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 The smoke rises in the vacant temple. She hums as she closes her eyes absorbing the eerie feeling that rushed through her body. Her head hung low as she hummed more. The mark on her forehead was glowing brightly. She screamed in pain. The priests held her head back trying to ease her pain. The more she screamed the more the priests grew worried about her state. “Let her be,” Apollo instructed, moving the priests away from her. “A prophecy is coming.”


She clenched her fists and gasped. Her eyes grew white as her mouth dropped open uttering words.



Olympus will fall into darkness. Time will be erased along with humanity. A God who hardly falls in love finally gives birth to a child. The child will soon become a warrior for our presence.


She will gather her allies and restore time. However, the evil will harm her. The evil will capture and conquer time until it will be stricken with the power of chivalry by a young maiden.


Thus, the light will drive and dismantle the darkness that has fallen upon Olympus. But a tree will be grown healthy and birth the child of a lost maiden.”



Apollo nodded as the priests behind him erupted into a commotion of wonder. She closed her eyes and collapsed. Rising up, she looked up at the sun god. He placed his hand on her head as she fell to the ground. “Her memory will be erased. This young woman will never remember the events she has gone through. She has been selected by the descendant of Pythia.” Apollo addressed.


“But, who is the child? How will she save humanity?” One priest grabbed Apollo’s arm.


“I do not know. It's our job to figure out how to save our humanity in time. I sense she will be the greatest gift we will receive.” Apollo patted the priest’s head. “It will be astonishing.”


Minchae scrolled down on her phone as she crossed the street. With the chill autumn breeze in the air, Minchae looked up after crossing the street and headed to the route of her university. Ever since she was young, Minchae always wanted to be a physical therapist. She loved learning about the body and keeping it as healthy as possible. Plus, her mother was a physical therapist herself. Already experiencing her first semester at the university with countless memorable moments in her freshman year, she's ready to experience her second year as a sophomore in the second week of school.


Minchae entered the library and went to the back. The library was huge and had infinite bookshelves of books ranging from encyclopedias to comics. It had two levels. On the second level, more bookshelves and more computers than the first floor. It was calm and peaceful and one of the places MinChae and her friends love to hang out at. She soon saw her friend, Yooa, sitting by the window drinking her coffee.


“Morning, sleepy head.” Minchae beamed.


“Oh, good morning.” Yooa yawned. “I couldn't sleep at all last night.”


Minchae sat in front of Yooa, placing her bag in front of her. She rested both of her arms on top of the bag. “Someone's stressed,” Minchae muttered.


“Well yeah, it's the second week of school. We're sophomores now and I got countless of assignments to do before this week ends.” Yooa rambled as she closes up her white binder.


“Nobody told you to major in psychology Yooa…” Minchae sanged silently as she gazed her lavender nails.


“Hush. I like studying the mind and wondering why people like you speak useless crap out of your mouths.” Yooa arched her eyebrow at her.


Minchae broke out in a smile. “It will be worth it though. We'll become successful and well paid. Plus, frequent vacations abroad.” She winked.


“All you care about is money, huh?” Yooa smirked.


“Well duh, I can't just have a crappy career. I want to pursue something I'm passionate about and can be well off.” Minchae rolls her eyes.


“Is she talking about how much money she'll get with her career again?”



Minchae looked behind her and noticed that our friend Joshua arrived. Yooa and Minchae were friends ever since high school while Joshua met the girls during freshmen orientation. Since then, they maintained their friendship and become closer with each other even more as the days goes by. He brushed his dark brown bangs back with his hand before taking a seat next to Yooa. “What time is Ms. Mona’s class?” He asked the girls softly. Joshua pulled out a juice box from his bag. He took the straw, opened the plastic, and struck the straw in the tiny silver hole on the top of the box.


“10:30. Oh, wait did you do her dream assignment?” Minchae then asked.


“Dream assignment?” Yooa and Joshua both choruses in confusion.


“Yeah, she told us to write about our dreams. I did mines. Besides my dreams are fairly interesting.” MinChae smirked. She strokes her long dark brown hair with her fingers.


“Oh, really, Sleeping Beauty?” Joshua smirked back at me as Yooa giggled at him.


“I'll just BS it. Who cares about dreams anyway…” Yooa shook her head as she muttered. MinChae grimaced at her comment. Dreams do matter, Yooa… MinChae thought.


She grabbed her mint green bag as she stood up. “I gotta go to class. See you guys later.”


Minchae and Joshua said their goodbyes to Yooa. Soon they both looked at each other. “Boba?” Joshua smiled.


Minchae took a long sip of her taro flavored boba and swirled her straw in the cup. A Boba shop was across the street from the university campus. Joshua and Minchae would always go after Yooa go to her A.M class and purposely never tell her they went even though it was obvious when they meet up with Yooa. It was also a place where Minchae can relax before heading to her class and also tell Joshua her dreams since he'll be her listener whenever she had a dream that bothered her. Even Joshua had weird dreams too.

Minchae bit her bottom lip, ruining the red gloss her lips. “OK, call me crazy, but do have a dream where a man knows your name?”


Joshua furrowed his eyebrows. “No.” He soon then laughed.


“It's not funny!” Minchae hissed, shoving his arms on the table. “Seriously it's very weird. He keeps calling my name everytime I close my damn eyes.”


“Maybe a hot guy is trying to communicate with you in your precious dreams.” Joshua winked.


Minchae rolled her eyes. “How cute,” MinChae muttered sarcastically. She poked the tapioca pearls in her cup.


“But in all seriousness, it might be someone important to you that are trying to communicate with you. Dreams do have messages, Minchae.” Joshua then shrugged his shoulders.


Every dream Minchae had someone was always communicating with her. She initially thought it was R.E.M. sleep, but she wasn't having a bad dream. It was just a normal dream. No monsters nor demons. Minchae checked her rose gold watch on her left wrist. “Well, I catch you later, Josh. First class to attend to on this fine Monday.” Minchae sighed. She dreaded going to Mrs. Park's class. and a creepy witch like aura, Minchae could easily fall asleep in the auditorium classroom or counting down the minutes.


“Be nice. She's really cool.” Joshua smirked.


“You're just only saying that because she passed you with an A. Plus she liked you. She seriously hates me!” Minchae snapped.


Minchae groaned. She waved at Joshua walking away from the Boba shop. She crossed the street and was easily back on campus. Her class was in the west wing which was a long walk from the east end of the campus. Her phone vibrated as Minchae checked the caller ID. “Yes, mom?” Minchae sighed.


“Hi, darling! I just wanted to call and say have a great day! I know you're heading to Mrs. Park's class.” Haneul giggled.


“Wow, thanks, mom.” Minchae sarcastically muttered.


“Anyways, I will be late tonight since I'll be working late at the clinic. Make sure you lock the doors-”


“Close the blinds and curtains in the windows, set the alarm, make sure Nemo is inside, yeah I get it, mom. I'm not 12.” Minchae finished her sentence. She opened the door to the science building.


“Sometimes you don't. Remember the time you literally let a boy into the house?!” Haneul argued.


“Mom, he was a guy I was seeing! Plus, we were studying!” Minchae whined.


She then bumped into the janitor who was pulling out a trash bag from the cleaning closet. Her phone fell to the floor. He and Minchae nodded to each other apologizing silently. Minchae picked up her phone. “Hello? Yeah… I bumped into the janitor… Yes mom, the handsome janitor from orientation... Look, I have to call you later… Bye.”


Minchae entered the classroom after placing her phone in her pocket. The janitor tipped his hat. His lips formed into a smirk. He whipped out his phone and speed dialed the contact. It ranged twice until the person finally picked up.


“Yes, this is Heechul a.k.a Hermes. We finally found her. She looks exactly like Minwoo!” Heechul grinned. “Plus, her mother called me handsome! What?... I really heard her say that! Ok, ok! I'll get her!”



The class finally ended as Minchae packed her books back into her bag. She hung her bag over her shoulder and walked out of the aisle until her professor called her name.


“Minchae, please stay for a minute. I need to discuss something with you.”


