, scanning random people. When they were done, they would flash red. Kara assumed red was negative.

“And them?” Kara asked, referring to the drones.

“Oh, they’re here for our protection. They scan people for alien threats. For months now, all scans are negative.”

Kara gulped. “And if there’s a positive scan?”

As of on cue, a drone approached them. “Please remain calm,” an automated voice said as a digital scan ran up and down the stranger’s body. The drone flashed red before turning to Kara. There was no walking out of this. Kara knew that once the drone flashed green, she would have to move fast. It scanned her and soon enough, it flashed green. An alarm immediately sounded.

“WARNING! WARNING! Alien detected!”

The stranger looked at her and backed away. “I should have known you were a freak!”

Kara wasted no time turning on her heel and running fast in the opposite direction. The drone pursued her, the siren never going off. From behind, she felt the drone shoot something at her but thank Rao for her Kryptonian skin. Whatever it was, bounced off.

“Alerting the authorities,” the drone said. Kara turned around fed up with the pesterous machine. She took her glasses off and shot it with her laser vision, the hunk of metal combusting and falling to the ground in a fire ball. Kara realized immediately, that was a huge mistake. Apparently, it didn’t take long for the authorities to arrive. She was surrounded by cars and men brandishing guns, all pointed in her direction. She held her hands up in surrender.

“Don’t move!” an officer warned. Luckily for her, the reality of this earth made her nervous and sweaty. Mixed with her cardio work out just now and her current situation, Kara had sweat dripping down her face. She used it to her benefit, surreptitiously shaking her glasses down the bridge of her nose so that she could peek over them and use her x-ray vision. She gazed into the guns, seeing normal ammunition. None of the men wielded any kind of kryptonite and Kara counted her lucky stars. She lowered her arms with a frown on her face.

“Hey! I said don’t move!” the office yelled at her again. “We will use deadly force!”

Kara turned around just as the men fired at her. The bullets ricocheted off her and imbedded themselves into the dirt and metal of the surrounding vehicles. Kara launched herself into the air as the men scrambled to find cover from the deflected bullets. Unbeknownst to her though, she wasn’t going to make it far. Lillian was approaching in a car of her own, and unlike the authorities, she kept kryptonite on her at all times in case something like this happened. She rolled her window down and aimed her gun at Kara, pulling the trigger. The gun shot blended in with the other guns that were currently firing at her so Kara paid it no mind. It was the explosive sting she felt on her back, though, that made her cry out in pain and shock. Immediately, it felt like thousands of needles were being driven into her skin, the agony blossoming from her back and spreading through her body like a virus. Kara only had enough energy to hover for a second, long enough to watch her veins turn green beneath her skin, before she plummeted to the ground. Her breath hitched as her eyes closed, the world disappearing behind closed eyelids before she came in contact with the ground.


Kara felt like she was floating haphazardly through space, flipping over and over again like she was unable to gain her equilibrium. The tumultuous movement had her reeling, almost like she had vertigo, and Kara felt the urge to vomit. When she opened her eyes however, she realized that she was lying flat on her back, and the dizzy feeling was from whatever was coursing through her system. From the way it hurt like hell, Kara felt like it was safe to assume it was still kryptonite. Her arms and legs were restrained and much like last time, she found herself staring right into a fluorescent light. Something about her environment in particular stood out to her. The last time she was restrained, she had absolutely no problems hearing the many voices that echoed throughout the hallways of Cadmus, but here, there was barely any noise at all. It was like hardly anyone was here.

“Déjà vu,” Kara groaned as she tried to shake her vision clear, but the abrupt movement only made everything worse and Kara groaned as the dizzying feeling increased. She heard movement next to her and she didn’t have to see that it was Lillian.

“So, my daughter has finally figure it out.” Kara looked to see Lillian in a full hazmat suit, and she scrunched her eyebrows together in confusion.

“Lillian, you look ugly in that thing. It’s definitely not your color.”

Surprisingly, Lillian chuckled as she crossed her arms. “A necessary accessory I’m afraid. Unfortunately, this earth, for whatever reason, has higher levels of radiation naturally occurring in the environment. My body can’t handle it…yet.”

Kara wanted to ask her how she was going to achieve that but then, she suddenly lost interest, knowing that Lillian would only give her a straight answer when she wanted.

“How long have you been here playing hero?” Kara asked her instead, buying herself some time so that the kryptonite would wear off in her system.

“Oh, I found this months ago. Thanks to Lex’s side adventures before he was arrested, I honestly wouldn’t have figured it out if he hadn’t found proof that it exists. Want to know the best part? Absolutely no Lena, and yes, I checked. She’s not here in National City or even Metropolis. On this earth, she doesn’t exist.”

Kara frowned at that news. She couldn’t fathom a world where Lena didn’t exist.

“All it took was showing people the truth before aliens could ingrain themselves into society. From there, it was too easy.”

Kara let her monologue as she tried to work out a game plan. She was still too weak and distantly, she could feel burning clamps on her wrists and arms. That meant her cuffs were made from kryptonite as well. Kara inwardly rolled her eyes when a thought occurred to her.

“What time is it?” she blurted out. Lillian faltered, initially mad that she was interrupted but then suspicious that Kara would ask her that.


Kara scoffed. “For Rao’s sakes Lillian! Indulge me just this once and tell me what time it is?”

Lillian glanced at her phone. “It’s past noon.”

Kara tried to control her shock, but it obviously didn’t work when Lillian raised her eyebrows in response. She was here for over an hour now which meant…Lena might be coming in after her. The last thing she wanted was her in danger, especially in a world where aliens were hunted on sight. She could only imagine how the public would react to vampires. Kara had to get out of here, but she also needed to be smart about it.

“So, what do you have planned for me today. Another round of torture?”

Lillian smirked, her finger tapping at her chin in amusement.

“No, I think I’ll keep you here for a while. It’s obvious that our last round of torture didn’t seem to phase you all that much.”

Her eyes squinted as a thought occurred to her. “Or maybe it’s me, who underestimated the power Lena had over you. I know she played a part in helping you heal from last time. Let’s see how you fare here, by yourself with me.”

Now that was a plan that Kara didn’t like. She decided that if there ever a time to escape the clutches of Lillian Luthor, it would be now. Kara addressed the elephant in the room.

“Lillian, why is it so quiet in here?”

Lillian froze. Instead of answering, she turned around and grabbed a needle full of liquid kryptonite. She smiled sinisterly as she went to insert the needle into the crook of Kara’s arm. It was now or never. During their chat, Kara felt the room stop spinning but she was still incredibly weak. She only hoped that her body would cooperate with her. Just as she felt the prick of the needle, she flexed her arm and twisted hard. One of the cuffs warped beneath her strength, even with traces of kryptonite circulating in her system, but there was a sickening pop in her shoulder. Kara screamed in pain but powered through it, even when her arm protested fiercely against the movement. She grabbed Lillian’s hand and threw it back, causing her to lose the syringe in the process. It shattered on the floor; the glowing green of the fluid spread on the concrete. Kara kept moving, even going as far as to grab Lillian by the hazmat suit and hoisting her up. Her feet dangled from the floor and supporting Lillian’s’ weight with her dislocated shoulder was causing more harm than good. With a yell, Kara threw her towards the wall. Her body hit the wall with a soft thud, and she fell to the ground, unconscious. Tears sprang to her eyes as the pain intensified in her arm, radiating down the limb and spreading to her neck. Kara lie back down as she forced herself to breathe. Just a little more. She raised her hand and used it to free her other arm. Once her other arm was free, she freed her legs and swung them over the gurney, standing up. She had to do something about her arm and fast. Kara approached a wall and rested her damaged shoulder against it. This could go either way and if Alex were with her, she would rather have her fix it, but Kara was by herself and she was running out of time and options. She took several deep breaths before pressing her shoulder against the wall with all her strength. Surprisingly, her shoulder popped back into the socket but not without a buttload of excruciating pain. Kara’s vision winked in and out and she powered through it, breathing hard and resting her forehead against cool concrete to keep herself grounded. When the pain subsided to a dull throb she turned around and eyed Lillian. It would be easy for everyone if Kara just slung her over her shoulder and carry her back to the others. She honestly considered it until her heard sounds of gunshots on the other side of the door. One of the guards kicked the door open and shot blindly inside. Kara found herself ducking when one of the bullets ricocheted off the metal gurney and buried itself into the concrete next to her. The force of the bullet caused debris and pebbles to fly out at the point of impact and one of the pebbles grazed her cheek. Beyond the slight pain of the cut, Kara could feel something warm drip down her face and when she wiped it, blood smudged on the back of her hand. That meant she definitely wasn’t strong enough to be bullet proof. Perfect.

Kara had another option. She could activate her bracelet, which was something Lillian didn’t take from her. She went to press the button but hesitated. Kara only wanted to press it when she was nearing the portal. If she pressed it now, Lena would activate it only to find that she wasn’t there. Then the surge protector would blow, and it would take some time to switch it out and have the portal in working condition again. Kara sat there as she contemplated her options. While she was free, she was losing energy by the minute. Even now, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to get back. Carrying Lillian would definitely slow her down and make her more of a target. Kara clenched her teeth as she squeezed her eyes closed, her fingers ghosting over the button. More bullets were fired in her direction and she scooted farther away as her hair and shoulders were covered in dust. Rao help her. She got to her feet and pressed the button, her suit unfurling against her body. The moment the helmet enclosed her head, MAVIS chimed in her ear.

“Suit integrity at 43 percent.” Fuck! She completely forgotten about the damage her suit already sustained because of the bomb at Cadmus. She meant to ask Lena to look at it, but it completely slipped her mind. Kara remembered that MAVIS was interactive.

“MAVIS, can this suit sustain bullet damage?” Kara asked.

“With its lowered durability, not for long. I calculate that the suit will be able to sustain 38 percent worth of damage before the automatic disengage function is enacted.”

“What happens then?”

“The suit will retract back into the bracelet so that it is not completely destroyed.”

Kara sighed as she sagged against the concrete wall a bit. “Even with the suit not able to activate, if I push the button, will it still send a signal to Lena?”


Kara worked fast to make a plan. When she felt she was ready, Kara straightened and rolled her weight to the balls of her feet in preparation.

