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The Unlikely Ladies' Man

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People say life is full of surprises, even when you least expect; sometimes are good, but sometimes are bad. Some of them would change your life for the better, or for the worse. But seriously, what are the chances that a guy could get a tall but attractive, athletic woman with big tits, to be his girlfriend? Of course, it sounds very unbelievable, but people like Bruno, it seems like he was born with the best of luck he could ever had.

This story starts from the beginning, when Bruno has decided to do some exercises to improve his physical condition, that and for the fact he already felt uncomfortable being chubby. However, he didn’t take his workout very seriously to spend more than an hour doing exercise, as he set up his own schedule in the gym, while lowering his daily intake of sugar and carbohydrates.

Currently, he was jogging on a treadmill for about almost half an hour as the cardio class gave him the routine. It was kinda intense for him since he was getting covered in sweat and he felt his throat getting dry, but thanks to the pump up music that resonates throughout the gym, he was so motivated that he could keep up for another five minutes.

“That’s enough, Bruno!”

However, after hearing someone addressing him, he turned off the treadmill with no hesitation. As it was slowing down, he took the chance to recover his breath and took a long sip of the bottle of water. Then he stepped down off the machine and turned around to see the person who called him.

It was his coach, Mirabell Bell, who is a dark-skinned woman with a long, waist-lengthened, dark hair tied in a ponytail, thick eyebrows and amber eyes. She was wearing a white sports bra with matching leggings and dark fingerless gloves. However, what leaves Bruno so tense is that her nipples were so visible through her bra, which makes him difficult to focus on her eyes instead.

What he didn’t know is that Mirabell was aware, but she didn’t say anything because she was waiting how long this guy could endure. She doesn’t look at him as a pervert, although they just met about two weeks ago, so for now she would treat him as her pupil and nothing else. Bruno on the other hand was convinced she’s a good person;  she can be pretty serious with her role as a coach, but to be willing to help him with his routine is something that he would be forever appreciate, even he promised to repay her someday.

“That’s all for today. Here, use this to clean yourself up.” Mirabell tossed a towel to him.

“Oh, thanks…”

“I think you should really hit the showers this time, you’re starting to stink for that sweat.” The muscled woman said with a hint of disgust.

At first Bruno took that as an offense, but then when he smelled himself, he realized she’s not wrong.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. But wait, do other people go to the showers too?”

“What do you mean?” Mirabell crossed her arms with a suspicious frown.

“Well, please tell me if I’m being paranoid, but I’ve heard that weird things happen in the gym’s showers. And by weird, I mean… Well, you know what men do with the towels to each other, something like that, but more unnatural.”

Mirabell let out an irritated sigh. “Alright, first of all, you should stop reading that sorts of things on the internet, that kind of information is nothing but lies. And second, that kind of thing never happens, our clients just mind their own business without bothering to each other. Also if you must know, we take our cleaning policy very seriously to make sure no one, including you, will have any sort of infection. Besides, the showers are usually empty, so I think you won’t have some trouble if you like to have some solitude.”   

“Oh, I see. Thanks for the heads up. So where’s it?’

“Inside the lockers room, down the hall to your left between the machines and next the entrance to the swimming class, just follow the signs.” Mirabell replied.

Bruno nodded as he made his way through the expansive building, but he was not aware that someone was watching him go, this person in particular was another muscled dark-skinned woman. Her height was a little taller than Mirabell, with short white silverish spiky hair. She has a diagonal scar under her right eye, and she has a tattoo of a heart above her chest. She wore a white-trimmed red bra that cling tightly her E-Cup boobs, with dark denim shorts and dark fingerless gloves.

Her garnet eyes was following the young man making his way to the showers, before a mischievous grin suddenly formed up on her face.

“Are you really gonna do this again, Helga?”

She turned around and saw her gym partner and friend, who is a blond hair-braided young woman with blue eyes, wearing a pink and white bra with matching leggings and white fingerless gloves.

“Oh, can you blame me, Henrietta? I think that boy looks kinda cute. I was just thinking maybe I could have a friendly conversation with him.” Helga responded in a playful manner.

“Do I have to remind you the last time he almost sued you for sexual harassment?” Henrietta replied with a frown as she dried herself with a towel.