Minchae felt the lump in her throat and her stomach was doing backflips. She slowly walked down the stairs as Mrs. Park took off her reading glasses. Am I failing? I would seriously cry if I am. I mean, I do all of the assignments! MinChae immediately thought.


She didn't know if this was bad or good. Plus, it shouldn't even be long considering she has another class to attend to. Minchae sat at the desk in front of Mrs. Park. Mrs. Park slowly approached her as Minchae heard nothing but the sound of her black heels and her golden bracelets on her wrist.


“Am I… in trouble?” Minchae nervously laughed.


“Oh, you're more than in trouble, child. They're looking for you, Minchae. All over this city, this country, this entire world. You don't even know who your father is.” Mrs. Park smirked.


“I'm sorry, what-”


“Don't act like you don't know!” Mrs. Park glared at her. Minchae widened her eyes. This situation was entirely weird and she didn't know whether to laugh in her face or flat out cry in fear.


“If I can't get my revenge on them as I wanted to then I will make sure they will see you dead before they arrive.” Mrs. Park soon cackled.


Her skin turned green and scaley as her dark grey hair turned into snakes. Her fangs grew in her teeth and her legs turned into a dragon body. Her wings erupted from her back along with a tail of a scorpion. Her nails grew into sharp claws. This was not Mrs. Park. This was a flat out monster right in front Minchae who's ready to kill her.


The monster let out a roar as Minchae races out of her seat and ran up the steps. Fear rushed through her body as she ran through the science building halls with the monster chasing her.


Minchae screamed out loud as she ran through the halls. The lingering students looked at her in bewilderment. “What the hell is she screaming for?! I don't see anyone chasing her…”


Minchae ran up the steps to the second floor of the science building as the monster failed behind her. Her breathing became scarce as she continues to run. She almost slipped as she turned at the corner of the hallway. The handsome janitor was at the end of the hall waving both of his hands at her.


“Minchae, come inside! Quickly!” He yelled. He took out a golden gun from his pants pocket and pointed it at her.


“Don't shoot!!”


“Relax, it's not for you! It's for this piece of shit!” The janitor grunted. He shot the monster three times as the monster staggered back screaming. The smoke rose on her skin.


Minchae ran into the vacant lab as the janitor quickly shutting and locking the door down and propping the chair against the metal lock.


Minchae backed away from the door, trembling. Her body bumped against the sink counter. The janitor awkwardly laughed. “Well, this is totally unplanned. Every time I recruit someone I run into a monster.” He muttered to himself.


“WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!” Minchae screamed.


“This gun can hold her off. It can make the monster blind for a good minute. I made it myself.” He smiled, showing off his golden gun.


“No, I mean the fucking monster!” Minchae yelled, pointing at the door.


“Oh, that thing?” The janitor pointed behind him. “That monster is a Kampe .”


“A what?!” Minchae brushed her hair back with her hand. She took a seat on the barstool.


“It's this monster where it's half woman, half dragon with a scorpion tail and huge wings.” He explained. He then softly laughed. “They're really crazy.”


“Then how come you and I can see it? No one saw it! They think I'm crazy!” Minchae shouted, soon standing up from her seat.


The monster banged on the door more as Minchae flinched. It already regained its sight. “Listen,” The janitor took off his grey hat. He brushed his curly black hair with his hand. “my name is Heechul. You and I are sort of not human. However, you are half-immortal-”


“Wait, wait. Am I dead? Cause immortal is like… death.” Minchae arched an eyebrow at Heechul.


“No, you're not freaking dead!” Heechul smacked her on the head with his grey hat. “What kind of bull- Anyways, I'm a God and you're the daughter of one. Only immortals, half or full, can see ancient Greek monsters.”


Minchae shook her head. She only heard monsters and gods when she was A. Younger because her mother told her these stories and B. From middle school because she studied world history and Greek mythology was apart of it.


No way these monsters are real…

“Yes, they are real!” Heechul stared at Minchae, slightly offended. Minchae’s eyes widened. “Did you just-”


“Yes, I can read minds. Now, listen. In order to kill that thing, you will have to strike it in its head.” Heechul pulled out a knife and soon grew into a sword. It had a golden handle and the metal on the sword was gleaming silver. He grabbed Minchae’s hand and made her hold the sword. MinChae was shaking out of nervousness and fear. “To defend yourself, you need to use this bad boy.”


Heechul pulled out a brown plastic tray from the desk. He tossed it to Minchae as she looked at the tray and then Heechul. “Really? A fucking lunch tray?”


“Look, that's all I freaking got! If you believe in yourself, you could probably use it as a shield.” Heechul pointed his finger at her.


Minchae rolled her eyes. “I can't fight that thing with a fucking sword. I don't even know how to kill it!” Minchae pointed the sword at the door.


“You will today.” Heechul calmly replied. He unlocked the door and removed the chair. Minchae shook her head, pleading Heechul not to let her go out there and fight. The door opened as the monster immediately clawed in the walls with her now large hand as if it was a dollhouse. Minchae screamed. “I can't fight this thing!”


“Just do it, DAMNIT!” Heechul shot at the monster. The monster roared. “I don't have a lot of bullets left!”


Minchae rushed out of the lab with the sword and lunch tray in her hand as she slashed the monster on its legs. The green scaly skin cut open revealing dark purple liquid gushing out of the wound. Minchae placed her hand over her mouth trying not to literally vomit right in the middle of battle as the smell soon approached to her nose. “Ugh, it smells like spoiled fish!”




The scorpion tail swung at Minchae as she dropped to the ground. She got up and ran and continued to stab the monster at its legs. The monster regained sight and saw Minchae running around her. The monster grabbed Minchae by her leg and threw her to the other side of the hall as Minchae fell flat on her face. Her body ached in pain. The monster ran up to her and breathed out the fire from its mouth. Minchae shrieked and ducked into a classroom. She could feel the heat in the halls.


Minchae looked up and saw a professor and a group of students look at her in shock. Minchae got up to her feet and bowed. “S-Sorry.”  She slowly apologized. She ran out of the classroom as the monster was still waiting for her at the end of the hall. Minchae looked back at Heechul. “WHY YOU DIDN'T TELL ME IT BREATHES FIRE?!” Minchae screeched, pointing her sword at Heechul.


“I'm just as shocked as you are!” Heechul yelled back. “Behind you!”


Like a quick snap, Minchae quickly swerved around and saw the monster peering over her. She could hear the hissing, the smell of her vulgar breath, and the scaly skin up close. In full out 4D. Before the monster opened its mouth, Minchae quickly struck the monster in its head. The dark purple blood gushed out like a sprinkler as it coated Minchae’s face.


The monster’s eyes rolled back, showing the whites, and fell onto the ground. Minchae panted heavily and threw the sword and lunch tray on the ground.


She couldn't believe she killed a monster in the science building all while missing her second class.


“Congratulations! You just killed your first monster, kid!” Heechul patted her back as he stared at the dead body from the monster. He soon gazed at Minchae’s face that was splattered with the monster's blood.


“Oh, um. Let me… get… that...” Heechul pulled out a white handkerchief from his shirt pocket and dabbed off the blood on her face. He continued to dab off the blood softly. Aggravated, Minchae snatched the handkerchief from Heechul with a scowl and wiped off her face.


“I need an explanation, immediately.” Minchae glared at Heechul.


“Ask your mother. She will tell you everything.” Heechul scoffed. “I must get back and relay the message to them. You better watch yourself, Minchae. These monsters are everywhere and can try to kill you. Just like this Kampe.”


Minchae watched Heechul walk off as he placed his grey hat on his head. Minchae looked at the monster which turned back into a human. A knife was in Mrs. Park's forehead, her clothes were tattered. Minchae heard the campus police soon arriving at the building.


Minchae walked out of the science building and pulled out her phone. Everything was racing through her mind. She couldn't just tell Joshua and Yooa yet after what just happened. They might not even believe her. She dialed up her mother's phone number and hesitated before pressing the CALL button. She didn't know who her actual birth father was. Minchae always knew Sewoo was a good dad, but hearing more about her birth father made her even more curious. She wanted to know what he was like, his favorite things, and why he left her and her mother.


