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Shen Wei has been behaving weird, very weird lately. Lan doesn't know why and he is extremely curious and worried. He wonders if something is wrong with Wei's eyes. He has tried asking but he hasn't gotten a clear, direct answer. He has tried probing into Wei's mind but apparently even that doesn't give him an answer. He can feel that Wei is fine through their bond. Wei is not in any life threatening danger.


But something is off with Wei's eyes. Nothing painful, nothing uncomfortable but something is there. Lan can't use their bond to find it out but he will use the good old detective way. Their bond is still developing and kind of not permanent, he isn't good at walking into Wei's dreams, memories, thoughts or emotions - but Lan tried his very best even then - unlike Wei who can easily pick apart Lan. He feels Wei is fine and that is good but he is still worried.


Of course, he will not get an answer - direct or indirect - from Wei. Shen Wei never tells them when he is in trouble or pain. He always looks out for others, for Lan, for SID but never involves them in his own matters.


Why is it hard for Wei to accept that others can care for him too? Why is it so hard for Wei to accept other's help, especially Lan and SID's? Lan has tried so many times to let Wei know that they care but nothing changes Wei's behavior around them when it comes to important things.


Today, Lan will get to the bottom of the mystery.






Wei walks in on the first day, wearing sun glasses of all things. He doesn't take it off at all. He sits through their meetings with the sunglasses, he sits in the interrogation room with the sun glasses. Hell, he goes to the library to meet Sanzan and ask him about things and is still wearing the damn sun glasses.


Even the next day, he is going through case files with the glasses on. How can he read without his normal glasses? Only Wei knows the answer to that. Is he using his dark energy to assist him or something?


Da Qing, in cat's form tries to distract the good Professor by jumping onto his lap so that Lan or Jing - no one else would dare, Chu respects Wei too much, Guo is scared shit of everyone, Wang and Sanzan aren't there as it is the afternoon, even if they are, they wouldn't help, Hong is uncomfortable with Wei - can try to remove his glasses and make it look like an accident.


Since the aforementioned team members are useless, it has to be Lan or Jing with a reluctant co-conspirator Da Qing. Lan is very much comfortable with Wei. Jing, as a scientist is very curious and filled with mischief and curiosity always.


Wei reacts badly at their attempt to remove his glasses. His powers, by mistake, sends Jing flying - Lan is unscathed even in this situation, unsurprisingly as Wei always watches out for him no matter what - and Qing is turned into his human form, against his will, still sitting on Wei's lap.


Qing blinks at Wei in confusion and gets - more like scrambling in haste - off of his lap. He isn't been able to turn into his cat form for quite sometime, for days after the incident. Jing is actually knocked unconscious. Lan decides to let it go, for the safety and sanity of everyone in SID and Wei.


However, everyone becomes more suspicious after that.


Wei mumbles, "It's the light, my eyes are sensitive." Some crappy excuse, he doesn't even try to come up with a better one.


This continues for three days.




Next, Wei comes in, wearing an eye patch covering his left eye. He wears his normal, round rimmed glasses over it.


It is doing nothing to ease the team's worry. What the flying fuck is wrong?


The team is glad that he hasn't decided to come in wearing his Envoy mask or Zun's mask. But they are still worried.


Wei mumbles a shitty excuse again, "Infection. Nothing to worry about." Wei is never good at lying or deceiving others, especially with words, maybe with subtle actions but never with words. His expressions give him away at times.


Yes, infection, their foot. They can use worse words, especially Jing and Lan but they are holding back because curse words, foul words make Wei very uncomfortable.


On a completely different note, the eye path makes him look cool though. He even comes like that, for chasing after criminals.


However, he ends up getting in the team's way for the first time.


Wei is not used to running around with one eye covered. It throws his balance off, despite his usual grace as the Envoy. However, the team knows, that his eye patch is not the only reason. Something is seriously wrong with Wei's powers, enough to make him disoriented and unable to have a good control on his own dark energy.


None of his energy blasts actually hit the criminal from Dixing. They end up hitting Guo, who faints before he is actually hit, a tree, which in turn blocks Chu and Hong's chance of catching the criminal and a car nearby, which the criminal uses to escape.


Wei even sets a small tree on fire by accident. Of course, they put it out before the situation can turn - any more - worse.


Lan sighs, shakes his head and asks Wei to stop. He is worried, more than the entire team put together.


These weren't the only things. Wei had almost fallen down as well, he would have if Lan hadn't caught him.


Lan decides that it is better that Wei doesn't walk on his own and ends up giving him a piggy back ride, refusing point blank to use Wei's teleporting powers.


If Wei is so disoriented, it wouldn't be a surprise if they end up teleporting somewhere else, somewhere weird and Lan is not in the mood to deal with that. He has enough on his plate, for the first time, it's because of Wei and not because of Lan himself.


