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    When Corin took Cat upstairs to show her the room we’d be sleeping in, it started a domino effect on everyone. So slowly everyone started to leave trying to run away from the storm that started outside. For some unknown reason I didn’t feel tired from our trip. Maybe part of me was afraid I’d realise that this was too good. Being back was too good and I’d end up just waking up from a really weird, real and ironic dream.

    I walked over to one of the windows and saw the way the storm picked up and now the thunders were deafening.

“Cat must be scared.” I said turning to make my way to our room. Canaan’s hand held me in place.

“Corin is there with her. I think she’ll be okay for now.” He pulled me into a hug that left me a little confused. We weren’t really the hugging type of friends. We were barely this close really. I used to hang out with the older brothers most of the time. Usually I’d just annoy them.

“We could just hang out for a little while. At least until the storm passes and then I can actually go home.”

    Looking around there wasn’t much we could do at the bar aside from music, which I didn’t really know how to play anything that well, and drink. Something I really knew how to do and I did it very well, but I’m not really in the mood to get wasted my first night.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked still held tightly in his arms. I was feeling a little weirded out to be honest. Not that I wasn’t enjoying it, just… This didn’t feel normal I guess.

“We have a bar to drink dry and music.”

“I don’t want to get hammered. Plus, Bast really wouldn’t appreciate it.”

“Well, who said anything about getting you hammered?” He smirked down at me.

    Letting me go he walked over to the bar and pulled a bottle of tequila. I saw that and my eyes went wide. Tequila went straight down to my core… This is not a safe drink to have right now.

“Sweetie, I’m not down for tequila right now. I’m going to get some things and make us a brazilian drink you’ll thank me later.” I went to the other side of the bar and pointed to the high chair so that Cane would sit like a pretty little boy and wait to be served.

    He sat looking at me with amusement as I bent down looking for what I needed.

    I felt Cane’s eyes on me as I prepared our drinks. He looked content with the quiet that rested between us and it did feel comfortable. I took my time preparing the very best caipiroska he’d ever try. When it was all set and ready I set it in front of him. He took it and we raised our glasses meeting them in the middle and took a sip.

“Damn.” he said laughing. “I don’t know what this is, but this shit is good.”

“I know, right?” my smirk hidden behind the glass. “You can make this drink with basically any fruit. Strawberry, lemon and kiwi are the best ones for me.”


“I’ll be sure to find some so you can try it. It’s amazing.”

    We drank ‘til I was a little too drunk to make another. So many drinks down and the storm going strong Cane picked up his guitar and started to play another song. I was done for so I didn’t even register what song he was singing to me. That is until the chorus came. He was singing Zombie by The Cranberries and it amazed me I hadn’t recognized it before, because I sure as hell sang that all the time back then . I couldn’t keep still so I kept twirling and and just lazily singing. Most of the time I didn’t even sing it right, but Cane just laughed it off and sung over me trying to help.

After he was done I felt like dancing. Truly dancing. Maybe even on the rain outside.

“We’re gonna dance.” I said pulling him up towards the bar stereo.

“I don’t know if you know this, but I don’t fucking dance.” He said laughing at my exaggerated pout. “This pout is too damn sexy.” He whispered under his breath. I don’t think I was meant to hear it, but I did and because of that I pretended I didn’t notice the comment. But that definitely got to me more than it should have. Damn my pussy brain.

    I set a playlist that we’d both enjoy - or at least I hoped - and went to open the front door. Cane held my hand trying to stop me, but I wiggled out of his hold. Once I had the door wide open and the cold wet wind blew in I started laughing. Just a carefree laughter. It’s like the storm was made to welcome me home.

“If you’re not coming I’m just gonna have to dance by myself.” I said setting my scarf on the booth next to the door and headed out.

    I could hear Cane laughing and singing some parts of the song. He just stood by the door watching as I jumped around screaming and laughing. I was soaking wet in seconds and the air was freezing, but I didn’t mind. This was just what I needed after spending so much time in a place as hot as Brazil. I missed the chilling cold running through my veins.

“You’re gonna get sick your first night back?” He asked amused.

