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Let Me Love You

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It’s the only way to describe the movements of Jimin’s fingers as they comb  through Taehyung’s dark tresses, fingers pale under the spotlight of the moon while Taehyung’s hair is highlighted with silver streaks. The  sounds of night fall deaf to their ears, Taehyung sleeping, Jimin mesmerized. The small room should be dark, tonight merciless, the sky a frightening pitch black, not a single speckle of  star can be seen, but for the moon. It stands proud, round, and gleaming in all its glory, soft rays falling through the window, casting a muted light on the two gods as they lay in bed.


Jimin has long since stopped his caressing of Taehyung's hair, choosing now to stare instead.  His eyes trace the soft curve of his chin till they fall on the little mole dotted under the edge of his bottom lip. Jimin knows for a fact it stands out more when his lips are swollen and red from countless hours biting at them. A habit he’s picked up quite recently since they left...home. Jimin shifts closer, eyes continuing their trail upward examining flawless skin that's soft to the touch. For some reason they stop to stare at the subtle puffiness of Taehyung’s cheeks as his face remains still. Something warm blooms in Jimin’s chest at  the memory of the first time he kissed there, the phantom taste of salt from Taehyung’s tears appearing at the tip of his tongue. But there were other times, when the skin was warm beneath his lips because of Taehyung's blush, rosy and present whenever Jimin showered him with compliments.


“You really think I look...pretty?” Taehyung hesitates with the word,  unsure if he’d heard correctly.


Thank goodness Jimin's there to reassure him. He leans forward slowly, palm warm as he cups Taehyung’s cheek, letting the fondness ooze from his delicate touches.


Their eyes meet, Jimin’s a vibrant blue that glows, Taehyung’s, a soft brown that  brave Jimin's gaze.


“Taehyung,” He lets his thumb brush under the apple of his cheek. “You’re so much more than that. You’re beautiful.”


A tear drops on Jimin’s hand, surprising him. The past is in the past and Taehyung is safe now, no longer crippled by the oppression of being a god of despair.  His heart too pure to handle the strife and pain he was supposed to impose on others. But It doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is Jimin is here with Taehyung, to remind him that he’s loved and adored. The moment was supposed to be no touching but Jimin can’t help himself, hand reaching forward to gently brush back the scattered bangs that cover Taehyung’s eyebrows, moving down to thumb at the curve beneath his almond eyes. His thumb lingers there before he drops it, completely in awe at how smooth Taehyung’s skin is, no matter how many times he touches. Without thinking twice, he leans in to peck the mole dotted at the tip of Taehyung’s nose, content and utterly in love.

Jimin sinks back into the mattress, arm slipping under Taehyung's waist to cradle him closer to his chest, where he’s safe and cared for.


Jimin would give up his life to keep it that way.


“You okay?”


Taehyung nods but still eyes the backpack in his lap with a sense of hesitancy,the contraption strange. Jimin doesn’t miss the subtle pout puckering his lips.


This time it’s the sun that provides their room with light, Taehyung positioned perfectly in front of the open window,  light turning his skin golden brown, a sweet rival to aged honey. It makes the brown of his hair glow a light amber, a halo crowning his head. Jimin tries not to stare from his spot by the bathroom. Taehyung has always been beautiful but like a rose in the dark he was never given the chance to bloom. Now here in the light, his grace shines. Jimin slides his laptop in the back slot of his backpack, before zipping it shut. His knees pop quietly as he stands, making his way back to Taehyung.  The younger is still engrossed in inspecting the backpack not taking notice of Jimin scooting closer to him, even as the mattress creaks under Jimin’s weight.


“Hey,” Jimin breathes, “Can you look at me please?”  Taehyung’s glancing up, eyes conflicted with emotions, too many questions to be asked, not enough time to ask them.  


Jimin takes a moment to gaze at him, wishing he could convey all the love he feels through a simple stare. But even if it was possible, Jimin doesn’t think he’d be able to, his love for a Taehyung a complex with many faucets.


The two stare at one another drinking in the stillness and  the peace settled into the room. Something they haven’t been able to experience in a long time.


“You’ll be okay, alright.” Jimin can’t help the fondness softening his tone, both hands going in to cup Taehyung’s face gently, a gesture that seems to soothe the younger, if the blissful way he seems to melt into Jimin’s fingers is anything to go by. Taehyung sinks even more when Jimin begins to move his thumb under his jaw in subtle sweeping gestures.


Jimin’s moves his hand down to hold Taehyung’s chin, subtly tilting his head downward to bump foreheads with him.  Skin meets skin and the magic begins.


Quite literally. Jimin can feel himself growing warmer, if he were to open his eyes, he’d see his skin glow with gold, Taehyung’s a rusty colored glow. But at their fingers is where the true spectacle happens. Whenever their hands are woven with one another, sparks fly, spritz of hot white escaping from the seams between their fingers, but to Jimin and Taehyung the explosion of light feels like nothing more than a mere tingle, a warm tinkle running down their spines.


It’s only when the pleasant buzzing stops does Jimin opens his eyes, to see Taehyung's wide  and waiting for him, glittering with the sign that he got Jimin’s message loud and clear.


It still amazes me when we do that.


Jimin lets the beginnings of a smile tug at his lips.


Me too. It makes me feel like the happiest man in the world.


Taehyung giggles, trying to suppress the pleasant sound by biting his lip. He can't help it getting giddy, every time Jimin speaks to him, even if it’s telepathically, Jimin’s warm and calming tone always soothing to him.


