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Lust and Chaos - story of a very unusual Divine Trial

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Chapter 2: New World

Yes, this chapter is even shorter than the last one, but it was all I could get down before my muse left me, but wanted to get this story past 2.5 k words… just because, I guess.
Like I already said, I can’t promise anything regarding updates.

Let the trial beginn


Insertion was slightly irritating, with the world seeming to bend and stretch before snapping into place a moment later, now with us surrounded by a completely different landscape and three more people. I was also clothed and the two extra dicks had disappeared.

Sabrina just blinked twice, gave me a short nod, and began looking around, and while Rosaria seemed to take it in stride as well, Luciara took one look at Amelia and was immediately clutching my arm, seemingly trying to hide from her behind me.

I met Amelia’s eyes questioningly while slipping on the stone ring, beginning the timer to move to Vesaria. It was cold here.

Amelia strolled over to me, taking my other arm with one hand while patting the demon queen on the head with the other and smiling sweetly at her. “Oh she’s just scared, being a demon queen and all makes her just experienced enough to know just how outclassed she is, shouldn’t be a problem once I’ve completely depowered to my Avatar state.”

I pulled my arm out from where Luciara was crushing it to my body, now clinging to me with what amounted to a sideways hug, her shivering seeming to calm down a bit.

At some point during this - a timeframe far shorter than the supposed several minutes, not that I was complaining - we changed scenery again to appear on a quite large island, where the maid trio greeted us. I could see the spring in what I guessed to be the center, providing fresh water, just barely within the five mile (8 kilometer) range of my mental landscape. I also saw fields, a far more modern village than I expected, and Sabrina momentarily vanishing, before reappearing, showing me that the girls could come and go as I could. She stepped up to me, standing at attention, probably wanting to inform me of that, not knowing that even with my eyes closed I was fully capable of seeing it. To put her at ease, I reached out and pat her head, making her blush slightly.

Oh, so the village was run by Wonder Woman? I guess that eliminated the chance to just go in there and take over any time soon. On that account, I walked over to a nearby creek and froze some water into a small dagger, taking far more effort than I’d have liked, not to mention how little control over the material I had when transforming it into ice-metal. Luciara followed after me, not wanting to leave my shadow in Amelia’s presence, who was explaining Rosaria how this world’s long distance communication worked.

From how I understood this, my abilities should increase quickly, and I already felt a slight grow in my control after the short exercise.

Dismissing my weapon, I began walking towards the village, Sabrina also falling in step behind me.

“What, not even going to charge up your immortality before going to fight?” Amelia’s sultry voice was something I was getting used to by now, but I couldn’t deny it was effective, even though I was pretty sure the women weren’t going to kill the person they need to get their next generation.

“They are already eagerly awaiting you and have prepared a suitable manor, master” Akira cut in, bowing slightly as she spoke and causing the pervert to pout, mumbling something about killjoys.

I still stopped, making Luciara - going to refer to her as Luci from now on - bump into my back, pressing her supple breasts into me. Amusingly, she didn’t even step back, only letting out a soft mewl.

I waved the maids to go on ahead, Rosaria joining them, and started to crank up my Pheromones, making the girl touching me moan, Sabrina blush, and Amelia lose her pout to be replaced by a smirk. “Now that I think about it, I really need to..” my grin turned feral as I looked at the avatar, and my arousal was most likely the only thing stopping me from cringing at the line “break you in.”

She walked up to me, pulling Luci from my back into an embrace - the girl was too blissed out already to be scared anymore - and giving me a conspiratory wink as she began to fondle the demon queen’s breasts, her clothes unfurling by themself, falling in a heap on the floor so she could press her nipples into her ‘captive’s back. The girl didn’t seem to mind as she began moaning again when a tongue started lickin along her ear.

I was so glad I had gotten the Inventory to vanish my clothes into.

This also gave two girls the first view of my erection in the progress of stiffening, and like she told me, Amelia took great delight in the faces they made as it reached its full length. The soldier girl was already sucking on her fingers, but stayed a respectful distance away, while Luci’s mouth had formed into an ‘O’.

