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November 2012

He ran fast toward the school bathroom, avoiding everyone on his way. It was a question of death or life.
Trying to not let the tears fall, he opened quickly the toilet door and locked himself in it.

His back lean against the cold wall, breathless. He sighed of relief. He had the time to hide.
But it wouldn't mean he is totally safe as the last time they practically broke the door.

Something he wonder, why him? A simple teenager who didn't ask anything, why they need to make him suffer daily? What did he do to all of them?

"Hey Kim, we know you here"
He suddenly heard the voice he would never hear again, the voice of all his sufferance.
That high but still raspy voice.
Why would he do that to him?  He have everything who don't match with his gross personality, a baby face, little hands. Except  those muscled arm and tiny body.

He knew they were here...
Behind the door.
Waiting for him to exit.
But that would equal to death. To see their executioner faces and their scissors, knife.

They were here.. especially him, the worst humain being. The one who made a hell of Taehyung life in high school.

"Comm'on my lady, we want to see you, you know, we wouldn't hurt you more than last time"

Sudendly he heard a noise and removed his head of his crossed arms to see the door handle fall which made which made him jump.

Oh no... They broke it, that mean it will begin. Torturing him.
He panicked and didn't know where to go.

The door slammed against the wall making an horrible noise.

"Ah you are here... happy to see us baby?"
He laughed ironically, Taehyung saw a smirk drawing on his face.
This face he was afraid of, he saw in his worst dream every night when he could fall asleep after insomnia a long time because he was imagining of what would happen tomorrow.

He saw also his "dogs" behind, those who followed him. Those who was his so called friends. Namjoon and Hoseok. Namjoon
was very sadistic and liked to hurt people. And Hoseok just followed order, you couldn't really know his personality. He was kind of expressionless.

"What are you waiting for? Help me."

He came near to him and kneeled. Taehyung could hear his heart bumping of fear. They had a two second eye contact before he gently caressed his face while
Taehyung was trembling.

He was doing it to chill Taehyung.

"See, I'm not doing anything bad"
When he seemed finally calm. 
He took his neck and Taehyung
felt the warm skin of the owner.
Before he spit on his face.

The others laughed, Taehyung didn't do anything didn't even whipped.

"Wait we will clean you"

The thing Taehyung wish he didn't heard. The thing he hated the most.

Namjoon took him under his armpit and dragged him to the lavatory.
He felt a hand on his neck before having his head plunged there.

He couldn't breath under water but they forced him to stay in it.
He had it in his nose, eyes everywhere.

After 2 minutes, they stopped and he could look up to finally breath. His face all read and wet.

"Okay guys, now can you leave? You did a great work but I need to say some things to that trashy guy"

They seemed surprised and didn't move.

"Are you sure..?"

"Yeah I said leave" he cut them drily.

It was unusual, they never properly talked exept when they tortured him.

Taehyung turned a bit to see his thoughtful face, he seemed to reflect which made him gulp. What was going to happen? Will he be hit him? Slap him on the face? Cut his arm with a razor blade.

He was more afraid even cause he was alone with the devil.

"What are you looking for?" He asked despise in his voice.

Taehyung immediately lowered his glares.

When Taehyung listened to him, he evilly smirked.

"You know, you think we are bullying you without any reasons. But you are wrong all is  your fucking fault. "

It's made Taehyung heart harsh.
What did he do? He is lying, he is surely lying. He did nothing wrong.

"You don't deserve to live, you are disgusting, weak, ugly...
People like you shouldn't exist and you delay the evolution of the world
You deserves to suffer"

His words make Taehyung cry, tears began to drop down his check.
Even though he was speaking nonsense.

"Oh you are crying?" He asked with a little voice.

He came near to him, Taehyung heard his steps before he stopped in front of him.

"No need to cry, it's life sweety"

He lifted his chin to make Taehyung look at him.

"You are not that bad looking to be honest, I could use you for some of my natural needs"

"That mouth" he puffed Taehyung checks with his small fingers, his longs nails hurting him.

He knew what it implied. No he wouldn't, he wouldn't give him a blow job.
This is disgusting, and especially to him.
Before he could understand, he felt something wet on his arms.

Taehyung saw him licking his scar and injury.

"Hey what... what are you doing??"

He literally was going to be raped. He could bear being kicked, cutted but not rape.
He still have some self love.

"Please someone...helpmmff.."

He put a hand on his mouth.
"Shut up little slut! It's your luckiest day,you can finally take it up the ass"

Taehyung was grossed out by his words. He continued to trying to push him.

"Hey stop wh.."

"Hey, who is here?? I'm going to close the bathroom"

it was the supervisor voice, he got afraid and let Taehyung fall on the floor immediately.
And exited without even looking at him.

"Oh...its me sorry, I had a problem you see "
He heard him skittering trying to soothe the supervisor.
" Okay, quickly go to class" he cut him severely.

"There are no reasons for a student to stay that long time at bathroom"

"Yeah I'm sorry" he heard him apologise and his steps become more far.

Taehyung heard the supervisor key's closing the bathroom.
It was the first time he missed a lessons.

"I am alone" he mumbled while laying on the floor
"Totally alone"

He wanted to kill himself but he then remember hid grandma who loved him so much and he c I can't.
If only he could live a normal life, have friends like everybody, don't be harassed and kicked daily. He hate so much that person who inflict all of it to him, he hates so much Park Jimin.

I hope you die Park Jimin, I hope you burn in hell or if there are no hell and heaven in the next life. I hope someone make you suffering,  like you made me suffer.



Jimin quickly took his phone and clicked on the first name on his contact.

"Jungkook, it's me"

"What happened Jimin? You know I just came from back from my singing lessons and I'm   very tired."

" I'm sorry Jungkook to disturb you, but honestly today I messed up, I die the worse.."

Jungkook sudendly seemed interested.
" what did my dumb best friend do again? Is it linked to your crush?"

Jimin sighed, it was. He really was dumb. He was so in love with that boy since the moment he saw him at the back of the classroom.
Taehyung was pretty, cute, smart. Weak at sport but that what make Jimin wanting to protect him.

But he couldn't admit it's the feeling of love. He couldn't believe the first attraction he had was for a boy, a boy like Taehyung who was 0 at the social scale of the high school.

"yeah, it's Jungkook, and I'm the worst humain being, I literally tried to rape him, if you only saw his face before"

He said with a raspy voice.

"Hum...yeah you are a fucking idiot, an asshole.
You have no logic in you, if you like him you should confess. Why would you bully him."

Jimin thought about it already. But he couldn't admit it, he wanted Taehyung to hate him, very much. So he never could kiss him, and say that he is crazy about him and that he is the cause of his sleepeless night. And when he have dream, he always wake up all sweaty and hard.
So he need to run to the bathroom and " to serve himself".
"No Jungkook, it would literally be a social suicide.
I would lost my reputation and all my friends.
Beside I'm not even accepted it myself and he hate me after all I did. So that not worth it."

"Okay, do what you want. But know everything will return against you one day. And you will never get anything of it.
You should stop bullying him at least."

" I will try"

Jimin hung up the phone and sighed while putting his head against the wall.
His hypermasculine image is what made him popular at high school and respected by everyone. At the beginning he was rejected also and weak, then in the end of the middle school he began to exercise and now girls were crazy about him. Boys were fearful of him.
And he made "amazing" friends. Who were here probably here for his popularity. The only true friend was his best friend Jungkook from Busan, when he lived there. But at 12 he came to Seoul. He still kept contact with him even if Jungkook is often busy with sport studies  and his musical career.
He knew he will never loose him. But he was afraid to loose the others, and become like Taehyung.

