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When the Wind Blows

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It was a most perfect morning as Sam and Cait woke up in each other’s arms. The sun was beaming through the curtains which produced a warm glow on their faces and lit up the room. They were in complete bliss.

“Mmmm are ye really here? Or am I dreaming?” Sam’s eyes were still closed as he held onto her tight.
“If you’re dreaming then so am I. And if so, I never want to wake up.” Cait snuggled into his neck, kissing him there and breathing him in. Sam lifted her chin, brushing away a few strands of hair covering her face, and softly kissed her forehead. He then moved to the bridge of her nose and then her lips.

“This is simply the best way to wake up. I’ve dreamed about this since the day you left. To finally be here in your arms. It’s everything.”

“And the day is just getting started,” Sam whispered in her ear.

“The sun feels so good on my face. I can’t believe it’s going to be in the 80’s here today and it’s in the 40’s at home! That’s it, I’m never leaving.”
“Oh don’t tease me like that, Balfe, because you know I will happily hold you to that!” Sam’s chest twitched under her and she knew he was smiling.
“How about we make some omelets for breakfast and then head out to Lion’s Head?”
“I am quite famished,” Cait said, looking up at Sam with a playful gaze.
“Oh there’s always time for that,” Sam said, biting his lower lip. He took her right then and there.
“Well now I’m really famished,” Cait giggled as she rolled off of him.
“What a coincidence, now so am I! For food this time.” Sam winked and planted a firm kiss on her lips as they got up and headed towards the kitchen.

They finished up breakfast and filled their backpack with some snacks, sunscreen and water.
They arrived at Lion’s Head by late morning and began the climb up to the top. It was pretty steep in some parts, so Sam kept a hand on her lower back in case she stumbled.
“Umm Sam, my back is a bit higher up.” Cait laughed not minding at all.
“Oh did it slip down to your perfect arse? My apologies,” Sam said, smiling so hard his nose scrunched.

It was so crystal clear out, you could see for miles. The ocean was a magnificent blue with what looked like a turquoise glow along the edge by the shore.
“This is the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen!” Cait’s mouth was agape, looking from left to right and spinning herself all the way around in awe, like a kid in a candy store not knowing where to look first. “Have you ever seen anything so beautiful in your entire life?”
“Aye,” Sam responded, lost in her, softness in his voice.
She gave him a playful shove, a blush emanating from her cheeks. “You are the most romantic man I’ve ever known.”
“You make it verra easy,” Sam said through a smile as he took her hand, bringing it to his mouth and kissing her palm.

“Now be careful over in this part, it can get a wee bit slick with all the rocks and sand clumped together.”
Just as he said that, Cait slipped and braced herself with her hands, her knees skimming the rocks.”
“Ouch! You weren’t kidding.”
Startled, Sam quickly bent down to help her up. “Are ye all right, love?”
“Barely even felt anything, I have knees of steel,” she said with a smile albeit a slight grimace.
“Shall we go back?” Sam looked concerned.
“I’m ok, really! Let’s keep going. I never feel any pain when I’m with you. But I think I’ll be holding your hand from here on out.”
“Oh I can happily oblige with that request, milady.” Sam bowed and held out his hand.
“I love how dorky you are,” Cait laughed as she slid her hand into his, their fingers interlocking.

They continued to hike up to the highest point, taking in the scenery and a few selfies as well. They stood by the edge of an outstretched rock formation and Sam got behind Cait, wrapping his arms around her, kissing her neck.
“Wow, this is the most beautiful view with the most beautiful woman. I still can’t believe you’re here!”
“And you still have me for another two weeks,” Cait said as she laid her head back on his chest, turning her face up to gaze at him as Sam pressed his lips against hers.

“So besides my clumsy nature, this was a perfect idea. And a perfect day.”
“The day’s not over yet,” Sam said with a wink.
They spent some time up at the top, walking around and taking a few moments to relish in the view and in each other. They took some silly selfies and lots of pics of each other and the scenery. They then sat down for a while, nibbling on some protein bars and water, while resting their legs before the trek down.

