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Just a new beginning

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“Marinette Dupain-Cheng, do you take Adrien Agreste to be your lawfully wedded husband? To you promise to love and to care in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?”

Marinette looked in those stunning green eyes, that had captured her heart the moment he handed her the umbrella, when she said “I do.” She would never regret falling in love with Adrien, she loved him with all her heart. When she saw him standing at the altar, dressed in a black smoking with a red rose as a corsage (dressed in Ladybug’s colours, her colours), her heart stopped. He looked so handsome, so beautiful, so strong. And yet so vulnerable at the same time. She knew only her dad, who was giving her away, was keeping her with her feet on the ground. The moment she saw him, she wanted to run to him, jump in his arms and just kiss like no one was watching, like no one was there. Like they did when they were alone.

But she knew she couldn’t. Not only family and friends were here, but also some celebrities and the press, to make an article of their wedding. Marinette didn’t particularly liked it, but she knew what she was getting into when she started dating someone like Adrien Agreste. It was logical that, at their wedding, there would be press, and photographers, and even the television, to broadcast their wedding live, because a lot of people wanted to come, but the Notre Dame wasn’t big enough for all of them, so there were big screens on the square in front of the church, where thousends of people watched the ceremony.

Marinette was happy the party would be in private.

“Adrien Agreste, do you take Marinette Dupain-Cheng to be your lawfully wedded wife? To you promise to love and to care in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?”

“I do”

Still looking at his stunning girlfriend, no, wife, he smiled. His heart had stopped the moment she had entered the church. She wore a white, strapless ballgown dress, with a skirt of silk and tulle. A ribbon hugged her waist, and ended in a bow with long ends. Little embroidered flowers adored her top, and her sweetheart neckline was trimmed with little crystals. Her hair was in an updo, with a classic Chinese hair ornament (a little one) and a small veil that ended midback. Her bouquet was with red, white and pink roses. She just looked like a princess. Then again, she always was a princess to him.

 He felt like he was in heaven, everything was right, was what he wanted. Well, almost everything.

They had defeated Hawk Moth a few years ago, and were devastating that he was none other than Gabriel Agreste, Adrien’s father. He was so angry at the super heroes, for defeating him, and they handed him over to the authorities. Because he was so well-known, his identity was kept secret, and he was locked away in a private prison, just for him. Chat Noir had almost collapsed the moment when Ladybug had taken Hawk Moth’s miraculous, only his determination to keep his identity hidden, to stay strong in front of that bastard (he didn’t consider Gabriel his father anymore) kept him standing. But the moment when he was send off, and they were at the top of the Eiffel tower, he just broke down. And he cried, like a little kid.

Ladybug immediately wrapped him in her arms and just held him tight, and they sat like that for a while. He didn’t know for how long, because when they broke their hug, he wasn’t transformed anymore, and neither was she. They had missed the beeps from their miraculous, saying they would transform back soon, and now, Ladybug and Chat Noir were disappeared, and Adrien saw Marinette Dupain-Cheng sitting in front of him. she looked just shocked, she never expected him to be Chat Noir. True, he didn’t expect Ladybug to be his shy classmate, but he wasn’t disappointed in the least.

He saw her eyes become dull, when she adverted her gaze, and she whispered something like ‘I knew he would be disappointed’. He had never expected her, his Lady, who was confident, brave and just awesome, to say that. He also knew no words could say what he wanted to say, so he just grabbed her, pulled her in and kissed her. He felt her stiffen at first, but then she melted into the kiss. It was everything he had imagined and more. She smelled like vanilla and bread, her soft lips fitted perfectly on his, and her hands were tangled in his hair. He was pretty sure his hair was a mess now, but he couldn’t bring himself to care.

After that, they started dating. His father was put in jail because of his crimes, but neither of them were present at the trail. To the world, they said that Gabriel Agreste was retired, leaving the Gabriel brand in hands of his son and his girlfriend, and that Gabriel was now living on a private place, away from the public eyes, which was partly true.

His father had tried to get him to visit him, but he never went, knowing he didn’t want to see him. He finished his last year of university, and he and Marinette had changed the brands name in Agreste designs, not wanting to keep his father’s name. With Marinette in charge of the creative part, the designing, and Adrien of the financial part, the brand became one of the most popular in France.

