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curtaincell ⭮ cogmirel 




but what if i want to meet villains and avoid heroes instead? 



Source: effy

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Heroic Achievement Awards

An annual event to honor our heroes and their many accomplishments! Celebrate this year heroes on 1/25!



Favorite Hero

Best New Hero

Best Female Hero

Best Male Hero

Best Sidekick

Most Rescues

Best Combat

Best Duo/Group

Top Battle

Best Hero Agency

Community Work

Best Support

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The Hero Association @heroassociation • 4h
Who do you think deserve this year Best New Hero award? Cast your vote for your favorite rookie hero now before poll closes on 1/24! #heroawards #HAA
🗨️ 8.6K               ⭮ 94K             ♡ 103K

froggy @froppygurl • 4h
replying to @heroassociation 
Wow, what a testosterone loaded line up. I mean it’s not like there aren’t just equally awesome female rookie heroes that could easily filled up the line up this year, right? I mean what could I even be thinking. Oh yea, representation.

ice ice baby @phire • 4h
replying to @heroassociation 
if it's not synergy you guys are fucking cancel

herohero @heromane • 3h
replying to @heroassociation 
calling it right now, it's going to come down bt zero and deku.

jujin @lilmight • 3h
replying to @heroassociation @heroman
I take that bet only because I love the idea of underdog heroes like Uravity or Gale taking home the prize and also to shit on Zero & Deku's rapid fanclubs. You know their fanbase are going to stir up some shit for this year award show since they are pitted against each other. Again.

it's inasa bitch @windyyy • 2h
replying to @heroassociation 
god, why do you put my boy gale against those fucking monsters like deku and zero. fuck you tha!!

zer0-chan @kirakira • 2h
replying to @heroassociation 
zero didn't break his back carrying all of these plebs this year to not win this award.

hardene @dondon • 2h
replying to @heroassociation 
idec who win bc red riot isn't even on here but watching all the the nominee's fans ready to fight each other just on this tweet alone, i just know it's going to be a shitfest this year. i literally can't wait.

ochako<3 @ochakitty • 1h
replying to @heroassociation 
Only one of the five top rookie heroes is a woman?? DO BETTER THA (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

soon @sourpower • 49m
replying to @heroassociation 
lmao what other nominees. it's basically the ground zero and deku's show at this point.

hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 32m
replying to @heroassociation 
everyone is great and def deserve to be on this list of nominee but if there can only be one then ofc it's deku. deku. deku. deku. 

light on @shinee • 20m
replying to @heroassociation 
if deku win this im going to fucking flip. first you gave him the mighty hero award when he hasnt done anything to get it and there is a huge line of more impressive and acclaimed pros with decades of exp over him that deserve it more than him. so why don't you just hand everything you got to him on a silver platter already?

Zee @dekufucker • 13m
replying to @shinee 
Yo, hate on him all you want but Deku nearly died and saved a several thousands people from the league's attack at tokyo dome to earned that recognition and he was only 18 at that time. So what have you done when you were 18, you fucking shitstain.  






Ground Zero VS Legion 
400,083,972 views                     👎683k    👍132    ⮡ SHARE        
Published Oct 4, 2XXX • 13:56 
On Oct 2, I was unfortunate enough to find myself right in the middle of Legion's attack on mainstreet Daisu but that bad luck quickly turned into a good fortune when I had my camera on hand to capture the entire battle between the pro heroes and Legion. Ground Zero soon arrived on the scene to fight off Legion. I tried to follow their battle closely and I must say it's one of the best and most intense battle scenes I have ever witness between a pro hero and villain. 

armstrong 3 months ago
no homo but man i would let zero break me between his thighs and thank him for it.  
👍47k    👎    REPLY
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zerobiceps 1 week ago
same man but full on homo tho.
👍88k    👎    REPLY

fanta 1 week ago
Understandable since I think we're all a little gay for Zero, my dude. 
👍3k    👎    REPLY

ggbakutitty 4 days ago
Legion is a worst scum of the earth and deserve to rot in prison for the rest of his life for all the crimes he committed but just for a teeny tiny second bless him for ripping off Zero's shirt completely so we can get a glimpse of that ridiculous eight packs of Zero. That chest really is fucking unreal.
👍7k    👎    REPLY

nara 2 months ago
I was also there with my family for an outing when Legion attacked us and I honestly thought I was going to to die. It was the scariest thing in my life, so many people screaming, crying, and there were people bleeding over all over the place. My mother was one of the heavily injured ones and I couldn't leave her side at all. Deku and other nearby pro heroes soon arrived n the scene and I thought finally we're going to be okay but one by one they fell to Legion until Deku was the only one left standing. He fought so hard even when Legion threw an entire wall at a group of civilians and Deku used his entire body to block it, he still stood to the very last moment when Legion kept on attacking him until he too fell. Just went we thought we lost all hope, Ground Zero arrived and he gave Legion a hell of a fight. God, he was so stunning to watch. He didn't hold back any punches and released fireworks on Legion. He brought Legion down on his knees and god seeing Zero standing over Legion's unconscious body was such a huge relief that I cried because we made it, we were saved. I can say undoubtedly that if Zero wasn't there that day my mom and I could have die right there and I wouldn't be here at all to tell you about it. I am so thankful to him and all the rest of the heroes that came to save us!
👍47k    👎    REPLY
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pasteldeku 2 months ago
Zero, Deku and the rest of the pros really did an amazing job of fending off Legion and rescuing everyone there. I'm so proud of them and glad that you and your family are all right now, OP!<3
👍3k    👎    REPLY

zeroman 2 months ago
god, that bloodthirsty smile when zero sent legion flying back with his quirk, knowing that it's the last thing he'll see. fuck does it get me hard everytime i watch it. 
👍793    👎    REPLY

korndiddy 1 month ago
ground zero future #1, i said it here first. 
👍9k    👎    REPLY

war machine 1 month ago
Not a fan but honestly he's one of the best fighters among the rookies if not the best. Everyone thinks he's all brute force and violent but he got the best stragic mind out of all the supernovas and make fighting into an art form. Man, I could watch a hundred hours of him just fighting something. 
👍2k    👎    REPLY

solda 3 weeks ago
zero got a fan for life after this stunt 'nuff said. 
👍1k    👎    REPLY

sweetdeku 2 months ago
Are we not going to talk about how OP was literally in a life and death situation but she held stilled enough to use her phone to record the entire battle between Zero and Legion? Come on, fucking legendary. 
👍6k    👎    REPLY
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Communzens 1 week ago
why did you just assume OP is a woman? it could be a man. god fucking leftist bringing feminist propranda into everything. 
👍145    👎    REPLY

pandafart 1 week ago
@Commuzens you sound like a true mennimist. Also, I actually clicked on OP's bio if you actually care to know. 
👍21     👎    REPLY

 haruXharu  1 week ago
@Commuzens I'm a woman, kthx.  
👍9k    👎    REPLY

dim sum 1 week ago
Who here thinks that Zero deserve THA'S Best New Hero award!!!!!!!!!!! 
👍106k    👎    REPLY
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Bakubro 4 days ago
I mean if he doesn't win we know it's because THA is fucking rigged and biased against him. And that they're too busy sucking Deku's dick to give it to him. 
👍2    👎    REPLY

Zee  1 day ago
@Bakubro Wow, you can't just keep Deku out of your whore mouth you cocksucking ignoramus dickbag. 
👍3k    👎    REPLY

angelica 1 day ago
ok but is no one going to mention the fact the out of focus shot at 13:49  where we can see a small glimpse of zero literally carrying deku out of the battlefield afterward and wouldn't let anyone else touch him? 
👍12k    👎    REPLY
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teddyphear 23 hours ago
how come i never caught this before?????????? this vid has been uploaded for 3 months and NOBODY CAUGHT ON TILL NOW?? 
👍87    👎    REPLY

deku<3baku 22 hours ago
NGL i watched that six sec frame shot of zerohope like 50 times and it get better every time
👍38    👎    REPLY

tisumi 22 hours ago
i thought they can't stand each other tho????
👍2    👎    REPLY

sourpunch 19 hours ago
tisumi doesn't look like that to me :O
👍321    👎    REPLY

sukii 12 hours ago
um can we can finally shut down the 'they hate each other' narrative now
👍841    👎    REPLY

Zzzhope 7 hours ago
👍1.2K    👎    REPLY

greenleaf 6 hours ago
JFC can they get any more gayer. 
👍21    👎    REPLY

dann83 5 hours ago
@greenleaf god, stop making everything gay! fucking delusional fangirls. a man can help another man out without some homosexual subtext. 
👍    👎31    REPLY

greenleaf 5 hours ago
@dann83 No dann, I'm not making everything gay when ONE OF THEM IS ACTUALLY GAY AND THE OTHER IS PAN YOU FUCKING HOMOPHOBIC ASSHAT. 
👍83    👎    REPLY

sumire 1 hours ago
@greenleaf wait waht!!!!!! 
👍2    👎    REPLY






mona <3 bkg @monaliisa • 8h
it's the new years so this is a good time to remind everybody that it's incredibly rude and invasive to assume a hero's sexuality. they may be public figure but their private life isnt our to speculate on.
🗨️ 125              ⭮ 463               ♡ 1.2k 

rainbow zero @gayafzero • 8h
replying to @monaliisa
OP i get what you mean but it's not like it's hurting them at all. it's just harmless hc and speculation. it doesn't have any real world ramification. 

