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hey little lady, what have you done?

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Mischief is what motivates you tonight, and mischief is what keeps you going even as Oda glares at you from across the room – as he has been for the past few hours, from morning to noon – and you do your best to play innocent, trying to come off as if you have no clue what it is that you have been doing to the other man.

Though, you both know better – even if your coworkers really don’t seem to be picking up what is going on. Thankfully Tachibana doesn’t seem to care about whatever it is that you are doing, though you – smugly – can’t say the same about Oda, who is quietly fuming at his table and trying not to crumple up legal documents and throw them away. You have decided to make a slight change today – normally, you wear knee-high skirts to work or, more preferably, trousers so that you aren’t as inconvenienced when you are walking about. Today, however, comfort is taking a backseat so that you can do what it is you have set out to do: teasing your superior, Oda.

Your skirt is short for once, forcing you to wear sheer pantyhose so that you can at the very least have some modesty, and even the slightest movements is enough to nearly make you blush in embarrassment from how exposed it makes you feel; your shirt is only a smidge smaller, squeezing your breasts together while riding up on your abdomen, and you can tell that you are catching Oda’s attention throughout the day.

More than once his eyes have burned through you – half-lidded and staring at either your chest, eyes dragging up and down your legs and sometimes you make it a point to bend over in front of him, sifting through papers on desks or trying to find something that you have ‘conveniently’ dropped down onto the floor, guiding his gaze away from your legs and up towards the small peek of your ass.

He has been getting more and more agitated as time goes on, staring up at the clock and sometimes drifting away from you to try and focus on his work, on the colleagues that need his help, a fake smile on his face and you have to hide your smile; no need to have people asking you what it is that has put you in such a good mood. You can’t explain it, anyway, and if Tachibana is to learn about your affair with Oda you feel like you will be fired! So you keep up your secret teasing, with the bonus of sometimes brushing up against him, and it is near the end of the day that Oda finally snaps.

A crack resounds from where he is sitting, his pen broken in his hand and the ink spraying all over the desk, painting his palm, and he throws the ruined pen away. There isn’t time given to anyone to react to his sudden snap, to the blue staining his palm, before he is walking up to you, a hand clasping down onto your shoulder and gripping – tight – with fingers sinking in and staining your suit-jacket, so that he may say, “meet up with me later. You and I need to talk.”

The words are murmured lowly, deep, a rumble that sounds more like a threat and everyone looks at you sympathetically, blissfully unaware of what Oda truly intends to do with you. You head outside of the office and wait for your pager to go off, giving you a number code back to his place – or rather, one of his places, a flat he uses far away from work so that no one realizes what your relationship is like.

You try to hold back the excitement as you hurry on over to the second-home, the key hidden under the rug as always, and you open the door and slowly take a few steps in -

Just as you close the door behind you, someone grabs you from the side and turns you around so that you are pressed against his back, Oda’s presence being made very clear as he drags his hands down your arms. His lips press to the side of your neck, his hands sinking under your jacket so that he can drag it off your body. “You... are one mischievous, slutty little minx, you know that, right?” Oda whispers against your earlobe, his fingers busy at work unbuttoning your shirt, throwing it away, and then hooking into your skirt to sink in. “What would you have done if Tachibana noticed, huh? You’re lucky the guy’s barely interested in anyone, otherwise I’m even sure he would’ve wished he could’ve gotten a hard-on from what you were doing.”

You laugh. “I wanted to get you going, so I did.” you say teasingly, then gasping as his teeth sink into your shoulder – his tongue soothes over the bite, mouth clamping around it to suck – harshly – to leave behind a stronger mark, the hands in your skirt pushing past the boundaries of your pantyhose and he rubs his index and middle against your covered lips, pressing the cloth in deeper so that your blooming wetness is beginning to spread out on the front of your panties. He rubs his fingers up and down, making you gasp, and you lean back against him and purr out softly, “strip me.” Though the words are gentle, you make it clear that it is a demand, and you wait, quietly smug, to see what he does.

He begins to push afterwards, forcing you forward, and you expect to be taken to his bedroom – instead, you are taken back when he throws you into his study, not even bothering to close the door before he presses you down against the desk in his study. “I don’t know who you think you’re trying to be,” Oda whispers while he bunches your skirt up onto your back, pressing you face down into the desk with a little smile, “but I’m your superior here, little lady. What makes you think you can tease me all you want, huh? Bending over, showing yourself off to everyone else... I didn’t give you permission to do that, and I think you need to be taught a lesson in obeying orders and ownership.

