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For some reason, Kai always thought that if he were ever to get involved with someone, he'd have Hari mediate for him, take care of his partner's physical needs so Kai wouldn't have to. He felt like an idiot when he realized after years that he didn't give a shit who this third person was and that these "plans" were just an excuse to fantasize about Hari like that.

It took Kai even longer to make any moves, to say anything about it. He'd casually mentioned, just to test the waters, the idea that he'd had for so long, and had been shocked when Hari readily agreed without question.

"Makes sense," he'd said with a nod. "I didn't think of that but yeah, I could do that for you."

From that point, it only took a couple more conversations about it before Kai felt confident enough to bring up the possibility of cutting out the middle man, and he was lucky Hari's mask was off at that moment so he could see the smile that he ducked his head to hide, accompanied by a little shake of his shoulders from a silent laugh.

"Now, that... that's something I have thought about before," he'd said. Kai fell straight down from there.

These days, it seems his original plan has come to fruition, in a way; it has the same end result of Kai watching Hari lose himself to bliss. He tosses his head back and forth on the pillow, closing his legs as his eyes roll back, and Kai knows he's barely in control of his actions at this point. Normally, a soft command would get him to obey, but Kai knows the rare moments where he actually touches Hari drive him crazy.

His hands are still gloved (for his sanity), so he doesn't have a problem with stepping up to the bed and pulling Hari's legs apart himself. He moans and arches, voice trembling like his body, and Kai knows he's close.

"Stop," he tells Hari, a simple order that he follows immediately, both hands slowly pulling away from himself to rest on the sheets instead, grabbing them and hissing as the vibrator continues wracking him with pleasure. Kai turns it down until Hari relaxes.

"Again..? Jeez, what am I doing wrong?"

"Nothing," Kai assures, "I just don't want you to get spent too quickly."

"Kai, you gotta realize someday that this is torture," he complains, eyes coming back to focus on Kai. He always gets a little whiny when Kai edges him, never wanting the show Hari puts on for him to stop, and Kai allows the bit of attitude.

"What is it with you and calling everything I do to you torture, hm? If that's the case, do you want me to leave?" he asks, already knowing what he's about to hear.

"I'd rather die," comes the inevitable answer. "Edge me for as long as you want. As long as it's for you, I don't mind being tortured."

"Speaking of waiting..." Kai starts, although he's not quite sure he wants to continue with that thought. He's come close to giving in so many times, and being between Hari's legs like this while his beautiful face is still so red and he's all carefully stretched and slick (and so warm inside, he bets), with his cock so achingly hard for Kai is making it increasingly impossible to resist. He knows he's thinking with his dick and will regret it later-- he always remembers that he'll hate it later and is starting to form a rivalry with his damn self over it-- but at the very least, Hari has earned a reward by now. Yeah, that can be his excuse.

"Speaking of..?" Hari prompts him, not even hazarding a guess. He probably doesn't even bother hoping Kai will fuck him at this point, probably just (rightfully) assumes it's impossible for him.

Kai hums in thought, idly tapping his fingers on Hari's knee like this is a casual situation and Hari hasn't been ready to come for him for about an hour. It amuses him, seeing how it annoys Hari.

"Speaking of waiting, you're gonna keep me waiting even longer?" Hari finishes for him. "At least talk to me."

"So you can get off to my voice?" Kai teases, an uncharacteristic little smile hidden behind the mask he still wears. Maybe it's a nervous one. "I have something better planned for you."

"Not likely, but I'm listening," Hari jokes back.

"That's all you'll be doing, I think. Tell me if you need help tying the blindfold."

Hari is visibly disappointed and Kai doesn't like it but it's only to keep it a surprise, anyway. He can take the blindfold off him once the surprise has passed, see the love in his eyes as he fucks him. The idea is appealing enough to erase the rest of his doubt and his cock strains in his pants like it's encouraging him to get on with it.

Once the blindfold is tied, Kai turns the vibrator up a level just to hear Hari moan, low and soft. His clothes hit the floor silently and he goes through the extra trouble of walking carefully, keeping his footfalls as quiet as possible as he retrieves a condom. Although they've technically never fucked, they end up using condoms quite often, so even if Hari hears him tear the packet open, he doesn't find it odd enough to question it. If anything, he's probably getting excited, thinking Kai is just going to put it on him and jerk him off.

Hari gasps but still doesn't say anything when the bed dips just in front of him-- rare, but still not incredibly unusual. Kai turns the vibrator down until it's still and slowly pulls it out, trying to resist the urge to stop what he's doing and go clean it right now before it dirties the sheets when he sets it aside, as if Hari's not already dirtying them enough. He pulls Hari a little closer to him rather than shuffling forward, pulling him down the bed like he knows Hari likes, and finds himself shaking a little as he applies extra lube, to himself for once. Thankfully, it feels more like anticipation than apprehension, mostly stilling once he's pushing into Hari.

