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Bite Me, Baby

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Jimin knows he's being stupid, he's only eighteen. Most omegas get mated when they're in their late twenties.

He knows Jungkook loves him, he doesn't need a mark to prove that. Yet, there's this nagging in his stomach. Urging him to be claimed, to feel safe and be able to show off his mating mark.

The nagging got worse whenever he'd see Jungkook with another omega, a prettier one. Jungkook was popular, captain of the football team and all. Omegas were all over him, shoving Jimin aside to congratulate him whenever their team won a game. 

It took a while before he found the courage to tell Jungkook about his worries, his heart beating in his chest as he stammered the words out. 

"Jiminnie, we're still in high school! Stop thinking so much, baby," Jungkook said, booping his smaller boyfriend's nose, "We've got the rest of our lives to be together." Then he ran off to play some runny, manly sport with the other alphas.

Leaving Jimin, once again, alone with his thoughts. 

He'd, somehow, forgotten about it for a week. He was smiling and talking with Taehyung at one of the school's football games. Jungkook and his team were just about to jog onto the field when Taehyung stopped midsentence, eyes focused behind Jimin. 

Frowning, Jimin turned around. His breath stilled when he saw Jungkook leaning over the bright yellow fence, smiling at a girl in the bleachers. He felt nauseous. 


Forcing a smile onto his face, Jimin turned back to Taehyung. 

"Do you know her?" Jimin couldn't answer, only shaking his head, smile straining. 

Taehyung frowned, "Oh, okay."

Jimin couldn't focus for the rest of the game. 

School days dragged on, Jimin counting down the days until graduation. 5 left, then it's over.

His hands start shaking when he thinks of the future, worries about him and Jungkook clouding his mind. Usually his boyfriend would be there, lavender scent calming him down. But it's been awhile since they've seen each other, nothing more than a goodnight text per day.

Jimin felt lost without the comforting scent of his alpha. Scolding himself for being so paranoid, he picked up the phone. Surely he could just call his boyfriend if he missed him? I don't know why you're panicking. It's just Jungkook. 

It took four rings for Jungkook to pick up. A gruff, "Hello? Jimin?" making his hands sweat.

"Kookie! Hi," he stuttered, closing his eyes at the annoying sound of his voice.

"Something wrong, baby?"

"I missed you, that's all. Are you busy?"

A soft chuckle made Jimin's heart skip a beat, "Not really. Want me to come over, sweets?"

That's his Jungkook.

It took less than ten minutes for the doorbell to ring, Jimin practically skipping over to open it. As soon as his boyfriend's scent wrapped around him, Jimin sighed, standing on his tiptoes to peck Jungkook's lips.

"You missed me a lot, huh?" Jungkook smirked, arms wrapped around his waist.

"Mhm. Now, you owe me cuddles and lots of kisses!"

Quickly, Jungkook picks Jimin up, tbrowing him over his shoulder before delivering a fast slap to his ass. "Let's go then, little omega."

An hour into the movie, Jimin starts getting restless. Jungkook's been checking his phone every few minutes and he's hardly paid his boyfriend any attention

. Jimin sighs at himself, at how needy and controlling he's being. 

Funny how the short ding of Jungkook's phone could turn the whole mood sour. 

"Who's that?" Jimin questioned, staring at Jungkook's tapping fingers. 

"N'one," he replied absent-mindedly, smiling when he finished typing. 

"Then why are you smiling?" Jimin prodded, causing Jungkook to look up with a frown. 

"Does it matter?" 

"Yes, you smell different." Jimin points out the thing that's bothered him since Jungkook walked in. Something flashes in Jungkook's eyes, his scent turns sour. Fear

"No, I... Jimin, why are you interrogating me like I'm some criminal?" 

"Why are acting like one?!" 

"Oh, so now I'm acting like a criminal? What the fuck has gotten in to you?" With that he gets up off the couch, grabbing his shoes. 

"Where are you going?" Jimin asks, getting up after him. 

"To get some air, Jimin. I need to calm down." 

