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My Hero Academia Imagines

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TAMAKI LOVED BUTTERFLIES— he found them intriguing with their vibrant and beautifully painted wings and often envied how they could fly anywhere they wanted to go. He would catch them as a child, only to look at the different kinds of wings each butterfly had and let them fly free.

That was how he met you.

You approached Tamaki one day while he was out scouting for the flying insects. You were quite an outgoing person; a social butterfly, as they say. Not that he didn't like the newly given attention, he just wasn't used to anyone else other than Mirio so he felt shy, and that was the first time he ever felt butterflies fluttering in his stomach.

But that first encounter was years ago.

Now, you and Tamaki were close. So close, in fact, that he had grown quite the attraction to you. In his eyes, you were the most beautiful human being he's ever seen. But did you feel the same way? Tamaki doubted it. He felt like he would ruin his friendship with you if he confessed how he felt and that was the last thing he wanted, figuring that it would be better to stay friends.

"Tamaki-kun!" He heard you call out his name from behind. You ran up next to your best friend, standing next to his side with your books clutched against your chest. "Are you ready to go home?" He simply nodded in response and began walking along side of you.

You always knew Tamaki as a quiet boy of few words, and you were comfortable with the silence, but lately it felt as if he didn't like you. Little did Tamaki know that you harbored romantic feelings towards him as well; however, you really couldn't tell if he liked you back, and it made you a little bit sad. You even brought it up to Mirio and Nejire, and they said that he definitely did, but there were no signs for you to go off of.

"[N-Name].." Tamaki managed to muster out, taking note of how stern your face looked more than usual. "Are you.. okay? You're quieter than usual.." He frowned as you let out a sigh, nervous about what you were going to say.

"Tamaki, I really like you. In a more than friends way, you know? But i really can't tell if you like me too.. Sometimes I feel like you don't—"

"[Name].." He replied softly, blushing, and fighting against the feeling of the butterflies that threatened to burst out of his stomach. With all of the courage he could muster up, Tamaki slowly laced his fingers with yours and held your hand softly. "I do too."

At this point, the both of you have stopped walking. His beet red face was turned away from you to avoid your gaze that was now locked onto him; Tamaki felt like burying his face against a wall and making eye contact with you would only make him want to lock himself away from the world forever. You grasped his hand tighter with yours and continued walking on forward with the largest smile on your face.

Although words weren't exchanged, his actions spoke volumes and that was more than enough for you. It made you happy to know that he felt the same way about you, and Tamaki could tell by how you began to ramble on about random things that happened throughout the day. 

As you were leading the way home, he couldn't help but appreciate how colorful you were and how brightly you lit up; your cheeks and nose were turned pink from the cold that nipped at your skin, your [color] eyes seemed to sparkle more than usual underneath the rays of sunlight, and your [color] hair that complimented your face so perfectly flowed against the wind making you seem almost angelic.

With an adorning smile on his face, Tamaki knew he had caught the most rare and beautiful butterfly of them all.

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AS THE DAYS WENT BY, the pain that seeded itself in your heart grew bigger and dispersed through every inch of your being.

you missed him. you missed bakugou.

thoughts about him clouded over your mind and made you cry heavily like a rainstorm. tossing and turning in your bed, you finally settled on a comfortable position and whipped out your phone to distract yourself; however, upon opening it, your eyes watered at the sight of your lockscreen of you and bakugou.

a bitter smile was brought to your lips. you vividly remembered the moment you took this picture as clear as day.

‧ ‧ ‧ ୨♡୧ ‧ ‧ ‧ 

“damn it, [name], you look fine okay! stop fixing your hair!” bakugou huffed into his scarf. the frost that nipped as his skin caused it to turn red– or was he blushing?

you giggled in response and noted how pink his cheeks were, “did you just compliment me?” your teasing caused bakugou to blush harder, much to his disliking. “shut up! it’s just the cold! now hurry up and take the stupid picture!”

you laughed at his reaction and proceeded to take the picture. quickly before bakugou could stop you, you propped yourself up on your tippy-toes and kissed his cheek before the shutter closed.

“what the fu–!”

‧ ‧ ‧ ୨♡୧ ‧ ‧ ‧ 

you loved him so much and you still do, but it felt wrong. bakugou broke up with you. he ripped your heart out and all of the moments you spent together, and tossed it out a window as if you meant nothing to him.

was everything he said just a lie? he didn’t even give you a reason as to why he wanted to end it with you.

you were suddenly pulled back into reality and away from your toxic thoughts when you heard your doorknob rattle.

“hey [name],” a familiar voice resonated from behind you. turning around, you noticed that it was kirishima, bakugou’s best friend as well as yours. “i just came by to check up on you. i also brought you some food because i know you haven’t been eating.” kirishima said with a sincere yet small grin.

he’d always been so helpful and caring— without him, you would’ve definitely lost your mind more than you already had. “thank you kirishima, i really appreciate you.”

“it’s no problem at all! anyways, you look.. so tired. when was the last time you slept?”

a nervous laugh escaped your throat since you had to think about the last time you got a full 8 hours of sleep. “i don’t know..” kirishima knew how hard the breakup was on you and he was genuinely concerned about your health, but he also knew that bad habits were hard to get rid of and he could only say so much.

“ is he?” you asked quietly, barely making it out to be a whisper.

the frown on kirishima’s face deepened. “[name], i–”

“please tell me, kirishima.” you sat up from your bed and stared at him with hopeful eyes. he was worried, but you deserved to know.

“he moved on.”

‧ ‧ ‧ ୨♡୧ ‧ ‧ ‧ 

it had been four months since you last thought about your relationship with bakugou. the void that he left within you was now filled with happiness and content, and you were grateful that you were able to pull yourself out of the darkness.

or so you thought.

just when you were finally receiving closure for yourself, the front door to your house opened wide to reveal a disheveled bakugou in all his glory.