mona <3 bkg @monaliisa • 8h
replying to @gayafzero 
do you even hear yourself??? zero doesn't EVEN LIKE TO TALK ABOUT HIMSELF bc ppl keep prying into his private life. his sexuality and love life is none of our fucking bsn 

bae babe @bakuthigh • 7h
replying to @monaliisa 
ugh, who even does that???? zero is private as hell that he doesn't even like fans know his address or stake out his agency. geez, can ppl control themselves better. 

mona <3 bkg @monaliisa • 7h
replying to @bakuthigh 
it's those damn zero//hope shippers. always bringing up shipping into everything :/// i just wish they leave him alone. his sexuality isn't any of our business. 

bae babe @bakuthigh • 5h
replying to @monaliisa 
why am i not surprised it's them again? god can't they just quietly ship in peace w/o bringing zero's sexuality into their conspiracy theory. deku and zero aren't even friends jfc. 

mona <3 bkg @monaliisa • 5h
replying to @bakuthigh
i mean that vid of zero v legion where zero was holding deku at the end was just zero being a decent human being helping a colleague out. why do they have to make a big deal out of it sigh. this is why we can't nice thing.

B*men @bmenmon • 5h
replying to @bakuthigh
it's only the 2nd day of the new year and everybody is already being the fucking worst as always :D.  

greenleaf @brocolliboi • 3h
replying to @monaliisa
That's funny OP. You keep saying ZH shipper as though we're all a hivemind and not individual people who make our own mistakes but OFC that doesn't matter if it doesn't fit your shipping agenda right? Because don't talk shit about shippers when you have a groundriot's ship icon yourself. So here's a fandom etiquette for you: try not to be such a fucking hypocrite. 








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THA Release Top 5 Rookie Candidates for Best New Hero
Haruhi, Nov 15 2XXX

24,964 replies

A moment ago


Fan captured video of Ground Zero vs Legion reached 400 million views on Youtube
bakubro, 5 hours ago

358 replies

A moment ago


A series of brutal torrential rain flood Southern Japan area, twenty Pro Heroes are sent there to help
Sukii, 3 hours ago

89 replies

1 minute ago


Deku visits a young fan with terminal illness and wishes him a happy birthday 
dekuchu, 12 hours ago

422 replies

2 minutes ago


Earphone Jack will be hosting a fan meet this Sat at Meijin Mall
Jacksaphone, 9 hours ago

134 replies

4 minutes ago


Uravity and Froppy rescue civilians in a forest fire
klance, 18 hours ago

212 replies

7 minutes ago


Deku chosen as the ambassador for Q UNITED
pasteldeku, Dec 14 2XXX

483 replies

8 minute ago


Linkerz leaves Soho Agency to work independently
electer, 8 hours ago

298 replies

9 minutes ago


Ground Zero is spotted out at with Red Riot at a local coffee shop 
ggzero, 5 hours ago

131 replies

10 minutes ago


Ironhide to host this year HAA 
wargame, 2 weeks ago

847 replies

10 minute ago


Lemillion and Suneater announced they are to open a hero agency together
Sandman, yesterday at 8:32 PM

682 replies

13 minutes ago

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Deku ヅ @officialdeku • 5h
As you may now have heard, I am among the 20 pros chosen to assist in the recovery and rescue of those those affected by the flood in southern Japan but unfortunately that also that mean I won't make it back in time for Q United charity next week ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` ). But I have someone to come in my place instead and I bet you will love them more than me!
🗨️ 2.5k               ⭮ 203k              ♡ 407k 

hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 5h
replying to @officialdeku 
awe :((( we'll miss you at the gala but i'm sure you'll do great things over there in kyoto!!!

suki sugoi @deku_sukii • 4h
replying to @officialdeku 
wait who is going to be replace you then???

greenleaf @brocolliboi • 4h
replying to @officialdeku 
omg can you at least hint to us who it is. 

usagi-chii@bunbuns • 1h
replying to @officialdeku 
nooooo we only want you deku!!! 





 reddit              r/SuckerPunch  ▼                          🔍                                                                              ⮭    📊     OC     💬    ✉️    ✍️ 

 ⬆ 6.4k      🗩    Who is going to replace deku at this year Q UNITED charity gala?   Chatter                                                                  

r/SuckerPunch  Posted by u/evergeen 14 hours ago

Who is going to replace deku at this year Q UNITED charity gala?

So now we know that Deku is going to preoccupied with the floods in the south who do you think is deku's mysterious guest replacement? Any guesses? Personally, I think it's one of his best friends like Uravity or Ingnenium. Or maybe even Synergy.  

💬 4.9k Comments     ⮡ Share     🔖 Save     🚫 Hide     ⚑ Report


synD 874 points • 13 hours ago
oh god pls pls let it be syn!!! my shipper heart would cry if that happens.
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PastelDeku  Hanami  755 points • 13 hours ago MOD
I don't care who it is as long as that person does their job in representing Deku and the organization then im happy.
Reply   Share   Report   Save

sugoi_deku 376 points • 8 hours ago
i would die if it's uravity!!!! 
Reply   Share   Report   Save

zeroxoxo  zHOPEx  323 points • 6 hours ago
lol wouldn't it be funny if it turn out to be someone we would never expected in the first place? like let's say... ground zero or something
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Supernova  ⭮ teacupp


Hey, it’s the time of the year again so get your war banner on bc we’re voting for our fav in top rookies award!!! All nominees are valid but *aggressively whispers* deku’s best new hero or bust!!!!!!

⭮ explodoboi 

Lol that’s nice, but maybe if deku isn’t up against ground zero he’ll have a chance.

⭮ dekuchu  

Uh who asked you, asshole ??? I didn’t even tag gz in this so stop trying to start something.

⭮ explodoboi 

Uh, who asked you to post such wrong opinion on the internet??? The one that defeated legion three months ago was who again? Yea, that's zero while your fav was lying in bed of rubble after being soundly defeated and zero had to saved his ass along with everyone else.

⭮ dekuchu 

HE BROKE HIS ARMS!!!! BOTH OF HIS ARMS TRYING TO HOLD AN ENTIRE BUILDING UP SO IT DOESN’T CRUSH THE PPL STILL STUCK INSIDE WHILE LEGION LITERALLY HAD TO BEAT HIM BLOODY BEFORE DEKU COLLAPSED FROM BLOOD LOSS. i'm sorry if that's something your dumb ignorant brain can easily forget. zero only came to cleaned up legion after deku already punished legion enough before he was knocked out of the battle so yea your boi was playing second to deku all along. so dont talk to me about who really won the fight that day!!!!

anyway, i stan heroes not zeroes.

source: dekuchu

#im not into drama or fanwars #but this was fucking hilarious to watch #but no really vote for my girl #uravity instead #she's going up against juggernauts #so she's going to need all the votes she can get

3,847 notes






Zero Daily @zero_daily • 9h
Zero hanging out with Red at Beans Cafe for lunch. 
[PHOTOSET IMAGE 1: Zero clutching a coffee mug in his hand as Red talked on animatedly next to him; IMAGE 2: Zero rolled his eyes as Red bumped his shoulder; IMAGE 3: Red leaning in close to Zero to tell him something; image 4: Red laughed at something Zero said]
🗨️ 453              ⭮ 2.4k              ♡ 6.7k 

rio & red  @redhot • 9h
replying to @zero_daily 
thank you, thank you, thank you for blessing us in the groundriot's content!!!! 

addygzrr @addadd • 8h
replying to @zero_daily
yesssssssssssss. they're so cute together oh god. best bois

hagene @ggzero • 8h
replying to @zero_daily
oh god zero looks so good in casuals wear. fuck me. 

mona <3 bkg  @monaliisa • 8h
replying to @zero_daily
red looks so adorable and happy in the photo awww he's so precious!! and you can practically see the heart eyes literally all over zero's face as he look at red *g*. only red can bring out this soft side of him. 

kirkirku @flowerkiri • 7h
replying to @zero_daily
ok two bros just hanging around at a coffee shop together. totally not on a date. 

things we burn @flamehot • 5h
replying to @zero_daily
why does the 3rd pic look like red is leaning in to kiss zero, ahhhhhhhhhhh






 reddit              r/DemolitionCrew  ▼                          🔍                                                                              ⮭    📊     OC     💬    ✉️    ✍️ 

 ⬆ 11.2k      🗩    How to vote for Zero in THA's Best New HERO   Mod                                                                                          

r/Demolition Crew• Posted by u/kirakira  zer0-chan  18 hours ago MOD

How to vote for Zero in THA's Best New Hero

Hello, demolition boys, girls, and all those in between and beyond! It's voting time for this year HAA and just like before I hope we can all get behind Zero and win him this award too! I know we're still smarting from the loss to Deku and the Sucker Punches in the Hero Weekly Award but the Heroic Achievement Awards is run by THA, the pro hero governing body, and it is the most prestigious award show in the pro hero community so to win in any one of its many categories is a huge honor. 

