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Tour Surprises

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The next three month were spent packing up their lives in Montreal and moving them back to London. They had agreed to move into Tessa´s house as it was the one that didn´t need any major work done. Nearly all their stuff was back in London however, they were still in Montreal. Scott was finishing up the season coaching and after that would be taking up coaching at the Ilderton rink for the time they would be in London. Tessa had been travelling to Toronto quite often to work on sponsorship deals. At nearly 6 and a half months pregnant though, Tessa was beginning to feel the stress that travelling put on her body and decided that she would reduce the amount of travelling she was doing, much to the delight of Scott.

With the season finished, a quite successful one for Scott and his students, they packed up the remaining boxes and loaded them into Scott´s car before setting off on the 7 hour trip home to London. Although Scott knew, that Tessa would likely sleep for most of the 7 hours, there was one important topic he wanted to talk to her about, that had completely slipped his mind when they had had their big conversation just about three months ago. They were around 3 hours into the journey and Tessa had just woken up from her nap. She made her presence aware by placing her hand onto Scott´s thigh and giving it a gentle squeeze. Scott quickly lets his eyes glance to her, “Hey sleeping beauty,” he smiles. She smiles back, “hey you.” They sit in comfortable silence for a while before Scott starts. “Can I ask you something T?” Scott asks gently. “Always,” she answers placing her hand gently onto his thigh, “is everything alright?” “No, yeah everything is great, it´s just that I wanted to talk about something that I didn´t think of when we had our talk 3 months ago.” “Oh, ok,” Tessa turned her body so she was facing him. “You know I love you and I absolutely cannot imagine my life without you and now with our baby, I don´t know, it´s just I always thought that maybe we´d be married before we did all this. Not that I am not perfectly fine with where we are now, it´s just something I was thinking about. So, I guess what I am trying to ask you are your thoughts on marriage?” “Wow, um, yeah I guess that one really did slip through our minds,” Tessa stutters out before going silent.

“Look,” Scott grabs her hand and gives it a comforting squeeze, “you don´t have to say anything now or so, it´s just something that crept into my mind over the past couple days.”

“I know I don´t have to say anything, but I want to. Scott, I know how important marriage is to you and it is to me too, maybe not as important as it is to you, but it is. And I love you with all my heart and also cannot imagine my life without you, so it is definitely something I want down the road but like you, I am so, so happy with where we are now especially with our little bean on the way,” she interlaces her hand through Scott´s and places it on her bump, “and I feel like maybe we should wait for a while till we get married. Not because I don´t want to, but because we have so many exciting things ahead of us now that we need and want to focus all our energy into that a wedding just wouldn´t seem right to me. Plus we both know how madly in love we are with each other, whether we´re married or not, that isn´t going to change. I will always love you, come what may.” Scott squeezes her hand.

“I love you so damn much Tess, I don´t think you understand. And after 21 years together, I shouldn´t be surprised that we are so in sync and on the same page because I feel exactly the same way.” He smiles.

A couple hours later they pull into the drive way of their new home. Most of their stuff was already there and unpacked thanks to the courtesy of their parents and siblings, so the only luggage they had to bring into the house was the stuff they had in their car. Their families had suggested throwing a welcome home party and whilst both Scott and Tessa welcomed the idea, they had asked that they maybe just have a big barbeque in the Moir´s backyard on the weekend so they could settle in first. They had driven back on Friday and the barbeque was to take place the next day. When Scott switched off the car he turned to look at Tessa and saw that she was fast asleep. He quickly hopped out the car and opened the front door before manoeuvring all their luggage into the house, letting Tessa continue to sleep in the passenger seat. Once he had everything in the house he walked back out to the car and gently opened the passenger door, hoping that Tessa didn´t have her weight against it. He unbuckled her seatbelt before scooping her up bridal style and carrying her into the house. She stirred in his arms, “it´s ok babe, I got you,” he told her and she nuzzled her face into the crook of his neck. He quickly tucked her into bed before getting ready for bed himself. Scott was exhausted from the drive but he couldn´t shake the feeling that something else was going on with his body, but he couldn´t quite figure it out so he just slid into bed next to Tessa and let the wave of sleep rush over him.

