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Loving You In The Eyes Of Everyone

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"K- Kacchan!?" Izuku squealed out, shocked at the familiar but sudden warmth resting on his back. Everyone, or rather, Uraraka, Kaminari, Jirou, and Sero turned to look at the two standing in the corner of the elevator.


They all gasp, surprised to see Katsuki back hugging Izuku with his head leaning on his shoulder. A sight they never thought they'd live to see, especially so up close in an elevator of all the more private places they could've done this.


Kaminari's takes the intiative to speak up for everyone's shock. "Yooo, dude, you good?" he doesn't say anything else when all he gets is barely a grunt back. "Uhh...ok man, you do you or uh - something."


Jirou elbowed him square in the hip and whispered, "Wow, you're so good at acting normal. You should win a Grammy." Kaminari pouted, feigning a look of hurt.


"Shut up, Jirou!" He peeked over his shoulder at the duo still in that intimate position. "You're the loud obvious one here!"


Izuku was too busy internally panicking to notice the side conversation everyone but he is listening in on. It wasn't weird seeing the dark purple and bright yellow haired students bicker but Katsuki- why is he doing this now? Of all places too.


A sound akin to a mobile camera sounded from the other corner of the elevator. Izuku felt himself stiffen. Someone left their shutter sound on.


They all turn to look at Ochako who's blushing with a meek smile. Everyone's eyes held the same message of send it to me while Izuku's panic wordlessly rose.


No one knows about his and Katsuki's relationship.


As in, boyfriends, kissing, hugging, all the gross sappy stuff. Just accompanied with lots of bickering, yelling, and insults because that's what makes them, them.


Despite all of that, surprisingly, they've managed to put up an act good enough so there's not one person who's in on their secret.


They've been dating for a few months - four and a half maybe? Izuku can't think smoothly in this situation. Not with Uraraka taking multiple photos since he's too panicked to say a word to stop her. Neither is he sure that their entire class, including the teachers, still believe their facade in all honesty.


After numerous moments of shoving eachother away whenever someone slides the door open to class the first two months into their relationship, Izuku was sure then that everyone already figured it out.


But they've been going by Katsuki's words, "None of them would ever suspect us dating if you think about it." So Izuku supposed they'll be alright by the end of this month as well.


Things have been going smoothly. As smooth as they could get being hero's in training with differing personalities and people surrounding them at all times. Still, they've managed not to get caught holding hands at the least.


Well, till now.


Only, a back hug in replacement of laced fingers.


Whatever Katsuki's doing is nothing like the way they 'should' be acting whenever some other human figure that isn't them is around.


"M - Midoriya, Bakugo is -" Jirou stuttered out, pointing a finger at the two. She couldn't believe that a day has come where Bakugo would back hug Izuku so fondly. It feels like she and the three others were intruding on a intimate moment. "Guys, what is going on?"


Izuku forces out a casual chuckle which came out sounding anything like so because he just can't lie to any of his friends faces.


Though, that is what he's been doing for the past four (almost five) months, this is a completely different situation he hasn't handled before.


Even though there cover is being blown, Izuku cares more about Katsuki himself. It's not like him to give off such an energy less vibe, especially in front of their classmates. More so in front of their classmates with his arms draped around his waist.


"Hey, Kacchan, are you ok?" He poked at his head gently. He's trying his best to act awkward and uncomfortable but judging by the fact Uraraka still has her phone up, he must be failing. "Oi, what's gotten into you this morning, hmm?" No response. Frowning at the fact he can't wrap his arms back around the blonde and give him a good morning kiss, he settles for patting his head a little before letting him rest there.


"...Feel better, ok?"


Katsuki mutters something that sounds suspiciously like "Shut up and let me have this." But Izuku couldn't quite catch it.


Sighing fondly, he raised a hand to ruffle his hair before stopping, as if Kaminari hit him with a spark of electricity. Right, none of that cute sappy stuff. You're in public. With others around. You're supposed to act normal.


Right. Normal.


Remembering the four other figures he looks up at everyone's faces and immediately feels more panic settle in.


Out of everyone's intensely observant eyes one pair stood out to him.


Sero stared. His eyes blazing with focus and concentration unlike his usual smiley self, as if he were reading Izuku like a book and burning him to memory.


He squirmed uncomfortably when the staring doesn't stop from the tape hero, trying to get out of Katsuki's hold. As much as he's alright with his boyfriend being this way, the stare just makes him feel so exposed for some reason. Besides, it'll be even worse if the elevator opens to the common room with the rest of class 1A waiting to greet them good morning.


