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“I didn’t expect you back in here so soon, Connor!” you exclaim, genuinely surprised by your favorite android walking into your repair office two days in a row now.
“I’m sorry for bothering you so often but getting damaged is part of the job unfortunately” he apologetically states.
You shake your head lightly and joke “oh it’s no bother; I’m just starting to think you’re getting yourself in trouble on purpose to visit me”.
While you didn’t see much in your quick teasing, he seemed to have taken it to heart.
His eyes widened as he got visibly agitated. He takes a step back and waves his hands in denial, “I would never, I just- well, I don’t do it purposely per say, I- I don’t know”
You tilt your head to the side and watch the odd behavior Connor is displaying. He is currently standing by the door, awkwardly avoiding your analyzing stare.
“Are you feeling alright, Connor? I mean, besides that little cut you’ve got there” you ask as you pat the spot on the examination bed by your side to invite him to sit down.
He nods and takes a seat, then simply sighs and stays silent.
“If you want me to help you out, you’re going to have to talk to me about what’s wrong first” you say before placing your hand on his shoulder for encouragement.
He glances at your hand placement and closes his eyes in distress, and you take note of the flashing yellow light by the side of his face.
“Oh” it suddenly hits you as you remove your hand from his body.
His frame loosens down in a mix of defeat and closure, he knew you would never consider being with a machine but he still needed for you to confirm it. The kindness you showed towards him was the most humanizing feeling, and it had been enough for him for a long time but before he could even notice, he wanted more of you … he wanted all of you.
“I will be leaving now” he exclaims as he abruptly stands up “I- I’m so sorry again, for everything. I’ll look for another repair station nearby and-”
“Connor, wait” you interrupt his escape speech.
“You … have feelings … for me?” you ask, somewhat in disbelief.
He simply nods while he calculates alternative methods to avoid this tense situation he got himself in. At least he learned today that the emotions of shame and embarrassment are very well effective within his mind.
“Please clam down Connor, last thing I would want is for you to self-destruct” you say in a half-joking tone in an attempt to lighten up the mood.
He looks straight into your eyes and explains honestly, “what I feel for you … I can’t explain it but it takes over everything. I can’t focus on anything other than the thought of you (Y/N)”
“Connor, I’m not going to lie. You’re a very attractive person, I mean, your face- wow, flawless” you attempt to convey a literate reply to his confession through your surprise “and to continue with full disclosure, I mayyybe did fantasize about what it would be like if we were, you know, a thing”
The shock and hope that is shining on his face right now makes you lose track of your wording. He is truly the most handsome and adorable man you have ever seen and the countless conversations you two have shared together while you patch up his damaged parts throughout the last few month has only shown you what an amazing and profound person he really is.
God, you’ve never loved your name as much as when he says it.
“With your permission, I’d like to, well I’d love to kiss you.”
You smile widely and place your hands his cheeks “permission granted”

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You never get used to it, no matter the years.
You sit in the back of the ambulance, readily waiting to get out and help as soon as it reaches its destination. Being an emergency medical technician wasn’t exactly your dream job growing up but you were good at it, turns out you were pretty patient and level-headed in stressful situations after all.
The doors of the ambulance were slammed opened and within a minute, the wheeled stretcher carrying the shot patient was being pushed back into the vehicle.
You immediately aim to secure the stretcher in its position and hear the man joke weakly “wow, I must be dead cause I’m seeing an angel right here, yo”
A little shocked by the unexpected comment, you seek to maintain a straight face and reply “sir, please save your strength”
He coughs and chuckles lightly before wincing in pain. Your coworker rolls his eyes and states spitefully “if you’re fine enough to be flirting, maybe you don’t actually need to be taken to the hospital”.
The man huffs “chill, man. You talk like that to all your patients?”
He then turns his attention back to you “is he your boyfriend or something?”
You shake your head and try to focus on stopping the bleeding as the ambulance speeds through the streets of the city , “no boyfriend” you answer somewhat detached from the conversation.
Excitedly he attempts to sit up but is pushed back by his own burning wound prior to any technician having the time to pull him back down.
“Well, let me introduce myself then” he continues cockily “name’s Jesse, your next boyfriend”
You grimace to hold back the smile prompted by the cheesiness of his statement. “We’ve almost reached the hospital, sir … um, Jesse” you correct yourself as you look at him reassuringly.
That was the first time you actually stopped and focused on his facial features, he was actually really handsome. Soft features, striking blue eyes, and that jawline … you became far too entranced by his charm to ponder on what type of person gets themselves shot on a Tuesday at 2 in the morning.
He must have noticed you were checking him out after that elongated stare, because he confidently stated “I’m gonna make a deal with you, doll. If I make it out of this alive, you’ll give me your name and number?”
You bite your lip and look at your coworker and humorously ask “I don’t know, what are his chances?”
You coworker scorns “I can soundly assure you he’s 90% dead”
“I’m liking my odds” you wink at Jesse “it’s a deal”
He smirks victoriously and replies “you’re kinda mean … not gonna lie though, it’s hot”
As soon as you reach the hospital and he’s getting wheeled out of the ambulance, he says “I’ll make sure to ask for the hot ambulance chick once I’m out of here, don’t think I’ll forget this deal”
“Ask for (Y/N), that’ll make it easier” you reply as you help your coworkers get him inside.
“Right on”