Minchae called her mother. It ranged twice until she answered. “I'm kind of busy right now, so I hope this is urgent sweetie,” Haneul answered.


“Mom, who is my birth father? I'm very serious.” Minchae demanded, clenching her fist.


Haneul was silent in the other line for two minutes. Minchae sighed aloud breaking the silence. “Forget it. You won't even tell m-”


“His name is Minwoo,” Haneul pronounced. “Your father is the God of dreams.”

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The front door of the Cho’s home opened as Haneul tossed her keys onto the key tray. She closed the door behind her, locking the top lock. Taking off her shoes her feet fitted into the house slippers by the door. “Minchae!”


She looked around the living room, kitchen, and office. She then headed upstairs and heard the shower running. Haneul eased up and exhaled. Minchae arrived home safely.


She took off her scrubs and threw on her comfortable clothing. The shower stopped as soon as Haneul headed downstairs to the kitchen. Grabbing a water bottle from the refrigerator, she heard Minchae joined in the kitchen with a towel wrapped around her shoulders.


“Oh, you're here. Let's sit down and talk.” Haneul half smiled.


Minchae nodded and headed straight to the living room, resting on the dark grey velvet couch. Haneul sat closer to Minchae. “Now, I know I've been avoiding your question about who your real father is since you already figured out that Sewoo is not your father.” Haneul began. “Plus, I revealed your father's true identity.”


“Heechul was right then,” Minchae muttered.


“Who's Heechul?” Haneul squinted, confused.


Minchae shifted in her seat. “OK, so earlier today I was attacked by a monster-”




“I know, crazy right?” Minchae snickered. “Turns out Heechul is a God as well and I killed the monster with his sword.”


“Did you get hurt? Is anything broken or-” Haneul immediately checked the injuries for her daughter. Minchae stopped her. “I'm fine. I just got some soreness in my body.”


Haneul sighed. “We're seriously getting off track.” She muttered. “Your father like I said before is the God of dreams. They call him Morpheus.”


Minchae widened her eyes. “So that was him who kept calling my name!” She jumped up from the couch.


“He's been doing that?!” Haneul asked, shocked.


“Yes. It happened ever since I went through puberty which was when I was like what, thirteen?” Minchae stated.


Haneul shook her head in disbelief. It was her first time hearing that Minwoo was communicating with Minchae in her dreams.


Minchae sat back on the couch facing her mother. Haneul continued, “I was in a dark place before I met your birth father. My father died and so did my aunt within a span of two weeks. I was really depressed. I met him at a coffee shop and he was really passionate and mysterious. He also had the brightest smile and very smart. A few months later after getting to know each other, we started dating. The more I knew who he was, the deeper I fell for him. When he told me he was a God it was very ridiculous, but the moment I saw him in my dreams I knew he was telling the truth.”


“Ok, then why did you have me?” Minchae arched her eyebrow. There must be a reason why Minchae was born because it sounded like an avoidable situation. 


“It was unplanned. He and I were engaged and were in the moment, heh. I found out I was pregnant and he was really pleased. Your father doesn't fall in love so quickly, but when he saw, met, and dated me he couldn't wait to marry me and have a baby with me. We loved each other so much despite the good and bad times we had.” Haneul soon grinned.


Minchae held her knees. “So that fairytale you always told me before bedtime about a princess marrying a God was you and dad?”


Haneul nodded. “After you were born, your father started feeding you this gold stuff or whatever... I forgot what it's called.” Haneul scratched her head. “Anyways, it made you half immortal which is why you see monsters.”


“Ok, then what happened to dad? Is he out of the country or…” Minchae’s voice trailed off as she saw her mother's expression. Haneul hung her head low not even looking at her daughter. Minchae sat there feeling really bad for her mother. She was really in love with a godly man who took care of her and Minchae. Even if she doesn't fairly remember him. Minchae hated seeing her mother sad or even crying right in front of her cause she too will soon feel the emotions.


Minchae patted her mother's hand. Haneul wiped away the running tears from her eyes with her fingers. “He was called back because something has happened at Olympus. His phone number doesn't even work anymore, I've lost contact with him… I was basically hoping that he would come back, but he didn't.” Haneul expressed.


“What does he look like?” Minchae asked, trying to lighten up the mood.


Haneul smiled. “Very dreamy. Like those actors in the dramas you always watch.”


Minchae grinned widely as Haneul softly laughed. Haneul soon stopped smiling. “I need to start cooking before your father gets home. I bet he's really hungry after working for so long.” Haneul murmured as she got up from the couch. Minchae watched her mother walk out of the living room and head straight to the kitchen.


Minchae soon got up from the couch and headed straight to her room. She closed the door behind her. Minchae sat on her bed opening up her silver laptop. Heading straight to Google, she immediately started typing away the questions that were running through her mind.

Half mortal half immortal Greek mythology |

After clicking search, a term with a definition popped up on her bright screen.



  • A demigod or demi-god is a minor deity, a mortal or immortal who is the offspring of a god and a human, or a figure who has attained divine status after death.


  • The English term "demigod" is a calque of the Latin word semideus, "half-god".



Interesting , Minchae tapped her chin. Her phone soon vibrated next to her.


Genius Yooa ♡: wanna Skype? I have good news!

Me: Can't. Researching.


Minchae tossed her phone to the front of the bed and continued scrolling down on the page. She typed in her father's name.


Who is Morpheus? |

More articles popped up as Minchae’s eyes widened. “Holy shit.” She mumbled.

The role of Morpheus was as the leader of his two younger brothers, Phantasos and Phobetor (known as Icelus to the gods) who, together, were the Gods of dreams referred to as the Oneiroi - the Greek word for dream is 'oneiros'.

The more articles Minchae clicked, the more information she was learning about her father. She was fascinated at how godly her father was and such amazing abilities he could do. Minchae started typing in more questions. Her lips spread into a smile.

What is Mount Olympus?


Who is Zeus?


Why are the Titans banished?


What's a cyclops?


What is the Oracle of Delphi?


Are Apollo and Artemis twins?


This is my new family. The family I never knew existed…


Minchae sniffed the smell of her coffee before taking a very long sip. Yooa watched her and soon laughed, slightly loud, making Minchae spill a bit of her coffee on her chest.


“Yah! This is my good shirt!” Minchae complained.


“I didn't even know you drank coffee.” Yooa snickered. Minchae rolled her eyes as she grabbed tissues from her bag. She dabbed the stain off annoyed. “I was just up all night researching.”


“About what?” Yooa arched an eyebrow at her.

Shit… Just play it cool Minchae. Say something cool. Nothing about Greek gods .

“Dog breeds.” Minchae smiled widely. Yooa laughed. Joshua finished eating his banana and nodded at Minchae. “Did you hear that Mrs. Park died? She got stabbed in the head!”


“What?!” Yooa yelped, eyes widening. “That's insane!”


“Yeah…” Minchae flatly said. Joshua immediately stared at Minchae. He figured Minchae wouldn't even care that Mrs. Park died, but Minchae was actually nervous from not slipping the wrong thing to them. “What? Do you want me to be dramatic or something?”


“Never mind.” He murmured, shaking his head.


“Where were you in Mr. Wan’s class? One of my friends said you left early.” Yooa pouted.


“Family emergency…” Minchae quietly said before taking another sip of her coffee.


“Oh my God, what happened?” Yooa immediately grabbed Minchae’s hand. She had such a worried expression on her face it was hard for Minchae to make up a quick lie.


“My dad got injured at work so I had to take care of him. He, uh, sprained his left ankle.” Minchae let go of Yooa’s hands. She hid them under the table so Yooa and Joshua wouldn't see that they were shaking.


“Hope your dad rests well. Sprained ankle sucks.” Joshua sighed. Yooa nodded agreeing.


“Yeah, but I'm sure he'll get better soon.” Minchae chuckled, brushing her dark brown hair over her ear. Minchae held her tongue so she wouldn't let anything about her being half immortal slip out of her mouth.

