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When the Wind Blows

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The sun came shining brightly into the bedroom through the white curtains hanging from the window.
Cait rolled over and was face to face with a sleeping Sam.

“So it wasn’t a dream,” she whispered as she softly stroked the side of his face with her fingertips not yet wanting to wake him up. He looked so peaceful. She watched his chest rise and fall with every breath. She wanted to live in this moment forever. It was barely 7am, and if she had her way she’d stay in bed with him all day. Cait’s cheeks suddenly became pink as she thought back to last night. They fit so perfectly together. In every way possible. She felt so completely comfortable with him like they’d known each other for years. A smile appeared on her face and she wondered if he felt the same. She was just now seeing what his room looked like in the light of day. He was quite neat for a guy, she thought! Sam was a big rugby fan so there was a signed jersey framed on his wall. He was also a gym rat so there were dumbbells and barbells and resistance bands in the corner of the room.
“A motorcycle helmet! He forgot to mention that,” Cait said to herself. She could just picture being on the back of his bike, gripping around his waist tightly, while her thighs were pressed firmly against his. Oh she was definitely getting a ride on that.

Caitriona loved watching him sleep. She loved that he had more growth on his face this morning than last night. That stubble. It did things to her last night. She wanted it to do things to her again this morning. She never wanted him to shave that beard. With that thought, she gently put her face against his and kissed him softly on the mouth, then each cheek, eyelids, nose, chin. He smelled and felt so good. She couldn’t help herself. Sam started to stir when he felt her lips on his, and without opening his eyes he welcomed those lips and parted them with his tongue.

“Mmmm...good morning, beautiful. So this wasn’t a dream. Thank Christ.”
“I said the same thing when I woke up with you lying next to me,” Cait said as her chin lay on his shoulder.
“Great minds, aye?”

“How did you sleep?” Sam sleepily asked.
“I was in your arms. It was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while.” Suddenly shy, Cait blushed.
“For me too,” Sam said with a big toothy grin. Eyes still squinted closed.

“So...what are you up to today, Sam?”

“I’m all yours, if ye’ll have me.”

“I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d rather spend the day with.” Cait was beaming. Glowing, actually. An entire day with this incredible man.

“But...first things first.” Without warning, Sam rolled on top of her.
“Oh, well, good morning. Someone’s awake.” Cait bit her lip and breathed in deeply as she already felt how excited he was pressed up against her. She started to feel highly aroused and wanted him to know it.
“Aye. He has a mind of his own, and can’t help himself around you,” Sam said, looking quite pleased.
Cait took his hand and brought it down between her legs. She moved his fingers around inside her.
“Seems as though you’re not the only one,” Cait vocalized.

She was wet to the touch. Sam closed his eyes as he began to take a deep breath in while pushing up against her in a slow and methodical way. He wasn’t going to enter her just yet. Cait started to tremble. She moved her hands around Sam and grabbed his backside and began massaging and pulling him towards her even more forcefully against her sex. They were moaning with intense pleasure and gyrating against each other.

“Sam, I can’t take it anymore. I want you inside me.” Cait’s body was screaming for him. She wanted to feel every inch.

“How much, mo nighean donn...”
“So much so that I’ll cum right on your fingers if you don’t enter me right now.”
With that, Sam grabbed himself and was far from gentle this time as he pushed himself deep within her throbbing walls. They both reacted fervently by digging their fingers into each other as they let out a cry. He hammered into her faster and faster until neither could take it anymore. Once again they orgasmed simultaneously. Cait's legs were so tightly wrapped around him as her toes curled and her back arched. Sam threw his head back with such a euphoria on his face, it was almost as if he was on the most wonderful rollercoaster ride of his life. They were both completely spent. Sam collapsed on top of her, rolled off, and propped himself up on his elbow to face her. They looked at each other with such tranquility, they were simply lost in each other.

“Remember when I said good morning? Now I’d like to rephrase if I may. Great morning!” Cait giggled and buried her head in his shoulder. Her giggle was contagious.

“Verra great morning!” Sam’s expression was soft and full of tenderness for this woman who completely bewitched him from the moment they met.

