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Is Now Found

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Is now found.


Sasha was running as if she was one of the Hounds of Hell. She was stretched in a full run, breathing heavily as she raced over the amber waving plains. She was focused on her goal which was still many hundreds of miles away. Her cub had entered the spirit realm fully, instead of just using his own spirit. He was not ready for the astronomical influx of power needed to transition a fully solid body to this world. He was supposed to slowly transfuse the energy into his being, slowly, easily and without pain. It’s why he had been told over and over, he would not be coming here for 100 years. She did not want her birth home and his adoptive one, to be the cause of any more pain for him.


But then she and Loki had been forcibly removed from the earthly plain with that damn cannon, which had sucked most of their own spirit power from them. Forcing them to come back and recharge. They had finally after a couple days rest managed to get enough of their strength back to return to their companions. But by that point it was too late. She had felt all the pain and anguish he had been enduring. His heart crying out for safety and release from all which was being done to him. She in the spirit plain and unable to reach him, had been angry and frustrated to not be able to help.


Loki had taken off with her blessing, when her mental state began to be affected, due to her cub’s own tormented mind. The link between them so strong, he was unknowingly sending her all his confused emotions. Causing her to strike out with fang and claw, at her pack mate in frustration. Loki was bonded to her cub’s mate, and the Sentinel was not protecting Danny. She had already chewed his tail, to practical ruin, she was so pissed off and he didn’t blame her. Steve simply wasn’t ready to handle all the crap they had been dealing with over the last few months. Instead of being given time to work out their powers and duties, multiple assholes had been coming after them at all times. Giving neither man any time to just learn and develop, what powers they could wield.


She felt it the moment when her precious cub’s mind had shattered. Not able to comprehend any more violence against him. His mind, not able to handle the final assault on his body, allowed his instincts had take over once again. This time instead of pouring all his power into protecting another, his instincts were protecting himself from others. He had grown strong enough, barely, to withstand the pull of his instincts which were demanding, he fix the other broken ones immediately. It was the only reason why he was able to start a rescue without losing his mind. But he couldn’t stop them from pouring forth, when his very sweet, young and loving soul, was crying out in fear and despair for help. He wanted his mate but his mate had failed him to many times.


She knew it wasn’t Steve’s fault in any way, but Danny had, had to many horrid experiences too quickly. His own instincts now associated his own mate, as unable to protect what he claimed over and over, what he always said he could. He would have to grow stronger now, before Danny would ever contemplate returning to him. Maybe it was a good thing Danny wasn’t sane right now. If he understood what was actually happening and what he was, he would not get over it. He would be ashamed of himself, for putting the man he loved to so much trouble. Even if Steve would dismiss it instantly, and assure his mate that he loved him no matter what.


She shook her head even as she leaped over a fallen oak tree. Glancing down she could see the white of her rapidly moving paws, against the sage brown and green of the central plains. She shook her head, she hadn’t been a white wolf for years. Not since she finally bonded with her little boy, and out of love and devotion her coat changed. Taking on the same hues as her loving child's own hair, who delighted in her matching coat. Making him feel like she was a part of his family. But when the destruction of his mind hit, it had caused many side effects, one being it started to bleach her back to her birth colors. She knew when she found him he would match her in color and she was devastated about it. It would take a lot of time, patience and energy to return him to his proper state. She just hoped Steve was up to it. It would not be easy for him.


She kept up her breakneck pace as she came upon a herd of American buffalo, one she knew well. There was an older calf who was always looking to cause trouble. Standing in the middle of her wild run, she didn’t have time for his mischief making. Besides a calf should know, when a six foot at the shoulder white wolf was running at full speed, it wasn’t a time for play. Gathering herself again she leaped over the silly beast, whacking him in the face with her fully plumed tail, as she continued with her time critical mission. She was pleased and amused, to hear his indignant bleat and the answering laugh from his mother, who had watched the whole thing.


Dirt and years old dust flew up behind her, as she ran across a dry stream bed, rocks and pebbles shifting between her splayed out toes. She needed to get to her cub before anything else did. While the land of the spirit realm, was a much less dangerous place in some aspects, then the earthly one, there was still danger here. The boys just had not run across it, since they never stayed here for more then a few minutes, when they teleported. Or long enough to reunite a spirit animal with his human companion. But now that they had entered the spirit realm fully, those creatures who did not approve of humans or had some other issue would seek them out. Danny was in extreme danger, not having any idea as to who he was, where he was, or how to defend himself.


She was racing to his side to defend him from those who would wish him harm. Puzzled even as she ran faster, than the winds from the snow bound mountains she was born from, as to his instincts choice in locations. His instincts which had taken him far from her familiar den, far from any place he knew had animals. He wanted to be alone, it was the only thing she could think of to stop being hurt. If no one was near him he couldn’t be hurt. Jumping another creek then a set of boulders buried deeply in the tall burnished grass, with barely a thought to either. Problem was he had landed himself near the outer realm, where those who did not subscribe to the ways of the majority lived. They could be sensed and avoided. But again she had not taught Danny or Steve how, because she did not expect them to be in this world in a little over two months rather then the 100 years. She and Loki had both decided to slowly introduce the pair to how the land worked, how the citizens lived, and how to avoid those not part of the common way. 100 years was a long time, to allow them to become used to the idea and learn what they needed. Not the two months they had been bonded, before being thrust into a land foreign and unknown to them.


Now she was racing to his side, to give him the protection his heart and soul was craving and calling out for. Sliding down a hidden gully, she nimbly sidestepped a family of black masked ferrets, hunting for fish in the slow moving brook. She belonged to him and it was time he knew someone was in his corner. After all now that he was here, lost, alone and completely unable to care for himself. He would not be leaving this place, till she was fully persuaded in his ability to handle the powerful forces found in the spirit realm. Concentrating on pouring more power into her mad run to the southern lands, she scared a flight of geese into the air, honking their displeasure at her interruption of their dinner. She couldn't care less, she was a wolf on a life mission. Coming to a fast moving river, she found it too far to jump across, so she collected herself, launching off the short cliff face with a mighty thrust of her dust covered white hind legs. Jumping as high into the air as she could, preparing to hit the multihued white frothing water. Landing with a heavy splash, she swam strongly across the current, to the river edge before dragging herself out. Shaking quickly she resumed her run, body glowing arctic snow white, as she used her never measured power to continue her quest.


She had a long way to go and a short time to get there. She was sound bound and running down her cub.




Loki lay with his bond mate pressed tightly against him. The black beast was genuinely concerned at the rapid breathing, fast heartbeat and pale complexion of the man laying against his belly. Steve had called him for help and he had answered his chosen’s call, as he always would. He had actually been going to his man’s side, when he whispered his name with such heartfelt longing. His Warrior brother needed help finding his mate, and the only way he would do so was by coming here fully, into the spirit realm. A place which could be dangerous to those who didn’t know how his home world worked. A place Steve would brave, regardless of the danger, for his mate was all which mattered to him. Steve’s world revolved around his mate and he no longer felt whole when Danny was not there, where his senses could stay grounded.


Loki knew when his companion came into his home land he would be unbalanced. Due to his mate no longer being by his side and the massive forces found in the spirit world.


He wondered, as he nuzzled the sleeping Sentinel, if either man knew just how much stability they gave to the other. How being in each other’s presence, simply calmed them and allowed them to work so well. He didn’t think they did, they were rarely out of each others pockets. The pair of them, had the tightest bond of any pairing he had come across or been told about. And their devotion to each other, along with seeing others receive justice who may not, made them extremely strong. It was one of the reasons the men had been chosen to be who they were. They loved to help, they loved to be of service, they loved how the other shared those same values. They had dedicated themselves to the pursuit of making life a bit fairer to everyone. So sure they blew up a building on occasion or if he was honest on multiple occasions, or he, himself chewed up a suspect who had threatened his companion’s partner. And don’t get him started on what he had done when someone threatened his bond mate’s adopted daughter. That guy still to this day walked with a limp and was lucky to have his leg. If he ever tried to attack his adopted pack daughter again, he would rip his leg off, before ripping his throat out.


Steve had called him and he had come. Knowing what was going to be requested and he could not deny him what Steve wanted and needed. Danny was in the spirit realm and so he must follow his mate to the same dimension. Their own bond demanded they be together, supporting each other, looking out for each other. So Loki had called forth his own dark power and infused it into the distraught and unbalanced Sentinel. Using his own formidable strength to keep Steve’s mind clear and relatively sane unlike his mate’s. Danny who had come to this realm alone, borne along by his instincts who could no longer handle the cruelty being fostered on him. Without Sasha there to help him make the transition, his mind already shattered by the horrible events on the Outcasts Island, fractured further. His out of control instincts sending him to the southern lands, away from all the places he knew spirit animals roamed. And even if they had waited the 100 years, both Loki and Sasha would have had to been there to finalize the men’s transition to this other worldly plain. But their minds would have been prepared to handle the change, the change of going from a world with little mystic power and energy. To a land so infused with it that all creatures within used it in their daily lives. Lives the Sentinel and his Guide would have been shown how to work with and live with. Their bodies ready for the needed adaptation for the final move to this world. Bodies which would have been slowly infused over the 100 years with the energy needed to reform their very cells, to handle that mystic energy.


Loki right now was doing that for Steve, keeping his mind relaxed as the changes which should have been slow and steady were instead dangerously rushed. He kept a close eye on his inner workings, watching as each cell accepted or rejected the changes demanded. If the cell rejected the change to handle the mystic power, he purged it from Steve’s body so a new younger more malleable cell could handle the change. His body still glowed with the dark colors of their bond, as they blended in and out of his Sentinel’s body. Sometimes flowing into his own wolf flesh, when Steve’s mind became to stressed and needed his calmness. It would be a fast process insofar as waiting 100 years. It would still take some days to finalize his new bonds and establish the energy channels needed, to control the power which was his by right to use.


Looking around his private den, he sighed as there wasn’t much to it. He and Sasha normally shared a den when in the spirit realm. Something he was very much interested in continuing to do. He thought he was finally getting somewhere with her accepting his interests, when this shit happened. She had been irritable for hours, finally snapping at him and chewing on his tail to get him to leave. So he had moved to his back up den. Raising his head to look at the plain, grey rocky walls, he spotted something in the back, which had him widening his eyes. If his bond mate saw what he was seeing, he would be totally screwed. Glancing down at the man, he found his hands gripping his fur tightly. If he tried to move Steve would know and possibly wake.


Shit, fuck, damn, oh crap I’m in so much trouble, were his thoughts as he looked at the item in question. Steve would never let him live it down, and he would hold it as blackmail for others. God how could he have been so STUPID.


A husky voice, throat much abused from the hours already spent in transformation, rasped into his head, ’You’re male of course you’re stupid.’ Loki shot green emerald eyes to his companion’s face. Seeing tired, pain darken pupils. ‘What’s the problem?’


Loki shook his head way to quickly, trying to show there was no problem. Instead of believing him, Steve pulled himself up painfully from the comfy pillow which was his wolf’s belly. Scanning the cave he found nothing really noteworthy, till he looked in the back. There halfway covered in the sandy and rock strewn floor, was a very familiar looking, yellow edged cover. Giving Loki a half smirk, half what is that smile. He stood uneasily and shuffled over hand bracing on the rough cave wall to avoid falling. Loki standing followed, head hanging as he may as well get this over with. He wouldn’t hurt his companion by knocking him down, like he wanted to do, to get to his prize. But god this was so embarrassing.


Kneeling down, hands shaky from the changes still going within him, Steve reached for the magazine. “National Geographic Magazine?” He pulled open the sticky pages to read the table of contents. “It’s a whole issue on the wolves of the world. What they look like, eat, how they socialize. Pack structure.” Steve continued to read, even as he was puzzled as to why his wolf would have something like this. Or where he would even get something like this. He didn’t subscribe to the magazine, and no one he knew did either. Fucker must have stolen it but why? Continuing to turn the page, he had a really tough time getting to the centerfold, as it was super sticky and didn’t want to budge. But he managed to pry it open without damaging it.


Truth be known Loki unstuck it, like he had countless times before. He didn’t want it damaged.


In the center, Steve took in the sight of a very lovely wolf with soft yellow fur which was tinted red in certain places. It looked similar to Sasha, but not quite since this was a real wolf and not a spirit one. She did have dark brown eye’s and a very sweet expression as she bent just so. It looked like she was showing off her good looks for the camera, by standing on that rocky ledge with the sun shining behind her. Her head looking over her shoulder towards the lens as her front looked away. A fully plumed tail which appeared super silky and flowing as if a breeze was blowing against her, waved from her well toned back side. Strong hocks and paws with lovely claws which were perfectly manicured thanks to a little spirit realm photoshop.


It was odd Loki would have a magazine here of all places. Then the white stickiness finally penetrated, through his foggy headed brain. His eyes widened before he dropped the mag back into the sand. Turning as quickly as he could, raising his hand to his head to stop his pounding headache. The Seal looked at his embarrassed wolf and couldn’t find the words to describe what he just realized. Shoulders shaking as he understood just why they were sticky, he fell face forward into the sand and crawled to his partner. Cuddling up to his belly, needing rest again he simply mumbled. “Next time you want a dirty mag tell me and I’ll buy you one. I don’t want you stealing as a habit agreed?” Loki heaving a huge breath of air, agreed easily. There was a new one coming out in a couple months that looked simply delicious.




He shivered in cold and wetness, as he lay along the heavily rock strewn riverbed. Filthy Rags encasing his body, he had no idea from where they came. He had found himself in a grassy field some hours or maybe it was days earlier. He honestly didn’t know or care at the moment. All he cared about, is that he was no longer being hurt. No one was beating him or getting ready to do unspeakably evil things. He still hurt, his whole body did in fact, and his right arm was throbbing for some reason.


He found himself thirsty, so tried to stand and only managed to get to his hands and knees. The sound of cool water trickling nearby, had him crawling towards the sound, which seemed so far away. Brush, debris, trees, and other manner of blockages and entanglements slowed his already slowed progress but he needed something to drink. Something to cool the harshness of his throat, and the maddening itching, which seemed to never end over his whole body. Coming over a sandy berm he spied a small river, winding away from him but it was moving so should hopefully be drinkable. At this point he really didn’t care, so many other things in his unknown life, was fucked up what was one more? Trying to gently lower himself over the edge had him falling when the sandy cliff broke away, and rolling along the sandy slope, picking up multiple spikes of pain, along with cuts and abrasions from hidden rocks and stiffen stick like plants.


But he made it to the waters edge, once he had finished falling and slowly eased a single hand into test the waters. Finding it cool, he brought his hand back to taste. Waiting a few minutes, nothing seemed to happen to him so cupping his hands together he brought a few mouthfuls to him. The cool liquid seemed to quench some of the uncontrolled fire within him. Which was a relief, his insides had been burning for what seemed like forever with no end in sight. Cupping his hands together, dipping them into the first bit of good he could remember, since he woke in this nightmare he called his unknown life. He took another few mouthfuls of river water, before relaxing to look at his surroundings.


The side of the river he was on seemed peaceful enough, grassland flowing for long swaths as far as he could see. Small batches of dark purple, cheery red and daisy yellow flowers popping up here and there, adding some color. It was across the river that looked darker, more menacing to his beaten and bruised body. Large black caverns of imposing rocks, dotting the cliff face, some with large claw marks along the rims. The sand was churned up, as if many things dug in with foot prints the size of elephants. A fog was rolling down from the top of the cliff and slowing moving to either side of the river.


Then the thick menacing gray fog headed onto the river itself, and that is when his own badly burning instincts kicked in. Screaming at him to get away from the river, he backpedaled till he reached the berm again. Trying to climb it he found himself unable to get any purchase. Looking back at the water, he found the fog still rolling near him so he did the next best thing. He ran as best he could, managing to find the strength to stand. Ignoring how his arm began to glow feebly brighter as the fog reached for him.


Working up a sweat, using a body which hadn’t been given a chance to recover from anything, he fell many times over the suddenly sharp rocks, pebbles and sandy river beach, as he tried to escape. The pale light of his arm, tried to keep the fog at bay. But even it had a limit, when it came to his body’s natural strengths. He was a part of this world now, but he had been much abused previously he was sure, and his body needed rest and proper energy. He knew he hadn’t eaten in so long and his reserves were almost nonexistent. His bond mark instinctively tried to create a shield for him. But with healing his many injuries, transforming his material body into a structure which could adapt to the fluctuating one of this realm. A mind no longer whole and no idea where he could go for help. He didn’t have any chance. Stumbling around a bend, hidden by river plants, he fell into the water, feeling it as it carried him downstream.


The fog tried to follow but something was pulling him out of its reach. He stretched his arm out but felt nothing in the water below him. Still he was grateful to the water for helping him out. Carrying him away from whatever it was which had decided to hunt him like the prey he knew he was at this point. He was so tired of being hurt, he wanted it all to stop. He wanted to find someone, but he didn’t know who. But he was sure there was someone out there, who cared a little bit for him. In this whole world he thought, retched though he and his life might be, he might be entitled to at least one friend.


As he washed up on the shore many miles further south, the last thought he had was. ‘Maybe that one friend will be able to tell me who I am.’


Then he knew no more.




Many miles upstream came the maddened snarls of beasts denied their choice looking prey. They had reached out for the creature gifted on their very doorstep, only to see it run from them. But it was weak, it would not outrun its power. Then the delicious looking creature had fallen into the water. They had sent their dark gray fog after it, to pull it in to their lair. Instead the river and those vile creatures who called it home, came for its prey. Swooping up underneath and pulling the tempting morsel out of their reach.


The beasts sensed it as their toy washed ashore leagues further down stream. Maybe it was time they left their lair. They hadn’t hunted in a long time. It would be so much fun to play with their food again. The power the creature had stored within its body seemed scrumptious, and no doubt would taste so.


Yes it was time for a good hunt.

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Steve lay pressed up against his wolf’s side, still reeling from the amount of mystic power being fed into him. Every time he tried to stand, his legs would shake, wobble and threaten to collapse out from under him, and he would have to lay down. His skin constantly itched as if hundreds of fire ants were marching up and down the length and breath of his body. The itching didn’t hurt per se, it was more like little annoying pricks of energy popping all the time. Hell if he focused his sight enough, he actually could see it as his skin popped before his eyes in ebony blacks, shining silvers and arctic blues. Loki ended up nudging him hard, to break him out of the zone he had fallen into. Before grumping at him for losing himself in his senses.


Which for him now was ridiculously easy for him to do. He would listen for some sound and get caught up in the noise; Loki would have to pull him out of the zone. He decided he wanted to sniff inside the cave, when he couldn’t identify something floating in the air, Loki would whacked him in the face by a tail. His focus on touch was the only thing which remained steady mostly due to him always keeping in constant contact with his wolf. Using him to keep grounded as his mind expanded and contracted with the power, forcing him to adapt to a new world he was not meant to join after only two months with his spirit bond.


Loki he knew was keeping a sharp eye on him as the days past while he changed. But his methods, for pulling him out the zones he kept falling into, left much to be desired. Especially yesterday just after the sun rose and the light was distracting him again. Loki had sidled over to him and belched loudly in his ear, along with blasting him with the most foul canine breath. It had broken him out of his zone even as he wanted to punch the black bastard in the nose.


More then once he found himself sprawled on the packed dirt floor of Loki’s den, dry heaving as the spirit energy readjusted his balance of hormones, ethereal, and oxygen levels at 100 times the rate it should have been. He tried to breath deep and slow, but all it brought was new unknown smells to his nose. The smell of old mountains, snow on the unseen tops, wind blowing the scent of pines, cedars, ash woods. Ferns and moss growing among the rocks the den was snuggled between in the crags. Spirit animals also roamed the area like big horn sheep, cougars, llamas which surprised the hell out of him, mule deer, moose. There happened to be a very nice moose lady who was expecting a visit from her niece some time in the future. All those strange and new scents coming to him as he lay in the den of his brother, trying to understand, accept and assimilate them without losing himself.


If his mouth was open along with the scents hitting his nose introduced him to things never tried. Tastes he had never tasted before and wanted to. Some were so smooth and organic feeling like the mushrooms Loki found for him or those strange berries which glowed. Others rough but spicy the way he liked on occasion, just like how his mate could be when in bed. Thinking of Danny depressed him, and while he hated to do it he tried to keep his in depth thoughts about the lost man to a minimum. If he didn’t, Loki had an even harder time keeping him sane, due to the grief which always lurked in the back of his readjusting mind. It was too painful to think about his lost love, while he was laid up unable to move most hours of the day as his body changed.


Then there were other tastes which hit him, disgusting tastes he had to wipe his tongue off with his hand though in truth it did no good. He would scratch, spit and slurp up water from the trickle fall outside the den trying to clean away the foul essences. The latest nasty flavor to hit his tongue actually made him gag, turn a particular shade of green that did NOT match his eyes, and want to soak it in napalm to replace the revolting flavor. Course it caused Loki to fall back and laugh his head off, in some sort of amusement he didn’t want to explain right away.


The taste had been nasty, rotting garbage combined with his old football buddies used sweat socks and jock straps, after a horrible case of diarrhea. The following smell was like methane, which had been fermenting in an old disused sewage sucking truck, in the noon sun for six months straight. The wind which had been blowing into the cave, brought with it the loathsome visitor. Steve needed to identify what the hell that horrible taste was so he never came near it again or let it near him. Honestly his sense of smell was so far out of whack that he was about to dial it down to negative six just to stop smelling the detestable odor. Finally Loki took pity on him and explained what it was he was tasting and when he did he spit again. Then glared at his chuckling guardian.


What the deal turned out to be was Loki had farted, and the unholy smell had come back to bite at Steve’s super sensitive nose and tongue. It would have been fine if it had been regular farts, those wouldn’t have been an issue. But Loki had dined on some muskrat like creature earlier and it was now finished processing. Most food didn’t bother Loki’s system in the spirit realm, and he simply adored getting drunk and full to the gills on regular mundane food. It was so super tasty he couldn’t help himself, even if his partner was a dick about it. Which led him to thinking again, he needed to talk to Sasha and see if she would trade, once all this crap was taken care of. Danny was so much nicer to him when he had a 10 pound massive hangover, happily pounding away in his skull.


But spirit muskrats were a favorite of his for munching on. The fuckers were mean spiteful creatures here, who were always causing trouble for others. Loki considered it his duty, to eat one every once in a while, and let it figure out how to reform back into a muskrat again. They were delicious meat wise. But could be counted as deadly when passing gas after eating one. Oh well Steve deserved it anyway after all the crap he had put him through over the years. A little fart taste wouldn’t hurt him and do him good to help rework his system.


Glaring with disgust at being forced to endure the wretched smell, Steve growled at his smug as shit wolf. “I really hate you sometimes. Seriously I never want to taste muskrat fart again. I forbid you to eat them while I’m around.” Dear god if he ever smelled it again he honestly thought he was going to just off himself and be done with it. Till he realized he was immortal and the option was firmly off the table forever. Maybe he could bribe the muskrats to leave the area? No, not if they were the nasty little shits Loki said they were. It looked like he didn’t have any other options, he was going to have to take the chance that Loki would eat one again. If that was the case, he was going to put a hepa filter in the fucker’s ass and see if that would cut down on the smell.


Loki raised his head and growled at him. Green eyes glowing with annoyance and amusement he informed his whining Sentinel, he would eat what he wanted and if Steve didn’t shape up, all he would bring him back for food would be muskrat so there. Then in the most mature of finishing responses, he stuck his tongue out at him.


Shields dropping before he could stop them, he picked up on how worried his pack mate was about him, never mind the snarky come back. Sighing he settled down deeper into his soft black fur, “Sorry buddy. Migraine is really doing a number on me. I see why you and Sasha didn’t want us here for years to come. My mood is changing faster then a disco ball. My senses are all out of proportions. I can’t control my power like I’m used to because so much more is flowing within me.” Loki, eyes softening at the admission from his friend, licked him behind the ear, trying to help sooth him like Sasha could do with Danny.


Leaning into the attention, ignoring the slobber for the moment, he spoke about his true worries. “Thanks I’m also super worried about Danny. I have no idea where he is. I have a general direction of that way.” He waved his bond marked hand vaguely in a southernly direction, “But I can’t get a grasp on him to teleport to him.” It was super frustrating because he wanted to get to the man now, hold him, care for him, never let him out of his sight again. God that man was his entire world, and without him his world was shattered.


Loki stilled when he mentioned transferring directly to his mate. Not really ready to tell him some bad news. “What? What is it? What’s wrong?” Steve asked alarmed at the feelings suddenly coming from his bond mate. Loki nudged him with his mind, then showed him what he really hadn’t wanted to so early.


Eyes darkening to fearful and depressing greens, laced with charcoal blacks, “We can’t teleport there?” Loki sadly shook his head no. “Why not?” He had been counting on teleporting to his mate, the minute the changes within him were finished. If he couldn’t get to Danny how in the hell would he be able to rescue him? This was just another setback he couldn’t stand, his partner needed him like never before and once again, he couldn’t do a damn thing to help.


The black beast explained the spirit realm was quirky, and had its own rules and laws about it. When they moved from place to place so quickly on earth, they used the spirit realm as a pass through device. But they didn’t pass through the realm itself. They never saw the land or animals when they moved. They more or less pass through the ethereal border between the spirit and material plains. But didn’t Steve remember, that when Danny had come looking for spirit animals to return to their bond mates, He always walked or moved towards the animal, when they came here?


“Shit I didn’t notice!” Steve snapped alarmed. Which meant it was going to take even longer for him to get to Danny. He had no idea how far away he was, or how long it was going to take for him to march to him. He did know, he would not return to the regular world till he was united once again with his mate. If it took him a 1000 years to get to him, he would take the time. But he hoped not. He didn’t think Danny would be able to handle losing, all that time with his family.


Loki nudged him again amused before explaining more. Showing him a picture of what they would be doing, once Steve was strong enough to handle the experience. “Ride? You? I can? Holy crap!” Steve looked at his partner with amazement and wonder, realizing for the first time just how big he was, laying next to him. He was Loki, his wolf, he was always with him in mind and spirit. Having a body as big as a horse didn’t really compute, with all the other crap going on. “Can we get going now? I want to find Danny so bad.” It was like a never ending pull to be near his other half, to feel him, see him, hear him, smell him and taste him. God he longed for his taste, the thickness of his cock as he slowly slide up and down the shaft. Tasting the pre-come as it dripped down his willing throat. He couldn’t help it, he was getting hard just thinking about it, but his companions next words took care of his issue nicely.


The large wolf shook his head, conveying how sorry he was because they could not move. Steve wasn’t ready for it yet. His system had yet to settle down with the new energy invading him and until it did, they had to stay here. “Why? Why here in this cave?” Loki shifted his eyes not really wanting to spill the beans on other things that his human could do nothing about.


“Loki god damn it TELL ME!” He snarled knowing something was wrong now. With a deep sigh the black animal told him. That there was danger even here in the spirit realm. Creatures normally on the outskirts of the main lands, who didn’t like the bonds they made with the Sentinels and Guides. Creatures who were outcasts themselves, because they had lost their own bond mates through violence and greed. Or were so broken hearted, they turned to the darkness to swallow their grief.


Alarmed Steve reached out to his mate, trying to feel what he was feeling, but the bond was very unstable. It couldn’t tell him everything or anything really, because both men’s bodies were trying to come to grips with a fucking shit load of mythical spirit power dumped very quickly within them. Till they stabilized, the bond couldn’t give each man everything they wanted to know about the other. Their systems would give accidentally false information as things simply changed. What he could feel though was his partner was very far away and very alone.


Trying to stand, willing to crawl to get to his vulnerable mate if needed, he tried to persuade his own guardian to leave. “We need to go to him. He’s alone.” Again Loki shook his head because it just wasn’t possible. Steve needed another few days for the energy inside him to settle. “Why can’t we do that on the road?” Steve asked desperate. His Guide wasn’t built or trained for survival in the wild, not like he was. In a new land it had to be even worst, especially since he didn’t even know who he was or who he could trust.


Again Loki told him it was due to how much energy Steve was being blasted with. His entire body was being consumed and reborn, cell by cell. Loki needed to be relaxed for his total transformation into a being able to withstand the forces of the spirit realm. He was the one keeping Steve from going completely insane, from the forces moving inside him. If they took off after Danny, Loki would have to concentrate on his surroundings and his pack mate on his back. If they had to fight which might be likely as they traveled, then Loki could easily become distracted, as he defended them both. Steve would lose his own focus and possibly his mind, just like Danny. Then he would have to find another safe area to bring Steve back to the brink of sanity.


Collapsing back into the comfort of his companion, completely despondent, he sighed quietly. “So we are staying here till my body adjusts properly? So when I’m ready, we can go and kick whoever’s ass stands between me and my mate and I won’t loose my mind?” He bowed his head, trying to hide the tear that wished to fall, as he thought of just how much he had failed his sweet, gentle, and completely alone mate. “So I can be the proper protector he deserves? Instead of the loser that is always watching as his most cherished and beloved love of his life is tortured and abused before him?” Steve choked out the last part as he tried to contain his sorrow.


Loki nodded pulling Steve closer with a foreleg, cuddling the heartbroken man, letting him know he wasn’t a loser. He was simply a very young cub in the great spirit realm of life. They had been chosen for their roles now because this is when they were alive. And the age they were at was best because their bodies were strongest and would remain this way forever now. If they had waited till the men were in their 50’s, 60’s or older, they wouldn’t be nearly as strong later in life, because their bodies would naturally be weaker with the change. All was going nearly according to plan, for the spirit realm to have their chosen protectors and guardians. It’s just a lot of assholes in the real world were having a field day with them.


“But Danny is alone. He has no one with him. Who is going to protect him if I’m not there?” He asked quietly as he thought of the man he loved. The man who didn’t even know who he was any more. To much trauma to fast, not enough time to heal. Not enough time to relax and simply enjoy being his much beloved mate.


Nudging his companion closer to his belly, he covered him with his very full tail. It easily able to cover the man completely if he moved in tight. Licking him gently he showed him one more image. The image of Sasha racing over the fields as they spoke, going to her cub with a single minded determination that was awe inspiring. She would protect his mate until they could get to him.


Closing his eyes, knowing rest was the only thing which would help him reach his mate faster he sighed. Then another idea popped into his head. “Loki if there is anyway you can help me get to where I need to be for adapting faster. I’ll buy you TWO national geographic when they come out.” Grinning he snuggled in deeper to the warm belly and fell asleep. Loki making sure Steve was asleep, scanned his pack mate. Trying to figure out if there was anything more he could do to help him adjust faster. The idea of two mags to um ah read sounding very good.




Sasha didn’t slow down her breakneck pace, even as she felt her cub flowing further away from her. She had been running non-stop for the past two days with more to go. The Spirit realm was a vast place, as large as the material one was in its own way. It had to be in order to incorporate as much as it did in the earthen world. So many Sentinels and Guides in so many places, trying to maintain balance and order, enough for people to get along. Danny had an uncanny instinct for knowing where a needed spirit animal was. It wasn’t something gifted to him by the citizens of the realm. He just knew, but she thought it was because he had such a large giving heart. One which wanted to make sure whoever he was helping, received everything he could give. So if finding a spirit animal was needed, his link somehow showed him the general area of where the creature would be.


So why he was so far down south, from Loki and her combined den she hadn’t a clue. They lived high up in the mountains, far to the North and he was at the polar opposite to that. Leaping over a stone out cropping, she stumbled a second losing her pace. Shaking her head, she took a few cautious steps, to make sure she hadn’t hurt anything she couldn’t afford to. Finding all was well she resumed her breakneck speed.


The grasslands extended far, far, far to the South and she was still in the middle of them. She could see the various herds of animals roaming easily around her and honestly wished she could just flash to where her cub was. But it didn’t work out that way, within the realm of her home. The home Danny was trying to adapt himself to with no guidance, no partner, and no one to watch out for him. She leaped over a sleeping rabbits warren, as she thought about her baby. She knew he was in bad shape, very bad shape and would be for some time, till she could get to him. He needed protection and she was the only one he had right now. Steve was far to the North with Loki taking care of him. She hoped Loki’s chosen would stay put, till she could get to her little one and comfort him. If she could then it would be much easier for them all to reunite together as a pack later on.


Continuing to run through the blowing sages, grass and occasional large tree, it was the sound of an enraged roar that had her skidding to a dust churning stop. Coming before her was a large pack of lions. Lion who should know by the size of her and the speed she was moving that she wasn’t in the mood for their bullshit. Then she caught sight of their coats and growled low herself. The beasts running towards her all sported tawny coats which had a dark gray cast to them. The males having fully gray manes while the females were lighter. They were called ghost cats because they lived mostly in area’s with river’s close by. Hunting in the morning and evening fog. They also hated anything and anyone who wasn’t their own kind or anything that invaded their territory.


They circled around her, with teeth bared even though she stood nearly six feet tall. Nearly twice the height of any of them, but they had her in numbers. Over 16 members in this group not including the cubs she figured were close by. Seriously she had more important things to do then deal with these idiots. She eyed them as they came nearer, chest heaving as she recovered her breath, paws digging into the earth, testing her footing. When they were within 20 feet of her she snapped her jaws. Letting them see, as she drew back her lips, her elongated two foot canine fangs. Fangs which were razor sharp and she would not hesitate to use on them.


One of the largest females she had ever seen, came near her with a smug stride as if she had no fear. They had the large wolf surrounded with their greater numbers, and they were here to teach her a lesson on invading their territory. She snarled at the white wolf with the pale blue eyes in challenge. She must fight for the right to cross what they claimed as their own.


Sasha didn’t have time for any of this bullshit, and let them know it with a fierce snarl and a half lunge, at the female. A lunge which would have ended with a fang to the throat, if the lioness hadn’t moved back. Snarling at the wolf, the tawny grey female showed off her claws, digging in to attack. Sasha summoned her own power, pale colors of mellow yellow, pastel pink and light sky blue which swirled around her. She lashed out even as the pride tried to summon their own power. Power which even combined did not have a fifth of the strength of her own, being of both elder and ancient, blood and bone. Spirit Wolves, especially the bonded ones could call in great amounts of power in defense of the packs. Those packs who sported wolves descended from Elder lines could call even more mystic power. Spirit bonded prides, packs, flocks or herds could call power to them, but these ghost lions had never bonded with humans, finding them beneath them. Honestly they found all creatures beneath them, and hunted them many times for sport.


Lashing out with tooth and claw, Sasha attacked first. Barreling into the female lion who received four large fang marks in her side. Ripping her head up and out, the furious white wolf tore a huge chunk of tawny gray flesh, almost her entire side, from the lioness in retaliation for keeping her from her ward. The other lions sprang up, and sprinted towards the bonded wolf but she didn’t care. She had other things to do and these fuckwits were not going to keep her from her goal. Leaping over the downed lioness, with a single spring of her powerful hind legs, she sprinted away from the pride. Her legs carrying her swiftly, leaving dust and debris behind. The lions tried to race after her, to capture and torment her. But for every stride of their legs, she took three, she was gone in under five minutes from all their sight.


Grumbling at the lost chance to have some fun, the Ghost cats slunk back into the mist. They would have another chance someday. It was only a matter of time. The female who had been injured snarled for as long as the rest of the pride was near her. Ordering to let her be till she reformed herself. Once they were gone she spent some time putting herself back together. Sighing, she looked around one last time, to make sure no one could see her before she smiled. While she didn’t like humans and most spirit animals annoyed her, she secretly held a respect for the white wolves. Ever since one had saved her life as a little cub lost from her pride. So if she decided to pick a fight, so she could secretly give the female white wolf a quick meal, with her own side of flesh, it was her business alone. It wasn’t like she couldn’t reform herself in just a few minutes anyway.


Finally restored to normal she headed back towards her family. Happy she was able to repay her debt to the white wolf line.

Chapter Text

Sasha licked her white lips of every morsel of meat left in her mouth. She hadn’t slowed down since the lions had made the extremely lame attack on her and yet she still had so far to go. She didn’t know the lioness personally herself and if she ever came across her again she would give her a piece of her mind. But at the same time she couldn’t help but feel that the lady had some other motive for attacking her. She had left herself wide open for Sasha to rip into her and it puzzled her. For now she would continue on her race to the southern wetlands and swamps. She could feel her cub’s distress even from this far and she growled her displeasure. Danny had suffered enough in her opinion and it was time they all had a bit of good luck thrown their way.


She was running along a river, one of the rivers that flowed within the spirit realm. It wasn’t a great river, those were over a mile wide and much further east then what she was now. But the Great River did feed a lot of the grasslands and prairies as it flowed in an underground aquifer system, only reaching the surface in certain areas. Like further south in the wetlands where she was heading to. For now she ran beside one of the little rivers, as it headed in the same direction as her. Rocks, pebbles, dirt, plant matter even a few remains of spirit beats who were to bloody lazy to clean up their mess by dissolving the left overs of their kills. The river was fast moving with boulders sticking up out of the water, creating rapids which thundered next to her rapidly flying feet. The three beat staccato of her pace lost as the rushing water covered the noise of her passing. Up ahead she spotted the sharp turn to the West, the water was taking as it plunged down a steep cliff. She had been to the bottom of that waterfall and it was beautiful. The spray cooling in the summer heat and the fish to be found at the bottom delicious. She wondered if Loki had ever been to the deep pool, to relax but it was a question for another day.


Gathering herself she leapt the water bend above the falls, which was nearly 30 feet across. Continuing with her run she pushed herself even faster, she wanted to reach her cub yesterday even if it wasn’t possible. The grasslands were far from flat in this area as she traveled, it was made up of hills and rock ledges with various waterways meandering through as they all headed towards the wetlands. Moving away from the ridge line, the one defined at the bottom by the river she had been following for hours she leaped over a set of downed trees. Landing easily she made her way to a flatter area, breathing a little easier at not having to worry about falling down the cliff.


Cocking her sharply pointed ears behind her, she wondered what was thundering up behind her. Moving her head to the side just a bit to see behind her, it was a large herd of black horses. Each looking strong and proud with their arched necks and high stepping gallops. The feathering on their feet, flying behind them just as much as their long tails and manes. They continued to gain on her, before passing her by with neighs of encouragement and praise. The large majestic Friesian horses also sent large amounts of energy towards her, fueling her incredible needs, without her having to spend her own resources to gather it. One blue black mare, came directly up beside her and lashed her with her long wavy tail. The result from the hit was an even greater amount of power being fed directing into her. Resulting in a burst of speed which had her flowing even faster over the plains. The speed wouldn’t last but with the energy given her from the herd, she knew it would be a few hours before the power waned. Every little bit helped, so with a howl of joy and thanks Sasha moved ahead of the slowing herd.


The black mare snorted as she slowed down, breath heaving from her run. The rest of the herd also slowing as they watched the white wolf continue on her mission. The mare raised her head and longed to follow her but knew her own duty to her yet to be born Sentinel. The Guide had saved her chosen, while she and her brother were about to be consumed by fire. It was only just and right she help his wolf to reach him. After all she had helped the Sentinel when he needed to find the wolves. Lifting her head, she reared high, pawing the air as she called to her sky brother. The black eagle, not even a speck in the sky, at the moment to the naked eye gave a clarion cry. Then he streaked towards his sister bond mate, circling her head before both followed the herd. They were preparing for the day the twins were born and her brother eagle could bond to his Guide just as she was looking forward to her own ward.


Sasha breathed easily, as the energy she received from the herd renewed her. If all worked out, by the end of the week, she would be back with her cub. A cub who had already been alone for days in this world, and would be alone for more. Glaring at the sun showing only a little after noon maybe, she sprinted as fast as she could. Muscles bunching in rhythm as her long legs carried her towards her charge.




He came too slowly, shivering as he still lay in the cool, gently flowing water. Something was tugging at his torn sleeve, splashing his face and doing what it could to rouse him. Opening bleary sky blue eyes, just shy of being totally white, he glanced around to find out what was demanding more of him. What he discovered was a little red fox, with a deep black mask, black tipped ears, tail and four black socks, pulling at him, desperately. The fox stopped pulling when he noticed he was awake, coming to lick his face, chitter in his ear, before going back to pull insistently at his sleeve. It was obvious, once he cleared his pain filled mind for a moment, that the little beast wanted him to follow him. With a distressed groan, he slowly pulled himself out of the river, he was half submerged in. Stumbling on hands and knees not having the strength to get to his feet. He crawled over the rocky shore, hands and legs being ripped and gouged as he was unable to avoid the sharp stones, found all along the river bed. Continuing his slow crawl up the shore till he could reach a faint deer trail, the fox was leading him towards.


He panted with the exertion, wondering why he was even bothering, but the fox must have his reasons. He sure as shit didn’t care right now, this was the first creature he had come across, and at least he seemed friendly. He could do with a friend right about now when no one else was around when he first woke up in this strange land. It frightened him how everything seemed to glow with an eerie ghostly light. He was sure he had never seen anything like this before, but then again he doesn’t even remember anything from before he woke up the first time. His mind was a complete blank which scared and depressed him even more.


With another groan he slowly climbed or crawled up the trail, losing his footing multiple times as he followed the tiny fox. The beast led him into a thick wood, sunlight filtering lazily through the gently blowing green and blue leaves. Reaching a young tree, he managed to pull himself upright, swaying as badly as the willow sapling. The little canine circled around yipping urgently at him, so he stumbled down the trail, following his black tipped tail. The critter, with many backward glances over his shoulder to make sure the man was following him. Led him to a what looked like a giant mound of mud and leaves, with vines dragging on the ground. It was pressed up against a rocky overhang and surrounded on three sides by a pond of water, the fourth the cliff itself. Going around to the back of one of the U shape sides of the water, the fox sprang back, barking at him to hurry.


Grumbling he followed the red devil around towards the large dome of leaves and mud. What he discovered with dismay was a pool of still water being filled by a trickle of a waterfall. Looking further above the dome was a cliff overhang, as if the land had been uprooted at some point in the distant past. The fox yipped again before diving into the water. Watching the creature, the fox disappeared into the water, leaving him puzzled as to what he wanted. The black masked animal popped back up, and barked in a demanding manner, as he dived again.


Sighing, he realized what the bugger wanted and didn’t fight it. What would be the point, no one else ever gave a damn about his comfort. Sliding feet first into the water, shuddering at the coolness of it, he went to the spot the fox disappeared in. Taking a deep breath he surrendered to the depths of the pool, feeling something taking his hand. Following whatever had him, he found himself popping up, in a surprisingly roomy and warm hollow. The fox grinned in the very dim interior, for only a couple pinpricks of light actually made it through. Allowing fresh air to enter and keep it from getting stuffy. He found the walls, except for the few pin holes, hard as if they had been pounded for many days into a solid wall.


Using his hands to feel around the floor, he discovered large pine boughs, soft cotton like fibers and even a few furs, making the place feel cozy. The fox encouraged him to lay down, butting his head against his shoulder affectionately. He relaxed into the softness, relieved to have something nice in his life for once. He was starving but he would ignore his hunger for now. Wasn’t like he could do anything about it, the fox wanted him here for some reason and he wouldn’t leave. The fox chirped, before licking his face once and leaving him alone, going back the way he had come in. He didn’t argue just closed his tired eyes and fell asleep.


The fox scanned the hidden area, to make sure he had not been spotted. Before racing back the way he can came, towards the river. When he arrived he barked quickly, till multiple creatures began swimming towards him. With a grin he raced off back into the woods to deal with other things.


Alligators, with large gleeful smiles, swam to the shore the fox and man had just come from, and started to wrestle with each other. Churning the ground up till nothing but reptile feet, tails and bellies were the only imprints to be found. They then settled down to some serious sunbathing, blocking sight of the deer trail. Slowly if one looked upstream many miles up, one could see a slow billowing menace gray fog, moving on the river surface.


The fox moved back to the wood, yipping quickly, calling others to help. Red squirrels came out of thick green tree tops, running up and down the trucks the man had touched, in any way shape or form, with his body. Deer strolled out, eating any greenery looking unnaturally broken. Skunks began spraying various spots, in random patterns to hide any scent. Even spirit skunks were to be avoided because they could spray as many times as they wanted rather then just once or twice. Birds began to sing in various keys throughout the wood and riverbank, distracting creatures from any sounds which shouldn’t be there. Some wild hogs also rustled around, digging hooves into mud and sand, helping to obliterate any trace of the Spirit Guide which might be around.


Pleased with the work of everyone, the fox moved off to watch from a distant point. He was unbonded like all the other creatures who had helped the man. But they wanted bond mates. They wanted to go to the material realm and help maintain the balance. And they knew he and his mate were good people, they liked them and hoped to work with them for a long time, once they were back together. Especially the Spirit Guide, a lot of shit had happened to him, but he also could bring animals to their bond mates. They wanted to make sure he was well taken care of, if they ever found their own companion but couldn’t make contact with them. They had one person out there who could help.


In a matter of 15 minutes the dark gray fog rolled through the bank the man had crawled away from. The alligators stayed on the bank, as if they didn’t have a care in the world. Some happily munched on critters who hadn’t moved fast enough. Chuckling at one especially annoyed goose who had been caught while minding his own business on the river top. The alligator had gulped up the goose, by creeping up under the bird. With an indignant squawk, the bird had reformed and instantly began berating the alligator. The large lizard had looked at him with a very smug grin, slurping up the last of his treat. So the goose, high enough over head to not get caught again, took aim properly and let loose a wet sloppy mess right on the gator’s nose. He had been less then pleased, but simply moved to the water to wipe his nose off. The fog was coming and he did not want to leave his subtle guard station.


The fog paused for a few minutes assessing the activity, sending tendrils out to check but found nothing. Prey still missing it moved on further down river. It would find what it was looking for, it was only a matter of time.


The fox watched grimly. He knew the beings in the fog wouldn’t be fooled for long. But hopefully they bought enough time that his wolf could come for him. When she arrived he would be safe and cared for.


For now they would watch, and if they had to move him, they would.




Loki looked over his own heavily sleeping charge, pleased with the way his body was handling the influx of power being dumped in him. Course the mess of fine cells were starting to pile up to actual visible heights within the cave. Nothing quite like sleeping in a pile of dead skin in essence, both Steve and him who Steve was laying and shedding against. But each cell within the man’s body, had to be purged and reborn to handle the power and energy coming in. And the Sentinel, would continue to purge and reform each cell, over and over till his own body stabilized. Loki would then have to teach Steve how to control his ability to transition between spirit and physical presence. Loki had done it the first time, when he brought Steve into his home world, settling him into his den to start it all. Only when he had a handle on that skill, could they attempt to make the trip south to find Danny. Sasha would be with him by then, but she would have her paws full, undoing as much damage as she could. Even this far north, his pack link to the Guide was telling him, he wasn’t in good shape. He needed food desperately, food he was unable to get himself. Vaguely he felt it as the animals who lived that far down, were doing their best to help him. But something was wrong, very wrong, he didn’t know what and he couldn’t go to check. Sasha would have to take care of it when she finally found her cub.


Sighing as he allowed himself to worry about his friend for a few minutes. Danny had been through a lot of shit, Steve too, but the Guide had taken the brunt of it. He, himself felt guilty over it because like Steve he was supposed to be a Warrior. He had skills, but if he wanted to help his companion in the coming years and centuries he needed to grow stronger. Problem was he didn’t have time to do his own training regime, not if he was working on keeping Steve healthy and sane. Instead he would have to make time, when the two men were occupied and become the shield to his chosen’s sword. It was all their duties to look after the Guide and make sure he was sane and whole so he could help maintain the balance. Allowing his mate to guard him even as he did the same for every other Sentinel and Guide out there.


Taking another deep sigh, he raised his head to sniff the wind. Extending his senses out, he judged it safe to do what he needed next. Standing slowly, making sure Steve wasn’t disturbed, he headed out of the den. Lifting up his nose, he began to scent where he could find food. Steve would need it, to help combat his own extra energy use. Danny would always burn through more energy then Steve and need the bulk of food given. His mental powers naturally drawing more as his own strength was used to control the spirit energy. But Steve wasn’t far behind his mate in energy needs, his needs tended to be more physical, so his own strength was all he needed to bash skulls in. Leaping down off the ledge, he began jogging down the trail, towards his typical hunting grounds. Thinking about what he wanted, he licked his lips in anticipation. With a wicked smile he left to hunt along the river bank.




Steve woke an hour later, eyes gritty and entire body feeling itchy as hell. Scratching his ass, then under his balls, with half closed eyes of extreme pleasurable satisfaction. Nothing like a good scratching, he looked for his wolf. He spotted him further back in the cave, doing something which involved a hell of a lot of head bobbing. Eyes widening in disturbing and pained thought, he scrunched up his face, as the idea of what his partner was doing to himself, came into his head.


Growling at the head bobbing black monster, “Loki, I swear to god if you are rubbing one out right now, I am NOT going to buy you another magazine.”


He didn’t mind if the other male wished to jerk himself off, but dear lord it wasn’t the time nor place for it, not when they had to work at getting to his much beloved man. Once he had Danny in his arms and his bed, Loki could screw whatever he wanted, whenever. But he didn’t need the reminder of awesome sex with his gorgeous mate, when he wasn’t around to take care of the hard on he always sported when thinking of him.


Loki turned around with the last of his meal, still between his teeth. Blinking, he picked up the leg he had saved for his companion, and brought it over to him. The black bugger had laid a fire earlier when he returned, but didn’t start it at the time. Starting a fire would be as good a place as any, for Steve to start learning how to control his powers. Dropping the hunk of mystery meat in his lap, Loki sat down looking at him keenly with amused green eyes.


“What the hell is this?” He held up the leg of something to look closely at it. It still dripped reddish fluid he did not want to think about. The smell was interesting in a raw sense, but he hoped to god it wasn’t more muskrat meat. One nasty ass fart was more then enough for him to handle.


Loki looked at him like he was stupid before he told him it was food. And before he could eat it he would be getting his first lesson on control.


“Control?” Steve looked down at the laid fire. He had conjured fire before, so it shouldn’t be too hard. “My control is fine. I’m more interested in knowing if we can go south yet. I want Danny.” Honestly his blond babe was the only thing on his mind, anything else was secondary towards his goal of getting him back in his arms.


Loki knowing exactly what Steve wanted, ignored the 7000th repeating of his goal. He had to learn these lessons first before they could do any traveling towards the detective. Nudging him insistently with a firm black nose, he directed him to start the fire. Grumbling the Super Ninja Seal, Sentinel Spirit Warrior lifted his bond marked hand towards the wood. With a petulant pout on his face, he pulled on his power within him. This was something he had done multiple times, and he knew exactly what he was doing, he felt it stupid that Loki was insisting he create a simple flame. What happened next had him shouting in shock, while Loki was smiling with anticipation.


“HOLY FUCKING SHIT PUT IT OUT!” As flames taller then anything he had seen sprang up. Racing along the den ceiling and falling like rain to the floor, causing the local Warrior to dance around as if his ass was on fire. Come to think of it, the wolf looked behind his companion and did see his ass was actually on fire. Smoke was coming from the seat of his pants and Steve was working hard to slap it out, while trying to control the flames still coming from his arm. Loki exerting his own power, while trying to control his hilarity at his bond mates expense, dampened the fire instantly. He snickered at the face Steve was pulling, as he swatted a few last times at his burning butt. Glaring at the snickering fool he humph. “You could have told me.”


Huffing at his partner, even as he controlled his own chortles, the wolf nudged him to try again. Gentler as if having to pick up a new born chick. Steve concentrated this time on being gentle, but not like with a new born chick. No, what he picture was caressing his mate’s face, on the night they began their life together as a married couple. Stroke up and down the sides of his body with his hands, as they took their first kisses as husband and husband. Gliding slowly within him as they joined together and enjoyed the pleasure they gave and received. God he wanted his adored man so much. Wanted to claim him in so many ways. Thinking all these thoughts, this time the fire which sprang forth was much calmer, sparkling merrily in the wood from his arm. Loki wagged his tail, pleased, he always was a fast study when he was determined to learn something. It was a good trait to have since he needed to learn many things so he could get to his mate.


Nosing the leg, which had fallen while Steve was doing his fire dance, he encouraged him to cook it and eat it. Steve needed to keep his own energy up now that he was beginning his training on how to live in this world. He didn’t tell him about Danny’s own weakened condition for the moment, there was nothing either could do about it right now or for the foreseeable future. Steve took the leg and eyed it critically, before raising an eyebrow at his wolf. “Loki what is this?” The gleeful and completely shit eating look, he received back made him roll his eyes at his bastard of a brother “You know I really hate you sometimes. Don’t think I won’t forget this next time we have a party with booze.” Still he settled down to eat what Loki wanted him too, knowing he had to keep his own strength up if he ever wanted to be the mate his most cherished love deserved. He had failed him so often, he only hoped when they met up again, Danny would forgive him and give him another chance to be the guardian he wanted to be.


Loki wagged his tail lazily, before heading further into the cave. He wanted to finish his own meal, before settling down for a few hours to help Steve learn to control his powers. The fire was a good start, but he needed to work and learn so much more before they could move out. Plus he wanted to earn that second National Geographic. The females teased about in there looked HOT.




Sasha panted heavily as she slowed down after almost five straight days of continuous running. The sun had set hours ago and the half silver moon was risen but dark clouds were overhead, obscuring most things and shadowing the rest. She had night sight and could go on but she was exhausted. Stumbling around she found a small hillock with a natural spring by nose alone. Stopping she took her time drinking, before looking for a place to bed down or collapse really. She was hungry but too tired to hunt, she would try for something in the morning when she wasn’t dead on her paws. Circling around she was about to collapse into a dusty worn hollow at the base of a few boulders taller then her, when some rocks dropping from above, put her on guard. Drawing back her lips, revealing two foot long fangs, she growled deeply. A mid size male Gazelle looked calmly at her with moonlight shining off his antlers. Tilting her head in question, the beast smiled before letting loose a sudden bolt of energy, which went straight into the ground and back into his belly.


Throwing her head back in startlement, she backed away from him. Only to watch as he collapsed to the ground. Blinking her dull red eyes, she turned her head in all directions trying to figure out what he was doing. A few feet away there was another bolt of energy, then the Gazelle was back, as if nothing had happened. With a cheeky smile but sincere eyes he bounded away. She looked back at the body before her and licked her lips in hunger. Giving a quick howl in thanks she dove on the freely offered food. Eating every morsel, she felt it as her own energy reserves refilled. She would get a few hours rest and continue her journey.




He woke up briefly, there was no light in the den, none what so ever. His mind no longer quite as muddled and bone tired realized it was dark and started to panic. He hated the dark and he whimpered for someone to come turn the lights on. But the familiar feelings he vaguely remembered never came. He was alone, he was always alone, he had no one, no one to comfort him, no one to keep the darkness at bay. He didn’t even remember if there ever was anyone who would help him out of the dark. It was just another example of how he was not a person worth caring about that he knew of. But now he had to get out, he wanted out of this dark prison, he wanted light and sunshine and to feel the breeze caressing his skin. The thought suddenly made him feel like at once point something else caressed his skin but he couldn’t remember what or who would want to. He wanted to know he was safe, but the dark was closing in. Moving to his hands and knee’s he twirled around trying to find a way to get out.


Then there was light, not much but enough to show him every detail of the cozy den. He could make out details along the wooden walls, walls he had been in for some time, maybe days he figured. Time had no meaning to him any more, it just meant more hurts and troubles for him as the days passed. The fox, who seemed to be the only friend he had, was with him again, glowing softly with a light pink quality, even as he rubbed his black masked head against his elbow. Making little chirps at the pale man, who even now had tears gently falling from his cheeks, at having the reassuring light and soft body so close. Reaching out with a shaking barely colored tattoo arm, the fox didn’t fight it as the hurt Guide brought close to his chest. Meeping at the distraught man, the little creature projected feelings of safety, comfort and the knowledge that he was loved.


But the little fox didn’t want the scared man to get to attached to him. He assured the young cub he did have a bond mate, she was racing towards him even as they lay in the hollow. But he also needed something for the nights they were waiting for her to arrive. He really wished he could find something to feed him but was loathed to leave the man. Also with the way his system was, he wasn’t sure what would be the best things for his sensitive needs. He continued to stay cuddled in the broken man’s arms, while he cried himself out. Soon the pale human leaned to the side, tired from the ordeals he had been dealing with for so long. Laying back into the nest of pine boughs, cotton and fur he was soon fast asleep.


The red bandit made sure he was asleep, before slipping out to find something to eat. About to run off he was distracted by the scent of nuts, and a few apples. Looking up he found a half dozen squirrels above the trees. With a grateful yip, he began moving the food into the den. It wasn’t much, but better then nothing. He placed the food in a neat pile inside, before settling down to watch his temporary charge. Glowing just enough to keep the darkness at bay, he closed his eye’s and waited for another morning.

Chapter Text

“Loki am I doing this right? I swear to god I’m doing what you said but I feel the same.” Steve asked even as he was standing in the cave, dark fire surrounding his body, as he attempted to gain control of a new facet of his power. The fire didn’t scare him, he had control of it flowing up and down his body easily, he believed Danny called him an over controlling freak of nature to be exact. But his body was humming with forces of energy he wasn’t sure what to do with.


Loki nudged him in the hip, going back to his regular size for the moment so Steve could have more room practicing his lessons. He had to master spirit phasing before they could go. If he couldn’t then they could be in a world of hurt when they went after Danny. All spirit animals could phase through things in the regular world. In the spirit world they changed from solid to spirit to suit their needs. But if some beast took exception to Steve and tried to kill him, if he didn’t know how to release his physical body, transform into nothing but spirit and reform his body. Bad things could happen. If one was born here not much would be a problem, because young were born with the instinctive ability to change if danger threatened, learning how to control it properly as they grew. But he was from the material plain so it was imperative he learn how to phase in and out.


The great wolf showed him how to change again. Starting with just a finger, how to make it seem like it could simply change to practically nothing. Steve tried but when he went to push it into the cave wall, he just stubbed his finger. “This isn’t working, I understand what you want me to do. You want me to be able to go through walls and shit like you and Sasha do all the time.” He growled highly frustrated at himself.


Loki nodded, it would be the first step in learning to spirit phase. “But something is missing, I’m not getting the connection you want me to bridge and it's pissing me off.” Which was the truth, Loki refused to leave till Steve had mastered this lesson. He had stated his reasons and with much growling Steve agreed. He was in a hostile environment, his wolf was still seeing to it that he stayed sane. And whatever Loki was doing to allow his body to adapt was working, but he itched like crazy and needed a massive bath, he had actually seen his skin cells flaking off in colors of black, silver and blue. The only thing standing between him and his much beloved mate was himself. Learning to master this one trick so if something should happen to him, if Loki isn’t around to help, he could help himself long enough for the wolf to come and rip whoever’s throat out he needed to.


“Ugh this is stupid, I want Danny, therefore I need to know how to do this to get to him.” He began to pace as he muttered to himself. “This is bullshit, I’m a Sentinel, I’m a Seal, I’m a fucking Commander in the United States Navy. I’m mated to the most wonderful man on Earth. And I can’t do anything to get to him because I can’t walk through walls! Fuck my life, why is it everything is always so hard.” Scowling he continued. “Relax my hold on reality, understand there are many phases to life. Some are clearer then others.” Shaking he waved his hands like Danny, would when frustrated.


Continuing to mutter, frustration mounting into self hating rage at his own ineptitude. “He says it can take years to master, the spirit to material phase. But I don’t have years. I have hours, MAYBE. This is stupid we should have had more time. Should have been allowed to live our lives normally.” Growing more agitated at his failure, he didn’t notice it as his powers began to increase, silver slowly sliding up his legs, around his torso and his head. Throwing his head up, eyes flickering with silver specks, “Fuck it I’m done. I don’t care if I can’t shift. I need to find Danny now!”


But he didn’t go to Loki, demanding they get a move on no matter how much of a complete failure he felt he was. Instead he went to the cave wall and began banging his head against it, punishing himself for once again not being the proper mate his partner deserved. The cave wall was solid, rocky and jagged, it hurt, it hurt a lot but he didn’t stop, because he was so overwhelmed with worry and fear for his lost mate. He needed to get to him but he just couldn’t master what Loki was trying to teach him.


He just wanted his mate, to hold him, comfort him, receive comfort back that Danny would forgive all his failings towards him. With an anguished cry at all the unbelievably bad bullshit, which had been thrown their way over the last few months, he continued his assault on the poor cave wall with his face. Smashing his head one last time, there was a flash of silver light, then he yelled out in shock as he went crashing through the rock face. Blinking he pushed himself up and found himself staring at the inside of the rock wall. Loki came through and grinned at him in delight.


“How the fuck did I do that?” Asking in wonder as he sat within the mountain stone itself, rubbing his bloody forehead, till his body healed himself a couple minutes later. He had no clue how he had gone through the wall. Loki showed him how his body kept adjusting itself to meet his need. How each time he banged his head against solid rock, and was distressed and angry over not accomplishing his goal, it adjusted again. Standing he returned to the den, turned around and found himself in his physical form again. “So I can go through rock now?” He tried passing his hand through the rock and encountered solid mass again. “Now what? It can’t be a one time thing.” He stomped his foot while clenching his fists in suppressed rage at himself.


His wolf patiently showed him it was simply a matter of practice. His body knew what Steve wanted, now he just had to control the want. “I want to phase through that wall!” He shouted out loud with fierce concentration on the idea of walking through the damn thing… then he did just that. “I did it.” He said with awe, out loud. Steve tried doing it again and this time it only took him two tries to get it right. He felt within himself very closely as he picked up the trick. Of dissolving the bonds of his cells so that other cells, not of his own, could pass through HIM. Or at least that’s the way it felt to him. He was still solid to himself, but he was so spread out other things could go through him.


“This is so weird. But it’s a start.” Steve said finally pleased with some progress. Soon he could go hunt down his missing detective and when he found him he was never letting go. Placing his hand on the wall he phased himself a few more times, giddy at seeing his hand pass right through. Loki nodded before leaving him to practice. He needed to get his bond mate more food. Now that he was starting to phase, his energy demands would be higher. Seeing the black beast about to leave, Steve reached out and stopped him with a hand on his ruff, “Hey I want to come with you. I’m bored shitless here.” Loki glared before informing him to keep practicing. He wasn’t good enough yet, he needed to be able to phase practically instinctively before they could go. Then with a flick of his snotty tail he jumped through the rock and out of sight.


“God damn it. I hate it when someone other then me is right.” But he settled down to practicing walking through rock, walking through the fire. Jumping up and slamming just a hand through the ceiling or the ground. As he practiced he grew stronger and could feel the minute differences between when he was solid and spirit. His bond mark swirled with his colors lazily as he grew more confident with his new skill. He was pleased because he was that much sooner towards going and bringing Danny home. As the Seal worked, he realized something else with his new skills. If he could phase here in this land, maybe he could in the material world as well. If it was the case, then he could get up to all manner of fun with bad guys. Wouldn’t it be awesome to sneak up on some son of a bitch, in a hostage situation, or stand off in a house and just tap his shoulder? Grab him before he knew what was happening and let him wonder how in the hell he ended up on the floor. Hmm spirit phasing just got a whole lot more interesting now.


An hour later Loki was back with something he did not want to identify in his mouth. Setting it down, he let Steve skin it and cook what parts he wanted. Loki already having eaten the entrails and other choice bits, settled down to watch as his pack mate showed off. For only a few hours worth of practice he was doing well. The harder part now was going to be dropping his entire form, changing to spirit form and reforming his material form.


But that would happen later, the wolf could tell even if Steve didn’t, that he needed rest. So he would eat then nap. In a couple hours they would practice some more and see if he could do this second needed step.




Sasha woke up a few hours later, refreshed and recharged. She hated taking the nap but the benefits from doing so were worth it. When she had opened her eyes she had found the carcass of a gopher and she hadn’t hesitated to eat that as well. Now she was ready to go and didn’t wait around, pushing herself into an all out run. She had a few days to go before she would reach her cub and didn’t want to waste any time.




The twilight blue half moon, shined down on her as she raced across the last of the grasslands. Providing her with more then enough light to run by. Her breathing was deep and hurried as she pushed herself, watching the land before her so she did not get a paw caught in something. Ears pricked forward she focused on the sounds before her. The sounds of water was becoming more common as the grasslands faded out to more wetland type habitat. Large heron’s and cranes could be seen in the sky very far to the South when it was day light, but at night it was still.


She ran all day and night and as the sun finally rose on her ninth day, she was deep into the wetlands. She had to slow her break neck pace because she was running into to many obstacles. Sunken logs, downed cypress tree’s which still grew, numerous still water ponds which were home to many creatures she just didn’t want to deal with. There were also streams meandering along the pathways she was using her nose to find. Solid land was hard to come by and she ended up swimming as much as running most times. More black gum, juniper and water ash trees were in her way and she had to watch carefully as she ran nimbly between the wooden trunks.


She was actually running smoothly on a surprising long pathway, it was covered with brambles on the sides, with ferns located in every crack they could find. Blue, purple, white and pink flowers grew in clumps, petals falling off when she was able to get up to a good speed. Which was happening less often with the way the trail was displaying signs of age. She jumped a fallen dusty blue moss covered cedar when said pathway collapse out from under her. Giving a startled yelp of pain and frustration she rolled down the embankment, hidden by large sharp pointed bushes. Rolling over rocks, stumps, small thistly bushes, and other thorny growth, she came to an inelegant sprawling stop at the bottom. Laying on a rocky beach beside a slow moving river stunned, she had to take a moment to recover her equilibrium. Heaving herself to her feet, when she was testing her legs, putting each one down gently then more firmly that she discovered the pain in her right hind paw. Whimpering in pain even as she lifted the paw in question, she looked it over and found it twisted and swollen. Growling not needing this, not when she was close to her cub, she laid down to deal with the issue. Glowing brightly she was not going to be denied her goal any longer then needed.


She wasn’t paying much attention to the other side of the river, or the rocky outcropping along the far shore. Instead she was breathing heavily, as she worked at restoring her paw. She could feel her cub, he wasn’t close but he wasn’t far either. Maybe another few hours left of running. But she would be by his side and he would be safe. She would do anything for her baby boy, whom she had helped to raise so long ago.


Across the river the fog began to roll again, as they took interest in the new creature in their midst. A white wolf hadn’t been seen in these parts in ages. She could be the one to lead them to their prey. Prey which had eluded them for the past few days. They would follow her and if she found what they were looking for, it would be good. Both had much power and to consume it would make them very strong.


Sasha finally finished healing her paw. Testing it she placed it down firmly and found it well. Checking the rest of herself out, she found no troubles and resumed her run. The bond between her companion and herself stronger now that she was closer. It wouldn’t take her long to reach him and when she did she was never going to let him go. Electing to follow the river, concentrating on what she would do when reunited with her chosen, she didn’t take note of the danger on the other side.




Steve glared at Loki, who glared right back at him. They had been working for hours to perfect Steve’s mastery of phasing. But his pack mate refused to take him to Danny, till he had learned the other half he insisted he learn. Once again trying to convince his pack mate “Loki really look if someone tries to attack me I’ll just phase out. They can’t do anything about it. Can we just get going, Danny needs me?”


The wolf rolled his eye’s before snarling his displeasure at his stubborn bond mate. Dear god with all his problems, Danny STILL was the nicer mate. Damn it he wished Sasha would switch just for a little while, he was getting a headache from fighting his own ward, who was a stubborn ass. He snapped his jaws in frustration before turning on his tail and leaving. Throwing up a cloud of dirt as he left the cave. If he didn’t get lost for a while he was going to do something both would regret.


Steve watched him blowing his breath out between clenched lips. God damn it he knew Loki was trying to help and he, himself was being a stubborn ass. But he wanted Danny so much, he knew the man was in a bad way and needed help, protection and his love. God he was craving his touch so much, his breath on his skin, the sound of his heartbeat as he slept peacefully beside him. Looking around the cave he had been stuck in, he realized he had to get out. He had to see something of this land besides rock face and dust. Besides he really needed a bath, his skin itched something fierce from changing.


Going to the cave entrance he extended his senses out, looking for danger. But all he could sense was Loki somewhere far off, working off his steam. Sniffing he found a stream close by. Climbing down the rock face he was surprised there wasn’t a trail. Then he realized this was a secondary den and not used much. Probably as a safety thing, so others couldn’t bother him nearly as easily. Course it sucked for him because he had to be careful, as he lowered himself down. Scrambling for hand holds he tried not to drop to far.


“God damn it why can’t I just flash down to where I need.” Giving it some thought he concentrated on phasing, changing the cell structure of his being into something which might getting him to the bottom faster, which worked sort of. He got down to the bottom all right, straight down, and down, and down some more, into the solid rock base of the mountain itself. He couldn’t reform into a solid state, for if he did then he would fuse with the mountain itself and Loki would have to come free him. At the expense of many jokes and or blackmail potential to him which he didn’t need either. No instead he had to walk for nearly five miles in the extreme dark of solid stone, eyes glowing silver to improve his sight. He did notice many shiny bits within the mountain, such as gold and silver veins. Some precious uncut gems which he would love to make into a locket for Grace. Other trace elements which reflected back the silver of his own eyes as he instinctively headed in the direction of his missing mate. He kept going out of the towering stone monoliths, till he reached the outside of the mountain range. Blinking his eyes at the sudden light, as he went from dark to light in one step. He looked around noticing the boulders around him, leading up into the mountains. While spread out before him was plains of tan and green grass with scattered trees leading up to where he was. Grimacing as he realized how stupid he was to phase without thinking about his location, he knew it was going to be a long way back up.


“Fuck I just screwed myself over six ways till Sunday.” He turned to head back towards the den, but stopped as the sound of quiet footsteps sounded nearby. All his well trained instincts kicked in, as he knew something or someone was stalking him. Summoning his power, his arm began to glow darkly, darker then before he came to this world physically. He had grown much stronger and his colors showed it. A stray thought entered his head as he realized Danny’s would be much brighter then his colors. He would look gorgeous in his golds, ruby’s and sapphires. Especially his eyes, as they looked up at his own deep emerald colored ones with that special spark of whole hearted love.


Steve completely distracted by thoughts of his mate, screamed for a second just before the creature who attacked him, ripped his throat out. Unable to breath, he fell back into the earth as whatever it was on top of him, dug claws into his belly. The creature was starting to feast as it went for his liver, and guts. Slurping up his own essence with extreme satisfaction. Not knowing what else to do, only wanting the agony to stop, he phased out like he had been taught. But it wasn’t enough, no he could still feel it as his bones were bitten through, by whatever it was which was eating him alive.


Screaming in his mind, he snapped completely. Dropping everything he could think of to stop the pain, stop the feelings of having his insides sliding down someone else’s gullet. He floated, floated above whatever it was that was attacking him. He looked down and discovered it was a huge snow leopard, feasting on his very real body. His belly was opened and the cat was chin deep within him. He wanted to hurl to see himself like this, laid out as a banquet for some other creatures pleasure.


He realized finally what Loki meant when he said there was dangers about. Now it was too late, he was dead and he would never be able to find Danny. God how could this happen, how he could let his mate down so badly. Then he spotted Loki running over the mountain sides and cried out in relief that his pack mate was there. He would avenge his death, he would avenge his partner. He would bring forth retribution 100 fold against the ice bound brute who had taken him as a snack.


Eagerly awaiting his partners wrath, his mind screeched to a halt, as he saw his pack mate go trotting by the cat, as if he didn’t give a damn he was laid out for lunch. Instead the black beast came over to where his spirit floated above the grass and sit down. Head cocked and eyes amused.


“Loki I’m dead can’t you see that? That damn cat killed me.” He screamed out, thinking the wolf would never hear him. But he did and simply looked at the cat again before turning to his charge and shrugging his shoulders in a so what movement. “So what? What do you mean so what? He KILLED me! He is EATING me! Aren’t you going to do something?” He waved his fully phased hands around trying to make his point. Still distracted from the cats attack on his own immortal form he didn’t remember that he was in fact immortal and therefore not able to be killed. But he would get there in time, maybe, if he paid attention.


Loki looked at him again before sighing and trotting over to the cat, who was easily and happily feasting the next course of his meal which happened to be, oh god not rocky mountain oysters with sausage. Ewww yuck. Nudging the cat it looked up before licking its lips in satisfaction. The cat sauntered over to where Steve’s ghost form was, and looked steadily and deeply for a minute into his eyes. Then the Sentinel felt the weirdest sensation as if he had weight again. Looking he found himself becoming more solid, as the cat continued to look at him.


Solid at last he raised wide eyes at the feeling, shifting his eyes between the two spirit beasts. The cat with a feline smile, grinned at him easily and with a friendly twist. Till he launched himself at Steve again, and started the whole process over. Screaming as he felt his throat ripped out, before the cat again started to chew on him. Steve tried to escape and without realizing it, snapped his bonds much faster, not wanting to feel it as he was eaten alive again. The cat put his body down quicker this time, and headed over to where Steve was in his phased form and stared at him amused.


Steve finally caught on to what was happening. If the Sentinel was going to be a stubborn ass then Loki was just going to change the way the lesson was taught. A little extreme but it was working for him. “God damn it Loki you trickster bastard. Did you really have to do this?” He growled, he wasn’t sure how to change back but the cat was being helpful again. He concentrated his mind on showing Steve how he had reformed the Sentinel back to a solid shape. Steve watching and concentrating on the feelings as he was changed into a solid form again.


As his solid feet touched the ground one more time, he raised his face up with a smile, only to widen his eyes as his scream of frustrated rage was heard for miles. The cat once again pounced and Steve didn’t even stop to think about it, he snapped his connection to his body instantly. Moving away he worked on forming himself back into a solid state. Glaring when he did so but the two animals were pleased. The cat gave the wolf a chug chug growl, hissed something vastly amusing to both, then winked out.


“You are the worlds biggest bastard, you do know that you asshole.” He snarled. Loki didn’t even pretend to be contrite. Not if the jaw splitting grin on his face was anything to go by. “I really hate you right now.” But he knew if he had been in the same boat he might have done something similar. Hard headed training for hard headed Seals.


Loki not sorry in the least decided to pass on what the cat was to him. He was an old friend he didn’t see very often both their duties taking them to different parts of the world. His friend happened to be in the mountains, because he couldn’t stand the noise any more his own Sentinel was making with his very vocal and highly sensitive Guide. “Kinda like Danny and I at times?” The timber wolf nodded his head, Danny and Steve could both be very loud when they were getting it on.


Sasha adored seeing her cub get fucked in so many interesting and entertaining positions. Whenever she could she would discuss the various positions with Loki, trying to think if it something only the men did or if others could. Loki wisely didn’t give to many of his own opinions on things. He was a glutton and a drunk and happily so, but Sasha was a delightfully perverted creature who loved voyeurism, the sounds they made and the love which radiated from each man after a truly fun session. Other time she just liked to see thick juicy cocks plunging into tight holes and it make the black wolf wonder about her. She was a kinky little thing and was proud of it. God Loki loved her so much, even when she wouldn’t swap chosen’s for a while. Oh well he had taken Steve so may as well accept it. Unless he was super hung over then he wanted Danny to himself.


Continuing the story, the cat decided to come home to the mountains for a bit and relax in the quiet which was the snow he loved so much. Loki happened to spot him and asked for a favor. Cat was fine with it, both could reform Steve if needed, and he was hungry. So he was about to pounce on him in the cave, when Steve so elegantly fell through to the bottom of the mountains. Both animals couldn’t fathom anyone managing to do something so stupid and were laughing themselves sick while monitoring Steve’s walk through solid rock.


When he finally came out the cat pounced and started his own brand of lessons. “Jesus you are both pricks, seriously just absolute pricks.” Steve said disgusted. Then Loki finished the rest of the reason why the cat was here. His Sentinel was back enjoying himself with his wife, but had ulterior motives behind it. They already had three boys but the man was absolutely desperate for a daughter. A little girl like her much beloved mother, who he could spoil and cherish and scare boys off for the first 40 years of her life. The mother was perfectly fine with just having three boys and wasn’t planning on having any more kids. But well he was a sneaky bastard and had hidden her birth control pills, replacing them with look a likes which were completely fake. His own companion was taking so much medication himself, to hopefully get a girl this time, he wasn’t putting much thought into anything else. His wife was happy with three boys but he knew she wouldn’t mind a fourth if something happened and she found herself pregnant. He was counting on that to keep him from being killed by her. He was Army Intelligence but the leopard was pretty sure he wasn’t displaying much intelligence at this point.


“Oh my god! He is going to be so dead when she finds out.” Loki chortled, because his own snow leopard knew it and was waiting for the fun to start. He hoped his bond mate got the daughter he wanted, because it would probably be the last time his balls were attached to him naturally. “Does the wife have a spirit animal?” Steve couldn’t help but ask, only to break out into chuckles himself, as he was told it was a large female grizzly bear.


“Oh shit if his wife doesn’t kill him, the bear will.” Sitting down in the grass he laughed for a few good long minutes. Something he really needed, to help alleviate the stress of the past days. Then his eyes fell on his own body and he churned his nose up in disgust. “Okay that is really super fucking creepy, seeing my own dead body on the ground like that.”


Looking over his shoulder, Loki took in the sight of the bodies laying behind him. Standing he went and placed a paw on one and it disappeared in a shower of sparks. Going to the one which was more devoured, he made it disappear as well. Coming back he nudged his pack mate to see if he felt better.


“Yeah I do. It is super weird seeing me laid out like that.” Loki shrugged before calling his own power. Steve confused watched as wind swirled around his feet in his own colors of black, silver and blue. The wolf grew larger, fangs lengthening, fur becoming thicker as he grew so tall, his shoulder was at the same height at the Sentinels head.


Looking up at his suddenly large wolf he was puzzled as to why he wanted to be as big as he was. “Loki?” The black beast looked down at his companion for a moment, then huffed at his thick headed friend. Projecting in his mind, his assumption that Steve wished to hunt for his mate. He had learned his lessons, he needed to, to protect him on their journey. Now they could go, or they could wait for Sasha to bring Danny to them. However long it took, because she would be seeing to his needs first and foremost. Even if it meant avoiding Steve till she thought Danny was ready to be seen by him.


Eyes widening at the realization he was all but jumping up and down to ecstasy as he realized it was time to start. He had learned the lesson Loki wanted him to but now it was time for Danny. “Okay lead on McGruff, I’m sure it's going to take forever to get there.” Still he was puzzled as to why Loki was so large, maybe to help keep predators away while they traveled?


Rolling his eyes he laid down, using his muzzle to push Steve to his back. Eyes large as he finally took the hint, Steve climbed onto the broad strong back of his friend. Not sure how to position his arms and legs, to keep himself steady. Loki showed him the picture of Steve laying flat along his back, legs tucked up just in front of his hips while his hands gripped handfuls of his ruff. When Steve had done so, Loki stood up and paced for a few minutes, twisting and turning. Both getting used to the new sensations as they learned how to ride together.


Steve pressed his cheek against his bond mates back. Feeling the power flowing between them and knew he had to say something. “Loki thank you for being mine. Thank you for looking out for me and helping me with everything in my life.” Loki stilled at his words, feeling the truth and the sincerity of them. Steve and he had been together a long time. Not as long as Sasha and Danny true. But they had been together through some really horrific missions, when Steve was an active Seal. Missions that sometimes the only reason why they survived was because of Loki being there, bringing them food or water from where they had no idea. His boy had grown up, mated and now was working towards becoming more then he thought he ever would. Turning his head he nuzzled at the man’s shoulder for a moment. Letting him feel how much he was loved.


“Let’s go find my mate, my brother wolf.” Steve said quietly.


Loki lifting his head to the sky, howled his response, pouring power into his voice as he declared the two of them pack. Challenging anyone who may stand in their way. As the howl died away Loki leapt along the grassy plain, carrying his brother towards their pack mates.

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Sasha was trotting along the river bank. Nose just a few inches above it tracking her prey. Her cub was only a couple miles down stream but she knew when she was being stalked. At first she hadn’t noticed the fog directly across from her when she hurt her paw. But when a rolling fog bank seemed to keep just a few hundred yards back from her at all times. Oh yeah she knew when she was being hunted. And she didn’t like it one bit, it was keeping her from getting to her bond-mate. He was in massive distress as his instincts tried to keep his body together, as the changes took place. But his mind was in turmoil, and hadn’t even started trying to put itself back together.


She glanced behind her as she sniffed around, pretending to search for her ward, checking out the fog following her. She studied it as closely as she could and she knew there were more then one creature in the rolling gray fog. What those creatures were she wasn’t sure, but she knew they were from the out lands. The place where those who did not want the same things, as the majority of the citizens of the spirit realm lived. Bearing her fangs in a dangerous display of her short temper. Unlike those fools in the fog, she was very old, from an elder line in wolf blood, and had access to a vast array of power and knowledge at her paw if she needed it. It’s what allowed her to make a crossing this far from her den in just a matter of a 9-10 days. Rather then the month or two, depending on the species, it normally would take.


Now something else was interfering with her reunion and she wasn’t going to put up with it. But she needed to decide if she wanted to confront them here. Or go to her cub, and defend him from the scum, where he was hiding. The fog rolled lazily towards her, seemly at random but she knew better. It was getting closer, hoping she was near whatever it was she was hunting. And since wolves didn’t normally run in the southern wetlands, it must be she was after the same thing they were. The prey which had eluded them last night.


It rolled closer then began passing her, flowing with the river as if it was a natural part of the environment. But she had, had enough and called for her white winds, winds which normally would be colored in the same brilliant hues as her cub’s Golden hair with Ruby accents and deep ocean turquoise eyes. Unfortunately because her cub wasn’t stable in his mind and body any more, his powers were in the same state of distress and displayed it with the pale lightness of his typically radiant colors. She was bonded to him, mind, heart and soul and therefore her own colors were bleached displaying to her his own abused and troubled state. But she was of this land and knew her mind so the different colors of her fur only disturbed her insofar as making her worried even more for her companion. But she, oh so did like, how she matched her little one.


Mind mate up, she was done with being stalked, done with allowing others to think about harming her ward, she howled to the sky, white flames erupting at her feet, as her temper was set loose. Calling forth white winds, the trees shook at the display of power, leaving falling all around the shore line. Dirt, sand, and tiny bits of this and that flying everywhere, as her anger grew at the bastards. Stepping to the shore line, the river began to quiver in its channel, waves starting to form and frothing white tips as the violence intensified. Lowering her head from her howling, she snarled at the fog, pushing her own wind against the billowing clouds radiating nothing but menace towards her. The warmth of the wetlands, the humidity stifling suddenly cooled, as arctic cold winds brought frost to a land which had never seen frost before. Plants shriveled, tree branches broke as the weight of the arctic hailed down on them. Ice skimmed over the river, as even stronger glacial winds began circling the large bank of deadly miasma was beaten back.


The fog tried to fight the icy rage of wind directed at them, pouring pooled power into maintaining its concealment, but it could not withstand her biting force. Not when it was fueled by ancient ways, ancient power and ancient understandings of nature and the elements themselves. The Siberian gale, blew through the creatures hiding within the mist and revealed many of them, skating the surface of the frozen water. Dark gray Komodo dragons, black King Cobras, tawny African Civets, A pure white lion all stood against her blast. More creatures continued to be displayed as the winds forced the haze away. Side Striped jackals, A Stygian owl, A few baboons with sharp fangs and very cherry red asses, various colored Skinks and a Urial appeared. All creatures glaring at her with hate in their eyes for destroying their cover. Other outcasts she could see further up the river, holding back, not sure if they wished to join the coming fight. But these spirit beasts were the ones who were following the closes to her ward, to herself. Wanting the power she had and the power of her pack mate.


Holding her head up, tail erect, growl rumbling deeply within her, she displayed her dominance over all of them. She was an Ancient and would call upon the power that could annihilate them for weeks if she wished. Weeks they would spend putting themselves back together instead of the few minutes normally needed. She would spread their spirits around the entire realm if they tried to harm her cub. She warned them to back off, go back to their dens, leave this place which she froze just as their hearts had been so long ago. She would not be denied the company of her most cherished packed mate by these mongrels of dishonor.


The spirit animals in the Outcast pack growled back. They had their own power and the power of numbers. They wanted her and they wanted the human who should never have been allowed into their world. They coveted her control over her own element and sought to have it for themselves. They would fight her for the power they could only dream of having. Never mind none of them had the ability to wield that which she handled, as easily as a feather floating among the winds. The human had the same scent of power on him and once he was found they would devour him and take his own energy and use it for their own benefits.


The fog began to reform around the spirit creatures, as they tried to exert their own show of dominance, and she was having none of it. If they wished to fight they would do it in the middle of the day, with light around them so they could not hide like the cowards they were. Blasting the beasts with another round of arctic winds she kept them from reforming the deadly fog. Snarling low and menacingly herself as she lowered her head and snaked it in rage. Ears flat to her skull she challenged them to try and take which she had claimed long ago. As long as she was bonded to her Guide she would stand by him, for him and in front of him. Protecting him from all those who would do him harm. Snarling again she dared them to attack her, she would teach them the folly of their ways as she blasted them from existence.


It was the Komodo dragons who moved first, they always being short tempered, short sighted, and just plain well short. But they were fast, very fast, they were across the river before she could blink and opening their mouths ready to take multiple bites out of the Winter wolf. She dodge out of the way, jumping high into the air at the last second, before twisting and snapping her two foot long fangs into a tail. The beast she had attacked hissed, turning like lightning aiming for her snow white side, which she managed to avoid with nimble foot work.


The other animals began their own attack, using their numbers to try overwhelm her. She was six foot tall at the shoulder, with long deadly fangs and razor sharp claws, but having to take on over 30 creatures or more, who slithered and slid around was tough going. She focused her energy on creating wards around her body as she moved. Wards which would pulse with winter cold slowing the reptiles who fought against her, slowing the mammals who fought by making the ground slippery. Slowing those who flew as the winds blew them against trees and cliff faces on the other side of the river. The Cobras shimmed up her legs and snapped at her shoulders, trying to get a poisoned strike in. The owls diving for her eyes, keeping her distracted. The baboons pulled her tail and tried to get their large jaw bites into her to bleed her out. If they could overwhelm her they might have a chance.


The air was littered with the sounds of hissing, spiting, howling, growling and snarls of the various animals as they fought with the Winter Wolf. She was not holding back and neither were they. Screams as bodies were bitten and slashed abounded in the free for all. The river shore churning up with muck as the thin sheet of ice was broken, causing all but Sasha to many times loose their footings. She was as sure footed as ever for she was on a mission for her chosen and would not be denied.


She was growing tired of this, she didn’t really want to hurt these animals, she knew where most of them came from originally. Knew that at least a dozen of the animals fighting her had been bonded. Reaching out she felt a familiar left over evil energy hovering over many. She had been hit with a similar feeling not long ago. Not long at all as it was what ultimately led her to being in these wetlands, for it was the same energy blast which had forced her and Loki to the spirit realm to begin with. But compassion could only go so far, especially when it came to her cub, even towards animals she knew, should still be bonded but the connection was shaky at best. She was about to blast the animals with her snow scented wind, to the four corners when a sudden, painful yelp came from behind her. Pivoting on a single white paw, claws digging into the frozen muck crusted shoreline, she whirled in the direction the sound had come from. What she saw made her mind stutter in shock, even as her fangs and claws continued their battle.