“I’m just so fucking happy to be back. It was like I felt like half of me stayed behind once I left for Brazil and I spent those five years trying to find it and, you know what, it has always been here. This is me feeling complete, I guess.” Why the fuck did I always manage to get emotional?

    A few seconds after what I thought to be the third song I felt a pair of arms wrap around me and pull me closer to the bar. Just for the fun of it I fake struggled with the pair of arms. Once inside I felt my body start to shiver, but didn’t leave the comfort of the grip. He smelled nice I noticed and it was a haunting scent, you know when you feel a scent so good you can remember it for a long time, even after it’s gone. That was Cane. He has a fucking haunting scent.

“You are going to be sick, silly girl!” He said pushing me inside and closing the door.

“I’m neither silly, nor a girl. If you didn’t notice yet.” I said grabbing my scarf trying to dry myself, starting with my neck and cleavage, just because, but the shivers didn’t stop.

“You need to take a hot shower, silly.” I felt like he said that just to piss me off, but I wasn’t giving him the satisfaction of getting to me. “Go get your bag, you’ll sleep at the studio. Cat and Corin must have already taken over your room.”

    I tried to go as quietly as I could over to the room Canaan told me to go. He was cleaning the bar while I’d get my things. Knocking on the door I heard a faint laugh and a distant ‘come in’ from an out of breath Cat.

“Hey. I’m gonna sleep over at the Studio tonight, ok?” Cat stared at me trying to hide a smile.

“Why are you soaked?” She asked.

    Cat and Cor were sitting on the bed. Cat had her hair wet and short pajamas. They were laying side by side on the bed. Corin was using flannel socks that resembled a jacket Cat had.

“I made caipiroskas downstairs and then went dancing on the rain. Cane burst my bubble saying I’d get sick.” I walked over to where one of the smaller bags were and picked it up. “So I just came here to say good night and have fun, but not too much fun. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” I blew a kiss and closed the door behind me.

“There is very little you wouldn’t do, whore!” I heard Cat’s scream and couldn’t hold back the laughter.

    It was sort of, completely, true.

    I found Cane downstairs with a washcloth cleaning one of the booths.

“Yo! Let’s get this train going.” I said heading towards the door.

“The Studio is near, but we’ll have to walk there. We’ll get wet.” he said looking out the door.

“Oh, what will I do?” I said in a dry tone mocking him.

    He looked back at me narrowing his eyes and I sent him a huge innocent smile.

“You’re lucky I’m not like my brothers. They’d make you pay for a comment like that.”

“Oh, goody. I love punishments.” My voice dropped and it sounded a little sexier than usual.

    He chose to ignore my comment grabbing my hand and dragging us out of the bar. He locked the door and soon enough we were both running under the rain towards what I believed would be the Studio where he lived.




While I was in the shower, the only thing I kept thinking was how Cor knew me. I mean, c’mon, I just fucking invited him to sleep with me. I wasn’t hitting on him - not entirely, at least - and he just agreed like it was nothing. I wonder how will I sleep with that fucking gorgeous man laying right next to me.
    I took my time in the bathroom, but soon enough I was properly dressed in my pajamas. And as soon as I opened the door, I realized that maybe these PJ’s aren’t the ones more suitable for the fall in fucking Alaska, so when I opened the door and all the steam left the bathroom, I was shaking like a motherfucker.

“Fuck me, my pajamas aren’t warm enough for this fucking weather.” I said, and Cor looked at me with a funny look.

I was wearing my gray Slytherin t-shirt, which was probably two sizes bigger than my usual clothes - and my green flannel shorts, that came with this pajama when I bought it. The thing is: this t-shirt was really light and thin, and the shorts was… Well, short. So my pretty big thighs were showing a little bit too much.

“I can see that.” He said, with a sly smile on his face.

“Stop looking at me like I’m a piece of meat, Corin Badd.” I said, half serious half laughing.

    I grabbed a comb to fix my hair while Cor tried very badly to keep his eyes on my face instead of the Slytherin emblem on my boobs.

“You are the one wearing this pj’s in the middle of this storm.”