Ah Taehyung ...he thought will putting his hand on his hardened member.

"If only you knew how much you mean to me and how I'm wet for you"

He began to stroke himself with Taehyung in his thoughts, letting his imagination take him into  the world of the ecstasy and desire.

It's was disgusting after all he did to him but he didn't know how to do otherwise.

March 2015

Jimin finally graduated, he was accompanied by his friend Hoseok at his left side. They were going to celebrate that.

He lost all news about Taehyung since he got hospitalised two year ago.
The last information he heard was that he went back to Daegu, his birth place.

"You are doing great Jimin, since Namjoon got transfered to an another high school, your grades improved" said Hoseok while lightening a cigaret.

"Stop that shit" he tried to remove the cigarette from Hoseok hands.

He kind of knew Hoseok didn't gave a fuck about Namjoon. It's kind of a confirmation his friends are a bunch of fake people.

But that was true that since Namjoon changed his high school he improved his grades. He don't miss any lessons. Namjoon was a bad influence on him.

"Wait I will come back in like 2 min"

"Where are you going?? " he heard Hoseok voice calling him.

But he didn't answered and went the opposite way.

He was going to change, all his relation ship.

April 2018 

Jimin was in front of his mirror, putting on his new golden saphir earrings.
He appreciated the view and how they looked cute on his small ears.

" Perfect " he said and applied pink lipstick on his dry lips.

He continued to put make up on, eyeliner , mascara from hot brands .
It was his favourite hobby.

He finally embraced his soft feminine side, after have removed toxic people 3 year ago from his relation ship.
He accepted the way he is, he start feeling guilty for all he did back in high school to different p people, especially the one he loved.
He accepted his love, his attraction towards guys, it was late. But that make him change, accepting and loving his self.

"Jimin, fucking hell, you are still in front of the mirror??"  asked Jungkook while slamming the door against the wall.

"I don't know if I finally preferred you when you were a brat"

Jimin know it was ironically, he stand up and hugged Jungkook from behind .

"Oh kookie, stop it, you like seeing me pretty don't you?" He tried to be flirty.

Jungkook joined him in Seoul last year since they went to the same university and live now together. They are pretty close, and flirty but they love only each other platonically.

"Get your ass away from me, it's time to go the uni, we have economy lessons"

Jimin last time checked his hair, and followed Jungkook  behind the door. 

Daegu 12:34

A tall man was drinking tea, holding the small cup with his long fingers , ring around one of  them. 

He was waiting for his friend in the coffee shop next to the building where he works. 

His wrist were decorated with a lot of bracelets, hiding his past injuries, hiding his scars from the whole world. It make him suffer to remember that, that why he want to forget. 

Come back to Daegu was beneficial for him. He could forget his past himself, he could build a new image. Even if he looked strong, the weak  and fairful Taehyung would still be in him.

"I'm  here Taehyung" he heard a voice  behind him. Yoongi entered the coffee shop and sat in front of him.

Yoongi was a friend, a very good friend. He met him in his new high school. He helped him to change. At the beginning Taehyung was very quiet and barely talked to anyone.  He was still under the shock after the hospitalization who lasted more  than a year.

But Yoongi was the first one to talk to him in their common philosophy lesson. Taehyung loved philosophy,he wanted to study to make a work of it so badly but events made he couldn't.

Yoongi supported him and helped him even with his new work that Taehyung wasn't fond of.

"So how everything is going?" asked him Yoongi.

Taehyung sighed and put his chin on his hand. Being a simple secretary wasn't amazing, and he wanted to be honest

"Yoongi, honestly I don't like it at all, I have other dreams. Secretary in estate agency management isn't that great."

"I know you don't like it, look" he took a newspaper beside his back and laid it on the table. Taehyung looked at him confused.

"I found it today  at the train station while going at work"

He showed with his finger an article, Taehyung looked at the pointed article. When he saw the subject, his eye widened. He sudendly wanted to become blind.  The name he hates the most, he wish he would never heard anymore.

"Why are you showing me this? " he asked confused. " You, yourself said to not at the past, to not remember the past me, and you show me the main p..."

"Tae wait" cut him Yoongi. " That why Im showing you it. Look  he succeed in his life. He succeed in his life while ruining your  Taehyung" he said with a sad look.

Taehyung looked at the few first lines of the article.

Park Jimin, a new head for South Korea, the student who reached the first score in the economical exams.

The worlds repeted in his head, he really not only tortured him in high school but also ruined his career. He got hospitalized and lost a year of study.

He remembered himself at work, the work he don't like, where he need to go daily. He also remembered Jimin's bully face. Laughing after assaulting him.

Jimin is now probably happy, with what he want. He probably have the best of life he would wish. He had the possibility of studies. This made Taehyung jealous and especially a desire of avenger growing in his soul.

"Tae do you realise what he did?" He couldn't hear Yoongi voice anymore.

"You need to get a revenge. You need to destroy that face of his"

"Yoongi, I think I will find him and pay for everything I undergo, I am a humain being and he literally stepped on my life. I swear to find him even if it worth my fucking life. Cause I can't live like that"

Yoongi nodded quietly, he was caring about his friend, and wanted him to recover the hapiness, the freedom.

"I will help you Taehyung, first of all we know he is in Seoul right?"

"Yeah, but Seoul is so enormous, I wonder how we will know where he live"

"Wait Taehyung, you will not stalk him near to his home. You need to know where he study.Then you try to met him there" stopped him Yoongi.

Taehyung took his phone and searched for the biggest economical university in Seoul. He found there were two. 

"Oh fuck it's annoying, you can't see the name of the students in it" he said while scrolling the universities official websites.

Anyways I'm gonna find it, I already know he is in economical. That a big point"

"Truely" responded Yoongi while drinking  his coffee that the waitress bring, when she noticed Taehyung she began to eye him up and shyly smile.

Taehyung become very handsome and more masculine than before as he began to practice sport, he wasn't that shy skinny teenager that people mocked or didn't took seriously. 

He was a man, the man that will get a revenge, destroy Park Jimin life. Like he did it a few years ago.

"I don't know still how I will manage to do it but I will destroy his career if everything will happen like I planned"

Seoul, October 2018 Now

After a long months saving the necessary amount of money, Taehyung finally laid his luggage in the center of Seoul. 

He still was shocked by how the city changed, and increased. The last time he was there was in 2013. The store he used to love were remplaced by a chinese restaurant. Even the smell of the streets were differents.

Taehyung took the bus to go the apartment he rent, it was a very good one, with 3 rooms and a cellar. Yoongi helped him to pay it. 

He wasn't planning to stay here too long, just to found Jimin and to settle his accounts with him.

Before searching him, he decided to enjoy a bit of time alone, especially to relax. He laid his luggage and after thinking a bit decided to keep his outfits. A white blouse and black leather pants.

He put a little makeup on and exited. He was going to visit the club in hongdae, the biggest gay club in Seoul. He wanted to have fun and met new people, more a one night stand like he is used too.

People already were checking him out when he came near to the advertissment area. When he entered the light hit him in the face. There were so many people, he couldn't even walk, they were pushing so much. 

A crowd of people dancing and some sucking each other mouth. He sudendly felt disgusted and wanted to leave. The thought of a one night stand wasn't that exiting anymore.

But he saw it would be impossible to go back, with everyone blocking the exit, and as he was already here, he just commended a alcohol drink and sat in front of the bar.

"Ah so boring..." he said to himself while tasting his beer.

While he was drinking he heard a voice, a voice that made him froze.

"Jimin?! Where are you come here, we didn't finish..."

Not the voice, it was unknown, but the name..His eyes widened, he almost choked on his drink. It couldn't happen. No, it's not like he is the only Jimin existing.