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“Looking good, next time you better invite me :p”
Ned huffs at his best friend’s comment under (Y/N)’s recent Instagram selfie. He will admit to himself that he might be reading a little too deep into Peter’s words but the innocent flirting that happens between the two of you gets the best of him at times.
As he refreshed the comments, he saw your reply “you and @NedLeedsss should come along when I go again!”
He smiled widely at his phone once he saw you mentioned him in your talk, so he may have a bit hope after all … even when competing with the smart, handsome and funny Peter Parker.
The next day at school, he waited by your locker for you to show up and maybe, possibly, hopefully have the nerves to ask you out.
Soon enough, he saw you walk into the hallway with that beautiful smile that makes his heart beat faster; however, that smile was directed towards Peter who was most likely joking in his usual charming manner.
“What’s up, Ned” Peter greeted him enthusiastically; he appeared to be in a great mood compared to Ned.
“Everything’s alright? You seem a little down today” you ask with concern.
He nods and walks by you in silence.
You couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was off lately, and you genuinely cared about Ned … a little too much … alright, you had a crush on Ned. You just assumed he didn’t feel the same since he somewhat distances himself from you unless Peter is around.
You opted to not mention anything until Ned and you had some time alone away from Peter, to not put him on the spot about his mood today.
That finally happened at the end of the school day when you two were getting on the bus to get home, and Peter had to ditch you both to go hang out with his ‘out-of-state relatives’ apparently.
“Now tell me what are you feeling” you say with as much assertiveness as you could, while taking a seat next to Ned on the bus.
He seems to enter in a small state of panic, he stutters “w-what do you mean?”
“You barely talk to me and Peter told me you’ve been avoiding him, have we done something wrong? Have I said something bad?” you continue “I really like you, and I’d hate to have you be mad at me”
He shakes his head and puts his face in his hands, “no, nothing like that at all, (Y/N)”
“Then?” you encourage him to keep going.
He sighs heavily and breathes out “well, I really like you too … but not in the way that you say you like me. I really, really like you”
You stare at Ned in disbelief, as if he’s playing a prank on you.
“What makes you think I don’t like you in the same way you like me?” you ask, still a little taken aback.
He smiles sadly and explains “I mean, look at you. You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, everybody likes you … especially Peter, you’re the smartest person I kno-”
You interrupt Ned by suddenly kissing him with all the passion you have been holding in for the past months. His eyes widen in surprise and you chuckle lightly at his reaction.
“You shouldn’t put yourself down like this, Ned” you smile reassuringly “You’re the best”

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If he wasn’t talking to himself every now and then, you’d actually consider hitting on the cute guy sitting in front of the bartender. Your instinct was even telling you to not approach him at all, but you couldn’t just leave this poor man alone in such a state.
“Are you alright there, buddy?” you asked, not knowing if he’s about to react violently to your prying.
He turns around abruptly and breathes out “wow … um …”

- She looks delicious -

“NO, don’t even think about- …” he exclaims firmly.
You take a step back defensively; you knew this was a bad idea.
Upon seeing your reaction, he places his face in his hands shamefully and apologizes “I didn’t mean to say that to you, I … have a parasite?”
That sounded more like a question than a statement, however, you were already far too invested in this complete stranger to back away now.
“Don’t get mad at me for saying this but I think you’ve had one too many drinks tonight” you say with concern.
He huffs and nods in agreement “you’re completely right”
“You want me to get you a cab?” you ask as you give him a reassuring smile.
“I live three blocks away from here, I can walk. Thanks though” he responds and smiles back.

- Eddie, your heartbeat is getting faster -

“My apartment is pretty close by too, I can walk you back to your place if you want” you say before your brain could even process how reckless of an idea that is.
Judging by the shocked expression on his face, he thought that idea was insane as well.
You continue “I’d feel better if I make sure you get home safe”, hoping that made you seem less eager to be kidnapped by a drunk man.
“Okay then, if you want to” he says, impressed by either the astounding amount of courage or naivety that you have.
“Great” you reply, as you felt not so great about your decision.