There is nothing more that needs to be said as he grabs your pantyhose and rips them apart, leaving a little hole for him down at your crotch, your panties getting the same treatment and now nothing more than scraps of cloth. He rubs his fingers in between your vaginal lips, dragging them back and forth to try and spread the slick of your cunt around, before he lets two fingers sink in and you gasp. His fingers are thick, their girth almost too much as he spreads his fingers and opens you up as much as possible – he wiggles his fingers back in, curling them up against your g-spot, and you gasp loudly.

“I’m the one who makes the calls. I’m the one who gets to tease you, ruin you, make you fall apart.” he kisses your earlobe, his fingertips still rubbing back and forth against your erogenous zone – a constant, unrelenting massage that makes your knees wobble, the muscles of your thighs shaking and tensing up, a shiver going down your spine and you scratch against the dark mahogany of the desk. “Who made you think you could do whatever you wanted? You don’t get to be such a slut like that and get away with it. Little holes like you are made to be used by men like me.”

His fingers curl up, gently caressing you with sinfully feather-light touches, his breath hot against your ear and he cheerfully hums against you. “You – I – I wanted to...” you struggle, but he doesn’t give you an opportunity as he unkindly jabs against your special little spot and you wail, trying to thrust down onto him but he removes his fingers and is quick to grab your hips.

Whatever complaint you have in your chest is immediately swallowed down when he thrusts up against you, rubbing his bulge in between you so that you drip down and soak his pants, and you go completely still. “I think, little lady, that a little bit of humility is in order for you.” he purrs out, his voice dipping low and you writhe. You feel him moving away, fumbling being heard before he sighs in relief and pushes up against you proper, hands on your hips again to pull you down and your breath hitches in anticipation when you feel his naked, hard cock rubbing in between your vaginal lips. “I’m going to fuck you open.”

“Please.” you rasp out, your voice pathetic with need, and Oda strokes across your collarbone, your arms, then rests one of his palm spread out on your hip while the other one grabs his cock to try and line it up with your hole; with a heave, he pushes into your smouldering heat, your pussy immediately trying to grapple onto him and keep him inside as he thrusts deep inside of you, spreading your hole open and giving to you a familiar ache.

Your hole spread out on his cock, you cross your arms on the desk and you bury your face into the cushion they make, trying to stifle the noises you make as best you can when Oda starts an immediately harsh rhythm – his hips slap up against yours, fingers sinking in so harshly that if your skirt hasn’t been covering you then you will have bruises, and the movements cause the pantyhose to rip further and further, exposing you like a hooker bent over.

He lets out a heavy chuckle, his voice mixing in with the wet squelches going on between you two, the slapping of skin against skin, and you whine into your arms – embarrassed and flustered – to be caught out like this; no matter how often you let Oda take control [or rather, willingly relinquish control], there is still a part of you that squeaks and moans like a virgin at being taken by this smug, egocentric asshole of a man.

The fact that you are so wet just adds to your embarrassment as it speaks a clear testament to your arousal; your entire body ends up pushing back and you are practically on the tips of your toes in an attempt to try and ride him, move up and down with him in what you hope is in tandem with his thrusts, and he groans appreciatively; his voice is breathy, heavy pants slipping out of him in little beats, your own voice thankfully drowned in the flesh of your arms and not giving you way completely. You tighten up around him, your teary eyes slipping shut tightly, and Oda is groaning and growling behind you as he starts moving harder, faster, trying to chase his own orgasm.

Your climax hits you suddenly – your eyes widen and your back arches, head jerking upwards and you are forced to let out a near scream of pleasure as you cum, squirting all around him and onto the floor, and you droop into place. He whimpers, not able to hold on any longer as well, and his thrusts are beginning to slow down to a crawl while still carrying the force of a wrecking ball. He thrusts up into you once, twice, comes to a stop and gasps, trying to control himself, and he nearly stumbles back and falls as he pulls out of you quickly.

His steps are a bit clumsy as he wobbles back, one of his hands coming back to grab at his cock and stroke quickly – his breathing grows heavier behind you, his breath hitching constantly and escaping out as stuttering little moans, making him sound sweeter and softer despite you knowing what his sexual appetite is capable of turning him into. Within moments, he is cumming over your ass and he whimpers. He drags you away to the bedroom after a brief respite, where he cleans you up and tells you, with a hoarse voice, to go the fuck to sleep.

He will quick you out tomorrow morning so no one suspects a thing. You are fine with this, after all; it is the same old song and dance, over and over again. At the very least you are able to be his lover in private, where he won’t hide who he is from you.

For now? It’s time to just sleep.