He turned his head to verify and stand up. But felt someone bump in him.

"Ah sorry..."apologized a small voice.

He looked at him, and Taehyung saw...He saw the one he didn't want to saw. But the one he target, who made of his life a hell, who he hates the most of the world. It was probably destinity, he didn't even need to search him through all those university.

He saw his innocent face when he apologized. He made an awkward eye contact. He could see that he changed a lot, still smaller than him. But his hair was dyed in pastel pink and he was made up, not even slightly like Taehyung. What was he doing in a gay club? 

"Jimin..." he mumbled.

"Hum? yeah it's me..Do we know each other?" he cutely and shyly answered.

He smelled like alcohol, he probably didn't  even recognized him.

"Not yet but we can try?" Taehyung flirtly answered, with a deep voice.

"Excuse me?" asked Jimin, his checks blushing and looking down while playing with his necklace.

"You are pretty cute, I was wondering if I could have you in my bed for one night?"


Taehyung was kissing him hardly, his tongue fighting with Jimin's, Both on the club sofa. He was totally dominating a drunk Jimin who was only half consious and let him do what he want. He made Jimin laid on his back agaisnt the couch while he was on top of him.

" didn't..huh said me your name" sluttered Jimin while Taehyung was licking his neck.

"No need for it, we will never see each other again"

His hand slipped to Jimin's firmed ass, he could feel Jimin lost his abs, but his body was still toned. 

Damn if he didn't hate him, he could have been a good fuck, a very good one.

"Huh..not there" Jimin's voice was broken with his moans.

"What do you want then? A more private place? Taking you against my walls right" he whispered in his ears. while holding Jimin's hair almost pulling it in his fist.

"Yeah...yeah, please"Jimin moaned through the pain.

Taehyung took sudendly his hand  and they both exited of the clubs while people pushing them on their ways.

When Taehyung brought Jimin in his flat, he laid him on the floor, didn't even bothered to bring him to his bedroom.

"We are doing to do it here?" asked half asleep Jimin.

"Yeah" cut him drily Taehyung.

He quickly pecked him on his lips

"Im going to the bathroom wait here okay?"


Taehyung removed all his make up and his rings from his fingers. The real him could began, the one he wanted to show to Jimin.

When he came back, he saw Jimin sleeping on the floor, he looked so innocent, thought Taehyung. What a pity, with that face and that body to have such a trashy personality. But he will have to paid for all his mistakes since today.

He took his wrist together and took him to the stairs, he already didn't have ideal what he will do with him, but at least he is there, under his control. 

Jimin was now completly in his custody, he could do what he want with him.

When he open the dark cellar, he could the scent of old concrete and painting. He threw Jimin like an object on the cold floor. 

This lowkey reminded him when he used to stay a long time on the bathroom cold floor to avoid him and his group. An acrid taste went on his tongue when the thoughts came in his head.

"It's your turn sweetie" he mumbled while taking a handcuff from his pocket. He took Jimin's delicates wrists and put it around them.

Then he left him there,Jimin unconsciously sleeping on the cellar floor, he then locked the door and went back to his room.

POV Jimin:

I could feel my head hurting so much. I didn't remember anything from yesterday. Just that I went with one of my fuckbuddies in a night club. I probably drank a lot since I had no memory after what happened after. 

Oh fuck..I hate waking up in a stranger bed.

But strangely it doesn't seem it was a soft couch under me, but rather a very cold though ground. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a grey sailing in my view. 

I looked around me, and it looked like a cellar, where the fuck was I?

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I became so scarred as I saw someone unlocking the door, I literally couldn't move, as I tried I noticed my hands was strangely close to each other.
I peaked a bit a it and it made me more anxious.

I was handcuffed. And I have still my yesterday's clothes on me.
I'm dreaming right? It's not like in movie when some psychopath kidnapp you and want someone to pay money for you.

I didn't even worth that much...
When the person pushed the door, I froze.
A tall guy, was there. I couldn't properly saw his face but I gulped.

"Oh I see you are awake honey, how's was the night?" his deep voice echoed in my ears.

Somehow known. I was looking at him trying to see his face while bending right to left.

"Oh so exited to see me? I'm somehow honored. Never knew you waited for me that much"

And when he came near, my heart dropped.

And all my feelings were knotted in a ball

The guy I liked the most back in high school, the one i considered as my first love.

He was so handsome now, he cut his hair before too longs, he wasn't that skinny and have a lot better musculature.
He changed so much, but I still could recognise him.

Cause even if I didn't admit it, and tried to go through it.

There were times, I thought about him, and how could have been our life if I didn't was so cruel.

But then I knew it was impossible, at in a  homophobic circle and society.


Initial pov

" Lost your tongue Jimin?" he said with an ironic smile drawed on his face.

"Tae..."he began sluttering as Taehyung came closer.

"Shuu..oh you remember my name, good. I thought I was insignificant, a trash to you that you would even remember me. I'm surprised and honored to be honest"

He took Jimin tie in his hand which made him gulp in surprise.

"No Taehyung you are not..."

"I know... I learned the lessons, and you are the center of the univers and the most powerful and popular."

Jimin watched him with widened eyes. He wanted to stop him saying those things and insult himself.

"But I guess it can't help you in this situation?"

He lift his hand and Jimin felt his first right in his face.

"Huh...why.." he said his chin against the cold floor. That was harsh and unexpected. He could feel the blood dropping on his white shirt from his nose.
Somehow this situation reminded him of Taehyungs back in high school. He was the one to hit and Taehyung was laid on that cold floor.
He knew the response in deep of him.

"What? You dare to ask me why?"
Taehyung came close and took his chin between his fingers.
Jimin met his dark faze proufond that made him gulp.

"don't you think it's time to pay back? Don't you think I had wait enough"

Jimin now was really afraid, his heart was beating really fast. Because first of all it was the guy of his dream but also because he didn't recognise him, he looked like a psychopath. He looked very serious and Jimin was aware he was alone and Taehyung had all power over him.

" Soft Jiminie, why did you lost you fat baby check"

He then caressed his skin. And Jimin eyes widened of surprise and he could feel the blush on his checks.
His high school crush was complimenting him. How he much he wished it before.

" Tae.."

But Taehyung face sudendly hardened, he lost his sweet smile and split on Jimin's face.

Jimin shocked widened his face.. Taehyung stand up.

"Do you remind it you if something?
When you splited on my face on the school bathroom. Do likes the sensation? Personally I loved it"

Jimin was mute, he couldn't respond. Seeing Taehyung winner face was totally new to him.
He was in fear. Back in yesterday he wished to met Taehyung from all his heart and apologise like crazy, say he didn't mean it. And he was a dumb young scholar.
But now he was here under Taehyung pressure and power. Weak and controlled.

"Jimin would you like me to step on you. It's seem exiting"

And before Jimin could here the end of his sentence, jimin felt Taehyung feet on his hand.

And then Taehyung added pressure. It made Jimin scream.

"You like it? You like pain, like I liked... Thank you for all the pain you offered to me, I will try to pay back"

"Taehyung no..."
He tried when Taehyung hotted him on his cage to tragique.

He yelled the end of the sentence.
But then he lost the sigh when Taehyung kicked him everywhere with his legs or hands.

Jimin didn't knew, he just knew he was hurt. Physically and mentally.
Part of him were guilty, and wanted him to continue . But the other, the humain one, couldn't bear the pain.

When Jimin curled up on himself, all hurted, bruise all over his body, blood on both his nose and lips. His clothes dirty from the floor mixed with blood.
Taehyung stopped finally.