When Tessa woke in the morning, the sunlight was already lighting up their bedroom. She sat up and turned to face Scott but when she looked over at his side, he wasn´t there. Knowing Scott she assumed he would be in the kitchen making breakfast so she threw on her robe and made the short walk down to the kitchen. However, when she got there, there was neither the smell of breakfast or Scott to be found. “Scott,” she calls out but doesn´t receive a reply. She calls out again and this time hears a quiet groan coming from one of coaches in the living room. She quickly walks over and sees a lump that looks somewhat like Scott curled under a bunch of blankets. “Hey, what´s wrong babe?” she asks as she sits down next to him and strokes his back. “Migraine,” is all Scott answers. “Oh Scott,” Tessa calls out and manoeuvres herself so that she is lying down facing him, “how long has it been going on for,” she asks gently whilst continuing to stroke his back. “I woke up a few hours ago with a head ache and came down for some water but just couldn´t manage to get back to bed,” he admits and nestles his face into the crook of her neck. Tessa smiles at that gesture, knowing not only that that is one of his favourite places but also a place he seeks when he is ill or in need of comfort. “I gather you haven´t taken anything for it yet then,” Tessa says and Scott shakes his head. “Ok, I´m going to go and get you some ibuprofen, some water and some toast and then call your mom and see if we can move the barbeque.” At that suggestion Scott´s head whips up, “no don´t ask her to move it. I´ll make it there somehow. She´s been looking forward to this for so long, I can´t do that to her.”

“Scott, you just said you couldn´t even get back to bed, how are you going to survive a rowdy Moir barbeque?”

“Babe, I´ll make it somehow. I´ll rest before we need to go.” Scott answers and presses a quick kiss to her neck.

“Ok fine, but under one condition,” Tessa says and Scott raises his eyebrow curiously at her, “you go up to bed and tell me the minute you think you can´t make it, ok?”

“Ok fine. You win Virtch,” he says and sits up, bracing himself on the sofa as the room around him spins.

A couple of hours later and Tessa is driving them over to the Moir´s. Scott was feeling better but not great yet and he was pale as a ghost but had still insisted on going, knowing that this wasn´t just going to be a barbeque, but that his mom and Kate had also planned a baby shower as a surprise for Tessa, something he most definitely wasn´t going to miss. He had taken enough pills to reduce his migraine to a slight headache but the pills had made him quite drowsy and whilst Tessa found his dazed state quite funny, Scott wasn´t sure his mom would be happy seeing him that way.

Tessa pulled up into the Moir drive way and was surprised to see that they must be one of the first to arrive, seeing as there were no other cars in the driveway. She looked over to where Scott was now sleeping in the passenger seat and gently shook him awake. “Scott, we´re here” she tried to pry him awake. He slowly rose from his little nap and Tessa could tell that he wasn´t completely with her. Nonetheless he got out the car and made his way to the trunk to get out some of the food they had brought with them. “Scott, it´s fine. I´ve got the food go ring the bell,” Tessa insisted but Scott was having none of it.

“Tessa you shouldn´t be lifting at 6 months pregnant.”

“Scott, the food barely weighs two kilos. I think I can manage that. I´m an athlete remember?” she joked.

“Well if I remember correctly, I am an athlete too, so let´s just split it. I´m not about to argue about who carries what.”

They split the food between them and walk up to the front door. Before they can knock Alma pulls open the door with a big smile on her face. “Welcome you guys,” before spying the food in their hands, “I told you not to bring anything.”

“Oh Alma. We couldn´t show up empty handed and we both know how much the Moir boys like to eat. Better have a bit more than too little eh?” Tessa answers and Alma chuckles opening the door wide enough for them to enter. Once they´ve placed the food on the table Alma pulls Tessa in for a long hug. “I´m so glad you´re back home,” she tells her.

“Oh, we are so happy to be back too and the new adventure that´s going to start here soon.” Tessa says.

Alma moves on to Scott but sense that something is wrong. “Scottie, what´s wrong you´re real pale, are you ok?” her voice is worried as she hugs him.

“Just a migraine mom, nothing serious, I´ll be alright,” he tells her but she still isn´t satisfied.

Alma looks over at Tessa to get her opinion. “He´s had it since this morning Alma. I found him on the coach since he was too weak to get back to bed but he insisted on coming. He´s slept most of the day and taken some painkillers.” She tells her.

“Well since you both are a bit early, why don´t you go and lie down in your room Scott until the others arrive. I can´t stand seeing you like this,” Alma suggests.

Tessa tells her that that´s a really good idea and Scott just gives his nod of approval before climbing up the stairs to his childhood bedroom. It´s still like it was when he was a teenager, decked out in maple leafs gear and he feels somewhat nostalgic walking into it. Tessa enters a short time after him with a bottle of water and Gatorade in her hands. She places them on his nightstand and walks over to where he is standing looking through some of his old stuff.

“Weird to be back, eh?” she says placing her arm around his waist.

“Yeah, so many memories and now I am standing here with you as my girlfriend and our little kiddo on the way. All those years ago I would have never thought that this dream could come true,” he confesses and presses a kiss to her forehead.

“Sometimes dreams do come true and I can say mine have all come true with you. I love you Scott, I really do. And I feel so lucky to have lived all of this with you,” Tessa tells him and feels a tear slip down her cheek.

