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    Staring at the computer screen I believed that what Cat and I decided had been the best option, even though we couldn’t really be sure. I had just bought two one way tickets to Ketchikan where we grew up. Mom passed away a month and two weeks ago and now we just didn’t have the energy to deal with life in Brazil without her here anymore. We wanted to go somewhere that truly felt like home and where we could just forget about everything for a while, distract us perhaps. So we decided after a short conversation that home would always end up being Alaska.

    It took us a while to figure out how we’d handle our lives. We sold most of the things we had and it was hard letting some things go, but we knew we couldn’t stay here without Mom and this change was something we needed to do for ourselves. It was a long time coming change actually, unfortunately it took Mom’s death for us to realise it.

    I could continue to write as a ghostwriter for companies from wherever I was and Cat was a writer, a novelist you shall say. And a damn good one. She’d just published the third novel of a series and could afford to take some time off. Plus, she was long due a break from the traveling she did to market the books all over the world. Well, she wasn’t all over the world - yet. She would soon enough. While I was just glad to write under an allies. To write whatever I wanted and sell it to others or even get requests. Different parts of the same world you could say. Even though I worked primarily with the film business, so screenwriting was more my thing.

“Hey, Baby Girl, you got the plane tickets?” Cat screamed as she entered our apartment.

“Yeah. We’re supposed to leave in two weeks. It was the earliest flight I could get that didn’t require me having to sell a kidney.” I got up to meet her at our living room. She was carrying two full bags of groceries and mail.

“I don’t think anyone wants your nasty kidneys.”

“You wound me, Sister.” I said dramatically basically throwing myself on our kitchen countertops.

   As I started putting the groceries away Cat went to our sound system to put on some music. One thing that was a requirement for us was music. All day, everyday. Cat came back swinging her hips to the start of the song “Sugar, we’re going down”. So that marked the start of our day.

   After a long day cleaning the house and organizing some things for the one way trip we threw ourselves on the couch exhausted. We still had a few hours of sun left and not much else to do so Cat and I decided to go down to the beach that was only a ten minute walk from our apartment.

   You see Cat and I are twins, I’m the oldest by six minutes, and even though we are identical, we are very different. I may be the oldest, but I’m definitely shorter. Cat was almost a whole head taller than me, she has short curly black hair, while mine is a mid length wavy black hair. Her eyes are a shade of dark chocolate, while mine is lighter. She has bigger tits, while I have a bigger ass. She can draw, I can sing. She bites her nails, I have long ones. This might seem like a lot of differences, but we are more alike than anything else. We are to every extent of the word, twins.

   At the beach the warm white sand was actually getting colder by the minute, but the weather outside was unbearably hot so it wouldn’t change much and the sea water was surprisingly warm. Cat was wearing a one piece bathing suit full of unicorns and I was wearing a double piece that looked a lot more like I was wearing a cropped top and a booty shorts.

“Do you think that we’ll miss this? I mean, Alaska is fucking cold.” She asked, while looking up to the sky with a sad smile on her face.

“I won’t. You know how much I hate this heat.”

“I know, but I mean… We’ve been living here for what? 5 years? I know i’ll be freezing my ass off until I get used to that fucking weather.”
“Nothing that a good glass of whisky can’t change, babe.”

“True, true. And since we’re talking about whisky, I think that the first place we should go in Ketchikan…”

“Badd’s, right?”

“Yes! I kinda miss them.”

“I heard they’re all back. All of the brothers under the same roof, except they’re all very much adults now.” I said with a mischievous smile.

“Jesus Christ, I can’t even imagine how gorgeous they might be.” Cat took a sip of her beer, trying to hide the same smile that she did when she read erotic books.

“Bitch, I know that smile. You can’t hide that shit from me.” I smacked her arm with a towel making her spill her beer. “Oops.”

“Oh please, I totally can!”

“Tell me something that I don’t know, then.”

“Bitch I will. As soon as I remember something.”

“You won’t because you always tell me stuff. You like to talk so much that you just can’t help yourself.”

“I hate it when you’re right.”

    I finished my caipiroska and got up pulling Cat with me.

“We’re gonna swim. I can’t stand the sweat all over me in this heat.”

    We made our way to the warm water and lost ourselves in conversations and playing around. We only really noticed the time when the sky got dark and we couldn’t really see our stuff from the lack of light where we were. We were now probably the only ones at the beach so we decided best to just head back home.

    We walked back home in a hurry so we didn’t really have a chance to check our things before we were already home. So while Cat was taking a shower I was separating our things and loading the washing machine. I noticed that a ring I’d always wear was missing, so maybe I’d left it at the beach. I didn’t really think much of it until both my phone and Cat’s started pinging with notifications. A bunch of photo texts from an unknown number. Mine and hers. They were photos of us, at the beach today. Just a few hours ago.

    I heard the shower stop working and Cat coming towards where I was still staring at the phone.