When the door pings and Katsuki lets go a millisecond before the mechanic doors open (much to Izuku's relief), he doesn't lift his head to say anything as he shoves his way through everyone. Just as Izuku expected, he easily braced himself for the bit of a harder push with a breeze.


All for the act. They're used to it.


Slowly. They're slowly getting used to it. They may never will, though Katsuki used to treat him that way for years.


Whenever his boyfriend had to act a little cruel for the act, his mind would replay a specific night where Katsuki finally broke. The memory always broke his heart a little, but it was considered a big stepping stone in their relationship nevertheless.


Katsuki was acting weird lately. It wasn't hard for Izuku to notice, not after all these years from childhood to now. He's been avoiding him - everything about him. From simple eye contact when they walk past eachother during lunch to the hand holding Izuku knows he loves by heart. Not to mention the fact that they've barely spoken in the past week.


Everything explained itself when Izuku pushed Katsuki in his feels one night. Serious but gentle talk here, a lot of nonstop prodding as they talked in quiet voices, a bit of space between them, but more importantly, reassurance.


Katsuki wasn't dumb. If anything, he was perceptive despite his loud persona. He knew that Izuku had a good a hunch on what's been bothering him and that's gotta be the reason for the gentle reassurances he's receiving now.


"I... I don't deserve you," Katsuki said brokenly, the first wave of tears starting to stream down his face. There it is, Izuku thought. They're sitting against the wall in his room, the darkness and silence of 2AM enveloping them."All I've ever done is hurt you in the past. It wasn't all that easy for us to - to have the relationship we have now. It wasn't easy for us to fix everything I broke and it's all - everything is my fault, I know that -"


Izuku scoffed, a reaction his childhood friend now boyfriend didn't expect. Katsuki, feeling even more insecure, pulled his knees up to his chest and rested his head there. He didn't try searching for the others face in the dark. Though despite what he thought, the expression resting on the others face wasn't a disappointed scowl but rather genuine concern and understanding.


"And I forgave you," Izuku started. "I understand, Kacchan. That you're insecure about all of this - about us. I get it." He scooted closer to the other, resting his head on the blondes shoulder. Despite the strong front Katsuki's failing to put up, he wraps his arms around Izuku's shoulders, as if it were grounding him.


"Yeah. It wasn't all that easy but it was expexted after all those years. It wasn't all you either, so stop thinking of it that way." The tears streamed down harder, the sobs a little louder. Izuku let himself snuggle back against Katsuki's chest, knowing it'll comfort the other a little more in the inside.


"We both helped fix the things that broke a little along the way and that all that matters. That we tried, and we're here now. Not as the ex friends, but as something more. We still made it, haven't we?"


Katsuki didn't respond for a few minutes. Feeling too exposed and cowardly to say much of anything. Izuku let himself be held a little tighter, let the tears fall onto his hair.


"I was a fucking jerk to you," he sobbed out quietly, hand finding Izuku's to entwine them together. "I hurt you so much and I know we're past all of that but still I - I just- But I can't help but a fuckin' ass sometimes," he admitted out loud, his voice wavering more and more as he spoke.


Izuku softened at this, his heart tearing a little at the words. Not particularly in a bad way, but in a way that he's glad Katsuki's opening up to him. Though the words feel like glass shards breaking skin.


He squeezed his hand tighter. "I know, Kacchan. I know. You're hurting inside from our past. I am too. All of these feelings won't go away overnight. But we're together here now, right? As...boyfriends." He heard the muffled snicker behind him from the words. Izuku knew he must sound sappy and cringey but that doesn't matter. "And we're gonna get through everything together, alright?"


Sometimes they think they got into a relationship to fast.


A lot of times, they regretted mot mending our those bitter and mistaken feelings that started growing since childhood.


But during these times, they're always there to remind eachother that no matter what they would've chosen or done, it'd still be them. And that's all that matters.


Izuku feigned surprise from the shove, glancing at Sero who's eyes aren't as looming anymore, thankfully.


Then all of a sudden that serious expression is gone for better or for worse. "Oi, Uraraka, make sure to send that to the group chat," Sero teased with a smile, everyone nodding along.


Izuku pouts when he receives the messages a minute later. He feigns a look of betrayal at his friend but all she does is smile sheepishly.


"I couldn't help it Deku, you both just looked so cute." Izuku feels himself blush at the...compliment? Hearing someone call them cute is makes him feel jubilant and warm in a way.


