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Deku and Kacchan Against a World

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“Why don’t you take a swan dive off the roof. Maybe you’ll end up with a quirk in your next life.” Those words hurt like hell. Worse than the pain he felt when he was diagnosed quirkless. He cared for Bakugou, he supported him through everything and all he got was a death threat! He had dealt with this for years, but he wrote it off as Kacchan’s sour attitude, but this was too far. He wasn’t going to be “Deku” anymore. He’d get his revenge one way or another, quirkless or not. He’d teach Bakugou Katsuki who he truly was.


Anger, rage, resentment all these emotions were boiling up within him. He knew how to how to defeat Bakugou it was all in his notebooks. He just needed the power. His mumbling got the best of him as he stared down at the crumbling sidewalk. Weeds sprouting from the ground like a garden. He didn’t notice the dark purple mist he walked directly into. He was teleported into a dimly lit bar, a man covered in decaying hands with pale blue hair and another who seemed to be made of mist, stood facing Midoriya. The man closest to him started scratching his neck relentlessly. The static T.V. called him forward. “Midoriya Izuku, we’ve been waiting for you.”

“Me? What do you want from me,” the atmosphere and deep menacing voice didn’t help calm his nerves in the slightest. “We’ve been watching you and we know you need the help of the League of Villains. We can help you seek the revenge you thirst for. We can give you the power you have desired for so long.” “There’s no quirk that can give people quirks. I’ve never observed anything like that. There’s no way,” he became more frantic as he gained this new information. Would he really be able to gain a quirk? Would he be able to teach Bakugou how powerful he truly is?

“I can give you any quirk you’ve ever imagined. There are no limits to my power. Just trust in me and your need for revenge.” Midoriya finally gave in. This may have been the worst decision of his life but if there was a chance for him to become stronger, he would take it. “Please, show me your great power.”


There was a deal made between the man he would now call Master. He needed to enter the U.A. hero course, observe each one of the possible future heroes, and find their weakness to eliminate them. Through this deal, Izuku was given a quirk that improved his overall strength. Using this quirk, he would easily be accepted into the hero program.

With confidence radiating from him he entered the mock city, prepared to win. The task was simply to gain points by defeating multiple robotic “villains,” the more difficult the robot the more points one would gain. Izuku was able to defeat many high four-point enemies and easier enemies along the way. When the exam was over he was confident that he was at least the top 10.

Days later he received his acceptance letter. He played the little video of All Might telling him his final score, he got 60 points for eliminations. He got an extra 5 for pushing some short brown bobbed girl who tripped on a rock and almost got whacked by one of the robots. His mom was very proud of his success as she smiled and hugged him. The love she had for him was appreciated but was futile as he would have to leave her in the end. He was so thankful for his Master, so he snuck out of the house to go to the bar and announce his success.

“Master, I’ve been accepted into U.A. I can get the information we need.”

“Congratulations, you are the league's most valuable asset. I can’t wait to see your future successes.”

Midoriya bowed at the screen, had a small snack provided by the teleporting villain, Kurogiri, and went back home. His mother awoke to the door opening.

“Izuku? Why were you out there so late? It’s 12 in the morning.”

“I was just really excited and needed to get my energy out.”

“Oh ok. Please don’t do it often though. There’re villains that could harm you out there.”

“All right mom, I’ll try not to.”

Such an innocent and loving woman giving her all for her son, only to be abandoned.

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Going to U.A. was almost like going to every other high school. Almost. Aside from the multiple villain attacks, everything could be considered normal. Izuku started to get closer to some of his classmates such as Uraraka Ochaco and Iida Tenya. They welcomed him with open arms, perfect opportunity. They had powerful quirks, yes, but they also had limitations. Both young aspiring heroes would be easy to defeat in a fight, just tire their quirks out and attack them they’re down. Iida on the other hand was gravely wounded by the Hero Killer: Stain. His arm was cut severely and will never heal fully.

The only people who could cause real trouble was the recommendation kids, Todoroki Shoto and Momo Yaoyorozu. They were powerful, but Todoroki refused to use his fire powers. Yaoyorozu wasn’t the most confident, it was evident in the sports festival and practical exam. Both Todoroki and Yaoyorozu failed because despite Momo running towards the end gate, she got caught and Todoroki was bound beforehand. That was an even greater blow to her confidence. So basically, she’s an easy target, she wouldn’t act in the face of danger because she would doubt herself too much. Other students aren’t that much of a problem their quirks are good but they need a lot of development to be up to par with the pros.

Izuku has been doing great in school, winning the sports festival by defeating Bakugou was only a taste of what he’d get in the future. Bakugou was enraged when he lost to “a pebble on the side of the road.” He was forced to stand on the podium by the teachers. He had to work with Midoriya for the practical exam. He seemed to have changed though. He was quiet. He didn’t do much either. Maybe he finally learned that his place was under Izuku. To make it even worse, he was able to witness Izuku knockout All Might and walk to the exit disregarding Bakugou’s limp body. Luckily Katsuki contributed enough to pass.

Ever since the summer training camp was announced, after the practical exams, Midoriya has been planning how to utilize the trip and capture Bakugou. The League of Villains has been steadily growing in numbers after the Stain incident. A girl around his age, Toga Himiko, started to cling excessively to him since she joined. It was annoying but her quirk, transformation, was too valuable to throw away. Dabi was another new member, his quirk was fire. The scars on his body were interesting. Izuku wanted to know if it was a product of his quirk or something else.

Midoriya would have to complete the plan at the campgrounds as he wasn’t sure where the class would be going.