Loki was enjoying the run immensely. One of his dreams when he bonded with the 17 year old was to carry him on his back and just run. But there had never been a need nor a place to display just how large and powerful he could be. In fact spirit animals tended to stay the same shape and size as their mortal counterparts so the humans wouldn’t flip out. He snickered as a thought came to him, it was fun watching the water animals with their bonded. When there was no water to be had, they simply swam through the air. A needed trick so they could always be by their chosen, but no one likes seeing a nearly four ton great white shark barreling for your head in the middle of the air. He had seen the picture in Steve’s mind when the shark had pulled that exact stunt with his own Sentinel.


Now he was running over the sprawling green and tan grasslands, taking an indirect route towards their goal. Easily leaping over gullies and the odd creek or stream as he carried them towards the West. But unlike Sasha who he felt was now nearly at their lost pack mate, it would take them a few weeks to get down so far south. A few weeks of uninterrupted traveling which he knew would not be uninterrupted, they would have to sleep, hunt and possibly deal with others not so enthused about the men now citizens of their home realm. Unless she met them somewhere in the middle which he hoped she would, it would be good to be together for the sanity of all their minds. She had tapped into an enormous amount of energy and raw power, to sprint so far south in so few days. Loki himself wasn’t old enough, to have access to that amount of stored energy. Being only 160 when she was many centuries older. Plus he had a feeling other citizens had helped her along. Even she couldn’t run that fast without help in the way of energy and food being delivered rather then she having to hunt it out. Not to mention she was an avid runner to begin with, she loved to run even if she didn’t show it. He knew once Danny was in his right frame of mind, had training to stay on the lovely creature he coveted, the pair of them would be here in this realm quite often. Riding along at full speed for the shear joy of it. He knew Steve was enjoying the ride even at this moment even as he worried about his mate.


His route would take him towards the ocean in the West. It would appear to be out of the way, to someone who didn’t know these lands, but in reality it had a direct way into the wetlands to the South. Which was easier to get access too and housed less troublesome animals, who didn’t like having Steve and Danny part of their world. Steve wouldn’t be happy but it was what it was, it would take time to reach Danny. At least he had learned the most important lesson. How to spirit phase and reform, he snickered as he remembered Steve falling so far down the mountain cause he phased wrong the first time. Then the methods he had used to encourage Steve to release his form fully. His friend said he had never tasted rocky mountain oysters before, and may have to try them again next time they met. But wisely he didn’t mention that little tidbit of information to his rider.


“What are you snickering over?” His partner asked easily, Loki showed him the picture of him falling through the mountain while carefully keeping his other thoughts to himself. Steve not pleased growled at the memory. “Just don’t tell Danny okay. All I need is for him to know, and I’ll never live it down.” Steve adjusted himself on the furry back carrying him, enjoying the ride very much. But worry for his friend and partner was never far from his thoughts, Speaking over the rushing wind of their passage, “This is fun even if we are chasing Danny. How long do you think it will take to get there? Just be a couple days right?” Steve raised his head, as he looked at the deep black ears cocked back to listen to him.


Loki tightened up at the question, pace faltering minutely at the answer he was to give. He really hadn’t wanted to tell him this early. Best to get it out of the way, so Steve could rant and rave as he ran. With a sorrowful woof and couple whimpering sniffs, he told Steve the bad news and he took it as well as he thought he would.


Bolting upright in shock and dismay at the unwanted and unwelcome news, “A few WEEKS? How the hell can it be a few WEEKS! Didn’t you say, Sasha should be there soon if not now? Wasn’t she with you when we both came into this world?” Steve shrieked at the news. Sighing again Loki didn’t slow his pace, as he explained more about how the order of power and animals worked here. His paws beating a simple three beat rhythm into the land as Steve lay quiet along his back again.


It was many hours before he spoke to the wolf again.




“So Sasha is much older then you? I knew, but didn’t realize there was such a difference in power levels.” Steve opened with when they had settled for the night. Loki could run for a few more hours but Steve was tired, riding wolf back when one had never done so, took a whole new set of muscles and coordination. Loki was back in his normal size form, once he came back from hunting. Dinner was a very tasty buffalo calf, who had a mother who was about to lay the smack down on the bugger. Seriously how many times was that little twit going to pull that crap. It was more food then what they really needed but then again, it would provide them with breakfast and possibly a snack on the way. Loki also planned on teaching Steve the various fauna and flora to be found and what could and could not be eaten. All that was time factored into the weeks it would take to get down south, because these were all things Steve would need to know. Once they met up with Sasha and Danny, Steve wouldn’t have time to deal with any of it, being focused on the detective exclusively.


Loki nodded as he lay behind Steve, who was staring at the cheery fire, completely the opposite with the subject of the discussion. “Do you know if she has met up with Danny at least? That he finally has someone watching out for him?” His voice was quiet with worry over the lost man.


The man who didn’t know who he was, where he was or if anyone out there was an actual friend to him. The man he, himself had promised to look out for and protect with everything he was. Instead he had failed him time and time again, it was all he could think about even after the wolf assured him over and over it wasn’t his fault. He loved his Guide with everything in his heart, had waited years to find him, storing up his love for the day he would. Knowing when he found that special person which would complete his soul, he would use all his training to keep him safe and happy.


So far he was not living up to the promises he had made to himself, to do those very things. He had failed many times in his life and expected to in the coming years. But he never expected to fail at protecting what he most cherished and revered. Danny was his world, he revolved around the man and was never happy when he was far from his side. When he first met him there had been an instant connection even if he had no clue what it could be. Him getting shot the first day together had been a punch to the gut for him. Why it was hadn’t made sense at the time, but once Danny revealed who he was and who he belonged to, it did. His Sentinel senses even with Danny dampening them down still reached out to the man. Called to him, felt safe with him, grounded him in a way none of the temporary Guides who had been assigned to him over his years in the Navy did.


He was so much more then just a Guide to him, more then a friend, partner, lover. No what Danny was, and the only thing he could think of to describe him was his. His to hold, cherish, worship with his hands, tongue and body. His to have always, to know that finally there was one person in the world who would never leave him. So many over the years had either left him or pushed him away. Danny would never do that, willingly offering himself to Steve in their Wolf Bonding and being with him forever. Always standing by his side and giving him the love and confidence to know, he finally found someone who wanted him as much as he wanted them.


Loki closed his eyes and he tried to follow the pack link to Sasha. She was busy very busy and not in a good way. Alarmed he could tell she was distracted, but she didn’t have the feeling of guarding someone. No the feeling he was receiving was she was fighting to prevent others from going after what she was there to collect. She hadn’t found Danny yet. Other emotions coming over the stretched bond were anger, frustration, pain and the fact that she was about to lose her explosive temper. Loki wasn’t happy she was fighting but he did feel sorry for whoever she was about to let loose on. Never was it a good idea to piss the she-wolf off, especially if they were hindering her connection to her own bond mate. Very tightly bonded those two were, even as he and Steve had their own connection. Forged from many battle missions deep in enemy territory when the only thing which had saved Steve and his Seal teams lives had been himself. Many time bringing them food, water or much needed medical supplies for a member. Even on a couple occasions when they were sent in to assassinate some asshole for reasons, knowing the job would get many of the team killed if not his own bond mate. He had simply phased into the persons quarters and ripped his throat out rather then let his team die. For while Steve was the official Seal, Loki was just as much a part of the team. Many times used as German Shepard's had been in jungles to hunt for the enemy.


Honestly he would never want to switch with Sasha for bond mates, both uniquely suited to each others temperaments. But god damn when he overindulged and had a pounding hangover from that fifth bottle of Jack Daniels, Danny was the nicer of the two. Helping him with his pounding skull even as Steve and Sasha berated him in loud deeply penetrating voices.


With a deep sigh, Loki nudged Steve and let him know. The man nodded, roasting a stick over the fire. “Can we travel at night? Would it be quicker getting to him?” The black creature licked at his ear, showing Steve he wasn’t ready. His own grasp on the power now coursing through him was tentative at best. Loki still keeping a firm hold on his mind, to keep it from going over the edge. He would need these weeks of travel, to train himself how to control his powers. And harden himself to the rigors living in this realm required. Energy and power flowed through everything. The beasts could call upon what they needed to survive and of course bond with their Sentinel or Guide. But Steve and Danny were more then any other pairing, to be able to handle the same power and the creatures.


Plus they could do so much more then anyone. Weapons of their own creation, calling fire, creating wards, shields. Then there was Danny with his overly kind and loving heart. He would be a strong healer someday. Stronger then what he was now and he would help so many people. Steve would be right there backing him up and keeping him from screwing himself over with to much to fast. They would be a good pack once the boys came into their full strength.


“Can we travel between dawn and dusk? I know it’s going to be hard but we need them. I need him, I feel unbalanced when he isn’t around. Like I’m not whole and I don’t like the feeling.” He continued in the same quiet tone of voice. Not having the heart to say no Loki agreed. With breaks for lessons and certain needs through the day. “Fine then lets get some sleep. I want to go as soon as dawn hits.” The Seal threw the stick into the fire and laid down beside it. Not caring, he had no blanket or softness under him. He had slept in so much worst places in his life. But he wouldn’t have to sleep like that tonight or any other night. Loki increasing in size once again, moved to where his belly was against his pack mates back. Folding his tail over him as a make shift blanket he let his deep breathing soothe Steve into sleep.




The man was scared laying in the den he had stayed the last few nights in. It had been dark but his little friend had staved off the darkness by glowing softly for him. For a while he hoped the friendly, helpful creature would stay by him always, but the fox shook his head. Another was coming for him, another who would help him for as long as he lived. He shook with nerves but didn’t argue, why would he argue with a creature who was doing nothing but helping him. Now it was morning again, he could tell because of pinpricks of light coming through the dense foliage around him. He had found the fruit and nuts the fox had brought him to eat and eaten everything each day and night. But he was still so hungry, always hungry as his body demanded fuel to continue with the changes happening to him though he knew them not. He didn’t know what was good to eat himself but after days of small piles of food he had to find something more substantial even if he had no clue what he could and couldn’t eat. So when the fox was away, he had crawled out of the hole through the water pond. Scrubbing himself off in the process, he had itched something fierce for days. As if his skin kept shedding itself and never stopped. When he had cleaned himself off, he heaved out of the pool and looked around. More sun was shining through the branches, and he could hear birds and little creatures making noises in the canopy.


He needed something to eat, his belly was grumbling loudly for him to fill it. But looking around he didn’t spot anything that looked remotely like it was edible. He didn’t see berry bushes, fruit trees, he didn’t even see any nests that he might be able to rob. But then again he wouldn’t want to if they were baby birds in there. Chicken sounded mighty good though, anything actually did. He stumbled through the wood, looking for food or the fox who might know where he could get something to eat. Rags catching on stray twigs and brambles as he made his way through the wood and wetlands.


His tatty rags hanging despondently on his thin frame just enhanced his thinness. When he looked down at his hands, he could see how pale his skin was, almost translucent. He hadn’t taken a look at his face, but he had a feeling it would be about the same. He put a hand to his head and rubbed at it, more or less used to the cloudy state he seemed to always be in. His focus was very short, and only the rumbling in his stomach kept him motivated to find something to eat. His right arm he could see bore a very interesting image of a wolf’s head snarling, with stylized lines looking like fur circling his arm. It was very faded in color, pale yellow, pink, and baby blue. He didn’t know where, when or how he got it but he did think it was pretty. And it somehow seemed to swirl in color from time to time. But looking at the artwork wasn’t going to feed him, to he continued to wander deeper into the wood looking for something to eat.




Sasha couldn’t believe what she was seeing, even as she broke the back of the lion who dared to challenge her. She knew he was a bonded animal at some point recently, what he was doing here she had no idea. Chomping down on his back, he howled in pain even as she dissolved him back to his very essence, using her arctic winds to blow him away. Other animals were fighting beside her, alligators, deer with razor sharp antlers, a goose that could not stop crapping in the enemies eyes. A few other animals where there, including a fox standing on the hill looking as if he was directing the battle troops. She was their heavy tank but the others were holding the others back, till she could get to them. Smaller animals like skunk, mink, otters and badgers were chasing after and eating the little outcast animals. Making them use up their energy reforming again and again. Even some fish were popping out of the river at the outcasts feet, disrupting, and distracting them from walking on the ice skimmed water like they were. When they did get distracted they broke the ice and had to struggle to focus enough energy to regain their tenuous footing on the half frozen surface.


Sasha ripped the head off a really obnoxious baboon, spitting it out as she watched it try to reform. But she blasted it away without another thought only focus on one thing. She kept her winter wind blowing, knowing that as others fought and disabled the enemy, she could knock them away. Hail rained down on them, knocking the enemies in the head but avoiding her allies with ease. She was in charge of where her strikes would go and she would not harm those who were coming to her defense. The spirit realm was not all friends and family, just like in the mundane world there were those who could not get long with others.


Fragmenting the animals fighting her wouldn’t hold them for long, but even a few weeks time, would be enough for her to get her ward and start on the way home. Home where even now, Loki and Steve were leaving as they headed towards her. She planned on meeting them in a few weeks, depending on the condition Danny was in. But that was the future, now she had spirit animals to deal with.

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He continued to roam around the wood, looking for food and stopped when he found a berry patch. The leaves were glowing softly and the berries were multicolored, firm, distinct and plentiful. Sniffing at one of them, he plucked one of the berry’s off, wondering if it would be good to eat. He was about to taste it when something inside him urged him to put it down. That he wouldn’t be happy with the results if he ate even a single one. Mournful at the loss of possible food, he nether less dropped the berry, turning away from the bush. If he had eaten even one, he would have been throwing up for hours. Spirit animals loved eating the berries but his system was still transitioning to this new reality. He wasn’t ready for the extreme tartness the berries contained. In time as his system settled, he would be able to partake of the berries, which grew all across the lands, but for now his own healing system was warning him away. The cost to him physically wasn’t worth filling his belly up with there were other things to eat laying around.


Deeper he walked, taking in the sights of the woodland wetlands, the morning light was fighting to break through the canopy of leaves. Breeze gently blowing around him, cooling him from the humidity which was rising as the heat increased as the day wore on. Finding a trail he meandered along, searing for something to eat. Glancing at the willows, cedar, ash trees even if he didn’t know their actual names. They were billowing for some and standing upright for others. The path he walked lined with the tall guardians of time stood silent but yet still made their voices heard. Spreading pollen and seeds throughout the wetlands to keep their own species alive and well.


Ferns of various types were everywhere, growing at the bases of both live trees and those who had fallen due to age or bad elemental weather. Providing habitats for any number of creatures who called this place home. Including his little fox friend who seemed to have run off to who knows where. He scanned the ground and picked up similar nuts or berries, his friend had given him before and was happy to have something in his stomach finally. He wished he could find more food but he wasn’t a hunter, wouldn’t know where to start to look for game. Hell even the thought of killing something with his bare hands was making him feel green with sickness. But it also could just be had no idea what would be around the next corner.


Water ways at times blocked his passage and he had to think of ways to go around the bodies of water he dared not enter. He had no idea if the murky green was a covering over water or solid ground. Many places dripped water from high up in the canopy into the grounds around him as he traveled. If he found such a spot he would cup his hands around the trickle of water to bring to his face to drink. It wasn’t satisfying really, he wanted something in bulk to quench his parched throat but rightly so his instincts forced him to steer clear of the large bodies. All manner of bad things lurked in the water.


Limping his way around the wetlands he surprisingly did not encounter any actual creatures though he knew many lived here. He wasn’t to know that the animals were looking out for him, electing to keep themselves hidden so they would not overwhelm his very confused mind. Seeing a little bunny or squirrel was one thing, those were small and cute and could move very fast. But if he was to see the large black and brown bears which lived in the area, jungle cats and wild dogs or canines it would cause him to run in fear. He would think they were out to get him and many could not stand the idea of bringing so much fright into an already very frightened man. Many knew the story of how he arrived in the spirit realm before he was ready, how he arrived so far south from what should have been his home territory since his bond mates den was in the far North. His instincts even as they ran wild felt the call to help and here in the southern wetlands, where many spirit animals in need of help. Too bad he was not able to give that help to them at this time. It would have to wait till later when the man was fully functioning and had the power to do something about the other halves of the spirit bonded, still locked in their own personal hells. Personal hells that screamed of darkness and evil and bonded ripped apart.


Because of this, though his mind didn’t actually process any of the reasons why he was in the South, he took his time and stayed as much in the light as he could. For some reason he knew not why but he felt that he wasn’t always afraid of the shadows. Instead he had felt at peace within them, like they would always guard him from danger rather then be the cause of it. But something had changed his perspective and now he feared the shadows and the danger they held. The dark light was not a source of safety to him, it was a source of disappointment, worry and sadness and he did not like to dwell on those feelings.


He had no idea who he was, where he came from or where he was going. He only had his little fox friend to tell him things were going to be okay. And his fox wasn’t always around, in fact he had run off this morning and hadn’t been back since. He hoped he was okay because that fox was the closes he had to a friend. He felt he should have more but obviously if he did, he wouldn’t be wondering around a swampy wetland looking for nuts and berries he could eat alone. So he was sure he had no friends and probably never would, he was a loner, an outcast like all the others in the wetlands. Destined to remain a nameless person no matter what the fox tried to assure him of.


He had just crested a small hill, when he felt a strange familiar feeling, in his mind. Which was odd since all he had been feeling within himself lately was pain, fright, hunger and more pain? This presence though was angry, very angry along with being annoyed, worried, harried and in an urgent need to get somewhere. Whoever he was feeling was impatient to continue with their quest and wanted nothing more then to kill those keeping them from doing just that.


But along with all those feelings, his own heart seemed to be calling out to the entity who was so enraged. For he could feel they were enraged on someone else’s behalf, concerned for one who was all alone and needed their help, just as they needed air to breath, food to eat and perfectly trimmed nails to scratch ones backside just right. The feelings of love and joy and dedication were there, right under the furious emotions, as if the owner was conflicted at the moment and just wished to find what they were looking for, to bring peace to themselves and the one they were looking for.


It drew him as nothing else had since he arrived here, the feeling he had felt this presence before. He wanted to help the creature whoever it was, felt it was his duty to sooth it and make it better. It’s the first feelings he has felt which were nice, other then the fox helping him. He wanted to help so bad, so he followed where the feeling was taking him.


Stumbling over hidden roots, sharp rocks and other debris, he stood up each time, following the feeling of love and longing mixed with the frustration and anger. Sun glistened down the trunks of willow and cypress trees, some large and tall others saplings. Many surrounded with large leaf ferns and other grasses, vines dancing over his head from a breeze, which seemed to be growing colder by the minute. While limping his way towards the presence, he came to a small moss and leafy flowered, covered hill hidden by cattails and more of those berry bushes he wished he could try. Pushing his way through he didn’t realize the hill ended abruptly with the bushes. Tripping he fell down with a fear fueled cry for help, rolling down the embankment till he landed heavily and painfully on his ankle. Feeling something snap, causing him to scream in agony even as he accepted yet another painful event in his miserable unknown life. Tears streaming down his face, reaching with his hands towards a broken purple moss covered log, he pulled himself to a sitting position. Breathing heavily as he tried to control the sharp pain from his ankle and the raw rub marks along his torso, still he felt the pull of someone needing his help.


Scanning his surroundings, trying to find something to prop himself up with, he found nothing but the rotting log against his back. Bitter, soul clenching tears fell as yet another abuse on his body happened. With child like sadness he wondered if this would always be his life? To always be hurt, no matter who it was he was trying to help. Bringing his dirt and dusty covered hands up to his face, he cradled his eyes within his palms, wishing just for once something would go right for him.


Then the feelings of anger and hate mixed with longing and impatience continued and he couldn’t let it. He could help whoever it was and needed to help them, his instincts wild for so long, still overrode his sense of self preservation. Eyes closed as he attempted to gather his waning strength for what he needed to do, he pulled his hands apart, not noticing the pale light coming from his palms. Finally opening his eyes he looked once more for anything to stand up with, Confounded when he found a long knobby staff like branch around six feet in height right next to him, he swore it hadn’t been there a moment ago he would have seen it. Pleased at his turn of good luck, he was quick to pick it up but cautious to its use. Knowing his luck, it would break on him first time he tried to use it. But testing it failed to show any flaws, so putting his full weight on it he managed to pull himself up. It held steady and true as he used it to limp along. Ignoring the excruciating pain of his foot and the lesser pain of his body, because pain was a way of life for him, what was one more cause of it.


The feeling grew stronger, along with the sounds of many things snarling and snapping at each other. The environment seemed to be freezing over, he could see frost and ice forming on the trees as he moved closer to the sounds. He slipped on a patch of ice barely managing to hold his footing, as he stumbled around. The breeze was growing stronger and made him shiver as he left the humid portions of the wetlands. The scent on the air reminded him of snow, and hard work, at bright colored lights in a city he only remembered loving to live in. Where that city was he figured he would never remember but the cold drew him even closer then the heat did. He didn’t like the heat and the refreshing breeze reminded him of home. Closer he moved, taking in the sounds of fighting surprised when he heard a very familiar bark. Why it was familiar he had no clue and worried seriously about the noise as he cautiously moved towards the sounds. Climbing another hill he looked down at a mind altering sight.




Sasha was just about done fighting with the bastards. The Komodo dragons being the biggest pains in the ass cause there were so many of the fuckers. She was just breaking the neck of another one, when a very familiar and much beloved feeling came upon her. Snapping her jaws shut, while glaring around at the animals which were trying to prevent her from going to her ward. She cocked her ears back as very harsh breathing assailed her from behind. Whirling her giant form around, she moved her head back and forth looking for her companion. Then another hiccup of air had her looking up and she spotted him. Her very much in pain cub who was looking down on the carnage with fear. She managed to take two tentative steps towards him when another creature sank her teeth into her leg. The female jackal’s bite of her leg was enough, with a howl of arctic rage, she blasted everyone attacking her back to their spirit forms. Letting loose the formidable anger of an Ancient wolf who was being denied what was her’s by right. The animals attacking her gave a shriek of distressed anger and pain before exploding everywhere in a riot of colors found throughout the color spectrum.


When the river bend was calm once again, she looked up eagerly to see the much beloved and longed for light blue eyes of her cub. What she found instead was emptiness, he was gone. Leaping up she discovered him hobbling away from her, scared out of his mind. Not allowing herself to be denied what was hers, not even by her own chosen, she snorted in fond annoyance. Three leaps with her powerful legs, soaring over him when he wasn’t looking, and she was in front of him. Her chosen had turned his head turned back to see if he was being followed so never saw her quick leaps. She leaned back on her haunches, parting her front legs, taking the hit as he smacked right into her chest. Closing her legs around him, she tucked his head into her pristine white shoulder, and gave him the biggest love filled hug of his life.




He had looked down at the fighting going on, the sight one of the scariest he had ever seen. The frozen river was littered with the bodies of various animals even as it appeared more were fighting against others. It was the white wolf’s anger he had been feeling, and when he saw how large she was he was shocked and whimpered in distress at such a large creature possibly turning on him next. Then she had turned and looked him in the eyes, he stood still as fear began to overwhelm him now that she was focused on him. The sight of all the animals battling with each other and for all he knew killing each other was another source of fear that they would turn on him. The white wolf largest of them all, and her fighting was fearsome, but seeing her pale blue eyes look at him with something he couldn’t identify, made him panic. He turned and began to run or more accurately hobble, as he couldn’t stand the sight of the wolf coming after him, to eat him next for all he knew.


Hobbling away, he breathed heavily as he leaned on his staff, the sounds of an enraged howl sounded for miles around behind him. Then the fighting stopped, the freezing wind doing the same, but he didn’t, he kept moving trying to escape from the horde of scary creatures. He didn’t want to be eaten, he didn’t want to be killed, he knew if he could last, someday he would find a friend who would want him. Someone who would love him and be there for him even if he wasn’t the most worthy of people to be around.


It shamed him to know that he couldn’t even help himself and his lot in life. Still he felt an overwhelming need to help others so he constantly overrode his own well being needs, to find the source of the conflicts around him. Looking at those fighting he had thought the white wolf was someone who would be the one. But she looked so angry and furious he couldn’t see how she was meant for him. So he ran hoping someday he would find the right person to look after him. Because of those feelings of someone out there wanting him, he would kinda like to be around for it instead of some pile of squishy crap on a dirty swamps floor. Checking over his shoulder, hoping he wasn’t followed, as the sounds died off, he breathed in relief at finding his escape not noticed.


Then he was ramming into the softest tree he had ever felt. Just as he was registering it wasn’t a tree, legs came around him holding him tightly. At the same time he was realizing what was happening to him but he didn’t have time to panic. Instead feelings of pure, love, devotion, loyalty, honor, friendship, relief inundated his mind. He was shocked as all those and more flowed straight into his mind, body and soul. Relaxing completely, he cried into the soft fur even as he pushed tighter to the being holding him. This was what he wanted, someone to hold him, someone to care about him.


Snuggling deeper into the paws which would welcome him always, he released all the pent up emotions he didn’t know he’d been storing. All the fear, hate, pain, despair, loss, confusion, loneness, heartsickness and more. He just dumped them all into the creature holding him, amazed when she took it all in and did nothing but project back to him, he was now claimed by someone who would never let him go.


Being pulled in tighter to the body, he could feel her encourage him to snuggle as much as he wanted. She would be happy to sit here forever, if that is what he needed to feel safe and wanted. Her head was over his shoulder and he could feel a rumbling which felt so much like purring he melted into her embrace. Hands coming up he held on for dear life as he sobbed out everything within him. Feeling it as parts of himself finally let go, allowing him to feel something other then overwhelming fear and confusion. He still didn’t know who he was or where he came from, but it didn’t matter now. He had her and he was content.




Sasha held her much missed and beloved companion, for hours that day as he cried himself out. She didn’t care, she had her cub in her paws, and she was content. He would no longer be alone and she would help him with all his issues, because that is what a bonded spirit animal did. They were there for their companion and she would always be there for him. She looked down at the man laying on her belly, tucked under one huge snow white paw. She had to put the other one down for balance eventually, but the other stayed firmly wrapped around him. He was sleeping finally, and she could tell it was the first full nights sleep he had had in days, which he wasn’t mindless with fear and loneliness. Tomorrow they would begin their journey out of the southern wetlands. There was so much danger for her cub here, and she wanted him out where she could watch for danger easier.


A little red fox with black points came trotting up to her, with a happy wag of his tail. She tilted her head wondering what he wanted. With a large smile on his face, he informed her that he and others would be watching the river for the time being. Till she decided to take her cub and leave. All were very pleased and proud to have helped him, he was a fine man and would be even better as he recovered.


She would have wagged her own tail if it wasn’t wrapped tightly around her little one. Instead she reached out and totally forgetting just how large she was at the moment, opened her mouth and gave the fox a firm loving lick of her tongue. Problem was her tongue was as large as the fox and it lifted him into the air, flinging him a good 20 yards away with an yieeeeeee sound coming from the creature. She pointed her snow white ears forward at the sound for a second, before dropping them behind her head in extreme chagrin. The fox shaking his body came forward, staggering a bit as he did so. Sensibly staying out of range of her tongue, he smiled to show he didn’t bare any malice towards his unexpected flight.


Woofing an apology she listened as he explained to her that the outcasts had been causing trouble for some time in these parts. Many showing up unexpectedly over the years, and showing signs of heavy mental damage and also at one point they had been bonded. Not all but quite a few, they were taking comfort with each other and learning how to deal with being newly unbonded. He did not know what happened to their human counterparts, but many had broken hearts and minds because of the severed connections.


She glanced down at her bond mate and realized why he had appeared in this part of the Southern realm. Even when out of his own mind with pain and confusion, his instincts overwhelming him with the need to run. Even this wasn’t enough to override his need to help others. She made a note of it but she would put it aside for now. The important thing was to get his mind and body back together. To reunite him with his mate and get him on the road to recovery. He had many lessons he needed to learn while here, and would not be able to learn them for some time to come, till he recovered.


The fox yipped an agreement before trotting off, with a flip of his black tipped tail. She would remember the fox and all the good he had done. Foxes were always clever little beings and she liked them. She just felt kinda bad she had thrown him across the wood, when trying to thank him. For now she was going to concentrate on her cub, he needed food and a lot of it. It would be a long way back, because she would be hunting like crazy to put weight on him again. She knew he had lost around 40 pounds from the last few months of trouble. Well, being jerked by his own uncontrolled instincts, into a land he wasn’t not ready for, having to keep himself together didn’t help. She knew he had lost at least another 20 pounds suddenly, which wasn’t any good for his health. Probably the only reason his system had not shut down completely, is cause he was immortal now. And Steve was too now that he was here in the spirit realm fully. They just didn’t realize it yet, she and Loki would tell them later. First was getting her companion fed, rested and reunited with Steve.


Settling a little bit more she smiled down at the man, who’s eyes were gently closed, drool coming out of his relaxed mouth. When he had fallen asleep, he had fallen hard. Un-dreaming as he simply trusted her to look out for him. And she would too, anyone who threatened him would simply find themselves turned to dust. She did not want to hassle with fighting assholes, when she didn’t have time for it. She would hunt and she would protect, those were her two goals right now.


Tucking her tail closer to her companion she maneuvered so she could finally lay down. Moving him just enough he could lay fully on her belly. Wrapping her tail over him as a blanket, she covered him completely, even as she tucked her nose under his hand. Tonight he would sleep knowing nothing could hurt him.

Chapter Text

Loki woke before Steve, standing and stretching slowly. Yawning hugely showing two foot fangs which glistened in the early morning sun. Taking care of some needed and satisfactory bodily functions in the private corner Steve had used last night he thought about his plans for the day. First and foremost he needed to hunt for his pack mate before they left. Second he had to make sure Steve kept up with his lessons, snickering at the creative ways he had to invent, to help the Sentinel. Cocking his head at a strange joyful feeling, ears perking up naturally, he turned his head south, sniffing the wind. Then he smiled large and full and relieved as he realized their pack mate was where he belonged. He was safe and would soon be returned to his mate. Shaking his fur out, working the kinks out of his muscles, he began trotting out of the cul-de-sac they had camped in, glancing around looking for something to hunt.


Then he shook his head in amazed annoyance as he saw the same idiot half grown calf from before, which he had hunted and killed last night. This was getting ridiculous, he had reformed the little bastard last night, but his mother had not been pleased in any way shape or form that Loki had had to do so. She had mentioned over and over he refused to reform himself, saying he didn’t know how and needed others to do it for him. It frustrated her because she had tried teaching him how to, sent him to school where he did nothing but annoy the teachers and the herd leader, who drove them along the game trail to and from school, along with the other young in the local area. Eyes narrowing in anticipation, he licked his lips, time to teach the little shit a lesson and save his very nice mother a few extra headaches. Trotting over to the calf who was looking at him smugly, as if he knew what was about to happen. Loki loathed to do what the ornery shit wanted, changed the plan, he could kill the calf but what good that do. Still he should probably ask.


Glancing around he spotted the mom, who he knew was actually good friends with Sasha and strode over, his entire stride full of evil mischief. Growling quietly he conferred with the fed up mother, on a plan of action. A plan which when fully explained, had her practically dancing with unholy glee in the grass. Her dark brown and tan body jiggled in delight, as all four feet moved quickly and her head was nodding complete agreement, so hard he was afraid it would fall off. With a wolfish grin he smirked at the alarmed youngster who started to sidle off. The black beast was having none of it, cutting the bugger off and snarling.


Loki with a wide shit eating grin on his face, explained to the little shit, he was coming with him and his bond mate on their journey. He didn’t want to have to keep stopping to hunt so he could feed his energy burning mate, so he would simply keep his food handy. Anytime Steve needed a snack, he would simply kill the calf’s body, reform it quickly, and let him watch as he was roasted before the fire.


The calf’s liquid brown eyes grew large at the explanation, then he raced over to his mother, bawling his fool head off, for protection. Protection she was loathed to give, as she gave the lazy snot a kick to his backside, with orders to go with the wolf. Laying her ears back and snorting at her son, If he enjoyed being hunted so much, then he may as well be useful. It wouldn’t hurt him for more then a few seconds at tops. Bleating in temper he stomped around the meadow, not wanting anything to do with this.


Loki rolling his eyes went over, snapped his neck and shook the now meaty morsel in his mouth. The calf, in his spirit phase, floating above the grass, bellowed in youthful rage. Loki growled even as he used his own energy to reform the piss-ant. The spoiled calf, pleased at his return to a solid form, went to stand next to mother dear, who kicked him again with a hind leg, and told him to get going. Gleefully informing her wayward young, the Spirit Warrior would need a lot of food and he was young and tender, perfect for him. She snickered at his disgusted look.


Bleating again, he threw a fit as he whined about not wanting to go, not wanting to be a meal-on-wheels buffet. He wanted to stay and play and fool around like all the calfs his age. Mother not impressed in the least, told her calf, that the others actually went to school, learned their lessons and didn’t cause nearly as much grief as he did. It would be good for him to go out and learn some responsibility. Butting him in the shoulder, she pushed him back towards Loki who still had his former body in his mouth. Sullen, the little bastard walked with stormy steps, towards the wolf.


Nodding at the mother Loki led him back to where their camp site was. Steve standing at the foot of the cul-de-sac, trying not to laugh at the antics of the critter. Sulking completely the calf ignored the man who he was going to be feeding for the foreseeable future. Steve keeping his chuckles in through strength of will alone followed behind the two. Loki carrying the carcass easily towards the fire, where the calf had the pleasure of seeing himself chopped up into reasonable pieces. He was not pleased.


Steve not knowing exactly what was going on, patted the shoulder of the calf, who flinched at the foreign touch. “Cheer up little guy I’m sure that Loki will be nice at some points.” Why they needed to saddle themselves with a youngster he had no idea. Loki, giving the calf a pointed look to behave, turned towards his own companion. Growling, he indicated he wanted Steve to prepare everything and eat. And he needed to eat a lot, his energy demands were growing and spirit meat would help provide him with the needed energy.


The Seal was feeling peckish and went to town eating all the leftovers from the night before. Using only the finest in Navel Seal table manners the deepest covert missions had ever seen. He inhaled the food, using the back of his hand to wipe the juices dribbling down his chin. Then surprisingly eating another huge helping of the new meat, Loki encouraging him to stuff himself. There was more where that came from. The calf lowered his head and glared at the large wolf which was now the bane of his existence. Belching deeply and long, the sound echoing against the cul-de-sac walls, Steve leaned on a boulder, throwing a few looks at the brown buffalo’s half grown body. He was worried the calf wouldn’t be able to keep up, but trusted Loki to know what he was doing. There wasn’t any booze around anyway to make him cautious over his actions.


When done with breakfast, Loki happily eating every scrap left, with gleeful bone crunching relish, in front of the calf, they prepared to take off. Steve put out the tiny fire, packed up what few items he had in his ratty pockets. Crouching down, Loki waited for Steve to mount up, happy he remembered the proper position from the day before. Standing when his companion was settled, he nudged the calf with his sharply pointed nose, to follow him. Trotting out of the stone outcropping, the wolf turned to the mother who was still giddy as shit, that her calf was going off to learn some much needed lessons.


She gave a few last minute instructions to her son, things like he better behave or she wouldn’t save any elderberries for dessert for him. Do as he was told and help the very nice, helpful and powerful wolf who won’t hesitate to use you for target practice. Loki grinned at the antics of the mother and her advice to her son. He would have to make sure he told Sasha at some point what she said. Shaking slightly to make sure Steve was settled, he took a couple steps towards the West. With a short commanding bark at the little one, a final glare from his mother to behave, the wolf took off, Steve easily holding on to his broad back. The up and down rolling motion of the wolf, as he ran across the plains looked elegant and refined. The ease which muscles pushed the pair, over the swaying brush and grass poetry really. The stilted unhappy running of the four year old calf, not so much when he was still in a pissy mood. He hung back deliberately, not wanting to keep up with the pace Loki was setting. The midnight wolf was going at a pace the calf could keep up with, but the little shit hoped if he kept holding back, they would just forget it and let him go return home.


Loki had other idea’s.


Turning on a dime, he raced behind the calf and began snapping at his hocks with large dripping fangs. The snot gave a bleat of fear and hurried his pace away from the super sized fangs. When he was running at the speed Loki set to begin with he let him relax, but the minute the stubborn twit started slowing down, the spirit bonded wolf was back on his case. It continued like that for a few hours till lunch was becoming an issue and he knew Steve would need to be fed.


The calf starting to slow again, hoping to get away with it this time, smugly smiled to himself when the wolf didn’t snap at his legs. He wasn’t anticipating what his tormentor was about to do, even if it was the whole point of him being on the trip to begin with. With a feral snarl, he reached for the calf and quick as thought brought him down. The animal didn’t even get to bleat, before he found himself in spirit form again. Sullen he watched as Loki trotted to a halt, his recently solid body firmly in his jaws again, allowing Steve to slide off.


Stretching his legs, Steve walked around the open plain Loki had chosen for lunch. There wasn’t much to see, not with regular eye sight. If he stretched out he could see other herds on the horizon, the occasional tree, large cliffs forming drops for waterfalls. Many people thought the plains were large, flat and uninspiring. But the plains actually had many features, as upheavals through time, water and creatures changed it. It was hardly flat for more then a few miles before they were climbing up and down slight inclines or even hills. Trees were rare but there still were small clumps of them providing some much needed relief to the animals who lived here. Relief in the form of wind breaks and back scratchers, along with some cover for a nap or even a place to have a bit of privacy for a good solid mating.


Which when he narrowed his eyes he could see happening as he scanned. Seemed a couple horses, one a palomino stallion and a dark chestnut mare where going to town with each other. From the set of her head she was enjoying the ride immensely and she should, bastard’s cock looked huge as it pounded away into her willing body. Shamelessly he turned his hearing up and focused it on the pair, able to hear the grunts and whickers as the two found pleasure with each other. Plus the mare really wanted his foal and he was more then pleased to give it to her. Continuing with the breeding between the pair, they kept at it till the blond shook with his climax, the brunette neighing in satisfaction at being so well used by her mate. Dismounting, the stallion checked the mare, pleased when he found her bred by him. She would give him a fine colt in a few months time.


Unexpectedly hard at the show taking place over 10 miles away from them, he adjusted himself, wishing Danny was here so he could take care of his problem. God the Stallion reminded him so much of his own blond mate. How well he could ride him when they were fooling around. Feeling him pounding away in his ass, as he encouraged his Guide to fuck his hole and really give his Sentinel, a taste of the power stored in his compact body. ‘Fuck I need to jerk off now, this sucks.’ Moving a little bit away from his eye rolling wolf and the sullen calf he kneeled down, pulled his cock from his pants and took himself in a firm grip.


Closing his eyes he imagined it was his mate stroking him, using his cock for his pleasure, not letting Steve touch himself till given permission. His hand stroked over his length, pinching the tip, using his other hand to roll his sack. Moving his hand faster as the image of the stallion taking the mare filled his head again, wishing he was in the same position with his own mate taking him. Dreaming he was on all fours, moaning so loud people three houses over could hear him, as his own mate took him like a horny come slut, thirsting for his mate’s spunk on his tongue or in his ass. When the part about the Stallion coming in his mate’s sweet little willing hole flashed before him, he groaned his own quick release. Spurts of come flying from his prick as he released some of the tension floating within him. God he needed his man, needed him to take him, fuck him and reclaim him. He so missed his Guide and all the naughty things he liked to do to his Sentinel.


Plucking some grasses, he wiped himself clean, not bothering to eat the come since it didn’t taste like his mate. Tucking himself in, he turned back towards his companions to see what they were up to. Loki was snacking on a thigh and leg while his bond mate was pleasuring himself, enjoying the food and show immensely. Glancing at their travel mate, Steve was a bit puzzled at what he was looking at.


The calf still in spirit form, floated around annoyed he wasn’t helped back into his regular body. “Loki?” Steve asked as he nodded towards the youngster. Loki looked at the bugger and shrugged, when lunch was done he would reform him if needed. “If needed?” He grinned, if the little fucker actually decided to learn how to reform himself, he could go home any time he wanted. But until then he would be coming with them, as the snack he was for the moment.


Smiling in amusement, “You hear that fella? You learn how to phase like I can and you can go home to mamma.” The calf glared again and walked off a few steps to take a dump behind a tree. Never mind the tree was only around six inches around and in no way hid what he was doing. Or that he was in spirit form, and the oddity of watching a floating buffalo calf, taking a very real steamy dump boggled the mind. Instead Steve turned his mind towards food, about to start a fire and highly annoyed at the time it would take to cook when Loki nudged him. “What?” He raised an eyebrow at his partner. Loki nosed at his arm and sent him a picture of fire.


“Holy crap, Really?” Steve exclaimed as he tried it out. Holding the chunk of calf meat in his hand, he thought of fire and how he would really love to have it cooked. His own dark light came together in his palm, like it had so many weeks ago when he burned those stupid orders from the first Outcast. Flowing over his fist, it surrounded the meat for a few minutes, till it dissipated on its own. When it was gone Steve took a bite out of it and found it exactly the way he wanted, rare and cool in the center.


Eyes wide with incredulous wonder at his newly discovered cooking skills, “Oh My God I can COOK! Do you know how long Danny has been nagging at me to cook something decent? Oh man I can’t wait to show him this.” But the happiness was short lived as he thought of his mate, depression at the distance separating the pair affecting his own peace of mind. Loki nudged him, cocking his head to the side as he asked him a question.


Steve shaking off the sadness for a moment in light of his skill and what it could mean for them in the future. He answered his wolf, “I can cook simple things, soup, breakfast, sandwiches or steaks. But you give me a roast, or a turkey and I’ll burn the damn house down. Awesome I can now cook a roast sooner then mashed potatoes.” He took another piece of meat and worked on cooking that to the degree he liked it.


Loki smiled to himself, he knew Steve sucked at cooking, if it didn’t involve devices which used fire to cook meat. Why anyone really wanted to cook meat was beyond him, he liked his meat raw, unless it was human food at a party. Those hamburgers and hotdogs and everything else tasted really good even cooked. And of course the booze, man he really missed booze. Next time he was in the regular world, first chance he got he was going to find him a couple bottles of Jack Daniels, get his latest issue of Nat Geo like Steve promised him, and go to town.


He just had to remember to puke outside or Danny wouldn’t help him with his hang over. But asking Steve about his cooking skills, took his mind off his mate, letting him relax. His own emotions tied heavily with the shorter man and the distance between them wasn’t good. They would have to move quickly, so both could settle down in their hearts and their minds.


Even the calf found the Sentinels statement amusing and settled down to graze while they took a 30 minute break. The wolf changing him back into a solid form before giving his bond mate another lesson. In that time Loki and Steve practice calling fire to his palm, working with his three colors to learn their true properties.


Loki began to explain more about what his Seal was able to do. His colors had significance in the performance of his duties, to both Danny which was also his first. Second to his fellow Sentinels and Guides and third to the citizens of the spirit world, which he and Danny were now a part of. His colors reflecting in his wolf tattoo were technically Raging Storm Midnight Black, Crystal Bright Crescent Moon Silver and Seven Fathoms Deep Navy Blue. The Commander while they traveled, had to learn to master his colors together and separately because each was a property of his own personality. He would have to look deep within himself and know what was true and what was false about him. So he could be as powerful as he would grow to be. But unlike spirit phasing these were lessons he could learn over time, because he and Sasha would be there to help them along the way.


His first and strongest reflection of his character was Raging Storm Midnight Black, stood for many things including the right to bring death. To move through shadows, to be an impenetrable wall in the defense of others, and to lay the foundations for those who were to be Outcast. Black is what would come to his call first as the Warrior, for he was there to protect others, save others, defend those who could not defend themselves. Black was strong and true and absorbed all danger around it, choosing the best options to defend who needed defending and not hesitating in it’s actions. Black allowed him to kill, allowed him to eventually walk in shadows in the performance of his duties. To help him rescue those who needed help like the Sentinels and Guides just a few days before. Black stood for other things and in time, as they went about their lives, he would learn more about himself, his mate and their pack.


Crystal Bright Crescent Moon Silver was fluid, never still, always needing to be at the front and flowing freely. It endured, it endured many things, it endured him with unwavering resolve to protect those around him, who did not have the ability to go on. Allowing Steve to take the hits, take the hurts, to take the pain of others. Silver allowed him to understand so much from so little and make wise decisions even if they were a little convoluted. Crystal Bright Crescent Moon Silver was pure like his heart, quick like his body and could not lie to those they loved, like his soul. It was ready to defend and yet was also willing to simply listen and help. Silver is the power behind his spirit phasing, as he changed from solid to spirit form. It would allow him to return to this world whenever he wished, to recharge like the spirit animals did. It flowed between the two worlds easily and happily. Silver gave him direction, to make him a part of something greater then himself.


Seven Fathoms Deep Navy Blue was his strength and stalwartness. His love and devotion to his mate. It was the subtle yet immense power behind the other colors, always standing true. It symbolized and reenforced his devotion to justice and making sure things were right. It allowed him to face adversity, thrive on it in many ways, but still love life and those around him. Seven Fathoms Deep Navy Blue gave him the strength and command to control his mate’s own over powering instincts. Because Steve’s need to protect Danny was all consuming for him. His mate’s own variation of blue was linked closest to his blue, forming an unbreakable bond between the two. Allowing the Sentinel to take control of his mate when he needed and when he wanted. Whether it brought him pleasure or annoyed the crap out of him as Steve cared for his partner. Giving him the power to force Danny to care for himself, when his instincts would rather help others. The deep blue is what allowed him to show his mate, just how much he loved and worshiped him, for the Guide could feel what was in his heart at any time. They were so closely linked because of the colors they sported on each others arms.


Checking out his tattoo with new, seriously impressed and awed, eyes. Moving it back and forth as he checked out the dark colors as they were reflected in the sun light. “Damn Loki, is that what’s so powerful about a wolf bond?” Loki looked at him with serious eyes as he nodded. “How come it’s wolves who can do this? Can other spirit animals actually do this? Sasha said it was a bitch to make one.” He wondered if others could make them if strong enough like Danny and he. If so would they be immortal like the two of them? Or have to live on the material plain always?


Loki snorted as he heard the questions floating around in his friends head. Time for some history into the spirit realm and wolves in general. Wolves were some of the first spirit creatures ever in the spirit plains. They came into creation the first time a humanoid creature, walked the earth. Watching and learning about the world they lived in, and the link connecting them to the new material plain they discovered. Wolves were the first to join sides with man through the ages. They were the keepers of knowledge from the beginning as humans first started hunting and learning about fire. Other animals began to bond later to humans, as man expanded out, discovered new people, places and things.


But always the wolves stood by man as they grew. The first Sentinel and Guide of the world were a pair, bonded by wolves. Who like Danny and Steve loved each other greatly and wanted to help those who couldn’t help themselves, but they were not at close. The bond if they had been able to make a wolf bond, back then would not have given them a 10th of the power Steve and Danny had access too. They would not have been immortal for one thing, for not all spirit animals agreed at the time, it was needed. Also the other pair did not share as much as he and his mate did. They did not live in each others pockets, they didn’t have that instinctive connection the day they first met, unlike Danny and Steve, so they were not as close as they thought they were. When they tried it, the bond was not successful and they died suddenly and surprisingly. No one knew the pair would have died, especially their wolves, it was the first time this kind of bond had ever been attempted. Their wolves heartbroken their bonded were gone, and always blaming themselves for the failure, returned to the plain and founded new lines of wolves. Lines who would keep the knowledge of what happened forever, stronger, faster, more powerful lines. All bred with the mindset to defend and have the strength to control a bond, for the next pair, if one was ever to come into existence. Lines who grew stronger and more determined with each generation to support man, choosing who they would bond with carefully. Always looking for those who would do well with each other, work hard at protecting people, seeking justice for people or simply having a caring heart, wishing to help others.


Steve stared at the black beast sitting next to him, mind trying to comprehend so much history. Course what he took away from the entire conversation was “Damn so it’s just wolves who have been around since dinosaurs?”


Rolling his eyes at his partner, who didn’t always focus on the key information, he continued telling his kinds own history. But no spirit animals typically never took a material form till man came about and started livening everything up. Happily and joyfully screwing with the balance as humans like to do. But it also gave the animals a purpose, living in this mystical world could get boring and some animals just faded away as there was nothing for them to do. When your immortal what do you have? So the wolves watched and waited, bonding with those who had the instincts and characters they were looking for.


Sitting up at his words, “Wait did your people selectively breed us for your standards?” Steve wasn’t sure if he was amused or aghast at the idea. But Loki shook his head again in the negative.


No, they simply bonded to those who had those traits they most wanted and loved. The wolves always cherished, truth, justice, honor and some of them, really perverted minds. Course the wolves themselves could be just as perverted, Sasha being a perfect example. Steve snorted as if Loki wasn’t just as bad in his way.


The big black beast dug a claw into his teeth, picking out a bit of bone and gristle. Finally getting the piece from behind a back tooth, he scratched behind his ear. Green eyes crossing in pleasure at the deep scratching, he was even more pleased when Steve took over the duty and dug his nails into the base. Sighing with bliss he continued his history lesson.


Then the Guild came into being many centuries ago and began screwing everything up. They had evolved over the years, but the theme was always the same, they felt they knew best. The animals could correct many things and did for generations. But then the Guild decided Sentinels were more important to PEOPLE, and disregarded everything else including knowledge about keeping things in balance. They ignored how Guides were just as critical to people, because they helped Sentinels stay focused when they were working. Guides also could calm crowds of people, feel how others are, display understanding when others may not be willing to listen. All these skills done but not in a visual sense. When the Guild focused its attention on Sentinels, it’s because they could see their talents visually. Guides were mental work and couldn’t be easily tested and seen so therefore must not be as important.


They started deciding who would be bonded to Sentinels and forcing Guides to accept it. It became standard for Sentinels to be more important and Guides simply support personal who could be interchanged at the Sentinels whims. Guides regulated to lower status and of little importance. The Guild deciding in the best interests of the Sentinels, those more important beings, would have the right to use their assigned Guides as they saw fit. Guides were given less rights over their own bodies, for the good of the Sentinels. Finally rules being laid down by the Guild stating Guides were more or less chattel unless they willingly gave themselves to the Guild and its rules. In the last 100 years or so the Guild had improved some, Guides no longer thought of chattel but not by much. Still assigned to a Sentinel but given more chances to find their true mate if they didn’t already have one. Putting procedures and testing in place to find more Sentinels and Guides, to use for the betterment of mankind. And hunt those who didn’t wish to be found and force them into the Guild, no matter the plans they had made for the future.


Break over, Loki nudged Steve, crouching down so he could mount. Once on board he began to run.


Then there was Danny Williams, who at a young age was one of the brightest Guides to ever be seen. When he had been born, the wolves knew he would be bonded to a special beast, but weren’t sure who it would be. Then a white female wolf had stepped up and howled a challenge to the entire realm. Daring anyone to fight her, for what she was claiming for her own. Of the two lines formed from the first pair she came from the Elder line, a direct decedent from the first. She was also one of the oldest wolves around, she knew all the tales, all the problems that had happened in the past. She was also sweet, kind and very loving.


She also didn’t take shit off anyone and when some animals, including wolves challenged her for her bond mate. She showed them exactly what kind of wolf she was. Ripping into the challengers without mercy, not letting her naturally sweet disposition stand in her way, as she went after those who would keep her from her cub. He was her’s and she belonged to him at his birth. She would not be denied what she claimed as her’s by right.


She had fought for days without rest, as others came to see and try and claim him. Pulling in energy and power not seen in 100 lifetimes easily, as she showed the others what she was capable of. Finally after seven straight days of fighting, the last wolf gave up and submitted to her power. She raised her voice up in victory as she pulsed in power. When done she was no longer white with red eyes but strawberry blond with sapphire eyes, to match the boy who had been born a week ago.


She left that same hour to watch over her newly born bond mate. Keeping her presence secret, till the day his powers came into being. She had watched, taught and protected him ever since.


Loki informed Steve as they continued their travels, keeping his mind open so the calf could learn the stories as well. And whom seemed to be fascinated with bonding, and learning more about a world he had thought was kinda boring.


Steve thought about what his bond mate had told him, ridiculously pleased his mate had such a noble, protective and loving companion. Sasha was even more special and he was relieved she was heading towards his mate. To give him the protection and sanctuary he was craving since he had been unable to give him what he most deserved. He hoped she found him soon because he would need her more then ever with the state he was in now. It depressed him that he couldn’t be there for him.


Lifting his head he watched as the land rolled by. The swift stride of his mount carrying him easily. Taking in the richness of the sky even as he longed to be somewhere else. He mentioned quietly to his traveling companions in a wishful manner, “I wish I knew if she has found him yet. I know he is really bad off and needs someone watching over him… Loki what’s wrong?” Steve asked, surprised when he felt his stride stutter for a second and his ears go back in guilt. Loki looking over his shoulder for a second, turned his eyes back to his run. Then he informed Steve that Sasha had found Danny last night, he was safe and protected.


Steve gripped his shoulders tightly in shock, before relaxing completely at the news. Feeling it as all the pent up tension in his body flowed out of him. He felt so relieved he didn’t even care that Loki hadn’t immediately informed him. It was more important that Danny was safe, especially since he couldn’t be there to do the job himself. He closed his eyes, laying his head against the soft fur, as he bent and sprung his body naturally to the back of his wolf. He simply concentrated on his bond with his mate, trying to determine how well off he was. The connection was dim but he could feel it as Danny had relaxed and was feeling secure. It was enough for now.


Thinking on the story told to him, about how Sasha had to fight for Danny, he made him think of another question. Raising his head, he directed his voice to the cocked back ears, “Loki what about you? Did you have to do the same thing when I was born?” He asked quietly over the sounds of the even pounding of his paws. Glancing back at his rider, he informed him yes he had had to fight for the right to bond with Steve. Another wolf had challenged him, but in the end he had won. And like Sasha he had gone to his bond mate within minutes of winning. His own Warrior blood line had won out, as he was bred to do. And he was proud to stand by Steve’s side and carry him forevermore.


Sighing in gratitude for everything the wolf had ever done for him he told him. “Thank you for being with me. I don’t think I could do this, being parted from Danny like this as resignedly as I am.” He leaned forward a bit more and hugged his mount, partner and friend as they continued their journey.


The calf ran beside them, thinking hard. He had no idea companion bonds could be like this. It made him think and think hard about what he wanted to do with his life after all.

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He came awake slowly and cautiously, wondering why he felt warm, safe and loved, for the first time in forever. He huddled in a cocoon of silky soft, warmth and affection which surprised him even more. Slowly looking over his fluffy white blanket, he wondered why he felt this way. Till a nuzzle to his ear startled a shriek out of him, scrambling out of his safe haven, jumping up to escape whatever monster had him, he landed on his sprained ankle with a pained cry. Instantly he was surrounded in feelings of warmth, love and safety, drawn in with a white leg, cushioned against a strong fluffy chest.


“Wha…?” He asked confused, even as he was encouraged to snuggle deeper into the fur. Too tired to care any more, not with those feelings of love and comfort being showered upon him. Murmuring out a question “Who are you?” A purring in his ear, and the answer simply stated was yours. “Mine?” He almost fell asleep again, his eyes closed as he sunk into the safety and comfort being offered.


Sasha looked down at her sad little cub. His hair was bleached white from fright and stress. His powers out of control, as his instincts forced his body to do things it wasn’t ready to do. She had already calmed some of his instincts and power overnight, but it would take many days for her to correct the problem. His cells regenerating at an astonishing rate, as they reformed to adapt to his new home, but every cell was doing it including the ones in his mind. Unlike Steve, who had Loki to keep the changes from overwhelming his mind and losing himself. Controlling the change where it was most important, keeping him sane. Her baby had not had that guidance, and on top of all the other horrors he had to face, it had been to much.


He would be returned to whom he was before all this shit happened, but it would take time. Time, love and patience which she had in ample measures. She would stay by his side forever, give him as much time as he needed. Love him through all the work and play which would be needed, to restore her bright and happy cub. She nuzzled him again and this time he responded by pushing back a bit, returning the affection now that he was no longer scared out of his mind.


He pulled himself away just enough to look up, seeing for the first time, the love filled pale blue eyes. He lost himself in those pale jewels as they looked down on him. He felt safe and peaceful and strangely better. Wounds he had gathered lately and from other parts unknown seemed to be closing. Including those in his heart, as he feared there was no one out there who wanted him. Who wanted to be around him or found him of worth. Here was a being who wanted everything about him and always would. She was his partner.


“I don’t know who you are but I love you.” He whispered as he pushed himself back into her comfortable front. Then felt it as she gathered him in her paws and held him closer. Letting him feel how very much he was wanted and loved. “Will you help me? Will you show me how to live?” Quietly and hopefully he asked his question to the creature holding him.


Sasha licked at his cheek, this time making sure it was gentle enough not to flip HIM out of her paws. She so did love her little cub, and she assured him she would help him in whatever he needed forever. The first order of business is to get something in his belly, he needed food and needed it now.


“I don’t want to let you go.” Plaintively whining in the same manner, as a certain Seal she knew, who wanted to get his own way. She grinned even as she unfolded herself, till she was laying flat on the soft moss covered ground. Nudging him with her nose, she indicated he should climb on. “You sure? You sure it won’t hurt you?” Looking at the broad back and the silky looking fur. She ruffled her shoulders in amusement at the cute question. Then shook her head that it wouldn’t, using her nose to boost him up to her back, via his rump. A little startled, he hiccuped in surprise before settling down. Very carefully she stood up, while she wouldn’t let him fall naturally. It was possible for him to simply fall off, if he wasn’t paying attention.


She walked off from the cozy nook they had slept the night in, letting him grow used to riding her, as she hunted for his breakfast. This time it would be nuts, berries, and leafs, him being not yet strong enough to ride her, as she hunted. Putting her nose to the ground to sniff out the best things for him to eat rather then things which wouldn’t. It took some time and many stops, many times of her laying down, so he could reach that which she wanted him to eat. Or standing up to reach the nuts, she encouraged him to try. For all she found would give him strength for the journey they would be making soon.


Sasha refused to let him climb off her back at all, unless it was to relieve himself. Wishing to keep him near her, and know that he was safe. Walking easily through the woods they enjoyed being together. To him the bond was new, but to her it was a renewal as she carried her cub with love and pride. Once he was back in his right mind, she planned on running across the plains, woods, mountains and beaches. Feeling the wind as it blew along their face, their bodies and their souls. Being together and enjoying everything like they should, running beside their packs mates for the sheer joy of being a pack.


As she walked, happy and content to be carrying her bond mate, he spoke up with a question, “Umm, not to be rude, but I’m not sure what I should call you?” Looking over her shoulder at her rider, she told him her name. He tasted the name on his tongue and found he liked it, “Sasha? That’s a pretty name. I like it.” He grinned happy to have a friend, one that seemed to care for him.


She corrected him quickly, she didn’t seem to care for him she DID care for him. She cared for him deeper then anything else out there. She would stand by his side for all time, protecting him from harm, killing those that tried it. She then showed him a picture of another who would stand by his side. A tall man, taller then him with dark brown hair and piercing jade green eyes. Beside him a black wolf as tall as she, standing just as proudly.


“Who is he?” He licked his lips, because the man she showed him looked absolutely delicious to him.


She smirked at his feelings for the man, but refused tell him his name. Stating his name was for the man to tell him. But the tall man could be trusted with anything he needed, and would protect him as she would. The black who stood beside him was another to be trusted… well he was to be trusted to protect him. Trusted to keep out of the booze or stuffing himself not so much.


Her cub giggled on her back as she showed him the image of a very drunk, then very hungover wolf, who staggered around everywhere. It was very amusing to them both. Plus it allowed him to relax as the bond between them strengthened again. It had been stretched with distance as it was still stretched between Danny and Steve. Seeing the silliness of Loki staggering around was just want her boy needed, a bit of gaiety in an otherwise traumatic time.


Meandering through the lush vegetation, she followed a path that would take her north. She wanted out of the southern wetlands, as soon as possible because of the Outcasts who called this place home. They were a danger to him and she would not stand for him to be in danger any more. Though she passed that thought not to him, he was scared enough as it is. It would take time to leave the place, avoiding the many ponds, streams, sand caches and other obstacles which she knew were put in her way, only to annoy her. But they would leave and she could hunt easier, when not having to watch her back as much. Her little one had lost even more weight, and needed many heavy feedings to put it back on. Regular food from the material realm would not work for him any more. Not till he had regained what he lost, he needed spirit meat to give him the energy needed to finalized his transformation.


“How long before we meet tall, dark and handsome?” He was so cute, asking his questions without a care in the world. But the attraction was there, it was a good sign. Meant their bond was very firm even if dim. His mental state as his system changed, was the cause of his confusion, and would improve now that she was here to help straighten him out. But Steve would have to be the one to finish it. He was the one settled deeply into his heart, and could bring about the final changes in his mind, to let him remember everything he was.


So she told him it would be a few weeks before they could meet up. He needed rest and she was in no hurry to push him. Instead she planned on stuffing his face at every opportunity she could. He was very much in favor of this idea, settling back and resting on her back. It didn’t take much before he was sleeping easily and without care. Finally confident that someone would look out for him.




The calf sighed, as he looked at Steve who was once again eating him. He was really getting tired of being a snack. But it was his own fault, for not bothering to learn how to spirit phase, and now he was paying the price. It did feel different this time around, as he lost control of his physical body. Like something was snapping his bonds, and shoving him into a different lighter form. Steve as he insisted he call him, was very nice and did something never done to him before. He groomed him.


Now he had no idea what a humans idea of grooming was. So when he saw him taking one of his own rib bones and using his sword to cut little grooves in it he was puzzled. When done the man had come over and told him to stand still. He wanted to see if his comb would work. Boy did it, at first it was very strange and confused him. But as his coat smoothed out, and the strokes worked his sides he felt good. It scratched many itches he had and he lulled in pleasure as the comb worked through him. Leaning into the strokes over time and closing his eyes in bliss at the new sensations. When Steve was done he butted his head playfully asking for more, which was granted for a few more strokes. Then he put it away for good and settled down for another lesson with the wolf.


“Okay so now I’m supposed to create a wall? Or a shield? Sasha showed me how to create body shields.” Steve was puzzled trying to learn his next lesson. He wasn’t being stupid but something wasn’t adding up.


Loki patiently explained again what he wanted his companion to do. He wanted him to create a dome around them to block out the light. It would be handy thing in case he needed to protect someone, or just wanted sun blocked or keep the rain off. The way he wanted him to do it, is to summon his black light and form a circle around them. Then reach up in the four corners, similar to when he created the ward in Danny’s room in the hospital. Bring the four lines together, meeting in the center at the top.


Steve’s problem is, he could do it when he just used his power normally, but Loki only wanted him using his black color. Most times he would use them together, but sometimes separate is good. This was a simple exercise to get used to doing things differently. Trying again Steve focused on what he wanted and only picturing his black colors forming the dome. When he lifted his eyes to the top, he gave a large smile, as he saw his work for the first time. Only to have it fall flat as he lost his concentration holding it.


Once Loki stopped laughing, rolling around in the fresh smelling grass, at his trouble he tried it again. Finding it was easier the second then third time around. Loki please his hardheaded Navy mate was such a quick study.


For once, dear god when they had been in basic training and Steve never could figure out how to stuff everything Loki wanted in his duffel. So what if it was against regulations, he needed his distractions (booze) when in the field. Mind wandering back to that time he brought it back to his companion's next words.


“Ugh this is harder then it looks and I’m starving.” Going back to the fire, he plucked a juicy bit of meat off the skewer and began to nibble. Nothing was every wasted, whatever Steve didn’t eat Loki did. Having a moving lunch buffet was a serious advantage. Steve had noticed his own energy demands had increased, as Loki showed him how to use his powers. Because of that, he was grateful to the little calf who really couldn’t be a called a calf, he was almost as big as his mother. Maybe a foot shorter, evidently buffalo took longer to grow in the spirit world? It’s why he made up the comb to see if the little fellow would like to be groomed and he did. Plus the Seal still found it creepy to “kill” the guy, eat him like a prime rib roast, all while the kid was over next to a tree, grazing on grass after he dispatched him. Or at least Loki bumped him off. He didn’t think he could do it cause he was pretty friendly.


Loki didn’t care as much, mostly cause he was also trying to teach the bugger lessons he should have learned long ago. But he was getting there, he was paying more attention and keeping up easily. Still it was getting late and he wanted to get some more traveling in, before they had to make camp for the night. “Loki want to head out?”


The wolf, who had been in the middle of a really vigorous ear scratching, stopped for a second. Looked at his partner with a contemplating eye, then went back to scratching his ear. He would go once this itch was taken care of. Rolling his eyes Steve stood, strolled over to his wolf and reached behind his ear. Digging his finger nails in, he started scratching deeply, Loki eyes turning up in pleasure, leaned into the scratching hard. Tongue lolling out as he found the exact spot that was driving him nuts. Groaning as strong hands subdued the bothersome annoyance.


The calf noticing what was going on, trotted over, rubbed his head against Steve’s other hand and demanded his own attention. Looking over he reached out and began scratching the other creature’s ear. Mock glaring at the pair, “Seriously? I’m a Navy Commander, Seal, Sentinel and Spirit Warrior. But this? THIS Is all you think I’m good for? A glorified scratching post?” He snapped with no venom. The wolf and calf looked at each other, before both nodded at the human among them. “I hate you, I hate you both.” But he continued to scratch, till both were satisfied.


Loki once his ear was taken care of, he stood rounded the corner, out of sight and took care of some needed business. The calf doing the same and Steve shrugging his shoulders followed their nature calling examples. Loki called on the energy within him, and increased his size so Steve could mount, and they could continue their trip. The three of them, could get in quite a few more hours travel and he planned on running long into the night. Steve was learning to sleep on his back, which meant he could spend more time running. The sooner they reached Sasha and Danny the better.


Crouching down so Steve could throw a leg over him, he stood, making sure he was settled. Checking on the calf to make sure he was ready to go. Assuring everything at the camp was taken care of he walked a couple paces flowing into his smooth ground eating lope. He could keep the pace up for hours at this speed without tiring himself. Which was good since they had so far to go.


The three males continued on their journey, keeping eyes out for trouble.


Which was watching them as they continued traveling west.




Sasha was looking for a place to rest for the next few hours. Her cub wasn’t up to hard traveling yet, and she wanted him to get a few hours of sleep laying still. Plus she still needed to get him meat to boost his energy levels. The Guide’s strength was dangerously low, and only getting lower as he didn’t eat enough. Nuts and berries were fine for a quick snack, but he needed so much more. He was being very quiet on her back which was never good, not even when he was in his right mind. She glanced back to see how he was doing and wasn’t happy with the unsure look on his face. Sending feelings of love and acceptance, she encouraged him to tell her what was bothering him. She could pluck it out of his head if she really wanted to, but it was more important to let him learn to focus thoughts on his own.


“Sasha, ummm, I’m hungry. Is there any more berries around here to eat?” He asked shyly, hoping he wasn’t annoying her. Stopping she laid down, allowing him off her back for a few minutes. Then she swept him into her chest with a huge paw and hugged him tightly. Laying her head over his shoulder, and letting him know again just how much she loved him. She let go when she felt his stomach start to rumble insistently. She really wanted meat for him. A good heavy meal of energy is what he needed to kick start his healing and recovery.


Lifting her head up she sniffed around, trying to find something she could hunt. She didn’t want to leave him, but the trauma of seeing her hunt would be to much for him right now. Not after seeing all the spirit beasts fighting earlier, he needed calm not more death. But it was the sound of something snapping branches ahead of her which had her going on full alert. Shoving her cub on her back, she stood, ears back, fanged bared and growl rumbling deep in her chest.


Out of the darkened woods, between a stand of willow and cypress tress, came more dragging and then a snarl of frustration which sounded very familiar to her ears. The same little fox who had helped her bond mate, came from between two thick prickly bushes within the thicket of trees. In his jaws he was carrying a large multi-hued brown rabbit. Which seemed to think it was a great idea to get caught on every thorn in his path, as its limp ear snagged AGAIN. Giving another yank, along with a snarl of frustration at the stubborn bastard of a rabbit. He finally broke free and trotted over to the she-wolf, laying the food at her feet. Looking up he gave a yip of surprise and pleasure, as he wagged his tail happily.


Sasha looked down startled for a moment before the food registered. It was the perfect size for her cub, and best of all he wouldn’t see how it was hunted. Lowering herself down once again she sniffed at the rabbit. It needed to be cooked but that was a simple thing, she pulled on her power for a moment, nudging it with her nose she cooked it quickly with a wave of fire. Looking back at her nervous cub, she encouraged him to slid off and eat.


He looked down from where he was sitting on his wolf’s back. The little fox was back and had something in his mouth. He wasn’t sure what but he trusted his lady to take care of him. He saw the fox place something at her feet, then she knelt down. A flash of warmth then she was encouraging him to dismount. It was then he smelled something that made his mouth water. Stepping forward a few inches, looking around her broad chest, he spotted the meat and didn’t hesitate. He pounced on it like his guardian was encouraging him to do.


With table manners, which would make an active Sentinel Seal who would remain nameless proud, a.k.a. nonexistent at this stage, he dived onto the food. Digging in with teeth as he ripped into the energy packed flesh. As the first swallows hit his stomach he felt good. Energy already filling him and hurts he had been suffering started to heal. His ankle which had been bothering him was the first to go. Second was deep lashes on his back he had no idea how he got. The cuts and abrasions he had suffered on his lost wondering within the wetlands, closing up. When the last morsel was finished, he licked his fingers, then blinked sleepy belly satisfied, eyes up at Sasha.


Nudging him with her nose, she pushed him to her belly. When he had settled down, with his head propped on her shoulder, she covered him with her tail. Lowering her head she had a quiet conversation with the fox. With a happy yip he ran off into the murky swamp land to return later. Sasha looked back at her cub and was pleased to find him deeply asleep. Rest and food is what he needed and she planned on making sure he got both. Planting herself in his head, she began reconstructing his mind. Laying the foundations back to when he was just a few days old. It would take time, but she didn’t care if it took centuries, she would spend the time. But laying the foundation would help steady him, and his own memories would start falling into place as she worked.


An hour later the fox returned with another rabbit, who looked very similar to the first one. Calling her fire again she cooked it quickly. Then with a nudge to her cub and a flick of her tail she woke him.


“Huh?” He asked sleepily, not wanting to wake if he didn’t have to. But when his lady showed him more food he was all for it. With the same lack of table manners, he dived onto the rabbit and savored the feeling of energy hitting him. When done he leaned back on his wolf’s chest and relaxed. Stroking her cheek as she lay her head next to him, he felt good, happy and safe. All things he wasn’t going to take for granted. He knew how fleeting it seemed to be in his life. Some time later he felt the need to answer natures call. Standing he went to a tree a few feet away and under his lady’s watchful gaze watered the bushes. When finished he walked back to the waiting canine.


“Well, now what?” He asked even as he petted her black nose. With a raise of her eyebrow, she indicated her back again. Taking the hint he mounted, loving the feeling of safety he received each time he did so. Once secure, she stood and started on her way. She hadn’t moved more then five steps, before a red and black blur came racing up to her. Lowering her head it zipped up her nose, then settled down as a spot of red color, between her ears. Looking at what had climbed his lady, he smiled as he spotted the fox sitting proudly on her head. Making sure everyone was secure, Sasha moved into a ground eating trot. It wouldn’t tax her cub any to move at a faster clip, now that he had some food in his belly. But he still wasn’t strong enough for a full out run yet.


But for now all was working out well. It was just a matter of time before their pack was together.

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Steve was happy as hell, as Loki continued to run. It was late at night and he was moving at full speed. The moon’s light shining down brilliantly, giving them enough light for the great wolf to see by. At least till Loki showed Steve how he could use his own power to see at night, courtesy of his silver light. Night was McGarrett’s friend now and he may as well get used to it. He was a Sentinel after all and enhanced sight was one of his skills. He, thanks to his enhanced powers, had the ability to see at night, as if it was high noon. So he was enjoying seeing this land at night, the way refracting crystals of energy floated up towards the sky. Sometimes as streamers, other times balls or flakes as they drifted upon the wind. The moonlight making each crystal prism stand out against its fellow crystal. Each living creature gave off a signature crystal energy glow, as they moved along the plain. He could see deer, elk, cattle and others roaming around with an ethereal aura around them. There were birds flying over head from time to time and smaller creatures he couldn’t see due to the height of the grass. But each had its own life signature and he relished in the idea he could see all this because of his bond with his mate.


Steve closed his eyes in bliss, at the way his wolf’s body moved effortlessly as Loki ran. Carrying him easily and contently as they continued their journey. The Seal could tell it was strengthening their own bond which he loved. This wolf was his brother and he would stand by him for all time. When he needed to give his mate comfort, Loki would be there offering his own version of encouragement, the bastard. But he would also defend the man even if Steve couldn’t, keeping what he held most dear safe. Steve would grow stronger in time with his help, teaching him lessons and showing him the best ways. He could not have a better pack mate.


Glancing to his left, when he heard a very faint snort on the wind, he could see a large group of creatures in the distance. He didn’t pay them much mind, they were moving slowly and Loki wasn’t going to go near them. They looked like wild razor back hogs, and some of the boars, he did not want to mess with. Large tusks and cloven hooves which looked sharp as hell. Powerful shoulders, with thick backs and strong hindquarters. They were rooting through the grasses of the plains looking for late night suppers.


Turning his gaze back to the front, he concentrated on the animals ahead of them. They were coming up to a herd of long horn cattle, who were grazing lazily. Loki moved through them easily and passed the entire herd, in just a few minutes. Then the bleat of the calf, as he was rammed in the side, snatched his attention. Swiveling his head around, he discovered the cause of his cry of pain.


The calf was down with a half dozen hogs attacking him, holding him down with tusks, teeth and hooves. Loki slid to dirt digging, grass uprooting stop, to turn back when he was rammed from the side he wasn’t facing. With a yelp of pain he scrambled for balance, claws digging into the soil. Crystal streamers which had been floating gently, stirred up and shattered, as he tried to keep Steve on his back. Another ram to his hip, from a thick tusk shoved against him, and he went down. Throwing his bond mate across the churned up ground.


Already the sounds of battle was being heard across the plains.


In shock from being tossed, he picked himself up quickly, many years of black ops training kicking in instantly. Shaking his head from the blow with the ground, Steve gathered his confused senses and rushed to his companions defense. Over 50 head of large tusk hogs were actively attacking them, in the space of less then a minute. Snorts, squeals, and snarls were heard, even as the crunch of unseen dried twigs, grasses, bones and rocks being shattered played a counter tune to the battle.


The Navy Commander and Sentinel Seal, heard the calf was crying out in pain and fear and that would not do. Snarling in rage, his eyes lit up in murderous death at a young creature under his protection being attacked without provocation. It pulled at all his senses of justice, fairness and the need to care for those which he claimed for his own. He would not stand for another person he cared for being hurt and failing again to come to their aid. He had failed his mate and look where they were now, he would not fail with the calf or his brother wolf.


Putting his hands together, grimly smiling, he pulled out his sword. Eyes widening at the welcome sight of the flames which formed the sword. Black Silver and Blue were his colors and before his arrival into the spirit realm they were large and impressive. But compared to what they were now it was as if they had been muted. Now his dark flames sprang up as tall as himself, Midnight black the dominant color, as it swirled around the blade itself. Moon Silver and Fathom Blue kissing the black edges of the flames as the sword finished forming. The Wolf head emblem in the hilt itself snarled, eyes blazing blue while the fangs opened revealing silver fangs ready to deal death. The Warrior sword itself was taking offense at the attack on its companions, ready to do its Masters bidding in ridding the attackers from their presence.


Racing into the fight the Spirit Warrior didn’t hesitate, swinging his battle eager and battle ready, Wolf head sword through pork bellies, shoulders and heads. The hogs taking exception to the damage being done to them, returned with their own more powerful show of force. Blood dripping tusks came for him, ripping into his own flesh, gouging his legs, arms and torso, causing him to cry out, but his instincts kicked in and he phased out. Dropping his form and reforming instantly before attacking again. His sword howling gleefully through the onslaught as he went to the calf’s side. The little one was down but strangely the pigs were just keeping him down rather then killing him.


It was Loki the infernal hogs of war were after, as they ripped into his flesh, biting at his ears, his sides, his legs and his tail. Ripping their elongated teeth deeply into his belly and his throat. Blood pooling at their feet from both sides, the Warrior Wolf was lashing out savagely, ripping with his own large poison dripping fangs, and razor sharp claws in his huge paws. Snapping and snarling even as he was tossed over again, the herd of glorified bacon and sausage ravaged his body. Digging deeply into his form with their cloven hooves till with a snap he phased himself, reformed his own body and continued to go after the wild pigs. He was enraged they would do something like this, attack what he claimed for his own, attack an innocent child, something which went against all the cub loving instincts wolves had. He began to gather his own furious power to teach them a lesson the fuckers would not soon forget.


Steve deadly intent plastered to his calculating face raced to his brother’s side, slashing at the pigs who had the gall to take on the awesome beast. Losing himself, falling deeper into his own feral fighting instincts when he saw how Loki had to change form, his body so damaged and he unable to escape the mob. Warrior Sword with Black Feral Fire swirling lit into the red, black, brown and gray spirit animals and at this point he did not care, he was killing them, driving them away from his small pack. Forcing them to leap back away from his weapon, spinning to keep them at bay but more hogs kept coming. Slashing at him with tusk and hoof and distracting him with their calls for death and squeals of pain and anguish. He turned his back to a group of large males, so he could attack an even large group of pigs attacking Loki, when the group behind him took advantage of his distraction.


Rushing him with heads bowed and snouts bloody from the black wolf, they hit the Sentinel from behind and he went down, hard on his knees. Feeling it as tusks and hooves pierced into his back, and through his belly, imbedding themselves into the ground itself. Till the pigs finally and painfully yanked their heads up, ripping into his organs and destroying more of his form. Taking shallow breaths of air, he tried to change again, drop his form and create a new body, but he was stomped in the head by a thick hoof and addled. The suddenly confused state of his mind, came back to his wolf, who leapt to his side. Ripping the swine off him, standing over his chosen’s prone form, using his own horse sized body as a shield, till Steve could recover. Shaking his head to clear it the Spirit Warrior opened his senses as wide as he could and started calling up even more of his own power. The energy which had been shattered and blown across the plains, started blowing towards him, in answer to his call.


Digging deeply into reserves he hadn’t tapped before, he summoned the power gifted to him from this realm. Roaring out his infuriated frustration at the entire situation, the whole unfairness which his life was. He was without his mate, the man his life, heart, soul and world revolved around. These beast were preventing him from traveling to his side and showering him with the love and devotion Danny deserved as no other person in either realm did. He couldn’t take it, he screamed at the world around him. Not even realizing it when he blasted the pigs off the poor scared calf, and shielded him with a dome made of black protective fire. That distraction gone though the energy needed to keep the shield going was huge, he turned back to the pigs attacking his four legged soul mate.


More and more razor backs kept coming under the bright moon light, he could see their energy patterns, clear as the noon day sun, as they swayed in a wild frenzy around them. He stood at Loki’s side, slashing with his deadly fire, guarding him while his wolf sank fang and poison into the beasts. Suddenly a clarion bellow of porcine temper was heard over all the other sounds of battle going on. A huge black and gray boar with yellow death dealing eyes, as large as Loki himself, came storming into the group, the other pigs parting before their King. The Hog, maddened at the sight of so many of his herd defeated, sank both tusks right into the wolf’s throat. Ripping it out even as he snorted something wetly into the blood dripping cavity, which caused the wolf to shriek in unholy pain, lifting the struggling canine up, and tossing him nearly 200 feet from the group.


“LOKI!” Steve screamed out even as his temper completely snapped. Instincts reacting to the sudden silence in his mind from his fallen friend. Reaching out with his left hand, he shot another wave of black flame at his downed companion. Forming a second thicker dome to protect the wolf who had not stood up from his final wound at the King Boars attack. Turning he gave the largest boar he had ever seen a deadly smile.


Voice so deep and assured as his Feral protective nature finally was fully loosed. “You who would come between me and what I claim shall not do so again.” Raising his sword up, a pillar of black fire blazing towards the moon which shined down on the battle around him, he spun in a circle, the black fire morphing to silver as he began his final attacks. The Silver flames flowing like liquid in the air, as he decapitated every single pig jostling around him. The Silver flames leaving black spots of energy over the swine bodies, which began to pop with blue flickers. The blue flickers of fire spreading over the corpses, dissolving their very cell make up, just like Steve had done before to the island he had destroyed.


The only one left, as he had intended had been the King Boar, who cast his eye over the rapidly dissolving bodies of his fellow pigs. Turning back to the Sentinel, the swine glared at him with menacing, deadly yellow eyes and charged.


Taking his sword, black once again the primary color, holding it horizontal before him, he wrapped it in fathom deep silver tipped flames. Placing his left hand on the wolf pommel, keeping his right foot before him, back foot keeping him balanced, he closed his eyes, and phased himself as the pig ran through him. The Snarling Wolf sword staying solid and true, as the King impaled himself. Squealing in unexpected agonizing pain he tried to back off the sword but Steve would not have it. Instead he sent his power out to each cell of the creature. Turning them into liquid fire of black, silver and blue. The boar cried out in tormented anguish, as he was melted from the inside out, turning into a puddle of energy before the Sentinels inflamed green eyes.


As the pig continued to cry, squeal and bellow in maddened distress, the rest of the herd who had been about to attack, backed off. When the last of the King Boars cries were nothing but whispers on the wind, they disappeared. Steve looked down at the pile of energy which had been the largest pig ever and with one last shove of his mind, blew the energy away. Circling around he checked for any more enemies and found none. The fields around him, cut and ground up from the battle, were completely empty of every living creature on the land or in the air. The only things he could see were the two domes he was maintaining.


Wanting to drop to his knees, but knowing he needed to check on his mates. He turned loose the dome on the calf. Who sprang up terribly shaken, but remarkable unhurt. Fluffing himself out, he trotted over to Steve looking for comfort. He petted him for a minute as he gathered his wits and his strength. Then he moved to where he was covering Loki. Calling back his power, feeling through his body, as the energy drain lessoned, he witnessed the damage to his friend.


It wasn’t as bad as could be, but Loki would not be traveling any more tonight and wouldn’t be up for much tomorrow. He had multiple gashes, punctures and slashes all across his body. Energy was flowing sluggishly out of him even as he lay within the green circle of grass he had been tossed on. The King Pig had done something to his brother, because he wasn’t conscious at the moment. Placing a shaking hand on his wolf’s side, he could feel how much pain his brother was in. He needed to do something, so closing his eyes, he concentrated on healing him like he did with Danny. While not nearly as skilled and never would be, he could at least take some of the pain away like he did with his Guide’s headaches.


The calf came up and nosed at the prone wolf. Then his own instincts kicked in showing him how he could help. He began pouring what energy of his own he could, into his odd teacher. The wolf’s body took the helping hand like the lifeline it was, and applied it to his many wounds. Both upright companions, watching as injuries began to slow down the flow of blood and finally close. At the same time Loki returned back to the land of the living, blinking pain hazed green eyes at his companion. Not sure what had happened, till he saw how badly off his own human was, growling at Steve to stop, he rolled himself up to all fours. The energy needed to fight off the herd, was immense and he could feel just how much Steve had expended. Both of them needed food but the beast refused this time to use the calf. The little one had been shook up and he didn’t need the image of his companions ripping into him this night as well.


The calf realized what both of his traveling companions needed, and knew the best solution was him. Turning his head this way and that, looking at the aftermath of the battleground. He thought hard about the lessons both wolf and man, had been trying to teach him. Looking within himself, he pooled his energy and tried the snap Steve had been describing to him. With a weird bleat of surprise, he found himself out of his own solid body, and floating just a few feet to the side of it. He could see as it fell to the ground, and nervous at this new development, wished he was back in his solid body. Focusing again he imagined what he normally felt like, and with another bleat full of wonder this time, he was back. The excited calf danced in place, making sure everything was working and was delighted to know it was.


Loki who hadn’t been paying much attention to the calf antics, instead was watching his Sentinel closely. When he had gone down, he had unintentionally let go on the link he was using to keep his mind stable. Steve had gone a little crazy at the end, as he took down the King. But remarkably not as badly as he thought he would. Meant he was acclimating to the environment faster then expected. Pleased, he still wished he had something to eat. He was drained especially after having to spirit phase himself in the middle of a battle, against multiple creatures, while watching over his mind mate. Something he normally didn’t have to do, and honestly didn’t want to think about doing again any time soon.


The calf came up and butted his head against his shoulder, and with a snarl prepared on his lips, he looked over at the bothersome youngster. He really didn’t need this now. Then he looked at what the calf was trying to pull towards him, but having difficulty with. Raising astonished eyes to the boy, the calf gave a hopeful smile. Softening his green eyes, he licked the calf in thanks, before gobbling the very much appreciated meat down. Ripping a piece off for Steve to eat, as soon has he recovered his breath. The calf seeing how fast the meat was going and knowing his temporary guardian was still starving, changed forms again right next to him. It would be enough for the night.


Steve breathing heavily as he recovered, watched as the calf gave his wolf food and crawled over, getting his own share. He was starving and needed the energy the meat would give him. Using a bit of black fire, he cooked it quickly and with typical Seal manners gobbled it all down. When he couldn’t eat another bite he lay next to his wolf’s belly. Loki laying down on his side, covered his partner with his tail, and both were asleep in moments.


The calf blinked at both of his mates. Knowing exactly what it meant for the wolf to fall asleep. While young he had proven himself to the wolf. Loki was trusting him to look after the pair, for the few hours he would need, before he could take up the watch. He had never been trusted before, always told he was a foolish silly calf, who needed to grow up. Well, today he had, and now he was being trusted by one of the strongest predators around. He flicked his tail in giddy wonder at the feeling. Looking down at the two, he sniffed one more time to make sure all was right, then moved off far enough he wouldn’t disturb them. Then he set about watching the plains, keeping a sharp ear, eye and nose out for any trouble. He would keep guard until the others were ready to relieve him.




Many miles away the King Boar reformed himself in a huff. That damn sword hurt like a bitch, more then he was expecting anyway. Along with his entire herd who, looking around were all here and accounted for. Good then his deal was done and his favor paid. Scanning with his eyes, he spotted who he was looking for, high up on a rocky outcropping. Trotting up the trail, he shook himself when he reached the other spirit animal standing there. Snorting a question, he asked if his debt was repaid or if he would be required to do more work?