Before he could be questioned or teased by anyone any longer - Oh wait, everyone's already already grinning at him with a glint in their eyes. Of course, the picture - he walks away to the kitchen and busies himself with cereal.


He glances at Katsuki every few seconds, worry replacing the panic as he notices that the blonde is being rather...quiet. His boyfriend has his head buried in his arms atop the table, an aura of sort of exhaustion surrounding him.


Of course, everyone is always a little quiet or a bit of it in the morning after a day of intense hero training, but today is just different. It's a quiet from Katsuki Izuku just knows isn't anything well. He's his childhood friend and boyfriend for a reason.


He slides his bowl of cereal on the table and seats himself beside Aoyama, Katsuki in front of them. His worried gaze burns atop the red eyed boys head, as if he's sending a telepathic message, but the other still won't budge or a say a word.


Not to mention Aoyama's dazzle seemed a bit dimmer than usual. Izuku smiled softly and encouragingly at the other blonde as they shared morning greetings that held the entire worlds exhaustion in them. Aizawa had no mercy on the poor kid yesterday.


When everyone's getting ready to leave that's when Katsuki finally lifts his head. Izuku brightens at that, nearly throwing himself at the boy if they weren't secretly dating.


Izuku frowned as he washed his bowl. Katsuki still didn't look his way, much rather look at anyone really. Most days he leaves with the entire class since they started dating(lingering in the back of course), and if not, he leaves with Kirishima or Kaminari. Or both. Never alone though since the two insist on making sure he isn't isolating socially himself more than he already does in class.


Izuku frowned, wondering if he's done anything to upset him. But that can't be true - Kacchan was back hugging me in the elevator. But at the same time, Katsuki hugging him so openly like that just isn't right. Especially since they're so set on keeping their relationship a secret and its not like him to act so 'recklessly' -


"What's a secret?"


Izuku jumped, nearly throwing his shoe, heart beating out of his chest at the sound of Todoroki's monotone voice. He didn't even realize he was mumbling.


They all walk out of the building with Izuku's heart still in his throat. Todoroki stared at him, a bit nosy, but at the same time not pushy.


"N- nothing, Todoroki, it was nothing." Izuku remembered Katsuki's words whenever he's having a bad day and tried to lie.


"You know, you always sucked at lying about your emotions since we were kids."


Izuku hummed, letting Katsuki pull him into his lap and run a hand through his hair. "That's surprising to hear from someone who pinned over me for years thinking they were sooooo subtle about it-


"Shut up. Just shut it, nerd."


Todoroki eyed him suspiciously one last time before humming. "Well, whatever's going on with you and Bakugo you should probably check on him... He doesn't look too good." The icy hot hero doesn't leave room for Izuku to respond, already getting pulled into a conversation with Mineta and Yaoyorozu about something stupid if the grape haired boys whining is anything to go by.


Izuku trailed behind the group, steps faltering.


Does Todoroki know?


It isn't all that surprising, in all honesty. If anyone were to catch on first, it'd be quiet and unaffected Todoroki of course.


Though his heartbeat isn't as calm as his thoughts.


He makes a mental note to check up on Katsuki during lunch and maybe, probably, return that back hug if his nerves are willing enough.









There's definitely something wrong.


This time, the entire class is staring at them.


Izuku would be lying if he says he's being calm and collected.


"Kacchan, everyone's staring," he whispers frantically to the blonde boy who's fingers are entwined with his.


"Just ignore em'," he responds so, so softly with his head slumped against his shoulder that Izuku can't bring himself to pull his hand away.


Katsuki's sitting beside the green haired boy, initially working on math problems with him... But now they're holding hands. In front of the entire class. Why? Izuku doesn't know.


Just a minute or two ago the blonde turned his chair around, head low to avoid eye contact, quietly helping Izuku out whenever he noticed him unsurely pause for a second to long.


But for some reason he just stopped, letting his head fall unceremoniously to the table - poor forehead - before shuffling closer to Izuku and tangling his hand with his, moving around so his head is resting on the others shoulder.


And now, student by student, everyone's gasping out at the scene before them as the seconds pass.


Katsuki coughs, the sound coming out hoarse and suffocating like. He sniffles a bit before nuzzling his head a bit closer to the crook of Izuku's neck.


Izuku ignores the rushed mumbling and gossiping going on around them with his brows furrowed, hand squeezing a bit tighter. Heat spreads against his neck from the feeling of the others cheek coming into contact with his skin.


