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The Beginning

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“I’m heading off!” The girl yelled. She was a young braid with mid-length hair, a bang close to her right eye, and long, skinny pigtails on the side of her hair.

Her guardian was on his computer. “Just remember your curfew.”

“Kay. Bye!” She waved before closing the door and heading off.

For the most part, their lives were normal. They both never would have dreamed that several months prior.

And so, the story begins…


Several Months Before

Well beneath the earth was an underground base. It was there that Money By Any Means (or MBAM), a top-secret villain organization, worked in the shadows. They were made up of over 100 members, mostly grunts and ‘workers’. One of those ‘workers’ was a young girl named Shinobu.

Name: Shinobu (Last Name Unknown)
Age: 15 (Exact age unknown)
Hair Color: Light Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 4’11
Birthday: Unknown
Address: Unknown
Description: A slender young girl working for MBAM; has waist length blue hair with a bang covering her right eye; wears a long-sleeved, lacy blue prom dress and a matching bow
Personality: Unknown; doesn’t show any real signs of emotion; hasn’t spoken a word in months; seems to look in mirrors often and touch the neck bracelet we gave her; stays in her nice, comfortable room; we made sure to give her the best of everything: bed, wardrobe, mirror, clothes, food, etc.; is quite obedient and does whatever we ask; quite a good girl

The girl in question was in her own room inside the underground base. She was looking in the mirror, staring deeply into her blank eyes.

She had to prepare herself for the… Night? It was hard to tell what time it was since she was underground. Luckily, had a clock in her room.

After looking at her clock and noticed it was after 8 am, she opened her door, ready for her short walk to her ‘father’.

Or, that’s what she was hoping.

What she didn’t expect was a man with long black hair, an unshaven face, and had glowing red eyes coming from his yellow goggles. Out of nowhere, he grabbed her with his scarf.

The girl, not knowing what to do, tried to wiggle free, but to no avail.

“You're coming with me.”

Before long, she was in handcuffs and put in a small, gray room with three men: the man she saw before, another in a weird knight outfit, and what seemed to be a police officer.

The officer looked at his clipboard. “Let’s see…several counts of robbery in the area, counts of illegal possession of weapons such as guns, rifles, bombs, and other explosives, counterfeiting, and plenty of other crimes.” He puts his click board on the table. “And the only person we could find in the hideout was you. So, what do you have to say?”

Shinobu didn’t respond.

He sighed. “Look. You may be young, but if you don’t talk to us, you’ll be charged as an accomplice. You’ll be going to jail for a long time.”

Shinobu shook her head slowly. It wasn’t that she couldn’t talk, but she didn’t want to, even in the situation she was in now.

“Sir, maybe she’s just scared. That’s why she won’t say anything.” The guy in the knight outfit said. He turned to look at the other man in the room. “Eraser, you saw her room, right? Do you think its possible that she’s related to the villains?”

“It's possible,” Eraser said, looking at Shinobu. She gave him a blank stare, making him narrow his eyes. ‘There’s something about her. Have I seen her before?’ He thought.

“Well, we can give her some time to calm down. But, if she doesn’t start talking, we’ll have no choice but to put her in jail.” With that, the officer stood up.

“In the meantime, I’m gonna go watch the rest of the baseball ga-“

“Officer…” Eraser started.


“Did you figure something out?”

Eraser nodded. He looked away from the girl and back to the officer. “Do you remember the case from ten years ago?”

“Yeah. But…we concluded that the girl had passed away along with her parents.”

“Yes, but you were unable to find her body, right?”

The officer nodded.

“But wait, Eraser,” The knight said. “Her description doesn’t match the girl from ten years ago.”

“You’re correct. The girl had black hair, blue eyes, and was about 5 years old.” Eraser looked back at Shinobu, who was still staring at him. “But...this girl has blue eyes and looks to be 15, about the same age to be the missing girl. And…if you look carefully, you’ll notice her hair is also black.”

The other two men looked at her closely. At first, they couldn’t see anything, but seconds later they could make out tiny strands of black hair.

“Who woulda thought….” The officer said.

“What was the missing girl’s name?” The knight asked.

The officer thought for a bit and shook his head. “I don’t remember. I’ll look into it right now.”

As it turns out, Shinobu was the missing girl, confirmed by the missing girl’s name, her matching description, and her DNA sample (which they didn’t receive until a few days later).

That night, after a lot of convincing from the other two men and a forced game of rock-paper-scissors, Eraser took the girl in for the night.

He opened his bedroom door and let Shinobu come inside. “Sorry if its…empty. I have a sleeping bag, so I don’t go to my room very often.”

Shinobu looked around the room, and was surprised by how plain, but nice it was. It was nothing like her more luxurious room in the base, but unlike that room, she didn’t feel a sense of entrapment. There was a small bed in the corner of the room with white sheets draped over it and matching pillows. Next to the bed was a window, not too big but just the right size to look out of after waking up.

Her eyes sparkled as she looked out of the window, seeing the bright stars above, and best of all, she saw the beautiful white orb in the sky.

Like a child, she pointed to it, looking at Eraser.

“That’s…the moon.” He said with a worried look. “You haven’t really been outside, have you?”

She looked down and shook her head.

He sighed. “That’s okay. Given what happened to you, its expected.” There was an awkward silence for a moment before Eraser did what he was supposed to do just hours before. “That’s right, we haven’t introduced ourselves yet.” He took out a whiteboard and a marker from the drawer near his bed and started writing his name. Afterward, he showed the board to her.

“I’m Aizawa Shota, but you can just call me Aizawa.” He erased his name from the board and gave it and the marker to Shinobu. "What’s your name?”

Shinobu wrote her name down and showed it to him.

“Shinobu huh? What about your last name.”

Shinobu erased her name and wrote something else.

\I don’t remember./

“Oh…well, I’ll just call you Shinobu then.” He thought for a moment. “Then again….”

Shinobu gave him a confused glance before getting her forehead flicked. After, she wrote on the board.


Aizawa chuckled. “Just wanted your reaction. From now on, I think I’ll call you kid instead.”

\WHAT?! WHY???/

“Because you’re a kid. And, I think it suits you better.”


They talked for a bit longer before turning in for the night.

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Shinobu woke up the next day with sunlight almost blinding her. It was no wonder Aizawa didn’t sleep in his bed: he would go blind!

After going to the bathroom, she went to the kitchen to find Aizawa, looking in his cabinets.

He stopped what was doing. “Morning kid. You sleep well?”

She pouted and nodded her head slightly, making him chuckle.

“Good to hear.” He continued looking for something. “We have to go back to the station but I figured you were hungry, so I wanted to make you breakfast…Where did I put that whisk..?"

She watched him for a moment before using her quirk to make a whisk.

