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The Invitations

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500 years ago the five ruling houses fought over who would rule as the head family of Yuuie; The houses Todoroki, Iida, Bakugo, Yaoyaroza, and Aizawa all took serious damage during these wars. After seeing so many die in the pointless battles another royal house rose up to unite the houses; this house in question was Toshinori  and the way to unite was simple; On the 16th birthday of every royal child invites were to be sent out to not just other ruling families but to commoners as well.

That was why today the  royal families sent out courting invites; Each royal family had their own coloured envelope to signify which family was sending the invite. The seal signified which royal had authorized the invites.

Red invites were sent by the Royal house of Todoroki, the main family seal was a Phoenix, but each family members seal had a flower behind the Phoenix. King Enji himself authorizes the courting invites and had been known to be rather horrible in the past but as he aged he has slowly mellowed out to the point where he just wants to retire and see his grandchildren; five children, four of which have long since come of age and yet not one grandchild in sight, not to mention his oldest and heir has disappeared of the face of the earth.

Blue invites were sent by the Iida family; they ruled a small country, the oldest of the two sons having already taken up the title of King, their seal was that of a horse, unlike the Todoroki family it was hard to tell the seals apart due to the differences being very subtle with the ruling having a full moon and the heir having a half moon.

Purple Invites were sent from the Kingdom of night ruled by the Aizawa family; the whole family used an Owl behind a Bat, the family itself was rather illusive despite the king consorts rather loud nature. The only child of the house was adopted due to the Kings unfortunate illness as a child leaving the poor man barren.

Orange invites where sent out by the elusive royal dragons; the Bakugos, since the family is slowly dying out due to low fertility rates and lack of omegas being born into the family their hopes were solely on the one and only Alpha son to find an extremely fertile omega to mate and marry; they were also the only family permitted to use any form of dragon imagery in the entire land so it was a given that the royal insignia and seal would be a dragon.

The last invites to be sent out where White in colour whit a gold seal, on the seal was an eagle. The King himself whilst he was strong in his heyday; he was now weak and frail, his one child from an ill-fated affair from 18 years ago now resided within the castle and thus caused a slight panic when they realized that he had yet to find a mate, the young blond was now being taught how to take the reins of the kingdom.

It always caused a bout of excitement amongst the common folk especially when there is coloured envelopes that hadn’t been seen in decades. The richer of the common families seemed to think that the invites where just for them and would often hire people to gather the invites and withhold them from the rest of the public, this was especially true when it came to invites from the rarer families. To combat this the Royals often sent trusted guards to make sure the invites where distributed evenly amongst the people.

The invites themselves where simple and basically the same in wording:

                                To whomever has received this invite;

                                                By orders of the six families you are cordially invited to

                                                The Mating Ball.

                                                To qualify to attend this ball you are either: 16 years or older or

                                                The parent or guardian of the proposed intended.

                                Please bring this invite to the Irrilia Gardens at dusk on the first full moon

                                Of the 12 month.

With the invites sent and the preparations underway, no one realized the slight unease permeating from across the sea as a new kingdom was about to reap havoc upon the uneasy peace that the lands of Yuuei provided.

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In the City of Endeavor sat the main palace; Which was aptly name the Ever-Burning Palace as it was built from red bricks that tended to look as if they were on fire during the day. The Palace itself was not so much the focal point of gossip in the city of Endeavor but the occupants of said Palace.

Queen Rei, was a kind sweet woman who loved her children and tolerated her husband. She was currently bustling around the palace giving orders to prepare her only Omega child for his first mating ball. She had always hated the mating balls, she felt them unnecessary and embarrassing, plus there was always unworthy common omegas there battering their eyelashes at alphas that were beyond their status. As she made her way down the central hallway of the palace she stopped at her husband’s office and watched as he stamped the royal seal on envelopes with invites to the mating ball.

King Enji, was a hardworking easily agitated wall of a man; he was tall in stature and could be rather overbearing, but he adored his children and respected his wife, with the fifth and final ball for his family; until one of his children gives him a grandchild; he was determined to make this one a memorable for everyone. Looking up from what he was doing and smiled at the white-haired women only for her to turn her nose up at him.

To say the king and queen’s relationship was strained was an understatement; Queen Rei had been strongly opposed to their union to begin with, due to the fact that she had fallen in love with King Yagi; Who had no interest in anyone; King Enji had stood aside and allowed her to confess her feelings and was there when she was ultimately rejected, These days the most interaction he gets from her is the occasional side glance in the dining hall and the rare snark remark in the morning.

The other royal currently residing in the Palace is Prince Shouto; he was quiet and withdrawn with his head constantly in the clouds; there was always a romance novel in his hand. He was beloved by both his parents and his siblings. He held a small secret though, one of the main reasons why he read so much was because one of the library windows looked out over the horse stable where a rather loud and energetic stableman was working.