Come to think of it, Katsuki did feel hotter than usual in the elevator this morning.


Not that type of hot. He blushes at his own thoughts, causing the gossiping to grow louder. But the type of hot one feels when they're sick.


"Kacchan?" Izuku nudges Katsuki with his shoulder gently but to no avail. "Kacchan, hey, look at me for a second," he says softly, soothingly, knowing it'll give his boyfriend a sense of calm. He rubs a thumb over his knuckles softly, encouraging.


Katsuki looks up into Izuku's eyes for the first time today and - just as the green haired predicted, his eyes are bloodshot with fever unlike the ravishing crimson confidence.


So that's why he kept his head down all day. Cause he knows I or anyone else would insist he stay back in the dorms and rest. Now that he thinks about it, he isn't sure why he never noticed back in the elevator.


Izuku along with the rest of the class watch as Katsuki leans away to sneeze, coughs wracking out of his chest right after. He looks downright defeated and exhausted. Everyone quiets down their little comments and whispering to stare at the duo again, but this time, with concern in their features.


Katsuki frowns, hating the pounding feeling of a hammer in his head and a coil in his stomach. "I...I don't feel so good," he wheezes out sadly. Izuku sighs, wrapping his arms gently around his stubborn boyfriends shoulders. Of course he'd go to school even when he's feeling like total crap. He doesn't even tense up or jerk slightly at the public display of affection in the presence of the class. The things a simple sickness can do.


"Kacchan, you should've said something to one of us," Izuku ruffles his hair comfortingly, completely forgetting about the large group of students staring at them with wide fond eyes. "You're so stubborn - is this why you were acting weird this morning?"


Katsuki hesitates, thinks for a few seconds, rests his head back on Izuku's shoulder and shuffles forward so he's settled more corn rot at against his chest, then nods.


He knows everyone's watching them. Could feel all of their burning gazes on his already fiery skin. Oh, hear that? Some idiot forgot to turn off their shutter sound. But he really doesn't give a shit right now. Even with the pool of anxiety growing along with whatever the fucks making his stomach hurt like mad, he really just wants to go back to the dorms and sleep.


But with their current situation, all he wants to do is sit here and sleep with his boyfriends arms wrapped around his body.


He almost does. It's hard to resist when your heads resting on your boyfriends chest. Well, that is till Midnight interrupts the soft moment with a way too energetic slide of the door.


Katsuki jumps at the sudden sound, feeling his head spin at the fast moment. Fuck me. Fuck this headache. Seeing the pained expression on his face practically has everyone glaring at her as if she weren't a teacher or adult but a middle schooler ruining the older kids basketball game.


"Sensei! Why are you so loud? You totally ruined the moment!" Mina complained with her arms crossed. Everyone shared the same looks of frustration on their face but Midnight ignored all of it at the sight of Izuku still hugging Katsuki who's now coughing and shivering a bit at the cold.


"Who the fu-ck," he coughed, wheezing a little before pressing himself back against Izuku's chest, eyes resting close, "thought it was a good idea to make this stupid school so freezing damn cold?" Izuku smiled warmly, loving how Katsuki still has his attitude even when he's feeling half dead.


Everyone went fucking "aweee" at them. Katsuki would put a wall of smoke between his boyfriend and the extras but he's not really feeling like a blast.


"I propose Midoriya bring Bakugo to Recovery Girl immediately! He doesn't seem to be fee-"


At the sight of Izuku's glare Kirishima shushes Iida, "Stop talking so loud before Midoriya hits you for disturbing his boyfriend," he says a bit louder but not too loud as the quirk engine hero. His shark teeth shined, happiness radiating off him in tsunamis seeing his friend, Bakugo Katsuki... Bakugo Katsuki, openly be affectionate with his boyfriend.


Izuku blushes. Hard. He doesn't know where to look when eighteen of his classmates he considers family smile at him with that...knowing look.


Midnight at the least doesn't seem to share the same smug look in her eyes. If anything, they're glowing with a excited scream that yelled, "Gay fucking cuties!"


But everyone else. That knowing look.


Izuku felt his insides churn probably just as bad as Katsuki's. What. Exactly is this unpleasant feeling.


Unfortunately for him, a specific yellow haired electric hero grinned, similar to a red heads one. Though this side of the pair had an explanation. "You know, Midoriya, it wouldn't hurt if you both try being more careful when you're kissing and cuddling in class during lunch," Kaminari adds on smugly with an arm slinging over Kirishima's shoulders.