The other creature shook his head, letting him know his debt was repaid from so many centuries ago. And no favor was required back for him reforming his herd, which hadn’t been part of the bargain. The King was surprised and pleased, dealing with this particular person was always an intriguing idea. He had anticipated he would have to reform his herd himself in the coming days and weeks. The Warrior had really done a number on them, more then they thought he was capable of at the moment. Snorting once more, informing him if he did need help to call upon him to bargain once again, he went back down the path. A few minutes later he was leading his herd away from the outcropping.


The White Wolf didn’t turn around to watch them leave. Instead he watched over the three, who had passed the first of many tests. In the coming weeks, there would be more as he did his own duty. The Sentinel’s own mental state was not as strong as it should be, through no fault of his own, not that he believed it. Steve did not feel confident any more in his abilities to protect his mate. It was his job to change those feelings. So after the black cub did his own teachings, he would follow along and make sure those teachings were solid. The Sentinel would learn his true strength, and never doubt again that he could be the protector he wanted to be for his mate.


Settling down on the outcropping, out of sight of the three who were not looking anyway, he waited. When they moved on the next day he would as well. For now he would simply guard and make sure they were not disturbed.




Sasha trotted along the wooded path, following her nose as she headed towards the West. She had cut through the grasslands, on her sprint towards her cub, but it was actually easier to go around them. Besides it would do her ward good to see the beach, help remind him of all the things he loved to hate about it. She snickered to herself at the idea. She knew he didn’t hate it nearly as much as he said he did nowadays. But he was still cautious and it would be a while before he would go in it again. Especially after the terror of being shipwrecked on the open ocean during a massive storm, then captured by those bastards and tortured out of his mind. She would need to talk to Zijan later and thank him for his service. He was a good spirit animal and was there for both men when she and Loki couldn’t be.


That weapon used on them was disturbing. Twice now they had felt it. The first time she and Loki thought they had it handled and could withstand a hit. Now she was not so sure. But she didn’t want to have it happen a third time, so she would simply increase her powers in the earthen realm, to a degree if she was hit again with it, nothing would come from the intense pressure it had used. That is why they had to go back so abruptly. It had taken all the energy they typically used in the regular world, to fight off the effects of severing their bond with their bond mates. Lesser spirit animals would not be able to recover for months, if not years from the amount of energy drained from them. She suspected that’s what had happened to the Southern Wetland Outcasts. If that was the case, then she and Danny had a lot of work to do, once he was better. She wouldn’t stand for bond mates to be separated, and her cub had the power to reunite. How he got the power she hadn’t a clue, but he had it and it had come in very useful.


She felt something tapping on her hips, she glanced back to see the little fox, stretching before resuming his nap. He was another good spirit animal, waiting for his bond mate to appear and she hoped the person did. He was smart, cunning, kind, and a willing fighter. He helped her cub out simply because it was the right thing to do, and hopefully would lead to him learning more about bond mates. He would be traveling with them till they met up with her pack mates. Helping to care for her cub, because she could not hunt easily right now. It was too soon for him to see her make kills, and she would not leave his side. Him going to relieve himself 10 feet away, was the furthest he had been from her since they reunited. And even then she watched like a hawk, to make sure nothing came for him.


So far nothing had disturbed their travels. But it might have something to do with the, “If you think about fucking around with me, I will rip your fucking throat out in seconds” vibe, she was projecting all around her. Along with the fact she was a very large predator, who was very powerful. A possessive she-wolf who knew quite a few tricks, and was willing to use them all in defense of her cub. She knew she would need to eat soon, so she could continue to work on her boy’s mind. It was seriously screwed up, and not ready for the stresses which lessons would cause. He didn’t even know his own name and she didn’t plan on telling it to him.


Instead she planned on restoring his memories, and letting who he was come gently to him. Already she had finished restoring the first year of his life. He didn’t remember it, but still the memories where there. Listening, learning, adapting, all things babies learn quickly. It was lucky in some ways he was only 31 years of age. If he was say 131 or even 1031 years of age it would suck so much ass. She would still do it, but it would cause her ward so much more confusion, as he restored himself.


A sudden launch off her ass had her stopping and looking around alert for danger. The fox was gone, racing into the deep wetland woods and she wasn’t sure where. Trying to decide if she should continue on or wait, it was the sound of a quiet scream which had her growling. The fox returned a few minutes later, with a very plump pheasant in his teeth and an indignant squawk, following him a minute later. Chuckling as she realized what happened, she settled down into the cool undergrowth. Her cub was still sleeping easily and she was loathed to wake him. He needed rest as much as he needed food.


The fox came back and presented it to her. With a cock of his masked head, explaining the food was for her, not the cub. Drawing her head back she looked at him baffled. He told her if she didn’t mind small things for the time being, he would hunt for all of them. He understood she did not want to part from the little one. He was not ready to see her kill herself, not after the previous carnage. She needed to keep her strength up, just as much as the young one needed to build his. He would do the hunting in return for a ride as they moved northwest. Grinning down at the much smaller creature she nodded. It would work out well for the time being.


With a yip of excitement, he took off again and she settled down to eat. Chuckling as she heard the same scream, followed by the same indignant squawk a few minutes later. The fox came back and dropped another pheasant at her feet. Before taking off in a different direction and she didn’t blame him. If he tried for a third time for the same pheasant, the bird would probably peck his balls off. When he came back it was with another rabbit, this time white in his jaws and this he set aside for her cub. Pleased she sent her power to cook it, and it was this smell which woke him. He sniffed even as he looked around with sleepy eyes, before yawning and stretching. “Sasha? Why’d we stop?” Nosing his leg she pointed towards the cooked rabbit. Eyes lighting up at the sight of food, he easily slid down and reached for it. Taking a bite he closed his eyes in bliss as the juicy food hit his empty belly. So many meals in a row was spoiling him, but he would take it. A deep growl had him freezing, with the next bite halfway to his mouth. He looked into his wolf’s eyes, to see them full of displeasure. Not sure what he had done to upset her, must have been him eating, so he slowly started putting the food down. Only to have her growl even more with disapproval at his actions.


“Sasha what’s wrong?” He was starting to get scared. She glared and showed him, how she didn’t like the idea of him thinking he was being spoiled, because he was being fed. It brought her a lot of happiness and contentment, to see him stuffing himself. She planned on seeing him enjoying being fed, for a long time to come. She didn’t want to hear him thinking any more, that food was a gift which might be taken from him at any point.


Looking down at his hands, he sniffed for a second in heavy emotion. To have someone care so much for him was a change. He couldn’t recall anyone else loving him that much. When she growled a third time, he took the hint and began stuffing himself again. Grinning when her growl turned into a pleased purr, and her tail wagged a few times. The rabbit helped but he was still hungry, and wasn't sure if there was anything more to eat. The fox came back with a large branch of blueberry’s in his jaws. Dropping it he raced off and brought more back, till there was a large pile in front of him. Reaching out carefully, he tried one and found them tasty. Plucking them, he made sure to not miss a single one, and found himself content afterward.


He stretched out his legs in front of him, while raising his arms wide as he yawned. The fox came back soon, with another rabbit this time for Sasha. She slurped it up quickly then nudged her boy up. Encouraging him to stand and take care of any business he might need to. She wanted to be on their way and they still had much daylight they could travel in. Smiling in happiness he moved off a few feet, took care of his business, then returned and mounted the she-wolf. The fox shimmied up as well and she headed out at a brisk trot again.


Ears up, eyes clear and nose going on full, Sasha trotted through the woods, jumping streams and logs if they were not to troublesome. Allowing her cub to get used to the different movements of her body. At the moment he was sitting up enjoying himself, as he gripped her white belly with his legs. His hands were holding on to her ruff loosely, enjoying the closeness of being with her. When she jumped it was as if she was flying and he enjoyed it. Gleefully laughing at the way the air hit his face, while the sun warmed it, the same way her antics were warming his heart.


Dusk was approaching when Sasha decided it was time to camp. Lifting her nose up, she sniffed around for a place which would be good to stay. The fox jumping down, as he went to scout what had been his home range for years. Sasha followed a deer trail to a glen with various fallen trees around it. Putting her nose down she sniffed for anything that might be dangerous, but found no recent scents. Ears alert she took a few tentative steps but something was warning her back. The glen floor had a strange shimmer she realized shouldn’t be there with the angle of the sun. The ferns on the perimeter were not moving with the breeze, unlike the canopy above of various ash wood, cypress and willows.


Ears flat on her head, she raised her lips in a snarl, displaying two foot long fangs. Stepping back she made to leave, when it exploded out of the hidden and glamoured water. A 30 foot green anaconda hurtled towards them, mouth open to snatch something to start her deadly dance of constriction. While it wouldn’t hurt Sasha, her cub was another story. He had no clue how to do anything yet in this world, and it was her responsibility to keep him safe. She side stepped her lunge and rather then fight turned to run. Her cub was the only thing important to her, her cub who had been sleeping on her back for the last hour.

Chapter Text

The calf continued to watch late into the night, thinking hard about what he wanted in his life. His two traveling companions had protected him from real danger today. Rather then the silly hunting danger, he had been toying with since he was born. Toying with it, cause there was nothing else for him to do, he thought with his life. But these two, they were going out and helping others. Facing dangers because people they cared about needed them too. As he grazed, pulling up grass and chewing absently, he thought about what he wanted to do, now that his eyes had been opened to the possibility of bonding. He had never really thought about it before as a concrete fact, more like an obscure idea. But seeing these two in action made him realized how strong their friendship, love and devotion to each other was.

He paused his grazing to look up at the bright moon, seeing its silver light as it shined down on him and the two heavily sleeping creatures near him. They were of the dark but they feared no shadow, they embraced it because they were strong enough and born to it. They used the dark to help others and were proud of it. When the human had come to his wolf’s aid, there had been no hesitation he had used his powers to save him. Hell Steve had used his powers to save him first. Creating a dome he had only just learned to create this day to protect his foolish ass.

Loki had told him he was coming along to be a snack, for as long as he needed to learn how to spirit phase. Well, he learned it and learned it well. He had changed twice so they could get a good feeding, and now he had to decide what he was going to do. Looking northeast was his home and where he should go in the morning. But southwest is where Steve and Loki’s family was.

Putting his head down again he started to graze. Heavy thoughts could wait till morning. He needed to rebuild his energy from two shifts and a fight.


The super sized hungry snake lunged for her, and she felt it as her sleeping cub began to slip from her back. That wasn’t going to happen, not on her watch. Slipping her hips around, she came up under the man, centering him against her back, and belted him down with a shot of her own power. He was waking and waking fast and already she could feel the mindless fear starting to take hold in his fragile state. Everything scared him at the moment, and she had not had enough time yet to heal his mind so he could start processing multiple elements. So she locked his mind down, pulling him under and hoping to god he wouldn’t wake up. Steve did the same thing, but if he was upset it didn’t matter. Her cub would wake up and demand to know what is going on. How he did it she hadn’t a clue and still didn’t know if it was a good or bad talent, but right now she had other things to worry about.

She felt it as he slipped back into unwilling sleep, but already he was fighting her hold on him. Then she pulled harder, and he submitted to her will, giving up his fight and returning to his rest. Shaking her head as she danced out of the way of the attacking reptile, she contemplated her odd chosen. Some instinctive need of his was calling him to come out and help, his Guide instincts deeply focused on helping others no matter how badly it affected his own well being. Growling in annoyance at the normally helpful habit, she sank her thick fangs into the snake’s thickly scaled neck right behind the head. The snake immediately began to coil up her green and black diamond scale body, around the white leg of her prey. Sasha was having none of it, her cub had been put into enough danger, and she was not going to put up with him being put into any more.

Growling viciously, shaking her head while sinking razor sharp teeth deeper into the cold blooded flesh, she blasted the enemy with Ancient energy. The snake with a shriek of pained surprise at the turn of events, disintegrated completely into spirit form and was spread by the Arctic Winter Winds, the Elder line wolf conjured up. The force of her cold winds, mirrored by her temper, froze the shimmering pond solid, it would be hours before it thawed. Breathing heavily now that the stupid snake was gone, she understood the shimmer had been a ruse to bring unwary into her midst. It was a large pond with a green skim over it made to look like solid ground. Snorting it was solid for the moment and any who tried to walk on it would be sliding on their ass all over the place. Hopefully they would be paying attention and realized they had an impromptu ice skating rink.

Temper still short, the cub on her back secure, but in her mind no longer safe in these lands. Not wanting to take a chance with any more hidden dangers, or Outcasts coming for the pair of them, she howled. The fox came immediately, knowing not to be around when the big animals were fighting. Scrambling up her leg, he sat behind her shoulders. Making sure she had a firm hold on her cub both with body and mind she began to run. Jumping logs, tree’s, stream, still lakes, anything that was in her way. She was in a hurry and she didn’t want to stay in a place that had so much danger. Better to get out into the open where she could see danger coming.

It would take her hours to reach the western edge of the wetlands. Lifting her nose high she constantly sniffed the wind, hunting for any who may try to stop her. Jumping a high cliff spanning a slow moving tributary below, she landed easily on the other side. Pushing her way through the brush and undergrowth, careful of the logs rotting around her, she made sure her cub would not fall. He still slept soundly on her back as far as she could tell, but she didn’t hold out much hope he would stay that way. He needed to be fed, but she wanted out of this humid hellhole as soon as possible.

The sun overhead, traveled with her, providing what light it could as she made her way out of the eastern part of the wetlands and hit the full western areas. With the purple flowers, large berry patches amidst the tall trees, rotting logs spanning slow moving waters. Other animals she scented made themselves scarce, for she was taking no chances at being stopped. Twice a coupling hunting cats tried to stop her and she didn’t hesitate, simply projecting her rage at the temerity of the beasts trying to stop her. She blasted them into pure energy, using the wind of her passage to keep them from reforming till she was gone. They had been very disgruntled because they were just curious about the human and didn’t realize her temper was gone.

Dusk came and went, merging into night as the sun decided to take a break for a few hours. Careful of where she put her paws, she did not want another incident, like at the river bed. She ran via moonlight using her power to see better at night. Slowing only slightly due to darkness, her cub heavy on her back. She could feel him sleeping but it wasn’t comfortable, he knew something was wrong but couldn’t figure out what was going on. He was worried but didn’t have the strength to figure out how to break the hold she had on him.

Which worked out for her, when the sun started rising again at dawn she was loping along sandy beaches. The wetlands finally gone behind her, she could concentrate on her companion. She might simply find a safe place to hole up for a while and heal him as best she could. He wouldn’t mind staying put and she could hunt food for him. He needed energy and the more he ate without moving, the faster he would heal. Yes, finding a place to stay for a few days would be good. Happy with her decision she began to hunt for a cozy cave or den to stay in.


Danny didn’t let Sasha know he was awake, he knew it would upset her to know he had been. Keeping his eyes closed and his body relaxed as if he slept, he could feel her moving at a steady pace under him. He didn’t have the heart to tell her, he had been awake for the entire snake fight. He wasn’t sure how he was able to break her hold but he had, might have something to do with his instincts, which seemed to be constantly doing something to his mind. While he had been terrified during the fight, something within himself, seemed to think this was normal for him. He honestly hadn’t been as terrified of the snake and what it could do to him, but scared out of his wits that Sasha would be hurt, he loved her with everything he had. If she came to harm he didn’t know what he would do, but he was sure it wouldn’t be pretty. The familiarity of being in danger as a regular thing, he didn't think came from Sasha taking on dangerous foes. Then a face popped into his head, it was the delicious looking man, with the jade green eyes and the tempting package in his pants, they were off to meet. The feeling of heading into danger and it being normal came from him.

Growling in instinctive response, ’I swear when I see Steve I’m going to kill him.’ Blinking, he wondered where the name came from. Sasha hadn’t told it to him, and he hadn’t been around the man yet. But Steve fit so well, and he could feel there was some connection between him and the yummy looking guy. For now he wasn’t going to stress over it. Sasha would protect him, she was honest about all her feelings towards him, he believed her when she said he would find out who the guy was. Instead he leaned forward as if settling deeper into sleep, and began moving with her body as she ran. His legs tucked up before her hips while his hands held onto her ruff.


Sasha glanced over her shoulder as she ran across the beach, checking on her cub. He was moving around and gripping her like a rider and she had not shown him how to. But he was moving and flexing properly and making the run much more comfortable. She suspected he was awake, but his mind was relaxed as if asleep and dreaming. She grimaced, his mind was a sneaky place and even she didn’t know the full extent of the powers he had. Hiding when he was awake, when everyone really wanted him asleep was one of them. Being unable to tell when he woke up from being pulled into sleep was another. She kept an eye on him and his mind, but continued to run down the coast, until her own belly was grumbling for food.

She hadn’t wanted to run the rest of yesterday, all night and then into the morning, but to ensure her chosen’s safety she had. Now her bond mate needed food. But she wanted to find a safe place to hole up for a few days. To let him rest and recover from the various ordeals he had to endure for the past couple of week, and looking up she thought she just found it.

Up on the cliffs running along the beach front, she spotted a cave with no trail to it. It had a large over hang to hide it from predators from the top and protection from rain, but a wide view of the beach for miles. Leaping up she squatted down to check inside and found it just the right size, it was around five foot tall so both of them would have to duck to get inside it. The floor was covered in fresh ocean scented sand, mercifully free of large rocks, but it did have old plant matter inside.  Off to the right of the entrance, tricking down was a tiny stream of water falling with a cheerful crystal sound, as it found its final resting place 16 feet below in a small pool. The pool emptied into another creek which bubbled its way merrily along towards the ocean, lapping at the sand around 50 feet away.  Licking at the waterfall, she found it fresh so they had water, which was a load off her mind, one less thing for her to try and find later. Turning back to her rider she nudged at her cub’s knee to wake up and slide off. Raising his head, he looked around after blinking sleepy eyes, then slid off. The fox followed him easily.

“Sasha what are we doing here?” He sat down in the soft sand, looking up at the huge white wolf with deep blue eyes. Looking down at her partner she tilted her head, something was different about him. Shaking it she would deal with it later, for now she really had to go and hunt something big. She hated to leave him, but it would be better if she went and hunted in the day light. Turning to the little fox she asked if he would stay with her cub. The fox grinned, eager to be of use. She wanted something which would feed all three for the next day or so, and the fox just wasn’t big enough this time around to hunt the prey she wanted.

Jumping down from the lofty cave, she turned her nose to the area and breathed deep. She could detect nothing dangerous, but still she wanted to be gone for as little time as possible. She really hated leaving him though, she paced outside the cave undecided as to what would be best. Staying and protecting him, but not getting him the food his system needed, or leaving and hunting the big game so he could finally start feeding properly. He needed to be protected and she was the only one who could. She looked up at the cave again pondering, before deciding he needed food and she would just have to find something quick. She was just stepping away, when her instincts screamed at her that something was coming. Jerking her head back and forth, she spotted it when a fin started to rise out of the ocean. Spinning around she faced the sea, as the fin grew larger, and it was coming towards her.

Growling she glared as the large animal continued to move towards her, then it leaped out of the water and started swimming in the air. Holding something massive in its jaws. Her ears which had been laid back, showing her furious displeasure at another animal possibly attacking what she claimed as her’s, suddenly popped right up. Her white plumbed tail stood out in surprise behind her, as the great white shark deposited a large sunfish at her feet.  She looked down at it, then back up as Zijan winked at her, before circling around to study her cub above her.

He was standing on the ledge, nervously eyeing the flying fish but not trying to get away. Zijan looked him over very carefully, taking in his silver hair and dark blue eyes. The way his clothes, tatters really, hung off his too thin frame. Zijan shook his head, he didn’t like seeing the man who had freed his own bond mate, in this state. But he was whole and he was with his spirit animal so he would be well in time. The shark had come because so many people in the material world were worried sick about the pair of them. Finally his own Sentinel, with much disgust at how they couldn’t even let the men have a couple weeks privacy to do what they needed to do, had suggested he return to his home plain and see if he could find them. The blond he happened to find first, he wasn’t sure if he would bother looking for the Sentinel. He gauged his general direction and he was still several hundred miles inland. Much further then he wanted to travel just to give some humans an update on both. He would return instead to the material plain and let others know that the Guide had been found.

Sasha barked at him and he floated over with a large tooth filled smile towards her. She explained she didn’t want others to get their hopes up. They would not be returning any time soon. Possibly not for months and it would be best if they continued on with their lives. Steve and her cub had much to learn and experience now that they were here. Also she didn’t want them sending their own spirit companions after them. They would be a distraction to her and her pack mates as they taught the two their lessons. Her cub had many issues that she would be working on and she needed to concentrate on him. Not updates for their loved ones no matter how much they wanted it.

She didn’t like telling him these things but their pack mates had put so many people before themselves, and they would continue to do so in the future. But this time the wolves needed them to concentrate on themselves. To grow strong, learn their lessons, and control the powers gifted to them. They would not be able to concentrate, if they were constantly bombarded with requests for updates or worse yet, requests to return. This time the spirit world had to come before the material world, simply to let the men learn how to be the Spirit Guide and his chosen protector and guardian the Spirit Warrior.

Zijan circled around her as she spoke to him, nodding at a few other points. Then with final circle around Danny with an affectionate bump to his shoulder, he floated back into the ocean sinking out of sight. The shark never mentioned to Sasha, anything about him coming back and keeping a long distance eye on them. He would not bug her, understanding and agreeing both men needed to be taught the rules of the spirit world and quickly, but if she happened to come across a few more fished tossed her way, he was sure she wouldn’t mind.

Sasha watched him leave, making sure he was truly gone, before she looked down at the fish he had brought and sighed in happiness. Now she wouldn’t have to leave her little one to go hunt. Plus the fish was very large and would last for a few days. It was good, she could concentrate on repairing the damage done to her cub, rather then hunt. Picking the fish up in her jaws, she jumped back to the cave entrance, squatting down quickly to not bump her head. Shrinking to her normal size, she dragged the fish in and set to work cooking it. Her cub came up beside her and with helpful hands scratched at her pearly white ears.

“So Sasha now what? He seemed familiar to me. Do we know him?” The white wolf looked up startled at the comment. Then she scanned into his mind to find certain pieces, floating back together. It was happening a lot faster then she thought, but he was slowly returning to his former state. She had to build his foundation still, rework childhood memories. But the short term were coming faster. It was the only explanation she could think of, for him to know the shark and not be scared of him.

When the fish was done, she gave him a demanding look he had no problem understanding. Using hands to break the meat apart, he dived in on the high energy flesh. Each time he ate, he felt fuller and better. He also felt safer with his lady around, which calmed him and allowed him to put what energy he had, towards letting his body heal rather then running in fright all the time, burning energy in ways he couldn’t afford. He did wish he had a knife though to cut up the meat. It wasn’t very civilized using one’s hands all the time. He preferred eating with manners when possible, but since he had nothing of that nature his hands it would be.

Reaching out with his right hand, he was pulling off another strip of meat when it refused to give. Glaring at the offending morsel of food, which refused to let go so he could devour the tasty flesh. “Seriously? Sasha is there anything around here I can use to make a tiny knife with or something? This is getting ridiculous.” He growled out as he looked at the mess his fingers were becoming. With a good natured grumble that sounded to much like a chuckle to him, she stood and jumped down to the beach. Nosing around she came back with a piece of flint. Showing  him how he could use it to cut strips off, he happily did just that. Soon the three of them were stuffed to the gills and there wasn’t much left of the fish. Sasha had surprised herself with how much she had eaten. But she had made sure her ward had eaten his fill. Now he was blinking sleepy eyes looking for a place for a nap.

With a good natured huff she parked herself behind him, enlarging herself just enough so she could be his bed once again, and settled down for her own nap. He leaned back on her belly, head on her shoulder like he had done since she found him, and quickly fell asleep. Her tail came and covered him, warming him from the cool breeze blowing off the ocean. Ears upright listening for any issues that may come their way, she relaxed in the company of her bond mate.


Adrynna walked the halls of the Pearl Harbor Navy base with distaste. Dry land was not her favorite especially after what happened days before. But she owed it to the mens loved ones to report what her Zijan had told her. The men had saved her life, ordering her bond mate to take her and not return. So much had happened to the pair on the island, things which freed her but cost them their own freedom. Her shark had been more then adamant, she owed them at least the courtesy of an update to their own loved ones. Then she could return to her home in the water and have little to do with anyone as was her preferred state.

Honestly if she could live in the ocean full time she would love it, there were so many places to explore and see. Zijan wanted to take her so many places, but due to her own frail human form was unable to. It didn’t help her any that the bitch who had been experimenting with her, had left her own mark on her body. At times she found her lung capacity not at the level it once was, which pissed her off. But it was a dream of her’s to someday go where her bond mate could.

People didn’t give her a second glance as she marched barefoot through the halls, dripping water as she went from her wetsuit. The badge around her neck stated she was one of the rescues from that horrible place and entitled to roaming certain halls and wards without issue within the base. She still smiled in glee as she thought of how well the island of hell had been destroyed. The scientists and military she had met and tried to question her, were pissed off because of all the lost information. And she had refused to give them anything, which would allow them to reconstruct it and subject more Sentinels and Guides to the brutality which had been the fact of life to so many before. But the Warrior Sentinel had been firm, the island would be destroyed and he had done it himself to make sure the job was done right.  Now it was sunk to the bottom of the sea and divers couldn’t find anything left of it. Coming to a door she knocked as her mother had taught was polite so many years ago. The resulting answer of enter, had her opening the door and stepping inside.

Andrew looked up from his desk, paperwork strewn all over the place. He had taken over many of McGarrett’s duties while he was gone. And no one was sure if he was coming back, but he kept up hope. Still the amount of paperwork generated with the new rules and regulations was making his own hair turn grey. His mate’s streak of silver had grown wider, which just made him even more desirable to him. Speaking of his mate, Dustin was a constant presence in his mind and if not for him, this job would be 10 times harder. Leaning back in his chair, he smiled with real pleasure at seeing her. He liked her feisty attitude and how she didn’t bow down to anyone who wanted her to do things she didn’t want to do. She played nice with him because he played nice to her, and didn’t hesitate to tease her.  “Adrynna what can I do for you? Changed your mind about joining?” He smiled nicely at her, even as he knew she would never join.

Knowing he was teasing she returned the tone of voice to him, “No, I haven’t. I never will you dork. My home is the sea, I don’t know why people have a problem with that.” She shook her head exasperated even if he was teasing her, at being asked to join the US Navy again. She was Australian anyway, she would join them if she wanted to.

“Only because we care about you.” Eyes turning serious,  “The Guild is really breathing down peoples necks wanting to assert their supposed authority. They evidently don’t like it how the US Military has cut them off from over half their Sentinels and Guides, with the new rules and regulations coming into play.” And to top it off he told himself gleefully, many police officers who were also Sentinels or Guides were signing up in droves, wanting to get out from under the Guides thumb.

They had to sign up for full time, not reserve which was creating some real headaches, over family life and timing. But since there were so many signing up, other rules, modifications to the ones in place now, were being floated about to take care of the problem. Hopefully in a few months time or even a year the new regs would be in place and everyone happier. But people still were grateful they could join and have a safe place away from the dirty corruption of the Guild. Many were complaining about the rules, but were being patience as Kingston had announced there would be modifications to them, thanks to the influx of new personal.

Shrugging her shoulders, she snarked out,  “Yeah well I don’t care.” She sat down placing her bare wet feet up on his desk, he had to scramble to save various files from getting wet. Glaring at her, she returned it with a knowing look, which stated she was just being a bitch for the fun of it. “Now would you like to know why I’m here? Or would you prefer to keep on wondering how McGarrett and Williams are doing?” She smiled devilishly at his sudden and complete attention towards her.

Andrew sat up straight in shock at the mention of the men. Men he honestly didn’t think he would be seeing again for a long time to come, if ever. Both men’s families had flown in a few days before and were making a complete and happy nuisance of themselves. Especially Williams family, over a dozen family units from Jersey had come to town with the intention of staying, and they were already turning the island on its ear.

How he did it he suspected collusion with the Kelly clan. They had found a kinda dumpy, shitty neighborhood to move into, in the really bad part of town. The rents were low, the tenants scum and the land utter shit, from many generations of neglect. In a matter of days, they had harassed and terrorized the so called citizens, who lived in Wash Away Alley as it was called, into a mindless stupor. The Williams had simply bought out the houses for sale in the neighborhood, one for each family. Then proceeded to repair, repaint, and re-sod the lawns. Fences were mended in a matter of hours. New roofs put on, new plumbing and electrical, it was a battlefield out on their streets, with how many repair companies were out there looking for parking.

And they had not stopped there. Nope they had then, once they had their houses firmly on the way to being repaired, moved on to their new neighbors places. Starting with the elderly then had gone to each house and talked to the elderly residents to meet them. If they had younger adult children living with them, they assessed and debated the merits of letting the person live the life they had been. Drug dealers were out completely, they had taken them out the first day. Pinched ear’s and sharp tongues did what squad cars and prison sentences wasn’t make a dent with.


“Yo bitch wha chu think yous is doing over here?” One younger gentlemen just starting his career as a drug dealer snapped out.

Sharon Williams looked over at the man addressing her, before marching over and grabbing him by the ear. Pinching it harshly and dragging him towards one of the houses the family were working on to repair.

“I’ll tell you what I am doing, you ungrateful bastard. I am helping your mother and your grandmother out by improving their lives. Something you obviously don’t give a shit about. Now come with me, you are going to be made useful and if you don’t like it, well I have more of me then you can ever possibly over come.”

She then shoved him towards the side of the house where he was shocked to discover over a dozen of his fellow drug and gun dealers. Including the local boss, who didn’t take shit off anyone and had beaten men for disrespecting him, just by sneezing in his presence. He was covered in paint, cleaning his brush while one of the Williams men, was talking to him about an actual legitimate business deal, which would make him at least five times more money then what he was doing now. His boss was smiling and nodding fascinated with the plan and willing to give whatever it was a go.

He was rudely pulled out of his stupor by the same woman shoving a pair of gloves, hedge clippers and a straw hat over his bald tattooed head.

“Listen you little bugger, your mother tells me you try and hide it, but you love art and the only outlet you have ever had is graffiti. Now that is all well and good but we want to improve these places and graffiti would not be welcome in this location. Instead I want you to take these hedge clippers and see those god awful bushes?” She pointed over his shoulder to the large haphazard line of odd bushes. He nodded when he spotted them. “Good they are yours to play with and make pretty. Nothing vulgar but design them the way you like.” Giving him a shove she sent him on his way, while turning to deal with a new person, captured by another woman and dragged into living a better life.

Blinking at the massive change of events in his life he walked over to the bushes in a daze. Raising the clippers to the bush, he hadn’t a clue what he was doing but he went to work. Many hours later the bushes had taken a life of their own with cute rough designs of squares, triangles, and of all things an impressive looking dragon.

He wasn’t sure how but he had enjoyed himself, and at least two of the new neighbors had complimented and offered him an apprenticeship, with their gardening and land maintenance businesses. He was seriously thinking about taking them up on it, because one it was a hell of a lot less dangerous, and two he had had more fun this one day then he had for the last year. Working on the bushes was something he never thought could be an outlet for his art.

All in all it was a very strange day for him. When he went into his mother’s house that night he found it completely redone. New paint, new glass for the windows, lighting fixed and all manner of other problems he had never felt like getting around to. Now seeing how much help his family had been given, he felt ashamed of himself. He went up to his room and found it clean, tidy and made with fresh linens on the bed. On his desk, was a job offer and advice to help his mother to church on Sunday.


Once they had the younger adults squared away, new roofs, plumbing, electrical and painting was the next focus, for the surrounding neighborhood and eventually businesses they had started up. It was going to take some time to get it all squared away, but they were turning the shittiest neighborhood and business district in the city, into one of the hottest in demand ones. And they were not sitting idly by while realtor sharks were circling, licking their lips in hopes of kicking the old ones out and selling their land out from under them.

Nope the Williams had come with lawyers, doctors, construction experts, a cop and fireman. The lawyers were having a field day with the shifty bastards who wanted to kick the elderly out. Sometimes just buying the houses out right, if a person was renting. But most of it was already owned by the elderly or not so well off. But they wanted to show their new neighbors and Hawaii, what it was like to really have a Williams among them. The island hadn’t particularly cared about the one who was in their state. Able to ignore him and treat him like shit till Steve got hold of him.  Now the state was learning what it was like to have a clan of the bastards around, changing everything to suit them.

Wisely the Governor was staying out of it as much as he could. He had learned first hand, what it was like having one Williams clan member annoyed at him. He did not need a whole herd of them all pissed off, if he tried to step in and tell them they couldn’t do what they wanted. Besides they were improving the neighborhood, increasing property values and showing the dope heads out there, that yes there were things worse then prison. A Williams Woman in full Italian fury about life choices was one of them.

Getting back to Adrynna and her question “You know about them? Have you talked to them? Are they back?” He couldn’t keep the excitement out of his voice. Dustin feeling his sudden mental change, came in from the other room. Where he had been doing his own office work.

Eyes puzzled as wondered what Adrynna was doing here, “A. J. Whats going on?” He asked confused as to his partners excitement.

Jittery with excitement, he barely kept from bouncing in his own chair as he explained what had him so keyed up. “Adrynna here has news about Steve and Danny.”

“WHAT?” Dustin exclaimed as he swiveled his head towards her.

Snapping because she honestly wanted to get off dry land as quickly as possible. “Yes, and if you bastards would stop interrupting me and each other, I’ll tell you want little news I have. I want to get going.” She dropped her feet down from the Commanders desk.

Sitting down, Dustin was all ears and barely kept in check motion, just like his mate. “Okay tell us. Everyone wants news.” He demanded in polite tones.

“Okay let me tell you this I do not know much. I will tell you what I know and no questions. I won’t have answers. Do you understand me?” She glared at both men. She knew what they could be like when following a trail. They had badgered her enough about her travels around the world.

“Fine sure. Just tell us.” Andrew made a hurry up motion with his hand.

“Zijan went to the spirit realm. A place as you know none of us regularly bonded people, can go to. So this is all he told me. He found the blond one Danny. Only he had silver hair, pale skin and dark blue eyes. He didn’t seem to know who Zijan was but he wasn’t scared of him. Nervous but not scared.” She smiled as she saw the men relax at learning Danny was found. “He was with a large white wolf with matching blue eyes. I’m assuming that’s Sasha, he told me it was.”


She frowned down in puzzled thought,  “I thought she had blond or red fur but she is snow white right now. They have another traveling companion a little red and black fox. Who he is, he doesn’t know and he didn’t ask. The two are holed up on a beach, in a cave and evidently plan on being there for a few days.” She pulled down the left arm of her wetsuit, to a more comfortable position.

“McGarrett? Loki? Did he see either of them?” The Guide asked hoping the answer was yes. Danny and Steve had been through enough shit. If they didn’t want to come back fine, but he hoped they were at least together.

She pursed her lips at the question because she would have said something if they had been. But they were worried and she did owe it to the other Sentinel. “No Zijan said neither was there, but Sasha wasn’t acting like she was worried about them. So they must be safe somewhere else. My animal went to check and see if Danny was safe and he was. He even brought them a fish because the Guide is horribly underweight.” The image her shark had shown her was a very underweight man, vastly different to the man she had seen for so few minutes during her own rescue. She didn’t mention much about Steve mostly because Zijan didn’t mention it to her. He hadn’t seen the Sentinel and he decided not to report on things he hadn’t been able to verify. No sense getting peoples hopes up over things they had no information on.

Grimacing at the news of his fellow Guide, Dustin said, “Damn that’s been Danny’s problem for a while now.”

“I have no idea. Either way he has been found. He is being guarded by his own spirit beast. And looks to be on the road to recovery, however they are accomplishing it.” She made to rise up when something else came to her. “Oh also the white wolf said, she didn’t want a bunch of spirit animals coming to check on her. She has a lot of work to do to help her bond mate recover and doesn’t want the distraction. She doesn’t know when they will be returning, but it will NOT be any time soon.” She said while moving her eyes between the two Navy men.

Standing she brushed off imaginary dirt from her legs. “Now I’m leaving and I don’t know when I will be returning. If you need anything else from me tough, if you need to know anything more about those two tough. I will say, if I do find out more I will report it. Good day I need to get home.” Before either man could say anything else, she headed out the door. Five minutes later she was diving off a dock and into the ocean. Grabbing the dorsal fin of her shark, she was miles out to sea before anyone could stop her.

Andrew leaned back in his chair, hands steepled in front of him. Dustin leaning forward as he processed the information. Then the Guide looked up at his mate and smiled, “He’s safe, we know he’s safe. That’s what counts most of all.” And he was happy to know Danny had someone looking out for him. While he hadn’t seen the state the other Guide had been in when he disappeared, the state Steve had been in when he left was telling. Man had been completely distraught and lifeless within his own soul.

A. J. nodded as he started to organize his thoughts with this new information. “Yeah, listen I know we should tell the rest of the family, but that is going to be a day long affair.” He wasn’t looking forward to the event. The Williams were loud, obnoxious and so full of love that diabetics had to steer clear, in case they went into shock.

“That’s for damn sure.” He smiled he had met the family when they flew in. They had taken one look at him and Andrew and immediately demanded keys to their apartment. When they came home next, it was filled with so much family love. Food in the kitchen, flowers on the mantel, and phone numbers in case they needed anything. Not to mention an assortment of adult toys in a large basket, he and Andrew were still working their way through. How they knew so much about them, both men were afraid to ask. But that huge bullet shaped dildo, was one of Dustin’s favorites. Along with the vibrating butt plug, Andrew liked using on him on weekends.

Making up his mind the Commander stated, “We’ll finish work and call the clan together.”

“What about Kono and Chin? We should probably tell them first. Give them a chance to process the information before all hell breaks loose.” Dustin really didn’t want to surprise the news to those two at the same time as the clan. Kono was scary as hell and Chin would just look at you with those eyes showing how disappointed he was in you.

Andrew debated whether it would be good or not to tell them. “Call them tell them to meet us here. It won’t be strange we’ve been doing it almost every day. We may as well, cause the Williams family will think they knew to begin with anyway.”

“Okay I’ll get things started.” Standing he came and leaned down to whisper in his mate’s ear. “Make the meeting for tomorrow. Tonight I want to go home and celebrate this nugget of news.” Reaching down he began to fondle his partner.  “So I hope you are prepared to do absolutely filthy and quite possible illegal things to me tonight.” Reaching down he sucked on his mate’s ear for a few minutes. Projecting what he would like to have happen to him, including being forced to suck on his Sentinels cock till he was gagging. Andrew tying him up and using some of the new toys they had been gifted with.

Including that awesome fuck machine which blew both their minds. They had been shocked to receive it, being such an intimate and expensive piece of equipment. Thank god the clan had left a note stating they had done research and found many times, true mates pairings ended up enjoying a lot of heavy sex, but sometimes one partner tired before the other. As a welcome to the family gift and to show how perverted the clan could be in their own right, they had pooled together and bought the men the machine.

Andrew also suspected some of his Seal buddies had been less then discrete, when talking about him and Dustin together. More then once, they had been caught in all sorts of odd places, as they screwed each other. Both liked sex and both knew times and places when it was appropriate to have it. But well, sometimes they ended up getting frisky after training and didn’t have time to go home. Dustin had taken to the idea of being taken, a lot, and wasn’t hesitant to tease his mate, till he got what he wanted. And Andrew being a loving Sentinel and wanting to honestly give his man everything, ended up fucking him in the most obscure or inappropriate  places. There was the one time in the ammo dump behind the crates of C-4. Then there was the  Base Commander who was still annoyed, she had found them under her desk getting it on, when she had to go out for a meeting. His ears rang at the scolding even as Dustin the slut, had kept a straight solemn face, but was in fact sending him dirty images of other places he would like to try screwing in.

Dustin sent all sorts of images as he fondled and sucked on his man’s ear. Whispering more filthy things he would love to have done to him or do to Andrew. When he could tell his mate was going cross eyed with lust, he left him to his own duties. Leaving his mate’s office and heading down to the office of records to pick up a few files he needed on new personnel.

Cock hard as stone in his pants, from his filthy minded partner, “DUSTIN, I AM GOING TO REDDEN YOUR ASS SO MUCH TONIGHT, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO SIT DOWN FOR A GOD DAMN WEEK!” He bellowed loud enough that everyone in the corridor could hear him.

It didn’t help, when his highly perverted and totally shameless partner shouted just as loud. “IS THAT A PROMISE?”

“Gah, why in the hell did I get saddled with a man who thinks anytime anywhere, should be strictly enforced multiple times a day?” Sitting down from standing after his bellow, he tried to adjust himself. Then the feelings started up, Dustin projected how happy he was to know their friend was safe. It was all which really mattered but hell if he could get some awesome sex out of it tonight so much the better.

Reaching for the phone, he decided to call Chin and Kono. The sooner he could talk to those too, the sooner he could take Dustin home and teach him a lesson for his wicked ways.

“I FELT THAT!” Dustin yelled way to chipper.

Shouting back, “I WANTED YOU TO!” Rolling his eyes he made his calls.

Chapter Text

Steve woke slowly and with much squinting, when the sun was half way towards noon, groaning from both a massive headache and a growling belly. Finally realizing just how Danny felt from a reaction headache. Feeling behind him with a flaying hand, he found crud encrusted fur and knew it was Loki’s, blinking his eyes he checked on his wolf. He was laying flat, the left over blood and debris still tangled in his charcoal gray and black fur sleeping, but the actual wounds he had received last night, were healed. He scanned his partners mind, something he typically didn’t do, but worry and concern made him. He found the wolf still deeply asleep but in no agonizing pain, just aches and soreness he would feel once he woke up. Assured Loki would be well once he woke up, he turned his attention to his other traveling companion. A grinding of teeth, and the sound of grass being torn had him glancing around for the calf. Steve discovered him finishing a mouthful of grass, attention centered on the Sentinel with perked up ears, brightly intelligent brown eyes, standing about 30 feet away from him. Finding both his travel mates safe and whole he relaxed, taking a few deep breaths before he set his mind to the next problem. Food and lots of it, food for him and food for Loki, especially his wolf because the guy had used so much up in defense of both of them. With another groan he decided to get up and see what he could hunt.


Rolling to his hands and knees, he took a few minutes to let the vertigo settle in his head. Once the dizziness had passed, he pushed himself to his feet, staggering a bit as vertigo once again hit him. Propping himself up on a small boulder, he took his time reorienting himself to the upright position. His green eyes were dull from the battle last night, but he wasn’t letting that stop him from what he wanted to do. Taking a deep breath as he pushed the last of his dizziness away, he drew enough energy to himself to begin planning his hunt.


The calf came over and huffed at him, rubbing his head on his chest and almost pushing the man over. The only thing saving Steve from a tumble was him, propping himself on the rock. Then the little fellow, covered in his own battle debris, looked up with a question in his eye which he was quick to voice. Scratching his hardened cloven toe, shyly in the dirt, he quivered with both trepidation and anticipation.


Shaking his head in fond appreciation for the offer, “No little one not this time, you did enough last night. I’ll hunt something for Loki and myself.” Petting the fluffy head, he extended his senses out, listening for something he could kill. Climbing up on the boulder, when he couldn’t hear anything, he cast his sight out looking for something to hunt. Growling in frustration at not seeing anything, he used his ears again to try and listen for prey. But the plains around him appeared to be completely empty, evidently the creatures had scattered in the night and not returned. The calf bleated again with another question.


Patting the large animal on the shoulder he repeated his earlier answer, “No, I really don’t want to eat you again. You earned the right to not be breakfast for one morning at least.” Raising his nose up, he began sniffing the air and finally caught a hint of a herd of something, far in the distance. Very far and he wasn’t looking forward to the run to get to it. But Loki needed food and frankly he wanted to be the one to provide it for his friend. The great wolf had been doing most of the work, taking care of him as he went through his needed changes, now it was time he started doing his fair share.


Stroking the youngster on the neck, Steve dialed up his hearing, till he could just faintly make out the whispered sounds, of grazing going on. Extending his sight he could just make out the small bodies what he had finally scented. “Listen, I’m going to go hunt. I need you to stay here and keep an eye on Loki. When he wakes up, tell him what I’m doing and I’ll be back as soon as I can be.” Not waiting for a response, he began jogging in the direction his nose was telling him to go.


No one noticed the hint of sky light silver, encircling him as he ran.




Sasha was grooming herself, while her ward slept further back in the cave. She would have preferred him laying on her, but she understood his point. Having a wolf scratching her right ear vigorously, picking at her left front foot of that meddlesome thorn, between her second and third toe and nibbling on a hip to untangle a knot of fur, didn’t really help at nap time. He had settled a reasonable four feet away, in a comfy depression of warm sand and promptly went to sleep. The food in his belly playing a big part in his drowsiness. While she groomed herself, she also went to work reforming his shattered memories. His long term ones were a mess, all blown to hell, and if he went home now he and his family would be devastated, because he wouldn’t know who they were. But his short term memories, to her amazement were beginning to piece themselves together. Images of his mate, his car and their friends were floating around at the forefront of his mind. She could tell he wasn’t exactly sure who they were to him. But the images were there, she even chuckled at the one of Steve. Her cub may not know exactly who he was, but he had no problem remembering how annoying he could be, or how much his mate took enjoyment at riling her baby up.


Grinning she continued to work, piecing his life together. By the time he woke up, looking for dinner, she had restructured his mind up to the age of three. He had his solid foundation back, and hopefully his own memories would start to come back on their own. His sorely abused body was appreciating the food and rest, because the last faint remnants of the lash marks on his back, were gone. His ankle was healed and any thing from the last few days which may have affected his system, before she arrived, had been purged. He was well on his way towards regaining all the strength he had lost. She planned on keeping him in the same state of recovery, till they met back up with their pack mates.


Pausing her grooming, she simply gazed at the man she had watched over, since he was seven days old. He had grown so much, seen so much, done so much. She was very proud of him and what a fine, caring soul he really was. He had so much love to give, it’s what made him such an impressive healer. And with the care and love of herself and his mate who adored him that love would never wane.


She chuckled to herself, oh he would become annoyed as hell at Steve, herself and anyone else from time to time. Couldn’t be helped, you just did get pissed off at those you loved it’s one of the features of being human. But he would never stop caring even as they argued or in his case ranted with much hand motion. Looking him up and down for fondness, her eyes widened as she spotted something she didn’t think should be happening this soon. Just a hint of pale yellow in a few hairs on his head.


Tilting her head, she concentrated on other strange changes to her cub.


Come to think of it, his eyes had been pale blue when she found him, now they were dark blue.


Jerking her head up in startlement, she realized his powers were coming back. Coming back much quicker then his memories, it seemed like. Delving deep into his sleeping mind, trying to find the source of this latest development. She found his instincts no longer blasting away, at changing his body’s fundamental cell structure. Oh they were still changing, but not at the frenzied pace they had been. He was mostly adapted now to this world physically, which wasn’t something she was expecting.


Sighing she wasn’t sure what she could do with this latest development of his powers. He needed to be trained in his powers, she couldn’t suppress them completely, like she had been for the moment. But she would not be able to continue to do so, not when he began to really regain his strength. Only Steve would be able to do so as his mate. He could fully control his Guide in whatever was needed to look after his health. It was the point of him being so strong.


She laid her head on her paws as she continued to watch her sorely tried partner. He was a good strong man, devoted to so much. Willing to give so much and now he would have to give more. But this time it would be for himself, this time he would need to give himself time to learn all he needed to learn. She would teach him everything she knew if it would help him and she would stand by his side for eternity. But still she worried about all the things he needed to learn before his powers started overwhelming him to the point she couldn’t control him. She wanted to get them under his control or at least return him to Steve’s side so if Danny did lose control, his Sentinel would be there to help.


A voice speaking to her quietly pulled her out of her thoughts, “Don’t worry so much for me Sasha.” Her cub said quietly to her. Sliding her eyes to her companion, she found them open and honest. “I know I have issues and you are helping me with them. I can’t even remember my own name, but that will come in time. Right?” She nodded slowly. “The reason you don’t want to tell me my name, is you want me to remember it correct?” Another slow nod. “Then relax, I know you are doing things to my head to help me heal.” He smiled as he rolled over and sat in the sand. Brushing off the grains, even as he mumbled to himself about getting sand in places sand should never be, making her smile.


He stood up and brushed off his rags hanging off his skinny frame, grimacing at the crustiness of them and his own disgusting smell. “Look I know I’m fucked up but honestly I don’t care right now. It will come back and I’ll relearn whatever it is you want to teach me.” He scratched her ears for a second before heading to the cave entrance. “There is something I’d like to do with you if you're willing?”


Sasha stood to come stand at his side. His hand reaching down to pat her shoulder in a very familiar way. “If you wouldn’t mind think we could go for a run and possibly a bath? I stink to hell and gone and I’m surprised the stone hasn’t melted. Not to mention our little friend has been staying out of the cave for the entire day.” A yip of cheerful agreement was heard by both parties.


“For the run I had no purpose in mind really, other then maybe something to eat later. But just go and run for the sheer joy of being together. We haven’t had a chance to do that yet.” He continued to stroke her ears as he watched the ocean waves lapping at the shore line across the beach.


Sasha wagged her tail it was something she really wanted to do. But she scanned him again to make sure he was strong enough for it. He wasn’t as strong as she would like but he could definitely last at least a half hour. She could hunt for something at the same time for them both. Eagerly she knelt down, increasing her size till she was large enough for her cub to mount her back. Throwing a leg over her he settled down in proper position. The fox woken from his own nap, with their mentioning of a run and bath, watched them leave. He hopped back up to the cave entrance to guard it till they returned. This run was for the two of them, and he wouldn’t interfere with their bonding, not when both really needed some quality private time.


Making sure her companion was settled on her back, she leapt down to the beach. Testing his seat once more, finding it secure she took off at her fastest lope. It wasn’t her break neck speed she had used to reach him, but it was fast. She delighted to hear his laughter, as he held himself in place easily. To feel this wonderful man’s joy, as he let all his stresses go for the moment. The beat of her paws on the sand as she flexed and bent her body easily under him. The waves came crashing close by and both could feel the sea spray hitting them.


Today he was not scared of the ocean, he loved it like he had done as a little boy. It saddened her for a moment, to know soon she would return his fear of the sea, but she would do it. To not do so would be to change him. Something she could not handle, it’s a part of what made him who he was. Instead she put it aside and continued to run, frolicking on the shore before heading inland when she found a path up the rocky cliffs. It was time to look for a good place he could get a much needed bath, then something to eat.


He had felt her momentary sadness and wondered about it. But then she pushed it aside, and concentrated on her feelings of love and gladness, as she ran with him on her back. This is what she had dreamed about doing since they had bonded. He wasn’t sure when they had, but he figured it had to have been when he was young. She knew to many things about him, to make him think it was a recent bond. Either way this was enough heavy thinking. It was time to enjoy being together. Settling down, projecting his own happiness at the closeness, he held on to his guardian.




Steve was moving quickly across the grasslands, very quick. The battlefield had been left behind in moments, to be replaced by fresh, wind blown green and tan wild grass. If he focused his sight he could see the energy still floating up serenely but with the sunlight it was much dimmer. His legs pumped easily as he pushed himself to do one of the things he had always enjoyed doing. If he couldn’t swim he loved to run, to push himself to his limit and make sure he had access to the power his life’s calling demanded. His grin was wide, as he felt the air rushing by his face, from the speed he was achieving. He didn’t think he had ever run this fast, but he wasn’t worried about it. Figured it was just a by product of the heavy energy meal he ate last night, along with the amount of time he slept in.


He had been only running for around 20 minutes, following the scent the breeze had brought to him, when he came upon the smell which had floated to him on the wind. In a sort of half canyon, littered with heavily laden bushes, trees and a cliff face that went up at least 200 feet. The rock wall was covered in sticky vines, moss growing where it could, purple and blue with yellow veined flowers, and two softly sounding waterfalls trickled down the embankment. The direction he came from hid him from view of the prey he was hunting, a bit of good luck there. Ducking behind a set of thick white oak trees, before he was spotted, he surveyed the animals he came upon.


It was a small family herd of 15 Hartebeests. A few bucks and does plus three fawns, they were milling around, minding their own business grazing, and paying absolutely no attention that a predator may have come to call. He was thankfully downwind of them, and crouching behind the trees trying to decide who would be best, to feed to his soon to be waking, starving wolf brother. Scanning with narrowed green eyes, he tried to find one who seemed large and slightly older. Figuring the odds of them being able to reform themselves high, rather then a calf like his friend. Finally he spotted a large buck, who was scratching at his ear with a back foot, eyes crossed in satisfaction, before going back to his brunch of fresh spring fed fronds.


Making a fist Steve called his sword, about to spring to the attack when he realized it was completely inappropriate to use. He wouldn’t make it five feet before the deer either ran off, laughed or poked him in the belly with those sharp horns, for his bad manners at interrupting their brunch. No what he needed something he could shoot instead, something which would allow him to hit them from behind his cover, yet bring them down fast. Thinking hard, he tried to picture conjuring up a gun with his power, but it was a no go. Every time he tried, he felt a shooting pain down his spine and pounding in his head. Evidently the spirit realm didn’t approve of guns here, but he felt it was because of the noise then anything else. Trying again only with a silencer, he received the same shooting pain. So guns here were out, he would try in the material realm later. Danny would be so annoyed, if he could create guns from nothing and really screw with the bad guys heads.


But that didn’t help his problem with hunting for his partner now, he needed to come up with a solution. Chewing on his lip, while he leaned against the tree he was hiding behind, he tried to think of something else. His instincts came to him with an idea, showed him something else which would work in the spirit realm, something that made him grin. Danny was going to go off on him once he found out, but that would be half the fun. He was the Warrior after all and warriors should be able to use many weapons.


Still ducking behind the large oak trees, he placed his two fists together, thumbs straight up and finger knuckles touching. He then pulled back his right arm, till it was close to his ear, as he kept his left arm forward. In his left fist he felt it as a solid shaft began to form growing out the top and bottom of his fist. Fire of Midnight black began forming the four foot long shaft. The part where his hand was gripping turned into a Silver Wolf, with piercing blue eyes, stretching long ways up. Ears flat on its head, while the jaws were closed, but there was a hint of a snarl as the lips were pulled back just enough to show teeth. The wolf body grip ended up being nearly a foot long itself, the front paws ended but the claws on the paws stretched up and out with black fire, forming the top of the bow. The tail and hind legs stretched to form the bottom the bow, the back claws doing the same, being formed from black fire.


The twilight silver string gleamed in the noonday sun, practically invisible if you didn’t look at it just right. Pulling his right fist back another inch a Navy blue arrow formed, as he drew the silver cord. Flames flickered around the entire weapon, as the bow was finished forming, ready for his first use. Smiling gleefully as he thought, oh yeah Danny was going to flip when he saw his latest toy. The tall recurved bow felt good in his hand as he prepared to use it. The wolf’s body providing a secure grip, the eyes of the wolf actually moving in sync with Steve’s eyes. Whatever Steve was looking at it was doing the same, insuring it would hit whatever he was aiming for.


Stepping carefully around the tree, the Seal dipped his head around to see if his target was still there.


He was and the Commander didn’t hesitate, taking aim he pulled back the string just a tad more, then let it loose. It went flying straight and true to his target, silver flames flowing a few inches behind the arrow slicing the wind towards its target, hitting the creature right in the heart. The Hartebeest gave a startled bellow before collapsing. Steve not even realizing he was doing it, pulled his string again and released another deep blue arrow, taking aim at another juicy looking fellow. He too going down quickly.


The herd not happy with the disturbance of their meal, glared around till they spotted him. One particular female not happy at all, came storming over to him. She poked him in the belly with her nose, before turning and raising her tail at him in disgust. Sheepishly he put his right hand behind his head, and watched as the two beasts he had taken, looked annoyed at him. The rest of the herd then began to walk off to other parts of the plains. Parts which didn’t have predators around, who wouldn’t interrupt their lunch.


“Sorry I needed the meat for my partner. Really, I’m still learning.” He called out to their elegantly retreating forms. Trying to mollify their annoyance, shrugging his shoulders when it didn’t work, he went over to the bodies to check his kills. Picking one up he struggled with the weight for a second and he threw it over his shoulders. Getting his balance as he staggered for a moment with the weight, he puzzled out how he was going to get the other body in the same place. Then Steve remembered he had moved an entire building with his mind, he figured he could he picked up one 200 pound body. Concentrating on the task he wanted, it didn’t take much to float the hartebeest over his shoulders and settle on top of the first. Hungry as hell from his mornings efforts he wanted to get back to his wolf to feed him. Making sure all was secure with the nearly 400 pounds of food on his back, which he realized didn’t seem to be much of a problem. He turned towards the area he had left his companions, setting a pace much like the one he used to get here he headed out.




The White Wolf watched as the Warrior discovered a new aspect of himself. He was pleased the man was learning and discovering so quickly. He needed to do so if he was ever going to be able to earn his mates trust back and protect him going forward. Sword, Bow, and many others awaited him and he began his duties. Steve was right he was a Warrior and he would have many weapons at his call. Though his sword was the only one with the power to mark Outcasts and would always be his favorite. It was his main weapon of choice and would always be his most powerful. He was also correct in another assumption as he chuckled to himself. His mate was going to go off on him, having yet another thing he could use to blow shit up. For no doubt he would try it just to see the blonds expression.


He chuckled as he thought of his own companion’s great grandson. He was a good boy, steady and true and so much like his own bond mate, it was scary. He remembered when they had been out doing some shopping, for a nice present for a lady he really wanted to impress. He had walked beside his bond mate invisible to all, so he could be a simple man instead of the Sentinel he was. Some idiot robbers had barricaded themselves in a store near the jewelry one he wanted to shop in. The police were already present trying to talk the morons out. He didn’t have time and more importantly patience for that foolishness, and since he could hear the buggers inside, confused as hell, wondering how they broke into a candy store instead of the jewelry one. He had walked to the back of the shop to take care of business. Pulling out a couple grenades from his cargo pants pockets, which he never should have had in the first place. Armory master would have a field day, once he discovered them gone. He taped them to the door, with some handy electrical tape he pulled from yet another pocket, and sprang the pin. Racing out of the way with a gleeful smile on his face, he managed to get far enough down the street so the explosion wouldn’t hit him. Course he may have wanted to tell the police and others who were trying to corral the idiots what was going on. When the grenades went off, it shocked the shit out of everyone, especially the fools inside.


His companion had raced inside, and with a bat he had picked up from god knows where, started wailing away at the men inside. He had naturally helped, chewing on pant legs, and nipping at asses, as they screamed like little girls seeing a bug. They didn’t even get a chance to open fire, because the police came in as they were distracted and managed to arrest the bastards. The police then tried to hold his Sentinel for questioning and blowing up a part of down town Hawaii. But he had simply lied to them and said he thought his Guide was in here. He had been looking for her for a long time. The cops not wanting to believe it but having no choice let him go.


He never did find his Guide all his life, but he did manage to buy the present he wanted for his lady. A simple diamond ring with an inscription saying forever and always. He had presented it to her the next day and they were married within a few months. They had a single son and lived a long happy life. Before his companion passed he had asked him to keep an eye on his heirs, a few hour later he had slipped peacefully into his final sleep. Konik had been devastated at his own lost, but still would do as his much beloved chosen bond mate asked. Since then he had watched over his Companions line. Sighing he hoped it would not end with his great grandson, It was a noble line and should be continued. There were ways it could be done and should be, if they were careful. He knew his Guide mate wouldn’t mind one bit. He loved kids and cherished them.


Carefully keeping back, he watched as the Warrior in training, ran back to his wolf. They were all well matched in bond mates. They looked out for each other and had each others backs. Except for when that black bugger decided to get super drunk. His great grandson had the right idea to let him get over it himself. Maybe the bastard would learn a lesson from his chosens refusal to help, but as was expected the Guide’s too kind heart always won out. At least Danny didn’t hesitate to gather blackmail against Loki even as he healed him. So he wasn’t all bad.


Keeping pace with Steve as he ran, Konik found the Sentinel was running as fast as he had this morning, when the Warrior started his hunt. He wondered when Steve’s wolf would realize that he had run the equivalent of 15 miles in 20 minutes. His speed was increasing, which was all to the good. The faster and stronger he became the easier it would be for him to protect what he claimed for his own. Watching as the man carried his burden easily he thought to himself, maybe it was time for another test.




Steve returned to the place he had left his friends. The calf lolled a greeting to him, wagging his tail and Loki was just blinking sleepy green eyes open. He rolled to his grumbling belly, before stretching his legs in front of him, digging his claws into the churned up ground, pulling himself forward leisurely, to stretch his back legs. Steve trotted up the last few steps to his huge friend, and dropped the loads of meat in front of him. Loki cocked his head curiously at him, lowering his head to sniff at the offered food.


Steve scratched under his friend’s chin as he spoke, the calf seeing what he was doing, coming over for his own scratches. “I wanted to get you breakfast. Figured you’ve been doing most of the hunting. It’s about time I started doing my share.” He grinned as he presented his prizes.


Loki grinned before looking over at the calf with a question. The calf, whose eyes were closed in bliss at the attention he was getting, therefore paying no attention to what was being said. “Hey yeah well, I just figured he was pretty good about helping us last night. He made himself two meals for us. Least we could do, would be to not make a third one out of him in the morning. But before you ask, he did offer.” Pulling on a back leg, from one of his kills in his left hand, he asked Loki to watch. “Check this out, this place seems to be a good influence on me. But I’m sure Danny is going to shit bricks.”


With a wicked grin, Steve closed his eyes as he pictured what he wanted next. His right bond marked arm began swirling with black colored energy, traveling to his open right palm. Closing his hand into a fist, the energy began taking on yet another form, as a six inch dagger came into being. The blade was silver, razor sharp with a wicked point. The guard was dusk dark blue with a wolf’s head jewel in the center. The wolf was at peace, muzzle closed for the moment, but the glinting in its eye, suggested the face would change depending on its wielders mood. The handle was light absorbing black, with hints and swirls of silver and blue threaded throughout ending in a wolf’s head pommel. Fire flickered around the entire blade while it formed, only settling to small flashes once done.


When he finished forming his new shiny toy, he held it up to two pairs of astonished eyes. Grinning he whirled it, in a few figure eight type moves, around before cutting into the leg of meat he wanted. “So what do you think? I’m learning more and more all on my own now.” He happily chirped as he admired his accomplishment. Finished with his slice he held it in his left hand, easily cooking it to the rarity he wanted. Letting go of the knife, it disappeared and he began to eat his breakfast. Never losing his smile.


Loki was shocked at the display of his companion, his tail moving behind him in stilted waves as he dealt with this new development. He had suspected in time, Steve might be able to form new weapons. But didn’t expect it at this point of his adaption to this realm. Looking deeply into his mind, he found it almost completely one with this realm. Another shock, since he thought he would have to keep a close link to keep him sane. He had no idea how it had happened. It should have taken weeks to acclimate to this place. To adapt to the energy forces flowing around them.


Settling down he went about eating his meal, which he appreciated and found considerate, since the little calf had helped them out so much, in his own way. Thinking about how the Seal could have done so much so quickly. His bond mate was strong and resourceful, but the purging and reforming of his very being should not have gone this quickly or this smoothly. Then again Steve was determined to grow stronger for his mate. To be the protector the Guide deserved in his mind. The Commander had failed multiple times to keep his partner safe and it rankled him deeply, made him feel like a failure each time it happened. His instincts must have picked up on this and accelerated his adaptation. With himself to keep his Sentinel’s mind stable and true, his body must have just run with it and had a field day with changing. It made a hell of a lot of sense especially as Steve was wanting to eat constantly.


The black wolf did know Steve’s energy requirements were high, higher then he thought they should have been at the time. But now with this new revelation it was good to realize why the Sentinel had always been hungry and needing food. Steve needed a lot of fuel to keep himself healthy, to have the energy to do his own duties. He also knew Danny would require even more as he fulfilled the ones he would be responsible for. Steve was the full time protector of one person really, along with helping others as needed and didn’t interfere with his primary charge. Danny was the one who could heal, multiple people at the same time if needed. Sasha had the bigger issue of the two wolves. She had to return a shattered mind to a whole one. Good thing she knew how to do so being of the elder line and having access to the ancient power. Cause he sure as shit didn’t know how to fix something like a broken mind. If it had happened to Steve he would have needed her help, and step by step instructions on how to do so. Along with her supplying the power required to piece it all together again. Yes Sasha really did have the bigger problem.


But he also missed that little she-wolf and sighed to himself, as he thought about those deep blue eyes, the fluffy tail and the wicked sense of humor. The loyalty she gave sparingly, and her awesome temper when really pissed off. Those hocks of hers just sang to him, and he really wished someday she would look at him, with the love he had for her. God he missed her, but she was rightly taking care of her bond mate, just like he would do with Steve for the rest of his life. They may annoy the ever living shit out of each other, collect blackmail material like others collected baseball cards. But if Loki ever had a problem, Steve would be the first one in line, no he would be out in front of his wolf, cutting down whoever threatened him instantly. Loki would do the same for his bond mate, then tease him afterward for it and demand booze and another Nat Geo mag with all the really hot girls. Speaking of which, wonder what he could do to get another magazine out of him.


Finished with his food, he stretched one more time, before going to complete some needed nature induced business. Returning he found Steve giving the calf a final grooming, before he left for home. He had learned the lessons his mother wanted. Grown up just a bit and now it was time for him to return and rejoin his herd a wiser, braver and ready to face the spirit world creature. Crouching down in the riding position, he waited for Steve to come and mount, they had a lot of traveling to do and it was time they get started.


Steve finished putting the final touches on the calf’s fuzzy coat. It was slick shiny and soft to the touch. The little bugger had leaned into the strokes of the comb, once he learned to enjoy it. Now he wanted to be groomed all the time. Placing the comb back into his pocket, he patted the brown coated animal. “Okay little fella, we need to get going. We’ll see you at some later date. Thank you for all the help you’ve been.” Scratching him under the chin, then standing as the calf rubbed his head on his chest, before he turned and walked the few steps over to his waiting brother.


The calf rubbed his head on his human friend’s chest a few more seconds, then watched as the man headed towards his waiting wolf. Grabbing a handful of fur, he vaulted easily to the broad, strong back. The wolf stood and with a growled goodbye, launched into a full on run. Standing in the place they had spent the night, he looked around lost in thought. Raising his head he could see they were already out of sight, so turning he took a few steps in the direction of home.


The pair had taught him many lessons in so few days. Lessons he knew would be with him the rest of his life. And he was happy with that, more then happy. He felt he now had a purpose in life. He wanted to find his own bond mate, have the close connection, the man and his wolf did. It was something he could feel inside him, that whoever his bond mate was going to be, he would be proud and devoted to. There was so much still for him to learn, and he wanted to learn it all, so he could bring needed skills and talents to his future companion.


With a smile on his face, knowing not what was going to be his fate, he started his own journey.

Chapter Text

Her cub was getting hungry again, plus tired and needed a break. Turning around on transitioning grassland, she headed back the way she had come, along the cliff face. At the same time she kept her nose busy, tracking anything which may be a good meal.


“Sasha I have a question?” He asked her while she was trotting along. She cocked an ear back to listen better. “I’m not a normal person, am I?” The she-wolf stumbled as he asked, having no clue where the question came from or what inspired it. Looking over her shoulder, she whined slightly at him.


Sitting up straight on her back, he grimaced as he voiced his reasons. “The reason I ask is because, I haven’t seen any other humans like me. The only one close, is the person you showed me in my mind, and he isn’t anywhere around. So either we are the last people on earth, which I highly doubt. Or there is something different about me compared to anyone else.”


Checking her surroundings for danger, she pulled up to a stop under a set of palm tree’s. Laying down gently, she let him dismount before resuming her normal size. She whined again, when he didn’t sit down, so she paced next to him and leaned on his hip. She looked into his mind, and could see it struggling to understand his short term memories. Especially since his long term ones were still fucked up. Stroking her head, he looked out towards the ocean and smiled at the antics he saw there. A pod of dolphins were jumping, leaping and spinning out of the water, enjoying life and each other immensely.


Still gazing out to sea, watching as creatures just as intelligent as his wolf, played among the waves, he asked again. “Just what the hell am I Sasha?” It’s a question he had been pondering for a while, as they traveled.


With a sigh, she had hoped to avoid this conversation a few more days or even weeks. Just until he was strong enough, and she had repaired more of his memories. But it wasn't to be, he was asking and she wouldn't lie to him at this stage, it would hurt him even worse if she did so. So she told him what she could, within the limits of his own damaged mind’s ability to handle at the moment. He was a man who was specially chosen for a job for life. Both given and naturally born with certain powers as a gift, to help him complete duties which came with the job. A job she would explain more about as she repaired his memories, over the coming weeks. For now he did not have to worry about what the job was, because it would start when he was ready to start it.


But he had been terribly injured a couple weeks back, on top of other injuries he was still recovering from. Because of this latest attack on his very being, his mind had lost the connection to his memories. She was working on restoring them and she would restore all of them. But it would take time, time they had plenty of and she was in no hurry to rush a job which didn't need to be rushed. She would rather take her time and do the job correctly and spare him any more hurts and pains. It was due to his injury, which led to his instincts pulling him away from the place he called home. Sending him here to the spirit plain, as he was eventually going to be able to do on his own. But no other humans, other than the one she had already shown him, would be able to come here. They didn’t have the bond, or the power to do so granted by the citizens of this realm. This was a land made up of intelligent individuals who happen to have animal forms. Creatures who came into being, most for the purpose of making lives better, their own and in time those of the material realm.


Danny couldn’t help himself, there was something funny about her statement, which had him thinking of the other man. “So what about the delicious looking man you showed me earlier then? You said this place was for intelligent individuals.” He grinned hugely “So what is he doing here?” It felt so right teasing the man, even if he wasn’t here next to him. He was looking forward to meeting him. He petted her head, scratching her ears which began a happy rumbling in her chest.


Sasha wagged her tail, as she chuckled herself. But she did explain the other man was well known to both of them and in time her cub would remember. For now he was making his own journey of discovery, to learn about himself. The black wolf was his brother and was seeing to his education in his own unique way. The way she said it, along with a few images of Loki’s training style, had her companion smiling. Loki’s methods were a tried unconventional but they were working.


She was also happy because he was starting to remember feelings, if not actual ideas from the past. Rumbling out a few other comments, she explained more about himself, about how he was a very caring, kind and yet sarcastic and temperamental man. He liked giving his opinion, and he had an opinion on everything. Kids adored him, bad guys tried to pick on him and he enjoyed showing those bastards, the error of their ways. He was dependable, honorable and true. He was also a pain in the ass and she was proud of him for it.


Gazing down at blue eyes as deep as his own, he asked her another question. One he still puzzled over, considering all the help and love she was giving him. “And what about you lady? I know you love me and have been taken care of me. But what am I to you? See I want to make sure what you get from me, is equal to what I get from you.” Sitting down, he crossed his legs in front of him. Pulling her to lay down by his side on the cliff overhang, watching over the ocean view. “You have given me so much. I depend on you for everything and I love you from the bottom of my heart.” He pulled her closer, till she was actually half sprawled in his lap. “But what can I give you to make you feel like the special, divine creature you are?” He leaned down giving her a kiss between her ears.


Settling down she closed her eyes in bliss. This is what she loved and longed for. The connection to a true heart to her own. His was more true than anyone else she had ever come across, and her own heart sang with the love flowing between the two. What she received out of it, was the uncompromising feeling of whole hearted acceptance of her and what she was. The love she was willing to give, and knowing as she gave it, it was returned in full measure. A being so close to her, there was no wiggle room for anything else like her. A being who would stand by her, defend her and never forsake her.


She had always been set apart from others in her old pack. Because of her lineage, and strength, her understanding of the old ways and acceptance of what the new meant. How she did not compromise for others, what her own heart wanted. The other wolves while very tried and true in their own ways, did not take to heart like she did, the connection that could come from a bonding. She had seen it with her own eyes as a youngster many centuries ago.


A bonded wolf and her own beloved Guide. The love flowing between them, the loyalty, and devotion so true. And how time and time again the Guide had come to the wolf’s defense, in a time when wolves were thought to be evil.


Finally one day the men in cloth came to the Guide, ordered her to renounce the unholy connection between the evil which was the she-wolf and herself. The Guide had refused, instead saying she would leave and never return. But the men did not approve of her idea. She was a woman, therefore the property of her local Lord at the time, and he greatly desired her. But he did not wish to anger the local clergy about taking her while she had the wolf. So because he was a highly influential Lord, who gave generously to their parish, they came up with this ultimatum.




“Letizia daughter of Rozele, we are here to take you into custody and try you for witchcraft.” A large paunchy clergy man shouted outside her mud and stick hut.


Letizia sighed as she knew this day was coming. Why couldn’t these old farts just leave her alone, she had done nothing to no one and simply wished to live her life in peace? But her local Lord was a complete ass and womanizer and wanted her. Round of face with a sharp nose and chin, piercing gray eyes and a nonsense mouth, she didn’t take kindly to his advances. She was fully figured, a gift given to her by God to be used as she saw fit, not as men wanted. Standing nearly five foot six she towered over woman of the area and many men.


Dressed as a man, because she had planned on working in the deep part of the forests today, she opened her door. The sight she held was nothing new to her, an entire company of soldiers from the Lord on matching chestnut horses stood before her. The Clergy man was sitting on a mule who she could feel was heartily displeased with the burden she was carrying. She was itching for a chance to buck the fat man off and go off to that delicious looking meadow a few miles down the road. Some of the flowers there were her favorite and she was itching to get at them.


It wasn’t her fault she was born with the powers to read other peoples emotions but it had helped her so far in her 18 years of life. Unmarried and no prospects because of her unusual gifts and sharpened tongue, she had lived a hard life but fair. She didn’t lie, cheat or steal, she made good on any debts she might have within three days and was a healer of sorts. But she also had a very unusual companion others had seen around her place by accident.


A large red eye, white furred wolf which had scared many people with her looks. She was actually very sweet and kind but did not take kindly to her mistress being accosted by the local Lord. When he was drunk and demanded she be brought to him, so he could take his pleasure off her, the wolf had snarled and driven off the men sent to fetch her.


When he had been denied and told the stories of a wolf from hell with glowing red eyes, he had called the priests to drive the demon away. For a year they had tried everything in their powers to purge Letizia of the red eyed demon, to save her. Only to have her scoff and tell them to go away, the wolf was not harming anyone and she didn’t bother her. She also had no plans to go to the Lord just so he could take her maiden head on a whim. She was saving herself for the man she would marry someday, who would not be that fat pig.


“Go away you bastards, I have work to do and don’t want anything to do with any more of this foolishness.” She snapped up at the idiots. She knew it wouldn’t work, the men of his era completely convinced they knew best and women were nothing more than property.


“We will no go away, not this time. The Lord Ethelbert Pygott has demanded you be brought to trial for witchcraft and defiance to his lawful rights.”


“It’s lawful to demand a woman allow herself to be RAPED? Since when? I thought it was a sin to have sex before marriage? Are you saying those holy rules and laws have been changed just so one man could have sex out of wedlock?” She demanded, enjoying the redness of the clergy man’s face as he blustered at her baldfaced words about sex and rape. The church professed marriage was best and sex should only be after one was wedded. Otherwise you were a whore if you became pregnant and or an adulteress and would always be shamed because of it.


“I have no interest in being raped and I would kindly like you all to go away and not bother me any more about it thank you. I have work to do and having that slob paw all over me is not on my list of chores.”


Finally recovering from his fit the clergy man snarled. “Listen wench you have no man to claim you as his, therefore the Lord has claim over you and the right to take what he wishes. You are property because you are female and not fit to govern yourself, the price of that benevolent govern ship is a night of your company. But even your LORD and MASTER will not have you unless you renounce your connection to that devil spawn wolf.”


“Like hell I will, she is a tried and true friend and would not harm me. You dumb asses are a whole other story. I suggest you leave before anything else happens.” She then reached for her staff and slammed it down in front of her, daring them to try anything.


The father calmly opened his mouth and ordered “Take her, take her and throw her in the local jail. She will be tried and sent to the gallows for her crimes.” He smiled evilly with dark black eyes. He had seen her and if the Lord hadn’t wanted her he had been tempted to take her for his own.


The men had dismounted and thought it was going to be easy, they were going to be taking a weak woman into custody. But sadly they were mistaken as the first blow to the head by her staff showed them. She whirled with practiced ease as she lit into the men. Skimming by the mule’s nose causing her to throw her head up in shock. But the hit to her chin had her bucking back and throwing her rider, to her delight as with a bray of laughter she kicked her heels up and ran back to that meadow. Her riding falling into a large muddy puddle soaking him completely in filth.


But 30 men against one woman were heavy odds, especially when the men were dressed in chainmail and leather barding. She had already warned her wolf away, refusing to give the men more satisfaction in their biased beliefs. Many minutes later she had been captured, but three men had broken arms, many broken noses, and one would not be going to the tavern to do some wenching, for many days to come, if ever again.


The priest stood up and shook the muddy scum off him as best he could. “You will pay for this insult slut of the devil. You consort with those unholy minions of the fallen one and you will have to account for it. Take her away.”


Letizia stood with head tall and spine stiff as she was led away to one of the horses. Thrown on the rump as a piece of baggage the men glared at her, especially the one who wouldn’t be wenching. She had given a good accounting of herself and shown them that women could be strong.


Many days later.


“Well bitch do you still profess to consort with the devil and have that creature stand by your side?”


Letizia glared up from the bed she lay upon naked and chained too. She had been subjected to the mens advances in attempts to break her. But she refused for she knew while they took her body, they could not take her spirit or her beliefs if she refused to give them up. “Like hell asshole, Isyng belongs to me and I to her. She is my companion and protector, she wishes to live in peace like I do! But you idiot morons can’t seem to grasp that simple concept!” She spat out.


The holy man looked down at the woman who was bleeding and bruised. She had been heavily used by his men but to no avail. She would not recant and would not accept her proper place in the world. In order to control others and remind them of a woman’s proper place as the chattel she was, this one would need to be made into an example.


“Very well daughter of the devil. You will be made an example of. It cannot be allowed for others to think that walking with a demon is a good thing. Tomorrow you will hang and all will see what happens to those who are evil.” Turning he left her in the cell one last time.


She watched as he left her and knew what he spoke was true. She would die tomorrow, but she would die because she refused to forsake a good friend and companion. “Isyng come here my love.” She called softly from a throat rubbed raw from holding in shouts of defiance or cocks shoved deeply in.


A white wolf appeared and whimpered in abject misery. She wanted to take her mistress out of here. She could, she could rip those guards throats out and have them away in an instant. Reaching out she petted the white head. “Listen my beautiful Lady, it’s too late for that. We would be hunted down and even if we might escape others who come after us would be treated the same. I need to set myself up as an example of what true loyalty and honor is. That I would not bow to those who were wrong and refused to listen to others, just because they don’t like what they have to say. I need to show those men and women out there that having a bond mate and being true to them is good. It’s not just wolves who bond but birds, dogs, and other animals. I know for a fact the farrier’s son has a bond mate himself, that sweet little brown dog that looks like every other dog out there. How they hide themselves away and hope no one catches on. I need to show him and others out there that, spirit creatures such as yourself need to be loved just as much as you love us.”


Isyng whimpered again but didn’t fight to save her mistress any more. If it was her wish than so be it, but she would stay and she would watch. She would not allow her chosen to be abused any more.


The next morning the woman could hear as the men shuffled down the steps towards her cell. It was time. Calling to her wolf she said her final goodbyes and last minute instructions, while she could. The wolf disappearing before the door opened and was spotted.


“One last time unholy whore do you cast away your unnatural bond?”


“Fuck you, pig sniffing cock sucking mule worm, I don’t betray those who are good, honorable and true. Unlike you of course you degenerate bastard whose own mother would disown him for the way you treated me.”


The priest turned red again but said nothing. Instead turning on his heel allowing his men to take her to the gallows.




On her final day, she was to be taken to the gallows and hung as a traitorous wench to her God, her Lord and her fellow man. She had called her wolf to her side, who was still trying to find a way to free her and run away, no matter what she had promised earlier. She had called her and told her to leave. To live her life for both of them. With a final kiss to her head she had gone to the door of her cell and said she was ready. Ready to die for her beliefs, rather than change them for men who were too stupid, and full of righteous fury over what they though was the proper place for a woman. The men had come and taken her in irons, leading her towards her final fate.


The wolf had watched from her mate’s dreary cell window, as she was led up to the wooden gallows. She looked one more time upon the people come to see a woman standing and defying the men who sought to own her and make her do things against her beliefs. Stating she had refused to allow a man to rape her because he wanted to. Show she refused to forsake a friendship given to her with love and honor. How not all beings not able to be understood completely were not automatically evil.


The old rope placed around her neck, and the deck opened by the hooded man who watched her impassively, as the command was given to hang her. Her neck broke instantly in her fall. And the wolf watching in the cell, howled a death howl, so loud and mournful it was heard throughout the land. When her mistress’s body was cut down and thrown on the hangman's cart, as nothing more than garbage, it had been too much for her. She had leapt from the cell over 300 feet away, to on top of the cart and shown herself to everyone.


Shown everyone her rage and power, as she transformed her most beloved bond mate into a tower of blistering white enraged fire. With eyes glowing red from fury, she had burned the gallows to the ground and beyond, leaving a black scorch mark which had lasted for decades. And no matter how many times people tried to build a gallows on that spot, for it was a prime spot. It failed each time, falling apart at the zero hour, as the person to be hung was about to be led up the stairs. In fact gallows built anywhere in the city failed, as the curse of the white wolf was felt. Any who were to be hanged must be hanged out side the city, miles from where anyone could go and see it easily.


The inconsolable wolf had returned to the spirit realm for a time. Doing as her much misunderstood and maligned Guide had asked her. She had lived her life, but it held very little joy without her. She had done one good thing, she had taught her niece what it was like to love. What it was like to live up to your convictions and die for them too. To find someone who would stand by you for the length of their days. Her Guide had done all that for her, and so she owed it to her to pass all those lessons along, to one who could truly appreciate them.


Of all her kin, her niece was the only one who had come to her and asked for those lessons. She had passed down everything she had learned, in the short time she had been with her bond mate. Teaching her things, not even her brother wolf knew. Which tickled her niece at the time and made him grumble with good natured annoyance. Then one day her niece had come to her for a lesson, and her Aunt had sat her down for it. She had told her this is the last lesson she had to learn.


Love, love was everything in a bond between human and spirit animal. Without love, without the connection, it was just two beings walking side by side, going in the same direction. When your bond mate is born, you will know who he is and your heart will sing. Whoever her bond mate was going to be, was a person filled with so much love for everyone, he would be unable to contain it. He would need a protector for his heart and his soul, so he could give his love freely but possibly not openly. There were those out there who would love to corrupt it, if they caught him before he was bonded. So keep an eye out for him. When he was born she would know it, because his heart would be as large as her own, filled with love the moment he took his first breath.


Her niece had rubbed herself against her Aunt and they had sat quietly, watching the sun move across the ocean. When it was setting her Aunt had nudged her, telling her it was time for her to return to her den. Sasha had looked up at her Aunt then and asked her a simple question. Knowing the answer already but having to confirm. She had asked her Aunt if she would ever see her again. And she had answered no she wouldn’t. She had lived her life and shared all she knew with her niece, who was destined to be bonded to a man of love. Gave her all the skills she had, all the knowledge, all the experience she could dream of over the years. Now it was her time, her time to go and be with her own Guide. For she had learned a few things while teaching her niece. She had learned how to return to her beloved Guide’s, side by simply letting go of who she was. She loved her family and adored her niece. But the bond between spirit animal and companion could be even stronger. That was the way it was for her. So she would go to her Guide and finally be content.


Sasha had looked at her and come to her own decision. Her Aunt would not be alone on her final hunt. She would wait here while she started her journey. So the she-wolf would know that her family approved and wished her good hunting. The younger wolf watched as her Aunt called forth her power, red eyes shining as arctic winds surrounded her. A white storm came in from the sea in answer to her call. Blowing in all directions as it obeyed its old mistress one final time. Storm clouds forming above her a descending pathway leading the elder wolf to where she most desired. As she climbed the bank of clouds, Sasha could see a tiny figure far in the distance. Human in form and arms outstretched in welcome and joy. Her Aunt had run towards that figure, never looking back, with nothing but joy and surprise and love in her heart.


As they met, she rose up on her hind legs, placing her paws on her shoulders for a deep soul binding hug not felt in years. Then they had turned for one final look at the younger white wolf standing alone on the bank. Power surged from both, wrapping around the young one. A final gift from the pair, as all the power accumulated over many life times was given. She was now a wolf with an ancients power, knowledge and control. It was a gift of pure love, to be passed on to her own companion, when she met him.


Sasha had been thunderstruck as the power entered her system, and she knew then just how powerful love could be. She would know when her companion was born and would go to him the instant he was born. Hell she loved him already even though she didn’t know who he was.


Many years, centuries even, her companion had finally been born. And she had known he was hers, because his first cry out of his mother’s womb was not for the traumatic event of his birth. No, it was the cry of a Guide’s heart as he called for his true spirit. Her own heart had instantly known he was hers and she was his.


Those seven days she had battled for him had been hard, because for the first seven days of his life, he had done nothing but cry. He would eat then cry, he would cry himself to sleep, wake up crying, never playing, never smiling just constantly sad. His wails and whimpers never ending, because his heart was calling out for his companion. When she finally won and put the others in their place, she had gone to him. His parents were highly upset because their beloved first born was upset and they had no idea why. They had tried everything anyone suggested, and still nothing would stop his heart rendering wails of despair. Then she had come, touched his small frame in his cradle with her nose, and his cries had ceased. Instead replaced with joyous laughter, as his companion was finally here with him.


From that day forth he was a normal child growing up. She did not actually show herself to him, till his powers came online at eight years of age. But he was always willing to love and look after those he cared for. And his heart proved that every day, and she never regretted her bonding to the most loving man ever born.


“You get all that just from being with me?” He asked quietly, tears running down his face.


She looked at him and informed him, she got all that and more, just by being his. He was everything she ever wanted, and she felt so thankful she would be by his side forever. Just like her own Aunt was with her Guide now. As they both wanted.


Danny looked down at his wolf, he knew who he was now. Or at least he knew his name. Daniel even if everything else was confusion in his mind. Laying his hand on her head as he looked out towards the sea a moment, before meeting her eyes with the softest, knowing look she had seen to date. “Sasha I remember you. And you’re right I was crying for you when I was born. I know it now, but even then I knew what I wanted. I wanted you and was devastated you were not there. Now you are and like your Aunt’s Guide, I’ll always be yours.”


Wrapping his arms around her shoulders, he pulled her into his chest. For the next few hours they simply watched the clouds float over the ocean waves. Basking in the love they had for each other.