He finally stopped looking and turned his attention to her. “Right, your quirk is creation, right?”

She nodded, handing him the whisk.

He frowned in response. “You shouldn’t use your quirk like that.”

She cocked her head.

“Quirks have limits. You can’t use them whenever you want. There are also laws about quirk usage. It wouldn’t apply here, but…”

She summoned a whiteboard and marker.

\Don't worry, I can use my quirk hundreds of times a day!/

“……..” Aizawa didn't know how to react. Considering what she's been through, it was safe to say why she could use her quirk so much. They most likely forced her to make items each and every day until she passed out. Bastards...

But, for her to use her quirk so freely despite what happened to her, was it a sign of recovery or something else?

\What’s wrong?/

“N-nothing…just try not to use your quirk too much, alright?”

After breakfast, the two went back to the police station. There, the officer, Aizawa, and Ingenium interrogated Shinobu.

“This isn’t what I expected, but I guess this will have to do.” The office said before sitting across the table, Shinobu on the other side, and Ingenium and Aizawa sitting right behind the officer. ”Okay, let’s get started.” He handed her a picture of what seemed was part of the underground base. “This place, was it a hideout for the organization?”


“And, did they have any other hideouts in the area?”

\None that I know of./

"Alright, what is the name of this villain group?”

\Money By Any Means, or MBAM for short./

“MBAM? Weird name. Are you in any way related to any of the members?”

\Not by blood. I call the leader my ‘father’ but he isn’t related to me./

“The other members, do you know of anyone else in your situation?”

\No, not anymore…./

“Do you know what happened to them?”

Shinobu shook her head.

“Okay.” The officer took out some papers from his file. “You are the missing girl we were trying to find ten years ago. Do you remember what happened that day?”

Shinobu shook her head again.

“I see…” He put the papers back into the file. “Just one more question. I want to know more about how you were treated during these ten years, but because of your lack of speaking, it would take a long time. It would be much easier if you would talk to us. But, I guess that won’t happen anytime soon.” the officer sighed and stood from his seat. “Eraserhead, Ingenium, we need someone to take care of her. Normally, we would have agencies specialized in dealing with this, but since she’s so involved with MBAM and having her information is vital to finding these guys, we need one of you to take care of her until she talks.”

Ingenium and Eraserhead looked at each other.

“Well, I could take her in…” Ingenium said.

The officer nodded his head. “Good, then its-“

Out of nowhere, Shinobu tugged onto Eraserhead.

\I want to stay with Aizawa!/

“Kid, I’m flattered, but-“ Before he could finish his sentence, Shinobu puffed up her cheeks and shook her head, making him sigh.

“Okay, that works too.” The officer nodded in agreement.


Once they were back home, Shinobu’s curiosity got the best of her, and she grabbed onto part of Aizawa’s hero gear.

“Oh this? I’m a hero, and this is my hero uniform.”

\A hero? Like, the hero profession?/


\But..your outfit. Does it have to look so...weird?/

He flicked her forehead. “Your face is always weird.” He chuckled as she looked back at him, pouting.

\So, what’s your quirk?/

“Erasure, I can erase other quirks, except for mutation types. Plus, my quirk wears off after I blink.”

\That’s so cool!/

“Its okay, I guess.”

\On top of that, you’re a teacher?/

“Yeah. I teach at Yuuei, a school for training future heroes.”

\A hero school?/

“Yeah, speaking of which, I have to go back starting Monday."

\So, will you leave me here? Alone? :( /

“No, someone will be here.” He ruffled her hair.

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Monday Morning

“Hey, what’s up!?” Mic exclaimed, not caring that the neighbors could hear him.

Aizawa kicked him in the face, causing him to fall to the floor. “You're as loud as ever I see.”

“Morning, Eraserhead. How did the mission go?”

“Morning. It went well.”

Present Mic, Eraserhead and Midnight were outside of the apartment. Shinobu, hearing the commotion outside, peeked her head out. It wasn’t too long before Present Mic noticed her. He smirked, elbowing his quiet friend.

“Shouta, I didn’t know you were such a player! Who’s the cute girl?”

Mic received another kick to the face. “You idiot, she’s 15.”

Midnight looked at Shinobu, pointing to her. “Wait, isn’t that the missing girl you told us about?”

“Yeah. She’ll be living with me for awhile.”

Shinobu crept behind Aizawa, giving a sheepish wave.

“Her name is Shinobu. Shinobu, this is Midnight and Present Mic. They’ll be around while I’m at work. Both of them also teach at UA, but they aren’t nearly as busy as me.”

Midnight gave her hand out. “Nice to meet you, Shinobu. You can call me Nemuri if you want.”

“And you can call me Hizashi!” He playfully grabbed her hand and shook it feverishly. “It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Aizawa pushed him away, looking back at Shinobu to make sure she was alright. “Sorry, these guys are kind of weird but nice.”

“Oh, you have such beautiful hair!” Midnight gently brushed her bang. “It must be hard dyeing it though, huh?”


“Hmm?” Midnight was a bit confused.

“Oh right, I forgot to tell you two: she can’t speak.”


“Oh no, that’s awful…”

“Well….” Aizawa scratched his head. “It isn’t that she can’t speak, she just doesn’t want to.”

\I hate talking./

Midnight and Mic were surprised when Shinobu first “spoke” to them. They didn’t know how to react.

Mic whispered into Aizawa’s ear. “Did something happen to her? Some..psychological trauma or something?”

“Most likely. I took her to Recovery Girl, and that’s what she said.”


Sometime after her first interrogation, she was taken to Recovery Girl. She was surprised that she was such an old woman, and, like herself, was on the short side.

She spent a long hour in her office, going through a thorough examination. She scanned her whole body, catching for any abnormalities. Afterward, she measured her weight, height, and asked her some yes/no questions. All the while, Aizawa sat outside.

After her examination, Recovery girl gave her candy and some magazines and told her to wait outside while she speaks with Aizawa.

“Its good to see you again, Eraserhead.” Recovery girl said, remembering the days when he came in. Out of all the students at UA, he was one of the most polite students, even asking a bunch of questions on how to treat himself so he wouldn’t have her overuse her quirk. Though he appears cold, he was actually quite a gentleman.

“I feel the same, Recovery Girl……Shinobu, how is she?”

“Well…” She touched her chin. “That poor girl has bruises all over her body. The bruises were from many years ago, but never had time to completely heal. Not only that, but….” She took out pictures of Shinobu’s arms and legs. Near her joints, there were what seemed to be burn marks, painted with bruises and slash marks on top of them. “It seems those villains did more than just beat her. I can imagine this is why she can’t speak.”

It was difficult for even Aizawa to look at the photos without crying, but he managed to keep his composure. “Were there any other signs of abuse..?”

“Specifically, what other signs?”