Scott wipes away the tear with his thumb as he cradles her head between his hands, “no crying kiddo please. Today and all days to come are happy. I love you too, so much. And I love this one so much already too,” he says placing his hand on her now visible bump before leaning in to kiss her softly. After a couple of kisses Tessa pulls away.

“You should get some rest sweetie. The others will be here soon and I want you to be able to enjoy yourself.” Scott nods and moves to pull back the sheets on his bed. “You should probably change if you can so as not to ruin your clothes for the party Scott,” Tessa suggest and walks to see if there are any clothes left in his closet. She only manages to find some old sweatpants and a faded Maple Leafs shirt. “Here,” she passes them to him and he strips his clothes and puts on the sweatpants but leaves the shirt.

“Will you join me for a bit?” Scott as gently and it sounds so sincere and desperate at the same time to Tessa that she can only agree but makes sure to quickly slip out of the room and see if Alma needs any help before letting her know that she´s going to lie down with Scott. Alma agrees saying it´s probably a good idea in her condition and the stress she´s experienced over the last couple days with the big move.

Tessa slips back into Scott´s room and switches her dress for the Maple Leafs shirt, that luckily is big enough on her to engulf her even with her bump and slides in next to Scott who is already half asleep. They´ll only have about half an hour before the others arrive but Tessa admits to herself that this nap is probably good for both of them.


Tessa jolts awake some time later to a sharp knock on the door and Jordan pops her head into the room. “Hey lovebirds,” she chirps as she moves over to where Tessa is now sitting up in bed and hugs her. “Hey you,” Tessa smiles and wraps her arms around her sister.

“Alma said I might find you two up here and asked me to come and get you. Nearly everyone is here. Just Casey and Megan running a bit late,” Jordan informs her.

“Ok, good to know. I guess we´ll get ready then,” Tessa says as she gets up out of Scott´s bed in her Maple Leafs shirt and pulling the cover back so far that Jordan can see that Scott is shirtless next to her. Her lips turn into a smirk as she looks between Tessa and Scott.

“What Jordan?” Tessa asks.

“I can´t believe that you, Tessa Virtue, would do that with your families downstairs,” Jordan says and drops her jaw open. Tessa is still confused but looking over at Scott and down at herself she slowly puts the pieces together.

“Jordan!” she exclaims and smacks her on her shoulder, “we did not do anything of what you have in mind. How could you suggest that?” Jordan cackles over in laughter.

“Oh Tessie, I was just teasing. But judging by the blush creeping over your face, I don´t know how wrong I might be” That earns her another smack to her shoulder.

“Jordan I would never do that knowing everyone is downstairs. I can´t believe you think so low of me,” Tessa is shocked.

“Hey, it´s alright. I know you wouldn´t. But the way you and loverboy were going at each other when you finally figured your shit out, anything is possible,” Jordan hears Tessa gasp and the next thing she sees is a pillow coming straight towards her face.

Scott wakes to the sound of laughter in the room. His head is still hurting but it is significantly better to what it was before he laid down. He turns to where the sound of laughter is coming from and smiles at the scene in front of him; the love of his life who is carrying their child is in the middle of a pillow fight with her big sister. That is a sight he never thought he would see. But the funniest thing is that the two are laughing so hard that they can barely swing the pillows at each other. Tessa is first to notice that Scott has woken up and interrupts her pillow fight to go and check on him. She climbs back into bed and sits next to him.

“How are you feeling babe?” she asks while placing a gently kiss to his bare shoulder.

“It´s a lot better than what it was.” He tells her.

“Well that´s good to hear. Jordan was just coming to get us and tell us that nearly everyone is here and we should probably head down.”

“Didn´t look like she just came to tell us that judging by the scene I woke up to,” Scott chuckled.

“She was just teasing so I had to get her for it. But she´s right, we should probably get dressed and head downstairs,” Tessa replied and turned her head so she could give him a soft kiss before getting up and dressed. Scott followed suit and changed out of his sweatpants. Scott sat back down on the bed waiting for Tessa to finish her makeup, although in his opinion she didn´t need any. He spied the bottle of Gatorade and the ibuprofen on his nightstand and decided taking one more pill wouldn´t hurt him and would possibly allow him to engage with friends and family even more. He quickly swallowed the pill and then Tessa came out of the bathroom.

“Hey, are you really feeling ok. If you´re still taking pain killers you must still be really down,” Tessa says calmly as she stands in front of him.

“I´ll be fine, I promise,” Scott reassures her and stands to move downstairs. He reaches for Tessa´s hand and then leads her downstairs to what she thinks is just a normal Moir barbeque.

After recovering from the shock surprise that Tessa experienced when she walked down the stairs to find not the typical Moir barbeque she was used to, but a Moir barbeque turned baby shower, she had really enjoyed herself. There were baby games that were played and so many of her friends and family had turned up, so she had to catch up with everyone.