After spending time with her friends and going to her classes for today, Minchae headed over to the science building. She searched for Heechul as the students were walking to their classes in the evening.


“Heechul! Heechul! Ugh, where are you?” Minchae whispered.


Minchae checked in the janitorial closet at the end of the hall on the first floor. He was nowhere to be seen. Minchae lingered around the halls peeking in the windows of the classrooms. She wanted to see Heechul before she left the campus. She wanted to ask him more questions about every God including him.


Minchae stopped at the auditorium room where Mrs. Park used to teach. Her eyes widened as she saw Heechul in a grey button shirt with black pants and dress shoes teaching the class about sociology. She recognized the same notes she taken yesterday before Mrs. Park tried to end Minchae's life.


How in the hell did he become a professor?! He was a janitor! Minchae thought as she looked away.


Spontaneously, Heechul’s eyes met with Minchae’s. Oh shit. He heard my thoughts , Minchae immediately backed away from the door as students were preparing to leave our the classroom.


Minchae waited until the room was cleared and entered inside. Heechul was busy packing his things in his dark brown leather bag. “I thought you were a janitor not being my sociology professor for the rest of the semester,” Minchae addressed as she entered the classroom. She folded her arms across her chest.


“I took it as soon as it was open,” Heechul smirked at her. “It's super easy to fool mortals. Sociology is so easy to teach. Besides, me and you could become closer since we're all family.”


Minchae rolled her eyes. Heechul chuckled. He slung his leather bag over his shoulder. “I want to take you somewhere which will be your new home,” Heechul announced as he left the room.


“New home?” Minchae immediately followed him.


They both walked out of the science building as the sun was setting in the orange and pink sky. The wind blew into their hairs. Heading down the steps and walking on the sidewalk pavement leading to the fountain of the school, Heechul continued, “Tell your mother you'll be arriving home late. We're going on a field trip.”


"A field trip to where?" Minchae slightly laughed, arching her eyebrow.


"Mount Olympus!" Heechul beamed, throwing his arms in the air. 


Oh God...

Chapter Text


“There's no way we have a Mount Olympus over here in Seoul.” Minchae scoffed with a smirk. From what Minchae read online, Mount Olympus was the tallest mountain in Greece and was home for the Olympian gods. She didn't think twice there will be a Mount Olympus for them in Seoul.


Heechul stopped walking and pulled out a pair of golden shoes with wings from his leather bag. He placed them on the ground and took off his shoes. Heechul then put on the golden shoes and tied the laces up tightly. Soon, the wings at the end of the shoes started to come alive and flap its wings like a bird.


“Man, I missed you guys.” Heechul grinned as he looked down at his shoes. He then glanced at Minchae.


“Hold onto me tight because we'll be up in the air,” Heechul announced. Minchae immediately grabbed Heechul’s arm. “Wait, are you seri- OH MY GOD!”


Minchae felt her feet lift off the ground as Heechul continued to fly away from the ground. Heechul gritted his teeth. “Gods, you're so damn heavy,” Heechul mumbled.


“Gee, thanks for telling me I need to lose weight!” Minchae shot back at him.


“I didn't even say that! Keep messing with me and I'll drop you!” Heechul looked down at Minchae.


“Do it! I dare you!” Minchae yelled. Heechul nodded and held Minchae by one hand making her scream hysterically. Minchae held Heechul’s hand tightly as she shut her eyes.


“That's what I thought!” Heechul laughed. He then carried Minchae with both hands. They flew in the sky as the streets of Seoul were busy as usual. With the wind blowing much faster than it was when she was on the ground, her hair kept on blowing in her face. It felt thrilling yet frightening that Minchae was up in the air.


Heechul soon lowered down to the ground as they reached to the destination. Minchae fell onto the ground. “Thank God. Land!” Minchae cried out.


Heechul rolled his eyes. “Thank goodness you're not my child.” He muttered.


“What did you say?” Minchae lifted up her head as she narrowed her eyes at him.


“Nothing. Let's go inside.” Heechul quickly plastered a smile on his face. Minchae looked up and recognized the very tall building. It's was the tallest building in Seoul. She held up her hand to block the sunlight directly shining in her eyes.


“Is that-”


“Yep,” Heechul nodded. “welcome to Mount Olympus!”


The building was tall yet narrow and looked like a French fry to Minchae. The exterior of the building was silver and lots of guards were surrounding the building by the doors. They wore dark grey and black uniforms and had golden metal bracelets on their wrists. As Minchae and Heechul walked closer to the entrance, she noticed that the guards had one silver colored eye.


“Please apply your thumb to here.” One guard formally stated, staring down at Minchae.


Minchae looked at Heechul slightly worried. He easily placed his thumb on the machine. It read his thumbprint for about three seconds. It ranged confirming it was a God. The guard soon nodded at Heechul. “Welcome back, Hermes.”


“Thank you, gentlemen.” Heechul grinned, patting one of the guards back. He then noticed Minchae hasn't moved yet. “Come on! Time is wasting, kid!”


Minchae pressed her thumb on the machine. It read for about 3 seconds. Suddenly she felt a sharp prick on her thumb causing her hand to pull away from the machine. She gazed at her thumb and noticed a small cut bleeding lightly.


The guard arched an eyebrow at her after he read the screen. “Morpheus’s daughter, eh?”


Minchae avoided the guard’s eyes, slightly flustered.


“What? He has a daughter?” The other guard who ran Heechul’s thumbprint spoke.


“Yeah. Probably found the right one.” The guard jokes. His smile disappeared as he looked at Minchae. “Listen, kid. Don't worry about that sharp sensation you just felt. It's your first timing coming here since you're a half-blood. It happens all the time to people like you.”


He let her in as Minchae walked past him. She then heard him whisper to her. “Just know that you'll know more about your father.”


How did he know it was my first time meeting him? Minchae thought as she sped walked to Heechul. She saw the smirk on his face and quickly looked away.


“Who were those guys?” Minchae murmured.


“Oh, those guys are our gatekeepers. They know a lot about everyone. Probably too much… They sort out the people who are mortal and immortal. If the person is mortal, they set up an allusion that won't reveal our true selves. If you're immortal, then you get to hang it all out!” Heechul winked.


Minchae softly smiled. It was pretty smart. Minchae understands that all the Gods and their children must be protected before the mortals could set them up or destroy them. Not every mortal could be trusted.


The interior was nothing but silver and gold. The doors and elevators were gold along with the flooring. Only the ceiling and the furniture was in different shades of white and silver.


Many creatures Minchae recognized were walking around the lobby or communicating with another. From satyrs to nymphs, each creature got a chance to reveal their true selves instead of hiding it from the mortal world.


Minchae locked eyes with a centaur as he was walking to the front desk. He had handsome facial features and long dark brown hair. He wore a sleeveless army green tank and the lower half of his body matched the color of his hair except for his hooves which were black. The handsome centaur waved at her with a wink. Minchae immediately did the same being more flirty than he was.


“Yah, do not flirt with centaurs!” Heechul turned Minchae around as they headed towards the golden elevators.


“Why? He was so hot.” Minchae smirked doing a double take at the centaur. The centaur stared back at Minchae.


“They only use you for your body, kid. Don't even waste your time.” Heechul sighed as he pressed the button for the elevator.


“Really? I wouldn't mind a centaur to dic-” Minchae grinned.


“I do not want to hear your centaur fantasies!” Heechul interrupted as he pushed Minchae inside the elevator.


Minchae rolled her eyes. She faced forward as the elevator doors closed shut. The elevator was well lit and had a long list of floors. From 1 to 123.


“123 floors?!” Minchae read aloud.


“We live here, Minchae. This place houses for us and for business for the mortals.” Heechul explained. “The first 12 floors are the Olympian gods. Each floor is decorated by the God's-what you call it? Aesthetic . 13-40 is for the business offices, halls, and all that jazz. Then you have the dormitory for you demigods which 41 to 70. 71-85 is the sacred gardens where they make marvelous healing potions. 86-99 is the observatory-”


Minchae felt her heart race as Heechul rambled on about the floors of Mount Olympus. She couldn't help but feel nervous and excited because she might be able to meet her real father. She placed her hand on her chest, feeling her racing heart.