He didn’t want to spell it out, but he had to know. “You know….any….sexual…abuse?”

Recovery Girl was quiet for a moment before she answered. “There’s no evidence of that. She seems to still be a virgin, but…I do wonder myself…”

He was silent at her remark. After a moment, he stood up.

“Thank you so much, Recovery Girl.”

“Don’t mention it.”

As soon as he left, she went back to her paperwork, the poor girl still fresh in her mind.

‘There’s something else about her, but….’

Mic shook his head. “How low can these villains get?”

Shinobu, not hearing their conversation, tugged at Aizawa’s sleeve. \What were you and Mic talking about?/

“Don’t worry its nothing.” He crouched down a little and ruffled her hair. “I’ll come back around 5. If anything happens, just get these guys to call me, okay?”

And with that, Aizawa left for work.

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A few days later

Shinobu got used to her new routine of waking up, having breakfast with Aizawa, seeing him off, spending time with Mic, Midnight, or even Ingenium, and then going to sleep sometime after dinner.

But every night, she still felt that she was underground. No matter how many times she woke up and the sunlight blinded her, no matter how many times she went outside, no matter how many times she woke to find herself not wearing her neck brace or her long dress.

And every night, she would have the same dream.

She couldn’t remember much of her past, but what she did remember was being with her parents. All three of them were on a comfy, white couch, Shinobu’s small body on top of her father. Her father ruffled her hair. She looked at him, smiling. She couldn’t remember either of her parents' faces, but what she could remember is her father’s unshaven chin and his black, shoulder length hair, and her mothers curly, silky black hair.

The three of them were watching an interview featuring the Symbol of Peace himself: All Might.

Shinobu, in her light blue summer dress and her shoulder length hair in a small ponytail, put her fists up into the air and yelled in a high-pitched, energetic voice, “Never fear, cause I am here!” Her parents laughed, knowing how much she adored the Americanized hero.

She wasn’t a mega fan (like Izuku), and she only had one All Might action figure, but she did admire him greatly as a child. To her, All Might was the reason why she could feel safe and live happily with her parents. He not only saved people but become justice himself. He protected everyone and would not stand for any injustice.

Or, so she thought.

Her parents, the television, the couch, and entire area around her suddenly faded. In its place was a gray, dull room. Instead of her nice blue dress with matching ribbons, she was wearing a black neck brace and gray, tattered rags.

Shinobu was on the ground, fresh wounds painting her entire body. In front of her was a man, who was about 6’8 with decent sized muscles. He wore a black cloak covering everything but his face, a white surgical mask, and rubber boots. In his right hand was a leather whip. He repeatedly cracked his whip in front of her.

“Lazy brat, I said MAKE MORE GOLD!!!” He cracked his whip again. “Its time I teach you a lesson….” He walked towards her.

Shinobu crawled as fast as she could to the nearest wall. Not knowing what else to do, she put her arms above her head and closed her eyes. All the while, in a weak voice, she whispered:

“Heroes….anyone….save me…”

“All Might…”

She left out of her new room to find Aizawa sitting on the couch watching tv.

“Morning, kid.”

Shinobu nodded to him and proceeded to sit beside him.

\Watcha watchin?/

“Just the news.”

There were a few commercials, and then came the actual news.

“On today’s news, another gang of villains has been stopped by All Might, the #1 hero!”

The panel zoomed out, showing the news reporter and All Might sitting side by side.

“And now, the great hero himself joins us! How are you doing All Might?”

All Might laughed. “I’m doing great! Thank you!”

\……….. :(/

Aizawa noticed the frowny face on her whiteboard.

“Hmm? Something wrong?”

She rolled her eyes. \#1 hero, huh? I doubt it…./

“Kid…..” He turned off the tv. Instead of speaking, he waited for her to start.

\I…….called out for him….but….he never came…/

Knowing what she meant, Aizawa pulled her into a warm embrace. She buried her face in his shirt, her tears flowing out of her. She made quiet, whimpering noises.

He stroked her hair, shooing her occasionally. “It's okay, kid. It's okay…”

For what seemed like hours, Shinobu held onto Aizawa, tears still falling, but for the first time, she felt comfortable.

\Did he know…/


\About my case…did he know?/

He shook his head. “No. He might be an idiot, and appear to indulge in his fame, but….he never turns his back on those in need.”


“Yeah….” He sighed, crossing his arms. “Your case is usually handled by underground heroes, not the type of work for someone like All Might.”

\Underground hero?/

“That’s what I am. We’re heroes, but we don’t need to worry about the media or anything. For the most part, we fight crime at night, and work with the police to fight secret crime organizations.”

\Wow, that’s really cool!/ Despite crying just moments ago, she made a toothy smile.

Aizawa smiled slightly. “It's not as cracked up as you think it is. Its hard and dangerous work.”

That night, her dream was a bit different than usual.

Her dream played out with same, being with her faceless parents and that awful man with the whip. However, as she was waiting for her punishment, it never came, nor did the dream just end.

In the place of her abuser was Aizawa instead, hugging her. He repeatedly strokes her hair.

“Don’t worry kid. I’m here.”

She never had those dreams again. Instead, she thought of her new guardian. He wasn’t like All Might, but he was there for her. He wasn’t the proclaimed Symbol of Peace, but he was her hero, literally and figuratively.

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2 weeks later….

Aizawa could tell she was improving. It was gradual, but he noticed that she smiled more often. Instead of making her regular blank face, she was a lot more lively. However, there was still one problem…

She won’t speak.

He tried asking her why, but every time, she dodged the question. He knew it would take a while, but with the way she was improving, she should be talking by now.

So, why?

It was a Sunday, and Aizawa was off, at least for his teaching job. Because of his case with Shinobu, he was on a “paid vacation” for his hero work, at least until she was willing to talk.

As a way to bond with her, he decided to take her to the mall.

That morning, he and Shinobu spent some time there, eating breakfast at a nice café and then looking around the shops.

Shinobu was having a great time, but…something wasn’t right.

Aizawa noticed it as well. Whenever he turned around, he saw the same person: a very tall man, looking to be about 6’9, wearing a brown trenchcoat (in the summer, mind you), black boots, a white surgical mask, and black sunglasses.

They stopped near another café. He was hoping to treat Shinobu to a parfait or something since she “told” him that she was a sweet tooth, but that had to wait. First, they had to get rid of whoever that was.

“Kid…do you know if he’s one of them?” He whispered into her hear.

\Never seen him. But, he’s most likely a low ranking grunt./

“How do you know?”

\MBAM loves tall, intimidating men. Idk why, but they do./

Aizawa crossed his fingers. He had to figure out some way to get rid of him, but how? He could try going off and capturing him, but the mall was full of people, plus he would have to leave Shinobu alone and he didn’t know if any other member was there. On top of that, he had no idea what kind of quirk the guy had. He could take Shinobu and go back home, but the man would probably follow them, and then they would know Shinobu’s location.