So here is how you can play your part in helping Zero win BNH: 

  • The site reset at 12pm (GMT +9) and 12am (GMT +9) so that mean you can vote twice a day, one before noon and another before midnight. Make sure to vote everyday so all your votes count! The poll end on 1/24!
  • If you have multiple email accounts please consider using it to vote too. I personally don't recommend using one time throwaway account to vote but if you have the time and feel it is necessary than use and
  • Trend the tag #zero4BNH so we can raise Zero's profile up even more so! When you tweet please make sure it's not a retweet or a quoted tweet because those don't count. It must be an original tweet from you and be careful not to spam it a lot or you'll get shadowban. If you did get shadowban, /u/ppem's guide on How to get Unbanned from Twitter will get you out or if don't know if you are actually shadowbanned, go here to find out. I would recommend tweet the hashtag every 15mins  and then take a short 5mins break before going back to tweeting it.  
  • It's also a good thing to ask and remind your friends, neighbors, family, or coworkers to vote for Zero if they like him too. And you find someone who sort of have a casual interest in him show him why Zero should earn his vote here and here (we have a list of accomplishment ready for you to mention) and of course the now viral video of Zero vs Legion's battle on youtube. But if you find yourself facing against someone who absolutely hate Zero then there's no point in egnaging them because they are ignorant and blinded by bland and one sided portrayal of him by the media. There's no hope for them. 
  • We're also doing a donation drive to buy ad space for Zero in Tokyo Metro, Toei Bus, and in the fame Shibuya Crossing. So if you have the money to spare please consider helping us!

Public voting for BNH may only be 40% of it but it can help Zero a lot in the long run. I know that other pros will certainly see all the things Zero had done and achieved this year to give him where the credits due.  We can do our best to meet them somewhere close to the middle. 

💬 8.7k Comments     ⮡ Share     🔖 Save     🚫 Hide     ⚑ Report


crimzo  red hot   1274 points • 18 hours ago
Let's win this one for Zero, guys! Our boy deserves all the award<3. 
Reply   Share   Report   Save

bakuthigh 973 points • 17 hours ago
going up against both synergy and deku is going to be tough for us, but i know we can do it!
Reply   Share   Report   Save

boba_milktea  624 points • 12 hours ago
I'm happy to win this one for zero but also to trash those sucker punches in the process is a bonus! sign me up, yea!
Reply   Share   Report   Save

shookah 323 points • 16 hours ago
am i still mad that zero only got nominated for two category this year? like come on they could have try harder for himesp when you know he should have gotten that best battle nomination for his fight with legion!
Reply   Share   Report   Save

musclehead 216 points • 17 hours ago
I still say the hero weekly award was rigged against us. how the fuck did the sucker punches even get that extra 10k votes in less than 4 hours??? Deku may appear sweet and innocent but he's two face cheaters and his fanclub help him get away with it. 
Reply   Share   Report   Save

Zee  DekuFucker  323 points • 49 minutes ago
How the fuck does Deku even have time to co-conspired with his fanclubs to win some dumbass award when he is too busy fighting villains and preventing imbecile like you from dying of your own idiocy because you're clearly one of those who are too stupid to realize they're shooting their own foot. 
Reply   Share   Report   Save

bakuthigh  299 points • 42 minutes ago
zee... weren't you banned from here like five days ago for calling another poster 'worst than a turd underneath someone's shoe' and 'that someone should end his pitiful misery before he step off the ledge bc he's too fucking blinded by his own dumbass to see'????? 
Reply   Share   Report   Save

Zee  DekuFucker  17 points • 23 minutes ago
Not that it isn't any of your business but I was fucking suspended. 
Reply   Share   Report   Save

zoonyann  Mod Hammer  2 points •13 minutes ago MOD
Zee, please. Don't make me suspend you again. It's only been three days. 
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phire @pffzero • 5h
Why am i still seeing zerodaily's tweets on my tl after i have blocked them??? come on dont make me unfollow you guys. that account is pretty much a straight up fucking creepy so don't encourage their shitty behavior. 
🗨️ 62            ⭮ 458               ♡ 832 

fist of fury @exploi • 4h
replying to @pffzero 
wait what's wrong with z_d?? 

phire @pffzero • 3h
replying to @pffzero 
they're so called 'super fans' who follow zero around even when he's off-duty. reporting any 'news' of zero and taking his pics without his consent like they're not legit stalkers. i dont even consider them fans at all. 

koi a loi@koifish• 4h
replying to @pffzero 
this is why zero doesn't do fanmeet and interviews anymore bc of these guy fucked it up for the rest of us :/






Home > Forums > Hero World > General

Thread: So between Deku and Zero who do you think earned the title BEST NEW HERO?

Discussion in “General Heroes” started by madiefool yesterday at 1:53 PM.
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greenbunn said:

It’s Deku. You know it’s Deku. Your Mom knows it’s Deku. Everyone knows it’s Deku.

If this was three months ago, I would have said Deku too but after the epic and climatic Zero vs Legion’s battle? Yea, no. Zero really proved himself out there that I was actually so impressed with him because even when he was nearly beaten half to death he fought so hard and fierce like he was going to die fighting every inch of the way. Remind me a lot of All Might in his hay day to be honest.

.sumi., 20 minutes ago


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Why is it always got to be Deku and Ground Zero? These two are so overrated anyway. Give my man Chargebolt some love, come on. He should have been up there with them as nominees with the way he performed really well this year. Goddamn THA, screwing the real heroes over again.

Thunderstruck, 19 minutes hour ago. 


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It’s always the boy’s club here in heroscope :///. Uravity shouldn’t be only female hero on that nominee list. Froppy, Earphone Jack, Creati, Pinky or any one of the female rookies can be up there too alongside her but yet here we are 100+ pages deep in and of course all we care are the hot young male heroes. Ugh.

KissXgrurl, 17 minutes ago 


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Gotta be Deku. Without a doubt Deku has the biggest fanclub, Sucker Punch, among the rookies by far and he got the general appeal that is wide spread across all demographic. Your kids love him, your parents love him, your siblings love him, your grandparents love him, and your in-laws love him. EVERYBODY LOVES HIM.

Let’s not even mention how much the press and THA pretty much made him the mascot of the pro heroes’s community because he got that same All Might’s appeal that have people call him the second coming of All Might. They call him the Symbol of Hope for a reason. I'll be very shock if he doesn't actually win. 

Surefire, 16 minutes ago


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Ground Zero definitely got my vote not only because he can kick my ass a hundred times over and doesn’t even break any sweat but also, call me shallow or whatever, but he’s fine as hell and can potentially kill me so yea. 

BakuHoe, 13 minutes ago


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Fuck Deku. Anyone else but him. He's such a goddamn crybaby that keep on preaching about redemption and forgiveness even to villains like that damn freaky morph girl and that we should treat all quirks the same no matter how mundane and useless they are. He even make a fuss about how quirkless people can become heroes themselves like wishes is going to make pig flies. Your a goddamn hero, not some political activist. Do you fucking job already. With All Might gone, we need someone with real strength to step up to the plate and take back our peace  from those criminals and that person is definitely not Deku. 

Ground Hero is everything a number one should be. He got a powerful quirk that can back it up, the drive, and the ruthlessness. He's the prime example of a true hero in every sense of the word who won't and can't lose to any criminal. With the crime rate so high these days and villains running amok, we need that kind of hero even more than before and Deku is just a giant disappointed coward. I refuse to vote for a wimpy ass coward. 

kordy, 13 minutes ago 


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Why does it have to be one or the other? Can’t THA give it to the both of them? T^T They’re both so good in different ways and I just want them to be happy and get what they both rightfully deserve. 

RinRin, 12minutes ago.


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rinrin said:

Why does it have to be one or the other? Can’t THA give it to the both of them? T^T They’re both so good in different ways and I just want them to be happy and get what they both rightfully deserve. 

That’s never going to happen. Can we please stop with this kind of rose tinted glasses world view? I mean be a little realistic at least. Only one of them can win and they have been competitors and rivals since their U.A. days so I can’t ever see them ever sharing the same podium. They're not the sharing type nor have the capability to work together. There's just too much animosity between them. 

chromatic, 9 minutes ago

God -Tier

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kordy said: 

Fuck Deku. Anyone else but him. He's such a goddamn crybaby that keep on preaching about redemption and forgiveness even to villains like that damn freaky morph girl and that we should treat all quirks the same no matter how mundane and useless they are. He even make a fuss about how quirkless people can become heroes themselves like wishes is going to make pig flies. Your a goddamn hero, not some political activist. Do you fucking job already. With All Might gone, we need someone with real strength to step up to the plate and take back our peace  from those criminals and that person is definitely not Deku. 