“Where would my father be in this place?” Minchae asked.


Heechul lowered his eyes as he thought for a while. “He would be on Athena’s floor which is floor 8.” Heechul then answered.


“Bring me to him. I want to see my father.” Minchae firmly said.


The golden elevator doors soon opened after approaching the destination. Heechul and Minchae stepped into a grey lobby. The flooring was soft, light grey carpet filled with sculptures with and without the arms of women and men at every end of the corner. Soft melodies of the harp were playing in the background. It was fairly quiet. Heechul led the way as Minchae followed him like a puppy.


As they walked down the halls, Minchae noticed every name on the silver doors in golden lettering. Cybele, Enyo, Hypnos, Pasithea. Minchae blinked twice and remembered their names from her research.


Finally, they reached the room Minchae was waiting for.



“Why would my dad be on the same floor as Athena if he's supposed to be with the Underworld which belongs to Hades?” Minchae asked Heechul.


“You're not the only one who asked that question, kid. Just ask the big boss over this entire building.” Heechul scoffed.


He then placed his hand on her shoulder. “I'll be over there by the elevator doors which is down the hall from where we came in. I'll let you have some alone time with your father.” He softly smiled.


“Thanks, Heechul.” Minchae smiled back.


Heechul nodded and walked away from Minchae, leaving her all by herself. Minchae exhaled as her knuckles soon knocked on the door.


She waited for a while and then started twisting the golden knob. The door opened as Minchae’s eyes widened.


It was already unlocked…


Minchae slowly entered the chilled room. It was slightly dimmed and the room was decorated with dark colors of red, blue, and violet. To her right was a velvet red couch and a dark brown wooden coffee table with a white rug. As she walked further in the room, to her left was her father's bedroom. The door was cracked halfway revealing a king size grey bed filled with white blankets.


Minchae soon approached another door. She twisted the knob opening the room. This room was her father's office. The walls were painted in ashy violet color. His desk was made out of glass. His grey MacBook rested on his desk along with the countless of papers and documents. There was her father. Standing by the window looking at the busy streets of Seoul.


He was tall and fair-skinned with jet black hair. Slim, but also a muscular figure. Wearing a black suit, his hands were behind his back.


“D-Dad?” Minchae softly spoke.


He looked behind him as he turned around. His lips soon formed into a smile. “You're here.” Minwoo smiled.


Minchae ran up to him and gave him a bear hug. Minwoo hugged her tightly, kissing the top of her head. His left hand ran through her dark brown hair.


“Finally, I can see, feel, and hear you,” Minwoo whispered.


Minchae didn't want to let go. She took a whiff of her father's scent. Smelling like lavender, Minchae closed her eyes. It felt like a dream to her since she always saw him in his dreams. Now it was a reality.


“Oh, you're crying.” Minwoo pulled away from her as he chuckled.


Minchae grinned as Minwoo wiped her tears away with his thumb. “Why did you leave?” Minchae pouted as she hit her father's arm.


“Zeus wanted me to be here, Minchae. Mount Olympus has been growing with darkness day by day ever since you were born.” Minwoo sighed. “Take a seat.”


He waved his fingers at the black leather chair as it levitates and pushed Minchae, making her sit down. Minchae looked at her dad then the chair in shock.


Did he just--holy crap that was awesome!


“According to Apollo, a new prophecy has been revealed. Only Zeus and Apollo knows except us. It's making me very anxious.” Minwoo ran his hand through his black bangs.


“Well, when are they gonna reveal the prophecy to everyone? They can't just keep it to themselves forever.” Minchae scoffed.


“We'll never know.” Minwoo reached for his black coffee mug. He took a quick sip and sat the mug down. “So, how's school? What are you studying?”


“Physical therapy. I want to become one just like mom.” Minchae proudly stated, shifting in her seat.


Minwoo grinned. “Just like your mother, eh? I thought you would become a scientist.”


“Ew, no. I want to become successful in my career and earn a lot.” Minchae crossed her left leg over her right.


Minwoo stared at Minchae with his warning eyes. “It's not always about money, Minchae.” He said. Minchae rolled her eyes. “How's your mother?”


“She's fine, I guess.” Minchae tossed her hair over her shoulder. “She misses you a lot.”


“I know. If only I had contact with her. I should've reached out to her after I got a new phone.” Minwoo sighed, sadly. He buried his face in his hands.


Minchae pulled out her phone as she smiled. “You can always call, Dad.”


She got up from the chair and went over to her father's desk as she dialed her mother's number. Minchae handed the phone to her father as he shook his head, refusing to answer. It's been years since he last spoke to Haneul. “Hurry, it's ringing!” Minchae hissed.


“Hello? Minchae?” Haneul answered.


Minwoo reluctantly took Minchae’s phone. “H-Haneul?” His deep voice rang Haneul’s ears.


“Minwoo?! Is-Is it really you?” Haneul squeaked.


“Yes, it's me.” Minwoo chuckled.


“It's… been years.” Haneul choked. “I missed you. A lot.”


“I would like to apologize to you and Minchae. I really didn't mean to leave you both. I wished I had visited you and all. It's one of the things I regret, seriously.” Minwoo said. He looked over to his side and saw Minchae looking around his office.


“Once you buy me coffee tomorrow from the coffee shop where we met at then you're forgiven.” Haneul chuckled.


“Of course. We can catch up.” Minwoo grinned.


“I have to get back to work. Minchae, stay safe!” Haneul exclaimed before she hung up.


“Whatever,” Minchae answered back. She was busy looking at the people walk around at the ground floor.


Minwoo handed back Minchae’s phone and sat on his desk. Minchae placed her phone back in her back pocket of her black jeans. “Minchae-ah, you will be staying here.” Minwoo firmly said.


“What?! Dad, I was planning to move in with Yooa! She just got a new place at an apartment complex!” Minchae complained as she stomped her feet.


“You will be safe here. Plus, I don't want you to get hurt. After hearing from Heechul that you killed your first monster which I am proud of-”


“That rat ! I can't believe he told you that!” Minchae groaned.


Minwoo rolled his eyes. “The point is, you should stay here. You'll meet other demigods that are just like you.”


“What if I don't want to stay here? I can protect myself, dad.” Minchae folded her arms across her chest.


“Cho Minchae you will stay here at Mount Olympus! No exceptions!” The gleam in his eyes glowed a faint gold. Minchae unfolded her arms as she felt his power in his voice.


“Yes… I will stay.” Minchae obediently answered.


“Good,” Minwoo smirked, slowly rising up from resting on his desk. “I'll contact your mother and let her know. Hopefully, she'll bring all of your stuff here.” He headed towards the door and exited out of his office.


Minchae blinked her eyes. She turned around and watched her father walked over to the front door.


“Do I even have a room?” Minchae raised her arms up before placing them back on her side. She followed her father to the door.


“You do. She'll be delighted to see you.” Minwoo smiled, before opening the door.


Minchae and Minwoo stepped out of the golden elevator as they reached to the 50th floor. From 41- 70 was the dorm rooms for the demigods. The halls were cream colored with golden chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Just like Athena’s floor, they also had sculptures at every corner of the hall. Minchae could hear music blaring from some rooms.


Minwoo walked down to the right as Minchae followed him. Two girls walked past them as they were busy chatting with each other. Soon, the nervousness returned again. It was like starting a new school year at a new school Minchae has never been to except this was the dorms.


Minwoo and Minchae approached the dorm room. Minchae studied the area and noticed there was a big window out front along with a laundry room that was next to this room. The numbers on the room were written in golden lettering just like her father’s. 5015 .


Minwoo knocked on the door twice. They both waited and the door opened. A short girl with golden blonde hair and big brown eyes peeked out in the doorway. She then smiled. “Hi, Mr. Minwoo!” She greeted.


“Gowon-ah, this is your new roommate, Minchae!” Minwoo placed his hands on Minchae’s shoulders.


