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The Children Are Nightmares

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The children are fucking nightmares

The flash but blue: wow remember this hoes

Human Caterpillar: Sadly. Just let this die please.

The flash but blue: nahh


Human Caterpillar: oh god I just got a headache looking at this message

horny on main: I forgot this exsisted tbh

The flash but blue: YEAH,,,, lets turn it into a teachers chat

Human Caterpillar: Then you would need to leave.

The flash but blue: All the teachers + me

Human Caterpillar: No

horny on main: Sure


_the flash but blue added 'All Might', 'B Positive', 'Succ', 'BEEP BEEP' to the chat_

horny on main: Welcome to hell and suffering

B Positive: Oh no

Succ: fear.png

All Might: Hello Friends! I am here!

Human Caterpillar: fml

B Positive: hang on is this your guys chat from.. highschool?

the flash but blue: yES

B Positive: Oh No.

The flash but blue: Anyway onto another more important question,,,

Succ: Hm?

The flash but blue: Would ya'll ever fuck Knuckles?


Human Caterpillar: WHat the FUCK Tensei

Human Caterpillar: you fucking furry

horny on main: Wow I just lost 5 braincells looking at that

Succ: Thanks! I hate it.

The flash but blue: it was just a question,, get off my FUCKING DICK

Human Caterpillar: No U.

horny on main: ;)

Mic Drop: I would fuck knuckles ngl

Human Caterpillar: I fucking hate you.

Mic Drop: Nah you dont

Succ: You really don't.

Mic Drop: ;3c

Human Caterpillar: I hate all of you.

Human Caterpillar: Except Vlad and Thirteen, fuck you others.

Mic Drop: Nah you love me the most babe

Human Caterpillar: I would sell you to Satan for a fucking corn chip.

The flash but blue: AFUIRVJFUHE

horny on main:
Aizawa: goal ‘hate 100 boys 1 time'
Hizashi: hi Shouta
Aizawa: new goal ‘hate 1 boy 100 times'
Human Caterpillar: I hate how right that is.

B Positive: Aizawa your angry pomeranian child is fighting Monoma pls stop him

Human Caterpillar: fUC K

Human Caterpillar: Gotta dash

horny on main: I wanna go watch lets go Hizashi

Mic Drop: OKAY

Mic Drop: BYE

Succ: See ya.

The flash but blue: So this was fun

The flash but like: Guys

The flash but blue: fuck they all left,,, alone again

The flash but blue: Bye!!

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Mic Drop: you eVER JUSt choke whiLE you have a mouthful of food but you don't wanna like spit out everything in your mouth so you cough quietly and suffer

succ: What the fuck

horny on main: either this is about Hizashi and Shota's bedroom activites or Hizashi is actually choking on food

Human Caterpillar: Don't encourage him please. He's talking about how he ate rice too fast and didn't want to spit it out.

horny: thats a lot less exciting,,

The flash but blue: i almost took a sip out of my phone?? like i thought i was holding my soda in my right hand but my phone was there and,,

horny on main: asdfghjkl;

Human Caterpillar: Please stop you diaster gay

The flash but blue: r00d

All Might: I want to lay down in a field of grass and have the sun vore me!

horny on main: AAHDHA WHA THE FUCK

Succ: Not him too

Human Caterpillar: Alright who corrupted him?

Mic Drop: I swear it wasn't be this time!!

Human Caterpillar: Sounds fake but ok

All Might: Why is it such a big deal? I heard Young Midorya saying it and he said it meant relaxing.

Human Caterpillar: Oh. I'm gonna tell him.

Succ: Don't you dare Aizawa.

All Might: Does it not mean that?

horny on main: No it does! just maybe dont say that around other people.

All Might: Okay...

B Positive: This is why no one wants to be here, especially when ya'll were teenagers.

B Positive: It radiates dumb gay energy.

Mic Drop: ya'll

horny on main; y'all

The flash but blue: yall

Human Caterpillar: Ya'll.

B Positive: Really Aizawa, even you.

Human Caterpillar: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

B Positive: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Human Caterpillar: (๏ω๏)

B Positive: no stop

Human Caterpillar: ¯\_(@ ε @)_/¯

horny on main: I hate this

The flash but blue: idk im thriving

B Positive: I will stab you

Human Caterpillar: \( ゚ツ ゚)/

Human Caterpillar: god I I wish, finally the void

Mic Drop: Shota no

Human Caterpillar: Shota yes.