Ground Hero is everything a number one should be. He got a powerful quirk that can back it up, the drive, and the ruthlessness. He's the prime example of a true hero in every sense of the word who won't and can't lose to any criminal. With the crime rate so high these days and villains running amok, we need that kind of hero even more than before and Deku is just a giant disappointed coward. I refuse to vote for a wimpy ass coward. 

Hey fucker, want to repeat what you said about Deku again? The fact that you think crying make people weak say mor  about you than Deku. Is your poor wittle masculinity being attack? Is it that pathetically fragile that you can't even handle a little crying you fucking turd. You know shit about what it mean being a true hero when you're sitting behind the computer and leaving anonymous hate comment about someone who go out everyday and risk their life for your sorry ass. You're the kind of coward that even with the most powerful quirk handed to you, you won't even know what to do with it because you'll be too scare to handle that kind of heavy responsibility. Deku fought too hard to get where he is for you to spit on him like that you motherfucking dickbag spineless worm. 

Zee, 9 minutes ago


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Zee said: 

Hey fucker, want to repeat what you said about Deku again? The fact that you think crying make people weak say mor  about you than Deku. Is your poor wittle masculinity being attack? Is it that pathetically fragile that you can't even handle a little crying you fucking turd. You know shit about what it mean being a true hero when you're sitting behind the computer and leaving anonymous hate comment about someone who go out everyday and risk their life for your sorry ass. You're the kind of coward that even with the most powerful quirk handed to you, you won't even know what to do with it because you'll be too scare to handle that kind of heavy responsibility. Deku fought too hard to get where he is for you to spit on him like that you motherfucking dickbag spineless worm. 

Oh geez, it’s you again. Haven’t they banned you off the board yet? How are you even rank god-tier when you keep breaking all the rules about profanity and attacking another poster? And you have the audacity to have a Zero's stan icon and yet every time anyone insult or call out Deku you appear like some kind of avenging angel to defend your boy. Seriously get a life. He's a pro hero he doesn't need some stranger on the internet to defend his goddamn honor. And it's my opinion so I can say whatever I want. Are you his fucking boyfriend or what to defend him that ruthlessly? You fucking worthless fag. 


kordy, 7 minutes ago

Queen Creati

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@kordy hey, it's the best that you just ignore Zee and report him to the mod if he goes overboard again. Zee is known as a total troll and the reason he isn't banned completely is because one of the original posters when Heroscope was still in beta and therefore he got a grandfathered account that make him unbannable. The mod can only suspend him at most so it's easier to just block him and move along because all he does is get you down to his level for inflammatory commentaries which will get you ban while he get a few day suspension. So, yea stay away from him if you are easily triggered. 

Which apparently you are, so now you're officially banned from the forum for using homophobic slur. Have a nice day :). 

Queen Creati, 5 minutes ago


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I don’t really care who win in the end because none of my fav rookies got any nominations but I’m just here to enjoy the drama that will unfold when members of both respective fanclubs of Zero and Deku battle it out for the tile of Best New Hero. I know it's going to be dirty and vicious. Can't wait. 

gaylord, 3 minutes ago 


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Everyone STFU already because public vote is only 40% while the rest of it is decided by the pros. So, honestly, none of your opinion even matter anyway.

dna, 2 minutes ago 


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You guys can we please, please get back on topic. I don’t want the mod to close this thread again if you guys can’t stop fighting each other. It’s supposed to be a pleasant discussion and not a goddamn battlefield.

crimzo, 1 minute ago 

Hana Song

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crimzo said:

You guys can we please, please get back on topic. I don’t want the mod to close this thread again if you guys can’t stop fighting each other. It’s supposed to be a pleasant discussion and not a goddamn battlefield.

It’s about Deku and Zero so is any surprised it quickly escalate into a flame war between their two fanbases? Their respective heroes can’t even get along enough to spend time together outside of work despite being classmates at U.A. so how can we expect their fans to even have a civil conversation with each other? I’m sure that if the day ever comes when Deku and Zero are seen together in any shape or form the internet will implode upon itself.

Hana Song, a moment ago

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Deku ヅ @officialdeku • 18h
One last ramen bite before fukuoka! my tongue was nearly dipped in lava but i was saved ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁
[IMAGE: a completely empty bowl of ramen placed at the center of the table in frame. There's a glimpse of another empty bowl of ramen that can be seen at the right hand corner almost out of frame with what seems to be really spicy soup residue clinging to the edge of the bowl.]
🗨️ 12K               ⭮ 863K              ♡ 2.8M 

alfie llama @alioop • 18h
replying to @officialdeku 
eeee another ramen date photo!! thank you :DDDDD

deku 4 bnh @butterfree • 17h
replying to @officialdeku 
if you're not going to tell us who you're eating with at least give us the name of the ramen places you go to. everytime you post these ramen outing i get so hungry and start to have craving T^T

cee  @ deku4bnh  @crybb • 15h
replying to @officialdeku 

hanami ✿ deku  @pasteldeku • 11h
replying to @officialdeku 
okay another round of detective ramen game to see what else we can find out from this tweet and photo again >:]]]

arlene  @sweetdeku • 8h
replying to @officialdeku 
one day one of us will catch you and whoever you're eating with on these late night ramen excursion I SWEAR!!! you bet your secretive ass will be expose!!

hapenta deku  @penalu • 8h
replying to @officialdeku 
ugh whenever deku post his ramen tweet i hate how these flood of comments that keep assuming that deku is with someone every time. he could have eaten alone geez. it doesn't always have to have some romantic connection omg.  

mu mu  @musilk • 7h
replying to @officialdeku 
you do realize that in every one of his photos there's like a second bowl of ramen nearly out of frame capture alongside his right? I MEAN yea he could have gone to eat ramen by himself once a couple of times a month but all his tweets and photos about it implied that he's with someone and it's always the same person.  

animu  @animatiq • 5h
replying to @officialdeku 
idc if it's a bf or gf i just want to know who it is!







pasteldeku  ⭮ dekuism


As part of the Deku's Raman Library ongoing our mission to record and archived any media posts and photos that are related to Deku's late night ramen excursion, we have noted down ramen date night #38 information on Jan 3rd, 2XXX: 

  • It's a different ramen shop this time from the different bowl ad utensil design we can see in the photo [evidence: here and here]
  • Deku is wearing his favorite U.A. graduating hoodie that can be seen by the color and a small hole in his sleeve [here]
  • He is eating spicy ramen [here]
  • And as always he is not alone [here]
  • His companion can be seen to be eating the same ramen as him [here]
  • His tweet seem to implied that he couldn't finished the ramen and his companion had to finish for him? [here]

source: dekuramenlib

#deku's ramen date night #who is he EATING WITH #we still don't know after nearly a year  #i can't tell if we're just so bad at investigating whole thing  #or is deku just good at this sneaking around stuff  #but if the latter is true than what else could he BE HIDING #but it doesn't really matter who he is eating with #a friend or someone more #bc the whole fandom is just having fun with this whole mystery game #but i kinda think i know who it is #i just need concrete facts for it #ugh when will a miracle arrive in my lap

4,821 notes 







News too spicy for normal publication



The Most Popular Ships in Pro Heroes Fanfic Archive

A battle royale for the #1 most popular pro heroes ship on the internet.

Posted on January 3, 2XXX, at 4:15 p.m.

Natsume Aimi
Buzzfeed Staff                                                                                                                                                                     View 948 comments ↓

It's Buzzfeed Japan yearly round up of the year most popular pro heroes ship on the biggest heroes fanfiction archive (HFA), because what is fandom if you can't ship your fav together?  No true ship has ever retain their standing for long as pro heroes rise and fall ,but here at Buzzfeed we like to keep a record of the megaships that keep the HFA's afloat after all these decades and continues to make all of us come back for more. 


1. Ground Zero/Red Riot (74,632 works)

[IMAGE: a candid photograph of a frowning Ground Zero and a smiling Red Riot's off-duty as they strolled through a night market side by side eating snacks and talking to each other]

With a whopping 74k fanfics written about them who is even surprised that this juggernaut top our list this year, again? Ever since last year when it toppled the All Might/Endeavor pair, it has been sitting prettily as the most popular ship in the biggest pro heroes real person slash archive EVER and we don't have to reach far for why. From following his bro of all bros to the same hero agency after graduation from the same school that they had attended to partnering up with him as a duo for three months patrolling H-zone of Vader City, Red Riot and Ground Zero are heavily linked through their work and personal life. I mean Red even got the apartment key to Zero's home, they always do interview and fan meet together when Zero care to even do it at all, and they have cute coffee dates every now and then that keep on feeding all the hungry fangirls' imagination for many years to come. 