As the two of you walked next to each other through the streets of San Francisco in complete silence, you began to panic as you got further and further away from the bar.
“I’m a cop” you blurt out to him, hoping that might make you seem like less of an easy victim.
“What?” he laughs “no, you’re not”
He obviously didn’t believe you.
You look at him as you keep walking by his side, he has a smirk still present across his face from how ridicule he found your words to be.
“Why’d you offer to walk me home if you think I’ll kill you or something?” he asked, genuinely confused by your reasoning.
“I’m actually really worried about you, I just didn’t stop to think about worrying for myself” you reply honestly.
“And you’re kinda hot” you mumble under your breath.
It was his turn to stare at your face now, his smirk growing.
“Who would have thought?” he said to himself, more than to you.
After seeing your puzzled expression, he explains “don’t be scared by what I’m about to say but you’re really attractive. I would have made a move on you back there if I didn’t have so much on my plate right now”
You chuckle lightly and say “I would have made a move on you too if you didn’t look like you had so much on your plate right now”
He laughs at your sly remark and puts his hand in his pocket, taking out a pair of keys.
“You’ve been a real gentleman, walking me back to my place” he jokes, as he stops in front of what you assume to be his building.
“Someone had to do it” you joke back, to which he fakes a frown, acting upset.
“Goodnight then” you say as you turn around to leave.
“Wait!” he exclaims suddenly “you want to maybe … go up? I swear I won’t try to do anything, just … maybe I can offer you some coffee to show my gratitude?”
“What was your name again?” you ask, before making a decision.
Here you were, going up in an elevator of a building you’ve never been too before, late at night with a weird and hot guy you just met.
However, that ‘hot guy’ part was taking over the rest of that sentence.
“You know how you said you won’t try to do anything?” you ask, breaking the silence in that elevator.
“I kinda want you to try to” you continue, as you bite your lip.
“Okay, thank God” he says as he turns to face you and kisses you passionately.
The second you kiss him back, he grabs your thighs and pulls you up against the mirror of the elevator, not breaking the kiss for a moment.
The kiss gets more and more intense, as you reach his apartment floor. Your arms are securely locked behind his head as his hands made their way to your ass.

- Eddie, your heart beat is getting really faster now -

“hushhh, not now” he says under his breath then looks at your confused face and waves it off.
He puts you down gently by his apartment door as he attempts to unlock the door as fast as possible, to which he succeeds.
He grabs you again and places you on his kitchen counter, by a pile of empty frozen meals boxes.
“You don’t have a bed?” you ask tauntingly, as you eye the very small space available for you on the full counter.
He mumbles a low yes as he kisses you along your jawline by your ear, sending shivers down your spine.
You both hurriedly make your way back to his bedroom and he pushes you down on his bed and stares at you as you take off your shirt and unhook your bra.
“Fuck, you’re so beautiful” he says hungrily as he watches your topless body.
He takes off his shirt and unzips his pants, without looking away from your breasts and lips.
You could see the print of his cock, all hard underneath his boxers and it made you let out an involuntary moan.
He smiles proudly, knowing you were impressed by his length.
“Let me show you my gratitude” he says as he takes off your pants and licks his lips.
He begins to pass his finger between your lips from above your panties, and you close your eyes enjoying the feeling.
You then feel his tongue pass across the fabric and it made your hands go down and pull on your underwear, signaling that you wanted them off.
He quickly complies and taunts “so eager, you’ve got no patience”
You pull your head up to see what he was about to do but you were quickly pushed back once he forcefully grabbed your thighs and spread them widely.
“God, you look so good” he comments while watching you like this on his bed.
He then starts licking between your lips and you moan from the pleasure passing through your body.

- I told you she looks delicious -

And suddenly, you felt an even more profound thrill, something more was happening.
It was the same texture as Eddie’s tongue, but bigger, more flexible.
It was moving within you like an animal.
“Eddie, fuck me! You’re so good at this!” you moan loudly.

