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My Lover Natsuo Todoroki

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                Momo walked out of the front gate of her family mansion. Today was her day off from school and she had already informed her parents that she would be out for the day. She wore a short and sexy red and black dress that showed off her legs and chest. A small black purse hung over her slender shoulder.

                “Hey, there.”                 Momo stopped in her tracks to see her boyfriend of two months stand before her. Natsuo Todoroki, the older brother of her classmate Shouto held up his hand in hello. A carefree smile was plastered on his handsome face. The college student wore a white sleeveless jersey that showed off his well tone arms, a pair of black jeans along with a belt chain attached to the loops.

                Momo finished walking up to the man. “Good afternoon, Todoroki. I hope I haven’t kept you waiting very long.”

                “Nope, and shouldn’t you call me Natsuo. Todoroki is how you address my younger brother, right?” Natsuo gave her a wink that made her heart skip a beat. His sweet carefree looks made her feel like the sun shined after a cold winter’s night even though it was the middle of spring.

                Momo blushed before recollecting herself. “Yes, that does make sense. So what did you have planned for us, Natsuo?”

“I figured we could go to this small Tea Shop I’ve been hearing about.”

Momo rested her hands on top of the skirt of her dress. “Yes, that sounds wonderful. I wonder if they have a nice blend of Oolong Tea.” She gave him a small smile before blinking in confusion. She looked around him. “Um, where is your car?”     

“About that…” Natsuo rested his hand on the back of his neck, showing off the brightest smile he could muster. “I figured we could take a train there instead. It would be a brand new experience for the both of us and with you training to be a hero it could help teach you to be around a lot of normal people.”

                Momo wrapped her hand around her chin. “That does sound like an intriguing experience.” Being as rich as Momo was she had become very use to being driven around or riding on school buses. As a hero-in-training she needed to experience the world in various fashions. “Very well. Shall we get going?”

                The two made their way to the train station that Natsuo’s phone directed them to. Momo knew most people travelled basically by train, but she had failed to grasp just how many. The station had been flooded with people. Natsuo had taken her hand so they wouldn’t get separated. He squeezed her hand in reassurance.

                Momo couldn’t help her heart speeding up a bit. It always felt nice being around Natsuo ever since she had accidently bumped into him on her first day to U.A. Natsuo had gotten their tickets from the booth. They slipped their way through the crowd to make it to the platform where they boarded their train.

                The train they had gotten on was especially pack. Momo was force to stand near the doors. She was beginning to think this wasn’t such a good idea. There were so many bodies in one cart she barely had any wiggle room at all.

                “Heh, it’s a little more cramped than I expected,” Natsuo said.

                “I would agree.”

                A hand then brushed against Momo’s bare leg, lifting up her dress. “Still I’m glad you could come out today since you have your Sports Festival tomorrow,” Natsuo whispered into her ear. “I’ll be there to cheer you and Shouto on.”

                Momo’s cheeks tinted red. She gazed back at her boyfriend who was directly behind her. His large body blocked her off from all other passengers. “What do you think you’re doing, Natsuo?”

                Natsuo’s hand slid over the front of Momo’s lacy black panties. He rubbed his fingers against the area. He wrapped his other arm around her waist. “We haven’t done it in a week since we both been busy with school. Don’t you want me?”

                “N-not here,” Momo tried to keep her voice down. Her body grew warm from Natsuo’s touch. She could feel his erection that was still thankfully tucked inside his pants rub between her rear end. Momo dropped her head, shutting her eyes. “We should have taken your car instead if you wanted to do this.”

                “But then I couldn’t see you acting so cute.” Natsuo slipped his fingers into her panties, touching her directly. He kissed her cheek before licking her earlobe that made Momo redder.

                Momo used all the will power she had to keep it together. Her legs trembled in an attempt to keep her standing. Her juices began to leak from her pussy, coating Natsuo’s fingers. Her mind became hazy. “No, someone might see.”

                Natsuo pressed his body closer to her. “Not if you keep your voice down.” The belt chain on his pants slapped against her thigh. He slipped his middle finger inside of her, rubbing it.

                “Ah.” Momo covered her mouth to muffle her moans. Her eyes shifted around to see if anyone was paying attention to them. Please, don’t look, don’t watch. Ah…uh… Her pussy grew wetter as her boyfriend’s hand played with her insides. He added another finger while stroking her entrance. Her juices began to roll down her leg.