2. Synergy/Deku (72,873 works)

[IMAGE: a smiling Deku and Synergy fighting back to back against a group of villains]

In many interview Synergy has said that one of his main motivators and the instigator for him to reach an understanding within himself has been Deku. Maybe that's why they hang out, train together, and team up so much. Hell, they even live in the same apartment complex surely it's just all bromance right? Yea, if we can let go of the fact that for Deku's birthday last year Synergy cleared out an entire wing of  the Tokyo Pro Heroes Musuem for Deku to fanboy and gush all over. And Deku loves bringing up Synergy's many accomplishment in solo interview and whatnot and get defensive whenever someone compare Synergy to his father, the current number one hero Endeavor. So yea if Synergy is a little sweet on Deku, we understand because who isn't? and if Deku is partial to our dashing ice and fire hero we understand that too!

3. All Might/Endeavor (68,790 works)

[IMAGE: a younger All Might and Endeavor bloody and bruised up as they stared down a formidable villain together]

The former no. 1 and the current no. 1, these two had been standing on the same stage for as long as everyone can remember. They were the Golden Pair back in their hay day as the top two pro heroes and had been competing against each other up until All Might was forced into an early retirement but the connection between continued to stay. Despite Endeavor being a married man with several kids even (one of them having his own bromance with his best friend at rank 2) and All Might seemingly uninterested in romance himself, the two of them may bicker and have different views but they admittedly have an open respect and admiration for each other in their own way. 

4. Uravity/Froppy (66,848 works) 

[IMAGE: photo of a dirty and tired Uravity and Froppy are seen working hard assisting people trapped under rubble in the aftermath of an earthquake]

Honestly? Cutest ship on this list in this humble writer's opinion. Finally some femininity in this sea of masculinity! Probably one of the best rescue duos we have ever seen! They are often seen hanging out off-duty together and in one interview Uravity even said Froppy and often crash at each other place to relax and have a personal spa session. Ah, sisterhood bond or not but their relationship certainly gives us so many warm feelings. 

5. Kamui Woods/Mt. Lady (51,753 works)

[IMAGE: a smiling Lady in casual clothes is caught shopping with Kamui who is carrying her bags, looking aggrieved by the overload of bags in his arms]

The only ship on this list that is actually a couple in real life! They are simply the most precious together, the chivalrous and soft spoken Kamui up against the diva and loud spoken Lady but they are a pair that work well unrivaled partnership despite all appearances that stated otherwise! Together for almost five years now as a hero duo and a couple, we're all waiting to hear wedding bells in their near future. 

6. Deku/Uravity (46,832 works)

[IMAGE: at a park, Uravity and Deku are in front of a bunch of sick kids smiling at they teach the kids how to weave flower crowns]

Ah, the poster boy and the poster girl for what a perfectly wholesome pro heroes. They're so sickeningly sweet and good sometimes people think they're boring but they god legion of fans who devout energy and time to them to record any battles they're in and watch replays of all their interviews and press conference. Because of their good boy & girl image they are both often pair up in THA's promotion and press tour as prime example of what pro hero should be. It's luckily for us that they're also best of friends and are often found laughing and smiling in each other arms. If there's ever any hope of romance brewing between any of the supernovas it's these two. 

7. Ground Zero/Synergy (43,672 works) 

[Image: a moment caught in time where Ground Zero and Synergy, flushed in their face and so drunk that they have their arms around each other as they try not to fall over]

Nothing say opposite attract than these two. An Ineffably cool dude and a bleeding hothead. The honor student and the local bad boy. They're both a walking stereotype and hotter than the sun. No wonder so many fans are clamoring for another team up between these two especially when you think how they work so horribly well together despite the clash of egos and raised voice when they collide. 

8. Ground Zero/Uravity (40,021 works)

[IMAGE: Uravity and Zero standing before a presscoprs where Zero looks like he's about to tear someone head off and Uravity is rolling her eyes as she levitate him away]

These two are an interesting pair as they had first fought each other in their first year in U.A. sport festival where they rightfully earned each other grudging respect. Now, they work often enough together to build a comraderie that have fans screaming because what 

9. Eraserhead/Present Mic (38,747 works)

[IMAGE: Eraser has his head pressed own on the table as though to hide from the world or someone in particular while Present mic animatedly talked beside him]

Their relationship is H I L A R I O U S. Like right out of a comic, the wise guy and straight man routine is at constant play when it comes to these two. Their easy banter roll of each other like old friends who been stuck with each other for too long. Clearly there's a lot of history begrudging love and companionship between these two and fans can definitely see it too. 

10. Ground Zero/Deku (32,933 works)

[IMAGE: a collage of various photos of that run through their elementary years, junior high, U.A. days, and finally to the most recent one where Zero is seen to be holding onto Deku's limb body in the aftermath of a battle with Legion, his hands are wrapped tight around Deku and his eyes are dark and heavy and he looked at Deku like the world could end and he wouldn't even dare to move lest that jolt Deku up]

Probably the most controversial and notable ship to land in our last spot this year! It will be their first time breaking into the top ten yet their formidable and undeniable history goes way back to beyond their years in U.A. from their electrifying rivalry to the way they clashed on the battlefield and up on the podium in the number one spot. They compete in just about anything and you can't bring up one of them without talking about the other because of how inherently intertwined they are. They may not hang out as often as we wish outside of their job or even team up at all but they're the glue that hold the supernovas together and they may not stand together now but one day we hope we can make something out of them.  Hate it or love it, it's hard to deny that nobody got history like these two and they will be link together even beyond. If there's ever a day when these two are friends again, in every sense of the word, the world will collectively lose their shit and you'll never hear the end of the screaming from the shippers. 

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aarashiro 8 hours ago
Once again groundriot dominate this year buzzfeed's most popular heroes rpf ship list. Thank god for our KINGS!!!!!!
♡ 842    Show replies (84)

yayaa 5 hours ago 
seeing groundriot top the yearly ship roundup again on HFA is bless but ewe zerohope is also on this list. who the fuck let them in?
♡ 737    Show Replies (131)

N4K4 2 hours ago 
every ship here is so fucking valid!!!!!! haters are going to hate. if you dont ship something than stfu bc nobody cares. 
♡ 641   Show Replies (5) 

Otabari23 6 hours ago
yesssssss fropty climb up another rank! GO AND CONQUER THE WORLD MY GIRLS
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hihimiamo 8 hours ago
the only true pairing we should all ship here is deku & happiness. 
♡ 383   

Anazaiizai 34 minutes ago
zero appeared on this list almost half as much as anyone else. conclusion: zero is the fandom bicycle 
♡ 320   

F2ini 20 minutes ago 
i don't want to say anything mean but this is long overdue so eat my fucking ass you antis! zerohope finally made it on the chart and the only ship to get a fucking collage while the rest is just one photo. i think that say a lot about zh because we're going to stay at the top and topple you all one by one fucking watch us. 
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Generation Supernova

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Generation Supernova (SB) a term to describe the notable young pro heroes that had graduated in the year 2XXX from U.A. and other nearby famous hero training high school. They had gained renown when they were students for facing nearly impossible odds against them whether it was villains that were near impossible to defeat with their lack of experience, youth, and training yet many of them have survived and continue on to this day as bright young stars that carried future legacy on their shoulder. After graduating many of them soon became employed at famous and respectable agency all over Japan and two of these supernovas in particular, Deku (Midoriya izuku) and Ground Zero (Bakugou Katsuki), have quickly become the figurehead of a new generation of young pro heroes who had fought and survived many deadly encounters and are thriving in this new age of pro heroes and villains. This so called Generation Supernova is more battle harden and fierce as they take down notorious villains and topple criminals regime one by one. Each individual is unique and particular, creating an eclectic group that captured and completely held the attention of the world completely. They're the great stars of this new world and they're about to shoot even higher. 

Contents [hide]

  1. Terminology
  2. History
  3. Teachers
    1. U.A. Academy
    2. Others
  4. Students
    1. Class A of U.A. Academy
    2. Class B of U.A. Academy
    3. Others
  5. Rankings
  6. Influence
  7. References
  8. Further Reading
  9. External Links



The term Generation Supernova was first coin by the famous hero news journalist Otani Motoki upon the tail end of the third year of many young hero course students of the graduate year 2XXX that have been increasingly facing more dangerous face to face confrontation with members of the League of Villains despite they were still trainee heroes at the time. They all quickly rise to the challenge and answered the called despite nearly risking their life for it. All that eventually come a climax when the League tried to take over Tokyo Dome during a Super Junior conert with thousands of people trapped inside. Risking everything, these young trainee who are just months away from graduating storm the dome and held the villains back until more seasons pros can arrived to help them.

The epic clash that is now known as the "The Dome War" was broadcast throughout the world and finally wrapped up in one final showdown between Deku and Nero that had the world held their breath as they watched Deku clawed a victory out of  nothing. Otani was one of the first reporters to arrived on the scene and he recorded everything he saw that night, penning his now famous piece, "To the generation that birthed supernovas because like stars you won't go quietly into the night, this is  now your future, this is now your legacy. Owned it." 









