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When the Wind Blows

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The sky was ominous, with thick dark clouds forming above. The wind was beginning to whip. The air was thick. A storm was approaching at full speed. It mirrored exactly what Sam and Cait were feeling inside, knowing that when they woke, it would be the day they’ve been dreading from the moment they met. It was 7am and Sam and Caitriona were together, arms and legs enveloping one another in bed, sleeping soundly, at peace. From the looks of them you’d think they had at least another 3 months together in each other’s arms. The window was slightly ajar and a whistle was emanating through the screen, as the wind was becoming even more fierce. The rain was beginning to pour down.

Sam woke up first. Eyes flickering, moving back and forth under his eyelids. Her beautiful face was right in front of him when he finally opened his eyes. A smile formed across his lips. She was the love of his life. He exhaled heavily and wisps of her hair slightly moved over her face. He gently swept them away and caressed her cheek, not wanting to wake her just yet.

“I wish we could stay in this moment forever,” he whispered, mouth squished into the pillow, eyes still locked on her.
Caitriona stirred, but was still sound asleep. Sam’s arms were still around her, and he gave her a light squeeze. His eyes shifted to the window as he got lost in the sound of the rain hitting the window almost like a tapping sound, as the tree branches rattled around. The storm was due to pass by late afternoon, well before his 9pm flight.

“How long have you been awake?” said a raspy voiced Cait, catching Sam off guard.
“Good morning, beautiful,” he said with a smile as he leaned over to her lips. “Not long. I was enjoying watching you sleep so peacefully.”

“I wasn’t drooling or anything, was I?” She brought a hand up to her mouth just in case.
“Ha. No, not at all. And I’d still find that sexy, even if ye had been.”
“Liar.” Cait giggled and tightened her grip around him as he kissed her on the nose.
He pulled her closer and they lay there listening to the storm brewing outside.
“You know, this is the perfect day to stay in bed,” Cait said as she lifted her face up to his and tucked a stray curl behind his ear.
“It’s as if ye read my mind,” Sam happily replied as he pulled the covers up over them both.

Their legs were still intertwined and Cait began to rub his back with her free hand, as the other one was tucked against his chest. Sam reciprocated with the same. No words were spoken as they let their hands and bodies do the talking. They began to kiss passionately, their tongues moving about together in a rhythm almost like a dance. In one swift move Cait rolled on top of him, pinning his shoulders down.

“Mmm so this is what ye had in mind, aye?” An amused expression crossed Sam’s face.
“Among other things,” Cait said in a playful tone.

She began to run her fingers gently up and down his chest, stopping briefly to circle around his abs.
“You feel so good,” Cait breathlessly uttered as continued to trace down towards his member, slowly moving her hand up and down in a teasing manner.
Sam’s hands were in turn all over Cait, running up and down her back, moving to her front.

“Aye, you feel good too.” Sam moaned with pleasure as his fingers were now inside her, in and out, teasing her right back.
Cait’s body began to tremble with pleasure, as she gyrated on top of him.
She held herself up, putting her hand on his stomach as she arched her back. With her other hand she grabbed for him, and guiding him towards her, lifted her hips and slowly sat down, letting out a guttural cry as she did so. He slid deep inside, filling her whole. Sam’s eyes closed immediately and his face was one of complete euphoria as he reached for her hips, his pelvis rising and falling with every stroke.
Neither of them wanted to finish too quickly, but instead just be with each other, feeling every bit of the other in this way for as long as they could.

Afterwards, they fell back asleep, Cait in the nook and Sam’s arms fully encircling her. When they woke up again a couple hours later, the rain was beginning to taper off and the sun was starting to peak through the clouds. Rays of light were hitting the window and the white curtains began to look iridescent as the room got brighter.

Sam squinted from the rays pushing through the curtains as he slowly opened his eyes. “Och, I guess we’d better get a shower and have some breakfast.”
“Mmmmm I suppose we should,” Caitriona grumbled. “I am getting quite hungry after our morning workout,” she winked as she burrowed her head into his neck.
“And tis my favorite morning workout to do with you. Heck, morning, afternoon, evening, nighttime...take your pick.” Sam kissed her forehead and playfully patted her on the bottom.
“All of the above, thank you very much. Why choose just one.” Caitriona lifted her head and pressed her lips against his.

They spent the entire day together, not talking much about the inevitable, but instead living in the moment and enjoying each other.

“ you need help packing? What time do we have to leave for the airport?” Cait’s eyes sloped downward and her shoulders began to sag.
Sam lifted up Caitriona’s chin and his lips covered hers.

“I pretty much got all my packing done the night you were filming. I only have a few items left to squeeze into the suitcase. Let’s see, it’s only 4pm, so I’d say we should probably leave in a couple hours.”