Chapter Text

“GOD FUCKING DAMN IT! WILL YOU ALL SHUT UP!” Bellowed Dustin, as he tried to bring order to large boisterous families, who found order to be on the same level as herding cats, nearly impossible. He glared at the group of nearly 100 people, as they all were trying to digest the information given to them. Not only had the Williams family shown up but the Kelly family, the HPD family, the Navy family, and even Marcus and Annette had shown up.


Andrew and he had called the meeting yesterday, informing them to show up today at 9 in the morning. They had news and wished to share it. And if any of them actually called wanting to know ahead of time what it was about. Well, they were inform, information wasn’t available till 9 the next morning. Their own matriarch of a secretary had taken gleeful pleasure on the phone as she informed them of this. She loved the families completely, but she felt that if they were told to be there for the information, calling and nagging about it before hand defeated the purpose of the meeting in the first place. Many were not happy about it. Chin and Kono though were told ahead of time, because the Seal and his partner knew they would need help wrangling the mob.


Somehow the family got wind they knew what the meeting was about and started hounding them. Showing just what they were made of, they stood their ground in the face of such a concentrated effort, to learn what the meeting was about. By turning their phones off, packing an overnight bag and hiding in rooms on the Navy base. When this second source of possible pre-information, had escaped their tea and cookies subtle interrogation methods, the family was cooing for blood. Very scary could the Kelly family be when they wanted answers, almost as bad as the Williams family.


Now the two were meeting and already the Women of the Clans were forming their ranks. Andrew had over heard no less than three family barbecue’s planned in the span of five minutes. Turning his hearing up, he could make out the different conversations going on around the room, shaking his head at the speed which both families worked. A dozen lunch meetings, two bridal showers, a baby shower, some bachelor discussion parties for males, who had the misfortune to not being looking as hard as their females thought they should be for a mate, and extended shopping and tour trips throughout the island, to show the clan their new home. He also heard earlier in the day, in the time the Williams had been on the island, maybe a week, week and a half, total, there was one marriage proposal already. The bastards worked fast, that was for sure. Now he was calling them all together, to inform them of what little information he had. Knowing all hell was going to break loose when he did.


After Dustin’s little outburst every eye in the place was focused on him. Oh thank fuck he was already happily mated, and they couldn’t get their loving claws into him. To a man who had been nervous enough around both families, he ended up on his knees in some dusty closet filled with cleaning supplies, giving Dustin a long blow job to make him relax.




Andrew walked steadily through the halls towards the auditorium set aside for the meeting, he and his partner were going too. Dustin walked beside him but something was off, he didn’t smell right and his stride was hesitant. It was completely unacceptable to his Sentinel senses to have his Guide not feel comfortable in his presence at all times. Which meant something was wrong with the man and he didn’t want to tell him about it. Another completely unacceptable situation, Dustin should always feel like he could tell him anything. Putting a hand out he grabbed his mate’s shoulder and pulled him to a stop. The scent of nerves and trepidation and something else underneath it all hit his nose and made him want to sneeze to clear his nostrils. Deciding to put a stop to whatever was upsetting his love, he pulled him to the side of the hall. “Dustin what’s wrong?”


The scent of nerves and something else became stronger, annoying him since it covered the clean pure scent of his own, coming from the silver streaked man. “Nothing A. J. really it’s nothing.” The Guide stuttered as he refused to meet his eyes.


Finally unable to stand the horrible smells of nerves, acidic undertones of fear and the extreme tension he could feel, he turned his sense of smell down to practically nothing. Gripping the other man’s uniform in a strong grip he dragged him towards a random room. Opening the door he shoved Dustin in none to gently, angry and greatly concerned because his mate wasn’t talking to him.


The room happened to be a small supply room, closet really from how crowded it was with cleaning supplies. A sink with a grunge encrusted mirror above it, reflected the weak light overhead, barely giving him enough light to see the interior. It was lined with shelves holding various bottles of bleach, soaps, paper towels, window cleaners, along with sponges, towels, and other things needed to keep things neat. A mop bucket with what looked like well used water, sat in the corner with a mop sitting inside it still. Brooms lay haphazardly in a corner next to half used rolls of toilet paper and everything was covered in dust. Or at least he hoped it was dust, because he didn’t want to think what else it might be.


Shoving Dustin all the way in, and against the sink he kicked the door closed. Shutting his nose down completely, the varied scents starting to give him a headache, he confronted his partner. “Dustin you tell me what is wrong right now, or I’m cancelling everything and taking you to see the doctor right away!” He barked out, tone stating he wouldn’t take anything other then the truth.


With a deep sigh, knowing he couldn’t refuse his mate an answer, he ran his hand through his dark hair. Andrews eyes immediately went to the motion, reminded of how many times he had done the exact same thing himself. He snapped his eyes back to his Guide’s own as he began to speak. “Listen it’s nothing bad really, just nervous about what is going to happen at the meeting. Those Williams and Kelly's are nothing to sneeze at. They have their own methods and ways of getting what they want and will do it with so much love and kindness it leaves you breathless. I don’t really like the idea of all that focus on us when we don’t have much information for them and I know they are going to want to know more than what we have. I guess you can say I’m just tense with worry and stress over what is going to happen in 45 minutes.” He raised his hands up as he shrugged his shoulders with his explanation.


Tilting his own red head A. J. looked at his mate, relieved it really was something simple rather than he having something sick with him. Then his words penetrated his mind and he knew he couldn’t leave his love like that. He needed to relieve his stress or he would be agitated at the meeting and distracting to him. He wouldn’t be able to focus on the families questions if Dustin was a bundle of nerves. But he had a solution he felt would work, after all it was his duty to take care of his Guide in any and all things.


“It makes you breathless thinking about it? What if I gave you something else to think about?”


Puzzled Dustin looked up to him in the weak like. “Something else to think about? Like what?”
“Like this.” Then he leaned forward and kissed him deep, running his tongue along full lips which opened instantly for his exploration. Gripping his head in his left hand, A. J. deepened the kiss, while his right went to town on his pants, pulling the zipper down and reaching inside. Running his hand up and down the rapidly hardening length, he could hear Dustin as he moaned with pleasure. Gripping his cock he pulled it out and slowly stroked him up and down while keeping control of the kiss. Dustin leaned back on the brown and black stained white sink, bracing with his hands on either side.


Sucking on his mates tongue, Andrew slowly released his lips, pleased with the glazed quality of his eyes from being so well serviced by his lips. Reaching with his hand, not full of thick cock for a towel from the shelf, he placed it on the floor, not wishing evidence to be branded on his knees. Sinking down he gripped his Guide’s cock with his right, while he fondled his balls with his left. “Maybe I should do something else to relieve your tension.” Before Dustin could say anything else he sucked the head into his mouth, teasing the slit with his tongue while the man tried not to squirm.


Dustin kept his hands tightly on the sick while Andrew went to work. Swallowing him in slow strokes, tasting the pre-come as it leaked into his mouth. Burying his nose to the hilt he was annoyed at the pants keeping him from reaching to that special hole in back. So he quickly unbuttoned them and pulled them down, all while keeping the shaft deeply in his mouth. Finally free to do as he wished with his mate he increased his strokes. Listening to the man’s moans as he didn’t hold back from sounding off with pleasure. The sounds were deep, long and totally filthy as his cock was swallowed. The concrete walls doing nothing to stop the sounds from leaching into the hallway, where others walking had no doubt as to what was going on.


But they were polite enough to realize it was probably a Sentinel and Guide going about their business, many had seen Dustin and A. J. in the area. Many knew that Sentinels had the right to take their mates any time any where, especially if it was for their own good. So they kept on moving and ignored the porn like sounds coming from the dirty supply closet, which was scheduled for its own cleaning in another day or two.


Concentrating on the cock in his mouth he ran his tongue under the shaft as he moved. Nibbling on the head when he pulled off before swallowing him fully. The sounds his Guide was making had him becoming hard and he shifted to a more comfortable position. He reached around to his mate’s ass and started fingering at his hole. Dustin whimpered needing more contact so he pushed a finger inside and began thrusting in counterpoint to his sucking. Dustin pushed his hips into his mouth, before moving back to push against the finger inside him.


A. J. knew what he wanted and pushed a second then a third finger into his ass. Continuing to suck as he pleasured his partner as much as he could stand. The wanton moans growing louder as his climax approached. The Sentinel increased his suction, swallowing the precome which was coming faster and faster, rubbing his tongue along the head before vibrating deeply in the back of his throat.


It was the vibrations which did it for the Guide, with a deep groan letting anyone within hearing range know exactly what was happening he came. Pushing deeply into his mate’s throat as he shot his load heavily into Andrew’s waiting mouth. The feelings of completion and satisfaction humming within his very bones as he gave his mate exactly what he wanted. The taste of himself, full of love and something else which Andrew was hard pressed to identify at the moment. Making sure to suck every drop from the tasty cock he never got enough of, he pulled off with a pop which would make a veteran porn star proud. Standing the Seal leaned over and kissed his mate deeply, letting his tongue enter his mouth and taste himself. Dustin let go with another moan of extreme pleasure to taste himself.


When the need for air finally reach critical point, Andrew broke the kiss to take a deep breath. He was then able to look down and see something totally unexpected, a large shit eating grin on his mate’s expressive face. “Dustin?”


“Oh fuck babe that was good. I wasn’t sure it would work but it did. Danny showed me how to manufacture emotions to help distract people. I was hoping it would work with you and it did.” He crowed happy as hell at his little prank.


“Manufacture emotions?” He was startled and not to pleased at being manipulated. If Danny was showing Dustin how to do things like this, he would need to have a word with Steve. They needed to be able to trust their Guides.


“Yeah for when we are going after bad guys or other assholes. If we could project emotions or feelings to them to make them think they don’t have a chance at escaping. They might surrender quicker and with less chance at loss of life. I just decided to try using it in a different scenario.” And it had worked so well he was going to have to try it again.


The Seal breathed a sigh of relief at the news, he really didn’t want to think of Danny showing Dustin how to do something to upset his mate via emotions. Using it on bad guys though was something he could totally get behind, using it on him not so much. “DUSTIN! What the hell do you think you were doing? You do NOT manipulate me like that EVER. I need to be able to trust what I’m sensing from you and I do not appreciate it one bit.”


Grabbing his still half naked mate, he turned him around and bent him over the dirty sink. Raising one hand back he brought it down hard on his partner. Dustin yelped at the strike but didn’t hesitate to push his ass out for more. Rolling his eyes at his totally shameless slut of a Guide, he continued to spank him till his ass was cherry red. The way he loved it and even now, while he was being punished, the man was purring under him, encouraging him to spank him more. Each time his hand hit that perfect ass, the sight turned him on even more, Dustin’s perverted love of being spanked infecting him with his crazy. He loved seeing the man's ass so bright red and it was making him impossibly harder.


Finally unable to help himself, he stopped with the spanking and pulled his own cock out of his pants. Dustin humming with pleasure and encouragement, to take him like he was entitled to, to use him for his total satisfaction. Pushing deeply into that perfect ass, he buried himself to the hilt, slapping the bottom flesh loud enough to be heard outside. At this point neither man cared as the need to mate had taken priority with both instincts calling to pleasure their opposite.


Dustin leaned over further, face practically level with a row of dirty rags next to the faucet as he was fucked. He could smell the different cleaning agents his nose was so close, and the sink had something dark and fuzzy growing in the bottom of it. He could care less cause the pounding he was receiving was exquisite to him. He loved being fucked and getting screwed in a dirty supply closet was a dream, because it was being done by the man he loved. He would do anything for Andrew and honestly would not try and manipulate him again like he had. He knew it was wrong and he accepted his punishment, course it was all Danny’s fault for showing him how to do it in the first place. Along with just telling him that Sentinel Seals were highly clingy and needed to know absolutely everything about their partners. Refusing to stop pestering them till they got their way, and they could spoil their mate the way they felt they deserved.


Andrew continued to thrust till he felt his own climax start to form. The feeling of his cock sliding deeply into that warm, tight heat blowing his mind, as he had just blown his partner. He felt it as his balls slapped the back of those strong thighs, which only enhanced his pleasure, as Dustin moaned at the feeling. Turning his sense of touch down one notch, he made the feeling last till a glance at the watch on his mate’s arm, made him realize they only had 20 minutes left to get to the meeting. Knowing they would have to clean up in the showers after their little romp, he increased his feeling of touch five points. Gripping his Guide's hips tightly he came after three more thrusts, roaring out his own pleasure loud enough to shake the bottles on the shelves, and a roll of paper towels to fall to the floor.


Taking deep gulping breaths he spent a few minutes recovering from their mating. Pulling out his cock was dripping with spunk from his balls and other areas. Dustin, breathing heavily from being so well used himself, stood up and turned around, allowing Andrew to see his cock, hard once again and panting from his own need.


His next decision was instant. “On your knee’s Guide, clean your Sentinel up using your tongue and lips. If you’re good you can jerk yourself off at the same time.”


Eyes lighting up, he didn’t hesitate to do as ordered, falling to his knees on the towel his mate had used earlier, he reached out with his tongue to clean his mate’s softening prick. Lapping at the juices there, he took himself in hand and quickly stroked himself to a second release. When Andrew was completely clean, he looked up to make sure he met with his Sentinel’s approval.


“Good boy, now we need to get cleaned up properly, we have about 13 minutes to get to the meeting.”


With a smirk Dustin stood with Andrew’s help. “Well, I think we are going to be late cause, we both need showers and you know we can never pass up shower sex.”


“Ugh your right, fine they can wait. We need to head out though.” Tucking himself back in, Andrew quickly grabbed the towel from the floor. Glancing at the part which had touched the floor he found it covered in a thin film of something he shuddered to think could be. He did know he would be having a talk with the maintenance supervisor letting him know the state of the supply closet. There was no way in hell a Navy base would have this filthy of a supply closet unless someone was slacking off. Tossing the towel into a hamper overflowing with other dirty articles, he didn’t even want to contemplate their previous locations, he made sure Dustin was ready to go. All in order per se, knowing showers and the mentioned shower sex, and no doubt the locker room sex to follow, plus god another shower, he reached for the door.


Turning the handle, grimacing as something not quite slimy coated the palm of his hand, he opened the door. Stepping out he was welcomed with the sight of a dozen other people in the hallways, many with stupid grins on their faces. Including another Sentinel and Guide team. The Sentinel female was rubbing her belly, whispering something he had to turn his hearing up to hear. When he realized what she was saying, he shuddered to think how she would tell her future kids how they were conceived. Her Guide had large eyes in his face, along with a pleased and horny smile. His own pants were tented and he swore they were just waiting for their turn in the closet. He better get on to maintenance about cleaning it up in a hurry. Maybe he could do that while Dustin was showering and it would allow them to break the multiple screwing sessions before they got started.


The others in the hallway quickly found other things to do once he started glaring at them. His Guide, unrepentant grin plastered across his face, strutted out proud of the games they had played. When he spotted the other team his grin grew even larger, knowing exactly what the other Sentinel was thinking. Meeting his own mate’s eyes for a moment, he turned back to the lady. “Ma’am if you want to have absolutely filthy sex, now would be the time to do it. No doubt my mate here, is going to have the room cleaned up within the next two hours, and you won’t find a better spot.” With a chuckle he headed towards the showers, needing to get cleaned and hoping his mate joined him. He really did enjoy shower sex and this would be great to have both shower and locker room sessions. Turning the corner he greeted someone else then was gone.


Andrew shook his head at his shameless mate. Bastard was a very good man, took care of him well and he loved him with all his heart. But he really enjoyed bonding in any place, and didn’t hesitate to pull stunts were he could get a good fucking in. Turning to the other team, he made his own comments. “He’s right you know, the place is absolutely filthy in there and I will be calling maintenance.” Then he paused as he could see the disappointed looks in both Lieutenants faces. “I’ll be calling them in four hours. So if you plan on doing a through inspection of the location, you better do it soon.” Saying no more he turned and followed his mate. Ignoring the delighted looks on both their faces, along with the others who had stayed in the hall.


The other team, with wicked perverted expressions, decided to make their own inspection. Grabbing her Guide mate she dragged him into the closet, slamming the door shut, the clicking of the lock loud to Andrew’s ears. Soon the sounds of moaning and flesh slapping against flesh could be heard to his sensitive ears. He had smelled how the lady was in heat, and had no doubt, her husband would be working hard to plant as much of himself in her belly. Something he knew she was looking forward too. What the hell had his life come to, that he was reduced to dirty closet sex, and then giving people advice on how to have their own.


Dear god it was going to be a long day.




His mate would be the death of him yet, but still thank god he was already happily mated to the perfect perverted man. He knew the Williams and the Kelly's would have been setting him up on a dozen dates by now, from potential people in both families. Going to the center of the stage in the auditorium put aside hastily for them, he cleared his throat. This was going to be one of the most stressful announcements he had ever had to make.


“Okay everyone, I would like to start off with saying thank you for coming. My name is Commander Andrew Jackson and this is my partner Commander Dustin Slater. We are part of Steve McGarrett’s new team here at Pearl Harbor, dealing with Sentinels and Guides in the Navy. We are also their liaison, when they are not available to give comments themselves.”


He looked around at the blank faces, as the room was quiet and focused on him. He knew that wasn’t good, the Williams were a very vocal family at any time, no matter who was speaking. They were up to something or about to be.


“Okay we know you are very concerned about Danny and Steve, so are we. But where ever they went, we don’t have the ability to follow.” A tiny lie because they did have their animals if needed. But the instructions not to bother them right now, was more important. “We wanted you all together so we could tell the news at once. And I know there will be questions and we will answer them to the best of our ability, but realize we have very little information.” He spoke in clear tones, voice used to giving orders to men ready to receive them quickly and quietly. These people were not quiet in any way, the fact they were being so at this moment still led him to believe plots were being telepathically discussed. It wasn’t possible but the eyes of the ladies seemed to radiate ideas.


Dustin stepped up speaking into the mic, “We mean it, we have practically nothing. Just some bare facts.” He stepped back to let Andrew take over again. Even if he had perverted ideas about when and where he liked to mate with his partner. The fundamental fact was he would stand beside him till their last day together. He loved Andrew with everything in him and would support him in whatever situation they found themselves in. So he was closely monitoring his mental state, calming him as the quiet expressions on a family known to shout their emotions to the sky, made him jittery with suspicion.


“As you’ve been told Danny left due to some harsh circumstances, and Steve left a day or two after to follow and find Danny. Well, we received information yesterday that Danny has been found. He was found by his spirit animal Sasha. They are resting on a beach somewhere. And no, I do NOT know where it is. We do NOT know where Steve is, but we are assuming he is meeting up with Danny and Sasha.” Holding up his hands in a that’s it motion. “That is all we know.” It wasn’t but the condition of his hair, eyes or even that there was another spirit animal staying with them, seemed irrelevant right now.


The audience stayed quiet for a few minutes. Then all hell broke loose as voices babbled questions at them, at their neighbors, to themselves. Then cameras and mic’s appeared as a few news casters had snuck in, when they heard about a meeting regarding the two men, and started asking questions and demanding more answers.


One a local news man with a distinct dislike of 5-0, sneered as he asked his question, “So if Williams appears to be found and safe when do we expect him to return?”.


His sneering raspy voice grated on the Sentinels ears, and only years of training kept him from barking in full parade snarl at him. Instead he answered with feigned politeness, “We don’t have that answer.”


Glaring at the Commander the news man asked in the same annoying voice “Why not? Can’t you ask your source?” The man wanted answers so he could twist the scenario to his liking. Anything that would help him put the two men in a bad light, and show the citizens what kind of dangerous and annoying men they truly were. Besides he owed them for uncovering all those unpaid parking tickets, a friend on the force was supposed to have fixed for him. Not only did they reinstate the parking tickets but the fines for non payment were inane. He tried going to court only to be told he would have to pay them, the fines, and the court costs because the tickets were so late in the first place being paid.


It didn’t help that the blond guy had shown up, face smiling in a knowing way. His over protective and dominating partner, glaring at him if he so much as thought about coming over and bitching at them. At the time he hadn’t known Williams was McGarrett’s Guide, but it made so much sense now as to why he hadn’t trusted the blond. He had been keeping what he was a secret from everything and denying the Sentinel his rights. That just screamed dishonesty and made him wonder what else they were keeping from the public. Information he felt his fellow citizens had a right to know. Never mind they were men fully entitled to having their own private life.


Andrew knew there was bad blood between the news man and 5-0. He thought it started early in Steve and Danny’s partnership, long before Danny was Steve’s known Guide. Whatever it was that caused it he would love to someday get the story from them. He had a feeling it would be fun and hilarious and no doubt show just how much of an ass the guy really was.




“GOD DAMN IT STEVE! SLOW DOWN!” Danny bellowed as he reached for the handle again.


“Danny what is your problem? If we slow down we won’t catch them.” He didn’t even glance at the gorgeous man in the other seat. If he did he might start to focus on the glistening sweat trickling down his cheek, down his throat or his Adams apple bobbing away at keeping his temper in check. God ripping his focus back to the street in front of him, and the guys he was chasing. He pushed down on the gas again to catch up with the perps. At the same time he glanced at the rear view mirror, and scowled at the news van following them. He knew what station they were with and he knew who would be in the van.


Shitty little creep named Ugo Maykis who didn’t like the liberties 5-0 had been given. The man was short, skinny as a rail with a pale and pasty complexion, no matter how long he spent in the Hawaiian sun. He sported a long discolored gray and brown flecked mustache, like in one of those old cartoons, where they tie a lady up to a railroad track. Long pointed nose, narrow eyes and a mouth constantly scowling when he wasn’t on camera. He probably also didn’t like them cause they had his news van towed, from the front of their offices one time. When the 5-0 team gleefully discovered it had been parked in a disabled parking spot, they hadn’t hesitated to do their civic duty, according to various disabled parking laws. The news crew had gone around the corner to shoot something really quick, that later on was discovered to be yet another complaint about the 5-0 task force. But thanks to a very helpful call from Kono to the right department, who also happened to be a cousin driving a tow truck, managed to have the news van towed in the 10 minutes they had been gone. That may be another reason Ugo was always on their ass.


Danny didn’t look back behind them, he could feel the annoyance clear as day on his partner. It had a special flavor of disgust, when a certain news broadcaster was around. “I take it MaynevergetKissed is back there?”


Rolling his eyes even as he swerved to avoid a tree planted in a very stupid spot. Really why do they plant so many trees in public parks nowadays? “Yeah stupid fuck. What is his problem anyway?”


Shaking his head, gripping the handle more he began waving his free hand as he started to extol on the virtues of the island, “Who knows babe. So many assholes on this pineapple infested hell hole what’s one more. I mean it could be the never ending heat, or the humidity
which makes you feel like you’re drowning. Hell it could be the way, he no doubt has never been nor will ever get laid. Either way this place sucks!” Danny glared out the window at the people they were chasing.


Unable to help himself, he cooed to the attractive man in the other seat with humor, “Come on you know you’re starting to like it here.” This said while he was taking a corner on two wheels. The shouts from the people having to dive for cover, was over laid the squealing of tires as he returned to all four.


Waving his hand, letting go of the handle so he could use both hands, to make his points about the hell this island paradise was. “No, no I am not starting to like it here. This place is Satan’s paradise, with all the sand, sharks, over priced tourist traps and outrageous rents.”


This time with a squeal of the brakes as he slammed them to a stop, as a flock of Japanese tourists stood in the middle of the road, taking hundreds of pictures of the police chase. “Danny how many times have I said you can always come stay with me?” He had no idea why but god he wanted this man in his house. His scent, his sound, the way his very presence made everything come alive around him. He knew he was becoming addicted and he hadn’t a clue why. He wasn’t displaying a shred of Guide spark to him. But he was finding himself not caring. He just wanted Danny after only knowing him for three months. Stomping on the gas as the tourists finally parted and he could continue what he felt was a very fun and thrilling ride after the bad guys. Seriously he hadn’t driven like this since the mission in South American which he never was in officially.


Danny with full snark in his voice, “Yes, well I like my privacy and it’s not like I don’t spend nearly every waking moment with you anyway.” He rolled his eyes even as he wished he could move in. But certain conditions, with a certain Sentinel not knowing about a certain Guide, would certainly not be good. Not for another nine or so months, God why did he have to find his Sentinel so close to being free.


“Yes, yes I regularly shanghai you into coming over to my place. Drinking my beer, eating steaks that I cook for you, when you come over.” He snarked back, before making a 90 degree turn into an alley to try and cut off the van they were chasing. Reaching the end of the alley and just missing said crooks, scraping their bumper with the bumper of the Camaro, but not enough to spin the bastards.


“YES, YOU DO! You are the one driving my car to begin with. I get ready to go home and bam your snatching my keys again and driving to your place.” He made a motion with his hands, like he was about to snatch the keys to his own car, away from the idiot.


“Well, my place is on the way to yours whats the big deal?” He shrugged, even as he avoided a slower moving car. Plus he did want him to come over, and honestly needed him around as much as possible. And he regularly rode in with him. Needing the shorter man’s smell surrounding him and steadying him for the day.


Glaring at the man driving HIS car at over 50 miles an hour in a 30 zone. “There is something seriously wrong with you. You know that right? Normal people do not take over other peoples lives, just so they can smell them all the time. Don’t think I haven’t caught you sniffing at me in the mornings. You’re worse than a dog.” He pretended to be disgusted, even if it was far from the truth. He enjoyed seeing his partner squirm as he tried not to show how much he depended on his scent.


Honestly he wouldn’t deny him anything if he could, but with nine months to go, after so long of fighting he wasn’t going to give up. He had the power to delay the bonding, but not stop it, he only had delay for those few months than Steve could have him completely. He was really looking forward to the surprise and shock on his face when he revealed what he really was. No doubt the two of them would be bonding and fucking within an hour of the reveal. Probably within 10 minutes actually, so he needed to make sure he told him while in Steve’s bedroom. Otherwise his back would not be happy when they were done.


Blinking his eyes free of the future he returned to the present conversation. Glare returning as he listened to his partner’s and future mate’s next words.


Chuckling Steve opened his mouth “Well in certain circles in the Navy I was called Smooth dog.”


Rolling his shoulders, he turned to blast the full force of his temper on his highly amused partner. “See I knew it! You’re an animal and absolute animal. Now I suggest you slow down before you kill me.” Honestly the man was having way too much fun, chasing these guys.


They hadn’t seen any action in over two weeks, evidently there must have been a bad guy convention out of town, it had been so quiet. Steve hadn’t had a chance to blow anything up, or dangle people off roof tops, so he was making the most of this chase that he could. The fact he was riling up his partner just added to his fun.


Purring as he jumped a curb, and mowed down a nice set of outdoor chairs and tables which had never done anything to him, “I would never kill you Danno. Its more fun to hear your diatribes on the subject.” He couldn’t help himself he loved to hear the other man rant. The various tones just flowed so smoothing over his ears. He needed to hear those pure units of sounds just as much as he needed to scent the man. Now if he could find even more excuses to touch him than what he did now. Taste was mostly out, he knew if he started tasting he wouldn't stop till he had tasted everything.


Hiding a smirk, Danny decided to really screw with his partner’s head. “Fuck you McGarrett! Just for that I’m not coming over this weekend…”


Steve went cold, this was a long weekend, Rachel had actually given Danny Grace for three whole days in a row. It was unheard of for the witch, to give Danny so much uninterrupted
time with his daughter, but it could be something to do with her being pregnant with Stan’s baby. They wanted to have their own weekend, so as a matter of convenience to them, they gave Grace to Danny. His young partner had told him all this in yet, an earlier rant but didn't hesitate to take his Monkey for the weekend. Steve happy as hell to have the girl he considered his niece over the weekend as well as his partner, had so many plans to do with both and he did not want to lose them. “Uhh Danny…” The worry dripping from his lips, as he glanced at the other man.


Knowing exactly what was going through his worried Sentinels head, he smiled smugly to himself. As if he would deny him his company, when he wanted it so badly. But didn’t mean he couldn’t get something extra out of it. “I mean it, I’m not coming over this weekend with my precious offspring. Unless there is copious amounts of ice-cream for her, beer for me, and large unblemished pizzas, with no hint of that devil fruit you call pineapple, provided. And you have to wash my car while I drink said beer, she eats said Ice cream and we both share the pizza.”


Steve grinned “I can do that.” Yanking the steering wheel one last time, he stomped on the breaks again, as their suspects had crashed into a large palm tree. Already they were jumping out and taking cover behind some alley way dumpsters, side walls and a really big stack of broken down shipping pallets laying in a messy pile over eight feet tall.


Jumping out of their own car, Steve raced to put himself between Danny and the suspects, even now not able to stand the fact of him getting hurt. Hiding behind the front wheel of some random SUV, he shot under the engine nicking one of the suspects in the leg, Satisfied when he went down with a pained yell.


“Steve LOOK OUT!” Danny shouted as a suspect shot at him from over a wall, just barely missing his head. Danny hiding behind a concrete construction barrier, shot him in the shoulder. Two down four to go.


“And here we have Hawaii’s elite 5-0 Task Force, once again bringing terror to the peaceful streets of this wonderful city.” Came the snotty voice of the reporter Ugo Maykiss, a person Steve was coming to loathe. Even from over 100 feet away, his slimy voice was crystal clear to him.


Changing positions he aimed for another suspect, the one behind the pallets this time and managed to get him with a shot to the knee. He wouldn't be walking right again.


More bullets began to spray as the suspects really opened fire.


“As you can see folks, they have no trouble endangering the innocent lives of your fellow citizens. And for what a couple coins or maybe even a few pounds of drugs? But not enough to justify blowing up half a city block.” He sneered into the mic as his camera man panned around, recording all the people racing to get away. Or people taking pictures and high fiveing each other when Steve or Danny hit one of the guys.


“God damn it UGO get the fuck down!” Danny shouted at the man who was reporting, at what was practically the line of fire. He honestly had no idea how stupid the asshole was.


“Hey I have a right and a duty to report the news as it happens.” He snarled back at the blond, who had been the one to have his van towed last week. His boss had not been pleased when he received the ticket and the cost to pay said ticket. He had read Ugo the riot act for two hours, for parking in a spot he knew he shouldn’t have. Along with other issues he had caused with his idiot crusade to screw over the 5-0 task force.


“For christ sakes you asshole MOVE!” Danny tried again even as he began to move towards the idiot. He may not like him, but still Danny knew it was his job and duty to protect the little fucker. He managed to shoot another man in the chest, sending him down in a gurgle of his own blood, from a perforated lung. Two left to deal with and they were the ones really increasing the fire, as they attempted to escape through the alley.


Danny watched as one of the gun men took aim at the crew, he was trying to get to hide still, when he saw him pull the trigger. Not thinking about it, he threw himself in front of Ugo, taking three rounds to the back. Plowing into the crew as the shots hit him, he pushed them all over the concrete half wall fence, separating the road from the park being worked on. Danny grunted at the impacts hit him, even as he heard the scream of his name and two more shots. Then his head hit the ground and he knew nothing.


Steve had seen it as Danny raced for the bastards, who shouldn’t have been in the way to begin with. He had also seen it as Danny jumped and put himself between the gunman and the news crew. Taking three slugs to the back. “DANNY!” Not even bothering to try for anything else, he aimed and fired steady, right into the man’s forehead. The last gunman seeing all his brothers down dropped his weapons, his kits and himself as he cried he was giving up. Steve didn’t give a shit, he let Chin and Kono deal with him.


Instead he raced over to where his fairly new, and quickly becoming the love of his life, partner was laying still on the road. The crew sliding out from under Danny even as they filmed him laying there bleeding in front of them. Seeing red himself but of a different type, Steve rounded on Maykiss.


Face red with Sentinel induced rage, at a pack mate under his protection, coming to harm because of fools he roared at Ugo. “YOU FUCKER, YOU ABSOLUTE ASS LICKING, COCKSUCKING MOTHER FUCKING PISSANT!" And before Maykiss could do anything to defend himself, Steve let loose with a full force punch to his face. Knocking the man to the ground to wallow in his own pain. Moaning at his broken nose even as he cupped his face to try and stop the bleeding.


Kneeling down after he had vented some of his rage, he gently touched the back of his unmoving partner. Narrowing his eyesight, he could see how two of the bullets had been stopped by the vest. But the third had hit and glanced off the shoulder strap and gone in to the muscle. Ripping the vest off, trying to do as little damage as possible he was pleased to see the bleeding was sluggish at best. It was a through and through going under the arm and scraping the skin in his armpit, but hadn’t nicked anything vital or broken anything. What had knocked the blond man out, had been the hit to his head as it came into contact with the pavement.


“Danny? Partner? Hey buddy come on speak to me.” The Sentinel called out, not even aware he was using the same soft tone he would use when trying to call to a beloved mate. Stroking his head, doing what he could to wake him up and make sure he was okay. Reaching into one of the many pockets of his cargo’s, he pulled out an absorbent patch package, to help stop what bleeding there was.


With a heavy moan of pain, Danny blinked dark blue eyes up at the man who would claim him someday. And said the only thing he could think of “You owe me two weekends of beer, pizza and car washing now you neanderthal. I told you to wait for back up.” Then closing his eyes, he sighed as the pain hit him again. He wasn’t looking forward to getting up in a minute.


With a huge grin on his face, the Seal responded back. “You got it buddy. How about we get you checked out then?”


“Fine but Chin’s driving, I want to get there in one piece.” He growled even as he slowly pushed himself up one handed, the other he kept pressed tightly to his side. Steve gently helping him up, placing his good arm over his shoulder, and leading him over to the concrete fence to sit for a few minutes.


That is when Ugo made his presence know again. In a wheezing, smooshed nosed sounding voice he bitched, “Hey what about me? You punched me? I’ll have you brought up on charges. Along with your pal there who owes me a new shirt?” Blood stains covered the frumpy pink shirt with ruffles everywhere.


Danny tired as hell and in as much pain, glared at the dick of a man. More than happy to let Steve take this one. “Owes you a new shirt? For what? Saving your life? FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! You’re lucky I’m not having you brought up on charges.” The Sentinel growled even as he placed himself between his unknown Guide, and the man he considered a threat, to what he instinctively claimed as his.


“HA You can’t because I’m filing charges on police brutality. I’ll win too because I have it all on film.” He smirked as he pointed to his camera man. The camera man who winked at Steve, before assuming a somber face as his boss turned towards him. Hiding his amusement at seeing his ass of a co-worker getting a well deserved punch, he informed him contritely “Umm Mr. Maykiss, looks like the something happened to the footage. I’m trying to play it back and getting nothing but black. I think the camera got bumped once too often and I’m going to have to get it repaired.” He turned the camera viewer around to show the blank screen.


“WHAT?” He turned in rage at the lackey man. He wasn’t pleased if the footage was lost, it was his ticket towards getting his own revenge against the bastards. Especially the Commander who was the biggest pain in the ass. Always causing trouble, always getting away with it. Using his immunity and means to break so many rules, just to make the streets safer for everyone in a hurry. He didn't care about any of that, just knowing he had finally gotten some of his own back against the bastards would have him crowing for weeks.


“I don’t know what happened sir, but it’s all gone. I’ll try and get it back though. It could just be the camera, the hard-drive should still be in tack.” He smirked to himself, at screwing with his bastard of a boss’s mind. He liked the 5-0 guys and wouldn't see them screwed over. Especially since Danny had jumped in front of all of them to save their lives, even if it cost him his own. That he wasn't to badly hurt was good, because he would have felt horrible, knowing he had been one of the causes of him getting hurt, in the first place. He had tried grabbing his boss, to get him to duck behind the barrier, but the fool had resisted. A punch to the nose was too good for him really.


“Good you do that and it had better be.” Turning he went back to glaring at McGarrett. Who raised an eyebrow at the smiling man. The camera man later had edited the footage in such a way that all of Ugo’s idiot acts had been there, but the punch seemed to have mysteriously disappeared. Except for the copy kept locked up tight in Steve’s personal safe.


Then it was a matter of loading Danny into an ambulance and taking him to get checked out. Steve of course went with him, not letting the man out of his sight. After a couple hours and many happy drugs later, Steve loaded Danny up into the Camaro and headed home. Till the blond was better, which wouldn’t be for a few weeks due to the bullet wound. Even this soon into their partnership, Danny had learned really quick that if he was hurt on the job, he stayed at his Sentinels place till Steve thought he was better.


How did he know this? Because the first day they worked together, Steve had ended up getting him shot. Danny had punched him in return, and for the days leading up to the weekend with his daughter, ended up staying in the man’s spare room. Three days he had spent at his place and it had been that way ever since. This would probably entail at least a month of staying over, because the man was already getting more clingy, and refused to let him return to his own shitty apartment, till he determined he was better. Never mind what the doctors said.




Glaring at the annoying news guy, Andrew informed him curtly “Our source is currently unavailable at this time.”


Not to be denied he sneered once again “Who’s the source? Maybe they just don’t want to talk to you any more?”


With a smug fuck you smile, “I have to protect their confidentiality.” A. J. knew that would annoy him.


“Yeah bullshit he does.” Ugo mumbled to himself.


Then one of the newly arrived Williams family members raised his hand so he turned his attention to them. “Yes, you have a question?”


“Will you be able to get more information on them? Maybe talk to them and ask when they are coming home?”


The Commander looked over at his mate and raised an eyebrow. Dustin shook his head while shrugging, cause he didn’t have a clue. Sasha had stated she didn’t want people bugging them and she knew how many people were in Danny’s family. She would realize how many questions were needing answers. Not wanting to be bothered meant she had some massive work to do along with Steve and Loki.


Stepping forward Dustin answered as best he could, “Honestly we’re not sure. We did receive one message back from them. And it was the request to not be disturbed. They’re working through issues I guess and need the time apart.”


“What issues?” The man asked, he was a cousin to Danny and had strict orders to report back to the family in New Jersey. Not to mention he was also very concerned about the man, he was a good cousin and good man. He had helped his own family out a few times when they had been growing up. He wanted to return the favor if he could.


Dustin shook his head before answering again, “We don’t know?”


“Can you send the source to find out?” This from a lady who spoke up from the back.


“No we can’t. We’ve been asked to give them time. After all they have been through its the least we can do. No matter how much we want them back.” Dustin looked over the crowd at faces who mostly showed and were projecting nothing but love and kindness for the two missing men.


And many more questions along the same line were shouted at them. The news agencies were jumping all over this latest development on the odd Sentinel Guide team. 5-0 was always interesting news, but now that they had shown they can topple buildings, and move from place to place in an instant, they were even more fascinating. At least the news hadn’t received detail information on how the island went down way out to sea.


Looking out at the mass of bodies, Dustin could see them talking among themselves. Till his eyes landed on a group of about seven woman. Made up of both Kelly’s and Williams, he grew really nervous, when they kept sending him calculating looks. Along with gleeful eager smiles.


“Uh, A. J. that doesn’t look good for us.” Dustin said, he sidled up and pretended to not be hiding behind his own mate.


“No, it doesn’t.” He agreed as he watched the women saunter towards them. Then the other women in the group, through some sort of telepathic connection began moving with them.


One of the seven raised her hand, with a way to cheerfully hopeful expression.


Trying not to shutter because his own instincts were starting to scream, DANGER DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER. He smiled even as he asked “Yes you have a question?”


“Yes, my name is Karla Williams, related to Danny via marriage on his Uncle’s side.”


Nodding his head, cause the reference made no difference to him, when the family was so huge. “Okay nice to meet you Karla what is your question?”


“Are you single?” She asked sweetly.


Dustin gave a surprised choked off cough, before hiding his mouth behind his hand. Really wishing he could kick him, A. J. looked her in the eyes. “No, I’m not single. I’m with someone.”


“Do we know who that person is?” She hadn’t missed the other man’s response.


With a deep sigh not sure where this is going, “Well I introduced him earlier, Commander Slater here is my partner. I’m a class A 5 sense Sentinel and he is my Guide.” A. J. reached back and dragged the hiding man forward. He wasn’t going to face a Clan Woman alone.


Slightly disappointed in the news, still he could see it when she changed gears. “Is he your partner as in work partners? Or are you partners like Steve and Danny?”


Growling a bit at the same question, still he needed to be polite. Danny might get pissy if he wasn’t and that would upset Steve, and he didn’t need them upset when they eventually came home. “Commander Slater, Dustin here is my mate and partner. We’ve only been together a few months be we do have a full bond between us.” Now his instincts were screaming, run away, run away as fast you as you can.


“Okay that’s always good. Now when Danny came home, he explained to his parents and family that while he and Steve were partners and mates. They were not yet MARRIED. They planned on getting married here at some point.” She turned deeply calculating eyes on them.


“I wasn’t aware of that information. That is good to know.” Hoping by understanding, he could move the conversation on to something else.


“What we want to know is, are you two are married yet? Because Danny said being mates was not the same as being married.”




He looked over the sea of bodies and discovered the men in the back. Looking at both of them on stage with pity and compassion for their fate. They knew what was coming, and they would not interfere with their women’s plans. They knew better and wanted to keep eating and more importantly, keep their balls intact on their persons. A. J and Dustin were doomed.


“Ummm well actually…” A. J. tried to think of something to say. Then Dustin stepped forward to help.


“Not yet.”


“So you do plan on getting married?” She looked between the men carefully.


Dustin looked at his mate for a second, doubt easily read in his face. Something his Sentinel did not like seeing. Stepping up he gave him a deep, loving kiss, then wrapped an arm around him. “Yes, we plan on getting married, but I haven’t asked him yet. I wanted to find the proper time and place to do so.” A. J. relaxed as he felt his mate melt against him.


“Ahh okay, keep us informed for when you do. We will take care of the rest.” Turning she and her marriage lieutenants filed out of the room. Signaling the other family and friends that it was time to leave. A few men stayed till the end before approaching.


“Yes, can we help you.” A. J. was feeling suddenly protective and kept himself between the men and his mate.


“You did good today buddy. I’m Karla’s husband, Albert. Look take your time you two, for doing a proposal. The women won’t bug you over it, because they know they can take time and want to be special. But be ready for the firestorm afterward, because Danny and Steve are not letting them plan their wedding. The women want to plan a family wedding here, and by god they will do yours if you’re not careful.”


Dustin with a questioning eyebrow, glanced at A. J. before stating. “Umm we’re not family.”


“You are now Dustin. Honorary members from this day forth because of all the help you’ve given those two. Be prepared for house warmings, showers, bar-b-ques and all sorts of other nonsense. It’s also good you two are together or they would have had the singles who came with them, on your doorstep.”


“You serious?” A. J. asked eyes wide.


“You don’t know the half of it. Our family grows each day, the women LOVE families and bringing more in. The men too, but the women consider it their quest in life to make sure everyone is loved, appreciated, fed and part of the family.”


“Oh shit.” This time by both men.


“Pretty much. You two are just lucky, because the majority of the family stayed in New Jersey. We only have about 40 clansmen here. But more will come eventually. Especially now that Danny plans on staying here and may need some family around.”


“Thanks for the warning. We don’t have anything planned for the moment though.” A. J. stated wholeheartedly.


The man waved way his thanks before continuing with his spiel. “Don’t rush it, just know the women from two clans are now circling around you. Danny and Steve’s wedding is out and they really want to plan a wedding for a Sentinel and his Guide. They want to try new methods and styles.”


Dustin cringed at the words and the meaning behind them. “Crap we’re ginea pigs?”


“Yep.” The man replied cheerfully.


Pulling Dustin closer to him, needing the assurance the shorter man gave him as he smelled him, and heard his steady heart beat. “Okay thanks and we’ll get around to it eventually.”


“And keep us informed if anything more comes from Danny and Steve. The entire clans are worried about them.”


“We will.” Dustin assured him.


Turning the men left to return to their new homes on the island. Dustin and A. J. made their way out of the hall as soon as the last person was out.


“I hope Danny and Steve get here soon. I don’t think I can handle the entire focus of two clans on us.” Dustin stated as he walked beside his mate. Holding hands and breathing from their near miss.


“Me too.” Andrew agreed completely.

Chapter Text

Steve grinned as he felt Loki move under him easily. The stretch and collect of his muscles, as his large black paws carried him over the grassland. Feeling the wind passing them from his impressive speed, as he took them further southwest towards their goal. His long shaggy fur was soft on his face as he lay his cheek on it, and honestly this was the most fun he had had in years. He could feel the happiness and joy of his bond mate of 16 years, as he took his own pleasure in their traveling.


Loki, mouth open to breath easier as he ran across the landscape, was enjoying the exercise, and the feeling of carrying his brother in his home land. Showing him the various types of environments and terrains this place had to offer. The other spirit animals who called this place home and accepted the two new members of the community. He planned on showing him everything in time, because they had so much and it would deepen their bond to levels never before achieved. To be so close to the man who he happily and proudly carried upon his back, and know he would be able to have this exact feeling for centuries.


Still even with his new spirit bond and ability to live in this land, running like this together was something he didn’t think would be possible for another 100 years. But Steve was almost acclimated to this realm, much quicker than he thought possible. It disturbed him because he wasn’t sure how it had happened. He had looked deeply within his chosen companion’s mind, and could find no reason for the accelerated adaption.


“It’s because of Danny, Loki.” Steve whispered into his ear. Startled Loki lost his stride for a second at the information, and the unexpected voice to his own what he thought, private musings. Grunting a question to his rider he resumed his pace.


Steve easily moving with his mount’s unexpected stride changes, continued explaining the reason for his changes. “It’s because of Danny I’m adapting faster to this place. I need to be able to help him, protect him and care for his wellbeing. I can’t do that if I’m not able to live in this land.” He cleared his throat as he thought about everything his beloved and cherished world had been subjected to.


“His instincts forced him here for his own safety. Because they no longer felt safe in my presence. Somehow knowing I couldn’t defend him the way he should be.” There was deep sorrow in his voice, as he said out loud what he had been thinking since Danny disappeared.


Adjusting himself as Loki easily leapt a babbling brook then a fallen log, “I’m his Sentinel and his guardian. I’m the one destined with the honor of caring for him, as he completes his own duties to help others.” He quieted for a moment as he thought about the enormity of what was before both of them. Loki ears turned back so he could hear every word of his pack mate.


Taking a deep breath as he acknowledged out loud again, his feelings about himself in regards to the man he loved, more than anyone or anything he ever had before. “I’m a failure Loki. I have been failing him for months now. Not protecting him the way he deserves. I’m a god damn Navy Seal, a Commander in those circles, trained to protect and serve. There can be no higher service I can perform, then to protect my Guide from any and all forms of harm.”


He paused again as he couldn’t help himself, with a wry twist to his lips even he knew he was being hard on himself but he couldn’t help it. To him it was all true. “Well, at least weird ass shit harm. Yes, we’re cops but that’s different. We’ve been hit with shit that is above and beyond what even our crazy cop days are like. I have more power, and abilities at my command and it’s still not enough to keep him safe.” Puckering his lips he blew them into his ruff. “I’m tired of failing him. I love him to death but it’s more than that.”


Loki slowed his pace as he felt his rider needing to walk his thoughts off. Coming to a stop, Steve slide off without thinking about it. Starting to walk absently in the direction they had been heading while he gathered his thoughts. Loki shrinking down to his normal size, walked beside him, side pressed against his bond mate’s leg, supporting the man as he worked through his reasons. “It’s more than me as his Sentinel wanting to protect him. It’s about the fundamental idea that Daniel Williams the man, is just plain entitled to a life, that isn’t shrouded in constant danger and bullshit.” Waving his hands in a manner very similar to another as he made his points. “Again I’m not talking about the danger as cops, even the crazy shit 5-0 get into. That is a given because it’s part of the job. I know it and he knows it, he knows it so well and isn’t afraid to let me know he knows it. But there is more I should be doing to give him the life he deserves.”


He walked with his head down, placing his arms behind him as he spoke his thoughts. “Danny has had a lot of shit piled on him over the years. A hell of a lot of shit and since meeting me has had even more. But he is still human and deserves to be able to sleep at night, eat during the day and be with his kids.” He cast his gaze off into the distance, not really seeing the herd of hippos and ostriches, as they seemed to dance around with of all things a bask of crocodiles, on the far off riverbank.


Loki made an inquisitive noise in his throat, to bring him back from the zone he was approaching, and to keep him talking about feelings he normally kept bottled up. Finally Steve voiced the biggest issue he was having right now, and it was dealing with something he wasn’t sure how to deal with, on top of all the other problems both men were involved with.


“It’s Charlie.” He blurted out “He’s Danny’s. I’m sure you’ve scented it and I know I did.” Loki nodded as he kept pace. “He doesn’t know it yet and I don’t want to get into explaining to him the instant we meet. Not until I have a better understanding as to his own mental and physical well being.” He slide his hand down and stroked the silky ears, much to Loki’s enjoyment, even as he paid strict attention to his words. “I do know that Rachel knows about Charlie, but I also feel there is more to the story than what she has had a chance to explain yet.” Another questioning sound from his pack mate. “Yeah could be, but we haven’t been able to sit down with her and just speak about it. I have a feeling Rachel wants too, and she is going to be reasonable about visitation. But I’m also looking at it from her perspective, kinda hard to bring up the subject, when you’ve had your daughter kidnapped, then the man in question goes off to be mated. He then leaves for Jersey, comes back and immediately disappears a few hours later AGAIN.”


Loki nodded when Steve put it that way it did make sense. “We’ll sit down and talk to her when we get a moment. Danny needs stability in his life, he needs to know his kids are safe. He needs to know, he can go to sleep at night and someone besides me, due to a case or wanting to just ravish him on the beach, isn’t going to drag him out and beat the ever living shit out of him.”


He stopped walking as he came to a slope, which had a large slow moving river running at the bottom of it. Loki would have to jump it in order for them to get across without swimming, but for now he was content to sit and listen to the man who needed to vent. “But in order for him to have all that and more.” His voice grew stronger as he stated what he needed to do according to himself. “I have to do better, I have to grow stronger, faster, and be better prepared to deal with shit that comes our way. So the first step is to push through those changes to myself you said would take time.” He stared down at the moving water, letting the sight of the dark gray and blue liquid take his negative feelings with it. Contemplating how much he needed to do, in order to be the proper protector and guardian his mate needed.


“We don’t have that kind of time. Danny is going to need a lot of help to recover, and I don’t want to spend that time dealing with my shit. He needs someone to focus on him and how special and important he really is. I can’t do that when I’m trying to deal with my own issues.”


Sitting down, he placed an arm around his bond mate’s neck, as he lay next to him. “I need to fix what is wrong with me now.” Pulling Loki closer to him as he gave him a one armed hug, needing to show his furry brother, just how much his presence meant to him. “You’ve given me so much help and I know you’ll give me more. So when we finally meet up with Danny and Sasha, we can take over his care and let her just be with him. I can actually be the man he needs me to be for him.” He looked down at the water again, looking forward to the day he could fulfill his duties as his mate’s protector.


Loki nudged his partner, reassuringly understanding the Seal’s need to draw comfort and assurance from himself. But he also knew that Steve had valid points. Till he was strong enough to defend the Guide the way he would need to. It would be better to stay here in this realm to learn and grow stronger. Standing the wolf moved a few feet away and grew to full size again. They still had some hours of travel in them and he wanted to get going. Crouching down he waited as Steve finished his thoughts on how he was going to be the man Danny needed. When ready the Commander stood, walked to his four legged brother who would always have his back and mounted up. Loki in a fit of fun after all the seriousness of the last few minutes, threw his head back and gave a long challenging howl. Challenging the world around them, daring them to try and stop them from their appointed task. Not that anyone was around who would take him up on his challenge, it was only meant to bring a much needed smile to his rider’s face. Which it did as the Sentinel howled with him, enjoying the sound as it was carried across the plains. Then with a few good strides down the hill, the big black beast, collected himself and jumped the river. They were gone in a matter of minutes.


Never seeing the ones who were following them.




Danny sat by his wolf’s side for a couple hours, watching as the ocean mesmerized him, with its even motion of the waves against the beach, and the wind blowing across the dunes. Till he couldn’t put it off any longer. He hated to do it, they were enjoying the closeness so much, something which had been lacking for a long time lately. But he was starting to physically hurt and he knew she wouldn’t be pleased, if he got that far gone again. “Sasha love, I know we’re enjoying ourselves. I love this, sitting beside you as we watch the waves move about, but well…” He stopped, reaching a hand up and rubbing at the back of his head. “I’m really hungry now. I’m sorry to be a bother but can we go and find something to eat?”


Sasha looked up startled from her own enjoyment and trance like state, as they watched the waves, to look into the pale sky blue eyes of her charge. Chagrined and highly upset with herself, she nodded even as she stood and move a few steps away to grow to full size. Crouching down she let him mount, then raised her nose to the wind. She needed to hunt something and do it fast, he needed to eat and he needed to eat now. He never should have needed to bring his famished state to her attention, for she should have been paying more attention to him, rather than the pleasure of just being in his company. Finding a scent she liked, she began trotting before graduating to a full run. Heading deeper inland after her chosen prey.


A few miles away she stopped and let Danny off her back. She dropped him off in a small pocket of land surrounded by a few boulders, a weathered looking piece of drift wood, which looked like it had been there for years, and a single inland leaning tree, growing in the center. A small brook gurgled nearby, hidden by sage grass and the contours of the land, as it dipped and swelled around her chosen resting spot. She didn’t want to leave him, but she still didn’t think he was up to watching her kill her prey. She nosed him with a firm command to stay right here and she would be back soon. If ANYTHING came near him he was to call her and she would come running.


Danny nodded before settling down under the lone tree that was growing. Sasha senses alert checked the surroundings one more time, to make sure nothing dangerous to her partner was around. Finding nothing but species of animals typical for the area, along with a familiar scent though she couldn’t think of the reason why the smell seemed familiar to her. Finding all well and safe for her ward, she headed towards the smell she had detected at the start of her hunt. Racing at her top speed, she headed off to where a herd of antelope were grazing. Hoping she could get there and back within the next half hour at most.


Danny watched her go only a little nervous. He knew she wouldn’t leave, if there was the remotest chance that danger might be around him. Instead he watched the fluffy white clouds go by, and wondered about who he was. He didn’t have much to go on, his memory was still completely fucked up. He had a few childhood images from when he was really young. And the day Sasha came into his life properly. That was always a good one, a memory he liked to savor as much as possible, but anything beyond that was a blur. He knew something must have happened to him, for him to be here like this. Some sort of trauma or event which broke his mind. How he knew his mind was broke he didn’t have a clue, but it felt right. It was the only reason he could think of, he was a grown man with a ton of issues he couldn’t explain. With the care and attention his she-wolf was showering him with, easing him into new situations and making absolutely sure nothing would hurt him. It stood to reason something in the other place had hurt him badly and she wanted no repeat of it.


And who was the delicious man they were going to go meet? With his deep green eyes and deep brown locks, a goofy smile on his face as if he was looking at someone fondly. His face was so familiar, and he had the feeling he should know it easily. So tall, dark and handsome to look at, his rugged body perfect, which made him want to do wicked things too. He wanted to get to know the man better in time. But his face and who he ultimately was to him, was one of those memories not yet restored and he wasn’t going to push it. His own volatile instincts were steering him away, from trying to remember who he was before he was ready. As if something in the not so distant past, associated with the yummy man in ways he didn’t understand, had cause many of his problems to begin with. Instead he would take each day as they came and do as Sasha wanted.


She was his guardian for the moment and he knew he needed one. He had nothing to work with, nothing to defend himself with or hunt. He didn’t know the land or what creatures were safe and deadly. Till he learned those things he was up shit creek without a paddle, which is never a nice place to be.


Turning his eyes over the land he tried to soak up as much of the landscape as he could. It was really beautiful when he took a moment. The pocket of green land he was resting in, pretty open to the surrounding, Savannah grasslands. The wind was blowing and the sun burnt head high grass was swaying gently to its command. Clouds were also billowing lazily across the sky as they went about their own business. Picking at a blade of grass he stuck it in his teeth for something to do, while he leaned back against the tree. Closing his eyes as the sun’s light seemed to be irritating them, he decided it was best to relax and snooze. Sasha would approve wholeheartedly at him getting more rest. Along with food in his belly, which he hoped would happen soon, cause he was starving.


Then he thought, it might just be time to start learning how to fend for himself. Oh not going out and living on his own, he knew he would never get away with that. But learning how to create a fire would be good, maybe even making something he could fish with. He couldn’t hunt right now, but fishing was sitting on your ass at the minimum, and holding a stick with a line on it. That he could manage easily.


Body already relaxed as he settled down for a snooze. He only knew something was wrong when fangs sank into his shin.




Sasha had just made her kill, a lovely female antelope, who had shrugged her shoulders before returning to her grazing. Then she felt more than heard her cub’s cry of surprised pain. Throwing her head up, she practically forgot about the meat in her mouth, as she raced to his side. Already rage was building within her for whoever had hurt her companion and herself for leaving him alone. She wouldn’t make that mistake again, he would just have to close his eyes when she made her kills.


She heard another higher pitched, pain filled cry and she increased her speed, fear lending her speed to her strides. She dropped the meat in her mouth, snarl firmly in place as she roared into the clearing. Only to slide to a stop in sudden shock at what she was viewing.




Danny cried out in surprised pain and fear as he was bitten in his left shin. Trying to get away from whatever was attacking him, he kicked out his legs trying to get the thing off him. Then stopped as he heard the sudden high pitched, whimpering cry of the other creature as it let go. Opening his eyes he gazed down at a grey wolf cub of about four months of age, with white tipped ears and tail who was sitting pathetically in the grass as he continued to whimper in pain. Wiping his black patched nose with a white paw, as he cried his little heart out from getting kicked when he wasn’t expecting it. Shocked Danny could only stare at the little fellow, till a growling rambunctious noise had him looking to the left. Three other cubs, similar in looks came rolling out of the grass, wrestling happily with each other. But it was the sight of the mother wolf, body half out of the grass, which had hidden the entire family, staring at him with very a familiar expression on her face.


It was the mortified expression of a mother, as she discovered her son had done something incredibly stupid. She stepped carefully towards him, ears flat to her head whining an apology, even as she nudged her cub further away. The cub still crying heart wracking sobs, over his sore nose rubbed against his mother’s leg. The three other cubs completely ignoring their brother, in favor of running around the little clearing, continuing their play fight.


Danny rubbing his sore shin, smiled easily. “Hey no worries, he’s just a kid right?” He had no idea why he liked kids, but the blond did. He looked down at the little cub, who was still whimpering about his nose, with little tears dripping out his eyes. Unable to stop himself, he stood up and limped over to the little guy. Looking at his mother carefully who had sat down to watch, he picked up the cub and held him in his arms. Held him in a way which was very natural, as if he had done it thousands of times. “Hey there now little guy, don’t cry, your nose is fine.” Petting his back, scratching his ears and making silly faces at him. The cub began to wag his tail and snuffle at the person holding him.


This was the sight Sasha saw as she came racing into the meadow, snarling and ready to deal a lot of death. Instead she slid to a stop as she witnessed her companion, holding a baby spirit wolf in his arms, making the same silly faces and noises he made when his own daughter was born. She tilted her head in confusion even as she looked over at the other wolf, hidden for the moment behind Danny’s body. With a snort of recognition, she opened her eyes wide to the other dark grey female. Who snorted herself before they both made a beeline towards the other.


“Sasha?” Danny asked as he saw the wolves start to dance around each other. Licking, barking, tails wagging as they moved. His she-wolf glanced at him, before prancing over and introducing him evidently to a friend. “I take it she’s your friend then girl?” He reached up to scratch his own wolf’s ears.


Sasha nodded as she wagged her tail happily. She informed him this was her best friend growing up. The assistant to so many schemes, mischief and mayhem's in their younger days when they lived in the same pack. They circled around each other, rubbing their sides and nuzzling in their reunion.


Giving his companion a sheepish look, even as he continued to hold the now happy cub who was snuffling at his ear, and white blond hair. “Umm Sasha I really don’t want to do this. And lady-wolf you are welcome to stay. Sasha would love it.” He nodded at the mother wolf who was grinning at him. “But I’m really hungry still. You didn’t by any chance catch something did you?” Sasha stopped suddenly as her mate’s needs were once again brought to her attention. Zipping off, she found the meat she had dropped earlier and brought it back. Dropping it on the ground she flared up her power and cooked it quickly for him. Watching as he placed the cub down and pulled out his flint knife.


The cubs at the smell of meat, all came over to see what they could find. To the sharp bark of their mother. All four cringed back at the order. They were hungry and wanted their own meal.


“It’s okay they can share with me.” Danny said easily even as he started to chew. He actually wanted to cram as much food into his mouth as quickly as possible. But they had guests and he wasn’t going to show poor manners to them. Another thought entered his head of the other man who didn’t seem to have that problem.


But their mother, after her son’s horribly embarrassing behavior, was having none of it. She had barked and growled at her children, to behave while the man helped himself. It was his companion’s kill and therefore he should have first dibs. Not to mention she could see how thin the man was. He needed food and a lot of it. Her kids could wait 15 minutes. The cubs not happy at not being able to stuff their face, whined and cried that they were STARVING and needed food right away.


Sasha seeing this growled a question at the she-wolf. Who looked up relieved, nodded and headed off quickly. The cubs whined when their mother left, still hungry, but she returned 10 minutes with their own lunch. So for the next half hour Danny, and the cubs ate while the she-wolves traded gossip. As Danny finished, he grew sleepy and Sasha didn’t miss a beat, as she increased her size once more from when she shrunk down while visiting, moving so that he could lay against her belly. Covering him with her tail she continued her visit with her friend. The cubs finding her fascinating, sniffed around for a few minutes before settling down for their own nap.


Checking on her ward, she was pleased he was sleeping deeply. When he woke he would be eating again, since the meat she had brought had not been finished off. Her friend, seeing her companion asleep finally was able to ask her about him. She hadn’t wanted to seem rude by asking while he was awake. She wanted to know how they had been over the years. Even she knew the story of how Sasha had claimed the Guide. So Sasha enjoyed a good conversation with her friend. Telling her about her life with Danny, how she had, had to hide for many years so eventually they both could be free. How her ward had found his mate, skipping the crap he had gone through other than to say some nasty shit had happened in the last few months. And now they were on their way to meet up with his mate, and hopefully get both men better. She wanted to return home and play with her companions daughter, eat strawberry waffles and watch as the men get it on in new and interesting ways.


Her friend shook her head in amusement at the last comment. She knew Sasha had always been a bit of a perv. She could completely see how much it must delight her friend, to know her companion and his mate had a healthy mating life. But she hadn’t heard of strawberry waffles and they sounded really good. Which Sasha informed her were delicious, especially when served with a side of bacon or sausage.


Sasha then asked about the cubs and how long she had been mated. She replied she had been mated to a wonderful bonded wolf now for 10 years. He had a Sentinel who only had one sense which was smell so they were part of a pet and human search and rescue squad. Gave them plenty of time to be a family and the Sentinel adored the cubs. She hadn’t found her own bond mate but she wasn’t worried. She had a feeling they hadn’t been born yet, so she decided to have cubs while she wasn’t split in her attentions. Right now they were on their way to visit her parents. They lived up in the mountains as Sasha knew. Her mate wasn’t able to travel for the moment, but he would meet them there in about a week. So she was teaching the cubs how to track and hunt easy things while they traveled.


This then caused her to lay her ears back and whine an apology about her son’s behavior. He was the first born and very protective of his sisters. She had been looking for a meal for the girls, when he snuck off. He must have spotted her own chosen and thought he was dangerous, because he had never seen someone like him before. He is very protective pup who looks up to his Father, to help save other people and animals lives. He wants to be a companion to a Sentinel so is already trying to train for his bond mate.

Chapter Text

Sasha let her know it was perfectly fine. Her Guide was a father himself, though he knew it not. His mind wasn’t whole at the moment and she was working on correcting the issue. The main thing she was doing was reconstructing his broken memories, but it would take some time. And to please not pass on anything she was telling her to him, she wasn’t ready for him to know yet. He had already forgiven the little tyke, because that is what he did with kids.


Her friend nodded, relaxing at her words. She could see the bond her old friend had with her Guide and it made her somewhat jealous. The mother wolf wanted her own bond mate, to have that connection and be a helpful member to both societies. For now though she would work on teaching her cubs right from wrong, and to NOT go biting things the instant they see something strange.


Shaking her head still mortified at her son’s behavior. Still it pleased her to see him acting in such an assured fashion sort of. He was bold, fearless and curious as hell of the world around him. He loved his father very much, along with his own Sentinel and wanted to show both just how protective he could be. But still he needed to LISTEN when she told him to stay where he was, with his sisters, till she could check out the area. If he had none of this would have happened. Looking at her son fondly she couldn’t help but love him, with the black patch on his nose and the white tip of his ears and tail. He looked so much like his father and she wished he was here with them.


But he was busy helping his Sentinel find a lost pet, then they had that silly meeting with the Guide. Ever since the Military had announced the new rules for Sentinels and Guides, they had been scrambling to keep hold of their own personnel. Trying to entice him to stay and work for them when he was having none of it. He was a Sentinel yes, so that automatically put him in the favored category in their thinking. But he was only one sense, so while he was favored as a Sentinel, those who had more senses, or stronger senses were deemed more important. Time after time he had been passed over for promotion, or given shit work because they felt having a sense of smell, with no other sense was all that important.


He planned on joining the Army and signing up for their canine division, reserved for those Sentinels and Guides who had canine companions. But first he had to deal with the bother of the Guild trying to keep him with their organization, through any means needed. They were not very subtle, when they said they would simply transfer his sister, who happened to be a Guide to another division. Plus they would assign her to a Sentinel who was a five sense one and loved taking his rights with Guides, even if they didn’t want to give them.


Her mate was pissed and refused to leave his Sentinel’s side while they were dealing with the mess. As was right and proper. He had already said if they didn’t knock it off he would simply, late at night when the key people giving his chosen a hard time were sleeping, rip their throats out. Just because he was bonded to a wonderful man who happened to have one sense, didn’t mean he was any weaker than other bond animals. He had grinned in anticipation, before his eyes lit up at the way she had shuddered at his dominance. The kids had been happily babysat by his bond mate while they had slinked off for some quality adult time together. But when they from a few hours of hot action came back, her son was full of wonderful ideas on how to protect others. With convictions that if he thought something was dangerous, the best way to find out was to bite the danger right away. Even if that danger happened to be a dandelion or her best friend’s bond mate’s shin! Shaking her head at her son’s behavior, still she looked at him as he napped with love.


Sasha chuckled at her girlfriend’s reaction to her son, even as she felt her companion starting to move against her side. Checking she found him still sleeping, but getting into a different position. She flicked her plumed tail out of his way, placing it back on him when he settled deeper into her side. Continuing their get together she informed her friend, they were on the way to meet his mate in a few weeks. In between the travel time, she hoped to have the majority of his memories in place, so their reunion was everything it should be. Both she and Loki were taking their time, so they could teach and train their companions in the skills they needed. They had been dragged here mostly against their will, thanks to her own bond mate’s instincts. It was imperative they learn the basics as soon as possible for their own wellbeing.


Nodding the mother wolf could see that. Her own mate had needed to show his Sentinel a few skills, when they got together. But not to the extent the two chosen would need. She knew of the decision to bring the men into this world, and had voted in favor of it. The idea of two humans able to live here, was a good thing in her mind. They had a place of relative safety and the power to help bond mates make their bonds. Rescue Sentinels and Guides or their spirit animals. Help with healing or defense as needed so that both peoples benefited from stronger bonds between them.


From that point on the two wolves caught up on family matters, local politics, and the crazy that seemed to thrive in this realm. Who was dating who, who was mating who and who was actually responsible for turning the Eastern Great Forest River purple AGAIN. It annoyed the locals something fierce, but didn’t cause any real harm. Just everyone peed purple for a week.




The plan was set in motion, in a few hours the fun would begin, just like it had 50 years before and 100 years before that. He couldn’t do it often, his mate would have his balls if he did. But she couldn’t help herself, she thought it was hilarious, and watched his back as he dropped the fermented fruit into the river. It took a couple years for the fruit to get just the right balance of energy, color and fermentation, before dropping them in. He had discovered it centuries ago by accident, and ever since every once in a while, would make up a batch to prank his neighbors.


Carefully placing his specialty made fruit upriver, he watched as it interacted with the special properties of the river itself. No harm came from what happened, it actually made people stronger and able to grow, to help them when they found their human bond mates. Or at least that is what he told himself to justify turning the river purple. It did help them, but honestly he just liked to see the annoyed faces on his friends.


Dumping the last of his load into the river, the nearly 2000 year old otter patriarch finished his task. Then he took his time as he went back to his village like setting in the woods, to wait for the results. Many hours later he was laughing to himself as his old friend the badger, began to snarl as he realized what color he was pissing. Vowing if he ever found the culprit he would string him up by his tail and use him as a piñata.


The otter was very sympathetic and agreed, the culprit should be caught and punished for making the others pee purple. But on the other hand it was a very nice shade of purple, a brilliant violet which glowed gently at night. It left the entire forest glowing and able to actually avoid where people decided to take a leak. So it had some benefits. The badger didn’t care, he preferred people not know where he normally took a piss. Mostly because he liked to do it in that old harpy’s flower garden to the south of the Owl roost tree. The she-devil porcupine had it coming to her ever since she launched a set of needles into his sensitive nose. How was he supposed to know those were her favorite roses? To him they looked and smelled great and he wanted to roll around in them. So now he pissed in her garden whenever he could get away with it, and having purple piss which glowed in the dark was no help. She would spot him easily and let fly with more of those spines.


The otter deciding to say no more about it, simply making agreement noises. All while chortling to himself about another prank pulled off perfectly.




A couple hours later Danny began to move around again, this time waking due to hunger. Blinking sleepy eyes open he found himself at the bottom of a contently snoring and wuffling puppy pile. The cubs when they grew tired of their play, found him the perfect place to flop on, along with the fluffy tail which was keeping them nice and warm. He wanted to get up, he really did, but the babies were having no part of it. They were enjoying their nap and god damn it they didn’t plan on moving. Whispering “Sasha what do I do? I don’t want to disturb the kids, but I really am hungry again.” He pleaded as he looked at her.


Sasha glanced down and could see his eyes were much darker than before, but still not the normal dark sapphire blue, they were supposed to be. She wondered about the changing eye color, but put it on the back burner for now. He needed food no matter how comfy the cubs were, even if they were cute little buggers. Her friend realizing what was going on, went over and picked up the meat he hadn’t finished. Pulling a piece off with her teeth, she placed the chunk in his hand with the one arm he managed to get free. Thanking her he settled down to his snack, Sasha grinning with approval as he did so.


She also was pleased with the fact he was finally gaining some much needed weight. Noticing the difference when he was riding her this morning, comparing it to when she first found him. His weight gain after eating and resting after a few days, finally reversing weeks of loss. It wasn’t much but it was a start, losing nearly 60 pounds was not good for him. He had probably only gained back maybe 10 pounds, but it was a start. And it led her down other trails of thoughts on how Steve, Loki and herself would need to care for him from now on. Danny would try, but honestly when his own instincts worked against him, demanding he heal those who needed it, no matter the cost to himself it would be difficult. Having the three of them, especially Steve watching his weight, would be much better.


When Danny finished his snack, he tried not to show it, but he was trying to find a way to get another slice. He was all of a sudden starving, his instincts working for him for once and demanding more food to help restore his system. He needed another full meal but he really didn’t want to disturb the cubs, nor look to be ungrateful to the help he had already received. Rolling her eyes at silly cubs, the mother wolf ripped off another chunk and gave it to him. Then licked his face in affection when he thanked her. Sasha good naturally growled at her friend for attempting to steal her Guide. Which brought the response of, of course he is cute and adorable. Who wouldn’t want him? Shaking her head Sasha watched as he devoured the food quickly, barely remembering his manners. Closing his eyes after this latest meal, he went back to sleep.


Worried at the behavior of the sweet man, Sasha’s friend whispered an inquiry, as to why he was sleeping and eating so much. She was concerned and if Sasha needed help, would be there for her. So Danny’s wolf explained in a little more detail, that there had been some really crazy fucked up shit, happening the last few months. Danny’s instincts had gone out of control and screwed his system up. Burning him out and using most of his reserves. He needed to have the energy he had lost replaced, so she was making sure he ate a lot and slept even more. It’s why they were taking their time moving, she wanted him healthy again.


The mother wolf could understand, she had four little ones she was corralling, and they wore her out. At the end of the day she mostly wanted to eat and sleep. So if his instincts had gone out of control, and burned him out like she could sense. It would be best he eat and sleep as much as possible. In fact… standing she growled something else before quickly leaving. Returning a half hour later with a truly impressive kill. It was a full sized bull elk, what he was doing around here she had no idea. Snooping was the closes thing she could think of, since he had been sniffing around their camp. Which meant he was distracted and an easy target. After killing him, he had rematerialized with a snort of annoyance and glared hard at her. Not liking the challenge in his posture or his eye, she had bared her fangs in deadly response, she would have gone after him again, if it wasn’t for a large eagle owl who suddenly appeared. The owl landed on his antlers, hooted something before both disappeared. Which meant they were bonded, unbonded spirit animals didn’t go to the material world very often. She did because she was mated to a bonded animal, brought her cubs along but they had to concentrate on staying in the material realm, rather than the absentminded way bonded animals could . The energy needed, without a link to a person to keep them anchored in the regular world, was immense over time. But her mate and herself did it because the cubs loved her mate’s Sentinel.


Dragging the meat back, to the field they were resting in, she was pleased with herself. Placing the meat close enough, she took what she needed for her own cubs, leaving at least half for the man. Sasha cooked it quickly with her fire, thanking her friend for her work. It would be good for Danny to have another feeding before they headed back to their cave.


At the word cave, the mother cocked her head in question to receive the answer. They were staying there a few days, to build up his strength and restore more of his memories. Nodding her head in understanding, she settled down to her own meal. Sasha joining her as the various aged cubs slept for another hour.




Steve was improving in leaps and bounds. He was also getting impatient because he wanted Danny, safe in his arms and protected from those who would do him harm. He also just wanted the younger man in his arms. To hold and cuddle and assure himself, that the center of his world was on the road to recovery, but that would have to wait. Loki knew Sasha needed time to restore Danny, to a point where he could accept Steve, as the man who was destined to walk beside him for all their days. And Steve needed to learn more about himself, so he could be the mate he wanted to be for his partner. So time he would take, and there wasn’t anything his nagging companion, could do about it. At the moment, Steve was taking a nap on his back, there not being much else to do when riding wolf back.


Raising his nose to the wind as he ran, he detected a large body of water. A large body of salt water far in the distance. Grinning evilly to himself, he settled on a plan which would be fun, enjoyable and help Steve with his lessons, and if it annoyed the crap out of him so much the better. Increasing his speed, he wanted to reach the ocean tonight if he could. It would still take him running late into the night, to reach the water but that would be okay. It would be a massive moral booster to Steve if they reached the sea tonight.


They stopped to eat a little after two in the afternoon. Loki taking a break while Steve decided to do the hunting. Using his nose and his ears, he detected the scent and heartbeat of a warren of rabbits. Looking over the hillside, from where he thought the group was, he found the den opening of his prey. Sneaking up as best he could, he waited to see when they would pop out. Enhancing his sight to make it easier for him to see his shot without exposing himself to the rabbits. Once he found his targets, he quickly let loose with three arrows, blue streaks launching quickly after each other. Each hit their mark, and the rabbits went down quickly, with only a grunt of surprise. Steve stayed still for a minute, to make sure they reformed which they did, before dropping back down into their dens. Trotting over he picked up the bodies by their ears, turning to head back to his partner.


Loki seeing the results of his hunting, was impressed with Steve’s weapon skills and looked forward to seeing more. Of course Danny had his own weapon skill, in the form of his staff, but he wouldn’t be surprised if he came up with a few choice weapons of his own. Snickering as a thought came to him, he honestly was really yearning to see the blond, hit Steve in the head with his staff at some point. Sometimes Steve could say really stupid things, things like suggesting Danny not help him when he had massive hangovers. Getting bonked in the head by his own mate with his staff, he was sure would be hilarious, not to mention satisfying to his so abused wolf.


He was impressed when he brought in the three large rabbits. Pleased when his Sentinel gave him two of the delicious creatures, and keeping the third for himself. He watched as his chosen closed his eyes as he concentrated on cooking his rabbit. Happily munching through his lunch, the black beast thought to himself, he really was looking forward to reaching the ocean, and the feeling of accomplishment and progress it would leave them.


“Loki, how do you think Danny is doing?” Steve asked as he chewed on a leg bone.


The wolf looked up from his lunch, piece of rabbit hide sticking out of the side of his teeth, before turning his nose south. Closing his eyes he concentrated on the feeling of Sasha and Danny. Grinning at the happy, content thoughts he was picking up, he passed it on to Steve. Letting him know that Danny was doing better and he remembered his name finally.


Steve stared at him, his face neutral for a few minutes. Before breaking out into a wide relief showing smile “Oh my god, that is awesome!“ And it was to him. His mate was finally growing stronger, more stable and eventually would be whole again. Now he only had to grow himself, so he could be the mate Danny deserved. “How long before we meet up with them?” Steve knew Loki had no set time frame. But he so wanted to see the other man, it had been too long and he ached for him. Sometimes as he slept, he would dream about having his Guide in his arms and relaxing as his pleasing scent kept him centered, through the night. Then he would wake and find himself on Loki’s back and feel so off balance. He needed his Guide to help him with so much. Just like it was his duty and pleasure to help Danny with whatever the man might need.


Cocking his head, Loki thought about it and figured it would take about three weeks to reach them. “And what if we booked it like Sasha did to reach him. How long would it take?” He was hoping they could cut the time frame, the sooner they were together the better. He just didn't want to be that obvious with his needs.


Loki growled at him even as he shook his head, they would not be traveling at that speed. To begin with he couldn’t he wasn’t old enough, or had enough power built up to reach those types of speeds. He was of the Warrior line, but he was young still for it, at 160 he had much still to collect over the years. Sasha had centuries on him, plus access to ancient power. Steve would have to simply have patience, as they traveled to meet their pack mates.


“Sorry I wasn’t trying to hurry.” He lied, “I was just curious. I miss him and Sasha” Loki looked at him with narrowed eyes, before finishing his rabbit and returning to his large travel form. Crouching he waited for Steve to mount, who with typical Seal manners or as Danny would say none, inhaled his rabbit and went to his wolf, wiping his hands on the seat of his pants to get the grease off. Throwing a leg over his back, he just managed to get into riding position, before Loki took off at a full hard run. “Woah what the hell Loki?” The wolf snickered as he increased his speed, till he was at the fastest he truly could go. It wasn’t even a fourth of what Sasha could do already with the help of her power, but give him time. He already had plans to be able to run by her side at her top speed. He wanted to do many things with her, and actually to her. Things people didn’t say in polite society.


He panted not just with needing air, but also he was turning himself on with all the thoughts he wanted to do to the pretty wolf. Take her to a dark secluded glen and have his wicked way with her. Or let her have her wicked way with him. Howling late into the night not because of the moon but because he had pleased her so well. Seeing her look at him with love he was sure was there though she took pains to remind him about manners.


He shook his head at his dirty yet pleasing thoughts. That time was a long way off, he knew he would have to work hard in order to earn his right to court her. So for the time being he would take his sexual frustrations out on his silly Seal. At least till he finally bought him that new copy of National Geographic with the hot babes in it. That teasing pre-release he had discovered on Steve’s work computer, when he had gone to check on someone in interrogation was good looking. Such a pretty looking arctic wolf, with the firm back side and those dreamy fangs. Damn it he was getting hard just thinking about it.


Which was making his all out run even stiffer for his passenger, even as the wolf became stiffer himself. The sudden bitching of his pack mate brought him out of his dirty thoughts, and focus on what was happening around him.


“Damn it Loki will you slow down?” His ears cocked back to listen to his irate rider, which made him grin wider as his bitching continued. Steve wanted speed earlier, well he has it now and he was going to have to live with it. They still had about seven or eight hours of travel at his normal speed. If he kept this pace up he could reduce it to about five. Not slowing down he informed Steve his next lesson was starting now. Figuring out how to stay on him no matter what.


“Hey that’s not fair I have nothing to hold on with.” He bitched as he gripped tighter with his legs.


Loki simply shot back, too bad, if he fell off he was walking for the rest of the day. One never knew what emergency may happen, which might cause his wolf to become distracted enough, where care of his rider was not top priority. They could be in a fight for their lives, and only Loki running as fast as he could, being the only way to get away from the danger. There might come the time Steve would have to push himself, even as Loki pushed himself, so they could get to their pack mates and defend them. So Steve better figure out how to stay on, till Loki decided to slow. Then the wolf pushed himself over the land, with long strong strides, making his pace as choppy as he could, as he headed towards the beach. Steve grimly holding on with everything he had in him. Pulling strength from who knew were within himself, as he was forced to go above his limits. Holding on with thighs, arms, hands and feet, he rode his wild running wolf.


Loki kept up the insane speed as he raced the wind itself. He was serious about Steve needing to work to stay on, pulling on his own reserves, then digging deeper for more. As he raced over the land he jumped unseen rocks, boulders, logs, even a surprised spirit beast from time to time. When he came to rivers, streams or even a large lake, he didn’t hesitate to jump them if he could. But with one river and the lake he dived right in. Listening to his rider sputter as he was soaked.


“Loki god damn it what the fuck are you doing? Trying to drown me? Slow down you furry bastard!” The Seal who was trained to swim, in all sorts of conditions and mission levels, was highly annoyed. Loki had not slowed down in hours, and his limbs were starting to cramp up. His mount’s answer to his frustration, was to climb out of the lake, shake vigorously to the point where Steve was scrambling to keep his seat, before tearing off again at the same break neck speed. Dust flying behind the pair, along with grass, rocks and anything else the black beast’s paws churned up.


Steve glared at the pointed ears which were pointing straight ahead. The frantic pace Loki was setting, was forcing him to dig deep into his dark ops training. Using his strength, agility and endurance to go further than he normally could do. He pulled in his power, his arm glowing with his need, as he used it to keep himself glued to his wolf’s back. His back bending and flexing in ways never used before, but had to become used to, because he had no choice. Loki was not slowing down. His legs burned from over use as he held on, turning to rubber before the pain finally faded away. His chest felt raw from rubbing against the fine black fur he was laying on, stinging his nipples and his belly as they were constantly rubbed raw. The rough ride was doing a number on his unsupported cock and balls, in his castaway pants. The constant pounding of the wolf’s spine, while he gripped with his thighs and arms, put intense pressure on them, which wasn’t there when he was at his slower pace. He honestly didn’t think he would be able to get it up for a week, his dick was so sore. His balls were crying to be allowed deep into his body for protection. But the heat generated from his run made them drop lower, bouncing harshly against the bones of the sadistic fucker hips. Danny would be disappointed if they met and he wanted a good fucking by Steve, instead the Commander would just have to offer up his ass to his mate. His dick would be out of commission for a while.


He felt it as Loki gathered himself up for another jump and without thinking about it, adjusted himself for both the high fast jump and the jarring landing. Working with his mount’s stride without thinking about it as he had no choice. Feeling the flexing of the body under him and moving back and forth to keep in balance. When the wolf took a sudden left or right turn, he at first scrambled to stay on, but now he kept his grip tight in his legs, using his arms, elbows and hands to make the turns. Leaning into the change as he became accustomed to the motion. He no longer was fighting the movements, instead he moved instantly as Loki moved. Their bond growing deeper as they merged their minds together, to teach and respond to each others needs.


Loki was pleased, he was getting tired from the pace but he wouldn’t slow down till he met his goal. This run was good for him too, making him push his limits, even as his chosen was learning his and pushing beyond them. He was also proud of how his Sentinel was learning how he moved, adapting to the changes. Sure jumping into the lake was a dick move, when he could have gone around, but hey it was just one more step in growing stronger. The pull of energy he could feel Steve using was good, increasing the amount his own spirit power channels were able to use. Expanding his endurance, agility and control.


Testing the air he found they would have another two hours at this pace, but the sun would set in one. He would run in the dark till they met the beach and the ocean. It would be a wonderful way to end the run and give Steve some much needed moral boosting.


Calling on his own power he kept his speed, using ever bit of his endurance then going beyond. He wouldn’t be anything less than his own bond mate.




The watchers were surprised and displeased with the way the wolf was running. It was hard for them to keep up and it would take many hours to do so. But they would reach them and when they did there were be hell to pay.




Another set watched the pair for a few minutes before they ran out of sight. The elk consulted with the owl before both faded from sight. At least this time the elk didn’t have to worry about being eaten. God damn that she-devil wolf and her friends.

Chapter Text

Danny was just waking up from his nap, blinking sleepy eyes open when 30 pounds of baby wolf, thought his balls would make the perfect spring board. Launching himself at his sisters, the cub paid no attention to the pained swearing, that came from having sharp puppy claws digging into sensitive flesh. The cub mindless of the weird creature he had attacked earlier, continued on his quest to annoy the ever living shit out of his three sisters. Snapping, snarling and growling the four of them fled into the grass.


Danny clutched at his balls and dick, rubbing at them and making sure they were still in one piece. Preferably not bleeding and or missing bits of flesh. Sasha the love of his life, the one he would stand by and defend to the last. The one he went to for all his troubles in anything and everything, was shaking like a leaf as she tried to contain her chortles. He glared up at her red tipped ears, before rolling away in disgust.


“Damn it, it’s not funny! I need those parts, those parts are very important for certain things! To certain people.” He continued to rub the soreness away, even as the wolves showed their version of sympathy. The mother wolf trying to contain her own chuckles, stood to nuzzle at him in apology, before going after her own brood. When she was out of sight of the campsite, he heard her literally howling in hilarity. Rolling his light blue eyes, he stomped over to where the left over food was, and began hacking off a piece and stuffing it in his face. His back to his still snickering wolf, he tried to show them how much he was annoyed. It would have worked better if he wasn’t trying to contain his own sense of humor. It had been a long time, since he had laughed so carefree along with Sasha, even if it was at his own expense.


Turning when done with his snack, dark blue eyes amused as he gazed at his guardian. “Okay fine, it might have been somewhat funny, but it still hurt.” He rubbed at his balls one more time, his own arm lightly glowing, as it healed the hurt without him knowing. Sasha saw it and her eyes gleamed in happiness. His powers were slowly returning, with good food, good control on her part and the restoration of his mind. “So what are we going to do next?”


Sasha stood up, shaking her gold tinted coat out easily. Dust flying everywhere, she trotted over to him and nuzzled him fondly. His powers were coming back and his eyes were a proper dark blue. She could feel it in her bones, their bond was growing stronger everyday as he recovered. One thing she didn’t expect, was her own coat to start returning to her favorite hues this soon. Danny may not realize it at the moment, but his mind was growing steadier. Even his own natural hair color was returning, showing just the lightest hints of yellow and red. The good food, plenty of rest and she was sure seeing the little ones playing, had helped restore some of his own internal balance. Too many bad things happening too quickly, had thrown him towards the dark end. Now with all the lightness and joy around him, that balance was returning, along with his strength.