                This was no way for a hero to be acting even with her boyfriend. What had Natsuo been thinking? Had he planned on doing this the whole time?

              “You need to keep your composer,” Natsuo whispered. “A hero needs to stay calm and cool so people don’t worry.” Natsuo’s other hand traced up Momo’s stomach to cup her boob. He gave it a squeeze that made the girl moan into her hand.

                Natsuo’s sexy kind voice mixed with his skillful hands unraveled the young lady. He was being so cruel saying those things. How could she possibly keep her composer in a situation like this and yet at the same time she didn’t want him to stop. He was so different from his younger brother. Whereas the younger Todoroki was a skilled would be hero who kept his distance from others, Natsuo drew people in with his carefree attitude.

                “If you want I can cool you down with my quirk,” he offered. “We can wait for another time to have our fun.” Even as he said that he put another digit inside of her. Her inner walls tightened around the fingers, begging for more. Natsuo’s other hand squeezed and fondled her tit in a circular fashion.

                Momo shut one of her eyes. She looked around at the other passengers to see that people still hadn’t noticed what they were doing. All of the other people on the train seemed to be in their own worlds, listening to music, reading newspapers or on their cell phones. Her body trembled for more.

                She shook her head. As embarrassing as it was she also wanted to be with Natsuo. She had been waiting for the moment they could spend private time together which was why she had chosen this outfit to begin with.

                Natsuo turned her head back toward him. He pressed his lips over hers. His tongue slipped into her mouth that she eagerly took. Their tongues danced around each other in heated bliss. She moaned into his mouth and he did the same. Her mind further slipped away, forgetting where she was.

                Natsuo took his hands out of her. Momo instinctively shook her hips in need to be touched. Natsuo wrapped his fingers around the panties she wore and yanked them down to her ankles. Her pussy twitched and leaked, wanting her lover.

                Her boyfriend seemed to understand this as she heard his pants being undone behind her. Her hips moved even more. Natsuo broke their kiss. His sliver eyes met her grays. “Keep your voice down so no one ruins our fun.”  His erection rubbed against her lower lips that made her more excited.

                Momo nodded. Her brain drowned in too much lust to think for herself. She felt his thick dick push its way inside of her. A quivering moan blew from her mouth. She lifted her head; her face heated up from the warm bliss of a cock inside her.

                Natsuo quickly covered her mouth. “Remember to keep it down. We’re still on a train,” he said just loud enough for her to hear. He pressed her body closer to the train cart doors. Her breasts pressed against the glass. He finished putting himself inside of her.

                The hand that wasn’t covering his girlfriend’s mouth slid down to her lower entrance, opening it more with his fingers. “Don’t be so easy in front of others. Only I get to see that side of you.” He pulled his cock out to the tip before pumping himself back in.

                Momo’s inner walls contracted around her boyfriend’s dick. She knew she should be doing as she was instructed however the glorious feeling of Natsuo’s cock made it impossible for her brain to make the connection. All she could feel and think about was the member that slammed deep inside of her.

                Her tits pressed and rubbed against the glass. Natsuo was being rougher than he usually was though she didn’t mind it. In fact the faster and harder pace felt amazing. Her boyfriend’s balls slapped against her dripping entrance. His dick pushed aside her inner walls, rubbing against them.

                An announcement came over the intercom. “That sounds like our stop. We better finish this quick.”

                Her eyes glazed over in a daze. She moaned desperately into Natsuo’s large hand. She didn’t want this to end. Not yet, not yet, she thought. We-we only just started. Her juices flowed faster out of her, coating Natsuo’s cock. Natsuo responded by slamming in deeper. His pace picked up to so her body wouldn’t get a chance to relax.

                The front of her body fully pressed against the train doors as Natsuo covered her entire back. It was incredible. Her nipples harden inside of her dress. All she could think was that her boyfriend’s cock was amazing. Her body burned with the need to be pounded and used for its sweet pleasure until finally-

                Natsuo blew his seed deep inside of her. A low groan came from his mouth, blowing against her ear. The feeling and sound drove her wild, making her reach her own climax. Natsuo clamped his hand on her mouth harder to muffle her orgasmic moan further.

                Her boyfriend removed himself from her. His cum and her juices fell onto the floor. “We’ll need to work on your composer out in public,” he whispered in a heated and lustful voice. Whereas Momo felt weak and ready to collapse Natsuo seemed to have enough strength and composer for the both of them. He fixed his pants before rearranging Momo’s clothes to be presentable.