“what the fuck?” you blurted out of confusion, noticing how he still had his spare key to your house.

“we need to talk.” he said sternly, closing the door shut behind him.

“oh no, i don’t think so. you don’t get to ignore me for god knows how long, and then show up uninvited out of nowhere, saying that we need to talk.” you walked past bakugou and opened the door back open as a gesture for him to leave. “get out of my fucking house.”

bakugou’s face stayed stone-cold but there was a tinge of underlying guilt in his eyes. “[name], i still love you.”

now you were angry.

scoffing at his words, you slammed the door back shut. “okay, then why did you break up with me?”

“i was fucking scared, alright?!” he yelled, feeling frustrated and vulnerable. he hated admitting to his feelings; it made him feel weak to know that someone was able to tear down his walls and see him under a new light. “falling in love fucking scared me and i couldn’t do it anymore.”

“and you dated someone immediately after?”

“fuck them, they were just a fucking rebound.”

you couldn’t find any words to say by his sudden confession. truthfully, you were taken aback, but you held your ground.

“bakugou, you can’t do this to me.” all of the repressed feelings washed over you and resurfaced. you still loved him, and he still loved you— but you couldn’t be with him. not after all he put you through.

“cut the bullshit, i know you still love me.” his eyebrows narrowed yet shook as if he was forcing himself to look angry.

“..i do. but after what you put me through, i can’t be with you anymore.” you spoke softly, reaching your hand to open the door again.

“you need to leave, bakugou. please.”

and with that, his stone-cold expression eased into one that looked solemn, although it was hard to read. without a word, bakugou made his way to the door, but before he walked out, he pulled out the spare key he held and held it out for you to take.

“goodbye, bakugou. i wish you the best.” his piercing red eyes stared into yours and you confidently stared back, never faltering from his gaze.

you were stubborn, and very set in your views and beliefs. he didn’t expect you to take him back with open arms; he hurt you and he knew it, but he still found himself at your house with his walls torn to the ground.

bakugou messed up the one great thing he had in his life, and he knew that you were never going back to him.


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TODOROKI WAS A FAIRLY quiet guy. He only spoke when it was necessary, whether it be giving advice to someone in need or adding in his input towards something. On top of his "cold" demeanor and half-red-half-white hair, his silence added an air of mystery around him, and maybe that's why you were so drawn to him. You found yourself wanting to get to know him more and figure out what lies underneath Shouto's cold exterior, and so you did.

You learned the cruel truth behind his scarred eye and how his troubled history with his family cut him deeper than skin; how his father's actions resulted in his distant and aloof personality. However, you also learned how extremely loyal he was towards his loved ones and how cutely awkward he could be. The more you got to know Shouto, the more you came to love him for all he was— and to your surprise, he felt the same; but since he came from such a troubled home with a father who never expressed his love and affection, Shouto never learned how to properly express his own feelings, which is why his confession caught you off-guard. He confessed in a way only Shouto would and you wouldn't have had it any other way.

And now there you stood, walking home alongside Shouto with your eyes glued to the ground. You could feel heat radiating from his left side which caused you to blush, wondering how warm he'd feel against your embrace. Shouto was never really big on public displays of affection, let alone affection in general. Considering it's been a good three months since you started dating, it's only natural for you to want to express your feelings for him.

As much as you wanted to put all of your faith in your boyfriend, it made you feel slightly insecure. You understood where Shouto was coming from with displays of affection and wanted him to take his time, but that small voice of doubt in the back of your head fed you nothing but negativity, and it made you feel crazy— like you were just overreacting or an obsessive girlfriend, and that was the last thing you wanted. It made you feel guilty and it gnawed at your brain in every waking moment.

"[Name], are you okay?" Shouto asked, pulling you away from your thoughts and back into reality. "Why do you look so angry?" You hadn't even noticed that you were scowling at the ground so intently, making you blush profusely out of embarrassment.

"I-I'm fine, Shouto! I was just thinking is all." You could feel him staring at you, knowing full well that he didn't believe you. All you wanted was to hold his hand, you just didn't know how to go about it without scaring him off or making him feel uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Shouto's averted his gaze to what you had been unconsciously staring at: his hand. He smiled a bit, fitting all of the pieces together when he thought of idea.

"[Name], you have something on the back of your hand.." You rose your eyebrow up at him, "really?" You questioned, raising your hand up to see whatever it was. However, before you could even look, Shouto swiftly laid his hand under yours and laced his fingers into yours.

You could've sworn you felt your heart stop beating and feel all of your blood rush into your face, making you look as red as Kirishima's hair. "W-What are you doing?!" You squeaked out in surprise, earning a soft chuckle from your boyfriend who found your reaction quite adorable.

"What? Is there something wrong with holding my girlfriend's hand?" His deadpan question, (or was he teasing?), made you blush more, if that was even possible. "N-No! I just.." You started, however lost your train of thought and ability to form a proper sentence due to the amount of butterflies that distracted your thinking.

"[Name], you don't have to ask, okay?" Your boyfriend said softly, then proceeding to do something that caught you completely off guard and halted the both of you in place.

He placed a soft kiss on your head. 

Eyes now wide open, you looked up at Shouto in surprise. He stared back into your eyes with an intense gaze that reminded you of a dancing fire that was unwilling to be put out, and suddenly that inner voice of doubt and your insecurities faded away into the void.

You smiled, grasping his hand tighter in yours, and swung both of your arms back and forth while continuing to walk home.

No words were exchanged and you were okay with that. After all, Shouto had his own ways of showing how much he cared about you, and you wouldn't want it any other way.