Moreover, Lan cannot seem to use or borrow Wei's powers either and he doesn't want to because he knows that his control on Wei's powers will not be good when Wei is in this condition.




After that, on the third try, Wei actually comes into work without his glasses. Apparently, he is wearing contact lens.


Lan appreciates his beauty, he doesn't keep it to himself, he makes the good Professor blush with his constant teasing and probing comments and remarks.


It is good to see him without those glasses covering most of his face, not that he doesn't look good with those glasses on. He just looks better without them.


But that also ends up becoming a disaster, Wei is so not used to wearing contacts. His eyes have somehow become watery. Normally, Wei's eyes are large and doe like, with innocence in them, now he looks even more beautiful despite the tears and Lan can't help but notice it. Of course, Lan cannot keep the discovery to himself. He wants to voice them out loud, to Wei.


Wei keeps rubbing his eyes, his eyes have become so red and puffy.


Lan is getting ticked off. He shouts internally and actually runs towards Wei, jumps next to him on the couch and grabs Wei's hands roughly, taking them away from his eyes forcefully.


"Stop, will you?" He hisses at Wei.


Wei just blinks at him, adorably confused as to why Lan is so angry at him.


Lan rolls the lollipop in his mouth and sighs, "You are going to end up hurting your eyes!"


Wei just nods. However, his hands still try to move towards his eyes again and Lan wants to handcuff him and hold him down and never let go. Why? How? How the hell can Wei do this to him so easily, without even trying?


Lan moves towards Wei, their faces, so close, just millimeters apart. Wei blushes and looks away but Lan holds his cheek tightly and moves his hand towards Wei's left eye, he wants to remove the wretched lens from Wei's eyes. He doesn't want to overstep his boundaries though.


Why is he wearing it if he is in so much irritation? Why does he want to hide things from Lan so desperately? Lan is a bit put out.


Lan has his suspicions, everyone in the team has doubts as well. Somehow, the four artifacts have done something to Wei's eyes, but what's exactly wrong, nobody knows.


They really should not have tried to experiment with the artifacts. But they can't help it. Only Wei and Lan can activate them somehow and sometimes, the artifacts react even without Wei and Lan physically touching them or being near them.


They react to Wei and Lan's emotions. It's surprising, how much the artifacts' powers are so vastly different when it comes to Wei and Lan. The artifacts have never behaved in such a way before.


The artifacts', the hallows' powers were restricted, contained and according to their names and functions. However, because of Wei and Lan's relationship, their 10,000 years of connection and emotions, somehow the artifacts have been affected.


It's a good thing because now, no one else can activate the artifacts except Wei and Lan - helps with world peace - but it's also a bad thing because it might affect Wei and Lan later, in unknown and probably even risky ways. There's so much to discover and so many potential threats but Wei and Lan have decided to do it anyway.


Lan places his hand gently on Wei's eyes, Wei closes them by instinct. Lan moves closer and kisses Wei's forehead and then his eyelids.


He whispers, "Are you fine, Xiao Wei? You are worrying me, us. What's wrong with your eyes? Tell me, please."


Wei sighs, "I can't tell you now. Let it go, Ah Lan."


He gently removes Lan's hands from his face and teleports. Lan falls forward to an empty space and sighs, what the hell is going on? Now, Wei's teleporting powers are back and normal?






Now, Lan is not only worried but curious as hell. He knows that it's nothing major, that Wei is fine physically, mentally and emotionally but the fact that something could potentially be wrong with his eyes bother Lan. What the hell is Wei hiding?


For the first time, Lan is frustrated that he cannot use their shared bond. Lan tried to walk into Wei's memories but something stopped him last time. Is it the artifacts? Why did the artifacts stop him? He is getting a whiplash from Wei and the artifacts and all the weird things happening to them because of the artifacts.


They are confused. They have tried to test out so many theories but they have nothing solid or any proper explanation on the hand. And the effects are mixed with Wei's own vast learning capabilities, making things even more confusing.


Sometimes the effects appear only once (understanding each other's feelings and emotions of the memories they have been through together, that is, seeing the memories through their other half's point of view).


Sometimes, the effects appear at random times (their soul bond, the shared powers, sharing and reading each other's recent or present thoughts, accessing each other's recent memories, sharing feelings, able to sense each other's location, walking into each other's dreams)


Other times, the effects stay for a long time (the physical connection when they share mutual feelings like love or pain, that is when they feel the other's pain as their own and Wei becoming more human like how he can feel the cold again).


But it seems like the intermittently, randomly appearing powers are going to stay for a long time as well, the artifacts effects and pull on them are growing stronger by the second. They are confused as hell and unable to do anything but go with it but they know one thing - the artifacts will never put them in harm's way. There's something that makes everyone trust the artifacts.


