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Fanged Cheerleader

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I woke up bright and early for school. Actually earlier than usual. So I decided to take my sweet ass time getting ready for school, making sure all my homework was complete and as perfect as it could possibly be, before going for a nice long hot shower and breakfast.
I was trying to stay thin so of course breakfast was pieces of fruit and water. I checked the time and realised if I didn’t leave now I would be late, on the way out the door after I packed my bag I noticed a note left from mum, like usual asking me to take the bus instead of walking because she was worried I’d go missing or some shit.
I’d been asking my parents for months to buy me a car but for some unknown reason they still haven’t brought me one so I continued to walk to school.
I walked along my usual route running into my best friend or should I say ex best friend, Piper, we had been best friends in middle school but now we weren’t as close, we still live next door to each other and talk as we walk to school but I was the popular girl where she was the gothic girl.
As we neared the back gate to school, she walked faster like normal and chose to enter the school building through the side entrance while I chose the front.
I had enough time to go to my locker, drop everything off and grab what I needed for my first class. Which also gave me enough time to stand at my locker and wait for Aidan who always walked past my locker so I could flirt with him like I usually did. As I placed my exercise books and textbooks in my locker neatly my arch nemesis Diva Raine AKA Rebecca decided this was the right time to come up to me and start bitching about my outfit like usual. Me being my usual bitch self, turned to her and told her to back the fuck off because I was not going to let her ruin my mood.
And there at the end of the hall walking towards me was Aidan, the boy who was in my opinion as sexy as ever. He gave me his award winning hot smile, I pulled him into a hug once he reached me and gave him a little kiss on the cheek.
After saying goodbye I set off to class, first up was math, I was quite smart which helped me throughout school. I was just settling into my seat and saying hey to my two best friends Rachel and Marci, when our math teacher Mr. Biggs announced we had a new student in our year, he was introduced as Cody and as he walked in he looked a bit older than the rest of us and looked around the room as if he was looking for someone when finally his eyes fell on me.
It felt weird to be looked at the way he looked at me which was like I was his prey and he was waiting to pounce. Mr. Biggs started talking again which made my attention snap back to him and the we were doing but I couldn’t quite shake the weird feeling.