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Here's to the crazy ones

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When Kamino Ward happens, the students of Yuuei are given an ultimatum. They can move full time onto campus, where they will be monitored by 24 hour security and their moves will be constantly watched; or they can leave.

Izuku chooses to leave, to cut his losses and become something greater.

To the surprise of pretty much only him, the rest of class 1A chooses to join him.

Kamino Ward ends with a broadcast, a video that in the next few days will circulate the world and change what everyone knows about heroics. With Endeavor bumped up to number 1, the sudden loss of many top heroes unable to go straight back into hero work, and the strange silence from the underground as panicked investors who had been planning for a very different outcome were suddenly faced with a loss of work and customers, it’s fair to saw that everyone spends the next few days in a lot of confusion.

However, UA is nothing if not paranoid.

They upgrade their security, then upgrade it again. The class full of students still in hospital are monitored constantly, and searches for a traitor double in the staff and students. The third years are called to work temporary security and patrols are increased tenfold. Entire buildings are created for the purpose of housing students when term starts again.

It seems excessive. It is.

Then house calls are made, and top of the list is Midoriya.

Aizawa is the one to visit Midoriya Inko. The problem is that this is the woman with the reckless, intelligent, analytical child who’s chased villain fights all his life and is still only getting more harmed by the hero system. And this is not All Might, who can promise, on the back of decade of fanatic idolisation, to protect the world who loves him most.

No. This is the cynic, Aizawa Shota, who may have stood up for his students publicly against the press, but still has failed yet again to keep his students out of harm's way.

It’s not his fault of course. But people always hate to see someone they love being hurt. And Inko has had enough of pain.

So she says no. No to UA, and no, it would seem, to Izuku ever being a pro hero.

Aizawa leaves, slightly more downtrodden, considering retiring from teaching at UA, and making the decision to continue the house visits tomorrow. Perhaps when All Might gets out the hospital it’ll be easier for him to ensure even one student comes back, that the future is stable, but he doesn’t think so.

When Inko tells Izuku the decision she’s made, he cries. He can understand it - keeping books of hero statistics for years had made him scarily aware of the life expectancy for a pro hero. As quirkless, he knows he would never have stood a chance against the sort of villains you still see on TV. But still.

So that’s why he’d researched first underground heroes, then vigilantes, and found out about the illegal agencies full of people without the flashy quirks it took to make it pro. He’d learned about their structures, the laws, what they really do and what he’d need to join, if his goal of Yuuei was never reached. Years of quirk analysis eventually aid off when against all odds, he got a quirk and had the chance to live his dreams, just for a short while.

So Izuku, after having his dreams crushed yet again, goes to his room to cry. And he sits there on his bed just for a moment, taking in the world as he’s done before, when his eye catches on a flash of red and the scrawl of black pen, messy pages open on his desk from where he’d been hurriedly trying to find out anything about where Kacchan had been taken in his hundreds of notes about the underground he knows of.

And he sees the page on vigilantes. And...

Beside him his phone dings. He remains lost in thought.

A few weeks into class, at the start of the term, Mina had gathered up everyone’s phone numbers and put them into a group chat. The chat had been used at first to coordinate homework and share memes, but in the wake of every numerous disaster their class had had to face, the conversation had had a somber tone.

After Kamino Ward, it was being used almost constantly, working out who was where and who was hurt. While Izuku sat and contemplated the legalities of vigilantism, the chat now turned to the subject of dorms.

Kaminari: my mum is really considering not letting me come back. the all mighy stuff rl scared her and she doesn’t think the new security stuff will workd

Uraraka: same. my parents were fine with me living alone when they thought I’d be safe, but now? No chance :(

Iida: With recent events, such as my being on the site of such destruction without protection and my brother’s still somewhat fresh injury, my family do not wish for me to continue on this current path. They have said that my life and protection is more important than carrying on the legacy of Ingenium. Quite frankly, I disagree, but they will not be persuaded.

Hagakure: this sucks guys! Id hate to never see you all again.

Midoriya startles as the chimes get more and more frequent as more of his classmates lament not being able to follow the path in life they had been so close to reaching. Then, inspiration strikes.



What if, they became vigilantes?

