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A Rush of Blood And Sugar

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“Stars shining bright above you

Night breezes seem to whisper I love you

Birds singing in the sycamore tree

Dream a little dream of me

Say night-ie night and kiss me

Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me

While I'm alone and blue as can be

Dream a little dream of me

Stars fading but I linger on, dear

Still craving your kiss

I'm longing to linger till dawn, dear

Just saying this

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you

Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you

But in your dreams whatever they be

Dream a little dream of me

Stars fading but I linger on, dear

Still craving your kiss

I'm longing to linger till dawn, dear

Just saying this

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you

Sweet dreams that leave all worries far behind you

But in your dreams whatever they be

Dream a little dream of me”



“Mom! Jungkook’s being weird again.”

“Really, honey? Yeah...that’s nice.”

“Mommm. Are you even listening to me? Dad, Jungkook’s being weird again.”

“Ah. Okay. Well, go join him. I’m sure he won’t mind.”

“Daddd! Ugh. Nobody in this house cares about anything!

Jungkook grins wide, eyes closing happily as he shakes his head in disbelief at his bratty older sister. She’s so dramatic, yeesh, he’s not even being that weird. He’s just doing normal kid stuff. Hugging his soil dusted knees and sitting directly outside of the front door of their house—and maybe hiding behind a bush. Clearly that’s the weird part Jisoo is referring to but Jungkook’s pretty certain that every single person on this planet has hidden behind a plant at least once in their lives. He’s only ten years old, though, so he can’t be too certain.

Nevertheless, Jungkook’s attention is not on the distant voices he can hear through the screened door from his family members yelling their conversations across the house. Instead his attention is focusing through three large green blades of leaf, highlighting the new neighbor kid who’s sitting on a skateboard, hanging on tight, and rolling down the slope of their neighborhood street.

It’s a very unstable glide down but the boy seems to be having the time of his life. His chestnut brown hair is sticking up from the wind, flowing all over the place and it makes Jungkook giggle and want nothing more than to blow up some balloons and add to the static by running over there and rubbing the latex all over the other kids winded-hair. So naturally, he decides to do just that.

“I’m gonna make you look like the old guy from Flubber.” Jungkook laughs out, twenty minutes later after he managed to not only find some leftover birthday balloons in his mother’s Christmas and candles box but blow one up, run back outside and launch himself on top of the neighbor kid mid-ride down the street. It was kind of a rough crash, judging by Jungkook’s brand new rip in the knee of his jeans and the red and irritated skin underneath that’s now exposed and scratched up.

Up-close the new neighbor has a kind of grumpy face, or maybe Jungkook made him grumpy by jumping on top of him without so much as a warning. Jungkook can’t stop laughing at the way the other is glaring at him now as he rubs the balloon all over his already messy hair. His eyes are that golden color brown that Jungkook’s favorite lollipops to receive from the bank tellers are—root beer, or maybe butterscotch.

“You look hilarious!” Jungkook exclaims, throwing his head back in hysterics. And really, this boy, does look hilarious. With the static electricity completely destroying his hair style and the adorable unamused pout now on his face. He’s not fighting back, though, and he’s not moving from his place on the asphalt either and Jungkook’s pretty sure he saw a slight smile playing on the corner of the others lips. Jungkook squints one of his eyes and tilts his head, trying to look back into those rootbeer eyes because they’re pretty like his mom’s flower garden. The other boy just ducks his head and flicks a few black glittery pebbles with his sneakers.

“Are you mute?” Jungkook asks and he’s pretty sure this is a rude question because Jisoo asks him this all of the time and she only ever says rude things to him but Jungkook for the first time in his life is actually wondering if he’s found a person who’s physically unable to speak. Jungkook thinks that it’s highly possible because this boy hasn’t said a word since Jungkook attacked him—well to be fair, he did scream.

“No.” the other says finally, with a grimace that takes Jungkook by surprise because it turns into a grin. And Jungkook can see the boy’s pink gums when he smiles and he instantly decides that he likes it so he grins right back.

“Oh. Okay, Cool! I’m Jungkook.”

“Yoongi, Min.”

Jungkook does his best ‘mom can I have this’ sweet smile and places the pink balloon into Yoongi’s lap to free his hands so that he can fix the boys hair back to where it’s supposed to be—his dad always says that first impressions are everything. Yoongi’s shoulders jump when Jungkook’s fingers touch the top of his head but he quickly seems to relax and Jungkook takes that as a sign that the two of them will probably be best friends by the end of the summer.

“There.” He says, licking his lips and giving Yoongi’s now finger-combed hairstyle a pat for good measure. “So, do you wanna come over to my house?” He asks, eyes lighting up and fingers crossed and mostly already expecting Yoongi to say yes because everyone always says yes to him. He’s a very lovable and popular kid on this block.

“You’re bleeding.” Yoongi responds instead, ignoring the question and pointing his own bloody fingertip towards Jungkook’s exposed knee. He looks at his finger with realization and watches the small droplet of blood squeeze out of the tip of his finger. “I’m bleeding.”

“Oh.” Jungkook giggles happily, he knows just what to do in this kind of situation. “That’s okay.” He reaches out and grabs Yoongi’s finger putting it into his mouth to the other boys complete shock and disgust.

“Wh-what do you think you’re doing?”

Jungkook just winks with both eyes and suckles on Yoongi’s finger for a few seconds before letting it go. He shrugs and spits onto the road like he’s seen people do in nature survival reality television programs. “Getting the poison out, of course.”

Yoongi frowns and shakes his head. “I wasn’t poisoned. You just drank my blood for no good reason.”

Jungkook snorts and leans back on his hands as he looks up into the clouds. He can see the shape of a dragon but he slyly decides to keep that to himself. “Aahh. That’s okay. I like the taste of blood.”

‘You’re weird’ That’s what Jungkook anticipates to hear next but when he looks over at Yoongi, the boy is just blinking at him with a slightly amused turn of his lips. “How old are you anyway, like eight?”

Jungkook scoffs, lips forming into an offended pout. “No. I’m ten years old and I’m so smart that I’m already going into fifth grade.” He follows this sentence by sticking his tongue out at Yoongi, that’ll show him.

Yoongi smiles without showing his teeth and gums this time and nods his head, leans it back a little to join Jungkook in looking at the clouds. A car honks and drives around them slowly but neither of them really pay attention. “We might be in the same class then.”

Jungkook’s ears perk up and his eyes widen and light up at this. He turns to Yoongi with an excited expression on his face. “Really? You’re gonna be in fifth grade this year too?”

“Yep.” Yoongi says and seems to really focus in on a particular cloud. “I’m eleven and I’m so average that I’m also gonna be in fifth grade.”  

Jungkook giggles, satisfied by this and then his stomach growls and he realizes it’s almost time for dinner and it’s taco night and his mom always makes the best tacos. Yoongi has to try them before he dies. He reaches his hand out, palm up, waiting for Yoongi to take it. “You’re coming right? I’m starving to death.”

Yoongi purses his lips and reaches out briefly pinching Jungkook on the cheek instead and lets out a soft laugh. “No thanks...maybe next time.”

“What?” Jungkook asks in complete shock. “B-but I’m moving soon. You have to come.”

“Where are you moving to?” Yoongi asks, blinking.

Jungkook lifts his rejected hand to point towards a nearby apartment building that’s a few blocks away but huge and tall enough to easily see from where they are right here on the pavement. “There.”

Yoongi softly smiles but his butterscotch eyes look a little sad or tired or something that Jungkook isn’t used to finding in other people’s eyes. “That’s not that far dum-dum, I’ll come over after you move okay? I gotta get home, my mom doesn’t know I left.”

“Okay.” Jungkook says, quiet and disappointed as his new friend stands up and picks up his skateboard and skates ten houses down to where he lives—the ‘sold’ sign still shoved into the front lawn—and Jungkook just sits there on the road and watches him curiously until Yoongi’s finally hidden behind a closed red door.




“This is kid shit.” Jungkook tells the wind, angrily drawing an evil rabbit—tall, with red eyes—on his driveway. His parents keep moving back and forth from houses to apartments like they’re playing one long exhausting game of musical chairs. It’s embarrassing. He wanted to go to the arcade today with his friends, in fact his father had promised to leave the money for it under the key rug but he apparently forgot—or more likely Jisoo stole it.


It’s just, Jungkook resents him for forgetting anyway. He’s lost most of his trust in either of his parents word at this point. He gets his hopes up and always, in the end, Jungkook ends up getting let down, crushed, disappointed. He’s starting to grow numb.


He’s in eighth grade for crying out loud. He shouldn’t be home alone on a perfectly Good Friday night, coloring by himself on the concrete.


Yoongi’s the only person who understands—or at least, Jungkook assumes he does, they’ve never actually talked about it before but the two of them are pretty much the only latch-key kids in the neighborhood.


Tae and Jimin surely do not understand. They have perfectly decent parents. They have perfectly decent lives . No annoying sister at home all the time blaming them for every little thing, either.


Jungkook wishes he had been born into a different family. Especially now, he really wishes that now.


Jungkook looks up at the sound of Yoongi’s tell-tale skateboard rolling by. Yoongi’s hair is really funny today, a tiny ponytail sitting on top of his longish hair as he skates past Jungkook’s house. He waves at Jungkook, smiling, soft and amused and keeps going. Jungkook watches him, wide eyes. Throws his chalk into their storage bin.


He runs inside the house, grabbing his sweatshirt and binoculars. It might be creepy but sometimes Jungkook follows Yoongi around—secretly. He can’t help it. Kid’s just too weird and interesting and nothing like anyone else in their middle school. Like he rarely plays outside, even more rarely plays with other kids.


Jungkook’s just so drawn to him, can’t contain his curiosity. He wants to get to know him but Yoongi’s a loner, always pushing people away. Jungkook’s learned his lesson a few times, brat even pushed him into a lake once! Just because he was trying say hi to him—geez.


Even at thirteen years old Jungkook’s never been a sucker, he’s stubborn, he knows it, everyone else does too. He doesn’t take no for answer, doesn’t see why he should . So he settles with following behind Yoongi with his eyes and then with his steps and with this new sneaky tactic he starts finding Yoongi doing the most peculiar of things. Like stopping to lay down in a field and blow out every single dandelion he can reach. Lighting up discarded cigarette butts only to cough after bringing one to his lips. And rearranging the lawn gnomes on Mrs. Simpson’s front yard.


Yoongi’s always doing things that make Jungkook laugh. Laughter that bubbles up inside him and takes control of his entire body, laughter that feels real.


Jungkook really, really wants to be his friend.






Jungkook swipes the text notification up on his phone making it disappear.


Jungkook sighs, if only she knew the real reason he left.


How pathetic he really is.





So today happens to be his sixteenth birthday and his parents happened to come back home and throw him a surprise party and invite his entire class to celebrate it and use it as an excuse to reconcile their differences but Jungkook doesn’t care. He just doesn’t have the energy to care anymore.


The only person he was hoping to see didn’t even bother to show up.


Jungkook unlocks his phone, a picture of Yoongi sitting with his friends at lunch and smiling, that gummy smile he has. Jungkook’s not sure why he took it, the photo. He just did, couldn’t help it. It’s just so rare to see that smile, so rare.


Yoongi’s just a boy, who lives down the street, they’re not even friends. He’s just a lost cause that can’t seem to find the exit doors in Jungkook’s head. He just won’t leave. Jungkook’s growing tired of it. Thinking about him.


