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Times like this were the best.

Oikawa sat down at the lunch table, friends all around him. Iwaizumi sat beside him, checking something on his phone, Matsukawa and Hanamaki were feeding each other whatever food they had. Oikawa had a smile on his face, elbow resting on the table, chin on his palm. Though it sucks that the others can't sit with them due to conflicting schedules, Oikawa is happy to have time with at least some of his friends. Why couldn't all days be like this? Just being friends? Well, the answer is simple.

The world fucking hates him.

By even though the world seems to hate it when he's smiling, he makes sure he goes through with it happily. He doesn't want to worry anyone for any reason. He isn't depressed, he isn't sad, but it seems like the world just throws literally everything at him. The only reason he hasn't fallen by thus point is because of one man.

While Oikawa was in his mind, he faintly heard Matsukawa and Hanamaki playfully flirting with each other and talking about thy best memes.

"Nah man, I'd drop it low for my man Harambe."

"Dude, same."

"I'd drop it low for you."

"Thanks man, I'd do the same for you. But, you know, Shrek kinda thick though, he would be better."

"Dude, true."


Iwaizumi, oh Iwaizumi. The guy Oikawa has been crushing on since childhood, since they first met really. He's utterly and completely whipped. Oikawa looked over at Iwaizumi and he smiled, at the other male. He didn't seem to notice that he was smiling. Iwaizumi didn't notice, looking at whatever Instagram post he could find. Oikawa was probably not even going to notice what he was doing until the other two males at the table spoke up.

"Excuse me, whipped much?" Hanamaki interrupts. He waved his fork wildly at his lunch tray. But before Oikawa could say a word, both Hanamaki and Matsukawa said in unison, "In front of my salad?"

Oikawa's growing blush froze, and he, along with Iwaizumi (who was confused at what was happening) broke out laughing, along with the meme team. The conversation devolved into the four throwing Vine and meme references at each other.

Oikawa loves times like this, he really does.

Nothing can break him down.

The entire team was sitting around pizza boxes and soda cans, all joking and smiling, the captain at the front of it all, watching as his teammates talked to each other and joked about rather anything even slightly funny. Beside him, was Iwaizumi.

"Why are you so quiet?" He heard Iwaizumi ask gruffly from beside him, holding a paper plate on his lap, a piece of half eaten pizza on it.

Grinning like a complete yet adorable idiot, Oikawa turned to Iwaizumi "I'm just happy, taking this all in." He said, taking a happy sigh once he finished his short sentence. His heart was full with one emotion- happiness. No other emotion was there, just happiness filling his being to the absolute brim.

"You idiot, we do this every friday." Iwaizumi said, rolling his eyes. "What's so special about today?" He asked. "I like these days too, but no need to be dramatic." Iwaizumi said, but he'd be lying if he said he didn't enjoy these days.

Oikawa smiled, "I know, but I just really like these days. I love having moments like this. You know me Iwa-chan, I have a lot of feelings," he said with a chuckle.

"That's obvious, Shittykawa." Iwaizumi said, earning a whine and huff from Oikawa, "mean!" Oikawa exclaimed, puffing out his cheeks a bit.

Iwaizumi didn't say anything for a moment, but eventually looked at Oikawa, "so you really like moments like this?" He asked, taking a drink from whatever soda he picked up.

Oikawa smiled sweetly at the scene and nodded his head a bit, lowering his phone down before he was even able to hit send on whatever text he was typing out, "yes, yes I do."

Ah, the bridge.

The Yamamoto bride was one of Oikawa's favorite places to go. He would always go there with Iwaizumi, it was like their special place. he and Iwaizumi would always just talk and sit there in front of the pointless railing, they'd joke, but they'd mainly just... talk. The view was always gorgeous, able to see lush trees and the bright blue sky, absolutely breathtaking.

Oikawa has fallen asleep against Iwaizumi at the bridge once. Though, when he awoke, it was already morning and he was in his bed.

So, when did it change?

Oikawa sat at the lunch table, finding someone missing from it. Matsukawa and Hanamaki were sitting across from him, looking at whatever meme video they had found on YouTube. Oikawa nibbled on his lower lip and looked at the spot beside him, the spot Iwaizumi easy supposed to be sitting at.

"Hey, do you guys know where Iwa-chan is?" Oikawa asked.

"Nope, he just said he had something to do." Matsukawa answered and then went right back to his memes.

Oikawa frowned a bit. Why didn't Iwaizumi tell him? Oikawa laid his head down on the table and sighed. It shouldn't be that big of a deal, yet here he is, thinking of the worst possible scenario.

Oikawa's head snapped up, "wait, what if Iwa-chan was abducted by aliens?! Ah! No fair!" Oikawa complained, more talking to himself than really anything. Though, Hanamaki and Matsukawa weren't really listening at the moment, too caught up in their memes.

But, after Oikawa's head snapped up, he laid it right back down. No matter how many times he tries to think positive...

It seems only negative ideas pop up in his head, and it seriously was getting annoying.

Though, as he turned his head to the side, he noticed Iwaizumi. A wide smile curled onto his lips, glad that his precious Iwa-chan was okay, but that smile vanished as soon as it appeared.

At Iwaizumi's side, a girl stood there, with Iwaizumi's arm around her waist and a smile on his face.