- You’re welcome for the help, Eddie -

He then suddenly stops and pulls his head up so you can see him. He appears to be even more surprised than you were by what happened but you didn’t give him or yourself any time to process it.
“My turn to show gratitude” you whisper as you take off his boxers.
He watches you as you lick his length and kiss it as if you’ve never wanted anything more than this.
You take his cock in your mouth and move your head fast and steadily, up and down his hard member.
Looking up as you move, you watch as his head is tilted to the back as he enjoys the feeling of your wet and talented mouth covering his dick.
“I want to fuck you now, (Y/N)” he growls in a low voice, as he grabs your breasts and kisses you cravingly.
He lays you back down on the bed and opens the drawer by his bed hurriedly, taking out a condom and placing it on himself in a rush.
He then brings his attention back to you, and grabs your legs and places them behind his shoulders.
He smirks widely and says “I can’t fucking wait to be inside of that perfect pussy of yours”
God, he is so hot.
He positioned himself and began sliding his cock inside of you, closing his eyes to enjoy the feeling of the pressure against his dick.
With every thrust, you moaned his name and it drove him crazy.
He then stops and orders “lay on your stomach”
Desperately wanting to feel him back inside of you, you quickly comply. With one hand, he grabs your waist and pulls your bottom half up, completely taking control over your body.
With his other hand, he begins playing with your breasts, kneading them underneath his fingers with a bit more aggressiveness than you were used to … but everything he did felt so good.
He grabbed your ass and placed his cock against your lips and just said “beg”
“Please” you cry out “I want you inside of me now, please”
He passed his cock up and down the entrance of your pussy, teasing you.
“Please daddy”
“Fuck, (Y/N)” he growls out and slams his cock deep inside of you “that’s not fair”
As you both move against his each other, you lost against the pleasure he was bringing you and he quickly followed through.
“Can’t expect a guy to last too long with you looking and feeling this fucking good” he breathes out as he falls back on his bed.
You take a moment to catch your breath before answering him “you weren’t bad at all yourself”


“You want to walk me home again tomorrow?”
- walk US home again tomorrow? -

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(continuation of the previous chapter)


You were woken up by the angered voice of a blond woman who then proceeded to hit the man sleeping next to you with a pillow.
Extremely confused, you pull up the bedsheets to cover your half-naked body as you process the scene that’s unfolding in front of you. Meanwhile, Eddie has already jumped out of the bed in a hurry to follow the pissed off woman.
“Of course, he has a girlfriend” you mumble before rolling your eyes and picking up your clothes from the floor.
‘You’ve really hit rock bottom now, (Y/N)’ you say to yourself as you approach the duo fighting by the door leading you to your escape.
“Who on earth is she, Eddie? … Did you pay her?! Tell me you d-” the blond began before being interrupted by the guy who got you into this situation.
“No, Anne” he replied, a hint of offense in his voice. At least, now you have a name to place on the new face. He continued “it’s not even any of your business anymore, may I remind you that YOU were the one to break up with me?”
“For a good reason, Eddie! But I still care about you…” she replied, defensively.
“Alright!” you exclaim once you’re close enough to them “it’s been really lovely but I’ve got to go if y'all don’t mind”.
“Excuse me” you murmur as you squeeze between them to reach the door handle.
- Don’t let her leave, this is fun –
“(Y/N), you don’t have to leave” Eddie said, more calmly now that he was speaking to you.
“Yeah, I kinda want to” you answer as you glance at Anne eying you down with a very clear judgmental stare.
Eddie shook his head and said “please, stay”
The words he said had no hint of begging or even mocking to attack this girl, yet something about the way he said it made you change your mind.
“Okay” you simply replied, as you let go of the door handle.
“Don’t worry, I’m leaving” Anne counters, as she opens the door swiftly.
Eddie looked down, avoiding eye contact with her as she left his apartment.
Suddenly, Eddie’s fist slammed into the wall in anger. However, that wasn’t the most shocking part about what happened, his arm had turned onyx black and grew significantly larger, making a pretty impressive indentation on the wall.
“Umm… I know you said you had a parasite yesterday, but if whatever 'this' was is sexually transmissible, I think you should have maybe fucking told me? Cause that looked pretty serious right there” you say, unsure of what you just saw.
Eddie doesn’t reply, he hunches over and appears to be in pain.
“Are you okay? You want me to call you an ambulance or-” your concerned inquiries go unfinished, as the man in front of you proceeds to have turned into … a large and dark crouched figure.
You put your hands up on your head in distress and in a panicked state, murmur to yourself “this is why you never go home with a guy you just met at a bar, (Y/N)”

