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Home Alone

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Genos knew exactly where all of this went wrong. He was blind enough to think he could handle it and ended up in deep shit. Which would be the basis of his memoir if he ever was pompous enough to write one on his insignificant life. Maybe he should write a book on sensei. Thoughts for later.

That morning had started out like everyday this week. Genos pulled himself out of bed as soon as the sun hit his eyelids and started on breakfast. His sensei continued to be a late riser, but Genos didn’t mind. It was nice, being in the kitchen listening to Saitama breathing in his sleep. It reminded Genos that he wasn’t alone anymore. He didn’t have to live in empty cold noises anymore. He slept next to a warm body like before in the pack. 

He’d only been with sensei for a week, but Genos felt like the two of them had already formed a deep connection. That from their meeting there was this understanding of one another. They just fit together as people. Which really bites…

Saitama let out a deep yawn his shirt ridding up as he stretched his arms. After a few pops he looked at Genos. “Morning! Man, are you cooking again? You’re really gonna spoil me at this rate.”

Genos ripped his eyes away from Saitama’s chest before he saw. “You deserve it Sensei.”

…because Genos was too into him for his own good.

Saitama shuffled over to the pile of letters on the counter. “You gotta stop buttering me up Genos.” His smile feel as he laid eyes on something and his expression only got grimmer. “No way.”

“Sensei?” Genos peered over Saitama’s shoulder to see a letter addressed to him. “What is it?”

He shoved the letter to his chest and speed walked into the living room. “Family issues. Look I’m gonna be gone for a few days. You’re going to have to hold the fort while I’m gone.”

Genos scrambled after him watching Saitama pull on a clean shirt and grab his keys. “Sensei! Let me come with you!”

Saitama stopped dead and looked back at him. “Genos, not now. Please, just stay here.”  His alpha was out the door before he could so much as protest.

“I thought we were eating breakfast together.” Genos sighed. He wrapped his left hand around his collar rubbing it as he went about cleaning up his mess in the kitchen. The act gave him little comfort.

Genos knew not to take it personally and he knew he shouldn’t have asked if he could join. But without his alpha here Genos was worried he would give into his less acceptable instincts.

No! Genos was an adult and he could control himself. With that in mind he set about cleaning the apartment. Whatever the family emergency a clean home will ease his alpha’s anxieties Genos was sure of it.

And that’s where the trouble started. Laundry. As much as he hated a mess in his home Genos was draw to Saitama’s smell like nothing else. It had started innocently enough. He pulled everything dirty from the hamper and approached the machine, but he just couldn’t force himself to throw it in just yet. Just one smell and then he was done.

Five seconds later and Genos was on his knees digging through the hamper and throwing everything on the floor in a growing pile. He grabbed Saitama’s underwear when he realized what exactly he was doing. He looked over the mess in growing dread. Saitama could never know about this. He put the underwear back. He had to draw a line somewhere. 

“Okay that’s enough.” As he went to stand Genos caught a glimpse of red. Saitama can definitely never know about this.


Lounging on a pile of Saitama scented clothes, wearing his alpha’s favorite hoodie, and playing with his collar Genos felt elated. Until the front door opened.

“Sorry, I took so-” Saitama’s and Genos’ eyes widened in terror as they both took each other in. “Hey.” 

“Hi.” Genos spat out completely shocked.

With a loud slam Saitama shut the door and Genos curled up into a ball of shame. He’s going to kick Genos out. He knew he was being too greedy! And now Genos’ alpha is going to force him from his new home.

The door quietly clicked open revealing a much calmer looking Saitama. He still had a touch of panic in his eyes as he scanned the room. “Hey, Genos.” 

Genos slid off his throne of stench to the floor. Bowing before Saitama Genos pleaded, “I’m so sorry Sensei. Please forgive me.”

“Woah woah woah.” Saitama kneeled and put a hand on Genos’ head. “It’s okay. I understand.”

Genos’ throat closed up at that. Of course Saitama knows. “You do?”

Saitama continued on keeping a level head. “Yeah it’s a wolf thing right? You do this to comfort yourself?”

Genos looked up at that. “I-I”

“Look Genos,” Saitama paused. “I don’t get this entirely, and I know I can be distant, but if this makes you feel safe than we’ll figure something out. I know your supposed to be in this big warm and fuzzy family, but I’m glad you’re here. I want you to be happy here okay?”

Genos felt his shoulders shaking before he realized he was crying a little. “Thank you Saitama.”

Saitama smiled at him. “Why don’t we watch a movie?”

Conveniently, Genos’ mountain of dirty clothes made for the perfect temporary seating to see the tv from. They sat together each with an arm wrapped around the other as they devoured popcorn.

“Okay so,” Saitama said between chews. “You cannot keep the clothes pile. But I will let you wear my shirts and on occasion my hoodie because you wear it better than I do.”

“Thank you master.” Genos said dropping his head on Saitama’s shoulder.

“And here I thought I broke you of that habit.” Saitama threw a piece of popcorn at Genos’ face. He effortlessly caught it in his mouth to Saitama’s chagrin. “Oh come on! Stop being perfect at everything! It’s not fair.”