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Yokai are unpredictable.

This was one of the first things Seimei had learned when he started his training. Yokai are unpredictable, it takes power to control them, to bend them to your will and make them do your bidding. You need to be strong if you want to be an onmyoji.

Many springs had come and gone since he had learned that, many moons had passed, but still… that was the first thing he always thought about whenever he saw Tamamo no Mae.

Tamamo no Mae was truly a fox in all senses. Cunning, deceptive, and seductive. He truly embodied all of the qualities expected from a kitsune, but he did it in such an unique way that it was impossible not to be mesmerized by his mere presence. He commanded attention from everyone wherever he went, and Seimei was not immune to his power, much less to his charms.

Such a powerful onmyoji should never allow himself to be seduced by a yokai, but here he was.

Seimei found himself pressed against a wall, delicate hands holding him in place by the waist. Tamamo was close, Seimei could feel his robes brushing against his own - too many clothes - and his hot breath on his face. His eyes held Tamamo’s, mere glimpses of yellow visible under his mask. This was not their first time doing this, but Seimei felt thrilled every single time. It was never the same, Tamamo no Mae, playful as a fox, would never allow things to become dull.

“Abe no Seimei…” Tamamo murmured, one hand leaving his waist to hold his jaw. “You do look like her. It’s so clear, when you are close…”

Seimei did not reply, but instead reached up and gently removed Tamamo’s mask, revealing his face. Though handsome, he didn’t even know if this was his true face, and perhaps he never would; Cunning as he was, Tamamo could and would often change his features, for various reasons. But despite his disguises, Seimei could always recognize him. Always.

Once the mask hit the floor, Seimei busied himself with carefully removing the yokai’s intricate robes. The textures and fabric betrayed the value of his outfit, but expensive clothing meant nothing once they had been discarded.

Untying the last obi, the onmyoji pushed the fabric off Tamamo’s shoulders, only to be greeted with what was perhaps the most erotic sight he had ever seen. Not feminine nor masculine, his body had been carefully changed to look nothing short of perfect. Pale, unblemished skin with no markings whatsoever, a strong but delicate chest, arms that ended in beautiful hands and long, red nails. But this was Tamamo, and none of it surprised Seimei, except for one thing: under his clothes, Tamamo wore a corset. Black and decorated with golden strands, simple but elegant, the tightness of the corset gave his body a beautiful form, different from how he had presented himself to Seimei any other time.

His surprise must have been evident on his face, because Tamamo chuckled. “Enjoying the view?” he said, taking a step back and allowing Seimei to take in the sight in front of him. “I got this especially for you, dear.”

Seimei reached out, touching it lightly with the tips of his fingers. “Beautiful, as always.”

Red nails grabbed his arm, marking his skin and finally pulling him close for a kiss. One kiss turned into two, and three, and four… as their mouths clashed together, Seimei’s hands traced the patterns on the corset, up and down, then down Tamamo’s thighs and up his chest. Tamamo moaned, clearly enjoying the attention. Their bodies pressed together didn’t split when Seimei slowly walked them over to his futon, pulling Tamamo down by the waist so he could sit on it with the fox on his lap.

As they split for air, Seimei wasted no time in kissing down the kitsune’s neck, leaving marks betraying his path on his perfect skin, until he reached his nipples, promptly taking one into his mouth as his fingers began playing with the other. Tamamo moaned again, both of his hands resting on Seimei’s head as the onmyoji worked on his chest, long fingers threading through white strands, messing and undoing his carefully done ponytail. Seimei slowly pushed Tamamo down on the futon until the yokai was under him, face framed by his long hair as it spread on the pillow.

Seimei kissed a trail over to the other nipple, switching hands to draw circles around the spit soaked one, and making Tamamo sigh in pleasure. Seimei was always so attentive… Tamamo had lived a thousand years and had taken many lovers in his lives, but Seimei was different. The little boy he had met in court had grown into such a special man, in so many ways. Kuzunoha would have been proud of her boy...

A bite on his nipple woke him up from his reverie, making him hiss in pain. As if apologizing, Seimei soothed the pain with small licks. While one hand rested on his chest, the other made its way down, touching him through the corset, fingering the laces, feeling his waist… Tamamo loved the attention, but as much as he was enjoying it, he wanted more. One of his hands left Seimei’s hair to take the onmyoji's hand and wrap around his hardening erection. Not missing a beat, Seimei started with slow strokes, finally detaching his mouth from Tamamo’s nipple and moving back up for a kiss.

Tamamo moaned softly into the kiss, resting his hands on Seimei's shoulder. Once the onmyoji was sufficiently distracted, Tamamo made a rapid move and flipped their positions. Seimei gasped as his back hit the futon, but he could hardly complain with the way Tamamo was straddling him, his hips moving in a slow pace as he rubbed his cock against Seimei’s, which was still trapped under his clothes.

His hands flew to the corset, holding Tamamo by the waist as he began moving faster, rubbing their cocks together with the expertise of someone who had done it a thousand times before. Seimei felt hot under his clothes, but Tamamo didn’t seem to care about the heat spreading between them. There was not a drop of sweat on his body.

“Seimei… I’m close…” he murmured, leaning down to moan near Seimei’s ear, his face resting on his neck. “You feel so good, Seimei…” Tamamo moaned again, speeding up his thrusts more and more, until he came with a drawn out moan, his back arching as their chests rubbed against each other, with Tamamo's body pressing urgently against his. As Seimei felt his naked form against him, his hands tightened on his waist and he quickly followed the yokai into his own climax, moaning low near Tamamo’s ear just like he had done to him.

Unsurprisingly Tamamo didn’t seem tired at all, climbing off Seimei’s lap mere seconds after they were done. “Thank you for today,” Tamamo smiled in his usual sly manner, kneeling on the futon with his back perfectly straight to look at Seimei before making a move to stand up. Seimei was faster, though, reaching out and holding his arm, keeping him down. “Are you leaving so soon?” he asked, tilting his head as he stared into now uncovered yellow eyes.

“Oya, are you the sentimental type, after all?” Tamamo asked, raising his eyebrows in mock surprise. “You don’t strike me as the type of person who would want to lie with a courtesan after she has finished performing her services. Did I misread your desires, Abe no Seimei?”

Seimei didn’t reply, but let go of Tamamo’s arm after a brief pause, gazing down to avoid his eyes and lying back down on the futon. “Suit yourself,” he muttered, an arm coming to rest over his eyes, and Tamamo couldn't help the smile that graced his lips at the onmyoji's reaction. The yokai stood, tall and proud as he always was, making a surprisingly fast work of redressing.

And then, as fast as he had come, Tamamo was gone, and Seimei found himself alone once again.