Yoarashi Inasa, was the love of Shoutos life; Tall, broad, and ripped, he was also smart and funny, everything the heterochromatic omega wanted in a partner; there was only one problem with this whole romance: It was completely one sided. The first time the young omega had met Inasa the alpha exclaimed that he had hated the omega and his family but only worked for the money to feed his family; but that was six years ago and Shouto was sure that the Alpha had matured in all the years he had been working for the royal family.

Inasa sweated as the mid-morning sun beat down on him as he took the horse manure from the stables, looking up the Alpha noticed the two-toned omega gazing at him; the brunet smiled up at him causing the boy to blush and hide behind the curtain in the library. Inasa chuckled he would be lying if he said he didn’t know of the Princes feelings for him, the pale boy was so obvious it was honestly adorable.

Sighing Inasa continued his work, the pay was great he would admit but the Kings reputation had long been destroyed and so had Inasa’s respect for him and the family; Though in the past six years he had gained some respect back for the royal family.

Finishing the mucking he proceeded to head to the workers kitchen, so he could wash up and grab something to eat and drink; all the while the princes gaze had returned upon him silently following him as he made his way across the courtyard to the cleaning troths to wash the manure and sweat off of him. Just as Inasa took his button down off, a messenger stopped and handed the brunet Alpha a red envelope; the Prince let out a silent gasp from where he was hiding, knowing exactly what that letter meant; the stable boy on the other hand just grinned and whispered to himself “Well time to clean myself up, I’m thinking a certain prince will want to have his way”.

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Meanwhile in a village on the outskirts of Endeavor City a mother set about gathering the appropriate materials to make her omega son a beautiful gown. The women herself was a widow and had met her beloved husband at the mating ball; she remembered that night like it was yesterday. The ambiance, the beautiful gowns, and the meeting of that special someone.

Though Inko Midoriya had been like every other Lady and Omega of that time; the one true goal being landing either Prince Enji Todoroki or Prince Yagi Toshinori. Now she just looked back on that night fondly as she perused the stalls for silks or greens and black lace, she was determined to have at least someone notices her precious Izuku. After all her omega son did his best to help the village whenever he could, so she was going to make sure he gets the happily ever after he deserves.

As the older women continued her gathering and sewing a young green haired omega was in the nearby forest gathering berries with two other omegas, a rather loud blonde by the name of Kaminari Denki and a quiet boy by the name of Tokoyami Fumikage. The berries they were gathering where to make a special wine that would be served at the Mating Ball. As the three worked they made conversation about what their potential mate would be like.

“I am just saying that I need a mate that would be able to with stand the burden that becomes me at night” The dark haired boy argued at the two other omegas only for the freckled omega to counter “But you’re not a burden, plus from what I had heard a certain lumberman has his eye on you” this caused the blonde to snicker only for the green haired omega to also turn on him “And don’t get me started on the fact that the blacksmiths apprentice has been sending you googly eyes since winter solstice” this caused the blonde to stop snickering and blush bright red.

It was no secret that Tetsutetsu had romantic feelings for the electric blonde and the fact that the most observant person in the god forsaken land now knew that he returned those feelings. Taking a look at the baskets Izuku nodded to himself before telling the other two that it would be more than enough; as they loaded the last of the baskets the talk of mates came back up; but this time it was through the realization that whilst Izuku had pointed out two Alphas that were interested in his companions none in the village seemed interested in the cute freckled omega.

“Maybe my special someone just isn’t in the village” Izuku sighed out; he didn’t really believe there was someone out there for him, but his friends didn’t need to know of his beliefs of his romantic life. Getting on the cart with Denki and Fumikage as they began their return to the village.

As they rode they saw the dragon massagers ride overhead, Denki smirked and bite his lip as Fumikage snickered and looked at the green haired omega causing him to blush, Denki broke the silence “Imagine the Dragon Prince and Little Izuku here, now that would be a wonderful couple” this made the young Midoriya male even redder.

There wasn’t an Omega in the land who hadn’t heard tales of the Young Dragon Prince; of the battles he fought, of his fiery temper and of course his looks. And Izuku would be lying if he didn’t admit that the Prince had been the subject of many of his heat dreams. Though he knew he might lose out to the more beautiful Prince Shoto Todoroki; he knew that the Omega Prince would be available this year, and Izuku was certain that the Dragon Alpha deserved the best of the best and the Omega prince was the best.