22,757,832 views                       👍59k    👎387           ⮡ Share
Published Jan 4, 2XXX • 56:42 
This year have been one action pack after the next and with the upcoming HAA in just two more weeks, we like to revisit and look back at the best battles we got so far!

arsa 1 day ago
I like how all the battles that made it in the list are basically heroes vs villains in some shape or form but #4 on the list is basically deku and ground zero going at it like they’re going to murder each other.
👍34k    👎    REPLY
View 82 replies

ros 23 hour ago
Lmao did someone forget to tell them that it’s a charity match??????
👍12k   👎    REPLY

maddiefoo19 hours ago
it was the most anticipated fight in the entire charity match and oh man what a fight. i was glued to my screen the entire time watching them duke it out. the broadcasters weren't kidding when they said these two would give their all and fight to the last man standing.  
👍7    👎    REPLY

reaper7616 hours ago
I was kind amazed that Zero didn't kill Deku with the amount of power and force he'd packed into his punched and quirk. I was even more amazed to see that it was Deku that remained upright when the last blows were exchange. Truly two of the best stars to arise this generation. These two are definitely going places. Together or seperately but man what it would be if they ever get to team up. I'm sure it would be a day of reckoning for the villains indeed. 
👍837    👎    REPLY

jjsea 1 day ago
Nearly half of the clips in this vid have a supernova in them <3 ah, my boys and girls are really climbing the ranks here. 
👍47k    👎    REPLY
View 1113 replies

zelda 22 hours ago
that's because every one of them is a goddamn monster
👍88k    👎    REPLY

lollipop 21 hours ago
@zelda wtf are they even feeding the kids down in U.A. to produce that crazy bunch 
👍3k    👎    REPLY

zelda 17 hours ago
@lollipop prob bc of all the life and death situation they have survived at the age of 15/16 and througout their high school years. imagine having to take on the league when you're that young! geez. 
👍88k    👎    REPLY

Sa lang 13 hours ago
i remember seeing the deku vs zero's charity match for the strong heart charity and the announcers were like these two have bad blood bt them!! look at how intense they fight each other!! so much hatred and animosity b/t them!!!! and watching it on my tv i couldn't help agreeing to it bc of the ferocity they had fought with but now with this new camera angle and close up shots...  zero appears to look like he's having fun?? kinda like he's smiling and deku is even grinning as they traded blows? what.  
👍3.3k    👎    REPLY
View 891 replies

petalmetal 12 hours ago
i don't know how many times i got to tell people but they're actually friends and even more than that childhood friends that pretty much known each other their whole life. the media and public just like to play up obsessed over their rivalry bc it make for a better narrative then two kids that just like out compete each other. just because we don't see them hang out in public space and for our viewing eyes doesn't mean privately they aren't friends or whatever. we prob know less about their personal life than anyone. 
👍367    👎    REPLY

webslinger 9 hour ago
that's just foreplay for them, my friend. 
👍4k    👎    REPLY

tammi 12 hours ago
as a huge fan of zero im so happy to see his battle with legion made it here even though it's only rank 3 
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Quail 11 hours ago
it should have been number one though :/ it's the best battle we have seen since all might fought the head of the league. it might even be better than the deku vs nero one
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spankie 9 hours ago
@Quail wow you're so biased how do you even look at the world with blinders on? i can't believe you even think to compare zero fight with legion is anywher eclose to deku in his third year vs nero. there's a reason that fight got over 2billlions views on youtube and why he received the mighty hero award from THA when he hadn't even finished his training yet. HE WAS STILL A TRAINEE HERO YET HE FOUGHT A CLASS SSS VILLAIN ALONE and won! sure zero vs legion was an epic battle alright but deku fight with nero was LEGENDARY. it will go down in history as one of the greatest battles ever fought. 
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Werewolves and other things exist in this world, fuck him. 

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Shouto has been waiting for his partner that can calm the storm in his head as long as he could remember but what he got was a rowdy angry boy who is his own storm. Now trapped in a partnership they both don't want, the two must not only fight an enemy that come from the sky for their survival and the survival of the world but also for their heart because love is as much as a war as the battlefield they are currently in. 

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Summary: Eijirou had followed Katsuki from their U.A. days to their current hero agency and all he had ever wanted to is to partner up with Katsuki not just out on the field but also in their shared apartment and in bed, but Katsuki had seem resistance to it so Eijirou has never push for more until now. Assigned on a deep undercover mission where they are to be posed as a married couple for six months stints they must learn to navigate the minefield of confusing emotions that they can't tell is either fake or real. And what it means to be a hero duo in the end, only then can they both get what they deeply desire. 

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Song of Songs by QT
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Tags: alpha/omega/beta dynamicspsuedo historical AUbondingmating scent, , arranged marriagelove triangleseventual ot3heat sex
Summary: Izuku is married to the perfect alpha. As the youngest son to the head of the powerful Todoroki Clan, Shouto is kind and loving to Izuku and Izuku should be happy and content with his life after being ostracized by everyone around him for being a disgraced omega from a fallen noble house, but once a month when the moon hang full and heavy in the sky  and Izuku is in the thrall of a heat, he seeks release from the only alpha that had ever rejected him. Betrothed in their childhood, Katsuki and Izuku shared a near unbreakable soulbond but a misunderstanding caused Katsuki to cancelled their engagement and cast Izuku aside but he refused to break their bond, causing Izuku to still carry his lingering attachment to Katsuki into his marriage with Shouto.

Now the three of them are locked in an uneasy arrangement where Shouto has to shared his husband with another alpha, Izuku's heart may aches for Shouto but his body can only helplessly succumbs to Katsuki's wills, and Katsuki can't let Izuku go so if it means he has to put up with Shouto than so be it.

Words: 376,683   Chapters: 15/?   Comments: 874   Kudos: 3271   Bookmarks: 491   Hits: 838,190







Luna @lalune • 4h
NL just reached 2mil hits guys on HFA today! Thank you very much for all your support! I know fandom can be toxic esp when it come to us ZeroHope shippers but I love you guys! and I'm continuous grateful for all your support!!
🗨️ 43             ⭮ 163               ♡ 471 

alfie llama @alioop • 4h
replying to @lalune 
congrats!! you totally deserve it luna <33333 we know how hard you work on it and are so proud of you!

hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku• 4h
replying to @lalune 
you're so amazingly talented and a gift to our fandom. we're just so blessed to have you here!!!!!! thank you for all the stories you gave us

greenleaf @brocolliboi • 3h
replying to @lalune 
Call me petty or whatever but the fact that NL is the most popular fic on the largest heroes fanfic archive and it’s a ZeroHope fic clear my skin, water my crops etc etc.

emmy @emmy32 • 3h
replying to @lalune @brocolliboi
remember when groundriot shippers were going to boycott HFA bc they accused the admin of inflating nl’s stats and artificially giving the fic hits bc they couldn't believe why a zh fic is the most read fic on there, only to find out the person who owns the archive is a groundriot shipper lmao. they can't just admit that the best fanfic written in the archive is written by a zerohope shipper for zeroshope shippers

greenleaf @brocolliboi • 2h
replying to @lalune @emmy32
It’s probably because the comment counts <<<<<< hits and yea it had look sketchy but when you think about how as soon as you reveal yourself as a ZeroHope shippers you immediately get dog piled for it so I understand why people don't comment as much but look at the bookmarks alone that speak how many people have read and LOVE IT.

Luna @lalune • 2h
replying to @bocolliboi @emmy32
thanks, guys!! i really don't like getting involve in the drama since im just a lowly writer and all i do is write lol but i appreciate all your words anyway and im just glad that recently we got more new peeps joining the zh ship so that make it more exciting :D








Deku2baku  gennova

pixiedream    Deactivated

So this happened about a night ago and I thought it was disgustingly cute so I'm sharing it with you guys. I was studying for a huge test for my biochem class and was on my last thread of humanity. People get coffee to keep them up… I need to burn my mouth to be fully awake so I went to visit my favorite ramen shop. it’s a small hole in the wall family own shop with the sweetest owner ever! i stumbled upon it in my freshman year when i was just kinda feeling out of the city and was so blessed bc they make the best spicy ramen around. THEY'RE ALSO OPEN SUPER LATE AND SINCE THEY'RE SMALL AND HIDDEN IN AN ALLEY AREN'T A LOT OF TOURIST OR COSTUMERS. it's just the locals and regulars that come by so you can always find a table and often time it's just you and your ramen. 

anyway, so i came around the shop like 3am, said hi to the owner, took a table at a corner by myself and laid out my textbook and study material before i order my usual ramen. as im kind of casually flipping through the pages of my notes, the door open to the shop open and im kinda startle bc it's 3am and im pretty much the only customer the shop got so who the fuck else come here this late to eat spicy ramen?? i mean well beside me bc im kinda insane and living on like 6 hours of sleep spread out to three days. so my point is: why would anyone eat ramen this late if they didn't have something to hide right??? or a sleep deprived student like me i guess. 

the people that came in were a couple and how did i know this? bc they were literally holding hands and attached to each other as they walk toward a table as far from me as possible. at first they had stopped and glanced around the place before their eyes fell to me and they whispered something to each other before picking their table far away to avoid me probably. and now i must tell you they were suspicious as hell because they were decked in sweats and hoodies like they couldn't decide if they want to roll out of bed or not and they each have a facemask on when they came in but from their stature and the way they carried themselves they were both males. im not a homophobe so i didn't really care if they were girl/girl pair or boy/boy pair or w/e combination but im kinda bored and tried of reading through endless row of text so they were the most interesting thing i have come across all week. i kept my eyes on them as my ramen came and kinda uh eavesdropped on them as much as possible my theory was they were having a secret affair that they were hidding from their SO and i hated cheaters okay but you know how you can't look away from a tranwreck? well yea me too. 