“Hey, it’s not my fault that guy was not interested in me to act like a fucking pussy!” Helga retorted. “I’m sure this time I will do fine.”

“Ugh, listen to yourself. How long are you gonna keep make troubles?”

“Simple, I’m looking for someone I can play with. And that boy seems like a good candidate.” Helga smirked.

“You know what? Fine, if you want to get yourself banned of this gym for the third time, go ahead. But I’m not gonna be responsible for this!” Henrietta threw the towel inside her bag, as she picked up. “I’m gonna leave now, I’ll see you this afternoon.”

“Take care Henrietta, I’ll let you know when I finally get my boyfriend!” Helga laughed.

Henrietta just clicked her tongue, before she walked away. Helga turned back her sight to the young man when she already saw him entering the lockers room, before she suddenly got an idea that he might be going to the showers. Helga’s grin widened before licking her upper lip, and then she headed towards to the same direction he went.


Bruno was relief once he saw the room was completely deserted, not a single soul, even he can’t hear the sound of the water running in the showers. He would never undress himself in front of the other guys because that would make him feel extremely awkward, so he decided to take the change by picking one of the towels before taking off his gym clothes, then he kept them in an empty locker as he wrapped the towel around his waist, and so he proceeded to go to the showers room.

The place was also deserted that all the showers are available. So he walked across the hallway to choose which shower should use. 

“Hey there.”

Bruno went froze and immediately turned around, the dark-skinned woman standing in the middle of the door way with her back leaning against the frame. If anyone would think about it, it could be a message to tell him that he has no exit.

“Um… Hey…” That’s all he could say, still dumbfounded a hot athletic babe just bumped into him. His face already flushed in red.

“What’s up with the towel? There’s no one around here to see you naked.” Helga teased before she started to approach him.

Bruno began to walk backwards in response, which Helga giggled.

“I… I just… Wait! What are you doing here?!” Bruno finally snapped out to demand.

“Huh, what do you mean? I was about to take a shower after a hard workout I got.” Helga acted naive as she stopped for a second.

“B-Bu-But you’re in the men’s room, the ladies room is on the other side!” Bruno shouted as he kept his towel from falling.

“Oh I know, but the thing is you seem to be so lonely, so I thought you could need some company.” Helga’s tone just turned seductive as she continued to approach him.

“O-Oh, well I appreciate for your concern, but I’m actually okay with it! Now I have to ask you to leave before someone else will come and we get in trouble!”

Then his back hit against the wall, as Bruno panicked when he realized there’s no way out, and before he knew it, Helga was already close to him that she’s invading his personal bubble. They both smelled the odor of their sweaty bodies that instead of being disgusted, they would be aroused in this situation.

“What’s wrong? Are you nervous to be closer with a girl?” Helga asked in amused that she dared to press her boobs against him and rubbed her nipples on his chest.

“A-Are you seducing me?!” Bruno responded in disbelief.

Helga laughed. “What else do you think I’m doing this?” She replied while watching him squirming, much to her delight.

“B-But you don’t even know me! C-Can’t we just get to know each other first before you do something you’d regret?” Bruno was fighting back his bad thoughts of him groping her tits while shoving his face into them.

“Well, that’s the plan. Now how about we get ourselves naked before taking the shower together?”

Before Bruno would think about refusing that offer, Helga stepped away from him before swiftly taking off her sports bra. Bruno was taken aback by that action that he remained hypnotized by her jiggling boobs, especially her perky puffy dark nipples; he didn’t even realize that Helga was now aware he’s staring at them. In fact, she could already see a bulge through his towel.

Helga grinned before tucking her hands into her shorts and pulled them down along her red thong. Bruno just noticed a trail of a watery liquid between her legs; he didn’t want to say what exactly was because that would make him lose control with his pervert thoughts.

Suddenly, he felt like his legs was getting cold for some reason, before he looked down and to his shock the towel has already fell down, exposing his erected five-inches dick towards the muscled woman. Bruno was getting panicked that he was about to cover himself, but then he froze when Helga laughed in amusement.

“Well would you look at that!” She said at his average dick. “You really wanna have a taste of me?” Then she cupped her juicy orbs to seduce him some more.