“YOU DIDN’T SEEM SO REGRETFUL WHEN I HAD MY TONGUE INSIDE OF YOU YESTERDAY” came a growling voice from the sharp-toothed figure, making you jump.
“… Eddie?” you ask, terrified but worried for the man you’ve grown attached to over the last couple of hours.
“We are Venom” the creature in front of you corrected.
You gulp noticeably, making Venom’s smirk grow wider.
“Don’t worry, little human” he adds “look”
His face opens up halfway through, letting you see Eddie’s familiar features.
“Hi … again. Mind telling me who exactly am I looking at here?” you ask as you attempt to look at Eddie and not the split open face.
Eddie gives a helpless smile and explains “an extension of myself? I’m sorry; I wish you didn’t have to meet him so early on but he’s nice … mostly”
The face then proceeds to close itself again, making you take a step back once you were in front of that lethal looking grin again.
“What’s wrong? Scared of playing with the big dogs without Eddie around?” asked Venom, tauntingly.
His hand made its way to your neck, grasping the sides of it with slight pressure. Venom then moves his jaw down to let his large tongue out, passing it across your face down to your collarbone.
You simply watch him do so motionlessly, not wanting to anger him or cause an unwanted reaction.
Then it hits you; the texture, the size, the movement …
“Oh my God, you meant … the tongue inside of me… OH” you blurt out in realization, which made Venom retract his tongue satisfied.
“Not scared anymore?” he mocks, making you glare at him defiantly.
You then reply “well, now that I know that we’re beyond the point of introductions, what’s the point in being shy?”
“Want to play with us again? We’ll show you how much better than Eddie alone we are” Venom asked, with enough certainty to make rejection seem irrational.
You just nod, and say provocatively “you’ve got a tough first round to beat”

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“Would you hurry up? The fundraising party starts in half an hour” you heard your fiancé’s clearly impatience ridden voice from across the door.
You were currently using his office’s bathroom to put on your dress and fix up the last touches of your make up in the mirror, since you didn’t have time to go back to your house from the laboratory.
“I’m ready!” you exclaim as you walk out of the bathroom, proud of how you look.
He looks up from his laptop to see you and stays silent, staring at you with an expressionless face.
You had to admit to yourself, you expected to at least hear a little compliment on your appearance so his reaction was somewhat underwhelming.
“Change” he states, bringing his attention back to his last-minute work on his laptop, not offering any room for arguing.
You raise your eyebrows in both surprise and vexation; you retaliate “What? Why? I don’t even have anything else ready to be worn for tonight”
“Then we’re not going” he replies “I’ll tell my assistant to send a donation on our behalf and an apology for not attending”
You stare at Carlton speechlessly, not believing a word you have just heard. The light of his phone’s screen was shining on his unreadable face, as he typed in what you presume to be the message to his assistant.
“You can be so mean sometimes” you say, loud enough for him to hear but not direct enough to expect an answer. You’ve grown used to his little odd behaviors at times but it still hurt every now and then.
You go back into the bathroom and start taking off your earrings; you didn’t know what to think of his demeanor towards you.
The door was opened again a few moments later, and there stood Carlton watching you attempt to unzip the dress on your own. You look back at him through the reflection of the mirror and huff “do you need something?”
“That dress was inappropriate, you can’t just go out like this” he declares, scrutinizing it again with his eyes.
You turn around and face him, frustrated with his attitude towards your outfit.
“What exactly is so bad about it?” you finally ask.
He gets closer to you and puts his hands on your hips before saying “I will tell what is wrong with it”
Carlton then proceeds to pass his finger down your chest, between the opening of your dress, his hands slightly brushing against your breasts.
“That” he states, as he leaves his finger lingering above your cleavage “only I am allowed to see that”
You roll your eyes, but can’t help the smile that creeped up on your lips over his protectiveness.
His hands then continue their way down until they reach the curve of your ass, stopping there.
“This” he continues “it’s so tight, I can already picture how your ass looks like underneath it and so will every man in that room”
You open your mouth to complain but he shushes you by placing a finger on your lips.