" I hoped you enjoyed sweetie. It's was magical. See you tomorrow we will more enjoy time together"

Then Jimin heard steps receding and the door locking.
Taehyung left him there, beaten up, all dirty.
It came to his mind immediatly, flashbacking back when he left Tae alone, after attempting to  rape him. He left him like a trash. He don't even know what happened to Taehyung after, it was their last meetings. At first he wondered if he succeeded  to exit, or if someone found him and he was scolded or punished to skips lessons while staying in toilets.  But then he forgot, beside he didn't saw him anymore, apparently he was hospitalized. 

Jimin wanted to ask where he was all this time, what he is doing as studies, why did he leave...What happened to him after he left him in the cold bathroom.

All those questions were in his head even though he just were violented, beaten up and was cold. He felt so ashamed and didn't dare to ask Taehyung. Who obviously will reject  him.

Hopefully Taehyung didn't know all the rest of the day, and Jimin spend his day in the  cellar, remembering all their high school years until he fell asleep.


"Yoongi" Taehyung called his friend in Daegu.

He was now relieved and proud, he wanted to announce Yoongi, he succeed and now the revenge can start. 

"I fucking have him in my cellar, imagine? It's better than I thought. I didn't had to search him all the way in universties. I have him under my hand right now and can do whatever I want with him" he spoke up exited.

"Wait what?? How is that possible? Really he is at your home?"

"Tied up, beaten up, I was fucking annoyed when I saw his pretending innocent face and I couldn't resist so I punched him so hard.  Yesterday I decided to go clubbing a bit. I was already ready to leave but I bumped in him. I flirted a bit and i made believe him he was my one night stand."

"He is gay?? How come you would met him in a gay club?" asked Yoongi surprised but also very happy for his friend. He didn't understand the whole situation but it turned for the better.

"I don't know too Yoongi, I was as shocked as you. I swear, I didn't reconize him. He wasn't the Jimin I knew. He is a lot more skinny. He don't have his arm muscle anymore and was made up and in pretty clothes.  He looked like a whole meal though, if I didn't hated him, he could have been a good fuck"

"You look thirsty" Yoongi laughed " if he is that hot, don't push in his face"

Taehyung didn't care about beauty. He just wanted to hurt Jimin as much as he could.

The next day was worst... Jimin wake up when Taehyung came back.
"Did you miss me?" Taehyung kneeled in front of a sleepy Jimin.

" you want" he barely breathed.

Tired and hurt from yesterday kick.

"Oh nothing..just wanted to see you"

He lightened a cigaret. Jimin watched all his movement. 
He watch the breath in and out of Taehyung mouth.
The mouth he wanted to kiss so much before.

"Want to try?"

Jimin didn't respond. Taehyung smirked.
"I will let you"

He pressed his brillant ashes of cigaret against Jimin skin. Which make him moan.

"Ah...hurt...Tae it hurt.."

"Don't call me Tae, who give you the right useless bitch?"

He passed further harder, which made Jimin lost all the memory in his head and endure the pain.

His hand travelled from Jimin neck to his abdominal. Jimin was biting his lips not wanting the whine to let out.

"Does it remind you of something? When you used to hide me in the closet and I would yell to you let me out"

Jimin precendly painy face was remplaced by a guilty face while he remembered.


Jimin hide him again in the closet. The third time in a day, the first time he was saved by a surveillent who heard him.
The second, he managed to open the door.
Now Jimin tied up his wrist to make sure he don't escape.

"Please, I want to exit. My lessons..." he cried.

"Oh you cry? What a real man?"

Jimin said while sarcastically putting his scarf around his mouth. So Taehyung couldn't speak.

End of flashback

" you remember? How I couldn't breath for more than a minute? And then they found me, unconscious" asked Taehyung thoughful. His cigaret between his lips.

Jimin shaked his head quickly. His skin burned by the ashes. His eyes teary.
He wanted to pretend to be innocent. He wanted to leave. Or stay away from this dangerous person.

"Pretending to don't?  But I remember.."

He took his hair in his first and make jimin look at him.
And jimin meet his eyes. He looked in  pain. 
Taehyung was in moral pain, he knew Jimin was in physical pain,
but he ignored that Jimin was in both.

"It's not important anyway"

He threw Jimin's head on the ground and Jimin let out a noise of pain.

"Just like you"

He slammed the door and left as before.
Jimin touched his swollen and hurt body. Full of injuries.

His clothes were dirty and ripped.

The next days when Taehyungs come he forget everything. He didn't know how many times passed. The  pain made that he just wanted to exit and escape that monster.

Taehyung keep beating him and punching him.
There are no safe place left on his body.

He took a razor from his pocket and made scratch on Jimin hand. He liked to see Jimin whine and cry. Begging to stop.
His blood keep dropping, and then he was covered with scars and cuts.

"Your are beautiful Jimin, when you cry. I like the reading the pain on your face"

He caressed Jimin puffy face, while he was sobbing. Taehyung
wasn't lying. He found Jimin indemnify cute.
And wanted to express it suddenly.
He came near to a cut next to his chin and licked it.

"Hey..Taehyun.." mumbled Jimin surprised.

But it didn't made him stop as he took Jimin hurted wrist in his hands and licked his blood.
All on his face.

"You are so tasty"

Jimin was trembling but also his heart was beating fast.
It's was the first time when Taehyung expressed an interest in him.

"I want to eat you"

He made Jimin loose his last clothes that dropped on the floor.

He delicately kissed all of his scars and injured on his arms.

"Argh...its hur..Tae" Jimin moaned when Taehyungs lips touched his cut under his nipple.

They didn't know how it's ended up sexual. But now Taehyung was thrusting so hard inside Jimin that it made him almost lose the balance.
Taehyung tried to be rough, not a slice of softness. He wanted Jimin
to cry, to beg him to stop.

Instead Jimin caressed Taehyungs back hair.

" Tae..You are so big... I can't take you, you are ripping me"

Taehyung sighed of relief, Jimin was hurt. And now blood were dropping from his entrance mixed with semence.

When Taehyung hit his prostate. both pleasure and pain thrilled his body.

He was met with spasm and he couldn't focus on the things Taehyung was saying.

"...hate you...die"

Were the last words he heard.

"I don't care. I want you to die."

Taehyung put his pant on, letting Jimin fall on the floor, exhausted, breathing heavily. His thighs were trembling from the precedents action.

But also because after the sex he was cold. And Taehyung didn't bother to bring him something.

Jimin looked at his naked body, filled with bruise and love marks.
He didn't want to admit but smiled while touching them. Today was the most beautiful day on his life. 

That night Taehyung cried, he regretted all he did. And was disgusted. Did he raped Jimin? But an inside voice told him to continue.

If only he had a normal life, wasn't accountable to anyone.

He hide his face in his pillow. Drying his tears. 

And then Jimin is there under the floor, alone, in the cold. Thinking about how to continue living. Should he allow Taehyung abuse him like he is doing? He don't even know if it was rape of consentual. 

He knew Taehyung tried to be rough, and it hurted him even if he didn't show it. He was tired, he was missing university, he was wondering what Jungkook was doing. If he was worried, of course he was. 

Instead of it, he was locked there, abused daily by his past victim. 

He woke up, when he feel a grab on his hair, Taehyung was holding his hair in a first. He felt a pain in his back after yesterday's wild night. 

"I want you to suck me off slut" Taehyung commended. 

As he didn't have choice. He slowly unzipped his pants and let it fall on the ground. And soon his mouth was around Taehyung lengh. Sucking, licking. 

Taehyung was holding his hair so hard and was almost choking him that Jimin couldn't breath anymore. 

"Please let me breath" he begged.

But Taehyung went harder, fucking his mouth senselessly. Jimin lost his gaze and  was almost blind. 