“One more thing MAVIS. Can you tell me how to get the hell out of here?”


Lena heard her phone chime and she took it out to see a notification. It was just her and Alex keeping watch in case anything were to happen. With much convincing, Winn and J’onn went back to do their respective jobs when both Alex and Lena reassured them that they could handle it.

“Hey, Kara pressed the button. I’m going to turn on the portal.

Alex nodded and watched as Lena flipped the switch. They watched as the portal sparked to life, creating a gate to the alternate National City, but when Kara didn’t immediately walk through, Lena frowned.

“You told her to press the button when she wanted to come back right?” Alex asked, her voice full of concern. Lena nodded as she walked away from the portal and to her laptop. The moment she saw that Kara’s suit was taking intense damage and the integrity of it was plummeting fast, Lena swore.

“I have to go get her!”

She turned on her heel and was about to walk through it when Alex stopped her.

“Lena, we have no idea what’s on the other side. We have no idea what’s going on or where we’ll be. Even if you were to go through, how do you know that you aren’t putting Kara’s mission in jeopardy.”

Lena stared at her flabbergasted. “Are you serious? I thought we were over this! I’m not trying to hurt Kara!” she yelled.

“That’s not what I’m insinuating,” Alex began to say but the sound of the portal powering off got both of their attentions.

Lena wasted no time removing the panel and disconnecting the damaged surge protector. Using her vampire speed, she changed everything and waited. Even though everything in her screamed for her to go get Kara, Alex was right. She had no idea what was going on over there. It was a possibility that she could make matters worse. Even if she left, there would be no one to activate the portal for them to get back. There was no way to teach Alex adequately and expect her to be an expert on a machine she didn’t build. That was completely unfair and rash. So instead, she gritted her teeth and hoped that Kara would be okay.


“Suit integrity at 6 percent,” MAVIS informed Kara. She willed herself to move faster, to ignore the pain in her shoulder and the burning in her lungs from over exertion. Kara could see the alleyway. It was another block up the road and all she had to do was turn the corner. With the help of MAVIS, she was able to escape the compound but not without sustaining bullet damage in the process. She fought some of the guards on her way out but when she realized that her fighting was also causing her to take more damage, she abandoned the effort, instead using the remaining percentage of her suit to get her as close to the portal site as possible. Kara was running down the street as the authorities chased her. People moved out of the way as bullets whizzed past her. One bullet in particular hit her square in the back and Kara stumbled from the force of impact, struggling to regain her footing.

“Suit integrity at 5 percent. Activating disengage protocols.”

Even as Kara ran, the suit retracted back into the bracelet, leaving her very exposed. She was only a few feet from the alleyway, and she pushed herself to keep going. Her muscles burned from the fatigue and sweat was dripping down face. The yelling behind her was getting closer, slowly but surely, and Kara didn’t want to turn around and see how close they got.

Kara just rounded the corner and pushed the button on her bracelet when a guard caught up to her. He raised his gun and fired. The portal appeared instantly, and Kara was happy to almost be across its threshold when she felt an explosive pain in her neck. She gasped before tripping on her feet, skidding to a stop, and lying limp on the ground. The last thing she remembered was feeling the portal electrify her body, followed by the sounds of Lena and Alex screaming her name.

Chapter Text

Kara’s eyes fluttered open to the sound of a heart rate monitor beeping beside her. Comforting warmth from the sun lamps radiated down on her, imbuing her weak body slowly with strength. She turned her head slightly, just enough to see Lena sound asleep beside her, her body in a chair but her head resting on Kara’s hospital bed with her arms folded beneath her cheek. Kara smiled as she ran her fingers through Lena’s hair, coaxing her out of unconsciousness. Instantly Lena woke up, her eyes alert and focused.

“Kara, you’re awake.”

Kara smiled before wincing in pain, the slight throb in her neck making itself known.

“Am I back at the DEO?” she asked her, her voice raspy from sleep and pain. Lena nodded. “What happened?”

“You were shot in the neck just as you crossed the portal. Luckily, the bullet grazed just the side.”

Kara nodded as the memories flooded back to her. “How long have I been out?”

“A couple of hours. Alex got you into the med bay just in time before you bled out. What happened?”

Kara told Lena about her time in the alternate earth. She recounted National City and what the reality was for the people who lived there. Kara told Lena about Lillian, how she was captured, and how she escaped. Lena’s face grew serious as Kara told her story, and by the time she was done, her face morphed into that of unbridled anger. Lena took several deep breaths to calm the whirlwind of fury that swirled in her chest. The last thing she wanted to do was upset Kara any further.

“Alex had to do some minor surgery on your neck,” Lena said, attempting to distract Kara and herself from her anger.

“She did just enough to seal off some arteries and place some stitches in. She had to flush your body of the liquid kryptonite which is why you’re healing slower than usual. Also, she wanted me to tell you that you’re an idiot for setting your arm back the way you did.”

Despite the seriousness in the atmosphere, Kara laughed. “Why?”

Lena smiled and caressed her cheek. “Because darling, the way it was pushed back in was going to do you more harm than good.”

Kara laughed again but winced when pain blossomed in her neck and traveled down her arm.

“Get some rest okay? I’m not going anywhere.”




Within a day’s time, Kara was fully healed. Along with herself and Lena, J’onn, Alex, and Winn were in a conference room discussing their next steps. As they talked, Winn created a 3D map of everything that Kara described from the alternate earth. Before them on the table, hovered a holographic map of the few miles Kara was able to recall. It was motion activated and every so often, someone would swivel the hologram as they discussed a plan.

“Just so we’re clear, we aren’t sending Kara in there alone again, right?” Alex clarified.

“Absolutely not,” J’onn replied. “If anything, I want Lena to go there with her this time.”

Alex frowned as she leaned on the table. “I wanted to go with her,” she was saying, but J’onn shook his head.

“It’s not a great idea. You and Winn got sick just from operating on Lillian’s robot. I don’t want to risk your health and safety in that world. I know we can just send you in a suit but what would happen if it were ever breached? The risk is too great.”

Alex nodded, hating she would have to stay behind but also knowing that it was for the best. The last thing she wanted to be was a distraction to both Kara and Lena.

“I’m going with you,” J’onn said as he shook his head and sighed. “Every time you two go after her, one of you comes back hurt or worse. I don’t know about any of you but I’m tired of someone always getting injured.” He paused. “I’m hoping my shape shifting abilities can be of some use to you.”

Lena’s eyebrows furrowed together as a thought occurred to her. “J’onn, do you remember that time we had you read my mother’s mind? Did anything ever pop up about her finding an alternate earth?”

J’onn clenched his teeth as he remembered back to that moment. He remembered how it felt to have Lillian’s thoughts swirling chaotically in his brain, like a stranger unwelcomed in his home. It had been like battery acid in his head, burning and searing through soft tissue and forcibly splitting his mind in two. Even if he was in complete control of his mental abilities, even Lillian’s mind would have proved difficult to the most adept of Martians. Every thought bleeding into another, feeling her hatred and anger, it was all too hard for him to discern. It would have overtaken him easily if he were weaker.

“No, I’m sorry. I am…out of practice when it comes to reading minds. If I were stronger, perhaps.”

Lena blanched visibly when she realized how her question was taken. “Oh no J’onn that’s not what I meant. Honestly. You still helped us tremendously and for that, thank you.”

She smiled and he returned it tentatively before getting back to the task at hand. “So, it will be Kara, Lena, and myself. Lena, make sure that her suit is at 100 percent. Now that we know that Lillian has kryptonite, it is imperative.”

Lena nodded. “I took the liberty of syncing Kara’s suit to my phone so that I have its diagnostics with me wherever I am. I won’t have to rely on my computer.”

J’onn nodded. “Kara make sure Lena is also at 100 percent. How ever you achieve that without it seriously affecting your own health, make it happen. I will do what I need to do to prepare myself. Tomorrow we will go to Lillian and take her in.”

“How?” Winn asked, speaking for the first time.

“Divide and conquer. I will disguise myself as Lillian and create a distraction. Kara and Lena will infiltrate her headquarters and bring her in by any means necessary. You and Alex will stay and watch the portal. You two are the most important, if not vital, to this mission. Without you and Alex, we could be trapped there indefinitely.”

Alex’s face hardened. “I won’t let that happen.”

“We will go over more specifics tomorrow. Until then, everyone please prepare. We have a long day ahead of us.”

Everyone stood to leave. Winn left to go back to his computer to make more notes while Lena, Kara, and Alex stayed together. J’onn stayed behind to try and memorize the map that was created. The girls walked to the hallway and faced each other.

“Take care of her, okay?” Alex said to Lena. Lena nodded her head before taking her hand along with Kara’s.

“You have my word Agent Danvers. Kara’s very wellbeing is more important to me than life itself.”

Alex smiled, satisfied with her answer and left. Kara looked at her. “How would you like to prepare, Lena?”

Lena knew what she meant and the subtle way she asked her made her smile. “My house, darling? We can be as loud as we want. Besides I want to repay you for our time in the lab.”

Kara blushed vibrantly as her throat suddenly went dry. Heat traveled to her stomach and the steady throb that started growing low in her belly was getting ever harder to ignore.

“Yeah, okay.”


The door to Lena’s home swung open aggressively, with the two stumbling inside while their lips crashed into each other and their hands desperately exploring one another. Lena had her hoisted up with her hands, holding Kara’s ass and Kara’s legs wrapped firmly around Lena’s body. Kara didn’t know why she was desperate for Lena tonight. Maybe it had something to do with their mission tomorrow and she just wanted to love Lena with all she had and with the precious time they had left. She didn’t anticipate anything bad happening, but then again, she never anticipated the previous times where something did go wrong. Kara’s mind spiraled into endless what ifs as her arms wrapped around Lena’s neck, her hands tangling into the hair at the nape of her neck and pulled her in impossibly closer. Lena smiled and bit her lip hard enough to hurt, but not hard enough to break skin. Kara winced before pulling back abruptly, her blue eyes dark and turbulent, betraying her fears and worries as her body tensed against Lena’s hold.  