Taehyung takes another deep breath, eyes closing again as Jimin begins  to caress his face.


“ I trust you Jimin.”


The caressing stops, but only because Jimin is smiling too wide, overflowing with happiness to think of anything else.


Taehyung feels  a smile of his own appear as Jimin  closes the gap to peck his forehead, lips lingering for a moment.  


When he pulls back, Jimin’s eyes are twinkling, a sprinkle of glittering stars  in blue. Jimin quietly removes himself from the bed, standing in the halo of the sun with a hand outstretched to him.


“Let’s get ready.”


This time when they hold hands, there’s no sparks, Jimin resisting the invisible tug of Taehyung’s compatible magic, but the hand holding is still just as warm, the two never letting go even as they cram into the small bathroom.


Jimin doesn’t want to let go, arm secured tight around Taehyung’s waist, fingers gripping onto  the scratchy fabric of Taehyung's cardigan, the two walking in synchronized strides through the university’s crowded halls, overflowing with returning students.


He honestly doesn't know who’s more nervous. Him or Taehyung.


Despite the rush of the crowd threatening to break them up, they stay tightly connected.


Taehyung remains tucked into his side, even when they slow to a stop in front of his first class. The door is open and from out here Jimin can see the rows of seats being filled, peers on the first day not wanting to be late. It seems like the teacher isn’t there yet, so they linger in the hall, not wanting to separate.


Slowly, Jimin untangles himself from Taehyung, arm dropping limply at his side now that he has nothing to hold.


Let him go. He’ll be okay. Taehyung is strong, he’ll be alright.


But Jimin doesn’t move, feet glued to the floor. His heart aches at the thought of moving away, leaving Taehyung behind in an unfamiliar environment.


“Jimin,” This time it’s Taehyung who moves forward to do the comforting, arms slipping around Jimin’s waist to draw him close to his chest in a tight hug. Jimin fits himself in the all the little spaces of Taehyung, nose buried in Taehyung’s shoulder, breathing in his scent for the last time that morning.


When he pulls back, his eyes are misty, but his smile is genuine.


“I’m so proud of you baby.” Taehyung shys away from Jimin’s proud eyes, face rosy. He stalls one last time. “Good luck today.” One more kiss is placed on Taehyung’s forehead before he’s released from Jimin’s warm grip.


Taehyung gives him a shy finger wave and a soft “Goodbye Jimin” before disappearing inside the classroom.


Needless to say, Jimin is a little late to his first class.



The school day passes by in a blur, Jimin thankful that today was just a day for reviewing protocols and procedures, no significance in the professor’s chatter.


It gave him room to fidget and worry about Taehyung, mind drifting to the other in an attempt to guess how he’s doing. Sadly their lunches are scheduled at slightly different times and Jimin’s lunch period is in cafeteria A while Taehyung’s is in cafeteria B, the two places on opposite sides of  campus.


So it’s only expected for Jimin to be ansty as he tries to open the door to their small apartment, dropping the keys twice out of haste and shaking fingers. His heart sinks in relief when he opens the door, the sounds of rummaging in the kitchen music to his ears. Jimin dumps his backpack at the foot of door, closing it right after. The keys jingle as they’re tossed into the ceramic bowl resting on a small coffee table.


“Taehyung-ah?” Jimin’s poking his head into the kitchen, just in time to see Taehyung startle away from the toaster, a piece of bread in his hand.


His eyes return to their normal size when he sees it’s just Jimin,  a faint blush rising up to color his cheeks as he glances off, embarrassed.


“Jimin, I didn't expect you to be back so soon. I wanted to make to make something b-but,” His voice drops in volume by a notch or two, “but the bread thingy isn’t working.”


Jimin eyes the unplugged toaster with sad smile. He gets it. Really he does.  Back in the godly realm human appliances weren’t thing, most foods cooked by magical interference or traditional fire and pot, never the fancy metal box called a microwave or the even fancier bread warmer called the toaster, which Taehyung stares at conflictedly, wanting to figure out how it works but also scorning the appliance for getting in the way of his plans to take care of Jimin.


Jimin can’t help the soft smile he wears as he takes Taehyung’s hand gently leading him to outlet above the counter. “That’s because Taehyungie,” The sparks are back, this time minimal and nothing but a tiny spritz and Jimin likes to think that they don’t even need to plug the toaster in, maybe they should just hold hands at the end of the plug. It fits into the outlet with ease, Jimin and Taehyung’s hands still lingering on the cable even as the toaster buzzes to life. “It wasn’t plugged in love bug.” Taehyung’s soft oh is what answers him, Jimin lifting his eyes from their intertwined hands to look at the blushing god.


It’s 3 in the afternoon, the sun remains  high in the sky but low enough to where, it’s rays slant it through  the kitchen window reaching for any surface that they can to bathe in watery gold, and at this time it includes Taehyung’s face.


Jimin will never get enough of staring at a sun-bathed Taehyung. His skin was made to be exposed to the natural coloring of light. Tan becomes honey gold, Taehyung’s little moles standing out under the background of highlighted skin. It makes him appear softer. The spots that are supposed to be imperfections are actually one of the things Jimin loves most about Taehyung. He knows he’s staring but Jimin doesn’t care, eyes unable to move from the captivating features of Taehyung’s face. No matter how many times he stares, there’s a new feature to be discovered or re-looked, appearing even more ethereal the tenth time around.