He continues his movement throughout your body till he makes it to the thigh slit by the side of the dress, placing his hand there in a familiar manner.
“And finally” he begins his sentence, moving his hand up your thigh making you unconsciously press your legs together.
“This slit is so close to your pussy, it makes me think of how nice you feel when I’m inside of you and I prefer to be alone with you and not at a party when I get teased like this” he finishes.
You then open your legs a little wider, enough for him to catch on to your intentions.
“Such a bad little girl, I think you need to be punished” he whispers in your ear, before leaving trails of bites and kisses across your jawline.
“Go over to my desk” he orders “you know what to do”
You immediately do as you’re told and put your hands on the cold marble surface of his desk, bending slightly to the front. He sits down on his chair and watches as you hang your head down low.
“Pull your dress up” he demands straight-forwardly.
Without uttering a word, you push up the long fabric of your dress, exposing your backside to him fully.
“I love it when you wear this pair of panties” he huffs “sometimes I wonder if you get me mad on purpose”
You shake your head and reply “no, sir”
He taps his lap, and you knew exactly what he wanted you to do. You place your torso across his legs and close your eyes in preparation.
“Well, you know what happens when you get me mad, don’t you?” he asks before placing his hand on your ass, squeezing it to the point of leaving a mark.
And as you expected, you suddenly felt a harsh spank on your ass, sending a wave of shock and excitement throughout your whole body, making you shiver.
He then did it again, and again… his controlling demeanor was arousing you far too much.
“You’re getting wet, princess” he says, tauntingly “I think you’re enjoying your punishment”
He then moves his attention away from your ass to your soaked panties, passing his fingers teasingly by the sides of your lips.
“I’d help you deal with this but you don’t deserve it yet” he says, retracting his hand from your body.
You whine and beg him with your eyes, pouting to show how desperately you required his immediate touch.
He smiles and states “you know I can’t say no to that face, princess … how about you get down on your knees and show me how sorry you are and then maybe I’ll play with you”
Grinning victoriously, you nod your head eagerly and sit on the floor in front of him.
You open his pants’ zipper and bite your lips in anticipation; this was getting you even more excited. Freeing his hard member, you gulp at the sight. No matter how often you’ve seen him in his full glory, it still catches your breath.
You immediately place a quick kiss on the tip of his cock; it has become quite the tradition between the two of you. Then, you place your tongue at the bottom of his member, slowly licking your way to the tip again, following the lining of a vein.
Pleased, he smiles down at you in approval, encouraging you to carry on. Gaining confidence, you opt to attempt to take in as much of his length as possible, making him take a sharp breath.
“Fuck, princess” he mumbles, as he tightens his fists.
Then, a knock is heard at his office door and neither of you bothered to lock it earlier. You quickly try to pull your head back but he grabs your hair, maintaining you securely stuck with his dick halfway past your lips.
“It’s Michael, may I come in sir?” you recognized the voice of Carlton’s assistant immediately.
Your fiancé glances at your, hiding underneath his desk, making you glare back daring him to even consider saying yes.
Carlton lets a sadistic grin make its way across his features as he answers “come on in, Michael”
Revenge it is then.
You then hear the steps of his assistant as he enters the room before saying “I’m sorry to bother you, Mr. Drake but I wanted to confirm the cancelation of your fundraising party. I don’t mean to overstep, I just know how imp-”
Michael cut his sentence short, the same exact moment you decided to put your tongue’s skill on display. Your loving future husband simply can’t control the facial expression he makes when you twirl your tongue around his cock; that was one of the very rare ways the great Carlton Drake could be beaten.
“I … I’ll make the call, sorry” stammered Michael, as he quickly left the room, closing the door behind him.
Once you heard the door shut, you pulled your head back, looking up at Carlton’s face boldly.
He grabs you by the arm and pushes you up forcefully, putting you up on his desk.
“Oh now you’re in real fucking trouble” he growls, between gritted teeth “take off that dress before I rip it off of you”

