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Home is Where The Car Is

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Davey smiled as Jack shut his bedroom door before he kissed him happily, letting Jack guide him back towards his bed. One short bump in the system and suddenly the two of them were better than they were just a few days ago. He didn’t even know how they got here, but man he was happy about it.

“You know it’s just around for once?” Jack said playfully. Davey laughed and kissed him again, tugging him close.

For once . Sounds like we’re married and the kids are all out at their Grandma’s,” Davey joked.

“Well in a way-”

“I ain’t married to you Jack,” Davey laughed. “Now just shut up and kiss me.”

The conversation ceased after that, replaced with them having a competition to see who could get each other’s clothes off the fastest without breaking the long, sloppy train of kisses between them. Davey pushed Jack down on the bed and then Jack flipped them, before they got completely lost in the moment.

It had been three days since Davey decided he was going to tell Jack about his car, but he hadn’t yet. In fact, after the conversation with Buttons, it had been put entirely in the back of his mind. There just hadn’t been a good time yet. That was his excuse.

And right now, with Jack’s hands running down his stomach and his mouth sucking on the crook of his neck, was for sure not a good time.


“No no, I was thinking like. A light green- not a bad green like a minty kinda blue green colour,” Jack rambled. Davey laughed as he leaned against the front counter of Bumble Bees. It had been a ridiculously slow night and they had somehow gotten on the topic of what colour they would’ve painted their rooms walls as a kid.

“Really? I always just wanted like, a nice light grey,” Davey said simply. “Says a lot about my personality, doesn’t it?” They both laughed.

“Well,” Jack said after a moment of hesitation. “Depends… what else did you want to put on your walls? Posters? Graffiti?”

“Oh yeah cause I would want to deface my bedroom walls,” Davey said with a small eye roll. “Well, if I had it my way probably just pretty plain with maybe like, a wall of postcards. I used to do pen pals a lot in late middle school and high school.”

“Why didn’t you have it your way?”

“Oh I used to share a room with my sister. She dictated the bedroom styling. I got the wall around my top bunk and that was it for decorating,” Davey explained with a small laugh. “When I left home she had already moved out and in with a bunch of her friends at her campus… Even then I didn’t bother. All my post cards are still laying in a box, probably at the top of my closet if they haven’t gotten rid of all my stuff yet.” He laughed, a more forced laugh this time around, because really it was kind of a depressing topic. Jack knew he didn’t talk to his family, but he still had no clue why.

“I’ve never had to share a room. My Mama’s nice and well off,” Jack bragged. “Didn’t stop us from having sleep overs in Race’s room every weekend though. Eventually she just brought an extra mattress to keep under his bed.”

“I wish- we were lucky to get birthday presents,” he said casually. Jack raised his eyebrows. Davey shrugged it off.

“We weren’t that well off,” he said simply. “That don’t matter though. I’m good now. Much better.”

Jack smiled and nodded. He leaned in to kiss him before the door chime went off. Jack met Davey’s eye and they both laughed lightly, before Davey ducked out of sight and Jack went to go help the man in question.

“I love the smell of old books,” Davey commented as the man left, watching as Jack ran his hand over one of the bookshelves by the cash register.

“Geez, pen pals, grey walls and now old books? You’re becoming such a nerd,” he laughed. Davey raised his eyebrows, though he couldn’t even pretend to be offended. He was smiling from ear to ear.

“I’ve always been a nerd, you’re just discovering more about me now. Got a problem with that?” Davey teased. Jack rolled his eyes and walked behind the counter, smiling as he wrapped his arms around Davey’s waist.

“Not at all.” He grinned. Davey looked up at him before he kissed him lightly, which turned into a much longer kiss from Jack. At one point, Buttons had ended up behind them, her arms crossed and waiting patiently.

Davey cleared his throat as he pulled away, ducking his face out of sight as he felt it heat up.

“All play and no work does not make a happy boss,” she said, though her tone lacked any seriousness. “As happy as I am for you two- less PDA. Even when no ones inside. Makes me look unprofessional.”

“Right, course Buttons,” Davey said.

“Jack- we got a box of books in today from a seller. Can you go grab them from the back? I think you two can price them,” Buttons said. Jack nodded, giving a quick yes ma’am before he disappeared passed the Employees Only door. Buttons hesitated, waiting for the door to shut before she came in close.

“Have you told him yet Davey?” she asked, dropping her voice.

It had been two weeks now.

“No,” he admitted sheepishly. “I’m going to! Soon… probably. We just gotta make plans to hang out. I’ve been super busy so uh… I’m gonna tell him I swear,” Davey said with a short nod. Buttons looked skeptical, but she still gave a small nod.