He was tempted to call Mic, but he figured he was still sleeping. It was Sunday, after all, and his friend was a lazy fuck.

Ingenium was always busy on Sundays, and Midnight, well, he didn’t have her phone number.

Shinobu tugged at his sleeve. \Its okay. I’ll be fine by myself./

“I’m not leaving you. Those guys are after you and it's my job to protect you.”

\He was the only grunt I saw. Plus, I have my creation quirk, remember?/

He sighed. Well, what other choice did they have?

“Fine, but try and find me if anything happens.”


Shinobu waited in the most crowded area of the mall. It was near a large fountain with an endless amount of seats. There were people everywhere: students, office workers, regular families, bachelors trying to score, etc. but no one suspicious.

Or, so she thought.

The man she saw before was miraculously able to hide from Aizawa and sneak up behind the poor girl.

“Don’t move and do exactly what I say.” He whispered. He was just inches away from her.

Normally, people in her situation would freak out, but Shinobu was relatively calm. In a way, she knew something like this was going to happen, whether Aizawa stayed with her or not.

With him right behind her, they went.

Aizawa looked around the mall, trying to find the mysterious man.

“The hell? We both saw him nearby.”

It was then that he grew worried. What if…

“Damn it!” He ran off to Shinobu.

She was surprised to find a secret basement inside of very small, normal looking café. So, the organization had more than one hideout after all?

The man forced Shinobu to open the door by nudging her in the back with….something. She didn’t find out what until she opened to door.

It turns out that he had a taser in his hand. After the man made a twirling motion, she turned and kept walking.

She had no time to panic. Right now, she had to THINK. He could easily overpower her even without a quirk, and with a taser, he was much more dangerous. But, she could get out of this. She just had to think.

And that’s when she had a plan.

After walking down some stairs, they reached a door. It was here that she could act.

As fast as she could she summoned a baseball bat and a smoke bomb. The man noticed this, and reached for Shinobu’s hand, only for Shinobu to dodge. By then, the door to the room was open, and the man was inside while Shinobu was outside, leaning against the wall.

When the man lunged at her, taser in hand, she kicked him and hit him with the bat as hard as she could before taking off.

The bat was more than enough to knock him off his ass, but only gave her enough time to reach the café.

She was only a short distance from the café when she stopped to look for Aizawa. Unfortunately, there were too many people to see him. Forgetting that the man was still after her, the man grabbed her arm and tried taking her back to the café.

“Stop resisting, brat.” He held up his taser.

Out of desperation, she bites him and runs off again.

Finally, she could see Aizawa running towards her. But, because of the crowd of people, he unknowingly ran past her. She stopped, holding out her left hand while the gap between them grew.

She had to get his attention, but how?

She could call out to him, but she couldn’t just say his name. The grunt would hear her, and they would easily find them.

‘Wait, what did Midnight call him? It must be his hero name…’ Shinobu thought.

She inhaled, hoping it would work. With all she had, she finally broke her silence. “Eraserhead!”

Her voice was hoarse but loud enough for Aizawa and plenty of others to hear her. People stopped, looked at her, and whispered, “Who’s Eraserhead?” and “she’s weird.”

She ignored them, watching as Aizawa turned around and saw her. As if she was his own child, he ran to her as fast as he could and hugged her.

“Kid, you okay?”

She looked behind her, but the man was gone.

After that, Aizawa called the police. He and the officers checked every inch of the mall, but the man was never found. As for the basement located in the café, there was nothing but a room, and in that room was a tub filled to the brim with water. Next to the tub were handcuffs, a blindfold, rope, a whip, a muzzle, and plenty more.

It was safe to say that whatever they were going to do with Shinobu wasn’t pleasant.

The mall was closed for the next few days, but there were no reports on it. Guess the police wanted to keep this a secret.

The next day, Shinobu spoke to the police about the incident, as well as more information on MBAM.

Despite the situation she was in, she still remained collected. A part of Aizawa was impressed, but a part of him was worried.

How much psychological damage did she receive from this group? And, could their abuse be more than just physical? He thought back to his conversation with Recovery Girl and thought of all the items they found in that underground hellhole. Could she have been…? She was almost a grown woman after all….

But, he didn’t want to think about that, nor ask. The girl has been through enough. At this point, all he needed was for her to recover from this.

As a request by the officer, Aizawa was “officially” Shinobu’s guardian.

Chapter Text

It wasn’t very often, but Shinobu, Aizawa, Mic, and Midnight would spend time together. Sometimes they would go out, shopping downtown and letting Shinobu see what it was like outside.

Shinobu’s eyes twinkled as she walked past the many shops and stores around. She saw many bakeries in the area, the scent of freshly baked bread and the sight of all the sweets on display made her drool. Though she didn’t ask, Aizawa offered to buy her a few sweets. Nothing too fancy, a small shortcake, a puff pastry, or some vanilla cheesecake, but Shinobu loved it nonetheless.

Though she was 15, she spent most of the time behind Aizawa, clinging to his shirt like a child. Aizawa didn’t mind, and Mic and Midnight didn’t seem to care too much about it.

Of course, there were times when they just stayed at home, watching movies. Sometimes, while Aizawa was taking a nap, the three of them would just sit around, snacking and “quietly” chatting.

It's amazing how much you can learn about a person by just simple conversations. There was still so much they didn’t know about Shinobu, but what they did know was quite….interesting.

For example, the question of why Shinobu wouldn’t speak. Aizawa never bothered to ask her, but Mic would always pester her about it to the point of Aizawa knocking him unconscious for being too loud or just flat out harassing the poor girl.

No matter how many times he asked her, she would say the same thing, “I just felt like it. I don’t like talking.”

Another example is the implications of her quirk. Her abilities were quite similar to Momo’s. But, instead of using lipids from her body, Shinobu’s quirk relied heavily on her energy. She could make any animate object as long as (1) she had enough energy to make it and (2) if she knows what the object looks like. Depending on the object’s size, how many times she’s made it, etc. it takes a certain amount of energy. Because of her time in MBAM, she estimated being able to make hundreds of items per day.

This was obviously impressive, but what made her abilities so remarkable was her “custom” options. In addition to making whatever objects she wants, she can create her own objects. Since she could only use it 5 times per day (due to the amount of energy to takes to make something like that), she never used it much. But, one day she had the “brilliant” idea of using her quirk to make something for Aizawa: his own plushie.

Shinobu had thought of this when the two of them were at the mall. They found a bunch of plushies and action figures of many different heroes, All Might, Mount Lady, Hawk, Endeavor, even Present Mic. But, no Eraserhead. Though he explained to her that he was an underground hero, it still didn’t make sense to her that he didn’t have any toys or anything. He was still a hero and deserved fame, dammit! At least, that’s what she thought.