She nuzzled him a few more minutes, enjoying it when he wrapped his arms around her chest and hugged her back. She wrapped a foreleg around him and held him tightly both taking comfort, even if Danny was slightly confused as to what was making her so happy. “Sasha? Everything okay?” He asked, he didn’t even attempt to pull away from the contact, he felt she needed from him. He wasn’t sure why, but he was picking up her feelings more and knew she was very happy with him. She bent down and licked at his ear with affection and love, before letting him go, giving a bark in the direction her friend and her cubs had gone.


The mother and four cubs came out, two of them eating something he was pretty sure he didn’t want to know the name of. Trotting over the mother knew what was happening, and wished her friend a fond farewell. They would see each other again, probably many times over the years. But Sasha had her ward to care for, just like she had her own children to watch. The four cubs came over and nuzzled at Danny’s leg. The male cub unable to stop himself, nibbling at his leg, just to show off how protective and fierce and brave he was.


Kneeling down at the little blighter, who was chewing up his already mangled pants leg, he smiled. He patted the boy’s head while whispering “Okay you little snot, you be good and protect your sisters real good okay? You take good care of them and make sure they know you are a good big brother.” Petting his head one last time, he didn’t see the glow of energy flowing from his hand and into the cub’s. Whose eyes became a bit more blue and his sense of duty and love to protect was enhanced. When he finally found his bonded, he would be able to help him even more with his duties.


The mother wolf eyed her son as he was being petted, seeing the exchange of energy. A little concerned she switched to Sasha who only smiled and nodded her head that all was well. Assured she stepped over to Danny and nosed at his leg in thanks. Danny reached out to her, “You have a good son there little mother. He will do you proud once he’s older.” Now he smiled wryly, “Once he stops chewing on other peoples legs.” Grinning he scratched her ears, something she was instantly in favor of, as she leaned deep into the touch.


A grunt and a good natured growl with twinkling blue eyes, stating he was her companion had her reluctantly stepping back. Sasha came over and crouched down so Danny could mount. Throwing a leg over her back easily, he lay upon the lightly golden coat. Sasha nosed each of the cubs, before walking to the left over meat and rolling it to her friend. She could catch more for her and Danny, but she had four mouths to feed along with her own. Licking her giant red flecked cheek, her childhood friend thanked her, before pushing it towards her always hungry offspring. With a final woof good bye, Sasha turned and resumed her ground eating lope. Heading back towards the beach cave along the ocean front.




“Well it appears they are doing well. For the few minutes they were able to see them.” Marcus commented to his wife.


“Yeah, I wish they could have gotten closer to hear some of what they were saying.” She replied as she settled down into bed.


Chuckling hugely at her comment “Well the General did get close to one of them.” Marcus slid in beside her.


“That he did and from his attitude he wasn’t pleased one bit about it.” She hid a giggle in her hand.


“We’ll send them to check again later. It will be nice knowing when they are coming back.” He nuzzled into her bared neck, licking it and making her shiver.


Leaning into his welcomed touch, “Yeah the whole family and Navy command are desperate to have them back.”


Stroking her side even as he moved down to start lapping at a nipple, he asked “You regret ditching the Guild jobs?”


Encouraging him to latch on and suckle from her, she responded with a breathy reply, “Not in the least, not after seeing just how deep the rot was. It’s too deep for us to clean up. So returning to the Marines was the best move.”


Letting go for a moment, he looked up into her pleasure glazed eyes, “Good because I agree. Sometimes falling back and reorganizing is the only way to win.” He returned to sucking on his wife’s sensitive flesh, even as his hand moved lower. Pleased when she spread her legs, giving him better access to what he wanted.


With an evil grin she smirked down at her husband of many years, “Yep now how about we go to sleep. Busy day tomorrow with retraining.”


They had been retraining now for a week after their reenlistment. But being high up in rank to begin with and knowing the pair, had given them the benefit of being able to still live in their own house after training.


“In a bit, but I can think of other things to do first.” He smiled as he moved down all the way and began lapping at her opening. She squirmed as he began to pleasure her in the way he knew best. She wondered if he planned on her having a that fifth child they had always talked about and never got around to having. Their kids were all still in a range of classes, though the youngest was about to enter middle school. She honestly wouldn’t mind having another child or two if she could. Leaning back she smiled as he worked her with his tongue, diving deeply into her and holding her so she couldn’t squirm away.


For his part he was checking her readiness, yes they were retraining but they both knew they would mostly be paper pushers and trainers at this point. They would not be sent back into the field again, not with having experience with McGarrett and Williams. Because of that experience they would be working with Jackson and Slater, in getting the Marine segment of the new Sentinel and Guide regulations in place, just like they were doing for the Navy segment. So if Annette was pregnant at the time it wouldn’t affect much and he knew they were both wanting another kid.


Tasting her deeply he found her perfect. While he may not be able to smell her breeding readiness, he could taste it. Rising up he positioned himself and thrust in deeply, grunting in pleasure as she accepted all he was. He would not tell her he was making her pregnant, just like he hadn’t told her, the first four times he had done it. She had her own quirk when it came to sex and kids. They both would discuss if they wanted more kids, then she would leave it up to him to decide when to have them. She loved the surprise of finding out she was with child and trying to guess the exact day he bred her. If she did guess the correct day, then she got to play with him in any manner she liked, for the rest of her pregnancy.


Stroking into her easily, he reveled in the velvet feel of her inner walls, the way they clamped around him and wouldn’t let go. Reaching out he played with a nipple and a firm breast, before taking it in his teeth. Sucking hard he made the tip firm before moving his attention to the other one. Increasing his strokes as her moans became louder with the first of her many organisms she would be having tonight. He was determined to have her bred by morning and planned on an early morning taste and screw to check if she was. If so then he would wait, till she realized he had planted their fifth kid in her belly.


His wife purred as he played with her, showing how much she was enjoying the attention. She hoped he would breed her, she had been wanting another kid for a while now. This seemed like the perfect time for it. Spreading her legs more she arched her back, offering her breasts to him. Which he was happy to take into his mouth and suck on. Feeling it as he increased the power of his strokes, she shuddered as the first of many organisms would rake her body. It was going to be a long pleasurable night.




The General as the large bull elk was called, did not approve of the events he found himself in. Being hunted and turned into what he considered dog chow, had not been on his agenda for the day. Hell he wouldn’t have even gone to scout if his own bond-mate hadn’t asked. He relayed all this to his companion and his wife and received nothing but giggles in return. Honestly the things he did for the people he loved, but took pains not to show too much.


Once he had relayed the information and received the aforementioned sympathy, he had buggered out to another part of the spirit realm. One where he could sit back and relax, grazing till his bit on the side showed up, and he could get to showing her just why he was such a majestic bull. He also wondered if her three friends may show up again for some fun. After all elk females tended to group together and spirit elk females loved a good rut. Shaking his head he returned to his grazing, determined to ignore his bond mate till he was good and ready to return.


The owl for her part thought the entire affair had been hilarious. Seeing her uptight spirit partner get taken for a glorified lunch buffet had been awesome. He was prissy and stuck up and could be as stubborn as a mule deer. But he was also true and loyal and would not hesitate to kill, if it was in defense of their bond mates. Hell she would do the same thing to protect their family, had on occasion. But still seeing him turned into lunch when he wasn’t paying attention had really made her day. No doubt he was off trying to get laid, too bad the ladies who he normally roamed with, were all pregnant. Course they may be searching for him to help raise the calfs, since they were all fathered by him. Getting drunk on those fermented berries, probably had not been the best idea at the time, by any of them.


Either way she would watch over their brood, till she had reason to be elsewhere.




The trip back to the beach had been mostly uneventful. Sasha had only stopped long enough to hunt something, he wasn’t sure he wanted to know the name of for dinner. She had told him to close his eyes while she did the kill, knowing he wasn’t up to actually seeing her do it. Dutifully he had and been better for it. He knew just as she did, he wasn’t up to seeing it. But the loud indignant snort from the animal, had his eyes popping open in surprise.


“Wait I thought you killed him?” He looked over her shoulder at the carcass in her mouth. Then to the large whatever it was, standing highly annoyed only a few feet away. She chuckled as she explained that spirit beasts could reform themselves after a hunt easily. They took a solid form in this realm, because it was easy and convenient. But they were born mostly in spirit form first, their mothers changing them to solid form as they came out, and could assume that aspect whenever their physical body was compromised. The prey spirit animals knew this and it highly annoyed them at times. They go about minding their business, then all of a sudden find themselves having to reform. But on the other side the hunters had to sneak up many times on the prey, because they could simply run away or stare at them with a look. At which point it wasn’t really polite to hunt them when they were staring at you. “Oh really?” Looking back towards the annoyed animal Danny pipped up “Sir super sorry about bothering you, honest I didn’t know how it worked. But also thank you so much for the time and trouble. I know I sound silly, but I really do appreciate the food.”


The saiga antelope looked at him long and hard, before his face morphed into mollified, then pleased with the apology. With a flick of his short tail he wandered off, to find a quieter place to eat.


Sasha grinned at her cubs polite behavior, she had drilled it into him when his parents hadn’t. Gripping the meat tighter she headed back to the cave. They would stay there a few days, while she worked on restoring more of his memories. She hoped it would go faster, now that his own instincts were calming and feeling safe in this world. It’s the only reason she could think of for his powers to be returning to him so soon. But his mind was not whole and she would need to make it so. Continuing her trot back to the cave, they enjoyed the ride together.


An hour later they were on the beach, the sun was setting and she was searching for their temporary home with her nose. A yip of excited relief alerted them to their friend the fox and the direction the cave was in. Looking up she could see the little fellow looking down on them, taking a few quicker steps she leapt up to the cave entrance. Crouching as she let her pack mate off her back. Placing the meat down she shrunk to her normal size, helping Danny take the meat inside, where she would prepare it as best she could for him.


“Sasha let me try. I need to start feeling useful some time.” He placed his hand on the raw meat and concentrated. Something within him was hinting that he could do what his wolf could. He focused on bright cheery yellow and red colors. Why he had no idea but he did. Warmth rose through his system as the happy colors flirted around his arm and towards the meat. Using his nose and his senses, he kept up the cooking till it was exactly at the degree he loved. Taking his hand away, he smiled at his wolf in the same manner as a child looks at their parent, hoping for praise and admiration for learning a new skill.


Sasha looked at her ward with wide shocked eyes. Tail sticking straight out behind her as she tried to process what he had just done. He should not be able to do things like this with his power so soon. He needed to rest his mind and recover his strength, not cook his food and think he had to do anything, but simply enjoy being alive and well. Then she watched as Danny’s eyes fell, as she continued to stare at him. She could feel the depression began to seep into his heart as she said nothing. Then before she could stop it, he stood and walked out mumbling something about being sorry and wouldn’t do it again.


She scrambled to her feet, to find her cub already walking down next to the ocean. How he got there she had no clue, since there was no path and no way to climb down quickly. It’s one of the reasons why she chose it for them. Racing towards him, she could already smell tears falling and a few broken sniffs, as he began to weep.


God damn it, she hadn’t meant to upset him. A few strides later she was in front of him, but he only moved to the side and kept walking. Head down and not looking where he was going. Growling at her own fuck up, she could see it as he hunched even further, hearing her growl. With a sigh she ran after him again, growing to full size and not letting him walk away from her again. She plunked herself in front of him, opening her paws up as she sat back on her haunches, and enveloped him in a tight hug. Holding him close before placing her head behind his back so he couldn’t try and escape.


Danny struggled for a few minutes before settling into her embrace. “I’m sorry Sasha, I didn’t mean to make you mad at me. I just thought I would surprise you. I won’t do it again.” He hiccuped before wiping his nose on his rag of a sleeve. She blew in his hair, before attempting to make it up to him. She projected how much she loved him, and how she wasn’t mad at him. She had simply been shocked, surprised, and absolutely delighted to see how well he was improving. So much faster than she thought was possible for him at this time. She didn’t mind him cooking his own food, far from it. It pleased her to see how independent he was becoming in such a short time. She loved him wholeheartedly and needed him to believe it.


Snuffling some more, he rubbed his cheek in her chest hair. “So you really aren’t mad at me?”


No, she wasn’t mad at him. Just worried he would try pushing himself too doing too many things too quickly. She was here to spoil him and make sure she provided everything he needed, while he relaxed and regained his health. They were finally having some good quality time together with no one around. She, in a nut shell was being selfish, because she wanted to hoard his company for herself.


Sighing in restored happiness, he looked up into her deep blue eyes. “So did you like my trick? I felt it in my middle for some reason. It seemed cool and I wanted to show you. Was it cool?” He smiled hoping he has pleased her.


She smiled lovingly down at him, assuring him yes it was cool and she liked his trick. “Good cause I’m hungry and I want to go eat.” He bubbled again, his happiness flowing around him like a cloud. Shuffling his hair, she licked his ear before following him back to the cave. They had maybe only gone about 200 feet so it wasn’t hard to find. She did wonder how he managed to get down so quickly.


When they arrived at the entrance, she watched as Danny simply walked up, his arm glowing brightly as he stepped up the rocks. She realized with startled amazement, he had used his own telekinetic power on himself, rather than a different object. And she also realized he didn’t know he had done it. He reached the top and looked down at her confused. Shaking her head she jumped up, shrinking at the same time. Entering the cave he sat down at the meat he had cooked earlier. She could see the lightness of his eyes, showing how hungry and low on energy he was, and still wondered about them. Watching closely as he ate, she could see it as they deepened in color. She also felt it as his energy levels increased as he consumed the energy rich meat. He cut each slice easily with his home made knife, enjoying the taste and how it made him feel better. When done stuffing himself, something she totally encouraged, he yawned and looked around to decide where he wanted to sleep. Sasha walked over and offered her belly as a familiar bed. Smiling innocently in thanks, he settled down to sleep.


Sasha looked down at her ward as he fell asleep, thinking hard. Danny was growing stronger in some aspects, but was still damaged in others. His empathic senses were out of wack still, so he is going to look for approvals, scoldings and anything in between as over blown. She would have to remember that. She would plan on how to train him to control his powers, and watch his emotions carefully till he was fully healed.


The other thing, which she grinned when she thought about it, was his changing eye color. The trauma he had suffered, had an interesting side effect she felt was permanent. When his energy levels started dropping, his eyes would be changing colors between various shades of blue. Steve was going to love that, he could determine how his mate was feeling through their bond. But if he wanted a quick instant assessment he could simply look at his eyes. Danny was going to be pissed, because no doubt their co-workers would quickly learn about it. And when they did, they would be watching his eyes like a hawk, and would have no problem telling him when to rest or shoving food in his face. Oh yeah her little cub was going to be thoroughly annoyed, when he found out about his latest change. It made her wonder about Steve and if he would have the same eye changing side effect.


Curling her tail across her ward, she lay her head down next to his. Linking themselves tightly, she settled down to work through the night. If he was gaining his powers back so quickly, she would have to reassess the time, before they reunited with their pack mates. But in order to do that, she would have to restructure his memories and not miss a thing. They would stay here till she had finished fixing his memories. Digging deep into her cubs mind she settled down to work, happy he was slowly returning to who she truly loved.

Chapter Text

Loki was breathing heavily, even as he kept up his brutal pace. Wet dog smelling sweat, foaming in his ruff and along the contact line where his rider clung to him, making it more difficult for Steve to stay on. But the Seal was making him proud, working in sync with him perfectly, even with the extremely arduous race over the land. The man moving, bending, flexing his torso and limbs in whatever direction he happened to move as he streaked forward. Head bobbing as he stretched it as far forward as he could as he ran, ears laid back on his skull, jaws open to help him take in the large amount of air, his self imposed actions demanded. His nose informed him he was 20 to 30 minutes away from the ocean at this insane, but needed training speed. Compared to at least two hours at his regular easy going wolf lope, and he pushed himself hard to reach those sea waves. His lungs burned from the harsh pace, but it was a good burn, his own powers and instincts, fueling his need as he pushed himself. The ground flying beneath his paws, was covered in rocks and sand, along with the remnants of the grasslands they had been traveling. Sages, cattails, lavender flowers sprouting up along the many small streams and creeks, beginning to show as the ocean drew closer.


Wind blew by him, created by his own speed but did not cool his heavily heated body. He was racing the wind and clouds above him on their journey, and winning if he did say so himself. Grinning he felt Steve shift as he made a high jump over a cluster of wind torn down trees. They were stacked in a messy clump before him and he didn’t feel like taking the time to bypass them. Not when there was more fun to be had, by making Steve hold onto his sweat slicked back. He landed hard on the other side of the half rotting logs, rattling his rider’s teeth, listening to his irate bitching with amusement.


He, himself, couldn’t wait to get to the ocean and have some fun in it. The sea was as much a part of his being as it was with his bonded. He and Steve had trained in it since the day they walked out of the Guild academy and joined the Navy. When they had started it had been hard learning so much so quickly. But it was his chosen’s dream to follow in his family’s footsteps, as a Sentinel Seal and he had accomplished it. Then when they were finally deployed on their first mission, one of the key requirements they had to swim more than two miles, in storm tossed waters. The storm had raged harder as they moved and ended up tossing the entire team to the corners of the ocean. Only Steve had managed to carry out the mission because he had guided his young bond mate through the water himself. Pulling him along till they hit shore, and crawled into the jungle to sleep for a few hours. Both were tired and needed the rest no matter how much they wished to push it. But two hours later they were moving, their team still lost at sea, and they having no way to contact the control ship. The young Seal with his help had completed the classified mission and met up at the rendezvous spot 24 hours later. It was there they learned the others had been found, sick, hurt and in need of serious care from the unexpected sea surges. But Steve and Loki had been thanked for accomplishing the mission and sent off for three days down time, while his team either recovered or was replaced. During those three days, both of them had played a hell of a lot in the ocean, racing each other, swimming next to each other and even hunting fish together. And it was the best time he had ever had.


Now he planned on staying for at least a day maybe two before trotting down the coast till they could meet Sasha and Danny. Having a bit of fun from the breakneck run of today. Besides it would take a few weeks to meet their pack mates, which would give him time to help Steve learn and grow. Oh the lessons he planned on teaching his irritating Sentinel, such as what that green and blue stuff floating on the surface of coastal rocks, could do to a digestive track. If he thought spirit muskrat farts were bad just wait till he smelled these.


His fur floated vigorously up and down as he ran, hitting his rider multiple times in the face, who didn’t seem to notice. Concentrating instead on staying aboard the fast moving back and if Loki didn’t know any better he was throughly enjoying himself. Thrill seeking bastard that he was. Probably due to the fact he couldn’t blow anything up yet, he needed some sort of adventurous outlet for his energy. But give Steve time and Loki was sure he would figure out a way to blow something to hell and back. Course if he would be right there with him helping to blow the whatever it was up himself. He loved a good explosion just as much as his Seal did.


It was the deep ground pounding sound of hooves, thundering behind him, which had him looking back over his left shoulder. Over 50 cape buffalo were chasing him intently, eyes widening in the realization they were actually charging him. Ears coming up, following multiple sounds in an instant as the thundering seemed to come from all directions. More hooves thundered, shaking the ground he raced upon, causing him to look to his left and right and found even more coming after him.


The group behind him were only around 200 yards away while the ones on the sides were even closer, maybe only 100 yards off. They were racing ahead of him trying to cut him off. Where in the hell they came from he hadn’t a clue. He hadn’t seen any one person or even herds this large since he started his little training jaunt. Night was fast approaching and the visibility was waning, not that it mattered to the wolf, he could see in the dark easily. His rider as well which was a good thing, as this bastards were coming closer. Giving a vicious snarl he began to drip green liquid, as he realized they were planning on attacking.


The cape were snorting and bellowing in rage, as they continued to give chase. Loki pouring everything into his run already, couldn’t increase his speed any more, and they knew it. Lowering his dripping fang displaying head, he let it be known he was not pleased at their advance, growling loudly with deadly intent. The buffalo didn’t care, the wolf had sped through their territory and they had taken offense to him and his rider. Letting loose their own bellows of fury, they closed in on the pair.


Steve doing his best to stay on, as his mount’s gait fluctuated with his need to fight, sat up as much as he could. He was physically and mentally exhausted from the intense, hours long ride, having to hold on tightly to stay on, but loosely to move with his wolf’s body. His arms were so stiff, they felt like uncooked pasta and his legs wanted to cramp in multiple locations, from the tight hold they had been enduring for hours. He had suffered through the strain because he had had no choice. Glaring, now these stupid pieces of beef, were interfering with whatever location Loki had been taking him too.


His instincts were having none of it either, screaming at him to fight and protect his brother. Seeing the danger ahead he didn’t think anything more of it, instead he did what he did best, took action. Putting his two hands together and drawing back his right, till a silver string formed, glowing faintly against the rapidly approaching night. A blue arrow, flickering with silver and black fire in response to his temper, formed at his ear and he let it loose with a hiss of defiance. The blue arrow, made of pure enraged spirit energy, flew straight and true hitting a large bull stampeding directly in front of them, square its snorting nose. The creature gave a mighty scream of pain, before disappearing in a cloud of blue, silver and black sparks.


The other creatures enraged at the dissolving of their brother, charged towards them en masse. Steve didn’t stop with the first, pulling back his arm every second letting loose arrow after arrow, listening to the cries of death as they fell. Learning on the fly, as the battle picked up force around him, feeling the spirit power as it drained from his very being. Learning how to pull more life energy in from the spirit world around him, at the same time as it was leaving him. Feeling the burning within his mind, body and heart, scorching his power channels as he called forth his needs from the land around. Balancing out the two forces within himself, till it because second nature to do so, the burning going away as he accepted the pain as a part of him and ignored it.


Soon the pain of drawing so much energy disappeared completely, as his own spirit assimilated his new reality, of being able to handle the awesome forces he was also capable of. He had finally embraced another aspect of his nature as the Spirit Warrior, as he was always meant to do. Danny would eventually become the healer of many people and spirit animals, as his own nature responded to his demands. Steve’s nature followed his mate’s actions in accepting his own role of needing to defend and protect others. Drawing on the energy and power as needed for the many battles he would face as time moved on.


Shooting his silver flaming midnight blue arrows behind him, he vaporized three attacking bulls at once. Twisting his body to the left as Loki lunged to rip the throat out of a cow, looking to gore his rider, he shot another arrow directly into a second cow’s eye socket. Her head exploded in a shimmering spray of energy, as her body slowly collapsed under the hooves of her herd mates. Griping with his legs, he paid no attention to the stress his body was under, as he pulled another arrow from air and directed it towards those coming to them from the front. The black tipped arrow launched readily from his hand and spread in a fanning arc, with his need to open a space in front of his wolf. Loki was snapping trying to break free of the closing herd and Steve would not fail him.


The killer cows and bulls continued to close on the fighting pair, reaching out with teeth, horns and hooves to inflict the most amount of damage they could. Steve received a deep horn thrust to the back of his calf muscle. Almost unseating him from his black brother’s back as the pain hit him. But he continued on, he didn’t have any other choice and honestly he had received worst wounds, while on deep over seas missions with the Seals. Blood flowing freely down his leg, he launched another set of arrows, feeling as the power coursed from his bond mark.


More animals surged around them, as Loki fought and struggled to break free of the trap laid for them. But soon they were surrounded till there was no more reason to use his bow and he dropped it. Viciously kicking out with his injured leg he smashed it into the nose of a bull, holding onto his wolf’s fur to keep his balance. Loki took a hit to the hip with another bull’s shoulder almost dropping them to the churned up ground. Steve poured his own power into his wolf, creating a quick shield below the falling body to give him something to prop against. Loki grateful for the help, did not stop his own fight as he sank poisoned fangs into the rib cage of a cow. Listening to her bellows of pain as her whole being was melted from the inside out. Disappearing into a pile of goo on the ground, before her own energy force disappeared entirely.


Steve took in the endless amounts of animals attacking them, snarling in rage, doing Loki proud with the sound. Knowing he had to do more, he placed his hands together again, as he called his sword. Black raving flames broke free as his favorite weapon came out to play. The wolf’s head jewel in the center, morphing, matching the face of his wolf tattoo on the back of his hand, as both began gleaming in anticipation of death. Dark, silver and blue tipped flames, which typically flickered around the blade, sprang up into blazes of light, down the entire length of the shining blade. Bringing his sword up to begin his attack anew, he sliced it down and through the neck of a red eyed cow. She squealed in death, managing to get a final blow in with her horn, into the wolf’s already bleeding shoulder, before blowing up in a tower of dark sparks. The constant battle to free themselves, combined with the already spent energy and stamina from Loki’s training run, was making itself known. Soon Steve would have to find a solution to end the stalemate of fighting and surviving the battle whole. For the enemy was giving no quarter and riding a battling wolf bareback was not easy. Not when his mount was lashing out with tooth and claw, poisoning those that came near.


The night continued to darken as the battle raged on. The Sentinel swinging his sword over and over, watching as the beasts lit on fire and disintegrated from his flames. The wind blew gently, but none realized it, the stench of hot sweat and madness settled around all combatants. Those attacking only wishing to bring the pair down, while the defenders fought to free themselves. Any other creatures near them had long since scattered. The ground became a festering pool of dirt, pounded rock, mud forming from the blood being spilled, and other muck. The cries in the night could be heard for miles as each side worked for their goals.


Steve, swinging his sword and managing to burn off the entire right side of a younger bull, kept his eye on the direction they had been going and still wished too. More buffalo were appearing, the herd seeming to grow each time he swung. As if for every one he brought down three more appeared and he was getting tired. Loki slipped on a slimy patch of blood pooled mud and almost threw the Seal over his head, only Steve’s grip on his ruff saving him. The large beast he rode was doing his best to free them both, but with having to concentrate to keep the multi ton beasts at bay, it was proving nearly impossible. Seeing a chance for them both Steve blazed his sword in a swirling rotation towards the front. Loki barely ducking down and saving his ears from being cut, as it was Steve still gave him a buzz cut on his skull. But a few lost hairs was nothing compared to the results from such a move. The Seal had managed to decapitate half a dozen animals in front of them.


He signaled with his legs and his mind the direction he wanted Loki to go, now that the way was clear. Completely in-sync the wolf lunged towards those beasts who had fallen from his sword. Snapping and snarling, the Warrior Wolf attacked the animals trampling the bodies of those killed. He delivered death into them with well placed bites from his envenomed fangs, delighting in the squeals and bellows of agonizing pain each time he did so. Steve reached forward and stabbed many more who rose to take the fallen's place in the nose, neck, anything he could reach and willed even more infuriated fueled fire into them. Burning them alive with spirit energy smelling the strong scents of burning flesh.


Turning off his sense of smell was not an option, he needed to be able to use all his senses to help them both survive. His sight was filled with the image of the never ending bodies piling up around them. He could feel the sharp droplets of blood as they coated his skin. Creating a slimy residue which made him shudder with the need to be clean. His tongue wasn't even spared as the blood and sweat and other less talked about solids and liquids flew. They landed easily in his mouth as he panted for breath to lift his sword over and over. So he was also having to contend with not being overwhelmed by all the different actions happening around him.


His own strength was deepening as he had no choice but to keep fighting. Losing was not an option because if he lost then Danny, the light of his life, the center of his world and the man he would travel the universe for, would die permanently and he refused to let that happen.


Snarling in his mind, these beasts sought to destroy his bond to his love by wearing him down till he had nothing left. Well, he would not permit it, if they wanted to drain his strength and endurance, he would simply demand more of himself. He felt it as more will power poured into him. The heart of a battle wolf feeding him, along with his own warrior spirit. His sword blazed up with even darker fire, swirled with silver light and sparks of navy blue, as he stroked faster than lightning.


Loki felt his rider growing in strength and will, as the battle continued. Night falling fully, shrouding everything in darkness save for the flashes of light as his sword sang through the air. He was so proud of how Steve was managing the epic fight, staying on his constantly moving body as he had to rip and tear into his own opponents. Plunging his fangs into the hip of a bull who was trying to gore him in his belly, he let loose another load of strong poison. His own energy was waning with the needs being put upon him over and over. But like his mind mate, he would not contemplate failure. He would grow to match his partner and be the brother he needed to help protect their pack. He also wanted to prove to a certain lady, that he was a worthy suitor for her, if she ever deigned to allow him to court her.


His power pulsed inside him, pulling deeper and deeper within him the needed energy to continue to form his poison, which was deadly to the bonds of spirit animals. Each bite depending on how heavy a dose he gave, would break the bonds between solid and spirit form. And would not allow the animal to reform again for some days, if not weeks. If it had been the material realm, the person receiving his special gift would simply die, melted from the inside out in the most painful of fashions. Unless he decided to reverse the deadly cocktail and spare the person who he wished to die. Thankfully it rarely happened for him to need to.


The deadly lupus monitored his rider’s mind and grinned to himself as Steve pictured what he would love to do to the bastards causing them so much trouble. Wishing he could just blast them apart with his power in one go. How his arrows before and the trails of silver from his sword gleamed in the wildly fraught confrontation, looked like lightning. When he caught the thought of lightning from his brother, he remembered another fight so long ago. Snapping his teeth into another bull, pouring another dose of poison into his hide, he braced his feet into the ground so Steve could continue his own assaults.


Then he raised his head to the star kissed night sky and HOWLED, loud enough to be heard for leagues around, projecting nothing but pure heart pounding power into his command. The night, which had set nearly an hour before grew even darker if that was even possible, The only light coming from the stars, and the blazes of silver from the Warrior’s Wolf Blade. Storm gray clouds floating leisurely on their way through the land from the sea, instead darkened to a moonless night black, a barrage of thunder cracks, bursting drums of violence and squalling raving ferocity. The winds, gentle for all of the fighting going on, picked up immensely and furiously, as the rage of the black wolf called to them into the night.


The buffalo stopped for a moment as they listened to the sounds of the night changing, before continuing with their battle. What mattered to they, if the storm which had been debatable of making landfall, suddenly sprang up? They wanted their prey and they would have them, a little stinging rain and wind wouldn’t hurt them.


Aiming for the unprotected throat of the spirit wolf, they were stymied to find it shielded by the man riding him. Steve had seen the enemy and instantly knew what they were thinking, when his bond mate’s throat was exposed, on the fly he instantly created and adapted new shields. Flexible to move with his body, but strong and secure like the most advance of body armor. He surrounded his wolf’s vulnerable parts as Loki called the storms to him, protecting him as he always would. Together they would always stand, protecting each other even as they stood before the pack, ready to take the blows meant for those unable to defend themselves.


Blood flowed freely from their bodies, mixing together as the wild cattle cousins attacked them. Loki took a horn to the muzzle when he was aiming for a thick neck to chew on. Steve was gouged as a cow reared up and managed to get in a powerful blow of her cloven hoof to his left arm. The arm going numb and the Seal having a horrible time gripping the ruff with his hand because of it. His legs mostly was what he was using to stay on the black back, but his arm he many time used for balance as he constantly swung his sword through the beasts. More hits began to make themselves known, as cuts, and bites penetrated the fog of both their minds. Minds dedicated solely to survival at this point, minds which categorized injuries, decided if they were life threatening at the moment. If they were, then more energy was called from fathoms deep, to heal the offending wound. But if it was not, then it was left open and bleeding, energy slowly draining away with the blood as the fight continued.


But weakness was not permitted in their minds, they had family and loved ones to fight for and they were bred to do exactly that. Steve snarled as a bull leapt for his head, knocking him a ringing blow with a sharp hoof. In retaliation the Sentinel gutted the bull, his insides falling in a messy splatter all over the forms of the man and wolf. The bull gave a blast of rage form his throat as he was opened, just before Steve twisted his sword in his groin, cutting his balls off. Loki finished him with a bite to the ass, drenching his wounds in more thick green poison. The bull dissolved in a flurry of sparks and cries of pain.


Dark green eyes, the color of murdered death blazed forth, as the Commander looked for yet another target. Finding one, he raised his sword to strike down another she creature, intent on driving him from his brother’s back. The wind, furious as its freedom was taken and was forced to obey a master it resented, took on the same tone of howl as the wolf’s. Wild, tempestuous, and savage, the typhoon powered winds roared along the plains, on the mission to wipe everyone out the spirit realm itself. The fluffy clouds were no more, now they were dark, foreboding and rolling in angry swells of constantly changing shadows. Flickers danced between the thunderheads, but no one was able to tell what the flickers were. They were quicker than they eye could see, if it could even focus but they were too dark. All save one, had no way to track the danger which was now being summoned upon those who fought.


Loki lowered his head and glared eyes the same color as his bond mate, before snarling a command loud enough to be heard over the rampaging gale force winds. A command which had Black Lightning obeying his call. The black lighting charged a pathway straight from the shadows above, zig-zagging its way across the sky, and striking the earth in a seven strike pattern around the Spirit pair. It struck first one beast then another driving others back as it destroyed the ones it hit. The ground exploded around the attacking beasts feet as more shadow bolts rained down upon them. Dirt, mud, rocks, and other matter flying through the air and landing on the beasts who stumbled, as the land gave way around them.


Steve hearing his wolf’s call to the heavens, realized there was more to the power he rode with no fear. For what Loki could command, he could control. Instincts showing him the way, he held his sword up straight to the sky, the shadow lighting hitting it and he receiving no harm. Instead the wolf called another bolt and the warrior split the current of dark light, into seven different arcs, each hitting a beast intent on doing them harm.


The animals backed away at this new show of power over nature itself, still furious at the pair for entering their territory. But the bond mates didn’t care, they were only looking for a single opportunity. The instant Loki had a chance to escape he did, driving himself much faster than before the attack happened. His prolonged need for power, combined with the natural link to his black lighting, changed him. His body, like Steve adapting to his needs, did the same for himself, giving him more speed than ever before. Not realizing just how fast he was now capable of going, intent only on running from the battle, so he could protect his still adapting chosen, he ran the last few miles to the sea in a few minutes. He dug his blood encrusted claws into the still exploding ground him, his lightning providing a protective shield till he could find a safer place to make a stand. Aiming for the beach knowing if he could reach it he could find a way to protect them, he flew across the land.


The capes bugled their disgust at their prey escaping and gave chase, voices raised in unholy attack and revenge. Cloven hooves made a pounding sound against the land which still rumbled beneath their feet, matching the rolling thunder coming from above. Steve raised his blazing Wolf Head Sword again one handed, and lighting called from Loki, hit the blade in a furious explosion of midnight power, separating again into seven arcs hardly anyone was able to see. Swinging his sword with deadly intent, he directed the arcs of energy to the creatures behind him, dropping even more.


The beasts, in fear of the lightning which was decimating their attacking herd, held back as they chased the pair over the remaining miles, towards the shore Loki was desperate to reach. They could not afford to lose many more attackers after the pair had taken so many. Snorting to themselves they looked over their shoulder for further instructions. Receiving them, they gave chase once again, but stayed back, no longer needing to push the pair into responding to their aggression. The Warrior and Wolf had other troubles coming their way and would need to focus on those. Still the buffalo snorted and bellowed as they ran after the escaping pair, encouraging the two to run as fast as they could away from them. For if the pair did stop they would be attacked again, until they did what their leader wished them to do.


Meanwhile Loki wanted the ocean behind him, hoping the water would slow the bastards down. Mile after mile he raced to the sea till he could not only smell the heavy salt in the air but he felt the storm winds blowing even stronger. He could see the froth on the waves as his storm winds blew across the rampaging waters. He broke through a thorny tangle of sand bushes at least as tall as him and realized too late his danger. His unrealized speed working against him, he could do nothing more than make sure Steve was holding on tight, as he pushed off the cliff top with his legs. Aiming as far out as he could, to avoid the sharp jagged rocks under the storm toss waves. Loki dived straight into the sea.




The buffalo slowed their chase when the saw the bushes. When they reached it they looked down and could spy no more of their enemy. With loud snorts of satisfaction, they turned around and headed back the way they had come.




The Matriarch of the herd watch impassively, as the black wolf and his rider was driven from their lands. Driven out of the grasslands and into the sea as she had been asked to do. She turned her head towards the White wolf who was standing next to her. Red eyes blazing as he followed their trail across the land and into the water he wanted them driven to. She lolled a question at him and he nodded grimly. She turned back the way she had come, pleased she had repaid his favor to her many years ago. Following the pathway she came across the herd of volunteers, many still in spirit form as Loki’s poison couldn’t be neutralized easily and would have to wait the couple days to few weeks it would take to wear off. But most were gloating and prancing around, commenting about how they had not had so much fun in years.


She looked over her shoulder, even as she listened to her herd mates talking excitedly. She hoped someday, she could rectify the damage they had done to them. She really did like the pair, but she understood the White wolf’s needs. The man had to grow stronger and more powerful. The White’s job was to see it done and just like a boot camp instructor, he didn’t have a lot of time to do it nicely or easily. The men where here in this realm because the Sentinel could not protect his mate. By the time they left he would be able to.




Steven followed Loki’s instructions to hold on tight to his body, especially when he realized they were going over the cliff into raging seas. Holding tightly with both hands and legs, he took a deep breath of air before they hit the water. This time, as he hit the solid form of the rampaging water, the shock of entry was even harsher than when Loki jumped in the various rivers during their travels, because it was from much higher. Sinking quickly, after shaking his head from the stunning hit into storm maddened water he found himself gripping his wolfs ruff with an iron grip.


Which he found himself needing to do if he didn’t wish to be separated from his battle brother. For Loki, through no fault of his own had not managed to avoid all the rocks. His desperate dive had been started, pushing as far out as he could. But it wasn’t far enough as gravity sent him down deep into the waters, were even more jagged underwater formations were to be found. He ended up being impaled in the shoulder and chest and unable to free himself. The ocean took care of that issue though by ripping him off the boulders violently, to his pained cries as more flesh was torn away, bones broken.


Another wave sent him back towards those same rocks and he was nearly powerless to do anything. His own warrior spirit was concentrating on one thing only and that was the protection of the man on top of his back. Turning he managed to put himself between the rocks which gouged out chunks of himself in his hip, thigh, and broke his entire right leg. But Steve was protected from those same rocks, as he forced his body to bend in ways the laws of nature in the material or spirit realm never intended. He felt it as his spine snapped, just behind where Steve was gripping him desperately and he didn’t care. As long as his beloved ward and chosen partner was safe, he would take all the damage over and over.


Then another wave hit, pulling them back out to sea, and further into its depths, only to smash the black’s head against a final set of sea mounts. Not prepared for it, delirious with his own pain it was the final straw for the wolf. The hit bashed his skull in before he was able to spirit phase and reform himself, he hung listlessly for a second as his neck broke and he knew no more. The Warrior Wolf pushed beyond any endurance training he ever had, unwillingly gave himself up to the seas deadly power.


His partner was on his own now.




The currents near the rocks pushed and pulled the pair in response to the crashing storm winds flying above. Shore side currents and tides, upset at the interruption of their smooth flowing directions, took their mindless ire out on the unfortunate team. Viciously dragging them further into the hidden depths, pushing them against the sharp unseen objects and cutting them open deeply. Blood easily spilling from both, rising to the top where it frothed with the white heads of the waves, turning them red.


Trying to keep hold of the dead weight of his helpless brother, control the haphazard motions of being out of control in an element he normally felt at home in. Recognizing the awesome power of the sea he always tried to respect. His mind was floating in a manner he was not familiar with, not realizing that with Loki out of commission, his hold keeping him stable in the spirit realm was also gone. Steve was on his own to keep himself mentally stable and mentally strong as he took over protecting them both. Hopefully his own instincts would not see fit to take over, like Danny’s had a habit of doing. He could not afford to lose control of himself when so much was at stake.


He felt it first, as he was tossed around in the rushing black water, before he saw what was happening. Hundreds of large box jelly fish, more deadly than their material world counterparts, were floating in the same violent waters he and Loki were in. Waters suddenly stormed tossed and wave ridden, which they had not been able to avoid as they normally would. He felt it as multiple stingers from many animals, hit his exposed flesh. His blood stained arms, legs, tattered cloth ridden back, his chest, stomach and even head and neck all being attacked by the long arms of the beasts. Venom shot up through his systems at all points of contact. His heart stuttered as the deadly toxins flowed through his blood stream, he could barely breath, due to his lungs trying to shut down, his limbs becoming lethargic. The Seal’s frantic movements in the boiling seas slowed, as the box fish stings continued to hit his body.


Steve continued to hold his breath in his damaged lungs, pain reaching charts he had never felt before. Loki continued to pull him down but he held on nevertheless, he would not let him go. Still he was tired, in pain and wondered what would happen if he just did let go and let the water take them both. It couldn’t be any worse than what he was enduring now, he could rest as he was tossed around and fight to return to shore at a later point.


But then a pair of warm deep blue eyes came to mind. Blue eyes looking at him in love and commitment. In gentle wonder that a man such as Steve, a war hero, a member of the armed forces, a Commander of a task force which was the envy of others, would actually find value in a man so many others had not. A man who had nothing to offer Steve other than a daughter, an ex wife which was always threatening him with loss of said daughter, and his damaged heart. New energy surged into his blood as his mate’s love enveloped him, clawing his way back to sense, he fought the hold the stingers were placing on him. Even as more hit him, he fought with all the power at his command. Actively changing his immune system, as he was tossed back and forth deep in the ocean, to learn about the poison and counteract it. He would not fail his mate again. Steve would find him and show him, he was also a worthy mate to his Guide. That he now had the power, strength and speed to protect him. Stamina too was a trait he was learning, and he was sure Danny would appreciate a through demonstration of his prowess in their bed.


Steve continued to hold onto his limp partner as they were thrown around in the sea. The Seal knew he could let go and save himself, that Loki would eventually wake up far out to sea and make his way back to him. He would probably be pleased that Steve chose to save himself, and he would encourage him to do so again if the situation arose. But Steve would not abandon his brother. No, he would not betray a true and faithful companion to save himself.


Instead he drew upon his power, his mark blazing with black light before it spewed forth into the sea. Each jelly it hit it dissolved into nothingness, freeing up a pathway to the surface. Gripping the black beast with his legs he swam as best he could towards what he thought was up. His instincts were telling him it was up at least. He enhanced his sight, adapting it to see the brutal movements of the currents themselves. Directing his vision to every spot around him, even as he wished for air, to see if he was close to the surface.


Thinking he might be, the meager light of the far off moon glowing above him, he attempted to swim to the surface, pulling Loki with him. Over stressed arms frantically clawing towards what he hoped was the all important surface and air supply. He was forced back down by the strong no nonsense grip, of something wrapping around his much abused and slashed up middle. The thing pulled him further down into the dark water, further down and further out from shore. He was sure that land was no where near his location and worst of all, he had no choice any more, his own body was demanding he fulfill one of life’s most basic needs, he had to breath. Black and blue spots were dancing in his eyes, as his own long breath training failed him.


Opening his mouth involuntary, he was about to suck in sea water when a silver blue light appeared before him. Steve gasped as for the first time he felt the loss of control over his own instincts. For they had been pushed greatly for too long and knew that he must live to fight for others another day. They barreled out of the very center of his being, burning away at his channels as they gained speed. They would not be waylaid by anything, including the silly notion of an immortal needing to breath to live. If air is what his mind felt it needed in order to continue on swimming so be it.


Silver light shining brightly from his bond mate snaked up his right arm, before breaking off into other segments. One traveled around his torso, before heading down towards his legs and the water logged burden they still refused to abandon. The other blazed up and around his neck, circling his head, before entering his nose and mouth and returning to the place where all his power truly came from, his heart. The light quickly laying the foundation of something he never experienced before, but his instincts showing him he could do again for himself someday. When the trails of silver light finished their tasks and rejoined together in his heart, the lines on his body began to flow, just like the stylized fur markings of his wolf bonded arm. As they flowed they expanded outwards, pushing the water away from him, leaving him and Loki is a perfect globe of breathable air.


The drain on his strength was incredible as his instincts demanded more from himself to maintain such a large area. He struggled to control what his own instincts created but they would have none of it. Till he took enough breaths to satisfy what his body demanded they would not relinquish their grip on him. Finally realizing just a shadow of what his much abused mate must have gone through when his instincts took control multiple times of him, Steve finally stopped fighting. Instead he took great big mouthfuls of the life giving air, till his burning lungs stopped thinking they were going to drown. As soon as they reached such a place the globe exploded around him, scaring the crap out of him if he was honest, for once the bubble was gone the water surged back in. He barely was able to close his mouth before the water was able to rush in.


But it was enough and it allowed him to focus on the creature, who even with the bubble of air pushing against the water, was not strong enough to make the being let go of him. More tentacles came up, wrapping around his chest, his legs, and his wolf. Attempting to separate him from his still non responsive partner and pull them deeper into the waters. They must have been at least 1000 feet down by now, thanks to that creature and Steve was sick of everything which had happened to them this night.


It was time to end it and end it now.


Snarling, he pulled his legs closer, calling forth his sword, unconcerned with how his arm was beginning to burn, in what felt like liquid fire with the amount of power he had demanded this night. The sword was unconcerned with being under water and easily flamed up in response to its Master’s calls to it. Steve slashed at the arms, grappling with the wolf’s body, slicing them easily as if they were butter rather than flesh and blood. A blood curdling screech came up from the depths as the giant squid, easily three times larger than its material cousins of the same breed, appeared before him. Beak snapping as it sought to take a chunk out of its prey, the Sentinel aimed for one of its large black eyes. Stabbing it, before focusing his power and making the whole sword tense in anticipation.


The 90 foot long squid, attempted to remove the sword from its eye, not pleased its prey was fighting back. It wasn’t often it could taste land based flesh and he wanted his treat. Reaching out with a still intact arm it attempted to pull the blade from the Seals hand only to scream again. The sword itself took exception to its attempts and began oozing a black film which floated within the water. It clung to the sea creature and slowly started to burn it from the outside in. Breaking down the bonds of energy which kept all spirit animals solid. Now the squid realized the danger he was in, but it was too late. When it tried to let go it was impossible and it writhed in agony as he was forced back to a spirit form. A form he would not be able to change out of for some time to come. With a final scream of pain and frustration the spirit sea beast was fully transformed before being atomized and pulled away by the still angered currents.


No longer hampered by the tentacles of the large beast, if Steve was thinking straight he may have remembered his old mythology and think the bastard was a baby kraken. But he wasn’t thinking straight and krakens had never properly existed, that anyone was aware of. He let the entire battle slip from his own fast approaching finish and head to the surface, hoping he was not attacked again.


This time he was able to make it and thrust his head above the water for the first time in nearly 20 minutes. Not stopping to enjoy it he heaved with all his might his waterlogged wolf onto his shoulder, at least Loki had shrunk to his normal size so he was easier to manage. Pulling his snout out of the water, Steve was horrified to find the animal unresponsive. Not knowing what else to do, he put his mouth over his companion’s nose and mouth and breathed deeply into his water filled lungs. Ignoring his broken neck for the moment for eventually even it would have healed. The Seal concentrated on squeezing the black beast’s gored belly, to try and get some of the salt water out. If he could have, he would have phased Loki out of his body and into a new one, but he hadn’t learned that trick yet. Only how to do it himself to himself.


Continuing to breath for his friend, supporting his lax head, he looked to see how far away the shore was only to see it wasn’t even an option. They had been pulled out so far he didn’t know where it was to begin with. With the winds still howling above and the currents below displaying their own temper at being disturbed, he began treading water so he could get his bearings. With a heavy fur coat for a partner, Steve tried to find the direction he needed, hoping something would stand out and give him what he needed. But his own endurance and adrenaline were beginning to find their own hard limits. The pair had been pushed and pushed to the point they couldn’t go any further. And yet Steve must, taking a deep breath he focused on what his instincts were telling him was shore.


Swimming one handed he slowly made his way towards what he hoped was the shore. Long moments of time lost in his brain, as he couldn’t focus on anything more than his wolf. Loki, who he is still breathing for, showed no signs of life, as if he was in stasis. Getting them both to the safety of land, was Steve’s only thought. Fighting the sea as it wished to keep pulling him out to where other dangerous sea creatures lived, he moved towards where he thought land should be.


He wanted no more to do with the water for a while, not when his instincts told him that those who made the sea their home were so much more dangerous than the creatures whose home was the land or even air. The spirit ocean’s were filled with much bigger, stronger and dangerous animals then the material plain. Food was harder to come by and territories were hotly contested between the citizens who called the sea home. Not only did those creatures have to fight themselves for survival but the ocean itself many times was working against them. So they must be ready to take advantage of any opportunity for food or defense. It’s one of the reasons why those spirit sea beasts who bonded to a Sentinel or Guide rarely stayed in their home oceans. Preferring to stay with their bonded in the material world, it was less dangerous and a hell of a lot easier to live. Only coming back to check on certain loved ones, or when their own bonded finally passed on. Then the formerly bonded returned to the wild and grieved as they continued to survive.


Steve didn’t even notice then large group of fins as he moved through the water. Fins which cut the surface of the typhoon stirred waters, before dipping down into the murky depths. Resurfacing quietly behind him, spreading out as they debated the best course of action, he made his own slow progress back to land. No sounds could be heard from the creatures surrounding him and by this point he was so exhausted he wasn’t paying any more attention to anything around him. His sole focus getting back to land and checking on his bond mate.


The water continued to fight the man who was on his last bits of energy. Pulling up the absolute last of his reserves as he tried to find land, and the safety his mind associated with it. His arms shook from being so abused with no end in sight. His head, body, legs and every other part which wasn’t numb was stretched and wrenched beyond any mission he had ever been sent on. He wanted to simply crawl on a beach and sleep for a week. But in order to do so he had to find a beach, one he could actually get to rather than a pile of sharp jagged rocks, blocking his way.


Continuing the harsh and brutal struggle of a swim, it took more than another hour to make it to shore. Many miles from where he was sure from the place they had dived from to begin with. But shore he finally found and was grateful to finally have something solid beneath his hands and knees, for standing was completely out of the question at this point. Dragging his still comatose wolf to barely above the water line, he fell into the sand wishing he could rest.


But Loki needed to be brought back, and he had no idea how too. Looking over his shoulder as his instincts alerted his numb mind to the danger he hadn’t noticed before. One of the fins, large and sharp looking, separated itself from the rest as it headed toward the shore he was trying to keep from collapsing on. It only took a few moments for the body attached to the fin break out of the water. The black spotted matriarch of the pod easily swam up and floated above the water. She circled the beyond exhausted man and wolf, before coming to a final decision.


Dipping down she bit the useless wolf body in half.


Steve gave a cry of pain and frustration that all his hard work being destroyed in his sight. He wanted to stand up and fight, defend what belonged to him, but his body was no longer obeying. Instead he had to settle for griping handfuls of water saturated sand, wishing he could do more to protect his pack mate. His arm burned from over use in a way he had never experienced, his body bruised, battered and at the end of its newly found extreme endurance. He simply had nothing left within him, other than the knowledge that if something like this happened again, he could withstand the hardship.


But the orca with a wink and a wave of her tail, gave a squee of trust before she blew water from her porthole to land on the broken wolf’s body. When the salt water hit the black beasts body, the spirit form released itself from its shadow and Steve watched as it floated above the no longer viable body. The light of the moon showing him how his dear friend even in spirit form seemed way to still and lifeless. The killer whale circled the wolf again as she assessed the damage done. Taking note of how his own energy reserves were so low, he would not regain consciousness or the ability to change back into his solid form, on his own for some time to come after he wok up.


Nudging his spirit form along with the gentlest of touches, she moved him to where she wanted him to rest. Further up the shore and away from the water where he might accidentally be pulled back into the sea. Steve watching the whole time, confused and concerned as to what she was actually doing to his friend. She wasn’t acting dangerous but nothing in this world right now made him feel safe. Still he watched shocked as she gave another might blow from her head, and more water fell on the injured creature. Before his very eyes, Loki was reformed healthy and whole even if he was still out cold. He would recover easily now that his lungs were formed properly again, and his heart wasn’t full of the stingers venom. Or having to deal with the myriad of broken bones and sharp stabbing wounds, due to the earlier buffalo fight.


Steve gave a cry of surprised gladness and thanks, as he stumbled on hands and knees to his partner’s side. Once there he was unable to move not having any energy left. The orca circled one more time before heading back into the sea. She had done all she could. The Seal didn’t bother to watch her leave, he had no strength for it. Collapsing next to his wolf he knew no more.




The White Wolf looked down on the pair after they emerged from the ocean. He was very pleased with the growth the boy had attained. He was much stronger than he thought and this fight while brutal as hell, would show him that. The Warrior did have the strength to persevere in the face of adversity and times of war. But more importantly, when he recovered he would have confidence in himself again, or at least the start of it. He wanted to be a good protector and defender for his mate. Well, he had just done both for his wolf, he would do the same and even more for his most cherished love.


His Great Grandfather would be so proud of the man he had become in just a few short years. He would be even prouder as he continued to grow and help those who needed it as the centuries passed. The White Wolf was determined to be there for the man, for as long as he was needed. It was his duty and honor to do so, his long gone bond mate would have wanted it that way.

Chapter Text

Sasha entered her cubs mind and was shocked at the various memories and channels which had already fallen into place. His emotions were still fucked up, but she attributed that to his mental state being so scattered. His memories seemed complete to the age of eight when she officially came into his life, but she still checked to make sure there wasn’t some stray ones out of place. Locating the lost instances, she began to reorganize them into the proper sequence. It did help her immensely that she had been present for all his life, so she had her own memories to fall back on and to help put things in order.


She worked hard through the night placing his past thoughts back, stabilizing his emotions and calming his own much abused battered spirit. It was heavily leaning towards the flight side of his flight or fight instincts at the moment. Which was good for her to begin with, allowed him to run while she was racing towards his side, when he first arrived in the spirit realm. But now it had to be calmed and put back in check, if not when he returned to his right mind and restarted his life as a police officer, it would interfere with his job. She slowly calmed the flight instinct, resetting it to where it had always been. For when they returned to the material realm, and he was following after his crazy mate, he would be bitching and moaning the entire way, pointing out how Steve could have done things more efficient. But he would still be right there, behind his best friend, confidant and mate, as was right and proper.


Because his own mind was working faster than she thought it would, adapting quickly to the repairs she was making, his memories and instincts were falling faster into place. She smiled as she came across some happy ones, frowned at the sad or frustrating ones, and giggled at the embarrassing ones. But there was a special memory she always loved, which happened after his 16th birthday and he had received his license.




Danny loved to drive, he loved to drive fast but he also loved to drive responsibly. He knew he would be going to the police academy when he graduated high school. He also felt learning how to drive better than the idiots on the road, would be a good thing. So he had called up his uncle who happened to work at a driving school located outside the city. He was more than willing to show his nephew some driving tricks.


“Uncle Bill great to see you.” Danny exclaimed as he exited his black and red ford mustang.


His uncle beamed with pride at his nephew, pleased at his initiative for learning to drive properly. “Danny boy same to you, I hear you want to be a cop when you graduate high school.” He clapped the young man on the shoulder, bringing him in for a one armed side hug.


Grinning the youth nodded “Yeah figured I better get started on learning how to drive properly. The more I learn now the better off I’ll be in the academy.” Sasha sat a few feet away from him, scratching an ear. No one could see her other than her chosen, and she was looking forward to the next few hours of fun.


Giving another squeeze, along with a smug smile. “Too right there. I know the instructors over there at the school, and they can be some of the nicest hard ass’s around. They’ll teach you how to do it proper, but the more you know going in, the more time you can spend on the fun stuff.” His uncle was a tall man with a trim frame and commanding presence. With deep grey eyes and salt and pepper brown hair, his face showed how much he liked to smile. A steep round nose holding glasses pushed all the way up, with a clean cut face. He was one of his favorite relatives. He had worked back west a while ago, working on a few movies in Hollywood, but for the most part was retired from that business and decided to open a driving school instead.


“Come this way boy and we’ll go to the classroom and spend the next three hours boring the shit out of you with safety briefings and proper gear.” He grinned knowingly even as he dragged his laughing relative towards the door.


Rolling his own blue eyes, Danny easily followed the older man. And it was exactly as he was described boring. But that was fine with Danny, boring was good in many ways, he knew going into the police field would be very boring at times, just as it could be exciting at times. Building up patience was a bonus in his book. Besides Sasha was laying below him, under the table snoozing her head off when she couldn’t stand it any more. It was amusing to see the different positions she would achieve when trying to nap. So far his favorite was her on her back, using the table leg as a brace with her tongue lolling out to the side. Good thing no one could hear her either because her snores would be rattling the windows. Danny had to actively tune her snoozes out to hear what his uncle was saying.


“Okay so that concludes the safety shit. You ready to suit up and head out on the course to start?” His uncle asked as he put his clipboard down. He was pleased that Danny had not lost focus for most of the lessons. At one point he did seem to be kicking something under the table, but he hadn’t been able to spot what the hell he was kicking. Finally he had ignored it to his nephew’s puzzling relief.


“You bet, we’ll start off with simple driving right? Then graduate to faster and faster.” The young Detective to be couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel for some fun.


“Exactly you need to know your car before you can drive your car.” Heading out the door Danny followed him towards the stunt car they would be using. It wasn’t anything flashy, they didn’t need it to be. In fact the less flashy the better, most people had regular cars not souped up ones like Camaros and Corvettes. Regular cars would be the ones the young man would be using more often day to day. Danny was starting to learn the proper way to drive for a police officer and didn’t need to learn it nascar fashion.


Entering the car on the passenger side, his uncle grinned at the eager look to the boy. “Okay son set your seat, get your belt on and let's go have some fun.”


“Sure thing.” He glanced in the rear view mirror to see Sasha, woken from her nap, sitting in the back seat, head out the side wall enjoying herself. Thank god no one else could see her. For the rest of the day they drove around the large track, first slowly as Danny became used to the car, then expanding out.


Shalom driving was next and he did very well with that. Learning to drive just as fast backwards as he did forwards. The next few hours was spent playing with speed and turns learning how to get the maximum work out of the car.


When five o’clock rolled around they called it day.


“Okay Danny now when do you want your next lesson?” His uncle asked easily as they leaned on their cars.


Danny easily told him. “Next weekend. I don’t have anything planned and if you think it would work, what about Sunday after church?”


“Sounds good to me.” Now he fixed his nephew a stern eye. “Don’t you dare go and practice any of this on the street my boy. If I find out you’ve been showing off, after your parents tan your hide. I’ll be the next one in line.” He was serious, his own son and done something of the sort and the little shit was still bemoaning the tanning he got ten years later. Course his son was now a driving instructor for the police force he worked for in Pennsylvania.


Shaking his head even, if he knew it was true he still managed to grin. “Yeah and how is me doing something stupid on the street, going to help me screw with the instructors heads when I get to the academy. They’re going to be expecting a snot nosed brat with barely any driving experience. It will be so much more fun to give them a shock first day they start teaching.”


His uncle grinned as he knew it would. The date was set and Danny took off for home. Each week he drove too and from school never getting even a parking ticket, or speeding citation. He was stopped from time to time but he was always polite to the police. Letting them know he was planning on going to the academy when he turned 18. Only time he got nervous was when he was pulled over by a Guide cop who was always edgy around him. Sasha worked hard at hiding who he really was that day.


For two years each Sunday and eventually Tuesday and Thursday evenings, if he didn’t have other plans or school work, he was at his Uncle’s school, learning twists, turns, J-turns, drifting and high speed chases. How to drive on two wheels, between posts, gauging things to within just centimeters of the car passing through. Emergency stops, starts and how to slide sideways. Even in the middle of winter, he was at the track learning how to drive fast and control cars on ice and snow. Learning how cars could get out of control so fast.


Rolling hills, jumps, even going through water, oil, and other slick surfaces. Dirt, gravel and hard terrain all with a multitude of different cars, trucks, vans, buses even a few semi’s. He wanted to learn as much as he could, and he was willing to put the time into it.


He also, when he was 17 started going to the range on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings with his Aunt, who happened to be a former firearms instructor. He had asked her to teach him how not to look like a fool with a gun, before entering the police school. While they would teach him the detail they were looking for, he did want to know how to tear apart the gun, how to repair them. Clean them and fire a gun so he wasn’t scared or nervous around them. He didn’t really like guns but his future job would require him to carry one so he did it.


She taught him the basics at first, then as he progressed started taking him through scenario’s which made his hair stand on end at times. Seriously crawling through a narrow tube just slightly larger than him, while having to hold a pistol and the shotgun? Then having those damn zombie targets popping out at him, when it was dark as hell in the tube. Just cause it was near Halloween was no excuse in his book. But he couldn’t complain to anyone really because no one had an idea as to what he was doing. Oh his parents did, couldn’t keep that secret in his family. But his Aunt and Uncle were both putting the effort in to keep the rest of the family from knowing. Because if they knew then it would get back to the family members on the police force. And there went their chance at screwing with their minds.


When he turned 18 he graduated high school and joined the police academy the following week. He had studied hard, kept his grades up and took extra courses over the summers to advance his education faster. So he was able to get everything done in school by his 18th birthday. Settling down to learning police procedure was both fascinating and enlightening along with boring many times. But he did it all cause it was his dream.


Six weeks into his new job, he was finally being assigned drive training and he invited his uncle, along with some other family members, who were in the force to come watch. The instructors weren’t too worried about it. Danny was one of their family kids, they’d known him forever and if he wanted his family to see his epic failure the first time he took a cruiser out, so be it.


His uncle did his best to keep from splitting his face open, as he watched his nephew slip into the seat for the first time. The instructor getting into the passenger seat, settled his clipboard and pen, ready to start the lesson.


And boy howdy was it a lesson.


With a slight smile, because the instructor happened to be his father’s, brother’s, nephew’s, cousin’s, former room mate. He was a good guy just a little spacey at times. But he did have the balls, to get into a car with high testosterone males with little normal brain cells at that age. Danny put the car into gear and showed him a lesson. Slowly moving out onto the track, the people who were in the know, watched to see what would happen.


Danny turned easily around the corner, easily driving through the cones. He made sedate turns at the stop signs, and backed up into the starting parking spot. Then came to an easy stop.


The instructor looked at him annoyed, this was a training session for the police, not driving Miss Daisy. “Danny you do know this is training right? You can go faster then 10 miles an hour.” He looked at the young cop in training, taking in the way he sat easy in the seat. He wasn’t displaying the usual nervousness most trainees did when they started. But he knew the kid had been driving since he was 16, been pulled over a few times even but was always respectable. Still he needed to get over the safe driving and show some balls. Bad guys sure as shit wouldn’t slow down if he was driving in a cautious manner. Hell they would drive off into the sunset with the way the kid was driving right now.


Danny, keeping both hands firmly, yet confidently on the wheel responded to the other man’s annoyance. The grin he wanted to sport being kept at bay by willpower alone. It sure as shit did NOT help to see Sasha in the back, snickering her head off and wagging her tail. She knew what was going to happen and she was looking forward to it. “I know, but my Uncle always said whenever you can, give yourself a few minutes to learn a car. To see how it can handle.”


Exasperated at the response, knowing the Williams clan and the multiple men in it. But he couldn’t think of the person off the top of his head who Danny could be speaking about. He sounded familiar to him, something about driving. “Yes, well, your Uncle I’m sure is very nice, but we are police and we need to pick up the pace. We can’t just fart around hoping to pull over little old ladies. So I want you to go over the course like we showed you. Go as fast as you can, then we’ll start improving on your speed and handling.”


Danny an evil glint in his eye, asked so smoothly it should have rang alarm bells in the instructors head. “You sure you want me to go as fast as I can? Wouldn’t you rather we do a couple rounds at a decent safe speed?”


The man looked at Danny really trying to resist rolling his eyes at the kid. He was after all trying to be responsible, but he needed to learn how to move fast. “Yes, I want you to go as fast as you can through the course. We’ll work on building your speed up once we have a base line.” Pulling out his stopwatch, he made ready to start the clock and hope to god this time he was faster. Otherwise they would be here all day.


“Okay but remember what you said. I’m just doing as you asked okay?” The shit eating grin was getting harder to conceal.


“Fine just go NOW!” He was getting seriously ticked off.


So Danny did. Stomping on the gas, he had smoke coming from the tires as he spun them, rear end breaking loose, before turning the car with a power drift to the side. Spinning the car, tires squealing in protest as they left rubber on the tarmac, he went through the cones at nearly 60 miles an hour when they were set up for only around 45. Gauging the spacing between each pair, down to the last inch practically. Skidding to a stop, he threw the car into reverse and immediately started doing the same course backwards, not hitting a single cone. Arm thrown over the seat he calmly raced over the skid turns, Sasha helpfully ducking down out of his line of sight.


People in the grandstands could hear the screams of fear and rage, from the instructor as Danny threw the car into drive and spun the wheels again. He aimed for the curb and popped the car up on two wheels, before going through the cones, a third time. Of course at much slower pace than the 60 miles but not by much, before dropping the car and gunning it through the slicks. In the slicks where water, oil and other liquids were deliberately spilled he had the car doing donuts, side ways skids and drifts. Screeching around in a J-turn he reversed gears again, keeping his eyes focused on the targets. Plowing through the area backwards while doing some of the stunts his Uncle had so lovingly taught him.


When he looked over at the instructor, he was holding onto the oh shit handle as if his life depended on it. Danny slammed the car into forward on last time and raced straight ahead, heading right for the waiting area with the other recruits.


“GOD DAMN IT STOP! YOUR GOING TO HIT THE PEOPLE!” Screamed the maddened instructor.


“So you want me to stop the car and park it?” Danny asked way to sweetly. Sasha was in the back, rolling on the floor laughing at the man.


“YES YOU LITTLE FUCKER STOP THE CAR! PARK IT RIGHT NOW YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” His face was tinged green from the crazy ride.


Danny with a sly grin on his face did as he was asked. Hitting the gas then, slamming the breaks while he twisted the wheel. The car started skidding before coming to a complete perfect stop, parallel to the curb he had pulled the car away from 20 minutes earlier. Most of the people waiting at the area had pulled back from the railing, but his uncle was beaming at his nephew with pride.


“Sooo I stopped it. You happy?” Putting the car into park he turned to the instructor, with innocence oozing from his pores. An innocence which wasn’t believed for a second, as his teacher tried to gain control of his rapidly beating heart.


The instructor looked at the son of a bitch who had been in charge of the wheel. He was ready to pull his gun out and beat him with it, if he didn’t shoot him first. Gritting his teeth, knowing he would be in trouble for doing either. He hissed out “Who the fuck taught you to drive that way?”


Pointing over his shoulder “My Uncle did, he’s standing right there.”


Looking at the man he did a double take as he realized who he was. “What the fuck? Bill Hickman is your Uncle?”


“Well, yeah. I thought you knew.” Danny shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal.


Glaring at the man next to the railing, he went back to looking at the little shit. Blowing his breath out between puckered lips, finally realizing what was so familiar earlier, he closed his eyes and calmed down. When he opened them he was amused. “Son of a bitch, he was my instructor when I first learned to drive. I should have known something was familiar here.” He smiled before breaking out into peals of laughter.


Looking out the window he shouted out. “Bill you are an asshole!”


“Right back at you, little punk.” Bill grinned even as he winked at Danny.


“Okay lets go ahead and let the next team go out. I think you and I need to swap stories. For uhhh, training assessments and clarification of skills.” He grinned at his bullshit even as he headed towards his own personal car, a green 1968 Mustang fastback. It was parked next to his Uncle’s black 1968 Dodge Charger, it was a little beat up, but still in excellent shape over all for its age.


“Okay you're the instructor.” Danny and the other man stepped out of the car. Letting the next team take over.




Sasha had sat in the back seat for the entire time her companion was going through the training. It was a wild ride and she had loved every minute of it. She chuckled to herself, thinking about Steve and how he always thought Danny sucked at driving. The truth of the matter was, Danny was a better driver than him. But he liked following the rules of the road, and setting a good example to those he was sworn to protect. He also wanted to be a proper role model for his daughter, by not speeding like crazy to get to the grocery store.


It only happened one time, but seriously Steve had thought for sure all the double fudge rocky pocky ice-cream, was going to be gone. It had come on sale and he had invited Danny over for the weekend. They had had a really hard week, and Steve needed the calmly influence Danny seemed to give him. The Governor had even told them to take the weekend off and recover. Danny had started to decline stating he had his daughter this weekend and had planned on having a nice pasta dinner with her favorite ice cream of the week. Except he thought they may have ran out and had to get to the store to check. The Seal had been desperate to have both Danny and the girl he was making serious inroads into thinking of as his niece, if not his want to be daughter. So he had raced like mad to the store to get ahead of anyone who may have also wanted the ice cream. Thankfully they had plenty in stock and he bought out the entire store, then the next week Grace changed her mind about it being her favorite and Steve was stuck with 6 gallons of the ice cream. He had been very popular at the HPD picnic with the kids, two weeks later.


But he also really loved the man he knew would be his mate in time, and if it meant he pretended he wasn’t as good a driver as him, so be it. He enjoyed watching the various faces Steve created when he was driving. Enjoyment, satisfaction, happiness at driving the powerful machine. Danny also liked to pick fights with him about driving his car. Just so he could see his mate’s eyes light up, at the challenge of proving how he was a much better driver. The way his throat moved, as he listed the various points on how come he should drive the car, instead of Danny.


Plus he knew that Steve did get car sick, violently the longer he was stuck in the passenger side, if he wasn’t distracted by the need to concentrate on driving. If he had nothing to focus on, eventually his stomach would become horribly upset, and making a mess in the car was not something either man needed. Danny’s job was to make sure his mate was happy, healthy and whole, even before Steve knew who he really was. So if it made Steve happy to drive his car, gave him the thrill of seeing his face light up as they chased after some scumbag. So be it, he loved the man and it was enough.


But Sasha was going to see if they could pull some shenanigans with Steve, when he was being too much of an asshole. Show him just what his mate was capable of doing if given half a chance. Either way that was for a future time. She glanced out the cave entrance and could see dawn was only an hour away, it was time for rest. Danny’s mind was coming back faster and stronger each time. The only thing she worried about was how he was going to handle Rachel, Grace and the hard times that came later for them.


Placing her head down on her paws she closed her eyes. She needed to get some rest herself, before she went hunting for her bond-mates breakfast.




“So what is the status on evidence and suspects?” Andrew asked as he entered the 5-0 offices. Dustin following closely behind him, keeping an mental eye on his mate. Andrew had been pushing himself hard, trying to detect any scent from what he picked up in the cave system, Steve had shown them.


Chin looking at the tech table, pulling up various graphics and files. “So far we’ve pinpointed at least seven people within the head offices of the Guild. Two others on their main council, they have had access to the records which might be found on their systems, of the people Steve and Danny rescued on the island.”


“Have you been able to figure out any of them? Their names or families?” Andrew asked, leaning against the table. He was tired and his nose hurt from trying to pick up the scent of the bitch who had escaped. He really hated to fail the other Sentinel.


“Actually we have, Danny’s Aunt really has come through for us. Any shred of a clue, she gave us a warrant to search their records. But we have been able to identify two males and one female. One is a Guide named Cory Johnson and his Sentinel Laura Richman and another Sentinel named Bradly Cooper. They are three, who were completely wiped clean in their minds. The Guide is completely non responsive, while the two Sentinels are responding to sound, with slight finger twitches when being addressed.”


“Fucking assholes doing this to people.” Dustin snarled. He stayed close offering his support to his love.


Kono spoke up, rolling her eyes at failing their friends. “Tell us about it. We haven’t been able to identify the woman, who was in charge of the abuse. Her files are in code and much was lost when Steve took the island down. We have Toast working on trying to crack her files but it’s going to take some time.” She pulled up more files showing the progress made so far, it wasn’t much.


Hating to admit to failing A. J. sighed “Steve wanted us to find her, but I only got a whiff of her scent after the fact. Mixed with others. Steve is going to have to hunt her if he wants her dead or brought to justice.”


“Knowing Steve in his feral state he would want her dead. If he’s in his right mind, with Danny with him, he might let her get away with living.” Chin said in his normal easy voice.


“I wouldn’t count on it Cuz, she pulled some massively nasty shit. Many governments are already keeping an eye out for her and have shoot on sight orders.”


“Hmm not sure if that is good. We could get a lot of information from her if she was found. Maybe reverse some of the damage which has been done.” Chin replied while looking at the date on the table.


“Either way, the Guild is being looked at with a fine tooth comb.” Andrew checked some other documents he had brought before smiling. “I will say this, because of how much shit the Guild is in right now, other governments are rethinking how much power they have. I’ve already heard that Canada, the UK and Germany, are already looking into adopting laws and regulations, for Sentinels and Guides that are similar to what we have for our Military.”


Kono looking up from her files smiled hugely. “That is fantastic. I’m sure the Guild is not happy about that.”


“No, they’re not. They’ve already filed motions, and briefs and whatever else needed to derail the ideas. But people are not happy with the very obvious victims we have. They do not want a repeat of it. So those in power, are happily ignoring most of what the Guild is bitching about.”


Kono stated firmly, “It’s about time they had their teeth pulled.”


Dustin was looking over some news briefs while they were comparing notes. “The news is still demanding answers and interviews, with whoever they can get hold off. I actually had to order squads of sailors to guard over Grace along with her mother, step father and half brother. They were being badgered non-stop, and still have a couple less respectable journalists after them.”


“We know, we’ve had some patrols watching them at all times. Danny would not be pleased at all the attention Grace is getting.”


“Neither is his extended family who’ve moved here. Seems a few are lawyers and when they saw how depressed and scared Grace was getting from the news crews badgering them morning noon and night. They slapped so many lawsuits, injunctions and cease and desist orders, that the good sites stopped bothering them. Especially when somehow a Williams connection back east got word to what was happening. He managed to convince the jerks that he could have their license to broadcast revoked completely.”


“Bet they didn’t like that?” Kono chuckled.


“They didn’t they tried to say they were stifling the news. People wanted to know what was going on. They were asked just how much information do they think an eight year old has? Did they really think a kid, who is missing a father and may never see him again, would know where he is? Or her much beloved Uncle? They finally stopped bothering her. They have different ways to get information which is far more reliable.” Dustin concluded.


“Do we know anything more about how they are doing?” Kono asked leaning over the tech table.


Andrew and Dustin looked at each other before sighing. “Technically no, nothing official but Lenore and Merlin have been strangely absent from our sides. When they do show up, they have a look about them, like they know more than what they are telling us. I think they are spying on the guys, but also respecting Sasha’s wishes to be alone. This is something they need to work out on their own.”


“Damn we’re all so worried.” She cursed.


“We all are.” A. J. looked at his notes. “Going back to the victims, if you can think of anyone who is a good Doctor, especially with mental issues, we are looking. Scott Mokea has been helping non stop, but he isn’t a Guide who can go into the mind of someone like the people we are trying to treat.”


Dustin hung his head as he relayed his own bit of bad news. He hated failing and this made him feel like a failure just thinking about it. “I’ve tried but I just don’t know enough. I don’t have the training or the knowledge to reach into their mind. I can monitor A. J., I can shut down a Sentinels senses for a time. But I’ve tried reaching out and doing what Danny did with that first Guide. The one we rescued from Kern. I just can’t do it.” Andrew pulled his mate to him and kept him close, offering his own comfort to the distraught man.


“Danny is in a whole different league than any other Guide on the planet. I don’t know if even he would be able to help those pour souls.” Chin remarked.


“We don’t know either, but we are trying to find people who have similar skills. People who are not completely enamored with the Guild, and think they can do no wrong. We want people willing to help. We’ve put a call out to all nations to see if anyone is out there who has a chance.” Andrew spoke up.


“But not many are coming through. No one has ever heard of Sentinels and Guides being wiped clean like this.”


“Right and now that it’s known it can happen.” Chin spoke up.


“Others are going to want to copy it. Not everyone likes Sentinels or Guides.” Kono finished.


“And that is another thing we are worried about. We know it’s going to happen again. Especially if that bitch is still out there.”


“Right we’ll keep looking but so far we have nothing for anyone.” Chin ended.

Chapter Text

“So we’ll change the eyes here, make the nose smaller. Round out the cheekbones. Making the chin a little sharper, sound good to you?”


“Fine with me. I just want to get it done as soon as possible.”


“We can get started tomorrow afternoon if you want. Then recovery will be a few months afterward.”




“Now the other thing, your blood work came back and I have to ask you something.”




“Did you know you were pregnant?”


“I’m what?”




“No, I had no idea. Shit does this mean you can’t do the surgery?” She wasn’t happy if that was the case.


“No, I can still do it. But I wanted you made aware of it cause of the risk to the child.”


“I’ll take that risk. I need to disappear as soon as possible.”


“Very well, I’ll have everything prepared for tomorrow. Cash and paid up front.”


“Fine. I’ll be there and I’ll have the cash ready for you by then.”


“Very good, see you tomorrow.”


The former sex slave left the offices from the back alley doctor. A former doctor who had taken to much off from too many people. She would get a new face from him just as he would get a special final gift from her once she recovered. Walking down the alleys and back streets she felt it as the rings in her nipples and pussy pulled on her. She had taken the chain connecting her tits together off. But to her surprise she wasn’t ready to remove the rings. For all that he was a massive son of a bitch, he had owned her properly. Something she had enjoyed even as he used her. She wasn’t ready to let go of him just yet. Once she had her new face, she would set up shop somewhere and start her research again.


She would set up her research in some different part of the world, and with this new information about one final “gift” of her former master, raise the child up to believe the in the teachings of his parents.


It was only a matter of time before Sentinels and Guides were once more within her power, and the power she planned on passing on.




Steve groggily came too, still exhausted from the earlier ordeals which seemed so long ago, but wasn’t, to the sensation of being moved. He tried to fight off whoever was dragging him over the rocky beach but was unable. His arms barely responded, the power within him dormant from over use, legs completely rubber from having to hold on for so long. His body was shaken to get him to settle and he had no choice. His limbs were barely able to move, and he felt it as his body began shutting down again. His head was numb from pain, and unable to comprehend much other than he wanted more rest. Relaxing again, he allowed whoever had him to do as they wished for the moment. He couldn’t do anything else.




Danny woke when he couldn't sleep any more. Mostly due to the rumbling in his stomach. He needed something to eat, and was glad the meat left over from dinner was still here. Pulling away from his comfy wolf’s deeply sleeping body, he crawled over to the food and began to strip slices off and eating them neatly.Closing his eyes in bliss, as the food hit his system he realized he felt better, more centered and sure of himself. Memories which hadn’t been there before were now present, and he relished in learning more about himself. Both good, bad, sad and amusing where floating in his head and it calmed him even more. To learn about the man he really was, to learn what was so special about a simple guy, who others appeared completely devoted to. He knew Sasha was the cause of it, she was working so hard to return him to whatever he was before he woke up in that swamp.


Gazing out the cave entrance while he ate, he wondered what they would be doing today. He honestly just wanted to relax and enjoy being with his wolf. The more time he spent with her the better it was. She was doing so much for him and all she wanted in return was him. He could give her what she wanted and both would be so much happier and better for it. To have such a simple yet complex creature standing by his side was calming. She was a person who would defend him, scold him and love him unconditionally and he would do the same. With her help as she reorganized his mind, he realized he wanted to be whole again.


He also wanted to know more about the man in his memories. Why he was attracted to him along with feeling like he was perpetually annoyed at him. He was a good looking guy with eyes he could get lost in easily. With his goofy smile and lanky frame and the world encompassing heart, all willing to love his short, snarky frame, Danny knew this was a man he wanted to spend a good chunk of his time with. But his still out of control instincts were shying away from him in one area, not yet ready to show him complete trust. The man had done something to warrant them behaving that way, but he was still puzzled as to what.


A scrapping behind him alerted him to Sasha waking and coming to his side. He smiled as she came into view, but didn’t stop eating his breakfast which pleased her. She nuzzled his head, licking his ear to be a snot, before settling down to watch the ocean as the sun reflected off the surface. The sounds flowing gently towards them had gulls calling to each other, the waves lapping at the sand while crabs skittered about.


“Sasha thanks again for helping me out. I do appreciate it.” She licked his ear again, wagging her tail in pleasure. “Do you mind if I ask something?” She shook her head no. He glanced at her before continuing to look outside, “Is the only way to fix my memories to do it while I’m sleeping?” He chewed another few mouthfuls.


She looked at him seriously for a few minutes before nodding her head. Doing it while he slept meant she could fiddle without causing him headaches and pain. If he was awake it would feel like someone running their fingers through his skull. “Ahhh I was wondering. Okay cause I really would like to be in my sound head again.”


She licked him one more time, before moving the meat closer to him to continue eating. Later she was going to take him out and look for berries, and maybe some greens to supplement his diet. He needed the energy which came from meat, but it wouldn’t help keep him balanced. Also they might go and play in the water, if she could get him near the ocean. The old fear of his friend dying was back and she could feel the same fear welling up. She would have really loved to have mellowed the feelings, but then it would have changed her boy and she wouldn’t do that. Standing she went to the entrance of the cave, looking out at the gently moving waves. Far out to sea she could see clouds floating along, so she would keep an eye on the weather. She didn’t want to get trapped somewhere without shelter.


Contemplating how she wanted to spend the day, she totally missed Danny coming up behind her, tapping her shoulder before with a large grin racing out the entrance. Jumping down he was away before she realized he had left. With a large grin she chased after him, staying her normal size, as her tail wagged happily behind her.


“Race you to that big rock down the beach.” Then he took off as fast as his legs could take him. She chased after him, keeping just behind him, barking and yipping in excitement. Happy he was feeling good enough to play, like they used to when he was a child. This was a side Steve had not seen too often and always Danny kept himself muted in his fun.


Muted due to adult responsibilities thrust on him, from the moment he entered the academy. Then his family as he married and became a husband and father. The Guide’s playful side had been even rarer after his divorce, move to Hawaii to be close to his daughter and finding his Sentinel. Knowing if he showed too much of himself, before his 31st birthday, Steve would find out who he really was to him and bond with him. Destroying any chance at the time for both men to finally be free. Danny for all he showed his aggravations, vexations, and annoyance to the world at large, he was very private when it came to his deeper feelings. A lifetime of having to hide who he fundamentally was a big part of it.


Sasha ran around him, wiggling at the sight of her companion letting himself loose. Knowing he felt safe enough to do so in the first place. He ran up the beach, changing directions to keep her on her toes. All at the same time as his belly deep chuckles and laughs reached her ears. She loved her cub so much and her heart never tired of hearing his happiness. Now that he was bonded and mated to his partner, she hoped to hear more of it. Once this little problem between them cleared up, when that would be, she didn’t know. But when it did, she looked forward to Danny being able to show more of who he truly was to those he loved.


Reaching the flat top rock he climbed up to the top, while she gave a leap and landed next to him. Scrambling he made room for her before slinging an arm around her shoulders. “Ocean looks pretty huh?”


Surprised she perked her ears up, looking at him from the corner of her crystal blue eye.


“Reason I ask is because, yes my friend drowned saving me. But I think he would want me to at least consider the idea of going back in. I know I’m older then what my memories tell me I am. I know there is more to my life than what I have right now.” Danny waved his arm around, towards the ocean and the land around them. “I know this here around us, is the spirit realm because I know what Jersey is.” He looked nervously at his bond mate. “I know this might seem silly, but if you check the water really well for me. I might be able to go in for a bit. It still scares me but I would like to try and work on the fear more.”


Sasha looked at him, looked towards the ocean, then back to him. Leaning up against his side, she projected she would help him in whatever manner he wanted. It would also give her a foundation to allow her to reduce the fear when she finally restored his memories about being shipwrecked. He had been scared of the water before, but being storm toss and expanded the fear to terrified levels. Only saving grace was he didn’t remember it yet, and she planned on restoring it very gently. Her much abused and over stressed cub did not need any more obstacles with getting better.


Pulling her in closer he kissed the side of her cheek, before jumping off and running back the way he had come. When he approached the sea itself, he slowed and looked at it with apprehension. Sasha coming up behind him, leaned on his side before scanning the ocean near and far. There was nothing dangerous she could detect. Not at least until a half mile out to sea. So she took a few steps into the lapping waves and whined some encouragement to her cub.


Danny looked out at the ocean one more time before timidly entering the water he hadn’t entered for years. It felt cool on his legs, and pleasant in a way. The force of the waves lapping at his feet tried to gently pull him in but the quarter of an inch he was in wasn’t enough. Smiling shyly he went another few inches into the water but then froze. The pull was a little stronger, vaguely reminding him of another time when he was in the sea, but the memory eluded him. The water’s power becoming clearer than before, because he was now a full three inches into the water.


Sasha looking at him with concern, stepped up to his side and slowly pushed him back. Pushing him back to where he was comfortable. Letting him know, he did not need to hurry this at all. They had plenty of time to get used to it and they would take learning about the ocean gradually. Danny was thankful for her understanding and sighed in relief. Just having his feet in the water was an accomplishment to the both of them.


“Can we walk along the edge line? Just to get used to it?” He asked the blond wolf.


Sasha stood up, placing a single paw on his shoulder for balance and licked his face, before setting out at an easy pace, south along the water. Keeping her body between him and the water for the moment, for which he was grateful. They walked for an hour along the shore line, she constantly checking his feelings and comfort levels. Till on one of her many checks, she noticed his eyes starting to lighten. It was time for food.


Growing in size she knelt down, wagging her tail as she nudged Danny to her back. Taking the hint he climbed on. “What’s up Sasha?” He asked once he was settled. She informed him it was time for lunch, and they were going to go hunt something other then meat. Trotting back towards the cave, she gave a sharp bark and the fox who had been snoozing while they played, poked his head out. Giving another bark, the fox with a grin launched himself down towards the pair. Shimming up her leg he settled down between her ears.


Shaking herself gently to make sure everyone was in place she started trotting towards the path which would lead her up to the grasslands. As she reached it, she extended her nose to sniff for what she was searching for. The fox up top also sniffing looking for food while enjoying the ride. Catching a faint hint of what she wanted, she began trotting then progressing to an easy comfortable lope. She enjoyed the feeling of her cub on her back and the easy movements of his body in sync with hers. She sent back feelings of joy and happiness as they made their trip, feeling it as they were returned.


An hour later she found what she was searching for. A grove of bushes, trees and long grasses in various blooming colors. Birds were flitting between the branches of the bushes busy eating something. The wind was blowing in a gentle flow, perfect for an afternoon picnic and a tiny water fall from a spring trickled down into a simple crystal blue pond. A few speckled green frogs looked surprised at their guests, and quickly swam down to where they couldn’t be bothered. They had no interest in becoming a wolf’s snack or the persons riding her lunch. Crouching down she let her passengers off, the fox scampering off to investigate the surroundings.


“What are we doing here pretty lady?” He looked curiously at the area. Sasha went to a few bushes and nosed at them, before looking back at him. She licked at one, swallowing it when it landed on her tongue, giving him the idea as to what they were there for. Which pleased him, because he honestly was getting tired of eating nothing but meat. Settling down he started picking at the slightly glowing multicolored berries. About the size of his thumb, they were sweet and very juicy.