(Midnight stared at the two, one eyebrow raising a little. She decides not to say anything though, not wanting to ruin the sense of accomplishment thrumming through the two bright haired boys.


One day the rolls will be switched.)


Izuku gapes at them, not expecting to hear that at all.


Discreet. In the end, his assumptions were right. They were anything but that.


Bakugo, with a growing fever, hoarse throat, pounding headache and all, turns to glare at them as best as he could in his state. "What did you say dumbasses?" But before any explosions could go off, he's sneezing, coughing, a mixture of both causing the dizziness in his head to get worse. He mutters that last bit to Izuku before leaning his head back against him and going off about how annoying everyone is.


Tsuyu speaks up, "Well, it's not really our fault. One day us girls wanted to have a study session in class during lunch since Momo was offering to tutor, but well." She looks up at Mina who's grinning wide, hands excitedly on her hips.


"We were about to open the door but then we heard you two talking and we didn't expect you two would spend time together alone, talking, at lunch," Her grin grows even wider as Uraraka seems to unlock her phone on cue. "So we slid the door open just a crack and aweee it was so cute when Bakugo stared at you so lovingly before kissing you back super gently - Oh! And Jirou plugged her earphones in the wall at the time." Everyone snickered, listening as the story transfered to anither girl.


"I didn't think Bakugo could talk like such a romantic," is immediately the first thing Jirou says with a smile, leaning against the board with a shit eating knowing grin. "It was really cute in your guys own little way, 'You're a whole dumbass nerd but you're my stupid dumbass nerd and I love you so much' -"


"JIROU! Please! Just stop!" Izuku begged and whined, hiding his face in Katsuki's soft hair. His face flared in embarrassment of being caught kissing and spewing out the cheesiest sentences out of love. There really was no point for any of their effort this entire time huh.


Before he could try to explain himself, he hears a women's gasp, one awfully similar to the voice of Midnight who adores young romance-


And she's absolutely squealing at the photo Uraraka's showing off proudly. A clear 1080p picture of Katsuki sitting at a desk with Izuku atop of it, leaning down to kiss him fondly with his hand cupping his cheek and the other on his shoulder and wow, that happened two months ago, a week after the whole Jirou headphone jack thing.


"Midoriya, care to explain?" Midnight asks with a glimmer similar to Aoyama's in her eyes. She isn't angry, but rather, she seems absolutely delighted.


Izuku wants to huff and refuse, believing getting Katsuki checked by Recovery Girl should be the priority. But...since he's already here, embarrassed, exposed, and all, might as well clarify some things.


"Kacchan...I think it's time we explain...are you ok with that?" He whispers into Katsuki's ear hesitantly, knowing it'll be a huge leap to personally announce their relationship to everyone. Despite them all being close friends and, apparently, already knowing of their more than platonic ways, they're still unsure to put it all in the open.


Katsuki stiffens for a second, thinking about how things will change. How they'll probably be teased every single day and have less private moments to themselves.


How everyone will have a lingering thought in the back of their mind. Bakugo Katsuki, the kid who bullied Midoriya Izuku since childhood, even telling him to suicide, now said boys boyfriend.


Katsuki hesitates out of fear.


Fuck fear you piece of shit.


You can't hide forever.


Katsuki grimaces. "Yeah, sure, go ahead. It was bound to happen. Knock em' dead," he half jokes, giving Izuku's wrist a light squeeze that Izuku translates as I feel lowkey scared as fuckin fuck babe.


Izuku squeezes back, reassuring him that everything'll be fine. They shift from their positions, Katsuki settling for burying his head in his arms on the desk while Izuku tentatively began to speak.


"Well, uh..." He looks away from everyone's encouraging but tender gazes to stare at the floor. "You guys, um, already know of course, but yeah, we've been dating for uh - um- almost five months -"


"And none of you thought about telling me?" Midnight interrupts rather childishly, crossing her arms as she stood with that pro hero aura of hers. "Shame on all of you for keeping such secrets." Everyone chuckled lightly, enjoying this side of their teacher.


"Yeah, well, we kept our relationship a secret because..." He glances back at his boyfriend who's undeniably tensed up before looking back. "We just weren't ready for something so personal, especially it being about us like that, all out there with our whole past and stuff you guys are more familiar with," his voice gradually grows softer, hands wringing together nervously. He isn't sure if what he said sounds right but that's the first explanation that came to mind.


Everyone's hearts melt at that, a sense of guilt settling within them for keeping their knowledge about them a secret. Especially now that they know how personal their relationship is. Izuku, always way too friendly and caring for his own good, immediately starts waving his hands around with a reassuring smile.