_A Furry God has entered the chatroom_

Human Caterpillar: Whomst the fucketh.

A Furry God: Hello Humans. Nedzu here. Please sleep, you need to be up for classes tomorrow. I will be shutting down the chatroom now.

Human Caterpillar: Wait No.

The flash but blue: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

_The Chatroom Has Been Temporarily Closed._

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Mic Drop: I rlly fkcing hate Mondays

Human Caterpillar: Mood,

Human Caterpillar: Almost as much as I hate you

Mic Drop: fucking r00d you trashcan man

Human Caterpillar: Meet me in the fucking pit you pleb.

horny on main: Mhm just kiss and shut up

Human Caterpillar: I strongly dislike you all

B Positive: No you do not.

Succ: Nah you don't.

horny on main: nope

The flash but blue: nahorito

Move or get moved: You do not

Dad Might: I'm afraid you do not Eraser!

Human Caterpillar: FUck.


horny on main:

Aizawa: I don't plan on making any friends at UA .

Hizashi, Kayama, Tensei, Kan, and Thirteen: h-

Aizawa: Only I may insult these ones, if you say vulgar words to them I'll cut off your tongue with my fingernails.

Human Caterpillar: Shut the fuck up

horny on main: you're just proving my point bro

Human Caterpillar: Then Perish.

horny on main: no u

Human Caterpillar: Darn.

Succ: Your fingers, hand them over.

Human Caterpillar: Shit I was hoping it didn’t come to this.

Mic Drop: WHAT THE FUCsifdjfs

B positive: When your friends post shit like that: >:(

The flash but blue: jidjdsjkasds

Move or get moved: Y'all wilding

Human Caterpillar: Indeed.

Succ: Meet you in the pit Eraser.

Human Caterpillar: Indeed you vaccum.

B Positive: Sighs heavily

B Positive: We better go watch them.

A Furry God: Hello naughty childrens it's closing time.

Mic Drop: wait t no


_Chat Has Been Closed_

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B Positive: I gotta say, seeing Mic do that was certainly something.

Human Caterpillar: Damn don't I know it.

The flash but blue: What??? what did he do!!

B Positive: Well

B Positive: He walked onto the roof, opens his mouth and just "THEY CALL ME COFFEE CAUSE I GRIND SO FINE".

The flash but blue: kaksdjjsajdjsd

B Positive: And then Aizawa just reaches his capture weapon over and pulls him down.

The flash but blue: honestly you think I would be more suprised

Succ: Same. I've learned not to expect much ;-;

B Positive: Relatable.

Human Caterpillar: Please don't target me this way

Succ: Too bad

B Positive: RipAizawa.

The flash but blue: then perish

Human Caterpillar: God I wish

Mic Drop: AiZawA nO

Human Caterpillar: Its too late now, it is happening

Mic Drop: Pls no

Human Caterpillar: Fuck

The flash but blue: what’s happening?

Horny on main: What’s wrong?

Human Caterpillar: One of my kids set the microwave AND toaster on fire wtf

Human Caterpillar: WAIT NO


Human Caterpillar: Nemuri no

Human Caterpillar: I meant my students smh

The flash but blue: press X to doubt

Mic Drop: X

B Positive: X

Succ: X

Horny on main: X

Move or get moved: X

Dad Might: X


Human Caterpillar: did-did y’all come on just to roast me

Succ: yes

Human Caterpillar: smh gotta go check on my students bye

Horny on main: Byeeeeeeee babe

A Furry God: Goodbye Children.

The flash but blue: what??

_Chat Has Been Temporarily Closed_

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Human Caterpillar: oh god

Human Caterpillar: this isn’t going to go well.

Mic Drop: Babe? What’s happened?

The flash but blue: ????

Human Caterpillar: Bakugou Katsuki has gone missing

Human Caterpillar: more likely he’s been kidnaped

Human Caterpillar: AGAIN

horny on main: Aizawa, sweetie you need to calm down

Human Caterpillar: Fuck, I know it’s just these are my kids and I can’t even protect

Human Caterpillar: what if we don’t get him back alive.

the flash but blue: We Will !!

succ: We’ll get him back Aizawa! Bakugou is strong. He will survive!

Mic Drop: do you want me to come over

Human Caterpillar: no it’s okay, I have paperwork to do

Mic Drop: Okay,, if you do let me know

Human Caterpillar: Yeah will do.