“What are these? They are completely delicious.” Grabbing another handful, he popped them into his mouth. Sasha lapping up her own lunch of the white bodies with red, lavender, sea blue green speckled berries, answered with the name Kavia Berries. They were very delicious, grew everywhere, they were infused with natural high amounts of spirit energy. Plant eating spirit animals, especially those not bonded, ate them all the time. If they weren’t so good tasting they would be considered a plague, because of how well they grew. But different areas of the land, had slightly different tastes due to soil contents. Mountain berries were harsher, while ocean ones tended to have a slightly salter taste. She preferred grassland berries near wooded lots but not in the woods themselves. Forest Kavia berries tended to be a bit bitter due to not getting much sunlight.


Danny nodded as he continued to eat, while Sasha watched him fondly. His eyes were beginning to darken again, as his energy levels filled like his belly. The jaunty red fox came back after some time, slurping something into his jaws, which neither Sasha or Danny were interested in identifying. But the aggravated croaking of one frog, gave them an idea as to where he had been. Then he also began plucking berries off with enthusiasm enjoying being in their company.


The little fox was munching on a particular tasty bunch of the speckled berries, when he suddenly stood straight up in supreme shock. Sasha threw her head up scouting for danger, while Danny immediately went to her side for protection. The tiny canine’s body though was quivering with glorious rapture, his face contorted into incomparable wonder and ecstasy. His tail tripled in size from whatever had him suddenly ecstatic. The rest of his fur following along as he danced around the grove, unbelieving as to what was happening to him. He raced to Danny and rubbed himself against his leg quickly. Then stood up on his hind legs, licking at the wolf’s cheek. She looked down at him with amusement and congratulations. She woofed her approval and gave him a lick of thanks, before nudging him away from her and her cub.


He gave another couple yips of excitement, before with a shake of his tail he disappeared completely. “Sasha?” Danny had an idea as to what happened but want to make sure. She looked at her own companion with a fond remembering smile. His own Guide had just come online for the first time, and he was off to meet him. She wasn’t sure where he was, but it was a young 16 year old boy, who the little fox was already in love with and adored completely.


“Sweet I hope we meet them someday.” His lady nodded even as she resumed eating berries. Danny though was full and in need of a nap. Laying next to the golden wolf he settled down, closing his eyes. In just a few minutes he was sound asleep and she not wanting to disturb his much needed rest, lay her head down on her own paws. Covering Danny with her tail she closed her eyes. But she didn’t sleep from the movement of her ears. No, she was keeping alert so she could defend her companion.




Steve woke up sore and hurting in places he never knew existed on him. His head was pounding like a jackhammer on steroids, with a 50 piece drum band as accompaniment. Groaning he tried pushing himself up from whatever rocky, cold damp floor he was laying on. Moving slowly, he felt it as rocks and sand ground into his abraded skin. After just a few moments he needed to rest, unable to make his body obey his mind’s commands to get up and continue towards his mate. Giving up he lay back down on the uncomfortable ground, wishing for someone to put him out of his misery.


A snort near him had him trying to jump to his feet and turning. As a reward for his impulsiveness, pain like fire running down his entire nervous system exploded within him. Crying out in agony he fell back on the rocks, groaning as the sharp points dug into his back. Something crawled on top of him, with tiny claws which seemed to poke and prod ever nerve on his chest. The clacking of claws, followed by a deep blow of wind made whatever was crawling on him disappear. Still hurt like a son of a bitch though, all those legs pricking his over sensitive skin.


The whimper of pain he let out, was instantly muffled by the distraction as tantalizing smell of something, was placed on his lips. Keeping his eyes closed to keep the dizziness at bay from his rash actions, he opened his mouth just a bit and stuck his tongue on whatever it was tempting him. Familiar flavor hit his tongue and his stomach demanded he take action that instant. Opening his mouth further, he swallowed the thin strip of meat after slowly chewing it. Even chewing hurt his jaw, the way the muscles on the back of his neck, rasped against the abrasive sand beneath him. So he was thankful it was such a small bite, he only had to chew it a couple times. The scurrying happened again across his chest followed by the same puff of wind and another piece of meat was placed on his lips. The Navy Seal repeated his same actions with chewing and swallowing.


He tried not to move because unholy amounts of pain still flared when he did, but the energy he was receiving from the food was helping. The Sentinel felt it as his energy slowly started to build bite by bite, but it was going to take a while. Deciding to try and figure out what was feeding him, he turned up his hearing only to feel it as his senses went instantly out of whack. It was too loud, the slightest sound bouncing off the cavern walls, echoing in his head to the same beat as the drums, and he realized he didn’t have the strength to keep control of his senses. Not at anything other then normal levels, so he dialed his hearing down again. Breathing easier as the echos of the rock chamber he was in lessened.


More meat was deposited on his lips and he obediently continued to eat them. Then a few weird berries with a salty aftertaste was plopped down. They had a nice flavor and really helped round out what he had been eating. He listened as a gentle wind blew through wherever he was. The wind sound was steady as it blew in and out, till he realized it wasn’t wind rather than someone elses breathing. Someone who was breathing near enough to his ear, he could feel it fluffing his hair.


Feeling steadier now that he had something in his belly, he decided to try and open his eyes. Blinking them open, there was nothing but dark gray sandy grit, which was quickly wiped away. Wiped away by something stroking over his eyes, leaving a disgusting film he was very familiar with.


“Loki?” He croaked out with his raw throat, the juice from the berries only wetting so much of his throat. The black wolf carefully laid down next to his companion. Just as sore and tired as Steve, but in better shape. “You okay?” Everything else could wait to the Sentinel, but he had to make sure his brother was okay. After all the crap both had gone through last night or was it the day before?


Loki nuzzled him very gently, careful of the still healing injuries of his pack mate. Letting the downed man know he was sore and tired, but he was going to be fine. He was more worried about Steve, who had been out for the last two days, after pulling them both out of the water. “Two days? I’ve been out for two days?” He tried to sit up, only to groan in pain as he was pushed back down by a gentle paw. “What happened?”


There was another snort nearby, before a large brown nose came into view. Startled he looked into the warm worried eyes of the calf. “Hey Buddy how’d you get here?” He didn’t try reaching out to him, his back was still on fire.


The calf looked at Loki who panted at him in gratitude, before answering. When they had parted company, he had thought about going back to his herd. But then he decided he wanted to learn more, he wanted to do more. So he had been following them to see how he could be of help. He had seen the cape buffalo attacks, watched as Loki had jumped into the sea. When Steve had finally reached the shore, he was going to step in but the orca had come out to help Loki. After witnessing everything, the opportunity finally came allowing him to drag them both to a sea cave nearby. One he had to pull them pretty deep into, because the cave filled with water near the entrance. From then on he had waited till Loki had recovered his senses, before changing out of form so the guy could get a meal. Then again when Steve had shown signs of waking.


“Thanks little guy. You really are a life saver.” He smiled tiredly before looking back to Loki with heavy green eyes. “Okay so now what? I can’t heal like Danny can. And if I’m this sore after two days of sleeping, I must have been in really bad shape.” Loki nodded. When he had woken sore as hell, but whole he had looked for Steve. He had found him with multiple broken bones, contusions and abrasions. Cuts, and gouges covered his body and his head, it looked like someone had taken a cheese grater to it for a few hours. The furry beast really hadn’t wanted to spirit phase his ward at the time, because he was dealing with his own energy problems. The food generously given to him by the calf had helped, but rest had helped even more. Still Steve would need at least another couple days of rest before the rest of his wounds were completely cured. The broken bones already healed to fractures, but still needing a few more days to recover. If Danny had been here he could have fixed him much quicker, but instead they were dependent on his bond and the natural healing powers of a Sentinel.


Loki told him rest and food is what he would need. They would move out in a couple days depending on how well the Commander was doing. Steve was on the way to recovery and rest would be the best thing for both of them. “If that’s the way it has to be fine. Fucking sucks though, I wanted to get to Danny.” He grumbled even as he felt his eyes closing on him. Loki limped over and settled down, so that Steve could lean on his belly again for something soft. Looking up at the calf, the Warrior Wolf thanked him again for being there for both of them.


The buffalo shook his furry head in shyness, but he would do it again if needed. He wanted to be a good companion to someone someday, so he needed to learn what he should have learned two years ago. He was a stupid little snot then, but he didn’t want to be one any more. He lulled a question asking if Loki would teach him more, which the wolf agreed to immediately. If he wanted to come with them while he was learning it was fine with him. Closing his own heavily tired eyes, the black brother followed his partner into sleep.




For a few hours, the three travelers rested deep in the cave. Sleeping the sleep of those who needed massive amounts of rest. At least till a wetness started spreading under the wolf, waking him up. Startled he looked towards the cave entrance and while he couldn’t see it, he could hear it and the waves were crashing much harder than before. Alarmed he did what he needed to do. Pushing at Steve’s shoulder he woke him up while grunting at the calf.

“Loki? What’s wrong buddy?” The creature simply whined at him, as he informed his recovering bond mate, another natural storm was blowing in and the cave was filling up with sea water. They would need to get out before they drowned. “Shit, okay help me up. It’s too small in here for you to carry me and not knock my head on the ceiling.” Providing a steady place to rest his hand, Loki moved on the right side of the man, while the calf moved to his left. Able to lean his weight on both animals, Steve moved as quickly as his pain filled body would allow. He really wished Danny was here and could take care of all this. Damn he missed the man and everything he was to him.


It took some time to reach the entrance and by the time they did, the water was well up on Loki’s chest while it was level with Steve’s thigh. The calf was able to keep his head up, so assumed most of the Seals weight, allowing Loki to deal with his own problems. When they arrived at the entrance, it was a different view then when the calf had dragged them in. The entrance way was pitched lower down than the actual cavern, and was filled with water. They would have to swim out to escape.


“Christ looks like we don’t have a choice.” Sighing he tried to decide the best way this was going to work. The calf made the decisions for them. Pushing Loki into the water, he was very firm of his direction. He then hooked one of his horns under Steve’s arm and dragged him into the sea. Swimming strongly, he allowed the man to catch his breath as he did his own, then dragged him down towards the cave mouth and out the other side. Breaking the surface just a few moments later, both could see Loki swimming in his large size, before diving down and coming up under a grateful Steve. The calf followed the water logged wolf to the shore and shook himself, even as Loki was doing the same.


Pounding on the wet dog smelling beast under him with a fist, “Hey damn it I’m still on you. Have a little courtesy for the Sodden Seal would ya?” He grumped. Loki and the calf looked at each other, glanced at the man then shared evil grins. Giving another vigorous shake they quickly drenched his already drenched frame in sea water. “I hate you, I hate you all so so much.” He glared at his supposed friends, before it changed into a gentle smile. “I guess we need to find some other place to whole up. Somewhere with higher ground.”


The Seal took in the rapidly changing weather against the foaming coast line. Noting the placement of more sea cliffs and sharp over hangs. The wind was picking up speed and it wouldn’t be long before the land they were standing on was covered with the high tide waves. He wasn’t looking forward to getting out of the cove they were stuck in.


Loki giving one final shake of his paws, scanned the beach side cliffs till he found a place he thought they could climb up. It would be a scramble but once they reached the top, it should be easier to find some sort of shelter. Trotting to the base of the cliffs, he scanned where he wanted to make his first jump. Growling back at Steve to hold on as he began his climb. He so was not looking forward to the next few minutes. He was just as tired as Steve and his own body was aching something fierce.


When he felt the man clamp his legs tightly, along with gripping him in his fists, he sprang clumsily up to the first shelf he was aiming for. Making it to the crag outcropping, he then took aim at the next, on his 200 foot climb up the face. The calf was following behind, taking each jump the same as the wolf was. It was when the black beast was around 150 feet in the air that he ran into trouble. His legs were cramping up and he was tired as hell. The last few days had really done a number on him and he needed rest as much as his chosen.


The wind had picked up, and was helpfully throwing him even more off balance. The sky was darkening but not nearly as much as when he called his own storms. Still it was making it harder for him to see, what with his own eyes wanting to cross, before going back to sleep. Pushing forward though, he knew they all had to reach the top and the final safety it should provide them. Checking his rider, he was pleased to know he was holding on, not so pleased to feel how what little reserves Steve had managed to collect, were being expended on this needed climb.


The wolf looked for the spot where he wanted to make his next jump, finding it with displeasure, the location wasn’t the best looking to begin with. Taking a deep breath he set his hocks, squatted down and launched himself. He almost made it but his left hind leg completely failed him from strain and exhaustion. He tried scrambling for purchase, but he had lost his balance too much. Giving a pained bark of fear, he could feel himself tumbling over the side, and knew when they landed it was going to hurt like a bitch.


Instead fire flared around him and he felt himself being lifted back onto the cliff face. It wasn’t much, but it allowed him to find his footing. Panting as he tried to settle his nerves, he looked over his shoulder at his rider’s tired, but surprised face. He made a questioning noise at the man, who was looking at his bond marked arm in shock. “I have no idea Loki. The idea just came to me, like someone had planted it there.” The wolf asked another question “I don’t really know. But I don’t think so, my head is still pounding like a sledge hammer.” With an understanding nod the wolf checked out his next landing spot. 10 feet above him, he was able to make it easily.


The rest of the climb was fairly simple but not fun, when Loki reached the top he moved far enough away, so they didn’t accidentally fall off before he collapse to the ground. Steve rolled off and tried to catch his own breath. Holding onto a leaping wolf with nothing but legs, arms and grits is not fun when your whole body is still recovering from one hell of a horrific ride.


Looking up at the sound of scrambling, he was pleased to see the calf making it to the top. Just as tired and sore, but not nearly in as much pain. “Ahh good the last of our party has arrived. Waiter we are ready to be seated. We would like a very comfortable booth, with an ocean view but not too close. We nearly drowned in it the other day.” Came the smart ass remark, reminding Loki of Danny. It was a welcome bit of humor, in a time when humor was hard to come by. He snickered, before chuckling, listening as Steve joined in needing the stress relief the most.


Loki rolled his eyes, as the chuckles of his partner continued over his own sense of humor, before slowly stretching and standing. They had to move quickly, there was nothing here for cover or food other then their friend, and the storm was growing worse. Limping over to his rider he crouched down and pushed him with his nose. “Ahh damn it I know.” Standing using his shoulder as a brace he flopped onto his back.


Standing slowly knowing Steve was not holding on very tightly, he walked in a direction he hoped would let him find cover. His nose was telling him something was around that might provide it if he just followed it. Eyes drooping to half mast he limped along the rocky cliff line, staying far enough away to not plunge over it again. Steve pushed beyond his limits, quickly fell asleep again, trusting in his companions to keep him safe.


Whatever it was his nose was telling him was cover, it was further away then the tired wolf’s brain had processed. It was over two stumbling hours later, before he finally found something which would do as cover. The wounded wolf wanted something solid, something that would protect them from the elements and anything that might come to bug them. It wasn’t great what he found but it would do. It was an outcropping of three large boulders leaning against each other, facing away from the sea. It had a large over hang, easily keeping rain from pouring inside from the ocean side. The inside was at least 10 feet deep and sported, dried dirt and sand as the ground cover, but mercifully free of large rocks and other pointy things. A tiny winding brook flowed a few hundred feet away, and seeing it while smelling the water made him incredibly thirsty. Limping over he settled down to drink, balancing the dead weight of his rider as he did so. Steve needed water too, but it would be a few minutes before he could get the energy up to wake him.


No need the instant his pace changed, then the elevation Steve woke from the sleep he had fallen into. Smelling the water himself, he more or less fell off his back and crawled his way to the brook. Plunging his head in, heedless to how cold it was, he felt clean for the first time in a while. He began sipping then slurping the water, listening as his friends did the same thing. When he couldn’t drink another drop, he propped himself up on his still slowly drinking wolf and looked around. Finding the rock formation, he wove his unsteady way towards the promised shelter and plunked himself down. He was cold, tired and dirty, little creepy crawly things seemed to dance along his skin. His eyes playing tricks on him he hoped, rather than finding out he had spirit realm fleas, or some other type of bug. He wanted to just lay down for a week and not do anything else. If it wasn’t for the fact Danny was still so far away, he may have done exactly that, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to rest till his mate was in his arms again.


The calf came in after finishing his drink and promptly changed forms again. He knew both of his fellows would need food. He was getting really good at spirit phasing himself, probably better then what his mother had dreamed of for him. But it was for a good cause. Loki came in a few minutes later, saw the food and dived onto it. Ripping off just enough to give to Steve, before devouring the rest. He was even kind enough to heat it up, so Steve wouldn’t have to which the Seal appreciated. The calf wandered off to graze while they ate, but returned quickly once done and saw that both were sound asleep.


It would take a few more days of rest for the pair to fully recover, but they would. Then they could continue their travels to find their friends.

Chapter Text

Six long tedious days had past since the battle with the cape buffalo, and Steve was impatient to get going. He had wanted to move out two days earlier but Loki had refused. The wolf had decided Steve needed to learn how to phase others in case another problem cropped up. Many other spirit animals knew how to do it, learning at a young age from their parents, including both Loki and Sasha. If Steve had known how to reform others, he could have reformed Loki on the beach. He had been totally exhausted at the time, but the Sentinel would have found the energy to do so. Leaving his brother to the care of others, rankled no matter how much he tried to hide it and his wolf knew it. It also gave Loki the chance to teach the trick to the calf, who was eager to learn.


Loki was proud of the little bugger, taking the initiative to follow them and help them if they needed it. He had trouble keeping up at first, due to Loki running as if he was one of the hounds of hell. But he stuck with it and tracked them when he lost sight of them, keeping out of sight in case his company wasn’t welcome. Which the wolf had assured him wasn’t the case, he could have joined back up as long as he kept up. When the calf discovered the massive battle the two warriors were in he had wanted to come fight by their side. But he honestly wasn’t sure how to, he had never fought anyone before. Really putting effort in to dissolve another animals bonds and blow it to hell and back. So he had held back, wisely thinking that if he couldn’t fight he could be there for the aftermath and render any aid the pair might have needed.


And his help had been sorely needed. After the Orca had reformed Loki and left, the calf had gone hunting for a place for both to rest. The wolf still completely comatose after the epic battle, had no clue who was around them and wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it if he had. Steve had been in a similar boat, endurance pushed beyond anything he done before. Body completely done in and working overtime to heal the myriad of injuries he had sustained. The calf had found the sea cave, it being the closes to the two who still lay well within the high tide marks of the water. Checking it out to make sure it wasn't home to any other beings before gently picking up Steve, as best he could with his teeth and dragging him towards the shelter. It had taken a while and he grimaced as the Seal’s body was dragged over the rocky shoreline but he couldn’t help it. He needed shelter and this was the best he had.


When he had gone back for the wolf he was stymied on how to drag the wolf to begin with. It took the help and coordination of a family of ring tailed lemurs in the area. They were on their way to a family costume party and they were all going as prison inmates. They went as the same thing every year, and still couldn’t figure out why the rest of their families all came as the same. The calf had kept his comments to himself about it, which was good, otherwise they may have been highly offended at his snickers. But they had stopped to help him load the wolf onto his shoulders. He had laid down as close to Loki as he could, and they had manhandled the wolf onto his back. Then they had climbed on themselves and braced his body between them while he stood up. Walking slowly he managed to get the soggy beast into the cave next to his bond mate. Lowering back down, they rolled the wolf off and placed him in the softest spot they could. Thanking the lemurs and complimenting them on their costumes, telling them he was sure they would win this year, he sent them on their way.


Loki had woken a day later, tired, hungry as hell and immensely worried about Steve. He had raised his head to look around and sighed in relief when he found the man pressed up against him. A snort had distracted him from looking him over the Seal and he whipped his head around to see what could have made the noise. Only to see the calf, smiling shyly at him before stepping close enough and spirit phasing in front of his nose. The body dropped with a thud and Loki whined a grateful sound, before pouncing on the food. Finishing as much as he could, he lay his head down and went back to sleep, after checking on Steve. The second time he woke he was much better and was able to finish his food, before having a long conversation with the calf. The wolf learned all the calf had done since they had first parted and what he wanted to learn if Loki was willing to teach him still. Loki had licked at his cheek and informed him he would teach him whatever he would like to know.


Which had lead to the lessons the calf was now learning. Such as most spirit animals had some powers, which would be of use to their bonded, once they found them. But it normally was in the form of creating fire, tracking down various objects or people, and insane amounts of rage if their partner was hurt. But Loki had showed the youngster how to increase his speed, endurance and size. He would already be able to carry his future bond mate at his current size, but there was something to be said for a 12 foot tall American buffalo charging down on the enemy in a full red eye’d rage. The calf had not been able to shrink for a full day, having way too much fun rolling around and making himself look fierce. Snorting, bucking and charging trees, bushes and whatever else he could.


Steve and Loki had both looked at the buffalo with amusement at his antics. Then Steve had asked Loki when they could get moving and that is when his wolf dropped his bombshell. Pissing the Sentinel off completely, whose only thought was to get to his mate. But the black bastard was firm, until Steve learned the skills he needed to learn, they would not be moving.


Growling at the unfairness of life right now, the Seal glared down at his angrily writhing arm. “Okay fine explain to me again how it works? Because I’m missing something.” Something wasn’t clicking and it was driving him mad. He wanted to just learn this trick and be done with it, his own instincts were craving and calling out for his mate.


Loki rolled his eyes, even as he bent over and licked at the base of his tail, with his left back leg high up in the air. Steve was making this 10 times harder than it needed to be. And he wanted to get going as much as Steve did, so it was time to take drastic action. Once again he explained that what Steve needed to do, was think about how he dissolved his own cells bonds, to have things move through him. Now he needed to think about how to make another creatures bonds solid. If someone was in spirit form he needed to close those cell bonds, condense them so they were thick and strong.


The black beast grinned then evilly at Steve, informing him they would not be going anywhere, till Steve finally did as he was being told. Loki then released his own hold on his body, returning to spirit form. Steve could see it as he floated in a glowing version of himself, before settling down on the grass. They would not move till Steve was able to reform Loki himself.


Which had been two days ago and Steve still had not picked up the skill. It was pissing him off, even as he glared at his glowing wolf. Loki smirked and rolled over on his side, closing his eyes as he prepared to take yet another nap. He paced back and forth, snarling at his stubborn wolf who refused to move. “GOD FUCKING DAMN IT! Why can’t I do this? Danny is depending on me to help him out and I’m failing him once again!” He hated the feeling of failure, especially after going through so much turmoil and surviving a few short days ago.


He stormed around the rock formations they were using as a base, sometimes walking through the tall gray boulders, without thought. Plucking a few of those berries from a nearby bush, he popped them into his mouth, savoring the taste even as he wished he could figure out the problem. He growled, horribly disappointed in himself that he couldn’t figure out what he was doing wrong.


The calf had been watching his friends for a while, and thought he had figured out what Loki was trying to teach. It was true the Sentinel was making it harder than what he needed. But to be fair, the man had been forced to learn a hell of a lot of complicated things in a hurry, sometimes right in the middle of battle. If Steve was still in that mind set, then it was possible he couldn’t see any other way to accomplish the task he was being given. So he had waited to see if he could figure out how to phase someone else on his own, but it wasn’t working. Shaking his head, dislodging flakes of dirt from his earlier roll in the grass, he decided to practice on his furry friend and see if he had the proper idea worked out. Walking over to the glowing wolf and placing his nose on his shoulder, he took a deep breath thinking about what he wanted to see happen. Loki, glowing softly from where he lay, looked at him questioningly but allowed the touch. Closing his eyes he simply wished for the wolf to be solid again, like in his regular form.


Steve pacing back towards his unhelpful companion, watched shocked as the wolf assumed his normal solid form. Loki turned from the calf to look at his partner and grinned a full wolfs grin. He then stood up, changed back to his spirit form and placed his glowing paw on his solid form and dissolved it. Not giving his bond mate a chance to simply mount him and ride off. Not that he would have actually moved, no he would have spirit phased and let Steve fall on his ass into the ground. Passing through his body, while he laughed at the look on his disgruntled face.


The Commander, mind and instincts throughly upset at someone else learning a lesson, he was desperate to learn himself, stormed over to the calf. Raising his hands in a manner Danny would be proud of, he was about to open his mouth and begin yelling when Loki snarled at him. He would not allow the Seal to abuse the poor boy, because he figured out something Steve should have done two days ago. Steve shook at his wolf’s snarl and closed his eyes as he tried to rein in his very short temper. Stepping back taking a deep breath, he let it loose slowly. Then he did it again till he was calm. The lack of a Guides touch on his mind, combined with the stress of the battles before, and just missing his mate, breaking through his normal iron control.


Visibly calming because he knew the kid was only trying to help him. He took a few more breaths, before smiling nicely to the youngster, “Okay buddy tell me how you did it? Tell me what you had to do, that I being the idiot I apparently am, could not.”


The calf looked between him and the wolf nervously, who nodded for him to go on. He had been a little scared when the man, who was the source of so much pleasurable scratching, had stormed over to him. But he took a deep breath before explaining. He had put his nose on the wolf, and wished for him to assume a solid form. Then pictured in his head, all the little sparkles of the wolf growing darker and closer together. Becoming heavier and more compact. He kept doing that till Loki was finally solid.


The Seal stared at the buffalo with wide eyes before turning towards a smirking Loki. Narrowing his eyes in supreme annoyance, he marched over and placed his bond marked hand on his nose. Picturing the same thing as what the calf stated, the smug bastard’s glowing reducing itself, while the cells of his body came closer together. Steve felt the particles of his wolf’s being containing to move closer together, becoming denser, more compact and he followed that feeling. Learning to adjust and pull the bonds together till they were in a compact solid form, a form his hand seemed could feel physically.


Moving his hand, he opened eyes he hadn’t realized he had closed, to see a very solid wolf grinning down at him. Excitement mixed with incredulous anger, was the tone he used to talk to his very smug wolf. Green eyes blazing, arm swirling with agitation at the amused jerk, “You son of a bitch! That was all I needed to do? To wish you solid? To close up the bonds instead of feeling them spread out?”


Loki sat down and scratched his right ear with a hind leg, before grunting out a string of words.


Hands flailing around just like his mate, and Loki really needed to tell him soon how much the body language was migrating to the taller man. Steve didn’t noticed nor care, he was too intent on making his own point. “NO! NO you do not look good as a Sparkly wolf!” Loki grunted something else, as he contorted his body around to get a scratch on his back, digging in deep with his teeth.


Incredulous at the response, the Sentinel continued to rant, “What the hell do VAMPIRES have to do with anything? Who ever heard of a SPARKLY vampire?” Voice rising at the stupidity of the conversation he was having, Loki was never allowed to go to movies by himself any more. “I swear to god I am going to turn you into a sparkly fur coat if you ever pull this shit again.” He argued, even as he grabbed a handful of his dark black ruff, and swung up onto his wolf’s back. “We are leaving! We are leaving now! We are going to make up the time wasted by riding hard. Starting early in the morning and running till late into the night.” Settling into the proper riding form, he gripped his annoying partners shoulders.


His brother immediately began heading in the direction they had all being heading in the first place. Choosing to have this conversation on the move, because honestly Steve had earned the right to. The man was being pushed beyond his limits and as a very power Sentinel in his own right, a man holy dedicated to his mate, Steve needed something to go right for him at the moment.


But that didn’t mean his behavior wasn’t going to be addressed, in a typical alpha males butting heads together fashion.


Loki snapped at Steve, stating it was his own fault he refused to listen to simple directions. He was making more of spirit phasing than what he needed to. Will power was a mighty thing here in this realm, and Steve and Danny both were given certain powers to do their jobs. But if he had stopped to think of it, his sword, his bow, his dagger, all instinct produced but willpower controlled. Steve using his sword to split Loki’s lightning was instinct and willpower combined and it worked. If he hadn’t been such a stubborn ass, and decided for once in his life to over think things, they could have been on their way much sooner.


Steve rubbed a hand behind his neck, even as he shifted to adapt to his mount’s pace. He knew he was going to lose this one, and wasn’t liking it, not one bit. Losing one with Danny was okay, sort of, well not really, but he could at least fuck him into forgetting his name and hopefully also he had won. Then again, maybe he should try letting Danny win more, if it meant he could screw him into the mattress more often, it would be a win-win for both men. But losing one to his wolf, he would never hear the end of it. Unless… “Umm okay fine I was a stubborn ass, but there is absolutely no reason to tell Danny right?” Loki snorted, jumping a log and running through a small brook, letting him know he would rat him out to Danny first chance he had. Taking a deep breath, not happy with what he needed to do, he leaned forward and whispered something into his wolf’s ear.


Which promptly caused him to stop his easy pace and pitch Steve over his shoulder. The Sentinel did a perfect double flip in the air, before landing on the ground, rolling to a stop. Standing he brushed himself off, before slapping his fists onto his hips, glaring at the creature, “Hey watch it!” Loki didn’t care, instead whined out a question carefully. Steve recovering from his fall sighed, “Yes if you promise to not tell Danny I was a complete and utter ass this time. I’ll buy you a full year’s subscription to National Geographic.” He winced as he watched his own perverted wolf prance happily around the grassy plain. His hips moving in lewd suggestion, with his fur covered cock and balls jiggling around enough to do Sasha pervertedly proud, more than Steve ever wanted to know a wolf’s hips and privates were capable of doing.


Holding up a hand, moaning to himself he would never be able to unsee what he had just seen, “Correction I will buy you a year’s subscription, if you promise to NEVER tell Danny about this little hiccup in lessons, AND never dance like that again. Dear god have some shame, there are minors present.” Only to glance at the calf and see his own perverted grin. Throwing his hands up in flabbergasted wonder, “Fuck what is it with Spirit animals and sex?” Not waiting for an answer, he remounted his highly turned on wolf, holding on as the still gyrating beast resumed his pace.




Sasha and Danny had been at the cave for a week now. And she had no plans on moving for the foreseeable future. While small, it did fit their needs and was above the water line. But best of all, it allowed Danny to rebuild his strength, which he was doing so much faster than what she had thought him capable of doing. His body was completely tuned to this world now, each cell of his body forced to change, adapt and respond to the push and pull of the energy forces found within the spirit realm.


She had also finally finished restoring all his memories last night. All of them, including the ones which had led his instincts to transporting him to this realm, in the first place. Afterward he had been very quiet, which was beginning to concern her. Danny was never quiet, he was full of energy, love and compassion. He was also full of fire, temper and opinions on everything. To have him silent like this, meant he was thinking and thinking hard. Even now, he was sitting out on the balcony of their tiny cave alone, staring at the ocean. She could read his mind if she wished, but she knew he wanted the privacy of his thoughts and she was going to give them to him.


The gentle call of her name perked her ears up. “Sasha? Would you mind coming out here with me?” Not hesitating, she rose from her spot and trotted to her cub, laying down at his side. He put his arm over her shoulder and brought her close. “Everything in my head, it’s all true right?” She nodded as she leaned gently on him. “My life is so fucked up, it's not funny.”


Ears flattening in worry, she whined a question to him. “No I don’t mean it’s all bad, just a lot of shit happening.” Blowing out his breath he continued to stare at the lapping waves. “I have a few things I need to say, ask, consider and what not and I need your help with it.” He looked down at her with his deep blue ocean eyes. “I guess, well I hope so, I’m hoping the easiest thing to start off with, is my bone deep terror of the dark.”


Cocking her head to the side she looked at him in confusion. “What I mean is, I know you don’t want to touch much of what is in my head, because it’s what makes me, well me.” She nodded her agreement. “But what I was hoping was this. I know I get panic attacks from being in confined spaces. I’ve always had that. Just like I don’t like the ocean now. I don’t like waking up alone either or being in the dark. I feel the two are tied together, the last two. And I wanted to ask if it’s possible for you to mellow my fear of the dark? Not take it away, or change it drastically. But it’s a new fear, done in the last few months, and I’m hoping if you can it would help with alone part. Keep the fear, but mellow it from the body freezing terror I have now. Otherwise I won’t be able to do my job as a cop, and I really want to keep doing it, once we go back home.” He rubbed absently at her neck, causing her to rub her cheek against his hip.


Sasha looked at him, before turning her own gaze towards the sea, as she thought about his request. And honestly she was thinking about doing it, because she couldn’t see the harm for mellowing it a little bit. She had done the same with his claustrophobia up to a point, when he was a child. But it had only grown as the events in the last few months, had really piled on the fear. Danny wanted to get his life back together, and having a fear of the dark would not help him recover. And if he wasn’t so scared of the dark, he would have less chance of panicking thinking he was alone, though she might fool with that fear a bit as well. It would give him more independence, if he wasn’t needing to always look to Steve or her, to assure him he was okay.


She whined a question to him about it. “I don’t know Sasha that might be one better left to Steve, because he is going to want to hold onto me, assure me and comfort me a hell of a lot. For his mental well being. And I think I’m going to need all of that.” He quieted again for a minute to gather his thoughts. “The reason I say that is because, while I love the man with all my heart, I want to be with him forever and with our bond I will be.” He held up his arm needlessly, they both knew what it entailed. “Unfortunately, I don’t trust him to protect me any more.”


Sasha’s eyes grew large at the words, even as she felt his whole broken hearted truth to them. Steve had failed in too many ways to protect him. Broken too many promises to keep him safe no matter what, ending with his almost rape at a mad man. His instincts no longer equated his mate with safety. Though they still equated him with love, devotion, compassion, humor and lust. But his trust was broken and it would take much time to replace it.


“So you see why I think you should keep the fear of being alone intact. I think it would help us both, as I learn to trust him again. But there is no reason for me to be afraid of the dark like I am. Not when I used to not be. And I really want to go back to being a cop, and we do go into dark places.” He hugged her a little tighter to his side. “You know I’m fine going into places alone, it’s just the waking up I have a hard time with. So do you think mellowing my fear of the dark would be possible?”


Sitting up, Sasha licked his ear and told him she would do it next time he slept. She could see his reasoning for all things, and felt that it was a proper solution. The boys needed to reestablish their relationship and Steve needed to regain his trust. Being afraid of the dark would only slow things down, and not give Danny the confidence to manage both fears, along with everything else. Besides he had had so much crap thrown at him, he wanted something of himself which was tangible, fixed. Tonight she would take his fear of the dark and push it back to what it had always been at. He would no longer have that fear.


“Thanks my Lady, God I love you so much and all you’ve done for me. If it wasn’t for you and Steve in my life, I would have been so closed off and alone. Grace helps but I only have her so often. You and him are my life.” He sniffled at the mention of his much beloved mate, and how he couldn’t trust him right now. He wanted to so much, but his trust and faith had been beaten so much. Been failed by a man who wanted to live up to everything he promised, but ultimately just couldn’t because like Danny, he had not been given time to learn about himself.


“Now that I have everything memory wise back in my head. Do you think I should contact him? I can, I have the range and I can feel him even as we speak. There’s some sort of barrier between us, but I think I can breach it.” Sasha knew exactly what barrier he was speaking of, because she had placed it there when she had first found him. Not wanting his maddened mind to reach out to his soulmate, who was even then dealing with his own mental issues.


Nuzzling him, she informed him that no he should not contact Steve yet. “Oh… okay.” But his voice wasn’t happy, he wanted to feel his mate, hear his voice. Sasha whined a bit before chuckling her reason. Her reason being she wanted to mellow his fear of the dark, and clear up a few sharp edges he still had. She really couldn’t do that if he stayed up all night, having telepathic phone sex with his mate.


Danny looked down at her in shock at her reasoning, before he began to chuckle. Rubbing her ears in the way she loved best, “Okay I can see that, because that is exactly what would happen. But then tomorrow after you’ve done your voodoo I can talk to him?” His voice was so eager and she had no problem with it. It would help strengthen his mind, and give him the workout he needed. She did whine a caution, that if he got to caught up in it and his mind began to stress, she would shut him down for a nap. The telepathic phone sex would be there later. His energy needed to stay at a certain level.


Grunting in feigned displeasure, “Fine only 15 minutes then, but they are going to be a HOT 15 minutes of telepathic phone sex.” Licking his ear in amusement, she then yip playfully before jumping down onto the beach. Inviting him to come play with her in the water. Joyfully he complied, and for the next few hours forgot everything else, as they just had fun.

Chapter Text

The phone rang three times before being picked up, the caller ID displaying the person’s name and bringing a smile to his face and voice. “Larry good to hear from you what’s the news on Steve and Dany?” Marty to his friends answered, ignoring the glares being sent to him from his various aides. Aides intent on micromanaging his life away in the oval office, when he had no intention of doing so.


The President took care of his family, friends and then various associates in that order, no matter who was throwing money at him. He was a good man, who had lost his wife years before, and devoted himself to raising his three triplet girls. When they had grown old enough to enter into the school system, he had set about enrolling them only to find the schools less than adequate he thought. Rather than enroll them into a private school and away from their local neighborhood friends he had entered politics. There he had championed for better funding and through hard work, dedication of himself and others, and local changes in zoning and business areas. It had paid off and the schools in his area had improved drastically.


His girls were his his life and he devoted much time to them, but when they were in their last year of middle school they came to him for a long talk. For they knew he had found his other passion in politics and helping his local communities. But he refused to give up his duties to his girls and so his other passion was held in check. His daughters knew they were growing up, and it would be best if he had something to focus on, as they started living their own lives. So they sat him down and encouraged him to start seriously working in politics. They would help him and it would give him something to do to fill in the free time he found when the girls simply were busy elsewhere.


Not that he had a lot of free time, not even now when he was the President. For he still insisted on going to their various sporting events, pageants, and other important school functions. Security pulled their hair out many times because of his independent nature but it was good for them. Kept them alert and on their toes, which always made him smile. But it was his girls who had encouraged him to run for State Senator, and eventually president. He won by a wide margin on simple principals.


Truth, dedication, and a willingness to work for what you wanted. He played hardball with those fools who were too conceited, or wished nothing more than to grow their own power base. He was there for those who only wanted to help make things easier for people everywhere. And he had an open door policy for most items which were not national security related. Or if he was at a function for one of his daughters. People learned really quick, when he was spending time with his girls, not to bug him while the event was going on. He still took his father duties very seriously and refused to let others draw his attention away from them. Whether it was the championship game at basketball, or the community service event where they were feeding the homeless. Something which he participated in with the girls, when they asked it of him. Those points actually won him reelection to the White House.


Now he was in the middle of some hard negations on national security, cyber security and of all other things, new window treatments for the East wing. Evidently his oldest decided the curtains needed revamping and she was determined to pick out new ones, with his help. But he would help her because he loved her. He just wished he could involve his Mary in the process, but if he did that all sorts of hell would break loose. It helped a ton to know she loved his girls and his girls were over the moon with her. They wanted to plan the wedding and have a chance to officially adopt her as their mother. She didn’t stand a chance against his three.


So he was happy to talk to his friend on the phone and annoy the crap out of his aids, who had firm ideas as to what the President of the United States, should do with his time. In the just shy of seven years he had been here, they still hadn’t let go of the idea he had a mind of his own. But it was all good, soon they would be another President’s problem and he could go back to being a father, and hopefully a husband.


Larry smiled, he could hear his good friend juggling multiple papers, along with three aids nagging him in the background. But the man would do what he wanted, when he wanted and screw the dignitaries’ ball, if his kids had a concert that night. “Not much, heard that Danny’s wolf found him. But that was about it.” He leaned back in his chair, drinking a health shake his own kids insisted on.


Growling even as he put his papers down to focus on his caller, “Damn it, we finally get some rules, regulations and what not in place. I want to make sure they have the protection, I’m sure they are going to need. And they had to go and disappear, when we want to show them we really do have Sentinel’s and Guides proper respect and treatment at heart.”


Shrugging, even if Martin couldn’t see it. “I know but what can we do. They belong with each other and Steve won’t let Danny be by himself.”


Glaring at an aid, who was placing yet another invite down for some fundraiser, which he thought was completely stupid. The aid rolled his eyes before taking the invite back, oh yes his staff was trained, mostly. “I hope they return soon. I really want to meet Danny. I’ve heard so much about him from certain contacts.”


“Meaning your fiancé?” He grinned into his phone at the dead air on the other end.


Hissing into the phone, “Shut your mouth. There are people in here with ears a mile long.” He paused as he ordered everyone out of the room. “Okay got rid of the snoops, hopefully. There are at least 6 different spy’s in the White House at any given time, all looking for juicy tidbits.” He cradled the phone firmly to his ear, as he looked up when his middle daughter’s concert recital was again.


Alarmed Larry began to speak, “Have you talked to the Secret service? Have them clear the rooms?”


“Whoah, easy there buddy. Not that kind of spying.” There was real laughter now. “No spies who would love to know, I was back on the market, even if it was for a short time. So many mothers would be inviting me to come have tea with them.”


With his own chuckle “And if their eligible daughters are with them, so much the better.”


“Right and I just don’t have the patience to deal with that crap any more. But then if people also knew I was marrying into the Williams clan. News stations, gossip columns and who knows what else would just go nuts. Especially since Danny and Steve are part of the family. It would bring more attention to them, which they really don’t need.”


“Hence why you’re waiting till you’re out of office?”


“Exactly, also Mary wants them to be there for the wedding.”


Nodding into the phone, even as he grimaced at the taste of the mucky green “healthy” concoction in the glass, “I can see that. She’s said more than once Danny is her favorite nephew.”


“Which is the truth, he’s helped her out more than once, when he was a kid and as he grew up. She could always depend on him to be there for her. The family of course was there. But she was in a bad way for a couple months, and while the family was there to help her out. Danny ended up being there every single day, even though he was in the middle of high school.”




“From what she told me. He came over in the mornings and helped her with her problems. Came durning his lunch break at school then many times spent 4-5 hours at her place, after his night classes, before leaving for home, if he didn’t stay the night. Which she told me he did more than once.”


“Damn what was her problem if I may ask?”


“She had a home accident and didn’t have full movement of her arm. Along with having a sprained ankle, he made sure that any thing heavy or awkward she needed, he got. Plus many times he drove her into work.”


“What about the rest of the clan? I would have thought they would have helped with that.”


“They did, but he was there the most. Never asked for anything in return, simply showed up and organized with the others who came by. But he was always there for her and she was grateful. It’s why she wanted to be in charge of the investigation into the Guild. She understands she can’t do the trial itself, she doesn’t really want to cause before the defense could even open their mouth, she would be saying guilty.”


“I can see that.” Larry chuckled.


“So can I. Instead she is the one signing off on all the warrants for the information gathering. I’ll say this much, the various law enforcement departments are ecstatic. Having it all handled by a judge who really doesn’t like the Guild.”


“Sounds like fun.” He could picture it, the gleeful smile on her face as she helped be a part of taking down the Guild. He was surprised he hadn’t heard she was dancing on her desk after signing each one.


“Oh yeah, she told me she has only not signed off on three requests, which was for warrants to find out what breakfast cereals and what positions they like more in bed. Even she doesn’t want to get that in depth, for some of the assholes over there.”


“I can see that.” Larry grinned, knowing how much the Guild was frantic to stop all the subpoenas’, warrants, requests, and demands from the various agencies in the States. Many of them worded in such a way, which left the door wide open into the investigations. They were so busy trying to stop the influx of people knowing what they did behind closed doors, that at the moment they couldn’t concentrate on much else. Each time they appealed a warrant asking for information to a higher court, the higher courts being no fools sent it back door to her court. No one wanted to get into the middle of the fight brewing. Mary Williams was a force to be reckoned with and it was best to stay out of her sights.


“Okay well people are pounding on my door, and I have a meeting with some fool from Florida. He wants to discuss the property values, for some damn thing I have no interest in.”


“Good luck with that. Just don’t buy retirement property there.”


“You kidding? Fuuuuuuuccckkkk. If me and Mary decide to retire, we are going to move to Hawaii.”


“Because of Danny and Steve?”


“No, because it’s about as far away from Florida as you can get and still stay in the states and warm.”


Laughing as he pictured the look on his friend’s face. “You really don’t like that state, why?”


The eye roll was loud, “It’s the wang of the United States.”


Larry paused for a few beats before beginning to laugh. “Martin your impossible.”


“Yeah that’s what Mary tells me all the time. Anyway I have to go. Let me know if you do hear anything about the boys.”


“I will.”


Hanging up the two old friends went to resume their duties. Both concerned and looking forward to seeing their friends again.




Danny was walking along the ocean front, feet actually in the water by a good eight inches. He was looking for sea shells, interesting rocks, or even fossils because he wanted to take something back to Grace. She would never be able to come here, to this realm, but he knew she would love something. He was approaching a scrag of logs, piled up haphazardly on the shoreline, when a familiar caw had him looking up.


“Lenore? What in the hell are you doing here?” He held out his arm and she flew easy to his wrist. Bringing her up to his face, he chuckled as she jumped to his shoulder and began grooming his blondish hair. A hiss below, drew his attention to a grayish red cat rubbing on his legs. “Hello there Merlin, and what is a fantastic feline like yourself doing here?”


Both animals started projecting at him, sending confusing images, but filled with happiness to explain what they were doing there. The dual projections were starting to give him a headache, which prompted Sasha to come running and find out what was stressing her cub. When she spotted the two spirit animals she snarled viciously.


“Sasha?” Danny asked startled. She didn’t spare him a glance as she snarled, growled and spat at the two. Informing them if she caught them around any of her pack members again, she would teach them a lesson they would not be pleased to learn. And they better not go and harass Steve and Loki either, they were busy with their own issues. Walking towards them on stiffened legs she told them to leave them alone, they would return when it was time and not a moment before.


The raven and the cat hissed back at her, saying others just wanted to make sure all was well with them. They were worried and so they wanted to help their own companions, by taking some of that worry away. Both were becoming agitated at the wolf’s continued displeasure at their presence. “Sasha what’s wrong?” Danny asked confused.


This time the she-wolf looked at him and explained a few things she had been holding back. Things which she didn’t mind telling him, just they had been busy with other higher priority things, and hadn’t gotten around to working with. Danny would have to stay in this world for some time, along with Steve. They were going to have to explore many reaches of the lands, because the spirit realm could be as large as the land of the earth itself. If Steve and Danny were to be citizens of this land, as they are now entitled to be. They needed to explore it and get to know the people who lived with them. Both the typical individuals and the ones who lived on the outskirts. Those members who did not like them, well that was their problem and they would have to deal. But Danny and Steve were still their neighbors and they should meet them.


What they did not need was to be constantly harassed, and reminded there were people waiting for them in the material plain. They knew this but could not be distracted from the duties they were now required to fulfill. Because that son of a bitch’en prick went and tried to rape her cub. Her ruff was becoming fluffier, as her temper at the damage done to her boy, made itself known. Her eyes were flashing deadly blue, and if Steve hadn’t already killed the man, she would have been the one ripping his throat out. Danny and Steve needed time. They needed to be left alone, now that she knew others were starting to watch them, she would take steps to make sure they could not be spied on again. They needed time to cement their pack bonds and restore order to their lives.


She snapped at the cat who was glaring at her. Starting to glow red she forced her will on the cat, who was defying her rights to her pack. He had wanted to let his companion know their friends were okay. If he wanted to help his companion then he could do it by staying away from hers. Dustin was his duty not Danny and not Steve and he would learn to live well enough alone.


Danny watched as his lady snarled at his friends own companions. He was trying to figure out a way to diffuse the situation. “Sasha easy girl, they didn’t mean any harm I’m sure.” Turning to the two animals, “Look I can see her point and from what she has just said and shown me, we need to stay here. It’s just the way it has to be.” Now he turned annoyed eyes towards Sasha “But Sasha we also have family there and I want them to know we are okay. Steve and I won’t return till we’ve finished our duties here. But god damn it I have a daughter, I love her very much along with the entire clan. They would go out of their mind with worry to not see us.”


Sasha narrowed her blue eyes at her cub but continued to listen. “So I say we compromise. While Steve and I are separate, Lenore comes and checks on me. While Merlin goes and checks on Steve. You can do this once a week.” Sasha growled that was too much for her. “I didn’t say we would be talking to them girl.” He stroked her head, as she looked at him puzzled. “They can watch and look at us from far away, a tree, a bush, rocks something but they don’t need to be right with us, bugging the ever living crap out of our pack. If we want to contact someone, I can whistle for the animal I need. Then once Steve and I are back together, they only come and watch once a month.”


Sasha tilted her head in thought before nodding her agreement. Turning he finished addressing the other two. “How does that work for you? Do you agree?” The two looked at each other before nodding agreement. “Okay then you tell Marcus and Annette not to send their animals either or Sasha and Loki will use them for dinner. You two are small and less noticeable and won’t bug us as much.” The cat and bird grinned, they knew the owl and the elk had already come by once. The elk not pleased since he had been turned into lunch at one point.


“Now since you are here, why don’t you go over what’s been happening with the family. May as well get an update, then send you on your way.” Sitting down with Sasha leaning beside him, the two bond mates went over the last few weeks. His wolf snickering at times as they were informed about some of the Williams moving. It didn’t take long maybe a couple hours to go over, and Danny was relived to hear things were mostly well. He missed his family but he wasn’t ready to return. Not even to see his daughter at the moment. Danny needed to talk and reconnect to his mate. Learn to trust him again, though his family and friends did not need to know that.


Sasha watched her wards eyes carefully as time went on. When they began to lighten, as his need for food increased, she stood up. Growling at the bird and cat she informed them it was time to go. And next time they checked in make sure they were not seen or heard, they would call if they needed something.


Lenore and Merlin wanted to protest but Sasha was firm, especially after Danny backed her up. “Listen guys. We appreciate you worrying over us, but we have our own problems to sort. Give us the time we need for doing exactly that.” He stroked the black breast of the bird before scratching the cat’s ears. Each animal sighed, in both pleasure and resignation at the requests. They understood, they lived here and knew Steve and Danny needed to learn how to as well.


With a final wrap around his legs and stroke to the Guide’s cheek, both animals winked out. “Okay Sasha, hopefully that takes care of the family for the time being. I’m getting hungry, what say we go and find something to eat. I’m really in the mood for some more of those berries too.” Grinning up at her ward, Sasha increased her size so he could mount. Making sure he was settled, she climbed the path and headed further inland to find them both something to eat.




“Yes it’s perfect.” Steve argued, glaring at his wolf who didn’t wholeheartedly support his fantastic idea immediately.


Loki growled out his own argument, as he lay on the other side of the fire.


Pouting the Sentinel stated, “Danny would agree with me.”


Loki snickered before shaking his head, stating no way in hell he would.


“WHAT? He would, he would totally agree with me.” He pushed aside the voice in his head, the one which wasn’t his snickering wolf, which said Danny would probably rant at him for days at the idea he was contemplating.


Loki barked, growled, yipped, growled some more.


Voice and body affronted at his brother’s comment “Oh come on, I’m not that bad.”


The Black Beast rolled over and licked at his ass, showing him what he thought of his idea. Or maybe just what he thought of his bond mate. Either way Steve didn’t want to know as he watched his limber partner. The creature snickered at him.


“Okay then we’ll ask him when we finally catch up to him.” Steve scowled at his laughing wolf.


“Listen I don’t see any reason why we can’t have the wedding on the Aircraft Carrier when its in port. It’s cool, you get a great view, the family would love it.”


Loki groaned, covering his eyes with his paw, as he imagined the fallout.


“Dude he will TOTALLY love being on the Carrier, along with all the kids. It will be a blast.” He sipped at some water. “Plus we can control everything and everyone who comes on. You know damn well the news stations are going to be there. Danny would not want his wedding that public.”


The wolf considered that aspect and realized that part was true. He also knew Danny had something specific in mind for the wedding, even if he had yet to share it. He grumbled out his answer to Steve's eye roll. “Trust me Danny will love the idea, it's simple, easy and will be so much fun.”


His companion knew it would be the opposite of all those things but Steve was on a roll. He could picture it now, the carrier all decked out in ribbons. Sailors in their dress whites, party on the deck. Music playing with the best food the Navy had to offer. And when all done, they could jump off the sides and go swimming. His eyes glowed emerald green, just a smidge with excitement at his idea.


Instead Loki took the easy way out and decided to let Danny handle his delirious mate. Some things a wolf just should not get involved in. One of those being wedding arrangements, for a slightly deranged Navy Seal, and a Williams man who had very firm ideas on what weddings should and should not include.


“Oh and another thing,” He was grinning joyfully with stars in his eyes. “We can let loose the big guns. Bam bam bam it will be AWESOME!” The black wolf winced, as he thought about Danny’s reaction to “the big guns.” “So what do you think we should use as a wedding theme? Wolves for sure, but what about silver and gold? Black doesn’t really seem like the proper color for a wedding. Or maybe red and blue? But I like silver and gold myself. I’m sure I can talk Grace into using those colors.” He patted his thighs wishing he had something to write with.


“Damn it wish I had something to make a list with. I have so many great ideas I want to share with Danny. And we really need to start making improvements to the house. I want to repaint Mary’s room for Grace. And since Charlie belongs to Danny, we need to make a room for him. Probably should do some house improvements, like a new roof, new siding, maybe redo the lawn.”


Loki settled down listening to his bond-mate making plans. He could see how happy it was making him, but it was also distracting him from worrying about his mate. Steve’s very being
centered around his Guide, being separated from him this long was taking its own toll. He hadn’t had any contact with him for weeks, when before he rarely was separated from him for more than a day. If he remembered right, the longest he had been gone from Danny’s side was the conference which had started it all to begin with. When Danny walked into the office with the brace on his leg, Steve had been all over the man. From that point on, he hadn’t been far from his side other than when they had been kidnapped.


Steve was stronger now, but the black beast new he could be even stronger. He would be faster, he would learn more about himself, he would be the mate his Guide needed. It was all a matter of time for them. The fight with the Cape Buffalo had really improved his skills and endurance, more than he realized at first. The pigs too had given Steve experience on how to phase himself, even when fighting.


Hmmm maybe he wouldn’t let Steve ride tomorrow. Instead make him run beside him. He grinned evilly at the plan forming in his head. That would due nicely, make him run, learn how fast he could be, if he worked at it. Have him work at running and keeping up and it might just keep him from thinking of Danny, and very large guns going off on an Aircraft carrier wedding.


Oh yes that would be a very good plan.

Chapter Text

“They WHAT!” Andrew exclaimed shocked, as he looked up from his desk at his partner. Paperwork was spread all over his desk, along with briefings, pens, and a large steaming mug of coffee. Everything was forgotten with the news given him from his own companion animal.


Lenore, trilling sweetly as she flapped her wings to settle better on her mate’s shoulder, went and explained the results of their talk, how Sasha and Danny did not want to be disturbed. They had many things they needed to accomplish now they were in the spirit realm, and unfortunately could not return to their friends in the material plain as of yet. They missed them and wished circumstances were otherwise but it wasn’t feasible for them.


Steve and Danny had many things they needed to work through and learn due to arriving in a world not their own early. They asked to be left in peace so they could learn their lessons, and being distracted by the constant visitations of their friends companions, would not be useful. Danny was only just this side of mentally stable, and if he was constantly talking and seeing reminders of his life outside the spirit realm, it would only set him back in his recovery. The Guide needed time, space and a chance to reconnect with his mate, too learn about what made them the men they were now.


“A. J…” Dustin sat down on the edge of his desk, placing his hands on his Sentinel’s tightly clenching ones. “The news is better than what we had a few minutes ago, and we know so much more. Danny is getting better, still isn’t with Steve, though no one will tell us why. It isn’t our business honestly to question the reasons they have for not returning. We know they’re safe, stronger and working towards getting back together. We should take comfort in that” He stroked down the upset man’s cheek, knowing he was only worried about men who had become fast friends, and people he honestly admired for their bravery in so much adversity.


Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath before blowing it out in a question. Getting his feelings off his chest as best he could. “But why can’t they come back to work everything out? Why do they need to stay someplace so foreign to themselves? Why do they need to stay somewhere that gives us no way to back them up?” Merlin strolled in at this point and hopped onto the Sentinel’s lap. Looking deeply into his blue eyes, he informed the red head, the men were citizens of his home plain. They needed to learn and realize what it entailed. Andrew looked at odd shaped red cat for quite some time, before sighing “I know damn it, problem is I want to be with them. Backing them up. They only have themselves and their wolves as defense.” He leaned back in his chair, frustration radiating from his entire posture.


Lenore watched her bond mate, sad at his distress. But it was born from love and duty. He wanted to be there, helping them out and he couldn’t. The spirit plain simply wasn’t a place where anyone could go other then spirit animals. When Danny and Steve had performed the spirit bonding it gave them the ability to go where no person had gone before. Or probably ever will again. She knew A. J and Dustin never would because of her and Merlin.


But Spirit wolves were unique and mysterious in being able to form those special bonds, due to how long they had called the spirit plain home. They were one of the oldest breeds, if not the oldest of all the creatures within her home, to come into being when the spirit world first materialized. They had a strong sense of pack, family, honor and duty. They, like most spirit animals had many abilities at their disposal, all geared to help their Sentinel and Guide. They also were the ones to first discover the balance of good and evil between the spirit and earthly plain and worked at keeping it in balance.


She had never heard of other spirit creatures even attempting to form a spirit couple like Steve and Danny. None had ever thought the need for one but the wolves. They were highly in-tuned with the human race and followed them closely. The wolves were not common bond mates in the real world but they were also not the most rare. They always bonded to those humans who displayed traits that matched with their senses of honor. Many of those human mates ended up in the military, but some joined the police forces such as the blond had.


One thing she had heard though, was rumors floating on the wind. The wolves as a collective whole were up to something. What that something was she had no idea, but she knew it would involve Steve and Danny and their future together. Danny was a very important person in the spirit world, with his abilities to heal those around him. Lenore didn’t think even he knew exactly what his full potential could be. She was a raven, and her line had their own history of intuitive deduction and reasoning, when it came to those who could change the lives of others. Danny had so much potential in him, and she was very glad Steve had charge of him. The Guide would need a strong helping partner, who could pull him out of his own instincts when they overwhelmed the man.


But when she had been flying around searching for the detective and his she-wolf, she had spotted more than one pack of wolves gathered together. She had tried to get closer but strong wards were in place and all she could make out was serious discussions taking place. Which peaked her attention even more, because it meant more changes were going to be coming. The last time the wolves had gathered together like this, they had started the needed conversations with the other citizens of the spirit realm, to bring in the human pair. The majority of the citizens had listened, discussed and ultimately decided the pair had been needed, and pleased to have the men with them.


Together those who had elected to create the power base needed came together and pooled their power. Linking it in an instant when Sasha and Loki had called for the power to help them make the bond possible. Lenore had proudly lent her strength to form the bond to the men along with Merlin and most of the others. Those who lived on the outskirts hadn’t all participated but she had a feeling many had given anyway.


The need to have humans who understood how their own world worked, and was linked to the material realm was very important. She honestly wouldn’t mind if more humans were incorporated if there was a way to do so. They were fun, exciting and those who were bonded for the most part were honorable people. Wanting to do a job and help their fellow humans. For generations of humanity it was the way the world worked with the Sentinels and Guides. People and animals working together to accomplish a worth while goal.


Then those fools at the Guild started fucking everything up. It then became imperative to find a pairing who would be able to negate the screw ups, and keep an eye out for future ones. Hence why the citizens had elected to bring about the Spirit Pair. Danny had the larger responsibility, as was generally his lot in life. But when you are born with a heart so large, so vast and full of love and caring, it was inevitable he would want to use it. It helped he had a temper to go with it, irascible temperament and firm opinions and ideas on nearly all things. Though frankly, she liked pineapple on her pizza.


He would naturally fall into a healing and nurturing role, even as he snapped and snarled at the idiots around him. Helping others was in his very being, and she was so thankful that Sasha had been able to keep him out of Guild hands. The damage they would have done to him, would have taken centuries to fix, before he could have gone about his proper duties.


Then there was Steve and his responsibilities, which included watching out for his Guide mate, making sure he took care of himself. Growing up in Guild hands, had given him a deep understanding of how much he really didn’t like dealing with him. The abuse he had suffered in one of their training centers, just because he was a powerful five sense Sentinel. Needing to be thought more special and better, than all the other kids there. Loki coming just when he needed him, and both enlisting in the Navy and eventually the Seals. Going on missions, strengthening his sense of right and wrong. Making him stronger for the eventual meeting with his mate, where he would assume the proper control of him.


Even the prolonged wait for him to meet his Guide in the long run had helped the boy grow into a powerful man. For each year going by without his Guide gave Steve nothing but more motivation to love and cherish whoever the person would be. Steve had been deprived a hell of a lot of love and comfort when a child and young man. He could have ended up cold and bitter about it, but instead his own natural yearning for love and affection had bubbled up. Being translated into a sharp sense of duty and responsibility towards his country and people. He loved the service, because they in a convoluted way, gave him the love he had always craved from others. It allowed him to keep hold of the hope he would someday find his Guide, so he could shower the person, with all the love and affection he showed with his chosen service. Steve grew up cherishing the idea somewhere out there, was a person who would eventually love him back. He just had to make sure he worked hard and could show his future mate, that he was a man worth loving. That he was a man who worked for truth, justice and honor, even if that work wasn’t always the most clean cut.


Danny keeping him from bonding right away, simply allowed them both to have an even deeper connection. Steve becoming even more possessive and protective of the other man, which was a good thing, for everyone else. Danny, it could be annoying for him. But the Sentinel’s duty was to help insure, that Danny did not push himself further than he could handle. To watch his instincts, and when they pulled too much from the Guide, stop it. He was the Warrior and his was to look after his mate, even as his mate looked after everyone else. Giving Danny one person who absolutely would support him, and be there for anything he might need.


She sighed again as she thought of the pair. It was just too bad they had not been given the time they needed to bond properly. Not that she would mention this to her own companion or his mate. But while the love, commitment and attraction was still there in full measure. The trust was not, broken between the two, because of too many failings on Steve’s part. It wasn’t his fault, far from it, but Danny’s instincts no longer equated safety with his mate. They needed the time together, to regain that trust.


“Don’t worry Andrew, I’m sure they are better protected in that plain then here.” Dustin leaned over and gave him a firm squeeze of the shoulder.


“I know still annoys me.” He huffed out another breath, even as he glared down at the stacks of paperwork waiting for him. It was another smaller reason why he wanted the men to return. While they were gone off on their epic adventure, meeting new creatures and having once in a lifetime adventures, they were stuck with the paperwork. Steve and Danny were expected to take on the roles, which he and Dustin were doing now. Studying the new recruits and focusing on them. Once the men returned, he and his mate could fall back and be the assistants to them that Kingston had already stated would be their future roles. At least till Steve and Danny were comfortable enough to handle it all themselves. But privately he thought they would never be used to the paperwork aspect, not if Steve was like a typical Seal when it came to paperwork. As in, would rather blow the shit up with whatever explosive was handy, rather than do it.


Slapping his hands on his thighs, Dustin stood up and turned to face the mountain of work waiting for them. “Me too, but we have duties to perform ourselves. I have the list of new break outs here. Annette sent them over from her office. She wants to keep as many out of Guild hands as possible, so any time a break out happens she is on top of it.”


Reaching for the list, the shorter man was handing him, “What do we have?”


“We have looks like through the states 17 Guides and 22 Sentinels.” The Guide stated, already aware of what the paper was saying.


Holding the paper, like it was jump up and bite him, he looked into the deep dark eyes of his love, “Jesus just in one day?”


Shrugging his shoulders, “The United states is a big place. She has already sent recruiters out to the parents, or the people themselves to explain about the new options open to them, if they join the Military.”


“She’s quick.” He would give her that, she didn’t do things by halves. Neither did her husband if what he was smelling was true. They had seen each other a couple days before hand, and there was a distinct scent coming from her, which wasn’t there before.


“She isn’t happy with what the Guild did to Steve and Danny. It’s why they left and re-upped back into the Marines. Can’t say as I blame her and I’m happy for both. They are preparing to move back to the main land, and open up a processing center there.”


Frowning at the thought, “Processing center? Like the Guild? Not sure if that is all that much better.”


Shaking his head to alleviate his fears, “It will be, it’s pretty much a huge ass recruiting center for Sentinels and Guides. Secretary Kingston has been given charge of it for the time being. He wants to create a safe area, that the kids and adults can go to. Be assessed for what military branch they want to work in. Navy, Army, Air-force, hell even the Coast Guard. But he wants the center equipped, to figure out what skills the recruits come with, and place accordingly. For example, you don’t really want a Sentinel whose only skill is enhanced hearing, over in the heavy ordinance area. Would probably kill their poor ears off.” Dustin smiled with humor.


Nodding as he went back to reading the list, “What about Guides? Because they got shafted with the Guild.”


“Guides will be trained on how to control their powers. Kingston wanted me to do it at first, but I can’t be parted from you.”


“Obviously.” Andrew said, annoyed at even the thought of it.


“So he is trying to find good trainers he can trust to help them out. What he really wants is for Danny to come back, look over and evaluate the people he wants as trainers. Find out who is good and not so good. Then train them himself. Once that’s done the trainers can go and help the kids out.”


The Commander nodded at that plan, it was sound and Danny would be able weed out the shit heads who were in it for themselves. “Damn again I wish they could come back.”


He squeeze his shoulder again in sympathy but continued on. “In time they will. But we have to carry on. Now here is the list of break outs, according to ability, gender and spirit animal.”


Glancing at the list he was impressed at the wide range.


Sentinel, Female, raccoon.
Sentinel, Male, wild boar.
Sentinel, Male, tarantula….


Guide, Male, red fox
Guide, Female, boa constrictor.
Guide Male, stingray…


The lists went on an on. They also went on to list name, age, military interest and where they were from.


“This is impressive.” Said the Seal.


“Yes, but one of the boy Guides, is someone she wants us to really look at.”


“Oh? Why?”


“Because it appears that his fox, was at one point helping Sasha and Danny out.”


“WHAT!” He really needed to stop doing that. Being surprised is not a good trait for a Seal in the middle of a naval base.


“The fox is really in love with his boy, but also impressed with the pair. So much so the FOX wants to join the Navy. It helps that the boy also is keen for it. So she is going to send him to us later, once he turns 18.”


“Damn the Guild is going to be all over him.”


Dustin smirked smugly “Nope she got promise papers signed by both him and his parents. Locking him up for us and keeping him out of Guild hands. Even if he decides not to go through with it. Annette won’t let him fall into their hands.”


“Sweet, okay now for the rest of them. I see some are 18 already.”


“Yep and Kingston wants us to sort.”


“This is going to take a while.”


Merlin and Lenore settled down to watch their companions, as they went about their own duties. When Steve and Danny came back they would find things running in order and able to finally take up their own.




Steve woke easily as the dawn began to rise. He wanted to get an early start, especially after wasting days learning how to spirit phase someone else. Standing and stretching, he worked the kinks out of his back, scratching various places in truly satisfactory ways. He extended his sight out to scan for miles around. He no longer wanted to get trapped, by what should be friendly citizens coming for them. The boars and buffaloes were enough. Here in this realm, his sight was much further, especially when he used his powers to boost it. He couldn’t be sure but he thought his range was around 20 miles now, rather than the 12 he had in the material plain. Course he hadn’t tested it since Danny and he had bonded and subsequent power boost to his senses.


But all was well, there were some small deer grazing miles from them. They could be long gone, before they tried to get up to his friends. There was nothing in the sky and the ocean, which he had a clear view of, only showed creatures far out to sea. Still, he wasn’t going to go back in till he had Danny around. It was a much more dangerous ocean here, than in the material world. He didn’t want to waste any more time getting to his mate.


A sleepy growl had him turning, smile lighting up his face as he saw Loki coming awake. He had put his large front paws forward, extending each toe, while dragging himself forward. Stretching his back, hind legs and tail, with a gigantic yawn showing impressive two foot fangs. Finishing his stretch, he shook himself vigorously, dust billowing up, before finding some plants which needed watering. Then realizing they really didn’t look great, fertilized them as well. Steve feeling the same call, went and found his own plant base that needed help and followed his wolf’s example. The calf, imitating his two fellow travelers in their morning routines.


Finished with their business, they all settled around the banked fire. Steve building it up quickly to reheat the meat from the night before. While it cooked, they each continued to blink themselves awake. Loki finished off his own breakfast, the calf continued to graze and Steve inhaled his. Nothing was said as Steve put the fire out completely.


Loki though had watched his brother as he woke up for the day and decided a bit of fun was in order. It had been highly stressful the last few days and frankly his partner needed it. Looking around he spotted something which would do nicely, standing he trotted over to the flat gray board. Studying it for a moment he placed his paws in the spots he wanted and managed to break it up into a round chunk. Picking it up in his teeth he didn’t waste any time, he whipped his head around and threw it as his mate.


Only to chuckle, pleased as Steve easily dodged the make shift frisbee to his head and catch it in his hands. “What the hell Loki? Trying to brain me with a board now?” The Sentinel growled annoyed.


The Wolf chortled back, that it would be impossible to brain Steve as he didn’t have many to begin with, if any at all. Then the wolf took off and ran a few feet from his current spot before turning around and wagging his tail. Snorting when Steve didn’t catch on right away.


Steve looked down at the round plate still annoyed his wolf had tried to hit him. Then he realized why he had thrown it and smiled. Standing he took in the beast’s stance and realized it had been a hell of a long time since they had been able to play together. Really play without having to stress about being in the middle of a mission or preparing for the next one. Sure he had to get to Danny but if Loki wanted to play Frisbee then he would play. Throwing the disk back at his friend he was pleased when Loki threw it back. Steve for the second time really put some power into it. More than he planned, since his arm glowed as he launched it, sailing passed a startled Loki.


Who took it as a happy challenge and raced after the old battered plank, barking happily at the game. He caught it, careful to keep from chomping it in his teeth and ran back to Steve to have him throw it again. With his new powers he could throw much further and he was really enjoying the warm up to the all day run they would have. Steve threw it in another direction and Loki dug all claws in to the grass, churning up dirt and plant matter as he gave chase. But instead of bringing it back again, he decided to throw it and make Steve go after it.


Who happily did so, letting himself relax for a few minutes. He had been so stressed out his mind was crying out for a bit of fun and his instincts were quiet. Which meant they were enjoying this break from the mad dash to get south. He wanted his mate fiercely, but sometimes one had to take time out to relax and reset oneself. He stretched himself as far as he could jump at times, for some of the throws of Loki’s were quite high. Not intended to be, but when a seven foot tall playful wolf decided to throw a disk with enthusiasm, well it could really get launched. Neither really noticed it when Steve seemed to walk on air to reach the toy being thrown. He simply wanted to get it, and jumping higher worked.


The calf watched all this puzzled as the two played, he was trying to figure out the reasoning behind it. If it was some sort of new training, or power to be created. Then as the man and wolf continued to yip, bark, cry and laugh he realized it was none of those things. They were just playing to play and bond in another way. Another way that looked really fun and he couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t in there, doing it himself. Giving a happy loll, he raced after the two and hopped around like a giddy three month old calf. The pair seeing it were happy to include him in their fun and for the next half hour or so the three spent some quality time together. No hurry, no worry, no stress to think about, as Loki and Steve really had their first fun moments together, in what seemed like ages.


Catching the toy one more time, the Seal was about to throw it when he realized the morning was passing them by. They needed to get going, but god he felt good. Tired from the running and jumping but a good tired. One he wanted to repeat again, soon, preferably with Danny by his side and yelling at him, telling him he was throwing it too high. Launching the disk one more time at the calf, who had caught on quickly and was throughly enjoying himself, he spoke up. “Well Loki I guess we should get going.” Even as he watched the calf catch it and instead of throwing it, trotted over as he heard his words.


Only when he turned to mount Loki, did he suspect something was up. The wolf was looking at him with a glimmer in his eye, and a way to shit eating smug grin, for his peace of mind. “Okay fluff butt what’s up?” He demanded as he placed his hands on his hips.


Then Loki dropped his bombshell. If Steve wanted to get anywhere today, he better be able to keep up. “Keep up? What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Then his eyes grew concerned, in case Loki was hurt from their fun, and hadn’t mentioned anything. A firm shake of the lupine’s head assured him, he was fine. He then barked sharply at the youngster, who threw his head up in surprise. Another bark, some growling and an evil smirk, had a similar expression showing on the boy’s face. He took off heading south without the others.


“Loki?” But his wolf just grinned and repeated, if he wanted to get anywhere, he better learn to keep up. Then launching himself at a good pace, he followed the calf, leaving his companion behind. Neither animal was moving at a top speed, but they were using their day long lope strides. If Steve didn’t develop his own, he was going to be left in the dust.


“LOKI! YOU SON OF A FUCKING BITCH!” All he felt in his head is his wolf snickering at him. Grumbling “See if I get you that subscription now you asshole.” Tapping his foot, he watched as they soon left him out of his regular distance sight. Snarling to himself, “I am going to pull his hair out. Starting with the ones on his balls! God damn him!”


Having no choice, placing the toy in a makeshift carry sack he made out of his shirt, to join the other objects he needed, he took off after his soon to be hairless wolf. Stretching his legs, he pumped fiercely trying to catch up. Bent and determined to exact hell, at yet another day wasted with stupid training games. For the morning, he ran always just within sight of the other two, but never catching them. They had to be at least five miles ahead keeping a steady pace. A pace he wanted to strangle them with.


When after running for at least three hours solid, according to the position of the sun he had to take a break. Breathing heavily as he slowed, trying to cool himself down properly. He found a spot in the shade of a cluster of palm trees, with a stream running close by, flowing towards the ocean he could hear nearby but not see at the moment. Sipping some of the cool fresh water, he felt refreshed but still took the time to let some cramps loosen. He gazed at his friends who were far ahead, taking their own break since he was.


“Loki I swear to god when I catch you, I’m going to pop you one in the nose!” The snickering in his head wasn’t helping. Half hour later, he was ready to move out and disgusted to see the others already on the move. Starting his run again, he growled at not being able to catch the son of a bitches. Becoming more annoyed, as he knew he wasn’t making much progress over the day.


What he didn’t realize was his instincts were starting to kick in again. Responding to his frustration at being unable to do what he wanted. Slowly sliver streaks of flame, began to spiral from his forearm, wrapping themselves around his torso as they made their way to his legs. He began to run faster, as his instincts imposed his will on his body. Forcing it to move faster, run longer and adapt to the changes his mind required of his physical being. So focused was he, he did not see at first the lines running through him, made by his own link to the world he ran in.


He did notice though he was catching up, finally feeling like he was making progress. Though not as much as if he had been riding on his wolf. He wanted to get to Danny and these games were driving him nuts. But then again throwing the frisbee really had helped him in other ways. Letting his mind relax and reconnect to the black beast who had been with him since he was 17 years old. But this shit of not letting him ride till he learned a lesson first was pissing him off. It seemed there was always something, keeping him from his goal. When he was close enough for his voice to be heard, he let Loki know just how pleased he was with the situation.


“You flea bitten cur! When I reach you I’m going to pluck every one of your ball sack hairs out! Let’s see how much Sasha is going to like seeing you with nothing back there. I’ll pull your tail, till it’s so sore you can’t wag it! I’m going to find the biggest burr bush around and dump them all in your ruff!” He didn’t really mean it but it felt good to say them anyway. Course if he could yank on that bastard’s tail at least once it would be good revenge.


Loki for his part snorted in amusement at his partner’s ranting. He could feel his annoyance, but he was also feeling how much fun the man was having. Able to take some of his restless energy and put it towards good use. He was even catching up and in another few hours might even be running side by side. Keeping to his easy pace of around 40ish miles an hour, he kept his ears cocked back to listen to his human.


Most of the afternoon was spent keeping ahead of Steve, but as evening approached, a sound had him snapping his head back. His bond-mate was looking incredulous, even as he tripped over his own feet and went tumbling head over heels. Instantly worried he might have hurt himself, the land here was fairly rocky and tripping was a real factor, if you were not watching where you were going. He loved teasing his bond mate and tormenting him, but having real hurt inflicted on him, was not part of his make up if he could help it. Doing an abrupt 180, he dug his feet into the rocky ground and scrambled back to his Sentinel. Slamming on his brakes, he skidded to a stop and snuffled quickly at the prone man, checking him for injuries.


It was Steve reaching up towards the cloudless evening sky with a shaking hand, which alarmed him at first. Loki couldn’t figure out what could have caused the man to react this way. Not till the wolf saw how his friend’s eyes, widened in astonishment, as the Seal choked up in wonder and joy.



Chapter Text

Danny woke late the next morning, feeling alive for the first time in forever. Sitting up from the depression of sand, which formed his less than adequate bed, he stretched his arms over his head. Scratching his head he grimaced at the grit which fell out, not pleased at not having a proper bed or at least something to act as a barrier between him and the sand. Sand absolutely got everywhere on him and he hated it so much. He really needed to talk to his lady and see if they could figure something out to keep the grains of irritation out of the crack of his ass and other places sand should never be. The sounds of gulls, typically a very annoying screeching sound designed to irritate him instantly, for some reason this morning didn’t. Pondering what the change was he realized his head didn’t ache the way he had become accustomed to since he arrived in the spirit realm. Smiling in relieved pleasure, he took a moment to realized just what had happened to him over night.


Sasha had kept her promise, he knew he was no longer afraid of the dark as he had been for the last few weeks. Not more so than any other rational human being, it felt wonderful to him. He also realized she had messed with his claustrophobia fear as well. Something he had not asked her to do but was very grateful for after the fact. Being buried alive for hours, under a burning building with no idea if he was ever going to get out, stressing his already stressed mind to the breaking point. Many a nights since his entrance to Sasha’s home plain, had been spent in some form of nightmare reliving those hours. At least if his wolf allowed him to dream about it. She had been pretty quick to change his dreams, to something much less threatening, to help him rest.


Speaking of his constant companion he wondered where she had disappeared too. “Sasha?” He called out, throat scratching with need of a morning drink, hoping she was near by.


Her head popped up in the cave entrance, ears perked up at the sound of her cub’s voice. Her mouth full of something that was pinkish, slimy and smelled like three day old sweat socks. Danny’s eyes began to water at the stench being blown inside by the morning breeze, even as she finished what to her was a satisfactory breakfast. Holding his hand out to try and stop the smell from hitting his nose, he wished that he had the ability to turn his nose off like Steve could. He instead held his rag of a shirt over his nose, then demanded while breathing as shallow as he could. “Holy crap don’t ever bring me whatever it was you just ate. That is the nastiest thing I have ever smelled. Dear god, don’t even lick me till you’ve washed your mouth out. Ewww gag. I’m gagging here.” The Guide continued to try and prevent the stench from reaching him, even if he knew it was a lost cause. He knew he was going to need a bath to get the smell out of his hair and body, and she was standing a good 20 feet away from him, it smelled that bad.


Sasha licked her lips with satisfaction, the octopus she had hunted this morning tasting delicious to her. She hadn’t liked to leave him by himself but she really needed food after her long work through the night. The beast had been tossed up on shore and she had taken advantage of the meal. Course the octopus had not been happy about it, as she snapped it in half and greedily started sucking down tentacles. He had huffed and clacked his beak at her before entering the water again to find a better place to sleep for the day. She had returned quickly to her ward’s side and heard him wake just as she reached the summit. Two arms and part of the head still being slurped up.


Scanning her cub she found the work she had done last night complete. The fear of the dark, and his claustrophobia reduced to a more manageable level. Both fears had been at levels way too high for him to manage on his own, or even with Steve’s help she found. Thanks to being buried alive under the building while it burned, and she doing everything she could at the time to keep her cub alive, couldn’t do much to help control his fear. Danny had only asked her to work on his fear of the dark, which she knew would be good to do. But she had thought long and hard about his claustrophobia, before also reducing it. She had thought about it, making the decision ultimately to return his fear back to the level it had been at, before he had been kidnapped the first time. He and Steve had too much work to do to rebuild what was lost between them, to worry about yet another fear. So she had fixed both and left the impression in his head that she had.


But the side effect of all that work last night, was it had used up a lot of his own energy reserves. Energy she needed him to replace, before he could even think about contacting Steve. Danny was only just now starting to build up his strength and this intense mind healing, while needed had sapped much of the energy, sleeping over night had given him. He needed food, another good rest and maybe another feeding, before she let him contact his mate. Because once he did they would not be able to stop talking to each other. She was looking forward to the mental reunion and all the fun to be had from it. She was hoping for some really dirty words, postures and possible repeat performances through the connection. It had been ages since she had see her cub in action as he well got some action.


Finished with slurping up her tasty breakfast treat, she yipped playfully at him before an evil grin split her face. One he knew from previous experience, letting him know exactly what she was thinking of doing. Trying to stop the unstoppable as she lunged for him, jaws wide and tongue ready for pink, slimy, three day old sweat sock action. “Don’t you dare! I mean it, that smells so nasty. NO! NO! Get away from me! Gahhh” He cried as a very slobbery tongue hit his face, leaving a slimy trail along the left side.


Body wiggling in playful happiness, she listened as he bitched at her. Glaring through the muck on his face, he ran his hand over it even as she aimed for a second “Oh you are so dead lady. I am going to take all your strawberry waffles away. Don’t think I won’t!” He threatened as he tried wiping the residue off. “I don’t have decent clothes to begin with. Now you are getting them even nastier, thank you very much!” He continued to wipe off the spit, but Sasha was distracted by his words.


She hadn’t noticed before but looking at him now, he did look very woebegone. Muddy, grime infested pants, which were ripped and torn above the knees. Strands of dirty thin thread handing everywhere. Scruffed up and pock marked shirt which was nothing more then a vest really. She kept him warm at night, and the location they were settled in wasn’t cool, unless the breeze was blowing off the ocean. Which when she thought about it, happened most of the day, Taking in the sight of her woefully under dressed bond mate, she realized he rarely left her side but when he did he had a tendency to start shivering. Danny hadn’t said anything about it and she realized he wouldn’t. He hated being a burden on others and with the way his emotions could flip and flop right now, telling her he was cold would just make him sound to himself more needy. He needed new clothes, proper clothes, problem was she didn’t think the material clothes would stand up well in the spirit plain. She wasn’t sure where these came from, but they were totally inadequate for what he needed.


Laying on her belly, she continued to look him up and down, trying to come up with a solution. They needed to create some new coverings for him, to not only keep him warm but to work on making him feel better about himself. He had always taken pride in his looks and wanted to look attractive to his mate, but right now he was neither and it had to be affecting his mind somewhat. Problem was, she wasn’t a seamstress and he wasn’t a tailor. Not to mention they didn’t have any fabric or thread to begin with. What did they have which they could use? She thought about it as he turned his eyes toward her in concern.


“Sasha? Everything okay?” She wolf grinned at him that everything was fine. Along with the idea about trying to figure out a way to get him some new clothes.


Nodding at her idea, still he needed to complain about the absolute suck-fest it was without good things to wear. “Ugh god I wish I could just conjure up some underwear. Did you know sand loves to get ABSOLUTELY everywhere? Including in places best left unmentioned in polite company.” Then he gave his filthy minded she-wolf a long look before continuing. “And since you are not polite company, I’ll just say it is in my ass and grinding away.” He paused to dig a few more grains out of his crack. “The only thing I want grinding in there is Steve.” He waggled his eyebrows at her, causing her to chuckle pervertedly. She did miss watching the boys get it on.


For now the only thing she could do about his forlorn state was put it on the back burner. She didn’t have the means to make him something, and neither did he. Maybe she could get some hides from her kills and he wrap them around himself. Steve would love the look and no doubt go all cave-man on him. She wouldn’t leave him by himself to travel to the material plain to get clothes, no way in hell would she do that. She was his only defense and just the idea of leaving him for even the 10 minutes to dig something up made her shudder. Especially if people saw her, it might make them think they were returning sooner, and she couldn’t have that either.


Steve and Danny had many lessons to learn still, and it would take time for them to do so. Steve was well on the way to learning the in’s and outs of spirit phasing, but Danny had yet to learn how. He couldn’t learn the trick yet, because he burned through too much energy too fast. He was getting better, but she wanted him stronger before he attempted phasing. She was going to think more on it while she took him to get fed. There were some simply delightful treats out there today, and she wanted him to experience them all.


Nudging him to follow her, they both left the cave to go hunting. Stepping out she increased her size and let Danny mount her. Once settled she set off at a trot after leaping off the small ledge to the beach below. She headed down a ways, before taking another trail up towards the grasslands, to a place she knew had a nice hunting ground, near a large fresh body of water. Thinking rabbits or maybe a tasty beaver for brunch, since her breakfast was met with a large dose of disgust. Traveling a few miles away she came across some creatures who would be perfect.


The beasts were floating on a small lake or large pond depending on how you wanted to describe it. Sage and cattails were swaying with the breeze, and she could see Lilly pads floating along the water front. Even some frogs and small fish were flitting around the water, but it was the beasts honking their fool heads off, which had her attention. The Canadian Geese were milling around sharing a ton of gossip. Sasha liked geese, they tasted great, were great sources of gossip and love families. They also could be very friendly if you approached them correctly. Sending back to her cub to stay quiet while she worked, she let out a polite throat clearing. The flock of black headed geese threw up their heads, turning in her direction with questions on their bills. She gave a series of woofs, yips and barks, asking if it would be possible for one of the birds to provide some fowl for her partner. The geese looked up at the man quietly and politely sitting on her back. She wanted him to eat something wholesome, he needed to regain his energy after a few intense days. She had been feeding him on fish and deer, along with Kevia berries, but would like to widen his diet. She would be more than happy to reform the goose or gander, using her own energy.


The geese in the flock milled together on the lake’s surface, while they discussed the request. They were frequently hunted by other predators, who thought them easy and in some measure silly prey, but it was a novelty to actually be asked to provide a meal. Especially by a predator as large and pretty as she. Continuing to discuss more and more were actually in favor of encouraging this behavior. Maybe less would then just hunt them for the fun of it. Politely asking for a meal was much better in their book any time, then simply taking it and not even thanking them, after they were snatched for a snack. A decision was made and two geese swam over, curious looks in their faces. They wanted to know who the man was, since they had never seen him before.


Sasha laid down and instructed Danny to dismount. Which he did, sliding easily to the ground, then told him to introduce himself. Deciding to get down to eye level as best he could before making introductions, he sat cross legged on the lake edge. Careful to keep away from the water itself, he didn’t care to get wet at the moment. His tatters flapping around as he situated himself next to his companion.


Clearing his own throat, ignoring the beginning rumbles of his own stomach for the moment. “Umm, hello…? My name is Danny, Danny Williams. I’m a detective during my day job, I live typically in the material plain, and I have a wonderful daughter. I’m a bonded Guide and the chosen of Sasha my wolf here.” He patted her shoulder easily. The geese looked at him excitedly, another polite person rather than an idiot hunter coming after them. Continuing in a calm yet unsure voice, how polite is polite to a bunch of spirit geese? “Umm well I really hate to be a bother, but she wants me to have a good meal and I haven’t had fowl in a while. Sasha suggested we ask you if it would be all right, and I didn’t want to seem rude by not asking myself either. If it’s not possible we can go somewhere else.” He was gaining confidence as he felt the pleased feelings swirling around them. He may not look like much but he did remember his manners at least.