So they both get a menu and since they have eat soon, they took off their face mask and pull down their hoodie to reveal a cap on each of their head. IT'S LIKE A CLOWN CAR I SWEAR, you think they were done with the secrecy now that they're inside the shop and eating but nope THERE'S MORE SECRETS. so yea i couldnt see their face clearly from my angle but i can see their hair peeking through their cap and hear their voice drift toward my direction and they were hilariously arguing over their menu bc green curls (HE GOT SUCH NICE TUSSED UP HAIR THAT IS BASICALLY SEX HAIR EVERYDAY IM SO JEALOUS) wanted to try the inferno ramen (sidenote: inferno level is the highest level of spice you can order there and it’s the equivalent of swallowing the flame of hell, even I who habitually eat spice like it nobody business i tried it once and almost landed myself in the e.r.) with spiky blond (i swear it got to be fake ro bleach bc no hair is that lovely color of blond!!). 

spiky blond: "are you fucking kidding me?! you're not going to finish it and then you'll cry to me about it and i'll have to finish your shitty half eaten bowl." 

green curls: "but i want to eat what you're eating too" -pouts, you can LITERALLY HEAR THIS IN HIS VOICE- "you never let me try any of your ramen." 

spiky blond: "fuck no"

green curls: "fine" 

spiky blond: -clearly appeased- "good, i just might order you matcha ice cream for desert since you're on good behavior for once," he teases his bf. (UGHHHH SO FUCKING CUTE i was going to combust) 

but then the owner came to take the order green curls, with balls of steel, ordered inferno ramen right in front of his bf as spiky blond quietly seethes across from him, you can feel his glare a mile away. it was that scary. i guess no matcha ice cream for green curls then which is sad bc they make one of the best matcha ice cream here :(((. anyway, when the owner finished taking their order they fell into a stiff silent as spiky blond refuse to look at his bf and his bf keeps poking at spiky blond arm to get his attention. it lasted like 2 minutes before spiky boyfriend snapped and grabbed green curls by the collar of his hoodie and pulled him across the table for second aND BIT HIS CHEEK OMFG. it was weird?? cute?? sexy??? IDEK but green curls pushed spiky blond away with the loveliest laugh I HAVE EVER HEARD. i guess that's foreplay for these two? god they are so weird but adorable i guess like two mating tigers, beautiful and fun to look at but you can't forget they're predators ya know???

so that broke the tension b/t the two and they started idly chatting about mission reports so i guess they're some law enforcement officer??? maybe. i got really bored with that and went back to my cold ramen now. i was currently knee deep into my reading when i heard a loud sniffing and i turned back to the couple's table to find them eating their ramen now and green curls IS PRACTICALLY BAWLING OVER HIS BOWL OF RAMEN. he was seriously sniffing and crying the entire time he was eating his ramen which sadly to say was routine for this kind of spicy ramen but his partner??? man i was so shocked to say that spiky blond was handling it like a boss. he was eating it like it was plain old noodle and not dipped in lava and the fire of hell. honestly, he was a man after my own heart the way he took down that ramen like it wasn't even the final boss of the dungeon but just a weak lvl 1 minion standing guarding the entrance of the dungeon (i play a lot of rpgs what can i say).

my attention was back on them now and green curls was prob at his breaking point now bc his face was getting really red and he was sweating not just from his eyes BUT ALL OVER NOW. spiky blond just finished his bowl as he smirked at his bf and asked, "are you done yet? hm, must be really good for you to take your time with it," bc he's THE DEVIL. green curls glared at spiky bond and spiky blond just grinned at him and you can feel his amusement a mile away. i kinda thought he was a dick a bit there since green curls was clearly suffering and he had seemed to enjoy seeing his bf suffer there :///. 

"yea it's very good and i'll finish it," green curls said, standing his ground and who honestly i give a lot of credit to bc he managed to finish half of it even though you can obviously see he was about to melt into the floor any second now. 

"don't let me stop you then," spiky blond replied, leaning back into his seat as he waited for green curls to finished. 

at this point i just hope green curls call i quit already bc he looked he took a tumbled with godzilla and lost like twice in a span for three seconds. so FINALLY FINALLY after three more forceful slurps of the noodles, green curls clearly have no will left to live and quickly dashed to the bathroom to die. during that time spiky blond let out a loud sigh and, MUCH TO MY UTTER SHOCKC, stole green curls’s ramen bowl and finished it all for him. AND THAT IS AFTER HE ALREADY ATE HIS LARGE BOWL OF INFERNAL RAMEN TOO. he did all this even when he said he wouldn't FUCKING WHIPPED DUDE. He even called the owner over and whispered something to him before green curls came back looking much better now after prob having emptied his entire stomach now. 

green curls guiltily looked at his empty bowl of ramen and quietly, so quietly that i nearly fell over my chair trying to hear it, "sorry, kak-chan", kay-chan or something close like that idk. spiky blond only leaned over the table and flicked a finger at green curls forehead as some weird form of 'i accept your apology for,making the dumbest decision to eat hellfire and having to cleaned up your mess afterward'??? but it seem they have made up bc green curls really brighten up after that and EVEN MORE so. he even took out his phone to take a pic of his now finished bowl that his bf ate for him and seemed to be typing something on it which is funny bc it's the first time all night i see any one of them use their phone. and then the owner came back and brought with him a large bowl of matcha shave ice. GREEN CURLS WAS PRACTICALLY VIBRATING WITH HAPPINESS AND SHAMELESSLY STUFF SEVERAL MATCHA ICE CREAM IN HIS MOUTH and then omggggg spiky blond leanned over once to wipe a stray matcha off green curls' face but WITH HIS LIPS. IT WAS FUCKING INDECENT OMG, i even turned away like i was watching porn or something god. green curls went so red i thought he could have die from the embarrassment alone.

"we're in public!" green curls hisses. 

"we're in a ramen shop at 3 fucking am and there's practically no one here but us," spiky blond retorted. 

green curls voice drop to a low whisper. "there's a girl nearby!" 

"what," spiky blond snorted, "she's lucky to get a free showing then." 

and green curls FLUSHED YET AGAIN AS I FLUSHED WITH HIM OMFG. spiky blond laughed as his bf yelled a him for it until spiky blond took a spoonful of ice cream and spoonfeed it to him to get him to shut up. it was unholy cute and im going to eat my face. 

the couple eventually finished their shave ice, leaving me alone once more in the restaurant and left like the way they came in secretive, fucking weird as fuck, and holding each other hand. 

after that i finished up my study and go back home to sleep for 3 more hours before my test later that day. and i could have sworn i dreamt the entire feverish dream up bc honestly it was too bizairre to be real but IT IS REAL GUYS bc i apparently and slyly took some blurry photos of it with my shaky and sleep deprived hands. i didn't even remember doing it but i did and they are saved on my phone. i could upload it to show it to you guys but i think there was a reason the couple was all secretive for a reason so even if im abetting like some secret love affair b/t cheaters they were too cute so i guess i just leave them as it is....

and guys, guys, GUYS!!! i haven't been in love yet and i might never be but i think i may have witnessed what true love is and it's these two and their late night ramen date. get you a lover that will take you out on a 3am ramen date and eat your shitty half eaten spicy ass ramen for you bc you were stupid enough to ordered it. 


Im not saying that sound like deku and ground zero but it sounds like deku and ground zero.


that got to be fake or some other people because no way that is zero and deku! they can barely stand each other as it is so how can they even be found going out to a ramen shop late at night and like having some sort of date for it? doesn't even make sense. why bother to hide their relationship like at all . 