Jimin doesn't even realize his hand has left Taehyung’s only to cup his cheek, thumb running over the skin that’s still pink from Taehyung’s embarrassed flush, his eyes have taken the resemblance of a doe. Wide and clear of any ill intentions, Irises a soft amber, but remaining intense with truth even as they glimmer dimly.


Jimin feels his eyes move down, finding a new pin point of Taehyung’s face to focus on. Today, he can’t help but admire the soft pink of Taehyung’s lips, sometimes a vibrant cotton pink when he licks at them absentmindedly in thought, other times a washed away granite pink, cracked from the exposure to cold and harsh winds. The weather almost always outside Taehyung’s old chamber.


“Can I kiss you?”


Taehyung tilts his head to one side, face still pressed in Jimin’s hands, but he frowns not understanding what Jimin’s asking.




“Yeah.” Jimin breathes, trance like in his motions as his other hand comes up to hold the cup the back of Taehyung’s neck, thumb brushing the hairs that stop right above his hand.


Jimin’s hand makes Taehyung lean forward, scooting closer into Jimin’s space, hands coming up to rest at his heart, feeling the it jump under his his large palms. Taehyung eyes the way Jimin is looking at him, lips slightly parted as his eyes seem to glass over with admiration, completely awestruck. But he’s not afraid knowing that Jimin is going through another of his “episodes” as he likes to call it where the world stops and he wants to take in Taehyung’s beauty, never having the chance to do so when Taehyung was locked away, forced to reign pain on the world.


“Jimin what’s a kiss?”


It seems that was what was needed in order to snap Jimin out of his revere, his face no longer appearing far off as he falls back into focus, thumb going still at Taehyung's neck.


Of course Taehyung doesn't know what a kiss is. It makes Jimin’s heart twist in painful ways. As god of despair anything that wasn’t a tool of pain or suffering was never introduced to Taehyung, misery and bloody acts the forte he was thrown into. It didn't make any sense that Taehyung didn’t like what he was doing, every god is born with a purpose, an aspect or idea to which they are to cater to, using their magnificent power to bestow their part on the human world. Somewhere as Taehyung was being created, something went wrong. He was too gentle, open-hearted, and mellow to be the raging god of despair he was put out to be, tears shed over people he’d led to a slow death or a long life filled with unfortunate events , the only way for him to survive and he hated it. Hated that every time a person cried under his doing, he grew stronger, suppressing the will of his body to wreck more harm unto the world. He suffered many backlashes, including a punishment induced exile and over all weak stamina, if it wasn’t for Jimin’s accidental teleportation into the land of the exiles, Taehyung would still be rotting away in a cell being forced to be the cause of pain or even worse.


Jimin blinks back the onslaught of tears that threaten to spill from his eyes, inhaling subtly to clear his head, not wanting to alarm Taehyung. Those days are no more and Taehyung is allowed to be happy now. He can unfold and bloom as Jimin shines on him. Guiding him through this strange but safe world.


What is a kiss?


“A kiss what happens when two people who care about one another deeply, touch the lips.”


It seems that Jimin’s mission is to have Taehyung’s face never return to its normal shade, a blush more fierce than the previous one makes its appearance this time, Taehyung averting his eyes as he bites his lips bashfully, warm under the kitchen light. Jimin swallows.


“You care about me?” He seems to want to hide in his shoulders, nowhere as to go as he turns his face to one side, cheek squished in a  futile attempt to disappear, but Jimin is there, full and present, ready to reign him back into his vicinity, and guide him through the overwhelming emotions. Jimin moves his own head to follow Taehyung’s, the two gazing at one another with their necks titled to the side, foreheads pressed together, courtesy of JImin.


They’re so close, Taehyung's slow breaths fanning warmly on Jimin’s lips as he maintains eye contact with him.


“Y-you care about me?”


Jimin rolls his eyes fondly, lips stretched in a wide grin, happy that he’s been given another chance to tell Taehyung just how much he loves him.


“Of course I do Taehyunige. That’s why I rescued you, remember?”


Today something seems to do the trick, because Taehyung is nodding slowly another soft oh falling from his lips as he seems to finally catch on that he is indeed loved by Park Jimin and that love is never going to disperse. Jimin considers the faint smile tugging at Taehyung's lips as a win.


Taehyung gnaws at his lips again, thinking of another question to ask. Jimin can see the way the gears are turning in his head, mind whirring and clinking as it comprehends the immense amounts of love pouring onto him, an emotion still a tad bit foreign to Taehyung's being, especially in such large amounts. Finally he comes up with one.


“How does a kiss work?”


Call Jimin impatient, and selfish but he can’t wait any longer,, Taehyung lips there, awaiting, pink and inviting. He leans forward, closing the space between him and Taehyung.


Pressed against the kitchen counter on a Thursday afternoon, is where Kim Taehyung, god of despair, has his first  kiss from the god of light.


He melts, going pliant, but hands fisting at the material of Jimin’s shirt. There’s a heated rush that burst in his stomach, Taehyung’s knees almost giving way as Jimin’s lips press firmly against his.


His knuckles go white from holding Jimin’s shirt too tightly shivering at the gentle sweep of Jimin’s tongue along his lips, freezing up because he doesn’t know what to do, but Jimin’s hand is there, sliding down to the small of his back to rub soothing circles and Taehyung relaxes again.