“Did you find my necklace? I think I left it at the beach.” Cat said with a sad smile digging through her beach bag. She was still wearing her towel around her body.

“You lost your necklace?” I whispered. Suddenly afraid, but I didn’t even know of what.

“Yeah. I had it on me when we went, but I took it off before going to the ocean. I may have forgotten it there.” She took a closer look at me and noticed something was off. “What’s wrong with you?”

    I just pushed both of our phones to her so she’d see the obvious stalkerish photos.




    I didn’t understand why I was so sad about leaving Brazil. I never wanted to move here, and neither did Nat, but now after 5 years I was feeling so strange. Maybe I was nostalgic about going back to Ketchikan, maybe I was just sad because, after all, mom just died.

    But at the same time I just couldn’t wait to be back in Alaska. I just couldn’t wait to be back home and to be with the boys. Mom and Mrs. Badd were best friends growing up, so it was really normal for us to be in the Badd’s Bar and Grill while growing up. I mean, Bast, Zane, Brock and Bax and even the twins were almost our big brothers, and for some time - when we were almost 15 - people started to call us the Badd girls. And just like that mom decided to move back to Brazil and bring us with her. I was sad and angry as fuck, but what could I do, right?

   So when we decided that we would go back to Ketchikan, we ended the fling that we both had with some guys and started to plan our trip back home. They didn’t take it very well, tried to convince us to stay and to be with them - we weren’t looking for anything serious at the time, and with mom dying, we just didn’t have time to deal with this stuff - until they just stopped trying. And it was okay, I mean, I was happy that Fred and Isaac started to move on with their lives.

   But now my necklace was gone. And so was Nat’s ring.

    And we just received these photos of us.


“What the actual fuck is this? I mean, this is weird as fuck, but I kinda look nice in this one?”

“What the hell, Cat?!” Nat slapped my forehead. “These photos are stalkerish as fuck and you’re thinking about how you look on them?”

“Well, yes?” I shrugged. “I never look good in this shitty bathing suit.” I pointed to the wet one piece I was using earlier.

“Okay, I think I was born with all the brains because you are missing the point.” Nat said looking a little bit desperate. I could see why, I just didn’t want to acknowledge it.

“Oh my god, Nat. What is going on?”

“My ring is missing. And your necklace too. And now these fucking photos! It doesn’t need a fucking BAU team from Criminal Minds to see that somebody is stalking us!”

“Oh, baby girl, come here”. I opened my arms and hugged her. “This is weird as fuck, but these are just some photos. And, well, I am a little bit famous.”

“Don’t start with the ‘I am famous’ bit, please.”

“But it’s true! I am a little bit famous.” I started to tickle her. “But anyway, if another weird thing like that happens, we go to the police, okay?”

“Ugh, fine. I’m just mad about losing my ring.”

“You might have all the brains in this, but you are just as forgetful as I am.” I let her go. “Ok, I’m hungry, let’s order some pizza!”


“Of course, babe.”

    While Nat was ordering our pizza, I remembered what she said about the boys. And since curiosity is what killed the cat (pun intended!), I was happy to stalk the Badd boys that had instagram. Soon enough I found the official account of Bishop’s Pawn, and jesus fucking christ, the twins were fiiiine as fuuck. The last photo was a note saying that the tour was canceled and that they were going back home. The photo was posted almost 14 months ago, and apparently the band was over because I also found his drummer and his other guitarist’s instagram and they were in other bands.

    I felt sad because I kinda liked Bishop’s Pawn music, and it was really sad to know that they won’t be playing anymore. But, in the other hand, I mean, all the 8 Badd boys were in town. The last time that happen I was 13 years old and it was Zane’s going away party. And, like I said, I was 13 so me and Nat just eated there and than it was party time for the big boys.

    It sucked, because, well, I can say that neither me or Nat was the typical 13 years old. Mostly because, we never had any friends besides the boys and all girls that tried to be our friends was interested in the guys so it was just simpler to be the two of us.

    I lost track of time when I heard the doorbell ring. I screamed ‘Nat’ and soon we were on the floor while, ironically enough, watching Criminal Minds and eating our pizza.

“Did that guy from the apartment in Ketchikan answered us yet?”

“Not really. I think he’s ghosting us.”

“We need some place to live until we find our own place.”

“We can always call Bast and see if we can stay there for a while.”

“That would be so weird!” I laughed. “And fun, but mostly weird.”

“Is Bast what now, 26?”

“Jesus he’s almost thirty!”

“Yes. Do you think he’s dating anyone?”

“Why, bitch? Are you interested?”

“Oh, shut up. You know that if I had to choose one of them, I’d totally chose Brock.”

“Actually I didn’t but not that I know I’ll totally tell him!”

“Don’t you dare!”

“Bitch watch me!”

    She pushed me until I was laughing my ass off on the floor.

    It was hard to lose mom, but I know I’ll be okay having Nat by my side.