The sound Hari makes is indescribable, something like a quiet scream as he lifts the blindfold to reveal such wide eyes. He mouths something, speechless, and Kai hears his breathing pick up as he bottoms out inside of him. He stays there for a moment despite knowing that Hari doesn't need to adjust after so long of being filled, just feeling him around his cock for the first time and finding that he really... doesn't mind at all. Not when Hari looks at him like that, eyes still wide but shock softening into something Kai doesn't dare to identify.

Hari hesitantly reaches for him like he's asking for permission, just a hand hovering close to his shoulder, but Kai shakes his head.

"... Maybe next time," he whispers after a few seconds of contemplation.

The moan he drags out of Hari's throat as he starts moving is unlike anything he's heard before. He's so loud now, even though Kai thinks this can't possibly feel better than what he just had. Hari drawls his name over and over so fucking reverently, like he's desperate for the world to know his dream finally came true, that he hadn't been talking to a wall when he'd tell Kai again and again how badly he wanted him to fuck him.

He can't help it; he learns over Hari, letting himself get way too fucking close, and doesn't do more than flinch when Hari throws his arms around Kai's neck. It feels so good to be this close to him and he's so heavily affected that he realizes he can hear himself over Hari now. While he's already being filthy and ruining his (very near) future self's evening, he figures he might as well go all in and pulls his mask down so he can kiss Hari. Their kisses are always neat and quick and rarely on the lips, but this time, Kai covers Hari's mouth like he's desperate to devour him and he hears Hari's voice catch in his throat, feels his come get on him, feels thoughts he can't even hear swirl drastically in the back of his head. His orgasm might be best he's ever had despite the utter filth he's indulging in and Hari immediately, knowingly, unwraps from around him while they calm themselves in the afterglow.

"I can die happy," Hari sighs contentedly. His voice does well to combat Kai's shaking, but it can't beat the terrible, suffocating feeling that crawls all over him like thousands of little bugs on his skin. He pulls out, doesn't even bother tying the condom when he takes it off, and he realizes that he's already in the midst of panicking. He almost doesn't even notice how he's wiping at his arms, his sides, everywhere the crawling is, his breathing picking up again right as he was beginning to catch it.

While Kai tries his damnedest to ignore everything that just happened and scrape the germs off, leaving hot red marks all over himself that eventually blend to cover his skin fully, Hari hops out of bed and hurries as much as he can to start a shower for him. Kai yanks his gloves off and throws them aside as he keeps rubbing at himself, inducing more panic because fuck, now his hands are getting dirty too, why the hell did he do that--

"Kai," Hari calls, and just that second or so of his voice works wonders on him.

"Shut-- no, s-stop-- fuck, keep talking," he calls back with more than a little effort, fighting his default responses, his heightened emotions.

"Keep talking?" Hari repeats, voice closer as he steps back into the room. "Your shower's ready. You can get clean now, so it's alright."

Thank god, he's right. It's not inaccurate to say that Kai scrambles out of bed to rush to the shower, probably at risk of slipping at the speed he gets in.

"You, uh, want me to keep talking now, too?" Hari asks, just waiting outside the shower door as Kai frantically scrubs at himself. Why the hell is he still in here?

"Get out, you shouldn't be standing up," Kai snaps at him, vaguely hoping the care in his intention comes through even if he just sounds pissed.

"Sure thing, Overhaul," Hari defaults, leaving without question. Kai feels a twinge of something at Hari automatically using his title like that rather than his name-- the name he was moaning just a few minutes ago, oh god, they really did that--

Kai shakes his head, willing the thoughts away. Right now, the scalding hot water is cleansing him. The only thing besides that he's covered in is soap, not germs. His deep breathing is hampered by the thick steam, but he manages to calm down anyway.

He takes a long time in there as usual, finally coming out and towelling himself off after about forty more minutes. He starts slightly when he sees Hari in the bathroom with him again, alerted to his presence by the movement of him standing to get in the shower after him. Somehow, Kai thinks he may have fucked things up. He wishes Hari would talk to him. Is he giving him the silent treatment because he snapped at him earlier?

"Chrono," he addresses, wishing the shower door was clear so he could see Hari. He barely hears a hum over the sound of rushing water, followed by an "oh" like he just remembered something.

"Yeah, I'm taking care of the laundry, don't worry. The sheets and everything on the bed are clean," he assures.

"Chrono," Kai repeats, with a little more force. Hari opens the shower door just a bit to peek out at him, tilting his head.


He has no idea what to say. Sorry? Why does he feel the need to apologize? Oh, right, he yelled at him. Hari doesn't usually give a shit about such things, but that's probably what it is. Maybe he's been spending too much time around other people.

"How... how are you feeling?" he asks instead, the "thoughts to words" function of his brain working in mysterious ways as usual. He's lucky it changed to sonething good and not him telling Hari to leave again. He can't do this soft shit, he really isn't any good at it at all.

The dreamy smile Hari gives him is unexpected, somehow.

"I feel fantastic," he says, and it sounds like he really means it. Kai can't do much else but nod in acknowledgement and leave the bathroom.

His heart is beating a little faster.