“I’m counting on you to Davey,” she said. “Seriously- you said you’d tell him two weeks ago. Remember what I said? Tell him on your terms. Who knows whats going to happen.”

Davey sighed and nodded, but he didn’t get a chance to reply before Jack returned from the back with a cardboard box slipping from his fingertips. He managed to get it to the front table before letting out a heavy breath.

“Jesus that was heavy,” he muttered.

“They’re all hardcover,” Buttons said. “Y’know, sometimes, books are hard cover and hard to get done, but we just gotta suck it up and get through it .” She gave Davey one last look before she disappeared back into her office.

Jack glanced between him and Buttons before laughing lightly.

“Hell was that about?” he asked with a small laugh.

“No clue,” Davey lied as pulled open the first book.

He did not tell Jack.


Davey shook the heavy amount of snow from his hair as he knocked on Jack’s front door. It had been three and a half week now and they were well into December. Still, Davey hadn’t told him anything. He was going to! Tonight. He had decided on the walk up to Jack’s apartment that he was going to tell him tonight, since it was just them at the apartment and they weren’t doing anything besides watching movies.

“Hey you,” Jack said as he tugged him inside the apartment, placing a quick kiss to his lips before he let Davey get undressed.

“You have no clue how nice it feels to get into a heated apartment,” Davey said happily as he took off his many layers of clothing, hanging them up with slight difficulty on the coat rack.

“What’s going on with yours?” Jack asked. Davey hesitated. He could lie or get the band-aid off now.

He hesitated as he thought about what he could say. The band aid wasn’t going to come off yet.

“The heating in my building isn’t included in rent. I try to keep the cost down,” he lied with ease, before kissing Jack again to prevent the topic from going any further.

“I’ve been looking so forward to this Jack you have no idea,” Davey said happily. “This week has been so long and it’s only Tuesday.”

“Tell me about it. I’m just happy to see you,” Jack replied. “I bought cookie dough! We’re going to make cookies before we pick a movie.”

Davey laughed. He shook his head briefly, before he followed Jack into his kitchen. The cookie dough, along with two cookie pans and a kettle were already sitting out on the stove.

“Is it really making cookies if we just bake premade cookie dough though?” Davey asked hesitantly. Jack shrugged, before he grabbed the kettle.

“We’re also making hot chocolate.”

“Oh well that makes us master chefs then,” Davey teased. Jack smiled, before he handed him the tube of cookie dough.

“What’s the temperature on the instructions?” Jack asked. Davey smiled.

“It says next time let your boyfriend make the cookies from scratch,” he teased. Jack gave him a short look that said seriously. “What! I like baking- sue me for wanting to put the fun back into baking… Four twenty five.” Jack nodded before he turned to the oven.

“I’ll keep that in mind for next time then,” Jack said.

“Oh and we have to make snicker doodles next time if we do it. I know my Grandmother’s recipe by heart,” Davey said excitedly. “Well- not my actual Grandmother, but the little old lady who took care of Sarah and I when we were young.”

“You’re just full of energy today, aren’t you?” Jack said with a small laugh. Davey laughed too and shrugged. He was. He really was- mostly because he was nervous as hell to tell Jack the truth.

“Something wrong with that?” Davey asked.

“No. Just an observation,” Jack said. Davey handed him back the cookie dough roll once he had opened the package and then watched as he haphazardly divided up the cookie dough to spread it out on the cookie sheet. Davey ended up reshaping every single one shortly after and placed them in a better order on the cookie sheet.

“You forgot that chunk there,” Davey pointed out. Jack glanced at it before he put the sheet in the oven.

“If you don’t save some cookie dough to eat raw, you haven’t made cookies right,” Jack said, dividing it in half before he handed the smaller half to Davey. He simply smiled and popped the cookie dough in his mouth. He rarely actually ate raw cookie dough as a kid, mostly because his mother would always warn him on the dangers of eating raw flour and eggs. However, standing here with Jack, he really didn’t care about that. They were going to be fine.

“So what do we do while we wait? Can’t start a movie… we’d have to stop in twenty minutes just to get the cookies out,” Davey said. Jack shrugged.

“Anything we want,” Jack said. Davey hesitated. He was picking at the bandaid.

“Can I talk to you then?” Davey asked hesitantly. Jack furrowed his eyebrows before he sat down at the breakfast bar.

“Why do you sound so serious all of a sudden?” Jack asked. Davey shook his head and tried to relax his face.

“I’m not. It’s just… I’ve been meaning to tell you something,” Davey said with a small nod before he sat down next to Jack. He hesitated, before he took Jack’s hand in his own.

“So uh, this is kind of embarrassing but it’s super important to me but… I really want you to know,” Davey said. Jack nodded.