“Pff, It’s not my fault, okay? I was living in a place where even when it was the coldest time of the year I could just wrap a light blanket in me and I’d be fine.” I said, sitting next to him in bed. “I need to buy winter clothes.”

“I can take you tomorrow, if you want.” He offered.

“Won’t you be busy?”

“Probably not, I mean, me and Cane are writing and producing our own music, so I don’t have a boss and I can take one day off for you.”

“I’d be really glad if you did that.” I smiled. “Fuck, my back hurts.”

“You weren’t the one who had to carry me on your back.” He joked.

“Fuck you, are you calling me fat?”

    He smiled. “Maybe?” I didn’t even think twice. I just went and punched his arm. “Ouch!”

“You deserved it!” I pouted.

“Your punches are harder now, congrats!” He said, while rubbing where I had hit him.

“Fuck you.” I simply said, and started to stretch my back. Maybe it was a bad move, because as soon as I grabbed my hands behind my back, I heard Corin exhale. “What?”

“Nothing.” He simply said.

“Come on, Corin. Tell me.” I kept stretching, now with my arms held up.

“It’s nothing.” He laughed. “It’s just, I always thought that you girls were too beautiful for your own good. But now? Look at you.” He said and I felt my cheeks go red.

“Stop making me blush, idiot.”

“Stop being so shy, then.” He shrugged. “I’m not saying anything that you don’t already know.”

“Meh, stop.” I hid my face with my hands. “You’re making me self conscious right now!”

    He smiled. Fuck, I bet he was fucking enjoying making me feel like that. “I am really conscious of your body, too.” He looked at me with a smirk, he was sooo pleased with himself.

“I really want to slap you right now!”

“It’s not my fault that you’re so funny to tease.”

“Just stop teasing me then!”

“Nope. I like the way that your face gets when I do.”

    I pouted, slightly irritated. “Ok, fine, tease me all you want. But first tell me about your tour in Europe!”

    He started to tell me about all the craziness in his tour bus and the stories were so absurd that I couldn’t help but laugh at them. He was in the middle of a story about some groupie that was caught trying to invade the bus when we heard someone knock on the door.

“Hey. I’m gonna sleep over at the Studio tonight, ok?” Nat said as soon as she entered the room. My poker face was almost falling apart. Knowing my sister, that could probably go very right or veeeery wrong.
“Why are you soaked?” I asked, trying to hide my smile.

“I made caipiroskas downstairs and then went dancing on the rain. Cane burst my bubble saying I’d get sick. So I just came here to say good night and have fun, but not too much fun. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” She said, without stopping to take a breath and as soon as she finished she closed the door.

“There is very little you wouldn’t do, whore!” I screamed, trying not to sound too loud because well, people were sleeping. I just heard the faint laugh from outside. “She’s such a bitch sometimes. How could we have fun in a fucking storm like that?”

“We could always go and take a rain shower just like Nat.”

“Never. In a storm like that? I’d rather just stay here and keep listening to you.”

“Well, it’s not very bad right here.” He smiled and got more comfortable in bed. “Where was I?”

“You were describing the crazy groupie that tried to invade your bus.”

“Right!” He smiled and kept telling me the story.

    It was hard to pay attention to what he was saying because fuck all the time I could see some sparkle from his tongue tip. And I just couldn’t stop staring at it, and images started to appear in my head and soon I was shivering with the sight of it.

“Are you cold?” He said and I woke up from the transe.


“You’re shivering, are you cold?”

“Yes.” I said. That answer was better than the truth.

“Come here, then.” He opened up his arms and I didn’t even think twice before going to him.

    He was seated with his back on the headboard and I took a seat between his legs and soon I was wrapped around his arms. His smell was slowly intoxicating me. I was half laid on him and my head was on his shoulder, so I could really smell his scent from his neck. We kept in silence for some time, with only the noise from the rain falling on the roof and the windows. I didn’t even care about the sky falling outside.

“You’re comfortable.” I said, humming.


“And you smell nice, too. But your t-shirt is smelling like grease and detergent.”

“I was working in the kitchen all night, you know.” He laughed. “I could take a shower, but I don’t have any clothes with me.”

“I have some.” I said, sitting up. He started to look funny at me. “What? I like to wear men’s clothes, idiot.”