Of course, he didn’t respond well to this, as he told her not to use her quirk for trivial matters.

“Kid, that’s nice of you, but I told you not to use your quirk like that.”

Shinobu held the plushie behind her back and looked down at the floor. “I know….but…” She pierced her lips. “All Might has a plushie, and you don’t. I just….thought it was unfair.”

He sighed. “Stupid kid.” He flicked her forehead, causing her to look up at him. “I don’t need stuff like that.”

Though he would never admit it, he loved how thoughtful Shinobu was. He would receive stuff from his friends, sure, but it was annoying to him. He would get boxed lunches from Mic and emails pestering him to eat properly. And, Midnight would occasionally buy him energy drinks, which was nice, but the drinks made him very horny for some reason…

However, Shinobu was different. He didn’t find her thoughtful action as annoying, but quite adorable.

Shinobu kept the plushie in her room. At night, she would hold it close to her. At times, she would wake up and either freak out that it was on the floor, it wasn’t by her side, or she would leave her room still holding it, causing Aizawa to blush a little and scold her for not throwing it away.

Aizawa didn’t really know what to make of that. Had this girl already taken a liking to him? Based on her actions, it seemed that way. But, maybe he was wrong.

Chapter Text

Aizawa, Mic, and Midnight quickly adapted to Shinobu’s voice instead of her useful communication. When Mic and Midnight heard her voice, they were a bit taken back, since had only been a week since they last saw her.

The three pros didn’t know what to really think of her voice. It matched her childish and innocent personality quite well, but she didn’t sound like a teenager. Her voice was sweet, high-pitched with a mixture of innocence and childishness. Mic compared her voice to an angel. Midnight disagreed, claiming that her voice was a lot like Snow White. Aizawa, entertained by his friends’ argument, chimed in with his own thoughts. He claimed that Shinobu sounded like the perfect cat-human hybrid.

Aizawa wouldn’t admit it, but he adored her voice. It was so pleasant to the ear. It was a mystery why she would stay quiet for so long, but since Shinobu would never give a straight answer, the world may never know…..

Their conversation was cut short by Shinobu entering the room.

Mic and Midnight said their good mornings, while Shinobu just nodded.

“What were you guys talking about?” She said quietly. Her emotionless and low tone of voice made Mic and Midnight look at each other, thinking they had done something wrong.

“Kid….” He didn’t expect her to be this upset. Then again, he couldn’t grasp empathy that well, especially when it comes to teenaged girls.

He tried reaching out to her, only for her to run back to her room.

It was official: they had all fucked up.

She preferred no one to know. She didn’t want anyone, not even Aizawa, to know why she hated her voice so much.

Pinpointing the moment when she realized how insecure she was about her voice was tricky. Actually, there was no exact point at which she felt that way. It was just, over time, she started hating the voice she was cursed with. It was annoying, revolting, weak, helpless even.

A helpless voice for a helpless girl.

She remembered all the times she tried to escape that underground hellhole. She remembered her first time, finding the door to freedom at such a young age before being dragged away, beaten to near death, and refused water or food for the day. That was also the day she was forced to wear that cursed neck brace, which she couldn’t take off. When anyone, a high member of MBAM or even a grunt saw her trying to escape, they could use a remote control to shock her, which was enough for her to pass out.

No matter how much she pleaded, she screamed, she begged, her words fell on deaf ears. She was still electrocuted, beaten, whipped, hit, burned even. She soon realized that her voice meant nothing to those “people”.

After 3 years, she had a “more pleasant life” with their attempts to spoil her rotten in order for her to forget what they had done to her and make her “feel loved and cared for.” Even went so far as to address her as “princess”. But, she could recall their idiotic gossip of her. She listened to the same crap from everyone, even the leader saying that she should “be seen but not heard.”

To them, she was only a tool. Her voice meant nothing, it was only her quirk that had any value to them. And, since it was impossible to leave, she decided to stop talking altogether.

Aizawa, the police, Recovery Girl, none of them knew how much abuse she had gone through. And, she would much rather not talk about it. Which is why she didn’t give Mic an answer on why she wouldn't speak initially.

And now, she regrets breaking her silence.

If she was going to get teased along with the insecurities she already had, then what the hell was the point?

She didn’t notice that Aizawa had opened her door and let himself in. He slowly walked to her bed and sat next to her.

She was lying down on her stomach, her face buried in her pillow.

He sat quietly for a moment, then slowly put his hand on her shoulder. “Kid, we didn’t any harm.”

“Please, leave me alone.”

He lifted his hand off of her. “Kid, we were just surprised to hear you and all. We just….we all really like your voice.”

“…………” In her response, she stopped crying and lifted herself up. She was now looking at her guardian. “R-really?”

“Yeah…..” He looked away, blushing a little. “Your voice is pleasant to hear. Its….how should I put it? It suits you.”

She looked away. “But its so childish and helpless. Is that what you guys think of me?”

He shook his head. “N-no…we just……” This was going to be tougher than he thought. “Kid…” He flicked her forehead. “You shouldn’t be so upset about what others think of you. Your voice is…well, quite childish. But, it’s the perfect voice for you.”


“And you are NOT helpless.” He pointed to the plushie of him, which sat next to her pillow. “You made that thing for me, remember? It shows you have a nice grasp of your quirk.”

Shinobu, her eyes wide and pink tinted painting her cheeks, looked at the plushie she made. It looked exactly like Aizawa, down to his unshaven chin. She even gave him a little yellow sleeping bag she could slip on and off him.

She hugged her plushie close to her. She looked at it, smiling. “Yeah…that’s true…..”

Out of utter embarrassment, Aizawa blushed even more, red from cheek to cheek. “I kept telling you to throw it away, but…its proof you are more helpful then you realize.” And with that, he left the room, closing the door behind him.

Aizawa was still blushing, causing Mic and Midnight to chuckle.

“Aww…..” Midnight cooed. She had heard everything he said and loved how fatherly he was to Shinobu.

“Shota, that was beautiful!” Mic said, using a handkerchief to wipe his tears.

Aizawa sighed. Although he was around mostly obnoxious people, Shinobu wasn’t one of them.

Chapter Text

Before she knew it, it was a month later, and she could see beautiful pink blossoms outside her window. 

After the regular bathroom routine, she skipped to the kitchen to find Aizawa, who was fixing an omelet.


She smiled. “Moooorning!”

He returned her smile. Each day, she was smiling more. She gained more and more confidence.

She was getting better. 


As they were eating, Aizawa thought it was a good time to ask. 

“How are you feeling?”


“Do you think….you’ll be able to go to school?”

She nodded in response. 

“Alright. I'll speak with Nezu about this.”