Back to the matter on hand, he wants to know for sure, he is going to see it with his own eyes - no pun intended - today.


Lan worries more than everyone else because he is still affected by the time he was blind. He doesn't want something similar happening to his Xiao Wei. He would rather willingly become blind again rather than something happening to Wei's eyes.


Lan stalks forward towards Wei with determination on his face.


Today, Wei had come in with long hair, long hair! His left eye is artfully covered by his long locks. Lan is a bit jealous as well because he doesn't want anyone else to appreciate the long haired beauty that's Wei, it's only for Lan's eyes. Lan loves Wei's long hair, he constantly runs his hand through Wei's hair. That's not he point now though.


Wei is not even trying to hide it anymore. It has been obvious for weeks. Lan is getting so very distracted because he wants to keep touching Wei's locks. He has always loved Wei's long hair but he has a mission now.


He grabs Wei's arms and takes him out to a restaurant and the others don't stop them. They can take care of work without Wei and Lan for an hour or so.


He orders Wei's favorite food and they settle opposite to each other.


"Tell me, Xiao Wei. I am not going to take no for an answer today."


Before Wei can open his mouth, the waiter rushes towards them with a hot bowl of soup. He stumbles and it spills on the little hot pre heated stove - which the customers can use to cook and grill meat for themselves - situated on the table between Wei and Lan.


It causes a bit of smoke to appear, thankfully it doesn't spill on Wei or Lan though. However, the smoke causes Wei's hair to sway gently - Lan is lost and mesmerized at this movement - it lifts and Wei's contact - he had been wearing the wretched, damn fucking as well thing again? Lan really has to talk to him - lens to fall out.


The waiter gets up and is about to apologize but is startled by Wei's left eye. He stumbles backwards.


A little kid behind Lan who has a straight view of Wei points and says in a loud whisper, "Mummy, he is a monster, an alien. His left eye color keeps changing!"


Wei realizes that his eyes are not hidden anymore and immediately gets up and leaves the restaurant. Lan runs after him without any delay.


Wei is about to teleport and Lan grabs hold of his hands just at the right time. They end up at the corridor, in between their apartments.


Why hadn't Wei just teleported them inside Lan or Wei's house? That's when Lan realizes that Wei's powers are still a bit unstable. Wei has been masking this well.


He sighs. He makes Wei look at him.


"You are not a monster. You are not an alien. Your eyes are beautiful, soulful, gorgeous, completely. I am hypnotized."


And Lan means every word. Wei's dark hair and eyes have been Lan's weaknesses, especially when they are so in contrast with his milky white skin and those pale pink lips. Wei is a piece of art that Lan will never get tired of exploring.


It may sound cheesy, but Wei is like a marble statue, who can even make flowers blush and the moon jealous, as if he has been chiseled and crafted by angels themselves while singing a song in the praise of Heaven and the Lord.


Lan shakes his head. He gently parts Wei's long hair - he is glad that it is still long and Wei hasn't gone back to it being short yet, he probably is distracted and his thoughts are probably racing, looking for a reasonable explanation to fool Lan but Lan is not going to sit there and take it anymore - and looks into Wei's eyes.


They keep changing colors - blue, green, red, purple, gold, silver - they are just so stunning. There are glittery sparks and flecks in between and Lan can't look away.


Wei gently turns his head. "I don't know the effect this might have on people, especially you. Don't look at it so much."


Lan groans."I don't care." He gently lifts Wei's chin and continues staring into Wei's eyes. This time, Wei doesn't look away.


He whispers softly, "It is because of the artifacts, right?"


Wei nods. He hesitates, he pinks and whispers, "It's whenever I am near you. I can't control them when you suddenly do something unexpected and cause me to feel so many things." A lot of expressions dance on Wei's usually collected face.


Lan looks like he could rejoice and scream in glee, he wants to tease Wei but he stops himself. "You don't have to control yourself, Xiao Wei, certainly not for me."


That's when they realize, it's probably Wei's conflicting emotions for Lan that makes his eye color change so rapidly. Different colors - different emotions. Red - passion, love and love, silver - innocence, hesitation, shyness , blue - calmness, longing, yearning, a kind of sadness and loss, yellow - deception, black - worry and darkness and so on.


Lan doesn't want his Wei to feel negative emotions. He closes his eyes and asks Wei for permission, Wei lets him and he enters Wei's mind. He feels Wei's conflicting and raging emotions. Lan wraps his presence around Wei, helping him calm down.


The eye finally stops changing color and turns back to the original inky black.


Lan sighs, why did it have to go away so soon?


He whispers, "It's gone." He sounds disappointed to Wei's amusement. 