“I just had a thought. Well, yes, that is still top of mind,” Sam said as he booped her nose with his finger... “But another thought. How do u feel about ice skating? It’s not yet winter but I believe they opened Wollman Rink just a few weeks ago. We can go back to Central Park and go for a skate. And naturally grab some hot chocolate. What do ye think?” Sam was giddy. He was the most adorably, sweet man she’s ever met. He was so very romantic and yet she loved his childlike exuberance.

“I absolutely love that idea. Although I’d love doing just about anything with you.” They locked fingers and Sam pressed his lips once more against her soft skin.

“How about we get a shower first and then pick up some breakfast along the way to eat at the park?”
“Sounds absolutely perfect.” Cait was radiating with joy at the thought.

“Well now, I think we should conserve water and shower together. Ye ken? Quite important for the environment.” Sam was trying to be all serious, but a sliver of a half smile made an appearance.
“Haha. So thoughtful of you, Heughan,” she teased. “But heck, I’ve always been a proponent of water conservation.”

Sam planted a kiss on Cait before getting out of bed to walk over to the bathroom right outside his bedroom. She gave him a little pat as he got up.
“Nice arse,” Cait winked.
“Oh, it doesna even come close to your perfect rear, babe.”

She heard Sam turn on the water. Cait sat up, looking around. “I could get used to this,” she murmured to herself.

Lost in thought, she then heard Sam’s voice... “Are ye coming, Lass? Water is nice and warm and I need someone to wash my back.”
She could have sworn she heard him smile when he said that. If one can actually hear a smile.
“Wild horses can’t keep me away,” she yelled through the wall as she got out of bed.

Cait exited the bedroom, turning left into the hallway and walked into the bathroom. She stood there for a minute admiring this beautiful man. He was even sexier all wet, with those chiseled abs glistening from the water, and those curls falling in his face.

“Hey, save some hot water for me, would ya?” And with that, she slid the glass door open and stepped in.
Sam smiled and immediately grabbed her, moving her into the oncoming stream from the shower head.
“Damn you’re sexy,” he said, exhaling, as he ran his hands over her hair while the water soaked them both.
They kissed under the running water. Hands running up and down each other’s body in a very sensual manner. They were pressed so closely together there wasn’t even any room for the water to seep through. They weren’t fans of personal space when together.

“Me first?” Cait said, eyeing the soap over on the ledge.
“Oh it will be my pleasure to service you first.”
“Washing my body...I mean, Sam,” she said with a playful chuckle.
“Oh...right. I knew that.” Sam gave her a pouty lip and puppy dog eyes
“Don’t even try it, Heughan. I’m quite sore from last night and this morning.”
“Aye, and I mean to make you even more sore later,” Sam confidently said with a mischievous grin.
“Soap first, mister.”
Sam obliged. Happily. Any excuse to touch her beautiful body would get no objection from him. He lathered the soap in his hands, pulled her away from the running water, and turned her around. “Back first.” Sam was admiring this exquisite woman standing in front of him with her porcelain skin and the roundest arse he’d ever seen.
“What are you doing back there, Sam? I don’t feel anything yet,” she said without turning around.
“Oh if you wanna feel something, I’d be happy to...”
“Sam! Soap.” She tried to stifle a laugh but it didn’t quite stay hidden. Sam reached his arms around her giving her a squeeze and a firm kiss on her neck.
“Ok ok, soap first.”

He started at her neck and ever so slowly ran his hands over her shoulders, down her arms, on to her back, and then her backside. He spent quite a bit of time on that particular area.
Cait didn’t mind one bit. His hands on her body felt so good. He had such big hands, with beautiful long fingers. Those fingers. He sure knew how to use them. Cait began to get quite warm, and it wasn’t from the hot water. She didn’t realize she let out a moan until Sam commented.
“Oh I do love the sound of your moan...” He murmured in her ear. Sam was now on his knees soaping up her legs, and being quite thorough with her inner thighs. He was planting small kisses on her buttocks while his hands were surrounding her. Cait began to moan even more.

“Ok...” breathing deeply, “now I get to do your front. Umm...wash your front that is. For now,” Sam said as he kissed the back of her legs and began to stand up.