“Nothing.” He smiled. “It’s just funny, that’s all.”

“Ha-ha, hilarious.” I got up and went to my Tardis’ luggage. “Well, I have some t-shirts, a short and some boxers. What do you want?”

“I can sleep in a t-shirt and boxer.”

“So here!” I threw at him my beatles t-shirt and my batman boxers. He grabbed them and started to laugh.

“I’d really like to see you in one like this. But maybe shorter.” He said and I got flustered.

“Shut it, Cor.”

    He simply laughed and went to the bathroom.




    It was less than a three minute run from the bar to the Studio,but with this rain it seemed so much longer. Nat was running right behind me to the room that Corin and I used to share. She was giggling all the way and it awakened something deep within that I didn’t really acknowledge until now.

    We reached my room and she was quick to find the heater and sit by it while I grabbed towels so we could shower. Separately obviously.

“I am going to fucking freeze!” She whispered trying not to wake Lucian.

“You should know better than to be out on a storm in the beginning of fall, stupid.”

“Trust me, I don’t ever do what’s best for me when I’m drunk.” I could see something dark underneath, but it quickly left. Like a glimpse of a hidden part of her.

    She ran to me once she saw me carrying two fluffy ass towels. Thank god for the women that are now in this family.

“Where is the bathroom? I seriously think that I might have permanent damage by now. I can’t feel my fingers.” She grabbed my face sinking her fingers on my skin. It did feel like ice.

“Get your ass in that shower. You may actually die.” I joked and she faked offeded.

“You’re supposed to tell me I’m not going to die. You suck at this. I want Cat back.” She pulled the towel from my arm and left stomping down the hall and opened the door to Corin’s room. She looked at me and kept going.

    I went back to the room and stripped so I could at least dry myself. I could hear the faint sound of the shower working and every now and then her voice low singing something. This night was really turning out to be something I couldn’t even make it up.

    If I closed my eyes and concentrate very hard I can still picture the last day I saw the twins. We organized a little get together at the bar and we were all served non-alcoholic drinks ‘til closing hour and after that. Well, let’s say we got a hold of a few bottles and downed them very fast. It did get a little out of hand by the end, but by morning me and Cor went home and soon after that we left to LA. Today was the first time I’ve seen them since that night. It brings weird feelings, because even though we grew up together, we also spent a long time apart and now it feels like we’re re-discovering them. It’s a new feeling of normal.

    I got distracted inside my own head and didn’t hear the water shutting. I jumped at the sound of the door opening and Nat looking at me wide eyed and shutting the door. She was using one of the towels I’d given her, but it was a little small on her since it didn’t close all the way. For a split second I could see the left side of her body and it did waken something that, even though I expected, I didn’t really think it was appropriate.

“I’m sorry. I forgot my bag by the bed. Could you get it for me?” she asked after a few seconds.

    Looking at the floor I saw the bag she was referring to. I took it to the door and tried the lock. It was open and I opened enough to pass it to her. I was still very much naked and so was she. This could very much be a recipe for disaster.

    Her hand reached out for the bag and the exchange was quick and easy. This wasn’t something that was supposed to bring a sexual tension, but it did. If there is something I can sense it’s when there is a heavy sexual interest. It had been here all night, but now, it was suffocating and I didn’t even get much of a glance. On the other hand, Nat saw a lot of me.

“I’m really sorry.” she said, but her voice didn’t sound small because she was actually sorry, it was the little out of breath of someone that saw something they liked. Something they wanted with an uncontrollable fever, but somehow couldn’t have it.

“It’s okay. You can come out. I won’t bite you… Well, not unless you ask.” I whispered through the door and jumped back at the loud smack.

    I stepped back laughing to myself. I got to her and this just meant things were about to get seriously fun around here.

    She came out dressed in some seriously small pajamas and shit I just couldn’t pretend not to stare. I’m sure she noticed and decided to turn the tables on me as she swayed her way around the room. Damn her. Nat had some serious curves and she took advantage of them, like how she bent her ass up as she put her things back on her bag.