Jimin nibbles at Taehyung's bottom lip, slowly trying to satisfy the burning hunger coiling at the bottom of his stomach. It only coils tighter at the broken noise Taehyung makes, mouth opening. It’s messy but sweet, Taehyung’s inexperienced tongue shy at the gentle prods Jimin’s tongue gives his, but he comes around, gently responding back to Jimin. They pull away breathing heavily, lips cherry wine, glistening with the others spit. Taehyung's eyes sparkle with excitement, something anew kindled in his chest, Jimin swelling with pride. They lean in only to bump noses, giggling quietly to not disrupt the fragile bubble that they’re encased in, a euphoric haze surrounding them.


Taehyung is the first to speak, voice rough in its whisper. “I liked that alot.” he giggles, burying his face in Jimin’s neck, hands releasing their grip from his shirt to circle under his arms in a tight hug. Jimin hums, rocking them in a slow swaying motion, buzzing from the after high of the kiss.


He kisses Taehyung’s ear, giggling to  himself when it turns red.


“And you,” Jimin whispers, “I like you alot.”


From there on out everything is fine, Taehyung thriving in the new environment, JImin watching with overwhelming pride. The days seem get better and better as each week passes, by the end of the month Taehyung is beaming.


Everything is fine, until the nightmares begin.


There’s no warning or heads up.


One night Jimin is sleeping with a passive Taehyung in his arms, the next he wakes to angry red lines being marked down his arms as Taehyung thrashes and screams. The episodes of terror are violent, Taehyung never ending up in the same place when it’s over. He boxes and kicks at the air, clawing at anything that comes into contact with him as he screams in fear, tears streaming down his face. The first time Jimin tried to calm him, he got a scratch across his cheek, one that stung and throbbed angrily. Jimin thought it would be a be night thing, holding back to let Taehyung act out his nightmare, before he went still, body limp. But the nightmares continued, Taehyung waking up this time in a sobbing mess, disoriented and blabbering gibberish each time JImin tried to asks what was wrong.


Now Jimin’s night’s consists of him holding a scattered Taehyung as he sobs.


“It’s because of his godly nature. It rejecting the love you’re casting on him. Those so called nightmares are his body reminding him of his natural form.”


“So his body is allergic to love?”  


Despite the beginnings of autumn lingering near, the sun shines harshly as if to get the last of its day time in, Namjoon squinting as he sits opposite of Jimin on the picnic bench. He pulls the brim of his baseball cap lower over his eyes, the chunky frame of his glasses getting in the way.


“Basically, but there should be some way to over power it.” Namjoon taps his chin, “Hmmm..”


Jimin doesn’t notice right away, engrossed in his sandwich, but Namjoon levitates, face conflicted in deep thought. He almost chokes on the pickle sliding down his throat.


“Hyung, you’re floating.”


“Mm just a minute minnie, I’m thinking.”


Jimin hisses, eyes darting around on high alert to make sure no one sees the god levitating.


“Hyung you’re floating, calm down.”


Namjoon startles, glancing down to see in fact he is floating, butt hovering at least an inch off the seat.


“Oh my bad.” He sinks back down onto the bench. “It’s just,” Namjoon squints once more, looking off before he fixes his glasses, “I think i may be onto something.”


Jimin makes an appreciative noise in his throat, mouth too full with turkey and an assortment of cheeses to reply.


Namjoon continues, a one track mind as he works through the problem, thankfully not floating off his seat this time.


“I have a theory but I’ll need to go back and read up on a few things.”


Namjoon looks at Jimin to clarify that he’s still listening. The blonde nods, mouth significantly less stuffed. “I’ll be back to check on you two.” And with that, Namjoon is gone in a flash of light.


“Bye Hyunige.” Jimin says to stars in front of his eyes. He blinks a couple of times before going back to finishing his lunch, his appetite having returned after countless days of feeling too sick to eat after watching Taehyung vomit every other night.  


Namjoon’s visit has really calmed him, something about knowing  the god of the knowledge has an answer, satisfying.


Hopefully things can return to normal.

Jimin snorts, collecting his trash to throw away, ready to head home


As normal as being a god can get.


The door hasn’t even closed all the way before Jimin is calling, “Tae? Babe?”


No answer. Jimin leaving his bag by the coffee table this time, keys still clasped in his hand.


He heads straight for their bedroom, happy with small distance he has to walk in order to reach the room. Thankfully when he opens, Taehyung is there, curled in on himself at the head of the bed, pillows propped around him and one snuggled tightly to his chest.


Jimin sighs, the weight of the day rolling off his shoulder. He allows himself to smile, softly shutting their door behind him. He quietly removes his shoes, lining them along the wall next to his desk.


Quiet footsteps pad their  way to the bed, Jimin holding his breath as he gradually sinks his weight into the mattress, lying down next to Taehyung’s sleeping face. He can’t help but giggle at the chub of Taehyung’s cheek being pushed out as one side of his face is mushed the pillow, cracked lips puckered in a subtle pout.


He looks so cute like this. Face tranquil but almost comical with all his baby features protruding.  


Jimin knows his eyes are glowing with found, the soft feeling he  gets every time he watches Taehyung is back and more present than ever.


His hand comes up to brush away Taehyung’s bangs, allowing him to peck his forehead.




Jimin says his name breathlessly, breathing it out with so much adoration, his heart skipping at each syllable,there’s only so much he can take before he bursts. Jimin wanting to cry tears of joy at just the mere thought of Taehyung.