"You mean you're gonna meet some pretty little omega and fuck her?" Once he's said it, he wishes he didn't. He wishes he didn't see the way Jungkook's face changed, hurt and anger mixing in his eyes. 

"That's what you think of me? Two years, Jimin. We've been together two fucking years and you can't even trust me yet?" Their scents are sour, clashing together and Jimin can't breath. 

"What did I even do?" 

"Stop doing things behind my back!" 

"Can't I have any space?!" 

"Oh, you can have space, and freedom and you can go fuck that stupid omega. I don't care anymore!" 

"I can't believe you!" 

"Then don't! Bye, Jungkook, get the fuck out of my house." 

Jimin's crying, tears making everything blurry. He doesn't see Jungkook leave but he hears the front door open and slam shut. He doesn't notice falling to the floor, the tiles digging into his knees. Sob after sob wracks his body, heart clenching and he feels as if he'll tear apart. The pain is too much and he just wants to be numb, numb, numb

He's stumbling to the bathroom, vision still blurred as he yanks open cabinets, grabs bottles. 

He's emptying them into his hands, all different colours. 

Then he stops. 

Jimin knows what'll happen if he swallows these. He knows what he's doing. Then he thinks of the hurt in Jungkook's eyes, the pretty smile of the omega that sat next to him.

And it's all his fault.

He made Jungkook angry. He wasn't pretty enough, he wasn't popular enough, he wasn't smart enough. He wasn't enough. He couldn't keep the only thing making him happy. The pain in his head, heart and stomach urges him on. He empties the other bottles but there's banging on the bathroom door.

He didn't notice locking it.

"Jimin! Baby, open! Please!" 

Jimin starts laughing, his stupid mind thinks Jungkook's here? What a joke. 

"Baby, move away from the door. I'm coming!" Jimin ignores it, counting the small pills. 

The door crashes down next to him, Jimin staring at it in awe.

Then there are arms wrapping around him. "Baby, give them to me, please, baby."

Why was Jungkook crying? Jimin should be the one crying. "Minnie, give me the pills, baby. P-please." 


Jungkook pulls him to the ground, sits right there on the tiles with Jimin in his lap. He carefully takes the pills from Jimin's hand, reaching to throw them into the toilet. Then he closes his eyes and silently cries into Jimin's hair. 

He's stroking Jungkook's back, humming a tune. 

"You saved me, Kookie-ah, you saved me."

"I'll always be here to save you," Jungkook whispers, kissing his boyfriend's temple. 

"We need to talk. Like grown-ups." Jimin says, lifting Jungkook's chin so that they're looking each other in they eyes. 

"Minnie," he says, voice breaking, "I love you. So much. But I'm scared, fuck hyung, I'm so fucking scared. I want to mate you. I want to make you mine, my omega, no one else's. But what if I don't make you happy? What if you're stuck with me because you thought it was the right choice at eighteen."

Jimin's mouth forms a small o, but Jungkook continues before he can interrupt. 

"This isn't how I wanted to ask. I wanted it to be special, I planned it out. But I messed up, I panicked and I messed it all up. I thought I had to ask other omegas for help... The girl, the texts and I just- just got so stressed and flinchy when you asked about it. I'm sorry Jiminnie, I'm so sorry. I tried planning the perfect proposal without realizing that you'd love it either way. But I'm ready, now. I can do this. Park Jimin, if you'll have me, will you please make me the happiest, luckiest alpha in the world, and be my mate?" 

"Kook," Jimin breathed, leaning his forehead on his alpha's, "no."

Jungkook bodily flinched, "Wha-?" 

“I can see you're not ready, baby. And that's okay. We'll work through this. It's us, Kookie. We could go through anything and come out stronger. So, thank you, baby, for asking me, for loving me. But we should be ready for it. I love you always, dumb alpha."

Jungkook can't hide the relief in his smile, kissing his omega again. "Love you more, my stupid omega."




so my angst sucks but I hopehthis is readable-ish. Guys, feel free to request me ANYTHING. I'd love it so muuuuch!!