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Save The Kingdom

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Falner stood in the center of the stop, looking at all of the wands. “So, I just…choose one? Or does it choose me, ala Ollivanders?” She asked. “It chooses you. Ollivander made these wands after all.” The woman next to her said. She wore a traditional elven hunting outfit, but instead of a bow, she had a wand of her own. Her nametag said her name was Elise. Falner nodded slightly, picking up one of the wands. It was blue and silver, with a dragon head engraved in the front.

Nothing happened once she picked it up, causing her to sigh and put it down. After about a dozen different wand attempts, it started to feel hopeless. “Last one…” Falner muttered, picking up the last wand. It was black with red flames and accents. As soon as she picked it up, a neon blue light emitted from the tip and swirled around her, forming a couple circuit-esque marks on her face and arms while Elise watched from the sidelines. “Well. Guess the last time’s the charm. One of the most interesting wands has chosen you, Falner.” She said, smiling.

Falner looked at the wand in awe. “Woah. What was with the light?” She asked curiously. “That wand is special. It has a familiar inside it. A guardian angel, if you will,” Elise explained. “Once you grab your topper he’ll hopefully introduce himself.” Falner nodded, walking over to the toppers and, after looking over her choices, grabbing one and screwing it onto the bottom of her wand. It had a cracked blue gem that glowed every time she waved her wand and looked like a sword hilt. “So…now what?” She asked.

Elise ducked behind a counter and reappeared moments later with a myriad of capes and a small brown book. “You pick a cape and I’ll give you your spellbook.” She said. Falner ran to the counter and grabbed the black cape, grinning as she slipped it on. There was a quick flash of light, and the cape went from solid black to black with neon blue circuits on it. Elise raised an eyebrow. “Man, he must really like you. I’ve never seen someone’s cape get that design before.” She commented. Falner looked at the cape in awe. “It’s so pretty! How do I meet him so I can thank him?” She asked.

Elise pushed the book towards the blonde girl. “There’s a spell in here. Don’t remember exactly where, but it’s in there. Now, as for starting your journey, you need to go to the 3rd floor and you’ll see some giant trees. Those trees act as your portal into the world of Vellara.” She said. Falner nodded, taking the book and sprinting out of the shop. “Thank you, Elise!” She shouted. “Good luck, student of Hogwarts…” Elise murmured, watching her run off into a stairwell.