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Tour Surprises

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Tessa´s eyes flutter open in the early morning hours of the last day of the Thank You Canada Tour. She rolls over in the bunk she has called her home for over the past month and lets her eyes adjust to the light. It´s quite and all the curtains in front of the other bunks are still pulled close; meaning everyone else is still asleep. It´s only a couple of seconds after she slowly sits up that a wave of nausea passes over her. She takes a deep breath willing for it to go away but seconds later she jumps out of her bunk and is running to the bathroom where she empties her guts into the toilet.

Only after her second round of throwing up does she hear the faint knocking at the bathroom door and the voice accompanying it. “Tess, it´s Scott. Are you alright? Can you please let me in, I´m worried.” Oh shit she thinks hoping that she hadn´t woken anyone else up. But of course he had woken up, he was always there when she needed him, especially in since they had decided to take their relationship a step further and enter into a romantic partnership. Their families knew about the new development but they had decided to wait to tell their cast mates until the tour was over to avoid any accidental leaking of the news during interviews or through social media. It had made finding time for each other substantially harder but they had made the effort to, especially when they were staying in hotels overnight. “I´m ok Scott, I´ll be out in a second. Go back to sleep, it´s still early.” She replies and quickly freshens up before opening the door to find Scott leaning against the wall opposite, waiting for her.

Scott takes a step towards her and wraps his arms around her waist and nuzzles his face into her neck. “Morning” she whispers. “Tess, what´s wrong? What happened?” he questions as he pulls away to look at her. “I´m fine Scott, I just think my stomach must have been a bit upset. Maybe something I ate last night wasn´t exactly right. I´m better now though” “Are you sure? Cause you look really pale to me Tess. I don´t want you to pass out now or during the show tonight.” “I´m sure babe. Really, I´ll just go back to sleep and get a bit more rest before we have to get ready for the day.” Tessa says as she leans up and quickly pecks him on the lips. “Ok.” Scott replies giving her a bit of a longer kiss. Tessa tries to walk back towards the section of the bus with the bunks but staggers along the way nearly losing her balance. Scott reaches out in time to catch her. “Tess, are you sure you´re fine?” he says with a worried tone to his voice. “Just a bit dizzy, I´m fine though Scott really, let´s just go back to sleep.” Scott releases her from his grasp and lets her walk back to her bunk before climbing into his own. Everyone else is thankfully still asleep.

Tessa lies in her bunk silently still not feeling well. The nauseousness just won´t leave her but she doesn´t feel like she needs to run to the bathroom again. If only she could get back to sleep. She turns from side to side before feeling a body climb into her bunk and wrap its arms around her restless body. “Gosh you´re so restless sometimes T” Scott teases. “I knew there was something missing” Tessa says back before snuggling tighter into him. “Are you still nauseous?” Scott asks her before placing a kiss behind her ear. “It comes and goes, but I think now that you´re here I might be able to get to sleep.” Scott wraps his arms around her tighter. “I love you Tess, now get some sleep” “I love you too Scott” she replies before succumbing to sleep, Scott following shortly after, still very worried about her.

Around two hours later the rest of the cast was all up. Scott and Tessa were still deep in dream land but none of the others had checked their bunks, allowing them to sleep in. Scott´s curtain was still closed, so everyone obviously assumed they were in separate bunks.

Some of the guys, Chiddy, Eric and Elvis had decided to go for a run whilst the girls Kaitlyn, Kaetlyn, Meagan and Andrew decided to cook up a massive breakfast in the tiny kitchen to celebrate the end to a spectacular tour. It wasn´t until the boys had returned, freshened up and breakfast was nearly ready that Kaitlyn decided it was time to wake up the two “sleeping beauties” as she had put it. What she found when she eventually did so was not what she expected.