Cait happily turned around, grabbing his bum and pulling him into her.
Sam almost lost his balance. “Oh my...I thought you wanted me to wash your front.”
“Oh I do. But I couldn’t help myself right there. Hope you don’t mind?” Cait was extremely playful and enjoyed teasing him.
“Never will I ever mind you grabbing me,” he mouthed at her while giving her that piercing stare he does.

Sam soaped up his hands even more, but this time he kept hold of the soap, as well. Cait tilted her head back, and Sam kissed her neck, licking up to her ear, before lathering her. Cait was trying to keep still which was quite a difficult feat. He moved down to her breasts using the soap to draw around each one, then putting the soap down so he could use both hands. It was so sensual and slippery as he massaged each one, playing with her nipple as he did. Cait grabbed on to his shoulders to keep her balance while her eyes were closed, savoring every second. He traveled down her stomach and on to her sex. “I need to be thorough after all,” he breathlessly uttered. Sam’s fingers entered her and began moving slowly around. Cait’s legs began to buckle, but Sam held her up with his arm.
He then got on his knees again and soaped up the front of her thighs and calves. His hands were so strong, yet gentle. Cait opened her eyes and looked down at him. He looked up at her in such a way she thought she was gonna explode right then and there. He then kissed her inner thighs. “Oh my god,” Cait gasped. His beard was tickling her in such a way she could barely stand it. He was running his lips gently up and down her inner thighs, and then kissed her. There. Where she was already so incredibly sensitive. Cait grabbed his head with one hand while holding onto the railing with the other. With reckless abandon he began flicking his tongue in and out and all around.
“Saaaaam.” Was all she could utter.

He kissed her there firmly then slowly stood up. She could see he was just as turned on as she was. She loved seeing him like that. She loved what she did to him.
“Well then, I suppose it’s your turn,” Cait said with bated breath.

She grabbed his face and pulled him to her hard, and with purpose, while her tongue did the rest.
She then turned him around, soaping up his muscular back. Her hands moved forward and traveled to his chest, as she began sliding them up and down. Sam leaned his head back as he reached around to her and fondled her arse. She started to bend down to work his legs. He had the most rock solid thighs and adorably skinny, yet strong calves.
“Ok, now I get to do your front. Sounds quite familiar, huh?” She said and laughed.
Sam obeyed and faced her. He moved some strands of hair out of her face. This act was beginning to be one of her favorite and sexiest things he does to her.
She spread the soap across his chest and down to his hips, stopping briefly to look up at him. With her eyes locked on him, she trailed her hands down and wrapped them around his hard member. Sam gasped. She took him off guard. He loved when she did that. With the soap on her hands he was even more slick as she gripped him and slid her hand up and down from base to tip.

“O mo chreach,” Sam conveyed open mouthed and breathless.
Cait kneeled down, with her hand still holding him, and without warning she took him in her mouth. She didn’t care about the soap, she only wanted him. She sucked gently, opening her throat even more so she could take him all in. Sam’s legs began to tense up and he grabbed at Cait’s hair and moved along with her as she went up and down on him. She stopped, looking up at him and she could see the pleasure all over his face.

“I guess we got a bit off track there with the washing, huh,” Cait said in a coquettish manor.
“Oh I think we stayed right on track,” he said, trying to find his voice after that mind altering encounter.

They quickly washed their hair and stepped out of the shower to dry off.
“Umm...rain check, mr Heughan?”
“Oh most definitely, ms Balfe.”

“Because a wee bit distracted and stayed in the shower for quite a while, how about I cook you breakfast instead? Then we can head to Central Park.”

“Sounds perfect,” Cait said as she turned off the water and grabbed the towel, wrapping both of them in it.

“Do you like pancakes? I can’t promise they’ll turn out great, as I’ve burned a few in the past,” he chuckled, red faced, “but I’d love to make them for you.”
“I love pancakes. Even burnt ones,” she said with a smile as she kissed his lips.

They ate breakfast together, with wet hair, wearing towels, and talking and laughing the entire time. It was the most perfect start to their day.