                The doors to the train opened. Natsuo wrapped his hand around his girlfriend’s waist, guiding her out onto the platform. They still had a date to go on.

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                Momo couldn’t believe Mineta and Kaminari had tricked her into making cheerleader outfits for all the girls in their class. The disgusting perverts who did they think they were to embarrass her and the others like that. She made her way toward the locker room to go change. She needed to get ready for the third round of the festival. A buzz came from underneath her skirt. “What?” She carefully lifted her skirt to grab her phone from the holder she had attached to her leg. She saw that it was a text message from Natsuo. She opened up the text to see that he wanted to meet.

                I still have time before the matches actually begin, she thought. She texted him back and headed to where he wished them to meet. She found herself at an abandon stairwell. When she gazed down the staircase she saw Natsuo, resting his back against a wall. His arms were crossed over his chest. The boy wore a light blue and white sports jacket, a loose white shirt along with a pair of blue jeans.

                Natsuo grazed up at her and waved. He wore a small smirk on his lips that captivated the young high school girl. “That was an amazing performance. I had no idea you were into cheerleading too.”

                Momo’s cheeks turned red. She folded her arms underneath her chest. “I’m not! Two of classmates tricked me into it.” The whole thing was completely embarrassing. She would have to pay those two back for this.

                Natsuo had a confuse look on his face. “Really? I thought you looked incredible out there.”

                “Th-thank you.” Momo descended down the steps. “So what did you call me here for?”

                Natsuo stuffed his hands into his pockets. “I just wanted to congratulate you on making it to the third round. You showed everyone just how amazing a hero you’ll be. Though I’ll have to get that weird guy that was on your back during the race and I’m a bit jealous Shouto got to be on top of you like that.”

                Momo blushed again. She turned her head toward the wall beside them. It wasn’t like she had much choice. It only made since for Todoroki to be the rider in the second round and she would take care of Mineta herself. “Speaking of your brother shouldn’t you be off congratulating him instead of me?”


                “Huh?” Momo looked at Natsuo to see the frustrated set across his face. A cold anger rolled off his body that frightened Momo.

                “I doubt I even be allow to see him.”

                Momo held her fist to her chest. Her eyes shimmered in concern. “What do you mean?” She had never seen this side of Natsuo before. The boy was basically a bright sun without a care in the world. Now he appeared to be a frozen storm blocked off from the rest of the world.

                Natsuo had remained silent which made the young hero-in-training even more worried. She needed to finger out a way to snap him out of this. Hesitantly she reached out to touch his chest. Natsuo’s body jolted. He snapped his head in her direction as if he just remembered she was there.

                Momo cupped Natsuo’s cheek. She peered into his trembling eyes. “Natsuo, are you alright?”

                Natsuo grasped her hand. He gently removed it from his face. “Yeah, sorry about that just family stuff.” He kissed her on the lips before she could question what he meant. He wrapped his arms around her waist, drawing her body against his.

                Soothing warmth came to Momo then. Natsuo had returned back to his normal self. Momo kissed him back. Natsuo slipped his tongue into her mouth as he always did. His tongue flapped and twirled around hers. Momo couldn’t help moaning.

                Her breasts pressed against his chest. Momo began to feel lightheaded from the whole ordeal. Her body tingled and warmed as Natsuo began to stroke her ass.

                Momo broke their flaming kiss. The sexy cheerleader struggled to catch her breath. “Natsuo, we should stop. I still have to compete in the third round of the festival.” She pressed her hands against his chest in an attempt to separate them.

                “You still have time before your match and I want you now.” Momo fell into the trap of looking into her boyfriend’s eyes. They shimmered with desire and longing. After seeing Natsuo act so strange when it came to his younger brother she could only submit herself to his will.

                “Then we should find some place private. I’m sure there is a dressing room around her somewhere.” Momo turned her head toward the staircase that lead down to the next level. Her classmates would be on a higher floor so their best bet for privacy was to go lower.

                “No, right here.”

                Momo instantly spun around to face the white haired boy. “Here? Someone could come by at any moment.”

                Natsuo winked and smiled. “Not if we hurry. Besides looking for a place will only be more trouble. I want you to feel this inside you already.” Natsuo took her hand, guiding it to his crotch.