Once again the geese looked at each other before waddling up onto the land. With a flash of energy, there were two neat bodies of goose meat at his feet. Then a second flash and they reformed themselves in high spirits, wings flapping, voices honking, for helping out such polite individuals. The other animals further out in the lake, started up the same wing flapping and honking till the entire area echoed with the noise. Sasha had to force herself to keep her ears relaxed and facing forward, rather than laid back on her head to try and block out some of the noise. Danny also worked at not plugging his ears as the excited creatures, vented their happiness.


Taking in the sight of the food, he was pleased to accept their generous offers. “Wow thank you so much.” He reached over to pick up the birds by their bodies carefully. Tucking their heads under their wings in a respectful manner. Which made the geese even more excited. The noise as they started honking, cracking and hissing, was starting to give him a headache. “Again thank you so much. We very much appreciate this.” He couldn’t wait to leave, while he liked the birds, they were very friendly, his head could only take so much noise. If he wasn’t careful he was going to end up with a massive migraine.


Bobbing their heads in welcome, he turned towards Sasha who assumed a mounting crouch, while he climbed to his feet again. Careful of the twin bodies of spirit meat, he tucked them into his rag of a vest. “When we get back, maybe we can then figure out how to get new clothes for me?” Overhearing, the geese began to flap and call wanting to know what clothes were and what they were for. Very curious the flock was and many more began swimming over. Heads moving side to side as they tried to get a good look at the pair. Fascinated by the two polite people, rather than tacky creatures who just took a meal, rather than ask.


Pulling on his rags with concealed distaste, he explained “These are clothes. Items which they cover themselves with. Humans you see don’t have feathers or fur to keep them warm. So we have to cover ourselves up with items, to stay warm or look good for our mates.” Bringing up mates reminded him of his own much missed partner. He only hoped he didn’t mind how tattered he looked when he finally took the time to look at him. Danny enjoyed looking nice for Steve, it brought the man a hell of a lot of pleasure to just look at him. For a while anyway, before he started stripping him naked and fucking his brains out, cause he couldn’t contain his excitement at seeing Danny so good looking.


More honking, hissing and relative clatter, as they learned a new fact. More geese climbed up onto the bank. They wanted to hear more about this new concept. Sasha took over explaining while she could keep him warm, it was far easier on his skin when riding her, that he have something covering him. Otherwise his mate’s favorite bits would be rubbed raw. Which caused the geese to honk in humor, and the ganders to wince in sympathy. She was trying to think of a way to create some clothes for him, since she didn’t think material plain clothes would work here.


The geese then did something very strange, all the birds both on land and in the water. They all put their beaks together and huddled up, a quiet murmur springing up from their little group. Heads bobbing up and down, hissing, clacking and quiet honks as they shared ideas. Finally after much discussion, they broke their huddle and settled down with some observations. It was possible to bring material things here into the spirit realm, such as plant matter, rocks, and clothing but they would not last very long. Not unless they were spirit phased over and over by the wearer, till the cells within them took on the same properties.


“I don’t remember much, but I do recall I found these clothes beside me. Not on me.” He knew what spirit phasing was, he had seen it. But he knew he wasn’t sure how to do it himself yet.


Sasha nodded at the geese realizing the truth of their words, but Danny came here with nothing. He was naked so how did he get clothes? The geese put their heads together in another huddle, honking, hissing and even a few burps. Mostly by the males who were quickly swatted to the back of their head by their mates. They broke apart again and settled down to explain their idea.


They knew of the Spirit Warrior and the Spirit Guide. Their flock had voted in full favor of letting them have the powers they do. The bigger the flock, the less chance danger could get any one person. So making a flock bigger and giving them special powers was a win win for them. But behind all that power, was the need to control it. Instincts helped a great deal, but conscious control worked even better. Instincts were there for when reasoned response went to hell.


Danny and Sasha knew what that meant.


What was at the heart of Danny being able to control his vast amounts of power, was his own strength of will. He had a very large heart, cared deeply for people and had a massive temper when it came to idiots. But behind all those emotions was a strong iron clad will, wanting to do anything and everything to keep those he loved healthy and whole. So if he loved his daughter, it came from his heart, just as he loved his mate.


But his mate was a glorified 12 year old many times, who loved jumping tall building, dangling people off roofs, plus found shark tanks very useful. Steve also loved figuring out if there is a way to calmly, rationally and without property damage neutralize a situation in under 20 minutes. But if there was a way to blow the ever living fuck out of problem within 5 minutes, with little time spent on the thought of danger to himself, his mate or the quarterly budget. He would do the explosive routine each time. Which caused his mate to lose his temper, something the Sentinel enjoyed doing because it riled Danny up. It made his deep blue eyes flare with life as he ranted, because the Guide was worried over his partner’s safety. And he didn’t hesitate to let him know and try and get him to back off for the next time. Knowing full well Steve would blow it all to shit again.


It took a hell of a lot of willpower, to doggedly repeat the same reasons over and over, and hope they got through the Seal’s thick head the next time around. Only to watch his manic grin spread joyously over his face, as he pissed him off for the shear fun of it. And to put up with all his mate’s shenanigans, as he went out knowing his mate loved to push his buttons by doing crazy crap. Then there was the will power to not show his explosive loving mate, just how much fun he himself was having, hoping to not encourage him to even more outrageous acts of insanity.


Danny not able to contain his grin spoke up. “Sounds exactly like Steve.”


The geese all nodded their sleek black and brown heads, up and down in sync. So the Guide had a hell of a lot of will power, to control his power if he wished it. If that was the case, then there might be another facet of his power, he could begin to cultivate. He, along with his mate had the ability to form their weapons, as they passed judgements on outcasts. Well, they were taking their power and using their will to form it into the shape they wanted. In Danny’s case it was his staff, Steve his sword. It stood to reason, if they could create their own weapons, they should, or at least Danny should, be able to form other things. His was the stronger will to see to the safety, and health of others, while Steve’s will, was properly focused on keeping Danny safe and healthy as his first priority.


One of the geese waddled up and poked at him till he sat down again. She then climbed into his lap and made herself comfortable. When Danny began stroking her back absently as he listened, she sighed in pleasure, before projecting the idea’s they had come up with. If he was able to form his weapons, he should be able to form other things including items like the clothes he was wearing. He must have done it before, because he was wearing them. Their guess would be, when he found himself in this realm he did just that. His instincts craved something to cover himself with, and his power supplied the best it could, in his ragged mind confused condition. Ragged clothing at the time but at least they were something, but he was in his right mind now, maybe he could improve his clothing. Had he tried taking them off since he came to this world? The goose curled her head around, to look him in the eye with amused secrets swirling within.


Startled, Danny thought about it and realized he hadn’t. Pulling his shirt off he let go, and found that it disappeared on him. Taken aback at the disappearance of the article of clothing, “Whoah? Ummm how do I get my shirt back?” He already was rag bare, he really didn’t need to lose what clothing he did have.


The geese, with the exception of the goose in his lap, did a third huddle, more noise, more burps, more head slaps. Break. They lined up again and said think of the shirt you want, feel the energy as it comes from within. Whatever item he liked, he should try forming it with his power.


Raising an eyebrow, he glanced at Sasha, who was looking at him intently, he pursed his lips and thought about the shirt he wanted. A nice button down like what he normally wore. Holding his hand out, he watched as power flared from his tattoo and slowly a shirt appeared in his hand. It was a nice mellow yellow, with white pin stripes. Smiling in happiness and satisfaction he put it on finding it fit him perfectly. “Holy crap this is awesome. Wonder about my pants next?”


The goose in his lap, chortled before informing him, his pants were a part of him, he should be able to change them by thinking about it. Course he might have to touch them, to make it easier for him to concentrate. So Danny reached out and rubbed his bonded arm on his leg, and his ragged pirate castaway pants, changed into neat black slacks with perfect creases in them. Really excited he tried for shoes and loafers appeared. Best of all though, he thought of a tie and one formed around his neck, much to the amusement of everyone.


“Yeah, yeah I know. But think of it. Steve is going to come to us dressed in crap. Wouldn’t it be a kick in the balls to find me wearing my normal set up?” He grinned evilly which was shared by all.


One gander waddled over and tried pulling on his pant leg. Not really trying to harm just study the material. It bounced back into the form Danny wanted. He then informed him, since it was his power keeping this clothes, it might be only him who could remove it. Making Danny grin even wider at the predicament Steve would be in. Because once Steve found him, the Guide had no doubt that he would be getting fucked for days at a time. Renewing their physical bond as much as their spirit bonds. It would frustrate him no end if he couldn’t strip Danny right away. Sasha being the loving companion she was, was in agreement of this place. Make the boy work to fuck his mate.




The goose in his lap had other thoughts. If the Sentinel was able to control his partner as he was meant to, then he probably would be able to strip him of his clothes no matter. But she wouldn’t say anything to either person, they were having fun and that was what was more important. The Guide needed a hell of a lot of positive reinforcement right now and plotting ways to annoy his beloved mate was a good thing. She also kept her thoughts to herself about all the information she was learning about the Guide.


She had been asked by the council of Elder and Ancient Wolves, to find out certain facts about the Guide. Facts dealing with his abrupt transition to the spirit realm, without the needed buffer of even his wolf to keep him sane. Unlike the Sentinel who had Loki to help him, and keep his mind from shattering at the amount of power flooding his system. What she was finding out was alarming in the long run, but in the short run would cause no issues. But changes would have to come into the Guide’s life if he was to keep his heart sound. Changes to those who he loved most, otherwise darkness would enter his heart and soul and slowly creep its way through his system. If that was to come to pass, then all the hard work all the citizens of the realm’s hard work would be for naught.


She knew his bond mate was not aware of these changes, she being relatively young herself, in comparison to the oldest of Elders and Ancients, like herself. The goose knew what was at stake, as Steve and Danny lived long lives through the centuries, and the bad which could come from a Guide going dark. Especially this one, but if what was being bantered about came to pass among the wolves, then all would be well. The wolves were already as close as they could get, to the humans they counted as pack. What they were purposing was nothing really surprising to others who lived here. But it would be a surprise for others once it came to pass.


Snuggling closer to the man, she dived deep into his soul to pry out certain pieces of information. Keeping her own shields up less Sasha find out and take exception to her intrusion. But the information was needed and she was much older than the she wolf, by at least 25,000 years of age. She would take what she learned to the wolf elders and help them with whatever plans they decided on. She liked the boy and his lady watcher, and would not wish to see him turn dark, as he could if certain things in his life were not changed.


Focusing her attention on him, she pushed aside most of the conversation the rest of her flock was engaging in. None knew who she truly was, for keeping who she was a secret, only helped when she did have to go on these secret missions for others. Many didn’t associate loud, flighty, silly and not very responsible geese, with spy work. Which helped her to no end when she had to go on her missions. This one just happened to be a good one and she hoped whatever the wolves had planned worked. She would make sure she did her part to give them everything and anything they might need.




The geese taking in this latest piece of information put their heads together, this time without the burps. The males had learned that one. Chatting among themselves, they realized another idea which MIGHT be possible. They had no idea if it would work or not, but it was something to think about. Parting the circle they had formed around the bonded pair, they looked up at the same gander who began with his theory. Which was, that possibly, with a hell of a lot of practice and a strong enough will, Danny could change the forms of other things and have it stick. If the stories they remember were true, his staff had stayed solid for a time without him touching it. It stood to reason he might be able to create something, or more than likely change something into a tool he needed. Say taking a rock and turning it into a hammer.


Eyes blowing wide at the concept, “Christ if that’s true, my daughter is going to love it.” He could just picture changing a leaf into a blanket with dolphins on it. Or maybe a rock into a pillow? Sasha nudged him and told him that was for much later to think about. For now it was enough that he could make his own clothes.


Taking the hint, the goose stepped off the man, pleased to have learned so much without alerting either Danny or his wolf.


Standing up again, he checked the meat, before tucking it away again into his much better made shirt. “Right and if I can make them here. I can make them in the other world. Think of always being clean and neat, no matter how much crap Steve drags me through.” The geese and Sasha all giggled, but then she pushed him with her muzzle to get on her back. They needed to get back so Danny could eat and do some other chores.


The geese all honked, hissed and cried in excited goodbyes. Terribly pleased to meet such nice polite people, rather then hunters who simply didn’t ask for some help. They also said to come back if they needed more help at any point. Standing Sasha turned and trotted off towards their cave home. Taking a slight detour to pick up some Kavia berries.




The goose watched as they trotted out of sight, before stretching her wings. Taking a couple of test swings, she pointed herself into the direction of the wind. With a few honks and calls she said good bye to the flock, before launching herself into the air. She headed due north to pass along all she had learned about the Guide.


The rest of the flock watched her leave, they were not sure where she had come from, but none would betray her. Flocks did not turn their backs on each other, whatever she was doing they knew it was important. When the time came they would put aside their silliness and stand behind her. Supporting her in whatever way she needed.




They had only been gone an hour, with his late start getting up, and it was closer to noon by the time they got back. Deciding to eat near the water, they made a picnic about 20 feet from the water line. Danny cooked his own meat quickly, still tickled at the approval in Sasha’s eyes, while he placed the berries off to the side.


It felt wonderful wearing decent clothes, but slacks and button down shirts, didn’t seem really appropriate for the beach. So he focused his mind on what he wanted. Sasha watched proud and amazed, as loose sea blue green board shorts appeared, followed by a light white t-shirt. “That’s better, and I don’t even feel that tired.” Glancing at his eyes she could see they were lighter, but not enough to worry about. He was growing stronger every day he was here, and it pleased her.


Lunch didn’t take long to cook and consume. They watched the waves glide along the shore line, gulls and even an albatross flying over head. Sasha growled as a few of the younger gulls debated on whether they could aim probably and crap on their heads. They flew off when she called up her own Arctic Wind, blowing them far out to sea for even thinking it. Danny grinned at his wolf’s antics, even as he approved, he sure as shit didn’t want to get crapped on while they were trying to enjoy their lunch.


Danny munched on some berries while he watched the ocean. The breeze blowing playfully along his skin, cooling it as the sun shined down on the companions. He wasn’t tired and was thinking of contacting Steve, but debated it. He loved the man and missed him, but he wasn’t sure he was ready to reach out to him. Turning to his wolf, he began voicing his thoughts.


“Sasha not sure if I want to contact Steve yet.” Ears perking, she honestly thought he would be jumping at the chance to talk to his mate, after weeks of no contact. She whined a question at him. “Honestly I’m not sure what to say to him. What do you say to a man, who watched his partner go through all I did? He must be racked with guilt and stayed that way for weeks.” He leaned back on his hands, digging his fingers into the sand. “Rationally I know he didn’t mean for it all to happen, but my instincts went off for a reason. Just thinking about contacting him makes me shiver. Because I know he is going to make promises to me, that what happened will not happen again. But I don’t have confidence in his word any more, not where safety comes from anyway. Love, oh yeah I know he loves me that isn’t in doubt.”


Sasha watched as he grew quiet, not sure yet what to say. Everything he was saying was true. Steve had let him down and his instincts were conflicted. She moved closer, sitting up to wrap a leg and paw around him, pleased when he leaned back into her chest. Together they watched the ocean waves, as the tide came in and went out. Neither speaking, letting their thoughts flow where they wanted. Eventually Danny pulled away, sitting up and picking up a few rocks to throw into the water. Sasha cocking her head, while looking down at the young man between her strawberry blond paws.


“I’m going to reach out to him Sasha.” She nuzzled his ear, listening attentively. “I belong to him and he belongs to me. We belong together. We’ll be together forever. He doesn’t know I’m better… or does he?” He turned his head up, to look into the matching blue eyes of his childhood friend. She shook her head no, she was concerned with his health. While yes she had been in contact with Loki, letting him know she had found him. She hadn’t given him an update in a while. “I’m going to reach out, contact my mate and start working on rebuilding the trust we both know we need.”


Sasha growled comfortably in his ear, agreeing with his statement. She whined another question. “Yes, I’ll contact him, but not till tonight. I need to work myself up to it still, because I think it’s going to be hard to do. I don’t trust him and it makes me sick to know, that I don’t trust him. What am I going to do? What are we going to do? How do we rebuild what we lost, so that in the future I’ll know and trust him to protect me?” He threw a few more rocks into the ocean. “It sucks admitting it, but it’s only you and I here now. You won’t tell Steve this, but I do need his help. When my instincts overwhelm me, with the need to help others, he is the only one who can pull me out. I need him so much, not just for pulling me out of my head, but for everything else. Just like I know he needs me. He is a crazy son of a bitch, with little regard for his safety or property around him. But that’s his job, to take the hits for me, so I can do mine. Which includes caring for him when he does stupid shit.”


He leaned back into her, looking up with a happy grin. “Again don’t say this but it’s one of the things I love best about him. Just how fucked up crazy, he truly is in the head. He makes life interesting.” She snickered as she agreed with him. “But honestly I’m not in a hurry, my instincts are jittery just thinking about it. So I think we should go and play a bit in the ocean, get something to eat later, then I’ll work on trying to get hold of him tonight.”


Now his grin turned dirty, “I have a feeling it might be better to try and get hold of him at night, so if he is interested in some telepathic phone sex…” He waggled his eyebrows as her eyes lit up at the idea. “You are such a perverted little strumpet.”


Reaching up he scratched her extra large ear, before sliding down and grabbing her neck ruff. Trying to pull her down, he began to wrestle happily with her. Sasha joining in easily, as she loved encouraging her too serious cub to take time off and just relax.

Chapter Text

“Grace time for dinner.” Rachel called from the dinning room.


“Be there in a second.” She answered before looking down at the book Kono had given her. The photo album was filled with the images of her Danno, and the family he had made for himself. When her parents had split up, it had torn her heart. She thought they wouldn’t love her any more, especially her father since her mom remarried and took her away with her new husband. He hadn’t followed right away which had worried her even more, till he called and told her the reason why he hadn’t been able to follow. Evidently he needed time to sell everything he owned to pay for the move, along with donations from the family to help him find a place. But then he had moved and it was all for her. He had left everyone and everything he loved behind, just so he could be near his little girl.


And she knew the Williams was a tight knit family unit, and to abandon them just for her, made her both happy and sad. Happy she had her father here, but sad because he had no one else. But her dad had made it known, that he would move to the other side of the world to be near her. She was his everything and he would always be there for her. She had friends in school with parents who were divorced, and some of their parents didn’t make the effort to be near their kids in the same state, even though they had the means to do so. She was lucky to have such a devoted Dad, but she wanted him to be happy. Living here in Hawaii had not been a good thing for him for weeks on end. He hadn’t said anything but she knew it was hard as hell for him.


Then he had met Uncle Steve and he started hanging out with him. Grace could see how much happier he was in the other man’s presence. How his eyes lit up when speaking with him, how he was constantly touching him and bringing the Seal out of his shell. When her Danno had introduced her to him, she knew Steve was something special because he was very protective of his daughter.


From that point forward Danno had gone out his way to include Steve in both their lives. And as a consequence, she gained an Aunt and an Uncle. Which she loved, she loved expanding her family, learning new things and being around happy people. Kono was teaching her to surf and Chin, when he could and her father was no where around to tell him no, was teaching her how to hack phones. Since she had needed to before, he didn’t see any harm in showing her even more cool tricks. Danny would throw a fit when he eventually learned but it’s what made learning even more fun.


But now her Uncle and Danno were gone and she missed them both terribly. More of her Aunts and Uncles were here now, moving from New Jersey to Hawaii and made it known that Rachel could not restrict their access to her. They respected Rachel’s rights as her mother, but if they wanted to take Grace for a picnic, or go to a school function they would. They wanted to help distract her from the loss of her father and favorite Uncle.


But she smiled to herself, Uncle Steve had left to bring Danno back and she knew to him, it was a personal mission to both of them. Which meant he would bring Danny back and they would be a family again. She was looking forward to the changes to come and her mother had assured her, if she wanted to change her mind she could. But she wouldn’t, she loved her Mother and Step-Stan immensely, but she was more than what she seemed, and needed to be around those who, when she got older, could help her. Her mother understood and supported her decisions.


But even thought she supported her daughter and her decisions wholeheartedly she was still her Mother and at the end of the day she had to determine what was best. For now Grace would continue her schooling and education where she and Stan decided. But in time she could change.


Now looking down at what Kono had given her, which was a photo album of all the family events they had been to. Pictures of Danno, Steve, Kono, Chin and Kamekona and his family. Trips to the beaches, surfing lessons, picnics, bbq’s at Steve’s place. Even a couple including Rachel, Step-Stan and little Charlie, when Grace said she wanted a big party with all her family. Steve and Danny had been all for it, including them easily just because she wanted it. She loved this album and she kept it with her at all times. Showing it to her friends, whenever asked about her family.


She hoped that Steve found Danno soon, she wanted both men home. They had so many things still to do and experience, and she wanted them here for it. “Grace DINNER NOW!” Rolling her eyes she put her album down on her bedside table. Sliding off her bed, she left her room, closing the door behind her. But not behind her dreams.




For all his bitching and moaning at his wolf, he was enjoying himself and the run he was forcing him to do. He could feel himself getting faster, his strides lengthening and the wind starting to buzz past his ear. He was having no problems breathing as he set his pace, which was getting comparable to a corvette or Ferrari in speed. Evening was approaching and he was just catching up, to his soon to be hairless balls wolf. Feeling the power in his stride, he ran for another few yards over the rocky soil, when he was completely thrown off his pace, and his feet.


Tripping over himself and tumbling in an inelegant sprawl at a voice he hadn’t heard in weeks.




Laying on the ground, seeing nothing above him, focus completely internal. He reached out a hand as if to touch the man the voice belonged to, even though he was hundreds of miles away. Loki came to stand over him, nuzzling at the prostate man, checking him to make sure he had not hurt himself in his fall. The calf had stopped a short distance away and was watching them curiously.


None of this matter or even factored into the Sentinels awareness, all he knew was he had heard the voice of the man he loved more than any other and hoped it wasn’t a cruel dream. “Danny?”


Voice laced heavily with love and amusement, ‘Who else would be talking in your head babe?’


Body shaking from so much shock and emotions, as he literally felt his mate’s voice in his head. The sound filled every hole in his mind, heart and soul. Holes he had no idea where there, till the beloved vibrations caressed his inner being fully. Tears streaming down his face unnoticed, he laid on the ground, Loki standing protectively over him. He had to say something, he had to hear those much missed sounds of his most treasured love again. ’Oh my god Danny! Danny are you all right? Where are you? Speak to me! Why won’t you say anything? Oh shit I’m losing my mind. I thought I heard his voice. No please don’t do this to me…’ The Commander began to panic as nothing was forth coming. Believing his mind had finally snapped, without the gentle guidance of his partner, after all this time.


Instead what he received was even better, as his partner chuckled easily through his panic, ’It’s a hell of a lot easier to answer you, if you take a breath love.’


‘Love? You still love me? After everything? How I failed you over and over again?’ Emotions, pent up for far too long with no control, began to spill over. The Sentinel had been separated too long from his Guide. Steve’s world revolved around Danny, he loved him so much and would do anything for him. Being so far apart and stewing in his own thoughts and worries, had not helped his own feelings of self worth and value. His mind had been doing okay coping without the steadying influence of a bonded Guide, though he didn’t realize it at the time. Loki doing a hell of a lot of the work, which was normally Danny’s job to keep him sane and healthy. But now that he was in contact mind to mind again with his mate, he was getting overwhelmed himself. And unable to do anything other than fall into another depressive abyss as all the ways he had failed the much beloved man forced themselves to the front of his mind.


If Danny let him.


Just as his own long over due, panic attack was getting ready to hit full force, he felt calming waves of love and joy flow through him. The shock of contact with the beloved man, receding from the force of power being directed at him. Steve could feel it as every cell in his being was touched by his mate, gently suffusing him with nurturing love and relaxation.


Voice soft as if speaking to a nervous colt, ’Listen babe, of course I still love you. That won’t change, ever. As for the rest of what happened. We’ll deal with it later. For now let's take the night and just enjoy finally being able to speak to one another.’


Bypassing the need to understand most of what his Guide was saying, he focused on the question which blasted into his mind. ‘How? How Danny? I felt your mind shatter? It shattered, and then you were gone. I haven’t been able to feel you, detect you or even reach you through our bond marks.’


Quietly the younger man responded to his Sentinel’s shaken questions. ’I know Steve. Yes, you did feel my mind shatter and it’s not completely better, not yet. But Sasha is helping me for a lot of it. To be fair, I haven’t been able to feel you or reach you till now. My Lady has been working non-stop during the nights, to restore my mind enough to be able to reach out to you. I’ve just now grown strong enough to do so. Even yesterday I probably wouldn’t have been able to. Now I’m better in many areas, but there are places inside me which still need work. Those places will be up to you to fix when you get here.’


‘Loki says we still have a few weeks to get to you. Especially since he is insisting I run beside him, instead of on him.’ He growled that last comment out of his mind.


‘What you have to run some of your unlimited energy off? I can see that.’ The humor was easily felt through the bond.


Determination and grit resonated down their connection, Steve’s face unknowingly reflecting his thoughts to the calf and his wolf. ’I don’t care what it takes. I will get to you.’ His other hand dug into the dirt at his side.


Sincerity floating through the older man’s mind. ’I know babe. But take your time. You have many lessons still to learn before you reach me.’


‘Lessons?’ Steve didn’t want any more lessons, he just wanted his Danny. The man who had been away from his side for way too long.


‘What else would you do with your time while heading towards me? The wolves are our teachers babe. They know this world and we are new to it. They know what is best for us and we need to listen to them.’


Growling as Loki’s “lessons” popped into his head, ’I have been learning things. Lots of things. Things I can’t wait to show you.’ He felt Danny chuckle, as some of those lessons must have traveled down the bond.


Loki nudged at Steve, directing him to mount up. Steve did so, barely paying enough attention to throw a leg over his back before focusing back on the voice in his head. The wolf wanted to get Steve to a good shelter tonight. He had a feeling he would want some privacy. Making sure the man was secure, he took off at his top speed. Steve easily keeping on his back even through the distraction of talking to his mate.


‘I’ve been learning things to.’ And there was humor laced in his tone. Steve didn’t pay attention to it though, which he should have if he knew what was good for him.


Loki shooed the calf away for the night, Sasha had contacted him just a few moments ago, telling him what was about to happen. He needed to find a good secure place, because Steve would be useless for anything else. And he didn’t want to subject the calf to what troubles were ahead. He found what he was looking for, with minutes to spare. A nice outcropping of trees in a huddle leaning inland away from the sea wind. The canopy was small but covered enough for his purposes. Sliding his hips around he sat down, letting Steve fall backwards off him. The man barely stumbled, easily maintaining his balance as he sat down in the grove.


Loki stepped back outside, taking up a guard position as the Guide began his fun.


‘What things have you been learning Daniel?’ All Steve wanted to do was keep his man talking. To hear his voice and feel how it caressed his mind with the sweet tones. He leaned back against one of the tree trunks within the grotto, relaxed and at peace for the first time in days. His partner’s next words shattered that feeling completely.


‘I’ve been learning, that I really miss sucking on your cock, just before you thrust it deep in my ass and fuck me stupid.’ Was the bland reply to his mates question.


Steve, eyes bulging out at the unexpected answer, reached for his balls to keep from coming that instant in his pants. He was a moment too late, for along with the words, his partner sent extreme lustful and horny feelings straight into his mind. His cock, long denied any pleasurable satisfaction of any kind for weeks, exploded thick white ropy come, it splattered wetly in his torn up pants.


Then Danny sent a loving memory and image of what he had just described, making his Sentinel hard again. The blond chuckled, as he pushed more wanton feelings at him. The long stressful days of not being able to touch his mate, see him or smell him. The sound of his dirty, filthy voice instantly breaking his self control and forcing him to another straining climax.


’DANNY!’ He exclaimed shocked and completely turned on, even after two releases. His bond mark began glowing in his signature colors, as they responded to his own lustful emotions. His cock already beginning to strain at his tattered pants again.


‘What? You saying you haven’t missed putting that thick man meat of your’s into my tight little ass? Listening, as I beg you to fuck me harder? To kneel before you, waiting to pleasure you as you come mount me from behind? To take me as your owned piece of delicious submitting ass, and let me know you own it with a hard, deep and fast pounding? You haven’t missed doing that?’ Danny chuckled as he could feel his mate squirming in sudden need for the third time.


Panting at the image, green eyes darkening in deep feral lust, he growled at his trouble causing and way to mischievous mate, ‘Oh I’ve missed it and I plan on having you as soon as I get my hands on you.’ His hand was rubbing at his suddenly swollen prick. It acted like it hadn’t just come twice in the last three minutes. He knew he had to do something, something which involved his clothes but he couldn’t figure out what. His parters deep, wanton voice distracting him from all other thoughts.


Danny knowing exactly what Steve was feeling, since he was the one sending those feelings over their bond to begin with smiled. He wasn’t done teasing or ramping either of them up. He had waited to long for this himself and planned on getting the most out of their first contact, that he could. Purring into his mind he asked, ’You touching yourself Steven? Taking yourself in hand? Rubbing up and down on that thick, heavenly piece of meat you call a cock, but what I call dessert? Stroking yourself as you listen to my voice? Well? Are you touching yourself?’


‘Yeah I am.’ He barely could think of anything else, his whole body strung so tight from the words he was hearing. He needed more, so much more and he had a feeling his teasing mate was going to give him exactly that.


‘Good, so am I. But not only that, I have three fingers in my hole mate. Three fingers plunging deeply into my much neglected ass. Wishing you were here instead to stretch me, to make me ready for your use. Pushing first one, then two then three fingers, into a place only you will ever have the right and privilege to enter.’


Danny moaned into his mate’s mind, as he continued with his naughty imagery to Steve. ‘I’m hard Steve, very hard and wanting you, only you. Only ever you to take me, play with me, suck my cock cause you can. To see you between my legs and drinking my man milk as you force me to come over and over. Not letting up till you are completely satisfied with how much pleasure you are making me endure.’


Steve started drooling, even as he stroked himself through his pants, listening to his mates words. God he wanted the man, wanted him with a passion. His cock jerked at his Guides words and he was leaking like crazy. He gripped himself to try and staved off yet another climax till his partner came himself. He could feel it as Danny had yet to come himself, even if he had already done so twice. It didn’t take long for Danny’s next words to affect him even more.


The blond could feel his mate’s cock straining against his clothes, and he grinned deeply. Knowing how his next words would affect his Sentinel. ‘Wishing I was on my knees, back bowed, ass up high, keening from a very vigorous fucking I have no hope of escaping. Your hands gripping my hips while you plunge deep and hard into me. Being used for my Sentinel’s dominate pleasure, as he takes me as the sexual possession I am to him.’ The voice was deeply wanton and sultry. Showcasing even more, of what he wanted his bond mate to do to him once they reunited. His cock straining in front of him, his hand stroking himself leisurely, as his other hand opened him up, in mock preparation for his possessive fucking.


Feelings of need and want hitting Steve like a sledgehammer, as his Guide projected his total pleasure to him. He finally had the presence of mind to strip out of his ratty pants, before he creamed them a third time. Closing his eyes he responded back to his tantalizing teasing mate. Purring himself he sent back his own imagery, of Danny laid out before him, on all fours, waiting to be of use to him. His thumbs stretching his hole, before he himself kneels down to begin licking at the orifice. Steve felt it as Danny stuttered in his mischief making as he received the images in his head. Then began moaning in extreme need as he accepted his Seal’s mental attentions. Seeming to feel it as the taller man prepped him for what they both wanted so much.


Steve hummed in his mind and it went straight to Danny’s cock. He honestly could feel it, as his ass stretched even wider, in memory of when Steve had gone down on him before. Relishing the mental touch of his partner, as he day dreamed about the connection they so enjoyed sharing with each other. The Seal didn’t let up, showing him just what he planned on doing to his horny mate once he got his hands on him. Making Danny swallow with trepidation and need.


Finally his mate started using his words again, as the mental imagery completely ravished his Guide’s highly turned on mind. ’If that’s what my Guide wants, that is what my Guide is going to get. A sound fucking to teach him his place, to remind him who he belongs too, who OWNS him and can do whatever he wishes to him.’ The Commander began to stroke faster, as the images started coming inside his head. Danny was on his knees looking out over the ocean. One hand on his dick, while his other was reaching behind him. Pleasuring himself, since his Sentinel wasn’t there to do it for him.


Words slurring with his own self pleasure, he let his willing mate know exactly what he planned on doing next. ’Then when I’m done taking you Daniel. I’m going to push you to your back, I’m going to impale myself, on your own thick heavily dripping cock. Then I’m going to ride you and ride you hard. I won’t let you come till I have taken every drop of pleasure I can from you. I’m going to fuck myself on your prick and use it to make myself come over and over again. Till I decide as you are laying there, writhing underneath me, to let you come. Then I’ll command you to shoot your load into me and keep doing so till I am satisfied.’ He grinned, as he heard his mate hiccup, at the visual his words painted in his mind.


Danny breathing harshly as his mate’s words struck a cord within him. It had been so long since they had reconnected physically and his own instincts were craving his Seal’s touch. Craving the control only he could give him. For now his words would have to do. ’Oh fuck Steve, god damn yes. Make sure I only come when you want me to. Ride me like the horny little Guide I am.’ He pumped his hand faster into himself, placing the hand which had been stroking himself on the ground so he could, bury his fingers deeper into his own wide open and much needed to be used hole.


‘I will. But I’m also going to enjoy remapping your body. Licking every part of you as I reaffirm my daily scent on you. Rubbing myself everywhere you have skin, even as I play with you. Sucking on your nipples, till they are so sensitive a light breeze will have you screaming, with the need to come. I’ll leave my bites all over you, suck your cock into my mouth and drink you dry. Milk you over and over, as I order you to come multiple times. I miss your taste and need to drink it soon.’ Steve wiped his mouth, as he thought of the taste of his mate. It had been too long, and he needed to swallow as much as he could get out of the other man. It was his favorite treat and he had been denied it for way to long.


Danny panted as he felt himself starting to lose it. Pounding his own asshole with four fingers now, as he worked to get even a poor facsimile of his partner’s cock in his ass.’Stroke yourself faster Steve. I’m almost ready to come. Jesus I need to come.’ He moaned into his head. God he needed to feel that thick member impaling him soon. Taking his rights to his body even as he took his own. For while Steve claimed Danny, Danny claimed Steve and never was there a happier Sentinel than the Seal, who knew just how much his Guide loved giving him everything he wanted and craved.


‘When I get my hands on you, I plan on taking days to worship your body. To go over every nook and cranny many times to make sure I don’t miss a thing. I hope you're ready for rim jobs, because not only will I start getting my morning blow each day. But I plan on turning you over and spanking that ass, before spreading your cheeks and diving in. I’m going to make you come a second time just from me licking and tongue fucking your ass.’


Danny hiccuped, as his mate’s words started pushing him over the edge. Just a few more would do it. ‘Then once you’ve come, just from riding on my tongue, I plan on mounting you like the little pleasure boy you are, and fucking you stupid. Fucking you till you come a third time, and only then, maybe, I’ll gift you with my own come. If not in your ass, then you will be sucking my cock. Sucking the cock that owns your tight little ass, till you come a fourth time. I’ll have you glued to my cock, till I’m ready to give you my seed. Looking down on you, not letting you stroke yourself, not letting you play with your own ass. No, you will be sucking your Sentinel’s cock, taking the only pleasure I allow, from sucking on me, till you have no choice, but to beg me to let you come. Slurping up my pre-come while you shudder below me, as your own climax spills over you.’


‘Fuck, oh god fuck yes, I need you Steve so bad. God I need to be taken and used by you.’ Everything the older man was saying was driving him further towards the edge. He just needed a little more to push him over the edge. And Steve was ready to give him that push.


Voice gentling, as all of Steve’s pent up emotions finally spilled out, and showed just how much he truly loved the man, who he had given his heart too. ’And lastly, I’ll take you in my arms and just hold you. Hold you like the precious thing that you are. Stroking my hand down your cheek, looking deep into those crystal clear blue eyes, bowing my ear down to place it on your chest, so I can listen to the beat of the heart, which belongs to the man I cherish most. You are the most important and dearest thing to ever happen to me. To hold you, love you, cherish you. Satisfy you in any way you want. Then watch as the sun rises or sets, all while holding you in my arms.’ Steve’s voice continue to soften as he spoke in his mate’s mind. Conveying all the emotions he had not been able to express, like he normally would if they were together.


It was enough, the heart felt gentle and loving words easily doing what the filthy smut had to work at. Danny, gripping his cock once more, came with a cry in his mate’s mind. ‘Oooooooohhhhhh Fuuuuckkkkk,’ as he let loose in his own explosive climax. Long ropes of creamy come spewing in a wide arc, painting everything around him in white. Showing Steve exactly what was happening. Steve wasn’t much better, he came as he heard his mate crying in his mind. Stroking furiously as he chased the last of his release. His hand, chest and anything else getting covered in thick white rope. His balls aching from the prolonged orgasm, as his body shuddered in stress relief.


Taking a few minutes to recover, it was Danny who spoke first. Voice deep with extreme satisfaction he sighed into his partners head. ’That was good. I needed that.’


Mind still somewhat numb still Steve responded back. ‘Me too. God I miss you love.’


‘I do too.’ He paused for a second before coming back quietly. ‘Listen I need to go babe…’


Sitting up straight, post coital bliss forgotten, in favor of stressing over the loss contact of his mate again. ’GO? NO! Where are you going?’


Sending him soothing feelings, working to calm the suddenly upset man. ’To sleep. Sasha says I need to rest. My strength still isn’t staying as long as she wants. I have bursts of strength instead of sustained types. So she makes sure I eat and sleep a lot.’


Steve wanted to keep his mate talking. Feel his presence around him, but he also wanted him better. So he sighed before responding. ‘Okay I understand and agree. Go get some sleep, we can talk more in the morning.’


Pleased that Steve was being so understanding, he knew it must be hard to let him go but he was feeling the strain himself now and honestly needed a nap after all the mental work he had just experienced. ’Okay just let me contact you. Sasha doesn’t want you interrupting my sleep, and it will be hard for you to tell when I’m awake from so far away.’


Steve raised an eyebrow at that, but for now let it go. ‘Okay but you need to call me tomorrow. And Danny know that I am on my way to you.’ He projected all his determination and might into those words.


‘I know you are babe. And I’m looking forward to seeing you when you show up. Good night love.’ Then he was gone mostly. There was still a gentle feeling in the back of Steve’s mind which let him relax. He could now feel Danny even if it wasn’t much. It was more than what he had a few minutes ago.


“Good Night, my everything.” Not even bothering to clean up, he struggled into his pants against the cold. Steve fell asleep where he lay. A happy content smile on his face.




Sasha watched everything her cub did as he contacted his mate. From him grinning when he first contacted him to when she finally insisted he rest. She also had followed his mind to make sure he didn’t stress himself out with his first contact. To say she wasn’t affected by the dirty thoughts passing through would be a lie. She was panting herself in need and thinking furiously about how she wanted to deal with her issue. Bringing her cub back to himself, she nudged the fish she had hunted for him towards him to eat. Watching as he quickly consumed it, before settling against her belly, forming thicker clothes to keep him warm over night if she had to move away from him for a few minutes.


Maybe it was time she start looking for someone to have her own fun with. Though there really was only one choice she wanted. Yes, maybe it was time to enter the next stage of her own life.




‘Rise and Shine sunshine. You need to get up and get going. You have a long ride ahead of you, if you want to meet up with me any time soon.’ Came the overly cheerful voice of his partner in his muzzy head. Steve startled awake at the sound, looked around, thinking Danny was nearby.


‘Danny?’ Mind still foggy but clearing fast.

‘Yes, it’s me. You slept in like crazy, cause I sure as shit didn’t get up early.’ His voice was smug, as he rubbed it in that Steve had slept well past the hour he normally did.


Wiping his hands on his shirt, they were flaking something nasty off, he grunted, ’Where are you?’


Quickly replying ‘Beach cave, miles down the coast from you.’


Groaning knowing the answer to his question even before he asked it. ’Ugh please say I can get there in a few days.’


‘Yeah should be able to, if you were riding Sasha, and she was moving at the same breakneck speed she moved at, to get to me here to begin with.’ He said with a smile in his voice.


Not happy at the news, still he asked another important question. ’Fuck, so how long before I can get to you. Loki can’t move as fast as her.’


‘According to Sasha, if he moves at his normal running pace. And you don’t mind putting in at least 12 hour day runs. Should be here in about three weeks.’


‘Three WEEKS?’ He exclaimed thoroughly unhappy with the news.


‘Yep.’ Danny had conflicting feelings, one he really wanted Steve with him, to hold and cuddle with. To love and be loved. The other was he wanted the man to take his time, he wasn’t sure how to face a man who he loved dearly, but couldn’t trust to defend him when he needed it. Something must have slipped into his thoughts, because Steve’s next words were quiet.


‘Danny, I won’t promise this time. I know it’s too soon. But I am stronger and faster. I’m working on becoming the mate you need. The one who can defend you, protect you the way you need to be.’ Steve put everything he had into those truthful words.


Relaxing at his words, he responded with ’Thank you Steve for not promising. I don’t think I could handle you promising, then not living up to it.’


Reaching out with his mind as best he could. He tried to send the feelings of him stroking down his cheek. ’I know baby. But listen could you at least be open minded enough to let me try? I am going to work so much harder to be what I need to be for you.’


‘I’ll always be opened minded to you protecting me. It’s proving it to my instincts, which will be much harder. But I know you can do it. Take your time reaching me. Grow stronger.’ Then some devilment entered his mind voice. ‘Work on your stamina too, I really want to feel you power fucking me for a long time, once you get here. A nice two maybe three hour pounding, where you just fuck me constantly. Taking me over and over, as we both have fun together. Making me come a dozen times simply because you can.’ The Guide could feel exactly what his words were doing to his mate. Feeling the excitement thrumming through his body as his instincts sat up and wholeheartedly agreed to his plan.


Scowling in frustration at his trouble making partner. ’God damn it Danny, now I have yet another raging hard-on that I need to take care of.’


With not even a remote drop of contriteness ‘I’m so sorry babe. If you want I won’t say anything more, about how I want your long, throbbing cock, pulsing with the need, to come in my tight hole. Or how I love licking your nipples, till you are panting in lust, till I take pity on you and suck you all the way down my throat. I’ll just picture it in my head while you are heading towards me.’ Then he sent Steve the picture he was imagining, of him on his knees while he sucked his Sentinel’s cock, all the way down his throat.


‘DANNY! You are such and ASSHOLE.’ He shouted, the image highly detailed and making him wish yet again he could just teleport to his mate’s side. His cock tenting his torn up shorts, just before it released yet another load of jizz.


‘What’s the matter babe? Come in your shorts?’ He asked amused and curious.


To incensed and horny, to really pay attention to his mouth, he blurted out, ‘YES!’


It was quiet for a few moments in his head, giving him a chance to get his breathing under control and realize he needed to clean himself up somehow. ‘Wow babe, didn’t think you were going to just blurt that right out.’ His mind voice was both smug and amused.


Thoroughly annoyed even as he tried to hide his pleasure, at hearing his mate happy. ’You’re a dick, you know that right?’


Not fooled at all the blond came back with, ’Well, I have one. And if you hurry your ass up and get here. I’ll even let you suck it.’ Sent with yet another image, only this time of Danny sitting on a ledge, legs spread wide with Steve between his legs. The brunette bobbing his head enthusiastically as he sucked on his Guides cock. Working to get the special treat only Danny could give him.


‘DANNY! Don’t make me come again it’s not nice.’ His cock was already alive and looking for round two, and he had only been up for five minutes.


With a final chuckle before he relaxed the connection he stated. ‘If I’m so naughty then you better hurry up and get here so you can punish me.’ He sent one final image of himself, bent over a downed tree truck, Steve holding him down easily, while he spanked his ass cherry red. Danny moaning in pleasure, as he enjoyed the strict attention of the man he loved. Then it was quiet in his head.


Not that it helped in the slightest, the image doing exactly what Steve didn’t want. “That son of a BITCH!” Steve snarled as he felt his cock let loose again, soaking his ruined pants and neither regions in his own essence. Standing he left the grove, only to stop at the sight of two amused spirit animals.


The calf hadn’t known what was going on at first, when Loki had shoed him away last night. When he returned an hour later, Loki had sat him down and explained a hell of a lot of things to him over night. One being his companion and his mate were very good at mating one another. They loved mating, a lot, and they hadn’t been able to get it on in weeks. He hadn’t wanted his young impressionable mind affected by whatever might happen till he had explained a few things.


The calf chuckled at the news, no stranger to mating couples. He had seen many creatures mating over the years, as he traveled with his herd. To know the man and his as yet never met mate liked to go at it just as much as some of them was amusing to him. Once they were finished with their talk he had moved off and grazed through the night. Pointedly not listening too hard at the grunts and groans and cries of pleasure coming from the grove.


Steve, rolling his eyes at the two creatures, he headed over to the small creek and washed up as best he could. Stripping down entirely and washing what he could off his clothes. Concentrating on not burning his rags up as he dried them as best he could. Honestly he wished he could get a new set, maybe once he reached Danny they could figure out a way to make something. Course he could always just skin a critter, maybe an obnoxiously laughing buffalo calf and wrap himself in the hide. Flapping the tattered bits of cloth a final time, he threw them back on, taking a deep breath, he steadied his nerves and debated his options.


“Loki? Danny tells me it will take three weeks for us to get to him at your normal pace, if we travel 12 hours a day. I’m assuming that is the best you can do?” He wasn’t sure what he wanted, other than to be near Danny. He knew he had more lessons to learn, and he was thinking honestly about which would be better. Getting to his man, or learning how to protect him properly.


Tilting his head at his companion, the wolf thought about his question. He knew how close the men were and needed to be. Guess it was time he reveled a bit more about himself and Sasha. Climbing to his feet, he paced over to his brother, crouching down to let him mount. “Loki?” Steve asked even as he threw his leg over him. Standing he began to trot off, the calf following behind as they went looking for breakfast.


The black beast began explaining a bit more about the Warrior line, and how it differed with the elder line. Warriors were just that, warriors, they had to be stronger, faster, have more stamina than the regular line wolves and those of the Elder line. Sasha had access to ancient power, so she was a more advanced wolf of the Elder line. But wolves of the Warrior line, if needed could push themselves hard for long periods of time. Including for how long they traveled each day and at what speeds. If Steve didn’t mind riding long and hard, getting up before dawn and traveling well into the night. Loki could push his traveling up to around 18 hours a day. They might have to take a day off here and there to eat and rest, but he could shorten the three weeks by a week probably.


“So we could be there in around two weeks?” Hope began to light his eyes, even as doubt clouded his mind. He needed to work on his own strength and stamina, and other skills to become the mate Danny needed. Loki growled out that in that time, he could practice his running skills. There was no reason why Steve shouldn’t be able to run as fast as him. And it would be good to use his legs as they traveled. The exercise burning off some of the energy he naturally had with his impatience to reach their pack mates.


“What about Buddy?” Both companions looked over at the calf, who was eyeing them calmly. He lulled out he could keep up. He wanted to be an asset to his own companion, when he met him someday.


Taking his word for it, honestly not wanting to leave the little guy behind after all the help he had given him and his bond mate. “Okay if you're sure. Loki I say we go for it. Even with breaks, I’m in favor of longer days, if it gets us there sooner. Hell just the training would be good.” Not wanting to waste any more time, Loki stopped at yet another kavia bush pile. This one nice and thick, allowing them to eat their fill without hunting. Steve picking extra for a snack to give Loki later, they wouldn’t be hunting much for this run. The calf already willing to provide what they needed in the way of meat each day.


Stretching himself for the job ahead, Loki focused his mind and his power. Then with a powerful thrust of his legs, began to run.

Chapter Text

The White Wolf watched as the trio began their journey. Something was different today, something had given them hope and a goal. They way they were moving quickly, and the happy, determined smile the Sentinel had on his face, was a pretty good clue. If he had to guess, he would assume it had something to do with the Guide, who was thousands of miles away from them. If that was the case, then he had to increase his own agendas. He would not let the Sentinel fail in his duty to his Guide. And more importantly he would not let him fail in his heart.




For the rest of the day and for the next three days, all three rose many hours before sunrise. Riding or running hard till noon before stopping for an hour break. The calf would drop his form, and allow Loki a much needed, energy replenishing meal. Then he would take a quick nap before they started off again, running late into the night and repeating their steps from noon at midnight. Loki preferred it when Steve rode him during the dark hours. While Steve could easily see in the dark, there were often creatures who could ambush them if they were not careful. They had learned that lesson earlier, and Loki was loathed to repeat it.


But often Steve would run next to his bond-mate when it was daylight. He ran easily now, keeping up with the fast pace of the wolf, and marveled at it. He loved to run and being able to run even faster now and do it all day was wonderful. He couldn’t wait to try swimming and seeing how he did there. But the waters here, with the much more dangerous denizens within, made him cautious. Maybe if Zijan was here he would give it another go. But it was more important to him to just get to Danny.


He was also learning new tricks which Loki was showing him. How you could phase part of your body to go through objects if one wished too. Some times they came to large groves of tree’s which stretched for miles and would be hard and very time consuming to go around. So instead he went through, phasing into his spirit form, quickly and confidently. Course the first time Steve tried doing it, he ran smack into a tree at 40 miles an hour and knocked himself out. That was the end of the running for that day. Didn’t help that Loki and the calf could not stop laughing at his smushed in nose till it healed.


Morning, noon and night Danny contacted him. Encouraging him for a few minutes. And more often torturing him with lewd thoughts directed at him. When he got his hands on his little tormentor, that boy would be in a world of sexual hurt. Steve planned on firmly attaching his lips to his prick and sucking him dry, till he promised never to tempt him like he had been for his travels.


Absently adjusting his seat as Loki leaped a log, followed by a series of gullies with slow moving streams of muddy water, he continued to contemplate the other man. The landscape changing to a more rugged terrain, as they approached what sounded like a large body of water. Raising his head he could see a fast moving river a few miles in front. His mount was already turning to run parallel to it.


His Guide also worried him, sometimes he was very tired in his mind voice, and didn’t stay long. Preferring to say a few words, rile him up with some naughty images, before leaving him to his own devices. His only assurances were that Sasha was with him and she wouldn’t let anything hurt her companion. He wondered what Danny would be like when they finally reunited after so many weeks apart.


It wasn’t normal for any bonded pair anywhere to spend so much time apart from each other. Sentinels who had found their true Guides were very devoted to their other half and deteriorated quickly when they were not around. Needing the comfort and stability the Guide provided in their daily lives. Steve was no exception to needing his Guide, but he had been without him for weeks, in highly stressful situations. He was amazed at how well he had kept it together without the man. He attributed much of it to his wolf, who he knew was still keeping a sharp eye on his mind. But the creature could only do so much in leu of a properly trained Guide.


He himself had learned so much as he traveled with his companions, but he wondered what Danny would have learned. Sasha in his estimate had the tougher task, because she was reconstructing a shattered mind to whole again. Shattered because of his lack of knowledge, understanding and strength to protect Danny the way he had to be.


Loki following his mind was quick to respond to his negative thoughts. It was true he did lack knowledge, understanding and strength to protect Danny in his role as Spirit Guide and chosen First Guide Healer of the Spirit realm. But it was not his fault, not in any way shape or form. They were supposed to have had 100 years or more to learn about their job, their duties and abilities in a slow, meticulous manner. Sasha and he were both prepared to teach them everything they needed to know about it. Instead bad, no horrible timing, had hit both of them, with massive assholes coming out of the wood work to interrupt their training.


It did not take away from the fact that Steve was probably one of the most caring, and devoted Sentinels on the planet and he would do anything within his power to protect his mate. But he only had so much power to begin with and would gain more if given enough time. It was terrible what happened to Danny, absolutely terrible and Loki never wished to go through something like that again, on Steve’s behalf but also his own. Because while Steve was missing Danny, he was also missing Sasha. Together all four of them formed a tentative pack and pack was very important to wolves. Steve was his brother in every sense of the word as far as he was concerned, Sasha was something a bit different because at the end of the day Loki had four feet while Steve had two. Steve had a mate while Loki wished he did, and there were certain things Sasha could understand because she physically was a wolf.


She was much older than him, how much he wasn’t sure but all it did was make her more special to him because of all the experiences she had at her disposal. He was learning a great deal from her when they were together and those lessons in turned helped him help Steve. For one thing when Danny’s mind shattered, Sasha and he both knew that he was coming into the Spirit realm before his time. His instincts were demanding a safe haven and the only place it could focus on was a spot away from all other humans who could hurt him. Sasha only had a few minutes to covey a wealth of information to himself. Information he would need for when Steve called him to follow his mate because she knew he would. Loki at the time hadn’t a clue how to keep Steve calm and stable in his mind and if he had tried to bring Steve to the spirit realm by himself, he would have gone just as mad as his mate.


But instead Sasha had looked deeply into his eyes and shown him so many things in an instant. Things he needed to do, things he could do with his own power, to be the mental support Steve would need when he came here. After sharing everything she could think of in the limited time they had, she had nudged him and told him he had the ability to be the brother to Steve he wished to be. She had told him don’t be easy on Steve, he needed to learn quickly the lessons he needed, in order to be the protector destined to guard her cub. But she had also said to not be hard on himself, he was learning too and the 100 years would have been there for Loki to learn, along with Steve. To learn all the things he needed to make the transition to the Spirit plain easier for his brother. Instead they were all being rushed because of those fools on the island. All of them would make mistakes as they were hurried though things they never should have needed to hurry through.


Then she had nuzzled him on his cheek before leaping off the cliff face itself to the grasslands. The leap had to have been at least a couple miles straight up from where they had been resting, but she hadn’t been phased in the least. She had called on her ancient power to fuel her need to get to her cub, using everything she had in her. Just like his devotion to Steve, her’s was dedicated to Danny and if the choice every came down to who they would pick, it would always be with their human half. Sasha would forsake Loki, just like he would forsake her if they were ever put into a spot they found themselves in. The reason being because while they all were pack, the pairs were also half of each other’s souls in a way.


They were all combined together but the bonds between each pair meant they could not live on without the other. Just as Danny and Steve at one point could have been killed. If one had died, the other would have followed not even a day later. Now though they were in the spirit realm, fully fused with it and as long as the Spirit Plain existed so would they. As it was meant to be, but if ever Steve or Danny disappeared from the realm, their wolves would follow after. They would not stay in their home realm even a day, unlike many other spirit beasts who had lost their own companions and did choose to stay in their home world. They would come after their chosen and be with them even in the final place they decided to call home, because they were so bonded to their chosen person.


Steve looked down at Loki’s head, who glanced at him from his left eye, projecting just how serious he was. Loki would die to keep Steve safe, just as Sasha would do the same for Danny. They were forever connected, and neither animal ever wanted to be without the bond mate who gave them so much. So it was important for Steve to understand this was NOT his fault, he had not be given the time he needed, to learn all he needed to learn. Steve WAS stronger now, he was faster, smarter ehhhh.


The wolf chuckled as he heard Steve’s annoyed snort.


He was all of those things and would continue to grow and be able to guard his mate properly. Danny was destined to help others, even at the cost to himself. Steve was their security and Danny’s anchor for himself. Danny would be very dependent on Steve, to watch out for him and make sure he didn’t over extend himself, with his very large and giving heart. Someone who would be selfish for him, and give him the perspective to step back, and let people help themselves. Steve was going to always be the person Danny could look to and know would be honest with him.


The Wolf leaped another set of downed rotting logs as he continued explaining more about his bond mate’s role in life.


But another thing Steve needed to remember, because he could feel him tensing up at the huge responsibility he was being burdened with. Was that in exchange for all that, he received Danny’s love and commitment. For that man was so focused on making sure his mate was well cared for it was scary. He would do anything for Steve, bitching and moaning while he did it, but he would look out for Steve, and make sure he was loved in ways he never had been before. Filling up all the large gaping holes which had been placed there over the years, from others who couldn’t love Steve enough. Danny would be there to support him, back him up, love him, guard him when he was down, berate him when he was wrong, and kick anyone’s ass who dared to try and take what Danny claimed as his.


For even as Steve claimed Danny, Danny claimed him and would viciously go after those who tried to hurt his mate. He may not have been given many chances lately to prove it, but in time Danny would be just as good at fighting as Steve. He would just be less likely to choose fighting as the path he would take to solve a problem. For he loved to talk his way out of things, talking peoples ears off if possible, and annoying the ever living shit out of them. It was a lot healthier way of getting things done, rather than blowing them up. No matter how much Steve and Loki preferred to see the big booms.


Now both were grinning maniacally as they thought of the wonderful things they had blown up over the years.


So for now Steve simply needed to relax and learn what he needed to learn. Danny was learning his own lessons, in a less hectic manner. Because Sasha had to take care that she didn’t push her wards mind too hard. He was still recovering, and most of the tiredness Steve felt came from Sasha healing him over night. The healing took some part of his own energy, because it was his mind they were working on. But in time it would go away and with Steve’s help Danny would be back to 100%. For if he remembered Danny telling him what seemed so long ago, their Spirit bond would not allow them to heal to anything other than 100%. It would take time and energy on all their parts but Danny would get better and then all of them could move on.


Living through the years together in happiness and sadness, the fun times and the hard times. Being together and knowing they all were a family the likes never before seen. Family which in time might be expanded if he had his wicked way with Sasha.


“And how is that going for you?” Steve snickered, only to stop as Loki sighed as he ran.


It wasn’t going so well for him he thought, all the things he tried to do to impress her had failed.


“And what did you try to do to impress her?”


Here Loki laid his ears back in chagrin as he thought back on it. Showing his impressive limberness as he scratched himself. Dancing wildly in circles, as he chased his tail, to stop and show how he wasn’t dizzy. At least till he stumbled into her from dizziness. How he tried to howled the most beautiful songs to the moon about her. How her blue eyes were like pools of the bluest beer cans…


“I KNEW IT you were drunk when you did all those things weren’t you?” Steve laughed as Loki refused to answer. “When did you find time to get drunk? Was it at the Williams party?”


Loki refused to answer, but his swishing tail and stiff back was answer enough. Steve patted his shoulder “Don’t worry buddy, I think she likes you just fine, give her time. And try not to barf in front of her. It might win her to your side someday.”


Loki grumbled how it would probably take him years to win her, but then again they had time, lots of time and he could be patient. She was worth being patient for, just as Steve was worth being patient for to Danny. Danny in his heart knew Steve would be the best protector of him, while he didn’t trust him to keep him safe now. He did trust that someday Steve would win his trust back. It was all a matter of time and Steve needed to be patient with himself and realize gaining back Danny’s trust, was worth the extra time to all of them.


“Okay Loki, I’ll give myself time, even if I don’t like it. I owe Danny so much and if all he needs is time to restore his trust in me so be it. I want to be the mate he deserves.”


Loki nodded before focusing once more on his loping stride. Both quieting as they focused on those they cared about.




The calf had listened to all the two had said, neither bothering to keep what they were saying secret. He was learning so much, and the more he learned the more he wanted to learn. He couldn’t believe what a fool he had been, for the first four years of his life. But he vowed to himself that when he found his chosen partner, he would be as devoted to that special creature as Loki was to Steve.


And when the time came for his own companion to leave the world, he would follow them to the next. Because there was no way in hell, he would ever allow his companion to walk alone. He would act as his mentors were showing him. He would be a tried and true guardian spirit animal.




A group of wolves looked from afar at the traveling companions. Standing on top of a huge outcropping of mountainous cliffs, overlooking the valley the trio were passing through. Bodies partly concealed from view by the tall conifer trees growing along the cliff face. Water poured down in choice locations, helping to mask any sound they may have made, if the travelers had been thinking they were being looked upon, from over 20 miles away. They also had heard what the Wolf and his Sentinel had been saying to each other. But from so many miles away the conversation should not have been over heard. The group radiated power and control, along with dedication to a cause and nobility.


The young wolf does well for his bond mate. (Spoke the black male wolf.)


Yes he does and he will be a credit to his pack. (said an even older female)


Will he have the power to keep the Guide from going dark, if we do not put our plan into place? (asked a third tawny male wolf with lots of grey in his muzzle.)


No he will not, for in fact he may follow his Guide into the darkness, his heart is just as open to love and kindness as the Guide. (the female spoke up again.)


Then we speak to the others? See if they are for the plan? For it will require all the wolves of the land to set the plans in place. (The black asked.)


Yes we will talk to the others, but from what has been heard so far, all are in agreement. (the tawny stated.)


Now stepped up an even older wolf, one so ancient, none knew how old he was. Grey as the storm clouds on an ocean squall, he looked over the pair running south.


They will need help over the coming years, centuries and beyond. They will need those they care most to always stay close to their heart. What we propose to do, will keep them from growing dark, and will forever more keep them in the light. What happened to the Guide at first looked bleak and full of despair. But now I think it was a blessing, for it allowed us to catch a problem before it could be one.


He took a deep breath, letting it out slowly as the three ran out of sight.


When the time comes, I along with many others will pay the price needed to bring the plan into being. I have waited a long time to meet my companion again. I am ready to see him and will gladly go. (The ancient grey looked longingly out at the sky to a sight only he could see.)


Ancient, it will be as you say, we will talk to the other packs and begin the process when the time is right. (the female stated, happy to see her many times great grandfather finally achieving a sort of peace in his soul.)


Good, for it is time we wolves once again do, what we were bred to do. Walk beside those who will maintain the balance for all those who cannot.


Then with a snort and a scratch of his claw into the soil, the oldest of all old wolves turned north and walked away, disappearing in a blink. The others watched before turning in the other three directions and following his example.




At this moment they were traveling along a large river, the one Steve had spotted earlier and his wolf had been heading towards during their talk. It was going roughly in the direction they needed to go, but it bent and curved enough to make them twitch with annoyance. At some point Loki said they would have to cross it, he was just hoping to find a place which wasn’t as wide. It was nearly 70 meters wide, fast moving and deep, boulders stuck up from certain bends, showing them what the bottom more than likely was covered with. The other side of the river wasn’t much better with tall walls looming over the white water. With the shear cliff face on the other side, the rapids and twists and turns, it would be a daunting challenge to try and cross. The ground, thanks to the large fast moving river was strewn with sharp jagged rocks which had been thrown up during violent spring floods, as the water made its way to the sea. Smooth rocks also could be seen and clacked underneath the great beasts, as they made their away beside it.


Greenery grew along the river, in the forms of hardy bush plants and flowers. Adding pops of purple, blue, yellow and reds, which brightened an otherwise dreary landscape. The sun had been shining brightly but lately it seemed to have darkened. Steve looked around and could see grey clouds forming leagues off and dismissed it. The wind played across his skin as they continued to travel, cooling him which he was pleased for. Riding a furry vehicle tended to build up heat as the natural movements, played against each others bodies. It did help with the river close by to send cooling air and he welcomed it.


The calf was running easily beside them and he was pleased to have him. The boy had done so much for the pair and he really wanted to think of something to give him. But he would have to think on it. For now he would help with his education and training on becoming the Spirit Companion the youngster so wanted to be. The kid would be an awesome companion and tried and true for the rest of his life.


Rocking with the motion of his wolf, Steve watched as the land moved quickly by them. They were making good time and he hoped they arrived at the rest point on time. The pads of Loki’s paws made a dull thudding sound with each touch of the ground. He had offered quite a few times to run beside his partner, one to ease his burden and two to run off some excess energy. Each time Loki had taken him up on his offer eagerly and with a hint of mischief. Sparing in a way to see who could get to the rest point faster. Whoever did could relax while the other went hunting for food. Which typically meant looking for the closes Kavia bushes. The calf supplied all the meat they could possibly want.


But this time, for some reason his wolf did not want Steve running beside him, preferring he ride. He was tense, wary and constantly looking behind himself. His claws were fully exposed and his fangs every once in a while dripped fluid. Which when it dripped onto the ground, he could hear the snap and pop of poison meeting plant life. His partner was on edge and wouldn’t explain why. Finally Steve couldn’t take it any more and flat out asked him what was wrong. “Loki what’s up?” He gripped his ruff at the base of his shoulders as Loki’s stride changed.


Instead of answering, the wolf increased his speed till he was running at his topmost. The ride roughened suddenly and Steve had to use everything he had learned to stay on. “Loki what is it?” Ears laying back flat to his head, he kept moving, heading away from the river and towards more open ground. Leaping deep ravines to reach the open land he favored for defense or attack. “LOKI!” The black beast finally took attention away from his run, enough to snarl his answer. Startled the man looked over his shoulder and saw what was bothering the wolf so much.


A few miles back the sky was darkening rapidly. The darkness he had seen earlier forming black clouds, swirling around in waves of midnight colored patterns, even as it headed towards them and was gaining ground. Focusing his sight, he looked deeper at the black mass and discovered birds, millions of them, black bodied with blood red eyes, swarming and heading towards them. Faster they flew as they stormed towards them. “Holy shit what are those things?” Instincts kicking in, he began calling up his power even as the sounds of waspish voices screeched obscenities over them.


Loki didn’t get a chance to respond as the black birds began diving at them. Pecking with razor sharp black beaks, at their hair, fur, skin, anything they could get hold of. Digging their wickedly sharp talons on their tiny toes into their exposed flesh. Hordes of the creatures dived at them, taking aim at their eyes especially, attempting to blind them and force them to slow. Batting at their faces with their wings, the force of the winds they produced, rocking him on the back of his mount.


Steve tried batting them away with his arm ineffectually and when that didn’t work he formed his sword trying to cut them down. But the birds were too fast and nimble and simply moved out of the way of his strokes. More birds descended upon them, screaming in mindless rage at the trio. “What the hell are these things?” He shouted over the noise, even as he tried to form a shield to protect themselves.


Loki informed him they were called Death Sparrows, just before he launched himself over a set of boulders, landing with a harsh impact, jarring his rider’s insides. In small numbers they were easy to deal with, you could either run or swat them away, but when they formed the flocks of over millions, they turned into mobs. They were the only species of spirit animal, who had never had a chance to bond with a Sentinel or Guide. Something in their spirit form make up, made it impossible for them to do so. But they wanted to bond just like any other creature of the realm, and it enraged them to see bonded animals. To see what they had always be denied. Many of the bonded in the land avoided them, but they happened to be running across their entire territory. He had hoped they could sneak by and not set them off, but obviously that wasn’t happening. When they saw Steve and Loki running together it set them off, instantly bringing their full ire on the most famous pairing in the plain.


“Can they kill us?” He cried even as he swatted some more, who were aiming for his eyes. They never stopped coming, pecking and shrilling harshly in his ears. Forming a black ball of flying rage around all three of the travelers. Steve had to dial down his hearing, if he didn’t want to go deaf, from the racket they were making. From the sound of millions of pairs of wings, all blowing like a black enraged storm on the high seas. More talons sliced into his arms as he tried to find ways to drive the creatures away. The calf beside them stumbled, but kept to his feet. His own thick hide helping to protect him from the birds harassing him. Mostly though they were concentrating on the bonded pair.


Loki instead of trying to growl, just projected his response. They could spirit phase them, if enough of them got together and forced it. Combing their power to match most spirit animals around. But the scarier thing they could do, and this is what most animals truly feared and made a point of steering clear of the bastards. Is once you were spirit phased by them, because they were so small, fast and canny, they had developed a trick of being able to pick out your actual spirit particles and carry them off. Scattering your very essence to the four corners of the spirit realm. It would take months to put yourself back together, if they even allowed it. Some Death Sparrows, the really mean spiteful ones, of an already mean spiteful flock, if they found pieces of phased animals which had displeased them, would take the pieces and move it away again.


Steve shuddered at the idea, especially if they ever got hold of his sweet and gentle mate. He had already had his mind shattered once, he wouldn’t be able to bear it, if it happened again. Steve resolved then and there, to never let one of those bastards ever hit Danny. “Got it no spirit phasing. I can try forming a shield around us. Wait till they go away.” He was already calling forth his power and silver light shined, as black poured forth to form his desire.


Instead, Loki put on more speed as he tried to get away from the flock, flying faster than he. He continued with his hurried explanation, even as he snapped his jaws forward and chomped on half a dozen birds who tried to gouge out his tongue. Shields wouldn’t work effectively, because there were so many of them, they would simply land and wait their victim out. Taking turns standing guard, to make sure their prey did not escape. “Then how the hell do you get rid of these things?” And for answer, Loki told him he hadn’t a clue. He had never seen a flock this big, or this angry.


“God damn it. We don’t need this.” Turning his rage on the little flying menaces, he dropped his sword, it disappearing instantly. Pulling out his bow he began letting loose arrow after arrow. The birds easily dodged the flying missiles and set too with even more rage at the man on the wolf. Loki continued to run, knowing if they stopped the birds would really have a field day with them. He had to leave it up to his rider to protect them. He glanced over at the calf and surprisingly found the birds were not going after him nearly as hard. Maybe because he didn’t have a bonded. They did tend to ignore un-bonded animals.


Steve tried shooting over and over and getting no where. He needed something that was as fast as these flying rats, and broad enough they couldn’t doge. The Sentinel continued to fire which wasn’t easy to do while on a galloping wolf, with no saddle, or even rope to help him stay on. Scanning the evil monsters, with their beady red eye’s and black bodies, he could only think of ocean waves. Water they moved like water, they flowed, diving, turning, never stopping, a constant force that you could never control. So if he couldn’t drive them away and he couldn’t control it he would have to use the birds against themselves.


Releasing his bow, he concentrated on what he wanted next. He knew he could create wards that reflected the four elements. What he needed was something that would work within the element of water and toast the son’s of bitches bugging them. Covered in welts, bite marks and bird shit he still had enough will power to concentrate on what he wanted. But he would need his brothers help. He would need him to call his storms again and give him the proper power focus to create what his instincts were showing him to use.


“Loki I need you to call your storms. I need your power!” Steve shouted even as he focused on what his own inner voice was telling him to do. Loki didn’t hesitate, obeying his rider’s demands, he threw his head up and howled his own commands. Calling forth the white frothy clouds which had been floating gently by. But as they came closer, they darkened in rage at being taken from their own freedoms, to fight a foe as black as their own temper. The winds, blowing gently across the landscape, blew gently no more. Instead they howled a counterpoint to the howls of the Warrior Wolf as he gave his own orders. Thunder rolled in the heavens as more clouds clashed against each other. Lightning flashed within the clouds writhing above, but Black Lightning crackled against the air as it powered down towards the earth.


Birds fell in clusters as the Black Lightning sliced through the flocks, in response to its Master’s demands. The birds screamed in rage and fear as more Lightning raced towards their own flights of fighters. The Death Sparrows tried to dodge but the Flashes of Lightning hunted them down, in the suddenly twilight darkness the raging clouds above created as they blocked the sun’s life uplifting light. Still there were more birds attacking than what even Loki’s elemental power could take out at once. Those not hit by his lightning, dodging between the electrical attacks, attacked the man and wolf. Trying to stop the Warrior Wolf’s control of nature they always thought they should have. They rode the winds as they searched for those who were bonded. It was outrageous to have a ground walker control the elements they rode upon.


Steve didn’t give a shit what the birds thought. His only focus was to ensure the safety of his brother and their ward who traveled with them. The Lightning felt comfortable to him as he listened to his Wolf direct the bolts, heedless of how close the blasts came to him. Earth blasted up from the large craters being dug with each impact of the hard to see light. Trees fell to earth as wind and lightning both upset root systems, miles from where their fight was taking place. Loki was taking no chances with range and was spreading the winds, along the plains, hoping to disrupt the birds even more.


Seeing the carnage, happening above, feeling the birds as they still attacked those he claims as his own, he lifted his hand up to the sky. Instincts screaming at him, showing him what he must do to combat the flying menaces. “LOKI! GIVE ME POWER!” He ROARED into the midnight light of the day. Another HOWL was his answer, as Loki glowed a deep true blue through his entire being, fur standing on end as electrical power charged through him. More Black Lightning descended from the enraged storm, hitting the pair true. Both lit up instantly in a flash of sparks and power, power which began to gather above the Spirit Warrior’s upraised hand.


The birds fell back at this latest show of who the true power was.


The Sentinel holding his hand out to the sky above, felt his Wolf’s power flowing through his veins, in response to his demands. A long 14in black handle appeared with a blue eyed wolf’s head on the pommel. A long blue cord of light flared from the handle as it grew long and supple, reaching a length of eight feet. Silver light wrapped around the bull whip, crackling in anger at the menace bothering the travelers.


Raising his new weapon up, he concentrated hard even as he kept a death grip on his still running mount. Dropping the whip sharply, it made a thunderous crack, rivaling the thunder coming from above. The birds fought the winds and each other as they maneuvered to avoid the lightning blasting around them. Only to be shocked out of the air as a new danger reached them. The snap of the Warriors bull whip let loose more Black lightning from the tip itself. But the deadly midnight light didn’t stop there. The deadly lightning spread, hitting over a hundred birds before it dissipated. He snapped it again and more birds fell, but it wasn’t enough. Soon they flew back in to continue their assault. Dodging as best they could, even with the winds themselves, fighting the insane creatures.


Steve beyond pissed now, took it to the next level. Summoning even more power, the stylized fur blurring with the speed the color flowed around his forearm, he let loose strike after strike with his whip. The Black Lightning not only knocking the birds out of the air this time, but also spirit phasing them as well. Over and over he used his new tool, Loki running as if the world was ending. Continuing to howl commands to the tempest above, demanding more winds, more rain and more flashes of his signature powers.


The Whip created by the Black Lightning it housed, started to expand as its Master’s needs became greater. Instead of taking out 100 birds at a time, the shocks of dark light spread out to 200 then 300 birds at once, snapping them out of the sky and blasting them into spirit form. All due to more power, more energy, more will and strength being poured into the need to be free. To protect those he needed no matter the cost to himself. The Spirit Sentinel would defend those in his care, from the child who ran beside them. To the proud beast he rode and would always call Brother.


Steve could feel the cost of his actions, as the energy began to take its toll on him. But surprisingly, it wasn’t nearly as bad as he thought it would be. He was only feeling mildly tired, not even at the point where he really wanted to take a nap. Loki on the other hand was getting very tired. He was having to call upon his powers, while he ran at a full gallop, fighting the winds even as he commanded them. Directing his own Black Lightning to hit the birds and clear a path for him and the calf to run through. He was also having to keep up the pace, otherwise the Death Sparrows would continue to try and spirit phase himself and his rider. Scattering their very essences through the whole of the lands, their rage was so great now. He would not allow it, not after everything he had gone through to help his two legged brother, find himself and soon his mate.


So he continued to run, but because of the bastards, they had missed Loki’s crucial noon break for food and rest. The birds who managed to still score hits on his huge body, drained him of vital strength, resulting in less speed. Which meant they could hit him more often, as they dodged the wind and flashes of electrical death. It slowed him down even more creating a vicious cycle, he was hard pressed to break out of. Still he would not give up, he would not allow himself to fall, taking his bond brother and their young companion with them. He would endure, but the astronomical amount of power he was burning through, was staggering.


Steve understanding the trouble which could befall them, if Loki didn’t not get another influx of power, took his left hand and laid it as flat as he could between his constantly shifting shoulder blades. The beast beneath him had not stopped his mad run to escape the terrifying flock, and keeping a steady hand was almost impossible. While still swinging his whip at the Sparrows, he drove power into his wolf. Calling up and transferring more and more energy, from his own bond with the Spirit Realm, to the wolf till he felt him respond. His pace picked up and his breathing evened out as he surged forward. Loki calling forth more of his own storm produced Black Lightning, along with the winds which drove the rain pounding down on them.


“Loki we need to get out of here. Do you have any idea how we can?” He yelled over the sounds of thunder, lightning, screaming birds, and howls of the wolf. The calf ran at their side, panting heavily but keeping up doggedly. The birds for the most part harassing him, but not trying to phase him surprisingly. But they were keeping up their attack on the bonded pair. Loki shook his head, having to concentrate on where he placed his feet as the land continued to erupt below their feet. He leaped over a fast moving river, back feet slipping dangerously on the bank, before he was able to scramble back up. He kept moving, instead entrusting to his bond mate to make the right decisions and ultimately keep them safe. He let Steve know that he would follow his lead, in whatever way he needed.


Blowing out his breath, he wasn’t happy with the answer but he understood it. Loki was doing everything he could to keep them ahead of the flock. Raising his whip again, his eyes followed the line of the weapon. He noticed another black cloud coming from in front of them, while he was still trying to defend themselves, from the little flights of death. It was much higher up in the rolling fury of the clouds masking the blue of the sky, and much smaller. But it was flying towards them. When he extended his sight to again check he found yet more birds with wickedly sharp beaks and large talons on their feet.


‘Christ not another flock.’ He honestly didn’t think Loki had much more in him. He was having to pour more of his own energy into the wolf, to bolster his reserves, but he knew even he would reach his own limits, and they would really be in trouble when he did.


‘Steve are you okay?’


Son of a Bitch, all he didn’t need, even if the voice was much beloved and wanted. Still he had to concentrate on what was going on to his friends. As gently as he could given the circumstances, he barked out ’Danny get out of my head and stay out!’


Surprised at the unexpected order, he was quick to respond ’Yes Sir!’ But still he lurked in his mate’s head. Something was upsetting him and Danny wanted to be there for him.


Steve didn’t mean to yell but he had to concentrate, rather than try and explain what the hell was going on at the moment. But even with having to fight, he did like that, “Yes Sir.” He wondered if he could get Danny to say it while he was fucking him.


‘Anytime you want babe.’ His Guide purred seductively into his mind.


Thoroughly distracting the fighting man, and causing him to again bark out, ’Damn It Danny not now.’


Realizing his mate was in massive danger, he refused to leave his partner’s mind. Wanting to offer whatever help he could, ’Yes, now because you’re fighting and you need help!’ Came the growled response to his order.


Temper finally snapping, as he tried to fight off the enemy, protect his bond-mate and deal with his highly distracting Guide. He bellowed in fury at his disobedient mate.’YOU WILL NOT INTERFERE! I SAID TO GET OUT GUIDE! GET OUT AND STAY OUT, NOW! I WILL NOT REPEAT MYSELF, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?’ Unintentionally projecting all his rage at the fight going on, the multiple attackers and the ones coming up, his exhaustion as he fed Loki more of his own power, kept what shields he could on the calf running beside them, and his extreme displeasure at Danny’s continued distraction in his head. The Sentinel needed to concentrate and fight right now, not waste time arguing about what help the man could to give him, from so many thousands of miles away.


With a surprised anguished whimper, Danny fled his mind completely.


“Shit!” Realizing too late exactly what he had done, he didn’t have time to worry about his mate. He would make it up to him. He just wanted to make sure he was safe.


He raised his whip over and over and more the birds disappeared in flashes of his own lightning even as Loki called down his. Wind howled around them as the birds continued to swear at them and attempt to spirt phase then carry them to the corners of the land. But his whip stopped them, taking out more of the birds, phasing them instead. Unable to reform quickly enough themselves to come back and bother fleeing group. Loki continued to run, the power Steve was pouring into him, helping to slowly begin outrunning the maddened flock. But then the Spirit Warrior spotted the other secondary flock, flying over the top of the first who where still attacking them. Watched as they dived through the clouds and wind to join the first flock.


Listened in shock and surprise, as the Death Sparrows screamed in rage and fright, as the second flock started attacking them. Their own war cries, filling the air to combat the shrieks of defiance and fury from the little black flying rats. The new birds doing everything they could to bring down the many thousand numbered flock, now that Steve had phased a good portion of the initial group. Biting off tiny heads, ripping wings from backs, snapping those self same spines. Yanking feathers out of every inch of body they could reach, even as they forced them to phase out. Black red eyed bodies, began dropping to the ground, dropping onto Steve, on Loki on the calf, but the three of them dared not slow down. The Death Sparrows were still aiming for them, even as their flock was attacked. Steve continued to raise his whip and the Black lightning took out the bothersome beasts. But it did not jump to the other ones attacking the sparrows. No his lightning knew friend from foe, even if Steve had no clue who these new birds were. His weapons were meant to protect and defend, and instinctively he realized these were beings who had the same philosophy.


Steve had not wanted to hurt those helping him. And had only thought it for a brief moment. But it was enough, as his dark light continued to jump at the sparrows, till there was a noticeable thinning of the mob of birds. Then other larger birds of prey began to descend in even bigger droves. Hawks, eagles, owls, falcons and more all diving on the bastards, now that the numbers had been reduced to something manageable.


After what seemed like hours, the millions of birds had been whittled down to a few thousands, not in spirit form. The rest, forced into spirit form where blown across the land, scattered thanks to another influx of powerful wind, controlled by the wolf the man rode. The combination of Steve’s new lighting whip, Loki’s elemental control, and the flock of birds who had come to help, overpowering the Death Sparrows. Those who remained flew off with calls of rage and madness, vowing revenge at a later point. Loki slowed down till he was completely stopped, head hanging low, feet braced wide apart, as he took heaving breaths into his lungs.


The clouds over head still rolled with fury at being called to a task not of their own choosing. Looking down at the exhausted animal Steve knew Loki didn’t have much longer. But the storms needed to be released so peace could be restored. Placing his hand higher up his brothers neck he stroked down, feeding him more energy. Finally noticing the drain on his own strength and his need to rest. Quietly he murmured to the struggling creature. “Loki release the storms, I’ll take care of the rest.”


Loki, grateful for the latest influx of power, his own dangerously low, raised his head one last time. Howling a final command, the clouds stopped their thunder, pleased to be freed, to fly as they wished. The winds settled down to simple breezes, the lighting though wasn’t happy. It enjoyed coming out to play and expressed its anger by striking seven times around the group in spiteful joy. But also with the promise it would come in an instant to their call if ever needed. Lightning always just that little bit flashy and funky.


Steve meanwhile stayed mounted, lowering his whip but not relaxing his hold. He still had a duty to guard his friends and he would. While he would prefer to dismount and save his wolf the effort of still carrying him, both of them knew he was better off on the black’s back. Loki had not stopped producing his poison and he would fight if he had to. But for now he was taking what respite he could while Steve assessed the new situation.


The Sentinel scanned the ruined landscape as the clouds dispersed, and sunlight once again poured forth from the sun, no longer blocked by enraged storm clouds. Multiple birds flew about his companions, but they were focused on keeping the sparrows away, who might double back. None trusted them to leave them alone if they could somehow sneak another attack in. Others flew off, chasing the renegades, making sure they did not return so the leaders of their own flock could settle down and have conversation with the Spirit Warrior and his Wolf. Some landed in impertinent amusement on the calf. Who wasn’t sure what to do with them, but was favoring not moving while bloody talons dug gently into his back.


Steve eyed up the strangers, breathing heavily himself and ready to fight if it came to it. He wasn’t sure who these new birds were, but he was not going to take a chance with his friends. A large Red Hawk came to him flying at eye level and showing her breast feathers as a sign of her own trust. She was a dark red with brown highlights, bright yellow eyes and a matching beak, she had razor sharp talons, which still dripped blood, gore and particles of spirit energy from the battle she helped lead. Beside her flew a much smaller bird, another hawk but he wasn’t sure what kind. His coloration had a bluish grey upper body, while his lower was orange barred. His back was mostly brown but he could see some of the blue dusting the main body color. His eyes were bright and still wild from the battle. His talons also showing he had not shied away from killing those who had threatened his tiny pack. Both birds settled on a nearby rock, while the rest of the flock stayed above, keeping the sparrows away.


Deciding to be polite to the bird that could literally poke your eyes out with her foot, Steve cleared his throat, lowering his whip but not putting it away yet. He was no fool and after so many surprises since coming to this land, he was going to take no chances. Loki informed him , the larger hawk was female and a friend. Taking his wolf’s word he placed the whip even lower, resting it on his leg, before addressing the creature. “Lady Hawke?” He started with, hoping he got the title proper when he rarely used old titles like this. “Thank you for your help. We couldn’t have made it without you.”


She tilted her head one way then the other before informing him, it was their pleasure. But it was the little fellow beside her who he should thank. Turning his gaze to the proud little bird he repeated his thanks. “Thank you Sir, your intervention was most timely. We would have been in a bad spot if you hadn’t come when you did.” While Steve and Loki would have eventually defeated the blood maddened hoodlums, it would have severely depleted both their reserves and require many days of rest to restore themselves. Delaying their reunion with their beloved pack mates and family.


The Sparrow hawk responded back with it was their duty and honor to help the Spirit Warrior. His kind typically hunted the little fuckers because they were finely crafted to do so. They helped keep the Death Sparrows in line so they didn’t swam like they had when they spotted the three running. Normally the flocks were much smaller and easier to handle. But with such a large flock gathered in secret, laying in wait for Steve and Loki to appear, even they would have been hard pressed to defeat the tiny blighters. So his Lighting Whip, and his Wolf’s Storm really helped out. Blowing the creatures around till they had time to come in and tear them apart and break up the huge mob into more manageable groups. Even now as they were speaking, members of his flight, were scouring the landscape and hunting the creatures. Any who still lurked in the area would find themselves, ripped apart and phased till it took them a month to reform.


The bird then jumped up and flew to where the whip rested against his leg, eyeing it with admiration before returning to the boulder where his larger female friend still stood. It was a very interesting weapon and he had never seen its like before.


Bringing the weapon up again so he could finally get a good look at his newest toy. He loved it and the explosive power which came with it.“Yeah just another tool I can use to help protect my mate and my brother.” He grinned happily, till he remembered how he had yelled at Danny. His smile falling away in an instant, as he thought of the other man. Danny who was still very much emotionally fragile at this point, and wouldn’t know he wasn’t actually upset at him, just worried as hell. He knew he had some making up to do, but what could he have done at the time. He needed to concentrate on the problem at hand. Not try and keep Danny from exerting himself from so far away. Sighing he could feel it in his legs as Loki shuddered with bone deep exhaustion under him. His beloved brother didn’t have much time left, he needed food and he needed rest, in that order. “Listen I need to get my companion to some place safe, so he can rest. Do you know of any such place nearby?”


Steve looked around but it was all such a quagmire of disaster after the storms and lightning did their work. It would be better to have those who knew the area show him a safe place to take his partner. He watched as the birds discussed it, trying to decide where would be best. Loki shaking even harder under him, was done for the day and possibly tomorrow. He would need a couple big meals and a day of sleep to recover from that brutal run. For the moment the big animal was still heaving, head down eyes closed as he tried not to collapse from the hard run.


The red tailed hawk trilled a call to him to follow and Steve nodded, before dismounting. “Loki go back to your regular form.” The wolf so tired, didn’t even hesitate to obey. Shrinking down to his normal size, limbs quivering before he finally dropped to the ground, too tired to even stand. Stooping down his human partner picked the exhausted creature up and placed him gently across his shoulders. It wouldn’t be the most comfortable ride, but he would carry his pack make, just like he had been carrying him.