His heart leaps in his throat, despite his name sounding broken from Taehyung's tired voice, Jimin nearly swoons.


“Hi pretty.” He whispers, giving Taehyung nose a light tap.


Taehyung smiles sleepily, untucking one hand from his pillow to clutch at Jimin’s retreating hand, fingers warm around his wrist.


He hums, Jimin’s skin buzzing under his fingertips.




“I brought your homework.” Taehyung drops his hand, pouting. He was quick to pick up the human distaste of schoolwork, fitting right in. Jimin laughs, poking at the plush of  his lips, avoiding the begging eyes he’s given.


Taehyung groans, rolling on his back, as Jimin sits up , amused by his slight annoyance. Taehyung follows  a little slow, body still waking from it’s heavy nap, his first episode of sleep without disruptions of night terrors. He bends his legs into butterfly position, hands coming down to hold his ankles, trying to calm the drowsiness of his head, unaware of the fond stare Jimin’s giving him at the end of the bed.


“I’m going to take a shower Taehyungie. Why don’t you start and I’ll come join you later?” Jimin’s standing, stretching his arms over his body, working out all the knots of his back, Taehyung staring at the slip of skin exposed at the bottom of his spine.


He blushes furiously  when Jimin turns around, almost catching him. His hair is ruffled as Jimin walks past him. He then grabs the towel on the floor, blows Taehyung a kiss before going into the bathroom..


Taehyung waits until he hears the fall of water from the shower head  before he flops back on the bed, feeling giddy as a smile splits his face.


Lately Jimin has been conjuring feelings in him he would’ve never thought he’d experience ever. They burn hot in his rib cage, intense in  one spot, molten before it melts, dripping into his stomach where it buzzes.


He closes his eyes, Jimin’s faint singing reaches his ears, soothing to him. He sinks deeper into the mattress, lost in the haze of Jimin and the crooning of his soft voice.



They stay up till 12, Taehyung on Jimin’s lap as he reads up on the things he missed, Jimin using the space between Taehyung’s back and his chest to place his laptop there and work on his class notes. It’s quiet but for the clicking of Jimin fingers as he types along the  keyboard and the crinkle of Taehyung turning a page in his book. As time progresses Taehyung begins to nod off, body craving the gentle release of sleep, Jimin watches amused as the younger begins to doze sitting up. Jimin saves his notes, before shutting his laptop, setting it aside on the bedside table. He removes Taehyung from his lap, shifting him to lay on the bed, text book forgotten. Taehyung’s hand shoot out to grab his bicep as Jimin begins to pull away, gripping tightly.


His eyes flutter as if he’s trying to open them  but is too tired to. “Please don’t leave me.” Taehyung gravels, hand lingering on Jimin’s arm before it drops to the mattress.  Jimin stalls, tears choking their way up his throat, his heart beating painfully.


“Never.” he rasps, a tear slips down his cheek as he grabs Taehyung’s limp  hand to kiss it fiercely, hoping to brand the promise into his skin.


He curls his fingers around Taehyung’s palm, Taehyung's closing around his thumb.



Their hands swing between each other, a subtle motion that, nothing too extreme, fingers loosely linked together.


Finally after a week of absence, Taehyung is back and in better shape, a pep in his step  now that his body is no longer weighed down by exhaustion from sleepless nights. Another thing is making him happy as well, Jimin giving the handle on the case of new paints a tight squeeze, smiling. Despite late registration, Taehyung was able to get into an  art class, even though it was preliminary, it was a class that contained the topics that interested Taehyung nonetheless. The traffic is slower, the drawl of Monday morning dragging tired students to their dreaded morning classes.


Jimin almost laughs observing Taehyung being more awake than the peers they pass, including himself if the way Taehyung is almost leading him on is anything to go by.


A light switch is awakened behind Taehyung’s eyes, the sight of the art room, causing him to beam. Jimin loves the way his eyes go round , sparkling endlessly with curious glitter that rivals that of a child.


Jimin does laugh now, watching as a student stares at Taehyung in bewilderment after he gives him an enthusiastic wave.


“Taehyung baby, you’re gonna have to cool it. It’s only monday.” Taehyung only beams brighter, taking his case of paints form Jimin’s hesitant fingers. He jerks one shoulder up to support the straps of his backpack more comfortably, now more at ease wearing the school supply.






They speak at the same time, blushing when they realize they've cut the other off.


Instead of trying to speak again, Jimin is pulling Taehyung close, one arm holding him tight to his chest in an awkward hug, Taehyung taken unawares. He giggles, relaxing into the sudden display of affection, Jimin’s eyes scrunching as he smiles widely, face buried in Taehyung’s neck. He pulls back, not before leaving a chaste peck on tan skin, pretending not to see the goosebumps that arise where his lips have touched.


He shoulders the strap of his messenger bag to sit comfortably on his own shoulder, having slipped when he hugged Taehyung.


Jimin can’t stop smiling finally seeing Taehyung in a confident element, now able to maneuver on his own with a smile that isn’t forced.


“Good luck today Taehyungie.” He can’t resist, leaning in again to pull Taehyung's head down to peck his forehead. Taehyung’s flushed but happy face is what greets him when he comes down from his tippy toes.


“Thank you Minnie.” They giggle in unison, foreheads pressed together, both not wanting to leave the other.