                He was already hard! That wasn’t really a surprise since this was Natsuo after all and that kiss they just preformed caused her own privates to moisten. Already under his charming spell she unbuckled his belt. Her eyes focused on the area. Her hands undid his jeans that revealed the pure white boxers underneath.

                Natsuo’s smile grew bigger. “Now get on your knees and suck it.”

                “What?!” Momo’s face flushed completely red.

                Natsuo brought his face closer to hers. “Come on, you can do it. You’re so beautiful and talented I bet it will be amazing. Plus you look so good in that outfit I think I’ll go crazy if you don’t.”

                “Go crazy?” What was that suppose to mean? She didn’t really have time to think of the possibilities as she still had to get ready for her match and anyone could walk by and catch them. She knew Natsuo wouldn’t do anything to hurt her on the contrary he always made her feel good.

                Momo lowered herself down to her knees. She took hold of both Natsuo’s pants and boxer shorts and pulled them down enough to reveal her boyfriend’s privates. His erection stood right before her face. It was bigger when she saw it head on like this.

                Her eyes widen and her cheeks tinted red. Natsuo looked down at her. “Hurry up, or you’ll be late.” He was right. She needed to complete her task as soon as possible.

                Carefully she brought her hand up to the cock. She took hold of it and began to stroke it. The thick long member had been inside of her a number of times; however, she had never experienced it in her hand or mouth. Nor had she smelled the masculine scent that came from it.

                Momo pressed her lips against the tip. She had of course heard of blowjobs and even looked it up once for research purposes, but this would be her first time ever performing one. Her heart raced.

                She opened up her mouth to allow it inside. Slowly she took more of Natsuo’s cock into her mouth until it reached the entrance of her throat. It took everything Momo had to not gag. How do other girls make this look so easy?

                “Ah, that’s it, Momo. Just be careful with your teeth.”

                Right, teeth on such a sensitive area wouldn’t feel very good at all. Momo opened her mouth a little more so her teeth weren’t on the cock. She then pulled back and bobbed forward on the member. After a while her mouth began to get use to it. She worked her mouth more on the cock that earned moans of approval from Natsuo.

                “Ah, that’s it. Just like that… uh, I can’t believe this is your first time.”

                Well it was! She wouldn’t do this for anyone else.

                “Hey, Momo. Look at me,” Natsuo said. Momo brought her eyes up to see the lustful happy look on his face. “You look so good like that I want to see what else you can do. Uh, how about you… uh, put your tits around my dick too to help you out.”

                So her mouth wasn’t enough. She could comply to such a simple request. She lifted up the cheerleader top to reveal her bare breasts. She had forgotten to put on a bra after making all the other girls’ uniforms.

                She cupped her soft breasts, lifting them up around Natsuo’s cock. Momo inched her body closer. She fondled her tits around the erection that warmed her breasts. Her mouth continued to bob up and down on the top part of her boyfriend’s cock.

                Momo shut her eyes falling more into it. His strong masculine scent and taste drove her wild. She could feel her own pussy growing wet the longer she had him inside her mouth. She skillfully clasped the dick between her breasts, stroking them up and down as if they were her hands instead.

                Her eyes looked up at Natsuo. Natsuo rested his hand on top of her head. “Ah, yeah-that feels so good. Keep doing it just like that. Your tits feel amazing-ah.” A seductive smile appeared on his lips. His eyes glazed over in the pleasure she was providing him.

                Momo’s body grew more warm and desperate. She rubbed her thighs together, wishing to touch herself. She couldn’t with both her hands occupied holding up her tits. Her juices soaked her underwear and rolled down her legs.

                Momo picked up her pace on the cock. Her mind went wild. She was so turned at that moment she couldn’t think of anything else except Natsuo. She moaned into his cock. Natsuo…please put it inside me already… I can’t take this, she thought. She shut her eyes, squeezing her breasts harder on the erection.

                “Ah, just a little more,” Natsuo encouraged her.

                Momo could feel her boyfriend’s cock throb inside of her mouth. She continued at the same pace. After a few more strokes from her tits and mouth, Natsuo released. His salty seed exploded into her mouth. Momo’s eyes open wide. Her body came to a standstill unable to do anything.

                The white liquid rushed down her throat and all she could do was swallow. Natsuo moaned as he did so. When Natsuo had finished, Momo managed to pull herself away. She turned her head and coughed. She should have seen that coming, but she got into it so much she had completely forgotten the obvious.

