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The Lunar Eclipse

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The table was lined with food and drink. The house was alive with noise and cheer from the liminals, well all but one. Slumped on the couch the red headed lamia, Miia moaned, “~Darling~” Unforgettably for the lamia, Darling was called into work the night shift so he had to miss out on the party they were having. They were currently celebrating the fact that four of the girls mothers were visiting this time all at once.

“Miia it's okay we are here for the whole weekend so we can talk with that cute boy of yours later.” a voice told the sadden snake girl. Miia's mother tried to cheer up her daughter as she sighed at the absence of her Darling. Miia looked up at the party her mother's words helping a bit. “Mama?” looking past her the other guess were all having fun. Centorea was with her mother as the stern Centaur seemed to be looking over the house inspecting it with militaristic focus. The blonde girl a bit on edge the entire time.

In front of the television Suu, Papi, and her mother were flying back and forth playing what ever that game was. “Mom your good for a first timer.” Papi praised the basically blonde and tanned version of herself with Suu nodding her head in agreement. "Game fun. Should ask husband for one.” The mother harpy said before her focus went back to the game, Papi and Suu quickly joining too so they don't lose.

Even Mero's mother showed up, somehow finding time to leave the Mermaid Kingdom for a weekend. The queen was talking about something the moping lamia couldn't hear it completely but she see her pointing out things to Mero on her O-pad while pointing to various parts of the room.

Rachnera just stood around enjoying the festivities and seeing Cerea squirm was fun for her though. Lala was ever her quiet self watching the Harpies and Slime girl playing. Seeing the party going so lively rose Miia's spirits, she got up and went with her mama to enjoy the food Darling left.

The party went on into the night as he food went and the party goers enjoyed each other's company. Rachnera looked over and saw Suu idly standing by herself which was strange for the slime. “Suu you okay?” the arachnid asked “Perhaps the veil of darkness and time has come to take her to the realm beyond this world for a time?” Lala having join her spider friend in looking on the young slime. When no response came, Rachnera reached out for the slime's shoulder.

In one quick motion Suu spun around, Rachnera finding herself face to face with the slime girl's heart filled eyes. A second later tendrils fly out from the girl grabbing the spider girl and her blue skinned friend. The Dullahan's head falling off her shoulders due to the sudden jerk as her body as well as the Rachnera was lifted into the air. Lala's head landed in a way for her to watch what her body is about to be subjected to.

The sudden noise drew the attention of the rest of the partiers. Rushing over the group arrived to see one of Suu tentacles slide up Rachnera's shirt between her breasts and pulling her shirt up exposing her milky white breasts her pink nipples hardening in response to the air around them. Opposite of the spider another slime tentacle pulled down the skirt of the Dullahan, her panties going with it and leaving her blue member to slowly start to grow hard as the head looked on at Rachnera's exposed chest. “Suu! What's has gotten into you! Release Lala and Rachnera this instant!” commanded Centorea her breath slightly labored, the reason of which she was not sure.

From where Suu stood one of her rapidly waving tentacles hit the the curtain behind her causing it to fall relieving the night sky. As well as the reason for Suu's sudden lewd actions. In all the excitement and preparation for the mother's visits the house had failed to remember that it was the night of a full moon. Even worst was the fact that it was a lunar eclipse and unbeknownst to them the eclipse was amplifying the already strong effects of a normal full moon.

As they looked on a tentacle shot out the group of stunned liminals. Centorea's mother quickly grabbed the large lid of one of the dinning trays and used it as a shield as the slime tendril splattered against it. “We must retreat to a safer location. Less we become ensnared like your friends.” called out the older blonde centaur. The other three mother's nodded at the command. Grabbing their daughters they raced back to the girl's respected rooms. After blocking another attempt from the slime the older blonde grabbed Centorea and fled too.

As her other targets fled the lust filled slime refocuses on her already captured prey.
Using her tendrils she began to suck on the large breasts of the restrained arachnid drawing a moan from her, “~Ah~ Suu you have to mmmph...”. As she spoke a green tentacle shot into her mouth and began to slide in and out, her moans muffled. Rachnera began to fall under the effects of the red moon, her lust having caught up with her. She steadily began to suck on the mouth invader as hearts feeled her eyes. The sucking on her breasts draw her more into the cloud of sexual bliss. Her front legs open reliving her dripping and needy hole to any thing Suu wanted to do to her and Suu wasted no time in filling the spider with her slime. As she let Suu fuck her she looked over at her blue friend as she was assaulted by the tentacles as well.