Minchae shyly bowed as Gowon did the same. “Nice to meet you.” Gowon grinned.


“Minchae, Gowon’s been looking for a roommate for a while so I thought it would be perfect for you to room with her.” Minwoo turned to Minchae.


Minchae looked at Gowon and then at her father. She is staying here for free without her worrying to pay half of the rent with Yooa every month. Plus, the distance from here to campus was fairly short compared to her home to the campus. The only thing she was worried about was making new friends which is not an easy thing to do.


“Ok. It won’t be too bad right?” Minchae mumbled to herself.

Gowon showed Minchae around the dorm as Minwoo went down to meet up with her mom to get Minchae’s things. They had separate rooms which made Minchae super happy. She wanted the most privacy she could get. However, they shared a bathroom which was not too small. A shower, tub, sink, and toilet. The toilet was by the sink while the tub was against the wall and the shower took up the most space. The living room area had a couch and two sofa chairs. The tv rested on top of the dark wooden table.


“ Your room is slightly decorated since my former roommate forgot her things on the wall,” Gowon mentioned. She opened the door to the room which was on the left side of the dorm room.


The room was fairly big with a twin sized bed, a medium sized closet, and a vanity. There were posters on the wall from well-known movies like Titanic . The shelves against the wall were filled with mangas, a pink candle, an empty flower pot, and a few necklaces. The bed still had its white sheets and a grey rug on the wooden floor. The closet was empty except a gown that hung.


“Care to explain what happened to your roommate?” Minchae arched an eyebrow at Gowon.


“Oh… well.. She uh… died.” Gowon murmured.


She died?!


“How in the hell did she die?” Minchae’s eyes widened.


“She was killed in a car accident along with her boyfriend. I don’t want to talk about it.” Gowon lowered her eyes. She held her shaking hands. Minchae studied her timid behavior and placed a hand on her shoulder.


“Hey, I’m going anywhere. Besides, my dad forced me to live here.” Minchae spoke. Gowon lifted her head. “That was your dad? Mr. Minwoo?”


“Sadly.” Minchae scoffed as she sat down on the bed. She almost fell back after realizing it was really low. Gowon giggled with Minchae. “I didn’t know Mr. Minwoo had a daughter.” Gowon tucked her blonde hair over her ear. She sat next to Minchae on the bed.


“Why does everyone keep saying that?!” Minchae fussed.


“Are you older or…” Gowon began to ask.


“I’m ‘98. What about you?” Minchae replied.


“‘00. I don’t look too young do I?” Gowon giggled. Minchae shook her head. “You look just fine. Besides, old ladies would die for your young looks.”


Gowon laughed. Minchae smiled at Gowon. She reminded Minchae like a little sister. Plus, her laugh was very cute. Her pink iPhone dinged. She looked at her phone and soon stood up. “Oh, it’s time!” Gowon turned to Minchae.


“Time for what?” Minchae looked at Gowon confused.


“Time for dinner! It’s 6:01 pm!” Gowon waved her phone with a smile. “Everyone eats dinner together for like three hours. You’ll meet everyone here.”


Three hours?! That’s a long time…


Gowon went for the door. She turned before exiting. “You might wanna wear that gown that’s hanging in your closet. I’ll come back in ten minutes!” Gowon said before closing the door shut.


Minchae went to the closet and slid the door to the other side. She grabbed the gown from the hanger as her hand ran through the fabric of the dress. Closing her eyes, she hoped that her decision to stay at Mount Olympus was the best decision she ever made in her life. "Great. Now, I'm wearing a dead girl's gown." Minchae muttered, taking the hanger off the gown as she shut her closet door.




Chapter Text

Minchae pressed down on her gown and took a look of her reflection in the mirror. The gown was a faint cream deep V neck dress. The golden chain rested on the top of her back. Her back was exposed and her chest showed cleavage from her breasts. She wore the golden bracelets that she found in the drawer on her wrists. The only things that were missing were shoes and makeup.


This dress is not bad…

Minchae turned her head as she heard Gowon knock and then enter her room. She wore an off the shoulder light pink gown. A golden belt of leaves hugged her tiny skinny waist. Pink flowers were also encrusted on the shoulder of her dress. She had a thick golden bracelet on the middle of her arm.


“You look so pretty!” Gowon beamed.


“Thanks.” Minchae smiled. “Do you have any shoes I can borrow?”


“Yes. Be right back.” Gowon left Minchae’s doorway for a couple of seconds and then came back with a pair of golden heels in her hand. She handed them to Minchae. Minchae quickly took off her sandals and placed her feet in the shoes. Her fingers ran through the encrusted golden leaves along the shoe. Plus, they fit really well on her feet. Her and Gowon wear the same shoe size.


“I bought some of my makeup as well as a hairbrush and a black scrunchy just in case you wanna put your hair up,” Gowon revealed her items behind her back.


“Do you mind if you do my hair for me please, Gowon-ah?” Minchae asked as she took a seat at the vanity.


Gowon placed her makeup bag and scrunchy on the vanity. She brushed Minchae’s thick and long dark brown hair. Minchae watched Gowon in the reflection from vanity mirror.


“Why do we have to wear these gowns? I feel like I'm going to a costume party.” Minchae mumbled.


“It's tradition.” Gowon smiled. She took half of Minchae’s hair and pulled it back. She tied it with the black scrunchy. “It was like that since I moved in here. The gods want us to embrace the Greek tradition I guess. However, the guys dress in suits because they think togas are weird.”


“What happens if you don't dress up?” Minchae arched an eyebrow.


“You get scolded by your parents. It's not too bad. Even I didn't dress up one time and my mom got mad at me. Hers was funny, though.” Gowon giggled.


“Who's your mother? If you don't mind me asking...” Minchae sparked up the question.


Gowon fluffed the top of Minchae’s hair. Minchae smirked impressed. Gowon did a good job of giving Minchae’s hair a nice look. Her hair rested on her shoulders and back.


“My mother is Antheia, goddess of flowers.” Gowon beamed. “Do you like it?”


Minchae nodded. “It's really nice.” Minchae smiled.


Her eyes lowered to Gowon’s arms. Both of her arms had pink flower tattoos on her forearms. Minchae’s eyes met with Gowon’s. Gowon noticed Minchae’s gaze. “Oh, I've had these ever since I was six.” Gowon shyly answered.


“Did it hurt? Why did your mother give you a tattoo at si-” Minchae furrowed her eyebrows.


“It just showed up on my arms. It's not an actual tattoo.” Gowon interrupted. “One showed up at night and the other showed up on the next day. My mom has them too. All of my siblings do. When I go to school I just simply wear long sleeves so no one will notice at all.”


“That's so cool,” Minchae spoke in awe. She wished she had a signature tattoo like Gowon. It would've looked cool and exciting in her arms. However, she sort of felt bad she had to hide them. Mortals can't be fully trusted.


Minchae grabbed the peach pink gloss from the makeup bag and placed the wand on her lips, coating a pretty color on her full lips.


Gowon grinned. “Let's go. We don't want to be late for food! I'm super starving!” Gowon grabbed Minchae’s arm. Minchae quickly grabbed the light pink purse and followed Gowon.



The dinner was held at Dionysus’s floor which was on floor 12. The dining hall was huge and had rows of chefs serving traditional Korean food as well as other international food. The interior was white and gold along with the tables and chairs. Silver chandeliers hung from the ceiling shining brightly. A band was playing music and the majority of the people were conversating, drinking, and eating.


Minchae glanced at the clock on the wall. It was 6:15 pm. Only two more hours to go.


She saw many other people were dressed like her. Every girl's gown was in a different color and style. The men wore sleeveless or button downs shirts. Some wore suits.


Gowon locked arms with Minchae. “Welcome to your first dinner! It may be a bit intimidating but I promise you it will be fun. Plus, the food is so good.” Gowon grinned.


“Yeah…” was all Minchae speak out. Gowon spoke too soon. She was already intimidated by how gorgeous and handsome everyone looked. Better than the students from her university she goes to.