When they arrived back at Sam’s place they went out on the balcony and had a glass of wine. The air had gotten slightly cooler and the breeze felt so good against their body after the hike.
“I could get used to it here,” Cait said with a deep sigh. “On second thought, I could get used to anywhere as long as I’m with you.”
Sam reached over and gently stroked the back of her neck. Cait’s hair was still in a ponytail from the hike, and she was glistening.
“Sam, I’m all sweaty back there.”
“Like I would ever mind? You’re even sexier when you’re all sweaty, if that’s at all possible. He pulled her chair closer to him, and softly kissed the nape of her neck. “Mmm salty,” Sam said as he trailed his tongue up towards her ear.”
“That tickles.” Cait shuttered as she instinctively brought her shoulder up to her ear.
“I have an idea,” Sam said with a wistful look in his eye.
“Oh yeah? What’s that?”
“It’s a surprise,” he said as he got up and started to walk back into the living room.
“Wait, where are you going?” Cait furrowed her brow, wondering what he was up to.
“Give me five minutes and I’ll come and get you. Stay right there though. No peeking.”
“Sam Roland Heughan, what are you up to.” He gave her a look.
“Ok, ok, I’ll stay put.”
And with a wink, Sam was gone.

Five minutes later, as promised, he came back out onto the balcony and got Cait. He put her wine glass down on the table and took her hand, leading her through the living room and down the hall into the bathroom. Cait’s eyes widened as she saw candles lit, and a bathtub full of water with suds building up along the sides of the tub.
“You drew me a bath?” Cait’s voice was all high and squeaky. “Babe, I love this so much.”
“I thought you could use a nice warm bath to soothe your body after that stumble, and clean off those scraped knees. And selfishly, I want to bathe you.” Sam put his arms around Cait from behind, squeezing her tight, planting a kiss on the cheek.
“It’s perfect. You’re perfect. I guess I won’t be needing any of these sweaty clothes anymore.”
“Allow me. It’s all part of the plan,” Sam said with a smirk.
Sam slowly and methodically helped Cait off with her T-shirt, pulling it up over her head, followed by unclasping her sports bra and sliding it off, as well. He took out her hair tie, and her waves fell amongst her shoulders. Cait slid her bottoms off and turned to face Sam. “All ready! Bathe away.” And as she was standing so close to him, she could tell he was ready for something else entirely.

“In you go.” Sam held her hand as she stepped into the warm, soapy water. She sank down into the tub with a pleasing moan as the water came just below her shoulders, barely covering the tops of her breasts. Sam was kneeling down beside the bathtub.
“Mmm this feels amazing. You’re too good to me,” said Cait, turning towards Sam with her eyes closed as a smile radiated from her face. Sam moved closer so their foreheads were touching, and instinctively their noses grazed against each other back and forth ever so slightly.
“So how do those knees feel now? They look a little better than earlier.” Cait had her legs bent so her knees were now above the water. Sam leaned into them and gently kissed each one.

“All better now. Your kisses work wonders. They’re magic. I’m cured!” Cait giggled as she caressed his chin, the scruff thankfully still prevalent on his face even after getting it cut for his new film. She loved the feel of his beard, especially as it brushed over her lips and face. He leaned over to kiss her, lingering as he always did on her lips.
“Oh do they now? Where else might my kisses work wonders?” A mischievous expression crossed Sam’s face.
“Oh I think you know,” Cait answered back, grabbing his hand and placing it between her legs.
Sam caught his breath, letting out a sound from deep within.

He began to pour water over her back and shoulders, using a yellow ceramic pitcher he found in the cabinet. He filled back up and continued around to her front, spilling it over her neck and breasts. His other hand was quite occupied at the moment, with Cait squirming beneath his fingers.
“Two questions,” Cait began, finding her breath....”why are you wearing all those clothes, and why are you not in here with me?”
“Aye. Two verra good questions. I like tending to you in this way, being able to see all of you, and how enjoyable you feel right at this moment. But, I do believe there is room in there for me,” Sam said with a crooked smile.
“Plenty of room. And if not, I’ll slide back up against you so we conserve more of the space.” Cait’s cheeks were beginning to flush at the thought.
“Well aren’t ye the most thoughtful.”
“I aim to please, sir.” And with that, Cait reached over and lifted his shirt up over his head. “Well this is a good start,” she continued. “Now off with those shorts.”
Sam did as he was told, and once completely naked he stepped into the tub behind Cait.
“Well now I’m enjoying this view quite a bit,” she blushed.

