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When the Wind Blows

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The snow started to fall as winter was in full force. New York City looked like a magical wonderland with holiday lights lining the trees outside and the dusting of snow covering the street signs and railings of the brownstone. Sam and Caitriona were at his place, sitting on the rug in front of the fire with a blanket and a bottle of red wine. Cait was leaning back against him, sitting between his outstretched legs. He was stroking her hair as music was playing softly in the background.

It was 2 weeks until Sam was leaving to go back to Scotland, then off to South Africa to shoot his new comic book movie. Caitriona was wrapping on her film in about a weeks time.
They spent just about the last 3 months together, seeing each other whenever humanly possible.

“Two weeks,” she paused, staring straight ahead. “I know we haven’t talked much about it, and I haven’t even wanted to because that would make it more real. What am I gonna do without you every day?” Caitriona’s voice was barely audible.

Sam buried his head in her neck and hair, softly kissing her on the shoulder.
He squeezed her tight. “We’ll find a way to make it work. I can’t lose you now,” he whispered against her cheek. “These have been the best three months, possibly of my entire life. No way can or will I let you go.”

Caitriona swiveled around so they were face to face, crossing her legs in front of him. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled the blanket up over her shoulders.

“But how is that going to be possible? Scotland, let alone South Africa is so far away. When would I even see you?” Her head dropped down and landed against his chest. He set his glass of wine down and lifted her chin. He kissed her softly, lingering against her lips.
Letting out a pained sigh, he looked her right in the eyes. “I promise ye, here and now, no matter what we’ll find a way.”
With his arms still around her, Cait sunk into him. They sat there holding each other for what seemed like an hour. The snow was starting to stick against the window pane, swirling around like if someone shook a snow globe. Music hummed in the background and the fire was crackling against the logs. It was simply the most romantic setting, but there was a sadness in the air.

“I kinda got used to you, you know. I blame you for it.” She gave him a light shove. This was the first giggle and smile that crossed Caitriona’s face all night.
“Oh it’s my fault, aye? Well I blame you because you’re so amazing and perfect, how could anyone possibly stay away.” Sam smiled against her hair. They loved teasing each other the way they did. He just lived to make her laugh.

“Your giggle is my most favorite thing,” Sam beamed.
“Your most favorite thing??” Caitriona’s eyes got big.
“Ehrm, well, ONE of my most favorite things about you,” Sam said as he patted her on the butt.
“Haha I thought so!”

Caitriona lifted her hand out from under the blanket and ran her fingers through his curls, stopping at the base of his neck she pulled him into her. They kissed passionately, a feeling of need and longing permeating through them.
“Mmmm...can I keep your lips here with me?” Cait asked as she bit down and gently sucked on his lower lip.
“Oh you can keep my entire body with you. And do with it as ye please. What I wouldn’t give,” Sam moaned.

Sam took her glass of wine, moving it onto the coffee table, and tossed the blanket off to the side. “In these next two weeks you’ll be lucky if I ever let you out from under me.”
“Oh I’ll be lucky if you never do,” Cait murmured into his ear.

In that moment Sam pushed her down on her back, climbing on top. He pulled at her white, worn t-shirt and ripped it off over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra and his hands and mouth were suddenly on her in seconds. He tugged off her gray sweatpants as she grabbed at his boxer briefs, yanking them down to his ankles. Her panties were quick to follow.
She pulled off his T-shirt and they were finally both naked, filled with want and desire. Yearning for each other like never before.

“Make love to me, Sam, and never stop.” Caitriona’s body quivered with his every touch. He was hers and he always would be.

He found his way into her right then, slow and steady this time as their eyes were fixed on each other. It was almost as if they were memorizing each other’s face, every movement, every feeling. Sam rhythmically moved inside her as beads of sweat started to form on his forehead. Their pacing began to quicken. Then slowed again. Then quicken once more. They wanted to savor every single moment of being together.

Leaning his head down, Sam lightly kissed Cait’s lips, not breaking stride, their bodies pressed firmly against each other. Looking down at her, he began to caress her face, a smile crossing his lips.

“Cait.” He swallowed then caught his breath.
“I love you.” His voice cracked as tears welled up in his eyes. “I wanted to say that to ye from the moment we met. I feel so unbelievably lucky that I found you. That we found each other.”