The line for the food was beginning to grow as more came into the dining hall. A couple of people stared at Minchae whispering to one another. She knew people would stare at her since she is the new face that nobody has ever seen or maybe they already knew she was since Minchae is Morpheus’s daughter. The man that hardly fell in love as some people have said to Minchae. The nervous feeling was growing more and more in Minchae’s heart.


Gowon and Minchae waited in line for food. Some people greeted Gowon as Gowon greeted back happily.


“Hey, where's the bathroom?” Minchae whispered, gripping the sides of her dress.


“Oh, it's down the hall to your right. It's right in front of you when you reach it there.” Gowon answered without looking at Minchae. She then faced Minchae. “What's wrong? Are you okay?”


“Yeah, I'm fine. Just gotta do a quick tinkle.” Minchae nervously laughed, stepping out of the line. “Just get me the same thing you're having.”


“Sure…” Gowon murmured as she watched Minchae leave out the room.

Minchae busted through the big double doors of the women's bathroom and rested her hands on the edge of the counter. She breathed in and out slowly.


“Relax… It's just a stupid dinner or feast or whatever you fucking call it.” Minchae muttered aloud. She face-palmed on her forehead closing her eyes. Minchae felt like going insane.


Minchae didn't want to feel like an outcast, but the stares and whispers started to make her feel like one.


She checked behind her making sure no one was in the bathroom, but her. No feet were seen.


Her phone dinged and Minchae evidently checked it. Her mother sent her a picture of her and her father.


Mom ♡: Finally meeting! We packed your things together and your father will send them to your room when he returns to Mount Olympus. Don't forget to visit on the weekends! Love you and please stay safe

Minchae shut off her phone and gazed at the mirror. It was seriously official and she was here to stay at Mount Olympus. Of course, she had seconds thoughts on leaving, but her father shut all of the exits out. Her only good exit was her mother.


Minchae groaned. “If I gotta please my real father and my mother then that's what I will have to do,” Minchae mumbled.

Minchae walked out of the bathroom, checking to see if she wasn't stepping on her gown. She saw two men talking with each other angrily from afar. Minchae hid behind the male armless sculpture by the bathroom.


“Son, all I ask for you is to be on your best behavior.” The older man hissed. “Do not embarrass me, Jisung, or your mother-”


“Persephone is not my real mother.” The younger man corrected his father in spitefulness. “My real mother is back at her hometown thinking that you and I are dead.”


“It doesn't matter! If I see you comment slick words to your elders, you will never step foot in this building. You'll stay at home. Do you understand me?!” The older man growled.


Who is that? Wait… He said Persephone… Holy shit! Is that Hades and his son?!

The younger man didn't bother to look nor answer his father. His father grabbed him by his black button down shirt. “ Do you understand me ?” His father repeated, leaning closer to his face.


“Yes, father.” He mumbled.


“Do not disrespect me ever again.” His father turned his shirt loose. “I'll see you inside.” He walked to the dining hall, entering inside. The doors closed behind him loudly.


Minchae carefully came out from hiding until she knocked the large flower pot on the floor, causing the younger man to turn his head. Minchae froze in place. The soil mildly got on her shoes and dress.


“I swear I won't say a word!” Minchae held up her hands in surrender.


“Don't even bother.” The younger man mumbled waving Minchae away. “He won't even care who listens to our conversations.”


Minchae walked away from the sculpture. As she walked closer to the guy, she noticed his true actual looks up close. He was tall and lean with dark red hair and piercing black-brown eyes. He wore an all black velvet suit with a blood red tie. A scar was on the top of his right eyebrow.


“Shouldn't you be with the others eating pig intestines?” The guy nodded his head over to the dining hall. He turned around and started walking to the dining hall.


Minchae immediately followed him. “Well, I was until I had to go to the bathroom and sort of… overheard your conversation with your dad.” Minchae muttered.


He stopped walking and sighed. He turned around, facing Minchae. “Who the hell are you anyway?”


“I'm Cho Minchae and I just got here.” Minchae lightly jokes.


“Minchae…” The guy murmured stuffing his fists in his pockets. He looked at her up and down and bit his bottom lip. “Well, I'm Taeyong. Prince of the underworld.”


Ok, this guy is really hot the more I look at him...

“You're very beautiful,” Taeyong said with a smirk.


“Thanks.” Minchae shyly grinned. Her cheeks were slowly flushing with heat. His aura was very charismatic. His piercing gaze made her heart pound like a drum.


“Who's your parents?” Taeyong then asked her.


“I'm Morpheus’s daughter,” Minchae answered.


Taeyong let out a laugh. “Morpheus has a daughter?”


Within a snap, Minchae rolled her eyes and groaned loudly. It was literally the third time she heard someone say this to her without any explanation and it was really getting annoying. “Why does everyone keep saying that?! It's like my third or fourth time hearing this shit!”


“Because your father doesn't fall in love too often, dummy.” Taeyong flicked her forehead making Minchae push his arm away from her, angrily.


He amusingly smiled at her. “Your dad is so busy messing with people's dreams that he didn't even have the time to love a woman. Mortal or immortal…. Until that one day when he let his brothers, Hermes, and his father take cover for him. He went to spend a year on Earth for a break from dreams and boom! Here you are… with his and your mother's DNA in yours. That's why people are shocked that he has a daughter.” Taeyong turned on his heel and walked towards the doors of the dining room hall.


Minchae blankly stared at him, processing the information Taeyong told to her. Finally, the truth was revealed to her and she finally understood the comments being made after hearing that Morpheus had a daughter. Her mother was right. Her father was super in love with her mother. Love at first sight.


So that's why I'm so precious to my father… I was his first child he ever made.

“Wait, so this is good right?” Minchae grabbed his arm.


Taeyong looked down at Minchae grabbing his arm and then at her. “As far as I know, yes. I don't see it as a bad thing. You're just daddy's precious little, spoiled princess.” Taeyong answered.


“I'm not spoiled!” Minchae scoffed, glaring at Taeyong.


“Oh, yes you are.” Taeyong teasingly chuckled. “Your dad gets you everything you want. He probably moved you in here without the RA’s notice. That's the only way you get a room in here on the dorms.”


“That's a lie!” Minchae argued.


“But you are lying.” His eyes glowed a faint lime green.


Minchae stopped grasping Taeyong's arm. She noticed he could detect lies instantly. But how?


Taeyong smirked at Minchae. “I can sense whether people are lying or telling the truth just by the readings of your heart, mind,” Taeyong kissed his two fingers and placed them on Minchae’s forehead. “and soul. See you around, princess.”


He entered inside the dining hall leaving Minchae flabbergasted and annoyed. Taeyong was such an arrogant idiot to Minchae and didn't know why she thought he was handsome until he revealed his true self around her. Just by a first meet.


Minchae entered inside the dining room hall, searching for Gowon. She was sitting at the table with a few other demigods, eating happily.


“Gowon, let's go,” Minchae muttered as she approached her.


“Aw really? I was having so much fun and the food was good. Oh yeah, I saved you some!” Gowon rambled.


“Yeah, that's nice, but we need to go .” Minchae widened her eyes.




Gowon turned around in her seat and saw Taeyong approach to her table, waving at her. Minchae stopped her right foot annoyed and rolled her eyes. She crossed her arms across her chest.

“Oh, hi, Taeyong oppa! Have you met Minchae? She's my new roommate!” Gowon beamed, as she grabbed Minchae’s right arm.


Taeyong smirked at Minchae. “Yes, I have met Morpheus’s sweet little princess earlier today.”


Minchae glared at Taeyong, clenching her fists. Gowon’s eyes widened as she looked at Minchae then Taeyong. “Really? Since when?” Gowon asked.


“Don't worry about it, Gowonie. We just met and talked about a lot of things, right Taeyong?” Minchae sat next to Gowon, arching an eyebrow at Taeyong.


“We sure did, princess.” Taeyong winked.


Minchae immediately picked up the silver knife, pointing at Taeyong. “Stop calling me that, you little insect!” She hissed.