Following the birds now that his rearrangement had been made, it only took them seven minutes to walk to a large cave. Inside was a bit damp in the back, due to the condensation from the close by small creek. But the front where the wind blew often was dry enough. Placing Loki down on a bed of soft bracken, leaves and other assorted materials, the poor wolf was in serious need of a meal. The calf didn’t hesitate to give him what he needed, changing forms in an instant. But Loki was too tired to even rip the food off the carcass. So Steve cut strips using his dagger, then chopped those strips up into wolf size bites. Kneeling down he fed the tiny bites to his wolf, who swallowed them practically whole with deep thanks. Steve didn’t stop feeding Loki, till one quarter of the body was gone. Then the wolf took a deep relaxing breath, before rolling over for a good long sleep.


Steve turned back to the birds who still hovered around them. “Thank you again for helping us. I’m going to set some wards, so hopefully those assholes won’t be able to attack us again, at least for the rest of the day and tomorrow. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without you.” Slicing off a small section for himself, he set it aside. He then reached out and rolled the rest of the meat out, to the center of the clearing. “Here take this, in thanks for all your help. It’s full of energy and given freely from all of us. Its not much but again thank you, we really needed the help.”


The birds accepted the meat with pleasure, some landing on the body and starting to rip out large chunks. The Sparrow Hawk stating they would continue to fly over the area for the day. Owls would take over in the night. They would be back in the morning to make sure all was well, so the three could continue their travels when they were ready.


Eyes shining with gratitude he gave a wide grateful smile, followed by a yawn. “I know I sound like a broken record when I say this. But thank you again.” His own exhaustion catching up with him, now that adrenaline was no longer flowing through his system. With a final nod the two hawks flew off. Leaving Steve and the calf to care for the tuckered out wolf. “Buddy you okay?” He asked now that he had time to look the little fellow over. The American Buffalo was tired, shaken up and hungry, but relatively okay. He hadn’t been hit nearly as much as Steve and Loki had been. “Okay you rest I have some other business I need to take care of. When I’m done, I’ll be next to Loki letting him use me as a pillow.”


The calf settled down in the cave, electing not to go out and graze for a while yet. Preferring to relax and calm in the safety of the dark chamber. After setting the wards Sasha had taught him to make so many weeks ago, Steve settled down next to Loki, positioning his head on his thighs to make him more comfortable, even as he leaned back against the cave wall. Once done he turned his mind to his next pressing problem. Figuring out a way to correct the damage he had unintentionally caused, to his very emotionally fragile mate. By yelling at him way too soon for him to be able to handle it properly. It wasn’t good and he wasn’t happy with himself for doing it.


Danny didn’t need the stress of his mate possibly rejecting him, and he would take it as a rejection of his love. He had heard those same tones he had come to despise, when he had fled his mind whimpering. And this time he wasn’t there to comfort him and bring him out of the shell he would surround himself in. Trying to protect his very fragile heart, from the man he loved more than anything else.


Over all it was the end to a rather shitty day.




The White Wolf emerged from the tiny rock outcropping he had managed to hide in, before the Death Sparrows had spotted him. He had been planning something else to test Steve and Loki with, and wasn’t pleased with the birds. Even he wouldn’t inflict them on the pair, not a mob that large or at all. He, himself had to hide, less they harass him, for he had had run in’s with them in the past, and neither liked each other. But once he spotted the Death Sparrows fleeing from whatever had caused them too, he cautiously peeked out to see what may have happened. He couldn’t see much, but far in the distance he did spot Sparrow hawks, so they must have driven the little black bastards off. Time to head over to where he could sense the trio and determine what happened.

Chapter Text

Danny chuckled, as he replayed his memory from teasing his mate so wantonly, before bed. It felt good, satisfying, and reassuring to hear his beloved mate’s voice again, and he couldn’t wait to hear him in the morning. And man, he had been so horny once he did reach out to the older man, feeling him for the first time in weeks. He hadn’t even known how much he had missed him, till he had actually contacted him and felt the familiar touch of his mind. Playing with himself, while sending the visuals to his mate was heaven. After they finished their fun, he had sat back to recover, and bask in the glow of reaching out to his partner.


Then he felt Sasha nudging at him, reminding him he needed to get his rest. He was tired after playing mentally with Steve, so it was easy to go in some ways, hard in others. Popping a few left over berries in his mouth, he yawned hugely as the day caught up with him. Curling up against his lady, he closed his eyes and quickly went to sleep.


The next morning, he woke bright eyed and eager to get in contact with Steve. Sasha had other ideas though, she insisted he eat something and take a bath in the ocean. She had worked on him long into the night, helping to soften edges in his mind, and his body needed to restore the energy she had not been able to avoid using. And while she loved watching him play, after so long and such an intense session yesterday, well to put it bluntly, he stank. Sweat, come and other crusty scents mixing together, in a mishmash of odor’s offensive to her nose. And she watched amused, as Danny lifted his arm and took a tentative sniff, his eyes began to water immediately.


Still he complained, because he really wanted to feel Steve again.


“Sasha I’m only going to get dirty again.” He complained with a silly smile on his face. She shared it, but still insisted he take care of himself, before contacting his mate. So out he went, splashing all the way up to his knees in the water, under Sasha’s watchful eye. Scrubbing himself all over as best he could, he felt better and more relaxed once done, as his wolf figured. Going back up to the cave, he found breakfast waiting for him. Which he was glad for, because he really wanted to get on with speaking to Steve. Once finished with his berries and fish, he settled down against the cave wall and reached out to his mate. Smile wide as he felt the contact.


In a way to cheerful voice. ’Rise and Shine sunshine. You need to get up and get going. You have a long ride ahead of you if you want to meet up with me any time soon.’


‘Danny?’ The much beloved voice of his partner asked cautiously, even through his sleep muggy mind.


‘Yes it’s me. You slept in like crazy cause I sure as shit didn’t get up early.’ His voice was smug as he rubbed it in, Steve had slept well past the hour he normally did.


Grunting as he did something involving scratching, when he asked ’Where are you?’


Quickly responding ‘Beach cave, miles down the coast from you.’ Danny looked out, able to see the waves moving back and forth.


‘Ugh please say I can get there in a few days.’ The Sentinels tone was hopeful, even though he figured he knew what the answer was going to be roughly.


Smile wide as he responded ‘Yeah should be able to, if you were riding Sasha and she was moving at the same breakneck speed she moved at, to get to me here to begin with.’


With an annoyed growl to his voice he asked ‘Fuck, so how long before I can get to you? Loki can’t move as fast as her.’


Opening his eyes he asked his she-wolf his question. She shifted her eyes back and forth, as she thought about the distance, before giving him her answer. ‘According to Sasha if he moves at his normal running pace. And you don’t mind putting in at least 12 hour day runs. Should be here in about three weeks.’


‘Three WEEKS?’ His mate exclaimed shocked, completely unhappy at not being able to hold his mate for so long still.


The strength of his raw unhappiness outburst, had Danny’s emotions starting to rattle. His body tensing up, as it tried to deal with how un-pleased his Sentinel was. He wasn’t up to handling strong negative emotions yet, but still put on a strong front for his mate.


‘Yep.’ The Guide was also was conflicted over what he wanted. He wanted his mate very badly, wanted to be held by him and assured he was still wanted and loved. But he also honestly wasn’t in a hurry to see him. He loved him but he couldn’t trust him yet. Because his emotions were still so jittery, some of it must have leaked over to the other man.


Quietly, as if talking to a many times kicked puppy, ‘Danny, I won’t promise this time. I know it’s too soon. But I am stronger and faster. I’m working on becoming the mate you need. The one who can defend you, protect you the way you need to be.’ He explained earnestly.


Letting out the breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding, he relaxed at the gentle words. ’Thank you Steve for not promising. I don’t think I could handle you promising, then not living up to it.’


Concentrating, reaching out through their link, Steve sent the feelings of him stroking down his beloved’s cheek. ’I know baby. But listen, could you at least be open minded enough to let me try? I am going to work so much harder to be what I need to be for you.’


‘I’ll always be opened minded to you protecting me. It’s proving it to my instincts which will be much harder. But I know you can do it. Take your time reaching me. Grow stronger.’ Then he decided to go to the real reason why he contacted his mate. With a shit eating grin, no one but a single perverted she-wolf would see, he slyly suggested, ‘Work on your stamina too, I really want to feel you power fucking me, for a long time once you get here. A nice two maybe three hour pounding, where you just fuck me constantly. Taking me over and over, as we both have fun together. Making me come a dozen times simply because you can.’


Danny felt exactly what his words were doing to his suddenly horny mate. His instincts sitting up and wholeheartedly agreed it was a wonderful idea. Steve pulsed with the need to relieve some pressure from his meddlesome mate.


Danny was already working his cock in his hand, picturing what his mate would do to him with his words. Happily sending him the image of exactly what he was doing to the Seal.


The frustrated floored tone was music to his ears. ‘God damn it Danny, now I have yet another raging hard-on that I need to take care of.’


With not even a remote drop of contriteness ‘I’m so sorry babe. If you want, I won’t say anything more about how I want your long, throbbing cock, pulsing with the need to come in my tight hole. Or how I love licking your nipples, till you are panting in lust, till I take pity on you and suck you all the way down my throat. I’ll just picture it in my head while you are heading towards me.’ The image of him on his knee’s while he sucked Steve’s cock was turning him on something fierce. He wanted to taste his mate just as badly as his mate wanted to taste him.


Crying out in exasperation ‘DANNY! You are such and ASSHOLE.’ Steve shuddered as his cock released his load in his tattered pants once again.


‘What’s the matter babe? Come in your shorts?’ He smirked wondering if had.


The horny rage that came back at him was delicious ‘YES!’


Stroking his prick harder and faster he chuckled to the other man ‘Wow babe, didn’t think you were going to just blurt that right out.’ He was pleased he had caused his mate to come again.


Positively pouting now ‘You’re a dick, you know that right?’ But his pleasure at feeling his mate happy also came over their bond.


Smugly he informed him ‘Well I have one. And if you hurry your ass up and get here. I’ll even let you suck it.’ Fondling his head he knew he didn’t have much time left before he came. He sent the image to his mate, it was him sitting on the ledge of the cave entrance, with Steve between his legs, the brunette bobbing his head enthusiastically as he sucked on his cock. Danny so wanted those feelings and sight back. His prick jumped in his hand at the future in store for him.


Growling deeply and with a ring of dark command, ‘DANNY! Don’t make me come again it’s not nice.’ His own shaft was pulsing with need again, and really had it only been five minutes since he woke up? His mate would be the little death of him.


Unable to stop what was going to happen, he managed one final sentence, ‘If I’m so naughty, then you better hurry up and get here so you can punish me.’ Being pinned down, having his ass spanked before he was taken. The idea of the other fun punishments his mate might have for him, throwing him over the edge in bliss. Coming hard he spurted all over his hand, chest and belly.


Then he pulled away from his mate’s mind. Needing to recover from his fun, but also settle his own mind. Meeting up with Steve would be a test of sorts. He hoped the man was capable of passing.


Opening his eyes he glanced around for his companion and found her laying quietly beside him. Head on her paws as she watched him have his fun. Smiling joyfully, he was so pleased to have regained contact with his mate.


Sitting back, tucking himself in after wiping the come off with his hand. “He’s coming for me Sasha. He really is.”


She lifted her head to listen to him. “He’s coming for me and…” He grinned naughtily at her “And coming because of me.” He laughed at her chuckle before sobering. “But he is coming. Sasha, I want to show him I’ve been learning things to. I know Loki has to be training him to live in this world. And I’m slowly getting there. Is there anything we can do to get me started?”


Sasha gazed at her cub, taking his question seriously. She knew Steve was being taught about spirit phasing, and it was something Danny needed to learn as soon as possible as well. Problem was, it was hard and took energy to learn. Steve ended up having to bang his head against a rock, till he got the right idea. She didn’t want that for her young one. Not with the way his mental state was in a lot of ways still. His memories were returned but emotions were still extreme at times.


Still it was time he started learning, and there was no reason he couldn’t be explained the basic’s behind phasing, before he started putting it into practice. It was impossible for him to screw up, because she would keep a tight hold on his powers to make sure he didn’t screw up, with an improper shift. Wagging her tail, she snuffled at his hair before licking his cheek. Letting him know she was going to teach him how to live here as was proper.


Reaching a hand up to her, he stroked her cheek. “Thanks Sasha. I know it will take time, I’ll do my best to not go over board. We have plenty of time to learn right?” He looked earnestly up at her loving blue eyes, with hope and questions.


She nodded again, before heading towards the cave entrance. If she was going to explain and teach him how to spirit phase, it would be nice to do it outside. Standing he followed her out, climbing up the cliff face easily, as they went to their favorite spot to look at the ocean.


His own education was about to begin in this new land he was to call a second home.




Two Ancients watched the pair from far away, hidden among a tree stand, listening to their conversation and were pleased.


(A black female with hoarfrost in her ruff, looked to her mate.) The young Guide is starting his lessons.


Yes, it is time. He will do well. (Her many millennia mate looked at down at the man proudly. His own amber coat, coated in fine gray hairs.)


Plans are in the works, the assembly will happen within the year. Possibly sooner depending on how the young wolves respond to each other.


Good, it is time, a price must be paid and I will happily help pay it, along with the others. It has been so long since I saw my Companion. (He nuzzled his mate affectionately.) You need not pay it when the time comes.


Of course I will pay, I miss my own chosen and I will not allow you to walk to the other side without me. We are pack, all four of us, just as the young ones are. (She nipped at his ear, for the foolish comment.)


It is time we found those we love, I am pleased to give up all that I know and have to such worthy bond mates. (He had a soft spot for Guides, for his own companion had been one.)


The gift we give those special four will last for centuries. Ensuring they never have a chance to walk in the dark. (She peaked out, watching as the man’s lesson began.)


It was sad what happened to the Guide, but we were fortunate to learn of the problem. I am happy to give what I have, so that others will receive. It will also bring so much love, joy and life long happiness to both pairings. (He too watched as the female and her cub began.)


Will they be told before the ceremony?


No, it has been decided to let them proceed with their lives as they are. In time, many years from now, when the next part of the plan is instigated they will be told.


What if he asks?


She will answer his questions with honesty at the time. If in time things change as we know they will, so be it. Life is change, and this change will be welcomed.


Yes very much, many of the wolves are looking forward to their new roles.


I have heard, it has been many thousands of years since a change of such magnitude has happened.


What of the other spirit animals? Have they protested?


(He looked at his mate, loving her more each day.) Some have protested, but most others have agreed to the requests. They will not be asked to pay a price as they were when the Spirit Pair were created. So they have found little fault.


Good, if we wolves wish the change, and they do not mind the changes which come from it. So much the better for all. (She pressed up against his side.)


Yes, besides in time they will be hard pressed to get to all those who upset the balance. What we do now, will give them the help they will so desperately need in the future.


I’m happy then, lets go and begin saying our goodbyes, there are many I wish to see a final time.


Yes love, we say goodbye here, but in time we will be saying hello, to those we truly wish to be with again.


Turning the pair left the grove of trees, disappearing in a flash, as they left to start saying good bye.




Sasha settled down easily, encouraging Danny to lay up against her belly. Both faced out to the clear sky sea, enjoying the sound of the water. Gathering her thoughts, she decided on the best way to explain, what she wanted to teach him. How she would explain spirit phasing to her ward. It was a needed skill, everyone who lived in the spirit realm learned early on how to do it. Normally it was taught by a parent if the spirit creature had been born from another. Sometimes, for whatever reason, spirit creatures just appeared one day for their newly online companion. But that was rare occurrence even here. Danny needed to learn the skill, since he was born in the material plain, rather than the spirit one. If one of the not so nice creatures of the area grabbed hold of him, they would rip him apart. He would be fine, just not able to put himself together. Which might make him panic, which would not be good with his mental state right now.


Grumbling to get his attention, she began to explain what spirit phasing just was. Which for starters, was dropping your solid form and going to a purely spirit form. Able to float through or phase through, solid objects in the material plain and spirit realm. Another variation was when you phased and didn’t drop your solid form, but they would get into that aspect later.


Settling more comfortably, she snuffled at his hair before returning her gaze to the sea. Spirit animals were for the most part immortal, and so couldn’t be killed per se here in the spirit realm. But could be highly annoyed when having to shift constantly. For example, the geese were so happy to have someone politely ask them for a meal, rather then someone just coming and hunting them.


Danny nodded his head, listening carefully. He liked the geese well enough, they had provided him with much needed food. Still they could be annoying, adorable but annoying. But the friendliness and easy going nature of the flock, is what really stood out with them.


Sasha continued with her explanation. The two who had given him their solid forms, had easily switched to their spirit form, which dropped the solid completely. Then they reformed their solid forms, which did take energy. Energy which they normally found, by eating the grasses and seeds of the land, along with Kavia berries. Predator animals such as herself, Danny, lions and others acquired most of their energy in meat, which was a very condensed form of the energy.


She looked at him seriously, stressing this point. If Danny ever ran himself down to the point he needed to recharge quickly, he would need to return to this world. He would need to have someone hunt for him, if he couldn’t do it himself due to low energy. Meat would be the best thing for him, because of how highly dense the spirit energy within it was. But Kavia berries would work in a pinch. They did have lots of energy, but for every one ounce of energy in a berry, there was 10 in meat so to speak. Plus he would have to rest, and let the natural environment of the spirit realm recharge his batteries. It would go much faster if he was eating, while he rested.


Danny looked at her puzzled for a minute before asking her a question. “Sasha, is it possible to take the food back to the regular world? Keep some in the freezer as an emergency supply?”


Cocking her head at the question, she thought about the answer. It might be possible, but the energy might also dissipate quickly. She had never tried it herself. The myth was that spirit animals didn’t eat, which technically should have been true, in the material plain. But Loki put to rest that idea. Little fucker was a pig and loved to get drunk when given the chance.


Both Danny and Sasha grinned with fondness for their resident doofus of a wolf. Some gulls came near them, squalling like normal and being highly annoying in a not good way. Sasha not wanting to bother with them, glared before snorting. If a cool breeze suddenly showed up and blew the birds away. Danny smirked gulls were always causing problems. Sasha looked down at her cub, smirking before continuing her lesson tale.


Spirit animals generally didn’t eat regular food, because it didn’t have the energy they needed, to do the stunts they did in the regular world. So typically they would return from time to time, to get a quick bite of something and replenish their stores. They could try it when they got back, she would hunt something and they would shove it in the freezer.


She looked at him slyly for a second, if it didn’t work then she expected to be taken out for strawberry waffles next time. Danny grinned his lady did like her waffles.


Scratching under her chin, the Guide continued to listen to his lady explain. In order to shift into a spirit form, the way to think about it is all the cells of your body spreading out. Gaining space between them, to allow other things to pass through. Then thinking the opposite, condensing the cells to return to a solid state. When you expand yourself, you are dropping the solid form because it can’t be that spread out so all that is left is a spirit form. And therefore you get that lovely meat.


A shudder ran though him at the though, his mind not quite ready to accept the reality of spirit phasing. “Ugh not sure I could stand to see myself laying down out of my own body.”


His wolf chuckled. There was a way to simply dissolve the body, so it was gone if it wasn’t to be eaten. Just had to place a paw on it and will it to break up. There was no spirit within to keep it together, so it was a simple shell.


“Okay that sounds a little creepy still. But the expanding and contracted, I’m not sure I’m getting it.” He thought hard, trying to think of what it reminded him of. He had recently heard something similar to her explanation, but where? The memory came to him, as he looked out at the water. “Sasha this may seem strange and I’m not sure how much chemistry you know. But you remember Grace a few weeks back, she was talking about how in school they were talking about the different states of water?” She nodded to him. “Is it like that? How you pretty much heat the cells up and they expand out creating steam, but in this case it’s releasing the spirit? Then thinking of the cells getting really cold and dense, forming a body?”


Contemplating his words, she pictured what he was suggesting. Grinning, yes it could be thought of that way, and if he wanted to think of it that way good for him. It gave him something concrete to base his work on, when they started to actually practice.


She then nudge him out of the way, wanting him to stand. It was time for lunch and she would not allow him to start working on his new skill, till after he had a decent meal in his belly. Crouching down she allowed him to mount and they set off to go find something to eat.




Sasha watched as Danny began to learn how to spirit phase. And she approved of the way he was going. He was going slow and methodical, which wasn’t a surprise to her, it was the way he always liked to work. They were sitting on the beach, the water a few feet away from them, using the sound of the waves to drown out anything else. He had learned to tolerate the sound when sleeping, but he did enjoy it when awake and he wasn’t trying to sleep. His eyes were closed and he was looking within himself, as she had taught him how to do years ago. He didn’t often meditate cause he had no need, his fiery temper actually lending strength to his power, rather than take it away. But every so often, especially when Steve was not around to drive him absolutely batshit crazy, even he had to sit back and reset.


“Okay I can feel the energy within me Sasha. It’s swirling gently, as if waiting for me to call on it.”


She followed along, watching sharply for any problems before they began. She gave a snuffle to let him know he could begin, proudly watching as he started. He focused his attention on his bond marked arm, as that is where the visual proof of his bond with his mate lay. The core of his power came from his heart, but the tattoo allowed him ultimate control of the energy. He sped up the energy, feeling it as it slowly pushed against his body, as if wanting to be free. He thought about how he wanted to release the energy within, expand, grow. Thinking on how water expanded and turned into a gas form, a type of spirit form he wished to emulate.


His own spirit energy began to swirl faster within him, as it responded to his request. He pictured himself floating free, safe from any harm as his body released itself from his very core. Then Danny felt a slow pull on his system, as if someone was taking their time removing a band aid and it was very unpleasant. He wished it would hurry up, to get it over with. Taking his feelings and putting them to action, the pulling increase much faster. Till there was nothing but a pop of sound, along with a flash of light.


Danny opened his eye’s and looked around startled. “What the hell? The land around him looked the same, but had a slight glowing quality to it.” Taking a step forward, he passed right through what felt like a solid object. He glanced down and spotted his own form, as if asleep. Eyes closed, hands relaxed at his sides, and chest completely still. Eyes widening, he began to shake, as he looked at what he thought was his dead body. “Sa..Sa… Sasha?” He stuttered but she was swiftly at his side, controlling his emotions with a firm hand this one time. It wouldn’t harm him, but he needed to see his solid body this one time, to know he was in spirit form.


“Am I… err am I dead? It looks like I am.” He really didn’t like seeing himself that way. She snuffled at him, that no he was not dead. Not in any way shape or form. Reminded him that he was in fact immortal, just like her, Steve and Loki. Like all the other Spirit animals. This was a lesson he was going to learn in 100 years, instead he is learning it a little sooner. “But anytime I want to change to a spirit form, I’m going to have to drop my body?”


She shook her head no again. He needed to learn how to spirit phase, simply in case something ever happened to his body, he could shift out of it and reform his body whole. Say if he was in an accident, or some perp cut off an arm, hand or finger. He could return to the spirit realm, drop the physical form he had, for the body was now useless, and reform a new whole body. His spirit bond would not allow him to heal to anything other then 100%.


“I knew that, but if I wasn’t able to make it back to the spirit realm. And I lost an arm, what would happen then?” She chuckled as she relayed the answer, he would be itching and going mad for months, with people and doctors looking at him funny, as his entire arm grew back. The itching cause regrowing blood and bone, was slow, and could only use up so much spirit power at a time. It was faster if he could just pop in here, drop his body and reform a new one. “Shit seriously? It would regrow? What if it’s my right arm? With my tattoo? Will my power disappear?” Again she shook her head no, his power came from his heart, it simply showed on his arm due to the wolf bonding. If he lost his right arm and couldn’t make it back, it would regrow with the tattoo in tack.


Sitting down, still not liking to look at his sleeping like body, he turned away. “Wow, that is some serious shit. Does Steve know all that?” Sasha snickered, he didn’t know much at all, just how to shift, how to shift someone else and how to return them to a solid state. He had to learn how to shift himself, by banging his head on a rock over and over, till he surprised himself by the change.


“You’re shitting me right? He did not bang his head against a rock till he changed.” Her look said it all, and he peeled back and laughed his head off. Bright, clear and full of fond love for his Neanderthal of a partner and mate. “Oh my god, I’m going to have to keep that one in stock for later. Pull it out, when I really have to prove to someone how hard headed he could be.” She grinned a silly wolfs grin, pleased to hear his laugh. He hadn’t done much laughing, since being in her home world. She nuzzled him to get him focused again on his lessons. “Okay so now I’m in spirit form. I can still feel my cells moving, fast and as if I’m floating.”


He took a minute to look at his slightly glowing form, moving his arms around and seeing how everything seemed the same. He just felt a little lighter and more energy was flowing within him.


Placing a foot on his old body, she dissolved it quickly, before instructing him how to make himself solid again. To picture himself growing denser, his own mind and body knew what he felt like, and would naturally fall into that same solid state. So like his daughter’s school experiment, he pictured his water vapor gas like state, into a solid state like ice. He could feel it as his body returned to what felt normal to him. Looking down he smiled, he was back to normal and didn’t feel any different.


“Cool.” Gazing at his arms and legs, even looking as best behind him as he could, he felt good. “Should I try it again?” Assessing his condition, she could feel his energy waning, but he had a couple shifts in him still. It would be good to lock the lesson in place. Nodding she watched carefully as he shifted, doing it much quicker the second time around. Then he did it a third time, each time she getting rid of his old body for him. It still made him extremely nervous and upset with his emotions to see himself laid out on the ground for the moment. She would show him how to dissolve his body himself later, right now the spirit phasing was the important thing.


“Should I try for a fourth?” Truth was he didn’t want to, he was getting hungry and a nap sounded really good about now. Sasha looked into his light sky blue eyes and shook her head. It was time for him to eat, rest and start up again in the morning. Crouching down, she allowed him to mount and they went off to a further patch of Kavia berries. Both eating their fill, neither in the mood to hunt.


That night curled up in the cave, Sasha looked down at the man she had helped to raise. She was very proud of all he had done so far in his life. He had fought so hard, had so much shit happen to him. Yet his heart was as kind and loving as always. She, Loki and most especially Steve would work to keep it that way. He needed it, because he would be required to help so many others in the coming years. Tucking the sleeping man a little tighter to her, she wrapped her nose around him and followed him into sleep.

Chapter Text

They continued in the same routine for the next two days. Sasha never pushed Danny into doing more, than what his system could comfortably do. They were not in a hurry, not by a long shot, but she was very pleased to see him learning to shift so quickly, in and out of his solid and spirit form. Best of all he learned how to shift without dropping his body at all, keeping himself together which he found much more comfortable doing. She didn’t care if he never dropped his solid form again, if it made him happy, just as long as he knew how to do so.


The last lesson she wanted to teach him, was how to shift someone into their solid form, and she was having him practice on her first. “Okay, so I just hold out my hand and touch what I think is you? If you’re in spirit form, how can I when there is nothing solid there to begin with?” He looked at her puzzled, trying to understand what she wanted. Shaking her head. she explained again the method she was trying to teach. To have him reach out towards where she stood in her spirit form, and wish her solid. Pushing his power out towards her, to surround her glowing body, and think of making her solid like he did with himself.


Reaching out he did as she suggested, picturing her as the normal wolf he loved so much. Pictured his power changing her into the form who had played with him as a boy. Helped him through his teenage years, guarding his back. Was there as he learned to be a cop, learned to be a husband, father and eventually ex-husband. Always standing by his side, especially after finding Steve his Sentinel. She was his foundation in many ways, and he loved her so much. He felt the need to wrap his arms around her and let her know.


He didn’t realize what was happening to his mind, all he wanted was his special Lady in her normal form. Wanted to hold her and be close to her, as he knew she always had been, and always will be. Danny looked at her glowing form, with his own deep blue eyes, which were starting to swirl with his power. His need for her growing, his power answering his call, as he learned another aspect of controlling the energy flowing within him. It flowed freely through him, bridging the small gap between his palm and her own body. Her glowing form slowly turning solid, as he used his considerable will power to change Sasha. A few moments later and she stood proudly before him in her solid state. Lowering his arm, the colors of his bond mark slowing, he stepped into her and pressed his face into her warm strawberry blond chest. He sighed as he felt the silky strands, caressing his skin, letting him know she was once again the way he loved most.


Sasha could feel all the emotions flowing within her cub. Just before he made her solid and wrapped his arms around her. She wasn’t too surprised, not with the way his emotions could run away from him at times still. It would be a while, before his mind returned to being whole, and emotions were the most volatile, of all the things an empath dealt with. With Danny being more powerful than most, it wasn’t surprising to her in the least, to watch as they got the better of him and made him want to hold her. She loved being held by him even as she loved holding him.


Wrapping her own paw around him, she blew in his hair and simply enjoyed being bonded to him. “I love being mated to Steve, he completes my heart.” Danny said quietly, speaking into her fur. “But you Sasha, you complete my soul. Please don’t ever leave me.” Then the morning caught up to him, and he slid down her leg. He was asleep by the time she managed to get him situated to a comfortable position. She smiled in humor, even as she promised him she never would. Steve had an issue with people leaving him, but so did Danny, he just wasn’t as obvious about it, because he was so vocal about other things. But she would always stand by him, just like Loki would stand by Steve.


The men were no longer alone, they had each other, and they had their wolves.




Danny amused himself by torturing Steve with lewd thoughts and words each day. Normally right after he had eaten, if he didn’t settle down for a nap after working with Sasha on spirit phasing or other lessons she may want to teach him. Today was no different, after a nice lunch of berries, greens and another goose who was so happy to be politely asked for a snack.


Seriously, he couldn’t understand why other creatures didn’t just ask the birds. They were the friendliest beings he had ever met. Then Sasha explained the reason why they were friendly, was because she and Danny had approached them very politely to begin with. If they had simply hunted them first, then tried to talk to them it would have been a different story. They had a tendency to chase the animal which had attacked them and peck the ever living shit out of them. Before flying up and dive bombing them with large white gooey balls of goose crap, sometimes chasing the hunter for miles till they were covered in bird shit. And if they ever came across the unfortunate fool who had hunted them before, they did it all over again. Long memories geese had especially when pissed off. Danny vowed to always be extra polite to them from now on.


This morning he hadn’t been able to reach out to Steve, Sasha having plans which included him doing some simple exercises. She wanted him to very slowly start reaching out and picking up objects with his mind again. Tiny things like pebbles or leaves, which were very light and easy to move. It wasn’t about the weight but simply about the exercise of using his mind and improving his control. Steve could move whole buildings of rubble if he so chose, and while Danny would probably never be able to do things so heavy. He would have much finer control on the small things, as his own healing nature started to exert its influence.


The blond had been working for a few hours and needed a break from the training. So he decided screwing around with his mate would be a fine idea. He reached out to contact Steve and share some dirty jokes or just wish he was here sucking on his cock. Or even better letting Danny suck on his. Things which would allow him to feel Steve get an instant hard on, with very little way of getting rid of it other than with his own hand. Which frustrated the taller man immensely, since he simply wanted to sink his cock into his willing Guide’s ass, and pound him into submission for all his naughty teasing.


Instead as he reached out to his Seal, he felt his mate in extreme distress, frustration and fury. Strengthening the contact with Steve’s mind, he attempted to find out what was going on.


‘Christ, not another flock.’ Steve growled out as the detective made contact with his mind.


Alarmed at the aggravation pulsing down their bond, he tentatively asked, ’Steve are you okay?’


Distracted by whatever he was fighting, he barked out ‘Danny get out of my head and stay out!’


‘Yes, Sir!’ Danny responded surprised with, but still maintained contact with the man. Wanting to be there if he needed anything. Then he felt his mate’s pleasure and perverted thoughts over his words.


With a sly tone he shot back ‘Anytime you want babe!’ Only to realize afterward it probably wasn’t the best time.


‘Damn It Danny not now.’ His Sentinel barked again, trying not to get distracted from his fight.


But Danny was his partner and he wanted to be there for Steve. He loved the guy but he was also his back up, the one responsible for watching his back. It had been that way for a year, and nothing was going to change now. It was his duty and pleasure, to guard and be someone Steve could rely on.


‘Yes, now because you’re fighting and you need help!’ Came the growled response to his order. All he wanted was to be there for Steve, as he had tried so often to be there for him. He also was getting upset because they were so far from each other. Danny couldn’t be there physically so was doing the only thing he could. Offer his much beloved and in danger mate his strength and support. Feeling the stress his mate was in, the shortness of his patience was unknowingly affecting his own mental state.


Then he felt it as his over wrought partner, stressed beyond words over having to deal with so many issues at once. Took his temper out on him as the easiest thing to control first. ’YOU WILL NOT INTERFERE! I SAID TO GET OUT GUIDE! GET OUT AND STAY OUT, NOW! I WILL NOT REPEAT MYSELF, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?’


Danny could feel the fury in his voice and unfortunately his emotions instantly flared in response. Feeling his anger and displeasure at him as he only made Steve’s job harder. The fury being projected at him even if he wasn’t the primary cause. The exhaustion from having to exert more power into his wolf to protect them both. The Commander’s worry over the calf running at their side and keeping him safe. Danny wasn’t helping, he was hindering and Steve wished he would just leave him alone. He was too much of a distraction, when he had enough already and wished Danny would just leave him alone. He needed to concentrate on what was going on around him, not deal with his Guide, who was of no help to him where he was.


Subconsciously, the still very much in recovery Guide’s instincts, took that as a massive rejection of him and his wish to help, completely.


So with a whimper of anguish, at being rejected by his much beloved mate, Danny fled his mind. Opening his instantly and deeply depressed, light sapphire blue eyes, he spotted Sasha looking at him alarmed, and he dived into her ruff. Sobbing out his broken heart, as his emotions and instincts took over, shoving rational thought aside again.


This time though, Sasha was there and ready for the onslaught, before his instincts could do anything more than upset him hugely. She launched a counter attack into his mind. Reminding him, of how much his mate loved him fully, he wasn’t rejecting Danny at all. But he was the Warrior, and he was protecting his mate the way he was supposed to. In the manner they were all used to. She chuckled with lots of humor, love, and affection for the far away man. How many times had Steve done something incredibly stupid, because he didn’t put any thought into what he was doing? Her cub KNEW Steve did things the hard way. This was no different.


Looking up into her true blue eyes, tears falling from his own. “So he still wants me?” He didn’t doubt the man’s love for him. That had been blasted into him for all time. But just because you love someone, doesn’t always mean you want them. His emotions were fluctuating like crazy, not helping him in the least with controlling himself. His own depressed feelings, feeding in on themselves and making him feel even worse for upsetting his mate.


Sasha blasted her cub’s instincts with another round of her own. Privately wishing Steve was here, he was the one best adapted to dealing with Danny, as he was meant too. But his instincts were still very much in control of his mind, and it was time she helped her cub get his under control. Otherwise he was going to be miserable for a long time to come. She brought him in closer to her chest and continued to hug the much distraught man.


She hit him within his mind with images of the truth, how Steve was the Spirit Warrior and was fighting, fighting to get to him. She explained what Death Sparrows were. Nasty, black flying rats, who goal in this world and the next was, to do nothing but cause others pain and anguish. Steve was actually fighting and teaching those bastards a lesson they wouldn’t soon forget. She growled as she remembered her own experiences over the centuries with the bastards. Showing him images of fights she had become embroiled in, fighting with her pack as they drove the birds off weaker spirit animals. Helping the Sparrow Hawks drive the birds back to where they came. Danny shuddered at the images, cuddling closer in sudden fear at the birds, his emotions shaking all of the place.


Sasha’s mind voice started sliding into a more perverted nature as she began to make her final points. Danny needed to remember, you don’t fuck with a Sentinel Seal, Spirit Warrior, who was doing his damnedest to get back to his incredible attractive mate, and screw his brains out solid for a week. All so that his Guide’s very perverted and voyeristic she-wolf, could get a really great show out of it. So Steve wasn’t rejecting him, he was rejecting those sons of bitches, who were keeping him away from entertaining her immensely.


Her gentle and loving cub’s instincts, were good for many things, but when it came to mating they were not firing on all cylinders. She wanted her lookie-nookie time and those birds were preventing Steve from arriving. He needed to concentrate on the birds, and this time around there wasn’t much Danny could do. She nudged the man in her paws, in a affectionate manner, sending him more images from the past.


How she couldn’t get enough, from watching Steve and Danny enjoy fucking each other over any available surface, both at home and the retreat. The sounds they would make, especially Steve as he sucked the come right out of her cub, multiple times. Danny crying out with pleasure, as he was emptied before he turned his highly turned on mate, on to his own hands and knees before licking at his eager to be fucked hole. Steve urging him on, till the Seal was howling his own pleasure, as his ass was eaten and he stroked his own cock.


Danny just stared at her, astonished at her explanation of his mate’s rejection of him. “Seriously? That is all you can say? It feels like he is rejecting me and my help, and you can only think about watching him screw me? That is all you care about?” He had no idea what to think, but the absurdity of her reasons was pulling him out of his depression, riling him up and getting him totally pissed off. In fact he was forgetting all about being heartbroken, as the idea of his wolf only interested in seeing him get fucked, took hold.


She wolf grinned at him, nodding, wagging her tail and wagging her eyebrows in her most perverted manner. Distracting him from her real work, which was diving deep into his conscious mind, something she normally avoided doing, and finding the actual instinct nucleus cell and rebooting it. The one that had caused his instincts to rebel at everything, to disappear from the material plain and reappear in the spirit one. She had not been able to find it at first, because Steve wasn’t here with his big mouth and clumsy tongue, to trigger another spell. But she wasn’t about to let this gift go, by rebooting this one tiny little instinct cell, she would get it to normalize in his mind, and allow both men to move forward.


Steve would still have to earn his trust, prove to him that he could protect him. But neither man now, would be fighting a set of instincts, which were mistakenly programmed to run. Run from any danger, run from the man who many times led Danny into danger. Now she could reset that one little instinct core cell, letting it rest till Steve showed up, it gave the Sentinel a fighting chance to prove he would take care of Danny. Take care of him in the way both wanted.


Danny stared at Sasha, as she said the most unbelievably perverted things to him. But that is what made it even more believable, and after the anger of thinking she didn’t care, for all of four seconds, he felt relief all of a sudden that Steve wasn’t rejecting him. No, what he was doing was his job, protecting the other inhabitants of this realm. He was Danny’s protector and mate, but he was also a protector of other Sentinels, Guides and Spirit animals. Right now he was having to concentrate on his other duties, which included the spirit animals traveling with him. Rather than stressing over the antics of his very safe, very well guarded Guide.


“Well, fuck. I screwed up didn’t I?” Danny said frustrated with himself, pulling out of his wolf’s soft chest, and turning around so he could lean into it instead. Sasha licked his cheek, assuring him no, he hadn’t screwed up. Instead, he had just banked some serious make up sex time, from Steve. Time she was sure would be spent, allowing Danny to do all sorts of deliciously wicked things, to his body. His eyes lit up at the suggestion. “You know you’re right. I could use this, to get a good chance to pound that lovely ass of his.” Feeling his cock start to get hard, he looked down at himself ruefully. “Damn it, now I’m horny, but it’s no fun if Steve isn’t here. Not even mentally. Not when I know he’s fighting.”


Standing he headed out the cave. “I’m going to go take a dunk in the ocean.” Looking nervously at her while he stood at the cave entrance, the ocean waves lapping gently a few feet away. “Would you mind coming with me? I’d actually like to dunk my entire body in, but I don’t feel comfortable without someone watching.” He blushed and cast his eyes down in embarrassment. Sasha with an eager nod, scrambled up and out the entrance. A few seconds later, not only was he dunking his entire body in the sea. But he was also actually swimming, with his head held above the water.


They stayed there for a good hour playing in and out. Course Danny didn’t realize it, but Sasha was using the time to build up his body, along with his mind. By the time Steve found them, she was hoping for some really extended lookie-nookie time.


Then again Loki would be with Steve, and she might just finally consent to some of her own nookie time.




Steve woke up in a foul, depressed mood the next morning. He was seriously pissed off, at his own behavior, towards his Guide yesterday. No matter what circumstances were happening, he shouldn’t have snapped at his mate the way he had. Danny was still in recovery, he needed a lot of help and a gentle touch, he needed to have his trust in his Sentinel built up. So of course, the best want to go about doing so, is to bite his head off. And to put the icing on the cake, he could not feel his mate in his head, at all. When he had told Danny to leave and not bother him the man must have taken it to heart. Probably wouldn’t contact him again and wouldn’t even talk to him, till he saw him in just under a couple weeks.


Looking down at his lap, he could see Loki was still exhausted from the run and fight. Those damn Death Swallows or Sparrows or whatever they were called, flying rats as far as he was concerned, taking a hell of a lot of energy away from his wolf, and himself if he was honest. The calf was in a corner snoozing, preferring not to go out till the sun was well risen. No one wanted to deal with those birds again.


Leaning back against the cave wall, he wondered what he was going to do with Danny.


‘Well, you could always try spoiling him, like the fantastic man that he is.’ Said a sharp, highly amused voice in his head.


Shocked beyond belief at the voice in his mind, he barely kept his answer in his head, instead of shouting it out loud. ‘DANNY!’


With the same amusement, ’Yes, that is what my mother and father named me, babe.’ Smile firmly in place.


Now Steve had a case of the reactionary shakes for another reason, a much more emotional reason. His grip tightened in his brother’s coat, till a sleepy whimper reached his ears, prompting him to let go before he woke up. A sigh and a further snuggle into his lap, assured him Loki was going back to sleep. ’Oh my god I didn’t think I would talk to you again till we caught up to you.’ Eyes closed, leaning back on the cave wall, he released much of the pent up tension within himself, just from the sound of his mate’s voice. A voice, which didn’t sound like it was running in terror from him, like it had yesterday.


Quietly, sensing how upset his partner was with himself, ’Because of yesterday?’ He reached out, slowly projecting soothing thoughts, wanting to relax the man.


He was giving so much, doing so much, all so he could finally once again have his most cherished love in his arms. Danny had to remember, he had his own mental issues on top of his own. A Sentinel without a Guide was never a stable being. Steve more so than most, because he had found his Guide, found him, mated him and never wanted to be far from him. For him, for years, having a Guide was the ultimate goal, a person who would never leave him and who he could finally settle down and love unconditionally. His world revolved around his Guide, his much beloved Danny and being denied his company for so many weeks must be unbearable. Danny needed to remember his own love’s rightful needs, and think about how to keep Steve calm in the future. Being glued to his side would be a good start, once they were together again.


‘Yeah look I am so sorry I snapped at you. I shouldn’t have done it.’ The Commander’s voice was extremely remorseful for his attitude. He honestly never wanted to feel again, his mate running in terror from him, even if only in his mind voice. His own Sentinel instincts, recoiling in horror at making their Guide fear him.


He relaxed as he felt Steve relax from his own work and words. ’Babe don’t be, Sasha explained a few things to me and helped me mentally with something I’m sure, but she won’t tell me what. I really don’t question what she does with my head any more. I think I’m better not knowing…’ There was a pause, as his attention was focused elsewhere for a moment. Then Danny came back with a chuckle, ‘Sasha says it’s best I don’t know what she is doing. Then I won’t get as pissy as I normally might.’


Steve chuckled at that, before listening as his mate continued. ‘She also says that you should hurry up and get that lazy lout of yours up and moving. There is no reason for him to be this tired, not after a little run in with some flying turd bombers.’


Indignant on his wolf’s behalf, ’Danny he was really wasted yesterday. He ran hard and was fighting off those birds even as we ran.’


‘Yeah and he is a Warrior line of wolf so endurance, and shit should be bred into him.’ Just a touch of amused snark in his voice, which Steve savored, before responding.


‘I don’t really want to wake him up.’ Looking down at his wolf, he could see his deep even breaths.


‘Steve, Loki knows how much you want to get to me. He also knows that Sasha needs time to work on my head. It’s why he’s been stalling as much as he has.’ The detective revealed calmly, knowing it would fire up his mate as nothing else might. He knew Steve wouldn’t like the idea Loki had been taking his time getting to the other pair.


As predicted Steve sat a little straighter, absently stroking his wolf to sleep when he protested the movement again. ’What? Stalling what do you mean stalling?’


‘It’s going to take a couple weeks for you to get to me yes. But he can run much faster than he has been if he wanted.’ Another pause before continuing, ‘Sasha says she has worked out a major issue in my head, and Loki can move faster now, if he wants.’


‘If HE wants? What about me?’ He wanted to be near Danny the first day they arrived, being parted like they had been was driving him crazy.


Clucking his tongue in admonishment, ’Steve he is carrying you for long periods of time, not the other way around.’


‘But I want to see you, hold you, make sure you’re okay.’ He was starting to pout but he really wanted all those things. He needed his other half, needed to make sure he was okay, smell him, touch him, taste him, assure himself Danny was on the road to recovery after these long days of being separated.


‘Then I suggest you talk to your wolf and see if he can speed himself up. Maybe cut down on the time, by tapping into himself. Looking for that little extra which makes him the Spirit Warrior’s Wolf.’ Now Danny’s voice turned dark and conspiring. ‘Sasha went out for a second to give us a few minutes alone. Why I don’t know, but if that crap doesn’t work with him try this. Tell him Sasha is thinking about finally letting Loki have his way with her.’


‘Oh shit! Our wolves going at it?’ Steve was already thinking of the logistics of riding a horny wolf.


‘Yeah not sure I want to watch that. But yeah, I saw it in her mind before I was completely asleep. She’s thinking of finally letting him take her as his mate.’


He relaxed again, as he thought of how much it would make his four legged partner happy. Loki really did love Sasha with everything he had. He was obsessed with the perverted little bitch, and when not exhausted, spent many nights dreaming of the dirty things he wanted to do to her. A few of those dreams, being pushed over into his own mind, waking him up with a hard on himself, he wanted nothing to do with. The only doggy style he wanted to deal with, was with his own human mate. Still, ’He would love that. He’s wanted her since he first laid eyes on her.’


‘Well, now he might actually get to lay her. Much better than that Nat Geo dirty mag he likes to read.’ The younger man said back to his love.


Surprised Danny knew, since he figured he wouldn’t know never having been in Loki’s den since they arrived in the Spirit Plain, ’What the fuck? How did you know about that?’


Danny chuckled ‘Sasha told me about it. She knows what he has in that secondary den of his. She doesn’t care as long as it’s paper and not the real deal. I think she has claimed Loki for herself, even if she hasn’t let him claim her.’


‘Think she would?’ Steve asked honestly, he didn’t want to disappoint the wolf in his lap. The creature wanted Sasha so much, and it would break the poor wolf’s heart, if it was all just a big joke. Being teased about having the one thing he has wanted since they became their own couple, would be a harsh blow to his pride and self confidence.


‘Yeah we’re bonded, don’t really see them looking for mates outside of themselves.’ Danny knew Sasha wanted Loki, there was no way he could think of she would deny him. But she was being cagey on how he would have to claim her.


‘That would make Loki happy.’ Boy would it make him happy. And Loki did deserve his own happiness, he just hoped it, while they continued running south he didn’t send him any more of his own perverted wolf dreams. He enjoyed his own which featured his mate.


‘Yeah… oh shit she’s back and smirking. God damn it, I knew it, she was just fucking with me and heard everything.’ Steve heard his mind mumbling something, before returning his focus to him. ‘God she is such a slutty little hussy. She wants us together, so she can watch some hot mate on mate action. Then she said if Loki can prove himself to her, he can have her. But she won’t make it easy.’


‘Christ, I’m not sure how long it’s going to take us to get there. I’m not sure how fast Loki will be able to run.’ Chuckling at the idea which just popped into his head.


‘Run? I thought he would be running faster with her as an incentive.’ Danny asked puzzled, knowing Steve was thinking something, but not quite grasping what.


‘Normally I’m sure it would be. But he’ll probably be running with a raging boner, which would make it really hard on him.’


There was a long deep pause in his head, before he heard his mate’s voice snickering, ’Oh that was sick. What a sick nasty joke,’ another pause and some mumbling as if repeating a sentence, ‘Aaaannnnnd I’ve lost my girl. She is rolling around, belly up laughing.’


Steve could hear him rolling his eyes. Sasha could be quite dirty minded when she wanted to be. ‘Okay Danny I’ll tell Loki. But now tell me since you tried to distract me with the wolves, how are you doing? You okay from yesterday?’


Sighing in his mind ‘Yeah I’m okay. I was upset, like really upset and I just felt like you were rejecting me again. But then Sasha did something, helped me figure out that while I am your mate, we are both more than that. You protect me, yes that is your primary job. But you also have to defend our kind and the animals too. She explained, I was safe and sound with her guarding me. That you needed to concentrate saving Loki, and your little buddy who is traveling… Steve?’


‘Yeah what is it?’


‘Make sure you tell that calf thank you for me. And make sure he knows he will always be welcome in our pack.’ His voice took on a different quality when speaking about the calf.


‘Danny what’s wrong?’ He could hear the change in his voice as if something important was coming.


‘I don’t think anything’s wrong. But I don’t think he is going to be traveling with you too much longer. Just a feeling I’m getting. Make sure you give him a really good grooming today okay?’ He had never met the calf but when he did, he would say thank you for all he had done. He was going to make someone an awesome companion, someday.


Shaking his head, even as he opened his eyes and spotted the first few degree’s of difference in the morning light. ’Okay fine, weird but fine. Now back to you…’


‘Oh yeah, like my lady was telling me, I was safe and sound but you needed to save our friends. It was only understandable that you have your mind on other things. You shouldn’t need to babysit every thought in your head, when you're fighting for your life.’


Relaxing at the words, and Danny’s understanding of his own duties, ’Tell her thanks for me Danny. I really needed to hear that. I was so worried I had screwed us up more.’


‘Nah it was my bad. I shouldn’t have been like that. I’ve just be clingy and I miss the hell out of you…’ Steve could feel him pausing again. ‘Looks like I have to go. I’m getting the stink eye to get something to eat.’


Alarmed, he jostled his lap and Loki grunted before grumbling at Steve to stop moving. Steve absently scratched his ear, till he relaxed and continued with his much needed rest. ’You haven’t eaten yet? What the hell Danny?’


‘Easy there slick, reason I haven’t eaten is cause I woke up just a bit ago. I felt you worrying at me not contacting you, so wanted to do that right away. But now I have to go. I’ll talk to you later… god damn it I’m coming, hold your horses lady.’ His voice wandered off, but he left a faint trace of his presence in his mind.


Steve let all the tension flow out of his body, flopping back against the cave wall, ’Danny thank god you're safe.’ Closing his eyes he rested.

Chapter Text

A few hours later, Loki finally woke up and rolled over, his belly protesting his lack of food, with a groan, loud enough for anyone to hear. God he had the biggest headache, he swore it was as loud as those football game brass bands, competing with a concrete removal business, all while both were trying their damndest to drown out the sounds of thirty, screaming steam engine whistles, and failing. Every single hair on his body, was protesting the least movement of the wind blowing inside the cave. Sparks of annoyance radiated down his nerve endings, as he tried to control the after effects of the abuse he had put himself through the day before.


Once he managed to somewhat throttle his headache into submission, reducing it down to a level which felt like, an entire tap dancing team was practicing on his brain. He slowly, carefully and with extreme care, extended his front paws out. Wincing as muscles sorely used and abused, screamed at him once more for the temerity of movement. Fighting through the pain, careful of mis-stepping he pulled himself to all four feet. Closing his eyes he focused on lessons, long ago taught him at his mother’s side. Carefully pulling on his own power, mindful of the over extensions from the day before, he settled on reducing just how much pain he was in. He wished Danny was here, because what was taking him long minutes to accomplish, the Guide could do in just a few moments.


The sun was well on the way towards high noon, from what he could see outside the dim lit cave. He slowly worked on recovering enough, so he didn’t feel like a crushed car, from the inside and out. His mother’s healing tricks worked, and he managed to limp out to where he could smell the others. Still he placed his paws carefully, not wishing to strain something again after yesterday’s battle. Blinking dull green eyes, belly rumbling as it protested its lack of food, he walked out into the sun.


Looking around he found his companion standing next to the calf. He was grooming the grazing calf and was jealous of the fresh, rested vibe both were projecting. It was totally unfair, for Steve especially, to be up bright and early and looking entirely to cheerful. Watching as he groomed the calf, with that goofy smile on his face, which indicated he had been in contact with Danny this morning. God he wanted to rip on him something fierce, or maybe go hunt a muskrat, eat it and then fart all day, just to wipe his way to bright smile off his face. Why should he feel like absolute crap while Steve practically radiated happiness and contentment?


Speaking of crap, why in the hell did he feel like it in the first place? The pounding in his head, along with his completely sore body, indicated he had been doing some seriously heavy fighting yesterday. Did he and Steve decide to go at it with each other? He knew he had been planning on doing some, one on one battle tactics training with him. Show him how to actually go up against Spirit animals, who may be less then friendly with him. Especially after being attacked by those god damn buffalos and pigs. Fuck now he was even hungrier, as he thought of the steak and pork chops those animals conjured up.


Trying to remember the cause of his headache, his memory FINALLY and helpfully supplied him with the image of the Death Sparrows. He sneezed wetly at the memory, even as he limped further out into the clearing. Steve glanced at him for a moment, Cheshire grin in place, before returning to grooming the calf, Loki glared at him before returning to his own thoughts. Fuck he hated those damn things, flying rats, who were way to up tight, totally unhelpful, taking out their un-bondable rage on everyone else and no doubt in serious need of getting laid. It’s not his fault he had the absolute best companion in the whole wide world. Well, most times he did, right now he wasn’t sure, and really wished Danny was here, his head still hurt. Still they didn’t have to take their rage out on him, just cause he was so much cooler.


Steve watched Loki, both out of the corner of his eye, and in his head. His brother was in some serious discomfort, but he figured his news would pull him out of it pretty quick. He knew damn well Loki could cure himself of a hell of a lot, in a hurry if he needed to, if he had proper incentive. Hell he remembered when they were out on a mission back when he was just starting as a Seal. That had been a hellish few days.




Steve was the youngest and least experienced member in their squad, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t any less qualified to do the job. But the thing was, he was the only Sentinel in their group and the only Guide was the medic. They got along okay, but Steve felt none of the drive to bond as had been explained to him he would feel, when he met the person destined to belong to him. For now he was making due with Toby, and following his own training to keep from zoning out. Plus Loki was with him, watching out for him as they made their way through the jungle.


God this place STANK, the bugs crawled all over you, biting in the worst places. His balls itched something fierce, from the close shave he had been given. Otherwise the creepy crawlies would have festered for months, happily, in places they had no business being. He had been offered a doctor to shave his groin, but he elected to find someone else to do so. In fact turning to his new quasi girlfriend to do it.


Catherine was a nice enough girl, a five sense Sentinel like himself, who was working towards her own goal of working for Naval intelligence. She was well on her way to doing so, taking lots of courses on electronic surveillance, mapping, and computer programming, in addition to her field training. They had gotten together in a bar one night, and ended up spending the evening talking shop and thoroughly enjoying each other’s company, as two people new to their chosen goals in life. Eventually they fell into bed together, when the urge to connect physically to someone else grew too great. But both knew it wouldn’t last, or at least Steve knew it wouldn’t, because his true goal in life was to find his Guide. Find that special person and finally have someone to devote all his love and devotion on.


So he had asked Cath to shave all his thick hair in places she giggled about. When she was done, she had rewarded his patience in the most enjoyable of ways. God he had almost been late to call, after receiving one of the best lays in months too. Who knew shaving balls would turn someone on so much.


He was grateful now, to not have hair down there, the sweat would have stunk even worse. But seriously he hated how much it itched, and how he couldn’t scratch the way he wanted. For now he was on point, senses extended out to make sure there was no one around, who shouldn’t be around. They technically shouldn’t be here either, but south east Asia right now was a hot bed of
malcontent and there was a person they needed to capture or kill, before they caused any more death and destruction to the other people in the area. Capture had been the preferred method for the person they were after, because he had a ton of information the higher ups would love to have. But they would take kill if there was no other recourse, and count it as a win if they succeeded.


So his team was slogging through some high humidity swamps, mud up to their armpits at times, if they were lucky. All the way up to their neck or noses if they had to actually duck down in the various rivers and streams they had to cross. It was doing a wonder with his own senses as the constant smells, sounds and even taste tried to override his control. He wanted to dial everything down, but for the safety of his team he couldn’t. Toby was having a field day keeping him from losing himself, in all the overwhelming input.


Loki appeared suddenly before him, silent snarl on his face, as he stopped the entire squad in their tracks. Everyone knew who Loki was and respected him as a fellow warrior. He was also a goof ball and a hell of a lot of fun to be around, when they were not training for missions. He drank more than one of the other guys under the table, on nights when they decided to go to town. Steve busy with his girlfriend and not wanting to be anywhere around, when the wolf decided to party. But when the black beast was working, no one questioned his sense of duty, or his commitment to Steve. Something had happened to the creature in the past, something he didn’t like to talk about, but affected his need to be near his bond mate when Steve was in trouble. He wasn’t far from his side ever, and made it known he would not tolerate others trying to keep him from his chosen human.


Something had caused Loki to stop the squad and the men were ready for it. They immediately huddled down under cover, while he relayed what it was he had found to Steve. They were about to cross into a heavily booby trapped mine field. One which extended for at least ten miles in either direction and was another two miles straight ahead. It would be nearly impossible to get through on their own. Not unless they followed in his own paw prints very carefully.


“Just like in Viet-Nam and their bomb detection dogs.” Commander Shaw Bowater chuckled. He was an older man, his father had actually served in Viet-Nam and had seen those dogs in action. He himself was pleased to have Steve and Loki on their team, even if Steve was a wet behind the ears Seal Pup. Loki on the other hand, he suspected the wolf had battle experience, more than what Steve even realized. He would trust him till he was given reason not to trust. Whispering back to the pair. “Did you see anything else we needed to be aware of?”


Loki was super pleased, the Commander always addressed him like another person. He had included him in the group from the very start, and he made sure to be a proper team member. Unless he was getting drunk with the others, then all bets were off. He turned towards Steve to relay what else he had found, preferring to let his bond mate do the talking.


Steve turned to face his CO, “Sir, says there are also snipers in positions about a mile in. They have safe passages they can follow, but would know instantly if someone other than them, tried to use them. At least a dozen of them and all high enough, where Loki would have a bitch of a time getting to them.”


Commander Bowater growled, trying to think of a way around the problem. If Loki could kill one sniper, it would leave an opening for them to slither through. As it is, with all the other jungle and human obstacles it was going to be a complete bitch. Coming up with a plan he was quick to put it in place. “Okay McGarrett you’re still on point, have Loki take you to where you can get a clear view of the sniper nest. See if you can take him out, let me know on radio when you do. Stay were you are at that point, and send him back and we’ll follow him in.”


“Yes Sir!” Grabbing his gun, making sure it was loaded with the rounds he needed, he quickly and quietly followed his wolf into the damp and decaying Asian wilds.


Toby Burns quietly pipped up. “Sir think I should go with him? In case he zones out?”


“He needs to learn some time, besides I don’t think Loki would allow him. He can do this and we need to get to that bastard.”

Toby looked off to where Steve had disappeared into the jungle, hoping he would be okay.




Steve followed in Loki’s precise footsteps. His own senses alert to the real dangers all around him. The animals at least were still going about their business, if they had suddenly stopped, he knew he would be in real trouble. His brother paced quietly and slowly in front of him, testing his footing and making sure it was safe for his companion. He would not lose Steve now, not after all the trouble he had gone through, nearly two years ago to reach him. All during his regular naval training, followed by his Seal he had stood by his side, protecting him as much as he could. While he didn’t interfere with the hard parts of Bud/s he also didn’t allow the instructors to abuse his boy. That was his job when he felt it was warranted, and he loved playing pranks on his bond mate.


Now wasn’t the time for pranks, and he would not see Steve go up like a case of dynamite. He finally came to a stop, nearly a mile into the danger zone, behind a set of bushes and tall thick canopy trees which were perched on a steep river bank. Grabbing Steve by his pack, he slid them into the water, flowing quickly down towards the sea, over fifty miles away. It was filled with muck and debris, along with yet more wild life, which was more than happy to try and make a meal out of both of them. Loki and Steve both put up with it, the wolf able to get rid of the midges and mites later when needed. Finally it came time to where they needed to fully immerse themselves in the water, otherwise the sniper they were trying for would see them. They had to cross an open expanse nearly 100 yards long, but then they would be in cover again.


Steve grabbed rocks from the river bottom, tree roots, even Loki’s helpfully extended tail, to keep from being pushed back the way they had come. He had to use minimal movements, to make sure he didn’t upset the surface of the river in a manner not natural. Sight lines were non existent, and he dare not try and scent anything for fear of drowning. How would that look to have a rookie Seal drown on his first deep mission? He could only gauge he was going in the right direction by touch, Loki’s tail and the direction of the water as he swam upstream. Holding his breath wasn’t an issue, his hold time was a respectable 11 minutes, thanks to Sentinel stamina. But it was still slow going as they carefully moved forward. Even Loki was struggling under the water, most of his own senses muted because of the same issues.


He was making good headway, listening to Loki in his head as he gave him directions. Planning how he would climb out of the river at the spot Loki was aiming for. So of course his plans were throughly shot to hell, as he suddenly felt the slamming of teeth in his right leg. Barely holding in his scream of pain, he kicked out at whatever it was that was grabbing him. Only to be dragged further down the river by the giant crocodile, which had decided he would make an excellent snack.


Struggling in the animals grasp, he had to be careful not to have his leg ripped off and he bleed to death in under a minute. Loki instantly knowing about the problem, though not the cause, snarled underwater before turning back towards Steve. Diving in a blink he attacked the creature still gripping his bonded. Digging in with poison tipped fangs, into the animals tail, raking the armored body with claws which would not be swayed. They ripped the croc’s body open, blood pouring into the river, attracting other crocodiles to the sudden feast. The beast gripping Steve’s leg, let go to turn on the animal who dared to attack him. Only to get another set of strips along his face this time, ripping out one of his eyes. The croc snarled at the upstart who dared to take him on, he who was the king of the river and the largest bull for miles around.


Thrashing around he managed to get his teeth into Loki’s leg, ripping it to the bone, but the black beast wasn’t affected in the least. No, to the surprise of the croc, he suddenly had an entire body ramming into his head. Only to receive another harsh bite to the neck before sudden, burning pain flowed into his blood stream. His limbs started to shake, just before they shut down, his lungs and heart working over time as he surfaced to get away from the animal.


Only to feel others of his kind come up to him, grabbing him by his own legs and tail and systematically being pulled apart for the other creatures dinner. The water surface boiled over from all the activity, the swarms of crocodiles getting in on the feast. Giving the sniper a great show and reason for the sudden movement in the water. He held back from firing, shooting at the animals may be fun, but it would give away his position. Something his own Commander would not be pleased with.


Loki tired from the fight with the 1000 pound animal, still managed to find Steve who was in his own considerable distress. Bleeding heavily, he was attracting attention neither could afford, from his leg. Swimming back towards him, Loki grabbed his pack and dragged him, underwater towards the spot he had been aiming for in the first place. Steve for his part tried to swim as best he could, but blood loss and the need to breath were catching up to him fast. The river continued to blast around them, rocks breaking off from the river bank and helpfully smashing into Steve’s right shoulder, dislocating it instantly and giving him yet another reason to want to scream in pain. Only training, duty and the knowledge that if he did so, his fellow Seals would be in extreme danger.


Loki managed to find the spot he had been aiming for, a tiny secluded muddy rabbit sized hole. At least when the rabbit happened to be a very tall, waterlogged Seal. Pulling his injured companion out of the water, he dragged him to shore. Worried as Steve barely responded, he was conscious but only just, and in need of serious medical attention. Loki was tired as hell too, but his own bond mate came first. Nuzzling the man, he poured his own energy into him, trying to heal the wounds on his own. He did alright but he wasn’t a human healer and didn’t know the in’s and out’s of the human body as well as a real doctor would. The only one nearby was Toby, and Loki wasn’t going to leave Steve on his own for the moment. Not with hungry crocs in the area still.


Good thing too because some followed, looking for another meal as the King crocodile was killed and eaten by the others. Steve seemed like a very easy meal, Loki would teach them the error of their ways. As they came on shore, bodies moving in slow motion though they were actually quite fast. They came at the downed Seal, jaws open ready to grab a foot or leg, hand or arm, whatever they could snatch before dragging him back down into the river. Loki snarled his only warning, which wasn’t heeded as the group came towards him. So be it, he lit into the animals, poison dripping freely from his fangs as he attacked. Aiming for the back of the necks he leapt onto their backs, opening jaws as wide as he could and sinking fang. The animals screamed, cried, roared and bellowed in pain, thrashing wildly as the black guardian jumped from animal to animal. Nimbly keeping away from their own long jaws and dagger like teeth. Always distracting them from the goal which was Steve, still lying in a growing pool of his own blood. Finally the creatures had had enough, the excruciating pain in their bodies, driving them away from the shore. They would go elsewhere to find an easier meal to eat. At least those who survived the poison in their systems.


None would, Loki had seen to that.


The sniper watched as the animals moved about, but couldn’t see what they were hunting. It did help break up the monotony of his shift though, to watch the activity on the river. Over time it quieted and he went back to his own duties. The show was over and he still had to look for those trying to invade his territory.




Steve panted as quietly as he could. The pain in his leg the most intense he had ever felt, up to and including the crap he had to endure during hell week. This time his leg was mangled, bent in a direction nature never intended it to be. His shoulder hung limply at his side, and he was unable to do anything for either. Losing so much blood in the fast moving river had drained him of any resources he might have.


But he was also a stubborn son of a bitch, and refused to go out without a fight. He was only 20, he wanted more out of life, he wanted to find his Guide and he couldn’t find that person laying here in the filthy mud. So taking a deep breath, he tapped into the energy which made him a Sentinel. It wasn’t much, just a trickle but it was enough to help him reach over and unbuckle his pack, swinging it with much pain off his back. Once gone and no longer putting pressure on his useless shoulder, he breathed a little easier. Now for the hard part, digging in with his left hand he found the waterproof med kit. Opening it he pulled out the bandage and quick set packs. Ripping the package with his teeth, he poured it on the wound, holding back his own painful cries, by biting into his shoulder. Wrapping the bandage around the gouges in his bent leg, he managed to cover the wounds, but couldn’t knot it tightly. Not without a second hand, which was useless at the moment.


Loki finally trotted up, through the muddy bank, looking just as tired as Steve. But he wasn’t going to quit either, instead he grabbed one end of the bandage in his teeth, allowing Steve to tighten it as best he could.


“Thanks buddy I needed the help.” The pained voice of the Seal whispered. Loki licked his cheek, before turning his attention to the broken leg, staring intently. He was about to try something he had never done, minor healing's were one thing. But this was something totally out of his realm. He wished Toby was here but there was no way to get to him. Not without a lot of fighting and the river was out as a way to travel. The others were just going to have to stay put till he came for them and told them the story. No way in hell was he leaving Steve alone right now.


Closing his eyes he concentrated on his own link to the spirit realm, a place he wished his own chosen could go too. Could be a part of, to know how to use its powers and heal himself faster than what even a Sentinel could do normally. But it was impossible, no human would ever walk those mystical lands, swim those dangerous oceans or drink from the purity of the rivers dotting the landscapes. So Loki would have to bring the Spirit Plain to his partner, even if he knew it not. Fogging his delirious mind mate’s mind even more, he began healing him as best he could. It was a bitch, he was a Warrior not an Elder and also not that old, healing had been part of his training but he hadn’t paid as much attention at the time as he should have. Now his partner was paying the price. But what he lacked in quality, he made up for in quantity, pouring power into his brother’s healing skills and hoping to god they could do the job he wanted.


He wanted Steve healed enough so they could get him to a place where he could heal properly in time. Otherwise he would be dead by the following morning and Loki would be without his bond mate. It took time, more time than he liked but he was pleased with what he was seeing. Steve’s healing powers slowly correcting the bend leg, the blood flow stopping and the holes from the crocodiles teeth closing. His shoulder was also healing itself, forcing itself back into the socket with a crunching sicking pop. Pushing as much as he could, Loki continued with his task till Steve was out of the danger zone. Once to that point the black beast had to stop, himself not used to pulling so much energy and focusing it on a body he was not properly trained to heal in the first place.


With a sigh he laid down next to his chosen, covering him as much as he could with his body, lending him warmth. Darkness would fall soon, bringing an even bigger host of problems. He set wards around the exhausted Seal, letting him sleep and recovery what energy he could. But he could not rest himself, he had to return to his partner’s teammates and let them know what happened. Taking one last look around the area, assured Steve could not be found by anything, human or animal, he disappeared from sight.




“Where the hell is he?” Toby grumbled, worried over the young Sentinel. While he felt no inclination to bond to the boy, he still was connected to him. As a Guide he was available for Steve to use however way he wished, and he was more than pleased when Steve refused to use him as the Guild said he was entitled to. He had been used by other Sentinels in the past for their pleasure and never enjoyed it. But he put up with it cause he loved being a Seal even more. He had been put in charge of the young Sentinel to help him learn and keep him centered while he learned how to be a Seal Sentinel. Having five senses in a Sentinel was rare if they were out of the Military, within slightly more common, but to have one on their actual team was amazing. Normally they were put to use in the Marines or other quick deploy team.


Because Steve was different, kinder in his own clumsy, youthful way, Toby was even more worried when he didn’t come back from his assignment to shoot the sniper. Something had to have happened to the boy he was responsible for. The Guild and higher ups would not be pleased, but frankly he could care less about that, he needed to find out what happened and help the kid.


“Not sure Burns but I have no doubt, he can either handle it or he’s out of commission.” Bowater stated, but he wasn’t any happier. He liked Steve, he was a hard worker, took orders well and pulled his own weight. He also didn’t like Guild ways and was pleased when he didn’t take Toby to bed just cause he had the right to. Showed strength of character to not force his will on another just because he had the right too. He was an honorable man and he would always be pleased to have him on his team.

A rustling of the bushes from the north alerted the team to something coming. Each man raised his weapons, in the cover they lay in as they waited for their Sentinel. Loki stepped out, mud encrusted coat and blood splattered within his teeth. His eyes were tired but determined as he stepped out and headed towards Toby.


The wolf glanced around till he spotted the Guide’s own spirit animal, a sweet though very shy Fat tailed Dunnart named Minnie, hiding within his collar as she normally did. The mouse like creature was an odd choice for a Seal Guide in some aspects, in others she was the best. For she could sneak into tiny places, gathering intel for her companion, before sneaking out again, no one the wiser. For the most part she stayed within his coat, close to his heart to help him through the tough times being a Guide entailed. He loved her dearly and never wished to be parted from her.


Loki looked deeply into Minnie’s eyes conveying a wealth of information. Twitching her whiskers, her own black eyes growing large as to what happened to the very nice Sentinel, she turned to her own companion. Chittering as she relayed the wolf’s message quickly, Toby instantly concerned and wishing to get to the downed man.


“What is it Burns?”


“It’s McGarrett Sir, he’s down, was attacked by crocodiles in the river as he was going to the spot Loki wanted him to take the sniper out.”


“What?” The Commander demanded, hissing the question, when in fact he wished to shout.


Toby turned towards him, Loki impatient to get back to his ward but knowing he needed some information on what they planned on doing. “Steve was attacked, Loki managed to drive them off, but he’s alone, in a muddy hole, wounded and unable to do much himself.”


“Shit, fuck, god damn it.” Turning towards the wolf Bowater addressed him, “Loki can you get us to him? Or take Toby to him?” Loki shook his head, he couldn’t afford to spend the energy, defending another through the river. His duty was to his Sentinel and he wouldn’t bother trying to defend another at this time. Running his hand through his greying hair, too many missions in high profile areas, he turned looking at what they could do. “Shit, okay, no not okay. Damn we need to get him help.” He tapped his foot as he tried to think of a way to get to the boy, and complete the mission.


Loki cocked his head, waiting for some news, he only would stay for a few more minutes before he left to tend to his ward.


“Fuck we’re going to have to go around. Mission has to come first, even if I hate leaving him for the time being.” Turning back to the midnight coated creature, “Loki can you watch him? Care for him till we can get to him?” He nodded, it was something he could easily do. “Good, Kokernak, your on point, find us a way around the mined area. It might take us a while but we need to get that bastard. And I’m modifying the mission. We shoot to kill, we don’t have time to fuck with trying to bring the bastard back.” He turned back to the waiting wolf. “Loki go to Steve, watch him. We need to get the target, but then we are coming for you. Might take a few extra days, intel for this op was complete crap when it came to terrain. We will come for you and get him. Just hide and keep him safe.”


Loki nodded before fading from sight, “Alright you lazy gutter rats, pack up and move out.”


Toby grimaced as they packed up. He hoped to god Steve could make it for the next few days. Having a wound of any kind in a jungle such as this, only invited infection and fever. He would send Minnie to Steve when he could, for without Loki here to do the heavy scouting and information retrieval, she was all they had left.




Steve woke, shivering as he lay in the muddy hole Loki managed to drag him too. He really needed to get to a better, safer place, the animals around here he was sure wouldn’t mind another chance at such a tasty snack. Cautiously he looked around him, his night sight better the most, but the pain and fever he could feel starting in his body was making him muzzy headed. He could make out the noises of the night animals, frogs, insects, crocodiles of course and many others and needed to get away. Maybe with the cover of darkness, combined with Loki’s help he could do just that.


Looking around, unable to find the beast who was the same color as the night around him, he settled for whispering. “Loki?” Only to practically jump out of his skin, as a snort and a warm muzzle was pushed next to his ear. “God damn it, how many times have I told you not to sneak up on me like that. You fucking hair ball!” Still he was grateful his partner was here, made the night seem less scary. He may be a Seal, but he was still young, been on his own for a hell of a long time, and was injured with no foreseeable way of getting home right away. So sue him if he was highly concerned as to what would be happening to him next.


Loki chuckled even as he snuffled at his companion’s hair. He wasn’t pleased with what he found, he had healed most of his injuries from life threatening. But infection had already set in strongly and was well on its way to flooring the Seal for the foreseeable future. Loki just didn’t want to take a chance and screw Steve up without more knowledge on how to help him. He wished he could call his Mother, ask for her help but she was busy with her own duties. Besides she would just say figure it out, you’re old enough. His mother could be kind of cranky at times.


Either way he had to tend to Steve till help could come for him. Which wouldn’t be for a good long time. Instead he needed to find a place to hide them both and keep those large predators from hunting them again. Fighting was not on his list of things he wanted to do right now. Checking out his shoulder he found it stiff and practically useless, he had caused more damage than intended when he forced it back into its socket. Steve would need some serious physically therapy when they came home to get it back into working condition. His leg was in rough shape too, Sentinel healing only going so far when it was hurried. The man needed time to get over everything and it was the one commodity they didn’t have at the moment.


“Loki, what’s going on? What happened?”


Quickly the wolf went over everything which had happened in the last few hours. Including the need for the team to go and hunt their mission target without him. They were planning on killing the bastard, and wanted Steve to find a place to hide till they could come back for him.


“But they are going to kill him? The primary goal was to capture the target for questioning.” Steve wasn’t pleased they were going with the secondary plan, all because of him. Loki nodded even as he began scenting the air, ready to find a better place to lay up for a while. “No not going to happen. Absolutely not, the objective was to capture and by god we are going to do just that. Even if I have to do it myself!”


Loki snorted with amusement, intent on finding a place for his brother. “Loki help me up, it’s dark out, we can move a lot easier right now, The moon is only a quarter in the sky but it’s more than enough light for us to see by.” Steve reached for his pack, intent on doing his duty, even if his wolf thought he was insane. The man they were after had too much valuable intel in his head to kill him outright. “Come on we can travel up the river, less traps there right? We’re already a mile in and the traps only were a couple miles wide in this area. We can get moving and be there by morning. I’m sure of it.”


The Spirit Companion looked at his bond mate like he was crazy. And to a certain extent he was, with no Guide to keep his mind on track. Still he needed Steve to rest let the other’s deal with the guy they were after. He said as much to the stubborn man.


“No we are going to get him, we are in the best position to do so. Now get moving, I hurt but I’ll live.” Not giving the four footed being a chance to argue with him, with a groan he heaved himself to his feet. Bracing his body as his head suddenly began to spin. Loki growled at him, telling him he was an idiot and needed to rest. “Let’s get going. I want to be at that camp by morning. We can avoid most of the snipers, the way we did before, staying in the river. You’ll just need to help me steer clear of the big ones.”


Not pleased at his idiot of a bond mate, still Loki followed and would help. Part of the problem was this was Steve’s first mission. If he laid about while others carried it out, he would always have this failure hanging over his head and it would affect his outlook on his future career always. Always thinking the next one would fail, or the next, which was never a good mind set. Plus others might think he is jinxed and he would never be given harder missions, or even maybe driven out of the Seals he had worked so hard to become a part of. He was young and needed to know he wasn’t a failure, even if he didn’t realize it. His father had abandoned him to the Guild when he was 15, and in the back of his mind he always wondered what he had done, what he had failed at to make his Father get rid of him like he had. So Loki would follow his friend and help him, no matter how stupid, reckless and insane his idea was. Who knows maybe he’ll meet his Guide in the future and that person could knock some sense into him.


Slipping a shoulder under the unsteady hand of his human, Loki supported him back towards the river only a few feet away. This time he expanded his senses all the way, using his powers to really comb the river bottom and drive away any animals near them. He wasn’t going to take another chance, not with an injured man who was too stubborn for his own good. Fish, reptile and mammal all scattered as he projected his own power towards them. Showing all the creatures that he was the most powerful predator around and he would destroy them if they showed themselves.


For the rest of that night, slowly Steve and Loki made their way to the encampment. By passing the snipers, and booby traps they came across, through skill, enhanced senses and a shit ton of luck. As false dawn started, true dawn coming in just under an hour, Steve found himself exhausted from the mile long trek, in the fast flowing cold water. Loki had tried to warm him as best he could, but he could only do so much, when he was making sure they were not bothered by animals.


Smelling the scent of cooking fires, caused both to drop to the ground. “Loki find us a place to rest for the day. I’m beat and won’t be able to do anything for hours. It took more out of me then I thought it would, that swim.” Steve was absolutely exhausted, limbs shaking, body sore, leg and shoulder both loudly protesting his abuse of both for so many hours.


Loki snapped at him but obediently went looking, finding a place relatively quickly, it wasn’t much, just a hole in the ground overlooked due to such high grasses surrounding it, and the hole only being big enough for a rabbit. Thing was, it was deeper then expected and if Steve could crawl his way inside somehow without disturbing the grass around it, it would be an excellent place to hide for the day. He honestly couldn’t go any further till he got some much needed sleep.


Nudging the already dozing man, knowing he didn’t have much longer, he led him to his find. Steve looked down skeptically at the hole, before looking at his wolf. “Really?” Loki nodded, gently pulling back a few grasses, showing him the extra large size within. While it looked like a rabbit hole, he suspected its as actually a larger creature’s den. Something which had either moved on cause of the noise. Or been hunted and eaten by the locals in the camp. Either way it was there for their use now. Sighing Steve carefully maneuvered his way into the opening. Taking great care to not disturb the land any more then he possibly could. The locals would know if something was out of place if it was disturbed drastically. Happily he managed to get inside without pulling out any thing more than a couple lumps of grass, which he patted back into place.


Moving a few rocks out of his back, in the tight quarters, Steve positioned his pack like a pillow. Trusting Loki to watch out for the both of them, he settled in to sleep. Loki took up a guard position outside the hole, turning completely invisible, in his spirit form no less. He would get some much needed rest of his own, but if someone came up, while they rested, they would be dealing with him first. And a large vicious black dog was much easier to explain away, then a tall, youthful Seal who didn’t belong in any way.




Steve slept most of the day away. Only waking up when Loki nudged him, filling his hand with an energy bar or some other type of food to eat. He would shovel it in his mouth, before shuddering with the fever still racking his body, then go back to sleep. Loki kept an eye on the camp, watching the patrols going in and out, how the snipers showed up randomly. There were less than he thought, but the scents on the trees had all been fresh, so maybe they liked to move around. Either way he didn’t care, his only concern was his bonded and making sure they completed this mission.


He scratched his ear with his back foot before contorted around so he could lick at an itch at the base of his tail. Fucking bugs, he was going to need to bath, a real one when they got out of this bug infested hell hole. And a steak and beer, maybe find a nice female to spend some time with. There was that one gal he was really impressed with. She could chase her own tail so fast it was awesome, and she loved beer too. Too bad she was bonded to that asshole Sentinel who thought he was the best around. Steve was so much better than him, and he didn’t treat his Guides like chattel.


Evening was approaching when there was a large shake up at the camp. Loki raised his head wondering what was going on. Then laid his ears back as he realized exactly what it was, growling at yet another bigger problem Steve would insist on correcting. His team was limping in, hands behind their heads, blood dripping from various wounds. The camp guards were buzzing around excitedly at the prisoners and didn’t hesitate to cat call, insult and when they could get away with it punch them in the back or belly with their rifle belts.


“We have to rescue them Loki.” Came the quiet voice of his companion, startling him as he hadn’t heard him move. Looking over his shoulder, he could see the flushed face, sweat pouring from his body and harsh breathing. The fever was gripping him harder, but he wasn’t going to let a little sickness keep him from freeing his mate’s or completing the mission. Loki sighed knowing it wasn’t worth trying to talk him out of it. His own sense of duty was demanding the same thing. Standing he walked the few inches over and placed his own forehead against his partner, breathing the same air and letting him know he would support him.


“Thanks Loki, let’s get started, I’ll run recon…” Loki pushed him back into the hole with a growl. “Loki?” Steve asked puzzled, even as another wave of dizziness hit him.


Growling he kept pushing him back into the hole, until he was situated to his liking. Explaining he would scout and find out exactly what was going on. Steve needed to eat, rest and wait which he knew he would hate. But he wasn’t ready to even try and form a plan. Let him do the hard work and when dark fell they could break the guys out.


Steve stared at his bond mate, a little surprised since Loki never was this willing and helpful. Preferring to make him work for anything he needed. The wolf rolled his eyes, this was not the time to be fucking around on either of their sides. A job needed to be done and as Steve was a Seal so was he, and he planned on doing his duty. He wouldn’t leave his team mates behind if he could avoid it. But Steve had to remember he was Loki’s first priority and always would be, if a choice had to be made between saving his human or saving their team mates, Loki would choose him every time.


With a final order to close his eyes and get some more rest, Loki turned and headed into camp.




Commander Bowater was pissed, they had been careful but with having to move even slower than planned, without their Sentinel and his wolf, they had been caught off guard. There had been a bit of a fire fight, two of his guys were injured before their positions had been over run. Now he had to figure out a way to get everyone out, find Steve and hope to god he was still alive and get out of this shit hole country. He also planned on finding out who in the hell was responsible for the intel on this mission and throttling them for all the mistakes.


They had all been taken to a holding area, a metal truck container, sturdy enough but hot as hell. Muzio and Tomlin had both been hit and while not life threatening at the present time, infection was common and they hadn’t been able to do more than treat them with bandages allowed from their own packs. Everything else had been taken and dumped somewhere. Flies were buzzing around the container, indications that prisoners were common to be held here, and judging by the lack of decay not for long. No doubt taken out and either housed somewhere else or simply killed and their bodies dumped.


“Sir, Tomlin is getting worse, infection is setting in and I can’t do much with dirty water and spit for healing.”


“Do the best you can Toby. I’ll figure out a way out of here.”


“What about help, think any will come?” Both understood they were talking about Steve, but from the descriptions of his wounds he was out of action for the foreseeable future.


“No, we’re on our own on this one.” The Commander stated, not liking the situation but not having any way of changing it right now.




Loki carefully made his way into camp, staying in the shadows, even if he was invisible to all sight. He tightened his control because as he scouted around, he smelled the telltale signs of another Sentinel. Not as powerful as his, but still nothing to sneeze at, and he was bonded to boot. A bonded Sentinel was even more dangerous because all his protective instincts would come out in force if his Guide was threatened. Making his way over to what he guessed was the command building, the wooden structure’s door swung open and out stepped a herd of men.


The one in front wasn’t very tall but on his shoulder sat a Bengal Vulture, eyeing nearly everyone with a beady eye. It rode his bond mate’s shoulder easily as he began walking over to a metal structure. Behind him a smaller man followed, smelling heavily like the first. Around his neck was his own bond mate, a buttermilk snake which Loki hadn’t seen in ages. Creature was mostly green with black flecks all along its body. It raised its head and seemed to focus its own unblinking gaze right at him. But Loki knew he couldn’t see or smell him, he made sure his control was absolute, it would not do Steve any good to reveal to the enemies, another Sentinel was in the area.


This Sentinel he sensed was only a three sense one, but still plenty dangerous if trained properly. His Guide followed easily behind him, meaning he was a willing player in whatever trouble they were about to cause. Which was right at this moment because the Sentinel issued a few orders to the men guarding the container. Two men went in and a few moments later dragged out another man. Sharpening his eye sight he could see it was the Commander, the men were not nice, dragging him by his arms and dropping him in the mud at their own leaders feet.


The leader said a few more words, which the Commander refused to answer. Earning him a slap and a heavy boot to the side. Even he could hear the crack as a rib broke, and the grunt Bowater couldn’t hold back. A few more words were said by the enemy leader, one of the soldiers reached down and took the Commander’s hair in his hands and pulled his head up. The leader stroked his bird’s breast feathers, before murmuring something as he grinned in delight. The vulture stroked his head against his bond mate’s before turning towards the prone man. Spreading his wings wide, he launched himself into the air. When he had enough height he dived towards the waiting man’s eyes intent on his own snack of human eyeballs. Just as he was about to strike, there was the muffled retort of a rifle shot and the bird was thrown back hard into the trees. Screaming in pain before disappearing completely to heal in the spirit world.


Normally mundane weapons couldn’t hurt a spirit beast, but if they were not expecting it even they could get hit hard. This bird had become used to being the most powerful thing in the area, thanks to his own bond mate’s cruel enforcement of his laws. He would not return for some time as he worked to put himself back together.


Loki snarled as he knew exactly who had taken the shot, and when he got hold of Steve’s wallet the fucker was going to be buying him a whole fucking BAR of booze. Another shot rang out and hit the man holding the Commander right in the head, a third hitting the other man. Bowater no fool and able to think on his feet, scrambled up, launching himself at the man who had stood guard at the container. The leader reached for his own gun, even as more of his men came in response to the shouting and shots fired. Indicating it was time he took his own actions.


Racing out into the compound he didn’t hesitate to rip out the throats of those who were between him and his goals. Blood shot out as the men went down, gurgling their last breaths. Many took shots at him but he was staying semi-visible only, enough to distract them and make them think they were shooting in the correct directions. Continuing his race around the compound he heard more shots fired and men breaking off behind buildings trying to find the sniper. From the angle and sound Steve was moving around as well, not much but trying to stay hidden while Loki did most of the work. Which at least showed he wasn’t being a complete moron about what he started. Now he just had to kill everyone before they caught hi