Caitriona knew he loved her for quite some time, but to hear those words, it brought her to tears. It filled her heart with such joy, such happiness. The kind of happiness she’s always dreamed about but never truly lucky enough to experience, until she met him. She felt the exact same way. She had for so long.

Sam put his hand to her face and caught her tear, brushing it away with his thumb.

“I love you too, Sam. More than you know. There was something so special about you when we met on that bench. I felt an electricity. I felt alive. You woke up my heart. And when you asked me to dance at that restaurant, and held me tight....I knew right then and there that you were it for me. You’re my soulmate. My best friend. My equal.” Smiling through tears... “My favorite person in this world.”

There was a difference to their lovemaking that night. They’ve always felt a strong connection from the very beginning, but they became one in that moment.

“We’ll find a way,” he repeated again, making sure she really knew he was going to do everything he could to keep them together.
They continued to make love until the wee hours, until they fell asleep in each other’s embrace.

They spent all of next morning in bed, with Sam briefly getting up to make her breakfast. He loved to cook. Especially for her. It helped to quiet his mind. He didn’t want to think about anything else these next two weeks but focusing on one day at a time with Cait.
“For you, milady.”
“Mmmm eggs and avocado toast. You’re too good to me,” she smiled as she kissed his lips. They lay in bed sharing breakfast, taking turns feeding each other and giggling all morning.

“I hate to ruin the mood, but I have to work tonight. We’re doing a night shoot and I need to get home and prepare,” Cait groaned, looking up at him with a big frown.
“Noooo,” Sam pouted. “I really don’t want to let you out of this bed.” He grabbed her into a bear hug and they lay together for another half hour.
After smothering her with kisses, she headed out.

Cait was on set late that night when she felt her phone vibrate. She smiled and knew right away who it was.

So whatcha doin, pretty lady?

I’m on break right now. We’re filming exterior shots at a house. I’m so tired. You wore me out last night.

Cait saw him start typing right away. She saw the dots begin to form...

Oh and I have a few ideas of what I’d like to do to you right now, come to think of it.

A blush crossed her face and she looked around to make sure no one was watching. She was grinning down at her phone, biting her lower lip.

Sam, don’t you dare do this to me right now. I have to get back to work soon and at this rate I won’t be able to concentrate.

Ok, then I won’t tell you what I’m doing right this very minute.

Caitriona was more than tempted to ask, even picturing him, but she was due back on set in 5 minutes.

How about you just show me tomorrow. Deal?

You strike a hard bargain, Balfe. Hard being the operative word here. Oh oops, I’ve said too much. You need to get back to work so I’ll let you get to it.

Flushed now, Caitriona thought of nothing but seeing that for herself.

Oh you’re gonna get it for that, Heughan.

I’m counting on it. Until tomorrow. Have a good rest of the shoot. I can’t promise I won’t...handle something on my own while I think about you tonight.

Sam, you definitely don’t play fair. And I like it. Until tomorrow.

And with that she put her phone away and got back to set.

Caitriona slept most of the day after she finished filming. She barely heard her phone ring around noon.

She picked it up and uttered a groggy hello.

“Did I wake you?” Sam’s voice was soft, almost at a whisper.

“Mmmm sort of, but it’s a great way to wake up. Well, second best way.” Even though Caitriona was half asleep, she always had naughty thoughts about Sam.

“Oh good answer.” There was more of a pep in his voice now after hearing that. “So the reason why I called, other than to simply hear your voice, is to cordially invite you to drinks at MOMA tonight, followed by dinner at my place. MOMA is having a new artist unveil some pieces so there’s a bit of a reception. Thought it might be fun. Will you do me the honor of having the prettiest girl on my arm tonight?” Sam was holding his breath even though he knew she would say yes. Or rather hoping.

“That sounds perfect,” she said smiling into the phone.

“Great! I’ll pick you up at 6.”

“It’s a date,” Cait said, giddy with excitement. “Hey, Sam,” she paused, taking a breath. “I love you.”

Sam’s eyes closed and he sighed deeply. He was so in love with this girl.
“I love you, too. See you later.”