“I… I…” Bruno trailed off as he resisted the urge of masturbating in front of her.

Helga got closer to him, placing her hands on his shoulders.

“Let’s stop wasting our time and get it on.”

Helga dragged the young man into one of the booth, without letting him go as she pushed Bruno against the wall next to the shower, leaving him no escape. Then she leaned closer until their noses almost touch each other.

“Have you ever kissed a girl before?” She gave him a sly but lustful look.

Bruno was lost of words, but he shook his head to give her a ‘no’ for an answer.

“Then it’s your lucky day…”

And with no hesitation, Helga locked her lips into his. Bruno was absolutely stunned that he hung his jaw open, which she took the advantage to invade the inside of his mouth with her tongue. In that moment, Bruno has already lost the control because of the lust, and right now what he had in mind is to unleash it; he wrapped his arms around her waist and wrestled her tongue, as he let out a groan of pleasure.

Helga was kinda surprised he’s fighting back already, but actually she’s now very glad to see the boy has decided to accept her offer. After all, she could see what are his sexual fantasies like all the men would have, as if she’s a psychic. Now that he’s being honest what does he want, she’s gonna fulfill his wishes.

Despite Bruno was trying so hard in the tongue battle, she has still the upper hand as she let out a few quiet moans, as their saliva started of mixing together during the slobbering kiss. At the same time, she pressed herself into his body to let him feel her own, as she reached down her hand and began jerking his shaft. Helga was kinda disappointed he’s not as big as she expected, although the bright side is he is pretty thicker, but fortunately she knows how to make it better and surely he’s gonna thank her later.

“Hey, you can do whatever you want with my tits.” Helga said before continuing with their French kiss.

Bruno immediately complied as he groped one of her giant breasts with his hand, as he used the other to squeeze her big voluptuous rear. Helga giggled in delight, and continued to moan when Bruno was pinching and rubbing one of her nipples gently. Then she surprised him by sucking his tongue as she made some weird but erotic sounds with her mouth.

When their kiss broke out, as they took the moment to recover their breaths, Helga stared Bruno with a soft but lecherous smile.

“Do you mind if I… clean you down there?” She made a suggesting but direct question, glancing at his dick with a lick on her lips.

Bruno remained silent as he panted, with his mind almost lightheaded after he was already succumbed by the libido. However, as if he’s in some sort of a wet dream, the only thing he could do is give her a nod and stood still with his back leaning against the wall, to let her know he’s not gonna do anything at all.

Helga got on her knees, and when her face was closer to his crotch, she pushed his shaft up before shoving her face into the crotch, taking deep breaths through her nose to smell his musk. The smell was so strong due to the amount of sweat he had during his jog, which she got very aroused that she started to keep smelling a few more times. Bruno shuddered after feeling her breath between his legs, as he looked down with his eyes sparkled in anticipation, thrusting slightly his hips onwards.

The silvery white haired woman grinned at him before sticking out her tongue and licked all the way up to his covered tip, finding it amusing that apparently he doesn’t know how his dick supposed to look like, so she’s going to do him a favor.

Helga inserted her tongue into his foreskin, having a taste of his mushroom tip as she pulled the skin of his length backwards. Bruno let out a gasp of surprise at the unexpected sensation, until witnessing his glans are completely exposed that actually it’s the first time he saw his genitals uncovered.

“That’s much better.” Helga chuckled huskily before proceeding to lick all over his cock.

“Oh shit! You’re really serious about this!” Bruno grunted excitedly.

As a response, Helga took a moment to plant her lips on one of his balls and then sensually sucked into her mouth while making more lewd noises, as she caressed the other testicle with her free hand. Bruno was bewildered how she was sucking his testicle as if it’s not her first time doing something like that, but now he didn’t care about that because she’s making him feel like he’s in heaven.

Helga let go of his ball with a loud ‘pop’ sound, before reaching back to his hardness and continued to lick his glans. But then, without warning, she clamped her luscious lips around his cock, all the way until her jaw is touching his scrotum. Bruno gasped at the sudden moistness and warmness that he could feel his dick melting, but suddenly she turned back her attention with his balls by cupping them with her hand.

“Oh fucking shit! Don’t stop!” Bruno cried out as he enjoyed the erotic slurping sounds she was making.

