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Wicked games

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“I need another glass of wine.” Beca said, slightly smiling, without waiting for Chloe’s answer.

Chloe saw her stand up and walk to the table on which the expensive bottle of wine was placed.

“You want some?” Beca asked while she poured the wine in her crystal glass.


Chloe took her own glass and stood up, walking toward her.

Deathly silence, it was like they were waiting for something.

Beca poured the wine in Chloe’s glass, who watched every movement carefully.

She handed Chloe the glass , and Chloe drank without looking away from her.

“I don’t want to be invisible, Beca. Not anymore.” Chloe said and Beca looked at her, without asking what she meant. As always , Beca was giving her the chance to explain, to decide, to act.

“I want you, I want it and I want it rough.” Chloe said and then she placed the glass on the table, she took Beca’s face between her hands and finally their lips met for the very first time, in the middle of the kitchen.

There was nothing gentle about it.

It was like a fire meeting gasoline, so much lust and passion.

It was rough as their tongues tangled together, neither really fighting for dominance, but both just enjoying the feeling of it.

Beca wrapped her arms around Chloe’s waist and pushed her impossibly closer while Chloe tilted her head to deepen the kiss , sliding her hands up to the back of Beca’s neck, then she dragged her nails down across her scalp, making Beca shiver.

She moaned slightly when she felt Beca’s tongue trace over her captured lip before it was released and Chloe was being kissed breathless once more.

Beca led Chloe with her hands on Chloe’s waist over to the kitchen table, without stopping to kiss her.

Then she swept the contents of the table, plats and glasses crashed on the floor and ran her hands down Chloe’s back to her ass, squeezing and pulling. She placed her hands on the back of Chloe’s thigh, lifting her up so that Chloe sat on the table.

Beca was between Chloe’s legs and then they pulled away breathless.

Chloe’s fingers popped open every botton of Beca’s shirt and Beca took it off hurriedly.

They kissed again and Chloe’s hands were on Beca’s black belt but Beca stopped her , pulling her hands away gently and she knelt in front of Chloe.

Chloe gasped and felt her knees buckle a bit where Beca was holding her legs.

Beca’s lips traced her legs, licking and biting while Chloe seemed unaware of the pressure she was putting on the back of Beca’s head with her hands, pulling her closer.

Then Beca pulled the white dress up around Chloe’s waist and ripped off her thong- it was easier.

Chloe moaned when she felt Beca press her mouth against her center, humming in pleasure.

The feel of her lips and the reverberation made Chloe twitch against Beca.

Beca snuck her tongue into her, letting it frag along her folds as she explored, holding her thighs.

Then she made her way up to her clit and Chloe’s legs wrapped her head, keeping her in place while her hands gripped the edge of the table.

Beca found her clit with her tongue, swirling around it.

“Fuck, Beca.” Chloe moaned.

The sound of her voice was a melody.

Beca pursed her lips to apply suction to her clit, making Chloe scream and throw her head back. The pressure in the pit of her stomach increased with every movement of Beca’s tongue.

Beca took a hand off of Chloe’s leg to come around and caress her folds, working her way toward Chloe’s slit.

She found her open and ready, and she slipped two fingers inside stroking the inner walls, reapplying pressure to Chloe’s clit with her tongue.

Chloe muttered some incoherent words breathlessly as Beca started pumping into her, thrusting hard.

Beca felt her knees ache on the floor of her kitchen and she had to forget her own erection to take care of Chloe.

The sound and the way Chloe clenched around her fingers were making her painfully hard and her need was rising.

But that was so satisfactory.

“Just there, God.” Chloe moaned, hands gripping onto the edge of the table while her hips jumped in the air.

Her eyes closed , her moans resonated around the big room , her hips moving against Beca’s fingers and tongue.

Chloe felt she was close, and she knew Beca felt it too as she sped up, making her moan her name loudly and arch her body against her mouth.

Beca continued to let Chloe ride her high, hand on her back holding her closer while she was licking a stripe from the bottom of Chloe’s neck up to just under her ear.

Chloe turned to her , kissing Beca hard, shoving her tongue inside Beca’s mouth , running her tongue along Beca’s.

When she pulled away for air, Chloe gazed down at Beca, eyes darker with lust.



“Shit.” Chloe gasped as her back hit the white wall.

“You’re hot when you swear.” Beca said breathlessly while Chloe was completely pressed between her body and the wall.

Chloe crashed their lips together again and it was really messy.

The air between them was getting salty and damp, and Chloe really wanted to get Beca’s pants off . And her own dress off.

Clothes definitely needed to be off.

Beca run her tongue across Chloe’s lower lip and she opened her mouth gladly. Beca could feel the heat from their body, she was conscious of the shortness of her own breath.

But Chloe’s hips brushed against her and her mind went blank.

There was no way they were making it to the bedroom.

Beca reached the zip of Chloe’s dress , pushing it down trying not to rip it off in a second.

Chloe was naked and Beca’s body went on fire.

She was beautiful.

Beca started to unbuckle her belt but Chloe’s hand were on her, pulling at the belt loops to bring Beca closer.

She shooed away Beca’s hands to take care of the belt herself, expertly unbuckling it and fiercely whipping it off of Beca, throwing it across the corridor.

Beca felt fingers trace her erection through the black trousers and she had to hold back a growl forming in the back of her throat.

Chloe was proud of Beca’s strained expression , and popped open the botton and drew down the zipper. The she pulled Beca’s pants and boxer down, kneeling , helping Beca step out of them completely.

Seeing Chloe on her knee in front of her, made Beca think sultry thoughts. But that wasn’t what she wanted.

“I don’t want to be invisible again, Beca. Not anymore”

 Then Beca pressed her up against the wall and slowly lowered Chloe onto her length, making Chloe moaned, eyes shut in ecstasy, taking her all at once.

Chloe watched Beca breath heavily, her hands gripping her ass so tightly Chloe thought it might be bruised. The thought alone urged her forward, making Beca moan.

And Beca started to move inside her.

Chloe thought it felt amazing, thrilling.

The pressure, their body colliding, the context. It was really hot and Beca was good.

So good.

Chloe placed her hand behind Beca’s neck, pulling her closer as she slipped her tongue into Beca’s mouth, moving her hips in time with the kiss.

With one arm she clung to Beca, the other tightened Beca’s hair – she discovered how much Beca liked it.

Beca’s speed increased and Chloe run her hands down her back, seeking something to hold onto , she dug her nails into Beca’s skin hard and Beca moaned in her ear.

One more thrust and Chloe collapsed between Beca’s arms again, closing her eyes while her chest quickly moved up and down.

She muttered Beca’s name like a preyer as Beca slowed her thrust.

“You didn’t’…” Chloe whispered breathless while Beca placed small kisses on her neck.

“This is all about you.” Beca said , looking at her eyes.

There was a long minute of silence. Chloe was looking at her and Beca was looking back.

Chloe unwrapped her legs and placed her feet on the floor again.

“Where is your bedroom?”