None of class 1A have mentioned being allowed to go back to UA, and Izuku really doesn’t want to lose the first friends he’s ever had. And Izuku sort of knows how to be a vigilante - it’s really not as bad as the news makes it out to be, and they’re all skilled enough fighters that within a year they could probably have a good system set up, and if they only focus on a small area, it shouldn’t be too hard after a while.

But first he has to convince them.

Everyone, as it turns out, is surprisingly easy to convince. They’re all annoyed at the safety measures being put into place only now that would put them under constant obsessive surveillance, and even a quick glance at the news shows viewpoints they would rather not see. Discussions calling All Might ‘frail’, talks of praise for the new number 1 Endeavour that anyone who’s ever had a conversation with Todoroki avoids, and speculation if the new heroes like the one who’d been captured can ever live up to the legacy that All Might has left, ruined only by his end.

Not to mention, no one is willing to be seperated just to try to get into another hero school. UA is the best and everyone knew it, but you can’t be a pro hero without a license.

So you be a hero illegally then. Sure, there are those villains, loud, dumb villains, who are proud enough to laud themselves as heroes while losing any sense of moral righteous all together. But the quiet ones, the ones speculated to have higher statistics than some pros, the local protectors - people remember those.

If villains get fans, then vigilantes get fanbases.

So when Izuku breaches the subject, it’s not like none of them have never thought about it before. There were always just easier, legal ways instead. But now, it’s looking like their best option.

(and most of them will never admit it to Izuku, but they would follow him through hell and back if he asked, because they trust him to do whatever it takes to make sure they live through the day and into a brighter future. he inspires loyalty and hope like All Might inspires heroes. they will follow him)

And so, while Izuku gets prepared, finds his notes and makes a game plan, his classmates, one after another, say no to going back to UA. Aizawa, after every refusal, becomes slightly more dismal, but it’s only after visiting Shinsou - who had transferred in not long after the sports festival in place of Mineta who had left barely a week after the USJ - that he fills out his resignation form.

Because Shinsou refuses to see out his dream. Not meeting his mentor’s eyes, he clenches his fists and does something he never thought he’d do. But he will follow Midoriya before he follows any industry, no matter how great.

The rest of the class follows suit. None of 1A will be coming back for their second term.

Aizawa may be a bit too tired to deal with this right now.

Their ‘agency’ starts two weeks after Kamino Ward. While the original battle and the loss of investments on people previously unknowingly indebted to All for One had caused chaos in the underworld, it didn’t last long. With All Might seemingly out of commission forever, many had taken advantage of the situation to run wild, lawless and essentially free.

But then, they start dropping again. Unknown attackers, clearly illegal quirk use, and obviously amateurs with the sloppiness the villains get taken down, but law enforcement is too caught up in other matters at the time, so they accept the help and leave the mystery be for now.

And then they get better. Instead of having only the advantage of numbers and strength, they develop strategies, plans; take on the local crime ring and win through what seems like a perfectly executed plan but is really just enough detailed information that it makes winning any battle easy enough.

They have stealth, cunning and power. In the vigilante world, they become well known. To the Pros, well, they have better things to be doing in the meantime.

They get bigger and better, their ranks growing, the addition of a few older members adding experience and training and a guiding hand along with the freedom outside of the law.

Just because they’re no longer legally his class, doesn’t mean Aizawa doesn’t have to keep watching over them. And Yagi wasn’t quite ready for retirement after so many years in the limelight, and he was at UA to train his successor.

The successor.

Ah of course. Him.

When people talk about the group, even decades in the future when the New Hope Agency has long since been recognised as a needed part of hero society; when it’s grown into a tree that stretches its branches all across Japan, as the positive change that comes and comes and never really leaves: it is still the man of green lightning they talk about.

His inspiration lasts, a reign longer and more lasting than even All Might. The hero who never turned away from someone in need, and who gained loyalty from anyone he spoke to, so with his smile and his words, they follow.

Unconventional to say the least, an inspiration to the world. Someone who changed the entire heroics industry for the better and essentially made the age long battle between heroes and villains obsolete.

The Hero Deku.

[a transcript from a camera recording of a hero fight. The villain has a strong weapon based quirk and is standing in front of the recognisable figure of Deku.

Villain: -they follow you without questioning? Why! Why do you do any of this?

Deku, smiling viciously: Because there is nothing that can stop me. I will save them all.

Deku raises his fist in the air, green lightning flashes, and he screams-

Deku: Plus Ultra!

The camera cuts out]