Cait helped him pack up the last bit and piled everything by the door. The rain had now dissipated and the sky turned blue. It felt like a completely different day than the one they woke up to. Sam walked over to the sound system and put on some music.
“May I have this dance?”
“You are truly the sweetest, most romantic man I’ve ever met.” Cait took his hand and he guided her into his chest. She put her head against him and they swayed slowly to the music. She could hear his heart beating as she closed her eyes and lost herself in him. Sam’s arms were wrapped tightly around her.

They arrived at the airport and walked over to the waiting group of chairs right before the escalator would take Sam up to security. This is where they would part.
They both let out a deep sigh and smiled, but not with their eyes. Sam tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear, sliding his fingers into her hair, landing on the back of her neck.
He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her, not wanting to let go. Ever.
“Don’t forget about me,” Sam said with a hitch in his voice. He wasn’t very serious but yet there was a sadness and honesty in his voice. He knew they would stay in touch every day via text and FaceTime whenever possible. But it wasn’t nearly the same as actually feeling her and seeing this beautiful woman right in front of him whenever he wanted.

Cait grabbed hold of him even tighter, trying to fight back the tears....“As if I could even if I tried. Which I would never ever do. You have my heart. And I know you’ll always keep it safe. As I will with yours. You’re never gonna be far away from me.”

They pulled back, arms still in place, locked behind each other’s back. They were now face to face. Both had watery eyes, and a single tear rolled down Cait’s cheek. Sam leaned in and kissed the tear away, then moved over to her lips.
“Well now you’re all salty,” she giggled through tears. Sam smiled, licking his lips. “Aye, and it’s verra good salt.”
“You dork,” Cait quipped.
“A dork who loves you,” Sam said with such a tenderness in his voice.
Simultaneously they’re hands slid down from each other’s back and they clasped, interlocking fingers and squeezing tight. Sam brought her hand up to his mouth and just held it there, lips pressed down, breathing her in.

“You’ll text me right when you land, right? Even if I’m sleeping, please do or I’ll worry. Although I don’t know how much sleep I’ll get without you beside me.”

“I promise. I miss you already.” Sam reached his hand up and palmed her cheek, gently rubbing her lips with his thumb. She kissed his finger as he paused on her lips.
“Kiss me, Cait. But not a last kiss by any stretch. Just until the next.”
She sunk into him and wrapped her arms around his neck. They kissed like no one was watching, even though they were in an airport filled with people. Neither of them cared. They finally parted, foreheads pressed against each other.
“I guess you’d better go,” Cait said, voice shaking.
Sam held onto her hand as he slowly walked away. Fingertips touching until the last moment.
Sam smiled as he got on the escalator. “I love you,” he mouthed as he then disappeared from sight.

Sam got settled in his seat as the plane doors were about to close. He stared out the window, reliving those last moments with Cait. Before he knew it the plane was taking off and he would be in Scotland in the morning.
He reached into his bag for his headphones. As he was rummaging through he heard a crinkling sound and pulled out an envelope.
His name was written on the front with a heart surrounding it. “A letter from Cait,” he said to himself, face lighting up. She must have slipped it into his bag while he wasn’t looking.

Sam took a deep breath and opened the envelope. They were now above the clouds, climbing to 35,000 feet.

Dear Sam,

Right now you’re probably thinking, when did she sneak this letter into my bag? Let alone when did she write it? Seeing as how you and I have pretty much been together for 3 straight months almost every single day, but you know me...I’m sneaky when I want to be! And I love surprising you as much as you love surprising me. It’s also possible I snuck a few pics of you on my cell while you were sleeping the other night. Don’t give me that look, Heughan. Now when I go to sleep I can look at you and it’ll be like we’re together. Of course I’d much prefer that sexy 6 foot 3 frame next to me....and under me...but...this will have to do for now.

Sam was now blushing. He read on.

I’ll miss your kisses, the way you look at me, the way you scrunch your nose when you laugh so big. I’ll miss sleeping beside you, pressed up against your soft skin. Watching your chest rise and fall with every breath while you sleep. Your Eskimo kisses. Holding your hand. Feeling your touch. Your gentle yet strong nature. I’ll miss that sexy voice of yours and how groggy it is in the morning. So if you couldn’t tell by now, I’ll pretty much miss everything about you.

I’m thankful that I do have a bunch of meetings with some producers about potential upcoming projects over the next couple weeks, so I’ll have some distractions from thinking about you every minute of the day. I’ll let you know if anything lands! I hope to come and see you soon. Babe, you’re gonna kick ass on this new film. I’m so proud of you. You better send me pics from set. My lips are sealed! Ok go get some sleep. I’ll miss you so much. I already do.

I love you. Xx

Love, Cait

A tear rolled down Sam’s cheek and landed on the letter. He held it up close to his heart. He missed her desperately already. Sam closed his eyes and before he knew it he drifted off to sleep, thinking of nothing but her.