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Lena asked as she lost her smile, her expression morphing into intense concern. Kara didn’t respond immediately, instead she swallowed and looked at Lena, really looked at her. She memorized the sharp angles of her jaw, her fingers caressing the smooth skin there. Next, she stroked her cheeks, reveling in the way her skin felt against hers. Though there would never be warmth there, Kara wouldn’t wish any part of Lena to be different. Kara’s eyes drifted to her lips. They were the same lips she’s tasted many times, the same lips that she would never tire of. Untangling one hand from Lena’s hair, she traced her lips softly. Lena’s lips parted, a shuddering breath escaping from them as Kara’s fingertips tickled the sensitive flesh there. Her gaze pivoted to stare deeply into Lena’s green orbs. Lena’s eyes radiated peace and tranquility. There were all the qualities Kara wished she had in her life, especially since Lena was now a part of it. Kara could imagine spending the rest of her life with her. She could see them living in a nice house, with a dog and a child, and spending the rest of her life peacefully with her family. But the possibility of that only being a dream and not a reality made tears come to her eyes.

The concerned look on Lena’s face morphed into fear. “Kara? Baby what’s wrong? Please talk to me.”

Kara sniffled as a single tear rolled down her cheek. She swallowed hard in an attempt to force the growing lump down her throat.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered as her breathless sobs morphed into shaky laughs. “I’m sorry, I just…love you so much and every time I look at you, I swear I can see a future with you. It just hurts that it may never come true.”

Lena was absolutely floored by her admission and her heart swelled with so much happiness and love, it physically hurt. She hugged Kara closer to her as she kicked her front door closed.

“What’s to say that one day we can’t have it?” Lena asked her as she tucked her head under Kara’s chin. Kara shrugged as she ran her fingers through her dark, silky hair.

“I don’t know,” Kara admitted. “And that’s what scares me most of all.”

Her laughs devolved into shaky cries again and Lena comforted her, letting her cry it out. Her sobs quieted to shaky breaths before devolving into hiccups.

“There is one thing that I’m absolutely sure of.”

Kara hummed in response as Lena continued to stroke her hair.

“That I absolutely love you Kara Danvers. I’m so in love with you and I can’t imagine a life without you. That no matter what happens tomorrow, there’s nothing that will ever change that fact. Nothing.”

More tears sprang to Kara’s eyes as her face flushed red with strong emotion. She kissed Lena passionately, poring all her love into the woman that was like fresh rain in the middle of a drought. With her around, it was suddenly easier to breathe. She saw that with a clarity that she never had before.

Lena kissed her back with the same intensity, her fervor for her never waning as they made it to her bedroom. No time was wasted as they stripped the clothes off each other in haste. This wasn’t the time for words, but for actions. Kara needed to show Lena just how much she loved her. By the time Kara pulled away to breathe, both her and Lena were already naked in bed, with Lena lying comfortably on top of her between her parted legs.

“The last time we were together like this, you made the night all about me. That night you made me feel so beautiful. I want to do the same for you.”

“Okay, but on one condition.”

Lena raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. “What’s that?”

“Don’t hold back. Take as much as you need. I promise you I’ll be okay.”

Lena smiled before kissing her softly. She trailed more kisses down her chin and to her neck. She left little love bites on her flesh, knowing full well they wouldn’t stick on Kara’s Kryptonian skin. However, she did love the way they made her squirm. Her eyes glowed in anticipation of what she had planned for her tonight.

“I promise darling,” she growled softly before enclosing her lips around a nipple. Instantly it hardened beneath her tongue. She played with Kara’s other nipple between skilled fingers and she was graced with Kara’s breathy moans. Her legs squirmed as Lena’s teasing sent electric energy straight to her core, the folds of her sex coating itself in her arousal. Her mouth alternated between her nipples, licking, sucking, and biting, and by the time she felt like they were stiff enough, Kara was gasping beneath her, her chest rising and falling heavily as her muscles clenched in anticipation. Her fingers, which were fisting the bed sheets at first, went to tangle themselves into Lena’s hair once again. She was trying hard to remain calm but the throbbing in her sex could no longer be ignored. Kara went to gently push Lena down, needing contact in the one place she needed the most, but Lena resisted. She smiled mischievously as her free hand traveled down the musculature expanse of her stomach. Her finger teased the slit of her core and immediately, Lena’s finger was coated in her juices.

“My god, Kara, you’re absolutely soaked,” Lena purred as she pressed more kisses against her inner thighs. Kara felt like she was going to burn up and die. She just needed to be touched in a way only Lena could.

“Tell me what you want.”

Kara gasped at Lena’s salacious words. They sent molten need straight to her core and she wanted to squeeze her legs together to relieve the pressure, but Lena did a great job of keeping her legs open. Her finger continued to trail up and down her slit, spreading and collecting her juices. Her throat was getting drier as she struggled to collect her thoughts.

“I can’t hear you darling,” Lena murmured between kisses. She sucked a mark into Kara’s skin that lasted less than a second, but it did its duty: Kara gasped as her back arched off the bed. She couldn’t take it anymore.

“Rao, please fuck me!” she begged in a rush of air. “I want your tongue deep inside me. Your fingers! Your strap! I don’t care, just touch me!”

Lena smiled and licked her lips before wrapping them around Kara’s clit and sucking hard. Kara saw stars bursting behind her closed eyelids. Two fingers entered her immediately, curling up to massage her inner walls. Kara bit her tongue at the feeling of being stretched. Her tongue swiped repeatedly over her clit, stimulating the nerves such that electric heat, white and hot, traveled down her spine. Kara couldn’t help herself when she pulled Lena closer to her core, her fingers twisting themselves into her hair as her nose was buried deeper into her mound.

“Fu-” Kara began to moan but she choked on her words when Lena pressed her fingers harder into her. Her stomach flexed as she felt the pleasure ripple through her. Her arousal flowed from her copiously and it wasn’t long until Lena was slurping her down and her fingers were making loud, wet noises.

“Oh Rao, Lena I’m almost there,” Kara moaned, the pleasure mounting to something indescribable. Kara’s body hung at the edge and when Lena sucked her clit again, she fell over the edge, plummeting headfirst into an intense orgasm that left her thighs shaking in its wake. She was so lost into it, she almost didn’t feel Lena’s fangs sinking into her inner thigh. She slurped deeply and a smaller orgasm followed at the heels of the first.

“Yes!” Kara hissed in ecstasy, but it was short lived when Lena pulled away a minute later. Kara didn’t let her get too far away. She wrapped her hands around her biceps and pulled her up. The moment her lips were in reach, she kissed her hard, savoring the taste of her own blood and arousal on Lena’s lips. At first Lena froze, concerned that Kara would find this disgusting, but she never stopped. Her mind swam giddily as Kara gently plunged her tongue into her mouth to caress her fangs. Lena allowed herself to get lost in Kara for a few seconds more, before she pulled away again. Kara went to chase her, but Lena put a soothing hand on her cheek and smiled, making her pause.

“Stay here,” she said before disappearing off the bed with vampire speed. She was back a second later, a gush of air following her movements that whipped her hair around her shoulders. Secured around her hips was a strap on that was already lubed, but this one was different than the one they’ve used in the past. It was a translucent purple, thicker, and double ended. The opposite end was tucked deep into Lena’s core. Kara’s eyes grew infinitely darker as she thought about Lena pushing that into her. She imagined the orgasms they would share together, and she was falling onto her back before she was consciously aware of it. Lena smiled, her perfect white teeth glinting in the moonlight that filtered through the curtains of her room. Her fangs stayed extended and Kara was happy that Lena was comfortable keeping them out around her.

“Are you ready?” Lena asked her as she crawled up her body and settled between her opened legs.

“Yes, Lena,” Kara whispered before pulling her into a kiss. Lena smiled as she held her legs further apart. She rubbed the toy between her wet folds, collecting addition arousal before pushing the toy into her. Kara’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as the feeling of being stretched to the max enveloped her senses. The fine line between pain and pleasure blurred aggressively as Lena worked the strap inside her. Kara moaned loudly when her hips met Lena’s, the strap so deep into her she was sure it was rearranging her organs.

“Are you okay?” Lena asked her, knowing full well that she was, but she wanted to hear it for herself. Kara nodded her head as she wrapped her arms around Lena’s upper back. She had a feeling that she was going to need to hang on to something. Lena smiled, kissing her deeply as she pulled out of her, and slammed back into her again.

“Fuck me!” Kara gasped out as the pleasure coursed through her blood and lit her body on fire.

“I’m trying,” Lena chuckled. She moved faster, her hands gripping Kara’s thighs as she buried her face deep into her neck. Lena could feel Kara’s nails digging deeper into her skin as she clawed her back. She smiled as her moans and squeals got progressively louder. She could feel her clutching the toy tighter and tighter as she worked her to her second orgasm. Her arousal smudged between the two, coating their skin and dripping onto the bed sheets. Lena could feel an orgasm growing within herself as the toy worked against her. She could only hope that she could resist hers before Kara’s. Tonight was all about her and she wouldn’t stop until she was fully sated.

“How close are you baby?” Lena asked as she placed open mouthed kisses against her thundering pulse point. It was a minute before she got an answer. Kara was only able to moan her response while Lena fucked her deeply. The moment she started to slow down though, Kara replied.

“I’m so, so close. Please don’t stop.”

Lena chuckled. “Yes ma’am.”

She picked back up in speed, the bed creaking from the force of her thrusts. Kara was going to melt. Her orgasm was fast approaching and even if she wanted to stop it, it was no longer possible. Lena’s fingers were digging deliciously into her hips, the toy was making obscene wet noises inside her as her arousal flowed freely from her, and Kara could feel Lena’s fangs dragging tantalizingly against the skin of her neck.

The collected energy gathered in her stomach before bursting. Kara lost the ability to breathe as her heart hammered against her ribs. Lena hummed before biting Kara again, drinking down more of her blood. Kara suddenly gasped as more pleasure flooded her system. Her clit throbbed in time with her thundering heartbeat and she needed someone to touch it. She needed someone to relieve the pressure. Before she could voice what she wanted, she began her slow descent from her high and she sighed contentedly as Lena released her and licked her lips, removing the remaining blood from sight.

“I have a surprise for you,” Lena whispered, her eyes glowing green from lust. They glowed so bright they almost cast a shadow in her room and Kara smiled as she stared lovingly into them.

“Any more surprises and I think I’ll die.”