So  is this what love is, Taehyung thinks to himself, sighing dreamily as he watches Jimin retreat down the hall, swooning slightly when Jimin turns around to give him a small wave.


This is what love is.

“Easy Taehyung. You’re okay I’ve got you. You’re okay. I’ve got you.” Jimin  words dwindle into a repeated mantra, losing himself as he continues to cradle Taehyung tightly. The nightmare tonight has been the worst, Taehyung not coming to for a full five minutes, screaming himself hoarse as his hands tore at the sheets, scratching Jimin severally as he tried to soothe him. When the kicking had stopped, Jimin was quick to scoop Taehyung into his lap, cradling the crying boy to his chest, sturdy arms wrapped tightly around him as Taehyung shook as if he were to fall apart,. In a matter of seconds Jimin’s pajama shirt is soaked Taehyung still sobbing viciously, hands locked in a death grip as he clings to Jimin.


“Jimin! Jimin!” Taehyung looks around wildly, head turning back and forth as if to find him, but his eyes are closed, tears flowing like rivers down his distraught face.


“Taehyung! Taehyung! I’m here! Baby I’m here!”


Jimin removes Taehyung from his lap to lay him on the bed, Taehyung's hands remaining locked tight on his clothes, Jimin not able to move far.


Tears blur his already limited vision, dropping in splatters on Taehyung's wet face as Jimin cries above him trying to wake the other god up.


“Jimin! Please help me!” Taehyung arches, feet thrashing at the end of the bed as his body twists and spazzes, Jimin flat out sobbing as he tries to hold Taehyung still.


Helpless, Jimin removes his arm from under him, laying himself over Taehyung, his weight anchoring Taehyung to the bed, his hands squished between them. Jimin tires awkwardly to stroke the side of Taehyung's head, burying his face into his sweaty neck, as he cries, pressing wet and messy kisses all over his heated skin.


“I love you. I love you. I love you. I love-” Here in the confined space between Taehyung’s neck and shoulder, Jimin feels cut off from the noises around feeling almost centered in the storm as he struggles to control his breathing, his own tears slowing down. His lips tremble as he places another sloppy kiss to the of Taehyung's neck, heart calming in its pounding at the sound of Taehyung's screams finally seizing. Jimin keeps himself there kissing, whispering, even praying, begging to no one .in  particular that Taehyung will be released from whatever spell that’s kept him locked in agony.


Jimin can barely hear over the blood roaring in his ears and his subbed crying, but Taehyung calling out his name brokenly, reaches his ears. His spazzes have stopped, body limp under Jimin’s .


“Jimin?” Taehyung whimpers, before sobbing, body too tired to move as Jimin pulls back, accidentally sitting back on Taehyung's thighs, legs on either sides of his hips.


“Hey, hey you’re okay.” Jimin’s leaning forward to wipe the tears away from Taehyung’s face. He forgoes that mission to instead kiss them away, peppering gentle pecks over salty, sticky skin.


Jimin keeps doing so blindly, deaf to anything around him except making Taehyung feel loved, He doesn't stop, almost going mad with his pecks, lips reaching every inch of Taehyung's face, no patch of skin left unloved. He onlys stops when he feels light strokes along his hair, Taehyung weakly combing at Jimin’s head in an attempt to comfort him.


Jimin leans back far enough to catch Taehyung’s eyes red rimmed and puffy, but as clear as day.


They don’t know what the other is trying to say this time, stares too clouded with fear and confusion. Their connection dimming under the heavy nightmare that has rocked their peaceful dreaming.


“Jimin,” Taehyung whispers, his hand shakes as he raises it to caress Jimin’s face. Jimin’s hand  there to meet his, clutching it close to his face, smiling feebly.


They breathe.


Steady and slow breaths, each inhale in sync, heart beats falling into a gentle rhythm, the presence and contact of the other calming the stormy sea that washes over their room. The universe centering around them and them alone.


In the atmosphere, something clicks, Jimin blinking, opening his eyes to see Taehyung in a new light, the tilt in his axis seems to have straightened, everything sharper and more drawn into focus. He can’t explain the sudden rush over him, but a filter is being removed from his eyes and Taehyung glows beneath him.


Jimin is cautious, fingers hesitant before touching Taehyung’s cheek, the pads of his fingers coming down one by one to brush at Taehyung's sticky skin. They slide down slowly, a ticklish sensation to Taehyung and he squirms trying to keep still, intrigued with what Jimin is doing.


Jimin’s fingers stop at Taehyung’s lips, the tip of his pointer finger hanging on the plush of his bottom lip. He lets it drop, finger in the hollow of Taehyung’s throat, stationary as Jimin feels Taehyung’s pulse through that one finger. It rises subtly as Taehyung swallows, adam’s apple bobbing beneath Jimin’s finger.


The two lock eyes once more, this time there’s a charged sense that nips at the air, a slight anxiousness slipping into the space between them, Neither dare to speak, allowing nothing but heavy breaths, magnified under the mounting  tension. Jimin’s tipping closer, slow as he keeps his finger resting at Taehyung’s throat, the pulse beneath his skin a rhythm that seems to seep into Jimin’s veins.


Light meets dark in a sweet kiss.


There’s no way to describe the fireworks that explode at their lips and the flowers that bloom in their stomachs.


Taehyung’s hands are coming up to grab the edge of Jimin’s shirt, tugging him lower, remaining there as tight fits that rest on the side of Jimin’s hps..