“Alright, go ahead. I won’t… judge you,” Jack said. Davey took a long sigh. Alright. The bandage was coming up now. Slowly- slower than a turtle- but it was happening.

“Okay so uh… I should’ve told you about this sooner but there just wasn’t a right time to do it and now that I’ve started it I’m kind of afraid because I really don’t want your views on me to change because at the end of the day I’m still the same Davey that you’re dating, you just… know something more about me,” he rambled. Jack gave his hand a small squeeze.

“Davey baby, just tell me. I’m not going to judge you,” Jack repeated. Davey closed his eyes and nodded.

The band-aid was peeling up. It was coming. It was so close . Suddenly though. Blood- so much blood and Davey wasn’t ready yet.

“I think I’m in love with you,” he blurted out. The shock on his face probably matched the amount of shock on Jack’s face.


He wasn’t wrong to say that, but that wasn’t what he wanted to say. The band-aid was taped back onto him now though, and it wasn’t coming off tonight.

“Not like… puppy dog, first couple weeks of relationship love like. I genuinely love and trust you and I have no clue what I would do without you in my life now,” Davey explained further, a bit panicked now. Jack’s face suddenly softed, his blank shock replaced with a warm smile.

“Why were you scared to tell me?” Jack asked with a small laugh. Davey dropped his gaze as he shrugged.

Because that wasn’t what I wanted to tell you .

“Well… I just… It’s scary to confess your love for someone when you have no clue if it’s mutual… Like. I know it’s mutual just not-”

Jack cut him off by kissing him lightly. They both smiled at each other, before Davey kissed him again.

“I love you too,” Jack said with a small nod. “And not like, the puppy dog love either. I genuinely love everything about you.”

“That’s such a relief.” Davey forced a small laugh.

“I’m glad you told me,” Jack said. Davey smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, I’m glad I told you too,” he said softly before he kissed him again.

After that, they waited patiently in the kitchen for the cookies to be done. While they were cooling, Jack boiled water and they made hot chocolate before retreating to the living room, curling up with each other in a soft blanket with their goodies. Outside, it was snowing like crazy, but for once Davey wasn’t thinking about that. He was staying the night anyways. At least, he assumed he was going to, so he didn’t have to worry about freezing to death in his car overnight.

He smiled as they settled on a film, resting his head on Jack’s shoulder as he got comfortable.

They were left in comfortable silence, the only noises coming from either of them were simple reactions to the film. Admittedly, for some reason, Davey felt so much better after talking to Jack. He hadn’t actually talked to him about what he promised to, but it still felt nice.

He loved Jack- a revelation that had just come to him the minute it came out of his mouth. It was a bit fast, sure, but dating someone for two months seemed like enough time for Davey. He hadn’t felt this happy with someone in years, so he really didn’t care. Jack loved him and he loved Jack and that thought was comforting.

Maybe then when Jack eventually found out that Davey was homeless, he would still want to be with him. If he already loved Davey… It was a comforting thought. Comforting and reassuring. He was ready to tell Jack now, Davey was pretty sure. He thought he had been earlier, and maybe he was, but he really was ready now.

Maybe not tonight, since he had already told Jack one “serious thing” but maybe in a few nights time. Or maybe in the morning. He was going to get it done while it was still in his control, he knew that much.

“You look deep in thought,” Jack mused with a small smile.

“Hmm?” Davey blinked, lifting his head from Jack’s shoulder to look at him properly.

“Oh right yeah… a bit,” Davey admitted with a small nod.

“Can I ask why?”

Davey shrugged and curled up next to him once more, using Jack’s body heat to keep himself warm.

“I’m just… really happy that I decided, at some point two months ago, that I agreed to go out with you,” he said happily. He wasn’t exactly lying, and that was good enough for him.

“What? You weren’t immediately charmed by me?” Jack joked. Davey’s smile grew as he pulled the blanket up over his shoulders.

“Oh I was crushing on you the minute you gave me your resume,” Davey said. “I just… I don’t typically go out with people. Like- you’re my first proper boyfriend in… well a year- I guess that isn’t too bad now that I say it out loud. Still though, I just… don’t agree to go out with people usually.”

“Well aren’t I lucky then? I scored the most amazing boyfriend when no one else could,” Jack said playfully. Davey leaned up and kissed the bottom edge of his jaw.

“I took a game of chance with you- barely knew you two weeks before I agreed to go out… It was a good game of chance though,” Davey said softly, his hand finding Jack’s underneath the blanket. He laced their fingers together and Jack gave his hand a small squeeze.

“And I will forever be grateful for it,” Jack said. Davey nodded.

“Me too. I’m so glad I found you.”

“I love you Davey,” Jack said. “So much. I’m… glad you trust me.”

“I do. I really do.”