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Queen Mitsuki sat proudly on her throne as the last of the invites were sent out, her Husband was currently sifting through letters submitted by minor royals and wealthy commoners; Masaru could already tell that none of the submissions would be right for their son; For one 80% of the submissions were betas and it was a known fact that fertility rates for Beta-Alpha pairings were extremely low; the other 20% were omegas that would undoubtedly end up dead due to either childbirth or pissing her son off.

Her son needed a strong but gentle omega, one that wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and was also intelligent; it would also help if said omega was highly fertile; placing a hand on her flat abdomen she remembered when she lost her last baby, she was quickly snapped out of her thoughts by the sounds of laughter and explosions, her son and his friends were back from their hunting trip, she could hear them chatting about three omegas they had been watching in the phoenix territory.

“The blonde seemed a little dumb” Her sons second said bluntly; Kirishima Eijiro a beta from the west mountains, earth dragon and possibly one of the most innocent people the dragon matriarch knew; she watched as her son shrugged the comment off with “Wasn’t really watching the dumbass fucking blonde extra” as the Princes mother she grimaced at his language but then reigned it back in when she realized she wasn’t much better.

Once again, she was brought out of her thoughts but this time by a female voice “Please don’t tell me you were peeking small, dark, and gloomy?” this caused the angry blonde to shutter and state “Uh no, I don’t think that would be a good idea if the lumberman they were talking about is the same one we know” they all knew who Mezou Shouji was and they respected the man who made weekly trips to the villages with medicines and other supplies that couldn’t be made or supplied in their region.

It wasn’t even the lumberman’s job to do the deliveries; it was just that no one else would deliver to the mountain villages due to the dragons flying around. As thoughts of the lumberman sifted through both mother and sons minds a light bulb went off in the red head betas head “Holy Crap you totally have plans to get with the freckled one” he exclaimed catching the queens attention.

“What’s this I hear of an omega catching your eye?” she asked slyly leaning on one of the arms on her thrown and smiling; The three teenagers finally paying attention to the adult in the room; the blonde prince going red from embarrassment at the fact that his conversation had been heard, from the look in his eye though Mitsuki knew that any minute now he was going to blow, “Come now I am waiting on an answer” she said knowing she was playing a rather explosive game.

“NONE, OF YOUR BUSINESS HAG!” the dragon prince yelled as he stomped out of the large throne room, haired best friend in tow, leaving his female friend in the throne room to explain to the Queen that whilst they were personally delivering an invite to the Royal family in the Phoenix lands they stopped so that the dragons could rest and saw three omegas from the neighboring talking and picking berries. The pink haired girl went into special detail when it came to one specific omega.

As the pink haired women left the throne after telling Mitsuki about her sons first step on the road of (Hopefully) love, but something about the young omegas description rang familiar but the Dragon Queen couldn’t quite put her finger on it; as she pondered her husband came running in looking dour and concerned.

“Mitsuki, we have a problem, one of the noble families is threatening us with the death of their own child if they don’t get a first meeting with Katsuki” he huffed out trying to catch his breath; their head butler quickly fetched the poor older omega some water before he passed out. Mitsuki got out of her throne and walked towards her husband as she sighed and knelt before talking in a soothing voice “I will invite them to a formal court meeting to which we will then proceed to strip their parental rights and kick them from their status, we will let them know once and for all that child abuse and threatening the royal family will not be tolerated”.

What neither of the royal parents realized is that their son had been watching their interactions and now longed to have those same interactions as his parents; As Prince Katsuki began to leave his mind drifted to the pretty green haired omega that was picking berries. He was one in a million to the aggressive alpha and he was determined to find the freckled omega and make him his queen.

First though he needed to talk to the council about his coming of age party, apparently they did not approve of a three day and night hunt.

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Climbing up the Rubeus Mountains; Mezou Shouji wiped sweat off his brow as he continued towards the Village of Ruby, it was a small village on the boarder of the Dragon Kingdom; It’s main export was its name sake and was rather precious to the royal family. The problem with the village though was that it was so remote and surrounded by some many dragons that normal merchants and traders refuse to bring supplies to the town, and that’s where the kind hearted, silver haired lumberman came into the picture.

Shouji originally came from the dragon kingdom and was not afraid of the dragons, factor in that he was an expert climber and had the strength to lug trees up and down mountains all day, so pulling a cart full of supplies up a mountain was easy for him to do; As he made it to the half way mark of the mountain he sat, took out a flask of water and a locket.

In the locket was a picture of a raven-haired beauty with crimson eyes; he had made a promise Tokoyami Fumikage before he left to deliver supplies to the mountain villages. The promise in question was one of potential marriage and mate ship; as he had been courting the omega for a few Luna cycles and planned to propose to his love at the mating ball.

Taking a swig of water from his flask before putting it away so he could continue his journey to the mountainous village; he only had four more hours before sunsets and things start to get treacherous; even the dragons knew better than to travel at night, sighing the silent man continued his journey.