“Aren’t you gonna shower?” she asked sitting at the end of the bed brushing her wet hair. “You can stare later. Go or you’ll be the one sick and that’s not fun for anyone.” It sounded like she was joking, but at the end and the way her eyes were shining meant something else. So yeah, I dragged my freezing ass to the shower.

    I felt like I was having some sort of out of body experience, because I couldn’t remember how I got in or out of the shower. I was now dressed and sitting in bed with Nat behind me brushing my hair back. It felt weird being like this, I felt exposed even though I was covered. Mostly. The only person that ever brushed my hair like this was my mom and now Nat. This was weird and at the same time comforting.

“You have amazing hair.” She whispered still brushing even though I think she was done even before I noticed all of this situation.

“Cheap Shampoo.” Why the fuck did I say something as stupid as that? Fuck me, really.

“Guess I’ll just have to steal it from you then.” She pushed her finger into my hair and like the idiot that I have been all night I moaned. Yup, I did that and what did she do? She laughed. A low sexy laugh that I made me want to die. This was not happening.

“I find it funny we don’t have a name for this in english.”

“What do you mean?”

“This…” she ran her fingers through my hair again. “is called ‘cafuné’ in portuguese, but we don’t actually have a name for this.”

    I tried to say that name a few times, but I think that I just butchered it so I could hear her say that word in portuguese. She had a beautiful accent and her tone actually changed once she spoke in her second language. It was intriguing. During this conversation we ended up laying down on the mattress and were now facing one another with her still trying to teach me some words.

“You’re really bad at this.” she laughed at me.

“I never said I was a good student.” the undertone didn’t go by unnoticed and she hit my arm. And when I say she hit me it was a full on loud slap.

“Fuck! This stings.” I cried out.

“It’s supposed to sting.” she sounded mad, but her mouth was turned into a big smile as she tried to hide her laugh.

“You’re going to pay for this.” my voice was darker and her eyes darkened with it.

“I’d like to see you try.”

I positioned myself and she watched with pure amusement and when I jumped her I knew she was caught by surprise by her small scream and laugh. I held her wrists near her face and bent down so our lips were close. I wanted her and I knew she wanted me just as bad. I wasn’t sure this was really a smart idea, but it was what the moment gave us loud and clear. It couldn’t hurt to see what would happen.

    A LOUD FUCKING KNOCK interrupted us. Our lips had just brushed against the other, but it was enough for me to know that once we actually kissed, it was going a lot further than that.

    Nat sat up straight and fixed her clothe and hair.

“Come in.” she said.

“Hey, Nat. It’s me.” Lucian opened the door holding up too mugs. “I thought we could catch up for a little while. I couldn’t sleep and well… If you’re busy we can talk later.” He eyed me and Nat on the bed. Nat was giving him a seriously creepy sweet smile. She just winked at me, stood up and left.

    When the door closed I heard their footsteps growing distant and then, a loud slap.




    I didn’t know how long I took in the shower, but when I left Cat was laying on her side, with her hands between her thighs and her eyes closed. I think she was feeling cold because I kept seeing her shiver and sometimes jump with the loud noise coming from outside.

    I took the blanket and put it over her and when I was opening the door I heard a faint “hey” coming from her.

“I thought you were sleeping”.

“I was trying to.” She sat up on the bed, rubbing her eyes. Her hair was a little bit messy and it was kinda sexy to see it. I imagine how she would look like after sleeping with me but I pushed this thoughts inside my head. Not the fucking time to think about her like that. “But this fucking storm just keep scaring me and I can’t focus on sleep.”

“You’re a grown-up girl, Cat” I smirked. “You shouldn’t be afraid of a little rain.”

“Don’t think that my asleepness will stop me from punching you again, pretty boy.” She layed on the bed again. “Now come here. I don’t want to be alone.”

    I shook my head with a faint smile on my face. “Fine.”

    The sounds coming from outside wasn’t really that loud, but I felt Cat reach a little closer with each of them. I didn’t want to step over an invisible line, especially on our first night together. Innocently enough I turned to her and pulled her closer. I felt her tense one last time, maybe from being caught by surprise, but then she relaxed and laid her head on my chest. My hands took life of their own as they played with her hair. She shook less and I sensed she was getting closer to sleeping. My hands went from her hair to her back.

