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Socks the Cat

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“Look what I got!” Eijun called as he busted into the apartment. Tatara jumped, abandoning the dishes to join his boyfriend. When he reached the living room, he saw what had caused Eijun to go into an uproar.

A cat. A tuxedo to be exact. It was calmly resting in his arms, gold eyes looking around what would be his new home if Tatara agreed.

“His name is Socks.” Eijun seemed really happy about having Socks, and he looked really happy about being held by Eijun.

“Eijun we can’t keep him.” They didn’t have anything they needed for a cat! No food, no litter box, and no toys. Plus, the pet fee was $25 per pet! There was no way either of them could afford to keep him.

“Why not?” Socks jumped out of his arms, and began to look around the apartment, sniffing things and exploring. Eijun looked really upset about Tatara’s refusal in keeping Socks.

“Well for one thing, he could have an owner already, two we don’t have anything a cat needs, and three we don’t have enough money for the pet rent.” Socks rubbed against Tatara’s legs, meowing at the less cooperative male. His heart almost melted, and it's not because of his big old eyes. Okay, it was. He was getting weak in the knees over a little head rub and a cute little meow.

Eijun picked up Socks, who meowed at the motion. “Please Tatara!”

Tatara put his hands on his hips and sighed. He looked at Socks, who meowed at him. Tatara scratched the little kitties neck, who began to purr. It was official, his heart melted.

“Okay, but you’re paying the pet bill and everything he needs.” Eijun smiled and his eyes sparkled. He was really happy about keeping Socks.

“Thank you!” He dropped Socks and wrapped his arms around Tatara, pulling in the other male into a hug, peppering his face with kisses. Socks had escaped into the kitchen, unamused about the affection being shown between his two humans.