                “Ah, sorry about that,” Natsuo said. “I should have prepared you better for that. I’ll make it up to you.” Natsuo grabbed Momo by her shoulders, pinning her down to the floor next to the flight of steps. Natsuo’s legs spread open Momo’s.

                “Wait, what are you doing?” Her body quivered in excitement though her mind didn’t seem to be making the connection.

                Natsuo gazed at her with his handsomely lustful face. “You need to get off too. I don’t want you being distracted out there when you fight.”

                Momo’s eyes lowered to see that Natsuo’s cock was still just as hard as before. How could that be possible when she just got him off? Natsuo lifted her skirt all the way up. He slipped his fingers through her wet underwear, sliding them down along with her cell phone holder to reveal her dripping wet pussy.

                Natsuo smirked. “You need it more than I thought.” Natsuo brought himself down on top of her. He kissed her, distracting her as he pushed his dick inside of her. Momo moaned into his mouth at the feeling of his cock, filling her.

                A rush of heat washed through her body. She wrapped her arms around his neck, not wanting him to stop. Her inner walls coated his cock in her juices. They contracted so she could feel his rod even more that made everything else in the world disappear.

                Give it to me, she screamed inside her head. Natsuo made out with her hot and desperate as she felt at the moment.  Their tongues swirled around each other. Silva exchanged. They moaned into each other’s mouth. Natsuo slammed into her at a steady pace that drove her wild.

                Her skin grew wet with sweat. Her heart raced inside her chest as her body moved across the ground at her boyfriend’s pace. Her juices flowed out of her onto the ground. Natsuo’s balls slapped against her pussy. His dick hit at the entrance of her womb.

                More, more, don’t stop, Momo begged inside her head. I want to feel you in me more. Yes, ah-right-ttthere-ahhh. Natsuo, Natsuo you feel so good! Her body burned in her desires. Her breasts slid against his hard chest.

                Natsuo’s member throbbed inside of her. She could feel her own end coming despite the fact that she still wanted to keep going. Natsuo picked up his pace inside of her. He pounded her hard and fast until her inner walls couldn’t get any tighter or wetter.

                Natsuo broke the kiss. He threw back his head, groaning. His cock blew its second load all the way inside of her as she climaxed.

                Momo’s head fell back. She cried out in bliss.

                Both caught their breath before looking at each other again. “You’re so beautiful.” Natsuo kissed her on the nose. He pulled himself completely away from her, getting back on his feet. He held out his hand for her to take. He pulled her onto her trembling feet.

Natsuo flashed his normal carefree smile. “You should get dress for your fight. I’ll be cheering you on in the stands.”

                All Momo could do was nod.

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                “So you were helping your classmates study earlier,” Natsuo questioned.

                “Y-yes,” Momo stuttered. Her face flushed with heat.

                “That was sweet of you.”

                “No, it was the least I… could do-uh.”

                Natsuo spread his girlfriend’s legs that were closing up. He chuckled at her words. “It gave me a chance to see you in this sexy outfit so I’m not complaining.”

                “Ah, Natsuo. Wait, we should take this somewhere else before~ ah.” Momo shut her eyes, lowering her head. Natsuo lapped at her pussy that had already grown wet from his constant teasing. Her boyfriend had her sit up on the dining room table where she had just finish aiding her classmates for their final exam. She had been dressed in a teacher outfit to help her get in the proper tutor mode. However just like always Natsuo turned it into something dirty.

                Her skirt had been hiked up to reveal her lower body. Her panties hung around her ankles. Natsuo sat at the chair in front of her. His tongue licking at her twitching pussy that only got wetter with need. Momo felt hot and weak all at once barely able to think.

                Natsuo gazed up at her. “No one is going to see us. You sent everyone away before I came over, right?” He flashed his normal carefree smile.

                “The-the servants could still come back at any moment.”

                “Then don’t distract me.” Natsuo gave her a scolding looking before he returned back to licking her pussy. He slid his tongue inside, slurping up her juices. Momo’s body quivered. She moaned as Natsuo’s tongue flopped around inside of her.

                Momo cramped her hand over her mouth. Her cheeks flushed red. Her body leaned back in weaken pleasure. Natsuo knew exactly what to do to unravel her. His tongue continued to drive her wild. Her nipples grew hard inside of her bra.

                “So, sensei. What grade would you give me for that?” Natsuo questioned.