Source: pixiedream

#zerohope #the green and blond hair on the couple kinda gave it away #ik we should take fanaccounts w a grain of salt #but I wanna believeeeeeee

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greenleaf @brocolliboi • 16h
GUYS WHAT THE HELL. I'm not saying what I'm sure you guys are all thinking the same thing. 
[IMAGE: screenshot of the now deactivated pixedream's tumblr post about a ramen date between a couple of sweet weirdos]
🗨️ 3.2K               ⭮ 18.7K              ♡ 124K 

taniku @paintedwords • 14h
replying to @brocolliboi 
ok i legit went through like a hundred comments and nobody is explaining what you are all screaming about it's just ppl going "!!!!" and variation of "omg" and "it's real" like WHAT IS REAL WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT PLS EXPLAIN FOR ME BEFORE I IMPLODE FROM CURIOSITY. all i can see from the ss in the tweet is that the couple are fucking weird and cute i guess?? but who am i suppose to be seeing tho

dekuism @pasteldeku • 14h
replying to @paintedwords 
awe bb you poor innocent bystander. you just got attack by zerohope

baka gou @bakagooo • 13h
replying to @paintedword 

hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 9h
replying to @brocolliboi 
a;sjdf;as i saw and legit scream leaf!!!!!!! 

greenleaf @brocolliboi • 9h
replying to @pasteldeku 
Hana, please, please tell me you already brought out your excel worksheets for the ramen dates and is already drawing comparison and writing down notes because I need this to be proven real so bad.

hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 9h
replying to @brocolliboi 
dont worry i got you sweetie!!! i'll dm in a bit so we can continue to scream at each other and compare notes bc there's a lot we have to shift through 










anonymous asked: Sorry I'm new to the ship since yesterday and im trying to catch up on all the fandom info but first thing first why is ground zero/deku pairing call zerohope??... that seems a little morbid to me tbh. 

Hey nonnie! They call it zerohope because it's deride from Ground Zero and Deku aka the Symbol of Hope, as a way to mock us because our ship have zero hope of ever coming true bc there's a small portion of us that entertained the idea of Zero and Deku are secretly dating :P . We have since reclaimed that term and used it now within our fandom because you know what zero hope can also mean? A certainty. Zero and Deku are as certain as the ground beneath your feet. Their relationship is unshakable and undeniable to us fans and if you just just open your eyes a little you'll see what you been missing all along and that is the truth. 

Source: lilytru

#zerohope #i feel like a fandom old granny talking about this lol #but really it doesn't matter what you call us #we're just going to continue to ship them #even harder now

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addygzrr  @addyadd• 18h
Lol delu zerohope shipper think there’s actually something going on bt zero & deku. Who’s going to tell them the truth??? keep on fantasizing bc none of it will ever come true. 
[IMAGE: a screenshot of lilytru's tumblr answering an anon ask about zerohope's ship name and her reply to it]
🗨️ 2.8K                ⭮ 9.4K            ♡ 47K 

azuma @azuma • 16h
replying to @addyadd 
honestly, how can anyone believe that load bullcrap?? it sounds like such a made up story ugh and everyone just bought it that easily? the zh shippers are so dumb it's just sad at this point

vee @visionaa • 11h
replying to @addyadd 
i can't believe all these people are just jumping on on board the zero//hope ship bc of some dumb fake tumblr post. how can they be so fucking dumb 

bakua way @bapsae • 8h
replying to @addyadd 
can we just get rid of every zh shippers out there?? their brand of crazy is infectious and i dont want more innocent ppl to fall for into their entrapment :/

tidelwave @tidelw • 4h
replying to @addyadd 
the OP even disappeared before anyone can poke a hole in her story like she didn't provide any name source that we can trace so doesn't that tell us a lot about how how much grain of truth the post has??? pshhhh







Fandometrics: Ships

Week Ending in Jan 6th, 2XXX

1. Groundriot 
    Ground Zero & Red Riot, Pro Heroes 
2. SynDe
    Synergy & Deku, Pro Heroes
3. Spirk +2
    James T Kirk & Spock, Star Trek
4. Eunhae 
    Lee Eunhyuk & Lee Donghae, Super Junior
5. Fropty -2
    Uravity & Froppy, Pro Heroes
6. Klance +1
    Keith & Lance, Voltron: Legendary Defender
7. Destiel +10
    Dean Winchester & Castiel, Supernatural 
8. Iawoi -2
    Iwaizumi Hajime & Oikawa Tooru, Haikyuu!!
9. Taekook 
    Jeon Jungkook & Kim Taehyung, BTS
10. Drarry +8
      Draco Malfoy & Harry Potter, the Harry Potter universe
11. Reaper76 -3
      Reaper & Soldier76, Overwatch
12. Stucky -2
      Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes, the Marvel universe 
13. Mcshep
      Rodney Mckay & John Sheppard, Stargate: Atlantis 
14. Larry Stylinson −3
      Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson, One Direction 
15. Davekat -3
      Dave Strider & Karkat Vantas, Homestuck
16. Malec
      Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood, Shadowhunters
17. Rinharu -8
      Nanase Haruka & Matsuoka Rin, Free!
18. Tianshan -4
      He Tian & Mo Guan Shan, 19 Days
19. Zerohope 
      Ground Zero & Deku, Pro Heroes
20. Johnlock−2
      Sherlock Holmes & John Watson, Sherlock

The number in italics indicates how many spots a ship moved up or down from the previous week. The ones in bold weren’t on the list last week.  

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hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 1d
ugh greenie and i went through all our notes and it's coming out hella fine but i wish I could have a chance to talk to the OP before the antis had harassed her off tumblr, god they really are the fucking worst. now there's nothing much we can do bc i can't dig deeper into that night w/o her bc a theory is still as theory until we have cold hard evidence to back it up siiiiigh. 
🗨️ 2             ⭮ 9             ♡ 203 

greenleaf @brocolliboi • 21h
replying to @pasteldeku 

mira-chan @miramira • 22m
replying to @pasteldeku 
hey i heard you're searching for the original poster of the ramen date post. i dont know the girl personally but i have a friend who have a friend who knows a girl who got me the OP's best friend's url so if you want it pls dm me. i have been following you a long time now so i know that you won't abuse that knowledge. also, just fyi i can't guarantee that the girl will response to you tho

hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 11m
replying to @miramira 
omg thank you, thank you, thank you sooooo sooo much!!!! you don't know how much that mean to me and the rest of us!!!! i promise i won't betrayed your faith T^T and i know it's it's a mega long shot but i'm hoping i can get through to op's friend 







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pasteldeku said:

I understand if talking to me would be hard for her after she all the trouble that post had cost her but please know I'm not using it for my own personal gain because whatever I'll be posting I'll be sharing with my shipping community. I don't plan to sell the story to any publication or make a profit out of it but it's just something or our community who had been demonized, picked on, and harassed just like solely because of what we post online. I hope she would be willing to talk to me about it but I also understand if she couldn't and would not be offended at all if you chose to not pass this message along or that she read it and completely ignore it. I completely respect her desire to remain distance from this horrid event that plagued her and wish her all the best! Thanks!  [3/3]

...   Answer

pasteldeku said:

My main reason for wanting to reach out to her is that I have a deeply seeded curiosity over her post and a few questions that I would like to ask her. I must admit I am part of one of the big fandom that is currently fighting over her post and I know she don't owe me or any of us anything but I just want her to know I honestly don't mean her any harm. I have no doubt her story is true and I want to do is compare her story to some notes that I have taken about the pro hero Deku because I believe one of the person she met that day is Deku and I have a vague idea who the second person is but I want to confirm for sure and I need her help on it. [2/3]

...   Answer

pasteldeku said:

hi, i know this is totally random and weird but i see that you're a close friend of pixiedream and was wondering is there anyway you can get me in contact with her? I promise you this isn't some kind of angry rant directed at her or as a mean to spew hate at her at all. i know that her post about the ramen couple went viral and she got a lot of undeserved hate for it that eventually forced her to changed her url so the harassment will stop. I am truly and profoundly sorry for that. Nobody deserve that kind torment by anybody's hand. She didn't do anything wrong but was simply an innocent bystander that got caught in the crossfire of two big fandom. [1/3]

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hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 21h
ahhh im so nervous. i dont know if her friend will even deliver the message but omggggggg a girl can hope 
🗨️ 0               ⭮ 0             ♡ 29 

hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 6h
🗨️ 0                ⭮ 0             ♡ 12 

hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 6h
FUCK SHE FINALLY CONTACTED ME \O/ brb while i go freak out. 
🗨️ 2              ⭮ 9             ♡ 37 

hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 3h
god, after talking to her for nearly 3 hours my confidence in my theory went up to 90%. she told me so much and im going over all the evidences she provided so far and it's lining up so well, guys. 
🗨️ 0               ⭮ 4              ♡ 12 

hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 3h
HOLY CRAP SHE JUST SENT ME THE PHOTOS SHE TOOK THERE!!!!!!!!! sorry for privacy reason i wont post them here yet until i got her permission can fully confirm 100% of the my theory 
🗨️ 9               ⭮ 3              ♡ 47 

hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 6m
sooooo anyone nearby the tokyo area that is free tmr want to visit a certain ramen restaurant with me for uh investigative purpose? :P 
🗨️ 25              ⭮ 128             ♡ 438 

greenleaf @brocolliboi • 2m
replying to @pasteldeku 
Hana, I'm just so excited for you! You worked really hard for this. I just wish I could come and help you out! :( 

hanami ✿ deku @pasteldeku • 6m
i know 2hours drive 😭😭😭. it's okay, greenie!!!!! i love and appreciate you nonetheless 💕💕💕💕
🗨️ 25              ⭮ 128             ♡ 438