She snorted with laughter around his cock, bobbing her head back and forth without breaking her eye contact with him. Just to see his excited expression, which she found that pretty cute, made her want to be a little rougher to him.

So Helga started to massage his balls while rolling her tongue around her mouth, soaking his cock with her saliva as she continued to suck harder. But to her surprise, she was feeling his dick was growing little by little. At this point, she was getting turned on so much that she started fingering her pussy with another hand, letting out some moans.

Bruno even was moaning out loud that his legs were trembling, and suddenly he placed his hands behind her head.

“Oh God… I… I don’t think I can hold back much longer!”

Helga suddenly understood that message, but she just got a new idea. She stopped with her blowjob as she freed his cock from her mouth, leaving him confused and kinda disappointed.

“Not just yet kid. First let me give you something special.”

She surprised him by slipping his cock into her cleavage, starting to massage the hardness by kneading her big tits together. Bruno hissed in surprise, but then he already loved the sensation of her big tits around his manhood. He thrust his hips forward to make his tip poking out of her bosom, though not even closer to touch her face.

However, Helga found that amusing before she leaned down and traced her tongue around the crown of his penis while keeping pressing her breasts on his glory with her erected nipples scrubbing his shaft. She let out some erotic moans when she already tasted the pre-cum leaking out of the slit. Bruno leaned down and placed his hands on her shoulders, before starting to thrust harder and harder that made her boobs ripple.

“Hehehe, come on! Let it out and let me taste your milk! Cum! Cum!” Helga laughed as she opened her mouth with her tongue stuck out.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!”

Letting out a groan, he unleashed his seed into her mouth as she cried out in delight, though some sprays have spilled on her face, but she didn’t mind. After that, she looked up to him and showed her mouth filled with his cum, and then smacked her lips while giving him a glance of the gummy fluids smearing around, before swallowing it and let out a satisfied sigh.

“You really cum too much, have you ever masturbated before?” Helga giggled as she wiped the remains off her face before licking into her mouth.

Bruno didn’t answer however, he was panting while rubbing his shaft to get harder again, but unfortunately that didn’t help to make him feel turned on comparing to the physical contact he had with Helga. 

“Ohoho~ You still want more? That’s a shame since it looks like your little friend is tuckered out.” She teased while watching his dick now flaccid.

 “Just… give me a minute… This won’t take too long…” Bruno said between his breaths as he tried rubbing harder, but without any result yet.

Feeling ashamed, Bruno was about to give up, but suddenly Helga stood up and got close to him as she clasped his wrist to let go of his manhood.

“Shhh, no need to rush big boy. We have plenty of time before the swimming team finishes their class.” She replied softly as she gripped Bruno’s cock and began stroking it. “In the meantime, we should bathe right now.”

Then, Helga turned on the shower by turning the lever with her other hand and the water poured down, they almost flinched when the first drops of cold water hit their skin, before it started to warm up slowly until their bare bodies felt relaxed as their odor of the sweat washed away.

Bruno let out some heavy breaths when he felt his member getting erect thanks by Helga’s stroking, also the view of her voluptuous and athletic body glistening with water has made his impure thoughts become more vividly that he couldn’t help but licking his lips. Helga grinned after noticing it as her face deepened to crimson, before placing her hand on the back of his head and then crashed her lips against his, as Bruno groped her big breasts while pinching gently the hardened erected nipples with his fingers.

“Mmmm… You wanna fuck me, boy? Is that what you really want? Be honest with me…” Helga moaned when just felt the tingling sensation between her legs while glancing at his glory with hungry eyes.

Bruno broke the kiss to look at her, and without further words to respond he nodded feebly with his head, as he bucked his hips to poke her crotch with his manhood. Helga’s grin widened at his answer, before she took his hand off her breast and led him to her lower region, and then Bruno inserted his index and middle finger into her caverns. Helga gasped in delight, leaning against him as his face was now between her boobs.

“Do you feel that, kid? My pussy has been quivering for a while, desperately craving for a cock.” Helga said between her gasps as she started to grind against his fingers.