The plan was for Toga to transform into him and act in his place. He would group up with the rest of the League of Villains and initiate the rest of the plan from there. No student could oppose them since using quirks without a license was illegal. The league had free roam. They’d capture Bakugou using Mr. Compress and leave.

It was only a matter of time until Izuku could finally complete his revenge.

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There was a thrill to having everything go according to plan. The taste of revenge was on his tongue. Katsuki’s limp body lay in his lap. It was so easy! None of the pro heroes could do anything. Bakugou was nothing compared to him. He could barely defend himself, Izuku’s planning and strength was almighty.

“K-K-Kacchan could you help me get some wood for the cooking. One of the stoves needed more,” muttered Izuku. Katsuki was about to turn his head to the prep area until Izuku grabbed his hand. “I’m sure they’re out, Uraraka asked me to get more.” Katsuki hesitantly followed Deku into the forest. The walk seemed long for just a few sticks, he looked up when he heard the sound of chirping birds, unsuspecting of the trouble to come. Looking back at Deku he swore, “where the fuck are we going? Did your dumbass get us lost?” He didn’t expect to see Deku melting into the ground to reveal a feminine figure. Someone touched his back only to get blasted by his quirk and again, melt but this time there was no body emerging from it. Three more Izuku’s emerged from behind the tree line.

Was he going insane? Was this all a dream? But the sensations were so real.

A fourth Izuku appeared from behind a tree. “Kacchan what a surprise to see you here.” The girl whose exterior melted from her retreated into one of the bushes only to emerge seconds later fully clothed in a school uniform. She was equipped with a few knives, a mask, and two gas tanks on her back. She clung to Izuku’s arms as he spoke, “you see Kacchan, I was very, very tolerant to you when you constantly hurt me, made me feel like utter garbage. But I got past all of that. I did because I really admired you, you we’re full of confidence, the image of victory.” “Stop with this damn speech I’ll rip your throat out if you don’t tell me what’s happening!” He wasn’t afraid of the multiple others that stepped behind Deku to support him. He could take them on easily. “Well too bad, I’m much more powerful than you could ever imagine.” All of Deku’s allies mobbed Katsuk. His only option was to use his training and create the biggest explosion, so he did.


Not only did all the pro-heroes see the large explosion but so did all the students. Everyone’s curiosity grew and so many questions were raised.

“Isn’t that Bakugou’s quirk?”

“Where is Bakugou anyways?”

“Hey, Midoriya’s gone too.”

“Are they in danger, are we getting attacked by villains?”

Mandalay stepped in using her quirk to speak to all the students, “everything will be fine, us pros will take care of the situation.
The Wild, Wild Pussycats sped off as well as Aizawa. Hopefully things would be alright.

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The pro heroes arrived at the scene to see nothing but brunt grass where the explosion had happened. Mandalaya told the other teachers on the campgrounds, using her quirk, that Bakugou was missing as well as Midoriya. After searching the forest for a half an hour more, they headed back to the students.

Aizawa stood before the students, and teachers to tell them the devastating news. “We searched extensively, Bakugou and Midoriya were unable to be found. We are sending all students home and you will not attend school until further notice, I may ask your families to keep you at home. We are unsure if these villains are targeting you.”

The students weren’t taking the news well. Uraraka looked close to crying, Iida staying by her side if she needed comfort, Kirishima looked angered, and the rest of the class were too stunned to react. Aizawa walked into the camp building to call the families of the two kidnapped students.

Inko Midoriya didn’t take the news well at all, all Aizawa heard was her sobs and some mumbling that she wasn’t a good enough mother to Izuku. On the other hand, Mitsuki Bakugou started to scream, she was mostly furious at Katsuki for not being strong enough to stay out of trouble. Masaru ended the called and apologized for the shouting. After the two calls, all students were boarded back onto a bus to be sent back home.

The police force, as well as some local pro-heroes, spent weeks at the campsite searching for the two boys, all unsuccessful. The most evidence was the same burn mark left of the day of the incident. They concluded that the League of Villains member, Shigaraki must have teleported them somewhere obscure. Throughout Japan, pro-heroes were put on high alert, being told to report anything that seemed slightly suspicious whilst also performing their regular duties. Nothing was coming up and everyone started to believe that the boys would forever be lost or were killed at this point.

“Morning Kacchan, how are you doing today?” Izuku asked.

“Cut the shit asshole, I’m not joining your fucking League of Villain bullshit,” Bakugou was worse for wear. Since his kidnapping, Deku had bound him in shackles and physically tortured him, hoping that he would bend and join the League. Deku was dumb if he thought that Katsuki would break that easily.

“Just you wait, I’ll get myself out of here then I beat your ass into oblivion!”

“Are you really sure that you’ll be able to do that after what’s coming next?”


Two hands wrapped themselves atop Katsuki’s head, his mind hurt, and all his fears started emerging. His scream was like no other, it sounded like pure pain, something Bakugou would never express. His head hung low, eyes filling with tears, some falling to the floor, then the hands were removed and Deku spoke again, “Well isn’t it funny! Here we are and you’re cowering and crying while I stand victorious. I thought you said I would never amount to anything! Powerless and useless, I could never dream of catching up to you, isn’t that right? Well, I finally beat you, Kacchan, I did what I’ve always wanted to do. Here you lie, weak and broken, all because of my power!”

The words he was saying sunk into Bakugou more than anything All Might said when he watched the pro-hero on television. He truly felt powerless, broken, weak, useless. It has been so long since the kidnapping and he had no idea what day it was, he was powerless to get out of these shackles, no pro-hero would ever find him. The only thing allowing him to see was the artificial lights in the dingy concrete cell he sat in. “You seem to be getting better Kacchan, you’ll soon learn to respect me and love me.”