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scold, but softly

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“I know,” said Yagi miserably. “I can’t help it-”

“You can help it! It’s easier to not do something than it is to do it. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to me. And you look surprised every time I scold you, as if you think I’m just going to leave you alone to beat yourself up? Do you honestly think I could walk away from you when you start-”

“Aizawa-kun, I don’t do it to hurt you.”

“No, you do it to hurt yourself.”

Yagi shifted awkwardly on his seat, trying to find some way to angle his face so as to not see Aizawa’s gimlet-eyed stare. 

“You do it in front of the students. Do you think that they don’t notice? That they don’t hear you?”

“I know. I should be better-”

Aizawa threw up his hands in irritation.

Oh my god. There you go again. Its like you don’t hear yourself talk. Uncross your legs.”

There was silence for a moment. Yagi cleared his throat, then sipped his tea, gazing blindly at the window. Surely he hadn’t heard-

“Yagi. Your legs.”

He did as he was told, then almost dropped the cup as Aizawa settled onto his lap, straddling him. The tea was removed from his grasp and his face was cupped between a pair of strong, chapped hands.

“Listen to me,” said Aizawa. The hair on the back of Yagi’s neck rose as he held his gaze. “Your body is not useless. You are not worthless. You do not need to be better at anything, bar being kind to yourself. Do you understand?”

His thumbs rubbed across Yagi’s cheeks, which felt hot, then cool. Distantly, Yagi realised he was crying. Aizawa’s weight shifted and his mouth pressed against Yagi’s forehead. 

“You’re enough as you are.”