Hanging in the air across from the spider-girl was the blue skinned body of Lala. Lala's body was having her breasts played with in a similar fashion as Rachnera, the blue breasts were wrapped up by the green tendrils and were playfully toyed with. Gentle squeezes drew moans from the head that sat on the floor watching her body being at the mercy of the sexually charge slime. “~AH!~” hollered the head as a new sensation engulfed the dullahan's cock. A tendril had moved down to her dick before it push against it spreading around her dick. The body slammed it's hips into the slime and it in turn would squeezes her dick in its lovely embrace. Even as her hips humped away Suu's slimy tentacle would not leave an inch of her dick uncovered. Lala's is brought to a quaking orgasm, the slime milked her dick for every ounce of cum it could.

Lala's head shook as she felt her dick came, and mischievous smile crept across the slime's face. Suu let the cum travel through her body into the tentacle that was currently fucking Rachnera's mouth. As this was going a shadow appeared over Lala, looking up Lala saw Suu had come over to her picking up the dullahan's head and pressed her lips against hers. Lala gave no resistance as she kissed the slime back. Suu shot Lala's cum into Rachnera's mouth causing the lust crazed spider to cum. Her juices fire off to be absorbed by the slime, Lala was greeted with a new taste. Suu had moved the spider girl's cum to her lips so she and her make out partner could enjoy it.

The door slammed shut as it was followed by the clicking of the lock. The Lamias had returned to Miia's room. “That slime may be a greater rival than I thought.” the older redhead mumbled under her breath. “Mama~.” The mother heard coming from behind her turning around she saw her daughter staring at her slowly wobbling back and forth. "Miia? Honey are you mmmph...!" Her words were cut off as Miia pressed her lips to her mother's. The mother found herself getting into the kiss before she came to her senses pushing her daughter away quickly. "Miia we are mother and daughter, we can't do this." With hearts in her eyes the younger lamia smiled, her dual cocks at attention lifting the front of her skirt, precum dripping from the two tips.

"You say that Mama but my pit vision says otherwise." Miia said as she licked her lips looking at the heat emanating from her mother's pussy throught her skirt. The older lamia tried covering the area with her hands and seeing her detracted Miia's tail slithered through the darkness before it grabbed the tip of her mother's tail. Miia's mother quaked, "I see we share that in common Mama." said Miia. Knowing that her mother's tail was just as sensitive as hers made her work much easier. Closing the distance Miia pulled down her mother's top, the older lamia wondered why she just allowed her daughter to take the lead so easily. Miia's long tongue slithered around the freed breast teasing the nipple. Miia groped that other breast while her other hand moved to pull her the then skirt.

Miia's mother was conflicted, she was normally the aggressor but now being on the other end was a new feeling. Was it the idea of being dominated for once exciting to her, the fact that it was her own rougher, the red moon? Regardless her resistance faded as hearts appeared in her eyes as her hands went to start jerking off Miia's dicks. "Honey put Mama in her place." moaned the older snake-girl.

Hearing that Miia lined her twin pricks with her mother's pussy add started to fuck her. The mother's pussy stretch accepting the two dick of her daughter into her folds. "Mama~ It feels so good in you." the girl whimpered as she her hips moved with a mind of there own. As she was being rutted by her daughter the mother let her tongue slide from her mouth to the younger redhead giving her hard nipple a teasing flick. "OH Mama you tease." said with playful annoyance. The woman only smiled as she looked at her before Miia felt another flick.

While the lust induced incestuous mating went one Miia's grip on her mother's tail weaken. With her tail free and Miia focused on fucking her the snake milf didn't want to be the submissive one entirely. Readying herself the end of her tail quickly found it's target as it started fucking the other snake's ass. Both lamias scream out in a orgasmic explosion. "MAMA!" "MIIA!" calling each other as they cum Miia filling up the milf and the older woman spreading her daughter's ass. The two fall to the floor tired but not done as minutes later the two snakes are back fucking will into the night.

Elsewhere Papi's mom got the blue haired girl away from the sex obsessed slime. Throwing the blue haired harpy on the bed the older harpy flew over to lock the door. Turning around she was shocked to see that Papi had already done away with her short pants. Currently the young harpy was playing with herself the best she could. Her legs spread wide as her mom looked on. The slimmed bodied harpy walked over to her daughter but after the third step she forgot completely about the slime threat downstairs, hearts filled the eyes of the two.