“Who’s Nezu?”

“Oh yeah, I haven’t told you yet. Nezu’s the principal of UA, the school where I work.”

“But, I thought that was a hero school.”

“It is, but there are other courses too. The hero course, business management, support, and general courses.”



She knew she had to tell him. It was a bad dream, given all she’s went through, but maybe she was wrong. “Were you going to put me in general studies?”

“That was the plan.”

“Well…what if I said that I…….wanted to….” She stopped herself.

Her, a hero? No way in hell. MBAM was after her, she spent 10 years in absolute hell being forced to use her quirk, and now she wants to be someone like Aizawa? Like, All Might even?

She had no chance of being a hero, and she knew that.

Her quirk was amazing, probably, but that was about it. She wasn’t strong, or brave, or cool like her own guardian. She couldn’t even protect herself,  let alone anyone else. In battle, she would just get in the way. She would just get captured and have the real heroes save her.

She remembered h month before. Aizawa told her she wasn't helpless was that true? Or, was he just trying to cheer her up? 

Aizawa just stared at her with his usual bored expression. What was Shinobu about to say? Did she, want to be a hero?

No, there was no chance, no matter how much she wanted to be one. She still had her own issues to sort out. Also, MBAM was still after her.

He didn’t want to discourage her, but he had no choice. Protecting her was of utmost importance.

“Kid, I know what you were thinking. And, it's a bad idea.” Aizawa said without the slightest bit of hesitation.

She sighed. “Y-you think so?”

“With your past…the probability of you becoming a hero is low.”


“I’ll speak to Nezu about putting you in general courses.”


“But nothing. You’ve been through enough. On top of that, the MBAM is after you. The last thing you should do is put yourself in danger.”


Aizawa put his hands on her shoulders. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but its best that you stay away from the hero profession. I’m not trying to crush your dreams, but make you understand the situation you're in right now.”


Before he could speak further, Mic and Midnight came over. 

He sighed. “We’ll take about this later.”



Nezu was ‘busy’ in his office when Aizawa knocked on his door. 

“Come in”

Aizawa came in. 

“You wanted to speak with me?”

He nodded. “It's about Shinobu.”

“Oh, the girl you told me about,” Nezu took a sip of his coffee. ”You wanted her to enroll here, correct?”


“Her admission into the hero course, is that right?” Nezu jumped off his chair. 

“No. General courses.”

Nezu sighed, knowing that Aizawa would say that. “What a shame. You told me about her quirk. And, given what she went through, she’d make a promising hero.”

“Sir, you must be joking,” He crossed his arms. “She has no combat ability, and her quirk may be impressive, but we both know you need more than a quirk to be a hero.”

“I know, but that’s why you’re here Eraser. You and Blood King are responsible for helping these students improve their skills.”

“Yes, however….because of her past, villains are after her. We have no idea how many members they have, what they hope to accomplish, and how powerful they are.”

Aizawa couldn’t believe it. He knew that Nezu was….unconventional, but he couldn’t possibly allow Shinobu into the hero course.

“Sir, Shinobu cannot be in the hero course. Physically, she is more than capable, but she is still trying to improve mentally. She has no self-confidence, and I question her level of maturity. She acts like a child, not a teenager. At this rate, she cannot handle the severities of being a hero.”

Nezu looked up from his coffee, staring at Aizawa. “Eraser, tell me. What does Shinobu want?”

He hesitated.

Nezu noticed this and continued on. “Being victimized by villains herself, it's natural for her to want to be a hero.” He took another sip of his coffee. “I know you are concerned about her mentally, Eraser, but she can improve. You are her guardian, right? If so, then you have to be there for her. And, if you train her properly, I am certain she can excel.”

“I understand, but what about her past?”

“What about it?” Nezu inquired. “No one can choose their past, Eraser. You should know that more than anyone.”

“….” He was silent, unable to respond. He was too concerned about Shinobu’s safety to consider how she felt. Given his own past, he should have understood why the girl wanted to be a hero so badly.


After getting home, Midnight informed him that Shinobu had locked herself in her room, refusing to let anyone in. She even used her quirk to barricade herself. 

Aizawa sighed, knowing why she was so upset. 

“I’ll go talk to her.”

He went to her door and knocked on it firmly. 

“Kid, open up.” He received no answer. So, a moment later, he knocked again. Still, no answer. 

He didn’t know what was up, but Aizawa knew something was wrong. Midnight and Mic didn’t speak with her about their morning conversation, nor did they even know. And, regardless of what he said, it wasn’t like her to get this depressed. 

He tried opening the door, only to find something blocking it. Whatever it was, it was pretty stable and not budging.

This wasn’t good. 

At Aizawa’s request, Mic activated his quirk, causing the door and the furniture behind it to crash to the floor. Aizawa would have to pay for the door, but he could care less at this point.

He quickly went in the room hoping to find Shinobu, however…

She was nowhere to be found.


Chapter Text

After their conversation, Shinobu brought it up to Mic and Midnight.

“Sweetie, are you sure?” She took a sip of her tea. “Being a hero is serious, and….”

“It was a good thing Shota discouraged you,” Mic said, looking more serious than usual. “Hero work is dangerous. You could get hurt, or worse.”

“I know, but…”

“Shinobu, there are other professions out there you can pursue.” Midnight said. “Like, being a nurse!”

“Yeah! And, you can wear a pretty nurse uniform!” Mic chimed in.

“But, I don’t want to be a nurse,” Shinobu said.

“Oh, how about a chef?” Midnight asked.

“Maybe an office worker? You know, something safe?” Mic stated.

It was no use. She couldn’t convince her guardian, his friends, or even herself.

Maybe Aizawa was wrong: she was helpless.

Her dreams were helpless. Her voice was helpless. Her own being….it meant nothing.

Not wanting to hear more of their chatter, she ran to her room.

She had to leave.

She didn’t care about MBAM, or going to UA, or……

Well, she did care about Aizawa. But, that wasn’t the point. She was a helpless girl, and would just get in the way by staying here.

She opened the window as much as she could. She looked down and was shocked to see how high up she was. They were only on the third floor of the apartment complex, but it was 30 feet off the ground!

Her body shook just thinking of going through the window and falling to her death. But, she needed to leave, and this was her only option.

She summoned a large bookshelf and used it to block the door. She opened the window and stood as far as she could. She had to gain some momentum for this to work. She ran towards the window and jumped out, closing her eyes. Quickly, she summoned a parachute. She kept her eyes until she collided with the ground.


“This is…..awful…” Midnight muttered as the three of them looked out the opened window. Mic was unusually silent at this point, knowing that he and Midnight fucked up.

“We can’t just stand here,” Aizawa said, putting on his goggles. “We need to find her.”