Lena chuckled as she tucked her sweat soaked hair behind one ear. “Oh, you’ll like this one.”

She pulled out of Kara gently before lifting herself from the bed again. Lena went to her closet and removed a giant floor length mirror that she propped against the wall. She turned around with a smile on her face and offered her hand to the golden goddess lying on her bed. Kara smiled, taking it and getting up on shaky legs. Lena positioned Kara in front of the mirror, her breasts pressed against Kara’s back and she met her eyes through the reflective glass.

“We go so well together, don’t we?”

Kara smiled and reached up, looping her arms around Lena to pull her closer. Lena’s sly smile was her only warning before she hoisted her up. Kara squealed in excitement and she would be lying if she didn’t think that Lena’s display of strength was hot. She felt her back being crushed to Lena’s front as her hands curled beneath her thighs, holding her up while also spreading her legs apart. The scene before her was sinful. She was about to watch Lena fuck her, and as Lena pushed the dildo inside her, her eyes rolled.

“Keep your eyes on the mirror, baby,” she heard Lena coo from behind her. Kara forced her eyes open before they immediately zeroed in on the toy disappearing inside of her. More heat flooded her system at the sight before her. Lena smiled as she continued to thrust her hips forward, keeping a steady rhythm, and Kara watched as the toy visibly stretched her.

“You like this don’t you?” Lena smirked. If Kara said no, she would be struck by lightning right there. She was so turned on that her juices were dripping onto the carpet below. Her arousal was smudged everywhere on her folds, her core turning red from the pounding she was taking. She could see the faint outlines of Lena’s fang marks on her skin. Lena readjusted her postured and started to thrust into Kara deeper. Kara moaned as she threw her head back in bliss. Her third orgasm was ghosting the edges of her nerve endings. Lena grunted and gasped as her own release, which she was trying to hold back, exploded inside her. This caused her to rut deeply into Kara’s center and Kara couldn’t help how hot it made her feel. It was so animalistic and primal, and the resulting image of Lena moaning into her neck caused her to orgasm herself. She glued her eyes to the image in front of her and watched as Lena sank her fangs into her neck. Her grip on her back tightened as the flood of pleasure increased and she grit her teeth together as her core throbbed in time to Lena’s jerky thrusts.

“Fuck” Kara gasped when Lena bottomed out in her. Lena turned around and sat down on the bed with Kara still in her grasp. She released her from her bite and gasped as a bead of blood trickled down her chin.

Lena shook as remnants of her orgasm ravaged her body and she wiped her chin, smudging the blood on her skin instead of wiping it away. They were silent for a second, their heavy breathing filling the space around them. Kara was the first to move. Instead of removing the toy completely, she turned around so that she was facing Lena directly.

She began to buck her hips languidly and Lena smiled as she rested her hands on her ass.

“I’m surprised you’re not tired,” she said to her. Kara smiled as she rode Lena, her juices thoroughly lubricating the strap and dripping on to Lena’s thighs.

“I have one more in me if you’re game,” she said huskily. She started to move faster, her bucking hips causing her to move up and down on Lena’s lap. Lena smiled as she grabbed on to Kara tighter, steadying her so that she wouldn’t fly off the bed. She thrusted into her slowly at first, then gaining speed, and hammering into her already abused flesh. Kara didn’t dare hold back. Her moans evolved into screams as Lena fucked her thoroughly, the toy hitting her mark every time. Lena sat up and wrapped her arms around Kara’s lower back, not once breaking her stride.

“That’s right baby. That’s right,” she encouraged her in a soothing voice. This final orgasm was going to be a big one. Kara could feel it. She was already so sensitive from her previous ones, and the sensitivity mixed in with Lena’s vigorous thrusts had her racing headfirst into glorious nirvana. Lena reached between them and rubbed her clit, which was something Kara wanted, but promptly forgotten about. Kara grew weak, her head resting on Lena’s shoulder as she came hard. Liquid heat gushed from between her legs and soaked both them and the sheets. Lena faced the mirror and watched it all happen. She watched, mesmerized, as the muscles in Kara’s back flexed before she squirted. Lena gasped, it taking her off guard, but the swell of pride instantly replacing her amazement. She watched herself from the mirror as she sank her fangs into Kara’s neck for the final time, drinking deeply from her. Kara’s moans were pornographic as she fucked herself onto the toy, her head thrown back and her tousled hair dangling behind her as she prolonged her orgasm.

Lena was overcome with so much elation that she pulled free from her neck and blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

“Marry me.”

Chapter Text

“W-what?” Kara stammered and Lena froze.

Lena never would have thought that her long existence would come to this. Balls deep, for lack of a better term, in her girlfriend while drinking from her the night before they’re suppose to traverse unknown territory to apprehend her homicidal mother.

In hindsight, she could have done that better. Maybe actually get her a ring? Get down on one knee? Actually ask her with genuine emotion and with more tact than what she blurted just now? She paused as her throat got rapidly dry. The air between them shifted violently to one of bumbling embarrassment as Lena tried to recover from her own words. She could hear Kara’s heart speed up and the look in her eyes was inexplicably cautious. They stayed together for a few more tense moments with Lena buried deep into Kara’s core, her smudged juices rapidly cooling on their skin, and it was then that Lena remembered that Kara was waiting for a response. Her hands shifted from being wrapped around her to holding her sides.

“K-Kara I’m so sorry-” Lena began to say but Kara interrupted her with a question of her own.

“Did you mean it?”

Did she mean it? Yes, absolutely, and the fact Kara even had to ask made her frown just a bit. Lena forced herself to meet her blue eyes with an unwavering gaze.

“Yes, I do,” she said confidently to her. Kara gasped as her hands caressed her cheeks.

“When we survive this, I want to be with you forever. I want to be yours for as long as you’ll have me. I will love and cherish you with everything that I am, and I would be so honored to call you my wife.”

Again, tears sprang to Kara’s eyes. She was so choked up with emotion that at first, she couldn’t speak. All she could do was kiss Lena hard, desperate to be closer to the woman she loved. Renewed arousal and the feeling of being loved had her blood heating again. They kissed for what seem like forever but when Lena broke the kiss first, forever suddenly didn’t feel long enough.

“What do you say Kara Danvers? Would you marry me?” Lena asked again. There was no hesitation on Kara’s part. She knew that this was right. It felt so right.

“Yes!” she squealed excitedly. Lena laughed before pulling her into another blazing kiss, their bodies pressed together, heated and sweaty after sex, and the toy still buried deep in her girlfriend. No, fiancée. The thought had Lena spiraling in giddiness, and she was grateful that she didn’t need to breathe. Such a moment would take her breath away.

“You have to promise me something,” Kara murmured against her lips. Lena kissed her back feverishly, not wanting to break any contact.


“I know you’re super rich, but don’t spend a lot of money on a ring, okay?”

Lena giggled and pulled back from her slightly. She was still close enough to feel Kara’s breath on her lips.

“I promise,” she said sincerely.

Eventually Kara and Lena laid on the bed, the strap on discarded to the side of the room to be cleaned in the morning. Lena fell asleep on top of Kara, the gentle and steady beat of her heart lulling her to sleep. Kara smiled as she relaxed into the sheets, post sex exhaustion making her eye lids heavy. And that was how they slept, wrapped in each other’s embrace and happily engaged.

It was early the next morning and everyone was already assembled in the conference room of the DEO. J’onn pulled up the holographic map of the alternate National City and they were finalizing their plans. They all watched attentively as J’onn talked and pointed to various locations on the map.

“Danvers, you will be stationed here,” J’onn said as he pointed to a corner that was across the street from Lillian’s building.

“You will be on the ceiling with a sniper.”

Alex nodded. “Lethal force or just incapacitate?”

“Whatever you see fit.”

Alex nodded as she stood up and walked to the armory. Next, J’onn turned to Lena.

“Lena you will be inside, engaging Lillian’s forces so that they don’t get the jump on Kara. Make sure that they don’t distracted her, but also make sure to also keep your distance. I don’t want you, or anybody, to get hurt.”

Lena nodded as she held Kara’s hand tightly underneath the conference table. Next, J’onn turned to Kara.

“Kara you will be engaging Lillian directly. We need to get her. Lena, Alex, and I will hold her forces back but move with urgency.”

“You got it,” she said, her voice low and her eyebrows scrunched in determination.

“Lena, Kara’s suit, is it operational?”

Lena nodded. “Yes, I’ve deconstructed it and built it again using sturdier but flexible metal alloy nanobots. Even when running tests in my lab, the suit is more durable and can withstand explosions and high intensity ballistic damage.”

“Good,” J’onn said, not quite expecting such an in-depth answer but Lena was determined more than ever to protect Kara from her mother. This would be the one mission where everyone would come back unscathed.   

J’onn turned to Winn. “Winn, you’ll monitor the portal. Make sure we can get back, okay? From the way Kara described that earth, it would be in our best interest to not get stuck there.”

“You got it. Lena helped me get more familiar with the technology so you can count on me.”

With their respective assignments, they all got up and left the conference room to prepare. Lena, with her hand still holding Kara’s, pulled her in the direction of the training room.

“I want to make sure that your suit will protect you from anything my mother throws at you.”

“Lena, I’m sure everything will be fine.”

Lena turned to smile at her, her green eyes twinkling beautifully under the florescent light. “Call me a worrier but I just want to make sure that you’ll be alright.”

As they walked, they passed Alex who was strapping two pistols to her thighs and wrapping a bandolier around her torso. She stopped as she got a glimpse of them.

“Hey, wait!”

Kara and Lena backtracked as Alex jogged to them. Even with the copious amounts of weapons, ammo, and the Kevlar vest, she didn’t struggle. Before Kara could utter a word, Alex slammed into her, her arms wrapped tight around her, and her face tucked into her neck.

“You better come back, dammit,” Alex murmured into her skin. Kara smiled, not even affected by Alex’s forceful hug. She wrapped her free arm around her and pulled her in closer.

“You know I’m not going anywhere. Besides, what would you do without me?”

Alex sniffled as she loosened her hold but didn’t let go just yet. “Don’t make me find out.”