Human Caterpillar: all of my class know. None of them have taken it very well, especially Kirishima

B Positive: It’s going to be fine. These kids are smart.

Human Caterpillar: I know but like you said these kids are just kids

Human Caterpillar: they should be drinking and annoying everyone and doing normal teenage things

Human Caterpillar: not be worried about their life, if they or they’re friends are going to be dead next week or not

Human Caterpillar: They are kids, and I’m their teacher and all I’m doing is fuckinng failing them.

Mic Drop: Shouta, you need to calm down. You have protected this kids as best you could

The flash but blue: hell you almost died for them

Mic Drop: exactly babe, don’t blame yourself for something you can’t control

Human Caterpillar: I know, I’m sorry. I just worry for them.

horny on main: that’s fair enough Aizawa, no need to be sorry, remember;

horny on main: we will get Bakugou back

Mic Drop: I’m coming over babe, I don’t want you to make decisions atm

Human Caterpillar: fine

B Positive: Take care or him Mic, please.

Mic Drop: I will!!


_Chatroom has been closed_

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Human Caterpillar: Okay; we’re staging a rescue today. Hopefully it goes well.

The flash but blue: it will !!

horny on main: it’s going to go fine, we can do this

Human Caterpillar: god I hope so.

Human Caterpillar: alright here we go. I’ll report back when it’s over.

Succ: Good Luck!


The flash but blue: oh god it’s been ages

The flash but blue: please tell me they’re okay !!

The flash but blue: guys???

Human Caterpillar: It was a success, we did it.

The flash but blue: oh thank god

Mic Drop: good job babe

Human Caterpillar: thanks. I’m waiting with Bakugou in the hospital room, he’s barely speaking.

Human Caterpillar: he’s not even angry, he’s really quiet.

Mic Drop: I’m sure it’s fine, he’s probably in shock !

Human Caterpillar: god I hope that’s the case.

Human Caterpillar: it’s eerie seeing him so quiet,

horny on main: it’ll be fine Aizawa,,

horny on main: Bakugou is a tough kid, he’ll bounce back,

horny on main: he always does

Human Caterpillar: mhm.

Human Caterpillar: they’ve just taken him back in for some more assements. I’m just waiting in the waiting room.

Human Caterpillar: we’ve called his parents and when they arrive, I have to go and let the students know oh god.

Ghe flash but blue: I’m sure they’ll be relived!!

horny on main: ^ !

Human Caterpillar: I’ll talk more later. Bye.

the flash but blue: see ya bud

Succ: Bye Aizawa.

The flash but blue: so on another note

The flash but blue: what did one bean say to the other?

horny on main: Oh god what

The flash but blue: How you BEAN !!

horny on main: sksksjsj

Mic Drop: aksosksksj

horny on main: That’s terrible, I hate it

The flash but blue: but you still laughed so ig I win

horny on main: :>

Succ: No send it back

horny on main: No never

Mic Drop: why did the tomato blush?

horny on main: w-why?


The flash but blue: IAJAKA

horny on main: akaks

The flash but blue: I just fucking choked o my God

Succ: these are terrible and I hate thanks

The flash but blue: no problem

Mic Drop: you’re welcome

Succ: sigh

Human Caterpillar: I’m back

The flash but blue: wb

horny on main: wb!

Mic Drop: wb babe!

Succ: Welcome Back

Human Caterpillar: I’m back at the hospital, I’ve told the students.

Human Caterpillar: they were ecstatic, at least 2 of them cried

Mic Drop: AW

Human Caterpillar: They’re gonna come visit tomorrow.

Mic Drop: that’s good, it will be good for them to see Bakugou okay

Human Caterpillar: yeah

Mic Drop: What’s wrong? You sound worried

Human Caterpillar: it’s just

Human Caterpillar: Bakugou was more vocal with his Mother but that’s because they set each other off

Human Caterpillar: other then that he’s been really quiet and off, and I’m just worried something is going to go down tomorrow.

Mic Drop: ah it’s alright babe, he’s going to be off for a while he was just kidnaped, try not to worry and I’m sure everything will be fine

Human Caterpillar: yeah, I hope so. Thanks Zashi

Mic Drop: no problem Sho ily

Human Caterpillar:...ily2

horny on main: OTP

The flash but blue: AWW

Human Caterpillar: SHUT UP

Chapter Text

Mic Drop: hey ya’ll

Mic Drop: did the class seem off today?

horny on main: I guess??