The sun is setting as Jungkook leaves his apartment building. He’s bored, feels a little inexplicably empty inside as he walks and shivers in the approaching night air. He should have worn a jacket—


Jungkook freezes. He’s only about ten feet away from the store, but he can’t move, the scene unfolding in front of him is glueing his feet to the ground. Eyes wide, mouth dropped open, he struggles to absorb it.


Pinned up against the brick wall, Yoongi is laughing loudly into the neck of Jennie Kim, one of Jisoo’s younger friends, a girl that’s been to Jungkook’s apartment more times than he can count.


She’s leaning with her back up against the wall, long brown hair flowing down to her hips, purple lipstick looking thoroughly messed up as she laughs and holds Yoongi’s waist.


Jungkook’s chest burns.


They seem drunk, empty bottles of beer on the grass.


He’s kissing her. Jungkook’s never seen Yoongi kiss anyone.


Yoongi smiles in between kisses, laughs, twirls her long hair in his fingers.


Jungkook swallows down spit. His phone buzzes in his pocket. He shakes his head and starts walking again. So many strange and unexpected emotions bubbling inside of him.


Holy Fuck


He thinks as he walks past them and they don’t seem to even notice his presence.


Holy Shit


He thinks as the bell to the convenience store rings announcing his entrance and he faintly hears the cashier greeting him in the back of his head.


Fucking Slut


He thinks, angrily as he opens a freezer door to grab a can of 99 cent green tea and slams it shut. If the cashier looked nervous when Jungkook was piling all of his items on the countertop Jungkook wouldn’t have noticed. He wouldn’t even have noticed if the cashier had given him the wrong change. He doesn’t give a fuck. He shoves the money in his pocket and yanks the bags off of the counter and storms out the door.


He pauses in his steps once he gets to the end of the wall and looks over at them, still trading laughter for kisses and Yoongi’s face looks— hot. His eyes are glossy and his lips are swollen and he looks fucking hot and Jungkook feels like he’s seeing red.


He kicks the empty cans, Jennie jumps in reaction. Jungkook offers up his best fake smile. “You shouldn’t litter.” he tells her, avoiding eye contact with Yoongi completely and Jennie frowns and opens her mouth and is about to reply but Jungkook cuts her off and adds. “Also, you look like a slut.” before he can stop himself. The words spitting out so bitter and furious it takes him off guard. His eyes dart to Yoongi’s and he expects Yoongi to appear annoyed or pissed off or unaffected really, knowing Yoongi, but he’s still kinda got that wrecked look in his eyes only this time he’s looking at Jungkook and Jungkook swallows hard, panics. Briskly walks away from the scene.


Everything’s a mess of colors around him as he treks back home. He walks into his empty house and sits on his bed in the dark of his bedroom and ignores every notification and buzz of his phone and loses himself in his sporadic thoughts.


Fuck Jennie. I like him. I want him. I want Yoongi. Want him to be mine, all mine. Nobody’s else’s.



It’s a blur—the Halloween decorations, lanterns and dark party lights, the chaos of costumes and free conversation. Jungkook pays the party no attention; the only thing that matters in this entire world is standing right here, in front of him. Jungkook smiles beneath his Jason mask, reaches his hand out and Yoongi, covered in blood, dressed like the most gorgeous bride Jungkook’s ever seen, he blushes and he tentatively accepts it.


Jungkook sighs, holds Yoongi’s hand firmly, then gently, just a pleasant mixture of emotions as his warm skin meets Yoongi’s cold pretty fingers and Jungkook pulls him into his chest. Laces their hands together, holding their hands half-way up and he grabs Yoongi’s waist with his free hand and then he spins them around. The skirt of Yoongi’s white, bloodied dress twirling, his lined eyes wide in surprise, pink lips parted and then nothing else holds anymore importance because the two of them are dancing. Old fashioned, with Jungkook leading and Yoongi meekly following along.


Jungkook laughs and starts to sing, quietly near Yoongi’s ear as they move together, sway together, party music clashing.


“You're just too good to be true

I can't take my eyes off you

You'd be like heaven to touch

I wanna hold you so much.”


“You dork.” Yoongi laughs, gummy smile, toying with Jungkook’s heart. They’re running into people, into furniture. “Who sings Frankie Valli dressed like Jason?”


Jungkook snorts, teases back, “Asks the boy in a bloody dress.”


Yoongi shrugs, giggling hard. “I lost a bet.”


Jungkook laughs along, keeps Yoongi dancing with him, spinning him out, pulling him back in. Touch, touch, touching him. Soaking in every pretty flutter of lashes and smiles and blushes that Yoongi directs towards him.


Jungkook keeps on singing.


“Oh pretty baby

Don't bring me down I pray

Oh pretty baby

Now that I've found you stay

And let me love you, baby

Let me love you.”


“I must be drunk because I love this shit.” Yoongi says, and maybe he is, Jungkook doesn’t mind. They both laugh together as Jungkook leads Yoongi through the hallway, singing ‘I love you baby’ and dancing him in and out of the people walking by, or waiting for the bathroom to open up, or making out against the wall.


Jungkook takes Yoongi on a little dancing tour all over the house and then—then they’re outside under the pretty moon by themselves and Jungkook says, “what do you want, Yoongi? You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll tie a lasso around it and bring it down.”


Yoongi laughs hard at that. Shakes his head. “It’s a Wonderful Life, right? Are you a grandpa, sir?”


“Might be.” Jungkook giggles, heart swelling in his chest. Thinks, oh, if only you knew, Yoongi. If only you knew, who I was. “You’ll never know, will you?”


They’re slow dancing now, spinning in circles, fading under the moonlight. Trick-or-treaters out late, laughing and skipping down the sidewalk, but they’re alone. Jungkook’s wanted this for so long. To be alone with him, to hold him, eat up his haunting smiles.


“Okay, cinderella. You do know, I could take your mask off, right?” Yoongi says, amused and sarcastic and everything Jungkook adores about him.


“I dare you.” Jungkook whispers out, leaning close enough to Yoongi’s face that if Yoongi did take off his mask Jungkook could kiss his soft chestnut-colored hair.


They’re swaying only a little bit now, hands clasped together as Yoongi looks up at him, blinking, weighing things in his head.


“Okay. bet.” Yoongi says, voice breathy, body so still he’s almost frozen. The cold night breeze ruffles through their hair and costumes. Kissing their skin. Yoongi’s fingers twitch slightly in Jungkook’s hand.


Jungkook teases,  “How you gonna get all the way up here? Huh?” He gestures his head towards the garage. “Gonna get a ladder?”


Yoongi’s mouth opens, words on his tongue that Jungkook will never hear because something seems to alter his expression. Like a light bulb turning on in his head. “I know you.” Yoongi breathes out. “Your voice. I know that voice.”


Jungkook sucks in a breath and pulls Yoongi flush against his body. Shakes his head. “Shh. Don’t. Don’t think about that. Just close your eyes.”


“Why?” Yoongi asks, looking so small and weak and dizzy from the all the mixed drinks and dancing running through his veins. He’s using Jungkook’s body for support to keep standing up. Jungkook loves it. Cherishes the feeling of Yoongi’s body weight against him.


“Just trust me.”


“Trust a stranger in a Jason costume?” Yoongi asks back, amusement flickering in his daunting crescent eyes. “Oh, what the hell.”


He closes his eyes. Jungkook lifts his mask up, cups Yoongi’s soft bloody cheeks and kisses him.Swallows down a happy moan as he’s finally kissing those soft pouty lips. Yoongi makes a squeaky surprised noise in reaction but he doesn’t move away.


He pulls back, mask down again, thumb stroking Yoongi’s cheek. Yoongi’s eyes are still closed, mouth parted and Jungkook wants to kiss him again, so badly it’s almost painful.


Jennie’s calling him, of course she is—dressed like a slutty sailor moon—she’s calling Yoongi’s name and saying something like ‘there you are babe, who’s that creepy guy?’ and Yoongi’s mumbling incoherent excuses and allowing himself to be ushered back into the house.


Yoongi looks back once, meets Jungkook’s lingering gaze, a frightened look full of hesitance on his pretty face. Jungkook commits it to memory and then that’s it. It’s over, and Jungkook’s left with an urgency so strong to steal Yoongi away, keep him close by his side forever and never let anyone else, ever take him away from his arms again.


“Fuck this.” Jungkook spits on the ground, goes to the side of the house, mask off and he lights up a cigarette because he needs to do something or he’s going to fucking lose it.


It hits him, just like this sick and desperate, lurking presence, these dangerous thoughts that all whisper ideas: bad ones, tempting ones in his head and he doesn’t, he just doesn’t push them away. He stands there, against the wall, smoking his cigarette, brainstorming, damn near feverish. Dreaming up dark scenarios, the darkest, and loving, loving, loving every second of it.


Like the many ways he could kidnap Yoongi...the savory things he’d do to him afterwards. Like choking Jennie with his bare hands.


The night is young. Jungkook situates himself behind a few rose bushes and waits. Only for little while, soon Jennie and Yoongi and their friends are all good and fucked up and stumbling outside again, venturing home, hand in hand. How sweet. Jungkook rolls his eyes, gonna get a toothache.


He follows them from a distance. Hides behind trees whenever anyone looks back, feels his eyes on them.


They all live pretty close, the pros of a small town. Trickling from the group one by one as they reach their respective homes. Only fifteen minutes pass before they drop off a werewolf version of Hoseok at his place and then it’s just Yoongi and Jennie.


They’re hugging, in the middle of the sidewalk, saying their goodbyes, Jungkook hates it. Yoongi kisses her, leaves her at her gate. Jungkook moves hastily, careful to avoid stepping on any loose branches on Jennie’s front lawn, finding cover behind her father’s shed. Close to the door, close enough at least. As soon as Yoongi’s earbuds are in, back turned, Jungkook makes his move.


He grabs Jennie before she can get inside the front door. Hand cupped over her mouth, body wiggling, panicking, trying to scream.


“Listen to me.” He whispers out, voice full of mirth and threat. “You’re breaking up with Min Yoongi. You’re never going to talk to him again or I’ll come back here and I’ll make you fucking regret it.” His heart is beating erratically as he holds her small frame in his arms. He squeezes her tighter, a high-pitched scream trying to break through the palm of his hand. “Do you hear me?”


She does her best to nod her head, whimpers muffled, tears flowing down her face and getting all over Jungkook’s fingers. “Good. Don’t fucking turn around, don’t fucking scream, unless you have a death wish. Do you wanna fucking die tonight, Jennie?”


Jennie squirms, her entire body screaming no, no, no. She doesn’t.


“Good girl.” He whispers, suddenly wanting to kiss her lips just to see if Yoongi’s taste still lingers against them. Jungkook slowly removes his hand and Jennie, as carefully as she can, body trembling, doesn’t scream and doesn’t look back and struggles to put the key in her front door three times before she’s safely behind it.


Jungkook walks home, smirk on his face, humming ‘dream a little dream of me’. Delighted.





Jungkook’s hands are a bit tied, because Yoongi’s dating his sister of all people. Which is just, the worst thing that’s ever happened by the way. Shattered his heart into a million tiny pieces.