Wei startles, "Just because I told you the truth and let you help me? I could have done this on the first day!"


Lan rolls his eyes, "You wouldn't have done this on the first day even if given an other chance. You never want to worry me, my little Wei."


Wei shrugs.


Lan just chuckles and pulls him in for a kiss. He is confused, "Wait, if it's because of me, if it happens around me, then shouldn't I have noticed it?" His eyes narrow at Wei in suspicion. 


Wei stutters, "I wiped your memory because you were so shocked. It actually happened thrice in front of you. It never happened in front of anyone else. We weren't even near the artifacts but I could feel their power over me, I could feel your power over me. You felt frustrated that you couldn't access the bond between us, like something stopped you, right? That was me. I am sorry."


Lan narrows his eyes and shakes his head in disapproval. He tuts, "When?" What the hell?


"On your birthday. Three weeks back."


And just like that, Lan is not angry anymore. He can remember the hidden memories now that Wei has released his power over Lan. He laughs to himself at his and Wei's reactions as they discovered Wei's eyes' color change for the first three times. 


He then remembers, he repeats, he emphasizes on it, "You are not a monster, you know, right? Never. You are the kindest soul in the whole wide world. No one can compare to you, Xiao Wei and you are all mine. Not even me and I am a human."


Wei blushes, "I know. I am not worried about others think of my eyes. I couldn't keep on ignoring you too, I thought it would go away but it didn't..."


Lan just nods. He doesn't say that Wei would have prolonged and hid for more time if he could have.


It's like the artifacts want them to understand each other better, be open to each other better. Why are the artifacts so interested in their love? Why are the artifacts so involved and invested in them? Why do the artifacts make them react to each other and react to them?


It's so weird but Lan doesn't want to complain. As long as there are no side effects - which there haven't been, since the artifacts started behaving weirdly around Wei and Lan (since the time they first met but it became more obvious as time progressed) - Lan is fine with situations like these which will actually help Wei and Lan grow closer to each other.


After all, even though they started dating a long time ago - after Lan discovered Wei was the Envoy which hadn't really changed his feelings, it had just affected his attitude towards the said Envoy - they haven't had a lot of time together.


It's only now that they have settled down, the issue with Zun resolved after Wei had explained to him that his Ge hadn't abandoned him, that was all had been needed for Zun. Zun is serving his punishment currently at the Dixing Palace under the King and Justiciar's watchful eyes - Wei still visits him daily.


Zun had healed Wei and Lan, had let go off all the people he had consumed - they are well and alive now. Zun is learning to control his powers in a better way and trying to become a better person.


Wei's powers are still a bit unstable but with Lan's help, it's getting better. Lan's temporary Dixing powers - because of the serum - had vanished that day itself.


They have more time now and the artifacts are helping them. The artifacts had already been helping them, even before the incident with Zun. But after the incident, the artifacts' actions had become more direct, not so subtle anymore, involving only Wei and Lan.


Lan pushes Wei on the wall, places his arms on Wei's sides, locks him in place and kisses him again, gently smiling to himself as Wei responds.


It's only going to get better between Wei and Lan and also with the artifacts even if things are going to be unexplained.




The next time it happens, Lan is ready. After all, it's because of what Lan makes Wei feel that it happens. When Lan causes an intense emotional reaction from Wei and Wei is caught off guard, he can't hide it from Lan anymore. His eye color change just tells Lan how much Wei is affected because of him.


Lan gets up and turns to the kid who is looking scared of Wei's eyes and glares and says, "There's nothing wrong with his eyes. It's a condition. He is not a monster or alien. He is a kind, gentle, loving, normal person."


The mother of the kid tries to apologize but Lan stops her and says. "If he is a monster, then so am I."


He grabs Wei's hands, makes a show of removing his - non existent - lens and his left eye turns red as well. He is angry but his love for Wei trumps over all other emotions. Passionate red, it is.


The kid starts crying, his mother apologizes, Wei apologizes and drags Lan out.


"Why would you do that to a kid?"


Lan grits, "Because of you! Because you think you are a monster! And I wanted to show you that you are not one. If you still are hell bent on thinking that you are a monster, then I will also become a monster with you, happy?"


Lan shouts the last few words at Wei.


Wei knows he shouldn't but he just smiles. He looks up at Lan - not at the ground anymore - and smiles, his cheeks turn a beautiful shade of red and he says, "Thank you."


Lan can feel Wei open up to him, Wei feels happy frankly and doesn't think of himself as a monster anymore.


Lan just kisses him deeply in response and approval. 




After that, it doesn't happen much. Wei and Lan still affect each other's emotions but it doesn't show up as a physical eye color change. They don't need the eye color change anymore because their emotional connection is strengthening and becoming permanent.