At this moment, Bruno felt his dick painfully throbbing after feeling her inner tunnels dripping with her juices, unti Helga let him go and took his fingers out of her cunt. Then, she placed her hands against the gray tiled wall and bent down with her legs spread, giving the young man the breathtaking view of her sizeable dribbled backside. Then she spread her ass cheeks to reveal her pussy to him, now dripping with her fluids after getting fingered.

“Would you be kind to clean that for me?” She said sultry while shaking her ass to seduce him.

Bruno remained dumbfounded at the beautiful sight that made his dick twitched, even he felt his mouth getting dry as if he’s in the middle of a desert until he found by miracle a small pond.  After licking his lips, he approached to her and kneeled down, and as he brought his face close to her lower lips, the strong musky scent entered his nostrils. He began to eat out her pussy, making lewd slurping noises as he penetrated her inner walls with his tongue and swirled around her insides.

Helga arched her back and cried out in pleasure and ecstasy as she placed her hands on the back of Bruno’s head to shove his face into her big ass, as he tried to take his tongue deeper. As Bruno groped her cheeks with his hands, he turned his attention to her puckered asshole, before he decided run his tongue over it.

“Oh fuck yes! Right there! Lick that spot too!” Helga gasped without letting his head go.

He happily complied as he sucked harder around her tight entrance and teasingly poked her hole with his tongue. Helga’s head hung down as she placed one of her hands on her backside and thrust her hips backwards, as if she actually wanted him to probe her ass.

However, as much Bruno would like to keep going, he knew he can’t keep resisting for much longer the desire of feeling his cock inside her because of the strong smell of her fluids. So he stood up and pressed the head of his penis to her entrance, making her flinch before she looked over her shoulder what he’s about to do. Nevertheless, this is what she wanted from the beginning.

“Oooohhh I can’t fucking take this anymore!” Helga said as she stroked his dick with her ass. “Put your cock inside me! Come on! Come on!”

At this point, Bruno would be a little hesitated about going too far, even if she’s actually giving him the consent. However, the only thought crossing in his mind is that he’s finally going to lose his virginity. Although he preferred to do that with the person he loved, there’s no way he would refuse that kind of invitation, not even for once in his life.

While he formed up a grin on his face, he took a deep breath before plunging the whole of his member inside her tunnels. Helga let out a gasp of surprise when she felt her inner walls getting rubbed by the thickness of his cock, which she didn’t expected. Suddenly, she threw her head back and let out a cry that rang out the entire room.

Startled, Bruno was about to ask her if she was alright, but then he felt the hot fluids overloading all over his dick before pouring out of her pussy, splattering all over his pelvis and dribbling down to the floor.

“Did… Did you just…” Bruno trailed off before stating the obvious.

“I can’t believe I forgot how fucking good it feels…” Helga muttered before she gave the young man a lusty look. “It’s a shame it’s not my first time with you. But look on the bright side... you can mess up my pussy as hard as you can…”

Bruno blinked in surprise at her request, but then he let out a growl before taking a hold on her hips and began to thrust his groin at the dark skinned woman roughly, making his balls slapping against her crotch. Helga gasped and moaned while following his pace as she drove back and forward. 

He winced when he felt the insides getting tighter that he is now unable to pull his member out. Furthermore, he found no words to describe how great it feels to be inside of a woman, especially the fact he just lost his virginity.

“Ooooohhh fuck…  That’s it boy! Keep pounding me and don’t stop!” Helga cried out as she kept her hands on the wall to hold herself.

Bruno grunted as he slid his hands from her waist to her buttocks, before he raised one hand and then gave her a spank that created a ripple on her ass. Helga gasped out in surprise, as she gave him a scowl for making that action without warning, although she couldn’t help but grin he would venture to do that. Therefore, she decided not to say anything and let him continue spanking, as she watched how he was getting hypnotized by her jiggling ass.

“Mmm yes…  I guess I should be…oohh… punished for being a naughty girl, am I?” Helga asked sultrily between her moans.

“Ugh… Damn right I am! Fuck… Don’t you think I’m… Hah… I’m gonna let you go until I’m done with you, you fucking pervert!” Bruno growled before giving her another spank.

“Ah! Ohohoh... Is that right? Ooohhh fuck… Then why don’t you show me what you can do, big boy?” Helga challenged him with a grin.