He can’t threaten his sister like he’s done with Yoongi’s past relationships and he can’t just intervene by confessing to Yoongi now either. Jisoo doesn’t even like Yoongi. She likes Park Jimin, always has. She’s using Yoongi to make Jimin jealous and Jungkook refuses to let it go on for much longer. He has an idea, it might be a little bit crazy but that only makes the idea sound that much more alluring. So he does it, he buys another smartphone and he types up a message and presses send and then that’s it.


There’s no going back.







Min Yoongi is sleeping in his bed. Dyed blonde hair soft and pretty just like goldilocks. Looking like a fallen angel tangled up in Jungkook’s sheets. Light brown eyelashes kissing his pretty cheeks and those rose petal lips that just—they just make Jungkook drool and want, want, want.


He’s wearing a hoodie in his arms that looks all too familiar like it belongs to Jungkook, and for a moment he thinks that it isn’t possible but it is. That hoodie is Jungkook’s, there’s no mistaking it—worn out rips on the front pocket and all.


And Jungkook isn’t able to stop himself from climbing into bed next to the boy. As softly and quietly as he can manage but so risky all the same. He does it anyway because he can’t he just can’t stop.


“Baby.” Jungkook whispers out, closes his eyes at how the word finally spoken out loud tastes on his tongue: so, so sweet.


If Yoongi stirs, it’s barely noticeable. It’s not good, this isn’t good . Yoongi’s deep sleep is giving Jungkook ideas. Daring ones. Fucked up ones. Like for starters he could easily lock the door...


Jungkook’s fingers find themselves tangling in Yoongi’s soft, soft hair. He sighs, chest aching so badly. His entire being just burning to touch, touch, touch. He’s so pretty, so beautiful, so perfect, god, god, god.


His head is screaming, mouth open as he brushes a thumb over Yoongi’s bottom lip. The little bothered whine and furrowed eyebrows in response are just so addicting to hear and see. It’s so hot to know that he’s affecting Yoongi, in this way, in any way. Jungkook feels so fucking hot all over. He presses his thumb a little harder, pulls Yoongi’s bottom lip out a bit, exposing his cute bottom row of teeth. Fantasizes about what it would feel like if Yoongi bit into his skin.Yoongi grunts in annoyance, pouts after Jungkook releases his mouth.


“So cute baby. God you’re cute.” Jungkook aches. Gravitates towards Yoongi like a magnet. Like he always does. “Mind if I kiss you?”


Yoongi whines and rolls his head a bit on the pillow, like he’s faintly hearing something and fighting waking up. Like he just wants to stay asleep. Jungkook smirks and leans forward, ghosts his breath over Yoongi’s hot lips and then he presses. Kisses Yoongi softly. Pulls back with a muffled groan. God. Yoongi’s mouth is just god so soft so perfect. So addicting. Jungkook wants to kiss, kiss, kiss him nonstop. Fuck. He needs to.


He braves another soft kiss pulling another satisfying whine out of Yoongi’s lips but Jungkook doesn’t care. He almost wants him to wake up, to catch him. He bites down on his own tongue as he lifts up the hem of Yoongi’s hoodie (or Jungkook’s hoodie) and takes in the delicious image of Yoongi’s adorable belly button, soft stomach.Yoongi winces and hums, body slightly jerking away as Jungkook bites his own bottom lip and traces his finger over Yoongi’s cute navel. Jungkook wants to dip his tongue inside it. Fuck. His skin is like silk, so pretty and sexy Jungkook can barely control himself.


Oh god does Jungkook want him.


How would Yoongi react? How would he respond to Jungkook’s hands and mouth all over him?


He’s stronger than Yoongi. He could do it, he thinks. Lock the door and take every advantage of this situation. Kiss him breathless, tie him up, duct tape his mouth shut so no one could hear him if he made too much noise. Could unzip that hoodie and leave his name all over Yoongi’s skin. Lick up Yoongi’s gorgeous neck, drown in his muffled little sounds. He could shove his hand down Yoongi’s jeans and get him nice and hard and wet. Force an orgasm out of him just to feel his cum all over his hand. Lap it all up hungrily. Flip him over and eat him out for hours. He could fuck him. Finally know how Min Yoongi tastes and feels and sounds in every way imaginable.


He really could if he wanted to. He does want to. Jungkook’s eighteen years old, he can do whatever the fuck he wants. He’s definitely hard from just the idea of it all.


There’s a sound from the living room. Jungkook huffs, frustrated. Really, of all the days his parents decide to come home, why does it have to be today? Why does it have to be right now?


Just when things were getting so fucking fun.


“Where’s Jisoo?” His mother asks, peeling a green apple in the kitchen, suitcases by the door.


“Probably out fucking someone’s dad.” Jungkook says putting on his shoes and grabbing his bookbag. He turns at the threshold, his mother staring after him with her mouth open. “You know, mom, you have some really shit timing.”



Jungkook loves to shadow Yoongi. Stalk behind him, watch him sleep. He’s always listening to music, never turns around. His parents are never home, it’s almost too easy.


He’s thinking at this point, he could sleep on Yoongi’s living room couch and no one would ever know he was even there. It’s tempting. Being that close to Yoongi all night long. He’d probably be unable to contain himself. He’d have to go to Yoongi’s bedroom door and then he’d have to go inside and crawl into Yoongi’s bed and grab his wrists and kiss him awake and Yoongi would be powerless to stop him. Nobody around to hear him cry for help.


Jungkook follows Yoongi to the corner store, he really loves that little place. Pretty much lives there.





Jungkook has a habit of sleeping on his desk. He stays up so late thinking about Yoongi that he just can’t seem to focus in class. The first bell ringing for second period wakes him out of a lovely, lovely, dream about Yoongi sitting in his lap like a pretty kitten. Jungkook sits up, yawning. He’s the only one left from first period, a few early bird students are flocking in the door now giving Jungkook weird looks.


“What you never seen someone take a fuckin’ nap before?” He husks out, rolling his eyes and yawning again. He stretches his limbs, a light smirk growing on his lips as he sees that familiar tuft of bleach blonde hair at the classroom threshold. Yoongi looks so pretty today. He’s wearing faded blue ripped jeans, a diversion from his normally all black wardrobe, and a light pink hoodie. He’s even wearing a bit of bb cream on his skin. He looks amazing. Jungkook smiles at him. Yoongi blanches when they make eye contact and shyly nods his head a bit, fingers twitching like they were deciding whether or not to wave.


Jungkook wonders if he could get away with hanging out in this class instead of going to his assigned one. He pulls out his phone and sends Yoongi a text, eyes full on the pretty boy’s soft profile.




Yoongi leans down on his arms and blinks a few times while looking at his phone. A deep blush colors his cheeks.


Jungkook chews on his lip and then the late bell rings and everyone else shuffles in and Jungkook is forced to grab his things and leave the room. He brushes past Yoongi’s shoulders on purpose, knocking over one his pens to the ground.


“Asshole.” Yoongi mutters, eyes looking sharp and adorable as Jungkook pauses and looks down at him.


“My bad.” Jungkook says, playful look in his eyes and a light laugh on his lips as he crouches down and brushes his fingers against Yoongi’s as they both try to retrieve the pen from the floor.


Yoongi blushes, cheeks so pink it’s impossible to miss. Their faces are so close it’s stirring Jungkook up inside something fierce. “S’ okay.”


“Jeon Jungkook, get to class.” Ms. Lopez says, finally seeming to notice Jungkook’s unwarranted presence.


Jungkook stays on the ground, smiles, eyes locked with Yoongi’s, golden brown. Whispers. “Guess I gotta go, cutie.”


“What?” Yoongi asks eyes wide, still bent over touching fingers with Jungkook, still adorable as ever.  


“Jeon Jungkook. Do you want to be written up? Get out of my class.”


Jungkook laughs and playfully runs out.










“Kookieee.” Jisoo sing-songs, while knocking on Jungkook’s bedroom door. She’s always been such an annoying knocker. Always sold the least amount of girl-scout cookies and Jungkook’s always kept it close to his chest. He sighs, loud and frustrated because she only ever ‘nicknames’ him when she wants something.


“What?” He asks, monotone and exhausted as he swings open the door wearing nothing but boxers and his favorite sweatpants.


“Ew, put a shirt on you freak.” Jisoo grimaces, and turns her head to the side, trading the view of Jungkook’s naked torso for the view of the hallway. Probably that weird family caricature portrait they have stuck up on the wall. “Anyways,” She continues shrilly while crossing her bejeweled arms, “Do you think Yoongz would like be upset if I didn’t buy him a Christmas present? Cause like, I really wanna get my nails done for Lisa’s white elephant party.”


“You—” Jungkook blinks, jaw dropping in utter disbelief. Oh, god no. He rolls his head back and groans at the ceiling. “Of course you didn’t get him anything. What the fuck was I expecting from you?”


And Jisoo looks completely offended as she whips her head back to look Jungkook in the eyes. “Jesus. Christ. Jungkook. What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”


Jungkook blows air through his nose and crosses his own arms. “It means that you weren’t planning to buy him shit in the first place. There’s only two days left. All the stores are closing early—It means you're a garbage fucking person.”


Jisoo scoffs, face flushed, mouth open in resentment. “So what if that’s true? Why do you even care? You never cared how I treated my boyfriends.”


A mixture of resentment and anger and hurt washes over Jungkook’s entire body and he leans forward through the threshold of the door, looks Jisoo directly in the eyes and spits out his words. “Still don’t. I wouldn’t care if you murdered one of them and asked me to help you hide the goddamn body. But not Yoongi, you don’t get to treat Yoongi like this, fuck that.”


He’s breathing hard. He just can’t handle this anymore. Knowing Jisoo is dating Yoongi is breaking him into a million pieces and she treats him like shit every single day which is the icing on the fucking cake. She doesn’t fucking deserve him.


Jisoo just stands there, a blank and quiet look on her face, looking weaker than she ever has, fingers playing with the hem of her blouse. “Jungko—”


Jungkook’s emotions bubble up inside of him and boil over, all of his heart break and frustration and anger and sadness from the last few weeks just come spilling out of him. “I’m in love with him, okay?” He admits hoarsely, hand slamming against the door frame and making Jisoo jump. His eyes are burning and wet as he continues. “God. Don’t you get it? I’ve loved him ever since we were kids! Why the hell did you have to date him out of all—you had so many losers to pick from!” He sighs heavily, exasperatedly with the drop of his shoulders. Hears the deep sadness in his voice when he says the next words, “I mean seriously, why the fuck did it have to be him?”


“I-I didn’t know—you never told me you were…” Jisoo trails off, looks so small as she plays with her fingers nervously.


“What?” Jungkook snaps back, breathlessly. Raises his eyebrows. “Gay? Is that all you got out of what I said? Are you out of your fucking mind?”


“No? No. Okay, I just wish you would’ve told me!”


Jungkook groans, covers his face with his hands. “Just—just shut up. Just get out of my face.”


Jisoo just stands there frozen and Jungkook can’t take the silence anymore, doesn’t think he should have to. So he slams his door closed, locking the sight of her away from his vision and thoughts.








Jungkook dreams of Yoongi in black and white. Listens to old music on his record player as he showers, bathroom door open, home alone. Humming along to 'put your head on my shoulder' soap sliding down his warm, wet skin. Cock hard, eyes closed, head back, hot water streaming down on his body. Thoughts of Yoongi so, so pretty, tied up to Jungkook’s bed posts.