After a few seconds, Alex pulled back and looked at Lena. She extended her arm, her hand outstretched in a handshake. Lena smiled and took her hand. She was about to shake it when Alex pulled her closer, completely taking her off guard. Lena’s eyes widened in surprise and her body stiffened when Alex hugged her just as fiercely. Kara devolved into laughter as she saw Lena’s petrified face. When she realized what was going on, slowly she relaxed into the hug and hugged Alex back tenderly. This was a milestone for them. Their relationship was professional at best but with this simple gesture, metaphorical brick walls were knocked down.

“Same goes for you. I was just starting to warm up to you.”

Lena smiled at her and rubbed her back. “I will be as careful as possible.”

Alex pulled away, her eyes red from unshed tears but she swallowed her emotions. Kara watched as she turned into Agent Danvers. This was her game face, something she turned into before a mission. She would clear all thoughts from her head so that emotions wouldn’t rule her. Alex was as tactical and precise as a surgical instrument in the hands of a professional. She nodded at them both and then walked back to the armory. Kara watched as Alex loaded a sniper rifle and check the scope.

Without wasting anymore time, Lena and Kara were both in the training room. Lena whipped out her phone and ran a diagnostics check. MAVIS listed various components of the suit that were at 100 percent. Lena made sure that the suit was synced to her phone and that it would send her notifications of the suit at the slightest change.

“There’s just one more thing,” Lena said as she walked to the switch on the wall. She flipped it on and immediately the room was bathed in green light. Kara grunted but still stayed upright as she felt the kryptonite dampen her powers.

“Kryptonite detected,” MAVIS chimed before the suit engulfed her body. Kara smiled as she looked at Lena.

“How about you?” she asked. “How do you feel? Do you need any more blood?”

Lena smirked as Kara approached her. “I’m fine darling, besides, I had more than enough last night.”

Kara smiled as the helmet unfurled to reveal her face. She cupped the side of Lena’s cheek and kissed her tenderly. Her lips were soft against Lena’s. They felt right, as though they were an exact puzzle piece, fitting in place and completing the picture. When Kara opened her eyes, she saw that Lena’s green ones were glowing brightly. She hugged her close, her hands splayed against her back to pull her in closer.

“I’m with Alex,” she whispered into their embrace. “You better come back.”

“You are my happily ever after baby. There’s no way I’d leave you.”

There was a soft knock at the door. They both turned to see J’onn.

“It’s time to go.”


One by one, Alex, Kara, Lena, and J’onn passed through the portal and found themselves in the alleyway. Surprisingly, their arrival didn’t alert anyone, and people kept walking, unaware of the hell they were going to experience within the next hour. The portal closed behind them after Winn waved to them. J’onn handed out small devices.

“Here are comms so we can keep in communication with each other. This is just in case anything happens.”

They each put one in their ears. Alex, with her multitude of weapons and the sniper began to walk to the open street.

“Wait, Alex! What if someone tries to stop you?” Kara demanded.

“I want to see them try,” she replied without breaking her step. She received a few stares and some people definitely did murmur, but no one moved to stop her or say anything. Soon enough, she blended into the crowd and made her way across the street.

Lena eyebrows flew up. “Wow. No one really stopped her.”

Kara left her glasses on but let her hair out of her ponytail. She was dressed in civilian clothes, but she wore her bracelet and her super suit beneath her attire, as usual. She used her hair to hide her face in case someone was to remember her. Lena gaped at her. It was rare that she could see Kara like this, outside of the bedroom of course. The way her golden hair hung down her shoulders, the way it reflected the sun’s rays, the way her skin seemed to glow ever brighter, it took her breath away.

Kara smiled when she caught her staring, Lena’s mouth hanging slightly open as her eyes took her in. J’onn cleared his throat and Lena snapped her attention to him.

“Try to remain focused.”

Lena nodded as they walked from the alleyway side by side. Within 20 minutes, J’onn’s voice crackled through Kara’s comm device.

“We’re in and ready,” he said. “Danvers, how about you?”

“I’m ready,” was all Alex said.

“It’s all you, Kara,” J’onn said. “Be careful though. This building is heavily guarded.”

“I will,” Kara said as she made her way to the street and walked towards the direction of Lillian’s building.


Sweat dripped down Kara’s face as she confronted Lillian. The sounds of gunfire and yelling were heard all around, but Kara forced it out of her mind, her full attention on Lillian clad in her Lex suit and brandishing a kryptonite sword. Several times did Lillian’s goons tried to burst into her office, but they were stopped by either J’onn or Lena. Her full attention remained on Lillian, who had a shit eating grin behind her mask. Kara didn’t take any chances. The moment Lillian activated the red alert for her building, she equipped her suit and sped to the top floor, knowing that’s where she would be.

The most frustrating part about this situation is that Kara and Lillian were equally matched. They couldn’t exploit each other’s weakness while bound in armor.

Lillian swung at her again which Kara easily blocked with her arm. She returned a punch of her own only for Lillian to dodge it with ease. Lillian chuckled as she swung her sword, the blade cutting through the air with ease and making a whooshing noise.

“We’ll be at this all day,” Lillian commented.

Kara didn’t react. She wouldn’t give Lillian the satisfaction. Instead, she curled her hands into fists and held them close to her face as she assumed a defensive stance. Right as Lillian swung her sword again, Kara caught her by the wrist and flipped her over. She expected Lilian to land on her back but instead, she landed on her feet. Her suit hissed loudly as she rotated her body, grabbing Kara’s arm in retaliation and swinging her around like a rag doll. Kara crashed into Lillian’s desk, the force of the throw shattering everything on impact. Kara’s back thudded heavily against the window, which was thankfully reinforced. The glass cracked and she landed on her stomach, her head spinning as she forced herself back on to her feet. She would have to change tactics because the direct approach was getting her nowhere.

“MAVIS does the Lex suit have any weaknesses?” Kara asked the computer system.

There was a quick hum as MAVIS scanned the outside of the suit, highlighting key points that could easily be exploited. It put an outline of the suit on the screen.  Kara noticed that it was all the joints like the knees and elbows that were highlighted.

“It seems that the Lex suit is susceptible to cold temperatures. Given the surrounding atmosphere is cold enough, the nanobots will be unable to function and the suit will be vulnerable to attack.”

This gave Kara an idea, but it was very risky.


Alex stayed at her post, firing shot after shot as Lillian’s guards came into view. To be honest, she wasn’t too concerned with avoiding kill shots right now. She was to the point where she would just point and fire. Hopefully no one would die…but it’s also not like she owed Lillian any favors. Thanks to her she almost died and without it sounding the most vindictive, it was time for her to return the favor.

The sounds of more yelling and popping got her attention. People ran and hid behind anything they could as Lillian’s goons fired blindly into the building. Some were even firing from across the street. They didn’t care who they hit. Just as Alex shrugged off her thoughts, another guard came gallivanting down the sidewalk, running knees to chest style with a rifle in his hands. Alex smirked as she aligned her scope with his body. She inhaled slowly, and on the exhale, she pulled the trigger.


J’onn had sweat dripping down his forehead as he and Lena fought to keep Lillian’s guards at bay. He was burning though so much energy that he abandoned his human disguise. That was time and energy he could no longer afford to waste. Between phasing through multiple floors and administering psychic attacks, he was running out of steam fast. He did his best to dodge the bullets that were fired in their direction. Sometimes he would move out the way if he could anticipate it or would keep his body constantly phased, so that the bullets would pass right through him. Lena on the other hand, did not care. Bullets kept slamming into her relentlessly and she would grunt and keep moving. Thanks to Kara’s blood though, the wounds would heal as instantly as they occurred. She had the energy he wished he had. After a while, J’onn had to pause to catch his breath.

He breathed hard and wiped the sweat from his eyes. He was so distracted with catching his breath that he didn’t see a human sneaking behind him.

“J’onn!!!” Lena screamed before super speeding to him immediately. Before the guard could attack him, Lena grabbed him by the throat and threw him hard, using his body as a projectile to knock more guards over. J’onn smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Thanks. How are you doing?” he asked.

“Oh, you know,” she answered before punching someone in the face. “I’m actually very glad I can’t get tired anymore or else this would be extremely difficult.”

J’onn chuckled despite being winded.

“I’m not at all jealous,” he said with friendly sarcasm.

Lena laughed as she grabbed a gun from someone’s hand and bent it with her strength. She threw the disabled weapon at someone else, knocking them out cold. J’onn used his infrared vision to see that some guards got passed them. He grunted as he took off flying, phasing through the walls to catch up with them. Luckily, it had been Lena’s idea to disable all the elevators, so they were forced to take the stairs. Catching up to them wouldn’t be too difficult. Before they made it to the third floor, J’onn phased through the floor, slamming hard into them. The force of him sent them flying into the wall, knocking them all unconscious. J’onn bent over, his hands on his knees, as he breathed hard. This was a fight he severely underestimated. He knew it would be difficult but damn it if he did hope for the contrary. He pressed the button on his comm and stood up straight.

“Supergirl, have you apprehended Lillian?”


Alex abandoned her post seeing that more and more guards were coming faster than she could shoot them. Even her sniping skills couldn’t compare to the mass amounts of reinforcements that kept trailing in. It seemed for every body that dropped, five more would take its place.

Alex grumbled as she made her way to ground level. “Kara had made it sound like Lillian didn’t have a personal army on this earth.”

But at the same time, it had been naïve for them to think that she didn’t. With her vast amounts of money and the insane amount of time on her hands, of course she would be able to pool all the resources and manpower together. 

“Supergirl, have you apprehended Lillian?”

There was bit of static along with the sounds of scuffling and metal clanging against metal before she heard Kara’s voice.

“I’m working on it.” Her voice was strained, and even Alex could hear how tired Kara was getting. She needed to slow down the ensuing army.

“J’onn more and more of Lillian’s army is pouring in. Can I borrow Lena for 10 minutes?”

“Yes, I got it from here.”

To add to the mounting frustrations of being severely outnumbered, a growing number of drones were also approaching the building. Alex sighed as she wiped her hair from her face.


Kara heard everything and decided that the time to act was now. She dodged Lillian’s fist and right as Lillian took a swing of her sword, Kara pivoted on her feet and caught the blade between her armored hands.

She took a deep breath to prepare herself and tried to retract her helmet, but it didn’t budge.