In response, Bruno leaned down onto her back before reaching around her waist and fondled her big jugs once again. Then he let out a breath into her ear which made her shudder as the result, before licking on her neck to enjoy the taste of her darkened skin, as he kept driving his shaft in and out of her pussy.

“Ooohhh fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” Helga mewled as she bounced on his cock.

Their bodies started to get sweat because of the heat on their bodies, even though they were taking the shower already. Helga placed her hand on the side of Bruno’s face before bringing him closer to her and captured his lips in a passionate kiss, which Bruno accepted it kindly as they both moaned into each other’s mouths.

After they spent a minute french-kissing, Helga broke away to get some breath.

“Do you like it? Hah… Do you like messing up my pussy?” Helga panted while staring into his eyes.

“Yes! Oohh… It’s so fucking good! Grrr… I feel like I’m in heaven! Fuck!” Bruno moaned without taking his hands off her tits.

“Teehee, I knew you would say something like that after I just took your virginity… Hmm!” She gave him a peck on his lips. “Tell me… Mmm… would you like to do this again next time? Oooh! Because I think I’m starting to fall in love with your cock!”

Bruno was taken aback, clearly not expecting to hear that kind of compliment from the muscled lady. Suddenly, her kind words just made him feel so motivated that he responded by slamming himself into her with one hard thrust. Helga gasped and her body froze when she felt his fleshy cock just went deeper that she almost felt the entrance of her womb being poked.

“Oooohhhhh!” She cried in ecstasy with her tongue sticking out of her mouth. “Oh my God! D-Don’t stop it there! Keep going!”

Bruno pushed his hips backwards before re-entering his member inside her, doing the same results as before, and then he picked up his pace as he slid his hand down to her crotch before teasing her clitoris with his fingers. Since then, his prick was now making the lewd noises of plowing her cunt while their moans echoed around t the entire room, maybe it could even heard outside of the bathroom.

The incredible amount of ecstasy Helga was feeling was making her mind going blank as her legs started to wobbled like she was about to fall down. Bruno also was feeling the same way when her inner walls was tightening around his manhood.

“Oh God! Oh my fucking God! Yes! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK MY NAUGHTY PUSSY!” Helga howled in pleasure with her eyes rolled back to her head.

“Oh shit… Fuck yes!” Bruno moaned as he pinched her erected dark nipple with his other hand.

Helga wheezed as the ropes of drool hung off her chin when she already felt the end of his dick kissing her womb. Then she pressed herself back into his chest without letting his cock coming out of her, as she placed her hands on the back of her head and continued bucking her hips. Bruno of course didn’t stop teasing her clit with his hand and pleasuring her tit with the other, while he was enjoying feeling her naked body against him.

 “Fuck… I… I think I’m gonna…!” Bruno trailed off as his face scrunched up when he felt the amount of jizz building up and about to burst out.  

“ME TOO! JUST CUM INSIDE ME! LET’S CUM TOGETHER!” Helga exclaimed when she’s on the verge to release her own juices.



They both reached into their climax and Bruno filled her caverns with a thick blast of spunk, overflowing from the inside before surging out around his manhood. They didn’t move a single muscle as they were recovering from their orgasms.

Bruno let out a trembled breath as he slid out his manly tool out of her folds and slumped down in exhaustion, and then he took a look at Helga’s ravaged pussy drenched with his cum, as more came out and dripped on the floor, but then are washed away by the spraying water.

Suddenly, she arched her back with a gasp before a little urine came out and sprayed on the shower floor, much to his shock. But instead of feeling disgusted by that scene, he couldn’t help but find it erotic.

Helga panted as she turned around, leaning her back against the wall, although her eyes seems like she’s spaced out. She unintentionally gave Bruno a clear view on her erotic and glorious naked body, glistening by the droplets of water trailing down from her breasts to her crotch.

Even though Bruno was already exhausted to recover the hardness of his member, that didn’t stop him of approaching her before wrapping his arms around Helga and started sucking one of her tits, which he thought he should have done it from the beginning.

Helga snapped out and looked down in surprise at the young man feeding himself, but she couldn’t help but smile as she rubbed his hair.     

“What’s your name sweetie…?” She spoke softly.