He bites down on his bottom lip, shivers, replays the memories of kissing Yoongi’s sweet lips, over and over in his head. Smooths his fingers down his abdominals, wraps his hand around his erection with a groan. He touches himself to thoughts of Yoongi. His sweet, darling, sugar rush.


Jerks off hard and rushed, skin hot, chest heaving. Imagines Yoongi completely naked and vulnerable, wrecked and blushing underneath him. Imagines marking all over his pretty, pretty, skin, bruising him with kisses and bitemarks. Making him cum. He wants so badly to see Yoongi cum. To fuck him soft, and hard, to have him in every way possible.


Jungkook climaxes hard to the wonderful, terrible, images in his head. Leans up against the cold shower tiles, catching his breath.


God, is he fucked. So fucked. Jungkook loves Yoongi in the worst way.


He doesn’t see Yoongi all day save for a few times at school. Can’t find him anywhere. He’s about to go to bed, staying up late looking through his secret box. A box full of all things Yoongi. Polaroids of him sleeping, walking, doing anything. Cigarette butts that once touched Yoongi’s lips, candy wrappers, shirt buttons, all sorts of creepy things that Jungkook shouldn’t have stashed away in a treasured box.


Yoongi suddenly texts him. Jungkook can’t believe his fucking eyes.




Jungkook laughs so hard he has to muffle the sound in his pillow. This entire time Yoongi thought he was a girl. So adorable it’s almost unbearable.




Jungkook smiles, cuddling into his bed, pulling his warm blanket over his body, connecting his phone to his charger, reading the messages on repeat.


Why is he hiding?


Because it’s fun, that’s why. Way too much fun to quit now.




Jungkook’s trembling, leaning an ear against his bedroom door, texts from Yoongi so loud in his head, his sister and her friends are drunk across the hall.


Yoongi texted him. Again and this time it’s shocking. It’s dangerous. It’s everything Jungkook’s ever wanted. He’s fully aroused, he wants to sneak out and go straight to Yoongi’s house. He’s not sure if he can control himself.


Dear god, Yoongi will never fail to completely derail him. Has him wrapped around his pretty finger.





Ever so carefully, Jungkook slides his vans on, pulls a face mask on over his nose and mouth, digs through his bottom drawer, bondage tape making him shiver as he holds it in his hand, bottle of lube and then he’s ready. His heart is beating so wildly he’s sure it might just give him away as he softly walks through the living room. Opens his front door, and closes it as quietly as possible.


The streets feel different as he takes the short walk to Yoongi’s house. That red door that lives in Jungkook’s dreams. Jungkook reaches out and touches it, unlocked, pushes it open.


It almost feels like an out of body experience, like he watching a show about catching ghosts, as he walks through Yoongi’s dark house. The lights off in Yoongi’s bedroom, door closed. Jungkook turns the knob. Adrenaline rushing.


Yoongi’s standing there only in his underwear, facing the window, his pretty back to Jungkook. Jungkook sucks in a sharp breath. God.


Jungkook doesn’t think, he just moves, desperate to feel Yoongi’s flesh underneath his fingertips. Yoongi shivers, trembles as Jungkook’s hands finally touch his soft, gorgeous skin. His hips, those small and perfect fuckable hips. Jesus. Jungkook holds back a groan and snatches Yoongi’s arms with one hand, other hand ripping a long strip of bondage tape with his teeth. He tapes Yoongi’s small wrists together. He can’t believe this is happening, that Yoongi’s allowing him to do this. It makes him so fucking hard.


“Look at you.” Jungkook whispers, pressing his lips against Yoongi’s nape, loving the little goosebumps the touch produces on his skin. “Such a good boy, just waiting for me like this.”


Yoongi’s gasping, shivering, moaning , as Jungkook runs his greedy hands all over his lithe body. He kisses Yoongi’s neck in a rush, bites down, sucks bruises, wants so badly for them to show up at school the next day and people to just know that Yoongi belongs to someone. Yoongi belongs to him.


Jungkook darts his tongue out, tastes Yoongi’s skin, licks all over his neck and then down between his shoulder blades, holds on tight to his pretty hips. Eyes hooded, mask down hanging around his neck, he’s oh so tempted to turn Yoongi around and take off his blindfold and kiss him breathless. Fuck him into the mattress. Make him cum, cum, cum, while looking into those butterscotch eyes.


Yoongi lets out a rough and delicious moan when Jungkook yanks his briefs down and wraps his needy hand around his leaking cock. He’s so hard and wet and god Jungkook’s wanted this forever. He’s wanted to touch him here forever. It’s so hot Jungkook can barely keep his voice down. Yoongi’s head is thrown back against Jungkook’s shoulder, like he’s completely weak for Jungkook’s touch. It’s so gratifying. It’s so addicting. Jungkook needs, more, more, more.


Jungkook pulls back, takes his shirt off in a hurry. He rips the tape between Yoongi’s hands and eagerly turns Yoongi around, pushes him backwards until he’s laying on top of his bed. Yoongi moans, as Jungkook raises his hands above his head and presses his body on top of him. His moans are the most arousing noises that Jungkook’s ever had the pleasure of hearing. Being on top of him, god, god, god, Jungkook wants to fucking die like this.


Breath catching in his throat, Jungkook traces his fingers over Yoongi’s wrists and re-tapes them together. It’s just hot, seeing Yoongi like this. All tied up and vulnerable and unable to stop Jungkook from doing whatever he pleases with his body. In fact, he’s welcoming it.


Jungkook sighs and stands, kicking his shoes off, all out of order, he fetches the lube bottle from his pocket and then climbs back on the bed. Pops the bottle open, slicks up his fingers and wraps his hand back around Yoongi’s hard, pretty cock.


Yoongi moans as Jungkook leans over his body and licks his plush lips and then he kisses him. He kisses Yoongi hard, loves kissing him so much and Yoongi kisses him back, mouth parted, inviting, and Jungkook dips his tongue inside, groans as he licks into Yoongi’s perfect, addicting mouth. Yoongi’s a good kisser, Jungkook’s never bothered to calculate how fucked up that would make him. How much more wrecked. Just makes Jungkook even more eager and hungry and aggressive as he makes out with Yoongi and jerks him off.


Yoongi moans and ruts his hips up into Jungkook’s willing hand. Jungkook loves him, fuck, Jungkook’s in love with him.


“You’re so good.” Yoongi says in a low and husky broken gorgeous voice. Jungkook lets out a heavy breath. Jungkook’s too hard, he can’t take this anymore. He gets on his knees and undoes his jeans pulling them barely down to his thighs before he presses his hard and wet cock against Yoongi’s and wraps them both together.


It feels so good, so, so hot fucking against Yoongi’s pretty cock. Watching them rub against each other, chasing an orgasm. Jungkook’s losing his fucking mind. He’s not going to last long, he’s thought about touching Yoongi for way too long to hold back. He feels like he’s going to cum any second because this is too hot, too much, Yoongi’s cock is pulsating against his, red and angry and is going to spill out all over them and that’s the most delicious image that Jungkook’s ever had in his head.


“Cum for me, pretty.” Jungkook tells him, his voice sounding so choked and breathy and Yoongi instantly listens, pushes his hips up and cums hard all over Jungkook’s hand, his cock, Yoongi’s cute, cute tummy. It’s too much, Jungkook can’t handle it. He cums hard with a wrecked moan, adding to the wet mess between them.


Jungkook cleans Yoongi up with tissues while the older boy lays there, seemingly in his own world, catching his breath. Jungkook gets dressed, breathing hard, totally out of it. He pulls his mask back up over his nose and mouth, climbs back up on the bed un-tapes Yoongi’s hands.


Jungkook kisses Yoongi softly, then with more pressure, full of longing. Yoongi kisses him back just as eagerly, it almost brings tears to Jungkook’s eyes. It’s too good, It’s everything he’s ever wanted. Yoongi sighs and runs his fingers through Jungkook’s hair. Jungkook can’t absorb it, he finds himself laughing against Yoongi’s lips.


He can’t stay here. This is too much. He needs to go home, he needs to understand what just happened.


He leaves in a daze, thoughts hazy as fuck.





He wakes up the next day with an unquenchable thirst for more, more, more. He wants Yoongi with an intense and burning passion.


Sees him bending over during gym, cute shorts, perfect ass. Jungkook can’t resist him anymore. He’s tasted him on a whole new level and he wants. He aches.




Jungkook heads off to the locker room waits near the back, a section that’s hard to see if anyone were to walk inside. He sits on the bench, already hard as he texts Yoongi more. He almost wants to beg, beg that pretty blonde to come see him again. Let him fuck him.






Yoongi actually relents. It does wonders to Jungkook’s fucked up ego. He hides as he watches Yoongi walk past him and into the showers. Hears the water turn on.


Jungkook’s so stimulated. He brings a blindfold he may or may not have brought to school just in case. Gets naked steps inside behind Yoongi’s beautiful vulnerable body, that looks even more ripe and perfect under the shower lights.


He’s such a good boy, always doing what he’s told. Standing there with those pretty, veiny, hands of his pressed up against the wet tile wall. The hot water flowing over his skin. Jungkook inwardly groans.


Jungkook’s hands slide around Yoongi’s cute wet tummy, finger tip brushing his navel and Yoongi’s gasping and looking down at Jungkook’s hands. Watching them touch him. Jungkook bites down on his bottom lip as Yoongi shivers and leans back into his warmth, eyes closed like the best fucking boy that he is. Jungkook wants to reward him.


He pulls the blindfold over Yoongi’s eyes, it’s a dark sleeping mask that takes any bit of light away. Jungkook turns him around and kisses him, hard, urgent, meaningful, nips at his pretty lips afterwards and it pulls a delicious moan from Yoongi’s throat. Jungkook holds back a groan, turns Yoongi back under the water, facing forward again with his hands against the wall.


Jungkook presses his body against Yoongi’s small back, water pouring all over them. He trails one hand up Yoongi’s belly and touches his taut nipples. Brings his other hand around Yoongi’s neck, giving him a small squeeze. He’s always wanted to do that. To hold Yoongi’s lithe neck under his fingertips. He brings it down down down to touch Yoongi’s cock, he’s so hard already.


“Said you didn’t miss me,” Jungkook whispers, close to his ear, “but look how hard you are.”

Yoongi whines when Jungkook lets go of him, bending down to pour body wash all over his hands and work the liquid into a lather and then he’s touching Yoongi again, softly washing all over his pretty skin and Yoongi groans like he loves it. Like he loves being washed by Jungkook. Jungkook loves it too. He loves Yoongi.

He peppers kisses all over Yoongi’s neck and back, closes his eyes moans, holds Yoongi close, tries to feel every inch of his skin. Yoongi’s moaning and shivering the whole way through.

Jungkook drags his lips over Yoongi’s shoulder and bites into it playfully, pulling a startled gasp from Yoongi’s throat and then Jungkook’s bringing his hands to Yoongi’s hips and gripping them hard, full of want. He spreads Yoongi’s thighs apart with one hand and pulls his hips backwards, Yoongi pliant and letting it happen, leaning on the shower wall for support with his pretty ass in the air.

Jungkook reaches down again, uncaps the bottle of lube he also may have brought just in case, and coats his fingers, hurriedly. Presses one all the way into Yoongi’s tight little entrance because he can’t wait anymore. Yoongi twitches, lets out a shocked sound.

Jungkook groans as he fingers Yoongi, moving one digit around invasively as he begins stretching him out. Getting him ready for Jungkook’s eager cock.