“MAVIS, I need you to remove the helmet,” Kara commanded.

“Given the kryptonite levels the Lex suit is radiating, such a move is ill advised. A small breach in this suit will cause harm to you. Are you sure you want to proceed?”

Kara clenched her teeth and readied herself for the searing pain that she was going to feel. “Yes.”

The helmet opened to reveal her face and Kara gasped as the kryptonite from both the sword and Lillian’s suit assaulted her. Tears swam in her eyes as her veins highlighted green and she instantly felt nauseous and faint as the pain only increased. With her being this close to it, Kara knew that she didn’t have a lot time.

Lillian laughed at her as she put more muscle behind her sword. “What the hell are you doing? Even I wouldn’t risk such a stupid move.”

Kara’s feet slid backwards against the floor as her power depleted at a rapid rate. She took a deep breath in and when she exhaled, frost came from her lips. Lillian gasped, realizing too late what she was doing. Her Lex suit crackled and sparked as it began to short circuit. A layer of ice began to grow across the metal, growing and spreading like the virus she created. Lillian tried to move her arms to finish her swing, but between Kara’s strength holding her sword at bay and the ice encasing her, she was trapped. She was outsmarted and the thought had her seething. She got too cocky and even she knew that pride came before the fall. Even if she wanted to take the suit off, it was too late. The nanobots were frozen and rendered useless. If Kara wanted to shatter her and the suit with a single punch, she could and there would be no way to stop her. Lillian screeched as the ice grew around her helmet and within a minute, she was trapped completely in an ice prison. Kara gasped when she ran out of breath and sank to her knees, the effects of the kryptonite taking its toll.

She winced and cried out softly as the green, radiated poison throbbed in time with her raging heart. It was finally done. They did it.


Lena was busy moving cars around to help Alex create a physical barrier between the building and Lillian’s reinforcements. Hopefully whoever owned them had car insurance because they, for sure, weren’t getting them back. It was when she had a car held above her head, did her phone start to vibrate almost aggressively. She let the car drop from her grip with a metal crunching bang and whipped out her phone. She saw a single notification that made her heart drop.

She spun on her heel and almost ran Alex over trying to get inside the building.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“It’s Kara! There was a breach in her suit and my phone is telling me that kryptonite was detected. I have to go check on her. Will you be okay?”

Alex nodded as she pushed her towards the doors, encouraging her to get a move on.

“What are you going to do?” Lena asked her.

“Improvise,” Alex replied as she reached behind her and removed a grenade from a pouch behind her back. She threw it into the air and caught it.

“You better get going.”


“Kara? Kara?”

The voice was so far away, and it echoed in Kara’s head as she slowly came to. She was on her back, her vision blurry as she tried shake the groggy feeling from her head. Remnants of aching washed over her, but they were a light throb compared to the fiery pain she felt some time ago. She also noticed that her helmet was back on and emerald green eyes were gazing at her in concern.

“Baby can you hear me?”

Kara groaned and sat up before she realized what happened. Instantly, she was on her feet, her heart racing and her eyes wide. She ignored her protesting body, fearing that she had been unconscious for too long and Lillian escaped.

“Whoa, hey, you’re okay,” Lena soothed her as she lightly grabbed her shoulder.

“How long was I out for???”

“A minute or two, maybe,” Lena replied. Kara turned and saw Lillian still frozen solid and she sighed. She activated her comm.

“J’onn I have her. She’s not going anywhere.”

“How’s your girlfriend?” Alex chimed in. Sounds of gun shots could be heard on her end. “I’ve honestly never seen her move that fast and that’s saying something.”

“She’s fine,” Kara giggled. “Also, she’s my fiancée now.”

There was an explosion before Alex’s voice came through again.

“Wait you’re getting married?!” she yelled excitedly.

Before anyone could respond, J’onn’s voice came through.

“Ladies let’s focus. We have to leave.”  


Kara held Lillian above her head while she and Lena super sped to the ground floor. They met up with J’onn who was still fighting off guards.

“We have her!” Kara yelled to him, occasionally using Lillian’s ice prison to body check people away from them.

“Alright let’s-”

J’onn didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence. A series of explosions interrupted him, the foundation of the building almost swaying from the force of it. Fire followed by billowing smoke choked the atmosphere. It suffocated the light and drowned out the air. People screamed at the sudden destructive bangs and they all ran for cover.

“What was that?” Kara demanded after she counted six explosions in total.

There was a pause and Lena’s mouth fell open.

“So that’s why she had me move all those cars.”


Alex immediately got back to work after Lena disappeared. She had Lena form a semicircle of cars in front of the main entrance to act as a barrier. If she timed it just right, she would be able to detonate them all relatively at the same time. Alex pulled pin after pin on her grenades, sprinting to each of the cars and throwing them inside. She was delighted to see her plan come together, the cars exploding like in an action movie. Alex wasn’t too concerned with protecting herself from the concussive force of the blasts. The next step of her plan was to unholster her pistols and make sure that they were fully loaded. Even though Alex couldn’t see them, she knew Lillian’s army was still out there, getting evermore closer.

Kara, Lena, and J’onn came running to her and she quirked an eyebrow at Kara hauling Lillian in a block of ice.  

“Okay guys. We have an army between us and the portal. How do you want to do this?” Alex asked them.

Lena smiled and cracked her knuckles. “Leave them to me.”

Everyone turned and looked at her like she was crazy.

“You’re going to face god knows how many people are out there by your self?” Alex reiterated slowly, making sure Lena heard what she said.


Kara frowned. “Are you sure? What if you get hurt?”

“I have so much of your blood running through my system. Besides I owe it to mother.”

Alex, Kara, and J’onn each shared a look before they simultaneously took a step back. Lena rolled her shoulders before she disappeared into the smoke. Alex diverted her attention to the drones still flying above them. The explosions did a good job of destroying most of them, but some still remained. Kara helped her as well, using her laser eye vision to dispatch some of the peskier ones that somehow kept avoiding Alex’s bullets. J’onn used his flight to disperse the smoke as much as he could so they could all see what was going on.

Alex and J’onn could barely see what was happening but Kara could see plain as day. Lena was speeding through the whole army, dispatching them easily. Kara noticed that she didn’t outright kill them. She only knocked them out or disabled them to keep them from going however she could. A broken leg, a shattered collar bone, using them to attack each other when she moved too fast out of the way. It was working. Even from here she could see the smile on her face and the beautiful green glow of her eyes.  

Within minutes, Lena stood before them with her hair wind blown, and the sounds of grunts and moans of pain filling the air. Alex gasped as she saw almost a hundred bodies littering the street, all of them alive but injured in some way, shape, or form. Both Kara and Lena knew that Lillian was still alive and conscious in her prison because as Lena fought her army, her heart rapidly increased until it sound like a drum being hit by a swarm of toddlers. She was furious and they both knew it. Lena smiled wider, her eyes flitting to Lillian’s before she winked at her.

“Holy shit,” Alex murmured, the first to break the stunned silence. Kara giggled as she shifted the weight of Lillian back on top her shoulder.

“Well, let’s not wait around. Let’s get out of here,” J’onn said. They all took off down the street where Lena sent a signal to Winn to activate the portal.


Chapter Text

The feeling of throwing Lillian into prison was unparalleled. Kara made sure to shut the cell door as hard as she could without breaking it, and the satisfaction of watching Lillian flinch brought joy to her heart. After finding out that she was sentenced to life in prison on Stryker’s Island Penitentiary, Lena got to work commissioning her own prisons for both Lillian and Lex alike. She wanted to make sure that neither of them saw the light of day for as long as she lived. Given her track record, it was needless to say that her adoptive family would never been seen again. She worked day and night and even sacrificed sleep to make sure everything was done and perfected. Within a few weeks time, the prison was installed, and here was Kara, daydreaming about slamming the doors in Lillian’s face over and over again. She wanted to see her flinch one more time.

“I’ll break out sooner or later,” Lillian said, smirking at her as she approached the door. 

Kara looked at the cell door, noting that it was made of glass, and rubbed her finger up and down it. She had definitely seen this before and she smiled at the true genius of her fiancée. 

“What are you smiling at?” 

“I’m pretty sure this is the same glass that Lena designed to be virtually indestructible,” Kara said simply. “Good luck. Even I couldn’t break it.” 

She didn’t let her respond, refusing to let her have the last word. Kara turned on her heel and left a fuming, fallen heiress to her disgrace. She was glad that the whole ordeal was over, and she flew home feeling lighter than she ever had in weeks. Every breath she took was unhindered with the threat of danger and she reveled in the feeling. It was definitely something that she wasn’t going to take advantage of again. The disease was cured, no one was dying, and she was due to marry the love of her life in about a year. There was so much to plan, so much to do!!!

Kara was in the middle of her thoughts when her phone rang, and she reached inside her boot to g answer it. 


“Hey, are you busy?” Alex asked and Kara could hear other people in the background. “J’onn and I decided to have a small little celebration for taking down Lillian. We already invited your fiancée. She practically sang the last word and Kara laughed. 

“Of course. I’m on my way.”

She hung up and diverted herself towards the DEO, taking off in a burst if speed. 

Within minutes Kara was at the government base, noting the almost excessive number of balloons and streamers that decorated the walls and ceiling. She was ushered into a conference room by a fellow agent and when she walked inside, everyone turned to greet her.

“Ah, Kara’s here,” J’onn said with a smile. “Can I have everyone’s attention please.”

Immediately the room simmered into a respectful silence as J’onn raised a glass of what Kara could only assume was some kind of alien alcohol. 

“Every single person in here has done an astounding job in neutralizing Lillian Luthor. There’s not a single person in here who didn’t play a crucial part. Everyone, from Supergirl all the way down to the agents in the control room, all played a part in making the world safe once again.”

Alex whooped, already a little tipsy from today’s festivities and the room chuckled. J’onn smiled as he continued. 

“Today we celebrate living another day. We celebrate the blessing of going home to spend time with our loved ones. We celebrate the perseverance of our team.”

As J’onn spoke, Kara couldn’t help but look at Lena, who made eye contract with her from across the room and winked. She blushed and smiled, giving her a shy wave. She blew Kara a kiss, which Kara pretended to grab and place gently on her cheek. Beside her, Alex elbowed her and Kara scowled. 