His friends nodded in agreement before Aizawa threw himself out the window, clinging to the nearest building with his binding cloth. Meanwhile, Midnight and Mic ran out of the apartment.

Chapter Text

She didn’t know what happened. One minute she was running through a lonely street late in the night, and the next she was lying on her stomach in pain. She was on the concrete, reminding her of her younger days in the organization. After a moment, she looked up to see a man with red hair. He wore a black jumpsuit with matching boots, a white surgical mask, and scars on both of his cheeks. In his hand was a red sword pointed at her.

“I have found you, princess!” The man said. His voice was clever and theatrical, like he was an aspiring actor. He slowly walked towards her, putting the sword away.

Gradually, she stood up. “Kross! Don’t come any closer!”

Kross stopped for a second. “Oh, you can talk now? That’s surprising.”

“Leave me alone! I don’t want to go back!”

“Princess….” He was just inches from her face. He locked eyes with her, and said, “Your father is worried about you. He sent me to take you home.”

“What…if I don’t want to go back?”

That comment made Kross laugh out loud. After his fit, he locked eyes with her again, only his calm expression was replaced with a cold one. “then I’ll have no choice but to capture you.”

He took out his sword and tried to slash her. Luckily, she summoned an iron shield to block the attack. He lunged for her, waving he sword in her direction. Each time, she barely managed to either block his attack or roll out of the way.

She created a smoke bomb and threw it at him. She thought that would stun him, so she tried running off. Out of nowhere, she was grabbed with some kind whip. Once it was completely wrapped around her body she felt a strong wave of shock. She cried out in pain, and fell to the ground.

The man chuckled, still holding her with his whip. “It’s a good thing I had this, wouldn’t you agree, princess? Now….” He tied her hands with rope and put a muzzle on her mouth. He took the whip off of her only to put a chain around her neck. After he was done, he grabbed the end of the chain, forcibly pulling her up and towards him. “Time to go home.”

In desperation, she screamed and flailed around, hoping she could escape but to no avail.

“You are quite the fighter, aren’t you? Your father will have to change that.”

Knowing it was no use, she gave up. She stood up and started walking towards him. Believing her rebellious streak ended, he smiled slightly.

As they were about to leave, Shinobu felt a recognizable presence.

She was surprised to see binding cloth around the man. Out of nowhere, Aizawa kicked him in the stomach, making him let go of her chains.


She looked at the back of Aizawa's head, wondering how he managed to find her. Aizawa turned to her, glaring. She could tell he was beyond pissed. Out of fright and guilt, she started moving backward, tears causing her vision to blur.

Seeing this, he sighed, getting rid of her chains, muzzle, and untying her hands. “We’ll talk about this later. But, for now…” He looked over to Kross, who was fighting Mic and Midnight trying to get to the ‘jerk’ who kicked him.

“Stay here,” Aizawa said before he ran off to fight.

Chapter Text

Kross barely managed to dodge Midnight and Mic’s attacks. He was fast, sure, but he was outnumbered. As he dodges another set of attacks, he could feel bindings wrapped around him as he was midair. Aizawa jumped up and kicked him again in the stomach, sending Kross back to the ground.

Kross lied there, appearing to be conscious.

Noticing this, the three heroes slowly approached his body. Aizawa wrapped him up with his bindings.

“We won! Woooo!” Mic exclaimed.

Midnight sighed in relief. “At least we came in time.”

Before he could say anything, Aizawa heard clanking sound. He could feel an iron object on the back of his head, and he fell to the ground. The other heroes looked in his direction, only to follow suit.

Kross broke free of his bindings with ease and jumped backward. He laughed. “You heroes really don’t play fair.” He looked right at Shinobu. “Princess, are you enjoying the show?” He took out a black handgun and pointed it at Mic. “Cause its about to get more interesting….”

“N-no!” Shinobu cried.

“Yes…..” He shot as close as he could to Mic, causing the hero to flinch. Kross laughed in response. “You like it? You know…” Eraserhead, Mic, and Midnight were slowly getting up. “Our princess made this weapon.” He pointed at Shinobu.

“N-no….way….” Mic croaked….

“She made plenty of weapons for us. Guns, tasers, bombs, you name it.” He started rubbing the gun. “She even made this one just for me! One shot and you’ll be paralyzed for hours!” His eyes widened, still looking at Shinobu. “Isn’t that right, Princess?”

Shinobu looked to the ground, thinking that the heroes would glare in her direction. They must have hated her now. However, none of them did so. Midnight looked back at Shinobu with a look of sympathy before glaring at Kross. Eraserhead, being the collected man he was, only looked back at Shinobu and then to Kross. And Mic, being who he was, opened his mouth.

“W-wait! Princess?!” He shouted. He looked at Shinobu. “Why didn’t you tell us?!” Eraserhead finally stood up, rubbing the back of his head. His loud friend always spoke at the worst possible times.

“Cause I’m not,” Shinobu said. Her voice was low and cold.

Kross laughed again. “Man, you heroes are entertaining. Too bad I have to dispose of you.” He pointed his gun at Eraserhead this time. “Starting with you.”

“N-no…,” Shinobu muttered. This was all her fault. If she didn’t run away if she didn’t live with Aizawa. No, if she wasn’t born, then MBAM wouldn’t have the weapons that it does now. Whether she was forced to or not, she still helped them. And now, three pro heroes are going to lose their lives, all because of her.

But Eraserhead was not going down so easily.

He lunged toward Kross. Kross smiled and shot his gun in response, only for him to miss. Eraserhead ran towards him in a zigzag pattern, trying his best to avoid the bullets. He barely managed to dodge when he tried to grab Kross with his bindings, only for Kross to flip backward and take another shot. Eraserhead was a good few feet away from him, but he couldn’t get closer. Mic and Midnight couldn’t help either: they were much too slow. If they tried, Kross could easily shoot them.

Shinobu watched as Eraserhead kept dodging the bullets. “At this rate, he’ll be shot….” She knew something had to be done, but what? Eraserhead was the only one fast enough to dodge Kross’s actions, and she would just get in the way.

Or, would she?

As if on instinct, she summoned a smoke bomb and threw it between Eraserhead and Kross. Eraserhead stepped back, coughing, while Kross stood there looking around.

“Princess. You really shouldn’t get involved in this.” Before he could react, he felt a bat against his sides. After hitting him, Shinobu touched the gun.

“No!” Kross looked as the smoke cleared and his gun, his precious gun, had disappeared.

Distracted, he didn’t see Eraserhead kick him right in the face. Midnight activated her quirk this time, causing him to fall asleep. Now, Eraserhead could finally bind him.

Shinobu breathed a sigh of relief. She was glad no one was seriously hurt.

“Shinobu!” She flinched. She looked behind her to see Aizawa glaring at her. “I told you to sta-“

Midnight pushed him out the way and hugged the girl. “Sweetie, you did great!”