"Ah, no, no, don't think you should be guilty or anything," he says more so to the strongly guilt ridden girls who are grouped together on the side, "What teen wouldn't have done what you guys did? I would've done the same if it were like uh, um, Kirishima or Kaminari or something." The two boys fluster at the sudden use of their names but they're able to fight down the blush rising on their faces before anyone can notice their distress.


" and Kacchan just thought we've been through a lot. We talked things out, talked about everything that happened since we were kids... cried a lot -"


Katsuki scoffs, butting in all of a sudden. "You cried more, Shitty Deku -"


Izuku rolls his eyes fondly, "Yeah, yeah, don't forgot how much you sobbed at the park that one day -"


"Shut up!"


Ojiro and Tokoyami feel a sense of familiarity and share a look with eachother. Because of course that wouldn't change. The bickering will, in a weird glad way, will always be there.


"- and we managed to fix our friendship. It took a while, but it got easier overtime. You guys probably noticed but we actually just talked and stuff out of school more." He looks down at Katsuki with so much love in his eyes, everyone feels like throwing up rainbows. That is till Katsuki chokes on air, going into a coughing fit that makes Izuku panic.


"So then fast forward and we ended up realizing that we're in love with eachother so we started dating and now we're here and Kacchan's wheezing is getting worse can you please let us leave?" He rushed out, rubbing a hand up and down his boyfriends back.


"The shit fuckin'," Another cough, "hurts."


Everyone scrambled to move away from the door. A chorus of "Go aheads," and, "Oh shit, right, right," come from the bustling students as they process the rushed words before letting the two leave the room.


Katsuki, the ever so stubborn boy when sick, whined softly at the fact he has to drag his ass all the way to Recovery Girls room. Everyone cooed at this, teasingly saying they'll never forgot the day Midoriya and Bakugo finally came out to them because the latter needs a bunch of physical comfort when he wasn't feeling well.


"Shut up you fuckin' extras," Katsuki attempted to snarl. All he ended up doing was have his breath hitch at the piercing feeling of a particular scratchy lump in his throat.


Todoroki sighed before cooling a warm water bottle and shoving it into Katsuki's hand.


Katsuki narrowed his eyes at the bottle as if it were poison. He looked back up at Todoroki and was met with a challenging stare and decided to fuck it, and take it.


Scoffing, Katsuki downed half of the bottle in seconds. It felt good against his throat, but at the same time it tasted disgusting and it kinda burned.


"Fuckin' stupid ass taste buds," he muttered before tossing the bottle back at the half white half red haired boy. Todoroki simply smirked, enjoying the sight of Katsuki actually accepting help.


When everyone just kept staring at him Katsuki tensed, feeling himself get defensive.


Flustered at all the attention he's getting in this state, along with the fact everyone knows of his relationship, he shirvels away, leaning in towards Izuku's space shyly. "What'd you want losers? Stop sharing at me and get lost already!" He forced out of his scratchy throat, letting his boyfriend who's looking at him with those loving eyes interlace their fingers and lead him out the room, down the hall.


"I don't think I'll ever get used to any of that," Tokoyami spoke first once the door slid shut.


Yaoyorozu nodded, a small smile on her lips. "Though it's nice seeing them make an effort to be more comfortable around us. We should try not to tease them too much in the mean time, especially since Bakugo seems...a little insecure. With the way he was before and all."


Midnight hummed, pleased to see how family like and mature class A is. Clapping her hands she garnered everyone's attention. "As happy as I am, there's still an hour of class left." She made a shooing motion with her hands. "In your seats everyone, take out the notes we left off on yesterday."






Now that they're alone after having told the class about their secret - well, not really secret - relationship, Izuku didn't hesitate to wrap his arms around Katsuki's waist with a tired sigh, resting his chin on his warm back just like the blonde did to his shoulder that morning. He made sure to be gentle, not wanting to exhaust Katsuki in the slightest with his weight.


Katsuki blushed, his already flushed cheeks from being sick darkening even more. But he didn't move away, letting himself lean into the touch. "Oi, oi, what if that quirk stealing asshole from class B sees us, huh?" he scoffed with a scratchy voice, no venom in his words, crossing his arms like a stubborn and embarrassed child.


"Let them see us. I'm yours, you're mine, aren't we?" Katsuki doesn't fight the small smile and warm feeling in his chest that momentarily lets him forgot about his sickness. Cause yeah, apparently, I'm in love with this cheesy fucking nerd. Stupid cutie.