"Who will save you? No one... You are here alone. Without your pathetic group. By the way, did they cared about you? Im doubtful about it.."

Jimin knew he was right. That why he lost all contact linked to them. He didn't want to see, hear, to touch them. Especially with Namjoon, the worst influence on him ever. 

"Taehyung Im hungry, I didn't ate sin... " he tried as Taehyung removed himself from his mouth. 

Taehyung laughed sacarstically. 

"You don't need to eat, beside I just feed you, this is how you are thankful?"

He pressed Jimin agaisnt the wall, and his legs atomaticaly found their way around Taehyung's waist. He removed quickly Jimin's pant and entered in him. Jimin immediatly screamed of pain and unpreparation. 

It made Taehyung smirk, he wanted to hurt Jimin and make him scream as much as he could. When he began to thrust, Jimin check became wet of tears. He was trembling against him, and his legs were weak and almost falling of Taehyung's waist.  Taehyung nipped his nose in the crook of Jimin neck.

Despite being here more than a week, Jimin didn't lose his smell, and it made Taehyung wanting to bite and mark him.

"Ah..Tae.." he whined when he felt a hickey appear on his collarbone.

His legs sinked of Tae waist finally, and Taehyung saw him falling against the wall. His eyes were closed, it looked like he fell asleep.

"Hey woke up slut" he shaked his shoulder. But Jimin stayed in the same position. Taehyung was met with anger and shaking him harder, thinking he is playing.

But soon he realised he wasn't. 

Taehyung touched his cold skin and his warm forehead. He seemed to be sick. Of course, he wasn't eating and sleeping properly. 

"Jeez, what a burden" Taehyung said while turning his back to Jimin and zipped his pant.

He will have to look after him now.  


When Jimin woke up, he feel something sweet under him. He opened his eyes and saw he was laid on a duvet, he looked around him. He was in a bedroom. 

Maybe it was a dream, he felt himself very weak. His head hurt, and his forehead was burning. He was probably sick, he coughed, his throat was painful. 

The last thing he remembered was Taehyung raping him, and then black hole. Was he saved from him? Did someone alerted the police? But whose room was it. And why isn't Jungkook beside him.

All answers to his questions came when someone opened the door.

Oh no...It's was Taehyung, wearing his casual clothes, his impassible face on, and holding a plastic bag. he entered while closing the door, looking directly at Jimin.

"You fainted in front of me, so I brought you here before you pass out completly. Takes, it's your medecine"

He gave it to Jimin, but Jimin didn't move as he couldn't, he felt too tired. 

"Why aren't you taking it? Want to die?" he asked ironically.

"No...I can't" sluttered Jimin

Taehyung sighed as he sat on a chair on moved it close to Jimin's bed. 

"Look like I will have to give it to you"

He filled a glass with water and took one pill, he moved it close to Jimin mouth, waiting him to open it.


"Swallow" he cut him.

Jimin confusely opened his mouth, he blushed when he felt Taehyung finger on his lip. It was warm, he still couldn't believe Taehyung is taking care of him. 

"Don't misunderstand, I'm doing it only because I don't want a death on my conscience"

As Jimin didn't knew, he wouldn't hope for nothing. Taehyung obviously didn't cared a bit about him.

"Is it your room..?" dared Jimin

"Yeah it's"

Taehyung shared his room with him? Reason to be more confused. It was sweet of him. Jimin felt kind of awkward thinking about it. 

"Thank you" mumbled Jimin shyly.

There was a 2 minute awkward silence. Jimin was looking on his fingers and Taehyung was on his phone. 

Jimin thought if only he didn't went at club that night, he wouldn' t met Taehyung, he wouldn't feel guilty and bear Taehyung violency. But he was so drank he didn't even saw who he was with. Just saw an handsome man. But he had no idea about Taehyung back in Seoul. 

"Okay I'm going out, see you"

He slammed the door as always. 

Jimin wanted to know, he really wanted to him about why was he back, what happened all those years. Why he left high school back then.

So he promised to ask it when Taehyung would be back.


Around 3pm Taehyung came back, he reached Jimin room. He saw him sleeping peacefully on the bed. 

He didn't want to lie, he was uncomfortable with Jimin in the same room. He could only hurt him, talking to him normaly was equal to physical pain. So he decided to leave and go to pharmacy for new medecine. 

He sighed while discretly entering and laid medecine he brought on the nighstand, He was ready to leave when he saw Jimin opening his eyes.

" are awake" he made a hypocritical smile.


"Good I brought some new medecine for you, gotta go now"

But he felt a small grip on his sleeves. He lowered  his gaze and saw Jimin small hand,holding it.

"Stay please"

"What" he frowned his eyesbrown surprised by Jimin sudden confidence.

Jimin scrubbed his eyes, and looked at Taehyung who was obviously offended. Jimin still didn't lose hope, he needed to try. He needed to understand and read Taehyung. Maybe then he would apologize properly, they would make everything clear and Taehyung could free him.

"I wanted to know why are you back in Seoul?" he asked it with an almost trembling voice.

"What??But that none of your business" Taehyung responded surprised.

"But there have to be a reason... you need me here? I know i'm in fault but you can't treat me like this, it's unhumain. You could have been bett..."

Taehyung sudendly came closer, and Jimin heart beat increased as Taehyung took his collar in his clinched fist.

"Because I want to take a revenge, isn't that clear? You are lost now in my world Jiminie. You can consider yourself  lucky as you are taken a little abit. But when you will get well, prepare yourself. I will broke your bones and beat you until you can't walk." he menaced 

Jimin gulped but he still continued, he wanted more information.

"I am aware of it. But what happened to you? I could find you nowhere in school after that time when.."

"After you left me in the bathroom, I was found hurt and sick. I spend more than a year in hospital because I caught cold. It made me sterile. I have a testicle malfunction. I will never had kids anymore. I will never have a family." 

"It's not like you are straight." Jimin mumbled. 

He was being masochistic, it's not like he wasn't fairful. He was afraid and conscious of what could happen. But he couldn't stop, he wanted all the true. He just wanted Taehyung to admit all his thoughts and expose himself.

"Shut up" Taehyung slapped him.

"How do you even know my sexuality, I wanted a family... Kids and wife. My parents wished it for me too"

"But why would you go in a gay club?" Jimin even managed to look ironical which made Taehyung look full in angrier and wanted to beat out the fuck of Jimin.

But he seemed taken a bit, hesitating and scratching the back of his head. He looked like caught in a lie.

"Hum... it's because I knew that I would find your gay ass there"

This seemed convincing since Jimin didn't know what respond, and Taehyung had still his hand around his collar.

"Beside, it's not the worst for me. It's your fault I have a shitty job now!  After I spend a fuckin year hospitalized I had a lot of time lag compared to the other and I didn't succeed in the studies I wished. You don't know how much I felt when I didn't get into the philosophical university"

Jimin eyes widened, was that really true? Did he really spoiled his future, his dreams? He couldn't believe and felt guilty. Very guilty. 

He saw Taehyung thoughtful face, looking down, probably remembering what he went through because of one person. 

"Why I am telling you all of this, it's not like your spoiled ass will regret of anything. But that doesn't matter since it will not change anything"

He stand up from his chair, Jimin still looking at him. 

"Stay here and don't touch anything, I will go out, I have business"

Then he left, leaving Jimin alone. Jimin knew Taehyung's tears were reading to come out and that was the primary reason he left, to not show them to the person who is the main cause of all his past stuggles. 

But Jimin cried, mainly because he was lost, and regretful.He didn't know what to do. He wanted Taehyung to excuse him, he wanted to apologize but world were jammed in his throat.