This is their second kiss, Jimin withholding  affection after finding out Taehyung’s body reacts horribly to intense love.


But it feels like the first all over again, a heat buring the flowers that sit in the pit of Taehyung’s stomach. Jimin is passionate, not wasting any time nibbling at the bottom of Taehyung’s lips, finger finally leaving his neck to caress down his chest, occasionally stopping to thumb at a patch of exposed skin. They come to rest at Taehyung’s hips,  bony skin, revealed by Taehyung’s shirt that has shifted up.


He shivers, warm palms grabbing cold skin. Taehyung doesn’t seem to mind, keening softly as Jimin squeezes gently, mouth going slack under the other's persistent teething.


Jimin groans, not having time to be surprised by the deep sound, tongue eager as he licks feverishly into Taehyung’s mouth, his soft moans intermingling with Taehyung’s held back whimpers. His hands subconsciously begin to slide up Taehyung’s sides, slipping under his old nightshirt before stopping just above his tummy. It’s soft and plush, Jimin discovers lips still attached to Taehyung’s.


He's taken back by Taehyung trapping his bottom lip between his teeth before closing his mouth and sucking softly. He moans, hands moving up until his thumbs can swipe at Taehyung’s nipples.


The younger jumps releasing Jimin’s lips to arch, moonlight glinting off his spit-slicked lips sinfully.

Jimin sits back, panting heavily, hands remaining under Taehyung’s shirt, watching in awe at the way Taehyung seems to be in euphoric shock, eyes glazed over as his mouth remains agape, pink tongue poking out.


He watches carefully as he moves his thumbs again, lightly brushing the top of Taehyung's hardening nipples, in awe as he jerks under him again, a loud moan rumbling his throat, hips canting upward, as Jimin’s push back, ass brushing over the tent in Taehyung’s pants.


A shiver racks it’s way down taehyung’s spine, his back lifting off the bed, hands curling  into fist by his head as he drowns in his first wave of pleasure.


Beautiful Jimin thinks, drinking in the splotchy blush that started to patch along Taehyung’s cheeks, a heavier red coloring the side of neck. The red seems to rival that of Taehyung’s swollen lips which seem more attractive now that Taehyung can't keep his mouth closed, tongue sweeping out to wet them constantly.


“J-jimin, jimin w-what is-” Taehyung can’t even finish his sentence, eyes fluttering as Jimin moves his hips again, a heavy rocking motion. He almost bucks Jimin off his lap.


“Shh. It’s okay I’ve got you.” They’re a stark contrast, Jimin calm and patient, knowing what he’s experiencing is his undying desire, Taehyung flustered and confused, not knowing what the hot burst of flames shooting down his stomach means.


Jimin pins Taehyung’s hands on either side of his head, gently, grip loose incase Taehyung were to resist.


Jimin leans closer, nose brushing Taehyung’s as he stares him down, eyes dark and lust-filled but  open and understanding gauging Taehyung’s reaction under the steady canting of his hips.


“Let me love you.” He breathes, words ghosting over Taehyung’s lips, making him quiver. Taehyung’s eyes widen, fear of the unknown and trust rolled into one, glistening. He licks his lips again, this time, Jimin’s eyes heavy as they follow the coat of spit left to gloss Taehyung’s red lips by the pink muscle.




One simple word. The end of the old. An opening to the new.


Jimin wastes no time, sitting up again, to remove his hands from under Taehyung’s shirt, only to grab it by the sides and slowly pull it off him, Taehyung sitting up slightly to ease the process. Jimin’s shirt is next,Taehyung staring in awe at the defined shape of abs, getting the sudden urge to run his fingers over each ridge.


Jimin places one more warm kiss on Taehyung’s tingling lips, before moving down, suckling small hickeys along Taehyung’s skin. A galaxy of purple, pink, and blues swirl their way down Taehyung’s chest, painted by Jimin’s persistent lips. He moves up to suck a particularly dark mark on the side of Taehyung’s neck, lapping over the bruise to soothe the sting, Taehyung’s hands wriggling as he fidgets letting out a choked whimper, overwhelmed.


He keeps going, painting more bruises, stopping periodically to kiss I love you in the shape of stars, the galaxy complete. His tongue laves over plush skin of Taehyung's stomach quivering under his licks. He places a giant kiss right above Taehyung’s belly button, giggling to himself at the sigh Taehyung releases, melting deeper and deeper into the mattress.


His lips stop at the waistband of Taehyung’s sweats, looking up to see nothing but the top of Taehyung’s chin, his head thrown back as he moans silently, fist shut as tight as his watering eyes.


Jimin moves sideways to press a quick kiss to Taehyung’s hip bone before sitting up. He scoots backward until he can position himself comfortably between Taehyung's thighs.


“Keep these here.” Jimin whispers referring to Taehyung's hands resting on either side of his head. He doesn't think Taehyung hears him, but he lets go, Taehyung’s hands staying where they are.


With eager fingers, Jimin slowly removes Taehyung's sweatpants, kissing at the skin that is uncovered under his baggy clothes.


Taehyung whines, Jimin taking too long in his undressing, admiring the way Taehyung’s thighs appear smooth under the light of the moon, inviting to Jimin’s awaiting lips.


Taehyung’s thighs are covered in an array of pretty purples before Jimin comes up for air. He rubs over the mass expense of skin in soothing motions, eyeing Taehyung to make sure he’s okay. His hands are gripping the sheets, knuckles bruised weight with how tight he clutches them.