Smiling a little at his cute boyfriend, he turned around and pulled Izuku into a hug, one so very gentle and filled with warmth. Be it from his higher than usual body heat or the faint flush running down his cheeks to his neck.


Izuku hums, "So, I take it that you're alright with the entire class -"


"Plus Midnight," Katsuki added, letting out a frustrated sigh.


The shorter chuckled. "Plus Midnight, knowing about our relationship?"


"Mm." Katsuki contemplates, moving so they're leaning against the wall, arms still wrapped around eachother. Unconsciously, he finds his hand that's not wrapped around Izuku's waist twiddling with the others fingers - a habit he's had since they were kids and came back the moment he held his childhood friends hand again all these years later.


"You heard the dumbass girls. They already had a picture of us kissing," he chokes out the words with a weaker scowl than usual. He pauses for a few seconds, seriously thinking things through. "...And it'll be fine, yeah? Even with...with everything from before and all. It'll be fine. It will be, right...?" Izuku entwines their fingers, knowing that his insecurity is lying heavier than what he makes it seem.


"Everything'll be fine," he replies gently, ever so proud of how much Katsuki's matured. "They know you, you never fail. Not even with me. " Izuku wrapped his arms around Katsuki's neck, just living the moment. Crimson red eyes gazed lazily into his own emerald one's with so much love, Izuku couldn't believe they decided to act like friends in public in oppose to being able to do this more often.


Being cheesy boyfriends in a empty school hallway.


Izuku couldn't ask for more.


They've established a healthy relationship and now have a class - a family - supporting them behind it. Along with the fact they're well on their way to becoming pro heroes, what more could he ask for?


They stood their against the wall for a minute longer, eyes closed with their foreheads resting against eachother. Letting everything process within them, that their friends are the most supportive people they could've asked for, that they have nothing to hide now, that there's nothing to be afraid of anymore.


Well, yeah, maybe Katsuki still feels a little afraid, but everything will get better in time. If he could have a happy striving relationship with Izuku despite their past then literally nothing can bring him down at this point.


"Guess what shitty nerd."


"I love you too, Kacchan," Izuku answered without skipping a beat, always able to see right through Katsuki. Ever since they were kids.


Being judged, looked at weirdly, having yet another thing of theirs out their for the vast world to see... It'll be alright. They have a huge group of idiots who'll probably tease them till infinity but smile at them warmly nevertheless.


Izuku pulls back from their little hug to see Katsuki with his eyes closed. And, he decides, that it'll be fine if he kisses his sick and probably fever ridden boyfriend just once today.


Just as his lips are less than a breath away Katsuki, ever the tease, opens his eyes and leans his head to the side.


Izuku whined. Katsuki laughed, a sound so beautiful and warm. "You dumbass, I don't want you getting sick too." He pushed off against the wall, stepping forward down the hall with their hands entwined. "And I wouldn't be surprised if Raccoon Eyes Headass begged Ponytail Freak to install small ass cameras or something around the fuckin' hallway -"


"Kacchan, everything will be fine -"


"I know that, dumbass," he grimaces. Izuku waits for him to explain patiently. "...But just imagine Aizawa or fuck no All Might -"


Izuku laughed, bubbly and all eye smiles. "You know what, I'm gonna kiss you everytime we talk down the halls between each period just to see your reaction to every person finding out. Get ready Kacchan, we're gonna have a field day."


Katsuki's brows furrow non threateningly, eyes narrowing. Izuku wanted to laugh again, thinking the expression is the cutest thing accompanied with the sick flush of his cheeks and the fact they're openly holding hands in school.


All Might and Aizawa stood rock still at the end of one of the hallways the two lovebirds thankfully didn't care to look at. They walked right past, smiling and bickering, fingers tangled together. Bakugo very much done with the sneeze that downright refuses to leave his nose.


Sure, Aizawa and Toshinori had their suspicions. Even all of the teachers assumed there may be...feelings between the two boys as time passed, but seeing them nearly kiss and be lovey dovey in the middle of the hallway just -


It just -


...Well alright then.


It was a bit unbelievable honestly how they were able to make such a decent effort to hide their relationship status. That deserves some applaud.


Aizawa huffed, trying to recompose himself after what he just witnessed. "I win the bet. Told you guys we'll find out this month. You, Mic, and everyone else better pay up tonight," he said in a monotone voice. Though the small smirk resting on his face spoke otherwise.