Human Caterpillar: things seemed a bit more tense and sad but I thought it was just the aftermath of Bakugou being kidnaped again.

Mic Drop: Bakugou still isn’t back up to his normal fire

Mic Drop: which is to be expected

Mic Drop: but he almost seems sad?

Mic Drop: the class seems anxious and Kirishima seems devastated?

Mic Drop: do you know anything Sho?

Human Caterpillar: No..

Human Caterpillar: They might just be recovering, we’ll give them a few days to sort themselves out and see if the problem fixes itself.

horny on main: it better

Horny on main: these kids making me smad by being smad

the flash but blue: wow UA seems wild af this gen

succ: Wym??? It was always a chaotic shit storm

the flash but blue: oh shit yo right

succ: of course I am.


Mic Drop: hey so hypothetically

the flash but blue: wow big words

Mic Drop: stfu

Mic Drop: anyway

Mic Drop: how would one go about uh

Mic Drop: getting their foot unstuck from a toilet

Human Caterpillar: Hiazashi,,,


Human Caterpillar: is this why you told me to stay downstairs

Mic Drop: no,,



Mic Drop: listen

Mic Drop: I was looking at the toilet and it was telling me to go to the ministry of magic

Mic Drop: so I tried to go and my foot got stuck

the flash but blue: how high are you

Mic Drop: 5’9

Human Caterpillar: no you’re not.

Mic Drop: yougotmethere.png

Human Caterpillar: go to bed

Mic Drop: <3

Human Caterpillar: .

Mic Drop :(

Human Caterpillar <3 ugh

Mic Drop: :D

Human Caterpillar: go to sleep asshole

Mic Drop: mighty night

the flash but blue: omg what a diaster

horny on main: it’s big dumb gay energy

horny on main: BDGE

succ: oh my god

horny on main: I’ve cracked the code

the flash but blue: omg genius

succ: go the fuck to sleep

Human Caterpillar: but I’m marking papers


Human Caterpillar: alright jeez


_chat has been closed_.

Chapter Text

Human Caterpillar: Midoriya and Deku have gotten into a fight and this one ended with physical injuries

The flash but blue: my god

Succ: are they okay?

Mic Drop: Holy shit really

horny on main: What injuries?

Human Caterpillar : hm?

Human Caterpillar: oh, they’re fine but Midoriya has burns on this hands, face and some on his arms and split lip. Bakugou has a broken nose, broken wrist and bruised jaw.

The flash but blue: h oly shit

Succ: fuck poor kids

horny on main: at least they aren’t dead?

Mic Drop: messy kids

Human Caterpillar: ha. True.

horny on main: Which one of us was that directed at

Human Caterpillars: sh.

Mic Drop: ok ,,

Human Cater: Bakugou has been instructed to see Hound Dog

Human Caterpillar: Same with Midoriya

Mic Drop: that seems like a really good does babe

The flash but blue: omg babe

horny on main: smart idea

Succ: That will be good for both of them. Help them overcome some things.

Human Caterpillar: actually before they got into the right, Tenya came to me saying that Ashido and Kaminari we’re acting off and Bakugou and Kirishima were fighting and all that stuff

horny on main: Jesus Christ

Succ: oh damn.


Human Caterpillar: Yeah

Human Caterpillar: How did I end up with such a messy disaster class

horny on main: psh you love these kids

Human Caterpillar: fake news

Mic Drop: don’t act like you don’t adore them

Human Caterpillar: it’s true but you shouldn’t say it

Human Caterpillar: also you can’t speak. You love these kids as much as I do

Human Caterpillar: Todoroki, Tsuyu, Ashido, Kaminari, Kirishima I’m thinking of referring to abound Dog

Mic Drop: yeah, that would be a good idea

Human Caterpillar: yeah, kids and their trauma ay

Mic Drop: Ayy

the flash but blue: ayyy

horny on mai: ay

Succ: Jesus Christ.

Human Caterpillar: I was never this diasterous as a youngster

Mic Drop: well,,

Succ: uh

the flash but blue: lmao sure thing

horny on main: ;)

Human Caterpillar: shut up.

Human Caterpillar: I’m going to talk to Bakugou and Kirishima

Human Caterpillar: going to find out what’s been happening

Succ: yes good idea

Mic Drop: good luck!

Human Caterpillar: thanks. pls let this go okay.