But also he didn't want to suffer, he was so tired mentally and physically. He wasn't a strong person. He couldn't endure being raped, beaten up and treated like an animal daily. He could apologize only, beg on knees, Taehyung to free him.

He wanted to see Jungkook and to go to university. He want his life before Taehyung kidnapped him. He didn't care to leave guilty all his life. That was the reason he stand up. Looking around if Taehyung wasn't really there. Jimin's back hurted so much, his legs were skinny and weak. He couldn't walk properly.

He peaked behind the door and saw there was nobody. His plan could work now.

Chapter Text

Jimin trembling hand touched slowly the phone. He was perfectly concious of what he was going to do. He would call Jungkook, explain him all his situation and ask for help.
He nervously picked the phone and tapped the numbers. He was really hesitant and didn't really remembered the last number. But he was in need, he had to try or he would have to bear all the pain Taehyung is doing to him.

Sudendly he heard steps coming and panicked. Taehyung was back.

He quickly clicked on the calling button without even hearing response, he quickly said:

"I dont know if you are Jungkook, probably not since I clicked randomly on the 2 last numbers but whoever you are please listen and don't hang up I'm kidnapped by a guy named Kim Taehyung. He leave here near to the Hongdae club. Please help me, he torture me and assault me physical.."

Before he could finish he felt a grab and his ankle who dragged him and made him drop the phone.

"Ahhh help Mehmpfff"

A hand covered his mouth and he felt the person behind him coming close and whispering into his hear:

"So you are having fun without me? Didn't know you was so courageous. " his deep voice made Jimin's froze. He was very afraid of what could happen. He messed up, and wasn't enough discreet.

The fair of what could happen, when Taehyung didn't move for a minute and he just stand behind him. Jimin couldn't even see Taehyung face, he was almost sure it was full on anger. Before sudendly Jimin back hit the closest wall, and Jimin eyes were close, he didn't want to see Taehyung's face now in front of his.

"What did you just do cockslut? who allowed you to leave the bed? I know what you wanted to do, Im not dum. Weren't you conscious of what I could do with you. You really want to die, it look like"

And Taehyung grabbed Jimin's neck, choking him which made Jimin open his eyes, fear in his eye when he saw Taehyung's dark eye.

The grab tightened while Jimin couldn't breath at all. He was struggling to catch some dioxygen and Taehyung was smirking. Now Jimin's life was completely between his hands.

"Ah..Taehh..yung I can't..." he managed to pronounce

"Im really disappointed in you today. I can't believe you did that to me. You are aware I will punish you right?"

Before Jimin completly passed out, Taehyung dropped him while Jimin weak legs made him fall on the ground.

"Are you aware you will be punished?" he asked again.

Jimin weakly nooded,Taehyung tied his wrist while removing his tie, he opened the door of his room. Jimin was now regretful, he could say bye to the comfort which he had a not long time ago.

Taehyung dragged him again in the cellar and throwed him there like a trash.

"You really disapointed me, I need to calm abit"

He locked the door, Jimin was now regretful. He wasn't even sure he called Jungkook. Taehyung was now really angry at him and his behaviour towards him will probably became worse. But in the same time he was so mentally and physically tired and he need psychologic help.

That night when Taehyung left, he didn't came back and Jimin couldn't slept wondering if he was there. 

He didn't came back for a couple of days, and it made Jimin worry but at the same time he was relieved and hoping it would last longer.


Jungkook still shocked, couldn't believe what happened. He was searching Jimin for the two last weeks. At the beginning he just though Jimin was just staying with one of his one night stand because he felt lonely and wanted to try a relation ship.

But Jimin stopped responded to call or message. He didn't join uni either.  The last day he saw him he went to his usual gay club where he hooked up but didn't return.

And now he randomly called to ask for help without responding, instead he heard a noise of something falling and then nothing.

Jimin was in need, the last days he tried to call him but no response, his phone was of. 

He nervously bit his nails, while he was sitting on the uni cafeteria.
Jimin was in danger, he knew that for sure.
"Kim Taehyung" he memorised his name.
"I don't know what to do" he mumbled, he saw Jin, one of Jimin aquitance from the gay club but they managed to stay friends,coming to sit next to him.

"what happened? Do you find any information? "

Jungkook told him that he couldn't  find Jimin anywhere.

"Wait, maybe he is from the uni, we can check out the students name"

Jungkook listened to Jin and went with him in the school library to ask for archive..

"I can't find his name anywhere" said Jungkook while searching in the countless books.

"He isn't a former student either" added Jin.

Jungkook was so worried now,he almost wanted to cry. He had absolutly no clue what this Taehyung guy kidnapped his bestfriend and what he was doing to him.

Hongdae, Taehyung home:

Taehyung didn't touch Jimin. He didn't touch him all the week. He just bring him food and leave without saying anything.

Jimin can't believe it, that the torturing  stopped. That Taehyung don't beat or rape him anymore. 

He almost forget the feel of Taehyung skin. He felt so alone why, people would probably think he is a masochist.

He miss Taehyung so much. He is not his main center of attention now.

And the worst is that Jimin has to hear from his cellar, Taehyung bringing guys in his bedroom and fuck them. He can feel the wall shaking and the moan.

And Jimin have to try to not listen while puting his hands on his ears, but then tear drop on his check.

"Taehyung... I'm okay with you mistreating, beating me. But please don't touch another people" he want to say.

He didn't realise he still love Taehyung, he now understand he would be never able to leave. He will  be always stucked here. Looking if Taehyung is not touching or looking at someone else.

"Jungkook, I'm so sorry" he mumble before closing his eyes.

Taehyung will be never forgotten. Jimin never did, he was always subtly in his mind. He is the cause why Jimin changed. 

Jimin felt for Taehyung weak personality back then but somehow Taehyung became more manly. And Jimin think about maybe it's because he mistreated him in the past and that now Taehyung tried to became stronger.

Jimin know Taehyung felt nothing but anger when he rape him. That he don't have any desir for him, only disgust. And Jimin know he worth it. 

But he can't help but felt happy, that he does something that make him close physically to Taehyung.

He sudendly hear the door open, and it's Taehyung, his hair messy and panting, sweat on his forehead. 

He laid the food on the floor like for a dog and Jimin can't help but being aroused a by the sigh.

Sudendly Jimin stand up, pushing Taehyung aside with a smirk and he know exactly what he is doing.

He exit of the cellar, Taehyung still confused, he barely can walk but he still manage to got up the stair and  go to Taehyung room.

Then there is a guy laid, probably Taehyung fuck for that night. He is half  naked on look at him with widened eyes.

"Who are y..." he start.

Then Jimin heard Taehyung rushing  but before he could come, Jimin smirk slowly then put his most serious face.

"I want to ask you who YOU are? What are you doing in my boyfriend bed and in my house? "

The guy have a shocked face. He stand up and getting close to Taehyung.

"Wait...what Taehyung is that true? You have a boyfriend? You told you are single"

"Huh?  Not of course not, Bogum it's not what you..It's not tru"

The named Bogum have his hand on his face, very angry  and exit of his room grabbing the rest of his clothes.

"Fucker, you fuckin lied to me, go to hell" he yell while slamming the door.

Taehyung still under the shook, didn't follow Bogum and stay there, spacing out. Jimin know he will be punished, he is perfectly aware. He just wait for it to happen.

"What did you just did. How did you dare.."

Jimin back is  slammed against the bed before  Jimin understood something, Taehyung lips are close to his neck and he whisper

"You know you will replace him right?"

Jimin gulp and then Taehyung bite his neck so hardly that he swear he is bleeding now. Taehyung is giving him hickey while Jimin just try to not moan. But he is smilling.