                Momo’s cheeks were completely red. She looked down at her boyfriend who had her love juices all over his face and tongue. Her body wiggled with need under his gaze.

                “I give you an A plus.”

                A cocky smirk came to his face. “Then do I get a reward for being the teacher’s pet?”

                Momo’s voice shuddered. “Yes, stick your big cock inside this slutty sensei’s pussy.” Momo spread her legs open even further than before. She used two of her fingers to open up her twitching lower hole. Her juices spilled out onto the table. Her body quivered in excitement.

                Natsuo’s smile broke out into a full toothy grin. “If sensei says so.” Natsuo opened up his pants, revealing his full erection. He placed the tip right at the entrance, rubbing against it.

                “Hurry, hurry, Natsuo.”

                Natsuo let out a laugh. “You sure are slutty today. I like it. So enjoy.” He pushed his raging cock inside of her. Her warm wet folds wrapped around his member that made them both moan.

                Natsuo snapped open Momo’s shirt that revealed her delicious skin to his eyes. Her lacy black bra was the only thing that covered her sweet tits. It had taken a lot of convincing to get Momo to replace her old underwear with the sexy alternatives, but it was well worth it. Natsuo pulled up the bra that made the boobs bounce out of them.

                He planted his hands down on the table. He leaned his body over his sexy girlfriend. He kissed each nipple before wrapping his mouth around her left one. He pulled his shaft halfway out before slammed it back inside. His rhythm started up; his balls slapping against her entrance.

                More juices flowed out.

                Natsuo’s cock pushed aside Momo’s inner walls. The tip slammed into her womb. The shaft rubbed against the tight slippery walls that sent a wave of flaming hot pleasure throughout both of their bodies. Natsuo moaned into Momo’s tit, sucking hard on the erected nipple.

                Momo cried out in bliss. She threw back her head and arched her back. Her legs squeezed against Natsuo’s hips. Her body grew hotter. “Ah, harder. Yes, Natsu~ah, yes, harder, faster. Yes, yes!”

                Natsuo rammed his dick hard and fast inside her. He twirled his tongue around the nipple before pulling on it with his lips that had Momo scream out even more. Natsuo let go of it, taking a breath.

                The white haired boy moved over to the other nipple to do the same. His pace picked up even faster inside of her. His dick started to throb. He lifted his head and let out a long moan. He slammed his dick all the way inside, blowing his load deep inside her, causing Momo to climax.

                Both of them screamed in pleasure.

                Natsuo pulled out. His and Momo’s juices spilled out of Momo’s twitching pussy. Natsuo sat down in the chair behind him. He caught his breath. His still hard twitching cock was coated in his girlfriend’s juices.

                A smile came to his face. He pulled off his shirt to reveal his muscular upper body. His body was drenched in sweat. He signaled Momo over to him. “Come here, sensei. I still need to earn my extra credit.”

                Natsuo’s sexy voice made Momo’s legs rub together in a new found excitement. The slutty tutor managed to pull herself off of the table. She climbed into her boyfriend’s lap. Her drenching pussy rubbed against his erection. Her heated face moaned at the feeling. Her arms wrapped around his broad shoulders no longer caring if anyone showed up to see them.

                Natsuo cupped Momo’s cheek. He planted his lips on top of hers. His hands descended down to her rocking hips. He lifted her body up, dropping her down onto his cock. She moaned into his mouth. With her mouth now open, Natsuo slipped his tongue inside it. Their tongues twirled around each other in a desperate dance.

                Momo eagerly rode her boyfriend’s dick. It felt so good inside of her. Her hips rocked and her big tits bounced about. Her boobs rubbed up against Natsuo’s rock hard chest.

                Natsuo latched his hands onto Momo’s round ass. The soft soppiness of it turned the college boy on more. He jerked his hips upward, slamming his dick deep inside her pussy that tightened around him in a desperate need to milk his cock dry. Soaring pleasure ran up Natsuo’s body.

                His cock throbbed inside the contracting walls. His hips moved faster in the need to get off. He pumped it all the way inside, hitting Momo’s sweet spot until neither of them could take it anymore. Natsuo’s exploded inside of her.

                Momo collapsed on top of him after her own climax. Her heated breath blew on his shoulder. “That was amazing, Natsuo.”

                “Sure was. You should wear sexy outfits like this more offend.”

                “Will you… make love to me like that again if I do?”

                Natsuo smiled widely. “Try to stop me.”