“Jimin, “ He whines, voice sounding foreign to his own ears. “Jimin please.”


“I’m here, you’re okay. I’ve got you.”


He understand Taehyung's desperation, cock throbbing in his own pants. He’s quick to rid himself of his underwear and pants, helping Taehyung do the same. Jimin preps Taehyung slowly, fingers thick as they gently prod at Taehyung’s tight hole, only letting up when the pressure compressing his digits loosens. Jimin’s never thought he’d hear such sinul sounds fall from his baby’s lips.  


Before all things can come to an end, Jimin’s scooting up the bed to interlock fingers with Taehyung, holding eye contact despite Taehyung's hazy gaze. He waits for the fire in his belly to simmer, the blood in his ears to slow and for his heart to clam, wanting to be one with Taehyung as they bonded.






In a rush of breath Jimin is pushing in, Taehyung gasping, hands squeezing Jimin’s tightly. A tear rolls down his face, Taehyung hiccuping as his body stretches under the new intrusion, still tight even after Jimin’s skilled fingers.


“Jimin...Jimin..Ji- oh-Ji


“Fuck.” Jimin hisses, gritting his teeth as Taehyung clenches down tightly , making it hard for his hips to move smoothly.


“rgh-gh-Jimin-I can’t-I” Taehyung pants, chest flushed cherry red, tears streaming down his face as he arches, sobbing as Jimin continues to fuck him.


Jimin cages Taehyung on either side, giving him nowhere to run. His tearful eyes meet Jimin’s firm with desire but still caring, checking in on him to make sure he’s okay.


Time slows , drawing like molasses as Jimin continues to thrust into Taehyung, I love painted onto his skin by Jimin’s lips.


“Jimin..J-jimin-chim-chi-” Jimin,jimin, jimin.That’s all that’s in his head Jimin everywhere, flooding his senses, filling his skin fingers all over. There’s no running from the one who loves, being encased in infinite warmth, a warm furnaced by Jimin’s passionate love. A warmth that will never die. Jimin begins to slow as he gets close, wanting this moment to be about Taehyung. He places a delicate kiss under Taehyung’s eye, lips catching a salty taste.


Taehyung’s labored breathing picks up, eyes flying open as his arms reach out to hold tightly onto Jimin, nails digging into his back in panic.


“Taehyung” Jimin gasp, hip snapping forward on another thrust, bringing him closer to the edge,” Are you okay?”


The question seems to make Taehyung tremble, body like a live wire under Jimin’s touch , skin jumping as he sobs, “Feel...f-feel...n-nned….w-what-please… Taehyung’s eyebrows furrowed, tongue coming out to lick his lips again, being caught by Jimin teeth before he can put it back in his mouth, “I..release..f-feel- oh gosh.”


Jimin groans Taehyung tightening harshly as he cums body jerking underneath him, neck bared, with  skin covered in Jimin’s love bites. Jimin is quick to follow, burying his head into Taehyung’s neck.


He reduces his thrusts to shallow rocking, lowering his lips to Taehyung’s ear whispering sweet nothings as Taehyung comes down from his high, dumbfounded.


There’s kisses and heavy breaths that fill the moments that follow Jimin pulling out with a wet pop, Taehyung wincing.


They’re both too tired to move, JImin nuzzling into a plaint Taehyung who just stares at the ceiling, still processing what happened to him.


The night is diminishing, Taehyung fast asleep by the time the moon lowers itself into the horizon, Jimin wide awake.


He counts each of Taehyung’s eyelashes quietly, hand never ceasing its gentle stroking of Taehyung’s side, the boys skin like a magnet to Jimin’s fingers.


After last night, Jimin expected things to change, and they did, his heart different, lighter he dare say, now knowing that he’s completed his job of making Taehyung feel loved. His fingers dance their way up Taehyung’s side, sliding down the slope of his shoulder to press lightly at a fading hickey on Taehyung’s neck, watching the skin blush white before he releases his finger, color flushing back to the surface.


Jimin lets his eyes rest when the first bird wake up to chirp proudly to the rising sun.

“Hi.” Jimin feels shy all of a sudden, placing himself next to Taehyung on the couch, a fluffy yellow blanket hugging his shoulders.


This morning he had woken up to an empty bed, curtains pulled back, the covers pulled over him. The living room is the first place he looked, knowing Taehyung liked to in the pool of sunlight that would flow from the even bigger living room windows.  


“May I?” Jimin gestures to the blanket, Taehyung silently opening his arm to allow Jimin inside to share body heat. They remain silent backing in one another's presence as they stare out the window watching the world wake up after them, Taehyung's eyes follow a lone care driving it’s way down the street, not noticing that   Jimin watching him.


That seems to be all he can do now, watch as the god grows into the person he was meant to be. Full of life and love, nothing more. A rare jewel that was meant to be unearthed from the ground. A white rose in garden of red. A pearl amongst coal, that’s how Jimin always likes to think of Taehyung when he found him, a treasure covered in dirt waiting to be cleaned and polished so it can glow . Jimin finds himself smiling, believing he’s finally helped Taehyung reach his potential if the way the god seems more at is with himself is anything to go by.


Jimin holds Taehyung's hands between their thighs, thumb brushing his skin sweetly. He never wants this moment to end. Just the two of them. Alone, watching, and waiting for anything anything at all. As long as they have each other.


The rest can fall into place.






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