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When the Stars meet the Ocean

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Xue Yang determines that Xiao XingChen has a masochistic streak.  He had Xiao XingChen on his hands and knees and bit his nape while pounding into him. Xue Yang had bitten hard enough to break skin and made him bleed. Xiao XingChen seems to be fine with that and even enjoyed it with the way he came all over the sheets.

Xue Yang waits a few days to gather up some materials and invent a few toys. Just because he is temporarily away from the Jin Sect doesn’t mean he should let his talents get rusty. Whilst building up his first invention his mind sometimes drifts to Xiao XingChen’s pink tinted cheeks and his ears would play the sweet little gasp that escape his swollen lips. Sometimes those fantasies would turn bloody, but even as Xiao XingChen whimpers in pain he would still be wanting Xue Yang. A smile graces his lips as the thought of having Xiao XingChen lust after his most hated enemy invaded his mind again and sent his heart soaring.

Apparently, he took too long in preparing his toys because Xiao XingChen comes to him with a worried expression.

“You’ve been focusing on something and though it is not my place to question what it is, it still worries me that you’re still not asleep when I return from my night hunts.”

‘Oh. Have I been a little too distant?’ Xue Yang wonders. With a chuckle, he gave Xiao XingChen a smirk and asked in a low voice, “Did you miss me being inside you, or wrapping around you that much, DaoZhang?”

Xiao XingChen stutters, ears going pink. “I-I’m merely concerned for your health. It has nothing to do with our… night activities.”

“Is that so? Hahahah, I’m sorry to have you worried. But you see, I was working on creating a fun item. I found an interesting piece the other day at the market and made a few changes. I still need to test its effects.” Xue Yang twirls a ring around his finger but of course Xiao XingChen wouldn’t be able to see it.

“Interesting piece?” Xiao XingChen inquires.

“Come here and I’ll show you” Xue Yang says and practically skips into the coffin house. They pass A-Qing’s coffin and Xue Yang couldn’t help another growing smile on his face. It was lucky that the coffin was quite padded and Xue Yang even went as far as slipping a paper talisman on it to make it even more soundproof. If the little rascal got woken up by their activities,  Xiao XingChen would likely feel guilty and put a stop to his fun. A small part of Xue Yang still wanted her to find out though. He would be plunging into her dear DaoZhang and Xiao XingChen would be utterly lost in pleasure and the sight of horror and embarrassment on her little face was almost be enough to persuade him to remove the talisman.

Instead he turns to the bed he shared with Xiao XingChen and took off all his robes. “DaoZhang, you should disrobe too. I can’t use it unless we are bare.”

He could use it even with the robes on but it would be troublesome if their clothes got dirtied in the process. They only had so many sets after all.

Xiao XingChen made a noise of acknowledgement and proceeded to strip out of his robes until the undergarments are left. It wasn’t bare but Xue Yang could work with that. He sat Xiao XingChen down and crawled onto his lap. His lips latched on to the other’s and stabbed his tongue into the cavern. Xue Yang was careful to rest both his arms on Xiao XingChen’s shoulder to keep them out of his reach. All his efforts would be ruined if Xiao XingChen discovered the injury on his left hand and new ring on his right.

He let their tongues tangle and dance until he felt something hard poke his bottom. Xiao XingChen chased him as he pulled away but Xue Yang quickly put a finger to his lips. He moved the finger down and pushed insistently against Xiao XingChen’s chest until he willingly fell back onto the bed. Xue Yang moved off Xiao XingChen and helped him move further up the bed. With his right hand, he reached into the pants and slipped the ring over the stiff member.

“Ah…” Xiao XingChen gave a tiny gasp of surprise as the cool ceramic slid on. His ears were tinted pink again and Xue Yang couldn’t help but think how cute it is. So cute that he wanted to bite it and that’s exactly what he did.

“Mn, what, what exactly does this…ah…item do?” Xiao XingChen questions.

“Primarily, it keeps a man from finishing. Some men have many wives and it would look bad if he couldn’t satisfy all of them, right?” Xue Yang responds lightly after letting go of that ear. He ran his right hand down Xiao XingChen’s chest and stomach, resting at his navel.

“But I added another function to so that…” He sends a wave of spiritual energy into the ring and it starts vibrating. Xiao XingChen moaned at the sudden sensation travelling up his cock. Xue Yang grabs some rope from a corner near the bed where he kept the items that were used previously when they slept together.

“Give me your wrists.” He ordered. Xiao XingChen obediently lifted them up.

So innocent, so trusting.

Xue Yang takes his time using the ropes to bind Xiao XingChen wrists close together whilst the latter attempts to still his own twitching hips. Once the knot is secured, he takes the middle part of the rope between the wrists and immediately pushes them above Xiao XingChen’s head with one hand. He dives in for a bruising kiss. Tongues dart here and there and teeth sank into plump lips. Xiao XingChen was losing his breath quickly. He tries to twist is face away to catch his breath but Xue Yang closed his right hand around his face and forced him back. There were more teeth than tongue involved and Xue yang hungrily ate up all the low groans and even whimpers coming out from the other’s throat.

His right hand slowly slipped from its hold down onto the slim column beneath.

As Xue Yang parted once more, he used his tongue to snap the string of saliva between them. It fell onto Xiao XingChen’s chin and the image made his heart skip a beat. He paused for a few heartbeats and eyed the hand lightly encircling the fragile throat.