“But, you know….” She let go of Shinobu and pointed at her. “You shouldn’t just run off like that! We were all worried about you!”

After it was over, they called the police.

Chapter Text

Mic and Midnight, knowing what was going to happen, decided to go back to their homes while Aizawa and Shinobu made the silent and awkward journey back home.

Both of them didn’t say a word to each other. In silence, Shinobu went to her room to clean up the mess she made.

Luckily, she could unsummon the items she created, taking little to no energy to do so. Along with getting rid of the bookshelf, she created a new door. The old one Mic destroyed was moved to the living room, so at least she didn’t have to deal with that.

Afterward, she sat on her bed, looking down. The hell could she do now? She could apologize to Aizawa, sure, but he was so pissed off. She not only ran away but got involved in the fight. She disobeyed him, twice. If it wasn’t for Midnight, who knows what could have happened….

She never received any physical abuse from Aizawa, but she had never pissed him off either.

Maybe, he would just tell her to get lost, believing she was more trouble than she was worth? Or, would he beat her? He could bind her and just leave her tied up, having his bindings gnaw at her skin and leave marks. Or, maybe lock in her room, depriving her of water and food.

She didn’t want to know what the hell he would do to her, and she didn’t want any more pain, anymore suffering, anymore….abuse….

There was only one solution.

She summoned a kitchen knife. She couldn’t do this in MBAM because of that damn neck brace and members always being around her. But, finally, she could do it.

She brought the knife up to her neck. She closed her eyes.

“Finally..” She thought. “Finally….”

Before the knife slit her throat, She could feel something pulling her hand away. Then, she could feel the knife coming out of her hands like someone was taking it away from her.

She opened her eyes to see Aizawa, eyes wide. She expected to see his frustration, but instead, he had a mixture of worry and…..despair? Sympathy? What was it?

He threw the knife across the room.

As she heard the clank of the knife, she glared up at him. “Stay the hell out this! This is none of your bu-“

Without a moment’s hesitation, he slapped her in the face.

“You're my daughter. It is my business.” He said in his usual tone. “Just…what the hell has gotten into you? First, you run off and now….” He looked back at the knife and then back to her. “Do you have any idea how worried we were? How worried I was?” He raised his voice. “What were you thinking! What if we didn’t come in time?!”

He thought she was getting better. She was talking now, she was smiling more, even laughing more. But, considering what she was about to do, she had a long way to go.

He was a fool to think she could recover so quickly from ten years of abuse. Hell, there was a high chance she could never get better.

Once he released his bindings, she just stood there, looking at the floor. They both stayed like that for a moment. Then, Shinobu turned to the window and ran towards it.

Luckily, he noticed in time and grabbed her before she could go any further.

“Shinobu, stop!”

She struggled to get out of his grip. He may not look as buff as All Might, but he was quite strong. “Let go! Let….go!” She started crying. “I’m useless! All I do is cause you trouble! I’m just….just a tool for villains like MBAM to use!” She cried a little more, her face turned to the side. “They will come for me. And, next time, they’ll kill you. All of you. So…please…please….let go…”

Eraserhead, that was his hero name. He was a hero, a man
working to save people. But, in all his years of hero work, he never felt as
useless as he was right now.

He didn’t realize she was this far gone. But, how could he
not? A person can only take so much, and based on what he knew, it was no
wonder she was trying to kill herself.

Maybe, it was no use. If she felt that suicide was the only
way, then h.e should let her go through with it. Right?

No. What kind of hero, no. What kind of person would he be if
he allowed someone to die like this? Not only that, but he had some affection
for the girl. Also, seeing her rush into battle, Nezu
might be right. What she did was reckless, but showed that she had some

He just had to keep trying, and she just had to keep trying.
Aizawa pulled her into a hug. “Kid….stop…” As she buried her face into his chest, he slowly stroked her hair. “I can never understand how you feel. Even now, you won’t tell me anything. But, even so, I want more than anything to help you. I want you to recover. No, I know you can recover from this.” Aizawa paused. He didn’t want to.say this, but he knew it had to be said. “Your parents wouldn’t have wanted this.”


“Please….” He pulled her away, locking eyes with her. “Don’t do this. If something is wrong, I’m here. I’ll always be here.”

They spent the rest of the day sleeping. Shinobu, exhausted from everything that’s happened, slept in her bed. Aizawa held her close.

The next day, the two ate breakfast in silence. They both didn’t know how to deal with yesterday’s events. Although Shinobu was feeling much better, there was one thing still bothering her.



“I’m sorry for running off…..”

He looked at her, then sipped his coffee.

“It's okay, kid.” He crossed his arms. “It was my fault too. I should have considered how you felt.”

“You were right. Being a hero is…an awful idea. I should be in general courses!” She said, smiling.


“………..” She looked down at her plate. “To think, someone like me, a hero? No way, right?”

“………” Out of nowhere, he got up from his seat and walked towards her.

“Huh?” She was surprised when he crouched down and flicked her forehead.


“Don’t lie to me kid. You still want to be a hero.”

With her hands on her forehead, she locked eyes with him. “H-how did you know???”

Aizawa sat back down. “Its written all over your face.”

Her eyes widened. “So, do you mean….I can be a hero?”

He chuckled in response.“ Heroes can’t be crybabies, so no.”

She puffed up her face. “That’s not fair!”

He laughed even more. “I was just kidding!” He stopped laughing, looking at her with his usual expression. “Listen, kid. If you really want to be in the hero course, then I won’t stop you. However, I have to make this clear. Your four years at UA won’t be all fun and games. You’ll have to train, and push yourself past your limits. At UA, we have a saying. Go beyond. Plus Ultra.”

She looked at him, listening intently.

“Do you think you have what it takes?”

“Yes.” Her tone was serious. No matter what, she would preserve.


A few days later, Shinobu spoke with Nezu and told him her interest in becoming a hero. Sometime later, there was a board meeting over letting Shinobu into the hero course. Most of the staff were against the idea, but after much convincing from Aizawa and Nezu, she was allowed into the hero course on some conditions:

1. Aizawa would be her homeroom teacher
2. Anything that happens to Shinobu will be his sole responsibility
3. In addition to the hero curriculum, she is trained in basic combat (by Aizawa of course)
4. For safety reasons, Shinobu is barred from being filmed at UA (meaning she cannot participate in the Sports Festival)

Because he was the only one other than Nezu to defend her, the rest of the staff (even Mic and Midnight) felt that must of the responsibility on Shinobu’s development and behavior should be on Aizawa (on top of being her guardian. Damn, this guy can’t catch a break!)

Both Aizawa and Shinobu agreed with the terms. After a series of testing, practical and academic, Shinbou’s status as a UA student was official.