He is smilling because Taehyung is there and only for him, and for the first time, they are doing it on a bed like normal lovers.

And when Taehyung put his hand on Jimin pyjama collar, Jimin swear there are butterfly escaping  from his tummy. And today he want to give everything he have to Taehyung.

"Do you know I will be rough, rougher than before" 

And Jimin is getting more aroused while hearding those words. When he met Taehyung eyes filled with lust, he swear it's either heaven or he is dreaming. 

And Taehyung began to move agaisnt Jimin lower part and it's like a heaven of pleasure where they are hidden so nobody would find him and bring to reality. 

Senselessly Taehyung is just trying to fuck, because he failed to do it with that Bogum guy, but Jimin see more in it. 

He is trying so hard to find the word "love" in what they are doing, because Taehyung is the world. He is so deseperate  today for some physical contact, he has been missing all the week.

"Fuck you are so tight" Taehyung's finger out and in him, he moan. 

Taehyung already doing it, and Jimin eyes are half closed, then something cold is hitting inside  of him. He yell.

"Oh.. my god what.. Tae...ah..taehyung"

Taehyung put a vibrator in him, and is moving more and more in him. And Jimin is crying. 

"You thought you will get my dick right? Guess, you don't deserve it after what you did"

Jimin is begging him to remove it. Jimin don't want a toy inside him and he was waiting for better. But Taehyung just left him there.

And Jimin stay there in the bed, left as always.

Cafe restorant

Taehyung just sit there a little bored, he can't believe what Jimin just did. But he can't understand why he did this. 

Does it seemed like jealousy or loneliness? Jimin is a pathetic needy slut. 

Taehyung smirk when he think about how Jimin could be horny in reality. 

He wanted to fuck him so much, right there in his bed. But he wanted also so much leave there Jimin without giving him an orgasm  to show him how much power he have. 

"Can i sit here?" ask a blonde guy.

Taehyung nood without even turned to see his face. 

"Taehyung?" he heard the male voice.

Then he turn his face and see a guy, a guy who remind him of someone he used to know. 


He mumble.

Baekhyun, the guy who was his classmate in high school. Who used to defend him when he could from Jimin. The guy who Jimin bullied then and he got removed from the school then.

"Seem like you remind me" He smiled softly. 

The feature on his face are nice, he look very cute now. Back in high school he never really talked to him, but he was so thankful when he defend him.

"What are you doing here in Seoul" asked Baekhyun " Didn't you came back to Daegu"

"I could ask the same, didn't you returned to your province"

"Hey..." he hitted Taehyung with his shoulder " It's not a province"

They laughed a bit, then Taehyung gave him an answer.

"I just wanted to try something new"

"Like what? Kidnapping Park Jimin and revenge on him?"

Baekhyun said it with a fox smile and Taehyung chocked. How did he knew, Baekhyun eyes were so malicious right now.

"Its written in almost all newspaper" he throwed then an article written to Taehying. 

Park Jimin, the prodige, can't be found

The future head of the economy of South Korea disapear?

Taehyung gulped, he was dumb to don't notice it,it's true  that he never watched the news.

"I...I...don't know what are you talking about"

"Stop it taehyung, I know you are related to it. At first I thought you would never. But now that you are back don't make it a coincidence."

"Why are you telling me all of this? What your goal?" he asked suspicious and nervous at the same time.

"Nothing, I hate Park Jimin as much as you Taehyung, he bullied me also. He made of my life a hell. I had to escape of Seoul and go to Bucheon, my birth place to finish there my study. Im lucky to have a good work now."

"I'm sorry...It's because you defended me...It's my fault." Taehyung felt guilty, Baekhyun life was a hell because of him. He endured the same as him. 

Baekhyun were all sad rememoring it that Taehyung cried with him. 

"Don't be sorry, Taehyung, you know there is a reason why... Why I always needed to defend you. Taehyung, I like you a lot."

Taehyung home

Jimin could hear Taehyung came back, he opened to the door, and Taehyung opened the door and he could felt a man with him. 

Jimin eyes widened..It was Baekhyun, the boy he used to bully after Taehyung. They both were eating each other mouth and then Taehyung threw Jimin out of his bed, and Jimin felt, hurting his leg.

Baekhyun laid Taehyung on the bed and continued what he began. And Jimin saw it all with his eyes. He wanted to leave, Taehyung were making out with him in front of him.

He always felt Baekhyun have a soft spot for him, that why he bullied him endlessly. And now he is witnessed it. 

He can't even move, stucked on place. Saying with his eyes something he would never wanted to see. 



Chapter Text

"Ah... Kim Taehyung"cry Baekhyun while he is sucking on his neck, Jimin want to be blind. Or to be deaf, why not both he think because at the end of day, he saw them making out in front of him.
He somehow manage to get on his feet, and run away. He couldn't see Taehyung touching another person in front of him.

Yes, Jimin is a masochist, an idiot for still liking Taehyung. He should hate him after all he did, he really did. He wanted to escape so much and go back to his usual life but jealousy hit him rigth in the chest and now he would do everything to unsee what Taehyung is doing with Baekhyun in the above stair.

"Taehyung please, please stop i... I would do anything for you. Use me for everything you want.Just don't touch Baekhyun please."

He is begging, in the dark, he still manage to hear Baekhyun moan mixed with Taehyung one and he put his hand on his ears trying to hold tears.

Until it's stop mean they both jaked of.

Jimin fall asleep too.

The morning he find himself into a bed again. He turn his head and see Taehyung next to him. Still asleep. Jimin blush when he see Taehyung face so close.
He don't remember what happened before. His last memories went to Taehyung making out with Baekhyun. And now Taehyung is laid next to him, sleeping, looking so beautiful making Jimin heart beat very fast.
He can't help but brush a finger on Taehyung check, and caress slowly his face. He is smiling right now, looking like a fool. A psychopath being in admiration to the person who hurt him.

He don't have the time to realise anything when he feel his wrist being caught by Taehyung slim and long fingers.
"what are you doing?" he said, his eyes opened. Looking serious, and Jimin is now flustering, biting his lips. His heart is beating really fast and he blame himself mentally for being so unconscious.

"I was...sorry Taehyung. Please i." he stutter

"Who allowed you to touch me" he say, his voice dry. Which make Jimin lower part twich.

"No one"

Taehyung smirk when he see how Jimin is embarassed, his grip and jimin wrist is now tighter and Jimin let a painful moan.
"You hurt me.."

Taehyung lift Jimin on the top of him and bring his neck closer with his hand, so their lips are entering in contact.
And Jimin explose. He is so shocked and surprised but also so exited and needy.
He is so desesperate so he pull Taehyung for more, and bite his lips to enter in his mouth. He bring his hand around Taehyung neck.
"Hey im the one who dominate" Taehyung say flustered.
Jimin smile and let Taehyung continue.
Jimin is glad that Taehyung is taking over him. He loves Taehyung dominating the fuck out of him.

Taehyung hand is ruining over Jimin chest under his blouse. When he sudendly brush Jimin nipple, and it make him moan of pleasure.



Jimin gulp, Taehyung called him with a surname. His eyes brighten immediatly and he put his hand on Taehyung hair and take a grip.

He met Taehyung eyes filled with lust. Which make him flattered and his lips go against his neck.
Today Taehyung let him to take the controle.
He bites the crook between his shoulder and his neck. His skin is very smooth and without imperfection. Jimin is doing hickey. He is marking Taehyung. As his own. And Taehyung let him. It's one of the best moment of Jimin life.
Taehyung moaning under him. He saw it only in his dream before.

"Jiminah..." moan Taehyung


"What?" ask Jimin still against his neck.