"Papi wants to mate?" asked the the blonde harpy having easily succumbed to the moon's effects. "Papi want to mate Mom but hubby's not here." moaned the harpy as she continued to try and get some release. Seeing the horny girl Papi's mom dove face first between her legs. The dark tanned skin mom began eating out her horny daughter. While her mom licked away at her pussy, Papi grabbed her long blonde hair forcing her head further into her pussy. Getting the message her mom licked and sucked at her pussy with more vigor. Before long the harpy cums covering her mom's face.

"Mom want to mate?" the girl asked as her mom moved up her daughter's body. Papi got her answer when her mom's knees were on the sides of her head as she lowered her pussy to her mouth. Papi was quick to begin repaying her mom for the orgasm she just gave her. "Papi keep going. You good pussy eater." moaned the tiny milf. Papi's mom started to hump Papi's face. And like her daughter she came squirting all over the girl. The two are quickly at each other again as they kissed tasting each other.

As they kissed they rubbed their hard legs against the other's pussy waves of pleasure run through their already sensitive bodies. They were gentle enough with each other so they could each build to an orgasm together. As they got closer the two moved so they could rub their wet pussies together. Hugging her mom's leg Papi matched every move her mom did. The sheets of the bed was soaked with the juices of the two horny harpies. "PAPI!" "MOM!" the two scream as they cum together soak spraying each other with their juices. Leaning over her daughter the two were back to kissing resting for a moment before they started up again.

Returning her daughter's room after helping the mermaid queen and princess to their room. The stoic knight closed the door, thinking out a plan of attack for the slime so she could incapacitate her without harm. While her mother planned out their attack she waited the two may have felt they were able to fight off the moon's effects but under their skirts instincts took affect.

The older knight's pussy was already dripping wet. The fact that they were in a dark room hid the growing wet spot on the back of her skirt. While Centorea was dealing with the growing member leaving her sheath. Looking on Centorea stared at her mother's rear end her chest rose and fell as she took it in. She walked over to the massive ass her blinking quicken as she caught whiff of her horny mother even if the woman herself didn't notice it. With one final blink hearts filled the young centaur's eyes as her lust took over, "Mother..." Centorea softly called out. Her mother didn't hear Centorea's words but she certainly felt what happen next.

The mother's skirt was lifted up over her rear and a pair of hands were instantly at work playing with her pussy. The sudden sensation coming her pussy broke her concentration and she finally realized how horny she truly was. "Mother we can worry about Suu later. We should tend to your needs first." Centorea told her mother as she continued to play with her. "C-CENTOREA! CEASE T-THIS INSTANT. THIS IS ~AH~ MOST U-UNBECOMING OF A K-KNIGHT." the mother told her daughter in between her sexual groans. "Mother a knight's duty is to help those in need. And you seem to be in "great need" Mother." declared Centorea. Backing away for a moment Centorea reared up on her hind legs. The smell of her equine member filled the room as it it flopped around from the sudden movement.

As her daughter's weight found purchase on her back her resistance was waning as she felt Centorea's flared head rubbing over the pussy. A heart had already appeared in one of the mother's eyes and once she felt Centorea's dick plunge into her the other one gained one signaling her fall as well. "AH YES CENTOREA LAY CLAIM TO YOUR MOTHER. QUELL THE HEAT THAT HAST TAKETH ROOT!" commanded the woman. Even while in a lust filled state she was still ever as demanding. Centorea pounded into her mother with the ferocity of a machine. The two centaurs were deaf to the world, all they cared for was their incestuous mating. Centorea's mother's front legs gave out leaving her gigantic breasts pressed up against the door she was just guarding. Now she was indirectly barricading the door with her body as she was fucked against it.

Reaching her peak Centorea thrust one finally time firing off a torrent of cum into her mother. The two quaked as they rode out their orgasms together their shirts unable to contain the shaking gave out as they popped out. Panting Centorea backed off of her mother her cock slipping out of the well fucked milf, or so she though. "Is that all thou'st can muster, Centorea? I told thee to quell my heat and you have done nothing of the sort." said the centaur milf as she played with her large bosom her hair having fallen out of it's normal bun style. "Not at all Mother! On my duty as a knight I will defeat that flame that burns in your loins." Centorea decreed feeling she was being challenged. With a smile on her face, "Then prove yourself as a knight of the centaur race and slay this monster of lust with your "sword"." Centorea was quickly back to fucking away at her mother the strength of both her and the door will be tested tonight.