"I knew the rumors were growing stronger these days but to actually see Young Bakugo and Midoriya - you have my respects, Aizawa," All Might says shocked, shoulders sagging in defeat.


Silently and carefully, they leave the hallway and make their way to the teachers lounge, a mutual feeling of happiness in the air. Knowing their students, it mustn't have been easy for them.


Bakugo smirked. "You wanna go nerd? Huh, Deku? Think you could be the one who initiates all the kisses and makes everyone in class B and the support class find out that you're dating the hottest guy on earth?"


Izuku snorted half of his weight shifting onto the blonde. Katsuki couldn't believe a snort could be so adorable. He welcomed the added warmth without protest, smiling a little to himself as they walked toward the office door, hearts tingling and cheeks a little rosy not from the sickness, but from -


Oh fucking shit. Fuck no.


Izuku broke the painful silence, reading the sign on the door, "Recovery Girl won't be available for the next two days because of personal issues. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Students, please visit the -"


"I have to live with this fucking sickness for two more days!?" Bakugo yelled in anger, ignoring the burn in his throat. Well fuck him.







Everyone was in a good mood.


A very good mood.


Though it's been another grueling and exhausting day of quirk training, Izuku and Katsuki's finally revealed relationship brought the moods of everyone up.


"So, Yaomomo, what about a small remote control camera?" Kaminari suggested with a happy mischievous smile, arm slinging across her shoulders as everyone makes their way to the common room. "Or what about those remote control camera bugs? Those aren't obvious right?"


Sighing, Yaoyorozu backed away good tempered and used to his antics. "No. I refuse to create it. Bakugo and Midoriya probably value all the privacy they could get considering the fact that the eighteen of us are anything but. Let's respect them and -"


Hagakure gasped, shushing everyone's side conversations. She pointed in the direction of the common room sofas with wide eyes, the raise and jerk of her shirt letting everyone know what exactly she's doing.


Katsuki and Izuku are asleep, the former with his head in the others lap and a blanket covering his curled up figure. Unbeknownst to the others, the All Might blanket actually belongs to Katsuki. One he kept hidden in the closet of his room only for Izuku to find and use whenever he wasn't feeling the best. It only makes sense to return the favor.


All of a sudden the blonde awakes with a disturbingly rough cough, curling up further and burying his face in the blanket. Everyone's hearts tear a little seeing his shoulders shake with how hard he's trying not to explode with pain.


Izuku's quick to run a hand through his hair, whispering words of comfort till the blonds shaking subsided and he fell asleep once again.


Everything about it is just so domestic and soft, they all kinda understand why the duo hid their relationship now.


This'll take a lot of getting used to.


After a bunch of carefully taken photos by Uraraka who was being guided around the room for different angle shots by Mina, class A quietly dispersed to the kitchen for whatever scraps of food they can salvage.


"You know, I'm honestly really happy they decided to tell us about their relationship when we're the biggest shits of friends in the world," Kirishima says to no one in particular. Everyone hums in agreement, Kaminari sauntering up beside him with their shoulders and sides touching, a small smile and gaze that lingered just a second to long.


Long enough for others to catch.


"They're really cute. Even with the whole bickering over every small and stupid thing," Kaminari adds in his two cents. He pauses for a second, his playfulness leaving him. "I'm glad that never changed," he says quietly, glancing back at the couple on the couch.


Jirou scoffs, setting her plate of blueberry poptarts down on the table before diving in the fridge for the last can of soda she hid. "You guys are so weird when you're not being loud and stupid," she says in that non-mean way of hers.


Kaminari and Kirishima stop ripping open their cup of noodles to look back at her, a chill running down their backs at the smile on her face.


Jirou smirks, her eyelids narrowing without a care in the world. "Now we just gotta wait for the day you two come out to the class." She leaves without looking back at the jaw dropped looks on the red and yellow haired faces.


"Good job Jirou!" Mina whispers with a quiet highfive. The rest of the girls gather around the table farthest from where the two red cheeked and flustered boys stood, as if they didn't just drop an imaginary bomb.


Sero whistled at the sight of Kaminari and Kirishima frozen, forcing himself between the two with his own cup of noodles.


He grinned with that Sero like smile of his. "You better be careful around the girls unless you wanna be the sequel to their wonderfully unfolding soap opera." With a pat on both their shoulders as goodbye, he left the two to pour himself some juice from the a pitcher.


As he put the pitcher back in the fridge he couldn't help but gaze back at the group of girls, wondering when anyone will catch onto the underlying closeness going on in there.