He lowered his head and growled into Daozhang’s ear:

“Do you trust me?”

“I do,” came a firm, resolute reply from the man underneath him.

Xue Yang really wanted to laugh. The entire situation was hilarious. If only Xiao XingChen knew exactly who had his hands on him.

So naïve, so pure.

Xue Yang wanted to crush it.

He tightens his hold on that slim, pale neck and watches quietly as Xiao XingChen stills for a few seconds.

Then there was a twitch followed by a series of spasms. Then Xiao XingChen bucked around wildly and even used his bound hands to grasp the hand that was holding down his neck.  Xue Yang observes for three more seconds and then almost reluctantly loosens his grip. Xiao XingChen gasps and splutters, trying his best to get oxygen back into his lungs.

Xue Yang could see his heart beating hard and fast in its cage. It was a shame that his undergarments were still there. He really should do something about them. Xue Yang reaches for the cotton shirt, pushes it up and then belatedly realises that he can’t take it off with Xiao XingChen’s wrists still bound.

Oh well.

He could still get rid of the pants though.

He moves down Xiao XingChen’s body and with a strong pull, gets rid of the offending fabric covering his prize.  He reaches for the cock that was proudly standing against DaoZhang’s stomach and finds that the tip was already wet. He strokes it twice and was about to take it in his mouth when a small whisper stopped him in his tracks.

“What?” Xue Yang asks, unsure if he heard it correctly.

Xiao XingChen  swallows and repeated the same word breathlessly.


Xue Yang’s eyes gleamed. He climbed on to Xiao XingChen’s toned stomach, grabbed his hair and delivered another bruising kiss. He panted when they parted and grabs the neck again, squeezing without warning. He could very easily choke him to death. Xiao XingChen would perish in pleasure whilst being choked and the idea brings forth a surge of excitement.

Using his left hand,  Xue Yang takes the candle that was placed near their bed and drips a rivulet of melted wax in a line down Xiao XingChen’s front. Xiao XingChen arches but makes no sound.  When he starts thrashing about again, Xue Yang released his hand but continues to slowly drip the wax.

A drop landed on his right pectoral. A few more on the left, a little higher up. Xiao XingChen whines with a few breathless “ah” in between and Xue Yang throbbed in his own undergarments.


Before the word even left Xiao XingChen’s lips, his breath was cut off again. Xue Yang puts down the candle and lets it burn a bit more. He eyed the beating heart as he slowly peels of the cooling wax. The skin underneath was pink. Xue Yang couldn’t help but growl at the sight of pink streaks and dots on flawless pale skin.

He latches onto a nipple and toys it with his tongue. Xiao XingChen managed to make a strangled noise and pushed his chest out further. Xue Xang chuckled darkly and commented against the sweaty skin:

“You really are enjoying this aren’t you DaoZhang?”

Xue Yang bit down hard and the body underneath stills from its constant twitching.

He slowly removed his hand. Wow. Oh Wow. A dry orgasm too. Xue Yang really couldn’t take it any longer.  Whilst Xiao XingChen came down from his high, Xue Yang grabbed the bottle of oil from the pile of items and prepped his hole as fast as humanly possible. 

He knew the preparation the wasn’t enough but he was getting desperate and he can take the pain anyway. The growing need in his chest and dick already felt like it could burst any moment. He rubs his ass hard against Xiao XingChen’s hard on and groans as the vibrations teased his hole. He sank down and reached a hand to close around Xiao XingChen’s delectable neck one more time.

Xue Yang rides him hard, using the hand choking Xiao XingChen as leverage. The latter could only writhe in desperation at the many sensations overriding his sanity: the endless vibration around the base of his dick, the warm wetness that envelopes him every time Xue Yang slams down and grinds against him, the cooling spit on the nipple where Xue Yang bit him and of course, the strong hand that grips his delicate throat like a vice that is now sending him back to the calm sea of nothingness as an intense heat pools in his nether regions once more.

Sparks of pain blossomed on his chest and amidst the sea of nothingness. He recognizes that hot wax was once again being poured onto his chest.  When a stream fell onto the two nubs, liquid fire spread all around him. The one moment the sea of nothingness was calm and the next, it was filled with pain, heat, pleasure, all crashing like giant waves.

So much. Too much.

The pleasant warm cavern leaves completely and almost forces him back to the conscious world. Xiao XingChen was about to protest in whatever way was possible before the ring was removed and he heard it being tossed somewhere away.  The heat wraps around him once more and this time it took three more thrusts before his entire body stills and arches, almost making Xue Yang lose balance from his place.

Xue Yang releases the right hand on Xiao XingChen’s neck, scores his nails down the toned abdomen, grips the sheets beside their bodies with the other hand and finally, finally finds his release.

Xue Yang slides off the softening cock rolls onto one side of the bed. Both lay side by side catching their breaths. After a few moments, Xue Yang hears Xiao XingChen move and quickly cradles his left hand in his right and brings it to his chest. Just in case. Turns out Xiao XingChen only moved off the bed to fetch the pants that were thrown onto the floor. 

“I will help clean us up.” Xiao XingChen simply stated before moving outside to fetch water and a cloth.

Xue Yang huffed and rolled his eyes. Such a gentleman as always. But as the sticky feeling of cum and even a few drops of blood started to dribble down his thighs, he decided with a secret feeling of glee  that maybe being gently taken care of and doted on a little wasn’t too bad.