“Can you make goo goo eyes at your lover some other time?” she whispered loud enough for Kara to hear. From across the room, Lena giggled, hiding her smile behind a hand as she tried, and failed, to pretend like she didn’t hear that. Kara smirked and turned her attention back to J’onn. 

“That being said, can both Kara and Lena please come to the front of the room?”

Kara was confused but she did what she was asked. Lena was smiling, like she knew exactly what was going to happen. 

“Lena has something she wants to ask you,” J’onn said to Kara. 

Okay? That still didn’t clear her confusion anymore, but her bewildered look instantly turned to shock the moment Lena got on one knee. Someone from the crowd gasped in excitement and Alex snickered at the astonished look on her sister’s face. 

“I wanted to ask you properly,” Lena began.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a box, and Kara eyes grew bigger. Knowing Lena, she probably dropped thousands on a ring. Kara knew she could afford it, with money not being an issue at all for her, but that still didn’t mean Kara wanted her to. The moment she opened the box, her jaw dropped. She couldn’t have been more wrong. The ring inside was hand made it it stole Kara’s breath away. It was made out of some sort of green crystal with the outer edges encased in an unknown metal, and she was sure that she had seen that green material before. Kara looked at it quizzically as the ring shined beautifully in the light. When Lena took it out of its container and held it up for her, she realized what exactly it was. 

“Is that kryptonite?”

Lena nodded. “Yeah. I purified it into its purest form, and just to be sure, I lined the edges with lead to counter effect any harmful effects my.”

Kara gasped as she studied the ring more. It was truly a work of art. The entire ring was polished and sleek. The inside of the kryptonite was multifaceted, almost like a gem, and Kara never knew that. Usually, she couldn’t get close to kryptonite without feeling like her veins were being ripped out of her body by the handful, and as the light shined on it, it twinkled like a star in the night. Carved into the lead in beautiful, elegant lettering was a phrase that Kara never thought she would see again.

El Mayarah it read, and tears immediate sprung into her eyes. 

“I got the idea from Alex, I hope that’s okay,” Lena whispered.

Kara nodded frantically, too choked up on emotion for words. 

“Kara Zor-el, I love you forever and always, until the end of time and perhaps even after that. Will you do me the honor of marrying me?” Lena asked sweetly. 

Kara was about to say yes, but what came out instead was a sob, but she still nodded, and let Lena slip the ring onto her finger. Everyone cheered and hollered in excitement as Lena stood up and hugged her tightly. Kara pulled her in for a passionately searing kiss, which Lena returned with fervor. 

“Get a room!” Alex yelled, which earned her some chuckles. Winn eyed the beer she was drinking and wondered how many she had.

“Okay, Danvers. That’s enough of that,” he said as he tried to take the beer out of her hand, but the beverage wouldn’t budge.

“Schott, you have a second and a half to unhand my beer before I remove the full appendage from your arm,” she growled. Winn jumped and snatched his hand away. He won’t be doing that again. 

Kara pulled away from Lena to wipe her face. She was a sobbing, disgusting mess and Lena looked at her like she was the most precious thing in her world. 

“You’re so beautiful,” she whispered to her and Kara blushed. “I can’t wait to have you all to myself tonight.” 

Kara went beet red. By the way Lena’s voice went husky, she knew what that meant, and a familiar tingle erupted between her legs and shot up her spine. Lena smiled and winked at her before she left her side to go mingle with the other agents. 

The party really picked up by the time J’onn left and came back with pizza and potstickers and Kara, being the hungry literal ray of sunshine that she was, swarmed the table and devoured every fried dumpling in sight. All the agents let her, knowing that she would threaten them all with death and if she didn’t satisfy her alien craving. 

When the day turned to night, and one by one, everyone filed out to leave and go home, Kara wondered where Lena was. Now that she noticed, she hadn’t seen her in a while. She was about to call her when she saw a text message on her phone. 

Meet me outside when you’re ready to leave?

Kara nodded and smiled before she turned to find Alex and tell her goodbye. 

“Leaving so soon?” Alex asked when she approached her. She had a knowing look in her eyes and she smirked when Kara grew bashful. 

“Yeah,” she said, chuckling nervously when Alex smirk grew wider. 

“Mmhm, stay safe and wear protection.” 

Kara slapped her shoulder playfully and Alex winced before she rubbed her arm. 

“In all serious, I’m so happy for you. I really am,” Alex whispered to her before hugging her and kissing her cheek. “I better be your maid of honor.” 

“What makes you think that you’re not?” 

“I’m just being sure. I’ll fight anyone here for that title.” 

And by the way Alex said it, Kara was sure that she would fight for it, even to the death of need be. Kara left after waving goodbye to her friends and fellow agents, and promising Alex that she would call in the morning. When she got outside, Lena already was out there, waiting by her car with her arms crossed and a peaceful look on her face. Her eyes stared at the full moon in awe, and she breathed a sigh of relief. Her gaze traveled towards Kara, where she smiled and held her hand out. Kara took it right as Lena kissed the back of her hand. 

“Maybe you should go change, darling. Unless you want Supergirl to be seen at the beach?” 

Kara nodded before she disappeared in a flash and returned wearing an adorable sundress. 

“Beautiful,” Lena whispered and then opened the car door for her. 

Once inside, Lena got in her seat and started driving. 

“So, what’s the surprise?” 

Lena smiled but didn’t answer immediately. “You’ll see.” 

True to her word, they were going to the beach, and when they got there, Kara’s mouth fell open for the second time that day. Out on the golden sand was a blanket completely stretched out. On top of it sat various flower petals, miniature candles that were already lit, a picnic basket, and some wine. 

“Wow,” Kara whispered as she got out of the car and approached the blanket, sitting down and settling on its softness. Lena joined her by her side and popped the wine open before pouring two glasses of it and handed one to her. 

“Tonight, is all about celebrating. Celebrating our triumph and our love, yes, but at the same time, celebrating the fact that you’re in my life,” Lena said tenderly. “Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for being my sun in the endless night that has been my life. When we first met, and you were just a reporter in my office, I never thought that things would come to this. You gave me so much. You’ve sacrificed so much for me and I don’t want you to go another minute without hearing me say thank you.”

Kara was at a lost for words. Instead, she gulped a mouthful of wine to swallow the growing lump of emotion that had lodged itself in her throat. Lena chuckled and she gently grabbed Kara by her chin, turning it so she would face her. 

“Those beautiful blue eyes are like comets, and ever since I met you, I was no longer scared of the dark.”

Kara whimpered as a tear escaped her eye and Lena leaned in to kiss her tenderly. When their lips met, it was like an explosion of heat that circulated between them. Every time she kissed her, it was like a breath of fresh air. It was falling headfirst into everything that was her. Her soul laid bare in front of Kara to see and she wanted to return the favor, putting as much of herself into the kiss as she could. Kara leaned into it, pressing her body against Lena, and Lena groaned as she forced her hands to stay on her lap. 

“Careful, darling. My self control has been tested all day. I have so much more planned for you tonight.”

Kara laughed and leaned back, watching as Lena removed a tray of chocolate covered strawberries from the picnic basket. They fed them to each other and enjoyed the relaxing crash of waves against the beach. Kara held her hand and throughout the night, her gaze kept traveling to her ring. It was so beautiful but at the same time it was surreal. She was getting married. Kara was getting married! She turned her hand this way and that, watching as the kryptonite inside the band seemed to swallow the moonlight whole and hold it hostage. Something about the way it glinted was mesmerizing and she stared at it in childlike wonder. Lena was content just watching her, and she smiled inwardly when she realized for the hundredth time that this silly girl that literally held her heart was going to be her wife. 

They stayed long enough to finish the strawberries and wine before they packed everything back up into the car and drove away. Lena’s hand rested on Kara’s thigh and Kara didn’t miss the way her fingertips would venture inside to touch sensitive flesh. Ever since Lena proposed back at the DEO, something inside of Kara itched to get her hands all over her, to hold her close and make her feel like a goddess. Lena, it would seem, felt the same. Her eyes were glowing brighter and brighter as the minutes ticked by, and by the time they had reached her house, they were glowing a luminous green in the dark. Kara didn’t have the time to grab the picnic supplies like she wanted. Lena immediately scooped her up into her arms and carried her straight into her bedroom, where she set Kara down gently on the bed. Kara could tell that she wanted to ravish her, to taste every inch of her, but at the same time, she wanted to take things slow. She could see how she was fighting to hold herself back. Kara, feeling salacious, leaned back against the sheets and opened her legs for her. Lena gasped, the scent of Kara’s arousal assaulting her senses. It was heavenly. It was a perfect mix of femininity and what she came to know as Kara, and she could practically taste her on her tongue. That was it, there was no holding back. In seconds, Lena stripped herself of her clothes before walking towards the beauty on her bed. 

Kara smiled and sashayed herself out of underwear, throwing it across the room. She watched as Lena’s eyes somehow grew darker with want, but still shined bright in the dark. She was about to tug off her dress, but Lena eased her into a lying on her back, pinning her arms above her head before resting her body between her open legs. 

“God, I’ve been thinking about you all day,” Lena growled with her lips ghosting against Kara’s.

“Same,” was all she replied before she ground her core against Lena’s muscular thigh. Lena gasped when she felt her juices coat her skin. 

“Fuck,” Lena moaned before she pressed a scorching kiss against her. Kara kept rocking her body into hers as Lena kissed her ravenously. Kara’s skin was like liquid fire against hers, hot and intoxicating. She was being burned in the best way possible and when she eventually released Kara’s hands, Kara wrapped them around her back and held on with the strength of a vice. 

Lena started to venture lower, her tongue caressing the skin of her neck, lapping and sucking marks into skin that wouldn’t stick for long. Kara moaned when she felt Lena’s hands gently raise the dress up and they stopped long enough to remove the distracting garment. 

“Beautiful,” Lena commented before diving straight back in. She sucked a pert nipple into her mouth and Kara arched into her, using a hand to press her closer against her breast. With each lick and suck, Kara could feel delicious pleasure zing straight to her clit where it begged to be touched. Reaching her other hand down between her legs, Lena began to finger Kara gently, massaging her muscle walls with the single digit. Kara gasped again and Lena could feel her core almost suck her finger inside. Lena switched to the other nipple, alternating between the two until Kara was rigid, until she was gasping and whimpering, and until both nipples were red from her affections. 