“You’re so pretty, so good for me.” Jungkook whispers, breathing quick and excitedly, pushing in another finger almost too soon. Yoongi’s moaning, standing still, taking it. “So tight.” Jungkook moans, curling his fingers and slowly fucking Yoongi with them. It’s too hot. So hot. “Look at you baby, so perfect.”

Yoongi whimpers, nods his head cutely. Looks fucking wrecked already. Jungkook pushes in a third finger, really loving the way Yoongi’s ass grips him, how tight and hot he looks getting stretched open by Jungkook’s hand.

Jungkook feels pre-cum leak out of his cock as he curls his fingers and rubs against Yoongi’s prostate and Yoongi starts to moan and push back his naughty little hips.

“So fucking hot,” Jungkook groans, praises, “such a dirty, dirty, boy.”

Jungkook never imagined just how into this Yoongi would be. He loves it, it’s mesmerizing. He wishes they could do this forever, for hours—

“Shit, we don’t have much time.” Jungkook says, realization that their class will end soon and everyone will come piling into the locker room and Jungkook hasn’t even been inside Yoongi yet and he needs to fuck him. He cannot wait any longer.

He slipped up. He forgot to lower his voice. Fuck. He can’t think about that right now. He removes his fingers and presses the head of his wet and hungry cock against Yoongi’s small entrance and groans. Yoongi gasps.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Jungkook husks out, grabbing onto Yoongi’s waist and pushing all the way inside of him. Eyes closed, mouth open as he moans, “Holy shit.”

“S-so, fucking big, I—fuck.” Yoongi chokes out. Jungkook groans, hips kicking a bit inside of Yoongi’s warm, tight, perfect heat. Gripping Jungkook’s cock, so perfectly. So well. God.

Yoongi’s body drops a bit but Jungkook’s quick to hold him up and then he’s laughing breathlessly because he can’t believe this is even happening. He’s fucking Yoongi, he’s actually inside of him, maxing him out.

Jungkook starts to fuck into him eagerly, holding his body tight and at an angle and just fucking him hard and eager. “You don’t know how bad I wanted this, baby.” Jungkook tells him as he thrusts into his tight ass. “You don’t know how much I fucking love you.”

Yoongi’s moaning, completely helpless, but seeming to love it just as much as Jungkook does. Jungkook keeps pumping his cock inside of Yoongi, shocks of pleasure flowing through his body. He’s so close already, Yoongi just does this to him. Makes him cum so good, so hard just by being him. Being so soft and pretty and sarcastic and a little bit twisted. He’s a little fucked up himself if Jungkook’s being honest. He’s here after all, let a total stranger fuck him hard in the gym showers at school of all places. He’s a bad boy. Jungkook tells him as much.

“So risky baby. Letting me touch you like this. Letting me fuck your cute ass, God, I fucking love you.”

Yoongi lets out a little sob in reaction to Jungkook’s whispers. He almost sounds like he’s crying while pushing his ass back onto Jungkook’s cock. It’s so hot. It’s so confusing.

Jungkook slows a down a bit, fucking him deeper and slower, presses his lips to Yoongi’s neck and kisses and nips and licks against his skin, sucks another bruise there, writes his name in blue, red, and purple. He wraps his hand around Yoongi’s cock, pulling a moan from him, tugging him, jerking him off like he likes to do to himself, needily. Jungkook feels his orgasm brewing, he’s going to cum soon and he wants so badly for Yoongi to cum first. He keeps kissing him, keeps pumping his cock, keeps fucking into him.

Yoongi surprises him, throwing his head back suddenly and saying, “Kiss me, please fucking kiss me.”

Jungkook’s heart twists in his chest. He pulls out of Yoongi and turns him around, needily, lifts him up in his arms and presses him against the wall, allowing Yoongi’s full body weight to rest on his own. Yoongi wraps his arms around Jungkook’s neck, his legs around his waist. Jungkook wastes no time pushing his cock back inside of Yoongi. Fucking him like this, against the shower wall, the stream of water going cold against Jungkook’s back.

He brings his mouth to hover over Yoongi’s presses his lips there softly. Then eagerly and Yoongi moans and kisses him with a fire in his lips, urgent. Jungkook moans, shocked as Yoongi sticks his tongue into his mouth and starts to lick into it. He’s fucking kissing Jungkook needily with his tongue, it’s so hot. Jungkook didn’t expect it. He never expects the things that Yoongi does. He’s always one step ahead, he’s amazing. Jungkook thinks he’s fucking amazing.

They make out for a few minutes, moaning into each other’s mouths and then Jungkook pulls away, catching his breath, moving his lips to Yoongi’s ear, sucking on his earrings before breathing heavily into that pretty, pretty, ear and he can’t resist snaking his tongue inside. Yoongi’s body trembles in his hold, his cock pressed hard against Jungkook’s abs he starts grinding against Jungkook’s body. Jungkook moans into his ear, holds him close, fucks him harder.

Yoongi’s moans are getting pretty loud. Way too loud for Jungkook to last much longer and way too loud for a secret fuck in the boys locker room.

“Careful baby. Wouldn’t want anyone to hear how much of a slut—”

Yoongi moans loud, cutting Jungkook’s words off, and cuming hard and rough, all over Jungkook’s stomach. It’s so fucking hot Jungkook can’t stop himself from cuming directly afterwards, filling Yoongi’s tight ass up with his load. “Oh, god. Baby, you’re so fuckin perfect. I love you. I love you so much.”

Jungkook washes Yoongi’s body one more time before sending him off with a towel and smack on his pretty ass. Yoongi tentatively kisses him goodbye. So sweet.

Jungkook stays inside the shower, chest heaving, body flowing with euphoria.








Jungkook’s sleeping on his desk again, eyes slitting open whenever he hears another student walking in the door, waiting for Yoongi. This is one of their only shared classes together, Jungkook sometimes skips his classes but he wouldn’t miss this one for the world.


Yoongi walks in looking all sorts of sleep deprived, adorable. Jungkook closes his eyes again smiles to himself.


He hears Jisoo’s voice before he realizes she followed Yoongi in. He looks back up, finds her sitting in the desk in front of Yoongi and tugging on his hoodie. Realization dawns on him. That’s the hoodie that Yoongi stole from his bedroom. Jungkook never found out why that was.


Jisoo calls out to him suddenly from across the room. “Jungkook,” she asks shrilly, knowing look in her eyes, like she’s doing him a favor. “Did you give Yoongi your jacket?”


Jungkook chews on his bottom lip, hiding a smile. Yoongi avoids eye contact, he looks so adorably nervous.


“Yeah,” Jungkook lies, trying not to grin, “So?”


Yoongi snorts out a laugh, looking incredulos and Jisoo looks even more shocked than he does. Face flushed from embarrassment. She must believe Jungkook. Jungkook sort of feels bad, considering she did break up with Yoongi for him but she gets over things quickly and Jungkook can’t resist humiliating her because she’s trying to do the exact same thing to Yoongi and that just pisses him off.


“Don’t tell me I can’t be friends with your exes now, I’d have to move out of town just to have a social life.”


A lot of people around them laugh as Jisoo’s face shifts into something sour and she stands up. “Go fuck yourself, Kook.” fully composed again and she saunters away.


Yoongi hides in his arms, phone screen lighting up as he starts to type out a message. Jungkook raises his eyebrows when his phone buzzes not long after.






Oh. Jungkook thinks, oh no. Oh fuck.


Yoongi has a crush on him, doesn’t he? On Jeon Jungkook, the popular boy. Is that why he was in his bedroom? Is that why he stole his jacket? He fucking likes him?


Oh god. Jungkook didn’t anticipate this. He never, never, thought this would happen.


He needs to kiss him, he needs to look into his eyes and ask why.


He barely lasts until lunch before he’s sitting in front of Yoongi, can’t keep the teasing smirk off his face.


“Oh fuck.” Yoongi blurts out, dropping his phone on the table when he meets Jungkook’s gaze. Jungkook laughs hard, pressing his knee against Yoongi’s. Yoongi’s eyes widen, his cheeks blush and he sighs. “I, um, I’m sorry about—”

Jungkook grins, leans forward, gets closer to Yoongi’s pretty face. “Were you in my room, Yoongi?” He whispers, eyes teasing and excited.

Yoongi’s adam’s apple bobs as he swallows down nothing, his eyes dropping to Jungkook’s lips. He looks like he wants to eat them. Jungkook’s in fucking heaven. He rushes in, without even giving himself time to think about it and kisses Yoongi gently, feather light, but kisses him all the same, pulls back to see the look on his face. Yoongi’s flushed, surprised, perfect.

Jungkook smirks. “Oh, sorry. You looked like you wanted to kiss me.” And then he’s standing up and walking away and leaving a very frazzled and adorable Yoongi behind him.

He texts Yoongi afterwards, playing with him, always toying with his little sweetheart. Cat and mouse.




Jungkook throws his head back laughing behind the cover of his open locker door. Oh, god, messing with Yoongi is just too much fun.




It’s a cold Monday afternoon. Jungkook’s sipping hot chocolate and watching a little bit of snow drizzle outside the window.


His phone vibrates a few times on the table. Heart lurching when he sees they’re texts from his favorite person.




It’s foggy outside, but it doesn’t take long to find him. Jungkook covers Yoongi’s mouth with his hand, pulls him into an alley. Jungkook wonders how long he’s going to be able to keep this up. He’s not even wearing a mask today for fucks sake.


Yoongi’s emotional. It tugs at Jungkook’s heartstrings. It blindsides him.


“It’s just—I don’t want to lose you.” Yoongi tells him. “When will I get to look you in the eyes, call you by name, d-don’t you want that? Or is this just some sort of game and you—are you just fucking with me? Because I’m starting to miss you, I’m starting to want you, and I can’t start to need you, because fuck, I’m already broken, I’m already ruined, I’m already gone and I don’t need any help tearing myself apart.”


“Shhh.” Jungkook holds Yoongi closer and runs his fingers through his soft pretty hair. “I love you. Don’t you know that? God, I’m so in love with you. Even your sweet little tears. I would never hurt you, I promise. I just wanted to have a little bit of fun, and I know you like it.” He breathlessly laughs. “You love it. So don’t worry, because I promise I won’t break you, I just wanna see how far you can bend. You can be a good boy and play along until the end can’t you, baby?” He moves so that his palm is now covering Yoongi’s eyes and he pulls back and kisses him passionately on the lips. “Say you’ll be patient.”


Yoongi’s soft wet lashes blink against Jungkook’s fingers covering them. His voice is almost breathless as he answers. “I—I’ll be patient.”


“Good boy.”


Jungkook’s chest hurts as he walks back home. He’s not sure what he’s doing anymore. He’s just lost. So lost. Yoongi’s tears, his words, his worries. God. No fair. They’re really fucking him up inside. Jungkook’s going fucking mad.



It’s pouring out. The kind of rain that’s hard and warm and gets you excessively wet. Everyone’s scattering inside the campus building to take cover. Jungkook’s standing outside under a canopy and watching with amusement as everyone around him screams and scurries and gets completely soaked.


Here he is, pretty little blonde thing, wearing Jungkook’s hoodie as if it’s always belonged to him, undisturbed in the rain. Jungkook takes a pull from his cigarette, watching Yoongi in slow motion.