As he walked pulling his cart, he kept his eye out for dragons and bandits as he continued along the path. Every now and then he would stop and check if his cargo is secure then started back on his way; this delivery was important, as the winter was coming and there was an illness spreading through the villages.

As he hiked up the path he finally saw the sign that indicated that he was extremely close to Ruby, he couldn’t wait the villagers were so kind towards him and didn’t mind his appearance, plus from his last missive he had received from Sero, a longtime friend of his that the royal guard was out in force due to the invites being sent out.

Huffing the tall silver haired man picked up the pace as the ground evened out towards the entrance of the town. As he got to the gate he noticed Sero was on gate duty he smiled to himself; they wouldn’t be catching up for a while. As he approached the gate he made sure his papers were in order as he made his way to the travel check.

“Greetings Hanta, how are you this eve?” The tall built lumberman asked smiling politely behind his mask causing the tall brunet to laugh loudly and reply “It’s good now that you’re here, the village council were beginning to think you wouldn’t come” they both laughed at that as Shouji wheeled his cart into the village and headed to the inn; the next day would be beyond eventful as he distributed the goods in his cart.

Approaching the Inn he took in the building, it was built into the mountain; it was made of mortar and wood and stood looming over the market square; When he married Fumikage he would be taking him to this Inn come their honeymoon. But until then he just wanted a room, so he could rest and a proper meal as he had been traveling for two days to get there.

Heading into the Inn he made his way to the Innkeepers desk, a stocky man with dark hair is behind the counter currently checking the register and log book; Giving a soft cough the young man looked up and smiled “Evening Shouji, finally make it up here huh?” grinning Shouji replied “Hey Sato, Yeah but come this spring I will have someone with me” both men laughed before Sato slide the sign in book to the silver haired man and went to grab a key “AH yes, the mysterious love; the one you have turned every single women and omega down for” he said shaking his head before continuing “I hope he is worth it Shouji, you owe 30 gold pieces that includes dinner and breakfast for three days” Sato sighed as he slide the guest book over for Shouji to sign.

As Shouji finished signing, four men dressed in the uniform for the night kingdom walked in they looked tired but seemed excited to be there; on their shoulders were bags and in their bags were purple envelopes. The Invites for the night kingdom had arrived.

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Four clocked figure walked into the small, yet important mountainous village of Ruby, three out of the four figure carried purple satchels filled with invitations from the Night Kingdom; the fourth carried a bow and a quiver of arrows; because of this he was often mistaken as the guard for the messengers, but alas this was not the case. The fourth traveler was non other then the Night Prince himself, Shinso Hitoshi.

He was the adopted son of King Shota Aizawa and King consort Yamada Hizashi, and because of this there had been multiple attempts on his life from those in their court as he grew up, the attempts recently have gotten to the point where innocents apart from the crown prince were also in danger of being hurt or worse killed, this caused the king and his husband to fear for the safety of everyone so they did the one thing the assailants wouldn't think of; they sent their beloved child away. This of course forced the assailants hands and made them reveal themselves; the elder council. 

The Night Prince tried not to think of his would be assassins as he sat down with the three messengers, as he did so something caught his eye; an omega gypsy who was waiting on the table of a masked man, the gypsy let out a small laugh but all the Prince could hear was bells. God was it really this easy for him to fall for someone?, he thought about that for a moment before realizing that if that was so he would have fallen for one of the omegas at court that was always being shoved towards him.

Ojiro was waiting on Shouji when he felt a pair of eyes on him "I am being stared at aren't I?" he asked in a somewhat concerned voice, Shouji quickly glance towards the Prince then smirked under his mask before saying "More like being gazed at" this caused Ojiro to giggle somewhat before glancing at his masked friend and asking "is something wrong?" Shouji was now frowning as he answered "That's the crown Prince of the Night kingdom" the seated man started to mutter "Why is he out of the kingdom? that wouldn't happen...would it?" Shouji stood up and left to go to his room, waving a quiet goodbye before doing so.

This confused the poor omega greatly, but he continued his job serving drinks and food to weary travelers who had come to this beautiful village for one reason or another; but the Prince somewhat intrigued the blonde, not much was known about the Night kingdom and sitting not 5 feet away from him was a wealth of knowledge just sitting there having a pint and listening to his subjects. Ojiro looked at the satchels that were next to said Princes messengers, invites to the mating ball; Ojiro wondered what that was like, he had heard stories from everyone about meeting your soul mate and it gave him hope.

Watching the tall man leave Shinso began to watch the blonde take in his companions then become lost in thought, this caused the Prince to smile before he was told they must turn in for the night as tomorrow was going to be long and busy.