Kara was starting to get impatient, and Lena continued on, peppering her stomach and hips with more open-mouthed kisses while continuing to fuck her slowly with her hand. When she got to her core, Lena wasn’t in the mood to continue teasing her further. She took her first lick, using the flat of her tongue to lick her from bottom to top. Kara sighed and tangled a hand into Lena’s dark, silky hair. Lena stole another lick before she wrapped her lips around her clit and sucked hard. Kara yelped, her thighs involuntarily closing as Lena released her and soothed the pressure with her tongue. 

“Tell me what you want, baby?” Lena husked before returning her mouth to Kara’s sensitive bundle of nerves. 


Lena happily obliged, slipping another finger inside her. She slowed down long enough for her to get adjusted to the knew intrusion before she started moving her fingers at a blazing pace again. Kara wasn’t holding back either, she was loud, her whimpers and moans like music to Lena’s ears. Her grip tightened in her hair as she began to buck her hips against her. Her arousal flowed copiously and coated Lena’s fingers with her juices. Lena drank her down eagerly, slurping her like it was the last drink that she would ever receive. Kara was on cloud nine, her body like one giant exposed nerve as Lena continued to work her closer and closer to her orgasm. Lena knew by now when Kara was going to come, so when her body went rigid and she sucked air through her teeth, she came with a moan, her stomach tensing and her core clenching as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over her. Lena helped her ride it out but didn’t give her a chance to come too far down from her high. 

She sped away from the bed in a burst of supernatural speed, returning a second later with a strap on secured to her hips, all lubed and ready to go. Lena got between her legs and gently eased the toy inside her, not wanting to hurt her. Kara lifted her hips, eager to accept as much of Lena as she could. When their hips met, and when the toy was buried deep inside Kara, all the way to the hilt, they both moaned, and Lena began to rock into her at a slow pace. She enjoyed the way Kara shivered in ecstasy beneath her, how her golden hair was sprawled over the pillow. Her fiancée’s blue eyes were darkened from lust. Between them, the toy made squelching noises as it continued to stretch Kara deliciously.

“I’m so lucky,” Lena whispered before she leaned down and kissed her. Kara got a taste of herself on Lena’s tongue, and held her close by wrapping her arms around her neck. 

Kara could already tell the difference between their lovemaking now. Sure, it was hurried at the beginning but now, it was slow and deliberate. They weren’t having sex for the sheer desperation of feeling each other before a battle. It wasn’t like the silent goodbyes from before, where they were fraught to feel each other’s minds and bodies like it was the last chance they would get. It wasn’t the sex they usually had so that Lena could drink blood. It was the sensuality of being so close and so connected. Kara loved the way Lena was pressing against her in all the right ways, how their soft bodies moved like the way a musical symphony would move an audience. If they wanted to, they could go on like this with superior endurance levels equally matched. Lena buried her face into Kara’s neck to breathe her in. There was never a moment when she would get enough of her scent, of her presence, and as Kara gasped when she thrusted into her again, Lena smiled and wrapped her hand around one of her thighs to hold her leg up. Seeing her like this, had emotion building inside of her and Lena smiled fondly as she continued to make love to the woman that she loved irrevocably. 

Kara looked at Lena with love and adoration through parted eyelids. For her, it was like finding the missing puzzle piece of her life. She had all the love in the world with her sister and Eliza. She had found family between J’onn and Winn, but this. This was what she was missing, and truth be told, she never expected to get it. When she came to earth, she felt like an alien on this planet. Obviously, she was one, but she felt like the spectator in a life that never should have been hers. This whole time, she thought that her parents made a mistake and that she should have died on Krypton with them. Her arrival on earth was immediately met by a family who she couldn’t communicate with. Her powers instantly manifested themselves and she had to keep finding new ways of hiding them. The heightened senses and the increased strength made her feel like a freak that was too dangerous to be around normal humans. This whole time she had to hide who and what she was. With Lena, she could be who she longed to be. She could be Kara Zor-el. She could be the woman with all of these amazing abilities. She was allowed to live without hiding a part of her that was crucial to her identity. She was allowed to be vulnerable. She was allowed to be in love, and the feeling was liberating and beautiful. And before Kara could fully understand what was happening to her, she was crying. Tears of mixed emotions trailed down her cheeks. Love, acceptance, happiness, longing, and yearning. She felt them all and she pulled Lena into a soft kiss, sighing against her lips as her heart swelled with tenderness and warmth.  

Lena rested her forehead against Kara’s and continued to love her, rolling her hips against hers, and when Kara’s breath began to stutter, her orgasm mounting for the second time, Lena reached in between them and rubbed her clit. She gasped, throwing her head back into the pillow as her core seized the toy hard. Concentrated energy ignited her nerves in ecstasy and her muscles grew taut. Everything was quiet for a second before Kara sucked in a breath for air, gasping as she came so hard that she grew dizzy.

“Thank you,” she said over and over again. She held Lena close and refused to let her go just yet. She was her dream come true and she didn’t want to wake up. Not now, not ever. “Thank you.”

Lena smiled and kissed her tenderly, resting her body weight on top of her. No matter what happened, she wouldn’t let her go. 

***One Year Later***

Lena stood nervously at the alter as the pianist played a leisure tune. Today was their day. They were getting married, and though Lena was excited that it was finally happening, her nerves were all over the place. She fiddled with her tuxedo as she swallowed the dryness in her throat. She opted for something a bit more traditional, wanting to wear black and white formal wear. When Alex had helped her put it on, she called her a “poshly dressed penguin.” Beside her, Alex sighed as she watched her fray the material between her fingers. It took her one step to close the space between them and she swatted Lena’s hand away. 

“You’re going to ruin it if you keep doing that.”

Lena laughed nervously and held her hands in front of her. It was still so surreal that this was happening, and here she was an anxious wreck. Suddenly, the music shifted to the bridal march and Lena’s attention snapped to the double doors. They opened to reveal Kara, in an elegant floor length wedding dress. Her choice had been nontraditional, which suited Lena just fine, but she had never seen it before. Kara wanted it to be a surprise, and what a surprise it was. The dress was burgundy at the hem, and from bottom to top, it gradually shifted from the stark bold color, into an elegant white at her torso. Sweet alyssum designs, the flower that Kara smelled like, decorated the collar and shoulders of her dress. Karas hair was in a bun, saved for a few strands of hair that were curled and left hanging to frame her face. She was gorgeous, her blue eyes sparkling and her skin radiant. Lena gasped and her hands flew up to cover her mouth in stunned shock. That was her…that was her wife looking as gorgeous as ever. Tears came to her eyes as Kara was escorted down the aisle by J’onn, who looked uncomfortable in his tux. He was so used to his DEO uniform and they watched as he tugged a bit at the collar. Eliza stood next to Alex and smiled when he kissed Kara’s cheek and gave her away. Once the bridal march ended, the priest started the wedding. 

“We are all gathered today to join…”

The priest kept talking but to be honest Lena wasn’t listening. She was too busy staring at the magnificent woman in front of her. Kara smiled at her and mouthed ‘I love you’ in which Lena sniffled and mouthed that she loved her back. 

“The brides have elected to read their own vows,” the priest said which snapped Lena back into the present. Kara cleared her throat and went first. 

“I take you to be my best friend, my faithful partner and my one true love. I promise to encourage you and inspire you and to love you truly through good times and bad. I will forever be there to laugh with you, to lift you up when you are down and to love you unconditionally through all of our adventures in life together. You taught me that it’s okay to be myself, to be who I am in its entirety. I wish to be there for you so you can be the same if you want to. I love you Lena Luthor, forever and always.” 

Lena was a blubbering mess and choked on the tears she was desperately trying to fight. All she had to do was read her vows. That’s all, and then she could cry as much as she wanted. She swallowed the lump in her throat and took a deep breath. 

“Kara,” she began, but word was thick with emotion and Kara giggled as she held her hands. Lena nodded and kissed the backs of them before trying again. 

“Kara, I promise to give you the best of myself and to ask of you no more than you can give. I promise to respect you as your own person and to treat you like the queen you are. I promise to share with you my time and my attention and to bring joy, strength and imagination to our relationship. I promise to keep myself open to you, to let you see through the window of my world into my innermost fears and feelings, secrets and dreams. I promise to grow along with you, to be willing to face changes in the face of uncertainty. I promise to love you in good times and in bad, with all I have to give and all I feel inside in the only way I know how. Completely and forever.”

By the time Lena finished, there wasn’t a single eye that wasn’t misty. Kara was fighting her own tears and she smiled at the sincerity of Lena’s promise. 

“Oh, goddamn it,” Alex whispered quietly, and both Lena and Kara had to fight their laughter. Lena could see from the corner of her eye that Alex was trying to blink her own tears away, hence the quiet outburst. Luckily for them, Lena and Kara had been the only two to have heard it. 

The priest smiled as he gazed between the two women. Lena took the opportunity to slide Kara’s wedding ring into place and Kara did the same to Lena, her fingers lingering over the band for a second longer as she gathered that this was truly happening. They were about to be married. 
“As you have both accepted the vows of the other, you may now go forth and fulfill your vows with the same love and devotion which now blossoms between you. I now pronounce you partners for life. You may now seal your marriage with a kiss.” 

Lena smiled. This was what she was waiting for. She grabbed Kara tenderly and dipped her low to the ground in one smooth moment. Kara giggled as she wrapped her arms around her neck. 

“Dramatic much?” 

Lena wagged her eyebrows. “I just want this kiss to be remembered.” 

Behind them, Alex was growing antsy, and she kept shifting her weight from one foot to another. “Will you kiss her already? These heels are killing me!”

“Alright Danvers. Calm down over there," Lena snapped at her playfully, and the audience laughed. Eliza shook her head and slapped Alex on her arm, giving her the no nonsense, motherly look. 

“Well, you heard the lady,” Kara whispered.

 Lena smirked before kissing her deeply. The room erupted in cheers and applause. Lena continued to kiss her wife, pouring everything that she could into it. This was how she wanted things. This was who she wanted to spend the rest of eternity with, and with this single kiss, it was the start of their forever.