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yuke lips are koala tea

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“You have to stick your pinky out.” Casey nodded seriously. She wore a cape over a cowboy shirt and a purple tutu and held a tiny plastic teacup in one hand. Jade sat opposite her and held another teacup.

“This is wonderful tea,” Jade grinned, sipping at air, “what’s in it?”

“Umm...” Casey paused. “Yuke... lips.”

“Yuke lips,” Jade repeated. She stifled a laugh. “Of course. Fine quality.”

“The best!” Casey agreed. “Yuke lips are koala tea!”

Just then, John entered the house.

“Daddy!” Casey dropped her cup and ran to him. She jumped into his arms, forcing him to drop the papers in his hands to catch her. He made a quiet oof.

“How’s my favorite girl?” John asked.

“Me and Jade had a tea party!”

“I see that!” John ruffled her hair and looked over at Jade. “Have you fed Casey II yet?”

“Right before the tea party,” Jade told him. She stood and crossed to her cousin. “I’ve gotta go, Fef and Nep are waiting for me.”

With his hands full of toddler, John had no room to react when Jade licked her finger and stuck it in his ear.


Jade ran out the door, giggling.