   Her shirt was worn, probably from being washed so many times and it was thin. She really needed new clothes. She’d die with the winter that was coming. Her arm was raised enough that she was holding onto my waist and that left the side of her body exposed. I was running my fingers through her, and trust me or not, it was just to soothe her. Eventually my fingers passed a ticklish spot and she got tense and, unconsciously, I felt her press her body to mine.

   She relaxed after some time and when I was almost dozing I felt her hand go under my t-shirt and start to run her fingers on my side. She kept going up and down and sometimes she would go to my navel and come back to where she started it in the first place. Not after long I was dead asleep.


    I woke up the next day with my head under her hair. We probably rolled up sometime because she was the little spoon, and I could smell the sweet scent coming from her hair. She was laying so close to me that I almost didn’t notice the hard bulge in my shorts, and I was wondering about how did she not noticed yet when I felt where my hand was. We were holding hands, but just like last night her hands were under her thighs - with mine.

   Fuck, I was so close there. Her smell, her ass was just in the right angle and my hand was so fucking close that I got even harder with that.

   And, of course she noticed.

“Is that a wiener in your short or are you just happy to see me?” She asked me, with her voice husky from sleep. I could hear the smirk on her face and of course like the idiot I am I felt my face go red.

“Fuck you, Garcia.” I tried to push her, but of course that just made her laugh even more.

“Fuck me, right?” Yes. “Good morning, pretty boy.” She turned and smiled. “I guess you are happy to see me.” She smiled and kissed my red cheek.

“You know you are going to hell for messing with me like that, right?”

“Baby, I am going to hell anyway.” Fuck this voice calling me baby. Fuck her for doing this to me. What the fuck was happening? “And of course I had to get back at you for all that messing with me last night.”

“You vindictive bitch.” I laughed.

“Oh! You’re not going to kiss me with that dirty mouth!” In the moment she realized what she just said it was her turn to get all red and flustered. She tried to laugh it off but her eyes and her face gave her away.
“Ohohoho, so you want me to kiss you, do ya?”

“Oh pleaaase pretty boy. You’re the one with a massive erection between your legs, I’m just waking up.” She said and of course her laugh was even louder now, but I could see how shy she  was. I was laying on my back and she tried to get a look on my dick and she got red the moment she saw. Fuck I don’t know how to deal with this girl! After all this shit she said, now she gets all shy? Fuck me.

“Well, you could help me with that, you know?” It was just too good of a chance to mess with her. And she was already so red and shy. Maybe I am going to hell too.

“I will kick you of the bed, Corin. Trust me!” She said, trying to hold the laugh. But I looked her in the eyes and I felt something inside me. Those brown - almost black - eyes were looking at me, defying me to keep going. I could see that her head wasn’t too distant from my thoughts. And like she knew what I was thinking, she licked her lower lip and bit it softly.

    This sight went straight to my cock.

    Oh, how I wanted to keep going.

    But of course Nat had to burst into the room singing and laughing.

“YOU GUYS ARE SO SLOWWWW!” She screamed, and fuck all the sexual tension went away after that.

“I just woke up, bitch.” Cat said, like it was nothing. Like we didn’t just talk about my erection. She said looking at Nat’s eye and, slowly, while Nat was looking at her too, she pulled the blanket to cover up to my waist.

    This girl is so fucking smooth.

“Fine, fine. Just get ready already! I want to go to the city!”

“Actually,” Cat said getting up from the bed. “Cor said that he would take me shopping for some winter clothes for this fucking weather. Wanna go?” She stretched herself and went to the bathroom.

“Oh, shopping. I like that. I’ll go tell Cane that we’re going shopping!” She left the room.

    I stood there on the bed, laying, with a boner between my legs and trying to stop thinking about her. And it was more difficult than I thought. I was wondering what could have happened if Nat hadn’t burst in and I didn’t even noticed Cat leaving the bathroom.

“Why are you still on the bed?” She asked while tying her hair.

“Can’t I be lazy in the morning?”

   She rolled her eyes with a smile on her face. “You can do anything you want, pretty boy.” She winked and left the room.