Yoongi’s sharp eyes flicker over and lock with Jungkook’s and it takes his breath away. The look Yoongi gives him, his eyelashes wet and dark and so pretty, his lips red and juicy looking—ripe. Jungkook wants to bite into them and suck their color dry.


He follows Yoongi inside the building, pulled like a magnet, loses him in the crowd and heads up and down the hallways until he sees him again.


He walks straight up to Yoongi, grabs onto his frail wrist and tugs him along. Yoongi just lets it happen. Jungkook isn’t sure what he’s looking for, what the fuck he’s doing. The late bell rings, Jungkook shoves him against the lockers. Yoongi gasps, eyes going wide. Jungkook finds himself leaning in and kissing his soft lips. So slow and teasing while looking into those eyes that he misses so dearly. Yoongi’s hands wrap around Jungkook’s waist, gentle lips kiss him back.


“You look nice in my clothes.” Jungkook whispers out, leaves Yoongi looking wrecked in the empty hallway.




Jungkook’s giving Yoongi a choice. He knows he’s fucked up, he’s just hoping Yoongi chooses him anyway.


He’s going to stop texting Yoongi and stop seeking him out in person. He’s going to leave everything in his veiny, perfect, hands.


Jungkook can stay on the sidelines forever, watching Yoongi from afar but not hurting him, at least he won’t be hurting him.


But...if Yoongi reaches out to him, again. If Yoongi reaches out to him then Jungkook’s never fucking letting go.


He waits, anguished. He waits.


It’s radio silence for days. Yoongi stops going outside as much and when he does he goes over to Jung Hoseok’s house and doesn’t come out until the morning. Jungkook feels a strong twinge of jealousy at that. He starts to wonder if maybe Yoongi’s moving on and that only makes it harder for Jungkook to not send Yoongi a text message and break the silence himself. He’s waiting for what feels like forever until it finally stops.






Jungkook’s chest burns, his eyes feel wet, his heart beats wildly in his chest.


Yoongi still cares. Some part of him actually really fucking cares and Jungkook knew that, he’s already realized that but it’s the acceptance part of it all that somehow didn’t really hit him.


Jungkook never had to leave. Because Yoongi accepts him the way he is. Yoongi doesn’t mind Jungkook’s dark side, in fact he seems to fucking miss it.




He’s panicking now because he can’t find Yoongi anywhere and he can see how painful and emotional Yoongi’s reacted to Jungkook ghosting him.


Jungkook finds him at a party, sees as Yoongi climbs up a staircase, trips and scrapes his hands on the splintered wood. It does something soft to Jungkook’s heart, makes him swallow back a random cup of sweet liquor and follow Yoongi up. This is it. This is where he finally comes clean.


He sighs as he gets closer and sees just how broken Yoongi looks. He sits down next to him, slides his arm over the boy’s small shoulders and hugs him close. “Hey, hey what’s wrong?”


Yoongi sobs against Jungkook’s chest, body trembling and holds up his palms to Jungkook, shaking. “You said you liked the taste of blood. You can have mine. I don’t need it.” He scoffs and leans his head back against Jungkook’s body.


Jungkook feels something dark shift inside of him when he looks at those bleeding hands. The image is making Jungkook’s own blood run hot and his pulse quicken. He wants to taste that gorgeous red liquid on his tongue. He slowly lifts up Yoongi’s palms and kisses the wounds, getting the sweet and salty blood on his lips and licking it off, holding back a moan. “Thanks.” He says, feeling sort of high, and letting out a slightly amused laugh as he runs his fingers through Yoongi’s precious locks and holds him closer to his chest. “Although I don’t remember saying that.”


He does remember. Of course he does. It was the first time the two of them ever met.


Yoongi half snorts, half sobs and nuzzles his body closer to Jungkook like an adorable little kitten finding warmth in the cold. He’s so damn cute.“You were like ten, I don’t know. I always remember.” Jungkook’s fingers that were drumming on Yoongi’s back freeze at this, he didn’t expect Yoongi to remember it just as well as he did. “You were so cute when we were younger, such a sweet little thing, but such a brat.” He laughs, god, Jungkook loves his pretty laugh. “I always loved you for that.”


Oh. Jungkook didn’t realize how just how terribly he was aching to hear Yoongi say how he felt out loud—or at least how he used to feel. “Do you still love me, Yoongi?”


Yoongi closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath. “I—can you be in love with two people at the same time?”


Jungkook lets out a breathy giggle, holding Yoongi tighter. “I’m not sure. I’ve only ever loved one person.”


Jungkook watches closely as Yoongi swallows, eyes burning with an onslaught of more tears and he looks up at Jungkook, looks him straight in the eyes. It’s hypnotizing. “Is it—is it supposed to hurt this much? Loving someone, is it supposed to be this fucking painful?”


“You’d be surprised.” Jungkook admits, as he leans into Yoongi’s face. “Love can make you want to do some terrible, terrible, things.” He says, teasingly, gently reaching out to brush Yoongi’s wet cheek with his thumb and he leans in and presses their lips together, slow at first and it’s so fucking hot how Yoongi’s not kissing him back and just letting it happen, letting Jungkook take advantage of his mouth and even hotter when he starts kissing him back. Jungkook kisses him deeper, the faint taste of Yoongi’s blood still present and making him hot and Yoongi moans into it, kisses him back needily and then he just freezes.


Yoongi sucks in a sharp breath eyes going wide, a shiver shaking his body and he pulls back, hands trembling, grasping onto Jungkook’s jean jacket. It’s over now. The fun and games are all over and Jungkook feels both excited and disappointed.


He smiles at Yoongi, so proud of him for finally putting the pieces together and he places his hands on his cheeks, and continues to wipe his pretty, pretty tears away. “Did I push you too far baby? Are you okay?”


Jungkook’s hurt by Yoongi’s reaction. He doesn’t have the right to be but he’s hurt all the same. The way he just shivers and starts crying again and shakes his head looking lost and confused and oh—oh, god, Jungkook didn’t realize how deep this would cut him.. “N-no. I’m not okay. I’m—this isn’t okay, you can’t just—” He grabs Jungkook’s wrists and pushes his hands away. “I’m going home.”


Jungkook stays planted in his spot, gaze downcast and eyes teary with a sad sort of smile on the corner of his lips as Yoongi walks away. Jungkook can feel his heartache all the way through the tips of his fingers.


Oh. He thinks to himself, feeling numb and all kinds of broken. Oh. So this is what it truly feels like to lose the love of your life.


Jungkook closes his eyes, dizzy. The sounds of everything around him meshing into one big mess of white noise—taunting and fuzzy. Jungkook’s love for Yoongi is toxic. More of a condition than a feeling. He’s fucking obsessed, fixated forever on Yoongi’s existence. Without him, Jungkook would rather die.

Jungkook leaves the party in a trance. Walks aimlessly in the night and under the full moon he thinks that maybe he should die, hell, maybe he doesn’t deserve to be alive, but he desperately needs Yoongi to know how he feels.





Jungkook considers just making it happen, leaving town and never coming back, taking his own life, but he just can’t. He can’t let Yoongi go. He refuses to. He halts in his steps, alcohol finally hitting him and he turns on his heels. This is just stupid, what the fuck is he doing? Jungkook can’t control himself, his nature, his obsession. He should surely know that by now.


There’s the red door, that door that started it all. It’s unlocked as always, just begging Jungkook to push it open and find the boy hidden behind it. He doesn’t bother to hush the power of his steps like he usually does when he sneaks in. No, this time he walks down the hallway and through the living room like he belongs there and he knows that Yoongi hears him because suddenly he can hear a rush of panicked footsteps coming from Yoongi’s bedroom. They both reach Yoongi’s bedroom door at the same time, Yoongi struggling to lock it and Jungkook keeping it cracked open just enough to stop him.


Jungkook listens to Yoongi’s increased and heavy breaths and the sounds make Jungkook’s body feel hot as Yoongi tries his hardest to close the gap. Lock Jungkook outside for probably forever. Jungkook bites down on his bottom lip and he grips onto the round metal handle and leans his forehead against the white painted wood. “Baby...just give up, you know I’m stronger than you are.”


Yoongi gasps, lets go of the door and Jungkook keeps it steady when he feels it give, creaks it open a bit as Yoongi slowly backs away and Jungkook holds back his smile, feels like he’s won something and happily, he pushes the door open and lets himself inside. He almost expects to find Yoongi with his back against the wall, looking like a scared animal that’s been cornered by it’s hunter. But he isn’t.


Yoongi’s sitting on his bed, knees hugged to his chest and just looking at Jungkook with a mixture of fear and curiosity.


Jungkook kicks the door closed behind him, the loud sound of it shutting being the only sound in the room now—reverberating in his head. He stands there with bated breath and just takes in the sight of Yoongi looking so small and pretty even in the dark bedroom that’s only light source is the moonbeams and street lights bleeding through the window.


They stare into eachothers eyes, calculating, speculating and Yoongi blinks for a few beats before he abruptly stands up. Takes one step closer, two steps, then three. And he pauses when he’s only a few feet away from where Jungkook practically towers over him. He’s always been such a curious person, such a wild card, even through years and years and years of Jungkook holding him under a magnifying glass, he’s never been able to predict Yoongi’s actions.


Yoongi’s cute tongue comes out, wets his pink lips and he straightens his t-shirt as he huffs out a sigh. “Say it again.” He says, with a sort of demand in his voice.


Jungkook raises his eyebrows, a smile twitching at the corner of his lips and he tilts his head endearingly. “I’m sorry?”


Yoongi scoffs and lets out a breathless laugh. “You’re not .” He pushes his palm against Jungkook’s chest and it makes Jungkook grin as he’s pushed slightly backwards but not enough to really move his body out of place. It’s playful, Yoongi’s playing with him. “You’re not fucking sorry.” He repeats.


Jungkook sucks in his bottom lip and pulls a gasp from Yoongi’s mouth as he grabs his small hips and pulls him closer. They’re chest to chest now, Jungkook looking down into Yoongi’s wide eyes and holding him in place. “You’re right.” He admits, leaning further down and looking deep, deep, deep into Yoongi’s eyes. “I don’t regret anything. Toying with you baby…” Jungkook sucks in a breath, eyes hooded, lips curling. “I loved every second of it.”


“You’re fucked up.” Yoongi tells him, a breathless look on his face. He leans up and kisses Jungkook roughly on the lips so unpredictably that Jungkook can only moan in response and then Yoongi pulls his lips back and he’s looking at Jungkook again with this lazy expression in his teary eyes. “So fucked up.”


Jungkook groans and closes the gap this time, reconnects their lips rushed and eager. Yoongi’s hands come up and around, cup over Jungkook’s shoulder blades, pressing him closer and he instantly opens up his mouth, moans as Jungkook dips his tongue inside of it, hungrily kissing him back. Jungkook slips his hands into the back of Yoongi’s jeans, underneath his underwear, feeling up the naked flesh of Yoongi’s round ass and pushing those hips against Jungkook’s half-hard erection. “Gonna fuck you, now, yeah?” Jungkook bites down on Yoongi’s bottom lip, sucking it into his mouth with a groan. He kisses Yoongi again, Yoongi who’s just moaning over and over again with every touch that Jungkook initiates. “Gonna make you cry.”


