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Save The Kingdom

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"RUN!" Neo screamed, grabbing Falner's hand and dragging her along. The two had been looking for the final crystal, the white one, but accidentally awakened a pretty pissed off wolf once they actually found it. Falner was trying in vain to cast any spells she could at it until, finally, the right one hit her. "Immobulus!" She shouted, waving her wand. The wolf immediately froze in its tracks, allowing the two to slow down and catch their breaths. "What was that spell?" Neo asked. "It's a spell I learned a couple years ago. I...kinda go to school for this stuff," Falner said shyly. "When you're a 7th year Ravenclaw, it's best to keep your magic a secret, lest you get expelled." "Ah, so you're a Hogwarts student...that explains why you were sent through the portal instead of just using the decoy trees." He replied, nodding slowly. Falner nodded as well. "Yeah. I actually have been meaning to ask about those trees. How come I got sent here when I saw other wand-toting kids running around the hallways?" She asked.

"Well, to put things as simply as possible, Elise isn't as normal as she seems. She works with Headmaster Dumbledore and a couple other wizarding schools to find promising young witches or wizards to send on these quests. Your objective is different from the children out in the lodge, too." He explained. She tilted her head. "Objective? I don't quite follow." She said. Neo let out a small sigh, then looked at her with a mixture of sympathy and fear. "You were sent here with a mission. Elise saw something within you that would help us," He said, waving his hand. A misty screen appeared in front of him and a series of images began to form. The first was a large red dragon guarding a treasure hoard. "The children in the lodge only know about Charlock, the Red Dragon. Their objective is to defeat him and 'save the kingdom'. Yours is a bit more...complicated. You do have to defeat Charlock, but he isn't your main priority. You have two much stronger - and much more dangerous - adversaries."

As he said this, two images appeared: a dragon that seemed to be made entirely of silver and a man in a black cloak. "The first is the Silver Dragon, who has entered Vellara and aims to destroy the Magi race. You need to fully complete your training before fighting it since it's extremely powerful." He said. Falner nodded slightly. "Okay, so I can't fight the Silver Dragon until I have all the runes and become a Master Magi, right?" She asked. Neo nodded. "Yes. And it isn't the only challenge you have to face," He gestured to the image of the man in the black cloak. "Xavier is your true final challenge. He's the reason all of the young Magi are only fighting Charlock. He has cast an enormous illusionary spell on the lodge that veils the true threats, and the only way to break the spell is to defeat him. He's no pushover, either. I tried fighting him myself to defend my last Magi didn't go quite as planned." He turned around and pulled his collar down to reveal a long scar running from the back of his neck to his collarbone. Falner bit her lip. "Yikes…" Neo pulled his collar up, concealing the scar once more. "Shall we get going with finishing your first quest?" He asked. Falner nodded, opening her spellbook.

"When you have all five crystals within your possession,
You're ready to make quite a dazzling impression!
To the Whispery Woods down the path you must wend,
The Lady in the Leaves is your bloomin' best friend!"

Before Neo could say anything, Falner took off running down the path in front of her. "Falner, wait!" He shouted, running after her. "This child is one of the toughest I've ever had to keep up with." He thought to himself, chuckling slightly.