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‘Eddie, focus. You love Anne, you’re happy together, it’s a little rocky now but you’re happy together’ the man repeated to himself, he just knew this weekend was going to be challenging.
“You’re still here with me, Ed?” you ask him as you glance at him briefly before looking back at the road and smiling brightly, that smile that he yearns to see.
He nods reassuringly but he knew better, Venom knew better.
“You’re weak, Eddie. Humans are slaves to their instinct, you’re not special or superior to any other species” mocked him Venom, as his cackling echoed in his mind.
You nod back, and continue enthusiastically “well, we’re almost there. I should probably start looking for a place to park the car”
He thought to himself 'Yeah, almost there, to the hotel, where we’ll both stay, probably in neighboring rooms, tempting me more and more.'
Once you reached the premises of the hotel, you proceeded to park close by and when you made no effort to exit the car, Eddie looked at you with a puzzled expression.
“I just wanted to say, I know being stuck here in Utah with me is probably not your ideal weekend plan. We’ve been filming all day and the flights being delayed is the worst that could happen but I want you to know that I actually love spending time with you” you start, feeling as if this is your fault as his producer for insisting on covering an out-of-state story “even, if we barely get to hang out outside of work”
God, you just had to be so sweet about everything on top of it all. He took a deep breath and replied “could be worse, I’m just glad I got stuck here with you at least”
You smile awkwardly and scratch the back of your neck before adding “well, let’s go in and see if they have any rooms left, it’s getting kind of late and the last thing I would want is to sleep in this tiny rental car”
He agrees wholeheartedly as you both head out of the car towards the hotel, hoping for the best.
“Welcome, how can I help you?” came the cheery voice of the receptionist once you entered the hall with Eddie.
“Hi, how are you?” you ask, attempting to be polite through your eagerness to get to a comfortable bed “would you by any chance still have two available rooms for tonight? I know it’s a little late but we’re in a bit of a tight spot”
The receptionist, whose name was Mary you noted from her tag, said “let me check and I’ll let you know right away!”
You turn back to look at Eddie whose gaze you felt intensely on the back of your head, and gave him a hopeful look. He had been acting somewhat strange and distant lately but you brushed it off as him being nervous over his recent engagement, which made you a little discontent. However, Anne was a nice and brilliant woman and if she made Eddie happy, then you were happy for him.
“I’m afraid we don’t have two rooms ready to be used” the voice of the receptionist interrupted your thoughts “but… if you don’t mind we do have an available double room”
Eddie approached you and said truthfully “hey, if this makes you uncomfortable in any way, we can keep searching for another hotel”
“Stop being a pussy, Eddie. This is your chance” growled Venom judgingly in his mind, making the man squint his eyes briefly.
You sigh and reply “I’m really tired from filming since 7 in the morning and I really don’t want to keep driving and … I trust you to not kill me while I’m sleeping”
He laughs and says “alright, I’ll try to not murder you and we can share the room then”
Eddie then paid for the hotel room, letting your complaints fall onto deaf ears.
“Okay, tonight is your chance to not be such a loser. You want her, I can tell she wants you so this is perfect” said Venom excitedly, causing Eddie to frown.
‘This is bad. I don’t know how it is where you’re from but cheating on your partner here on earth is a pretty shitty thing to do’ Eddie thought, knowing Venom will hear him ‘not that she’d be interested in me’
Upon reaching the room, you take off your shoes and jump on the large bed dramatically, making Eddie smile as he watched your contented expression. Moments like these make him wish he had the certainty and heart to break up with Anne to even have a higher chance of being with you.
“Which one of the two do you want?” you ask, as your face turns serious after you sit up on the mattress.
Eddie’s eyes widen in surprise at your question, making his mouth drop open. Did you notice that he’s attracted to you? Will you tell Anne or get mad at him? Fuck, you probably think he’s a disgusting pig now and-
“Eddie? Which side of the bed do you want?” you ask again, worried by his lack of answer and excessive staring.
Venom’s roaring laughter resonates in his head, as he points to the side closest to the door and apologizes for drifting away.
He takes off his jacket and places it on the tiny desk by the corner and places his shoes on the floor below it, taking a deep breath to control his thoughts. He’s going to be sharing a bed with the woman he fantasized about being with a million times when he touched himself, whom he pictures naked while she gives him directions from behind the camera. This might seem like a dream-like situation for most men but it’s a nightmare when you’re in a supposedly committed relationships.
“Your instincts know better, Eddie” repeated Venom, who appeared to be way more certain about the whole ordeal than his host.
Eddie got in the bed which you were already securely laying under its blanket. You then proceed to take off your pants, while hiding under the bedsheets and throw them on the floor next to you.
“Wow … (Y/N), I … did you just take off your pants?” he finally settled on asking.
You frown in confusion and reply “yeah, I have this serious condition which is that I’m not a sociopath so I can’t sleep with jeans on”
“Alright, no need to be a smartass” he huffs, chuckling at your answer.
“You mean no need to be a SMARTY-PANTS” you correct with quite a terrible pun.
“Please never try to make a pun ever again” he jokingly replies, closing his eyes as a smile creeps its way on his face.
‘God, I love her’ he thought, absentmindedly.
“Oh?” taunted Venom.
‘FUCK, I LOVE HER’ he repeated to himself, in heightened distress, putting the pillow on top of his face.
You then throw another item of clothing on the floor next to you, this time it was your bra.
“Okay, now I can sleep comfortably” you exclaim, before adding “turn off the lights when you want. Goodnight, Eddie!”
He coughs and stammers out “y-yeah, I think I’ll try to turn it off now cause- yeah, goodnight”
A few moments later, the symbiote had an opinion to be voiced.