“No.” Yoongi says, sounding weak and heated as he grinds his hips up into Jungkook’s and threads his fingers through his hair. He tugs hard, sending pleasure through Jungkook’s body and he goes in to kiss Jungkook’s mouth again but Jungkook smirks and turns his face to avoid it. Digs his nails into Yoongi’s asscheeks and holds him strongly in place. Yoongi gasps, sounding suddenly panicked and confused and Jungkook feels fucking powerful.


“Oh. You want me to stop? Should I leave, baby?” Jungkook grins as he looks down at Yoongi’s lost expression.


Yoongi catches his breath, completely trapped in Jungkook’s hold, face flushed and frustrated as he pulls his bottom lip into his mouth and takes his time responding. “I don’t—I don’t think you have it in you.”


At this Jungkook can only giggle, pull his hands up Yoongi’s body to rest on his small shoulders. He leans his forehead against Yoongi’s and ghosts his lips an inch away from the blonde’s face. “You know, you’re pushing your luck right now. It’s adorable, but it’s not going to get you what you want. I can easily leave right now.” He lets out a breathless chuckle. “I’ve done it a million times before. Seen you laying there, hard and half-naked and tempting and I still had the strength to not climb in that bed and fuck you.”


Yoongi blinks at him, lips parted and he moves his hands to squeeze around Jungkook’s waist, silently pleading as he gently shakes his head. “Please don’t—”


Jungkook moves his hands, one coming to grip behind Yoongi’s neck and the other palming against the others strong and hard erection through his jeans. Yoongi moans, whimpers practically as Jungkook lets him grind up against his hand. He leans in to whisper into his ear.


“That day, you asked me to come over, you used me.” Yoongi makes a noise of complaint or worry or disagreement in the form of a moan but Jungkook keeps pressing his hand against Yoongi’s clothed-cock, keeps talking into his ear. “It was hot, baby, so hot but I must admit it hurt a little bit.” Yoongi’s body seems to struggle as Jungkook hurriedly undoes the others jeans and pushes his hand underneath Yoongi’s underwear and against the naked flesh of Yoongi’s wet and hard cock. He starts to full on jerk him off, Yoongi’s moans getting louder and louder as Jungkook closes his eyes and spreads all of Yoongi’s precum up and down his length, squeezing and feeling how heavy his cock is, how it twitches and grows harder, wetter in reaction.


“Is that all I am to you? An easy fuck? Is that all you want from me?” Jungkook bites down onto Yoongi’s earlobe, sucks and pulls it through his teeth and slows down the way he pumps his hand around Yoongi’s member. Yoongi groans and shakes his head in disagreement and makes a few little noises of panic but he doesn’t say anything back so Jungkook removes his hand completely and grips onto Yoongi’s jaw, forcing him to make eye contact. “How cruel. You know how much I love you.”


“I—” Yoongi blinks rapidly, looking all sorts of alarmed. Jungkook watches in amusement as Yoongi swallows before speaking. “I want you.”


“Hmm...that’s not enough.” Jungkook huffs and replaces his hand on Yoongi’s cock, grinds his palm against the sensitive length as Yoongi begins to moan again.


Yoongi’s eyes start to water exasperatedly, his hips kicking up against the palm of Jungkook’s hand. “Fuck. I need you, okay?”


Jungkook stops touching him again, lifts Yoongi’s chin with his free hand and kisses Yoongi far too soft and sweet for his own good, lets Yoongi’s little tongue lap up at his lips but denies it entrance into his mouth. “That’s not very specific baby. You’re really starting to make me upset.”


Yoongi’s body shrinks, he moves his arms to wrap around Jungkook’s neck to hold himself up and he buries his face into Jungkook’s neck and Jungkook can feel Yoongi’s wet tears against his skin. “Do you think it’s easy for me to admit? That I’m in love with a fuckin pyscho? God.” Yoongi half-sobs, half-laughs into Jungkook’s throat. “You’re never going to stop torturing me are you?”


“No.” Jungkook laughs out, breathlessly, heart racing as he hugs Yoongi’s body close. “I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.” He pulls back and kisses Yoongi on the lips again, he’ll never get tired of feeling those perfect candied lips against his own. “Trust me. I’ve tried, but I can’t . Yoongi, I’m fucked up— obsessed with you, wanna play with you forever. I don’t care about anything else.”


Yoongi pulls back to look at him and slowly shakes his head from left to right. “Fuck that. You have to care. I want to do shit with my life. I need the person that I’m in a relationship with to fucking care.”


Jungkook laughs lightly and rolls his eyes. “That’s fine. I’m not talking about that. I’d never expect you to hold back from the things you want to do or live a shitty life. I’m only talking about us . Just you and me. I need you to understand that if we’re together... god , I can’t control the urges I feel when it comes to you. I don’t want a normal relationship. I want to own you. I want you to belong to me. I know it’s fucking selfish, but I don’t want to settle for anything less than that. I don’t honestly think I fucking can anymore.”


“Don’t be a dumbass.” Yoongi says, teary eyed as he looks up at Jungkook. “Fuck you, Jungkook you can’t just ask me to do that.” He presses up and pushes his lips against Jungkook’s, threads his fingers through his hair again and Jungkook groans and kisses him back this time, almost smiling into the kiss. “You’re insane.” Yoongi says when their lips part before kissing him again. “Fuckin lunatic.”


Jungkook laughs and picks Yoongi up by the thighs easily, kisses him hard as he walks them backwards towards Yoongi’s bed. He pulls a moan from Yoongi as he drops him on the mattress and climbs over to push his shirt up and messily kiss down his stomach. “You’re so pretty, skin tastes so good, I wanna ruin you.”


Jungkook teasingly kisses the span of skin above Yoongi’s waist band, looking up at him as Yoongi looks back, propped up on his elbows and watching Jungkook carefully in the dark, hips kicking up against Jungkook with need. “Okay.” He whispers out.


Jungkook grins wickedly, drags his tongue from one side of Yoongi’s twitching stomach to the other. “Okay, what?”


“You can have me. You can own me....but only if I can have you too.” Yoongi swallows, avoiding eye contact. “What do you think?”


Jungkook holds back a groan, savors those pretty words, feels them flowing through his veins, his heart feels raw and full, so fucking complete and now his body is just hungry, dripping with want to take advantage of everything that Yoongi just gave him. He’s quite honestly in disbelief that this is even happening. Jungkook giggles against Yoongi’s belly and looks up at his gorgeous face.


“Oh baby, I think you just made a deal with the devil.”
















“You’ve been such a good boy.” Jungkook grins, teasing Yoongi, who’s blushing on the couch, plump bottom lip in his teeth. Jungkook’s fingers ever so slowly undo Yoongi’s jeans, the blonde lifting his hips up as Jungkook shoves them down to his soft thighs. Yoongi’s briefs are soaking wet, cock strained inside them, he’s so hard , been waiting for an entire week to be touched.


“Shit. It fucking hurts.” Yoongi says with a pained and breathy laugh.


“Your fault, baby.” Jungkook tells, tongue-in-cheek. It is his fault. Yoongi’s been teasing him, sneaking around to dangerous places and waiting for Jungkook to come and save him and fuck him hard afterwards. It’s so hot, Jungkook fucking loves that Yoongi’s toying with him but last week—last week at school Yoongi had his hands all over Hoseok, openly flirting with him just to make Jungkook jealous. Of course Jungkook had to punish him.


Yoongi sighs, rolls his pretty eyes, exasperated. “He’s my friend you psycho.”


Jungkook scoffs, fingers dipping into Yoongi’s waistband and releasing them with a loud snap against Yoongi’s sensitive skin. Yoongi hisses. With a frown Jungkook says, “You’re kidding, right?”


“Ugh.” Yoongi throws his head back, neck bared and empty of any bruises. Jungkook’s going to have to fix that. “Just touch me. Please . I swear to fucking god, I didn’t sign up for this shit.”


To that Jungkook can only laugh. “Yes, you fucking did.”


Yoongi smiles, knowingly. He knows what he did. What he’s doing. Such a fucking brat. He tilts his head cutely, crosses his arms to grab the hem of his black t-shirt, pulls it over his head and throws it backwards behind the couch. Jungkook’s eyes fall down to his pretty skin, faded bruises near his ribcage. Jungkook’s hands reach out and touch him all over, greedy, and possessive. He’s still furious, at just the thought that anyone else could ever touch Yoongi like this.


“Fuck Hoseok. Gonna kick his fucking skinny ass.” Jungkook practically growls out, fingers digging into the bare flesh of Yoongi’s hips.


Yoongi moans and throws his head back, wrecked grin on his lips. “Don’t, babe. Don’t you dare .”


Jungkook’s eyes are dark and hooded, sitting on his knees in between Yoongi’s legs. He rubs his lips against Yoongi’s soft, gorgeous, thighs, bites down and sucks a hickey into his skin, eyes staring up at Yoongi’s face. Yoongi’s hot mouth is parted, he looks so weak and wrecked already and Jungkook’s barely laid a finger on him.


Jungkook grins, slowly, darkly. “Where do you want me? hmm? How do you want me, darling ?”


Yoongi’s voice is a breathy whisper as he answers. “Everywhere. I want you everywhere. Anywhere . Always.” His hands tremble as he reaches down and touches Jungkook’s face, drags the pads of his fingers over Jungkook’s cheeks, his jaw, his nose, his lips. “I want you forever.


Jungkook’s heart swells, it burns . “Fuck.” He’s always like this. So sarcastic, a bite to his words and then he’s just sweet, honest, out of fucking nowhere. Yoongi kills him, he’s slowly killing him and Jungkook’s going down willingly . Giving Yoongi the shovel to bury him, six feet deep. Covered in dirt with a smile on his face.


Jungkook moves quickly, tugs Yoongi’s jeans down past his ankles and picks Yoongi up, holds him in his arms, bare legs around his waist. Yoongi’s face is flushed pink as Jungkook breathes hotly into his ear. “Sit on my cock.”


Yoongi’s body twitches in his hold as he lets out a weak and breathy laugh. “Damn. And they say romance is dead.”


They’re in the dark of the living room, Yoongi’s body weight feels feather light against him, hot skin begging to be touched. Jungkook’s shaky inhale of breath cuts through the silence like a sharp knife. He pulls Yoongi’s bottom lips through his teeth, whispers, “I tried that once. With you. On Halloween. It’s overrated.”


Yoongi gives him a suddenly curious tilt of the head. “Explain.”


A hard laugh bubbles out of Jungkook’s throat. “You wouldn’t happen to recall dancing with a certain charming-ass teen slash killer, would you?”


Yoongi sighs. Shakes his head. “Jesus Christ. Of course that was you. What the hell was I even thinking.” Squints, “Wait, you were like, what, sixteen? I let you kiss me!”


Jungkook giggles hard, leaning into Yoongi’s body, kissing him again, quick, just because he can . “You don’t even know the half of it.”


Yoongi sighs and rolls his eyes. “What? Do I have to beg for it like I do with everything else or you gonna spill?” His arms wrap tighter around Jungkook’s neck. “Don’t drop me.”


“I won’t.” Jungkook laughs and spins them around in a circle. He sighs and grits his teeth, contemplating. Should he really tell him the truth? It’s kinda fucked up. He leans in to Yoongi’s ear whispers out, “I told Jennie that if she didn’t break up with you I was gonna fucking kill her.”


He pulls back, searches Yoongi’s eyes for a reaction.


Yoongi’s blinking, gaping at him, shock written all over his face. And then he just starts laughing, so hard his body is shaking and Jungkook almost really does drop him.