Sam slid in behind Cait, his legs outstretched in front of him with Cait leaning back between them. He grabbed a small towel sitting at arms length on the counter, dipped it in the water and rubbed the bar of soap on it. He brushed Cait’s hair away from her back and ran the soapy towel over her shoulders and neck, moving down to her back. He then glided his hand along her back, feeling her smooth skin as the soap began to foam on her body.
“Oh you can do that all night if you’d like. It’s ok if our skin becomes like a prune. You sitting behind me, thighs squeezing onto me and rubbing your hands against my skin? Yes, keep going please.”
“As you wish.” Leaving the towel hanging over the tub, Sam’s hands then traveled around to her front, massaging her breasts, then sliding up to her neck and back down; the soap making everything more slick.
He cupped her breasts again, squeezing gently and circling his finger around her nipples.

Cait’s hands were under the water massaging his thighs, feeling him quite aroused behind her. Grabbing the soap from Sam, she lathered up her hands and reached back, caressing his face, neck and shoulders. His hands were still all over her body, now traveling down to her thighs, grabbing hold with a fierce need, while pushing himself against her.
“Have I thoroughly bathed you to yer liking?”
Cait reached behind her back, grabbing for him. “Oh that you did. You tended to me quite well. Allow me to return the favor,” she said as she slid her hand up and down his shaft, Sam biting into her shoulder with every stroke.
Cait lifted herself up, knowing it wouldn’t be so easy in the water, and attempted to slide onto him.
“Ok, this isn’t as easy as I was hoping,” Cait groaned as she just couldn’t manage to slide down. Damn water makes it difficult.”
“Hmm how about if we try something new, with the hopes we don’t go toppling off the tub.”
“I’m game,” Cait said with a quizzical look on her face.
“The water is umm, quite drying, which is quite the oxymoron, but in this case it’s true. How about if I sit on the ledge of the tub, legs dangling in the water for support, and you sit on me the same way. I won’t let ye fall.”
“I will try anything with you which results in you inside of me.”
Sam stood up and sat on the ledge, grabbing the soap and lathering up his hands which he then covered on his member.
“Oh I like this idea,” Cait said as she stood up, back to Sam, and slowly sat down right on him.
They both let out a moan as Cait flexed her hips up and down while Sam held onto her, arching his pelvis simultaneously. Cait grabbed at his thigh with one hand and pushed her other hand against the wall.
She was panting, her legs tiring, but she completely ignored the strain. “You come up with the best ideas,” she said as Sam’s hand traveled to her front, his fingers teasing her.
It didn’t take long for both to find their release. Cait collapsed down on Sam, her full body weight on top of him.

While in bed, in their post sex glow, Sam reached into his nightstand drawer and pulled something out, keeping it tucked in his hand.
“I have another surprise for you,” he said with an almost shy demeanor.
“Another surprise? You’re spoiling me, Sam.”
“Oh I hope so.”
Cait saw his hand clasped around something and propped herself up on her elbow, grinning from ear to ear in anticipation. Sam scooted himself up on the bed so he was sitting a bit more upright.

“I got something for you soon after I arrived here in South Africa. Not to sound too cheesy, but,” Sam continued as he opened his hand. “It’s a promise ring. No matter how far apart we are, it’s always going to be you.”
Cait’s face was one of pure surprise and awe and happiness all in one. The ring was stainless steel with hearts etched into the band, going all the way around.
“Oh my gosh. Sam, it’s so beautiful. I love it so much. I love YOU so much.” She sat straight up, grabbing his face with both hands, kissing him hard on the mouth.
“I love you more,” he said as he slipped it on her right ring finger. “I know the distance is difficult, but whenever you’re feeling lonely or if you ever doubt how much I love you, just look down and you’ll know.”
“I’ll never take it off,” Cait said as she twirled it around her finger, amazed at this man in front of her.

Sam brushed her cheek with the back of his fingertips, stopping at her mouth, gently pulling her bottom lip down with his finger. His mouth closed in on hers and they sunk back down into the bed, completely lost in each other, both knowing that this, what they have together, is forever.