"I want you to ride me" he whisper sensually in Jimin ear and Jimin is taken aback, sweat coming on his forehead while the thought of himself riding Taehyung cock.

"Yes, your desire is an order"

Today Jimin fantasy are fulfilled at the most.
Taehyung slowly take of Jimin shirt, showing his bare chest with past injuries made by Taehyung, and Taehyung touch them. And Jimin make his head go down.
Taehyung come closer and put his lips against one of the most recent injurie he made. Still bloody. He lick and taste the blood.
Jimin sigh and take a breath.
It remind him of what he used to do when they both when in high school. But now Taehyung is taking the control. And it the best thing that can happen right now.

"Are you going to prepare me? " he ask sweaty

Taehyung without response pull Jimin pant down, and enter a finger in him making Jimin yell.
He move it inside and Jimin press his head agaisnt Taehyung shoulder to don't feel the pain.
He do the same move again and again, smirking how Jimin experience the torture.

Jimin cry, Taehyung shirt is now wet, thank to his tears. Taehyung notice it and push Jimin away a bit.

"This is some kind of jokes, my shirt is ruined because of you" he take a grip of his hair making Jimin cry more.

"I'm sorry, im not used to that much pain"

"Really? I thought you had masochist tendency. Don't guys you hook up with are that harsh?"

"No they are not, actually i only experienced soft sex before"

It make Taehyung happy, he can make Jimin suffer, and he can take pleasure of it. This was definitively the best choice he made.
He don't want to admit it but the sex with Jimin is the best he had experienced.
Baekhyun was pretty bad at it and now Taehyung had to clear up his memories by making out with Jimin.

Slowly Jimin lower himself on his loved one. Both pleasure and exitation run through Taehyung spine. He let a moan which make Jimin whimper.

"I..never felt such way" dared Jimin.

He tighten his wall agaisnt Taehyung cock to give him more pleasure, which make Taehyung bite his lips.
"No, don't do it Jiminah, or i will come too early. This is not what you want right?"
Jimin nood and Taehyung put his hand against Jimin hips to help him.

"I..m, I don't have orgasm easily..hyung"

Taehyung gulp when he hear Jimin calling him hyung, it makes him instantly harder, even though Jimin is older by few month. Jimin keep whining when he go up and down Taehyung member.

In the end they both come, and Jimin fall of on the bed, tired, panting, his sweaty body next to Taehyung.
He turn his head, trying to re gain his breath, saying Jimin face close to his and his eye half closen.

They both fall into an awkward silence after what they did. They are just laid next to each other, looking at the ceiling. Today they made love, in a bed. Taehyung didn't force Jimin, he didn't do anything violent, he only give him only pleasure.
Jimin bite the inside of his check, he is award that today something changed. He realised his dearest dream. He is laid next to his first and only love after a wild moment.
A smile is drawing on his face. But he try to hide it, not getting his hope high.

Jimin is fully naked, while Taehyung is only on the half. He still have his blouse and pant on. After the sex, Jimin feel the cold hitting him, and he freeze, gritting his teeth.
And Taehyung felt it somehow.

"Are you cold?" he take the plaid on the right side and put around Jimin.
It make Jimin go red, and Taehyung hand was around his waist to pull him close to himself so they both would be under it.
"Since..since when are you so caring?" he asked sleepy, checks pink.

"I.."turned Taehyung his head to the side.
"I was just worried that you can catc cold so i will have to look after you again. You know, i have better thing to do"

He thanked himself for finding what to say.
Jimin looked a bit disapointed and turned his head also, facing the wall.

He gulped when they went back to the silence, Taehyung hand still hasn't moved from his waist.

"Jimin" he said breaking the silence.

And Jimin asked

"What" a bit hesitant

"Be my girlfriend"

Jimin eye widened, and he couldn't believe what he heard. He tought he misheard.


Taehyung was immediatly taken aback by his confidence, he was flustered. Now Jimin misunderstood. He has to be more careful with his words.

"No! don't immagine things. I need you to pretend to be know girlfriend"

Now he was more confused by Taehyung proposition.

"But why?"

Taehyung anxily bit his lips, his memories went back to the call he received from his mother who wished to see him and lived near to Seoul.
He was flustered hearing it, because he still hasn't come out to his parent, by lacking courage. So he prefered to pretend to be straigtht. And to not disapoint his mother he said he had a girlfriend. Because oh god! How was she be happy when she heard that. And Taehyung was proud of making his mother happy. She immediatly wanted to met her.

"I received a call from my mum, and she want to met me. I have to visit my family very soon. And she asked me if i had someone. I said yes. Because that what she wish the most. Having me dating a women.
I promised to introduce her my girlfriend.
So i need your help"

Jimin was shocked, and realised how dumb all of it sound. First of all, he isn't a woman,second Taehyung is an idiot and a liar. Why would he lie to his family.
And third why would he ask for his help.

"Im not a girl though"

"But your frame is small, and your face is feminine. A bit makeup on and you wouldn't be so different from a woman"

"This sound crazy"

"It's not like you have a choice"

True. He was stuck with Taehyung wish, he had no power to decide whatever. Taehyung burried his nails into Jimin waist. He wanted to show that power on him. Jimin have to obey. Jimin don't know how to feel about it. Somehow it look like he is asking him for a date, and he can't help but be a bit exited.

Seoul, Taehyung home 13:56

Jimin is locked for all the day in the closet. Taehyung even make sure that Jimin won't escape from the cellar.

He was so bored, waiting for Taehyung to came back. He was missing him so much.

When Taehyung came back, he opened the closet and Jimin jumped from it immediatly crushing his lips on Taehyung's.

Taehyung was a bit shocked but responded to the kiss.

"Hey, slow down, you missed me so much"

"Not really, im just sexually flusterated" he responded, daring.

He took more courage recently, and Taehyung was less violent toward him. They made love regularly. No more rape anymore since he was consent of what they both were doing.

He took his hand of his wrist and showed of his bags.

"What did you brought?" asked Jimin, peaking at them.

"Something for you"

Taehyung took of the bag, a lot of various cosmetics, such as liptick, mascara, fake eyelashes, makeup pencil and a lot of others thing for beauty.
Lastly he took of a wig, Jimin grimaced. It was a short black haired wig, with vawy highlight.
" What? You don't like it?" asked Taehyung ironical when he saw Jimin expression.

"You really want me to wear it?" he asked.

Taehyung took Jimin hand and put it on the wig.

"Why it's so pretty".

"Aren't i already?" he asked a bit hesitant, with pouty lips.

Taehyung looked at him and grabbed his checks.

"Are you provoking me?"


Taehyung bite Jimin lower lips making him whimper.

"Aw! why are you so mean for"

"Because you wont listen, i brought all of this for you but i see no thank you"

Jimin took the wig and put it on his head. A bit shyly, Taehyung turned his head to him to see the results.
"Come" he took his wrist and they both ended up making out.

"Oh my god, why are you so wild for" Jimin said laying on the floor, painting.

"You were so pretty, i couldn't resist."

"So you think  fucking me in a wig is kinky?"

Taehyung kissed him to make him shut up. And Jimin put his arms around his neck. They both ended up, forgetting why Taehyung brought all of it for.

Taehyung firm hand on Jimin back, he lifted him and Jimin swear it heaven. The past days, it feel like they are a couple. The past days, Taehyung is nice, the past day Jimin fall so in love in Taehyung even more than before.

It make him forgot why is he here. He can wonder if Taehyung forgot it too since his eyes show no madness, he have time to hope that he forgave him for all he did back in high school.

Not a lot but when he met Taehyung happy face just after orgasm, he is sure that something can change.