6 months ago, Adrien had proposed to Marinette, when he had taken her to that same rooftop where he had taken her before the Glaciator akuma. They had a simple yet romantic dinner with candle light, roses everywhere, and they had danced for hours, before he dropped to one knee and had practically begged her to make him Mr. Dupain-Cheng. She said yes on the condition to become Mrs. Agreste instead, but he wanted her to keep her last name. the compromise: Marinette would become Mrs. Dupain-Cheng-Agreste.

So now they were here. Standing in front of the altar, saying ‘I do’ to one another. Adrien felt so happy, finally having a family that was perfect (almost perfect, because he wanted children, but he wasn’t going to complain about that now) and he had to fight back the tears that were going to escape his eyes. Marinette must have seen it, because, when Andre Bourgeois said that he could kiss the bride, he dipped her, and kissed her, and she stroke the tears away with her thumbs, so only she would know he was crying.

The whole church erupted in applause.

The party was in one word perfect. It was small, but all the people that mattered to them were present. Alya’s mother was the one that had made the food, and it was simple but delicious. Marinette’s father had made the weddingcake (off course) and it was simply beautiful. Marinette felt almost bad for eating that master piece, but it looked so delicious, she couldn’t resist.

Her father had made a 4 layered cake, with little dresses she once designed on the bottom layer. The second layer had fencing blades and basketballs, the third had Chinese symbols for love, good luck, a long life and stuff like that and the top layer had roses on the side, with little puppets of Marinette and Adrien on top of the cake. It was so personal, representing them both and a reference to the place where Adrien had proposed to her. she was fairly certain that Adrien had something to do with the design of the cake, but she didn’t care. It looked perfect, and tasted even better.

They received a lot of gifts. From her parents some cookbooks, Nino and Alya had gifted them a scrapbook with a lot of pictures, and half of it empty, because their story wasn’t finished yet. They got a lot of money (although they didn’t really need money) and some gift cards for spa treatment, a balloon flight and way more.

Chloe was present as well, congratulating both. She was currently dating Kim, and she and Marinette got along now, their old problems forgotten. She was also working at Agreste designs, as a publicist and a personal assistant for both Marinette and Adrien, and kept track on the tabloids, what they write about the company or about the couple.

After dinner, it was time for the official wedding dance of the new couple. Adrien guided Marinette to the middle of the floor, to start the dance they had practiced for months. They had thrown in some more spectacular parts, like a difficult lift.

The music started to play. It was tale as old as time from Beauty and the Beast, the first movie they ever saw as a couple. The song was in one word beautiful, and Adrien said that Marinette reminded him a lot of Belle. Both were strong women, very beautiful, and smart. Just like her, he had said. So, it was only fitting that their dance would be that song.

The moment he pulled her in his arms, she felt like she was in heaven. She loved dancing with her Chaton, holding him close. They started of slow, and sped up, as the song carried on. Adrien suddenly lifted her, to her surprise as well, because they hadn’t planned it, but she didn’t mind. She trusted him to not drop her. when he putted her down, he dipped her, and whispered in her ear:

“is this the happily ever after you dreamed about, bugaboo?”

She smiled, and answered:

“it is, kitty, but it isn’t an ending. It is just a new beginning.”

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When the couple kissed, the whole square in front of the Notre Dame erupted in applause and everyone cheered for the newlyweds. A lot of them were lining up at the doors, waiting for them to come out, and a lot of them had their cameras out. Everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of the newest fashion power-couple. Parents hoisted their children on their shoulders, so they could see. A lot of people were standing on the balconies of the houses around the square on the île de la cité.

When the doors opened, Adrien held Marinette with one hand and rested the other on her lower back. They were so lost in each other’s eyes, it was a miracle they made it to the limo. It had been decorated with flower and was waiting patiently for the pair to enter. Adrien opened the door for Marinette,  a perfect gentleman, and Marinette stepped forward. Just before she did, she looked back at the crowd gathered behind her. The people who had been inside the church were now outside.Her parents, Alya and Nino had managed to be standing in front of the rest. She grinned to them, before turning around and tossing her bouquet high in the sky towards the crowd behind her. Dozens of hands shot out, girls and women of various ages all desperate to catch it.