Stepping up to her, my tip first poked her belly, then moved up it as I came closer, until it was in between her wonderfully smooth bossom. I took Amelia’s hands from them and pushed them behind her back, fixing them together with some Binding Magic, while whispering ‘Push them together’ into the more timid girl’s ear - the one Amelia had stopped licking in order to give me a slutty look.

Sabrina had started fingering herself.

I broke that look into one of bliss as I started kissing the goddess, making my elongated tongue go down throat while my dick was starting to get squeezed between Luci’s tits. I moved my hips a bit, fucking the valley, but the position became uncomfortable, so I pushed her down onto her back, motioning for Sabrina to lie next to her, and putting Amelia face-to-face on top of her, holding the slut up by her bindings so she had to strain to get the precum I had dribbled onto those perky tits.

I placed a palm on Sabrina’s belly, using my Pheromones to induce pleasure in her, making her moan and twist in ecstasy.

As soon as I let Amelia down, she started kissing the girl under her, who in her shock had grabbed the goddesses’ tits, which she soon started do massage as she got into the kiss.

I let my dick fall in between those glorious asschecks below me, rubbing it along her for a bit, then putting it at her entrance. She let out a moan of anticipation at the contact, breaking the kiss, which soon became a roar of pleasure as I pulled her back by her bindings, forcing her on her knees and somewhat upright as my dick pushed into her folds.
The formerly shy girl beneath her, face now smoldering with lust, pushed herself up as well and began licking a perky nipple, meeting my eyes with a lustful gaze. The sight made me lose control for a moment as I ramped up the pleasure I was giving Sabrina, giving her an orgasm cascade.

Not even halfway in, I hit a barrier in Amelia, causing her to scream out again, just to let out a second, even louder one as I stretched her out beyond all supposed limits, pushing into her womb, feeling her cervix sucking on my dick, my balls impacting her hips in a loud clap as I bottomed out in what had to be the tights pussy in existence.

Luci was somewhere between intimidated and aroused as she continued meeting my eyes, sent back onto the floor by the impact that had travelled through Amelia’s body.

The girl in question was screaming her lungs out and shuddering in continuous orgasm as I now held her with one hand on her shoulder and the other still pulling at her bound hands, fucking her with a ferocity I didn’t know I had.

Soon I couldn’t hold it anymore and, safe in the knowledge I had turned my fertility off, I filled Amelia up, first with my cock, then with my sperm, her ecstatic cries and words of praise for my cock an incoherent mumble as I put her down, laying her between the other two girls.

The breathtakingly sexy demoness mewled as I placed my dick, still covered in semen and vaginal fluids, on her belly, staring up at me worshipfully. She leaned up a bit, adoringly cleaning my tip with her tongue, her eyes never leaving mine. She mumbled something around it, but I couldn’t understand her.


She looked shocked for a moment, seeming surprised I noticed her, but still got her act together and, stopping her licking for a moment, she spoke quietly: “Please take me.”

I smirked, pulling my dick back a bit and sticking a finger into her ass, putting a second one in as she lifted up her hips and mewled at the intrusion. “And how do you want that to happen?”

“However” she got out, interrupted by her own moaning as my fingers moved faster “you wish.” she subconsciously licked her lips.

I decided not to fuck her ass that time, although I teased it a bit by pushing against it, and instead slowly, gently pushed into her pussy.

She was tight.

She was oh so tight.

She clamped down around me, moaning and mewling and gasping as I slowly pushed in a few centimeters, and then flipped us over, lying on my back, her holding herself with her slim hands placed on my chest, legs weak from pleasure, causing her to sink down a bit further, and then almost a quarter down the length of my dick as I added a third finger into her asshole, also causing her to squeeze me even harder. For a few moments we stayed like this, her gaining further and further pleasure simply from the twitches my dick made, until she had an earth-shattering climax.

Her legs gave out.

Now it was my turn to moan as my already barely fitting cock was suddenly enveloped by an even tighter orifice, squeezing and massaging my length in its entirety, causing me to blow my load into her.

She didn’t make many sounds except pleasured groans, as she was so blissed out that her eyes had rolled into her head and her face was the definition of an ahegao.

Lying there on the ground, a hot, blissed out girl impaled on my cock and two more not three meters away, barely conscious from their orgasms, I just realised how much my life had changed just now.

I really couldn’t find it in myself to complain.


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