“She’s teasing you and you’re letting her” taunted Venom “you can’t be such a loser”
‘Don’t do anything’ ordered Eddie, but since when has that ever stopped the symbiote?
Venom made an appearance in front of Eddie as an extension of him and replied “I never said I’ll do anything but it does seem like you want me to because you’re too much of a pussy to do it yourself”
“What the fuck? Go back inside” whispered Eddie, angrily “she’s going to see you and freak out”
Venom growled back “she’s fallen asleep in five seconds, she won’t wake up now … unless…”
“No” stated Eddie, trying to keep his voice low while trying to sound authoritative “I can’t do this to Anne”
The symbiote let out a cruel chuckle, and said “I know you better than you know yourself, your desires, your instincts, your needs. The good, the bad, I see it all and I see you want her more than anything in this moment and I don’t want a frustrated host”
“I’m not frustrated” mumbled Eddie, but part of him agreed with what Venom was saying. His relationship with Anne has been struggling and he did feel extremely attracted to you.
Before he could even have the time to make a decision on what to do, his attention got directed to the small moan that escaped your lips.
That little sound you’ve made got a reaction from his body, which he has been so focused on avoiding. Venom was currently nowhere to be seen or heard, which made Eddie suspicious of what was going on here.
He then noticed the dark substance that makes up his ‘parasite’ being extended from his arm below the sheets. Following the thin line of the black matter, he found it lead to the space between your legs.
“YOU MOTHERFUCKER, STOP TOUCHING HER” he yelled loudly at the symbiote, hitting its limb strongly in a fit of pure anger making it retract itself.
You woke up abruptly, shaken up by the roaring voice of Eddie.
He appeared to be struggling, as if he was fighting something within himself. Concerned, you put your hand on his shoulder and ask “Eddie, is … what’s happening? Do you need me to do something to help?”
Standing up from the bed, getting further away from you, he replies “I can’t stay here; it’s not safe for you, it never was. I was just-”
He grabs his shoes and jacket and makes his way to the door in a rush, but you stop him by swiftly following him and grabbing his arm to protest.
He turns around to apologize for having to go, however, seeing the way you looked … he lost track of his thoughts. You looked so good, standing there half naked, in only your underwear and tight shirt in front of him, your hair in an attractive mess, cheeks all red … fuck, you just had to be so goddamn tempting all the time.
“I’m sorry, (Y/N), but if I don’t do this, we’re going to go insane” he says before grabbing your face and kissing you with more force than he even expected.
Your mind went through a million images; the fact that you work with him, his fiancée Anne, how attractive he is, his weird behavior, the signs … but you kissed him back, something within you overtook your senses, you had to follow your instincts.
As the kiss goes on deeper and longer, he pushes your body back on the bed and stays there on top of you watching your face in admiration.
“But … Anne?” you ask, confused. Eddie wouldn’t do this, he wouldn’t cheat on someone.
He shakes his head and says “for me, it’s over, not going to work out, not with how I feel about you, not with how I’ve felt about you for so fucking long”
“For so long?” you inquire, feeling as if none of this is real.
He smiles and huffs as he marvels at your features “from the moment Lewis showed me a picture of my new producer, I thought you just might be the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and when we met in his office the next week, and you were wearing that tight black skirt … God”
“Last question” you say “do you have a condom?”
Quickly, he makes his way to his wallet, left inside his jacket, and searches fanatically. You chuckle at his eagerness, and pull off your shirt making him stop searching and stare at you, mouth wide open.
“Um … I can’t focus on searching for anything with you distracting me like this” he says, not looking away from your topless form.
You look straight into his eyes, tauntingly, and get on your knees on top of the bed. You start playing with the edge of your panties, slightly tugging them down to tease him.
He watches your every move, like a predator waiting for the perfect moment to jump on his prey. You then lay back on the bed, and pull your underwear off of your body and throw them across the room.
You let your hand go down to reach the space between your spread legs, as he hungrily watches you, desperation clear in his gaze. Spreading your lips, you pass your finger teasingly letting out a short moan.
“Fuck it” he says as he unzips his pants, letting his jacket fall to the floor.
He takes off his shirt and positions himself on top of you again, growling in your ear “you’re such a fucking tease; I’m going to fuck the attitude out of you”
Opening your legs wider, he grabs his cock and passes it over your pussy, applying enough pressure to tease you. You jerk your hips closer to him, wanting to feel him inside of you.
Catching on to your signs and following his own pressing desires, he begins to make his way inside of you. You close your eyes as he places a hand over your mouth to prevent you from moaning too loudly, and causing the two of you some trouble with the hotel administration.
As the two of you move rhythmically together, faster and harder against each other, a third party feels an even stronger urge to join.
“Let me show you how to really drive her to a breaking point as punishment, Eddie” echoed the voice of Venom in his mind, confidently.
Before Eddie could even stop to question his symbiote, he felt its viscous substance wrap itself around his cock, tightening the space inside of you. This caused both you and Eddie to gasp at the shocking new sensation.
“Eddie, fuck” you mumbled underneath his hand, to which he closed his eyes to focus on the mix of pleasure both you and Venom were bringing him.
Venom sneered “see? And you’d let Anne stand between you and that?”
He let the symbiote’s taunting words fall on deaf ears as he kept moving in and out of you, making you see stars till you both came.
Eddie threw his body down on the bed next to you, sweat covering his chest and forehead as you simply mumble “wow” in awe.
“Wow, alright” Eddie agreed with you, but once he got back from his high he thought to himself ‘This was such a bad thing to do, Venom. We can’t do this again till we talk to Anne’
Venom simply retaliated “the way I see it … we can do whatever we want”