A bit earlier in the pool in Mero's room, "Dear knight your services will not be forgotten by the mermaid people." Mero's mother told the knightly centaur that had help her and her daughter to safety. "Thank you for the praise your highness. Now I must return to my own daughter so may take care of this matter." the knight said as she closed the door. "Meroune...Meroune?" The queen called as she turned to find no one there. Seeing that know one was above the water but when she was about to dive down to look for the pink-haired mermaid she was pulled down underwater. She struggled at first due to the abrupt action before she heard Meroune wispier in her ear.

"Mother you truly are beautiful." Mero said to the queen her hands slowly moved over her mother's body. When she reached the woman's breasts she pulled down her top while the other hand snaked it's way up the queen's skirt to her defenseless pussy. "Meroune what are...~AH!~" the pink-haired woman was cut off as her pussy was at the mercy of her daughter's fingers. Mero went on teasing and drawing moans from her mother.

She didn't know that her daughter had gained the heart filled eyes like the rest of the house has. "Mother I'm just taking your beauty for my own. Can you see it? The Queen of the Mermaids stolen away by her daughter, leaving the kingdom in chaos as they try to get control of everything while also coming to terms that they have been abandoned for an incestuous relationship between their queen and princess." Mero shuddered at her own idea nearly cumming right there. "Think of the..." she leans in and sensually as possible finishes her statement "..Tragedy." The queen shivers, this was a level of tiring to invoke tragedy that she was proud to see her daughter going for.

While her mother was lost in the fantasy Mero swam off to get something. She quickly returned to her mother kissing the queen. Moaning into the liplock the pink haired milf undid Mero's top letting it float away as she played with the younger mermaid's breasts. Breaking the kiss for a moment the two looked into each other's heart filled eyes. "Yes my daughter lets run away as lovers." the older mermaid said. "Then lets become one mother." Mero asked as she revealed what she had gotten earlier a large pink double end dildo. Her pussy spread wide as she fed herself before she shared the other end with her mother. The two fucked themselves on the dildo as they entangled themselves together. Mero had one of her hands caressing the back back of her mother's head while the old had fun with one of her tits. The queen had both her hands on Mero's ass as she slammed her hips acting like the dildo was her real dick taking charge in the fucking. The two hit their limit as they cum, "MOTHER!" "MEROUNE!" The two float up to the surface of the water cuddling each other.

"Mother that was fantastic." said Mero. "Yes it was Meroune. But the night is young." the queen said with a devilish smile. The two disappeared under the water and moments late the surface of the water shaking as small waves formed on the surface.

Moans and screams of incestuous sex fill the house as the well as the moans for the two left with the slime.

As the sun rose the mothers were the first to wake. Each one shocked at the state they found them selves. Bits and pieces of last night flashed in their heads. The lamia and centaur could feel their daughters cum in them, the harpy woke up need on top of Papi, and the memaid still had the dildo in her. The four quietly untangled themselves from their girls before leaving the rooms. They all shared a knowing look as the four made their way to the kitchen. Seeing the three they had left downstairs last night sprawled out on the floor. The mothers fixed the top and skirt of the arachnid and dulahan so hopefully they wouldn't as be embarrassed when they woke up. The slimy perpetrator had shrunk down to the little blob form she slept in quietly snoozing away.

The mothers sat in silence for a bit till the lamia spoke first, "We some night, huh?" The faces of the four went bright red as more of the memories flooded back. "Yeah." the three others sheepishly agreed. A bit later the girls began to wake up, and enter the living room. To the mothers surprise they acted completely normal. When Centorea's mother tried to ask if they recalled anything of the night they all responded with a questioned no. When Mero asked what they were talking about? Miia's mother quickly answered, "Um well your spider friend accidentaly drank some cola. She got a little loopy, fawning all over your blue friend. Before she fell a sleep hugging her."

"But what about all the mat... "SLAP!" the older harpy was about to ask before the mermaid queen covered her mouth with her hand in a flash. "Ma... Magnificent food the young homestead boy made for the occasion. My dear harpy we can have more once the young man returned." the queen said coving for the harpy. The group all stared at the mothers unsure of what was going on when they they heard the sound of front door closing and Kimihito calling out “I'M HOME!" The girls all forget the conversation and head off to greet him.

The three mothers look at the harpy telling her that this will be their secret forever. This will certainly be a trip for them to remember.