There was cake and gifts and with each little onesie or boots that Tessa and Scott pulled out of a gift bag, they grew even more excited for the arrival of their little one in about 3 months. Since there were so many people there, they split the gift opening into two rounds with a long break of food, drinks and games in the middle Alma, Kate, Jordan and Cara and Sheri had outdone themselves with the baby shower. They had even set up a betting pool for the baby´s weight and size and there was obviously also a vote for whether or not they were having a boy or a girl.

All of Scott and Tessa´s nieces and nephews were having a blast running around the garden and having a water fight. Scott was still feeling under the weather and after conversing with as many people as he was able to manage, he migrated inside into the cool walls of the house. He was just grabbing a cold bottle of water out of the fridge when his brother Charlie walked into the kitchen with his littlest nephew, Cruz, who was just about a year old. At the sight of Scott in the kitchen Charlie´s face turned into a smile. “Scott, could you please watch Cruz for a little bit. Shea and Quinn want me to come help them fight Danny and his gang,” he asked his youngest brother.

“Of course,” Scott replied putting down his bottle of water and taking Cruz from Charlie´s arms and placing him in his arms so that his face nuzzled into his neck. He sighed at the feeling, anxiously waiting till his kid would do the same one day.

“Thanks bro,” Charlie called on his way out of the kitchen.

“What are we gonna do buddy eh?” he asked the baby who rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand, an indication Scott knew too well. “Oh buddy, are you tired?” Cruz tucked his face back into his neck. “Why don´t we just chill of the sofa for a bit. I´m tired too you know buddy,” he told Cruz as he walked over to one of his parent´s sofas in the back of the living room. He sat down and then lay down so that he was stretched across the coach and could move Cruz so that he was splayed out over his chest. Soon both of them succumbed to sleep.

Soon the guests, besides close family, started leaving and everyone was ecstatic about how well the surprise and party had gone over. There were still a bunch of gifts left for Tessa and Scott to open but they were mainly from family so that had waited till the crowd had died down a little so that they could open them amongst their families. Alma and Kate were slowly starting to clean up and were bringing in some of the already opened gifts into the living room when Kate spotted Scott asleep with Cruz on his chest.

“Oh Alma,” she whispered capturing the attention of her friend. The two women just starred at the too cute sight in front of them.

“He is going to make an amazing dad to the little one,” Alma whispered and Kate nodded in agreement. Alma quickly took out her phone and managed to take a few snapshots.

“Ma, have you seen Scottie anywhere?” Charlie called out, “I gave him Cruz an hour ago or so and haven´t seen either of them since.”

Alma shushed him, “in here Charlie.” Charlie walked over into the living room and saw his son on his brother’s chest. “No wonder he is their favourite uncle. Makes a good pillow to sleep on,” he chuckled. At that moment Tessa walked in the room carrying a bunch of gifts. She stopped when she saw her mom, Alma and Charlie all staring at the same thing.

“What´s wrong?” she inquired as she put the gifts down and walking over to them and promptly bursts into tears at the sight of Scott and Cruz. Cruz starts fussing at the commotion going on in the living room and Scott wakes immediately upon feeling the infant on his chest moving around. He starts to sooth him before looking up and seeing the adoring eyes of his family members watching him. Nicole steps forward with a smile and releases Scott from Cruz and takes him into the kitchen to settle him with some food. Tessa flings herself at him and he wraps her in a tight hug. “You´re going to be the most amazing dad ever Scott,” she whispers in his ear and he just hugs her tighter.

Hours later, Scott and Tessa are back in their London home with a living room full of gifts, lying in bed. Tessa slides into bed and into Scott´s waiting arms and lays her head on his chest before snuggling tighter into his embrace. “I cannot believe they managed to pull all of this off today,” Tessa told Scott who just hummed in agreement. Tessa sat up and pushed herself up on his chest so she could look at him. “Did you know about this Scott?” she asked him sternly.

“I may have had an idea about it,” he smirked.

“Scott,” Tessa said more sternly wanting a straightforward answer.

“Ok so maybe I mentioned the idea of you not wanting  the fuss of a baby shower to our mothers and the possible idea of combing the two together,” he finally admitted and a huge smile spread on Tessa´s face. She captured his lips in a soft kiss, which quickly turned more heavy and desperate.

“I love you so much Scott Moir,” Tessa whispered against his lips before snuggling back down onto his chest in hopes to fall asleep.

“I love you too, so much I don´t think you even know Tess. I am so excited to raise this baby with you, there´s no one else I would rather be doing this with,” Scott whispered into the dark and pressed a kissed to Tessa´s head.

“Me too Scott, me too,” she whispered back before they both fell asleep.

And in the blink of an eye, it was time to meet their little kiddo.