They all watched the flowers as they made their way back to the ground, arms outstretched to catch them, and letting out soft  curses when the bouquet passed them by. It seemed an age before the flowers found a new owner, but when they had, everyone turned to look who the lucky person to catch the bouquet was.

A blond girl with wide blue eyes was staring at the roses, not believing she had actually caught it. The black-haired girl next to her  rested her hands on the girl’s shoulders, and softly kissed her temple.

“Congratulations Rose!”

“Way to go Rose! Good catch!”

“Guess who will be next?”

Screams from Marinette and Adrien’s classmates rang out, congratulating Rose on her lucky catch. Rose hugged excitedly Juleka, standing on her tiptoes. Marinette smiled at the girl, before entering the car, followed by Adrien. 


As the sun peeked through the curtains, and gently  streamed over her face, Marinette slowly awoke. She nuzzled her face in her pillow, still enjoying the sensations of yesterday night (or was it this morning?)

 It didn’t matter. It was one of the best moments of her life, regardless.  Over a chair, the white wedding dress lay as a silent reminder of the day before. On the floor, her white lace panties and the crumpled remains of a smoking jacket rested.

Marinette could still feel Adrien’s fingers delicately unbuttoning her dress, kissing her back each time he undid a button. She could feel his gentle strokes when he peeled the dress down with care, knowing she made it herself, and not wanting to damage it in any way, despite the fact she likely would never wear it again.

In a way, she found it a shame her wedding dress would never be used again. She decided earlier that she could  use the fabric to make a new dress for her, one she could still wear regularly based on the original design. When she had told Adrien of her idea, he loved the idea of seeing her in the stunning dress more than once,was on board.

She nuzzled further into her pillow.

“Good morning princess.” 

A sleepy voice next to her roused her. She opened her eyes, blinking into the light. Green stared back at her lovingly. She now saw (or rather felt) that her pillow was in fact her husband’s chest. She looked at him and smiled.

“Good morning Adrien” She said.

The smile she got was one that could have blinded the sun. Her smile became wider, just looking at him. She could practically feel the happiness radiate off him.


They stayed  in bed for a few hours, just enjoying eachothers company. Until Marinette’s stomach made it clear they had to get up to eat some breakfast (or was it a brunch by now?). Adrien chuckled, and got up, making Marinette whine at the loss of her personal pillow.

“Princess, how am I going to make your breakfast if I don’t get up?” He said, while putting on some pants. Marinette just huffed, knowing he was right. It didn’t mean she had to like it.

Adrien just laughed, and walked to the kitchen. He knew she wasn’t a morning person, and that he had to let her take time to wake up. Knowing the smells of food would help, he started with the coffee, while putting everything on the table. By the time it was done, a sleepy Marinette emerged from their bedroom.

“Even with a bedhead, you are still the most gorgeous woman on this planet, princess.” He said, taking her into a hug.

She looked up at him. “flatherer.” She said, smiling. He shot her his signature Chat-grin. It reminded her of their time as Ladybug and Chat Noir. They missed their kwamis, but understood they had to give the miraculous back to the guardian. Now the threat of Hawk Moth had ended, they weren’t needed anymore. The miraculous had to stay safe, and the best way was to hide them. Master Fu promised them, though, that he would visit them from time to time, so they could still see each other.

The people of Paris always wondered what happened to them. They suddenly disappeared, retiring after Hawk Moth’s defeat, whose they never made public. There were a lot theories going around about their identities, why they never revealed Hawk Moth’s identity and, of course, about their identities.

Some said, that they killed Hawk Moth, and didn’t want the world to know. Others claimed he had a close connection to one of the heroes (or to both?).

Many people had also tried to uncover Chat Noir and Ladybug’s identities, but so far, no one had found them. Some said they had left the country, others said they were hiding. Some said they were friends, others claimed them to be a couple. But neither theory was ever confirmed. The Parizians never knew that they were hiding in plain sight as Marinette and Adrien.