The other demigods seated with Gowon looked at Minchae worried. Gowon immediately sensed the tension in the room, laughing nervously. “Calm down, Minchae-ah. Taeyong oppa was just teasing.” Gowon muttered, lowering the knife down.


“Yeah, I didn't mean no harm, Minchae.” Taeyong evilly grinned.


Minchae looked away from Taeyong and stared at the table. She was still clenching her left fist as well as holding the knife, Gowon lowered under the table. Taeyong was getting deep into Minchae’s skin like poisonous venom.


“I heard Lucas might be throwing a party soon. Are you going?” Taeyong asked Gowon.


“Maybe. It depends on if I don't have too much homework from school. When is it?” Gowon asked. Minchae rolled her eyes. She couldn't believe Gowon was falling for Taeyong's innocent get up when he was a jerk to Minchae a couple of minutes ago.


Minchae turned to Gowon. “Don't you have a curfew?”


Gowon gasped, her eyes widening. “Oh my God, you're right! Plus, I haven't finished my homework!” Gowon stood up from her chair. She grabbed her plate of food. “It was nice seeing you again, Taeyong oppa! Minchae, let's go!”


“Right behind you.” Minchae flatly responded, dropping the knife down on the table. She followed Gowon as they walked out of the dining room hall.


“Bye, Gowon! We'll meet again real soon , princess.” Taeyong smirked at Minchae, earning a glare from her.


An hour went by after Minchae and Gowon reported back to their rooms early than expected. Minchae didn't truly care and just wanted to get away from the formal setting. Minchae had boxes of her stuff stacked by her room. She was grateful her father picked them up from her mother. She unpacked her clothes box first and quickly threw on a pair of grey sweats and a matching grey shirt.


Shortly, she started filling up the closet and drawers with her clothes. Decorating her room the way she liked it took her almost an hour. Her bed was raised up to the window. She also replaced the sheets with her lavender, pink and light grey sheets and pillows.


A soft white rug on the wooden floor and her computer desk were neatly organized.


Minchae lifted up her head after hearing a knock on her door. She opened the door as her father stood in the doorway.


“Your room looks nice.” Minwoo complimented, looking around the room.


“Someone told me you didn't contact the RA to let me know I was moving in here.” Minchae narrowed her eyes at her father, arms folded across her chest.


“Who told you that?” Minwoo whipped his head around.


“Don't worry about the source. Everyone thinks I'm spoiled because you got me in here super easy!” Minchae fussed.


Minwoo sighed, running his hand through his bangs. He looked at Minchae. “You shouldn't listen to what people say about you and I. They don't know the full story. All they're going by is the word said by different mouths.” Minwoo sternly said to Minchae. Minchae lowered her eyes to the ground.


“Besides, I already contacted your RA while you were at dinner. Her name’s Bora and she'll be taking care of both you and Gowon.” Minwoo held the mini golden yellow candles. He placed them back on the top of Minchae’s tall drawers.


“Sleep tight, my dear.” Minwoo kissed the top of Minchae’s head. “You'll be fine here. Ask Gowon to help you around when you feel troubled if I'm not here.”


“Yeah, Dad…” Minchae mumbled as she sat on her bed.


Minwoo waved goodbye to Minchae as he closed the door. Minchae softly groaned as she laid back on her pillows. First, getting lowkey dissed by the prince of the underworld and now being called spoiled by countless other demigods. What a great first evening at Mount Olympus.


Minchae lifted her head as her phone dinged. She checked her phone and saw her received a message from Yooa.


Genius Yooa ♡: yr mom told me about the roommate situation… Hope you have fun in the dorms

Me: I'm sorry ㅠㅠ I wish I could be there to explain

Genius Yooa ♡: don't worry!! It's fine I'll ask Josh to be my roommate~

Minchae immediately sat up on her bed with eyebrows furrowed as she reread Yooa’s message. Why in the world would she ask Joshua out of all people?!

Me: Josh? ಠ_ಠ Doesn't he live with his mom?

Genius Yooa ♡: Yeah, but he's willing to move out if he can afford it... Josh works part-time remember? ¬¬”

Me: Oh yeah… (⌒_⌒;) well I hope you guys become closer as friends than me and you haha…


Genius Yooa ♡: ofc! Don't forget to call us or we'll be mad ㅋㅋ

Me: I won't ♡


Minchae’s door knocked again and slowly opened as Gowon poked her head in the room. “I was checking on you before I went to sleep.” Gowon softly spoke. She then opened the door wide as she gazed around Minchae’s newly decorated room.


“It's even prettier than my former roommate’s decor!” Gowon smiled.


Minchae smiled. “Please, it's not that amazing,” Minchae muttered, grabbing her flower pillow.


“Are you kidding?! It suits you so well.” Gowon went over to Minchae’s bed. She sat in front of her wearing her turquoise blue and white pajamas.


“Taeyong is such a jerk. I can't believe he said that to me.” Minchae mumbled.


“Said what?” Gowon asked.


“That I was such a spoiled princess here which I'm not!” Minchae scoffed. Gowon giggled. “He's the most spoiled out of everyone. I'm sure he didn't mean it. Everyone here is spoiled.” Gowon flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulder.


“Seriously?” Minchae smirked. Gowon nodded.


“Not everyone is normal as you think they are. Everyone has secrets... which I shouldn't be talking right now because I might say someone's secret.” Gowon stood up from Minchae’s bed with her hands on her head, slightly panicking. Minchae laughed.


“Don't worry. Whatever we say here stays in here.” Minchae winked.


“Agreed!” Gowon nodded. She walked to the door with her slippers echoing on the floors. “Good night, Minchae!”


“Night, Gowon!” Minchae tucked herself in bed. She turned off the light and stared at the ceiling until her eyes felt drowsy.


Dark hands gripped his pale skin. He felt his breathing grow shorter by the second. He tried to pry the hands off from his neck, but the strength was unbeatable. He stared into the red eyes of a woman, evilly smiling at him. She hissed loudly revealing her fangs. She raised her left hand of her sharp nails and strikes him in the face causing him to wake up sweating.


Jaehyun lit up the candle and sat the candle on his desk. He pulled out a notebook and a pencil. He started sketching the monster's face he saw in his dream. She looked like a normal young woman, but her eyes and her smile was horrid. He couldn't make out what kind of monster she was.


“You're awake.” Apollo suddenly spoke causing Jaehyun to jump in fear as he dropped his pencil on the desk. Apollo laughed. “Sorry that I scared you son.”


“I had a bad dream.” Jaehyun murmured, closing his eyes as he brushed his hair back.


Apollo took a seat next to Jaehyun. He glanced at the drawing he drew. Recognizing the monster he drew, he decided to keep it to himself, hoping Jaehyun would know what kind of monster it was. He then felt Jaehyun's forehead. “You're warmer than usual. Did you see Phobetor?” He asked Jaehyun.


Jaehyun nodded. “He was sitting on a rocking chair as that monster attacked me. Well, she was going to until I woke up.” Jaehyun replied.


They both grew silent as the flame from the candle flickered. Apollo didn't always sense whenever Jaehyun was having bad dreams, but this time he felt in his soul. He always told Jaehyun to sketch what you see and Morpheus could help him explain his dream better even though Phobetor is his brother. Jaehyun gulped and looked up at his father. “I only saw her face, but the rest of her body was dark.”


“They're entering in your dreams…” Apollo murmured.


“Who's they?” Jaehyun furrowed his eyebrows.


“The darkness from the prophecy. The Oracle didn't mention what form it was, but she said that darkness is coming. It might be a monster now that you revealed what it looked like.” Apollo held up the drawing.


He set it back down on the desk and went over to the tall white shelf in Jaehyun's room. The poppy mist would help Jaehyun fall back asleep after his nightmares, but Jaehyun used all of it.


“I have to go to Gowon to make me some more,” Jaehyun explained.


“Don't worry, I'll ask Morpheus to make some. I bet he has something stronger.” Apollo turned around. Before he walked out of Jaehyun's room, he gave him a warm smile. “Sleep tight. Tomorrow the prophecy will be revealed to everyone tomorrow.”