“You want it?” Jungkook says, Yoongi already on his hands and knees with Jungkook’s pre-cum smearing all over his lips.


Yoongi looks up at him with sharp, heated eyes. He smiles a little.


“Miss me?” Jungkook asks, teasing, smiling back down at him.


“No.” Yoongi grins and licks a long strip of saliva from the base to the head, softly placing his open mouth over it and sucking, tongue darting out and lapping up the pre-cum.


Jungkook groans, grabs Yoongi’s hair a little bit rough. “You’re seriously pretty. Let me fuck your cute mouth.”


Yoongi bites down a smile. “Tone it down or you’re not fucking anything.”


Jungkook laughs. Softens the way his fingers thread through Yoongi’s locks. “Weren't you just begging me to come over and bang you?”


Yoongi blinks up at him, grins. “Yeah, so?” and then closes his eyes as he holds Jungkook’s cock and pulls it into his mouth. Moans around Jungkook’s cock and he slides it deeper in, all in one go. Jungkook bites back a smile, looks down into Yoongi’s daring eyes. Thrusts his hips a little into Yoongi’s mouth with a few heavy breaths and Yoongi just takes it. Sucks him in deeper, harder. So good. So warm and wet and snug and perfect.


Jungkook’s fingers tug at Yoongi’s locks, he fucks into Yoongi’s mouth a little more erratic. Saliva drips down out of the corners of Yoongi’s stretched out lips but he moans and keeps taking it, eyes full of want, breathing through his nose.


“Such a mouth on you.” Jungkook huffs out, Yoongi keeps on sucking him in. “You’re sweet though, so fuckin’ sweet. You love me . You love being my little slut. Just can’t fuckin admit it.”


Yoongi moans around his cock, eyes tearing up and fluttering, he reaches out grabs Jungkook’s hips encouraging him. “I love you back, you know. You hot little thing.” Jungkook says, moans, hands gripping Yoongi’s head as his orgasm just builds up and hits him so fast, he’s cuming into Yoongi’s mouth without warning. Yoongi’s undeterred, swallows up everything as Jungkook spills into his hot wet mouth.


Jungkook’s hands tossle Yoongi’s hair as he catches his breath, looking down at him with hooded eyes. He’s a beautiful, wrecked, mess with pink swollen lips. He pulls his own bottom lips through his teeth and cups Yoongi’s cheeks. “Ready to get wrecked?”




Jungkook makes out with Yoongi all the way to his bedroom. Breathing heavily, moaning into his mouth, tasting his own cum on Yoongi’s sweet tongue. He lays Yoongi face down on the bed, pillow propped underneath his cock that’s so hard it’s red and sensitive. Yoongi’s weakened because of it, pliant. Just the way Jungkook loves to have him.


He kneels on the bed between Yoongi’s legs, spreads his ass cheeks open, Yoongi sucks in a sharp breath. Jungkook hisses, spanking Yoongi a couple of times, groans. He loves Yoongi’s ass, it’s so fucking round and perky and hot. Jungkook tells him just as much before he’s leaning down immediately eating him out, no warning, he just gets situated and tongues Yoongi’s entrance, messily, while moaning and holding Yoongi’s ass cheeks and Yoongi’s squirming, making all sorts of pretty muffled noises into his pillow. Ass up in Jungkook’s face, body trembling and grinding into the pillow underneath him as Jungkook fucks him with his tongue. Loves eating him out so goddamn much.


“Should just fuck you right now.” Jungkook huffs out, faded as he pulls back to lube up his fingers. Yoongi wiggles his ass, moans in response, thrusts his hips a little harder into his pillow.


Jungkook smirks and continues, pushes a finger inside of him, Yoongi groans. “You could take it, couldn’t you? Take so much cock on a daily basis, I could fuck you anytime I wanted to.”


Yoongi doesn’t. The only cock he takes is Jungkook’s but it’s all part of their dynamic. The slut shaming, Yoongi lives for it. Jungkook lives for making Yoongi cum as hard as possible.


Yoongi’s moaning and Jungkook’s pushing in two gelled up fingers now, scissoring, stretching his unbelievably tight ass out. No sex for a week might just be too addicting to not do again.


“Yeah,” Yoongi chokes, “I want that. Want you to just force it in me. Fuck me hard. So bad, kook, fuck.”


Jungkook groans, adds a third finger earlier than he normally would. Yoongi moans hard, entire body reacting so positively to it. “Hot. You’re so hot. What the fuck.”


Jungkook curls his fingers, starts fucking Yoongi hard with them, searching for his prostate, pulling so many wrecked and gorgeous moans out of Yoongi’s throat. “Should I do that really, baby? You want me to do that to you? So dirty. Such a dirty cock slut.”


Yoongi moans hard, curses, starts trying to push his ass down on Jungkook’s fingers. He can’t cum yet though. This is supposed to be his punishment. Jungkook pulls his wet fingers out leaving Yoongi whining and breathing hard and clenching around air.


“Come on, sweetheart, I’m gonna fuck you now.”



Jungkook groans as he pushes into Yoongi’s tight, wet, stretched out, entrance. Yoongi loses his voice. He never bothered to use a condom with Yoongi and he’s not planning on starting now. He honestly doesn’t give a fuck. He loves the way Yoongi looks with Jungkook’s cum leaking out of him, dripping between his thighs.


Yoongi’s so light and flexible, Jungkook can just man-handle him, have him like this in his lap, back to chest, sitting on his dick and just taking his cock. Jungkook has full access to Yoongi’s nape, blonde hair, broad shoulders. Has his hands on Yoongi’s hips, a full view of Yoongi’s back side as Jungkook bounces him in his lap and Yoongi moans and moans and sinks down on his cock repeatedly. He lets Jungkook have full control.


“Aren’t you being too greedy baby?” Jungkook huffs out, grabs him tighter, fucks up into him that much harder.


“Oh, god.” Yoongi’s moaning loudly, with every thrust, every bounce. “Shit, shit, shit.”


Jungkook brings his lips to ghost over Yoongi’s neck, goosebumps prickle on the skin there. Holds him down so he can’t fuck himself on Jungkook anymore, so that Jungkook’s pushed in as deep as possible and unmoving. “You love this, don’t you? Having a fat cock stuffed up your ass. You fucking slut.”


Yoongi’s gasping, body shaking. “Kook, please.”


“What baby? What is it? Think you deserve this? After everything you did?” Jungkook slowly grins, eyes dark as Yoongi attempts to turn back and look him in the eyes. His face looks so flushed and fucked out.


“I didn’t do shit .” Yoongi says with an exasperated laugh. He sighs, wiggles, whines. Voice suddenly soft and pouty. “ Baby , fuck me. ”


Jungkook bites down on his bottom lip, grinning through it. “Awe, such a cute little liar.”


Yoongi groans and tries to wiggle his hips, only getting a tiny bit of friction as he circles them and grinds on Jungkook’s dick, pushed in fully, just hard and leaking pre-cum and filling him and stretching him out but Jungkook’s not fucking him. He’s making Yoongi beg for it.


“Let him fuck you, didn’t you?” Jungkook says against Yoongi’s nape with a heated groan, fully knowing Yoongi would never do that to him. Yoongi’s response cut it’s a gasp as Jungkook jerks his hips up once, biting into his neck, sucking in a rough hickey.


“God no. Fuck no.” He denies it, words sounding panicked. “Never, I just—”


“Just what?” Jungkook questions, hips kicking up once more, just once making Yoongi moan and whine from frustration. “Wanted to get me riled up?”


Jungkook pushes his hips up, fucking into Yoongi making him gasp and moan and then Jungkook slides one hand around Yoongi’s stomach and loosely surrounds Yoongi’s wet and aching cock. Just his touch makes Yoongi whine hard and loud and bounce his hips harder in Jungkook’s lap.


Jungkook whispers near Yoongi’s ear, slowly, gently pumping Yoongi’s leaking cock. “Don’t cum. Don’t you dare cum yet, Yoongi.”


Jungkook stops moving his hips again, groaning, and Yoongi’s whining, exasperated, trying to rut his cock up in Jungkook’s hand but he loosens his hold again.


“Please, kook, please, just—” Yoongi’s voice is dry, broken, he swallows down spit. “Fuck me hard, I want you to fuck me up. Please. It’s been so goddamn long, Kook, I can’t handle it.”


“Beg. Beg for it.” Jungkook huffs out, kissing all over Yoongi’s nape and slowly gripping Yoongi’s cock a bit tighter. “Tell me, baby.”


“Jungkook. I swear to god. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll wear anything you want. I’ll let you fuck me wherever you want. Just please, please, I’m fucking dying for you. Need your cock, baby, love your cock so much. Give it to me .”


Jungkook groans and licks up Yoongi’s neck, grips on tight to his hip and his cock and starts to fuck up into him, rough and fast, while pumping his erection and Yoongi moan, moan, moans. Cries out, fucking sobs.


“This what you want? Want me to fuck you all aggressive and shit. Like I can’t live without cuming in your tight pretty ass? It’s fucking true. I can’t. I’m addicted. God, Yoongi, I hope you learned your fucking lesson.”


God, yes. Fuck, yes. Shit. Kook. Oh my fucking god.” Yoongi’s babbling while Jungkook slams his cock hard inside of him, over and over and over again.


“Who do you belong to?” Jungkook chokes out, fucking up into Yoongi’s tight, perfect heat. Twisting his wrist and jerking Yoongi off the way he knows Yoongi loves it.


“You, baby, just you. I’m yours. Fuck. I— I’m gonna cum.”


“That’s right, mine. Such a good boy. Cum in my lap like the hot little slut you are. Cum on my cock, baby.” Jungkook groans, hips faltering as his climax draws so, so, close. Yoongi’s moaning and cursing and cumming allover them, shaking in Jungkook’s lap. It’s so hot and then Yoongi’s body is faltering, head hanging low, like he’s blacked out, completely unconscious. “Yoongi?” Jungkook pants out, still fucking up into him and he gets no answer.


Jungkook groans, feeling so fucking dirty, keeps fucking him, harder now, moaning loud and unfiltered. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”  


He can’t contain himself as he pushes in deep, pulsating and cums inside of Yoongi, letting go of his softening dick and grabbing onto his free hip for better leverage as he moans and rides out his orgasm. Jungkook catches his breath against his back, holding Yoongi’s body close, eyes closed as he drags his lips all over his skin.


Jungkook takes his time cleaning him, up. Relishes the freedom of touching Yoongi anywhere he wants to. He lays Yoongi down on the bed, covers him with a blanket and kisses him on his sweet, sweet, lips. “Kook?” Yoongi grunts, eyebrows furrowed as he comes to, voice broken.


“Shh.” Jungkook hushes, kisses him again with a moan. “Go to sleep.”


Yoongi hums and falls asleep in Jungkook’s arms, cradled tight, tight, tight. Jungkook wide awake, breathing hard, wild images in his head, kissing all over his skin, mine, mine, mine. ‘Dream a little dream of me’ coming from the living room record player, bleeding through the cracks of the door to Yoongi’s bedroom. Yoongi makes a whine of displeasure and tries to wiggle out of his hold. Jungkook bites down on his bottom lip, pulls Yoongi closer against his chest, whispers into his hair, “you’re mine.”


Yoongi’s his and he’s never letting him go. Jungkook’s going to keep him locked up like a pretty little caged bird. Forever.