He stopped breastfeeding as he let go the nipple of his mouth, as he looked up to stare into her garnet eyes. He blushed after noticing Helga was smiling at him, but that gave him the confidence to answer her question.

“Bruno…” He replied with a sigh as nuzzled on her ample cleavage.

“Heh, such a pretty name for a cutie…” The muscled dark skinned woman said with a giggle. “Name’s Helga…”

About almost half an hour later, Bruno peeked out from the exit of the lockers room, as he surveyed around the gym. Once he noticed only a few people was around but not paying attention to him, he motioned with his hand as a sign that everything is clear.

Helga was the first to come out before Bruno followed, now fully dressed and cleaned after taking the shower together, although the smell of shame and arousal still remained on their bodies.

“Well, I guess I should just take my leave. It was nice meeting you kid, hope we’ll see each other again next time.” Helga started to leave.


However, Helga stopped her tracks when Bruno called out, as she turned to him in puzzle.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just… there’s something I want to know…” Bruno bit his lower lip before he continued. “Why me?”

“Huh?” Helga couldn’t help but raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“D-Don’t get me wrong, t-that was amazing, I have nothing to complain.” Bruno babbled in embarrassment, but then he grew worried. “But… did I really deserve it?”

Helga blinked with a hint of surprise.

“Just look at me… I-I’m not a muscled guy at all like some people around here, and I’m not that skinny either.” He gripped his belly to make a point. “And frankly, I’m surprised that you decided to hit on me instead of any guy who has something in common with you. Look, I know I should be happy because I just had the luck that no one else could ever have it, but I still can’t help but ask… why me?”

Bruno looked to the ground in shame after just pointing out his flaws, he was also afraid that Helga might make fun of him, which is why he didn’t have the enough courage to keep his head up. But suddenly, he noticed she was approaching him and before realizing, she placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I see… You’re having trouble with your self-stem to be a hot woman like me?”

When Bruno raised his head, he saw Helga giving him a sympathetic look, which surprised him. However, he couldn’t answer to her question as he looked away.

“Oh Bruno, if that’s true what you’re saying, then what reason would I follow you to the shower room in the first place?”

“That… is a good point actually.” Bruno said with a stunned look.

“I understand what’s bothering you, but you don’t have to feel that way. Wanna know what I’m seeing in front of me? I see a cute and kind person who has a beast inside, if you know what I mean…” Helga gave him a wink.  

“Oh, heheh… Thanks, I guess.” He replied shyly.

“Seriously though, I wasn’t interested in you until that moment you told me we should get to know about each other, that made me realize that you are actually different that the rest of the guys I hung out with, and that caught my attention. Besides, I like the type of guys like you.” She pinched him on his cheek.

“Geez, you’re treating me like I’m a kid. I have twenty-four years old you know.” Bruno responded with a chuckle as he rubbed his cheek.

“Say, I just thought something. Now that we just met, how about we hang out by tomorrow? I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine and join us on our outdoor activity if you’re interested.”

“I… I would love to!” Bruno accepted with a smile enthusiasm.

“That’s great, just wear the same type of clothes you’re wearing and meet us at the park at downtown.” She got closer to him and pecked him on his lips. “See you tomorrow Bruno!” And then she walked off.

Bruno remained dumbfounded as he touched his lips, before smiling in glee to know Helga does not even care about his looks.

“I see you just met Helga.”

He snapped out and turned over his shoulder to see his coach Mirabell standing with her arms crossed.

“Uh, you know her?” Bruno asked as he cleared his throat.

“Yeah, she and her friend have been coming here since about a year ago. They’re actually professional wrestlers, did you know?”

“Wait, wrestlers?!” Bruno inquired in shock.

Mirabell nodded with her head. “That’s what I’ve been told, although they just started with their careers not too long ago. Honestly I’ve been surprised as you are right now when I just found out, but I didn’t have the chance to know a little bit more about them.” Mirabell let out a sigh and shook her head. “Anyways, I have other things to do than just trying to do some research. I’ll see you again Bruno.”

And so Mirabell moved along, completely oblivious to the dumbfounded expression from Bruno as he was processing a couple of shocking facts. One is that Helga is a professional wrestler, and two… he just fucked a professional wrestler.